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pawsitivelymiraculous · 2 minutes ago
Hellooo everyone! I am so happy to be writing this again. I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think, comments really motivate me to keep writing. Also thank you@coolkid-mcgee for beta reading! Recap: Someone has been following Marinette, she finally finds out who it was. Jason wants to "rescue" Damian and take him to Bruce.
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Ao3 Masterlist
Jason didn't know why he responded the way he did. And judging everyone's reactions he knew he had made a mistake. Except he hadn't because it turned out that the person who was taking care of his brother was just as crazy and ruthless as Talia had described.
Yet this Marinette Dupain-Cheng was so good at hiding it that she managed to trick him into thinking that Talia was being too dramatic. She told him that the woman who kidnapped Damian held some magical jewelry which she used to get superpowers and when combined the holder could become unbelievably powerful.
According to her, the reason why she kidnapped his brother was to train him to use the two miraculous? Or whatever they were called.
The last thing Jason would ever want to do would be to give Bruce a kid to take care of. But from the very beginning when he started to look for Damian he knew that literally anything would be better than being raised by the league of assassins. And being used to destroy the world wasn't any better.
Now Jason had no interest in stopping a world destroying event. He had left the whole hero/vigilante business behind. But he wasn't about to allow a five-foot tall maniac french woman use his brother as her minion, so it seemed perfectly reasonable to continue with the original plan.
Marinette didn't seem to agree because as soon as the shock wore off, her eyes flashed dangerously. In a blink of an eye she had disappeared from where she had been standing, pushed his chair backwards towards a wall behind him.
"Over my dead body." She growled.
Jason smirked. "That could be arranged."
Marinette knew it was pointless to get so aggravated over Jason's words. She should at least confirm that what he was saying was true first. She didn't even know who his so-called "father" was. But Marinette felt it was safe to assume that he wasn't someone she wanted near her son.
Feeling her anger. Adrien placed a hand on her shoulder. "Mari, please calm down." He whispered.
Marinette took a deep breath. She needed to be smart about this. Whether she liked it or not, Jason still had the information that she needed. She needed to test him first. "You're bluffing."
Jason laughed. "About you dying? I can assure you that-"
"She is not talking about that, you idiot." Kagami interrupted. "How do we know that you are actually related to Damian."
"I never said we were related, so I'm afraid DNA tests won't help much." He said, fake pity coating his words.
Adrien figured out what he was saying first. "Adopted then? Then who is your father?"
This time he didn't respond. Instead, Jason just looked away scowling.
"Who is he?" Marinette demanded.
"Who. Is. Your. Father."
The silence lasted for a couple of minutes until it was broken by the ring of Marinette's phone. Marinette gritted her teeth. This was really not a good time.
"You wanna get that? I'll wait." Jason said with a smirk.
Marinette wanted to ignore the call so badly, and erase the smirk on Jason's face. But any vengeful feeling quickly dissipated when she realized that Damian was calling her.
"I'll be right back." Marinette said to her friends then walked into the now empty café. "Hi sweetie."
"Mom, I will explain what happened later." Damian said in a rushed whisper. "But just know that-" he was cut off by one of his teachers saying something like "Young man why do you have your phone out in school" though Marinette couldn’t be sure because Damian had hung up.
Oh boy .
Marinette tried to work out what had just occurred. Damian had probably gotten in trouble. If not then he definitely was now that he used his phone in school. Marinette looked at her phone expectantly and waited for the school to call.
She didn't have to wait long. "Hello?" She said to her phone.
"Good afternoon Ms Dupain-Cheng. This is Ms. Mariah speaking. I have called because your son, Damian, has been caught hiding a kitten in the school's playground with one of his classmates."
Marinette blinked. "A… kitten?" And with one of his classmates? She added mentally.
"Yes ma'am, now Damian said that he found the kitten this morning. It looks pretty malnourished, so it was probably lost or abandoned. As an animal lover myself, I have no problem in rescuing the poor thing." Marinette hummed in agreement. "but unfortunately Damian didn't tell a teacher about the kitten until one of my colleagues caught him trying to sneak out food."
Marinette smiled. That sounded like Damian. "And I am very sorry about that." Marinette replied.
