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ap-kinda-lit · 20 minutes ago
Headcanon time
Aang would go through three stages after learning about Zuko and Katara being together
1) he’s heartbroken by it and is upset
2) he slowly comes to terms and seeing how happy Katara and Zuko are and how good they are together helps him accept them, eventually enough to be the one to officiate their wedding ceremony
3) he becomes a proud, official member of the Zutara shipper nation and is a devoted, fun uncle to their steambabies and will fight anyone who’s got a problem with them
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just-a-bit-of-cactus-juice · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A rough simple work in progress of a piece I’m working on, mainly for my own library but I thought I’d share anyway! There is going to be a couple but I thought I’d start on this one. This is set post war, at some sort of dock in the Earth Nation where the Gaang are on holiday.
Image ID: Lineart of the gaang at a dock in the Earth Nation. In the background, on a hill, there is Appa, stood up and Momo, who is sat on the ground next to Appa. Closer the front, but still away from the ground, is Toph, who is lying on their back making an Earth angel in the ground. At the front of the image, is Katara and Zuko, who are performing a dance, Aang watches happily from in the water, but they are resting his forearms on the dock. To the left, is Suki and Sokka, walking hand in hand towards Katara and Zuko, the pair are happily talking to one another and Suki is holding a fan in their spare hand.
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yiangchen · 43 minutes ago
#even though im zutara >>>>> i still think that k/ataang had potential and it makes me so upset how they were portrayed in book 3 and on#if aang had actually let katara go in book 2 and the platonic/familial aspect of their relationship had been built up in book 3#it would have perfectly set them up to get together a few years later#especially if after tsr aang apologized and gained a deeper understanding of katara and wasnt just seeing the 'good' in her#if we had actually seen aang letting her go in book 2 /mean/ something#if he had grown to have a selfless and unconditional love for her#if she had been given the time to develop true romantic feelings#if she had been given the time to process them#i would be so on board with them!!#there truly was so much potential#but when bryke had aang let katara go they never had any intentions on this actually meaning anything for their relationship#beyond being a superficial obstacle that is#it was just to make the audience think oh no what if they can't be together#but there was no actual weight to it#because it was forgotten about in book 3#and its just so frustrating!!#also#i will never stop saying that a 12 year old is not ready for any relationship let alone the one he will be in for the rest of his life#aang is a child#and thats okay!!!#hes 12!!#he should be allowed to be one#hes not ready for a relationship at that age#hes simply not mature enough to have a romantic relationship#and again#thats okay#so many ppl will say hey all this criticism of book 3 aang isnt justified because hes just a 12 year old kid#and well#EXACTLY#hes just a 12 year old kid
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colourwhirled-writes · 50 minutes ago
southern lights ch 50 posted!
feat. the foggy swamp and all its mysterious secrets
Tumblr media
read it on ao3 
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korras · 54 minutes ago
kataang and zutara
kataang i already answered but zutara in all honesty is not my thing. i love their relationship in a strictly platonic way and see them as family. partly because I see zuko as a gay/bisexual man most of the time and I think they’re too similar for me to ship together (they both feel/leap first and then second-guess later, they’re both high empath people, they both have deep grief). imo I don’t think katara or zuko would have romantic feelings for the other and I have a hard time seeing katara with anyone besides aang (maybe yue but even then I’m more inclined to see yue with other people). i won’t discuss what the fandom has done surrounding zutara/zukka/kataang discourse because then we’d be here all day and there’s no point, but based off canon and how I see their characters i’m not a fan
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kaligraphy · 55 minutes ago
please tell me someone has drawn something like this
Tumblr media
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shewhowalkswiththee · an hour ago
You know what we need? A Zutara/Taang Discord channel.
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perfectlypanda · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My three steambabies - Kya, Kallik, and Akira (“Kira”). They’ve made an appearance a couple times now, although this is older than I’ve depicted them before.
♥ Please do not repost. If you like it and want to show people, share a link to this page instead. Thank you! | Background from AtLA.
