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phantomas99 · a minute ago
If norse mythology was a dnd campaign (3)
DM: Okay, it is the end if the world, the fire giant Surtur towers over you and raises his sword.
Freyr: Eh, easy, i just insheathe my sentient sword, and send it to kill my enemy.
DM: What sentient sword?
Freyr: You, know, my legendary sword that can fight on it’s own.
DM: You mean the sword that you gave away to your servant as a reward?
Freyr: sh*t.
DM: Well you don’t have too much chance bare handed, you need a replacement.
Freyr: Okay, ugghhhh.. let’s see... I still has this antler I took from a deer..?
DM: Fine by me. Roll for initiative!
Freyr: *rolls a nat 1*
DM: Okay, that ain’t very good, Surtur strikes you dwn immidietly. Roll me a death saving thro-
DM:  Y’know what, don’t bother.
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geneslovee · 6 minutes ago
hiiii i really liked your dnp dnd au drawing so i think it'd be cool to see something else in that universe
heyyy aw thanks im flattered!! i miss that au a lot ngl sadly it's not very popular so i appreciate the feedback ndhsjkd here's phil in dragon form as i imagine him!
Tumblr media
to my fellow dragonlovers out there pardon me for not knowing lizard anatomy as i've never drawn one before x_x i think he's pretty cool tho his skin has a golden shine to it
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wizardcreature · 15 minutes ago
I'm evil and I'm going to shoot lightning at you until you die. Hope this helps!
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epicdndmemes · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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prideforgdays · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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aghxst · 41 minutes ago
I was compelled for some reason to make 5e character sheets for the Trevor, Sypha and Adrian if you’re interested heres the link to the Doc X Unfornately Dhampir is still in playtesting so Alucard is Human Variant but the dhampir race features are listed in the sheet.
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v0d0riga · 42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
returning from the sword store ✨ (taking my new tablet for a spin)
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nightidraws · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
a pirate Tiefling waiting for his Boyfriend to return from his monthly treasure hunt
his name is Arlem and he is a absolutely horrible Pirate, he cant harm people without feeling bad for it
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minkcars · an hour ago
i cant share all of the clown dimension information that i would like to because it would spoil the campaign but check out these sick clowns
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
^ wrench was made by @ultimate-chimichanga​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AND some sick (not really) other shit idk
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epicdndmemes · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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darkelfshadow · an hour ago
Session Summary - 109
AKA “The Honour Of Phlan”
Adventures in Taggriell
Session 109  (Date: 14th May 2021)
Players Present:
- Rob (Known as “Varis”) Elf Male.
- Bob (Known as “Sir Krondor) Dwarf Male.
- Paul (Known as “Labarett”) Elf Male.
- Travis (Known as “Trenchant”) Human Male.
- Arthur (Known as “Gim”) Dwarf Male.
- John (Known as “Ragnar”) Dwarf Male. 
Absent Players
- (Known as “Naillae”) Elf Female. <Controlled by Travis>
- Moonday, 8th Sarenith in the year 815 (Second Era). Late Summer.
- The party begin this session, still in the besieged and broken city of Phlan, under the control of Vorgansharax and the Dragon Cult.
- Having just returned to the underground ancient Escape Tunnels, filled to the brim with refugees, the party discover that Sir Zern has been missing since they left. Before they can mount a search and find operation, the tall Half-Orc comes striding into view, now dressed in proper full plate and wielding a shield and a morningstar.
Tumblr media
- Sir Zern has recovered backup gear hidden in the grounds of the Gauntlet Estate. Sir Zern moves to the party and kneels in front of Sir Krondor, a fellow Knight of the Gauntlet. The Half-orc Knight speaks:
“I Sir Zern Xerstil of Phlan, Knight Of The Gauntlet, Knight Of Helm, do hear-by pledge myself to you Sir Krondor Bannerett. You are now may Banner Lord, and I shall serve you as your Banner Knight. My shield, my weapon, my heart, my honour and my oath, do I now pledge to you. From this day forth, I shall follow you as your Knight and obey all your orders, my Banner Lord.”
- Wasting no time the party, now one member larger, walks through the long bending Escape Tunnel until they reach a wide dead end, except for a narrow passageway that runs forward for another roughly 120 feet before it appears to stop at a dead end. 
- The party search the dead end and easily find a small, worn indentation when once pressed reveals a secret stone door, which opens into a small larder, with one single door.
- On the other side of this door is an entry guard room, filled with a group of Cult Enforcers and lead by one Cult Officer. The party manage to lure one Enforcer into the room, and quickly dispatch him, but when they try a second attempt they are discovered. 
- Battle starts but thanks to Trenchant summoning into the entry guard room an arcane stinking, obscuring cloud, the Cult forces are rendered almost useless. The party pick them off one by one until they all are dealt with.
- Using a set of located cell keys, the party proceed into a corridor with multiple cells, where they encounter four large Torturers guarding the cells. The party dispatch the foes, but not without some of the party getting badly injured. 