Ms. Mariah chuckled. "Well the reason I called you was because we can't keep the kitten here, I offered to take him to an animal rescue, but Damian insisted that you could come pick it up?"
Marinette looked at the door that led to the storage briefly. She could continue interrogating Jason later, her son was first. "Oh yes, of course. I'll pick it up, no problem."
"Marvelous, now as for disciplinary action, Damian will probably just miss a couple of recesses since in the end he was just trying to take care of an animal in need, though it might be more than his classmate since he also had his phone out."
Marinette nodded. "Of course, and I will talk to him about it as well." Ms Mariah gave an appreciative hum and the two bid farewell.
Marinette walked back to the storage room. "I have to go." She whispered to Adrien and Kagami.
"What? And what about him?" Adrien motioned towards Jason. "I can't keep the café closed for forever you know?"
Marinette winced. "I know. I'm so sorry, it will be quick, I promise, and when I get back I'll figure out what to do about him."
Kagami nodded. "I will continue interrogating him while you are gone. Perhaps we can learn more useful information."
Marinette smiled. "Thank you."
Marinette rushed into the school, and was quickly greeted by Ms. Mariah. She led her to the playground where there were some kids gathered around Damian and a girl Marinette didn't recognize. As she got closer, Marinette noticed the small ball of fur between the two.
Marinette had to admit that the kitten was adorable. It was gray with a white patch of fur in the chest and paws. It looked very scrawny and dirty but other than that it looked pretty healthy.
Marinette got closer as the teachers ushered all the other kids inside. Marinette knelt down next to her son. "Hi kids."
Damian didn't look away from the kitten. "Hello mom. This is Bellerose." He said, tiling his head towards the girl next to him.
The little girl giggled, rolling her eyes slightly. She scooted closer to Marinette and stuck her hand out. "My names is Sophie." She chirped. "I don't understand why Dami keeps calling me by my last name." She continued "but it's very nice to meet you Ms. Dupain-Cheng!"
Marinette shook her hand, "It's nice to meet you too." She said with a warm smile. Trying to keep her cool while she was internally freaking out because: 1.) Her son had made a friend! 2.) She  called him Dami! 3.) And was absolutely adorable in a sparkly headband, and a unicorn t-shirt.
Marinette was really curious to know how that friendship even began, but she knew better than to embarrass Damian with questions, so she held back her excitement.
"Well I have to go back to work soon," Marinette said while looking at the kitten who was now playing with Damian's shoelace. "Can I take um-"
"Princess!" Sophie filled in.
Marinette laughed as she saw her son's horrified face. "We are not naming her princess!" He said firmly.
"-the kitten home?" Marinette said quickly to avoid conflict.
"She needs to go to the vet first." Damian said sternly while placing the kitten in her arms.
"Yes!" Sophie agreed, then grimaced. "And she needs a bath too."
Marinette nodded as she stood up. "Okay! Well, I will see you soon honey." She said to Damian, then turned to Sophie. "And it was fantastic to meet you Sophie."
"Bye mom," Damian mumbled as she kissed the top of his head.
"Goodbye Ms. Dupain-Cheng!"
Marinette walked back to her car holding the kitten close. She was a lot calmer than Marinette  expected. Though it was probably because she was sleepy. By the time they reached the car the kitten had her eyes closed and was purring away.
As she drove to the vet, Marinette thought about all the questions that still needed answers. Being at Damian's school was a nice distraction but now all the events of the day were clouding her mind.
She needed to find out who Damian's father was. And make sure he would never hurt or take away her son.
Marinette was suddenly struck with an idea.
She had a plan.
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ladysunamireads · 6 minutes ago
Minunpurrstandings by FishPen4
Adrien and Marinette are dating, However, Adrien struggles to hide the fact that he can purr from her, she is just too good at kissing. What is a Chat to do?
Words: 1663, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug
Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug
Additional Tags: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir Purrs, Identity Reveal, Pre-Reveal Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir Acts Like a Cat
Read Here:
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ao3feed-ladynoir · 15 minutes ago
Killer Outtakes/Deleted Scenes
Killer Outtakes/Deleted Scenes by 1RoseByAnyOtherName
Random outtakes/deleted scenes from Killer that I'm posting rn to hopefully make y'all forget that I haven't updated Killer since the 5th.
