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#pietro maximoff
minx24starfleet · 51 minutes ago
Genesis- Chapter 8
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: Violence, Blood, John walker in episode 4 in general, Flash back attack. slight panic attack. TRIGGER WARNING. STAY SAFE MY LOVES.
Genesis’ POV:
“Ah! How did you find us now?” James called out to Walmart Cap and his friend, I did what I usually do…ignore everyone and think about absolutely nothing. ‘It’s the little things’ how long do I have to pretend like I didn’t know what it meant.
Of course I knew what it meant, I felt it’s meaning in Madripoor when all he did was hold my fingers for a second, when I hugged him because I felt I couldn’t help him, when zemo came and he stayed with me when I tried to collect my thoughts, when he listened to me when I talked about sokovia, when we danced, when my powers slipped out without control, the amount of comfort his voice brings to me without realizing and when he beat those men up in Madripoor that was…let’s not talk about that.
I focused back into the conversation without making a conclusion, I didn’t want to. “Oi! Jesus your seeping testosterone is giving me brain cancer” I complained to Walker.
“Who the hell are you?” he asked looking at me.
“Who the hell are you?” I countered back at him.
“I’m captain America.” he announced puffing out his chest, narcissistic arrogance, hero complex, definite ass.
I started laughing at his arrogant response I looked at his partner who had a smile on his face “sorry I lost you at “I’m”.” I laughed making the other men chuckle, what can I say, I like intimidating and humiliating narcissists “you.” I pointed at his partner “I like you, I’m Genesis Reign.” I introduced myself to him holding my hand out to him which he took.
“You’re part of the BAU, you worked on the Anthrax case with the Military right?” I nodded at him with a smile “I’m Lemar Hoskins.” I nodded shaking his hand.
That’s when pain shot through my back, I stumbled back and clashed with James’ chest “you good?” he looked down at me.
“Yeah, just used my wings too much after a long ass time” I explained and both men nodded.
“Girl, you got wings?” Lemar asked with wide eyes, while walker looked at me with a bewildered expression, I nodded.
“They’re organic unlike Sam, they’re a part of my body, like they come out on command.” I explained.
“Dope.” he announced in awe.
“Walker, I like your partner more than you.” I told him who rolled his eyes as we followed the little girl zemo asked us to follow.
Nice, bribing a kid, great morals.
“Karli's in there.”
“All right.” Sam told to no one in particular as he entered the building as Walker warned him about the time as he secured the criminal.
“Oh yeah, I have the power to manipulate light and create force field and have dope ass wings.” I explained about my powers to the BattleStar “yeah like the energy flows from my body to the target of interest, not like Wanda’s which can flow directly to the target.” I explained to the man in awe.
“Uh-uh. No, no, no. This is a bad idea.” John walker complained and I moved from Lemar, the cooler one to James, taking his side against walker.
“It hasn't been ten minutes, John. Just sit tight.” James reasoned and I nodded in agreement.
“Don't do that. Don't patronize me.” Gosh he’s exhausting.
“He knows what he's doing.” I butted in.
“I'm goin' in.” he spoke after a minute making me roll my eyes and let my powers flow to stop him.
“This is all really easy for you, isn't it? All that power runnin' through your veins. Reign, your partner needs backup in there. Do you really want his blood on your hands?” He taunted me.
I closed my eyes, slightly stumbling before I felt James hold on to my arms. Pietro. His blood on my hands. My hands burning when the blood seeped into my fingers, I could feel my hands starting to shake all I could see was him dying in my arms. I could see myself screaming for him to wake up. The first time I felt the dark power take me. All I could focus on was his blood on my hands.
3rd person’s POV
“Genesis?” James called out looking at her Unresponsive state and shaky hands in fear “walker stay the fuck back.” he sneered at him.
“I think she’s having a PTSD episode.” Lemar spoke up from his place pulling walker away from her “calm her down.” he instructed James.
The man pulled the girl away from the men “Genesis, listen to me, you’re here with me right now.” he tried coaxing her not knowing if his touch would help her, and decided against touching her.
“Nes, come back to me, please, Genesis I’m right here.” he pleaded and she finally gasped and clutched his hand to his relief.
“sorry, it’s just what John said-” she started to explain before he heard footsteps and her eyes widened in realization and grabbed his hand pulling him toward the source of the noise to see walker and his partner had walked in, it hadn’t been 10 minutes yet.
Genesis’ POV:
My dumbass let emotions cloud my professionalism…again. And I definitely wasn’t enjoying today, or this shit moment where I’m busting my ass in this maze to find Karli, damn, this place is huge.
I regrouped with Sam in one of the basements and bent over to take a breather before gun shots went off making us run towards the sound only to see zemo knocked out and John walker standing over him with the shield in hand, the look in his eyes, they weren’t pure, they didn’t have a good motive, he was close to a psychotic break, he was going to do anything to do the things Steve did to make himself the hero he was hungry for but he will go insane in the process, I’ve profiled enough Unsubs in 5 years to know what looks mean what. I don’t like this.
Soon James joined us, for some reason I couldn’t look at him, how could I? He saw me break, man my entire personality was based on not having emotions and my bullshit school girl crush is getting in the way.
“Were you ever offered it?” Zemo asked Sam while he was texting Sharon.
“The serum.” I sighed and laid my head on the table over my crossed arms “No.”
“If you had been, hypothetically, that is, would you have taken it?” he pressed on making me want to throw something on his face “No.” Sam knew his shit and this man is so annoying.
“No hesitation. That's impressive. Sam, you can't hold out hope for Karli. No matter what you saw in her, she's gone. And we cannot allow that she and her acolytes become yet another faction of gods amongst real people. Super Soldiers cannot be allowed to exist.” Zemo spoke up sitting on the couch.
“Isn't that how gods talk? And if that's how you feel, what about Bucky? Blood isn't always the solution.” Sam Retorted.
“Something's not right about Walker.” James announced walking in and I immediately closed my eyes.
“You don't say.” Sam Chuckled
“Well, I know a crazy when I see one. Because I am crazy.” He stated making me laugh weakly.
“Ding, ding, ding, Sergeant Barnes and Noble.” I shook my hands in victory making him jump in surprise and Sam started laughing “I may have profiled him and he’s on the brink of losing his shit.” I added and the two men went back into talking about the shield making me shake my head just then the door opened, Lemar and Walker walked in. ha. Walker walked in. Jesus I need a break, I moved towards the cabinet and poured myself a drink’
“Agent Reign? Are you Okay?” Lemar asked looking over me I smiled at him, at least he had a functioning brain cell.
