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goldenfoxtrotx15 minutes ago
Yoooo I'm dying馃ぃgot this fanfic review in my email and I just-馃ぃI'm loving the Omni-Man memes.
Tumblr media
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erikavixin2006an hour ago
Kagami, *gets rejected while watching Adrienette happen*
Luka *beside her while sipping on his drink* : First time here?
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strangegalaxytraveler2 hours ago
People really out there complaining about the creators ruining Chloe's redemption arc when her redemption arc hasn't technically started. The show just showed some episodes why Chloe is acting the way she does but she didn't actually become better.
A redemption arc doesn't have to be a linear thing it can go to some ups and downs.
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toserenity4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I really don't know why I did it. I think I like this ship. Oh, nooooo鈥
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official-minecraft-bee6 hours ago
stop saying lesbians hate men it is NOT TRUE. cmon i actually like heaps of men like its a fact. i can even name THREE. adrien agreste, cat noir, mister bug
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sugarcubetikki10 hours ago
You know a lot of people claim that LB is the witty one of the team and CN is the one with brawn and better combat skills!
Well, they鈥檙e absolutely wrong!
They鈥檙e just blinded by their love for CN to see how useless he is.
In comparison to LB, he isn鈥檛 even good at physical combat. She鈥檚 way better and she鈥檚 a strategist. His lack of skills is what makes him incompetent.聽
Why is she better?聽
Oh, because she has better reflexes and keeps saving Chat from falling with her yo-yo at all times. Look:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Better combat skills! And it just proves his incompetency!
Not to mention she can totally defeat him in head-to-head combat!
Tumblr media
Look at how useless he is under her grasp. Proof she鈥檚 better at physical combat than him.
Even though that鈥檚 literally an out-of-context scene!
Even if it鈥檚 mere nitpicking and doesn鈥檛 come into account in broader character arcs!
It shows he鈥檚 incompetent, inefficient and useless in front of her. It鈥檚 not like his selflessness is actually a valid hero quality!
It鈥檚 not like personality accounts for being a hero.
It鈥檚 not like Fu looked at whether people鈥檚 personality first.
Skills matter! If you鈥檙e not a powerful, perfect fighter with absolute capability, you鈥檙e nothing! You鈥檙e inefficient and dangerous!
It鈥檚 not like characters with perfect skills are boring, they should have perfect skills!聽
And Marinette鈥檚 a Mary Sue because she鈥檚 an overpowered strategist who can catch her inefficient partner with a yo-yo all the time, and floored him this one time when he was akumatized and caught off-guard by talking about their future hamster. He should鈥檝e been prepared! Lack of physical skills!
It鈥檚 not like she needs him for this. It鈥檚 not like her feelings matter. Objectively, she doesn鈥檛 need him.
It鈥檚 not like working on her own would affect her mental health and affect her physical performance.
And it鈥檚 not like having a efficient Black Cat would change their dynamic entirely, and the chances of finding someone that perfect are 0.00001 percent possible-
After all, he should be better at combat skills and that鈥檚 why he鈥檚 a bad superhero. You all Chat Noir supporters coming at me are just so bothered because you know I鈥檓 right.聽
(I鈥檓 not gonna lie. Someone actually said most of this to me-and I鈥檓 wheezing looking back at this and just had to make this post-)
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kklcxxk11 hours ago
Now imagine this happening in guilttrip
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mari and adrien walking together to find Juleka
Mari then trips and falls on top of adrien (adrien ofc catches mari as he should)
Adrien: its okay mari :]
Then they both get lost into each others eyes, taking in every detail of each. But while doing that they are getting closer and closer almost centimeters away from kissing untill....
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Juleka then comes out bc she heard some noise in the front. then walks towards the spot where both mari and adrien were at, and shes sees them...well yk "about to kiss"
Juleka then thinks of something else and takes out her phone forgetting that she had her flash on , (thats what got m+a attention)
Juleka: 馃槂馃暣馃摳
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cinnamonblueberry2212 hours ago
I'm done with Adrien Salters. I'll give you the reasons why people salt him and explain why some of them are quite stupid, to say the least.
1. Adrien's advice to Marinette about Lila in Chameleon
Fans are saying that he was guilt-tripping Marinette and wanted to look like the good guy with his advice towards Marinette. Even though that's not the case.
If I'm being honest here, what he said wasn't even that bad IF you focus on his pov, which what you're supposed to do when you wanna hold a character accountable.
He told Marinette to just keep letting her lie to a corner because those lies weren't that effective. And don't say it is effective towards everyone because a lie about meeting a manga publisher isn't going to affect Nathaniel's job life in the future. However yes those lies really were effective to Marinette, but you Salters can't expect him to be eavesdropping on what Lila did to Marinette in the bathroom. She threatened her, yes, but does Adrien know that? No! And I assure you, if Adrien ever knew about it, he wouldn't guilt trip Marinette and defend Lila. That's not him.