Words: 579, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Series: Part 3 of The Killer Chronicles
Fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Original Cheng Characters, Marc Anciel, Bridgette Cheng, Simone Cheng, gabriel agreste | hawkmoth
Relationships: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug & OC
Additional Tags: Deleted Scenes
Read Here:
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tizzymcwizzy · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marichat May Day 7 - Secrets
Not me scrolling through tumblr forgetting I had a thing I needed to post
It's not a secret that he loves her,, as he's said it a thousand times, but he always whispers it like its a secret. And that makes her laugh :')
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insadmnia · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
•Read left to right•
I watched this episode while on the road and this happened :’)
I got this idea by @lc_holy (on Instagram) from their comic redrawing an episode and I found it very humorous
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miraculouschuweebug · 27 minutes ago
I’m reading one shots where Adrien finds out Marinette actually made his scarf/beret and not his father/Brazilian fans club by paying attention to the object and realizing Marinette’s signature is there... and I started thinking how sweet it is that he carries around stuff with her name, and then I imagined them older maybe married and him just covered in Marinette’s designs and then I imagined like a drawing of him in his usual shirt but a huge Marinette sign on it (like that “one fear” meme/cartoon but it’s Adrien with a huge Marinette in the middle of his chest)
For reference
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But like with his hair and top white shirt open
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bambicambi · 33 minutes ago
Marinette: *runs into Tony's workshop* OO!
Tony: OO?
Marinette: yes- its- *looks behind her* shit- operation OO!
Tony: not cussing, Kid.
Marinette: *stands behind him, staring at the doorway* I punched Steve again and now he wants to spar.
Tony: what's that got to do with operation OO?
Marinette: I'm scared I'd beat him in the spar and then Bucky would wanna join.
Tony: what's wrong with that?
Marinette: have you seen his arm- I don't want to ruin it.
Tony: won't. Its vibranium.
Marinette: *ducks and crawls under the table* yeah, see, that's what T'Challa said, too.
Tony: when did you meet-
Steve: Tony where's she?
Tony: she's in the vents.
Steve: is she?
Tony: why are you so hyper, get your head in the game, Steve. She's in the vents.
Steve: alright- okay-
Marinette: .............
Tony: he's gone.
Marinette: .....
Tony: he's long gone, Kid.
Marinette: we have the same hearing, me more so, 'was waiting until I couldn't hear his footsteps.
Tony: we need to test that.
Marinette: *scowls* I'm not going to be a lab rat, I told you this already.
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liquid-luck-00 · 50 minutes ago
Sophia Agreste-Kent
Ask and you shall receive @zambie-trashart
Here she is
Yes I know I am post in this on liquid-luck-00 and not on @silverfelix707
Tumblr media
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huge-enthusiast · an hour ago
A concept: chat noir!marinette / kagami
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imaramennoodle · an hour ago
Tumblr media
alya with short hair my beloved 🥰
mmmm gonna start a miraculous taglist lmk if you wanna be on it
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bambicambi · an hour ago
Marinette: *swinging a taser around her finger* hey, Darce?
Darcy: yeah?
Marinette: when did you tase Thor?
Darcy: when we first met.
Marinette: *slowly nods her head* do you think I can get away with taseing a super soldier?
Darcy: maybe not Bucky.
Marinette: *grins viciously* so Steve?
Darcy: I don't see why not, have you met him?
Marinette: nope, which means I can blame it on fright, right?
Darcy: *grinning* as long as Friday doesn't say anything about it. Right, Fri?
Friday: I don't think this is wise.
Marinette: I'm sure he'll be fine.
Friday: that isn't my concern.
Marinette: what's your concern?
Friday: I'm concerned the Captain would feel bad about frightening you.
Marinette: Steve'll live.
Darcy: *looking under some papers* yeah, Stevie'll probably apologize a lot and then go about his business.
Marinette: he'll be fine!
Friday: I suppose.
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ddnsports · an hour ago
Fan Gets Knockout at Padres-Rockies Game, New Video Shows Violent Punch
Tumblr media
6:19 PM PT: There was more to the story than the original video of violent punch by the Padres fan and shows dangerous it was.