“Peachy, Thanks Lemar. See walker, this is why I like him.” I smiled.
“All right. That's it. Let's go. I'm now ordering you to turn him over.” he’s so not okay.
Sam walked over to him “Hey, slow your roll. And let's be clear, shield or no shield, the only thing you're runnin' in here is your mouth. Now, I had Karli and you overstepped. He's actually proven himself useful today. We're gonna need all hands on deck for whatever's comin' next.” He reasoned Walker just scoffed and I looked at James and rolled my eyes.
“How do you want the rest of this conversation to go Sam, huh? Yeah, Should I put down the shield? Make it fair?” he questioned and put his shield down. Girl, grab it and make a run for it. Ayo. The Dora walked in stating something to James and requested us to hand zemo over. With pleasure.
“Hi. John Walker. Captain America. Well, let's, uh, put down the pointy sticks and we can talk this through, huh?” oh dear god.
“Hey, John, take it easy. You might wanna fight terminator here before you tangle with the Dora Milaje.” I warned chuckling.
“The Dora Milaje don't have jurisdiction here...” he turned to look at them.
“The Dora Milaje have jurisdiction wherever the Dora Milaje find themselves to be.” So badass.
“Okay. Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot.” Damn his need to be in control.
Shit went down! I poured another drink looking at John and Lemar trying to fight the Dora….try to.
“We should do something.” Sam muttered to us.
“Looking strong, John.” James called out making me laugh.
“See Handy Helper this is exactly the reason I’m not straight.” I laughed at him as he chuckled in response.
“Bucky, Gen...” Sam warned making me sigh and put down my drink.
I turned to look at one Dora and nod at her. Sparring time, we fought, she taught me her moves while I did the same, I even showed her my powers, so cool am I right? She put me down and lent her hand immediately and thanked her for showing me a few tricks while she did the same, I looked at James as he tried to talk to Ayo.
Holy Shit! She…she…disarmed him! I ran to his side picking up the arm and handing it to him “holy shit Barnes! She disarmed you!” I exclaimed and he gave me an unimpressed look while he put the arm on.
Yup. Its official, I have a thing for the arm.
“He is gone. Leave it.” Ayo ordered opening the bathroom. Fuck. Zemo.
“You all right, man?” Lemar asked as I walked over to them.
“They weren't even Super Soldiers.” Walker muttered disappointed, I looked at him as Lemar helped him stand up.
“None of us stood a chance walker, they’re the Dora fucking Milaje, and they’ve been training as guardians of wakanda for all their lives. James is a super soldier and he got royally fucked, don’t dwell on it.” I reassured receiving a nod of gratitude from Lemar “Come on.” They walked out.
I didn’t want him to break, because if he does…he’ll be a danger to god knows who, he was trying really hard to reach the expectations he isn’t ready to reach.
“I can't believe he pulled an El Chapo.” Sam muttered looking at the empty bathroom.
“I can.” I announced looking at them as I joined them.
“Come on.”
“She said what? Right. Hold on, hold on. I know, I know. Listen, pack an overnight bag and take the boys.” Sam instructed to his sister, the fuck?
“What happened?” James asked him while I waited for Sam to talk.
“Karli called Sarah. She threatened my nephews.” He explained making me take a deep breath, she isn’t the one to do this.
“Okay. Go somewhere safe. Only pay cash. All right? Let me know when you get there. I know. Look, I love you. I'll never let anything happen to you and the boys, you know that. Okay. Bye.” Sam assured his sister before hanging up.
“Karli wants to meet. She left a contact number. She said come alone.”
“We’re coming with you.” I stated as we walked.
“Karli! You called my sister? That's how we're gonna play this?” Sam called out in anger, I looked at James, he saw how uneasy I felt and nodded at me, I conjured my wings and flew out to check the perimeter.
“Hey, Sam, new Cap is moving, looks like he's found them, or maybe they found him.” Sharon spoke up, crap.
I managed to knock out a few of Karli’s followers and moved to Sam who I spotted and kept eyes on his six that’s when I saw Walker throw a man down the stairs and take another man and bent the metal pipe which was used as a weapon. No. Fuck.
Steve told me, He told me the serum not only enhances your body but also enhances who you are. Who is Walker…really?
“What'd you do?” I looked at him who met my eyes. He really did it.
“They've got Lemar.” He simply said that and walked away to save his friend while me and same followed him we all went our own way around the large room trying to stop as many Flag smashers as we could I used my dagger to slightly harm then and my powers to keep them down.
Lemar came running in when he saw Karli running towards Walker, I got distracted. Ah fuck. I groaned when I saw I knife lodged in my bicep “fuck!” I yelled out trying to pull it out. Lemar. I watched Karli throw him on a pillar.
I was too late.
A/N: RIP Lemar, you deserved better.
Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at the scene and walker immediately rushed towards Lemar.
I was too late.
I saw Karli and the others run out and I ran out trying to escape what I saw and to find Karli, I conjured my wings and flew out trying to find someone.
Oh fuck…that was the stressor.
No, I left walker alone.
I could hear people gasping and yelling and screaming, and I immediately flew there hoping it wasn’t what I thought it was.
I was too late.
That man was already dead.
Killed by Captain America.
I immediately pulled my wings in when I hit the ground when something in me…Snapped, I couldn’t move, or take my eyes off the bloody sight in front of me.
I was too late, to save that man, to save Lemar, to save Walker. I shouldn’t have left him alone, I should’ve used my powers, what was-
The whole world was watching.
3rd Person’s POV:
James Barnes stood there horrified at the sight, he stood there and watched his Best friend, his brother’s legacy fall and crumple before his own eyes. And if that wasn’t scary for him, he looked to his side to see Genesis Reign, motionless, unresponsive and her shaky hands emitted obsidian mist, he immediately moved in front of her guarding her from the scene in front of her, yet she hadn’t acknowledged his presence, he was ridden with fear, not in fear of her, but the fear of what was happening to her.
“Genesis.” he gnawed at his lips when she still gave no response “Genesis, Look at Me.” he said more sternly making her focus on him “that’s it, just me, just us.” he whispered cupping her cheek.
He wouldn’t show it, but he knew that look, he’s had that on him a lot, He wouldn’t show it but the pain he felt every time he looked at her break was unimaginable, he knew now, he knew now he would show that he loved her, he would show, he cared, and he would show that he was there.
“We have to take Walker.” she mumbled to him as soon as she was brought back to reality.
