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#marvel one shot
fuckandfluff · 40 minutes ago
Live Wire
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 300ish
Summary: Inspired by the above GIF
(🥵💦), Bucky decides to show you just how dextrous he is.
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI! Dirty talk, degradation, fingering
You usually occupied yourself for the ninety-ish minutes Buck went to soundcheck each afternoon, whether it was with a leisurely stroll to the mall, equipped with his Black Amex, or a self-indulgent treatment at the hotel spa. But today you had decided to drop in on rehearsal and offer up a little bit of support. Bucky and you weren't official but it didn't hurt to show you cared.
Clad in a barely-there sunshine yellow crop top and curve-hugging mini-skirt, you sat cross-legged in the front row of the amphitheatre eagerly waiting for Bucky to get his turn on the kit.
With a flick of his wrists, he could spin the drumsticks so effortlessly. He almost made it look easy. His double stroke rolls were so precise and yet the sounds he curated were messy, harsh, and iconically rock and roll. His large palms gripped the oak drumsticks, bashfully thumping against the high-hat and snapping against the cymbals.
“Ugh babe, so hot. You’re so good with those hands..” You coyly commented, smiling sweetly at him.
“Yeah? C’mere a minute, doll,” he tutted, placing both sticks on the middle tom. You tramped up the stairs and onto the stage, just as you were told. You spread your feet a few scoots apart, arching your back in eager anticipation. Bucky grunted approvingly, both hands creeping up your flimsy skirt as he yanked your hips to hover over his lithe thighs.
“No panties eh baby? What did I say about acting like a slut in public?” his voice low and gravelly. He spat on his index finger and rammed it inside you. You inhaled sharply, barely registering what just happened. He brutally curled his index finger inside you, no mercy for how abrupt he was.
You became a whimpering mess, your moans emitting at a frantic pitch. You fucked yourself up onto his fingers but were met with scorn.
“Nuh uh, baby takes what I give her. Don't be a greedy whore.” he spits out, shoving a second and then third finger into your tight hole.
"Bucky, oh fuck. Fuck," is all you could whine, your velvet walls clenching onto the calloused digits as you felt yourself come completely undone. You could feel the pressure build in your abdomen, felt the stinging rush of arousal radiate throughout your body - so close to release. You preen and blush as he continued thrusting his fingers inside. You felt a little floaty, a little dazed.
The say all good boys go to heaven, but bad boys bring heaven to you.
Thank you so much for reading, my angels!
All other parts can be found here
If you like my silly little stories, add yourself to my taglist here! xoxo
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overwhelmedsupernova · 4 hours ago
Dance again, darling. (Dark! Bucky Barnes)
╔═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗ Hello there! I actually wanted to write a drabble, but it came out a little longer. Honestly I do not like this one pretty much, but I'm always looking out for feedbacks! This way I'm gonna understand if this little one shot came out well or nah. So please, feel free to tell me anything! Thank you so much. xo Words: 1385
Summary: reader is in the wrong place at the wrong time, trying to send some positive vibes. Warnings: non-con touching (slight), obsession, Bucky being unstable, dark fluff (I mean it's not like the reader wants it lol). Minors are not welcome.  ╚═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝
Tumblr media
He had looked at her closely. She reminded him of happiness, freedom of choice, something he no longer possessed. Bucky felt so corrupt inside, so tortured... and then there was you. Pure beauty in his eyes, a joy that was fleeting. It would have been, just because he was the monster who would have taken that happiness away from you. This was the impulse he had when he saw you on the beach, by the sea as you stared at the calm waves with those eyes. Were you excited to see what? Water. Simple, meager waves of the sea that kept flowing to the shore. And then there was you, with that white dress that left so much room for your bare legs. But he didn't care, no, he didn't have room for those thoughts. He had room for that gaze of yours, that gaze so mild and calm, yet so enthusiastic. Happy. Bucky no longer knew what happiness was. She had been stolen from him, but again, had he really had any chance of being happy? No, he didn't believe. He felt more like he was still trapped in that cage, still in the Soldier. He thought that if you stayed with him and he lost control, you wouldn't have a chance. But Bucky wanted that happiness, the same one you had: he wondered if he could steal it from you. No, it was impossible. But maybe, you could have shared it with him? He silently taunted himself, pausing on the side of the road just beyond the beach. 
You could never get close to him, not knowing who he was. But again, why would you need to know? Bucky was still wondering why he didn't reach his car. Go away, never see you again: you were an ordinary person. But you weren't, at the same time. He clenched his fists and looked at you as you stood up. He opened his eyes wide to see you dance. No, it wasn't a joke and you weren't drunk: you were fucking dancing. On the beach, you continued to twirl with a small imperceptible smile on your lips. His chest swelled. Was it for him? Was it a sign of fate? He didn't really believe in this bullshit that much, but if he didn't give himself a chance, then how could he really start over? Take the happiness that was taken from him? Well again, not that he ever had it, but with you it could have been different. He had tried them, really. Some attempts had gone badly with the Winter Soldier, but you looked different. Otherwise, you would have been just another victim on his list. But he would hardly have forgotten that little smile of yours and the way you twirled your hips: that's why he decided to put even more effort into it. - You had returned home after a turbulent day. Lately you felt the need to drop everything, and so you did that day. You took a day off from everything, people, things, commitments. You put on your favorite dress and went to your favorite place. You chuckled at the thought of you dancing absently on the beach - you really hoped no one had seen you, but again, maybe you could have inspired some people to be more positive. There was a need for more positivity, you strongly believed that. You resumed dancing with more irony than before and distracted footsteps, but the smile still adorned your lips. And Bucky, unbeknownst to you, found him even more beautiful than before. He still kept looking at you from outside the window, with a small smile. He knew he had hit the mark. It was not long before exhaustion finally took you: it was enough for you to go to your bed and sleep, still wearing that dress. It was a beautiful day. Little did you know. Bucky was able to enter the tiny apartment without too much difficulty. He frowned almost immediately at the dirt present and the cramped environment in which you forced yourself to live. Things would surely change: Bucky cared little about new times, certain habits would always accompany him. He slowly walked over to the bed, bending over and then sitting down. He ventured further and lay down next to you. He could be able to feel your warm breath on his face as he kept looking at you. He began to trace small circles on his bare arms, then moved his hand directly towards your back. That suit looked gorgeous on you, but that little smile was the best part of his day. Bucky didn't think much about the consequences of his actions, but he knew you could wake up. 
Except, for once, he thought luck was on his side of him. Your lashes fluttered openly and his mouth opened instinctively. Bucky quickly overpowered you, crushing your mouth with his hand and placing his weight on your body. He felt his heart accelerate as he had you right under him: he knew that was where you were meant to be. Always. He had made the right choice. Your tears threatened to fall from your eyes, but he promptly kissed them. He started combing your hair with the hand that had previously caressed you and muttering romantic words.
"You are beautiful."
"I love that little smile of yours, show me again sweetie."
"I want you to be mine."
It was just a handful of all the things she had told you. Meanwhile, you were desperately trying to kick and drag him away, but it was impossible for you. At one point you thought he wasn't human. You focused on his face now that the tears no longer clouded your vision, and you turned pale to see those icy eyes. You knew him. Yes, you had seen it. You saw him when he threatened an entire neighborhood, when he lost control and the Soldier took command. Bucky saw your sudden calm and felt your entire body paralyzed beneath him. He thought he might finally be able to remove his hand, but he regretted it shortly after. "You are the winter soldier..." you whispered. It was almost imperceptible, but being a soldier like him had the advantages of him at times. The blood froze in his veins with shock, but then it began to flow quickly again. The hand that used to carefully comb your hair and try somehow to comfort you now gripped your neck firmly. You desperately fought for oxygen as his anger was now clearly visible. You could also feel it on your skin, on which you would have found bruises the next day. "I'm Bucky. Not that bastard. It's me, a fucking human like you. And you're a cheeky bitch." It was no secret that he was having anger problems recently, but the guilt this time didn't overwhelm him like the other times. Only your desperate nodding made him let go of his neck, but his eyes still threatened you. "S-sorry Bucky!" you quickly apologized, hoping not to make the situation worse. Bucky just stared at you, then gently grabbed your cheek. It was as if he had calmed down in a second, as if you were still dancing on the sand as that gorgeous dress swayed to your movements, risking dangerously to show more of your thighs. "Say my name, again." he commanded in a whisper, focused on your lips. Terror struck you, but it had better be this way... right? "Bucky." you whispered. Your gaze went cold as you felt his hand slide down his thigh as his eyes lingered on your lips. "Again." he commanded again as his hand moved higher and higher, causing you to shiver. You stifled a sob, repeating his name. "I liked you when you were dancing... you were so beautiful." he whispered softly, placing his hand on your panties. You were very sorry for your excitement, but what could you do? It was all organic stuff. It wasn't you, it was his fucking words. You sobbed and cried silently at the thought that the only reason he was there was you: in the wrong place at the wrong time. "You will dance again, but only for me darling. From now on you will live your happiness with me."
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marvellovegalore · 4 hours ago
Hurting you
Chris Evans
Part Une - Loving You
Synopsis: You encounter your lost love Christopher and you talk about how you've broken his heart.
Word Count: 1,954
Author note: This part is the follow-up to my latest write up, which I realise didn't garner much attention, but a second part was requested. Strongly advised to read part one.
Warning: Explicit Language, Mention of Drugs
Tumblr media
Champagne showers your throat, its cool bubbles rippling inside you and all the way down your body. Your hips sway as you make your way through the tightly packed group of people. Laughter surrounds you as you re-join the dancing fray. A green-eyed model grabs you around the waist, his hands grabbing the thin material of your dress. The end of your dress dances over your high-heeled feet, you twist in the model’s arms and sway against him. Your back presses against him and he holds you tighter.
He whispers something in your ear, something or another about leaving with him to ‘fuck’ on the beach. You barely hear it over the music. Your eyes scanning over your friends that are sprawled around the room, all of them dressed in their finest threads. You would have taken him up on the offer, had it not been for the fact that you have been dating a particular Hollywood leading actor. You’d rather not have any outright fight at a party you’re enjoying because of ‘cheating’.
You move away from the model’s tight hold; you can almost hear his sigh. You dance over to a friend who beckons you to come with her to the bar. You gladly follow, reaching the bar takes a few minutes due to the crowd clambering over their drinks. You finally reach the bar; you lounge on the mirrored countertop. The barman approaches you, “Death in the Afternoon.” You wink at him, he smiles politely.
You turn and scan the room your eyes glazing the room, you catch sight of your date, hiding in a nook. He raises a glass to you, and you turn away from him. Drinking the sight of the partying people fills your stomach, many of them can’t help but stare at you, your presence like a diamond in the rough.
And there he is.
Your breath catches in your throat.
His arm draped across the shoulders of a tanned brunette; her eyes unmoving - glued to his. His lips ghost over hers, they way they used to do to your lips; giggles are whispered through her lips. Wearing a full suit with an undone bow tie strung around his neck - he looks like a drunken dream.
You want him.
He hasn’t noticed you. Or is pretending that he hasn’t.
It’s been six months since that night. You barely remember it; you were so intoxicated - on alcohol and Diazepam. An entirely irresponsible mixture, you try to pretend to yourself that you don’t know why you took what you did; but you know why. It was the only way that you had the courage to do what you did. Otherwise, you’d be with—
“One Death in the Afternoon.” The muscular barman places the crystal flute in front of you, you let a smirk grace your lips. If you weren’t in the same room as your date, you’d fuck him. But you’re trying to change.
You turn back in his direction, your friend also spots him, she promises that she’ll do everything to keep you guys apart. Your friends and family were informed of an amicable break-up with tears shed on both sides - by him. The media reported something similar - both PR teams sending well wishes to the other party and asking for privacy for those involved.
You weren’t aware of the amicable breakup until the email was forwarded to you by your PR head. You had blocked his number, but he had blocked you in every other way possible; you won’t pretend that it was unwarranted. Nor will you pretend that it didn’t hurt, but you couldn’t begin to imagine how much he was hurt.
You’ve done worse, but you don’t think you’ve ever done it to someone you actually loved.
You find yourself back in the folie of dancing, your dress billowing around your legs, its silky touch caressing your skin. You catch sight of the tanned brunette entering the dance floor; he’s following her, his hands toying with her waist.
They dance closely, his eyes roaming her body hungrily. You feel like vomiting. This isn’t fair. You close your eyes and knock your head back, willing the horrible sight away. The songs change twice before you open your eyes properly, your eyes immediately lower to where he is. Their lips are locked, their eyes shut off from the party, his hands dance on her arse.
You are most definitely going to throw up.
You rush away from the crowd, attracting concerned gazes, brushing off the offers of help, you finally manage to leave the house. You edge towards the pool and double over, you dry heave over the grass. You will the vomit up, but it is to no avail. You move away from the tennis style grass and make your way through the garden. Your walk leads you to the sea just beyond the expansive garden. The sky is a warm umber, the setting sun barely visible.
You don’t know how long you’ve been stood there, but you feel a presence behind you. You pray it’s not your date - demanding you keep him company.
You turn and feel your heart stop.
He looks beautiful. It’s the most undeniable beauty you’ve ever seen. He makes your heart throb.
Your heart swells, a feeling you’ve only ever felt once blanketing your heart.
“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust someone so much ever again.” His voice is husky, his accent very noticeable. “I couldn’t figure out whether speaking to you would be a good idea, but I really wanted to understand,” he sighs deeply, his fingers whisking out a pack of Marlboros out of his pocket, “even a slither of your psyche.” He lights one cigarette and exhales.
You watch him intently but divert your gaze when he looks at you. “What do you mean?” You whisper. Your courage has left you, and your confidence has set itself on fire.
He nudges the cigarette towards you, “I know you’re more of a vogues girl, but you’re going to have to forgo that right now.” You take the offered cig and pop it in between your lips. It tastes of him somehow and you want to die. “I’ve been fucked up since I left Massachusetts, unbelievably so. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way.” He takes a tremulous breath.
You’re frozen. The cigarette needing to be ashed, he takes it from your fingers. He takes a swift inhalation. “I may have developed a mild dependency on alcohol… and on you. I can’t go to parties without thinking of you. I can’t get out of bed without thinking of you, I can’t breathe — without thinking of you.” His breathing is steady, his words stronger than the wind carried by the sea. You can’t breathe, his words taking the majority of your oxygen, he hands you back the cigarette.
“If I hadn’t done it then, you would have done it first.” You shiver with the cold breeze from the surf. If you could choose between kissing him or dissipating, you would choose to dissipate right into the sand.
His eyes flash across to you, his irises seething with anguish and droplets of anger. “It’s not a race, it never should be.” His hiss cuts across your chest, almost shattering your pearls. “I loved you, like I’ve never loved anyone.” His words make you look at him. The eyes that haunt your dreams are there, right there, less than a step away. The wind brushes his tendrils of golden hair across his face, he looks like a kaleidoscope manifested into flesh. “But I hate you now, in ways I have never hated someone.”
You feel like you’ve been stabbed in the neck.
You can feel a tear slip past your eyelashes, and you almost curse the skies. “That’s fine.” You choke quietly, your voice on the cusp of being drowned by the waves.
