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milkiest-of-teas · 4 minutes ago
Okay so I noticed this and I wanted to talk about it
Tumblr media
The episode for Guiltrip starts off like this. We see these two fawning over each other, no biggie right?? Nino and Alya are a couple and Marinette is Marinette. But my question is, why show that here?
Tumblr media
I mean everyone was talking about this scene before, but why show us this when the episode is revolved around Juleka and Rose? Was this the writers way of showing us that JuleRose was intended as a couple again, by grouping it with them. It would make sense, because we see the couples/couples-to-be Crushes and immediately it pans to those two, and the episode begins.
Tumblr media
So to sum it, the show writers basically confirmed that this episode was Juleka worrying about her goddamn girlfriend >:3
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arlakos · 40 minutes ago
Ok, just want to set something up as part of this fandom. Just one question to ask people who watch this show:
What is your opinion on Miraculous Ladybug?
Reblog this with your own simple response on what you think of the show. Is it good, is it bad, what do you like, what do you dislike?
Share this question with others and get this Question spreading!
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marinettesladyblog · 44 minutes ago
Plagg: Being tired isn’t a mood any more
Plagg: It’s an entire personality.
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kitty0boy · 51 minutes ago
Marichat May Day 9 prompt: Blanket
As per my usual fics, Marinette is 17, Adrien is 18. Nothing smutty, just goofs being goofy.
It had been a long ass day.
5 am photo shoot, 6 am akuma attack, 6:30 am back to the photo shoot because they “couldn’t seem to capture his likeness today”, 7 am they gave up, 8:45 am rushed off to school, 12 pm another attack, 3 pm photo shoot.
Now finally, at 5 pm, he was back home and able to take a break. Much to Plagg’s disappointment however, Adrien didn’t feel like sitting around at home.
“How is it that you have so much energy? I’m exhausted and I’ve been sitting in your bag all day.”
Adrien laughed at this remark, “I’ve had to sit at home and do nothing for 14 years of my life, I’ve got time to make up haven’t I?”
Plagg rolled his eyes. “Time that can be made up after I eat my well deserved camembert, go and shower or something. Listen to the, what was it you said? ‘The model in you’.” With that he flew into the smelly cupboard by his desk.
He did have a point. The hairspray from this afternoon made his hair stick up in odd angles. Today’s theme had been, ‘Punk Rock’ for the Agreste, Jagged Stone collaboration. His father and Jagged teamed up for his new album debut to create a new clothing line of merchandise and stuff like that. Adrien hadn’t really been paying much attention to that bit.
His attention was drawn towards his cute little classmate who, by personal invitation of Jagged Stone himself, had helped his father design Jagged’s on stage looks.
Marinette was involved for the sole purpose of “a youth opinion” which meant that she did most of the designing herself while Gabriel’s company did all the handy work by making all the garments. Of course she was supervised by Gabriel when it came to the concepts, but as his father had admitted over dinner, “She didn’t need much of my help. Audrey was right in saying that she has potential. Possibly, more potential than myself.” To which Adrien had beamed, proud of his princess.
By the time Adrien had finished in the shower, Plagg had completely emptied the stock of camembert for the next month. “We need to start limiting you camembert intake. I can hear my bank account screaming.” Plagg burped “You’re famous and rich, as long as you keep that up you’ll be fine.” Adrien crossed his arms, “I might not be rich and famous forever you know. How old is Master Fu now, 190? You might not have unlimited camembert when I get into the 70s.” Plagg smirked. “You will when you defeat Hawkmoth and people find out who you and Ladybug are. The pair of you will be rolling in riches for life.” Adrien shrugged. “Maybe I’ll refuse to take them, being the humble hero that I am.” Plagg frowned.
He laughed, “Well Plagg, how about we go check in on your favourite mouse hmm?” Plagg bolted out of the cupboard and shrieked “Hurry up and transform Adrien.” He blinked. “Wow Plagg, I didn’t know you could actually like a person more than cheese.” Plagg crossed his little arms. “Well the sooner you and Marinette get together, the sooner I’ll have pastries with my cheese. Besides, you already know you’re my favourite stinky sock.” Adrien’s face contorted in gratitude at hearing his approval of Marinette, and slight disgust at being called a stinky sock. “Thanks Plagg, Claws Out!”