“Then let’s do it.” he nodded after debating with himself weather to bring her along, pulling her along and nodded at Sam that they were ready to go.
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2manytabsopen · 3 hours ago
Hey there! Could I please get a ship for marvel?
I'm a straight female, 20, I'm 5'9 and I have long wavy black hair and brown eyes! I'm a ravenclaw and a Taurus. My mbti is infp and my enneagram is 4w3!
It takes me a while to feel comfortable around new people but once I do, I become really talkative and outgoing. I love reading, my favorite genres are fantasy and poetry. I daydream quite a lot and I'm a bit of a flirt and a hopeless romantic! I adore adventures, witty and playful banter, joking around and having discussions on different topics!
I love helping out and people come to me to vent or for advice and comfort. I also love learning about new things and I've always got excellent grades without really trying. I can be quite dramatic and stubborn and I tend to be withdrawn at times. I get frustrated easily and I'm quietly competitive.
Thank you very much for doing this! I hope you have an awesome day 💞
ooh yes a marvel one! one ship coming right up :D so sorry this took forever anon, I hope you like this
I need you to know my head (in order) went Bruce, Bucky, Pietro! So Pietro (not the Even Peters one lamo) it is, the more I read the more it clicked so allow me to expand. We all know this man is still secretly a kid at heart, so he'll soak up any and all new information. he may not be the best at sitting still for long periods of times, but he's always more than willing to have a lengthy discussion of whatever is on the top of your mind at any moment. Your discussions have ranged from the most serious of topics like the World Wars, to the most childish of things like the history of Hot Wheels. However when those discussions aren't taking place, it's non stop banter nearly 24/7 (we don't talk about the time Wanda literally had to shut the 2 of you up) the entire Avengers crew has gotten so used to your banter it's like white noise to them now. But on a different note, Pietro has never had the most normal of setting to grow up and have an education in, he takes great pride in how well you do in your studies, even though there have been countless times of you telling him that you don't really put in that much effort, regardless he's constantly in awe of you.
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ackermanbitch · 4 hours ago
Hi, I can try to solve your "wanting to write a marvel fic" problem hehe
Can I request one for Pietro Maximoff x Reader?
Maybe one where (Y/n) is on a mission with the avengers (where Pietro is alive post AOU)
Idk whether you'd rather the reader has powers, or if they're more like black widow or tony stark - it's up to you!
But either way, (Y/n) gets bonked on the head (thinking of that B O N K meme rn) and accidentally sabotages the mission while they're slightly concussed and confused.
All the avengers are like "dang the heck why is (Y/n) messing it up", and then Pietro has to stop (Y/n) from being an idiot inadvertently.
I'm sorry if this is really strange haha I literally just made it up, I don't mind - make it any story as long as it's Pietro x Reader! That is, if you want to write it at all. No pressure, I don't mind at all. Thanks so much if you do decide to write 🥰💞🥰💞
UGH THANK YOU BABE i am obsessed with pietro so i will try not to disappoint
pairing: pietro maximoff x gn!reader
warnings: fighting and mentions of blood, and lots of cursing
also y/n has powers like mantis, empathy and telepathy
y/n sighed, brushing their hands off after putting another hydra agent to sleep. "some of these people really going through it.." they mumbled, stretching their arms up above their head. they took a look around them, the coast being sorta clear. "a break is in ord- JESUS FUCK- O-OW-" the coast was not clear.
a loud ringing noise was all the young hero could hear, black dots flooding their senses. 'am i on the ground? holy fucking shit, that..hurt.' they thought, face first on the ground.
they pushed themselves up, stumbling. "oww.." they whispered, turning around as slow as possible to barely see yet another hydra agent holding a bat.
"who brings a fight the avengers? are you dumb? that's stupid as fuck, coming from someone who just got the living shit knocked out of them. you are an idiot you know that? a dumbass. a fucking dumbass? why a bat?! did your boss think, 'this bitch is too stupid for a gun, i'll give them a bat' that's how dumb you are!"
the agent just stood there, absolutely stunned, raising the bat again.
"(y/n)? (y/n), what the hell are you doing?" tony's voice came through on the comm. they scoffed and took the device out of their ear, tossing it to the side before raising their fist.
"fight me looo....ummmm..loser, yeah fight me loser!, nevermind, give me a second.." they leaned forward, the agent swerving and watching them fall on their face once again.
(y/n) whined, getting on all fours. "OH MY GOD WHAT'S THAT?! TONY STARK?!" they yelled pointing behind the agent. once the dumbass looked, (y/n) grabbed their ankle, pulling them harshly. "now sleep." they said angrily, collapsing back onto their stomach after their opponent passed out.
"alright, my turn for a well deserved nap, goddamn.."
"where's (y/n)?" pietro asked on comms, standing around a pile of unconscious bodies. "dunno, they disconnected after cussing someone out." tony answered nonchalantly.
the white haired speedster sighed, wiping some sweat from his forehead. "she's not far from you, i think she's behind that DMV, i saw an agent go back there so be careful." wanda told him, she had seen the empath about 20 minutes ago.
pietro nodded, running to said location with a worried face and scrunched eyebrows. "love?" he called out in a thick accent, running to the two unconscious people on the ground, one mumbling. "(y/n)?" he asked gently, kneeling next to them. "you're bleeding, cmere.." he mumbled, picking them up.
"p-..mmm..pietro! my head hurts, idiot hit me with a..with a bat. i cant really see." they muttered, reaching around for his face.
he laughed, "youre fine dummy, stark'll fix you, lets go."
"i can feel your worry from here m..mister, calm down." they said quietly before fainting again.
after taking (y/n) to the quinjet, pietro refused to set them down until they got to the compound. wanda held in her laughs for her hopeless romantic brother.
he loved them so much, no matter how clumsy they were.
he sat by (y/n)'s side during every scan, even while helen wrapped their now tender head, bringing them water and food when he could.
"man, that bitch packed a serious swing." (y/n) grumbled, stirring their meds into a smoothie. "would you still like me with a dent in my head pietro?" they asked with puppy eyes, the other young hero sitting on their pillow covered bed.
"of course love." he smiled, kissing the top of their head.
"ow be careful-"
a/n: the end lol, sorry it was 90% reader being dumb and like 10% pietro lmao also sorry i twisted the og request a bit, i kind of started improvising but i hope you liked it!
