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the-badger-mole · 25 minutes ago
Do you read any other ATLA fics or do you strictly stay with Zutara?
Is there something that would make you want to read outside of your usual preferences?
Yeah, I pretty much stick with Zutara for the most part. It wasn’t something I did consciously at first, but I have some pretty ...ahem...strong opinions about certain characters. I find that Zutara centered fics tend to make those characters more tolerable, even if the writer doesn’t happen to share my opinions on them. 
I’m fine reading more general fics, but I will always prefer the stories with a least a lil’ sprinkle of Zutara here and there. As for other pairings, I’d be interested in getting into more Sukka fics. They are criminally underrated as a canon pair, I think. Even LoK didn’t show them the respect they deserved. 
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ultranos · 26 minutes ago
okay do you have any thoughts on the historical basis of the white lotus society? because I had my mind absolutely blown when I was listening to my history of china podcast and the host casually dropped the name 'white lotus society' and 'millenarian cult' in the same sentence during his episode on the rise of the ming dynasty. the thought of iroh in an ascetic society characterized by their belief that the second buddha was going to destroy the wicked and bring paradise to believers is wild.
It’s kind of wild, especially if you consider how they kind of kept starting rebellions. The Red Turban Rebellion led to the leader founding the Ming dynasty. So that’s...awkward, if Iroh is supposed to be the leader. And then there’s the White Lotus Rebellion, which was started as antitax, of all things.
Actually, no the really awkward part is how the methods used to deal with the White Lotus Rebellion was then used to suppress the Taiping Rebellion, which was the bloodiest civil war in history. And I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to reference the White Lotus Rebellion, since the Qing troops got the nickname “Red Lotus Society”.
But I admit Ming and Qing dynasty history is not my strong suit. I just kinda know that all the social upheaval in the Qing era probably did not help things when European powers decided to show up with their opium.
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aestheticugly · 26 minutes ago
Green d: the avatar group are walking around outside the empty house observing the royal bright moon city
Katara: Theres pictures of that family all over…
Sokka: Probably the royal family of this place
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krisquote · 28 minutes ago
ay so here's a more detailed bio thingie
yo! im kris, pronounced Chris.
I make art, shitposts, and honestly really random stuff.
I have a bunch of fandoms but the main ones include ALTA, MHA, SK8, and lots more. honestly way too many to name.
anyones welcome except pedos, incels, and any of those types
@deadgrrlinthepool is literally god. I love them. follow them if you wanna!
this blog is a safe space to anyone, so if you want someone to listen, or talk to, I'm here like about all the time haha. (im open to making new friends btw)
have a great time on my blog! love you all <3
(I have a YouTube channel. its spelled KrisQuote if you wanna check it out or subscribe :D)
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liliesforeveryfandom · 32 minutes ago
I’ve seen a lot of steambaby headcanons where the first born is a firebender, but I headcanon that they would be a waterbender. 
Like just imagine Zuko and Katara fighting tooth & nail for the FN council to let their firstborn be the heir even if they are a waterbender. Imagine even Aang pulling up to tell the council that they spirits will be “very upset” about this imbalanced injustice. Imagine Katara already knowing that the baby is a waterbender and hesitating telling Zuko about it. Imagine Katara finally telling Zuko and admitting that she’s scared but Zuko comforting her as always. Imagine when she’s finally born (because we still gonna have a princess), Zuko crying tears of joy because her blue eyes are just like Katara’s. Imagine, growing up, she wished to be a nonbender instead of a waterbender because all the other elite FN kids made fun of her for it. Imagine her growing stronger and stronger until she’s confident enough to call herself a master waterbender. Imagine her taking the the throne not only as the first female Fire Lord but also as the first Fire Lord who is not fully Fire Nation AND as the first waterbending Fire Lord.
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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bongripsncoffee · 41 minutes ago
Slithering back up into his chair and finding his spine, Zuko collected all his papers and shoved them back into his binder, shutting it with a little too much force. “What are we gonna eat?”
Aang was already shoulders deep in the fridge when Zuko stood and stretched. With a sigh Aang shut the fridge and went to the cabinets. “Dude I dunno, d’ya think we should just go do some food shopping? I really take Sokka for granted with how much he just loves to be a house spouse. I don’t even mind the fuckin’ lamps anymore.” 
“I want him to come home too. For now, I’ll call Uncle and see if we can borrow his car.” Before Zuko could find Uncle’s contact, his phone started ringing. 
He picked up on the first ring.
Chapter Twelve of You, Me, and The Pit is here! Enjoy babies~
please remember reblogs are how we get the word out! likes are nice, but reblogs are god tier
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madseason · 42 minutes ago
Allright Jetko AO3 tag I’m coming at ya in like... a week, hopefully
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teamfreewill56-blog · 43 minutes ago
I wish ATLA had shown the sub-bending for air with a little more attention and clarity. As someone who never got to read the comics I thought Astral Projection was something that was strictly an Avatar ability until TLOK, and honestly it would have been cool to see Aang trying to master it and use it more. I also never really realized that temperature regulation was an air bender thing either because no one ever brought attention to it until I read a post here someone had mentioned about it. That ability especially deserves some love because that means you’re bending CONSTANTLY to keep your body warm and not just in instances here or there. All the same, I’m glad to learn this new info.
