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scribsters · 4 hours ago
It's not what's happening to you now or what has happened in your past that determines who you become. Rather, it's your decisions about what to focus on, what things mean to you, and what you're going to do about them that will determine your ultimate destiny. It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
- Tony Robbins
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gaysnowauthor · 9 hours ago
Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!
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amberderose · 13 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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A/N - So every fucking month, I always watch Not Another Teen Movie to commemorate when I first watched at age 3. I absolutely loved Chris in that movie and that's how I got my crush on him, even though it sucks, sucks bad. Oh well. I just watched it again, at this point I have the shit memorized, and I thought why not make an EvansStan cliché fanfic. Also, for the sake of the plot, imagine Seb grew up in Boston alongside Chris. Have fun y'all, I know I did writing it!
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Explicit themes, Language, Sexual themes, masturbation, Sexual thoughts, Fingering, Oral sex (male and female receiving), Cockwarming, Palming, exhibitionism, voyeurism (sort of...), choking, breeding kink, Latina reader! 18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI ||
4.9k Words
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Y/N L/N, your name was known by every tabloid, every interviewer, every celebrity. Why? It was a stupid reason really, it was because you were the one and only wife of both Christopher Robert Evans and Sebastian Stan. Yes, both. You were married to both men, which apparently, people couldn't wrap their tiny minds around. Some people could be so closed minded. Most tabloids made your life hell, calling you various degrading names, adding in some racial slurs as well as you were Latina. Like blaming your ethnicity could help them compute the fact that you were married to two people.
You knew it was just because they were jealous. Jealous that you had not only one, but two of Hollywood's hottest hunks, arguably. So you tried to pay them no special attention, that is until one of the nicer interviewers, Oprah, called you on a one-to-one interview about your marriage and how you first got together with these handsome men. You graciously agreed, hoping that your story would shed some more light to your fans and would make some of the tabloids back off.
Your hair was done, your makeup was done and your hand rested on your baby bump. 6 months. You walked out, taking deep breaths as you did. You smiled at the text Chris and Seb sent you before you left the house for the interview.
So sorry we're working. We love you and the babies, hope you three stay safe and come back to us soon. Love all three of you ❤. XOXO. Oh, this is from both Chris and Seb by the way.
You were all smiles as you walked out to greet Oprah. She asked you how you were doing, about your baby as the world didn't know you were carrying twins. You told her that you were carrying two babies and she, of course, smothered you like a mother as she had often done throughout your acting career. Finally, time came to talk about your story. Her dark eyes peered into yours as she spoke, "Tell me about how you met Chris and Sebastian." You took a deep breath, it was as if you were taken back to 27 years ago. "Well," You started, "I suppose it began in highschool."
*Flashback Music*
You looked up at the big school, it seemed so opposing to everything you had seen in your small hometown. You were somewhat of a country girl until your father had to move here with you because of his business, they had transfered him to Boston. Your eyes squinted as you took in your surroundings. "Hey Seb!" A loud, boisterous voice broke you from your fascination. You looked infront of you to see a somewhat skinny boy, blonde hair, blue eyes. He was more lean then skinny, he looked like a surfer.
"Hey Dumbass. I thought you said Ma' could drive me too!" The blonde boy, he nodded slightly to someone behind you and you turned around to look at a dark-haired boy with piercing blue eyes. He was also lean, both him and the blonde were laid back and chill. Nothing like your tense state. You watched as the two hugged, slapping each other's back. "Man, it sucks that you went on summer vacation just a week before school started. Imagine all the fun we could've had." The brunette sighed. The blonde shrugged, "You know the Evans family had their reunion, I couldn't miss it."
"Whatever Chris, you were probably there so that you could meet some hot girl in New York. Find anyone?" Chris chuckled, shaking his head, "No, but I think city girls are boring. I want to try something different. Man, I want a country girl." Since those words had fallen out of Chris' perfect lips, you knew you were in trouble. You quickly turned around, and kept your gaze to the floor as you made your way to your first class, Biology. You got lost about 15 times before you finally rounded a corner and saw the room you were searching for.