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you-said-yes · 6 hours ago
ok so basically guess who can't let go of the idea of wanda and pietro singing vienna by billy joel to/with peter as they fight about whether or not peter can go with charles, logan, and hank to the pentagon... and guess who kinda forgets how screenplays work but still wrote one (on literally word with a template so it's not 100% properly formatted) for a situation where that were a scene in a jukebox musical movie...
it's under the cut for those who want to partake in my self indulgence ✊😔
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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icesnaps · 7 hours ago
Avengers with lionfish merman reader
Warnings?: cursing, reference to skinny dipping
Requested?: nope
Spell checked?: nope
A/N: happy mer-may!!! Also this was written over 4 days, I had to stop a lot for reasons, so if it seems disjointed I’m sorry!
•mer-people, the people of the sea!
•they come in all different types! From jellyfish-people to shark-people! Though they all live together as mer-people despite any differences they have!
•you were born to two young mer-people, you were born a merman, a lionfish merman
•due to your lionfish origins you had a shorter tail then most other mer-people, if only by a few inches
• but that was made up by your giant, long and pretty semi-transparent fin, and the fact your tail was a brilliant white with stripes of a electric orange, matching the sharp yet slightly flexible spines on the backside of your tail and on your upper arms
• you grew up deep in the sea, in the underwater kingdom of coranalia, one of six powerful mer-kingdoms
•you grew up hearing tales of the horrible land walkers
•the tales of how land walkers took over parts of the sea and poisoned it with black liquid and transparent objects
•the tales of how they killed sea creatures without a second though
•due to the tales, there was a unspoken rule, don’t go to the surface
•but as you got older, you became curious, was everything said about the land walkers true? Were land walkers even real?!?
• when you turned 16 you decided to risk it all...
• you started sneaking off to visit the surface full well knowing all the risk!
•you made sure to keep to rocks a good distance away from the land
•it was a dance with death, you could be found out at any second, but the thrill made it all the better
•you would sit on the rocks and sing, you would clean your spines, maybe even brush your hair or bask in the sun
•you did it for years, finding beauty in the surface that the rest of your kind hadn’t
•but you also witnessed just how cruel the land walkers could be...
•you saw some of them beating up defenceless creature of both land and sea for no reason!
•you have seen land walkers kill each other for the hell of it... the surface was pretty... but scary as well, but you still liked it!
• when you were 26 you swam to the surface as usual, avoiding any mer-people on your way, you got to your usual rock and took a look around, it was summer, the sun was out
• as a result the beach near by was full
•you put a good bit of effort into staying hidden as you lay down and closed your eyes, basking in the sun
•you didn’t even notice you fell asleep
•but you noticed when you woke up, when you heard a gasp
•your eyes shot open and looked around, you quickly noticed a man with long dark brown hair, black swim shorts and a metal arm, swimming very close to your rock
•his eyes wide with enchantment as he looked you over, and you would be lying if you said he didn’t interest you
•despite that you quickly went on the defence! He was a land Walker after all!
•you lifted your arms to show the deadly spines on them “άδεια!” You yelled
• he lifted his arms, trying to show he meant no harm “I won’t hurt you! Promise”
•you lowered you arms, showing you were backing down
•you couldn’t understand him, but you got the idea from how he was acting, he backed off a bit “ti thes o peripatitís gis?” You asked
• it took him a wile but he recognised the language! You were speaking Greek, you said ‘what do you want land walker?’ Bucky replied calmly “típota, kolýmpi kai eída, íthela na po óti fainótan ómorfos” (nothing, I was swimming and saw you, I wanted to say you were handsome)
•you went read in the face, the sight made the man smile, he had never felt so warm in his Chest!
•you gave the land Walker another look before jumping to the sea, and swimming right up to him, getting a closer look of him
•he didn’t seem like the other land walkers, he seemed nice
•wile he noticed you tail was so pretty and powerful, the orange was hypnotising
•you cupped his face with a hand and looked deeply into his eyes, before giving him a deep kiss
•Bucky was shocked... but not disappointed
•when you pulled away you let out a deep breath “what’s your name?” You said in now perfect English “Bucky...” he replied with a smile
• “I’m (y/n), now pretend we never met land Walker!” You went to swim away but he grabbed your wrist “why?”
•you rolled your eyes “id rather not have a land Walker know about me... god knows what land walkers would do to my kind”
• you tried to pull away “hey! We wouldn’t hurt you... I wouldn’t let them hurt you, please let me show you...”
•and that’s how you ended up living in a giant pool in the avengers tower, the pool was 3 floors deep and took up most of each floor, with only some land on the 3rd floor!
•the avengers each took a wile to get to understand everything, and it takes even longer for you to trust them
•Bucky didn’t quite understand everything but he made a effort to for your sake!!!
•he’s also the one you trust the fastest, he really was living up to protecting you!
•after he gained your trust, you would let him enter your pool freely
•he loves swimming with you! And will join you every chance he gets
•he likes wrapping his arms around your neck and letting you drag him along as you swim
•you end up finding out that being underwater for more then a few seconds sends him into a panic, you later learn this is due to past trauma
•so you don’t take him under water anymore
•he makes a effort to clean your scales, even though you told him you can do it yourself
•he likes the feel of then under his skin
•adding into that, he will only touch you with his human hand! He doesn’t wanna risk hurting you
•he also loves if you steal more kisses from him
•he finds out that mer-people are a lot more open with basically everything Including stuff like sex, love, their bodies and relationships
•if he has a nightmare or a panic attack he will come to you, he will ask you to just hug him
•to just wrap your tail around him and float... it gives his so much comfort
•also you find out through a few of Bruce’s tests that the venom in your spines is powerful enough to effect w super solider
•this doesn’t worry Bucky though! He trusts you
•Steve would be worried for a bit, but as you grow closer he starts to actually trust you a lot
•he would stay out of your pool out of respect, believing you wouldn’t want a land Walker in your water
•instead he would sit by the side of the pool and draw you or your tail
•he found that you were so oddly pretty to draw, it had to be something about being a merman, at least that is what he tells himself
•he would talk for hours with you about your home, and he would offer to take you back if you ever wished
•he loves hearing about all the sea creatures he had never seen, creatures hidden from humans
•if you offer for him to swim with you he would take it with a huge smile, he though you wouldn’t want him in the pool, so he’s overjoyed when you actually ask him to get in
•he’s shocking a bad swimmer, so he kinda clings to you wile in the pool, not that you mind at all
•Tony never believed in stuff like mermaids
•but here you were, a handsome merman swimming in a pool he built for you on request of Bucky
•it took you a wile to trust Tony, mostly because he seemed like the type to kill your fishy-friends for a needless profit
•but as soon as he earned your trust... a awesome friendship was born!!!