As you can see the glasses flown off knocking the fan unconscious.
Fans were locked in for a year thanks to the pandemic but one guy took the violent way at a baseball game and seems better than Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight.
A fan at Coors Field in Colorado got sucker punched by the Padres fan on Thursday and wanted a piece of it.
View this post on Instagram
A post shared by Compa Yorsh (@elyorsh619)
As you can see in the video the Padres fan stood up and threw the loaddown punch and later fans tackled him to the ground.
No other bystanders were involved accept the Rockies fan.
According to Denver Police H/T The Blast’s Mario Perez, they did “get in contact” with the man in the Padres jersey. No word what that means. Anyhow, the police department mentioned the person who was knocked out did not to press charges against the man in the Padres jersey.
At the end of the day everyone walk home happy because the Rockies won over the Padres.
Originally published at 5:18 PM PT.
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bambicambi · an hour ago
Marinette: Mr. Stark I just wanted to come over and ask you-
Tony: *in the middle of stabbing a plastic box with a screwdriver* what?
Marinette: *stares at him* ..what are you doing?
Tony: *waves his arm in her direction* no, what did you want to ask me?
Marinette: *narrows her eyes* no, what are you doing, Mr. Stark?
Tony: *blinks at her*
Marinette: you're stabbing a plastic box.
Tony: puncturing.
Marinette: ...puncturing a plastic box with a screwdriver. Why?
Tony: *takes the screwdriver out of the box* science.
Marinette: Mr. Stark-
Tony: I thought I told you to call me Tony, kid.
Marinette: *wrinkles her nose* never calling you by that name.
Tony: why not?
Marinette: *scowls* reminds me of someone-put the screwdriver down.
Tony: *stabbing the plastic box again* no! I'm doing science.
Marinette: that's not science.
Tony: you don't know science like I do!
Marinette: you're stabbing a plastic box!
Tony: puncturing!
Marinette: whatever!
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ddnsports · an hour ago
ESPN Signs Seven-Year Extension with MLB Until 2028
Tumblr media
ESPN announced on Thursday by signing a seven-year extension with Major League Baseball until 2028.
ESPN added the deal runs through 2028, allows ESPN to show 25 games of Sunday Night Baseball and the MLB Little League Classic. It will also have an Opening Day night game and the Home Run Derby around the All-Star Game. ESPN can show alternative versions of the game, such as alternative versions of each game. All telecasts will be exclusive.
ESPN currently shows one of two wild-card games. In 2022, if MLB extends eight-game series as it did in 2020, ESPN would carry the entire schedule of games. If the wild-card games playoffs don’t expand, ESPN would get eight more MLB games exclusively per year.
The best part of ESPN extending MLB deal is ABC will get games too.
"ESPN's longstanding relationship with Major League Baseball has been a driver of innovation for three decades," James Pitaro, Chairman ESPN and Sports Content, said in a statement. "This agreement solidifies baseball's ubiquitous presence across ESPN platforms, including ESPN+. The impactful collection of exclusive content, including Sunday Night Baseball which has served as the signature MLB series for more than 30 years, will be amplified by the surrounding rights we have to make these live events even bigger."
"ESPN has been one of MLB's longest and most important partners," MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said. "This extension continues the evolution of our relationship with a focus on utilizing ESPN's extensive assets to shine a spotlight on key matchups throughout the year."
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franklong12 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
New York Mets rough up Baltimore Orioles pitcher Matt Harvey in his return to Citi Field New York City -- Matt Harvey strolled on... Read the rest on our site with the url below #BaltimoreOrioles #MattHarvey #MLB #NewYorkMets #News
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yoshii-mlbblog · 2 hours ago
New image of the movie. Alya looks stunning; her hair should be longer though.
Tumblr media
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lastvalyrian · 2 hours ago
It’s true that much of the fun of miraculous ladybug comes from the shipping square but it’s important to recognise that it only really works because Adrien is a dumbass catboy
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b1ackitties · 2 hours ago
i can’t deal with fan fiction referring to chat as “silly kitty” i just get war flash backs from the whole silly goose thing on tik tok
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