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sokkastyles · 44 minutes ago
How do you feel about book three Aang? Is he OOC for kissing Katara twice without her consent or it was in character and it was just a culmination of his frustration? He was never as possessive and jealous as he was then. In fact, book one Aang was pretty sweet and understanding. Even when he could see Katara was crushing on Jet.
I tend to not think that a lot of things are OOC because I can usually find explanations for them. I like characters that are complex and flawed. And I DON’T like the argument that because Aang is often sweet and understanding, he can’t violate Katara’s trust. He sure can. That kind of stuff happens, and the worst betrayals are from people you love who you don’t think would ever do that kind of thing to you.
I’d argue that there are times when he gets possessive and jealous (like when he gives Zuko that “stay away from my girl” look in the crystal caves), and there are times when he loses his temper or acts impulsively - and his impulsive actions hurt Katara. My students and I have just gotten to “The Avatar State” in our watch and I’ve got a meta brewing because boy do I love that episode. And that episode makes a really compelling case for Aang’s conflict with the Avatar state and violence vs pacifism, but what’s interesting about that episode is that Aang is NOT the voice of pacifism and reason there. He’s all for General Fong’s plan until the guy betrays him, because he wants the power of the Avatar state. This is a thread we see running through “The Deserter” as well, where Aang is impatient and eager to gain the power of firebending and because of that, he ends up hurting Katara. He’s afraid of it, too, and of course he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but the conflict that was set up there was NOT that it was against Aang’s core values, but that Aang was trying to figure out what those values were. And of course this is also part of his developing fear of losing control of himself. What happened to that conflict? It’s revisited in “The Firebending Masters” but where was it in “The Southern Raiders”? Why does the conflict from then on become about Aang being right instead of Aang continuing to learn about himself?
And about Jet: while Katara was crushing on Jet, Aang was also enamored with Jet, remember? Aang was fairly naive at that point, still developing his crush on Katara, and that episode plays up Aang as a goofy kid. Aang thought Jet was cool and that he had “a really fun way of life.” That’s why he wasn’t concerned with Jet and Katara. He and Katara learn at the same time that Jet had betrayed them, but before that Aang saw Jet as a cool older boy who was on their side.
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captainshyguy · 47 minutes ago
so i bought undertale a few days ago and papyrus is my friend :3 
#i just got past mad dummy in the waterfall area (not killing anything)#i dont plan on this game being something that grips me by the shirt and spirals me into making content for it#especially not tot the degree hollow knight did#(maybe a picture or two)#but i can already tell i'll be thinking about it for a while#kinda like how i approached gravity falls and atla#gravity falls especially#anyway YES i love both the bone bros they're so goofy and charming#i like how they're both goobs but they have such different energy levels that makes them both genuinely enjoyable to be with#in like. different situations#like having a high energy silly time with papyrus on a date/hangout#then just vibing with sans at grillby's afterwards#anyway yes they've both got quirks i love about them a lot X]#there's nuances ther ei can already see/have been pointed out to me like pap making sure his attacks do less than 1 damage if u on 1hp#like that level of control genuinely has to take discipline and skill and its admirable#and sans seesm to be able to teleport in some fashion which i find quite interesting#toriel is also man...goat mum....she just wanted to keep us safe...that hug......oog#i wil lsay i dont....get the memes with sans really? he just seems like a chill dude#i know u can fight him in the bad route but like. idk man i feel like thats a bad ending for a reason right?#he's just a nice guy u can vibe with. he plays goofy but also quiet pranks on u. he gets u nice food#he';s just nice bone man. why has he been memed so much? why tumblr sexyman? :( thats my bone friend. he drink ketchup....#eh i suppose as a certified bug lover i cant call out people wanting to bone (hah) him but also i dont get it X]#these two are dweebs! extremely endearing dweebs but yes. skeleton friends :)#luke rambles#ut
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season 1-
zuko: *kicks sokka in the face*
sokka: *hits zuko in the head with a boomerang*
sokka: *knocks zuko off the ship by whacking him in the head with a wooden staff*
me: omg zukka 😍🤚
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ao3feed-zuko · 54 minutes ago
May 19, 2021 at 03:18AM
by WildRiverInTheSky
A mysterious man walks out of the mist towards a very wary Katara. He guards his secrets carefully when speaking with her, and she reluctantly agrees to accept his help in their fight to stop the war. This picks up mid-season 3. The man's real secret isn't in the past but the group's future. He's there to save Katara, and he'll do anything to prevent her death. Zutara
Words: 535, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: Katara (Avatar), Zuko (Avatar), Sokka (Avatar), Aang (Avatar), Toph Beifong
Relationships: Katara/Zuko (Avatar)
Additional Tags: Romance
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sokkatoaang · 59 minutes ago
Azula: The Earth King and The Council of Five do not trust the Dai Li. They imprisoned your leader, Long Feng. Soon they will turn on all of you, and eliminate you. Seizing power today is a matter of life and death. The coup must be swift and decisive. The Earth King, and each of the five generals, must be taken out simultaneously. Long Feng has placed you in me command while we overthrow the government. If I sense any disloyalty, any hesitation, any weakness at all, I will snuff it out. That is all. Ty Lee: Nice speech Azula. It was pretty and poetic, but also scary in a good way.
