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lenoraishere · 2 hours ago
Lukanette prompt Crossroads and Choice.
Sorry, I'm late. Also, Marinette is pretty ooc.
She glanced at the posters of Adrien on her wall. Her eyes switch over to the picture of Luka and her. Marinette put her hands in her face feeling frustrated. "Are you okay? Marinette." Marinette looked over to see Tikki. "Oh no. Adrien confessed to me and Luka asked me out. I'm just..ugh.." 
She started to remember the events that just happened to her earlier.
Marinette was on her way to school, she arrived earlier. Luka texted her telling her he wanted to talk to her. She smiled when she thought of him.
She didn't know why he was coming to her school though. She looked over to see Luka on his bike. She ran towards him. "Hey, Luka!" 
"Hey Marinette, I wanted to know if—" 
"Oh hey, Marinette and Luka." Marinette looked to see Adrien standing in front of her. "U-uh, Adrien. Is there something that you need?"  Adrien grabbed her hand. "Marinette. I realized. You're more than just a friend to me. Will you please be my girlfriend?" Luka looked at Marinette, feeling the confusion in her heart. "Luka, what were you going to say?" Marinette asked. "Oh, I wanted to know if you like to go out on a date." He blushed. 
Marinette felt her eyes expand. She gaped at her two crushes with a blush on her face. "W-what!" Marinette looked at Adrien feeling extremely confused. "Marinette, I love you." Marinette started to laugh. "That's a funny joke, Adrien." 
"I'm not joking though." Marinette stopped laughing. "I need to go to uh class, it's almost time." Marinette ran inside.
"Why did Adrien confess to me…." Marinette took the posters down and put them in the trash can.
"Aren't you happy Marinette?"
Marinette shook her head. "I feel like it's a sick joke… there's no way he could fall in love with me…" She sighed and decided to head back to school since she took off during lunch hours.
She picked up her purse and Tikki flew inside. She waved goodbye to her mom and dad. Marinette started to leave the door and ran towards the school. She went inside once she arrived. She started walking towards her classroom. She went inside the classroom and sat down.  Adrien walked inside and flashed a smile at Marinette.  He began walking towards her. Marinette glanced out the window. "Marinette, please give me a chance."  Marinette sighed. "Adrien. Are you sure this isn't a sick joke?"
Adrien grabbed her hand. "Of course not." Marinette gazed into his green eyes to see if he was lying. She realized he wasn't but felt this odd feeling in her gut.
 "I guess you can come over to hang out." 
Adrien grinned and headed to his seat.
Marinette couldn't help thinking of Luka.
 She snickered while blushing. After school, Adrien gave Marinette a ride. "Uh...thanks." She got in his limousine feeling uneasy.  They arrived at her house. Adrien got out and opened the door for her as a gentleman does.
 He told his bodyguard bye. Adrien grabbed her hand. They walked into her house. "Hey. I see you brought over Adrien." Sabine said. "Yup.."  Marinette mumbled, feeling the uneasy feeling again.
"You two go upstairs, I'll bring up cookies " 
Marinette headed upstairs with Adrien. She let go of his hand.
 "Adrien. Is there a reason why you suddenly want to be with me? You've always said I'm just a friend. What changed your mind?" Marinette asked, feeling a bit skeptical. Adrien blushed a bit. "Maybe I should tell you. I know that you're Ladybug." Marinette felt her mouth drop. Adrien put his right hand on her cheek. "Marinette. I'm Chat Noir." Marinette closed her mouth and took his hand off her face.
"I told him it was a bad idea. But no he didn't listen." Plagg flew out of his shirt. "What...the hell…" She began to feel angry at Adrien. 
"Looks like pigtails lost it. You broke her. Anyways Tikki. Let's go. I don't want to see this." The two Kwamis left them alone.
Marinette sat on her bed. She started to think about what just happened.  " idiot!" Marinette glared at him with her bluebell eyes with tears forming. "The second you find out I'm Ladybug, you like me? Is Marinette not good enough for you? Am I not...good enough..?" She snatched one of her pillows and whacked him in bitterness. "M'lady..ouch, calm down." He took the pillow away from her and grabbed her arms. "Just relax, please don't cry. I do love you." Marinette began to sob. "Just let go of me. It's obvious that you only love me for being Ladybug… I hate you! Just get out!" Marinette shouted. "M'lady, please. I do love you as Marinette. Just stop crying before you get akumatized."  Adrien let go of her arms.
"You're such a liar! If I wasn't Ladybug you wouldn't love me. Just admit that you only love my alter ego! Not me..the real me. I just want you to leave now!!"
Adrien sighed. "Alright… I'll come back later to see you." 
"Please don't…" Adrien called Plagg and left.
Tikki flew towards Marinette and hugged her cheek. "Thanks...Tikki.." Marinette took her phone out and decided to text Luka.
M: Luka, can I come over?
L: Of course.
M: Thank you. I'll be there.
Marinette put her phone in her pocket and left her room. Her mom gave her a concerned look. "What's wrong Marinette?" Marinette wrapped her arms around her mom. "Adrien confessed to me but he doesn't love me." Sabine hugged her back.
"Oh, sweetie. I'm sure there is a boy out there who loves you for yourself."
Marinette pulled away and looked at her nervously. "Mom, did you hear what happened upstairs?" Sabine nodded. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." Marinette smiled and kissed her cheek. She started to head to Lukas's house. She arrived and saw Luka sitting in his chair playing music. "Luka!" Luka glanced over at Marinette. He smiled and got up off his chair. He walked towards her. Marinette gazed at him with her bluebell eyes, but they were red instead of how they normally are. "Marinette, are you okay?" Marinette wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. Luka jumped a bit since he still had his guitar in his hands. "Uh, Mari. Let me put my guitar down." Marinette blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry." She let him go and Luka grabbed her hand. He leads her down to his room. He put his guitar away. "What's wrong?" Marinette looked down trying to hold back her tears.  Luka hugged her tightly. "Just let it out." Marinette hugged him back and started to cry. Luka rubbed his hand on her back trying to calm her down. Marinette stopped crying and took a deep breath. She slowly exhales. "Luka...You're amazing. I don't know how I got so lucky when I met you." Luka looked away while blushing. "What happened with Adrien?" Marinette sighed. "He doesn't love me for who I am.." 
Luka put his left hand on her cheek. He wiped the tears away. "I want to let you know. I love you just the way you are." He kissed her forehead. "L-Luka. Thank you." Marinette blushed.
Luka took his hands off her. "Do you still want to go out on that date?" He asked. He covered his face. Marinette giggled, "Yes." She took his hand away from his face and kissed his cheek. "How about tomorrow night?" Marinette nodded. "I should probably head back." 
