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#nino lahiffe
terribleartist · 10 hours ago
Something I just thought of. What if Gabriel tells the school that during school projects, the only person Adrien can be pair with is Alya. The first time they get paired, it’s chill. But for the fourth time in the row, Alya is getting.. Curious. She goes up to ask if she could switch partners to see what would happen. The teacher says no and all partners are final, but when someone else ask the teacher agrees. This leaves Alya and Marinette confused. Adrien so too oblivious to really care. Alya and Adrien plan to meet up to work on the project at school while waiting for Gorilla to show up. When Gorilla gets there, Natalie steps out. She tells Adrien that him and Alya were aloud to come over and work on the project. Adrien is excited to have a friend over, but Alya just grows suspicious. The two arrive at the Agreste Mansion. They hang out and get work done, though the whole time Alya was texting Mari about it and how odd it was she was allowed over, but Nino, Adrien’s best friend, wasn’t. Mari is curious but doesn’t think to much of it and tells Alya to keep updating her. Alya excused herself to the bathroom. She’s talking to Trixx until she gets a phone call. She checks her phone and it’s Marinette. Marinette says there’s an akuma, Luckily it was getting late so Alya could use the, “My mom needs me home.” Excuse. Alya goes to Adrien and uses the excuse. He agrees that she should be getting home so he walks with her to the front door and the exchange their goodbyes... But then Gabriel comes out of his room. There’s a long awkward pause..... Gabriel greets himself to Alya and tells her. “Adrien is lucky to have friends like you. You should come over tomorrow for dinner.” This tips Alya and Adrien off. Adrien, excited he won’t eat dinner alone, but has a very odd feeling. Alya, her reporter gut tells her this guy is no good, at this point she’s honestly freaked out. She politely says she’ll think about it. She leaves and one a good way away she transforms and meets up with Ladybug. She’s telling Ladybug about what happened, Ladybug is skeptical because Gabriel was akumatized, and she knows that Alya likes to jump to conclusions, so she brushes it off but the thought rings in the back of her head. Cue akuma fight. The next day, Alya gets to school and Adrien comes up to her and ask if she’d be coming to dinner. She tells him that she hasn’t quite made up her mind, Adrien is disappointed but understands. Alya talks to Marinette. Marinette says. “If you really think you have a lead with Gabriel, I say go for it.” So later Alya tells Adrien she’ll come. The two arrive at the house, do a bit of the project until it’s dinner time. Trixx decides they want to explore so they do. Plagg notices a orange flash speed around so he follows. He runs into Trixx and is shocked like. “WAIT- ALYA IS-“ Trixx interrupts him and nods. “which mean if your here Adrien is cat noir!” Plagg shakes it off and shows Trixx around. Until... They find a layer full of butterflies.. Then the episode ends.
I see this being part one of the season finale. I think it would be a nice way to end the rein of the old Hawk Moth for the Future Hawk Moth to step up.. And the finale episode ending with an unknown person picking up the butterfly miraculous..
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terribleartist · 14 hours ago
Miraculous Fandom Logic:
Alya: *Makes a mistake but learns from it and actually cares about the consequences*
Chloe: *Makes a mistake doesn’t learn anything from it and doesn’t gives two shits on the consequences. Not to mention racist*
The Fandom: “Oh. Her mom was never there :(. She deserves her miraculous” *And is excused of every hate crime she’s done*
That’s fucking bullshit. Yes, I hate that Thomas screwed Chloe but it happened. She doesn’t give two shits of the conquenses her mistakes cause. Alya literally fell to her knees when she found out she put Marinette’s identity in jeopardy. You could tell by her face that she was prepare for Mari to say she could never be Rena again. You guys realize that Alya is putting a lot of effort into being Marinette’s co-guardian! She has a lot of exceptions for herself to help Marinette. She nearly put Marinette in danger and she was clearly devastated that she did. Alya said that her and Marinette would share the responsibility of being guardian and she meant it. If Mr.Pigeon 72 and Optigami doesn’t prove that in your mind then your out of your mind. And though we don’t know much about SentiBubbler I assume because of being Mari’s co-guardian puts a dent in their relationship. We know they don’t break up since it’s confirmed, but that don’t mean that they don’t run into problems. Alya is sacrificing her own relationships to help Marinette. If you still say Alya is EvIL or UsInG Marinette, then obviously you don’t pay attention to the show, plus it’s confirmed that Alya is not evil. And she’s not replacing Chat. It’s been confirmed she not.