The journey wasn’t far. A hop, skip, and a jump later he landed on Marinette’s balcony. He stomped on the floor to get her attention but he didn’t need to. The second his hands touched the balcony railing, something heavy came crashing down, pinning him to the floor. He thought it might have been Marinette at first, but she wasn’t wide enough to cover his entire outstretched form. He looked around and saw her peep out from behind her lounge chair with a great “Surprise!” He smiled
“Hello there purrincess, fancy seeing you here.” She strode over to him and kneeled down behind his head. “I had a feeling that you might pawsibly show up.”
“So, this is a nice blanket you’ve chucked on me, did you make it?” She shook her head, “I bought it. It’s a weighted blanket.” He laughed, “Yes I could tell, I’ve never had one before but it feels heavy.” She stood and pulled the blanket off of him. “Imagine if the news saw this. Paris’ superhero, defeated by a weighted blanket.” He propped himself on his elbows. “And Paris’ prettiest girl. Here we quote him.” And he stood to continue, despite her pink face. “I simply couldn’t resist her charms.” He dramatically draped the back of his hand over his forehead. “I fell under her spell and she trapped me, I’m sorry that I’ve let Paris down but I would do it again.”
Marinette seemed to have taken his word to heart, she threw the blanket back towards him with strength he never knew she was capable and he got hit square in the chest. He fell to the floor again. “Even see how, how her grace wounds me, a fatal blow to the chest.” She huffed and, it seemed despite herself, she smiled. “Oh come on Marinette, just teasing. No need to get huffy with me.” She crossed her arms and turned.
He pulled the blanket off and snuck towards her while her back was turned. In one swift motion, he wrapped the blanket around her front and behind his back so the were both wrapped up. She gave a startled “What?” Before he fell backwards making her fall with him. She squeaked as they hit the floor, making sure she didn’t get hurt of course.
His arms had remainder outside of the ‘purrito’ so he placed them on her stomach. “Chat Noir!” She huffed and squirmed under the blanket. He laughed. “Heavy, isn’t it little lady.” She turned over inside so she could look at him, which made him also squirm because it was kinda ticklish. “Foul play kitty.” He ruffled her hair.
“So, how’s the collaboration going? Gabriel Agreste’s little assistant, big big oppurtunity.” She beamed at him and went into full detail. How Jagged Stone had come to her house to ask, how Gabriel had an interview with her and how pleased he was to work with her, how she and Adrien worked on concepts after she took his measurements, how they played UMS after, how she and Gabriel went over the concepts and gave her tips. He of course knew all of this but she was so excited about it. “I’m proud of you little mouse, this is a really big achievement. Next thing you know, you’ll be strolling down red carpets to your own fashion shows.” She flushed and thanked him.
“Anyways, how do you purrpose you’ll get out of this one?” She smirked, “You gave that away while I was turning,” he felt her fingers on either side of his ribs. “I didn’t know cats were ticklish.” He tried his hardest not to laugh as she teasingly poked him. Then she went for it, he squirmed and giggled until he snapped back to his senses and rolled them over.
He grabbed both of Marinette’s wrists and held them above her head with one hand. “Payback time princess.” And he started tickling her. She shrieked, squirmed, and kicked under him. “C-cat!” She tried to protest and bargain with him but to no avail. It wasn’t until he heard a gaps from the trap door, that he stopped.
Who should intrude but the entire gang of secrets. Rose, Juleka, Mylène, Alix, and Alya all stared at their very suggestive position.
Chat Noir had her hands pinned above her head and was straddling her. Her hair was messy and her shirt slightly crumbled and exposing part of her stomach. His face went pink as he looked from a laughing Marinette, to her friends who were taking pictures and cooing at the pair of them.
