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hexedits · 6 minutes ago
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EDRIC BLIGHT genderfluid icons ; @hisirdouxi ; happy pride, from us!
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mandareeboo · 9 minutes ago
After reading that conversation between alador and odalia I get the feeling that The blight parents are gonna get thrown through a real loop when amity disowns them
Oh, definitely. I think they might expect distance, the kind they seem to give Ed and Em, but if/when Amity says "fuck this. No." they'll lose their shit.
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unnamed-leaf · 11 minutes ago
I literally can't believe it took me 2 FUVKING EPISODES TO NOT HATE LILITH ANYMORE
Like i hated her at the end of the first season and now i absolutely love her jsjsjsisj like that doesn't excuse all of the awful stuff she did but like ughhhhh hsjensjsjis
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sterling-jay · 29 minutes ago
(I know I already commented this but still) About the last bullet point in your post, I think Eda was too focused on glyphs at the moment to notice Luz's condition. I don't think Luz ever came home that bad before, at least not to our knowledge.
Also I don't think Eda's the type to ignore Luz when she's injured, so maybe a few minutes later she realizes "hold up Luz is acting off" and then goes to check up on her.
Given all the hijinks Luz gets into (greater basilisk on day 1 of school- blew up detention before she was even a student...), and how Eda's still adjusting to be a guardian (see: that time Luz didn't even come home from the library all day lmao), it's possible that she's come home that messed up offscreen more than once!
I definitely agree that Eda wouldn't ignore Luz once she notices she's injured though. If Eda doesn't notice Luz's uniform being ripped and how tired she is that night, she'll def notice the next morning because no way is Luz going to be as energetic as usual after fighting weapons-grade abominations for the better part of the evening!
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nose-bl · 33 minutes ago
okay but also, Gus DID grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sterling-jay · 34 minutes ago
The Clawthorne Sisters
Ok I've talked about this with @edasnest and @preciseprose a couple times each I'm pretty sure, but Escaping Expulsion's glyph lessons really drives home for me how neither Lilith nor Eda have ever really grown up from who they were as teenagers, but for entirely different reasons.
We see this in YBOS when Lilith quickly gives into her 'childish urges' to make faces right back at the owl beast, and in WILW when, instead of completing her job, Lilith agrees to a grudgby match of all things, to decide Eda's fate.
Even all the way back in Covention, Lilith pre-cheats to get 'back' at Eda, who she 'knows' is going to cheat- and then how she absolutely explodes when Eda keeps rhyming taunts at her (truly sibling behavior...). -- I think it's totally likely that both of them had their maturation stunted because of the duel for the Emperor's Coven spot; Not to say that neither of them ever grew up at all after that, but they're still both petty and overly competitive, they set each other off (mostly Eda setting Lilith off, tbh) over the smallest things. -- In Eda's case, I think that she probably stuck around Hexside/their parent's home for a little while after Lilith cursed her. You know, when she still had hope it was a temporary thing.
At some point, she got scared, couldn't stop transforming in her classes, decided to push people away, and struck out on her own to protect the people she loves.
She was probably between around 15 during the duel (she looks around Luz's age), and if I had to bet, I'd say she probably didn't stick around for more than a year before she figured out the curse was there to stay.
Obviously you have to grow up somewhat to be able to protect yourself and survive in the world when you strike out on your own, but after losing her support system and becoming an outcast in a society that doesn't care about her at best and is actively out to hurt her at worst, she probably decided 'forget the rules, I'll do what I want!' and stuck with that philosophy to this day. -- Lilith on the other hand...
If Eda was 15, that would make Lilith 17 or so. At 17 years old, Lilith cursed her sister and was entered into a state sanctioned cult, likely fawned over as a prodigy child, and probably indoctrinated heavily with little outside influences other than whatever issues she was made to take care of as the Emperor's Enforcer.
I mean, at any age, someone telling you how amazing and powerful you are, handing you various elite privileges, likely taking care of just about your every need, getting your face put up on posters, and everyone around you emphasizing how whatever you're doing is furthering the Titan's Will (your world's god?)?
You're doing amazing, don't need to change anything, why would you ever try.
Lilith is a perfectionist, she needs order, rules, structure (probably has Eldest Daughter syndrome...). The EC provided all of that and more.