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lqdysminou · 16 hours ago
backyard boy ninette animatic? yeah i really need that
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genderfluidmomadragon · 17 hours ago
So I had this crazy dream about Ladybug and Chat Noir where in high distress we learn that the miraculi holders don't actually need the jewelry. They ARE Ladybug, Chat Noir, Carapace, Rena Rouge, and some others. So they're attacked as civilians and Hawkmoth is trying to get the miracle box but suddenly Carapace and Rena burst in ready to kick ass. But they weren't wearing masks because they weren't given their miraculi (they are in suit though?) Ladybug even manages to use Bee powers in a moment of need for the venom.
The box is stolen in the end but then a plot twist happens in my dream and all of the miraculi are gone from the box because all of the true holders don't need them anymore. It's not that they can BECOME their alter egos anymore, they ARE their alter egos.
I think this was very cool of my subconscious.
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ilikekidsshows · 18 hours ago
Nino x marinette ?
Tumblr media
Look, I know me expressing disdain at the idea that Marichat is the best corner of the Lovesquare based on the fact they’re “the closest to being just friends” probably made me sound like I don’t like Friends to Lovers stories. This is not true. I love Friends to Lovers, I just don’t think it’s the only correct romance arc and that there’s value in other types of arcs too. I also know childhood friends rarely end up with mutual feelings for each other in real life but, if the characters have actual chemistry (instead of the girl just always having nagged the boy like the anime route with this trope usually goes), I’m all for it.
In fact, my favorite type of Childhood Friends to Lovers is the one where there’s no stupid marriage promise when they were five on the sandbox, and instead they’ve just always been friends, until one day they look at the other in a new way and go: “Oh.” I loved the bit about Nino’s crush on Marinette, where it’s implied he’s known her a while but only recently started having a case of Catching the Feelings. Very good, spectacular, second helping with Marinette doing the same too, please.
You know that song from Kim Possible “Could It Be” that played when Kim and Ron finally got together? That’s the top tier Mood.
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buggoutt · 19 hours ago
Nino: Look, Adrien, it says 'gullible' on the ceiling!
Adrien: Nice try, Nino. I'm not falling for that one for the fifth time.
Nino: I'm not kidding, dude!
Adrien: And I'm not looking.
Alya, walking into the room, looking up: Nino, why does it say 'gullible' on the ceiling?
Adrien, looking up: Really? Wher- oh you jerks!
*Nino and Alya high-five*
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amourmlb · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nino & marinette <3
their friendship is underrated
✨: reblog or like if using!
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calico-and-lace · a day ago
(no i ain’t happy yet, but i'm) way less sad
Marinette isn't sure she can keep going, but some advice from her mother might help her get through.
Song is AJR's Way Less Sad.
Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey
Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey (oh-oh-oh), hey-hey-hey
“Alya, I don’t think I can do this anymore,” Marinette sniffled, squishing her face into her pillow.
“Mari, you know I can’t understand you when you mumble girl.”
Marinette huffed and sat up, pressing the heels of her hands against her eyes.
“I don’t think I can do this anymore,” she whispered to her only companion. The dark-haired girl pressed harder on her eyes, watching as the inside of her eyelids lit up with spirals of color.
“Whoa whoa, M, c’mon, it’s not that-”
“It is that bad, Alya!” The girl cried, her voice catching. “I’m behind on all my homework, the akumas are getting stronger, and I can’t do anything I used to enjoy! I don’t even have time to sew a headband and I haven’t designed anything in months and I’m failing at being class president and I’m never happy and-”
“Marinette!” Alya gripped at her friend’s wrists, forcing her to look her in the eyes and stop spiraling. “Breathe.” Marinette took in several slow, shuddering breaths in time with Alya’s exaggerated breathing. “Okay. Step one is to stay calm. Step two is to dissect the situation. What can we do?” Marinette nodded slowly, eyes darting around the room as she tried to think.
“Girls! It’s time for dinner!” Sabine’s voice carried up through the trap door, causing the girls to lock eyes again.
“Okay, Mari, listen to me. We will figure this out. You’re not alone. You’ve got me, you’ve got Chat Noir. We will tackle this together, girl,” she promised, smoothing one hand over Marinette’s frazzled hair. “I’ll be over tomorrow night, and we’ll make a list.”
“Alright,” Marinette swallowed, nodding. “Tomorrow.”
“Survive until then. You can do this.”
Despite Alya’s insistence, Marinette couldn’t help the lingering thought.