“I’ve moved on. I’m happy.” He sighs, he dashes the cigarette stub into the ocean, his hands going back into his pockets. His eyes don’t shift away from yours. “But you haunt me.” He looks away, towards the darkened horizon. “If I could choose between you dying or the Boston bomber - I would choose you.”
Your eyes widen with horror.
You’ve never been confronted with the pain you’ve caused. It’s never bothered you that men would desperately try to tarnish your image in salacious magazines. But this, this hurt you. Finally.
You can’t stop the tears now. You sink into the sand. The water washes against the borders of your legs. You choke a sob back.
“I’m sorry.” Your voice is small and dejected.
“That’s alright.” He’s lit another cigarette. He sits down next to you, offering you a toke. You take it, peaking at him from under your eyelashes.
Looking up at him, you’re met with a longing gaze.
You’re going to wonder forever what’s possessed him, but his lips find yours. They’re the light at the end of the tunnel and following the path to it guarantees his survival.
The embrace is bittersweet, sprinkled with pleasant familiarity. The taste of smoke tendrils dances between your tongues. His fingers swim in your hair, greedily pulling you deeper into his kiss. You want to die in his arms, it would be indeed the heavenliest way to die. You grab his shirt and hold on for dear life, his wine-soaked tongue intoxicating you further. Fireworks explode behind your eyelids and you sink further into him.
He breaks away from the kiss. His eyes riddled with unspoken secrets.
He stands up, his hand extending towards you. Lifting you to your feet and taking your hand in his, he begins to sway with you to the muffled music coming from the house. His hand rests above your bum, comfortably leading you in this dance. You lean your head against his chest, inhaling the smell of cologne and Marlboro Reds. The smell that used to wake you up on holiday weekends. A tear slips from your eye, a manifestation of your longing and your need for him.
Why do hurt people, hurt people?
You recall the day your father left your mother for dead.
“Where’s mum going, daddy?” You look up at the towering figure of your father.
His stern gaze remains on the distressed woman being handcuffed to the gurney. He brushes off your question with a glare embalmed with stone. You gulp and return your stare to your screaming mother; you rush to her, but a paramedic stops you in your tracks. Your mothers begs your father to let her go, her cries echoing around the front garden. Her roses seemingly wilt in sympathy for their weeping creator. She screams and fights against the paramedics, your father doesn’t wait until the doors of the ambulance have been closed before he closes the front door.
You rush to the living room window, standing beyond the curtain with your face pressed against the glass, you watch your mother being driven away.
You’ll never see her again and never know where she took her last breaths; and you’ll be transferred to board at your school. You see your father annually and eventually he leaves you for retirement in South Africa, you’re alone and unloved.
So, you steal hearts so that your own can heal.
Chris breaks your dance, his hypnotising spell diluted by the distance imposed by his now hardened glare. He turns and leaves, his shadow furthering away from your own. You watch in astonishment as he leaves you, cigarette smoke billowing away from his receding figure.
You can’t help the stream that washes your cheekbones.
He’s done the impossible - broke you.
Part 3 - Coming soon.
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demonsandmischief · 5 hours ago
106 (Part 2)
Marvel - A Captain America Imagine
Steve Rogers x Female Reader
800 Words
Here's Part 1
Tumblr media
-Part 2-
The future becomes more certain.
"I am in need of some calm," Steve said, taking a bite of his sandwich. "Space, time travel, losing people I loved, it was all a lot to handle at once."
You sympathized with his confession. "My mom died a few weeks before I blipped, but my dad supposedly got sick while I was gone."
"I'm sorry," he said genuinely. "I can't imagine how that feels."
"I can't imagine what you've seen, what you've gone through," you shook your head. The last few years seemed to be nothing but pain for the world. It was a heavy burden to carry.
"And yet, right now, makes it all seem worth it," he said with a soft whisper, the same slight smile brightening his solemn features.
You could feel your face heat at his sweet words. His deep drawl healing away all of today's problems.
"You said you had a place outside of the city?" Steve asked.
"Just a small apartment. Where do you live?"
He gave a deep sigh, a crooked smile on his face as he soaked you in, "I don't know that I have a place. I crash everywhere. I was on the run after the Sokovia accords, and then I was so busy after."
You knew what he was getting at and you smiled. "You could always stay with me, if you'd like?"
"I'd never want to put you out."
"You wouldn't be. I would enjoy having someone around."
He reached out to run his rough, calloused hand down your face. It was almost like he couldn't believe you were real.
It had been a few weeks. Steve stayed at your place with you. Even for what little work he did have, he didn't stray far.
You still couldn't find a job, and you were quickly eating through your savings and the money your parent's had left you.
The two of you were eating a quiet dinner when Steve spoke up, "If you could live anywhere, where would it be?"
You hummed, swirling your spoon around, "I'd like to have some land, have some animals and a garden or something."
"Sounds like a quiet life," he whispered, and you looked up, wondering where he was getting at. "I thought the guy who wanted all of that went in the ice, but then..."
"Where are you going with this, Steve?" you asked him.
"The government has offered me a pardon for what happened all those years ago, and they're also offering to pay for my retirement."
You reached for his hand across the table and he laced your fingers. "But you don't want to retire, do you?"
"Retirement wouldn't mean I stopped working. I could accept this money, and still do my own thing privately."
You stacked your dishes and carried them to the sink. "That would probably mean giving up the Captain America mantle though."
He shrugged, and you could tell what he was thinking. He had already parted ways with it.
"I want to be more than Captain America," he said it so softly that the clanging of dishes nearly covered it.
He held out his arms and you tucked yourself into his chest.
"You are more than that," you mumbled, rubbing his back. "Especially to me."
He kissed the crown of your head. "We would be set with this money though. It's a very generous amount. We could get that little farm you want."
You pulled away, finding his haunted blue eyes. "Steve..." you whispered.
"I want to buy a home with you."
You reached up to cup his face, "You're so sweet, you know that? But I don't want you accepting the offer because of me. We can figure something else out."
He leaned down to brush his lips with yours, "I don't want to figure anything else out. You're all I want, honey. I mean maybe, later on, I'd like a kid or two." He grinned cheekily.
"Or three," you smiled.
Steve kissed you fiercely, "Or four."
"I'm going to stop you there," you chuckled, kissing his cheek and nuzzling his neck.
Your thoughts started to run with dreams, dreams with Steve and dreams of family. The future had always been uncertain for you, but maybe things could look up.
He gave a wistful sigh, "Besides, I know the perfect man for taking up the mantle. I think I deserve this, the simple life, with you."
"You know I'll support you no matter what. Whatever you choose, it doesn't make you any less of a person."
He rested his head on top of yours, a soft I love you floating from his lips and swelling your heart.
The End
Tags: @bklynxbaby @sammyirwin24
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luminousbarnes · 6 hours ago
ache – b. b.
Tumblr media
summary: no matter what, bucky is always there for you
word count: 455
warnings: angst, hopelessness (?), hurt/comfort, ends w fluff
a/n: i kind of wrote this for myself (so i’m a bit nervous to post this lol) but i hope it helps anyone else out there that might need it, even if it’s in a small way 💕 gif credit to @/buvky
Today… hasn’t been a good day.
One not-so good thing happened after the other and it all became too much. Your thoughts piled in your head, until the weight of them became too heavy to ignore. You’ve hid yourself away in your room, and you sit atop your comforter with your head in your hands.
There’s an ache that settles in your chest, and it grows and grows until it’s unbearable. Tears spill over your lashes and trail down your cheeks, your shoulders shaking with your sobs. You press your first to your mouth in an effort to keep quiet, but your whimpers still escape. 
A few minutes later, the door creaks open and you wipe your face–you hope that you get rid of any evidence that you had been crying.
“You okay?” 
The note of concern in Bucky’s voice makes your heart clench. “Yeah. I’m fine,” you mumble.
He steps further into your room and shuts the door behind him. “Were you… crying?” 
“No,” you shake your head quickly. “No, I wasn’t. I’m okay, Buck.” 
His head tilts to the side, eyes narrowing. “Why don’t I believe that?” 
“I dunno,” you shrug, sniffling. 
“Hey, you know you can talk to me. About anything,” he says softly. Your breath catches in your throat. Bucky walks over and sits next to you, the mattress dipping under his weight. He snakes his arm around your waist and presses a kiss to your temple, letting his lips linger there for a few moments before pulling away. “Talk to me? Please?”
“I just…” A lump forms in your throat. “I feel like nothing matters. That there’s no point to anything. Like–I wish I didn’t exist.” 
Bucky sucks in a breath. “(Y/n),” he says, voice trembling, “don’t talk like that–please. I know that sometimes, it might seem like the easiest option is to give up, but… don’t. You matter. You’re loved, okay?”
You drop your eyes from his. “Bucky…” 
His hands cradle your face and lift it so your gaze is locked with his again, the pads of his thumbs brushing across your cheeks. “I love you. So, so much. You’re practically my whole world, doll. And I’m not so sure what I would do without you.” 
“You really mean that?” you breathe out, tears pricking at your eyes once again. 
He nods, giving you a small smile. “I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t.”
Bucky presses his lips against yours. The kiss is soft and sweet, and it makes butterflies swirl around your stomach. You lean your forehead against his when you pull away, breathless. 
“Thank you. For being here.” 
He bumps his nose against yours. “You don’t need to thank me. I’ll always be here for you.” 
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anastasiastyles · 7 hours ago
A/N- My first time writing for Steve Rogers and I am pretty nervous lol. Anyways I hope you like it. Reblogs are very much appreciated and feel free to drop a request in my inbox if you want to.
Pairings- Dark! Steve Rogers X reader
Warnings- 18+, Toxic relationship, Dub-con, dark themes, implied smut, language, smut, , oral (m receiving) , obsessive behaviour, (Stay away from such guys irl) , horrible writing.
Please don’t proceed if any of the above triggers you.
Summary- After constant fights with Steve and watching your relationship fall apart; you crave solace and find yourself in the arms of a colleague. Too bad Steve decides to visit you at work.
You looked at the time displayed on the taskbar of your laptop and felt a wave of relief wash over you. It was finally time for lunch. Your stomach was rumbling due to hunger. The past few weeks hadn’t been really good. Steve picked the most stupid reasons to be mad at you and it was like everything you did was pissing him off.
You felt horrible and above all insecure. You couldn’t help but wonder if he even loved you anymore. The day before he went all crazy over your best friend being too ‘touchy’ with you. Now you knew Steve was a possessive man and even though you used to pick fights with him over his possessiveness, you loved it.
The only reason you would argue about it was to rile him up and that made you believe one thing that almost all those books and movies had told you- The sex after making your man jealous is the absolute best.
He would pick up small reasons to punish you earlier too but that was different. Getting punished was something your horny ass liked. But now all he did was yell and throw stuff. It was like everything had changed these few weeks. Earlier you would jump out of joy when Steve cam home. Now, a wave of anxiety fell over you every time you heard the sound of front door. Your stomach would churn and knot, heart beat faster as your mind would race to make sure everything was in place, hence giving him no reason to be mad. Steve Rogers on the other hand would still find one.
Earlier you thought he was just stressed. You did have a little idea about what the reason could be though. A few weeks ago Steve was rambling about spending his entire future with you as you both lay in bed, making heat rise up your body as your ears burned and heart fluttered. You never though you would reach to this point. As the conversation went on, you told him you weren’t ready for kids right now. You missed the way his eyes darkened and jaw ticked at that. He didn’t argue with you at that time but did keep pressing the idea of having kids. After starting the discussion about having kids a few more times and having the idea rejected by you, he stopped.
You weren’t sure if his frustration and annoyance towards you came from that but there was a chance that it did. The fact that Steve might be fighting with you due to this reason was only adding to your misery. Because did Steve even loved you if he couldn’t respect your choices. And the worst part of it all was that no matter what Steve did, you would never be able to leave him. You knew it was bad but it was the truth. It scared you sometimes that you would rather live your whole life unhappily with Steve than to not live with him.
“Hey, let’s go for lunch.” Nick, your colleague and good friend said making you turn your eyes up to him.
“Hey, uh yeah let’s go.” You replied, standing up while closing your laptop’s lid and grabbing your stuff.
“You okay?”
“Yeah, I am perfect. Why do you ask?”
“You always look a little off these days. Is everything okay?”
“Yeah Nick, don’t worry. I am perfectly fine.” You tried to convince him, smiling at him. It just felt nice that someone actually cared about you because you hadn’t felt loved in quite some time.
“And you can always, wait, you are listening right. Are you listening?” Nick’s voice broke your chain of thoughts.
“Oh, I am so sorry, I completely zoned out. What were you saying again?”
He walked closer to you as you looked at him. He had beautiful eyes. Three years of knowing each other and you realised how pretty they were just now. You were so lost in his eyes that you didn’t realise he had his hands in yours as he lightly pushed your body down, making you sit in the chair.
As you sat on the chair he stood on his knees in front of you, your small hands still in his large ones.
He sighed and looked down for a few seconds before his eyes found yours once again and he said, “ Listen, you can share anything with me, yeah. I know you are stressed and troubled about something. Is it something I can help with?”
“It’s nothing” your voice came out too meek and low.
“You sure there’s nothing you want to tell me?”
You nodded earning a sigh from him.
“You mean a lot to me, you know. I just, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”
The worry and love in his eyes for you made your heart warm. You wanted to cry. In the three years you have known each other he had always supported and loved you. He had always been there to make you laugh when you were low, always been there to help you and always been with uou when you needed. He was the perfect friend.
“I- um, okay I’ll get this straight. Is it Steve?” He asked.
You looked at him, slightly shocked. He really did know you very well.
“Look, I have seen the way all the blood drains from your face when he calls you these days. And each and every time he calls you, you guys fight. More like he keeps yelling and you tell him to calm down over and over again. And the party last night. Is it him?”
Tears filled your eyes as you nodded.
You stood up from the chair as he too stood from where he sat on the floor. You wrapped your arms around him after a small pause of staring each other. You stood in his arms and whispered, “thank you for always being there for me.” as he stroked your hair.
“Hey , It’s okay. I am here for you. Always.” he kept repeating until you calmed down.
You looked up at him with glazed eyes as he gave you a small smile. His hands came to cup your cheeks.
“I am always here for you.”
You didn’t realise how close you were until you felt Nick’s warm lips over yours. The kiss was soft and so were his lips. You hadn’t been kissed like that in a long time.
You pulled away from each other, his hands still on your face. There was a moment of really uncomfortable silence before you gave him a slight smile and started laughing making him frown a little before breaking into a sweet and joyous laugh.
“I am really sorry to interrupt you guys. I mean, clearly you were both having a great time over there.”
Your whole body went cold as you felt goosebumps rise on your skin. All you could hear for a few seconds was the throbbing of nerves in your ears and your beating heart. You felt like throwing up.
You looked at Nick staring at Steve with hatred.
“Don’t look at me like that. I am not the one fucking someone else’s girlfriend.” Steve said in an eerily calm voice.
“S-Steve I-“
“Don’t worry baby, it’s not your fault these men can’t leave you fucking alone.” He said looking Nick dead in the eye.
Steve approached Nick like a predator approaches its prey.
“She told me how you fucking treat her, alright. It’s you who needs to leave her alone.” Nick said making Steve let out a low, scary chuckle.