Now in S2, Lilith is somewhat adrift, looking for that acceptance and structure wherever she can get it, and in EE? She puts it on Teacher!Luz.
Luz is giving her structure -Here are 4 glyphs, practice them like so
Luz is giving her focus -Follow this person's orders
Luz is giving her back her magic -Lilith doesn't know who she is without it
It's not the worst thing in the world for Lilith to mmm...respect(?) Luz? Especially not after how she treated her before. But the statue she gave her at the end was weird, and Luz wasn't comfortable with it. And it's a huge change in Lilith's opinion from Covention when they met, or AoaW when Lilith 100% appeared to be attempting to kill Luz just to get Eda back.
From a complete dismissal to respect bordering on veneration is an enormous jump that Luz might be further uncomfortable/suspicious of (and rightly so, imo).
I'm hoping that they'll cover it more in Echoes of the Past, digging into King's backstory at the same time as showing us what Luz really thinks of Lilith now that they're on the same side.
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rabbitseason1 · 34 minutes ago
I love the ship so I made a drawing of them 😳
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nose-bl · 35 minutes ago
I need to talk about Lumity. Also TOH season 2 spoilers ahead
I was so happy with this episode. Amity's crush on Luz has already been established, it has settled, she has been gay panicking, and we love it but also it was enough to show that she has a big crush. We now needed to see how Luz feels, and we did. She is starting to catch feelings for Amity. She blushed twice bc of her, and they were both feeling a bit awkward in that moment when they're about to fight the abomination and they look at each other and blush. I LOVED that. It was an amazing way of showing that Luz is starting to catch feelings, or at least she is now aware of them. This gives me hope for them to be canon, and it makes me happy that they are going to share this aaaa
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justaluzblog · 44 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Hold. UP.
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stellatheknave · 45 minutes ago
something I've always loved about the owl house is that it's so subversive but not in an "oh wow look how subversive we are" way but in a "taking tired tropes and making them enjoyable way"
-the grouchy, old mentor figure who learns to love the mentee but will never admit it -> eda is ride or die with Luz after like, episode three and will say it at every opportunity
-the bright-eyed enthusiastic fish out of water is either a prodigy or forever incompetent -> Luz learns magic continuously throughout the show at a steady and believable pace with narrative-fitting aha's and consistent power level
-the straight-laced, by the book authority has to let the troublemaker do what they want because of a deal or challenge -> Bump lets Luz follow multiple tracks because she showed heart, talent and saved him (bonus points for him not being crooked and actually caring about the kids and their education AND the excitement the troublemakers brought)
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thorneedsahuggle · 49 minutes ago
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there is no heterosexual explanation for this
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owlphibia · 54 minutes ago
I would want Beta Owl House to be live action
Like Netflix show but NOT bad.
Dark creepy vibe but teenage romance in there...
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thatone-highlighter · 54 minutes ago
Okay Okay Okay
I was trying to add the timeline of the 2 new eps to my vague timeline of the show that I went thru and did a while back
But I have no idea how long the second ep occurs over
Initially I thought 2 days, starts at night with the little Blight Industries Show, the next morning we get the scene at The Owl House and that day the rest of the ep happens ending that night after Luz’s turn at the Blights presentation
BUT, at the start Odalia says there will he another show in a Week to showcase their new tech, which implies there's a whole week between the opening scene and the closing scene .
It Could work if the only plot was the main hexside plot with Luz, you could argue they tried all this stuff over the course of a week and if probably believe you. The B plot and final ending scene, not so much
I feel like trying to say that plotline lasted more then maybe 3 days max is pushing it. Like sure they could have some a bunch of stuff in between that we didn't see but it just doesn't feel reasonable that they could drag that out to a whole week, especially seeing as at the end they make it seem like Luz has Just come home after their lesson with her
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witch-of-the-weabs · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I like to imagine that this was the moment where Luz realized how she feels about Amity, when she watches Amity fearlessly stand up for her against her own mother in front of all of her family’s business partners. The fact that Amity would face down everything she was afraid of, would willingly sacrifice the reputation she had spent her entire life maintaining, and would risk bodily harm--She must’ve looked like a hero straight out of one of Luz’s books.
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