Quietly, you slunk into the room, sitting down on one of the black benches furthest away from the teacher. No one had taken either of the two seats next to you thankfully. "Shit, we were almost late." You heard the blonde boys voice again and your eyes widened. Don't sit next to me, your mind chanted while your heart wanted something else. "Mind if we sit here?" The brunette asked. You cursed inside of your head while your heart pounded against your ribcage. "No, not at all." You replied in a meek voice.
The two boys slid in on either side of you, the blonde on your left and the brunette on your right. "I'm Chris and that's Sebastian." You smiled politely, "Pleasure to meet ya' fellas. I'm Y/N, although my friends call me Y/N/N." Chris grinned, "Alright then, Y/N/N. Hey, are you from the country side?" You gulped, you had hoped your accent wouldn't show through. You sighed shakily, "Uh yeah, I am." Chris and Seb both shared a look, which you didn't miss, "Alright then! You new?" Sebastain asked and you nodded. "Great, now we're your new friends." You were much to shy to argue and they did seem nice so you just gently smiled and nodded.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Since that day, you three were practically inseparable, which admittedly made school that much more fun and home life that much more interesting. The three of you were best friends, your small intimate group of three. It was quite odd to those outside of your group, they saw it as taboo for two men and a girl to be as close as you three were. Then again you couldn't exactly blame them...
You three had played truth or dare (strip edition) more times than you could count. The three of you sneaking out to the docks, each grabbing either a pack of beers or a bottle of something better and getting drunk off your ass. Then, having the ridiculous idea to play strip truth or dare, with one of you ending up completely naked, in all their glory for the other two to see. Luckily, all of you were too hammered to remember much and the next morning would bring about a pounding headache.
Other times, when your dad would go away to a business trip, sleepovers would be at your house. Often, you would feel comfortable enough to strip down to just your panties and climb into your bed, snuggled up with the two other boys, who were in just their boxers as well. You three would have meaningful talks, and by that you meant the boys had the "birds and bees" talk more times with you than your dad had. All your dad had said was, "Don't get pregnant, be safe, because I can barely pay for you, not about to pay for a baby as well."
But, it wasn't all sexual. Throughout the years, you saw Seb and Chris grow and they saw you. They saw you become more mature and vice versa. Each of you helped the other through their worst moments like heartbreaks or parent problems or, what you thought your problems to be, stupid issues. No matter what, even if you were a bitch during those days in the month or if you were sobbing your eyes out, those boys would be on either side or you in bed, comforting you until you felt better. Making you forget and laugh until your sides hurt.
Maybe that's why... you didn't know when it happened or how, all you knew was that you had fallen hopelessly in love with your best friends. That's right, not one but both of them and you knew how unfair and cruel that seemed. Even if you did end up dating one, the other one would be on your mind and that would no doubt cause a rift between all three of you. So you said nothing, kept your mouth shut, even though it was killing you from the inside.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
You found yourself, on the last day of summer before your senior year, a sweltering day where you could've been enjoying at the beach, at Chris' house. The place empty except for you, Seb and the blonde boy himself. Lisa and Robert had taken Scott, Shanna and Carly to the beach, where you would've preffered to have been, but nooooo. You had to stay here and help the boys work through their wardrobe crisis.
You pursed your lips, trying not to laugh as they both wiggled down shirts that were ridiculously small for them. You noticed the twinkle in Seb's eyes, the teasing in Chris' smile and your heart pounded. Your crush wasn't going away. It didn't help matters when the two lean and skinny boys you had always known started to work out and developed so many muscles that they looked like Greek Gods. Their faces had also matured, jawlines sharp, features sharp, faces simply beautiful.
You hadn't been excluded from the maturing of facial and body features. Your body was to die for, which both Chris and Seb had noticed right away. Your eyes were shinier, lashes more luminous. Your locks were vividly bouncy and sleek. Your lips... well both boys had imagine kissing those perfect lips. You were the perfect epitome of beauty and perfection, but you didn't notice, which only made you that more beautiful. You glanced up at the two boys, their shirts tight everywhere, the fabric screaming.