•he made fish-sex jokes to you 24/7, and you always responded to them with another fish-sex joke!
• “I’m sure you have bigger fish to fry, but my little-” “don’t finish that one stark” he was cut off by Steve that time-
•he puts effort into making sure the pool is the best it can be for you
•he asks what you want in it, what you need, what you eat and so on
•Tony liked swimming with you to relax after a tough mission, he finds you calm him more then anything
•he enjoys trailing your spines, careful not to Stan himself of course
•Tony 100% would ask to skinny dip with you... and you bit know what that means... agreed... you poor innocent bean-
•the first time he try’s to skinny dip in your pool was funny, you though that all land walkers had shorts/swimming suits as part of their skin, like you did your tail
•so when you saw Tony with no shorts... you though he got skinned or something and panicked!
•when he explained you were chill though, saying “oh, well I’m never wearing clothes, I guess it’s fair”
•Wanda earned your trust quickly, it was a instant connection
•she would watch from the land as you swam in the pool, and you would look up at her through the rippling water
•you didn’t speak much, but the looks you shared spoke enough
•you had full and very important talks with just your eyes
•soon you started singing together, you started it, humming a sweet tune that your mother used to sing
•then she started humming with you
•it soon evolved to actually singing the song rather then just humming it’s melody
•she nicknamed you siren due to your pretty voice! Though you told her sirens did she actually exist, all the tales of sirens were actually just petty mermaids
•Wanda would swim with your every now and then, she was very good at it compared to the rest of the team
•she could swim all the way down to your makeshift bedroom on the 1st floor, the deepest one, though she couldn’t stay long without needing air
•the silver speedster was also quick to gain your trust, you could blame it on his cheeky smile and warm personality
•Pietro couldn’t actually swim, but the dumb ass would jump into the pool just so you would save him
•first time he did this he almost died because you assumed he could swim-
•other then that-
•he will pull you onto the land and carry you around the base... Steve’s face when he saw Pietro giving you a piggyback ride around the living room was priceless-
•he tries to show you all different parts of earth culture, he dose this by running to different places and getting food for you to try from them
•he also gets little trinkets to place on your spines... you now have a tree shaped air freshener handing of one of your spines
•... no you won’t take it off! Pietro gave it to you and now your way to attached to it-
•if he ever needs to slow down, he comes to you, sometimes, just listening to you sing makes him feel worlds better about literally anything
•Clint likes to dip his feet in the pool, but not quite swim, he would rather kick that waves wile having a nice little chat with you about anything you want, even maybe a little flirt added in for spice
•though he will swim if you show him some cool merman moves in the water!!!
•he 100% asks if he can use some of your venom to make his arrows deadlier
•you would also have to show him how to make a antidote just in case though, you trust his aim... just not his ability to not stab himself on a arrow by accident
•Clint would also explains to you how land walkers think of mer-people
•he tells you how your people went from symbols of temptation and lust among sailors... to a little girls dream best friend
•you found it kinda funny, it was cute that many little girls and boys wanted to be with your kind as friends
•it actually gave you a bit of hope for the land walkers
•one day, wile his kids are at the tower due to a incident at their some, they find their way to your pool
• they seen you in the pool and find you to be amazing, a real merman!
• a few hours later clint is looking for his kids, and finds then at the edge of your pool listening to you tell a enchanting story of the magical underwater kingdom you hail from wilt showing off your tail to them
•Clint had to take like 478362 photos of you and his kids bonding-
•his heart couldn’t take the cuteness!
•then you tell them about water safety and he’s even more in love (we Stan water safety on this page)
•he’s sad when he has to take the kids away from you because their sad abs your sad-
•on a completely different note he’s not against skinny dipping, he’s confidant in his body and all, along with finding it comfortable, he just wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, it’s your home after all
•he would love if you showed him underwater combat
•and so would nat!
•she’s quick to gain your trust, after all she’s a good talker
•she asks you to teach her your home language, a slightly off version of Greek mixed with Roman and Egyptian
•in return she teaches you English slang... and how to curse in Russian!!!
•cut to you two having a convo in Russian with Bucky snickering in the background and everyone else scratching their heads
•it’s really funny for those who understand Russian
•back to underwater combat-
•you teach her how to use water to her advantage in a fight
•you show her how to force a air breathing foe to take a breath of water, this often causes them to panic and take in more water and then pass out
•you teach her how to use the fact she can attack from any direction to her advantage
•and lastly you also teach her how to use bubbles as cover
•she’s quite happy with what she learned from you, and is happy to call you a friend!
•she will swim with you every now and then to relax, she likes drifting along the surface, listening to you tell her random things
•also much like Clint she asks for some of your venom!
•but she wished to weaken it enough to be a almost instant knock out drug she can use wile on mission
•Bruce was a bit nervous when you first met because...
•you hated him at first
•he introduced himself as a ‘man of science’, you have heard of these men before, the cruel things they did to poor creatures in labs...
•he was sad that you gave him a death stare anytime he came near you, because of this he never dared ask if he could do harmless experiments on you
• but with time, as he showed that he didn’t want harm to you or the creatures you called friends... you started to warm up to him, if only slightly
•the first time you didn’t give him a death glare he was overjoyed-
•it took a wile but you soon got in friendly terms, I mean a long wile!
•and by friendly terms I mean you would have small chats with him about random things, mostly about your home
•you still took longer to trust him
•so for that period of time he would listen to you talk about all the underwater creatures you grew up with, he loved hearing you talk about them, how fond of them you sounded was sweet!
•the next day he would come back to you with ideas of how to improve their living condition and health in a safe way!
•that’s how he gained your trust fully, after a few times of it happening of course
•when you fully trusted him you invited him into your pool
•he couldn’t swim but he agreed, he clung to your chest as you show him how to swim
•though you have a bit of struggle translating merman swimming to land Walker swimming!
•in the end he can swim a bit!
•he would be very happy if you praise him for a good job-
•Thor had your trust from that beginning, he was sweet, kind and praised you to no end... that being said
•the god of thunder is banned from your pool
•at first when you told him he couldn’t swim he was a bit offended, he looked like a kicked puppy
• but when you explained that thunder and water don’t mix... he was sad but understood
•he would sit by the pool and talk to you
•you two could relate, you both came a more magical and open place then the place you were now
•he already knew of your people, it was common knowledge that mer-people exist to him
• he tried to teach you what he knew of earth customs
•he gave you a lot of pop tarts!