Mai: Yeah, I thought you were gonna make that one guy pee his pants.
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mx-mongoose · an hour ago
Infinity Train bender headcanons based off vibes
Tulip: Firebender
Mikayla: Non-bender
Jesse: Waterbender
Lake: Earthbender
Grace: Waterbender
Simon: Firebender
Hazel: airbender
Ryan: Non-bender
Min-Gi: Non-bender
Amelia: Earthbender
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tstruart · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Meet Rin, an earthbender originally from the lower circle looking for a fresh start in Republic City. Perhaps through probending???
Honestly I just started sketching and some how ended up making an OC set in the avatar universe 🤷🏾‍♀️😅.
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gotticalavera · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These were my first Zukaang's sketches... Do you notice that I made the strokes fast? 😅
It was an idea that came up after watching a k-drama. A Modern AU + Fem! Zuko ...
Summary: Zuko is self-conscious about her scar, it affects her not only to interact with people, but also to get roles in the Theater Club; It seems that she will always have to cover her scar with her hair ... But the new employee of her uncle's store is interested in her
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sokkastyles · an hour ago
You write great, great metas, so I've been meaning to ask your opinion on something: Katara's feelings towards Aang. She says she doesn't know and that she's confused. Then, after Ozai ia defeated, she suddenly DOES know and just like that, isn't confused anymore. Since we don't see how and why she makes up her mind, her whole conflict just seemed silly and I have trouble believing in her romantic feelings for him because during the series, it's pretty vague if those feelings were there or not. To me, until the final kiss, it always came off as if his crush was one sided and she was making up excuses to turn him down gently. But what do you think? And what do you think made her change her mind in the finale?
Thank you!
So here’s the thing. Unlike some people who ship zutara I don’t believe that Katara had NO feelings for Aang. I mean, obviously Katara is a fictional character and she feels what the writers want her to feel, and the writers want us to think that she loves Aang. I just think they did a poor job developing it.
I think Katara genuinely IS confused when she tells Aang she is confused. And I think we don’t give her enough credit here and let her be confused. She is fourteen. She’s allowed to be confused. She’s fourteen and a boy who is one of her closest friends (who also happens to be the savior of the world, the person she’s been putting literally ALL her hopes into for a long, long time, even before she met him) is putting a lot of pressure on her to reciprocate his feelings. Even if she does like him back, she’s allowed to be confused about it. She’s allowed to not like being pressured. She’s allowed to change how she feels and almost anyone would be confused in that situation, regardless of what she feels for Aang, and Aang does not have a right to demand for her to not be confused just because of what he feels for her. I don’t think we give teen girls enough space to be confused about their feelings and figure themselves out when it comes to this stuff. Girls are under so much pressure when it comes to a boy’s feelings and this boy also happens to be the Avatar. It’s like, almost impossible for Katara to say no to him in that context. No wonder she is confused.
What adds insult to injury is that the show let her be confused only to say “nope, you’re not allowed to do that.” Like, what was the purpose of having Aang kiss her without consent and letting Katara be angry if it was never going to be addressed again? If their very next scene together was going to be her like, quite literally giving him an after school firebending lessons juicebox? What was the purpose of having him yell at her in the finale if it was all going to be washed away without a word?
The only indication we get that anything at all has changed between them is the Significant Look that Katara gives Aang when Zuko says that he’s “the real hero.” That’s it. Katara loves Aang because he’s a hero. Again, the message here is that she says yes because there’s no possible way that she can say no. The message is that any mistake Aang makes is erased by him “earning” his happy ending with her. How Katara changed her mind is irrelevant. What she felt when she told him she was confused is irrelevant. Only a minor conflict for Aang to get over. We don’t see how or why she makes up her mind because the point is not how or why, it’s only that she does. The show has Aang betray Katara in an awful way and then makes it her prerogative to change her feelings towards him sort of like how Aang demanded she forgive her mother’s murderer without any sort of restorative action. So the purpose of having Aang kiss Katara when she didn’t want to be kissed was to make Katara change her feelings and decide that she loves Aang. The purpose was to show that a girl cannot be confused about her feelings, and that if she really loves someone, she’ll stop being confused just because he wants her to.
If Katara does love Aang, it makes it worse that he betrayed her trust like that, not better, which is why the moony look an the kiss in the finale don’t cut it.
And if you compare this to Zuko and Katara’s relationship, Zuko and Katara’s feelings for each other in the crystal caves are completely new and ambiguous and tentative and confusing, yet the show completely validates Katara for feeling betrayed by him and forces him to make it up to her.
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axolotl-druk · an hour ago
nothing else to add
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nerdyandexhausted · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I kept picking up and putting it down cause my hand hurts after 4 minutes of drawing but I have enough to do like art tmmr!
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