Oh and I don't know if you guys seem to forget, but he really tried to speak up about it by being really nice at the same time (Cause he was taught to not get into arguments or bad situations).
Tumblr media
"Lila, I'm perfectly fine with being friends with you, and I'll gladly help you catch up on your schoolwork, but please don't lie to me like you did with Ladybug. "
"Ladybugs the liar!"
"I'm not judging you Lila, but instead of making friends, you're going to turn everyone against you! You can tell me if something is bothering you, I can help, but you need to be honest with me. "
"Are you trying to be some kind of superhero by lecturing me like Ladybug did? Well thanks, but no thanks!"
There you have it. That entire conversation. Adrien wanted to help but also wanted Lila to be honest and not make lies, however, that didn't work out. So obviously he thought it'd be best if she lied herself to a corner thinking it wouldn't affect anyone personally but herself. Even though the audience, which is us, knows that Lila has affected Marinette personally. But Adrien doesn't know that! So why salt him for that?
2. Him defending Chloe in Malediktator
I'm pretty sure if you don't know, but Chloe is his childhood friend. He only felt bad because his first friend who wasn't much but really appreciated it left to a whole different location. How would you feel if that happened to you? Plus he didn't even know that she always bullied other people. He started knowing that she always was mean to everyone once he was allowed to go to school. But he didn't condone her behavior in any way possible, in fact, he threatened their friendship if she doesn't start acting like a decent human being. But when he found out that she just won't change, he ignored it. And who wouldn't? Because I would. Just constantly being annoying to everyone and when you try doing something about it but they don't actually listen, who wouldn't ignore them? Also, I don't really think Adrien is that friends with Chloe anymore, if you're still stuck on season 2 while we're at season 4, a time when Adrien knows Chloe literally joined Hawkmoth and he is probably against that.. Then this reason for you salting him is invalid.
3. He sexually harasses Ladybug and is obsessed with her
Now, I actually agree with this statement. I hold him accountable for that. He has tried kissing her countless times, got mad at her for a rose, has a whole gallery of photos of Ladybug, flirts with her, and always does physical touch with her. However, there is a reason why he keeps on doing physical touch when clearly Ladybug is not interested (Even though from the audience's pov, that's not the case). He has experienced this kind of behavior. Lila kissed him on the cheek when he is clearly not interested. Chloe is pushy and keeps kissing Adrien when he's clearly not comfortable with her doing that. All of these are examples of sexual harassment. So it would make sense as to why he perpetuates this kind of behavior towards Ladybug. Am I saying this behavior is okay and should be excused for the reason I brought it up? No. There's always a reason for everything, and this time, it's actually valid why Adrien does this. However, we deserve to see Ladybug somewhat be annoyed or talk to someone about his behavior and she eventually talks to Cat noir about it. And since Cat noir listens to Ladybug all the time, he would listen and understand. He has always been that way when Ladybug was stressed, annoyed, or upset about something.
But if I am okay with this reason as to why you salt them, why did I include this reason? Well, some of these people who acknowledge Adrien's behavior as Cat noir and salt him for that reason are the same exact people who love and stan Marinette. I am not one of those people, but if you are reading this post and you're one of them, just know that you're being dumb. Because Marinette has also done crazy, illegal, and wild things just like Cat noir, but do they acknowledge her behavior? No! But they do for Cat noir? That doesn't make sense. You can't just pick and choose which character you wanna hold accountable for. Hold both of them accountable, it's not a game.
Although if you aren't one of these people, and actually hold both accountable, thanks. I personally don't slander or salt either of them cause I'm not into that, but if you guys do that I don't really mind. Glad to have you here tho.
Overall, some of the reasons why some fans dislike or even hate Adrien are really something else and are probably not watching the show anymore or they are but just decide to ignore Adrien's character in the new episodes.
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ravenstarlight2213 hours ago
>>Secretly Spies on Wattpad<<
Don鈥檛 forget to read the chapters of my other book聽鈥楢LONE鈥 that I post here!
All of them are up on my other blog!!
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stuffnooneneeded14 hours ago
[Chapter 14]
Chapter 15
Of course that single sentence had taken F茅lix to the heaven and brought him back, it had taken him so much confidence to even think the sentence by itself and saying it? Pft, who would want to say it huh? Apparently, F茅lix did and how he did.
"Do you want to be friends?" F茅lix's voice had been abnormally small and soft, almost as if a small baby, he almost wanted to struck his head on a stone at the very moment so much that maybe somehow he would get amnesia anyhow.