You let out a short laugh, the melodic sound seeming like music to the boys' ears. "You both look ridiculous. Like you borrowed my shirts." Chris grumbled as he tossed off the shirt, same with Seb. You let your eyes rake over their body, their hard abdominal muscles and lower to their Adonis belt. "Eyes up here Y/N/N." You grinned flirtatiously, nothing new there. You always flirted with them, which you knew they always took as a "joke".
"Can't exactly blame me, Evans." Chris chuckled as Seb walked over to you, his eyes dark as he leaned close to you. Your heart picked up its pace and you hoped that neither Seb nor Chris would notice. "Sweetheart, with you wearing that skimpy little bikini, you can't blame if we're looking either." You gulped and then snorted to relieve some of the tension as Seb backed away. "And what rack exactly are you staring at because I'm a door." "That's what you think." Chris spoke, his voice muffled by the hoodie he was unsuccessfully trying to pull on.
"Been looking there, Chris?" You teased. "Not just him." Seb teased back. You shook your head, laughing at your idiotic bestfriends. "Guys, seriously come on. Let's go to the mall, buy you both some new clothes." Chris and Seb sighed, after their many attempts at trying to fit into old clothes, they relented and gave in.
After a long and tedious trip to the mall and a relaxing night at the docks, it was time for your first day of senior year. You had recently gotten your license so you pulled up infront of Seb's house, where both boys agreed to meet you. You saw Sebastian and Chris standing on the edge of the front lawn, talking animatedly with one another. You honked your horn loudly, "Get in dumbasses." They both turned to look at you, a wide grin adorning each if their faces as they walked towards the car and got in.
"You two are looking mighty fine in the new clothes I bought you yesterday." "Which by the way we'll pay for." Sebastian mumbled. "Looking good yourself, Sweetheart. Going for the whole, "I'm a badass female and too good for all men" vibe, huh?" You shrugged, throwing Chris a wink through your back view mirror. You glanced down at your clothes, red, lace bralette with a black leather jacket and distressed, black mom jeans.
The ride there was mostly filled with Chris expressing his excitement on the new Captain America issue. Seb talking about trying out for a varsity sport. And the three of you teasing and flirting, as always. When you got to school, you parked your car and all of you walked inside together. It was as if the whole world had gone mute, everybody stood there, mouths agape as they stared at the three of you. You guessed puberty had hit all three of you the hardest this past summer.
The attention was uncanny, the silence deafening as you all walked past the multitude of students who stared at you three. You blushed and looked down at the floor as you walked. Finally reaching to class, you all had coordinated so you would get the same classes, you settled in. Not even 2 minutes since you had sat down, Bethany, a popular girl in your school, sashyed your way.
She leaned on Chris' desk, her breasts threatening to fall out of her tight shirt. "Hey Chris." Chris blinked as his mouth fell open slightly, much like the mouths of the other students in class as they looked towards the three of you. "Bethany, you never talked to me. Like ever." She blinked and then let out a much too fake laugh, swatting at Chris' arm. "Oh silly, I did too. Now listen, big party at my house Friday night. You and Sebastian are invited."
Chris glanced over at you, you gave him a tight lipped smile, he glanced back at Bethany. "Uh, Bethany... can I bring a friend?" The girls brows furrowed as she tossed her hair over her shoulder, no doubt wondering who Chris' "friend" was. "Ofcourse." She replied with a forced smile. Chris grinned, "Great, I'm bringing Y/N/N." The blonde girl pursed her lips as she looked over at you, her eyes cutting into yours. She did a once-over of you before smiling, although the smile seemed pure evil. "Ofcourse. I have something at the party I think you'll enjoy." You gave her a curt nod as she walked away, hips swaying.
You rolled your eyes, fake gagging, "We aren't really going to that party, are we?" Chris shrugged, "Senior year, Y/N/N, might as well make the best of it." You huffed and slunk into your seat.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Your head pounded, nose burning with the stench of sweat, cheap cologne and alcohol. Chris' hand was on the small of your back, Seb's arm over your shoulders. Your two dumbass best friends had taken one look at your dress and shook their heads. It took them much convincing that no idiot would dare fuck with you, because you would make sure to make them infertile before they could try anything. Still, the boys needed to be by your side the entire time. That is until they found themselves occupied...