Steve walked towards Nick and punched him hard, making him fall down. You let out a cry, muffled by your hands that covered your mouth.
Nick groaned, his bleeding nose in his hands.
“Steve stop.” You yelled as he kicked Nick aggressively making him cry out in pain.
“Steve” You placed your hands on his chest and tried to push him back.
“Steve please.”
“Shut this filthy mouth of yours.”
Steve pushed you away and kicked Nick two more times, the sounds of his grunts, Nick’s pained cries and your begs for Steve to stop filling the room.
You stood in front of Steve to prevent him from hitting Nick. You tried to push him back, your eyes begging him to stop. He took your hands in his and gave you a small smile, an evil one.
“Let’s go sweetheart.” He said taking your hand and leading you out. You looked back at Nick as he groaned in pain.
“Steve we need to get him to the hospital.” You pleaded him, your eyes filled with tears. You never thought Steve was capable of doing something so horrible. To think you were in love with such a man made you sick.
“Steve, Steve we need to-“ He cut you off by placing a finger on your lips.
“Stop it babe. You are making me really mad right now. He won’t die.”
You looked at him shocked and disgusted. You tried to break free from his grip on your hand but it was too tight. He pulled you into the elevator with him and pulled you closer to him. His thumbs stroked your wet cheeks and he proceeded to wipe your tears.
“Stop crying babe. What are people going to think?”
His words made you whimper as tears fell off your cheeks.
He leaned closer to you and whispered in your ear, “Save it for later. Trust me you are going to need your tears.”
He aggressively wiped your cheeks.
You both reached down and his hand found your waist, his grip on you iron tight.
“Don’t do something stupid. You are walking on really thin ice right now.” He whispered in your ear.
He walked smiling as if everything was okay. You, on the other hand were terrified. You felt really bad for Nick. Guilt was eating you. You felt like you would explode. It was all your fault.
You both reached his car and he motioned you to get in. Your body was trembling. He got in too while you did your seatbelt with shaky hands. You thought he would yell at you as soon as you both get in but he didn’t say a word for the first ten minutes of the drive. You looked at him with guilty eyes, still terrified. You didn’t want him to hate you. You would do anything to make him forgive you. Your worry about Nick was all gone now.
“I- I am sorry Steve.”
“You should be.”
“I come to my girlfriend’s office, bringing her favourite order from her favourite restaurant to have lunch with her only to find her fucking some jerk.” He added.
You wanted to say that it was just a kiss but you figured it wasn’t the best thing to say at that time.
He didn’t say anything the rest of the ride home and neither did you. You just looked out of the window, imagining you were somewhere else, anywhere else. You didn’t want the car to stop. You just wanted it to go on and on. Unfortunately you reached home after some time and you felt bile rising up your throat.
“Go in and wait for me in the bedroom, naked and on your knees.”
You opened your mouth to say something but stopped as his tone had left no room for discussion.
You stepped out reluctantly and found it really hard to open the door as the key shook along with your trembling hands.
You got in and went upstairs quickly. You knew that it would only make him madder if you didn’t hurry up. You undressed and sat on the floor on your knees. Steve entered shortly. The sound of his heavy footsteps only scared you further. He passed you and took a seat on the bed behind you. You turned to him. He opened his belt and let it fall on the floor, a clinking sound filling the room. He opened the button of his pants and unzipped it, all the while looking at you.
When he took his dick out and told you to open your mouth you were shocked. This was too easy. You had expected him to punish you, beat you even, but the fact that he just wanted to fuck your throat made you more anxious. It meant you would have to wait for some more time to know what Steve’s actual plan was for you.
You opened your mouth and he gave your throat no time to adjust. He just slammed in making your throat burn. You were chocking around his dick and not in a hot way. Tears were streaming down your cheeks as you clawed his thighs.
“See, your lips are made to be around my dick, not to kiss other men.” He said as his hands gripped your hair tight keeping your head in place.
You needed air. Your head felt heavy. You were gurgling around his dick, desperately slapping his thighs to let him leave you.
His fingers came up to wipe the tears off your face as he said, “You are going to have my child. It’s going to be perfect honey. Trust me.”
He sounded so sincere and genuine that if you weren’t chocking right now, you would have believed him.
He let your hair free and you quickly pulled yourself away from him. You tried to take in as much air as you could as you wheezed and coughed.
After what felt like hours you calmed down a little and started sobbing.
“Don’t cry now baby you need all your strength and courage to make the big decision.”
You looked at him confused. You wanted to ask what he was talking about but your throat didn’t allow you to let out any words.
“Oh I didn’t tell you? My bad. Tomorrow, either you file a harassment report against that office boy or you give a resign. Now I wanted you to do both but you know how generous I am. So I am giving you a choice. Now get on the bed.”
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avengers-goddess · 7 hours ago
tony stark first recruited you when nick fury informed him of your abilities. you could manipulate gravity, making you the most powerful on the team. he set you up with a nice bedroom in the compund next to his, and you settled into avenger life quite quickly. you and tony had always shared a special bond, but you didn't suspect it was more than friends. every night, he'd sit with you in your room and joke about anything and everything. he knew how upset you'd been lately due to your boyfriend of two years dumping you. tony watched as nat and wanda tried their best to comfort you. but each and everytime, they'd come out of your bedroom, explaining to him how they had no luck. that's when he decided to step in. maybe you might listen to him. nat warned him that you didn't look your best and how your room was a mess. he didn't care. as long as he saw you, he didn't care."y/n?" he knocked on the door and sighed when he didn't get an answer. "i'm coming in," he warned and when he entered, he was shocked at the state of your room. clothes were everywhere, empty takeaway wrappers were left on the floor, your mirror was smashed to pieces. even your walls had been dented with holes. when he looked over at you, he felt tears well up in his eyes at the state of you. it looked like you hadn't brushed your hair in months and your top had stains all over it. "oh, baby," he mumbled and approached you carefully. you stuffed your head under the covers, praying that he'd leave so he wouldn't have to see you in this situation.but he didn't. instead, he pulled the covers off your body and smiled softly at you. "p-please tony. i don't w-want you to see me like t-this," you were now sobbing as he stared down at you with sympathy. you didn't want it. not his sympathy. "it's okay to be like this, y/n." "it's not," you wailed and he lay down next to your sobbing figure, wrapping his arm around your body. you were both face to face and you refused to look him in the eye. but he made you. both his hands grabbed your face and he looked deeply into your eyes. "come on, baby. you've got to take a bath and get dressed." you shook your head, instead pulling the cover back over your head. your face fell onto his chest and he felt your tears trickle down his skin. "i'll help you, y/n. come on."you luckily agreed and he patiently waited for your bath to run. he rummaged around for some clean clothes and your hair brush. "i'm going to have to do your hair. is that okay, baby?" "y-yes." tony delicately brushed your hair and tried his hardest not to hurt you, whilst you tried your hardest not to cry. you rarely showed your emotions and now that your ex had broken up with you, they were all coming out. once tony had finished, he tugged at your t-shirt, pulling it off your body. he looked away out of respect when you didn't have a bra on, instead going to check on your bath. when it was ready, he tried his hardest not to stare at your exposed figure, as he helped you get to the bath. you climbed in and he heard you hiss at the water being hot. "w-will you stay? i don't want to be alone." "of course, baby." he scrolled down his phone as you bathed and didn't look up to respect your privacy. "i'm done," he noticed your voice sounded hoarse. grabbing the towel, he wrapped you in it, walking with you back to your bedroom. "you can come back to my room. your's is too messy to stay in." when he got you dressed, you both went back to his bedroom and settled down under the covers. "t-thank you so much, tony. really." he smiled down at you when you nuzzled your head into his chest, kissing the top of your forehead. "i love you," he softly said when he knew you were fast asleep.
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outofplaceoutinspace · 10 hours ago
Brooklyn Baby
Pairing: Steve Rogers x gn!reader
Warnings: mention of violence, one cuss word
Requested: No.
Category: fluff
A/N: A bit short maybe, but I hope you still enjoy!
Tumblr media
He was born there. He grew up there. His whole life has been spent in Brooklyn before he had left to join the army. Steve missed his old home, that's why he frequently visited said borough. Most of the time he went alone, but sometimes you would accompany him. You loved to hear stories about the good old days.
Today was such a day. You and your boyfriend were strolling through the busy streets of Brooklyn, arms linked. He was telling you about his early life and how his mother was known to cook the best meals when he suddenly stopped. „What is it?“ you wondered, not letting go of his arm. „It still exists.“ he said, looking ahead. „What does, love?“ Steve pointed to a side street. „This alley.“ He gently pulled you with him, halting in front of it. „I got beaten up in it once. If it hadn't been for Bucky, it probably would have ended worse.“ He chuckled, but soon realised that you didn't find it as amusing. „Steve...“ You softly twitched at his sleeve. “It's okay, Y/N. Those were still good days. It's not like I've been beaten up everyday. Although I have to admit that it did happen quite often.” You shook your head, chewing on your bottom lip before you looked at him. “And he was a prick, so...” he added, returning the gaze. You sighed. “I guess you never learned when it was best to just run away.” The super soldier tilted his head. “I guess I didn't. But maybe that's what brought me here, to this exact moment.” This planted a small smile on your face. “Maybe.”
You continued your promenade, eventually reaching Brooklyn Bridge. People were rushing past the pair of you when you came to a halt on the bridge itself, the sun already starting to set. “Didn't realise it was so late already.” said Steve, glancing at his watch. “I'm not complaining.” you mumbled, shortly taking a look at the water below before lifting your gaze to admire the sky slowly changing colours. You didn't notice your boyfriend examining you, pure adoration in his eyes. Everyday he wondered how he could possibly be so lucky to have you by his side. He kissed your head, joining you in admiring the sunset.
“Maybe we should just move here.” you said quietly after a while, only for him to hear. The man smiled softly. “That would be great.”
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anonymousfiction211 · 13 hours ago
Loki’s Game: 1
Tumblr media
Summary: You are working at the Avenger compound as a ICT and security specialist. Everyone thinks you are doing a good job, but you procrastinate a lot. You lie effortlessly, or so you think. When no-one other than the God of Lies and Mischief, Loki joins the team. He quickly discovers that you are lying and decides to take advantage of that.
Word Count: 2.498 words
Warnings: No smut in this chapter, but definitely in the upcoming chapters. Overall story warning: dubious consenst, BDSM, forced orgasms, overstimulation, manipulation, angst
A/N: A multiple fic which I started on AO3 and Wattpad. Thougth maybe some of you will like it as well. Next chapters will be sunday.
The alarm of your mobile started to ring. The screen showed it was 08.10 a.m. That leaves 20 minutes to get dressed and go downstairs. Almost finished you thought while typing on your laptop. You typed like your life depended on it. With your work finally finished you put on the clothes you had laid out and quickly brushed your teeth. Why do I always do this to myself? You had a month to make a new security plan, but you started a week before the deadline. The plan wasn’t bad, but it could be more detailed. Now you had to go to Tony and Steve, explaining your not-so-detailed-plan. On top of that, you were tired. You had set an alarm in the middle of the night, just so you had something to show this morning.
How, you did not know, but you made it through your presentation. Steve was supportive. Tony and he decided you could have more time to work out the details. Luckily, the presentation was recorded. When they started to ask questions, you made up answers on the spot. You now had to implement those answers for your next deadline. So, they didn’t figure out that you lied to them. They gave you two weeks. This time, I am going to start on time! Sitting at your desk you were distracted, checking social media, and watching YouTube. Suddenly you got a call from Tony, asking you to come to the living room.
Walking inside you saw that Natasha, Clint, Steve, and Tony were all there. “How is your plan coming together?” Tony asked you. “Fine, it may even be finished before the deadline” you lied. Great, after this you have to get to work. The door opened and Thor walked in. Besides him walked another men you recognized immediately, Loki. “I still think this is a bad idea” Clint said. “I know, but we need him. Thor has vouched for him” Steve commented. Thor had a tense look, Loki was just smirking and looking around. Nobody made eye-contact with him. Tony clapped his hands together “Well.. ehm.. welcome, I guess. I will give you a tour, this is (Y/N) by the way. She will give you security clearance and tell you how to work with Jarvis.” You raised your eyebrow at Tony “What is happening here?”
“Oh, I didn’t tell you. There was some suspicious activity, Loki is here to help. Or so he says. I wanted to tell you, but you were so busy with the new security plan, I didn’t want to disturb you” he said. “Oh, yeah. Super busy, lot of late nights. No problem” you lied. Lots of late nights watching Netflix that was.. you thought.  You saw Loki staring at you. “He will be in the room across yours.” he then turned to Loki “Try not to disturb her, she’s one of my best employees and very busy.” You felt yourself blush at the compliment. Loki’s eyes were still fixed on you. You started to feel bad for Tony, he really thought you had been working hard. You were mentally scolding yourself for being so lazy. I will fix it in the next two weeks.
“Plan is almost finished then?” Natasha asked you. You nodded, not wanting to go into much detail of your not-so-detailed-plan. “Great, I need your help next week, think you’ve got the time?” she asked you. Shit, no.. but well, if I work a few all-nighters I have. Who needs sleep anyway? “Yeah of course, I was just telling that the plan will probably be finished before the deadline” you said. “You sure about that?” Loki said in a dry voice. Everyone just stared at him, nobody had expected him to join the conversation. “Back off, Reindeer Games. She knows what she’s doing” Tony said. Loki’s eyes narrowed at you and you looked away to the ground. Thor seemed to notice his brother staring at you “I will join the tour, shall we go now?” he said to Loki and Tony. With that the three of them left. The rest of the team was still discussing how they were feeling about Loki’s presence.
“Where’s Bruce?” Steve asked. “After his last encounter with Loki, he thought it was best to stay in the lab” Natasha told him. Steve smiled at you “I will check on him. Thor or Tony will bring Loki for the security clearance after the tour, call me if you don’t want to be alone with him.” You watched him leave and then left yourself. You sat back down at your desk and started to work on your secret planning. First you listed everything you needed to get done to finish the security plan. Then you made an overview of your time the next two weeks. I should have told Natasha I didn’t have time. With this planning that meant at least two nights you had to work through. You had to plan them accordingly, so nobody would notice how exhausted you were. Luckily, there were two days most of the team would be away. I hate myself for not starting on time. After your planning, your eye caught the Netflix logo on one of your tabs and you decided that you could watch one episode, before starting your long workday.
You were halfway through the episode. “Busy?” a low voice asked you from behind. You jumped from your chair and quickly closed your laptop. Turning around you saw Loki leaning against the wall in the doorway. His posture was casual and relaxed, but you couldn’t help starting to feel like you were in trouble. He walked towards you and you forgot how to breath. He took a seat in the chair across from yours and put his feet on your desk. He was leaning back slightly. His eyes never left yours. His eyes were a beautiful emerald colour, but the gaze they had made you feel like a deer in headlights. Suddenly, you were very aware that if he decided to kill you, he could with a snap of his finger. “Lost your tongue?” he asked. That’s when you realized that you hadn’t answered his question. “No, I’m not busy. You just startled me, that’s all” you said. Your voice sounded a little higher than you had hoped. You took a deep breath and sat back down in your seat.
