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#chloe bourgeois
Tumblr media
“I dislike when people get mad about Ladybug praising Alya about breaking free from Hakwmoth’s control when Chloe “did it first”, because 1). Ladybug doesn’t know that! And 2). The situations are totally different! Alya broke free while she was akumatized and Chloe prevented herself from getting akumatized. It might be a bit similar, but it’s not completely. Why can’t we just praise both these badass girls for basically telling Hawkmoth to F-off lol?”
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petrichorrparasol · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
A peacock and a bee?? 👀👀
Felix: Quill 🦚 Chloe: Queen Bee 🐝
(I swear I’m becoming Feloe/Chlolix trash 🥲)
Listen up, how about an AU where Felix has the peacock and Chloe stole the bee miraculous back from Zoe. Felix and Chloe get to know each other (or rather their true selves) while meeting as these neutral super heroines.
(I would rather have Quill and QB working as neutrals than with Ladybug and Lilac (which is Lila as Hawkmoth)
Plus I want antiheroes in Miraculous. Because they are cool and have really cool song playlists. They could grow closer this way, and they learn to hate each other less. It would be really cool :D
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symphonic-scream · 4 hours ago
Have any zoo for us, zoo man?
It's not uncommon for someone to walk into the shop and see Alix perched up on the counter, teasing Chloe while she works
Rose takes extra care to patch Juleka up when Jeff gets her, being all gentle and giving each a little "healing kiss"
They do have horses in the petting zoo, and Max worked there before he started doing the research lessons so this one horse, Kaalki, still adores him
Just like there's sun hats and ball caps there's a uniform stetson that no one wears but Max used to, he used to play up the part of the cowboy when working with the horses
If Juleka loses a dare she'd have to go all Country for a week, fake accent and playing Shania Twain and stetson and all and Rose would feel conflicted on whether it's funny or attractive
There's definitely one Halloween where Adrien is a cat boy. No one knows whether he's just leaning into the joke or not
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melloian · 7 hours ago
Character Bio 7
Lila Rossi 
Real name:  Mazoku Chinen
Tumblr media
Age: 15
Gender: F
Race: half middle eastern Asian half Italian 
Relatives: Elettra (mother), Kimiaki (father),  Aya (sister), unnamed great great grandfather Species: Human (formerly), Hybrid (currently)(mixed between human and nogsitune)
Occupation: Student (Françoise Dupont Lycée), Supervillain, Daroness
Love interest: Adrien
Friends: Gabriel, Adrien, the workers at Daroness, yongina
Enemies: Miraculous heroes, Marinette (arch enemy), Felix (arch enemy), Chloe(arch enemy), Mime (because of betrayal of gabriel), the guardians
Personality: Deceptive, confident, aggressive, cruel,  apathy, Arrogant, Irritable, envious, rude
Bio: Lila is a teenage girl who intends at Françoise Dupont Lycée. She almost never pay attention or care for anyone at the school. She usually start stuff and spread rumors. She pretty much lie all the time. Outside of school, she works with Gabriel/Hawkmoth in the meantime. She also known villain name Arachne
Many people think she weird and strange due to her wordings and never taking off her hat in any situations.
As villain: Her goal is to find a way for her father to be saved. She also needs the Fox miraculous for the step of curing herself. Her plan is to drain and gain her father’s powers so she can trap everyone in a forever illusionary terror. She’ll use anyone just to achieve her goal.
She sometimes works at Daroness (faraway villain tower) if necessary. 
Common Era, 520
Tumblr media
Lila was born in small village. Witch doctor viewed Lila, and saw a Corruption in the child. The witch doctor mentions she akuma not like akumazation) and needed to be cured. However, the father didn’t like the child because the child didn’t have his powers.  Her father cursed her into becoming a fox like hybrid for the rest of her life. Her mother disliked this and argued with her husband.
year 539
Tumblr media
When lila became a teen, Lila was trying to find her parents with her younger sister. Until when she found them, she saw both of her parents arguing with each other. Right before her eyes, a beam of light strike both of them, freezing them into crystals. She was shocked what happened. Afterwards she saw a note on the ground and a strange small wand. The note said “both of your parents became crystals due to your curse. Your job is to use this wand next to you for to time travel to present times. The cure is somewhere in these eras. But once you gather the cure, you must get a the Fox miraculous afterwards. You can only cure one of your parents, good luck.” When she read the note, she took the note in a different way. She sees this as a chance to get her father powers. She soon used the wand she started to time travel.
