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#miraculous ladybug
sidsinning · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Marinette introducing Adrien to her friend, Nino Lahiffe! He’s the son of another noble family that’s been doing business with hers for awhile now.
He is shy but excited :)
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symphonic-scream · 21 minutes ago
*chucks this into the void* here take it it's finally done oh my god-
Guitar Villain time, friends
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kawaiichibiart · 45 minutes ago
Ya know, I got to thinking, and it's almost 3am, so it probably won't make sense, nor will I try to make it make sense because I can't be bothered to, the whole akuma thing from Miraculous.
I don't believe anyone ever really forgets what happens. How can they, when there is evidence of it??? Like, there are wax statues, videos, photographs very likely, other people talk. Like, as the akumatized victim, you don't remember what you did, but society isn't letting you forget either.
Does this tie in with my post about Ivan in "Guiltrip"?? In a way. I'm ready to admit I'm wrong when the English dub comes out, because honestly, high chance I am. I'm not ashamed. But I'm not taking it down because at least it makes for a good headcanon.
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theclashboy · 49 minutes ago
Unstable Miraculous Incorrect Quotes #3
Cat Noir: Make no mistake. Not only am I party rocking, but I am also in the house tonight. Ladybug: But are you shuffling? Cat Noir: Everyday. Fear Factor, who doesn’t know jackshit about music media: What language are you two speaking??
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theclashboy · an hour ago
Unstable Miraculous Incorrect Quotes #1
Just as a baseline, I will use any and all characters that have been yet to be in my fic, either civilian or hero, save my OC characters that have yet to show up.
Ladybug: Let me show you a picture from last night that really upset me Cat Noir: Okay, but in my defense, Fear Factor bet me 50 cents I couldn’t drink all that shampoo. Ladybug: That’s not what I wanted to- you drank SHAMPOO?!
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bamberry · an hour ago
I just read a fic where Marinette pranked everyone into thinking she had telekinetic powers using Tikki and the fact Kwamis can’t be seen on camera. the funniest thing is that Adrien seriously thought this girl was magical as did everyone else and not until the very end, if it hadn’t been for Plagg, did he put two and two together
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miraculous-weirdness · an hour ago
Desperada episode
Or Hawkmoth’s take on this ep
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Do you think that every time you have deja vu it’s just a snake themed superhero using his magical bracelet to go back in time to avert a disaster?
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ryukosword · an hour ago
*while in gulitrip*
nino: my friend is sad :(
juleka: i betrayed my girlfriend :(
chat noir: i no longer matter in this universe. my actions do nothing to do much as hider the endless torture that is existence. i am going to cataclysm myself, so that my ashes may wander the universe with the same abandon that the universe wanders space.
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dreamyluka · an hour ago
hello! could i get some headcanons on how you think luka would get close to someone who’s not easily trusting?
❝ Luka X reader who’s not easily trusting ❞
(I’m not sure of how good these headcanons are but I tried my best. I hope you’ll enjoy it <3)
↬ Fluff, headcanons
↬ Warning/TW: None
-Luka understands. He understands why some people would have a hard time getting closer to others. He found it hard himself.
-He has noticed how distant you could be sometimes and how you struggled to open up and freely share your thoughts and feelings with him. You were scared. Scared that he’d think it was because of him or something he did.
-But the musician never took your lack of trust in him personally. Instead, he’d always ensure that you knew he’d be there for you if you ever want to confide in him.
-He wouldn’t talk about it either. Not only because he didn’t know how to approach the topic without coming off as insensitive, but mostly because he didn’t feel the need to. Luka was willing to wait as long as it takes for you to put your trust in him.
-He would never initiate something if he senses you aren’t ready, he’d give you the time and space you need to slowly get used to being so close to someone.
-The musician also believes that trust should be deserved, so he made sure to never cross boundaries and work on building that trust through small actions and words of reassurance.
-Luka is perceptive. He can tell you’d let your guards down for a brief moment. Like that one time, you confided in him when you were having a bad day. 
-You rarely cried in front of others. Except for that time you had a terrible day; you broke down in tears in front of Luka as you told him about your burdens. He thoroughly listened to. He was glad that you trusted him enough to open up. 
-You were kind of embarrassed afterward and were afraid that things would be awkward if you ever showed your more vulnerable side. However, Luka acted as if nothing happened and didn’t bring it up. Instead, he just showed a discreet display of affections as a way to comfort and support you.
-He would never take advantage of your trust, instead he’d assure you that you can take your time, “You don’t have to tell me about everything, I’ll always be there, no matter what”.
-Sometimes you’d feel anxious, thinking that Luka would get mad or impatient at you because of your trust issues. Deep down, you knew he would do nothing like that, but you couldn’t shake off the nervousness.
-”Y/N, I promise it doesn’t bother me.” he coaxed, giving your shoulder a light squeeze. His smile and nurturing tone comforted you.
-He’d always ask if it’s okay to hold you, you slowly but surely got used to physical displays of affection.
-A lot of hand-holding, which you got accustomed to with time.
-He’s so caring, and you soon realized how trustworthy he is.
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imwhateverimis · 2 hours ago
Plagg is an icon
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sabertoothwalrus · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this started as an excuse to draw Marinette and Antoine cosplaying as Katara and Sokka and it just kinda... devolved
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masilvi · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
An oldie, but I really like the sketches of this one without the tones 🥺
Sketches from this comic [here]
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akimochi10 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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the-cesaire-scoop · 2 hours ago
I must be the only person who has ZERO interest in the movie. 😂
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miraculousrainbow · 3 hours ago
Im not the only ml fic writer that suddenly started incorporating Chat drinks milk in their fics to cope right 😂
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celestialtitania · 3 hours ago
Need You Here (Part 2)
Thanks to @nagemeikenu for betaing! Written for Day 14: Dancing of Marichat May. Can also read on AO3.