Marinette was shell-shocked, did she hear right? The class' biggest tyrant was out here asking to be friends?!
"I've got to go to a ear-specialist," Marinette said to herself, staring at F茅lix in disbelief ad he stared back in embarrassment, oh how the roles changed, "I've been hearing things. I'm sure you definitely did not ask me," she mumbled in complete disbelief, "to be friends." Right. She was out here thinking that it was all a dream, was he always this cold that when he sort of offered to be friends she was like this?
He blew an exasperated sigh, "I," he took a small pause, as he unfolded his hands from their previous crossed pose and placed in front of her as when a scientist did when he was proposing a theory, "most definitely did just that, though I most likely would come to regret it in the near future." He whispered the other half of the sentence mostly to himself and being Marinette, Marinette couldn't listen to what the grey eyed boy would have said, as she merely nodded her head in affirmation that she had infact listened and heard what he said very clearly, very much so.
"So," he glanced at her, "what do you say?" As if she was a literal deer caught in headlights, she merely went ahead and just nodded at that, F茅lix did chuckle at that and somehow took Marinette by a surprise at his low chuckle, huh. So he did know how to laugh normally!
"Well," F茅lix started, a but amused as of now, "let's establish this sort of give and take relationship and cover it up as in the name of friendship." He merely chuckled at her now disbelief-coating face, was he for real?
"I am for real," and at that Marinette was sure that the boy was a telepathic one. Was he some kind of monster or an al-
"I'm not an alien either." Up to now it was fine but now, this was not at all fine. Was he really capable of reading minds?!
"I'm not able to read minds either," F茅lix at this point was having so much fun that he couldn't express it in words, "I'm merely guessing by seeing your expressions. You're a subtle person, are you?" He grinned a Cheshire smile when she sort of pouted at that, "I'm a very subtle person, thank you very much." And maybe it was for the better after all, maybe she did infact had a weakness.
Well, the true question that persists is-
Who doesn't?
F茅lix had always felt as if his desk-mate was a bit too god-like or more specifically, angelic, to be in reality. He had never seen someone with such a beautiful yet kind of really foolish, her aura filled with goodness and kindness had almost every time made her the ultimate target of the bad, and the bad was everywhere.
Her whole personality in utter reality seemed to be ejected right out from a clich茅 romantic novel, ones that most of the girls wanted to be in.
While on the other hand, he was the ultimate villain in almost every story, the one who the author liked to experiment with a bit. He had the personality of a lone wolf yet at the same time he appeared to be the wise owl, the one that has seen it all or atleast looked as such. And maybe he did see the bad a bit too much, his past was full with so much bad that he never wanted to look back and reminisce those dreadful days.
"F茅lix!" A sudden shout beside him made F茅lix jump up in terror and absolute fear, was the past repeating itself?
His hands seemed to shiver a bit as his heart seemed to beat rapidly as if his adrenaline had just pumped in, his senses heightened a bit. As he raised his eyes to look beside him he saw brown eyes, much too similar to the bearer of his nightmares, and maybe the person was a nightmare in itself wrapped arround in the fa莽ade of a ethereal dream but who could see past that?
His memories, dark ones, seemed to flash past his eyes, his mother's screaming, his dog, Opal's, barking and his crying while blood seemed to coat the white of the marble of the grand mansion.
You've got to be kidding me! He was going through this thing again?! How many times had it been till now, why couldn't he just stop seeing this utter trash of memories!
Marinette was fully aware that Lila had her eyes of F茅lix, the minx had his target fully targeted! So when she screamed at the top of head, as if to call F茅lix while he was sitting right in front of her with like 30 more students in a Library, she decided to overlook it. She really did but when she saw no signs of F茅lix replying and more like shaking in terror, she got a but hyped up, anxious for what was now to happen. If this was left now, who knows how Hawkmoth would target him?! She, as the hero and as a normal compassionate human being, was truly scared and concerned for the boy. So much that she didn't register what she did.
The last thing that F茅lix could remember before his brain finally cleared himself of his memories was the scene of a Marinette taking off her coat in the middle of January and immediately throwing it at his head, successfully covering it wholly.
What just happened...?
[Next Chapter]
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ravenstarlight2214 hours ago
Alone-Chapter 14
>>Click here to read聽鈥楢LONE鈥 on Wattpad<<
>>Click here to read聽鈥淎LONE鈥 on Ao3<<
>>Click here to read聽鈥楽ECRETLY SPIES鈥 on Wattpad<<
Marinette felt herself pass through some invisible barrier while colours flashed in front of her tightly closed eyelids. Her body tingled as waves of pure energy crashed onto her with such force that almost knocked Marinette down several times. She seemed to be lost in between the two dimensions for what seemed like hours but in reality, was only a few seconds.