She went to each era from Greek, Roman, Egypt, and others and got some of the cure. 
However, when she entered present time, she was having a hard time, especially that now its more heroes then ever. 
Tumblr media
She can summon purple spirits for lighting or contacting to the dead. 
She can shape shift into a fox
She can possess some one, however she can’t do this all the time or everyday or she’ll drain herself and become unconscious.
She can do purple linkage which can link to someone feelings, thoughts and etc. This is so that she can learn how to manipulate them and sense what they feelings.
She have the ability to time travel to different time periods/era since she have a wand.
She can hide her tail with magic, but she can’t do the same with her ears.
She can hear from far away and smell certain smells that humans can’t smell.
As Arachne
Tumblr media
Altered personality: its a dark kwami form so no alternations. 
low durability 
Feet and legs stick to things
Night vision
Silky - creates a cobweb of any size
Silk string - produce a stick string as a rope or grapple hook (spiderman inspired lol). It can also be used a rope to climb on.
Cobtrap - make a ball of spider webs and trap a person
Bodarno - turn the legs into 6 spider legs and become more faster
Venom - spits poison 
Creepy Crawler - transforms to a beast spider
Main ability
Trickster - creates a illusion or object that tricks the person. (similar to fox miraculous)
Weapon: yo-yo
As Volpina (akumatized form)
Tumblr media
Altered personality: determined, (the rest stands the same)
cause of akumanzation: Everyone started looking at Ladybug instead of her listening to her
Akumantized object: necklace
Goal: want revenge on ladybug
Have the exact powers as fox miraculous wielder
As Body Snatcher (volunteered akumantized form)
Tumblr media
Altered personality: its the same
cause of akumanzation: she forced the butterfly to come to her earrings
Akumantized object: earrings
Goal: want to get revenge on Chloe and Marinette 
She can transmit her body in some one by being near them and staring at them.
(basically chameleon but little different) 
Relationships(main ones) 
Lila & Marinette 
Tumblr media
Lila sees Marinette an enemy every since she met her. She pretty much sees her as a puppet she can play. She spreads rumors and start things with her. She gets angry when Marinette do something back to her.
As Ladybug
She doesn’t like ladybug because of her pointless popularity. When she Arachne she sees her as her arch enemy. She try to ruin her reputation as possible as well.
Lila & Adrien
Tumblr media
Lila started to have a crush on Adrien on the mid-school years. She stalks him and become obsessive over him. She thinks she own him and he’s a perfect match for herself. She also becomes very aggressive when she sees another girl with him and tries to hurt them in every possible way.
As Chat noir
She thinks he’s annoying other then that she really doesn’t dislike him.
Lila & Chloe
Tumblr media
Lila started to hate Chloe when she stopped her from ruining Marinette reputation. She wanted to ruin her life completely and make sure her family toss her to the streets and neglect her completely.
As Queen bee
She thinks she’ll never be like Ladybug or any other heroes.
Lila & Felix
Tumblr media
When Lila heard about Felix being Adrien’s brother, she attacked him. She feel like he will be in the way if he is Adrien’s brother.
Lila & Gabriel
Tumblr media
She met Gabriel in the park. She became allies with him when she heard more about him. She usually do his missions and task no matter how dangerous and ridiculous it is. She also helps with akumanzating people for him. She also become aggressive towards anyone if anyone betrays him. However, she doesn’t care about Gabriel. She pretty much using him for her goals instead.
Lila & Chiffon 
Tumblr media
Lila don’t like Chiffon. She pretty annoyed by her and just difficult to convince her to transform to Arachne. Lila pretty much don’t understand why she even made like this. 