Can I?
I should move 'cause New York is gettin' muddy out
There's L.A. but it's always kinda sunny out
And I don't wanna hurt no more
So I set my bar real low
“Thanks for having me, Mr. Dupain and Mrs. Cheng!” Alya said as she gathered her things.
“Of course, Alya. It’s been a while since you were over for dinner, we were starting to think something had happened!” The giant man laughed, unaware of how close to home he was hitting. Both the girls laughed along, though it sounded strained even to their ears.
“Dear, why don’t you walk Alya downstairs? Marinette and I will get started on the cleaning up,” Sabine stepped onto her tiptoes to kiss her husband’s cheek. As the door shut behind her best friend and her father, Marinette began filling the sink with hot water.
“Mom?” She asked, staring intently at the bubbles growing in the sink as she poured in the dish soap.
“Yes, darling?”
“I- uhm, well I-”
“Take your time, Marinette,” her mother grinned as she continued putting leftovers in tupperware. At the stretch of silence that followed, her grin fell slightly. “Marinette? Is something wrong?”
It was the gentle tone of her mother’s voice that did her in.
“No! No, nothing is okay and I’m so overwhelmed and school is horrible and I feel like I can never rest and everything I do is wrong and-” She began spewing the words, tears springing into her eyes as her mother engulfed her in a hug. Despite her smaller size, Sabine’s hugs were always strong and comforting. Marinette sniffled as she dropped the dishrag in her hands to hug back.
“Oh, Marinette, it’s okay darling, take a deep breath,” her mother hummed softly, swaying them back and forth in a soothing motion, like standing on a boat that’s anchored in gentle waters.
“I just wanna be happy again,” she hiccuped as Sabine rubbed her back gently.
“Don’t be silly darling. You don’t want to be happy, you want to be joyful,” The older woman said, pulling back slightly from the hug to wipe the tears from her daughter’s eyes.
“There’s a difference?”
“Of course,” she smiled, tucking a loose strand of hair behind Marinette’s ear. “Happiness is fleeting. Joy is long-lasting. Happiness is what you feel when you eat a good meal, or you watch your daughter take her first steps,” Marinette cracked a small smile at that. “But joy, my darling, joy is when you can look at your life, average as it might be, and be content. When you can find happiness even when nothing is happening. When every day is the same, or bad things happen, but you can still smile? That’s joy.” The girl’s smile dropped at her mother’s explanation.
“How can I be joyful if I’m not even happy?”
“Oh,” her mother breathed the word out, long and slow. “Oh, my dear,” she tugged Marinette back in for another hug, her hand cradling the back of her head. They were still and silent for a long time, Mari hanging onto her mother like she would fly away if she loosened her grip even just a bit.
“Well, Marinette, happiness comes first in this case.”
“It does?”
“Yes,” Sabine smiled as she once again released her daughter, holding her by the shoulders to keep her close. “You have to find joy in the little things.”
“What if-” Marinette cut herself off with a sniffle, nodding her thanks as Sabine handed her a tissue. “What if I can’t find any little things that make me happy?”
“Then you have to create them.”
“I’m trying to design mom, but I don’t have much time and-”
“Marinette,” Sabine interrupted, placing her hands on her hips. “I’m not saying you have to create things, you just have to create happy.”
“Create … happy?” Her mom nodded. “How?”
“Well, the first step is to set a low bar. It’s hard to be joyful when you can’t find happiness in small things. How do fresh chocolate chip cookies sound?” Marinette nodded.
By the time the first batch was out of the oven, she felt a little better.
Not happy, not by a long shot.
But better.
I'm a-okay, I'm a-okay (ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah)
You say it but you just don't mean it
You're so insane, you're so insane (ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah)
Shut up and just enjoy this feelin'
“Hey, Marinette!” Alya called out the next day at school, waving Marinette down in the courtyard. “Girl, hey, you ready to make that list tonight? Because I’ve got some ideas and-”
“I have a different plan,” Marinette blurted out.
“...You did?” Her best friend blinked at her. “Can I see it?”
“Actually,” Marinette felt some nerves flare up in her stomach, “do you mind if I keep it? For just a bit?” Alya raised an eyebrow at her, but Marinette didn’t elaborate.
“If you can handle it, sure. But if you’re keeping it a secret because you don’t want to impose on me or something stupid-”
“No no no!” Marinette waved her hands dramatically, shaking her head. “I swear it’s not because of that. I just- Mom gave me some advice last night, and I- I want to try it out before I try anything else.”