- Trenchant uses a Detect Thoughts spell to locate which cell Captain Greycastle is held in and the party free her. She is in a very bad state, with obvious signs of torture and abuse. At first she does not believe the party are here to rescue, her mind in turmoil from the Red Wizards using illusions to torment her, but eventually she is convinced.
- Captain Greycastle, her mind still affected by her recent treatment, begins to move towards an occupied room, where she tells the party the two other secret doors are: one leads to the Palace and one leads to the graveyards. She intends to confront Vorgansharax and kill the Dragon, even though she is badly injured, wearing no armour and wielding no weapon. It is obvious that she is not yet thinking straight, a look of madness in her eyes.
- Before the party can stop her, they her screaming coming from the occupied room. The door to room bursts open and a tall figure in plate armour that has been painted black, and is dirty from multiple splatters of blood, strides out kicking Captain Greycastle to ground and knocking her unconscious as her head hits the stone wall.
- Removing their helmet, the figure is revealed to be a human female with an attractive face, covered in dirt and blood, and long dirty blond hair.
- Sir Zern gasps, “The Black Knight is Lady Aleyd Burral! She was a high ranking officer in Knights Of The Black Fists.”
- Trenchant yells out, “My lady, don’t kill Greycastle!”
- “Kill her?” replies Aleyd slowly. “Why would I kill her? She was the best of us, Ector always respected her, as did I. No, the two I want to kill are inside the Palace. I’m just passing through.”
- Trenchant moves slowly forward, seeing Greycastle start to slowly stir as blood runs down from the back of her head, and asks “Are you here to help us and the people of Phlan? You’ve been killing Cult Officers and Knight Captains, we need your help now to save the people of the city.”
- Aleyd is momentary taken aback and then bursts out laughing loud, “Help the people of Phlan? I don’t care about the scum that live here or this wretched city. I only loved one thing, the Knight Commander Ector Brahams and I were secret lovers. He was a brilliant man, passionate and unyielding. He sort power and used it! And that traitorous piece of filth, Lieutenant Cron Bolver killed him! Bolver and all the other Knights turned traitor, taking orders from a purple robed Senior Cult Officer called Aseth and that dam dragon Vorgansharax.”
- Aleyd takes a step back towards the door behind her, “I can’t kill a dragon but I can kill a man, two in fact. I have been trying to lure those cowards out but they have remained hidden in the Palace. I got stuck outside when the city was besieged by the magic thicket but then I remembered something Ector told me once, about the ancient escape tunnels. I snuck through graveyard, not a problem if you know what to do, followed the tunnel to this room, killed some sleeping Red Wizards and now, I have work to do …”
- She steps back into the room and begins to close the door. Trenchant yells out, “Wait! How did you get past the undead?”
- “It wouldn’t work for you. But you do need to get out of the city before Vorgansharax destroys this city and levels it to the ground once he learns that his two precious underlings have been killed. And take her …” Aleyd says with resolve in her voice as she looks at Greycastle who is now sitting up. “If any one deserves to live it’s her, she was the honour of the Knights and of Phlan.” She lifts her sword to Captain Greycastle in a salute, as the Captain looks towards Aleyd.
- Then Aleyd disappears from sight, slamming the door shut, and the sound of a sword sliding into a bar lock on the other side can be heard. As the party ran up to the now barred door, they can hear the sound of a heavy stone door closing.
- The injured Captain Greycastle looks around the party, rubbing the back of her head where it slammed into the wall, and looks at the party. Her eyes are no longer showing signs of madness, “I’ve pulled myself together. You heard her, we have little time. If the people of Phlan are to be saved, we act now! You go clear the way through the graveyard, do what ever it takes, and I’ll go back to the escape tunnel to warn and gather the others that they need to leave now!”
<And as the party realise they have to make a clear path for two thousand refugees, through an undead infested cursed graveyard, that is the end of the session.>
XP Allocation
Group - Combined (This is equally divided by the number of players who were involved)
Quests (Only quests that are completed or rendered undoable, during this session, are shown here)
- “The Honour Of Phlan” - Rescue Captain Greycastle = 1000 XP
Creatures Overcome
> XP Allocated (Note: Sir Zern now as a Follower does not count towards XP)
- Dragoncult Human Officer = 1100 XP
- Dragonfang Cult Enforcers = 14400 XP
- Brute Torturers = 2800 XP
> XP Allocated 1 Combatant (Varis Only)
- Drow Prisoner = 600 XP
Individual (This is only given to that person and is not divided amongst all players)
Special Bonus (Outstanding Role Playing)
XP Levels and Player Allocations
Player : Start +  Received = Total  (Notes)
Rob : 152526 + 3357 = 155883
Arthur : 123089 + 2757 = 125846
John : 117329 + 2757 = 120086 (Level 13)
Travis : 139932 + 2757 = 142689 (Level 14)
Paul : 129415 + 2757 = 132172
Bob : 142950 + 2757 = 145707
NPC (Naillae) : + (1379)
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angryducktimemachine · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Goose in a new, comfy robe :)
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yourplayersaidwhat · an hour ago
Warlock has been knocked prone by a dire wolf twice and missed his third eldritch blast in a row. 
Warlock: I’m just staying down here. You guys let me know when you’ve figured things out. 
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