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shewhowalkswiththee · an hour ago
A second anti-Kataang vent, but a little more coherent and organised this time.
Have you ever stopped to think about how toxic Kataang actually is?
1. It's forced from the first episode.
Here's a kid who wakes up after being in a coma for a hundred years, sees the first girl ever, and goes "I'mma make her mine for the rest of her life." Seriously?
2. It's not 100% consensual.
Aang repeatedly forces himself on Katara, physically and emotionally. She's never asked about her feelings or what she wants; it's all about his feelings and what he wants, to the point where he actively disrespects her when she heavily implies she doesn’t want a relationship.
3. The obsessive attachment is unreal.
Throughout the entire show, Aang is overly fixated on her, to the point of being possessive (as in “Jet” and “Crosssroads of Destiny”) and putting the world at risk because of his attachment to her. He was willing to sacrifice his destiny, and the world’s health, because he refused to let go of his unhealthy obsession with her.
4. Katara alone inherits the love and grief of his people.
"The Guru” flat-out said that this poor girl was the object of Aang's trauma, the manifestation of his lost culture. That's an incredible burden, unfair for a young girl who has enough troubles of her own.
5. After the war, she loses her independence.
She seems to become just an extension of Aang. Everything she is and does now is dependent on him. She's his sidekick, his source of support, his second banana. She isn't herself anymore.
6. Katara gets demoted.
Relationships are supposed to allow each party to grow through the other. Aang sure grows through Katara, but as for her part? She ultimately goes from a passionate, restless warrior to a homebody, from an amazingly powerful, independent young woman to the mother of Aang's children. The Gaang all have achievements to speak of...except her. She's just the Avatar's wife. No more “Master Katara” or “Sifu Katara.” She’s “Mrs. Avatar.”
7. The kiss is all that mattered.
The show about children rising above adversity, coming into their own, finding and redeeming themselves, & ending a century-long war that a world of adults couldn't end...
...culminates in a kiss.
This amazing story of strength and valour ends with "the hero gets the girl," as if that's all that really mattered. Who cares about all the lives they've saved? The new course they've charted for the world? The winner gets his trophy. That’s the moral of the story.
8. Their relationship wasn’t founded on healthy means.
Bryke seriously looked at two traumatised children and thought it would be a good idea to couple them for the rest of their lives.
9. It isn’t love.
They can’t naturally have a romantic love in their circumstances. Their love is emotional. After everything they’ve been through, independently and together, they’ve become attached to each other. They (or at least Aang) have mistaken their severe emotional dependence upon each other for romantic love. Do they honestly desire each other? Or are they just terrified of losing each other, like they’ve lost so many others in their lives?
10. It’s way too fast.
So you still want Kataang to happen. Okay, at least give it a couple years. They need a lot of time to heal and get their heads together. They need time to grow independently. They need space--physically, mentally, and emotionally. They’re still children. They’ve been through more hell than most adults. Forcing them into a relationship that they weren’t in the right space to have is unconscionable.
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zk-modernau · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mother's Day. 🌹
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the-lofi-girl · 4 hours ago
As usual I’m late to the party but that’s ok. I can’t believe it took me this long to try watching ATLA because boy was it worth it. I binged all three seasons in two weeks so I think it’s safe to say I loved it. The plot and world building were unique and well written especially for a kid’s show. I also found myself being interested in both the antagonist characters and the heroes, they each had an interesting story to tell. I’m mostly going to talk about the finale as I just finished it a few minutes ago and am bursting talk about what I thought of it. Also I am officially onboard the Zutara ship which is strange because I don’t usually go for the enemies to lovers trope, but this was perfectly done. Why wasn’t this canon? :(
Ok so my first point is that while I get this is a kid’s show and Aang’s a pacifist as well as twelve years old, but like I hated that he had another temper tantrum over it. Zuko’s dad aka the fire lord is basically this universe’s Hitler and he wanted to spare that piece of crap! I mean I guess life in prison could be considered a pretty good punishment but death is more satisfying after everything that’s happened. Probably an unpopular opinion but I never really liked Aang, I get that’s he twelve and that he’s written to be relatable to the little kids watching but he’s just so annoying and immature and has little to no arc. No real character development. Zuko’s story was actually a lot more interesting than Aang’s. Heck even Sokka who’s mainly the comic relief had a better arc than Aang. I don’t understand at all what the writers were doing with their protagonist. Aang suddenly gaining the ability to remove bending at the last possible second came out of nowhere and just felt off. One of the last scene’s showing Zuko asking his dad what happened to his mom ended up being this huge cliffhanger and while it could have been a lead in to a sequel series, from what I’ve heard the spin off takes place nearly a hundred years later so I guess we’ll never know and yet I’m dying to find out.