Alya looked her up and down and then nodded.
“Alright. Let’s get to class; Max said there’s a pop quiz in chemistry and I want to look over my notes before the bell rings.”
Marinette sighed and followed her towards the school doors.
Happiness in the Small Things.
Alya is a pretty Big Thing.
But I’m still happy I have her.
Don't you love it, don't you love it?
No, I ain't happy yet
But I'm way less sad
Marinette sighed as she sat down at the picnic table. The weather was startlingly nice for the time of year, and Marinette made an appreciative noise as a cool breeze blew across her face.
“‘Sup, ‘Nette?”
“Nino,” she acknowledged, “Adrien. How are you?” She couldn’t bring herself to stammer in front of the blond, her mental state blocking the receptors in her brain that typically go haywire when she sees his face. Or hears his name, or smells his cologne, or-
Focus, Marinette.
“I’m good! I like the weather we’re having,” Adrien smiled at her, and she returned it easily as Alya slid onto the bench next to her. Nino snorted.
“Dude, really? Lamest sentence ever,” he teased Adrien, reaching over to ruffle the other boy’s hair.
“What? The sun is out, it’s kinda warm, there’s a breeze- it’s perfect!” He exclaimed as he tried to finger comb his locks back into place.
“Yeah, but the way you phrased it was like a line from a book about how to talk to your friends, Sunshine,” Alya grinned, nudging Marinette with her shoulders. She shot her friend a look, ignoring the questioning expression on her face. So she wasn’t a stuttering mess in front of Adrien, so what? Big deal.
“No, no way, having a book like that would be … really weird,” Adrien laughed, but Marinette felt like it was a little forced.
Wait, did he actually have a book on-
“Well, I agree with Adrien,” Marinette huffed. “The weather is lovely, and the sun is shining!” And she was sitting with three friends that cared about her.
“Yeah yeah, well you and Adrien can laze about in the sun later. For now, I wanna talk about hearing the new Jagged Stone album early, assuming Marinette has received-”
“Yes, Nino,” she sighed in fake exasperation, fighting the smile off her face. “I’ve received the demo. But I haven’t even listened yet, and the cover art preliminary isn’t due for another month-”
“So? You know I gotta hear those beats, ‘Nette,” he implored, clasping his hands in front of his face and giving her his best puppy eyes. They’re not as good as the moonlight kitty eyes she was used to.
“No can do, Nino. You know that I can’t share with anyone.”
“Not even your best friend?” He begged.
“First of all, Alya is my best friend,” Marinette deadpanned, eliciting a whine from Nino and a high five from the girl seated beside her. “Second of all, my NDA doesn’t care about friendship.”
“Does that mean you’re gonna share it with Alya?” Adrien asked curiously.
“Well-” Marinette started to say, causing Nino to gasp dramatically.
“Mari! I’ve known you longer!”
Marinette smiled as Alya and Nino began to argue playfully about their placement on the “Marinette’s Friends” list, Adrien butting in periodically to make his case.
She wasn’t happy, not yet.
But the sun was shining, and her friends were laughing.
It wasn’t all bad.
Don't you love it, don't you love it?
No, I ain't happy yet
But I'm way less sad
Hеy-hey-hey, hey-hеy-hey, hey-hey-hey
But I'm way less sad
Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey (oh-oh-oh), hey-hey-hey
But I'm way less sad
Her partner landed on the Eiffel Tower with a thump, the orange sunset reflecting off his leather suit. “M’lady, I didn’t think I’d see you for patrol today,” Chat Noir said brightly.
“Hey kitty. I’ve been busy, I know,” she hummed as she leaned back on her hands, swinging her legs over the edge of the beam she sat on. “I thought it might do me good. Fresh air and all that. Hope I didn’t mess up your patrol plan.”
“Well, you know I’ll never turn down a chance to spend time with my bugaboo!” He grinned, leaning into her personal space.
“Ugh, that nickname makes me think this was a mistake,” she huffed, pushing him back with a finger on his nose.
“My lady!” He gasped, acting as if she had mortally wounded him. “You don’t love my nicknames?”
“Not that one, you alley cat,” she said, gazing out at the horizon. As the silence stretched on, Chat sat next to her and leaned his cheek on the top of her head, seeming to realize that a moment was happening. She appreciated his ability to pick up on her cues.
Another thing to be happy about.
“Are you happy, Chaton?”
“Better yet, are you joyful?”