Suddenly, the force that had been keeping her upright disappeared and Marinette tumbled forward. She landed on solid ground, her knees taking up the impact. Marinette sat there, eyes still closed and awaiting the pain of her injuries. She knew that the force of her momentum would bring sheer pain which would probably make her lose consciousness. But when she didn't feel the slightest of pain in her torso, Marinette opened her eyes and looked down at herself.
Her legs were covered with the familiar fabric of her pink leggings while her black jacket was rolled up to her elbows. Her white T-shirt clung to her frame as she fiddled around looking for any signs of injuries.
"Nothing..." She whispered roughly patting the side of her torso. She accidentally hit the side purse that she did not know she was carrying until she heard a muffled cry from the inside.
"Marinette?" Asked a tiny voice poking her head out of the bag.
"Tikki?! You're alright!" Cried Marinette hugging her kwami to her cheek.
"Of course! Why wouldn't I be?" Asked Tikki giggling as Marinette affectionately caressed Tikki with her cheek.聽
"You were sick and Master Fu told me that it'll take you a few days to heal." Explained the bluenette kissing Tikki on her head.聽
"Strange..." Said Tikki, deep in thought.
"Must have been a bad dream or something." Smiled Marinette taking a closer look at her surroundings for the first time.聽
She was crouched behind some benches which looked oddly familiar to the benches she had at school. Strangely, there was a bookshelf with all of the school textbooks behind her. Marinette turned around and stared into the tall glass that stood to the side of the room. Marinette peeked out from her hiding spot but was met with an empty room leading out to an equally empty hallway.
Marinette got up from her place on the floor which she assumed had been her hiding spot. She looked around and true to her suspicions, it was her classroom at Fran莽oise Dupont High School. Marinette had no idea how she had ended up on the floor at the back of her classroom but she decided not to question it further.
She slowly climbed down the steps and walked into the hallway. Marinette concluded that school must have ended for the day which would explain all the empty seats and classrooms. But she was proved wrong when the school bell rang giving way for all the students in the locker room to file into their respective classes. Marinette was pushed around by the children flooding into her class. Two people, in particular, made sure that Marinette would end up on the ground before she even had the chance to move.
And as expected, Marinette did end up on the ground. She looked up to two people snickering down at her before heading inside.
"Lila and聽Chlo茅..." Sighed Marinette getting up and dusting her pants.
She felt someone push past her and was greeted with Alya's retreating figure. A wave of relief washed over Marinette as she remembered the state she had been in, all bound up and unconscious. Marinette was about to go after her best friend when she felt someone push her towards the wall. Marinette groaned as her shoulder hit the wall. She looked up and recognised Nino's T-shirt right away. He seemed to have mistakenly bumped into Marinette but hadn't turned around to see if she were okay. And the guy he was fist-bumping was...
"Adrien?" Marinette asked herself as she made her way into the classroom.
Marinette could never have been happier. Seeing Nino, Alya and Adrien safe and sound had managed to lift the heavy weight of guilt off of her shoulders. Marinette smiled to herself and leaned her hand on the door blocking her path.
Marinette pushed the door open with a bright smile on her face. But her smile faded when she saw Lila sitting next to Adrien on the front seat and Alya and Nino in the second row. Lila was smiling at Marinette while Alya was looking at the sky through the window. Marinette glanced at Nino who was wearing his headphones and seemed to be scrolling through his playlist. Marinette looked towards Adrien whom she knew would understand her. But what she saw in his eyes made Marinette want to sink through the floor.
Adrien was staring right back at Marinette, his eyes burning flames. His lips were twisted in an angry frown as he took in Marinette's presence, scrutinizing her. His eyes radiated surges of anger, hatred and disgust as they wandered back towards Marinette's face. The beautiful green eyes that Marinette had once fallen for were now flaming orbs of hostility. Hostility towards Marinette.聽
"Marinette. Please take your seat." Said Miss Bustier.
Marinette looked at the red-headed woman, hoping to get an answer. Instead, Marinette was met with her teacher's grim expression silently asking Marinette to take her seat without causing further disappointment. Head hung low, Marinette walked to the last row with a heavy heart. She slumped down on the benches and buried her head in her hands.
She wanted to disappear. To dissolve into thin air. To never resurface again. But most importantly, she wanted to be alone. She had never been left alone in her life. She had had her parents, then Miss Bustier, Alya, Adrien, Tikki and Chat Noir. But now, she didn't know who to turn to. Everyone seemed to be against her.
Marinette wanted to hide. And then it clicked. The reason why she had been crouching behind the seat was now presented to Marinette on a silver platter. She had been hiding from something. Or rather, someone...
"Lila..." Marinette sighed into the desk.