My second point is that while I enjoyed Zuko’s redemption I wish it had been much earlier. I’d been waiting so long for it and was disappointed that we only got the last few episodes to show redeemed!Zuko. And very little of Iroh too. I really loved his character and his relationship with Zuko. Azula’s mental breakdown was a lot of fun to watch and even made feel a tad sorry for her. Zuko’s fire lord coronation was chef’s kiss and the almost perfect end to his redemption arc. I say almost because ZUTARA WASN’T CANON!
And now for my third point, ZUTARA. Seriously I love their relationship. She was the first to believe in him and be willing to give him a chance, she was going to use her spirit water (which she only has so much of) to heal his scar. They bonded over losing their mom. And then when he betrayed her I was devastated! Like I said I really wish he could have been redeemed earlier but it was still done in a good way even if it came much later than I’d have liked but oh well. I’m just pleased it did happen and was well written too. I was also happy he didn’t die trying to right his wrongs (*cough**cough* Luke Castellan). I was a little scared when he took that lightning strike for her (true love! <3) but I figured they wouldn’t actually kill him off because again it’s a kid’s show. After Katara healed him and they hugged I was expecting a kiss because it just felt like it fit the moment but nope, rip my heart why don’t ya! And then we had the gag inducing Maiko make up and kiss the next time we see Zuko.
I still feel like the whole thing made no sense. What do they possibly see in each other? I thought part of Zuko’s arc was realizing that he doesn’t really fit in with his family and friends no matter how hard he tries. That he doesn’t want to be like them after all. Like the the first part of season 3 was Zuko coming home after “restoring his honor” but he still felt out of place. He tried to do things their way, live up to his father’s expectations of him as the prince of the fire nation and dating Mai felt like part of that more so than any real feelings or compatibility he had for/with her.
And don’t get me started on Kataang (too late). I get that Katara mothers everyone in the group, that’s who she is but with Aang it really felt like his crush was one sided. Still does as a matter of fact. That kiss scene felt like she was being bloodbended into doing it. And yeah I could maybe (unlikely but a slight possibility) see it as a future ship and if we had seen Aang mature at all but we didn’t get either of those things? Even if I did ship them (which I don’t and never will) I don’t want to see a twelve year old make out with a fourteen year old. Yeah it’s not a big age gap and I don’t even mind big age gaps as long as it’s with full grown adults, this was just so cringey and such an awkward scene to end the whole series with. We didn’t even get any build up to Katara developing feelings for him, no discussion or realization just straight from I’m confused and don’t want to think about it, to hey let’s make out. That play may have been inaccurate and a joke but I think it was spot on on Katara’s view of Aang up until the end scene.
Something about Zutara is that you could feel the change in their relationship (even just platonically speaking) over the course of the show. With Zutara there wouldn’t even need to be a kiss for me to believe they have feelings for each other. If they hadn’t crammed a make out session into the last scene I would never guess that Katara and Aang ended up together. That just screams poor writing to me which is sad because everything else was done so well, the world building, the characters, the arcs, the plot. I don’t know who was in charge of the romance part of the show but they failed big time on it. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to find some fix it fics to make up for it. Fellow Zutara shippers please give me some good recommendations for fanfics, I desperately need it.