Loki smirked at you “But I thought you were extremely busy?”. His voice sounded too innocent for the look he was giving you. “W- well.. I- I am. But I- eh.. I meant.. just knock next time you come here.” you stammered. “That didn’t sound convincing at all” he said. You saw a small glint in his eyes, which appeared immediately. “Thor said I should come here for security clearance, so I could walk freely around the building.” “Yeah right, ehm.. a moment please” you said. You started to type on your computer, entering Loki’s clearance. Feeling more nervous every second that passed. Loki was still staring at you. God, I wished he just looked at something else. You started to type faster and began your explanation of Jarvis to him. He cut you off after one sentence and rolled his eyes. “My brother might not know much about your primitive technology, but I do. No need to explain it, little one” You blushed at the nickname. “S- so eh.. you have now clearance and can walk around freely. If there’s nothing else I can do for you..” you didn’t finish the sentence and motioned at the door.
Loki stood up from his chair. Thank god you thought. However, he didn’t walk towards the door. He walked around your desk and stood right behind you. You felt goosebumps starting to form. “W- what are you doing?” you asked him. Your voice trembled. He put one hand on your shoulders and leaned down. His touch froze your whole body. You felt his breath tickle your earlobe. Fuck, he’s hot. Your breath hitched, you were surprised by your own thought. Where did that come from? You heard Loki chuckle in your ear and the first instinct you had was to jump up from your chair. He didn’t let you and held you firm in place with his hand on your shoulder. He is so much stronger than me. You started to panic, not knowing what to do. You sat as still as possible and stared at your screen. The screen was showing your episode on Netflix. “You are not going to finish” he whispered in your ear. “I wonder what Stark thinks of his model employee, wasting her time, his time, everyone’s time. I was surprised they didn’t notice your lies” he put his other hand also on your other shoulder.
You started to breath faster, unable to make up your mind. Running was not an option, and you were unable to speak a word, let alone form a sentence and tell him to fuck off. The sudden image of Loki bending you over your desk and taking you from behind crossed your mind. What the hell? No, not with him. You kept it a secret that you were extremely attracted to dominant men. You were ashamed of it. It felt demeaning to have a man control you like that. Usually, you had strong will-power and were opinionated. In bed with your former partners, you always were on top or in control. “You know, the soldier told me about your new security plan, he was very impressed with your presentation this morning. Did he know you made everything up on the spot?” You didn’t know how he knew that. You lowered your head, staring at the ground. “No” you whispered. Loki stroked his thumb across your collar bone. You took a deep breath, unable to decide if you were fearful of him or turned on by his touch.
You suddenly felt his tongue against your earlobe, flicking it. He started to kiss softly against the top of your neck. Trailing downwards towards your collar bone. His other hand travelled down to your breast. You forgot how to breath again and felt yourself heat up. I should do something. Get away, tell him to stop. But you didn’t move a muscle or say a word. He was massaging your breast and you felt your upper body lean into his touch. Damn.. you thought. This felt so wrong but also so right. “I think I am going to like my stay here” he hummed against your collar bone. The vibration on your skin sends a shot of arousal to your core. He suddenly grabbed your throat and squeezed it to cut off your breathing. “From now on you do as I tell you. One wrong move and I will expose you to Stark, you got that?” He loosened his grip somewhat, but not enough for you to get air. You started to nod as fast as you could. He laughed “If you try to scream or tell anyone about this you will pay.” He then let go of your throat. “Now, be a good girl and get back to work” he whispered in your ear. You were breathing heavily, trying to process everything that just happened. When you looked behind you, you saw that Loki was already gone.
When you caught your breath, you contemplate your options. If you told someone about it, you surely would be fired. Maybe I can tell Steve? He always has my back. But you also lied to Steve a lot, and he was so impressed by your work. Nope, not an option. Maybe quitting? There was no way you would ever find a job you loved so much and paid so well. Plus, you have gotten quite close with most of the members on the team. I could tell Natasha. She might know a way out. But she would surely ask why you hadn’t castrated Loki, or at least tried, when he started to touch you. You couldn’t admit to her that a part, buried deep within you, liked to be treated that way. I could finish my work, and if Loki tries anything again then tell them. They would believe you over the God of Lies after all. And with your work done, Loki couldn’t show any proof of his accusations. The only other thing you needed to do was to avoid him as much as possible. After this encounter, you didn’t want to know what he would want you to do. Maybe a little… you thought. He is tall, and you could feel his abs through his leather jacket. If you didn’t know anything about him and met him in a club, you definitely would have let him take you home.
Your thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. You snapped your head to see who it was. Thor was standing there. “Are you okay?” he asked. You froze, thinking he had witnessed the whole thing. “I’m fine” you said, hoping he would believe the lie. “Good, Loki likes to scare and play with people. So, I thought I check up on you” he gave you a genuine smile. “Also… I wondered if maybe you would want to have dinner with us tonight?”. You looked at him with a questioning look on your face. “Sorry?” you asked him. Thor started to let his hand go through his hair. His posture changed a bit, he looked more nervous. “Well, bringing Loki here was necessary. But I’m worried about how he will fit in and he needs to. Plus, he will be here a long time. So, I was hoping you would help me with him and maybe get to know him a bit? If he knows someone, he usually lights up.” he gave you a pleading look. “You two actually are very similar in some ways.” he said quickly. “N- not that I mean.. I didn’t mean..” he stammered. “I didn’t mean it as an insult, I just think you two could be friends, that’s all” he sighed. I really don’t have time to spend a whole evening trying to befriend the guy that just made my life hell. I really need to work. You looked at Thor, who was putting on his best puppy eyes. You sighed “Fine, but I have to finish some things for work. So, I cannot make it too late.” Thor grinned widely at you. He walked towards you and engulfed you in a big hug. “Mortal over here, Thor” you said while he was squeezing the tiny amount of air you had in your lungs out. “Thank you Lady (Y/N)!” he boomed. “Just come to his room around six o’clock, I will take care of dinner.”
Thor left your office. Great, tonight is going to be so much fun you thought sarcastically. You turned towards your laptop and opened your document, finally getting to work on your security plan.
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Proposal- Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Characters: Steve Rogers
Warnings: N/A
Request: Anon- Steve Rogers and "I'm falling more in love with you everyday" please 
Word Count: 426
Author: Charlotte
When Steve asked if you’d like to take a walk in the local park, you were more than happy to go. It was a pleasant springtime day and you liked spending time with your boyfriend, so it was a nice idea to get a breath of fresh air.
The local park was beautiful and held some of your favourite memories, especially ones with Steve. Your family had always frequented the park growing up and once you were an adult, you visited it often to spend time out in nature and attempt to relieve some of the pleasant memories of your childhood. You ended up meeting Steve when you had been walking with your headphones on and accidentally walked into his path as he ran, leading to a collision; it was awkward and weird, but it led to him assisting you back to your car and inviting you back to apologise. Many of you dates ended up there and you couldn’t think of anything negative about your time there, past a few scraped knees.
You laced your fingers through Steve’s to give it an excited squeeze as you recognized the area of the park you had wandered into.
“Isn’t this where we met?” You smiled. “I think I remember falling into that dirt.”
“It is,” he whispered, his voice slightly shaky and unable to hold your eye any longer.
“Are you okay?” You questioned.
It was a very rare occurrence to see Steve nervous, he was Captain America after all and although he wasn’t overly confident socially, he was very good at hiding any nerves he had.
He nodded his head taking a deep breath before turning to you. You weren’t certain what was going on or why Steve had decided to stop your walk there, but you were starting to become worried about him as it was very out of character for him.
“You’re worrying me.”
“I’m sorry,” he said softly. “Can I ask you something?”
“Of course, you can, you can ask me anything.”
He took one more deep breath before speaking again.
“I love you with all of my heart and I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to ask you this. I have never doubted that I’ve wanted to ask you this and I’m just falling more in love with you every day,” he smiled warmly, dropping down onto one knee. “Will you marry me?”
You couldn’t contain the joy that built up inside you, all you could do was nod repeatedly and kiss him with all the passion inside of you.
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starshipsofstarlord · 15 hours ago
💕 reader turns into a baby and obsessed with Bucky. Awww 🥺
Infant Issues
Tumblr media
bucky barnes x reader / masterlist
warnings; fluff, morgan definitely being tony’s kid, biting, swearing, spoilers for IW and Endgame, mention of the blip, childish behaviour from adults, terrible humour (I really am sorry), spoiler for WV, mention of age gap, kinda a crossover, an absolute mess 😂
“Morgan?” Bucky frowned, as the girl tried to speed past him. It was not wise for anyone to allow the mischievous child run around the compound alone, she always got up to nothing but trouble, and there was such a glazing in her brown eyes.
She didn’t spare him a glance, instead, she bolted, causing the super soldier to sigh. He would have went after her if there weren’t already footsteps recurring from the path that she had just came from; it was his father. It so happened that there was a bundle of joy in his arms, crying like the sudden crack of dawn.
“What were you going to do, wait another five years to tell everyone about this one, Stark?” Bucky asked with a chuckle, though the cries from the infant muted at the sound of his voice. The child wiggled in Tony’s grasp, trying her utmost to reach out for the vibranium armed hero.
“She’s not my daughter, if she was, I think me and you would be having conversations.” Tony’s words spurred a frown to combust out onto Barnes’ face, and the billionaire sighed, shifting the baby so that the baby was in Bucky’s arms.
The child cooed up at him, her eyes were a baby blue, sure to avert possibly into a different colour once she grew elder. “Look, I didn’t ask if I could hold her, she’s cute, but why do you-“
“Morgan did it.” Tony willingly blamed his own daughter. With her various experimentations, she was definitely taking after him. He’d be sure to keep this one quiet from Pepper, otherwise he was almost certain that he’d be banned from bringing Morgan on expeditions to the compound.
“I though y/n was supposed to be watching her.” Stated the enhanced soldier, cocking his head at the information that he recalled. He promptly remembered you abandoning him half way through training the newbie recruits, because Happy was dropping Morgan off, and you had offered watch over her, despite the associate being there.
“She was, and now you’re going to have to watch over her.” Tony pointed specifically to the child in his arms, and that was when realisation hit Bucky. He gulped, breathing through his nose to calm himself, as all the pieces clicked perfectly together.
This was not just a child - it was you. As he gazed down at you, he could finally see the pouted expression that would fixate upon your face when you paid attention to him when you were drunk, there was a glazing over your eyes as you raised your small and innocent hands, scraping down the stubble of his chin, as you curled further into his arms.
“I am going to kill you.” He steadily spoke, huffing as Sam went to walk past, but stopped himself when he saw the bundle of joy that was content in the brooding soldier’s arms. 
“What the hell! Did you and y/n have a baby or something without telling anyone?” Oh, how he wished those were the circumstances, and if the pair of you were to ever have a child together, then he would be impartial to the idea of doing so.
"This is not my child, it's y/n, thanks to Stark over there." He bounced you in his arms, he even felt a small dribble of spit seep through his shirt, but he didn't mind, not as his icy glare was intently prized upon the philanthropist.
"Hey, it was my daughter's fault, not mine!" Tony excused himself from the blame, holding his palm against his chest, as he received as such. Sam ogled at him for a second, before returning his attention back into Bucky, and little you.
He came forwards, reaching his hand towards you, keening as you went to grasp his. As you did so, a smile broke out upon the man’s face, until it contorted into a sharp frown, the noise of a yelp escaping from his lips. “That little bitch bit me.”
“Language.” Steve rounded the corner, his golden brows raising when he saw the infant contently resting in his best friend’s arms. “Did you and y/n have a baby without telling us?”
“That’s what I said!” Sam beckoned to the blonde, as he averted a strong gaze to you and your normal sized partner. "Until she bit me, it reminds me of that time that I tried to steal her fries."
"I don't see why your complaining." Bucky rolled his eyes, bracing you up straighter so that your forehead was pressed lightly against his shoulder. "I'm the one whose partner is an actual child."
"Yeah, tell me about it." Sam rolled his eyes in reference to how you were beforehand, before Steve cut in, directing his leading tone towards the men that were stood idly by.
"What actually happened?" Tony found his enquiry to be an opportunity to avert the fault from himself; how lucky indeed was it that Steve asked such a thing.
"Technically it's your fault capsicle. Morgan found your prototype of your unsuccessful time machine. As you can see, she turned into a baby, much like Lang. And if you want to push the blame off of yourself, blame these two for their asses disappearing."
"Hey, if I wanted to disappear, I wouldn't have made such a dramatic exit. I'd have just left for my sister's." Crossing his arms, Sam shook his head at the man that was not wearing his iron suit. He was unable to take any responsibility, unless it was for his genius brain wave of creating the true transportation for the time heist.
"Well I'm going to keep that noted for any future repercussions." Oh, how Wilson regretting mentioning that now.
"You left it out, within your daughter's reach." Bucky quirked his brow, as he prepared to head towards the storage of the private laboratory that was shared between the two science bros.
"Technically, that was the big green guy." Bucky vouched not to listen to Stark, instead, he continued to walk, leaving the three other men in his rear view, though for the most part, he could still hear them bickering.
"Maybe we should turn you into a baby, I doubt much would change."
"Maybe we should turn you into a baby, I doubt much would change." Tony mimicked Steve, thus only proving his point. He was certainly a man that enjoyed pressing people's buttons, it was a shining attribute of the once playboy, and god, did it annoy the hell out of Barnes.
As he entered the laboratory, he found the lab to be in a state of havoc. "Hey, it wasn't me this time." Scott laughed, as he used an extinguisher against the frayed machine, that was blubbering sparks from its ruined exterior.
"Smash!" A small green child, wearing glasses that were far too big for him, ran across the room, followed shortly by a child with long blonde hair wrapped up in a red cape, as though it were some kind of makeshift diaper.
"Explain." Bucky bluntly stated, clenching his jaw, as he cooed lightly at your cries that pierced the air. He bounced you in his arms, not quite certain of what he was supposed to do.
In his time, there wasn't exactly an education system to teach the men going to war how to parent, or even care for a child. A part of him panicked; it was you, he hated seeing you cry in general, but now he couldn't attempt to find out the cause for your falling tears.
"Aw is that y/n?" The man half dressed in his ant man suit asked, a bright smile on his face, as he reached out to hold you. To say Bucky was hesitant to pass you to him was an understatement. "I have a daughter, I've looked after a baby before."
"From jail?" The white wolf asked, as he heard a crash exhibit from the connecting room, obviously being the fault of the two most destructive avengers, or at least, their little versions. Being aged down was definitely certification for trouble, everyone knew that.
"Okay I wasn't in there for that long." Scott reassured him, he picked up a bottle of milk from the table, handing it to the metal armed man, whom had never fed a child before. He found himself, cautiously, keeping a watchful eye, passing you over to the former criminal, intently watching every movement that the man made.
Lange simply fed you. "Always thought you and y/n would have a cute baby, imagine its- oh yeah, well after all that stuff that happened with vision and SWORD, we thought it best to destroy any technology that was recovered from the old base. This part survived, and well, I went into its- okay, you don't want to hear the science, but basically Thor insisted he could break it with his hammer, albeit whilst I was inside of it, and it sent energy around the room that turned them into pubescent children."
"I can see that it did nothing to you. And I thought Morgan did it.”