Her body, overcome by exhaustion drifted to sleep while her mind remained fully awake. It kept replaying Chat's death in Marinette's head oddly having captured all the details from his dimming green eyes to his bleeding stomach as if it were all a reality. In her sleep, Marinette felt a small pat on her thigh. She slowly lifted her head and peered down at Tikki poking her head out of her purse. Having no reason to stay awake, Marinette returned her head to her crossed arms but ended up with a cheek full of moisture. She glanced down at the table to see that she had been sleeping in a pool of her own tears. Sighing, Marinette took out a napkin to wipe the tears off of the table.
Before she even knew it, it was already lunchtime. Marinette lifted her head from the table to see Alya walking out of the classroom without a glance in her direction. Marinette still had no idea what was going on and she was determined on finding out what was happening. She quickly got up and trailed behind Alya to their usual meeting spot.
"Alya?" Called Marinette.
Marinette was done trying to be patient. She was done waiting for answers. She knew that she wasn't going to get any answers until she forced Alya to spill the truth.
But naturally, Alya completely ignored Marinette and continued walking. Having had enough, Marinette ran past Alya and blocked Alya's path. Marinette walked closer to Alya and placed both hands on Alya's shoulders, slightly jerking the brunette. Marinette stared into Alya's hazel eyes but Alya wouldn't meet the bluenette's gaze.
"Talk to me." Said Marinette.
It wasn't a request. It was an order. Marinette was done being nice. If being nice made everyone abandon her, then she was done being the victim.聽
"What do you want me to say?!" Shouted Alya wriggling out of Marinette's grasp on her.
Marinette knew what was to come next wasn't going to be pretty, but she was willing to risk it all for the truth. And the 'truth' had already been summed up in Marinette's mind in one word.
"What is there to tell? Huh? First, you go around spreading lies about me and then you drag Nino into it. You start with spreading rumours of a breakup that didn't happen and isn't going to happen. You couldn't help but criticise Adrien, could you? I know that you've liked him since... I don't even remember but that doesn't give you the right to point fingers at people, Marinette! And then you dragged Lila into this mess trying to convince everyone that her sprained wrist is nothing but one of her lies. You want to know what I think, Marinette? I think that聽you聽are the liar and Adrien was right. You are nothing but a brat!" Alya spat pushing Marinette out of her way.
Marinette collapsed to the ground in utter disbelief. She had thought that the matter was bad enough when everyone had started ignoring her but everything seemed to be on a whole new level of awkward. Lila really聽had聽stepped up her game and there was nothing Marinette could do about it. It was already too late.
She was alone. Once again.聽
"Lila!" Marinette exclaimed getting onto her feet and rushing out of the courtyard.
Marinette didn't expect to find Lila walking along the hallways but was glad that she did. Before Lila could shout out, Marinette dragged her into the closest washroom and shut the door behind them.
"Spill." Demanded Marinette standing in front of the door, arms crossed and face red with anger.
"Wh-What are you talking about?" Lila asked backing away from Marinette.
"Oh, don't act so innocent in front of me, LIE-la. I know what you did. Spill!" Shouted Marinette banging her fist on the washroom door.
"If you must know, Marinette. I warned you that you will lose your friends and wind up all alone and Adrien will be mine. And that's what has happened. Now, excuse me! I have a date with聽MY聽Adrien."
"We'll see about that, Lila! What you did was wrong! And I'm not going to stand here explaining what's right and what's wrong. I'm going to let the whole school know who you really are under that mask. I've got it all on tape!" Cried Marinette bringing out her phone that was still recording the conversation between them.
Lila gasped and lunged at Marinette. But Marinette easily dodged and ran out of the washroom safely tucking her phone in her front pocket. Lila gave chase and managed to catch up with Marinette. Marinette sprinted ahead but Lila grabbed the bluenette by her ankle and dragged her to the floor.
"Let me go!" Screamed Marinette struggling against Lila's tight hold on Marinette's hands.
Lila had Marinette pinned out on the ground underneath her. Marinette's arms were bound behind her back while Lila's legs were forcefully planted on Marinette's thighs, restricting the bluenette's movements.
Marinette's cry had, fortunately, grabbed the attention of the school's principal, Mr Damocles who had hurried out of his office to see what the commotion was all about. The first thing Mr Damocles had seen was Lila pinning Marinette to the ground while the trapped girl was writhing in pain.
"Let her go this instant, Miss Rossi!" Ordered Mr Damocles standing over the two girls.
"Mr Da-" Began Lila loosening her hold on Marinette.
"In my office! Both of you!" Directed Mr Damocles heading back into his office, hands folded behind his back.
Marinette pushed Lila off of her back and got up, dusting herself and marching towards the principal's office, her body radiating confidence.