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weirdest-al · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
head empty, no thoughts, only katara and zuko being thoroughly in love at the fire lilies festival (if anyone wants to give this a background i'll be forever in your debt)
based on this fic o' mine
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zkbigbang · 6 hours ago
Sneak Peek: Forever Together, Eternally Apart
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Her scream rips through the moonlit field. It’s heartbroken and otherworldly, and it sends a chill up the men’s spines. 
They flee under the white-blue light of the full moon, before the dragon has made its final descent. 
He lofts, his wings trying to stretch, to catch any stray wind, but the motion rips a smoky growl from him. Finally, his strength gives out, and his wings twist and stretch as uncontrolled as a parchment caught on the wind. Katara is in motion, running as fast as her feet can take her, and doesn’t pause at the small dust cloud his plummet stirs up. A word that sounds like a name is on her lips, but it’s wracked with sobs and coughing jags. 
Toph is certain she knows what the word that sounds like a name is. 
Fear grips her suddenly, though, as she senses the young woman with a face so like the Captain’s -- but so full of rage -- bolt in after Katara. In the gloom of a waning moon, and the dust cloud that hangs around the fallen dragon, to enter the area is akin to blinding oneself, even to someone like Toph. And yet, she follows. 
The cloud swirls like ink in the moonlight, and she follows the sounds of labored breathing and broken sobs. Azula was somewhere in the same darkened world, and if she was as keen of a dragon hunter as her rumor deemed her, she would be following the same trail of noise. 
Toph clutches the Captain’s dagger a little tighter.
Interested in seeing the full piece? The fic and completed art will be posted on June 1st, and the writers' identities will be revealed on June 15th!
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finalgirlsnape · 6 hours ago
The steambabies when Zuko and Katara tell them they can spend the night at Auntie Toph and Uncle Sokka’s house
Tumblr media
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gemgirl28 · 6 hours ago
More thoughts about Aunt Toph + steambabies + Linny:
Iroh (the second) wants to sit on her lap like he always does but she has to tell him “Sorry buddy, I don’t know if that’s gonna work right now.” “Because of the baby in your tummy?” “Mm-hmm, that’s right.” And then Iroh pauses for a second before asking her “Do you love the baby?” to which she replies “Of course I love the baby.” and he looks kind of sad for a second and tells her that “If you’re going to have your own kid now to love then you won’t need Kya and I anymore.” “What? What are you talking about? I’m always going to need you and your sister, no matter what. You’re a very special little boy Sparky Jr., and I’m always going to love you. Always. From the bottom of my heart. Scout’s honour.” And so he takes a second to consider this but then he smiles and runs over to her and kisses her stomach and tells her that “loves the baby too” and Toph is trying very hard not to cry. Then when Lin is born she lets Iroh hold her and he kisses the baby’s forehead gently and tells her that she has “the best mommy in the world.”
Alright first of all, my emotions can’t handle this today.
Second, this fits so well with my gaang kid headcanons. I go back and forth between Sokka and Suki or Zuko and Katara having kids first, but I imagine it’s close enough that they grow up together as friends. But I always imagine there’s a decent gap before Toph has kids (and if you’ll indulge my little Taang heart, it’s because it takes Aang forever to work up the nerve to ask his best friend out).
Also Toph overhears Iroh because she has incredible hearing, duh, and she’s just crying harder because Katara and Suki (but especially Katara) have been her role model for how to be a mom this whole time so for Iroh to say that must mean she’s done something right.
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dylanaz · 10 hours ago
(Maybe a modern au, still, it fits)
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heavensweetheart · 10 hours ago
May I offer you a little snippet from Zuko's POV in the next chapter of Book One: Wind?
Tumblr media
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homeagainrose · 10 hours ago
In which both fics have been updated.
I give you Chapter 4 of "Torn From One Another"
Zuko fights Iroh's interrogations, fights with his younger self over hunting the Avatar, resists the urge to end a few people to prevent certain things from happening, and does his best to appease a cranky dragon while teaching Younger Zuko one of the most important secrets of firebending.
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ecaworks · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
well we know by now he’ll do anything for her
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strawberrymilkyumyum · 14 hours ago
god is a woman and her name is katara
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