Bethany ran over to you three, her smile wide. "You guys made it!" She glanced at you and she gasped, "Y/N, you're wearing a slutty dress. Perfect. My parents bedroom is reserved for you!" You rolled your eyes at her and then worriedly looked down at your outfit, "Wait, this dress is slutty?" "Nah, I just think you look fucking sexy wearing that." Your mouth dropped open as you glanced over at Seb, you playfully swatted his arm.
"Anyways. Chris you're with me, Seb I have a friend to introduce you to and Y/N, Brett's been waiting to meet you." Your eyes rounded, "Brett? Brett as in your older brother Brett? The one in his third year of University?" Bethany nodded, "That's him. I think you two will hit it off." You three made your way towards the group of popular kids by the couches. The insanely hot Brett, stood by the bookcase, away from the other sweaty bodies. Bethany grabbed your hand and dragged you to him, "Brett, this is the smart and gorgeous girl I was telling you about. I'll leave you two to it."
You glanced up at the blonde, his surfer blue eyes peering into yours. "My sister tells me you're a friend and you're smart. Those two things usually don't mingle." You chuckled, glancing over at the drunk group of cheerleaders, "Your sister never even talked to me until the first day of Senior year." Brett smiled at you, a handsome smile. "I like you." You smiled back, "Wow, you don't waste any time, do you?" Brett chuckled and shook his head.
Chris looked over at you laughing with that Brett man and his fists clenched. He glanced over at Seb who was flirting with a cheerleader, a brunette one. He had lost both the people he loved, and for what? A stupid party. He was jealous, he was mad and the buzz from the alcohol wasn't helping. So when Bethany came over to him, lips puckered, he jumped at the opportunity. He pulled her onto his lap and passionately kissed her. The two making out on the couch right there as she slowly grinded into him.
Seb's gaze wandered from the cheerleader, his charming smile replaced with a vivid frown as he saw your hand swat at Brett's, a wide smile on your face. He looked over at Chris who was on the couch making out with Bethany. Something inflamed in his veins and he didn't like it, the least bit, how it made him feel. His gaze lingered onto the cheerleader as she readjusted her bra, his eyes falling to her breasts. He smiled slightly at her, "Wanna make out?" She grinned back, "Yes, yes, yes." She threw her arms around Sebastian, pulling him in close as she attacked his mouth with hers.
You were having a great time with Brett, he was friendly. That's all you thought of him, a great friend. But you had started to miss Chris and Seb so you looked around, finding them both immersed in steamy make out sessions. Your jaw clenched. You had never before felt the ugly emotion you were feeling right now, but you were somewhat desperate to get rid of it, so you looked at Brett. You smiled flirtatiously at him as you pushed him into the wall and pressed your front into his, rolling your hips. You felt his mouth open wide and his head fall back as he moaned lowly.
Your hands wound their way to his locks as you tugged slightly, your eyes peering into his before you kissed him. You heart sank when your lips connected with his, it didn't feel right. You didn't get that electric tingle you always got when Chris or Seb would touch you or they would kiss your cheek. That warm feeling that lingered long after their touches, wasn't there when you touched Brett and that was all you needed to pull away from him. "I-I'm sorry." You stuttered as Brett stared at you with open eyes. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked and you shook your head, "No, believe me. It's not you, it's me." He furrowed his brows and was about to say something, but you didn't care.
Storming over to Chris, you pulled Bethany off of him, her surprised squeal hurting your ears. "Mine. He's mine." You growled to her. She and Chris both watched in utter confusion as you grabbed his hand and pulled him over to Seb, where you tapped the brunettes shoulder. She turned around and you slapped her across the cheek, "Next time, think about it before you steal my man." You grabbed Seb's hand in your spare one as you dragged both boys outside and to your car. "In." You ordered them and they obliged with surprise.