"I'll walk you." Marinette smiled and grabbed his hand. They walked together holding hands. They arrived at her house. "Bye Luka." Marinette kissed his cheek and headed inside.
Marinette headed up into her room and screamed. "Is something wrong Marinette?" Her father yelled. "Oh, it's nothing. I just saw a spider."
"Oh! I can come to kill it." Marinette glared at Chat Noir who was on her bed,  "it's fine, Papa. It's gone." Marinette walked towards him and slapped him. "Ouch!" He held his cheek. "I told you to not come!" "M'lady. Please just give me a chance. I love you so much." Marinette rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips. "Sure. I can't believe I had feelings for you." 
"H-had?" Chat got up off her bed and grabbed Marinette's hands. He got on his knees begging her. "You don't mean that right? You're my Princess. Remember?" Marinette pushed him away.  "I am not your Princess. And I never will be. So stop. It's quite embarrassing how you are on your knees." Chat looked up at her with puppy eyes. "B-but… I love you."  Marinette started to laugh. "Right. And I thought I loved you but it's obvious I know nothing about you. Man, I'm such an idiot." "Marinette. We can get to know each other. Then we'll get married, and have a hamster we'll name." "Adrien! Stop. This is too much. Plus, Luka...I like him." Chat felt some tears fall down his face. "Right… Luka." Chat got up off the floor and was about to leave, but he detransform back into Adrien. "Adrien. Don't be upset. There's Kagami." Adrien smiled softly. "But she's not you."
"Please don't compare us. Kagami is a wonderful girl." Adrien took some cheese out for Plagg and transformed it back into Chat Noir. He walked towards Marinette. "Someday. You'll fall for me again.." He grabbed her hand and kiss it. Marinette snatched her hand away. "Honestly, if you don't leave me alone Adrien. I'll kick your ass." "Whatever you say. Purrincess. I'll see you tomorrow."  He left. Marinette felt very annoyed. She's made her choice, she wants to be with Luka. The next morning, Marinette woke up early. She decided to switch up her outfit. She looked in her closet. She grabbed a black crop top and a black skirt. After getting dressed she decided to put on some fishnets. "A different look, I like it." Tikki smiled, "I do too, it's cute." Marinette decided to let her hair down. She grabbed her purse. Tikki went inside her purse. Marinette quickly ran out the door. She arrived early to school. She saw Alya and Nino. Marinette ran towards them. "Hi, guys."  Alya looked at her outfit. "Wow, you look gorgeous." Marinette blushed. "I hope Luka likes it." Alya smirked, "Luka huh. You guys together?" 
"Of course not!" A voice was heard. Adrien put his arm around Marinette. "Adrien." Marinette scowled.  Adrien just gave her a cheeky grin.
"Are you guys dating?" Nino asked. "Marinette!!!" Alya squealed. "Yes!" "No!" Marinette shouted. "What?" Alya looked at them with a confused look."Listen, Adrien, since you won't leave me alone. You asked for this." Marinette kicked  Adrien and he fell on the floor in pain. Marinette snickered. "What the fuck Marinette?" Nino helped Adrien up. "Why the hell did you do that?" Alya asked, confused.  "because he's pissing me off. He won't stop bothering me." Marinette started to just walk away. "wow…."
Marinette continued with her day ignoring the looks she got from Alya and Nino. She noticed Luka was outside her school once it was over. She smiled and ran towards him. "Luka! I'm so happy to see you."  Luka blushed, "R-really?" Marinette giggled and hugged him. "Of course."
"Um. Marinette?" Marinette let go of Luka and glanced over to see Adrien coming towards them. "Luka. Can I do something?" She gazed into his blue eyes. "I think I understand." Luka noticed Adrien. He smirked at him. He put his hand under her chin. "Thanks, Luka," Marinette whispered while blushing. Luka closed his eyes and pressed his lips against hers. Marinette wrapped her arms around his neck. She closed her eyes and deepened the kiss. "Marinette…" Marinette and Luka pulled away from each other. She turned around to look at Adrien. Luka wrapped his arm around her waist. "Marinette, please. You are going to regret this." Adrien got on his knees and started to beg her to give him a chance. Marinette felt herself laugh at how pathetic he looked. "Marinette, that's not nice to laugh." Ayla came over towards them. "Ayla. He's literally on his knees. Of course, I'm gonna laugh. He looks so pathetic." 
"Marinette. I will buy you anything. I'll even tell my father to make you his assistant." Marinette sighed. "Adrien, the answer is no. I've made my choice. I also feel like you need a therapist, not a girlfriend." Adrien felt his green eyes widened. "Oh...I'm sorry." Adrien got off the ground and ran away. "Maybe, I was too mean." Luka kissed Marinette's cheek. "It's probably the only way to make him understand. Let's go." Marinette nodded and they both left.
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vwritesawholelothm · 2 hours ago
29 or 30
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Luka Couffaine/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug/Kagami Tsurugi Characters: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Kagami Tsurugi, Luka Couffaine Additional Tags: Drawing, Fluff, Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir Makes Puns, Post-Reveal Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug Summary: Kagami just wants to draw the loves of her life. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy.
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lunastar92 · 4 hours ago
Luka Couffaine & Zoe Lee
Credit: @iftheywere.real (Instagram)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ironrebeltriumph · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
consejos de una amiga
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quickspinner · 6 hours ago
Weekly Lukanette Link Roundup
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As always if I missed something that should be included reblog with the link and I’ll reblog it here! If you prefer not to be included in these roundups for any reason please drop me a message, or if you post something that you would like to be sure I include, please drop a link in my asks and I’ll make sure it gets listed (Lukanette endgame only please - see what is the weekly roundup for more details). If you want to be sure I’ve flagged your work for inclusion you can check the quickroundup tag on my blog to see what I’ve got in the queue for this week.
If you find something you like please like/reblog the original post to let the author know you enjoyed their work!
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notasiren21 · 6 hours ago
17 lukanette 👀
Accidental pregnancy!Lukanette yay!
This sneak got away from me🤧
Marinette shuffled nervously on her feet, watching Luka stare off with his hand holding his mouth.
The last time Luka had been in her bed, well-
That desperation in his grip, rough and ragged tone of voice that spoke in reverence to her, the quiet moment after that felt more intimate than the act itself.
“Aren’t you,” she swallowed, watching him visibly tense just a little in surprise to the disruption in silence. “Aren’t you going to say anything? Ask?”
“Say what, Mari? Ask what?” He glanced away from her, “I know you. And I know you were telling the truth when you said it had been awhile. I know you wouldn’t just sleep with anyone when we slept together two months ago... I know it’s mine.