“What do you mean?” He asked, mask lopsidedly stretching upwards. She could imagine him raising an eyebrow, and it made her smile.
“Nothing, kitty cat,” she said as she reached over to ruffle his hair. “Last one to the top of the tower is Hawk Moth!” She shouted as she sprung up, casting her yoyo up through the beams and reeling herself up.
“Hey, no fair!” He shouted from below her. She could hear the sound of his baton extending. “You got a head start, that’s cheating!”
She wasn’t happy.
Not yet.
But standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, watching the sun set over her city - and it was her city, their city - there was a small sense of peace.
Not enough.
But something.
I wake up and I'm not so mad at Twitter now
Livin' sucks but it's suckin' just a little now
And I don't wanna cry no more
So I set my bar real low
Art club was exuberant today, music blasting from a speaker one of the other club members had brought in. Marinette nodded her head to the beat as she worked, painting instead of sketching today.
“Hey, Mari, think fast!” Marc shouted.
Marinette turned quickly, just fast enough to catch a wet paint brush to the chest.
Thank God for art smocks.
“Marc!” She snapped, glaring at the other boy.
“Oooooo, Marc, you’re screwed,” Alya laughed behind her hand, backing away from the staring contest happening between the two students.
“Marc,” she said, her voice much gentler than before. “Can I have a hug?” She asked the question with boundless innocence and a predatory smile.
“Mari, wait, I’m sorry-” Marc pleaded, backing away.
“Awe, c’mon Marc, let Mari give you a hug,” Nathaniel said from across the room, not glancing up from his sketchbook.
“Nathaniel! You’re not even going to help me? Mari, wait, don’t-”
Marinette grinned as she wrapped Marc up in a huge hug, breaking into giggles when he hugged her back despite his words.
“You’re such a good hugger, Mari, I can’t resist!” He cried out melodramatically, slightly raising her up off the floor.
“You brought this upon yourself!” She howled playfully as they pulled away from each other, revealing matching Rorschach tests on their art smocks.
“You two are ridiculous,” Alix muttered from her art station.
She wasn’t happy, not yet.
But standing there, covered with paint and laughing with her friends, there was something akin to happiness.
I'm a-okay, I'm a-okay (ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah)
You say it but you just don't mean it
You're so insane, you're so insane (ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah)
Shut up and just enjoy this feelin'
Maman and Papa packed a slice of cheesecake for me today
Kim and Alix had a race and I won
I had enough energy to clean my room
It had become a habit, she realized one day as stared down at the bold writing in dark ink.
It started with noting what she was happy about in her head, which turned into writing it down at the end of the day. Then she started carrying around post-it notes and jotting down the happy as the day went on.
Then she realized she was accumulating a lot of paper with happy thoughts.
“Purrincess, how are you today?” Came the voice of her partner from the skylight.
“I’m okay, Chat, how are-”
“Are you sure?” He interrupted her greeting, forcing her to look up from the fabric she was sorting. A trip to the fabric store had yielded many happy things - bolts of beautiful fabric, rows and rows of color sorted beads that were soothing to put her hands in, a pair of new sewing scissors since her old pair was too dull-
“Why do you ask?” She said when she realized the silence had been dragging on too long.
“It’s just- you give me the same answer all the time. You always say you’re okay, but I don’t think you mean it, Marinette,” he explained as he sat down on her chaise, his tail whipping agitatedly behind him.
Her heart ached a little just looking at him. Her kitty, concerned for her, in and out of the mask. His weekly visits had become routine for them, but he had never said something like this.
“I was lying to you Chat,” his head shot up to look at her, “before.”
“Before?” He inquired. “And this time?”
“I am okay,” she smiled, running her hands over the silky bolt of fabric in her lap. “I’m not great. I’m not even good. But I’m okay.”
“What can I do to make you feel great?” He asked, leaping to his feet. “I can go grab ice cream? Oh! Or we could go to the Eiffel Tower? Views like you’ve never seen before, Princess, I can promise you that-”
“Chat!” She interrupted him this time, waving her hands. “There’s nothing you can do.” She backtracked quickly when his face fell. “W-wait, no, I mean- Chat, I mean that none of those things are gonna make me feel great. It’s very sweet of you, and I appreciate it, but being okay is leagues better than how I felt a couple weeks ago. I feel okay feeling okay,” she explained, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.
“I’m not happy,” she smiled. “But I’m way less sad.”
Don't you love it, don't you love it?