• “I’m going shopping what do you want?” Steve asked, starting to write a shopping list, only to stop at a rhythmic banging of a pool side “pop tarts! Pop tarts! Pop tarts!” You and thor would chant
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kimorrow · 7 hours ago
Me: *finds silver converse with wide black laces up in my closet from when a friend had her quinceñera*
Me: *is also wearing five different shades of blue today*
Me, just now: Oh! Wow, look at that! Quicksilver has dug himself so far into my consciousness that I’ve started to wear outfits inspired by him without even noticing!
My brain: you’re just NOW noticing?!?!
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jadoue1999 · 9 hours ago
The X-Men and the member they lost - Chapter 6
Summary: With a witch threatening the town and Hayward's team trying to stop Wanda, the X-Men only have one goal: to save Peter. Problem is, he's a little hard to catch. *There are references to the fourth chapter of Wanda and the life she deserved, please make sure to have at least read this chapter before reading this one!*
Previous parts: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6,
Chapter 6: Free at last
They quickly left the circus and decided to follow the main road to find the town square. Call it superhero instinct, but all the fights usually took place in wide public space. They alternated between running and walking, had the town always been this big? It didn’t seem that huge on the broadcast. They had quickly drafted up a plan, it wasn’t much. It basically consisted of finding Peter and stopping Wanda. Erik wasn’t sure what they’d find, but he sure hoped his son was alright. The sudden awakening of the town couldn’t just be a change of mind from the redhead. If she really were as determined to keep her world as Charles claimed, there had to be an external force working against her.
They finally arrived at the center of town and noticed a few things. First, Wanda was looking around wildly and second, the citizens were all yelling at her to let them go. Third, the neighbor, Agnes was dressed in some supervillain outfit and was staring at the redhead with greed in her eyes. Oh, and her fingers were stained black for some reason. Erik assumed that the neighbor had probably been the one who freed them. That didn’t really matter, the real question was: where was Peter? He was nowhere to be seen, had Wanda done something to make sure he would stay? The woman suddenly let out a red light and screamed at everyone to leave as it reached the sky. To the team’s surprise, the dome started to come apart. They came to a stop and looked at each other with hesitation.
“Charles, what do we do?” Asked Raven.
“We try to find Peter,” answered the telepath. “I’m worried for his safety.”
As soon as he had said those words, the speedster appeared. He was holding Vision in his arms, who looked quite sick. “Sis, I found your husband,” he told her, “he was close, but I figured I’d cut some time. Oh, and there’s some military people coming.”
Charles and the other gasped in surprise as Peter popped in. Erik couldn’t keep his eyes away from him. His son was there, he was so close. Perhaps he wasn’t too late, perhaps he could break him out of the witch’s spell. An emotional bond that they had formed separately might just be enough to get him free of the mind control. Wait, he was still under her mind control. That didn’t make sense, they all had been released from Wanda’s lies. Why hadn’t he? He observed his son letting go of the woman’s husband. She was distracted, he had to act now. “Peter!” He called out to him. His voice made the young man turn around, or perhaps he was recognizing his own name? Hopefully, it was the latter. He felt relieved as he wrapped his arms around him, the mere fact he had been able to touch him without him speeding off was proof that the control was most definitely chipping away. He squeezed the speedster in his arms, “I’m sorry we didn’t come sooner, we were trapped as well. I know you wanted to tell me yourself, but Raven here spoiled the surprise. It doesn’t change that you’re my son, and I’m glad that you’re alright.” He felt Peter trying to remove himself from the hug, Erik loosened his grip and let his arms fall to the side. They were finally together; he had a shot at happiness once again. His son was there, it would be alright. Erik expected the young man to smile, to hug him back, anything. What he didn’t expect was the look of utter confusion reflected in his eyes. 
Peter frowned and eyed him up and down as if he was a crazy person. “Who are you?” His own son didn’t recognize him. He was still under the spell and quite deep into it as well. There wasn’t even a flicker of recognition. They were too late. Had Wanda truly taken him away the moment he had been in her grasp? But it couldn’t be the end of Peter. They had travelled so far to get him back; he couldn’t be lost. Erik felt his rage building up at the woman. How dare she? She had lost a lot, but she had no right taking away what wasn’t hers. He had done some terrible things in his life, especially during his quest to avenge his family, but he had never gone as far as brainwashing someone to replace what he had lost. 
He tried to grab at whatever metal she was wearing, but she seemed to have shielded herself from his power. No matter, he’d let her know just how much she had messed up. “What have you done to my son?!” Erik raged, his nerves were flaring, and he found slight satisfaction as the woman was taken aback by his outburst. “Release him immediately or I swear you’ll come to regret it!” He could feel her fear and hesitation, she was reconsidering her actions. He had seen that look many times before. Peter was confused, he was probably fighting the control inside his mind. He kept looking at Wanda, his eyes pleading for an explanation. Erik couldn’t do anything about it, so he walked back to the group. He felt so defeated, his future with his son depended entirely on Wanda. And she didn’t seem to want to let him go. Once again, he had lost even more family without having a say in it. “He- he saw right through me,” he croaked as he joined the group. They all looked at him with sympathy in their eyes. Raven gently took his hand and squeezed in an attempt to comfort him. It didn’t do much, but at least the intention was there. Charles was looking off to the distance, probably at Wanda. She was still taking down the barrier, he was probably curious about her powers. Perhaps he was seeing Jean in her place? They all missed home. The metal bender was sucked into a spiral of incoherent thoughts. Wanda was very likely Jean equivalent in this universe. She could manipulate reality itself; she could very well make them forget about their own world just as easy as it had been when they were mind controlled. Except, it was possible it could be permanent. Had she done it to Peter already? Was he beyond saving at this point? “Mom!” A voice echoed through the town square. Erik turned to it and briefly caught Wanda removing herself from his son, probably telling him fake promises. He was shocked as his eyes locked on the twins. They were falling apart. How could this be possible? Their very beings were breaking apart like pieces of a puzzle. They fell to the ground as their feet disappeared, along with their hands that were desperately reaching out to their mother. Vision was disappearing too, but Erik couldn’t look away from the boys. Everything they had seen about them, it was so very human, so real. They were only an illusion? He could see Peter trying to help them, but he himself seemed to be glitching. He was breaking out of the mind control, only to be put under again. Erik’s heart broke every time he saw the realization in the speedster’s face that his nephews were fading away. He hated the renewed horror that showed in his eyes every time the mind control took over him. Wanda panicked as she took in the state of her family; he couldn’t blame her. She bent her back and the dome began to close once again.