Full body:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alternative outfit (old times):
Tumblr media
Fox form:
Tumblr media
Hat off and Hair down:
(i didn’t make a mistake on the wording, the blue symbols on her face is naturally there)
Tumblr media
Other Information:
She’s unaware that her sister is also time travelling and saving her mother instead
She changed her name and skin tone (by potion) because she heard about they made a folktale about her. She also lied about she was fully Italian.
At first when she was using the wand, she ended up teleporting everywhere until she eventually got the hand of it.
She had to settle down in the present time because she thinks it was too hard for her.
She thinks miraculous heroes are just fake witches/wizards. 
She thinks its strange how present era time moves way to fast.
Everytime she sees Ms mendeleiev, it reminds her of some one she knows
There’s no data in the government about her information.
She hates history lessons
I change her from Italian to half so it can fit the storyline i made. Same with her father. 
Anyways they should bring back Lila as antagonist then making chloe worse.
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dawritingdragon · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I like to say that I can draw girls, yes
I'm trying my best okay-
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terribleartist · 10 hours ago
Something I just thought of. What if Gabriel tells the school that during school projects, the only person Adrien can be pair with is Alya. The first time they get paired, it’s chill. But for the fourth time in the row, Alya is getting.. Curious. She goes up to ask if she could switch partners to see what would happen. The teacher says no and all partners are final, but when someone else ask the teacher agrees. This leaves Alya and Marinette confused. Adrien so too oblivious to really care. Alya and Adrien plan to meet up to work on the project at school while waiting for Gorilla to show up. When Gorilla gets there, Natalie steps out. She tells Adrien that him and Alya were aloud to come over and work on the project. Adrien is excited to have a friend over, but Alya just grows suspicious. The two arrive at the Agreste Mansion. They hang out and get work done, though the whole time Alya was texting Mari about it and how odd it was she was allowed over, but Nino, Adrien’s best friend, wasn’t. Mari is curious but doesn’t think to much of it and tells Alya to keep updating her. Alya excused herself to the bathroom. She’s talking to Trixx until she gets a phone call. She checks her phone and it’s Marinette. Marinette says there’s an akuma, Luckily it was getting late so Alya could use the, “My mom needs me home.” Excuse. Alya goes to Adrien and uses the excuse. He agrees that she should be getting home so he walks with her to the front door and the exchange their goodbyes... But then Gabriel comes out of his room. There’s a long awkward pause..... Gabriel greets himself to Alya and tells her. “Adrien is lucky to have friends like you. You should come over tomorrow for dinner.” This tips Alya and Adrien off. Adrien, excited he won’t eat dinner alone, but has a very odd feeling. Alya, her reporter gut tells her this guy is no good, at this point she’s honestly freaked out. She politely says she’ll think about it. She leaves and one a good way away she transforms and meets up with Ladybug. She’s telling Ladybug about what happened, Ladybug is skeptical because Gabriel was akumatized, and she knows that Alya likes to jump to conclusions, so she brushes it off but the thought rings in the back of her head. Cue akuma fight. The next day, Alya gets to school and Adrien comes up to her and ask if she’d be coming to dinner. She tells him that she hasn’t quite made up her mind, Adrien is disappointed but understands. Alya talks to Marinette. Marinette says. “If you really think you have a lead with Gabriel, I say go for it.” So later Alya tells Adrien she’ll come. The two arrive at the house, do a bit of the project until it’s dinner time. Trixx decides they want to explore so they do. Plagg notices a orange flash speed around so he follows. He runs into Trixx and is shocked like. “WAIT- ALYA IS-“ Trixx interrupts him and nods. “which mean if your here Adrien is cat noir!” Plagg shakes it off and shows Trixx around. Until... They find a layer full of butterflies.. Then the episode ends.
I see this being part one of the season finale. I think it would be a nice way to end the rein of the old Hawk Moth for the Future Hawk Moth to step up.. And the finale episode ending with an unknown person picking up the butterfly miraculous..
