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#the magnus archives
gaslightgallows · 16 seconds ago
I have never told him about this. + jontim
1. I have never told him about this. (Jon/Tim) (TMA) (anonymous)
We were never really friends. Colleagues, lunch buddies, the kind of mates who walk each other home after too many pints at the pub and end up making out for a few hours. But never friends, even before he was my boss. Definitely not after.
I never told Jon I wanted to be friends. Didn't think he'd be interested. Didn't think he cared much about anything, except work.
Good kisser, though. I'll give him that. (I never told Martin.)
I wanted to tell him why I came to the Archive in the first place. About why I thought Smirke was the key to so many of the mysteries we confronted. About Danny.
I wanted to tell Jon I trusted him. I was waiting for him to trust me.
Any chance of that went out the window when I caught him spying on my house. Even then, I hoped it was just... normal stalking. An inappropriate expression of obsessive romantic feelings. Fucking out-of-line and creepy but at least real-world creepy. Instead, he decided I'd murdered someone.
We don't live in the real world anymore. None of us do, and especially not Jon.
I understand it more than I used to. We're all just waiting to be consumed by something, and I'm tired of waiting.
I have never told Jon that I forgive him. I don't.
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sparks-joy-imagines · 2 minutes ago
reminder: our ask box is open
hey there! just a quick reminder that our ask box is ✨OPEN✨ we are happy to write out your request for you and share anything that sparks joy✨ please don’t be shy~ we really don’t bite😉
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funn-funerals · 8 minutes ago
confused about the jivemind? join the server it's from!
in the discord server high noon over jamelot, join the jivemind and serve your country!
come for the jam stay for the fun roles, mechs album channels, podcast channels, other media channels, and more!
don't miss out!
(if you don't know what the jivemind is uhhhh join the server we're cool asf)
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24karatlush · 10 minutes ago
elias bouchard my ABHORRED i hate this man (romantic)
Tumblr media
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tentativelyteal · 14 minutes ago
Because I like making myself emotional (even though this time it's actually hilarious, mostly):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From MAG39 Infestation
SASHA: You don’t think that would… put them off?
ARCHIVIST: [Bitter laugh] I hope so. Only an idiot would stay in this job.
MARTIN: [Chuckles] Wouldn’t that make you an idiot?
ARCHIVIST: Yes, Martin, that was my point.
From MAG88 Dig
BASIRA: I just, I mean he was good company. Y’know, when he wasn’t being a paranoia machine. He was funny, you know?
MARTIN: What, John?
MARTIN: I don’t think I’ve ever heard him tell a joke.
BASIRA: Maybe you weren’t listening.
(oof, Basira, wow)
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ofdreamsanddoodles · 17 minutes ago
absolutely ridiculous that people are projecting jonny being in the mechanisms onto jon when they COULD be making art inspired by the fact that gerry’s va does werewolf twitch streams. like how have i been listening to tma for a full year and have only seen ONE picture of gerry dming which tbh is much more in character and way less rpf-y
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copperdacatgirl · 17 minutes ago
thinking about what kind of fear domain I would have and it would probably be driving down an infinite mountain in constant night
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saturnisfallingdown · 17 minutes ago
the stages of grief:
1. denial
2. sick art featuring knives
3. ass
4. retrospective commentaries
5. 'somewhere else'
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zmtn · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[image: the magnus archives fanart. Michael, with shoulder-length ringlets and a nervous, smiling face holds a stack of papers. Behind him is a windowed door where the distorted, stylized depiction of his future monstrous self is seen through the glass]
I tripped and fell and drew a Distortion again
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applesoup · 18 minutes ago
tma characters and what i think their music taste is
jon: he pretends he only listens to jazz and classical music but secretly likes show tunes
martin: joni mitchell stan
tim: pop rock (think rockin all over the world, mr blue sky, etc)
sasha: also a joni mitchell stan
melanie: punk and pop punk
basira: in love with avril lavigne
georgie: basically listens to anything
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Chapters: 8/12 Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
i literally cannot even with this fic 
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irbarti · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
met again somewhere new, i know you i know you i know you
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funkylilfrogbitch · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
haha what if i cosplayed sasha and not-sasha? haha just kidding😅🤣... unless?😳
(tiktok: cosplaymj | instagram: ccosplaymj)
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its-your-mind · 25 minutes ago
I think about that audio of jonny making fun of how americans say martin every damn day
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shittydomainideas · 27 minutes ago
domain of the spiral but it's just my art school's basement where they keep the band and theater kids
the whole place is laid out like a maze and the walls are painted many different colors, i dont think the hallways always lead back to where they did before. i almost got lost trying to get back from the bathroom
also as an addition you can hear every music class going on and it's very disorienting
art school is just like that
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20furiousbluebirds · 45 minutes ago
Jonah Magnus’s greatest crime was missing the prank potential of forcing Jon to read out whatever he wanted. "Hello Jon. According to all known laws of aviation,  there is no way a bee should be able  to fly..."
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