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dcbutlikenotcanon · 14 hours ago
Red Hood: Listen, I understand your relationship with Roy. I have a "father" I disappoint all the time.
Green Arrow: Yes, I'm sure you do.
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superdogbiter · a day ago
Talking about the dangerous Loki variant
Hunter B-15:”It’s nothing we can’t handle”
Loki and Mobius:”It’s everything that we can’t handle”
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ionalottabookmarks · a day ago
Seriously, screw the CW; it is like a needle in haystack situation finding any Flash or Green Arrow fics that aren’t about their stupid tv shows. And on a related note, screw the library for not having any decent comics, forcing me to make do with fic for however many weeks it’ll take the inter library loans to process.
Anyone have recs? I just want superheroes being families.
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Roy: Close your eyes and pretend it's all a bad dream. That's how I get by.
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dcau-incorrect-quotes · 4 days ago
Black Canary: Oh and this is for Ollie, when you find him.
Black Canary: *Grabs The Question and kiss him on the cheek*
The Question: Mmm.....alright...but.... I don’t think it’ll be the same if it came from me.
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Donna: How much did you spend on this date?
Roy: $1400. But all of it's on credit cards, so it's like $5 a month for the next 2,000 years.
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Puck: Yeah, but as far as plans go, this is not a good one.
Sabrina: Puck, this was your plan.
Puck: I didn't think you'd actually say yes.
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Jonathan: Does this make me a bad person?
Clark: Jon, there is not a force in the world that could make you a bad person.
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jakascoo · 10 days ago
Roy: How is it?
Jason: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Roy: Unless it kills you.
Jason, sighing: Thanks. I needed that.
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smashing-quotes · 11 days ago
Pit: Yeah, but as far as plans go, this is not a good one.
Robin: Pit, this was your plan.
Pit: I didn't think you'd actually say yes.
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dcau-incorrect-quotes · 11 days ago
Green Arrow: look, let’s just agree to say sorry on the count of three.
The Question: 1,23.......
Green Arrow: ......
The Question: .....
Green Arrow: See, now I’m disappointed in both of us.
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emmikay · 11 days ago
Munkustrap: What do you call sabotage and vandalism?
Mungojerrie: A hobby.
Rumpleteazer: (elbowing Jerrie) That we do not engage in.
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Buford: Yeah, but as far as plans go, this is not a good one.
Isabella: Buford, this was your plan.
Buford: I didn't think you'd actually say yes.
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(Olivia and Alex had a fight after they shared their first kiss and Olivia wants to reconcile)
Olivia: Alex, wait are we ok?
Alex: If by ‘we’ you mean you and me as individual entries then yes, we are fantastic.
Olivia: This is about the kiss.
Alex: This is not about the kiss.
Olivia: You’re sure? Because it really feels like it’s about the kiss.
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ladymiraclewings · 16 days ago
*Master Su-han offering the others a drink*
Marinette: Um. Master, Alya and I are underage.
Su-Han: So? I've been having this stuff when I was eleven.
Marinette: And what a fine grouchy you turned out to be.
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ladymiraclewings · 16 days ago
Ladydragon, to the Superhero team: Does this group have a name? Like "the Light Triad", or something ?
Ladybug: We don't call ourselves that.
Cat Noir: I do. Occasionally.
Ladybug: Stop.
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funkylittlebidiot · 18 days ago
Tony: you smell like cigarettes - please don’t tell me you’ve been smoking
Harley: no, don’t worry, it’s just C4
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arsaem · 19 days ago
Dick: If you take half a donut, you get all the calories. And the person who comes along later to take the other half gets none of the calories.
Roy: What happens if you take half a donut and then later decide you want the other half?
Dick: Then you actually get double the calories.
Roy: What if you split the donut and share it with someone right there?
Dick: Then both of you get all the calories.
Wally: Who's out here only eating half a donut?
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