“I know there are times where preventives don’t work like they’re supposed to. I know you can’t always tell right away. I get, Marinette.” He looked up at her, seemingly calmer than when she told him, but still shaken. His face dropped and softened, “Shit, shit- Mari, I’m not upset with you.”
He stood, carefully approaching her and cradling her face as he thumbed at the tears, watching her silently shake and clamp her jaw shut. He bent his tall figure down, trying to reach her short stature and press his forehead to hers.
“Please, stop crying. It’s going to work out, okay? I’m not walking away and leaving you to do this alone.”
“I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.”
He gathered her into his chest, tightly pressing her into him and prayed to whatever powerful entity there was that she didn’t feel the hitched breath that escaped him.
“This isn’t your fault. Don’t think this is something you’re to blame for- fuck, how long have you known?”
“Thought maybe I was for two weeks, thought it was just me making myself see symptoms. I took the test six days ago. I, I should’ve told you sooner.”
“It’s okay, stop blaming yourself, I understand.” It grew quiet, Marinette hiccuping every so often. Luka gave it a second, “You and I, we’ve always been a good team... I don’t regret that night and I’m not labeling this as a mistake. We did what we could as precaution, and it still happened. This happens, Marinette. We’re both young twenty some year olds. We have good jobs and pay. We both care for each other.”
The shifting of them to see her held reluctance, wanting to keep her closer and take a minute to come up for air.
‘But it’s her. She’s the one carrying the kid. She’s the one who has had to live with the knowledge by herself for two weeks.’ There wasn’t room for him to panic right now, maybe later, maybe when she let him.
“We’ll be okay, we’re in this together. Just like always.”
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fairyqueenmab28 · 6 hours ago
Lukadrien June: Day 14
Tags: @lukadrien-june
Pirate Luka and Mermaid Adrien au
Adrien slowly regained consciousness, dazed and confused as to what had happened. He slowly opened his eyes, seeing he was still floating in seawater, his green tail glistening in the sunlight.
Did he remember…. a boat? Yes, a boat and a net. He’d got caught by the net from the boat and couldn’t swim away, and got knocked out! Now, where was he?
He tried to move his tail around but couldn’t, as it hit something. He tried to swim but hit his head on a clear surface. He frantically moved around, realising he was in some sort of clear box just big enough for him.
He poked his head out, taking in his surroundings. The box was big enough for him to move around, stretching out his sore tail. The box was sitting in a wood-panelled room, with circular windows on the left of him and a painted white door in front of him.
Adrien jumped, hearing footsteps coming in the direction of the room. He quickly swam to a corner of his tank, furthest from the door, as it swung open.
A tall, blue-haired man walked in wearing a worn black shirt, torn blue-grey trousers and black boots with touches of gold. There was a sword strapped to his belt and a red scarf tied in his hair.
“Oh, you’re awake!”
“Not much of a talker huh? I’d guess not, you probably can’t understand me.”
Adrien moved to the edge of the box, curious to see the human in front of him so kind, so gentle. He was taught humans were bad, that they'd kill merfolk on sight, but this one seemed sweet.
“Sorry about the tank, we’re going to help your tail get better before we let you go back out to sea,” the human said, glancing down at Adrien’s tail, only now noticing the white cloth wrapped around the bottom of it.
“You got caught in our fishing nets and got your tail snagged in it. We usually put fish in this until we use them, but cleared it out so you could go in there.”
“Hey Luka, come up here for a minute!”
“Oh, I have to go, see you!”. And with that he turned and left the room, heading towards the voice. Adrien smiled, wanting to talk more to the human that saved him.
“Thank you, Luka.”
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spibbyz · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pirate!Luka for the MHT's Golden Age of Piracy Issue on Amino!
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nomolosk · 7 hours ago
I finally finished the next chapter! Had the hardest time figuring out Juleka and Luka's introductions...
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symphonic-scream · 8 hours ago
Wait so marinette is no longer in the square? Because only kagami, adrien, and luka were mentioned?
Hm? Did I forget to mention her somewhere??
OH THIS IS- KWDBKS okay I know what this is about that's my bad she's there i just had myself skipping sentences again thinking I already wrote em-
Their little couch cuddle position has Luka sitting between the two cushions, directly in the middle of the couch. Adrien and Mari sit on either side, their backs on the arm rests. Then Kagami comes in, curled up across all three of her partners. Which partner she leans back against is random, but she's always the first to fall asleep
So yes, I'm sorry, Marinette was there the whole time, I just didn't read back to ensure I wrote all my sentences, sorry
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notasiren21 · 8 hours ago
10 Lukanette
You get akumatized!Mari you adorable being💜
“No.” He let the broken armrest of her chair go, watching blood soak into the wood and pour off, onto his hands and suit. “No, no no no no,” he cut off into a wheeze, a sob escaping him and screamed aloud.
News helicopters laying witness to Viperion cradling the akumatized bakers’ daughter’s limp body in his arms, a stake through the heart where Hawkmoth finally managed to prove he was sadistic enough and plague the most vital organ with his moths.
“You’re supposed to be fixed. You’re supposed to come back and be okay. You’re-,” he lurched forwards, crying and shaking. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. You weren’t supposed to die. You weren’t supposed to stay like this. You’re going to wake up. You’re going to be better. You’re going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. You’re going to be okay.”
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takaraphoenix · 8 hours ago
Luka, to Marinette: Thank you for the pictures of Adrien.
Me: Sure, sure. A completely normal, heterosexual thing to say.
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mikauzoran · 8 hours ago
Lukadrien: Your Hands Hold Home: Chapter Fourteen
Read it on AO3: Your Hands Hold Home: Chapter Fourteen: Pirates
Xavier-Yves Roth was actually a pretty decent guy once you got past the fact that his father had trained him wrong on purpose to be a self-absorbed, self-centered jerk.
Thankfully, Luka had done all of the hard work for the rest of humanity and had been teaching XY for several years how to be a better person. The result was that Xavier-Yves was now pretty tolerable. He was still occasionally annoying and not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he tried to be a good person, and, most of the time, he succeeded.
As XY hung around the Liberty and Adrien was exposed to him more and more, Adrien was surprised to find that XY was funny. Adrien honestly enjoyed going back and forth with him, trading jokes.
In an alternate timeline, Adrien even thought that they could be friends. Unfortunately, in the current universe, Xavier-Yves definitely had a massive thing for Luka, and Adrien’s own embarrassing crush on his housemate was only growing by the day.
Adrien had learned from anime that this “love rivals” status made a friendship between himself and XY impossible at this stage. Perhaps they could team up to thwart a third party’s attempts to steal Luka’s interest or maybe gradually grow closer if Luka rejected both of them, but, at this phase, they could only pretend to play nice in front of the object of their rivalry and secretly trade jabs behind Luka’s back.