Unbothered, Marinette turned to her friends and said “Help me out girls! He’s ticklish!” To which he was tackled by all five of them, he howled with laughter. “S-six against one! That’s unfair.” Then they scattered as Marinette flopped on him, blanket in hand, and wrapped him up. She sat on his back and held the opening of the blanket closed. “Good work girls. Cat’s in the bag.” He turned his head to look at them, his cheek against the floor of the balcony. The six of them were high giving and shooting Marinette suspicious looks.
“So Marinette, care to explain this?” Alix crossed her arms. Marinette gave her a quizzical look. “Explain what? Why me and Chat Noir are having a tickle fight on my balcony?”
Alya approached her. “Well to start, your lip gloss is smudged, your hair is a mess, your shirt is crumbled and we found you and Chat Noir in a very suggestive position when we came up.”
Marinette went slightly pink before recalling what had happened. Rose chirped “Oh, that’s so romantic.” And Juleka, who had become more outspoken with the help of her girlfriend, crossed her arms and smirked. “Maybe we should give them their alone time.” Mylène piped up. “We do have to proceed with celebratory girls night though. After all, Jagged Stone and Gabriel Agreste, that’s a crazy good achievement.” Chat Noir smiled, “That’s what I was saying!” He panted slightly, recovering from the laughter.
“Do you want to stay cat?” Marinette asked. He looked up at her. “Well I’d love to but I don’t want to intrude on your celebration.” All at once the girls protested and encouraged him to stay, declaring that he wouldn’t get in the way and that they’d love to have him join in the celebration. He wouldn’t fall for this though. He had the nagging feeling that the girls would turn Marinette’s celebration party into a Chat Noir interview night, he didn’t want the attention pulled away from his princess.
Marinette hopped off him and helped him go his feet again. He brushed dust off of his suit while Marinette held his hand. “No seriously girls it’s alright. My Kwami is bound to be starving by now.” Marinette shot him a sharp look. “How long have you been transformed?” He raised his hands in surrender. “Not long, not long. I transformed and came straight here. Besides he was really eager to see you Mari.” She gapped. “He was? But he’s only worked with me once.” Chat chuckled. “Not sure, you must have left a good impression on him. Besides,” he leaned down to whisper in her ear, “he says that the sooner we get together, the longer he gets to enjoy pastries with his cheese.”
He stood straight up and stared at her. To his surprise she wasn’t flustered in the slightest, in fact she started to laugh. “Well then kitty,” and before he had time to think she pulled him back towards her so their noses brushed, “we shouldn’t keep him waiting.” His face went scarlet. He never thought a whisper could make his face burn. He considered teasing her back, but before he could straighten his expression, there was a cough beside them.
“So should we leave and come back later or..” Alix stated. She already knew Adrien’s identity and was sure she would tease him about this later. He grinned seeing Marinette’s face who was an identical shade of scarlet that his had been seconds before. “Well I’d better be of then.” He wrapped an arm around Marinette’s shoulder and bent over so his face was sideways in front of hers. He dropped his voice to a whisper, “We can celebrate alone later.” Her face flooded with more colour than he thought possible and she buried her face in her hands.
He smiled and gave her a peck on the forehead before addressing her friends. “It was lovely to see you all again, I’ll be taking my leave now. Enjoy your little party.” The he leapt onto the railing, gave a salute, and jumped way.
“Kid, if you want to visit your princess undisturbed, then do it on a day where her friends won’t show up.” Adrien crossed his arms and smiled. “Well we’ve agreed on your pastries at least.” Before the two could settle in, Adrien’s phone chimed. “Oh Plagg, looks like we can’t relax at home just yet.” Plagg groaned. “Not another akuma, I’ll go kill Hawkmoth myself if he doesn’t stop taking away my free time.”
“Nope, not Hawkmoth this time. Girls night has turned into a party and Adrien just got an invitation.” Plagg groaned again. “Can’t we just skip this time?” Adrien shook his head and transformed for the fourth time that day and made his way back to the bakery, where he detransformed and saw his princess again.
That’s all for day 9. I think you’ll notice that the prompts aren’t the entire focus of my stories but they are a part of them. I like them better this way.
Thanks for reading!