"I was so relieved, lucky I- wait, was that an insult?" Bucky remained primitively silent, and that answered Scott's question. The hero sighed, as you finished nursing, and your arms reached for Bucky, to whom he passed you to. “And I lied...”
He literally blamed a five year old for the screw up of grown men. Tony was going to thrive off this information, whence he knew that his daughter was in fact not the culprit.
"What do we do now?" He was eager to find a cure for this betrothed science. Those whom were responsible for your decrease in age, well, one was running around the compound, and the other, well, he was even younger than Morgan currently.
"You could wait twenty years, I mean you two already have quite a big age gap, and please don't kill me. I'm not sure that Cap would approve, I am a vital source to the team!"
"I'm not going to kill you tic tac. Or at least not at least until we fix these three."
"Phew." Scott wiped his brow, blowing air from his mouth. "Wait thre- oh yeah, the little guy carrying the hammer that is bigger than himself, and the
"Okay, we need someone smarter." Bucky sighed heavily, as he hugged you in thought. "You tried hitting it again with the hammer?"
"Oh my god, I could be worthy!" Gasped Scott, running off to the next room, only to come back limping, a pained expression on his face. "Little Asguardian bastard hit me!"
Bucky contained his smirk, and instead passed you to Lang, venturing into the other part of the lab, finding that Bruce was asleep, a blob of snot hanging from his nose, he could see the hammer in the middle of the room, almost as though it were waiting for him to attempt grabbing the handle, and Thor was-
The minuscule god jumped from one of the shelves, wrapping his arms around the front of Bucky’s neck, as he put all his weight on the super soldier’s back. In all practicality, Thor was strangling him, and Bucky tapped his arm, trying to convince him to let go.
“I know who Noobmaster69 is.” Thor quirked his head, lessening his hold, as he promptly awaited his now older friend to continue. “It’s, its- his name is Wade Wilson.”
“Wilson!” No, gosh no. Bucky stood completely, making sure to keep Thor in the vicinity, he needed him to be so so that he could reverse the affects on the son of Odin.
“Not Sam. Wade.” He had never met the man before, but god did he seem like a dick. When the pair of you were getting a taxi, the driver Dopinder just could not shut up about his friend, who liked to wear red, and had a kink for unicorns.
Wade certainly sounded like a weird one, but right now, his pass time was getting Thor to pick up that hammer. “Where can I find this Wade?” It practically left his mouth as a hiss, if the imagery and proven death supposed otherwise, he’d possibly think it was Loki instead.
“I will tell you, if you pick up that hammer, and hit it against that old machine. Got it buddy?”
“It’s name is Stormbreaker!” Bellowed the norseman, who tried to slide off his back, but Bucky kept a hold of his legs, refraining him from going anywhere. “Get peter to do it, I don’t want to play that game anymore!”
“Uuh, hi Mr Barnes...” That voice, oh he knew it, and the majority of the time it irritated him, he was Tony's little pet. “And, baby avengers?”
“Don’t ask kid.” Peter nodded, as he went to reach for a spanner. “Can you pick the hammer up, are you worthy?”
“Am I worthy?” He wondered aloud, his eyes fixated on the hammer, as he stepped towards it, holding his hand out, and clasping his palm around the handle, it feeling weightless in his grip, as he picked it up without effort. “Oh my god (it’s Robert Downey Junior)!”
“Great, now take it out there, I’ll deal with these two. And don’t do anything yet.” He was certainly feeling like a sergeant, throwing all the orders to the others, Peter complied, carrying the hammer as though it were an empty duffel.
“Can I try?” Instantly, after Peter passing it to him, Scott had such hope, until the force of gravity hit, and it fell on his foot, causing a light scream to ripple through his throat. “Get it off, get it off!”
Peter did so, as Bucky kept Thor on his shoulders, and grabbed a hold of Bruce’s chubby little ankle, dragging him into the other room. “Shit he’s heavy.” He saw that you were sat in the grand spinny chair, making Bucky relived that you weren’t in Lang’s arms as he attempted to have a moment of worthiness.
“What’d you do, go all Winter soldier on his ass and knock him out?!” Half screamed the prodigy of Hank Pym.
“Of course not, I think Thor did it.”
“Oh yeah, blame the kid because I did the same.”
“Put your suit from Stark on kid, unless you want to become a fetus.” Bucky ignored Scott for the moment,
“I got Hope to send her outfit, it will stretch to accommodate you, but I also think it would hug your shape nicely.”
“That was fast.” Muttered Peter, and Bucky shook his head, eyeing the outfit with weird eyes.
“I’m crazy, but not crazy enough to wear that.” Sighing, he grasped it in his hands, walking to the other room to squeeze into it. He noticed you watching, and thus he turned the chair around so that you couldn’t see anything. Little did he realise until he came out, that you had spun it around again, and was giggling. “Don’t laugh at me, or you won’t be allowed to see it when you’re returned to normal.”
A pout settled on your small lips, and it appeared as though you were getting ready to cry again, but before you could do so, a distraction intervened. An uninvited, and confusing one.
“Stop. Can I just say, that is some cruel declaration for the both of you, you’re my fave ship, after me and Hugh Jackman of course, but he doesn’t even know that this version of me exists.” A newfound imposter called out, his arms raised in the air. Leather gloves crinkled as he twitched his fingers, his white eyes freaking Scott the fuck out. “May I join you on this journey? I read about you guys in comics. And can I just say, I want to see these hunks and that hottie all grown up.”
“You want to see me go Winter Soldier on someone Lang?” Bucky gritted his teeth, prepared to murder this man for ever posing such words about you into the open air. Him speaking obviously drew some attention to him though, but it was not his rage that was mentioned, instead, it was his attire- or well, Hope’s.
“Nice suit Buck Buck. Can you do a twirl for me, I wanna see if it competes with America’s ass. Damn, does that man have some buns on him.”
“I know right!” Scott eagerly agreed, earning a smack in the nuts, to which had made him close to crumbling.“You had to use the metal hand, didn’t you.” Whimpered the Ant to the false Wasp, clamping his hands over his goods as he half hunched over. “I thought you often forgot to use it coz your right handed.”
“You’re on my left.” Gross, he sounded like Sam.
“Who the hell are you?” Thor spoke, and it felt familiar on his tongue. It was as though he had asked an enemy the same thing before...
“I, am Noobmaster69.”
“Hi, I’m Peter. Oh, we’re using our made up names, I thought Sam said it was that guy from that tech place.” Peter scratched his head through the mask, providing a small verbal distraction, as Thor willingly set himself free, launching at the intruder, whilst snatching the hammer from a suited up Peter.
“Aaasrrrghh.” He screamed like a true deity of the vikings.
“Thor, no!” Lang screamed, knowing that he’d have to come up with another excuse. The cameras had been fused whence Thor had first struck the hammer in the room, and it abused the guy in the red suit as he went for his legs, attacking the friend of Dopinder.
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roger-that-cap · 20 hours ago
sam wilson x fem!reader
warnings: absolutely none. this is pure fluff, the perfect way to kick off my first sam wilson obsession
word count: 1.3k- basically a drabble
inspired by lover by taylor of course- y’all can peep the places i slid in a few lines hehehe
Tumblr media
 You were reading, but then again, you weren’t. There were moments where you could pull yourself together and look at the pages, but you knew that it was all in vain. Sam Wilson was right across from you, sitting at the table with you as he watched you the same way. You felt your cheeks warm up at his steady stare, and finally you put your book down. The soft music playing in the background filled the silence while you tried to string together a coherent sentence. 
 You could never remember to do anything around Sam but admire him. “Can I help you, Sam?” You asked, the playful tone of your voice not escaping his notice. You saw his lips quirk up into that small half smile that stole your heart months ago and propelled you forward into a life you never thought you’d live. 
  “Didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to look at my girl,” he drawled, and you rolled your eyes before picking your book up again, even though you both knew that you weren’t going to retain a word of what you pretended to read. ‘What, are you busy or something?” 
“Trying to get in some light reading,” you murmured, your heart settling to a calming rate when his leg found yours under the table, locking with yours in the way that he almost always did. You couldn't keep the smile from coming to your lips. It only took him a minute and a half to trail his hand across the table and take your left one, gently prying it from the book and holding it tenderly. 
 When you opened your mouth to scold him with less than your full chest, he gave you a look that made your heart stutter. “Just wanna be close to you, sweetheart.” He was just so charming. He was smooth in a way that made anyone’s mind falter for a moment, and so genuine that you knew he meant every word he said. He had this charisma, a dazzling aura around him that you saw from miles away, and it was what drew you to him in the first place. He never failed to put you in a romantic kind of haze, one that only he could put you in and take you out of. 
You had loved and lost a few times in life, had your heart borrowed and returned and dyed blue many more times than you would have preferred, but it was all worth it when it came to Sam. You knew that you would go through each heartbreak three more times just to love Sam once, if that was what it took. Your blue heart turned a passionate pink the second you met him, and you just knew that it was safe with him. You had never met anyone like Sam Wilson, and you had surely never met anyone who made you feel like he did. 
Within a few minutes, you had only turned the page once, and the feeling of his eyes on you surely didn’t make you go any faster. When you finally got to a new chapter, you saw that it was going to be told from the point of view of a character that had a particularly boring arc up to that point, and you knew that there was no way you were going to be able to ignore Sam while reading it. “You need something, Wilson?” 
He grabbed your second hand, his thumb rubbing over your knuckles. “Just you,” he said, and then the annoying sound of the wooden chair scraping the floor was loud in your small apartment. He brought you to your feet, and then you were standing with him, both hands intertwined over the table.  “Let’s dance.” 
You blinked. “Sam, you know I don’t dance.” You had two left feet and not enough heart to have fun while embarrassing yourself. The last time you had danced was actually with Sam, when he put on old, outdated slow song and tried to prove that he could out dance Steve and Bucky, even though they had lived through the slow dancing age. You had dragged him down a bit, but he still managed to show off with you on his arm. 
“You also didn’t ride roller coasters, eat fair food, swim in the ocean, or go to concerts,” he pointed out, and you rolled your eyes. “And look at you now, sweetpea.” 
It was true. Sam could bat his eyelashes at you twice and you would do anything he wanted. Not because he was too pretty to deny, but because he wanted you to be with him. He made you get on that terrifying ride because he wanted to see your face on the climb, and because he wanted to hold your hand while you went down together. He wanted you to go to the beach with him and get in the water because he knew you’d like it if you tried it, and because he would get to see your eyes light up when you realized it yourself. He wanted to do everything with you because he wanted memories with him. And deep down, you knew that you would always go where he would. So, without a word, you rounded the side of the table and went into his awaiting arms. 
He was a good dancer. He led you without even saying a word, a hand on the small on your back and the other pulling you close. You closed your eyes and leaned your head on his chest, humming in contentment as words left your mind until you were only filled with thoughts of him. 
“What are you thinking about, sweetheart?” He asked, and you nearly cursed him and his observant skills. 
“Just…” you said, and your heart swelled at the way he looked down at you, waiting patiently for you to form your words to your liking. “It’s in times like these where I can’t remember if I’ve known you for twenty seconds or twenty years,” you murmured, and he gave you a small smile. 
  “And why is that?” He asked, a teasing lilt to his voice, and you ignored the way that your cheeks heated up again. 
 “We just- we just feel close,” you explained weakly, but he didn't press. He knew you weren’t finished, like he knew everything about you. “Not even just physically, but, everything. All around.” 
  He was still swaying you gently, the innocent kind of dance that you would see between a sweet couple. His hands were warm on your skin, gentle and firm in reminding you that he was there with you, not halfway across the world and bleeding on some sort of aircraft. “Can we always be this close, sweetheart?” 
  Instead of your heart speeding up again, it just ticked on steadily like the time, a metronome that kept up with your swaying. “As long as you want us to be.” 
In a display that would have made your stomach churn with how sickly sweet it was had you been watching another couple do it, he bent down and kissed you again. “That’s gonna be a long time, darlin’.” 
You didn’t have a ring on your finger. Hell, you didn’t even have a full year under your belt with him. You didn’t have the same skills as him, you didn’t like to go on those long runs at the crack of dawn with him, and you sure as hell weren’t built for the kind of life that he lived so that others didn’t have to. But you knew that you loved him wholly and eternally and you could feel that he returned it,  and that fact was as hard and true as a diamond. You didn’t need three summers and a proposal to decide or realize that. 
“Forever, then.” You said, and your heart skipped at your own words, until he bent down and kissed you, lips against your for a few seconds until he pulled away, still so close that you could feel them moving against you when he spoke again. 
   “Forever works for me.” 
i quite literally have had zero time to write, and when i did have time, writer’s block was terrible. I’m fr very sappy rn and this was the cure i guess? this is my first sam fic and the first thing i’ve made since i got into a funk, so be please be gentle skfjs
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hiddlesblr · 22 hours ago
Don’t Let Me Fall - Chapter 4
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Summary: (Set after Thor, 2011) Loki wakes up after his fall from the Bifrost, alone, hurt and resentful. The revelation of his true origins has only fed his bitterness towards Odin, he is determined to take revenge by appealing to Thanos. But this was without counting on your intervention. You are an orphan and has lived on the streets since childhood. The day you decided to pick Loki's pocket, you didn't expect to be embarked on a dangerous adventure. The secrets of your childhood will finally be revealed and will turn your life upside down. Loki will help you to heal your wounds, and at the same time, accept your past.
Permanent TagList: @twhiddlestonsstuff @delightfulheartdream @myraiswack @mira-dystopiancore @ilovemollyweasley @here1there3everywhere9 @happygalaxymilkshake @ochakoakabane @castiels-majestic-wings @sallymagnoliaposts
Loki List: @lucywrites02 @f4nd0m-fun​
Don’t Let Me Fall List: @itsnottilly​ @eviewritesfics04​ @purplekitten30​ @daddysfavoritesexkitten​ @joscelyn02 @jesuswasnotawhiteman​ 
Tumblr media
Chapter 4: Humble House
Warning: angst, bit of fluff, healing wounds.
Without a word, you led Loki through this desert of dust and rocky ground. He was tired and no longer had the strength to comment on the cursed planet where he had landed, nor even the thief who had strangely decided to help him. What kind of thief regrets her act to the point of returning the stolen loot and helping her victim? Loki was confused and his thoughts mixed in his mind. His feet were getting heavy and dragging on the ground, almost dropping you both a couple of times.
Finally, he got tired of it.
“Where do you intend to take me in the end?”
You almost jumped at the sound of his voice, he had been so quiet that you thought he wouldn't say a word to you. You gave him a surprised look and perhaps a little suspicious before looking ahead. You didn't know what you were doing, your rational side was screaming at you to leave him there and run away. He had brought you nothing but trouble, he was rude, grumpy... You had thought he would be an easy prey, but you were wrong and you regretted your choice. Yet your heart could not bring itself to abandon him. He was wounded and you had made him public enemy number one. He had nowhere to run, because of you, he was in danger of being arrested. You felt guilty. After all, you were the criminal and he was the victim. He didn't deserve to freeze to death in the desert around the city, or to suffer the violence of the vigilantes who were roaming around.
“This is it.”
Loki raised his head and looked at the expanse of dust in front of him. In the middle of this desert landscape was a ruined hut. It took him a long time to see that this pile of metal plates and wood piles was a house. You were far from the city, far from everything, but you seemed to know this place like the back of your hand. After going down the small hill that separated you from the hut, you entered.