No, I ain't happy yet
But I'm way less sad
Don't you love it, don't you love it?
No, I ain't happy yet (happy yet)
But I'm way less sad
“Luka!” She waved excitedly from across the street as she spotted the boy.
“Marinette!” He glanced both ways across the intersection before biking over to her. “How are you?”
“I’m okay,” she breathed as she wrapped him in a hug, using one hand on the handlebars to steady the bike. “Thanks for meeting me.”
“Of course, your text had me really worried,” he said as he offered her a pink bike helmet. “You wanna go sit in the park?”
“Yeah,” she smiled, clicking the straps on the helmet into place. Two hands around his waist, she hummed softly to herself as he took off in the direction of the park. When they sat on a park bench, Marinette turned to him, wringing her hands in her lap nervously.
“Mari? What’s wrong?”
“Luka …” she paused as he covered her hand with his, the soothing gesture calming her.
“You can tell me anything, Marinette,” he said.
I wish.
“I- I can’t. There are things I can’t tell you. There are secrets in my life that mean I’m going to ditch dates, or be late to class, or disappoint you or my parents or-”
“Marinette,” he interrupted gently.
“Right,” she nodded to herself. “The point, Luka, is that I really like you. I still like Adrien. That’s confusing, to like the two of you at the same time. I don’t know what to do about it. But I do know that I want to be honest with you. And, speaking honestly, I have secrets. Secrets I might never be able to tell you.” She lifted her gaze from her lap, meeting his eyes.
“Luka, I can promise you that I’m not cheating on you when I run from our dates. I’ll stop telling you lies about where I’m going, if you don’t ask. One day I’ll be able to explain everything, and you’ll understand, I know you will, but I need you to trust me until then. And I know that’s impossible to ask of you, but I just wanted to clear the air so maybe we can be friends and-”
“Marinette,” he hummed, smiling at her. “Thank you. For telling me as much of the truth as you can. I can’t say I like this answer,” she held her breath, “and I can’t say I understand. But I appreciate it. I still really like you, and I want you to be happy.”
“I … I want to be joyful,” she whispered, drowning in his deep blue gaze.
He smiled, and it was blinding.
“Joyful it is, then.”
I may wrong, I may be wrong
It's stupid but it's all I have
Don't you love it, don't you love it?
No, I ain't happy yet
But I'm way less sad
She ended up taping the sheets of happy onto her walls. They replaced the photos of Adrien, the ones cut from magazines, the ones he was forced to smile in.
Shots of her friends still covered her cork board, accompanied by slips of paper, proof of her happiness.
Alya’s picture - my friend, who knows everything, and loves me anyway.
Nino - the best music mix for everything.
Luka - the kindest person I know, who listens and tries to understand, trusting with blind faith.
Rose, Juleka, Mylene, Ivan, Nathaniel, Marc - everyone had slips of paper next to their pictures.
Except Adrien.
She couldn’t think of anything from the past several months that made her happy - did she even know him at all? Were they even friends?
Well, I can't fall asleep and I'm losin' my mind
'Cause it's half-past three and my brain's on fire
I've been countin' sheep but the sheep all died
And I'm tryin' too hard but I can't not try
The thought kept her up, forcing her to toss and turn in bed as the moonlight filtered in through her skylight.
She kept analyzing his expression, the angle of his lips. Was he sad? Was it a trick of the light or her mind? He hadn’t looked that bad on Friday.
Did he?
His expression still haunted her the next morning. When Marinette saw Adrien milling about the courtyard before class started, she thrust a box of pastries at him. “Eat before you make me cry,” she instructed before blushing at her own forwardness.
“Uhhh, Mari-” He tried to interrupt, gently pushing the box towards her.
“No talking. Eat. Now, please,” she demanded, popping the top off the box. “You like croissants right? And croquembouche?”
“Well yeah, but-” Marinette huffed, snatching a croissant from the box and shoving it in his mouth.
And then promptly flushing all shades of red at once.
“Okay class I go- you class- bakery see class- bye!” She finally shouted, sprinting away empty handed.
Well, that could have gone better.
When Adrien entered the classroom with the box still in his hands and a huge smile on his face, she couldn’t find it in herself to be embarrassed anymore.