Lila growled but followed Marinette into Mr Damocles's office. She hadn't managed to get her hands on Marinette's phone but was planning on coming up with another lie to cover her mistakes. Lila knew that she had learned a lesson from all of this.
Never underestimate Marinette.
Soon, Marinette and Lila found themselves standing in front of the principal while he replayed the recording on Marinette's phone.
"What do you have to say for yourself, Miss Rossi?" Asked Mr Damocles pausing the recording and looking up at Lila.
"What happened did not actually happen, Mr Damocles! Marinette tried to frame me! Sh-"
"Stop lying, Lila! You can't lie through this one. I have all the proof and now, you're gonna regret ever getting in between me and my friends!" Interrupted Marinette giving Lila one last look.
"I did not expect this kind of behaviour from you, Miss Rossi. I have no choice but to expel you for threatening a fellow student and forcing everyone against her. I'll have a meeting with your parents in the afternoon. Till then, you can stay here." Said principal Damocles handing over Marinette's phone after getting a copy of the recording.
"You may leave, Miss Marinette. I'll see to it that everyone knows what has been going on."
"Thank you, Mr Damocles." Thanked Marinette smiling at Lila and heading out of the office.
"What you did back there was great, Marinette! I'm proud of you." Giggled Tikki.
"Thanks, Tikki." Smiled Marinette heading back into her classroom.
Marinette walked into the classroom, a big smile on her face. She walked past Adrien and Alya, not giving them anything more or less than a simple smile. Adrien couldn't help but turn around to see Marinette walk up to her seat, confidently slipping her backpack off of her shoulder and sitting down.
Back at the office, Lila was seated right in front of Mr Damocles and kept receiving glares from the headmaster. She knew she had to come up with an excuse to get out of the man's field of vision.
"Mr Damocles? Can I please use the restroom?" Lila asked with her most innocent voice.
The principal sighed and permitted Lila to leave. Lila maintained her composure until she reached the washroom. Once she made sure no one was in the locker room, Lila locked the door behind her. She slid against the washroom door to the floor.聽
She wanted to cry but she knew she couldn't. She didn't want to see herself in that state. She didn't want to feel weak. She didn't want to seem vulnerable but most importantly, she didn't want to seem vulnerable because of Marinette. So, she let all the emotions build up inside her. She let her anger for Marinette, her loathing for Ladybug, and her desire for sweet revenge bloom. And Marinette felt all of this.
She had been sitting in class waiting for Miss Bustier when she had felt a surge of emotions. She had tumbled forward, her stomach hitting against the hard wood of the table as she had felt the emotions grow. Now, Marinette was almost lying across the table clutching at her stomach and silently whimpering. Marinette reeled as the tremors hit her, wave after wave without the slightest indication of lessening. She didn't know what was happening but knew that she had to stop this. She ran out of the classroom without any hesitation and made her way directly into the principal's office.
"Where is she?!" Asked Marinette barging into the room, surprising the headmaster.
"Who?" Asked Mr Damocles too taken aback to address the fact that Marinette had come in without permission.
"Lila!" Marinette shouted pointing towards the empty seat in front of the principal's desk.
"Oh. She went to the restroom." Sighed Mr Damocles taking in a deep breath to calm himself down.
Marinette groaned and ran to the girls' locker room. She could feel the pain in the pit of her stomach intensify as she came closer to the washroom. Sure enough, the door was locked.
"Lila!" Marinette called pounding on the door.
She didn't care if it were Lila or anyone else going through this emotional breakdown, Marinette knew that she had to stop it. She would soon get Akumatised and despite it being her fault, Marinette wanted to save Lila before she actually got akumatised.
But Marinette received no response from the inside. Yet, Marinette could hear shuffling noises from the inside as if Lila were trying to get up.
"Open this door!" Cried Marinette trying again to convince Lila.
Marinette raised her balled fist to the door, ready to punch a hole through it, in attempts of trying to get Lila out of the washroom. She positioned her fist a few inches away from the door when she decided to give Lila one last chance.
"Please, Lila. Open this door. I just want to talk to you."聽
But her efforts were futile. With every word from Marinette, Lila felt her resentment increase tenfold. Marinette felt the pain of what Lila was going through until everything stilled.
Time seemed to freeze around Marinette. She could no longer feel Lila's emotions nor could she feel her own. Everything, from the birds chirping on the trees outside to Marinette's breathing, had slowed down. Marinette watched the movement of her hand as it rose to deliver one last punch to the door. She felt herself lift off of the ground, the momentum of the punch carrying her with it and at that exact moment, everything returned to normal.