“Welcome to my home.” You said, without the slightest emotion.
The inside was similar to the outside: made of all kinds of objects, debris found here and there. The god looked carefully at every corner of the room, hesitating between admiring the your ingenuity or feeling repulsed. You dropped him to put your bag on the nearest chair and undressed from your coat when Loki became violently dizzy. He moaned and barely caught up with a piece of furniture.
“Oh, watch out!” You exclaimed, rushing to his side to support him. “Come and sit here...”
You led him to a mattress on the floor and helped him to sit down. When you were sure he was not going to pass out, you walked away and looked for something in your shelves. Loki closed his eyes for a moment, trying to get rid of the unpleasant feeling of being on a carousel. When he reopened them, you were crouching in front of him, a bowl full of flowers and herbs.
“Lie down and show me your wound.” You ordered gently.
He hesitated for a moment, but as he looked at you, he began to undo his top. He grimaced at the slightest gesture. The wound was fresh and sensitive, and the dried blood on the clothes made it difficult to do so. Once he was shirtless, he lay down and looked at the ceiling. With some fear, you took a damp cloth and began to clean the wound. On contact with the cold water on his notch, Loki jumped up and repressed a moan, which forced you to freeze in place. When you noticed that his breathing was regulating, you continued.
Once the wound was clean, you took the flower mixture you had made in your hands and spread it on the young man's bruised and torn skin. Curious, he turned his head to see what you were doing. He didn't trust you, but he knew that plants could heal and you seemed to know what you were doing, so he let you. However, he couldn't help wondering how a common thief had learned this ancient knowledge.
You made sure that the paste covered the whole wound but you felt uncomfortable, feeling the weight of his gaze on you. Finally, you discreetly raised your eyes to him.
“What?” You asked, a little defensively.
“Where did you learn how to do that?” he asked, curious.
You let out an emotionless laugh. He could read the bitterness in your eyes, which made him even more curious.
“I wasn't born in this godforsaken place. I was raised by healers, it was them who taught me the medicinal secret of plants”. You explained silently.
You motioned for him to sit up again, which he did. You wiped your hands in a cloth before taking strips of cloth and bandaging his torso.
“My name is Y/N, by the way.”
Loki looked at you as you tied the bandage. You looked at your work, almost satisfied before you looked at him, your eyebrow raised under your fringes.
“That's when you tell me your name.” You explained.
But the gods weren't ready to reveal his identity. He was lucky enough to be able to remain unknown, he wanted to keep it that way, just until he knew what he was going to do next, just until he found a way to leave this lifeless planet. So he quickly began to think of a name, a name that would go unnoticed. And the first name that came to his mind was Thor's friend.
“Eric.” He answered hastily. “My name is Eric.”
Your eyebrow raised even more, disappearing completely under your fringes. It was clear that you couldn't believe a word of it.
“Is that your real name?”
In spite of himself, Loki displayed a discreet smile, impressed by your insight. You were smarter than he had first thought.
“No.” He confessed.
“What are you afraid of, it's just a name.”
“Anonymity is a security I can't afford to lose. My real name could get me into trouble. For now, I'm Eric.”
“Whatever you say, Eric.” You said, shrugging your shoulders, insisting on his false name.
You got up and went to put away your healing equipment. Loki looked at you for a moment before making up his mind.
“What is this planet?”
You hesitated for a moment. What a strange question. Why didn't he know where he was? This man was strange, mysterious and your instinct told you to be wary. And yet you didn't listen to them.
“We're on Kitson.”
“The planet of games.” he whispered.
He had heard about this place. Kitson had a town of the same name, where there were casinos, hotels and other rich people's establishments. He knew that the mafia and other criminals of the galaxy liked to hide here, for business or for fun. However, he did not recognise the city. Outside, there was only the desert and the ruins, where had the casinos gone?
“Yes, well, here we are far from the city. We are in the suburbs of Kitson, the poor districts. They bear their name well, by the way...” You sighed. “The city centre has dried up the people from the surrounding area. Unless you go there, all you'll find here is sand as far as the eye can see. Downtown, there are only thugs and swindlers.”
“I have to go there, then.”
At these words, you froze. You hesitated for a moment before looking at him. A little voice in your head taunting you by saying "I told you so" and this time you couldn't ignore it. Why would he want to go there after what you had just said, if he wasn't a crook himself? Before you could help yourself, you turned to him.
“Why do you want to go there?”
His serene face tightened in a few seconds. You saw the anger in his eyes and were afraid of it. You could see the darkness in him, resentment and jealousy. So many repressed feelings that could make a man dangerous. You bitterly regretted not listening to your instincts.
“This is none of your business.” he replied curtly.
You should have asked him to leave, to chase this frightful man from you home, but you didn't. For you saw, at the end of his sentence, as his face relaxed, the pain dull in his eyes. You could recognize that look of lost soul anywhere. You had worn it yourself for years. This man may have been mysterious and frightening, but you now knew that he was above all a wounded man, searching for his way.
And in spite of yourself, you decided to help him find it.
After a long moment of silence, you relaxed. You opened a cupboard and pulled out a blanket. When you handed it to him, he looked at you curiously, as if he wasn't expecting this act of kindness after his outburst of anger.
“You should rest now, get your strength back.”
Loki hesitated for a moment before taking the blanket and lying down. Yet he didn't close his eyes, he watched you. Feeling his eyes following you, you turned to him.
“I promise not to steal anything from you while you sleep.” you said.
A new smile slipped discreetly onto the young man's lips. Either you could read his mind or you were really perceptive. Finally, he decided to trust you and closed his eyes. Exhausted, it didn't take him long to fall asleep. 
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angie-likes-to-art · 22 hours ago
The Regular
Pairing: Bucky x Barista!Reader
Summary: A slow rainy day at a local cafe picks up when your favorite customer comes in.
Word Count: 659
Warnings: None, just a little fluffy moment
A/N: I’m sorry for another short one, I’m considering starting a series, but i wanna map the plot out before i start writing. In the meantime, please send any requests or aus you wanna see.
Tumblr media
It was a slow day at the shop, a rainy Sunday morning, not many people going into work or out to get their coffee, opting to stay in their beds in their warm dry houses. You liked working on days like this, there was no rush of cranky customers already running late for work, just the regulars ordering their drink and quickly leaving or finding a spot to spend their rainy morning. You nodded along to the lo-fi music that complimented the low whir of the machinery on the counters around you. You had been working at the local cafe for almost a year now, opting to open whenever you could, as much as you were overwhelmed by the rushes, the calm moments made up for it, and the free coffee and pastries didn't hurt. You were pulled from your thoughts by the chime of the door. You hopped down from your place on the counter and moved to the register. You looked up, eyes meeting a familiar blue pair, a smile found its way onto your face.
“Good morning Bucky!” you greeted, he was dressed in his usual dark grey Henley, dark jeans, and heavy work boots, he stood out from the neutral browns that the café was decorated with. But, also standing out as your favorite customer, visiting almost every morning you worked, ordering a simple black coffee and sitting at the bar. You usually saw him reading classic literature, scribbling in a small notebook, or struggling with a laptop. Sometimes he’d ask for help attaching a file to an email, or how to search for something. You found it charming, you often checked on him when he was working, just as an excuse to talk to him. “Just a black coffee?” You asked, already knowing the answer. He smiled and nodded before sliding you a five dollar bill, the drink was only $1.50 but you knew not to argue knowing he’d insist that you keep the change. He sat in his usual seat, pulling out The Great Gatsby as you placed a ceramic mug on the coaster in front of him. 
“Gatsby, huh? Didn’t you just start To Kill a Mockingbird?” You teased, pushing at the spine of the book in his metal hand so you could get a better look at the cover.
“On Wednesday, have you read it?” He always asked you when he finished it, if you haven't he’d give it to you and tell you you should, if you have, he’d ask you what you thought and tell you his opinions. You nodded in response, explaining you did back in high school for class. Before he could continue, another guest walked in and ordered a long list of complicated drinks to go. You looked at Bucky one more time before starting the drinks, he gave you a quick smile then continuing to read. As you worked on the drinks, you caught Bucky looking at you then quickly going back to his book a few times, each time you smiled to yourself.
“Something on your mind?” You asked him after handing the tray of drink off.
“Hmm, no,” he dismissed.
“You sure?”
“Then why do you keep looking at me like you wanna say something?” You pushed with a smirk. He placed the book face down, as to not lose his pace and gave you his signature smirk back.
“When do you get off?” He questioned leaning back on the barstool, turning the empty mug in his hands.
“At 1” You answered, trying to come off as cool and confident, even though your head was stirring.
“Can I take you to lunch?” He tilted his head and leaned back forward, elbows rested on the bar and his eyes staring into yours. You couldn't help but break in a grin and start nodding eagerly. You had been wanting him to ask you out since the first time you laid eyes on him.
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Dreamcatcher - Bucky Barnes
Masterlist / Requests / Taglist
Warnings: Brief description of torture/violence (kinda), implied PTSD, soft af Bucky.
Word count: 1.3k
(I proofread this while drunk, so I apologise in advance for mistakes. I’m sure I’ll edit them out when I’m sober)
Tumblr media
Every night without fail, you’d scream at the top of your lungs and writhe around in the sheets, begging for the nightmares to stop. Sometimes you’d wake up alone, body glistened in sweat while your heavy pants filled the room. Other times, you’d open your eyes to Bucky crouched next to your bed, coaxing you out of your restless slumber with a pitiful smile.
You never used to be like this, but Hydra fucked you up. Hydra fucked you both up, and that’s why you and Bucky grew so close. The two of you would drag each other out of nightmares, spill your deepest and darkest secrets because you knew the other would understand. There was no fear of judgment with Bucky. You had both done so much fucked up shit it would be hypocritical to judge each other.
At some point, your feelings for the ex assassin grew into something more than a friend and support system. It might have been the late night talks, or crawling into the other’s bed just to feel secure. Or maybe it was the way his hair tickled your neck when you hugged, or how his piercing blue eyes would connect with yours in reassurance. Either way, whatever it was made you fall for Bucky Barnes, dangerously fast.    
“You failed, L/N. We don’t tolerate failures.” Pierce spat while a guard strapped you down to a chair. The straps tightened around your wrists as you struggled, but the restraint around your hips kept you firmly down. A terrified scream left your lips, and you stared up at the man with desperate eyes.
“Please - let me try again. I won’t fail - I’ll never fail again. Please!” You yelled frantically, tears staining your bruised cheeks. The man titled his head, a wicked smirk painting his face. He nodded towards the guard, and they shoved a rag between your parted lips.
A buzzing noise came from the device above you, and hysteria set in. You struggled, let out muffled screams, tugged at the restraints. But nothing worked, and the guard still lowered the machine onto your head.
A dark chuckle came from Pierce. “Oh, Miss L/N, I know you won’t fail again.”
His darkened irises met your frantic ones, and you let out one last blood-curdling scream. Begging through the rag to be let out, to have another chance at the miss-
“Sh, wake up. You’re safe.” Bucky whispered in a chant, his fingers running through your matted hair.
The sight of you like this made him murderous. He wanted to kill any Hydra agent that even thought about harming you. If he could take away your demons and add them onto his own, he would. To see you happy, he would do anything.
Falling in love with you was surprisingly easy, and by the time he realised that he had, it was too late to go back. The ex Hydra assassin convinced himself that he could never love or be loved, but then you came crashing into his life. You were always understanding about everything, from him not wanting to be touched to his moments of violent rage. So understanding, in fact, that the first time he cried, he wrapped his arms around you and sobbed on your shoulder without thinking. After that, he couldn’t get enough of your touch and attached himself to you as often as he could.
The unexpected touch from Bucky made your eyes shoot open, and out of instinct, your hand clenched around his throat. Rolling off the bed, you straddled his waist and applied more pressure. His hand reached out and caressed your cheek, turning your head so you’d look into his pleading eyes.
“Your name is Y/N L/N. You are in your room in the Avengers tower.” He choked out, letting out a relieved sigh as your grip loosened slightly. “We rescued you from Hydra two years and eight months ago. You are not on a mission. You are free and most importantly, you are safe, doll.”
As he spoke, your eyes widened, and guilt washed over your body. This wasn’t unusual. After all the brainwashing and torture, you found it hard to tell the distinguish reality from your nightmares. Sometimes you’d wake up shrieking, other times you’d wake up fighting.
Bucky’s heart dropped when your eyes glassed over, and he sat himself up to be closer to you. His hands lay on your waist, rubbing small circles under your ribs with his thumb. Neither of you noticed, nor cared, that you were still straddling his lap. All he cared about was getting rid of the shame that was close to consuming you.
“Don’t feel guilty, doll, it’s not your fault. It won’t even leave a mark.” He cooed, brushing strands of hair out of your face.
A tear slipped down your cheek, “I’m sorry, Buck.”
His hands cradled the back of your thighs, keeping you secure as he pushed the both of you up off the floor. Carefully, he set you down on the bed and tugged the blanket over your legs. In that moment, all he wanted to do was pull you into his chest and kiss away all your pain. But he couldn’t, so he shook his head and enclosed your hand in his instead.
Bucky knelt down, “Don’t apologise, it’s always okay.”
Planting a kiss to your knuckles, he rose to leave the room. But a small hand wrapped around his wrist, halting his movements.
“Stay.” You croaked out, “Please, stay Buck.”
A small smile ghosted on his lips, and he didn’t hesitate to climb in beside you and close his eyes. Usually, you would keep a considerable distance between you, but tonight that distance was too much. Cuddling into Bucky was a risk, you knew that. But it was a risk you needed to take, so for once, you ignored your brain and followed your heart.
When he felt a small body nestle into his chest, his eyes shot open in confusion and shock. He tensed at the foreign feeling before your scent hit his nostrils, and knowing it was you made his shoulders involuntarily relax.
Your breath fanned over his skin as you nuzzled into his neck, making his heart skip a beat. The pounding of his heart didn’t stop until your breaths slowed and body relaxed. When he was sure you were asleep, he placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head.
“I love you.” He whispered, and the ease of saying the words out loud surprised him. But what surprised him more was you placing a small kiss on his neck and mumbling back to him.
“I love you too, Buck.”
You raised your groggy head to be greeted with his ocean blue eyes boring into yours, and you bit your lip nervously under his gaze. His thumb brushed over your lips, gently tugging the bottom one out of your teeth before giving you a soft smile. Slowly, he inched forward with his hand behind your head for support, and you impatiently waited for him to close the distance.
His lips teasingly brushed against yours, “Say it again.”
“I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You giggled, and he wasted no time in moulding his lips with yours. His hands tangled in your hair while you placed yours against his solid chest. He hooked his metal arm around your waist, pulling you as close to his body as was possible. There was only one thought going through both your minds; why hadn’t you admitted it sooner?
That night you fell asleep nuzzled into Bucky’s neck while he held you against his chest. This was the first time, in years, that both of you had slept soundly. No nightmares, no memories. Just a dreamless sleep with the ghost of a kiss from the love of your life lingering on your lips.