The family was now sharing a hug, they all seemed so relieved to be together. Perhaps they really would have to leave without Peter. Military cars and soldiers flocked all around the place brandishing heavy weapons. Wanda and Vision delegated them to Peter and the boys as Agnes threatened Wanda. Where did her hatred even came from? Had Wanda trapped her or was the neighbor pretending the whole time? He didn’t know and that wasn’t what mattered for now. The speedster was talking to the twins, probably explaining them the plan. The metal bender turned to the telepath.
“Charles, what can we do?“
He watched as Peter nodded to Billy who then created a blue orb from his hand. He twisted his arm, and all the soldiers froze in place. The two speedsters held hand and disappeared for a moment. When they came back in sight, the military personnel had either lost their weapon or been knocked out. Tommy was gleaming as Peter handed him a pair of sunglasses and hat, he had most definitely stolen from one of the soldiers. Erik smiled at the scene; the young boy looked as smug as Peter had been when he saved them from the Pentagon’s guards.
“It’s the necklace, “ suddenly interrupted the telepath still staring at the Maximoffs. “The necklace is what’s controlling him.“
“How can you be sure?“ asked Raven, uncertain of the professor’s sudden realization.
“For starter, he’s been wearing it consistently ever since he made his first appearance. Secondly, when Wanda came to see me, I tried to see something that could make her change her mind, one of her regrets and I saw this necklace. And lastly,“ he nodded towards a woman that suddenly gave a strong right hook on Hayward’s jaw. “this woman saw the necklace reprogramming his memory. She probably doesn’t understand why, but she knows it’s important.”
The team didn’t have time to respond to the professor’s claim before Kurt teleported himself close to Peter and the boys. The speedster sped a few feet back as the blue teen tried to grab the jewelry piece. Kurt materialized himself to where he had run to, only to realize that the spot was now empty. Erik watched attentively as they chased each other, Peter always being slightly ahead of the teleporter. The teen was calling to him, trying to explain why he was trying to get to him in the first place, but the man wasn’t listening. He could see the grin he had on his face; it was a game to him. A very hard game to follow for outsiders, but a game, nonetheless.
“I can’t deal with this,” complained Raven as she morphed into a copy of Nightcrawler. Charles and Erik shared a glance before looking back at the various mutants; they could hear Wanda and Agnes fighting in the sky but not much could be understood. The appearance of a second Kurt caught all the Maximoff boys off guard as much as it surprised the actual Kurt. Raven locked eyes with the teleporter and pressed him to act. Unfortunately, the moment it took for her to talk was enough for Peter to tell the younger speedster to take the shapeshifter out of the way as he whispered something to Billy. In a flash, Raven was a small dot far away from the town square and Peter had sped off, once again teasing the teleporter. Kurt always seemed to be less than a second late, just enough time for Peter to always see him coming. After a few minutes, the speedster stopped next to his nephews and stayed in place. That suspicious decision gave Kurt the opportunity to materialize next to him. He gasped in pain as his hand brushed over the necklace but didn’t have time to do anything else as Peter turned to the mini telepath.
“Billy, now!”
A light blue orb emerged from the young boy’s hand and collided with the teen, sending him crashing to the ground a few feet away. Peter high-fived each of his nephew. Erik and Raven, who was fairly close now, quickly rushed to the teleporter’s side, making sure he wasn’t gravely injured. How strong was Wanda’s control? His son hadn’t even hesitated. Had he not realized how Billy, with his untrained powers, could have done a lot more than simply throwing the teleporter away? He wasn’t able to tell him just how dangerous as the sky suddenly glowed red. Fearing for yet another mind control spell, Erik focused on who he was and braced for impact once again. Charles was the one who assured him that no such thing was happening. Wanda was a pulsing ball of energy, the woman she was fighting wasn’t doing anything, too stunned to react. The red cleared out and Wanda was now sporting completely different clothes.
“Guess she really is related to you, one way or another,” teased Raven, referring to the woman’s outfit that was very similar to his, in both color and  structure.
Both women and Vision floated down to the ground, Agnes was wearing a bitter look of defeat. They landed on a patch of grass. Wanda was telling the woman about how she had underestimated her, and she could keep the role she chose. That didn’t really make any sense, but Erik wasn’t really there to care about locals. She changed the woman back into civilian clothing and he tried to not notice the pain in her eyes as she was brought back under the mind control. Wanda shared a sad look with Vision before their children ran up to them, excitedly telling them about how they had chased Kurt. Peter was smiling to himself as he watched the family hugging. Wanda went over to him and linked her arms around him. Erik knew that kind of hugs, that was a goodbye hug. Would she?
“I truly hope you forgive me,” he heard Wanda say.
Yes, she would.
The necklace was gone, his son was back.
“Wanda?” he heard him say. He sounded confused; the redhead wasn’t looking at him. The speedster looked around and his gaze stopped when he spotted them. “Guys, you’re here!”
He was at their sides in an instant, hugging each one of them. Charles was chuckling, Raven was thankful he was back to himself and Kurt tried his best to hug back with how sore he felt. Peter quickly apologized for that. He stopped in front of him, a nervous hand rubbing the back of his neck. “So… I guess you know?”
Erik nodded and quickly took him in his arms as tears threatened to flow. They had done it; his son was free. They could go back home and start to build their relationship. “I’m sorry I didn’t realize any sooner, perhaps you could have avoided this mess.”
Peter shook his head and looked around the place, “it wasn’t as bad as you make out to be. Not after Wanda-“ he cut himself off.
“After Wanda what?” Pressed Erik. He already had an idea of what his son was about to say, but he wanted to hear it from him.
Peter considered his words before anxiously looking and them. “Well, first of all, I’m the one that followed her voice, I wasn’t dragged here or anything. I ended up in some freaky dungeon and Agnes over there got the necklace on me, I suppose it’s because she’s powerless, but now I remember.” He paused his rambling as he watched Wanda walk away with her family. He slowly turned back to the group who were waiting for him to continue. “So, um, Agnes’ spell wasn’t great, I was trapped in my mind and confused as hell. It was super uncomfortable when she was forcing me to question Wanda. Then she freed me.” That took Erik by surprise. He hadn’t thought the woman would have been brave enough to investigate the little imperfections of her world. “We talked a little about… stuff and I told her I had to leave. She broke down and I get it, she’s been through a lot. She, um,” He looked uncomfortably at Erik, who knew where this was going, but was still angry at the fact that it had happened. “She put the necklace back on me. But it wasn’t horrible! I felt like myself, I was just sure that I was her brother and that we grew up together. It wasn’t that bad.”