It was already too late when Marinette's mind registered the blow her hand was going to deliver. Her whole body was pushed right at the door and Marinette felt herself momentarily losing balance before landing on the ground with a thud. She leaned against the washroom door rubbing her back when suddenly, she tumbled backwards. Marinette looked up from the washroom floor to see Lila standing above her. Without another word, Marinette got up and stood in front of Marinette.
"Thanks, Marinette. For calming me down." Said Lila smiling at Marinette and leaving the bluenette alone in the washroom.
Marinette had no idea what had just happened but felt like something was off. She knew that Lila would never calm down without throwing a major temper tantrum.聽
"Strange..." Whispered Marinette taking the words right out of Tikki's mouth.
Marinette ignored the weird feeling in her stomach and walked towards Miss Bustier's class. Marinette panicked when she didn't see Lila seated in the front row next to Adrien when she remembered that Lila was supposed to be in Mr Damocles' office.聽
Marinette didn't like how she was feeling. Her whole body was on high alert even though there was no sign of danger nearby or within a five-mile radius. Marinette watched as Adrien picked up his phone and excused himself from Miss Bustier's class. Adrien poked his head into the classroom asking to be excused due to an impromptu photo shoot. Marinette's gut tingled as Adrien picked up his bag and left. Trusting her gut, Marinette decided to call in sick and skip the rest of the school day. It wasn't like anyone was going to follow her home.
She ran out of school and into a nearby alley.
"Marinette? Are you sure about this?" Tikki asked flying out of Marinette's side purse.
"Tikki. Spots on!" Whispered Marinette answering Tikki's question.
The familiar magic enveloping Marinette calmed her down. She felt as if she hadn't transformed in so long although she knew that it had only been a few hours since the last Akuma attack. Now covered in a red and black suit, Marinette took off into the sky as Ladybug, Paris's guardian angel.
Ladybug swung over to the Eiffel tower where she had the perfect view of the whole city. Something had felt off when Adrien had left Miss Bustier's class just because of a photoshoot. Usually, his bodyguard or assistant would speak with Miss Bustier before letting Adrien leave the class. She knew that Adrien was never happy about leaving in the middle of class. Whenever he'd see Nathalie or Gorilla come to pick him from school, Adrien's shoulders would slump and he would sigh. But today had been different. Adrien had got a phone call and he had promptly left the school premises.聽
On the Eiffel tower, Ladybug looked around focusing on all the places where Adrien would have his photoshoots at. But the blonde boy was nowhere to be seen, nor were his photographers. Ladybug sighed and sat down on the Eiffel tower. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, letting the wind ruffle her pigtails. She opened her eyes to take in the beautiful view of Paris when she noticed a light shining in the distance. Ladybug focused on the sharp light, her eyes tearing up as she continued to stare at the light. She could make out a metal stick shining in a background of black. Ladybug realised that the sun was reflecting off of the metal but what she was interested in the most was the little green paw mark on the metal. And Ladybug could only think of one person at that moment.
Chat Noir.
Ladybug took out her yoyo and swung towards the roof she had seen the light. Wanting to catch the black cat off guard, Ladybug swung onto the roof and landed with a thud. She was thrilled to see Chat Noir leaning against the wall. But he didn't seem to flinch in the slightest when he heard Ladybug's arrival. It was almost as if he hadn't heard it at all. And what was stranger was that Chat Noir seemed to be leaning his chest against the wall and not his back like any other normal person. The tall chimney of the roof blocked Ladybug's view as she could only see half of Chat's body.聽
Ladybug walked over to her partner cautiously and took the bend so that she was directly in line with Chat Noir. Ladybug was shocked to see that Chat Noir was not alone. All this time, Chat Noir had been pinning another girl to the wall behind the chimney and was kissing her senseless.
Ladybug gasped which effectively broke their kiss. Chat Noir turned around to see Ladybug staring at him, her mouth agape and eyes wide with shock. She was trying to see past Chat Noir, wanting to see the girl he had been kissing with her own eyes.
"Kitty? What's wrong?" Asked the girl emerging from behind Chat Noir.
"Volpina?!" Ladybug shrieked backing away from the couple that had been kissing a few seconds ago.聽
Without any second thoughts, Ladybug leapt towards Volpina. But Chat interfered and pushed Ladybug away from them.
"Don't you dare touch my girlfriend!" Chat Noir warned, his posture rigid and menacing.
"G-Girlfriend?" Whispered Ladybug looking back and forth between Chat Noir and Volpina.
"Yes. You got a problem with that,聽Ladybug?" Asked Chat, all thoughts of partnership and friendship gone.
Ladybug's heart broke when she heard Chat Noir growl out her name. He didn't call her 'M'lady' or 'Bugaboo' anymore. He called her Ladybug. Just Ladybug.
"What happened to you, Chat?" Ladybug asked getting up and wiping the tears from her eyes.