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nihilistic-janitor · 12 hours ago
more miraculous thoughts! this time for a fic i may or may not write lmao
basically, marinette is a trans girl who doesnt realize shes a trans girl yet. she gets the miraculous and transforming makes her look like a cis gal and she doesnt question this at all for several weeks because shes deep in the closet to herself. cat noir still has a huge crush on ladybug but now ladybug is like even more No Fucking Way because she absolutely does not want cat noir to find out shes 'actually a guy' (gotta love that dysphoria yo).
meanwhile in civvie life chloe has had a very longstanding crush on marinettes still-masc civilian self because chloe is gay as sin and doesnt realize it and marinette is the only 'boy' shes ever been attracted to so naturally marinette must be her soulmate and shes constantly trying to get 'his' attention and marinette is like 'aaa no plz im literal human garbage go awayyyy' and then adrien joins the class and hes heard so much about marinette from his bestie chloe and marinette as our resident pan disaster has a totally-platonic-and-not-a-crush desire to be adrien's friend but adrien is constantly trying to set marinette up with chloe cause he thinks theyd be a really cute couple...
the point is, we already have identity shenaniganery, why not add gender shenaniganery, right?
the whole superhero alter egos thing is also kind of, in the way i have this planned, a kind of... allegory? for the kind of online/offline identity split you start to develop as a young trans person trying to figure out who you are, and thus im also gonna tweak hawkmoth a bunch to fit more with that. kind of making hawkmoth a stand in for social media encouraging people to constantly be online and taking advantage of relative anonymity and being at each others throats to increase 'engagement' and thus make more money and get more power. he also funds the ladyblog because thats exactly the kind of thing he wants-- the more eyes on everything the better.
anyway thats basically the whole premise. idk what the plot or endgame would look like exactly, just that itd involve marinette finally coming out to herself and also in general, chloe, adrien, and marinette becoming an ot3, and... yeah!
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a-chlolix-blog · 14 hours ago
Adrien/Chat Noir in the Bee Sisters au
Adrien's the first person to notice that Chloé's trying to be better (he so proud of her!).
Even he's kept in the dark about Zoé.
She even stops being mean to Chat Noir (which he's really happy about).
Two hang out more as actual friends with Sabrina.
The three even study together when Adrien has the time.
Adrien finds out about Chloé's crush on Alix... which leads th Chloé finding out about his crush on Ladybug.
Chloé, blushing really hard: SHUT UP AND DON'T TELL A SOUL!!!
Adrien: A short girl with pretty blue eyes that can kick your butt... I totally see the appeal.
Chloé: ... You totally have a crush on Ladybug! That's so cute!!
Adrien: *covers his blushing face with his hands* Please don't tell anyone...
Chloé: Your secret's safe with me!
The two start talking about their short crushes when they're hanging out alone after that (Adrien's careful not to reveal to much tho).
During Despair Bear, Adrien remembers that it's Chloé's birthday and he gives her the idea to throw a party & to invite the class (Butler Jean's akumatized for a whole different reason).
Chloé lets Marinette dance with Adrien saying "Ladybug isn't an attainable lover for Adrien! Besides... Dupain-Cheng deserves a win. After what I put her through for years..."
She does (not so secretly) watch Alix Max and Kim play video games.
It's the akuma Despair Bear that reveals to the whole class that it was Chloé's birthday that day, which shocked almost all of them.
When the akuma is defeated, the class makes their macaroons for Chloé.
While she tasted them all fairly, she liked some more than other's.
Alix's macaroons surprised her. They had lime green & black food coloring on them, but they tasted great.
Chloé: These are really good!
Alix: I call them "Snake Bite Chocolate Macaroons" glad you like'em.
Adrien just watched them from afar, being happy for Chloé as he ate one of Marinette's Macaroons.
While Ms. Bustier was akumatized, Adrien (as Chat Noir) had to keep Chloé from having a breakdown.
She thinks her favorite teacher got akumatized because of her, but that wasn't the case.
Chat Noir watches as the teaches assured Chloé she wasn't at fault while hugging her.
When Zoé shows up, Adrien's surprised that Chloé didn't tell him she had a sister, but actually happy to meet the other blonde (Zoé's a year older than Chloé by one year in this au).
Chat Noir's okay with Vesperia. Saying "She wants to protect Chloé? Good enough for me!"
When Zoé's gets hit by Malediktator, Ladybug entrusts Chat Noir to find another Bee Holder.