Well, I can't fall asleep and I'm losin' my mind
'Cause it's half-past three and my brain's on fire (brain's on fire)
I've been countin' sheep but the sheep all died
And I'm not dead yet, so I guess I'll be alright
The days went on. Collège turned into lycée, and Ladybug and Chat Noir kept fighting akumas. Alya gave her the homework answers when she was up late battling, and she began bringing a box of day-old pastries to share. In return, Alya and Nino brought lunch, and Adrien brought whatever he could sneak. First it was milk, which was quickly vetoed after it congealed in his locker. He resorted to juice soon after, allowing Marinette to stick the individual servings in her lunch box next to an ice pack.
Don't you love it, don't you love it?
No, I ain't happy yet (happy yet)
But I'm way less sad
Don't you love it, don't you love it?
No, I ain't happy yet
But I'm way less sad
Marinette’s walls became covered with pages upon pages of happy. Her mother smiled when she saw them.
I may be wrong (I may be wrong)
I may be wrong (I may be wrong)
It's stupid but it's all I have
Years later, when the walls of her room above the bakery became the walls of her design studio, Marinette smiled at her daughter taking her first steps towards her husband, and thought of her mother’s words from long before.
Don't you love it, don't you love it?
No, I ain't happy yet
“I love you,” she said. To him, to their daughter, to pages on the walls, their home and their city.
But I'm way less sad
Da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da
“Joyful?” he asked.
“Yeah,” she smiled. “Joyful.”
Thank you to my two beta’s for this piece, Annie and Ana! If you want to chat with me about this fic feel free to message me here, and if you want to talk with more people love the show, be sure to join the @miraculousfanworks​ discord!
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flightfoot · a day ago
I really hope that when, at some point, Adrien learns that Nino is Carapace, we get some sort of reaction from him. He knew all the wielders already in Miracle Queen except for Carapace and Rena Rouge, and he apparently didn’t find out who they were judging from Ladybug still trying to keep their identities secret in Optigami, so it’s not a surprise we didn’t get more of a reaction from him at the time.
But come on, Nino’s his best civilian friend! I want to see him smile and cheer at knowing he’s been fighting alongside him!
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lils-writer · a day ago
Random person: Hey I just found this phone, you’re the first on the contact list. Could you tell your friend it has been found?
Nino: Which friend?
Random person: The one whose name is saved with this number.
Nino: Haha oh yeah Dude!
Nino: Yeah, will do!
Nino: Hey Alya, it’s Nino! Some Dude’s found your phone!
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Adrien: Why is Marinette in that tree?
Nino: Alya-
Alya: *putting a hand over Nino's mouth* She likes to be tall
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montese · a day ago
I love Miraculous Ladybug it give me so much brain rottage💘 I have hcs too💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lils-writer · a day ago
Nino, filming: AH!
Adrien: AHHH!
Adrien: Stop, I could have dropped my croissant.
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gaylittleinnkeepers · 2 days ago
[b99/police au]
alya: does anyone have any extra handcuffs?
rose: well, juleka and i-
juleka: *shakes her head*
rose: -wouldn’t know.
nino: *whistles*
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beenwaitingt00long · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Wow that’s { NINO LAHIFFE } ?! I know they have been told they look like { JORDAN FISHER } but I cannot see that. { HE } is a { FIFTEEN-NINETEEN AND MALE } who was born on { DECEMBER 5TH }! Here are some incoming headcannons about him!
Nino loves music and videogames
and alya. he loves alya. that’s his girl and anyone tries to hurt her. they have another thing coming (and yes this makes him a simp for her lol)
he has been best friends with Adrien for as long as he can remember. 
more to be added later
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kittychatnoire · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
okay but the cover for the manga adaptation for The Bubbler is so cute 🥺
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misquotedladybug · 2 days ago
Adrien: You believe me?
Nino: Bro, you're the last good person on this planet. I'd believe cartoon birds helped you get dressed this morning.
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whenthesunrise · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I had nothing to do so I made a Tier List of all the Miraculous characters.
To clarify why the highest category is called "my beloved and wasted potential", I called it that because many of my favorite characters have a lot of potential but it was totally wasted by the writers.
The "the must be protected" section is for characters that I like but are not my favorites, although some of them may very well be in the "wasted potential" category
The "wasted potential" category is for those characters that might have been interesting but were totally wasted, I put them in this category because mostly I'm neutral about them.
The characters that are in the "okay" section are characters that I am mostly neutral for or don't have an opinion about them.
The "meh" category is for those characters that I don't like or find useless and aimless.
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queenofhearts7378 · 2 days ago
Secret Quartet Pride One Shot sequel?