Taglist: @bi-lmg​ @elizabeth228​
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While You Sleep
Chapter 5
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: angst, mention of violence Summary: Soulmate!AU - Throughout life, you’re given glimpses of your soulmate through dreams. As you sleep, memories flash in your mind showing you the life your soulmate has lived. Everyone around you raves about how their soulmate reads great books or volunteers in their spare time. But you can’t relate as your dreams end up being more like nightmares. Through initial images of death and violence, you come to learn your soulmate is the Winter Soldier.
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
You smoothed out your skirt for what felt like the millionth time as you stood in front of your bedroom mirror, nervously staring at yourself. You felt fine in your knee-length dress and flats but did you...feel fine? That was still very much up for debate. 
If anything, you were feeling overwhelmed. Few days after confronting Steve, he told you that he and some of the other team members would be getting together for a little dinner. He said Bucky had planned to join them and thought this would make for a good chance to introduce you two to one another. 
At first, you eagerly agreed and Steve looked relieved as he shared with you the restaurant and time. But then as the days went by and you were now just minutes away from coming face-to-face with your soulmate, you were downright terrified. 
Steve said Bucky knew a bit about you, including an idea of what you looked like, but what if he just... didn’t want any part of this. Steve never explicitly said Bucky wanted to meet you, just that he could arrange it, so why would you assume a man who had been weaponized and brainwashed wanted to waste time on you?
You shook your head, trying to actually shake the thoughts. You had invested too much here to back out. Those thoughts of love and hope were suddenly abandoning you the more you stood there so you knew you had to kick your own ass into gear. 
Smoothing out your dress and putting the final touches on your lipstick, you slung your purse over your body and pulled up the restaurant directions on your phone. There was no more time to even consider another bad thought as you began walking to the place. 
This was bold of you, sure, but you had to remind yourself you wanted this. You wanted to finally sit across from the man who felt you knew - or at least a part of him you knew. He wasn’t like that anymore, Steve had told you, and you believed him. There was nothing you could pinpoint saying this man was attacking anyone with knives recently. That eased some concerns but still didn’t tell you that he would want this.
When you finally made it to the restaurant, you stood on the sidewalk, staring up at the sign. It was a nice place. Not overly fancy but still pretty hip and the reviews sounded nice online. 
So, yeah, you were at the right place, you could confirm from your phone, but the device only got you so far. No one could direct you to actually walk in.
You averted your eyes to the door and that's when you saw motion coming from inside the restaurant. Your eyes flicked over, seeing Steve waving at you from inside the lobby. You gave a small smile, forcing any more concerns down your throat, and took the steps to enter. 
Steve greeted you with a big hello as you were putting your phone away and tugging at the end of your dress.
“Hi, Steve,” you smiled as he gave you a brief hug, probably practically feeling how you were shaking but he didn’t say anything about it and instead motioned towards the dining area. 
“The table is just right around the corner from here,” Steve said, a hint of hope sparked in his eyes and that made you feel warm, but the anxiousness wasn’t fading. You nodded in acknowledgment and waited for him to lead you but he just stood there, staring at the doorway. 
He wanted you to enter first. The realization made your heart plummet but you didn't want to say anything and instead, you just simply put one foot in front of the other. Like baby steps, cautiously and careful, you gripped your bag tightly as you made your way through the arched frame into the dining area. 
Turning the corner, you were abruptly greeted by one James Buchanan Barnes sitting at a table… for two. Two? This wasn’t some group dinner, you quickly realized. Steve had set you up.
Bucky was staring at the menu intensely, as if nervous to even think about the items. His hair slightly covered his face but you could still make out the unsureness radiating from him. 
He hadn’t seemed to notice you yet despite your blatant staring. You were frozen in your path, that slight confidence flying out the window as the emotions and worries came back to you. You were so close to him. It was so much stronger than that news program on the coffee shop televisions. 
In your irrational panic, you went to turn around, wanting to make a beeline for the entrance. But you didn’t get anywhere. Steve stopped you, putting his hands on your shoulders. He looked down at you, concerned. 
“I-I don’t think… I don’t think I can-,”
“Steve, is something wrong?” Bucky’s voice suddenly cut through the space. His voice was just as rough and warm as you had thought it’d be, filling your heart with some form of desire. But you couldn’t turn around. Not yet.
Steve just gave you a nod before looking over your shoulder. “Nope, everything’s fine, Buck,” Steve called back to his friend. “There’s just someone I want you to meet.”
“Steve!” you went to protest but he just grabbed your arm, and turned you to face Bucky. What came over the room when your eyes met was indescribable. 
He felt so familiar yet so far away as his eyes bore into yours, jaw slightly slack in surprise. You two took each other in. You thought you’d be scared, fearful of him, but it was the complete opposite. You felt warmth and comfort. You didn’t see an assassin sitting in that chair. You saw Bucky: a man who had been through the wringer and fighting to regain something in this world. You wanted to engulf him, do something to express yourself, but you were still stuck. 
“Steve, what…” Bucky began, still wide-eyed, practically gaping at the sight of you. The shock was something you could definitely relate to at the moment.
Steve stepped around you, still off to the side but now between you and Bucky. “Bucky, this is-,”
“It’s her.”
You didn’t think your heart could drop anymore but his words proved you wrong. Your ears were pounding in anticipation, worry, uncertainty… You couldn’t believe you were still standing there like a starstruck idiot.
Steve just nodded, glancing between your two stunned expressions. A bit of a smile played at his lips as if proud. You just hoped his celebration wasn’t too premature. “It is her,” he confirmed, turning to Bucky. “I invited her for dinner.”
Bucky cocked his head, unsure. “I thought we were having dinner.”
“Sorry, Buck,” Steve chuckled. “I thought maybe you two could take some time to meet and maybe chat for a bit.”
You didn’t know what to do. You were pretty much planning for the inevitable rejection. Of course, Bucky wouldn’t want that. He had thought he was getting dinner with Steve and now you were standing there, looking like a sad puppy. You wanted to run-
“I-I’m sorry,” Bucky’s voice broke you out of your daze. He had said something briefly to Steve, which you missed in your mental panic, but now his attention was solely on you. You thought the next words were going to be him asking you to leave but then Bucky continued, “I’m being rude. Gosh, the last person I should be rude to… Please, sit down.” He motioned towards the seat across from him. His tone had turned panicked and uncertain when speaking to you. He was nervous. 
You gave a quick glance at Steve who just nodded, still looking quite prideful. You turned back to Bucky and gave a little smile. He hesitantly returned it as you took the seat at the table. 
You don’t think your posture had even been so immaculate as you sat there, stiff and unsure of the situation. He was here. He was really here. 
And he couldn’t take his eyes off you. Bucky watched your movements intensely as if analyzing you. You shifted under his gaze, turning your eyes to the menu in front of your seat. You weren’t registering any of the words, too consumed by Bucky’s fixation. 
“Thank you,” you said, gently, referring to the seat offer but Bucky didn’t seem to register it as he gave no acknowledgment. 
“Well, then,” Steve began, clapping his hands together, once again like a proud father. “I’ll let you two converse. I’ll be in the area and don’t worry about dinner, it’s on me.” His smile was so wide and hopeful, glancing between you two sitting at the table. All you could do was muster a small nod. Bucky just gave him a questioning side glance. But Steve didn’t say anymore, just abruptly left. Your heart stirred as everything really settled in. This was happening. This was your night.
“So,” Bucky broke the silence but his eyes were thankfully off of you and trained on the restaurant menu once more. “Do you know what’s good here?”
You stifled a laugh at his charming attempt to make somewhat of a light conversation. You touched the menu gently, finally actually reading the words of the page.
You shrugged, “I’ve never been here before.”
“Me either,” he responded. “But that was probably expected.”
His joke was ridiculous, but it did something for you to loosen up just a little bit. You didn’t know if he was the kind to just hide his emotions in banter but it ultimately didn’t totally matter right now. It was working on you.
You looked down at the list of entrees. “Well, you can’t go wrong with chicken fingers. I don’t think any restaurant can mess that up.”
Bucky gave a breathy chuckle. “Chicken fingers?” His eyes were suddenly back on you. You dove into the menu again.
“Yeah,” you nodded. “You know, the crispy strips of chicken, usually paired with-,”
“Fries,” Bucky finished your sentence. He gave a small smile. “Yeah, I know what chicken fingers are.”
“Oh, well,” you gulped, feeling your face getting warm under his attention. “I just wasn’t sure-,”
“If I had had them before?” He did it again, finishing your sentence. Was this going to always be a thing? Well, at least you were just glad he was talking. He really wasn’t like anything you had seen in the nightmares, minus the long hair. “Well, we didn’t have them back in the day but I have gotten a bit… acquainted with this world.”
Now it was your turn to return the small smile. You had finally gotten some courage to take some peeks at Bucky and still, you felt… comfortable. It felt right sitting like this, making light talk, hearing him talk about “back in the day” and all that so naturally. Were your visions correct? Was this actually the guy who did all those things that had tormented you? Or… It was exactly as Steve had said. That was all the past and this was the healing.
A waitress broke the silence between you two, asking what you would like to drink. You both opted for water, an uneasiness at the table of deciding what is actually appropriate to order on a date. 
The silence returned as you two waited. Meals had been mentally decided on so now you were left to just let your eyes wander around the place. It was chic, as predicted. The seating area was nice with minimal decorations. There were little fake candles on the table. 
“I’m sorry about Steve,” Bucky’s voice pulled you out of your gazing. Your eyes snapped back to him, confused. 
“Why?” You frowned. “Is- Is something wrong?”
Bucky looked a bit panicked at that question. “No, no,” he shook his head. “He just sprung this on us and I’m sorry if you… if you don’t want to be here.”
You scoffed, a little smile playing at your lips. “I actually sort of asked him to help us meet.”
“Y-you did?”
Shrugging, you said, “Well, I didn’t think this was how he was going to do it,” you paused as the waitress set the glasses of ice water in front of you two. “But, yeah, I asked him to see what he could do.”
Bucky gave a little nod then looked away as if pondering your little revelation. Your heart sank as he went quiet again. Maybe you had said too much, came on too strong.
“How do you know Steve?”
Now that was a brow-raising question for you. You hadn’t thought about that when the confession slipped out. You were suddenly hit with the realization that Bucky wasn’t exactly aware of a certain super-soldier’s presence in the coffee shop. Steve had said he knew you worked in a shop and that really was all, it seemed. But you were going to play it a little dumb, unsure of how much Bucky needed to know about your correspondence with Steve.
“Steve’s a regular customer at the coffee shop I work at and we get to talking sometimes.”
Casual. You kept it nice and casual. But before you could give yourself a pat on the back, you noticed that Bucky’s expression still looked...confused.
“A regular?” He hummed. “He knew about you for a while then, didn’t he?”
Your heart dropped. Lies fumbled off your tongue. “I-I don’t know-,”
Bucky shook his head. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I’m making you uncomfortable. You certainly aren’t here to discuss Steve.”
You gave a weak smile, unsure of really how to respond. There was an interesting unspoken dialogue about how neither of you really knew what you were getting out of this. Thankfully, before you needed to come up with something to carry on the specific topic, the waitress stopped by to take your food orders. Bucky decided on a burger, completely avoiding your chicken finger suggestion (fair enough, you thought), while you just got a salad. Almost cliche, really. 
The silence came back but you grabbed at it, taking it as a time to branch out into a new conversation.
“You know I didn’t even realize who you were until like a week ago?” You chuckled. “It feels like the silliest thing.”
Bucky shot you an interested smirk, suddenly making you aware of the attention on you as the distraction of the restaurant menu was absent. “How did you put it all together?” He asked. “Were the dreams not helpful?”
You could feel your heart rate pick up at the mention of the dreams. Your fingers started fiddling with one another. Your foot tapped lightly. The super-soldier across from you seemed to register your actions -- oh, of course, he did. The man had sense turned up to eleven. You tried collecting yourself quickly, avoiding raising any alarms. 
You shook your head, maybe a bit furiously. “I saw a news report on you one day at work.”
Bucky sighed, sounding a bit annoyed. He chose to ignore your sudden tense state. “I’m sure they had a lot of great things to say.”
You frowned. “I don’t know, really. I didn’t pay much attention. I did my own research, actually.”
“Research? The dreams didn’t give you anything about me?”
There was that gosh darn word again. The dreams. It wasn’t dreams, it never fucking was. But you couldn’t tell him that. God knows how he would react. Thankfully, this time you could reign it in a little, not totally freaking out as the emotions and images came spitting back. 
“Not really,” you said, softly. At least you weren’t totally lying. “They were kind of… blurry. A bit of a mess. But once I saw your picture on the television it all just clicked.”
He had the softest smile now playing at his lips. “That’s how it felt for me seeing you standing at the table earlier.” A beat. “But your beauty is what really knocked me over.”
Your heart practically melted into a giant pool within you. Warmth spread over as you took in his words, letting the soulmate attachment just encompass everything. You could feel his care for you suddenly. The moment was nearly a familiar overwhelming but for once, in the best way.
“I have to admit you’re not so bad yourself,” you smiled. “Look like you haven’t aged a day from the picture I saw of you in your uniform.”
Bucky chuckled -- a real, soft chuckle. You nearly missed it but it made you perk up a bit.
“Low blow, doll.”
“Too soon?” You didn’t know where this sassy, dry banter was coming from you but it felt right. Everything was starting to feel like this world was expecting this sort of conversation and you could be your whole self. Not the anxious, fumbling mess from earlier.
“I’ll allow it because you’re you.” His eyes were glimmering with tease, that little smirk still on his lovely lips. The humor came so naturally, you were surprised.
“Because I’m me?”
He nodded. “I can’t say the word. It doesn’t feel real. You don’t feel real.”
A light pause settled over the table. You took it in and a breath.
“Soulmate, Bucky.” The words rolled off your tongue softly. “I’m your soulmate and I’m very much real.”
The rest of the dinner had gone on with a breeze, amazingly. You two even opted for some dessert, extending the date just the tiniest bit. The conversation could be a little jagged at times as you danced around some questions about the “dreams” but really, Bucky was happy to just discuss you and your life. 
Having overstayed your welcome at the restaurant, Bucky offered to walk you home which just filled your heart. The little acts of chivalry didn’t go unnoticed by you and they were all exactly what you wanted. 
When you two arrived at your apartment building, you halted outside the entry door. You turned to Bucky but he spoke first.
“Thank you for staying for dinner tonight.”
You cocked your head, confused. “Well, of course.”
He shook his head. “No, I mean… I could tell you wanted to turn away and maybe you would’ve if Steve wasn’t there but you gave it a chance. You gave me a chance. Even if it was just one dinner, it was nice.”
You felt almost sad at his words. You didn’t mean to come off so hesitant but it was scary. You still couldn’t get over how the things you had seen were not adding up to the man you had just spent your evening with. You were glad the worries were eased slightly but the memories of the nightmares weren’t vanishing so quickly
Before you could think twice, you took Bucky’s hand in yours. He jumped a little at the action but didn’t pull away. 
“I had the most wonderful time with you, Bucky.”
You made your way into your apartment after bidding Bucky a good night. Brief plans had been made to see each other again but nothing was concrete yet. You were actually anxious to get it down, though, hoping that seeing him would be a regular thing.
You let your thoughts lull you to sleep after you crawled into bed pretty, exhausted from the roller coast of a night. Shockingly, the nightmares were an afterthought as you closed your eyes.