“Hey,” XY whined as Adrien stole the last strawberry off of the communal plate on the makeshift coffee table. “That was mine.”
“I didn’t see your name on it.” Adrien smirked, reclining back into the couch cushions triumphantly.
“You’re mean,” Xavier-Yves sulked, crossing his arms and sticking out his bottom lip. “Six-Strings, control your pet.”
“Children,” Luka sighed, half in jest, half seriously, from the kitchen where he was cutting up more fruit. “Behave.”
Adrien stuck out his tongue. “I’m a pirate now. I take what I want.”
XY rolled his eyes, muttering, “Yeah, yeah. Rub it in that you get to live with him. You’re still just a G flat.”
Adrien blinked uncomprehendingly. “What? What do you mean a G flat?”
Xavier-Yves snickered softly, “If he’s a C, you’re a G flat—a diminished fifth.”
Adrien jerked back away from his rival, recoiling at the sting of his words and what they implied.
It was more than the words themselves. It was the fact that Luka and XY were close enough that Luka had told him what Adrien had said about Luka being middle C. It was that XY knew Luka’s Perfect Fifth nickname for Adrien.
It felt like a violation of something Adrien had thought was sacred.
“Now who’s the mean one?” Adrien hissed defensively.
XY shrugged. “All’s fair in love and war, especially when you eat the last strawberry. I love strawberries.”
“What are you two mumbling about?” Luka called to them, started to get worried at the comparative quiet.
“Strawberries,” Adrien responded, putting on a brave face. “We’re out, and XY wants some more.”
“Give me just a sec,” Luka replied, going to the fridge to grab another handful.
He washed them and placed them on the plate with the rest of the snacks.
“Here.” He set the platter down on the coffee table before taking a seat between Adrien and Xavier-Yves. “Don’t squabble. You two make me never want to have children.”
Adrien and XY collectively winced.
“Sorry,” Adrien murmured.
“Yeah. Sorry. G Flat was just being a mega jerk. Totally un-dope,” XY sniffed indignantly.
Luka rolled his eyes. “And you can’t ever let anything go, can you?”
“He was harshing the vibes,” XY argued indignantly.
“Prune, you’re twenty-two. He’s eighteen. Try to be the adult sometime, yeah?” Luka wearily scolded.
Adrien bristled, grumbling, “I’m not a little kid.”
“I didn’t say you were.” Luka playfully mussed Adrien’s hair in an attempt to smooth his ruffled feathers.
The placating gesture worked until Luka turned and started rubbing XY’s neck.
“Be good you two,” Luka commanded, a hint of pleading in his voice.
Moodily, Adrien snuggled up to Luka, resting his head on Luka’s chest.
Xavier-Yves retaliated by wrapping an arm around Luka’s shoulders and cuddling up.
Giving up on trying to understand the strange feud his companions had going on, Luka suggested, “Let’s watch the movie now, okay?”
“Sure,” XY easily agreed, starting to wiggle in excitement.
“Sure,” Adrien echoed unenthusiastically.
XY had been the one to recommend the film. He was into cars and wanted to show Luka what quality movies they made in the US (though, Adrien had no idea why).
Luka had acquiesced to watching one film from the series in order to humor his friend, and Adrien ended up crashing the watch party because like hell was he going to let Luka and Xavier-Yves get all lovey-dovey on the couch, watching the movie alone.
“This film is super ballin’. It’s my favourite out of all of them,” XY explained excitedly.
“Who taught you to speak French?” Adrien snorted, still feeling vindictive over the G Flat comment. “The Académie Française would have a heart attack if they could hear you.”
XY winced as if a bucket of cold water had just been thrown on his flame of enthusiasm.
“Pst,” Luka whispered, giving Adrien’s shoulder a gentle squeeze. “He’s not a native speaker, Angel.”
Adrien’s jaw dropped, and he sat up so fast he almost gave himself whiplash.
“Oh my gosh. I am so sorry.” He immediately attempted damage control. “I had no idea. Your French is really amazing. I never would have known. I apologize. That was really rude of me. Please know I was just joking, and I’m very sorry.”
Luka gave XY’s arm an encouraging squeeze.
Xavier-Yves shrugged, not looking at Adrien as he rubbed at the back of his neck. “Eh. It’s okay. I mean, people have been giving me crap about it my whole life, so I’m kind of used to it. I’m not good at languages, and even though my mom was French, I only had to speak English in America, so I never learned French until after the divorce when me and my dad moved here when I was ten.”
“Still, just because you’re used to it, that doesn’t make it any less wrong,” Adrien insisted. “It doesn’t make it hurt any less, so I’m really sorry for picking at a sore spot like that.”
Slowly, XY turned his head to study Adrien’s expression.
Xavier-Yves found sincerity there, and his smile gradually returned.
“Okay. Apology accepted.” He stuck out his hand for a shake.
Adrien readily complied, counting himself lucky for not having driven an even larger wedge between them.
Luka smiled, pleased at the development between his two friends.
It was then that Adrien vowed to be nicer to Xavier-Yves. He really wasn’t a bad person. In fact, Adrien begrudgingly liked him most of the time.
The only thing keeping them from being friends was their mutual feelings for Luka, and Adrien was beginning to see that a rivalry between Luka’s friends was not winning either Adrien or XY any points.
Adrien wasn’t a little kid. He could step up and be the mature one in this for Luka’s sake.
“So…shall we watch the movie?” Adrien suggested. “I hear it’s ‘super dope’.”
“So dope,” XY began to gush, giving Adrien the lowdown on the different cars used in the film.
Luka’s smile widened as Adrien and XY finally began to get along.
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notasiren21 · 8 hours ago
Phantom au! ( @cheesecakeandlovesquares and I did this entire text string on ideas for this and idk who will write it first so it’ll remain a WIP for a bit)
“You’re not a monster,” she spoke softly, watching his fingers twitched atop the piano. “Phantom-,”
“Luka, it’s Luka to you.” He gave a humorless chuckle, “I never said I saw myself as a monster.”
She stepped closer, a hand splayed upon the masked cheek, “No, but your heart sang it aloud, didn’t it?”
For a brief moment, his ocean eyes flashed a vulnerable stare, then it was gone all too quickly.
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onlyganymede · 8 hours ago
Wedding Band
Wow! First time doing an LBSC sprint challenge... 
I picked the prompt “Tan lines”, and I literally just finished editing and sprinting (I did all three rounds in one go) right now. 
Also on ao3. @lovebugs-and-snakecharmers
Marinette brushed her fringe out of the way. She was sweating, trying to pry open boxes and lift things and just be helpful. Mylène and Ivan had just moved into a new house, and while several people had agreed to help them move in, it turns out that most of them had meant that they were willing to throw a housewarming party. As for the actual moving in part—Marinette appeared to be the only one, outside of Mylène’s stoic cousin and two of Ivan’s coworkers from his fancy new job. She didn’t envy his city planning, or civil engineering, or whatever it was that he was doing. But she supposed a friendly work environment was something she was a little jealous of.