Maybe not the sequel you were expecting, but I could not get this put of my head
Danny picked up first, "Okay KitKat, what could possibly be so important that you panic text us during lunch and then refuse to answer other than a vague keysmash and shocked cat emojis, and then FaceTime us."
Jake's face popped up on the screen, "You're lucky we know the difference between your 'I'm a mess and panicking' texting, and your 'serious emergency' texting….oh."
Nino waved.
"Sup Nino!" Randy greeted, "Where's Adrien?"
Nino snorted and tilted the phone down. Adrien was currently facedown in Nino's lap and making various distressed noises as Nino petted him.
He tilted the phone back up, "It’s not as bad as my dude's making it out to be. He came out to the class today.”
“That’s….good? Bad? WTJ, I don’t know y’all’s class!” Randy threw his hands in the hair, accidentally throwing is phone in the air.
“”Y’all’s.’” Danny repeated.
“Nah it wasn’t bad. Totally valid. Just….” Nino snickered, “Embarrassing for him.”
“So what happened?”
“Madame Bustier had stepped out for a little bit, and we were all chatting. And we got to talking about superheroes.”
"Ladybug is not the Captain America of Paris."
"Totally is!"
Alya hummed, "I just don't see it? I mean she's totally all for punching nazis and terrorists, Hawkmoth anybody? But personality and power wise?? Nah."
"Marvel or DC?" Nathaniel asked, "Cause if we're talking heroes in general; power and personality wise she's totally Wonder Woman."
"I wonder what superhero I'd be," Alix mused.
"Flash." The whole class said in a once in a lifetime synchronization. 
"Gotta go fast." Nathaniel smirked at her and she threw a paper ball at him.
"Max is clearly Iron Man." Kim spoke up, "But he'd be better."
Max tilted his head, "That would be the most probable hero identity going off skill set only. Personality wise however?"
"I'd be Batman." Juleka said, "That'd be awesome."
"An emo everyone has a healthy amount of fear of that's secretly a softie underneath and in love with a cute blonde." Alix nodded. "I can see it."
"Are you implying Rose is Catwoman?"
"If anyone in here is Catwoman, it's Marinette." Alya said, ignoring said girl's splutters.
"That's legit….I'd totally be a Ninja Turtle." Nino said.
Half the class booed at him.
"Stick to Marvel or DC!" Alya tossed her pencil at him.
He caught it laughing, "Fine! I'd be Hawkeye. Dude doesn't get enough respect in the hero biz."
He turned to Adrien, who was focusing on finishing up some homework. "Bro what about you? Who'd you be?"
Alya snorted at the ready-to-go answer, "Spider-Man seriously? Why?"
"I swing both ways like him."
Adrien didn't notice the class go dead quiet after that as he finished the last few problems. Then he froze.
"I didn't mean to say that out loud." He breathed to himself, though everyone could hear it in the silence.
Adrien groaned into Nino's lap again. Danny was absolutely losing it on his screen.
"Are you telling me-" Jake snickered, "Are you telling me you came out early to your class, because you couldn't resist making a pun?"
Adrien just groaned again.
"How'd the rest of the class take it?"
"Bout the same as you guys." Nino said with a grin.
Alix was the first one to absolutely lose it, Kim following her seconds later.
Rose squealed, "Bi buddies! We finally have five! It rhymes now!"
"That was an embarrassing way to come out to us." Chloe sniffed, "Thought you'd do one of your little heartfelt speeches."
Alya had a hand over her mouth trying to hide her laughter while Marinette just looked like her soul left her body.
Nino was snickering, but he pulled Adrien into a one armed hug, "Bro, you're so valid. But you doing okay?"
"That wasn't how I wanted to come out to you guys!" Adrien whined, tucking himself into Nino's side.
Mylene took pity on him and said, "It's okay Adrien! We're glad you're comfortable enough with us to be yourself!"
Alya controlled herself enough to ask, "Wait, how did you want to come out to us?"
Adrien flushed, "I was just gonna put 'It's me:' in the class chat followed by a pic of the bisexual flag."
That set everybody off laughing like crazy again. Alya shrieked with laughter while Matinette's head hit her desk with a quiet thunk. Alix had slid from her chair and was laying flat on the floor as she howled with laughter.
Mrs. Bustier finally came back only to find her class in absolute hysterics.
"Adrien, buddy," Randy snickered, "You dumb cat that was how you came out to us!"
"So I knew it worked."
Nino ruffled his hair, "It's alright. We know you're a hot mess and we love you anyways."
Adrien sat up just to hit him with a pillow.
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