Once in the car, for a while the only sound that could be heard was the low hum of the engine before Chris spoke up, "So we're not going to talk about how you called both me and Seb your "man"." You sighed, pulling infront of your empty house as your father was gone for the weekend, you turned to look at them both at the back. "Yeah. I did. Either of you got a problem with that?" They glanced at each other then you then at each other, once again. "You want the both of us? At the same time?" "Did I fucking stutter?" They blinked and then Chris broke into a loud laugh, clutching his left pectoral as he did and trying to reach for Seb's.
"Yes! God yes. I would absolutely love to be with you both." You smiled at Chris and looked over nervously at Sebastian. "You in Seb?" He chuckled, "You're asking like you want me to join a gang. Do you two even know for how long I've been crushing on both of you?" You released a breath you hadn't realized you'd been holding in. Suddenly, you realized what this meant... you shyly looked towards your house, "My dad's away." You whispered.
Chris and Seb glanced at your shy gaze, "We don't have to do anything. We can just snuggle in bed." Sebastian whispered with a soft voice. You bit your lip, "I want you two... now."
Getting to your room, still clothed was by far the most difficult feat you three had accomplished. Once in the confinements of your bedroom, Chris handled you with gentleness yet a firmness that you hadn't seen yet. He gently pushed you back onto your bed as he leaned in, his breath tickling yours. This was it, the moment you had been waiting for... he kissed you. You gasped, the electric tingle you always felt was increased tenfold, your entire body feeling like sparks were going off in you.
You felt someone's mouth on your neck, suckling and kissing it. You knew it must've been Sebastian. Your dress' straps were pulled down, the dress slowly sliding down your body. You felt Chris and Seb's weight come off you as you glanced at them through heavy-lidded eyes due to the alcohol consumption and sheer lust. They both stripped off their shirts and pants and were about to climb onto you, but you wagged your finger. "Kiss each other." "What?" Chris asked. "Kiss. Each. Other." They skeptically glanced at one another.
They took timid steps to approach one another as their mouths wrestled with each other. Chris' hands traveled the bare expanse of Sebastian's body as his rested on Chris' wonderful booty, pulling him in closer. Both boys kissed passionately and you heard the wet sounds of their mouths. The low groans. You moaned softly as your hand dipped into your underwear. Your fingers collected your slick, as you teased yourself through your folds.
Your middle finger slowly dipped into your entrance as your palm pressed into your clit. You whimpered, staring at the heated show infront of you. Another moan, except louder fell from your parted lips, catching the attention of both boys. Chris smirked, "See that Seb? Been paying so much attention to each other, we forgot about our girl. You want us, Sweetheart?" You nodded desperately. "Ok." Sebastian spoke huskily.
They both stalked towards you, Chris settled himself by your legs as he pressed kisses to the waistband of your panties. Sebastian's hands fondled your breasts through the thin fabric of your lacy bra. "You know how crazy it drove us when you would wear just these? How many times I've imagined ripping this off your body?" Sebastain whispered lowly into your ear. You shivered as he kissed you and his hands wrapped around either sides of your bra before he ripped it in half. You gasped at the cold air hitting your now bare nipples.
Then you felt warmth envelope one hardened bud, you felt Sebastian's tongue glide against your nipple expertly and you threw your head back. Meanwhile Chris was still pressing kisses to yor clothed core. That is until he heard the sounds you made, after that he lost it as he ripped off your panties, much like Seb had done with your bra. His tongue delved into your folds, without warning. His tongue fumbled around for a bit before it found your clit and the response it elicited from you, he knew he had hit jackpot. He stayed focused in that area as his fingers slowly spread your juices onto them so that he could push them in, one-by-one.
Your hand flew to Chris' locks, tugging at them mercilessly. Your other one rested on Sebastian's crotch as you cupped him through his boxers. Both boys groaned and the vibrations only amplified the pleasure you felt. You gasped loudly, "D-d-do that again." You let out. They groaned again, your back arching off the bed. You were close, the coil in your belly about to burst free and then it did. Your chest heaved, eyes crazed as you rode out your high. Chris sucked up your juices. He pulled of his boxers as did Sebastian. Chris got a condom from his jeans pocket, ripping it open and rolling it onto his long and thick cock. Your mouth watered just staring at it. He crawled onto you and lined himself up with your entrance, his gaze penetrating your own. Seb smoothed back your hair, his own long and hard cock close to your mouth. "Ready to be filled up, Y/N/N." You gulped and nodded.