She worked to heave another large box inside from Mylène’s car (it had a lot of trunk space), and satisfied herself that she hadn’t been left with all of the easy stuff. She may be small, but she could pack quite a punch. She could lift stuff. Size was no indicator of Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s strength.
“Marinette! I’d like that over in here!” Ivan called from the next room over.
“Sure thing,” she said, walking carefully until she saw him and he relieved her arms of the box’s burden.
He set down the box and sighed, looking about. Ivan looked happy. She was glad. Moving out of the Paris city proper was nothing to scoff at. A quieter life had always seemed to suit the pair.
“How about some water? Or other refreshment? I’ve got beer, popsicles…” Ivan led her to the kitchen, where indeed the fridge was sparsely stocked with only  beverage and frozen treats.
“I’ll have a popsicle.”
Ivan handed her one, red, sure to be strawberry or cherry or something that wouldn’t be fruity so much as color, and she unwrapped it. He ducked out to go offer to everyone else, since they were working out how to get the washer and dryer through the doorway, and he thought they deserved a break too.
Marinette had just achieved a brain freeze when both Mylène and Ivan squealed in delight.
“Jules! Luka! So good of you to come!” Marinette heard Mylène say.
“Oomph!” That was Luka, probably receiving a bone-crushing hug from the hostess.
Juleka ducked into the kitchen with Ivan and Mylène’s stoic cousin, her eyebrows briefly flickering up in surprise to see Marinette there, sucking languidly on a popsicle.
“Hi Marinette. Long time no see,” she greeted.
Marinette nodded, swallowing. “Nice to see you too! How’s, y’know, life?” She gestured vaguely.
Ivan handed Juleka a beer, and cracked one open for himself as the stoic cousin filled a cup with tap water from the sink.
“Oh it’s been great. Rose and I, we’re in Germany now, but we’re planning on moving to Amsterdam next spring.” Juleka gave her a sideways glance. “Did you know she’s planning on proposing to me?”
Marinette shook her head no. “She’s seemed the type to do it, but I haven’t really been great at keeping in touch.”
Juleka smiled, taking a swig of her beer. “Little does she know I’ve also been plotting something.”
Luka walked in, Mylène in tow. “What’re you plotting, Jules?” His eyes locked on Marinette’s, and his expression seemed to flicker. “Hey, Marinette, how are you?”
That was decidedly less energetic than his conversation with Mylène had been, more uncertain, something like calm, but she’d take it.
Juleka pointedly ignored Luka to sidle up to Mylène instead.
“Oh, good. You know, designing career is picking up, and all of that. You?”
Marinette was distantly aware of the way the popsicle was melting down her fingers, and was grateful when Mylène suddenly opened the back porch door, and some of the party filtered out. She followed, Luka at her side.
His hair was wet, and his clothes were damp. But he didn’t smell of sweat like her. Nor of river water, as she might expect from his life on the houseboat. It was chlorine.
“I’ve been catching shifts as a lifeguard,” he explained. “Sorry about the pool smell.”
“It’s alright,” Marinette said. Another wave of brain freeze hit, and she with drew the popsicle, which had her fingers and lips a sticky red mess. This was terrible. She was a disaster, unable to even eat properly.
Luka got handed a beer, and then another, as Ivan made his rounds. One for him, one for her. This break was determined to be longer than ten minutes. Marinette didn’t mind. The day was warm and the company was good.
She was fine, seeing Luka now. Until she glanced at his hand, the one holding her beer for when she was done with her messy popsicle, and saw his ring finger. Somewhere in Luka’s work as a lifeguard, he had probably gotten his tan, that was to be expected. But here… there were tan lines around where a wedding band should be. Where one apparently did sit, if Luka wasn’t in the pool or about to help lift heavy objects.
So much for reconnecting. Marinette had always hoped that one day, she’d see him again, and that one day, she’d be able to work up the nerve to flirt, to take chances.
“You good?” He asked, aware that her mind had gone elsewhere.
“Oh! Yeah, I’m fine. You know how it is! Brain freezes!” Marinette defended.
Luka’s eyes only sparkled with mirth. “Right, right.”
“Um, if you don’t mind my asking,” Marinette bit down on the popsicle this time, and quickly licked up the trails of red juice before continuing, “who…?” She indicated the tan lines. The spot where his wedding band should’ve been.
“Who…?” Luka’s brow was furrowed, not processing. She knew he wasn’t teasing, Luka never would. Marinette was about to clarify, to tell him that she didn’t know he was married, when—
“Oh. Oh!” Luka exclaimed, coming to the realization about what she was asking. “I’m not actually married,” his cheeks grew warm, “it’s just that sometimes when I’ve been on tour, the attention just gets to be a bit much, and so I bought myself a cheap ring to wear. People can’t tell it isn’t legit, and I guess it just became a part of me.” He looked at his finger, holding onto her beer and his, inspecting the tanned skin on either side of the band of white.
“Ah.” Marinette didn’t know what to say, other than she had jumped to a conclusion, again.
“Hey Ivan!” One of Ivan’s coworkers called. “We got the machines in, and we need to know where the laundry plumbing is so we can help you hook them up.”
Ivan walked back in the house, and Mylène took that as a cue to guide Juleka back in too. The stoic cousin had already vanished back inside either to help move the machines or for more tap water.
Just Luka and Marinette, outside and alone.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you think—” Luka started, as Marinette said:
“I just wondered because I—”
They both looked at each other, sheepish, and started to laugh.
Marinette’s popsicle was practically slush at this point, and Luka guided her back inside so he could set down the beers and turn on the kitchen sink for her to wash her hands. Her face burned as she watched him pluck the popsicle stick from her fingers, eat the rest off, and throw it away, all with a grin aimed in her direction.
“You first,” Luka said.
Marinette dried her hands, and then folded the towel back up nicely. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I haven’t seen you in a while, and so, well, I’m really glad you aren’t married.”
Luka clearly hadn’t been expecting that, but maybe he had been hoping, just like her.
“I am glad too. I’m sorry you thought that, even for a moment. I never expected you to wait for me or anything, but I’m glad to be available when you are.”
Marinette smiled at him. “Me too. Maybe you want to grab a bite with me when we’re done here and catch me up on your studio work?”
“I’d love to,” Luka smiled back, opening her beer and then his. He touched his bottle to hers in cheers.
“And maybe if things go well that tan line won’t have to go away?” Marinette asked in one breath, rushed words blending together.
Luka almost choked on his drink, grinning again. “I didn’t know you had been pining that badly!”