Chat Noir: Chloé Bourgeois, I'm giving you the power that could save your family. Will you help us?
Chloé: Of Course I will!
After the battle is won, Queen goes with Chat Noir to return the Miraculous (who then returns it to Ladybug, who returns it to Fu).
At the party Marinette threw for all the heroes of Paris, people were asked which of the Bee Heroes they liked more.
Alya: I gotta say Vesperia.
Nino: Yeah, she's pretty cool.
Marinette: I like her too... but Queen Bee really came through today.
Adrien: I think Queen Bee is great. It was her first akuma fight, but she fought like a pro!
After a while, Chloé confesses to Adrien that Zoé had been coaching her on being a better person while in New York and begs him not to tell anyone.
Her secret is safe with him.
Adrien does he best to support Chloé and help with anything she needs.
He even gives her and Zoé fencing lessons.
Adrien even see Zoé as his own older sister.
Inspired by: @princess-of-the-corner @justanotherpersonsuniverse @symphonic-scream @dcschart
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terribleartist · 14 hours ago
Miraculous Fandom Logic:
Alya: *Makes a mistake but learns from it and actually cares about the consequences*
Chloe: *Makes a mistake doesn’t learn anything from it and doesn’t gives two shits on the consequences. Not to mention racist*
The Fandom: “Oh. Her mom was never there :(. She deserves her miraculous” *And is excused of every hate crime she’s done*
That’s fucking bullshit. Yes, I hate that Thomas screwed Chloe but it happened. She doesn’t give two shits of the conquenses her mistakes cause. Alya literally fell to her knees when she found out she put Marinette’s identity in jeopardy. You could tell by her face that she was prepare for Mari to say she could never be Rena again. You guys realize that Alya is putting a lot of effort into being Marinette’s co-guardian! She has a lot of exceptions for herself to help Marinette. She nearly put Marinette in danger and she was clearly devastated that she did. Alya said that her and Marinette would share the responsibility of being guardian and she meant it. If Mr.Pigeon 72 and Optigami doesn’t prove that in your mind then your out of your mind. And though we don’t know much about SentiBubbler I assume because of being Mari’s co-guardian puts a dent in their relationship. We know they don’t break up since it’s confirmed, but that don’t mean that they don’t run into problems. Alya is sacrificing her own relationships to help Marinette. If you still say Alya is EvIL or UsInG Marinette, then obviously you don’t pay attention to the show, plus it’s confirmed that Alya is not evil. And she’s not replacing Chat. It’s been confirmed she not.
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immaturityofthomasastruc · 16 hours ago
tbh, zoe reminds me of that one character in fairly odd parents. i disliked that character and i definitely hate zoe as well. they're just both so bland, boring. we already have perfect pretty boy adrien here, do we need a mary sue too? like, what's the point of zoe except establish chloe as a more evil villain than the literal terrorist and shitty dad hawkmoth? does astruc have a new lady crush to impress with his great writing skills? im already seeing kids defending zoe, saying she's a flawed character when she's really really not. also, not to shade on zoe even more but she looks so boring. she looks like a background character rather than a secondary (?) character or even a bee hero. also, her hero costume is just so bleh. for a character from new york and living in paris, she sure has some uninspired design. sorry this turned into a rant, i just saw posts defending zoe and adrien like they're the second coming of jesus. also, screw astruc, im still gonna continue loving chloe and her character. no amount of hate comments can stop me from liking her character. damn him treating girl characters as one dimensional ones, it's like he hasn't seen a damned teenager in his life.
Ironically, that name of that character from The Fairly OddParents was Chloe. I’m not making this up.
But yeah. it’s obvious that Zoe was conceived as a replacement for Chloe first and a character second.
“Alright, we got a character design for Zoe’s super awesome hero suit and... what do you mean we need to give her an actual personality?“
But don’t worry, you aren’t alone in feeling this way.