Chris pushed into your tight pussy, you were a human virgin, not a dildo virgin. So it didn't hurt that much, but you still felt yourself being stretched. You gasped and Chris stilled inside you, "You ok?" "Keep going." You whispered as you turned your head towards Seb, taking him in your mouth and hands. You could feel Chris sliding in and out slowly and after a while, the sting that was there turned into pleasure. You bucked your hips into his and he picked up his pace, his hands going to hold onto your headboard so he could find some more stability. That allowed him him go faster. You moaned and you heard Seb groan loudly.
"Whatever you're doing to her, Chris, keep doing it. Her mouth feels like heaven." His praise went straight to your tummy as you felt butterflies. "She tastes like heaven too, bud." Chris grunted out. God, all this praise and pleasure was making your head swim. "Seb, you think you can toy with her clit and nipples?" You heard the brunette snort, your eyes glanced up at his face as you saw him smirk at Chris. "My pleasure."
Sebastian's hands went to your intimate places. One resting on your breasts as he tweaked your nipple and the other fumbling to find your clit. "Uh, can't find it?" If it wasn't for the situation you were in, you would've laughed. "It's near where my dick is slamming into her." Now, you really did snort. Chris glanced over at you amusedly, "Do we make you laugh, Baby? Even in bed? Well that's not good." You pulled off Sebastian's cock with a pop, as he whined at the loss of your mouth.
You grinned, "But that's the best." You gestured at Chris' cock, buried balls-deep in you, "The kind of relationship where you can laugh even when your mans are fucking the shit out of you." Chris chuckled, his head dipping to the crook of your neck, where he pressed a kiss. You grabbed Seb's hand and guided it to your clit. His fingers found it as he rubbed loose circles. You moaned loudly and Seb grinned, "Woo! Back in business baby." You rolled your eyes and with your hand, guided his cock to your mouth again as you enveloped him. You hollowed out your cheeks, trying to take him as deep as you possible could, at this point your throat had relaxed, allowing you to deepthroat him.
The three of you kept going, your moans encompassing the entire room, the smell of sweat and sex lingering in the air until you felt that familiar tightening of your belly. You raised your hips to meet with Chris, eyes shut tight and face flushed as you came hard. Chris could feel you squeezing him and he couldn't hold back. After seeing the two of you cum, Seb couldn't very well be left off so he took matters into his own hands. Grabbing the back of your tired head, he face fucked you until you felt his warm seed spilling in you. You sighed in contentment.
Seb, being the least fucked out, it seemed, made his way to your washroom, getting a warm rag to clean off all of you. Then with Chris' body encircling yours on one side and Seb's on the other, you felt yourself drift to sleep. But not before muttering an "I love you." And hearing their muffled responses back.
Telling your dad was hard, he didn't understand at first, but he saw how happy his "princess" was and so he agreed to your relationship with both men. Chris' parents were a little more understanding and Seb's parents had to be convinced but they eventually came around as well. You three didn't care who said what about your relationship, as long as you all were together. And that's how all three of you ended up in acting school and eventually working together on the Marvel movies.
Although people made it hard for you three, you really loved the years that you spent with both Chris and Sebastian. They were some of the best years of your life and you wouldn't change it, no matter what.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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You may lost the battle but won the war. Once you fight, there are collateral damages which sometimes overwhelm the winning prize. War against immorality is like that.
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#lifelessons #knowyourworth #inmyhead #poetry #manifestation #mindhelp #confidence #quotelover #gratefulthankfulblessed ° ° "It is not easy to change oneself....” By @aunaturelprosaic aka Himani Rawal Follow her account for #dailymotivation in your life every morning afternoon evening and forever Day26 💯 days quote challenge continues.. Tell me what you feel? (at Mumbai, Maharashtra)
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