“Luka! Don’t tease!” But Marinette, too, was grinning like a fool.
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sk8-palm-trees · 9 hours ago
oh shit i saw an edited image of Luka and now i'm attracted to edited!Luka
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notasiren21 · 9 hours ago
7 lukanette
Some Mass effect/fallout 4 inspiration au!!
Juleka leaned against the crate, watching as his silence seemed to weigh heavily on him the more he mindlessly tinkered with his rifle. His facial bloodline markings reflected off the black metallic, reminding her of her own that glowed just as brightly and she felt herself soften.
They were twins. Family. She needed to be there for him regardless of what was going through his head.
Luka was quiet, always quiet. But this was more serious.
The perfect specimen of the serptexes, but the genetic rarity when it came to his emotions. He was intense, and he had control despite how strong they could be.
But even now he was struggling to maintain control.
“Luka, it’s just us. What’s going on?”
“’s her.”
Juleka sat up straighter, letting a comforting familial hum wash over her subvocals to help ease his tension. “Her? Rose? Myléne?”
“No, Marinette.”
“The commander? What about her?” He tilted his head over his shoulder, unable to meet her eyes. His rifle softly clattered to the workbench as he hung his head, hangs fisting on the table top. Juleka felt her heart plummet in dread. “No, Luka tell me you’re not-,”
“I’m not gonna act on it.” His voice was tense but the resignation was obvious, a sign of truth. “I’m not going to press my feelings on her. She’s been through enough already before waking up in the middle of this war.”
“She’s human, Luka.”
“And serptexes were the ones who created the pre-evolved species of humans- you were there when we discovered the artifacts on earth of our people, weren’t you?” He sighed heavily, “I get it, the tension from the old war. And I’m not going to press her for anything.”
“’ve suffered too, Luka.” Juleka hopped off, walking closer to him and resting a hand on his shoulder, “I’m not judging you for falling for her, I’m just worried the criticism will make it harder for you.”
“That’s the past. It can stay forgotten.” He picked up his rifle again as an alarm blared, signally their arrival to another mission bound planet. “So can this conversion.”
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Like A Damn Sociopath Chapter 3
Sorry about the delay, this chapter would have been out sooner but my computer refreshed and I lost literally all my drafts for all my fanfics. I cried for almost an hour. Though it’s kind of my fault, I did forget to save them.
Marinette was not ready.
She stood backstage with Chloé, Kagami, and Luka, waiting for her cue to go on stage.
And she was not ready.
And she was sweaty
And nervous
And panicking.
And holy shit she was going to walk out there and trip and land on her face and cry and fall and her career would be ruined and over before it ever started and she would never be able to sing on a stage ever again--
“Mari-bug.” Marinette turned to Chloé, who reached out to grasp her shoulders. She then proceeded to shake the nerves right out of her--literally. It was something the two had done since the beginning of their friendship, they would shake the other as hard as they could and claim it was to get out all the nerves. It always worked.
This time was no different.
Marinette could feel her tense shoulders relax, a smile beginning to form on her face.
“Better?” Marinette nodded. “Good. Because if you cry you’ll ruin your makeup and I’ll have to start all over.
Marinette grinned at her friend. It was almost surreal. Her and Chloé Bourgeois were friends--best friends.
“If you need me to beat you once more in a quick fencing match, I will be happy to do so.” Kagami offered from her spot next to Luka. The two sat on a few extra amplifiers, holding hands. That was another unexpected result of the four becoming friends--Kagami and Luka had begun to date.
“Thanks, ‘Gami.” Marinette smiled softly and continued to fiddle with her red dress.
She wore a short blood red cocktail dress with a slit in the side, showing on her fair legs. Her lips were done in an even darker shade of red, drawing attention to her face, her eyes were line with black winged eyeliner and mascara. Her eyes looked huge. On Marinette’s feet were tall black heels with ribbons that wrapped up her legs, stopping just below the knee. And Marinette’s hair was down, falling in navy waves. Chloé insisted on losing the pigtails, and Marinette couldn’t help but agree.
“Would you stop that! You look fantastic, Mari. Very hot.” Chloé punctuated her words with a quick wink.
“She’s right you knw, and if I wasn’t gay as fuck I’d probably be on the floor drooling.” Luka grinned playfully at his friend.
“Well I’m also gay as fuck, Lu. And I most definitely two seconds away from collapsing at the total hotness that is Marinette Dupain-Cheng.” Chloé fake swooned, causing Marinette to giggle at her friend’s antics.
Marinette loved them so much, and having them here tonight while she sang on stage for the first time, meant the world to her.
“Hey, little Rocker! You ready for the most rock ‘n roll concert ever?” Jagged was practically vibrating with excitement.
And if Marinette was being honest, so was she.
“Yeah I am but I just--they’re gonna announce me as Mari right? Not Marinette?” Despite her earlier worries, this was really her biggest concern.
She didn’t want her class to know it was her right away. Even if they saw her face the lighting should hopefully be dim enough that they didn’t immediately make the connection.
Marinette didn’t want them to attack her for not telling them about the concert. Even if it wasn’t their business to know.
“Of course, kiddo! And by tomorrow, Mari the rock ‘n roll queen will be famous across the seven seas!”
Marinette giggled, her spirits lifting.
“Alright kid, time to go.” Jagged patted her on the back and pushed her lightly on stage.
Marinette shot one last glance at her friends. Luka gave her a thumbs up, Chloé  a smile and a wink, Kagami gave her a swift and sure nod.
Marinette took a deep breath and sauntered on stage. Chloé and Kagami had been helping her learn to walk like a model. Hopefully Marinette didn’t look like an idiot.
The lights were dimmed completely for a moment as Marinette took her place right in the center of the stage.
“Now, for the first time ever! Introducing Jagged Stone’s most talented protegee! Mariiiiiiii!” The announcer called, his voice coming from everywhere.
The lights brightened, a spotlight on Marinette.
The music began.
And she began to sing.
Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily
You found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks
Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world?
All the times Chat Noir didn’t take no for an answer. All the times her attempted to kiss her or stopped in the middle of an Akuma attack to flirt. And then all the times he left to go be with Kagami when she rejected him. All the attempts to make her jealous before Kagami realized what was going on and broke up with him.
And good for you, I guess that you've been workin' on yourself
I guess that therapist I found for you, she really helped
Now you can be a better man for your brand new girl 
So what if she was a little bit bitter? Marinette had every right to be a little annoyed that Chat Noir left so abruptly to be with Kagami. He had flirted with her constantly only to move on the second someone new came along.
Marinette didn’t blame Kagami for anything, but she could still blame Chat Noir.
Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy, not me
If you ever cared to ask
Good for you, you're doin' great out there without me, baby
God, I wish that I could do that
I've lost my mind, I've spent the night
Cryin' on the floor of my bathroom
But you're so unaffected, I really don't get it
But I guess good for you
She hated how Adrien was so happy letting Lila get away with anything while she had suffered. How he bent to the liar’s every whim just to avoid conflict.
And Marinette had wanted to move on.
And she did.
Well, good for you, I guess you're gettin' everything you want
You bought a new car and your career's really takin' off
It's like we never even happened
Baby, what the fuck is up with that?
Marinette had new friends. She had Chloé, and Luka, and Kagami,
And she was happy.
And good for you, it's like you never even met me
Remember when you swore to God I was the only
Person who ever got you?
Well, screw that and screw you
You will never have to hurt the way you know that I do
Marinette could feel all her anger fading away as she sang. She belted out each word with every emotion she had ever felt because of Adrien Agreste.
All of it disappeared with every word she sang.
Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy, not me
If you ever cared to ask
Good for you, you're doin' great out there without me, baby
God, I wish that I could do that
I've lost my mind, I've spent the night
Cryin' on the floor of my bathroom
But you're so unaffected, I really don't get it
But I guess good for you
The music sped up for a moment, growing louder before it changed again for a moment, quieting but not slowing.
Maybe I'm too emotional
But your apathy's like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
Maybe I'm too emotional
Your apathy is like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
Marinette lost herself in the music and pure, undiluted joy that came with it.
Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy, not me
If you ever cared to ask
Good for you, you're doin' great out there without me, baby
Marinette took a deep breath, this was her favorite part of the song.
Like a damn sociopath
She belted out the song the same way she did every time she practiced. Marinette could almost imagine herself dancing around her room singing this song.
I've lost my mind, I've spent the night
Cryin' on the floor of my bathroom
But you're so unaffected, I really don't get it
But I guess good for you
She stopped to breathe before the ending lyrics.
Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily
Marinette paused, looking out at the crowd for the first time all night.
The whole stadium seemed to take a breath.
And then the mass began the cheer.
And scream.
And holler.
All for her.
“Adrien! I’m so glad we get to sit together to watch the concert! Jagged really wanted me to come tonight, he had backstage passes for me! But, of course, I couldn’t go when I wanted to hang out with you guys so much! Even if Jagged wanted to perform the song he wrote for me, it’s totally worth missing it to spend time with you guys! He absolutely refused to perform it without me in the audience but now I can enjoy the show with my besties!” Lila babbled on and on to a rapt Alya, who was eating up every lie like it was cake.
Adrien was pretty excited for the concert, even with Lila clinging to him like a leech. Nathalie had even had to clear his whole Saturday because Adrien was too excited to sit still.
The class had all gathered together, with the exception of Marinette and Chloé, in Madam Bustier’s room--the teacher had allowed them access so as to avoid any conflict. The class had set up a projector in the front of the room so they could watch the livestream of Jagged Stone’s concert.
Adrien was sad that Marinette and Chloé were going to miss such an awesome concert, but it was their fault, they refused to stop antagonizing Lila! Didn’t they understand the girl would have been akumatized! Not that it really mattered now, Hawkmoth--Adrien’s own father--had been defeated by the stupid new Miraculous Team.
“Guys!” Rose squeaked. “It’s starting!”
“Now, for the first time ever! Introducing Jagged Stone’s most talented protegee! Mariiiiiiii!” The announcer called out.
The lights on the stage brightened enough that Adrien could see none other than Marinette Dupain-Cheng standing there. Marinette opened her mouth and began to sing. Her voice was mesmerizing.
“Oh! I know Mari! I’m actually the one who introduced her to Jagged! I--I wonder why she didn’t tell me she was performing tonight...”
Alya turned back from her seat next to Nino to console the shaking girl. Lila’s bottom lip quivered and tears pricked at the corners of her eyes.
Adrien barely heard the lyrics to the song Marinette was singing. It sounded...well he didn’t really know how it sounded. He was far too captivated by Marinette.
She looked stunning.
With her wavy black hair and her oh so kissable lips Marinette looked like an angel dropped from the heavens.
Adrien began to wonder why he had been chasing after Ladybug after all this time when he could have someone as beautiful as Marinette.
It was then that Adrien decided he had to have Marinette as his own.
And he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
Marinette was elated.
Her heart was beating a mile a minute and her hands were slightly shaking.
But instead of just turning around and walking away, Marinette faced the crowd head on.
“Hey everybody! How’s it going?” The crowd cheered and hollered right back at her. “I just wanted to say thank you for listening to my music!” Marinette began to slowly pace back and forth on the stage.
“I’ll admit, at first I was reluctant to come up here tonight! I was scared and insecure. But My Uncle Jagged convinced me that I needed to share my music! And honestly, I’ve never been happier!”
She stopped for a moment to soak in the cheering of the crowd. And her smile was blinding.
“But that’s enough talking! I came up here to sing, so that’s what I’m here to do!”
Marinette sauntered back to the center of the stage as the intro to her next song began.
To most people, this song would seem full of sadness and longing. To Marinette and those who knew who would be able to see the bitter sarcasm twisting along with the lyrics.
We broke up a month ago
Your friends aren't mine, you know, I know
That was true. They weren’t her friends. Not anymore. Not since they left her for Lila and her empty promises of interviews and internships.
You've moved on, found someone new
One more girl who brings out the better in you
This part was a lie. Lila brought out some aspects of her ex friends that certainly weren’t the better in them. She had turned them cruel, mean. Nothing but bullies.
And I thought my heart was attached
For all the sunlight of our past
But she's so sweet, she's so pretty
Does she mean you forgot about me?
Marinette couldn’t help the dry smile that crossed her face at the lyrics. Lila wasn’t sweet or pretty. She was wicked and awful.
And Lila hadn’t made Marinette’s classmates forget about her. Quite the opposite actually.
Oh, I hope you're happy, but not like how you were with me
I'm selfish, I know, I can't let you go
So find someone great but don't find no one better
I hope you're happy, but don't be happier
Marinette meant this part with her whole heart. She really did want her old friends to be happy. But she also knew they wouldn’t end up that way if they kept following Lila. Lila’s fool’s gold meant nothing to Marinette’s shimmering diamonds.
And do you tell her she's the most beautiful girl you've ever seen?
An eternal love bullshit you know you'll never mean
Remember when I believed you meant it when you said it first to me?
And now I'm pickin' her apart
Like cuttin' her down make you miss my wretched heart
But she's beautiful, she looks kind, she probably gives you butterflies
Marinette knew Adrien didn’t love Lila the way he had once loved her as Ladybug. Even if that love turned to a hateful obsession. Some dark, twisted part of her wanted to laugh at the fact that Adrien could pretend all he wanted but he would never love a liar like Lila.