"You happened. You rejected me over and over again. Do you have any idea how much that hurt? Looking into your eyes and wishing that you'd be mine? Let me tell you, Ladybug. It hurt a lot more than when I got Cataclysmed in the ribs. And all that pain was because of you! But Volpina here. She loves me for me. She accepts me for who I am and that's why I love her." Chat finished, taking Volpina's hand in his.
Ladybug wiped her tears and decided that enough was enough. She stopped listening to her heart. The heart that was going to tell her to reason with Chat Noir. The heart that would soon be her downfall. Instead, Ladybug listened to her head. All of her rational thinking came flooding back and she took in a deep breath.
"But I never gave Lila a Miraculous. How does she have one?" Asked Ladybug seeing the pendant of the Fox gleaming on her neck.
"Well. You don't have to do everything by yourself. I fetched the Fox Miraculous for her because I believe in her." Replied Chat Noir.聽
"And Vol-"
Ladybug began but halted when she realised something. Chat Noir didn't know where Mater Fu lived. There was no way he could have gotten the Miraculous from Master Fu.
And that's when it all became clear. Marinette's sudden appearance in Miss Bustier's classroom, Tikki's mysterious recovery, everyone turning against Marinette, the sudden ability to feel other people's emotions, Lila wearing the Fox Miraculous. Everything just fell into place.
"None of this is true! Volpina, you're not real! None of this is! This is a lie! A... A聽MIRAGE! Of course! Rena Rouge's special power." Exclaimed Ladybug looking up at the sky.
"Can you hear me, Twister?! I know the truth! This is nothing but a fake reality!" Shouted Ladybug cupping her hands around her mouth to amplify her volume.
Suddenly, the world around Ladybug trembled as she felt the power of her Ladybug Miraculous fade away. Marinette stood on the roof as thunder crackled in the sky. Dark storm clouds built up in the sky above Marinette, creating a swirling vortex.
Marinette was sucked up into the tear in the sky and the next thing she knew, she was being hurled backwards into her reality. When she felt the world around her still, Marinette opened her eyes. She was now standing in front of an empty whirlpool with no signs of Rena Rouge. The chains that had her bound were now limply lying inside the vortex that was slowly coming to a stop.
"Well done, Marinette. You passed the first test but can you handle the others? Are you ready?" Asked Twister.
Marinette looked around and was desolated to see that she was back in the tunnel full of skeletons. The blood dripping from the wall heightened Marinette's senses as she could feel the blood drip into her torn jacket from her wounds.
"I'm ready as I'll ever be." Said Marinette staring at the vortex pulsating with green light, holding Carapace captive.
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matchalaatte14 hours ago
Tumblr media
陹 Day 8 - Princess and Knight AU @marichatmay 陹
(( Very last minute because i wasnt planning to do this prompt but this AU wont leave my head so here we are ))
Chat Noir is Mari's personal bodyguard/knight since they were little! Chat Noir always had feelings for Mari but Mari doesnt see him that way. As the years goes by, he realized he had no chance with the Princess since Mari was set to marry another Prince...
As they grew up, Mari developed feelings for Chat but Chat wasn't aware and he stopped showing affection since he respects the engagement Mari had with the Prince. But he had never once stopped loving her and he swore to protect her with his life. *ugh cries*
This is just an experiment AU hehe i also dont know but this is what my head been telling me to do... (鈼徛粹寭`鈼) also im positive that someone has already created something similar... im sorry pls let me know :)
Tumblr media
Tsundere Mari馃槍
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themiraculousladyblog16 hours ago
Chat Noir: My wrist hurts.
Carapace: Why? You were healed by the Miraculous cure after you broke your ankle.
Chat Noir: I had to write "I will not be stupid and sacrifice myself ever again" like, a million times.
Rena Rouge: Who made you do that?
Ladybug: Me.
Rena Rouge:
Ladybug: It needed to be done.
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carolamberstone9222 hours ago
Chatnoir: I heard you liked badboys
Marinette: actually-
Chatnoir: I drank milk from a carton once
Marinette: ....
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malauu-ladynoir22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 10 of my story Where are you Chat Noir? Is online on Ao3. Come and meet Sentibug! You will Love hate her 馃槒
/!\ this story contains sexual content (after chapter 10) and psychological violence.
Here's the summary of the story : As the final battle unfolds to their defeat, Hawkmoth and Mayura use plan b and withdraw in a 'Sentiworld', a parallel reality created with an Amok. What's worse, they drag Chat Noir with them. What's even worse, Ladybug can't say goodbye, or I love you. Guilty and desperate, what will she be ready to sacrifice to get her partner back?
COVER: Rosehealer02
BETAS: @giuliafc @itsagrestebug Etoile-Lead-Sama and @wolfhowls
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