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ryukosword · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marinette? Yeah, of course! She's a very good friend, and you'll really like her too, once you get to know her. | THE GORILLA 2 × 11, LIES 4 × 2
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jessikara · 53 minutes ago
Sometimes I dabble in writing fanfics... and this one I’m low key proud of... 🤡👌🏻
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saiikavon · 56 minutes ago
Chapters: 6/31 Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Bunnyx, Alix Kubdel Additional Tags: Marichat May, Episode: s03 Chat Blanc, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Identity Reveal, one-sided reveal, Post-Episode: s04 Le Gang des Secrets | Gang of Secrets Summary:
That was the rule Bunnyx gave her. Stay and keep Blanc company while Bunnyx looked for a solution. Leave the earrings behind. (A self-indulgent MariBlanc fic using the prompts for Marichat May.)
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luuunie · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir S1 E1 - The Bubbler
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mlb-shit-post · an hour ago
y’all I could really use some more recent fic recs right about now………..
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luuunie · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir S1 E1 - The Bubbler
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averythewerm · an hour ago
Tumblr media
When ur on a date with ur boyfriend that gets embarrassed initiating physical contact with anyone but his mom and he holds ur hand😌
Click for better quality
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Why is Marichat the best ship:
Adrien was in love with Ladybug and Marinette was in love with Adrien.
Marinette thought Cat Noir was only a big flirt, a joker ,a boy who is also careless, silly, brave, a good person, a good fighter but who cannot be near as perfect as Adrien.She fell for Adrien's model looks, his talents and kindness.She never truly know Cat Noir or Adrien and never understood both of them. They were the same person obviously.
(spoiler warning)Even on lies episode she thought that Adrien is happy and has an amazing life. As Cat Noir she thinks that he has no problems in his civilian life like her. But everything she thinks is quite the opposite. She doesn't know Adrien also makes bad puns and also just as reckless as Cat Noir.
As Cat Noir he thinks that ladybug is brave, short tempered, rolls eyes for bad puns and jokes, stubborn, hates liars, not believing in herself ,also kind, fast learner talented and has the right idea at the time. He doesn't know ladybug will shutter and jumble her words,who is also clumsy, never has punctuality and cannot express her crush how she feels. For Adrien, Marinette is clumsy, kind ,sweet and always ready for helping others .He doesn't know that Marinette is also just like Ladybug, does command at dangerous situations, makes eye rolls for bad puns and also clever and witty as Ladybug.
But when Marinette and Cat Noir together, they can understand each other, learn their completly different side and also share their pain, sorrows and how much they care for eachother.
Marinette can learn that Cat Noir is a very lonely boy, whose parents are very strict with huge expectations, who cannot be himself in his civilian life and who uses the miraculous as a key to escape his (prison) civilian life.
Cat Noir can learn that how much Marinette loves him, and also how clever , witty, brave, stubborn she is as Ladybug. A one who rolls her eyes for every bad puns and jokes he does.
That's why Marichat is the most beautiful and the best ship.
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misfitmccoward · an hour ago
okay i am looking for...... fic recs. preferably multi chapter fics. i am looking to invest some quality time in turning off my brain :^)
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kagayakuseiza · 2 hours ago
(About autistic character) there wasn't any confirmation but I'd like to hear your theory 🤔
Thank you for sending this, and I’m so sorry for taking several months to answer this! I’ve finally decided to scrap the draft I’ve had saved on my computer and finally answer it!
Being as it has been months since I last posted on this topic and I doubt most people who see this post will have seen the previous post this is referring to, so basically, at one point Astruc hinted that there was an autistic character in ML but didn’t say who it was. Someone asked him if he would ever consider creating a character with Asperger’s Syndrome, and his response was something like “if you look closely, you may find that there already is one.”
So, my theory is that it’s actually Marinette.
Now I ask that people please hear me out on this before jumping on me for having such a theory about the main character, and also keep in mind that a lot of this comes from my own experience, as I am #ActuallyAutistic myself.