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ct-multifandom · 21 hours ago
Miraculous Kakegurui AU
I came up with this randomly and I’m surprised at how well it fits. This is a “casting” AU that follows the plot of Kakegurui, so beware of spoilers. The events mirror the anime very closely, but the characters are more true to MLB. I won’t explain the games for time’s sake, but they’re all the same. I have to say, I’m a sucker for “everyone’s just a tad crazy, evil, and badass” AUs. This isn’t a fic so much as a summary of what happens. Look forward to every major character getting their moment of spotlight in future episodes!
<a href="
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plumsaffron · a day ago
Teenagers can absolutely go to jail or juvi? They're not immune to the law. In a realistic world Chloe would have faced legal consequences for what she did when almost killing all those people on the train and then willingly aiding a terrorist. Not sure how people keep getting this idea that you can do whatever you want without facing charges or other negative consequences as long as you're under 18. I don't care if Chloe or Lila are troubled kids they're a public danger and need to face consequences for their actions as well as kept away from the general public.
Tumblr media
Is this a realistic world I was talking about? No. If you were listening I said that it would backfire one or many ways
if they go to jail since Hawkmoth exists in their area and they aren’t anywhere else. Not only that, it would be like Scarlet Moth Mania.
But I will respond like this then
Yeah what she did was messed up but remember what led that even happening and who allowed it to get to that point and how she got the power up in the first place and she’s a kid who just got a power up for the first time when she wasn’t suppose to and wanted to play hero. You really think she thought that she could have killed them if her plan is to save them and thought she had enough power too? If you’re talking about Style Queen or Queen Wasp for aiding a terrorist, no it wasn’t like that. You could say it’s also Marinette or Adrien’s fault because they didn‘t want to break their rule and immediately stop her.
If you are refering to Love Eater or Miracle Queen. She felt betrayed by who she valued so much. and it’s kind of Ladybug’s fault too since she already know how Chloé truly is. All because Marinette Could Not Handle Adrien And Kagami, is why Miracle Queen happened. She purposely forgot and ignored her. Hawkmoth knew Ladybug’s incompetence would make great material for Manipulating Chloé at her lowest. funny thing is that Hawkmoth Lila and Mayura awakened Chloé to the truth of her idol. And Chloé knows Ladybug was doing her wrong before too. It’s like I’m right here pass the ball but the other(s) rather try dodging 12 people to score. Like I’m really useful to answer this but nah I rather have a clueless person answer and hope it’s right.
Do what you want without facing consequences? sounds like something Marinette and Ladybug can do (usually for the Adrien) or Simp Noir does to who says NO. Only if you have super powers you won’t face repercussions or heroes justify to the citizen what they can do that is okay if it’s wrong. More power you have or or what you look like or stand for the less vulnerable you are. That’s the real unfairness of the world. Besides what are you taking about? Chloé already faced consequences like public humiliation and her mom. And if she should pay further, everyone else and marinette should as well. Why doesn’t every Akumatized person over 12 pay since a lot who likely know about how akumatizations work and likely have less resistance than Chloé strangely but give in?
Maybe Ladybug or Marinette is a public danger since of things that happen has something to with her obsessions.
Why is Lila a public danger? Marinette is malicious targeter to people who did nothing to her. She’s judges books by the cover. Didn’t Ladybug purposely attack Santa Claus even though Adrien told her not to and that he isn’t akumatized? but she ignored and ran after him She could have killed him possibly after yoyoing him up to the air to smash head first on the snow sidewalk or snow street. She should be lucky he’s durable And Probably Deathless. For the one with More Experience Purposely Wanting the Smoke is far worse than Queen Bee Train Incident or just as bad. It’s like if she thinks you’re akumatized, she won’t listen to you or any who say you are not and might kill you if you are a stranger running away not endangering others.
Heck it’s life threatening to be carried by a superhero in general to leap quickly to an area and not for saving you from splatting or an enemy.
Besides Lila’s mom allowed Lila to be away from the public already cause she’s impulsive.
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awesome12sstuff · a day ago
Marinette: you’re not sweating
Chloe uh huh
Marinette: how can you not be sweating?
Chloe: I don’t sweat
Marinette Everyone sweats
Sabrina: not Chloe
Adrien: Chloe never sweats
Marinette: what do you mean she never sweats?! 
 Chloe: sweating is gross so I don’t do it.
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