As much as he wanted to tell him that, yes, it was bad, he decided against it. She had let him go, and luckily without much of a fight. He only hoped that it would stay that way. The red wall that once kept them trapped was retreating, Wanda truly had accepted the consequences of her actions. For a moment, everything was still. There was a strong tingling sensation as reality came back to what it was before it became distorted by Wanda’s magic.
“Aww guys,” teased Peter, “I really liked those ridiculous costumes you were wearing.”
“Says the guy who dressed up in the cheap costume and spiky hair,” snorted Raven. The speedster pulled his tongue at her. “By the way, not sure if blonde suits you.”
He raised an eyebrow at her remark, “what do you mean?”
She motioned him over to a tinted car window and pointed at his reflection, his hair was still glitching between blonde and silver. “see for yourself.”
Peter’s reaction was immediate, he was running in a blur, probably yelling about wanting his old hair back. Erik couldn’t be sure; he was going too fast for anyone to understand what he was saying. Charles was trying to tell him that it would probably stabilize in a minute or two, but he doubted that he was listening. Sure enough, after a few minutes of running, his hair was back to silver and he was standing in front of them, rambling about the tragedy it would have been if his hair would have been stuck blonde forever. Erik smirked at him before looking down at himself and then the others, it was good to be wearing his usual clothing instead of the hideous garments they wore when they were in the circus. Plus, seeing his son back in the silver jacket with the absurd number of zippers after all the costumes he went through during his time on the show was reassuring. Peter was finally back to himself. The nightmare truly was over.
He spotted Wanda walking towards town square with a woman at her side. Erik had hoped she wouldn’t come back, surely no one would forgive her, even though she had freed the town. One good thing didn’t erase all the bad things, that was something he had experienced himself. Peter was jumping from one foot to another, anxiously looking at the redhead.
“Peter, please tell me you’re not seriously considering going back to her,” pleaded Erik. Her family wasn’t with her, they probably had disappeared with the dome. He didn’t want his son to go to her, she might whisk him away once more. Then, there would probably be no finding him again.
“Dad, please,” he begged. “She’s all alone, she needs her brother.”
Erik didn’t know how to respond because Peter had just called him dad for the first time. Luckily, Charles spoke up. “But you are not her brother.”
They could both see the pain and conflict going through the speedster’s mind. He seemed torn between the team and the redhead, who he definitely considered family in both cases. “Wanda… might not be my real sister, but for the time I was here, I truly felt complete. I know for a fact that she did too. She wasn’t able to come to term with Pietro’s death; I have to help her.”
The metal bender understood the sentiment, he truly did, but the whole situation started with Wanda being too grief stricken to control her magic. That’s how she could summon him here in the first place, he had to be careful if he approached her again. They were from two different realities; they were never supposed to meet. “Peter, you are not her Pietro.” He tried to reason him, but he simply shook his head.
“Maybe not, but she’s not my Wendy either. I can’t just leave her alone.” With that, the speedster disappeared and was now at her side. She jumped when he appeared, she seemed ready to leave this place, but Peter had interrupted her plans. Erik turned back to the group with a sigh.
“He needs this talk,” reassured Raven. “He’ll be alright after.” She turned to the professor, “right Charles?”
The telepath didn’t respond, his gaze was focussed on the pair that had now moved to a bench. Erik knew that look; something was going to happen. Whether good or bad, he had yet to decide. So, the group decided to simply look around them, keeping an eye on Peter but still giving him some privacy. After fifteen minutes, the speedster was coming back to them, thing is, he wasn’t alone.
“Hey guy!” yelled Peter, dragging the redhead behind him, “Wanda’s going to stay with us!”
Notes: We are done with Westview! I hope you guys liked this chapter and are ready for some bonding time between Peter and Erik!
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jamesqueerpotter · 9 hours ago
I don’t even know much about marvel, okay, but if Multiverse of Madness doesn’t bring Pietro back somehow then I will write a fic where they do, because that is Rude and Unacceptable.
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incorrectx-menquotes · 10 hours ago
Logan: What’s the plan, are we just supposed to fight stupid with stupid?
Quicksilver: It’s been working for us so far.
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lxdyred · 13 hours ago
IM GONNA CRY YOU GUYSS! Thank YOU so much to all of you!
Thank you so so so much to all of you who have liked, commented, reblogged and followed me! I am very very happy to have made it this far! I know It had been long time without me writing and that I have half written stories.... But really, your support only makes me want to keep writing for you and bring you better stories! You make me want to improve, and that's the best thing of all.
Thank you so much for everything, for the almost 500 followers.
Thank you for giving me a chance!
You are all the best! Again, thank YOU! ❤️
Have all a wonderful day/night, stay safe and remember that you are all awesome and loved! 🥰 Xxx
Ps. #1: out of topic but if by chance any of you needs someone to talk about anything, my DMs are open for everyone! We can be friends!
Ps. #2: Request are still open!!
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kpbooksblog · 13 hours ago
My late night Marvel thoughts
What if Pietro didn’t die in Age of Ultron? What if he was there for Wanda during her grief after everything back to normal when everyone returned after Tony snapped his fingers. How different would have WandaVision been? What if Pietro got stuck inside the fake reality or was helping Darcy, Monica and Jimmy get his sister back? What would of happened if Pietro honestly lived? WandaVision would be different in many ways or maybe not even happen because Wanda hasn’t lost her family and the love of her life. She still has her wonderful twin, Pietro Maximoff by her side to help her through he pain.
Tumblr media
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scarletandsilver · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Why do they tease us like this. It doesn't even mean anything they're just trying to get paid off our nostalgia and they're not even gonna bring him back in like flashbacks or alt universes or anything
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TLDR: Waifu and I discuss Lance being an Earth Bender and we petition Storm to get an avatar style Mohawk.
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fuckyeahdarcylewis · 19 hours ago
Chapters: 1/2 Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Pietro Maximoff Characters: Darcy Lewis, Pietro Maximoff, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff Additional Tags: Darcy Lewis is Tony Stark's Daughter, Alternate Universe - Mutants, Mutant Darcy Lewis, BAMF Darcy Lewis Series: Part 18 of Darcy Lewis Crossover Madness Summary:
Darcy gets kidnapped while Pietro is still working for HYDRA
Darcy works at Arkham Asylum
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