So one of the first things people think of when they think of autism is the social awkwardness aspect. The degree of social awkwardness that Marinette displays may not be the degree of awkwardness that fits common conceptions of what an autistic person would look like, but that’s not uncommon for autistic females, as we are more likely to assimilate “normal” social behaviors through “masking” than our male counterparts. (This also would add an extra dash of irony, for Marinette to still have a figurative “mask” when she’s not in the Ladybug costume…) We do see however, that Marinette becomes flustered very easily (often with Adrien, but in enough other cases that we can safely say it’s a typical thing with her), and in these cases she struggles to find words, seeming almost as if she’s trying to find what she should say instead of what she actually wants to say. This could possibly be a case where an autistic person is able to mask enough to mostly seem “normal,” but still has awkward times when they struggle to do so. Rather than being recognized as autistic, such individuals are often just viewed as “quirky,” which Marinette has canonically been called.
Another thing about Marinette that I didn’t think a whole lot about until I started wondering about the autistic character, is the degree of dread she has for the first day of school in Origins 1, outright stating at one point “I hate first days.” Perhaps one of the reasons for this is because it’s an entirely new routine to get used to. She may not have the type of rigid daily routine that many autistic people do (neither do I, actually), but there does seem to be some need for sameness, so big overall changes like a new class schedule can be distressing. Other signs that she may like some degree of sameness can be seen in how she has always sat in the same spot in her homeroom class, and briefly noted routine activities such as how it is mentioned in Animaestro that she bakes a single passionfruit macaron every Sunday.
So now there’s stimming, which of course most autistic people do. We often she her waving her arms when she’s either excited or flustered, which other characters do in fact notice, as noted by Alya in the New York special. There are also times when we see her nervously tapping, a particularly visible instance of which can be seen near the beginning of Prime Queen. On more than one occasion when she’s intently thinking about something, we see her pacing back and forth (which also happens to be one of my stims). Also worth noting is that some people stim by doing repetitive crafts such as sewing and knitting, both of which Marinette canonically does.
Autism can affect motor function, resulting in many autistic people being extremely clumsy. I feel no need to further elaborate on this point.
Next I want to talk about special interests. This is another area where females on the spectrum can often differ from males. The special interests of some autistic girls are often overlooked as such because they can often be things that are considered normal and appropriate for girls their age, such as, for instance, fashion, which is shown to be important to Marinette. However, I want to point out that a special interest can be literally anything, including... a person. (I am so going to get hate for this...) If someone’s special interest were a person, then they might know things like that person’s schedule, likes and dislikes, multiple middle names and the days associated with each of said names, work habits... you get the picture. (Side note: I don’t think that Adrien possibly being a special interest would make her feelings for him any less valid, especially given that she often tries to use her knowledge about him in attempts to make him happy.)
And there are other little things like how she doesn’t always notice right away when called on, or occasional failure to control the volume of her voice.
Anyway, in all of the time I’ve spent thinking about this before finally managing to type it out, I’ve gone from thinking this might be it, to having fully convinced myself, so now, although I’m sure some people may not agree with this theory, you’ll have to pry my autistic!Marinette headcanon from my cold dead hands!
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goldenfoxtrotx · 2 hours ago
Yoooo I'm dying🤣got this fanfic review in my email and I just-🤣I'm loving the Omni-Man memes.
Tumblr media
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flightfoot · 2 hours ago
After watching Gang of Secret, i suddenly remembered about that time when Chat Noir asked Bunnyx about his future relationship with Ladybug and Bunnyx answer it with very vague hands gesture. What if, somewhere in the future, he found out that Ladybug told other about her secret identity in a bad timing (akuma or anything else but from Ladybug herself) and it make their relationship fractured and make it even more complicated than ever? (And I'm really afraid that the class would know before he do) ಥ_ಥ
Eh... I think it’s unlikely to be that bad. I’m not sure Adrien’s capable of keeping a grudge against Ladybug for more than a few minutes while in her presence, and I don’t think the writers would let that level of rift last more than an episode or two. Though they may have the classic “Oh he doesn’t like me anymore” or “this isn’t a good time for a relationship” stuff from Marinette, and Adrien thinking that Marinette’s still in love with Luka or something.
But fighting like that? Nah. It definitely wouldn’t last into Bunnyx’s time.
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