I hope you're happy, but not like how you were with me
I'm selfish, I know, I can't let you go
So find someone great but don't find no one better
I hope you're happy, I wish you all the best, really
Say you love her, baby, just not like you loved me
And think of me fondly when your hands are on her
I hope you're happy, but don't be happier
Marinette began to vocalize for the next minute or so. She let her strong voice fill the stadium as she turned to look out over the crowd. To her surprise, many people had their phone’s flashlights on and were swaying them back and forth the way she herself was moving.
I hope you're happy, just not like how you were with me
I'm selfish, I know, can't let you go
So find someone great, don't find no one better
I hope you're happy, but don't be happier
Marinette let a small smile catch on her lips. Yeah, she was done with her class.
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15 lukanette
You’ve discovered the Tattoo/Flowershop au!
“Hey, lover boy,” Luka jumped in his spot, hands clutching an orchid vase a bit tighter. He turned to see Rose leaning on a broomstick, a teasing glint in her eyes. “Isn’t that cherry blossom so beautiful?”
Luka turned on his heels, putting the new shipment of orchid displays out for purchase. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Rose bounded up to him, standing on tiptoes to grab his attention. “No? Guess I must be the only one to see the cute tattoo apprentice across the road.”
“She’s not an apprentice-,”
“Ha!” Luka snapped his mouth shut, aware of his mistake. “I knew you liked her!”
His shoulders slumped in defeat, walking away from her stealing one more glance out the large window.
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More Crack Fic Ideas; (saw a fic w/ a HC that Gina is a retired model who now travels the world, it sprung thoughts) apologies it's long and I don't know how to do a read more on mobile
Alright so this has the secretly rich, possibly poly crack ship. Moderate to low sodium potential though not a Lila fan so won't be like hugely pro her also in the ship tbh.
Its Families day at Francois DuPont! Gabriel got concerning looks from French authorities so is there in person, Amelie came to visit with Felix to drag him out of the house (and try and steal the second ring) He's unhappy. Audrey now has two children to judge so figured if Gabriel was actually going to be there, she'd go too, plus she can catch up with Amelie, because of course they know each other. Films, fashion, clearly long standing history w/ Gabe on either side. Kagami is invited to bring Tomoe because of the fencing academy. Lila's mother unfortunately can't make it (never found out) so she's just gonna hang with this crowd of rich kids and try and schmooze. (Amelie and Felix are like, whomst are you to try this with us??!)
Maris parents are busy with the bakery but that's okay because her Nonna was in town to teach her how to ride a Vespa she may be getting for her birthday. She'll gladly swing by but first she's gotta pick up her Nainai who came to visit from the airport so it'll be a little bit (came not only to see her family but also to see what's going on in Paris btw) She Brought Fei along to visit Paris too. Mari is busying herself making sure everything runs smoothly. Nonna Gina and Nainai Lin (fully can be renamed) and Fei appear. Mari greets enthusiastically
Cut back to corner crowd of disdainful rich people and poor tortured children. Mari is loud, they notice her (they were already keeping half an eye on her, prodigy their kids/ nephew never shuts up about okay) Notice that the family that came are noted former model and now travel photographer who can have a conversation with your team and immediately figure out the vision for set locations Gina Dupain and Lin Cheng who was from the notable Wen fighting family who can destroy a person 20 different ways or twenty men in under 5 minutes still, who took on a bodyguard role for the visionary head son of the Cheng family who helped expand their restaurant business into a global company that does everything involved in food supply chains for farm to table wherever you can cook it, and married him. Jaws don't quite drop but eyebrows raise. Children are informed in hushed and surprised whispers of who exactly they are and who that makes Marinette. Adrien exclaims he's so happy for his very good friend. Audrey, Amelie, Nathalie and Tomoe somehow all share a look. Tomoes doesn't quite have the undertones of "He's such a blend of his parents like my god". Gabriel notices the look and reads it as battle lines are drawn, this is a chess match I must now win. Lila is moderately unhappy because she alienated one of the richest most connected ppl at this school, damn goody two shoes. They have all not been keeping an eye on the family gathered.
The brief 2 minutes for lines to be drawn in stand and positions explained are enough for Maris Grammas to be like, So the cute boy, he's there yes, we'll go talk to him, I vaguely know those people we can have a cordial conversation while digging. They are a force of nature. The four approach the group of rich embattled people with surprising silence and a certain degree of steeling themselves to not make a fool (mainly Mari) The conversation goes well, Little stumbles but they're written off as cute, lots of mental gymnastics and hidden conversations that basically sum up to "Mari is a precious gem and if your child hurts her you die and so does your company, they must prove they are able to court her. Fei is also precious but will more likely kill you herself so slightly less worries" Fei is refreshing and sees through tricks (possible also polyship here to help with max courtship drama without worrying about like accidental incest in a poly ship) The conversation nears it's end, people are fairly confident they know the stances of the others in this group, they can play this game for sure.
BUT WAIT! A wild Jagged Stone appears because it's family day and he's here with Luka and Juleka! He and Penny come over to talk to his honorary nice and this group of well connected people. Penny reads the conversation in the air and in the eyes of everyone in the group. She smirks in a way that concerns Gabriel, Nathalie and Amelie. Audrey is not worried, she is fabulous. Tomoe is not worried because Kagami is unmatched and clearly Marinette has a family history of loving women who can hand you your ass. Luka with his quiet insightful nature and overly exuberant pushy parent has thrown out their plans.
And thus sparks a grand courtship! Marinette has no idea what's going on. Adrien has some idea what's going on but not until the alliance of Chloe and Felix explain. Alliances are made! And broken! Information is gathered! Bunnyx makes a large bucket of popcorn! Love akumas just keep happening! Fei makes a large bucket of popcorn! Lin and Gina have a scoreboard! Rowland is surprisingly okay with it because young people don't do courtship properly these days and these children have clearly been raised right, look at the carefully worded flower messages! (They really haven't but he doesn't know and he's trying to be involved) Simu Cheng swings by to visit for a bit! He agrees with Rowland about Courtship rituals! They argue a lot about cooking! They also share ancient family methods of their specific cooking! ( Think less gay Statler and Waldorf that are semi bonding through cooking and judging) Bunnyx makes the Kwamis a large bucket of popcorn! Marinette is confused! Nathalie needs alcohol! Tom is just confusedly supportive and glad his father's arguing with someone else! Sabine is worried about the scheming! The Gorilla is supportive! Members of the class form teams to help support various members! Kagami and Adrien's alliance gains her some additional Friends! Rose is overly excited about all the live shenanigans! Nino is using this as inspiration for a movie script! Who knows how this ends! I sure as hell don't because I ran out of concept
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