Marinette gave Prince Luka of the Northern Water Tribe another smile as she slipped her hand into his. "It would be my honor," she lied, getting to her feet to dance with him.
Dancing with him was perhaps the last thing she wanted to do tonight but, as the Princess of the Fire Nation, Marinette knew her duty well. Having the Northern Water Tribe as an ally would be extremely beneficial to her kingdom.
Luka put his hand on her waist, once they reached the dance floor, and they moved their feet to the beat of the music.
"You look lovely tonight," he complimented her.
Marinette's cheeks flushed as she accepted the compliment. "Thank you, you look rather dashing yourself." It was true, for all the myths she heard about the Water Tribes encaged within the ice, Luka cleaned up very nicely in his robes.
She gave him a warm smile and he turned away, pink coating his cheeks. Marinette smiled at him fondly before her eyes inadvertently trailed around the room.
She saw her good friend, Alya, the daughter of one of the generals in her father's army, dancing with Nino, an officer from the Metalbending Police Force. It was nice to see everyone mingling together, beyond the borders of their individual kingdoms.
Marinette was sure that it made Avatar Alix very happy. The less conflict the better, Alix always liked to say. She was a good Avatar, though she preferred playing to working as Marinette had learned while studying together under Master Fu.
For a moment, it seemed as though Luka had something he wanted to say to her but he abruptly shut his mouth every time Marinette glanced at him. So, she politely continued their dance while looking around the room.
Her heart twisted seeing Chat Noir stand stoically next to the wall. He was refusing every offer he received to dance and was looking rather upset. Marinette was wondering what was bothering him when he caught her eye.
The scowl that appeared on his face surprised her. It seemed to be directed at her for some reason, though Marinette couldn't imagine why.
"Who is he?" Luka asked, startling Marinette out of her thoughts.
"I'm sorry, who?" She inquired, pasting on a smile despite the turmoil she was in.
"The man in black," he nodded towards Chat Noir.
"Chat Noir, he's my personal guard," Marinette answered, a fond smile appearing on her lips as she glanced at Chat again.
"He's special to you," Luka observed.
"Yes," Marinette readily agreed. "He was my friend first, so we're very close."
The music died down and Luka escorted Marinette back to her seat. "Thank you for dancing with me," he smiled as he gently kissed her hand in farewell.
Marinette had intended to go and speak with Chat Noir but she had scarcely sat down when someone else was standing before her. It was Nathaniel, a member of the Air Nomads' delegation to the gathering.
"H-hello, Princess Marinette," he stammered. "May I have this dance?"
Suppressing a sigh, Marinette forced another smile and nodded politely. Conversation with Nathaniel was even more stilted than it was with Luka. Every time the boy went to speak, he would turn a bright red and clam up.
"Your robes are beautiful," Marinette finally said, the bright designs had caught her eye. "They're very different from the others' robes."
Nathaniel blushed even harder but he seemed to find his voice. "Th-thank you, I painted them myself."
"You're very gifted," Marinette complimented. Unfortunately, it seemed that whatever courage Nathaniel had found, had deserted him completely. All he could do was squeak in response.
Marinette continued to smile at him as they danced, only faltering when she saw Chat Noir leave the room.
Nathaniel bowed to her once the dance was over and again she was led to her seat. This time, Marinette didn't bother to sit down. Instead, she rushed out of the room the moment Nathaniel left her sight.
She bit her lip, wondering where Chat had gone off to. Marinette blindly chose a hallway to walk down, hoping that her feet would lead her to Chat.
She wasn't disappointed as she entered the courtyard; Chat was standing in the moonlight staring up at the sky.
"Something interesting up there?" She called out. Marinette had the satisfaction of seeing Chat jump as he turned around to look at her.
"Princess, what are you doing here?"
"Funny, that was my question," Marinette retorted, walking closer to him until they were shoulder to shoulder.
He turned to look back at the sky. "Oh, I just wanted a bit of fresh air."
Marinette didn't buy his nonchalant tone for even a moment. "Then why have you been so upset all evening?" Chat tried to deny it, already shaking his head, but Marinette wouldn't be swayed.
"I don't know; guess I was just uneasy meeting all these new faces," Chat admitted, at last, his head bowed.
Marinette could empathize. It wasn't easy meeting new people and if her father hadn't stressed the need for diplomacy for the night, Marinette would have trouble being friendly with the others as well.
"Wait, shouldn't you still be at the gathering, Princess?" Chat looked worried, looking as if he were moments away from dragging her back.
"We'll go back, but for right now I just want to be here with you," Marinette told him, laying her head on his shoulder. He nudged her upwards gently and Marinette reluctantly pulled away from him.
He was smiling that soft smile at her which always made her breath catch in her throat. "May I have this dance?" he bowed.
Marinette smiled, feeling her heart swell in her chest, overcome with emotion for him. "Yes, yes you may," she whispered.
They began in the steps of a traditional waltz but Marinette didn't have the energy to dance. She rested her head on his shoulder again and looped her arms around his neck, while both of his hands came to rest on her waist.
Together they swayed in the gentle breeze and in that one moment; there was nobody in the entire world except for the two of them.
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