The visions in your dream world started off intense. There were peaks of knives throwing and bombs going off in the distance. Panic had just begun filling you when out of nowhere, it all stopped. There was suddenly absolutely nothing. No feelings, no images. It was a blank slate. 
And then Bucky came back into your mind -- except, it wasn’t that Bucky. It was the Bucky you had seen tonight. He was in what appeared to be his bedroom, looking fairly comfortable sitting on the bed, consumed by a book. 
You took in parts of the scene. From his pajama pants to the way he had no problem cracking the spine of a book. Something new was coming over you now and, for the first time, it was the feeling of happiness.
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junajackson · a day ago
request: noone
Carol Danvers x Reader
warnings: none/my attempt to write cute
words: 1628
a/n: I really love this fic. The song it's based on is also really good, so if you want to check it out! I hope you enjoy this one, I put a lot of work on it! :)
summary: fic based on the song Love from Lana Del Ray
taglist: @ladyeliot @mycosmicparadise
Tumblr media
Look at you, kids, with your vintage music
Comin' through satellites while cruisin'
You're part of the past, but now you're the future
Signals crossing can get confusing
The first time you and Carol met was at a party. You were both enjoying the evening and dancing without noticing each other, but by chance you left the party at the same time. In the car park you ran into each other and decided to go for a drive together. It was a warm summer night with a starry sky, and for that time you both just forgot. Forgot what had happened in the past. You two just drove off. Because all that mattered was that night.
It's enough just to make you feel crazy, crazy, crazy
Sometimes, it's enough just to make you feel crazy
Never did you think that something bigger would come of it. But even days later you couldn't stop thinking about Carol. It was like you were going crazy. But little did you know that she had the same problem.
You get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
Back to work or the coffee shop
Doesn't matter 'cause it's enough
To be young and in love
To be young and in love
Often you would find yourself in the park at night, walking around for hours just to get a grip on your thoughts. You didn't care where you ended up, whether it was at the city limits or in the next department stores, as long as you could think clearly again. This went on for a while before you ran into Carol again one evening. She was sitting on a bench near your flat, staring out to sea. You had no idea what to do. Go home? Stand still? Sit with her? That decision was taken away from you, however, because she turned in your direction. Her eyes brightened and you quickly took a seat next to her.
A short uncomfortable silence fell and you searched desperately for something that would break it. "What are you doing here?" "The same as you, I suppose" At these words a small smile crept onto your face. "Maybe"
"Is this right?"
,,What?" you look at her, confused.
,,This. That we are sitting here, talking to each other and-" desperately she searched for words. She didn't even have to say it, you already knew what she meant. And no, it wasn't okay. Actually, none of this was supposed to be here. You were supposed to be working in a small town in South Carolina, not here in New York. In fact, you and Carol should hate each other. Actually.
"I don't know."
Again, there was silence between you.
"What's it supposed to be?"
"My goodness, you're slow on the uptake. What is all this supposed to be? Right or wrong?"
"I don't know. It should be wrong but it doesn't feel like that."
And that's exactly what it was. This whole thing was wrong. It should never have happened. It wasn't enough to get involved. But it was enough for you. And it always would be. Because you were young and in love.
Look at you, kids, you know you're the coolest
The world is yours and you can't refuse it
Seen so much, you could get the blues but
That don't mean that you should abuse it
A lot happened in the time after this conversation. Getting to know each other better, secret phone calls and meetings, after all, you two were officially enemies. But those very moments between you were what strengthened your relationship. When the two of you were alone, it was similar to that one summer night. You could forget why your relationship was wrong and why you should be doing your work. In the evening you would often lay in each other's arms and think about the past.
"Wait a minute!" you run after Carol, panting. "How come you're always faster than me?
"Well, that my dear" your girlfriend leaned towards you. "I guess that will always be my secret".
Rolling your eyes you grab your water bottle and open it. But because you weren't really paying attention, all the water splashes into your face. So while Carol had to try not to collapse laughing, you were standing in front of her, dripping wet. A moment later you were both lying on the floor laughing. You, still soaking wet, she, by now wet too, because you had dropped the water bottle on her.
Moments like these were what kept you on the surface at the moment. Your work was keeping you extremely busy at the moment and so you were glad to have some time off now and then. You both knew that sooner or later your relationship would unravel, even if you were careful. When it came to that, that's the way it was.
I know, it's enough just to make you go crazy, crazy, crazy
In the past you never used the term "butterflys in stomach".. By now you have. Never would you two have thought that one person would be enough to make another go crazy.
But you get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
Back to work or the coffee shop
It don't matter because it's enough
To be young and in love
To be young and in love
After five months, the Avengers began to suspect something. Carol disappeared more often than usual, not reporting for hours, and then coming back as if nothing had happened. Probably the group would have asked at some point if you hadn't come to the base on a Wednesday night.
"Shit," you curse, tearing off a piece of your dress and tying it around your foot. You had been on a mission and of course - how could it be otherwise - you got shot. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, you would have just gone home and taken care of the wound there, but you had forgotten your key and you couldn't reach your boss either. What could you do now? You don't know. Hospitals would recognise you and report you, but just standing around wouldn't help you either.
So you decide to visit your girlfriend and hope that her friends are not with her.
The Avengers lifted their heads in confusion when they heard the lift doors open. There was no visiting at this hour and who would come here? However, before they could even begin to ask a question, Carol was already storming towards you.
"Holy - what happend y/n?!"
I've been shot. Nothing new and nothing bad."
"Nothing bad?! That's not what it looks like."
,,Yeah yeah okay, maybe it's a bit worser than I thought."
While Carol bandages your foot and discusses loudly with you, the Avengers watch you silently from their seats. The picture that presented itself to them was also quite surreal. You and Carol, officially not on good terms, talking to each other as if nothing had happened. After your foot was finally taken care of and Carol had finished her rant, Tony cleared his throat.
,,Care to explain?" he threw a prompting glance in the direction of both of you.
"Um-" your girlfriend puts her arm around your waist. "This is my girlfriend. Y/N"
Then a long story began about your relationship, with much suspicion and many questions. But you didn't mind. Because you were young and in love.
Don't worry, baby
Don't worry, baby
Something that also strengthened your relationship were nightmares. Whether it was you or Carol, one of you would always wake up in the night with a bad dream. And the other one was there to calm the one down.
And it's enough just to make me go crazy, crazy, crazy
It's enough just to make me go crazy, crazy, crazy
At first the Avengers didn't understand why you and Carol were together. But with time they began to understand. The many little moments between you, even if it was just a cooked meal, seemed to fit together perfectly. Also the care you both had for each other was fascinating. Who would have thought that one person was enough to turn Carol into a teddy bear?
I get ready, I get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
It doesn't matter if I'm not enough
For the future or the things to come
I'm young and in love
Cause I'm young and in love
"Shhhh" you lie trembling in Carol's arms. Today you had given notice to your boss and thus left the "dark business" for good. Your boss, however, quickly put one and one together and that ended very badly. In addition to that, you would be introduced to Shield later and all that together was a bit much. Hey," you flinch at the sound of Carol's voice. "Look at me"
Slowly you lift your head and look into Carol's soft eyes. "Whatever that asshole of a man said to you. Whatever those people out there are going to say. I don't care. You're enough for me and you always will be. No matter what happens, I'm here." And with that, the tears flowed.
Don't worry, baby
Don't worry, baby
Don't worry, baby
You had so much ahead of you. Children, work and endless beautiful moments together. But right now, all that mattered were Carol's arms around your waist and her tear-streaked face against the crook of your neck. Neither of you would have known what it would have been like if Thanos had flicked one of you. How you would have got along without each other. But that was not the case. You had lost many things, but not each other.
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Mother's Day Brunch//B.Barnes
dad!bucky x female reader
warnings: dad bucky and maybe one curse word. just some sad stuff and pinning. honestly not really lol
summary: bucky has a daughter, lyla. she doesn't have a mom but she does have an amazing aunt who is ready to step in and fill in for her and her dad.
Tumblr media
Bucky had picked up Lyla from school. She was off and he could sense it. Wanting to know why his daughter seemed ready to cry at any moment he decided to investigate the situation further. Entering the apartment Lyla threw her shoes off and stormed into her room. Bucky followed suit worried.
“Lyla what’s wrong?” Bucky asked. Lyla was face down on her bed silently crying.
“I hate you. I hate this holiday. I want a mommy.” Lyla screamed, lifting her face off the pillow. Bucky's face was distorted as the words rolled off his seven year olds tongue.
“Lyla-” Bucky wanted to comfort his daughter but she screamed for him to get out and leave her alone. Not wanting to make this situation worse he knew what he had to do. First he called the school to see exactly what happened and then he rang you.
You were walking down the streets of SoHo. You were shopping and letting yourself have a self care day. But when your phone rang a smile was brought to your face.
“Hello James,” You sang into the phone.
“Hey um where are you?” He asked, but you noticed his tone was off as if he was worried.
“In SoHo. What’s wrong?” You halted your footsteps and moved to the side to not block any people from walking.
“Um, can you maybe come over and talk to Lyla?”
“What happened?” Your nerves were a wreck at this point. You loved Lyla with every ounce of your body and knowing something was wrong with her made you want to burst.
“Well the school is hosting the mother’s day brunch and well Lyla confessed that she doesn’t have a Mom to bring to that, and well some kids made fun of her and she won’t even talk to me.”
“I’ll be there in thirty.” You said before hanging up. Looking at the area you were in you saw a cupcake shop. Running in you quickly bought half a dozen cupcakes. Four strawberries for Lyla and you, and two chocolate for Bucky. After purchasing you called for a cab and made your way to that Brooklyn apartment. Finally making it in twenty minutes, you paid the cab driver and began to run up the building steps. You went to Bucky’s floor and began to knock on his door. Bucky saw you worried as he was, you gave him the box of cupcakes and made your way to Lyla’s room.
You knocked softly before slowly opening the door. Lyla moved her head from the pillow about to yell at her Dad but when she saw you she stopped herself.
“Auntie Y/N what are you doing?” She asked moving her body to sit up. You began to remove your shoes.
“Well I heard my favorite had a bad day and I had to come over and fix it..” You said, offering a small smile.
“I don’t think you can fix this.” She said, dropping her head.
“Really try me.” You said gaining a small giggle from her. You moved to sit on the bed next to her. But instantly Lyla wrapped her arms around you and began to cry. You allowed her to cry while you hummed softly and ran your fingers through her hair.
“Why didn’t my Mommy love me?” Lyla said, pulling away from you. Your heart shattered.
“Lyla, that wasn’t the case. Your mom loved you so very much.” You said cradling her in your arms now.
“Why isn’t she here then?” Lyla asked you. You knew Lyla would once wonder why it was only Bucky and her, but you thought she would take it better than the current state she is in now.
“Lyla, your Mom loved you more than anything in the world. Why do you think she gave you such an amazing dad? But your Mom had a decision like any other Mom has in the world and she wanted a better life for you and your dad.” Lyla began to ease her breathing and you looked down at her. She was a replica of James Barnes but even in a cuter way. Bright blue eyes, hair for days, and a smile that could light up a dark room.
“Daddy said Mommy trusted you.” Lyla said, you looked out through her door frame to see the hair peeking through the door. He was listening in.
“Well your Mommy asked me to promise her that I would take care of you and daddy. She said that if I could save daddy then I would always be able to save you.” You said smiling down at her. Lyla was smiling now she seemed more at ease knowing her Mommy trusted you and you made a promise.
‘How did you save daddy again?” She asked, smiling. She knew the story, it was how you first met James.
“Well Uncle Stevie and Uncle Sam called me, saying your daddy was in trouble. I went ahead and helped him and your daddy had accidentally pushed me which made me fall down. He was mortified because he didn’t know how I would react. When I began to laugh and asked him for help, he broke out in a grin. We got to know each other after I helped save him and soon he was my best friend. I helped him name you, decorate your room, taught him how to braid your hair and here I am now saving you,” You said smiling when you recalled that day. Lyla doesn’t know much about the past lives Bucky and you had. All she knows is she has an uncle that is Captain America, and another one that can fly, while her dad has a cool metal arm, and you are her favorite person in the group behind her dad. Lyla was smiling and her cheeks had tear stains.
“I feel bad.” She stated but thought you had eased her mind.
“I yelled at daddy. I was just sad.”
“Lyla it’s ok to feel these emotions. We all have been there but I’m gonna tell you this. Your daddy is an amazing man and he loves you beyond the moon so next time don’t yell at him just take a deep breath and talk to him.” Lyla nodded her head and smiled. You looked towards the door and he was still there. You whispered to Lyla telling her to call him in. In an instance Bucky was walking in holding the cupcake tray. You all sat on the bed eating your cupcakes while telling Lyla stories. Towards the end of the night Lyla went to take a shower and you were about to head out. Bucky pulled you to the couch.
“Thank you.” He said all so quietly.
“Buck you know I don’t mind.”
“Yeah but you do so much for me and I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”
“I never asked for repayment.” You gave him a soft smile and a kiss on the cheek. Getting up you left the apartment, knowing what you had to do.
On the day of the Brunch Bucky had asked Steve if he would accompany him and Lyla. Though it was a specific mother's day brunch, he didn;t want Lyla to miss out on a school event. Sitting at the tables in the auditorium they talked softly as Lyla decorated a frame before lunch was being served. But someone's voice had caused them to both stop talking and look up.
“Sorry I’m late, I was stuck in Queens, do you know where Lyla Barnes is?” You asked the teacher at the door.
“Unbelievable.” Bucky said to himself and Steve. The teacher had pointed to their spot and you saw the two blue eyes looking over towards you. You thanked her and quickly made your way to their table. Lyla was busy adding glitter to the frame to even notice your presence.
“Well I hope there's room for one more person.” You said nearing the table. Lyla had dropped the glitter and bursted into a happy grn, letting out a scream when she saw you. Jumping onto you and wrapping you into a hug. The mothers who were also attending looked towards your way watching the scene unfold.  Bucky had a smile that you have never seen before. Putting Lyla back on her seat you turned to Bucky. He stood up and wrapped you in a hug.
“I hope you don’t mind that I’m here.” You said into his ear.
“I could never be mad at you, if anything, thank you.” He said releasing you.
You had sat next to Lyla and helped her with the frame, and when it was time to do brunch she was stuck at your hip. She held your hand and even introduced you to her friends. Bucky and Steve watched the smile Lyla had and they both knew that you were an angel sent from heaven for them.
“Gonna ask her out, or is this not clear enough on how much she likes you and your daughter.” Steve said to Bucky while eating a piece of bacon.
“Shut up punk.” Bucky said as he looked over to you and Lyla.
“I’ll do it soon.” Bucky said smiling to himself. He may have messed up multiple times in the past. But his future he knows as long as he has you and Lyla nothing will ever bad happen again.
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j.b.b. | Marley
Summary: Eventually, Bucky gave his deepest secrets away and you let him know yours. Her name was Marley.
Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x single mom!reader
Warning: Relationship, parenting, mention of food
Word Count: 3.7k
a/n: This is my first story posted on here. I’ve been writting for +12 years now but for the last couple of years, I couldn't finish a single story. Turns out Bucky Barnes was all I needed to get over my massive writer’s block. Feedback is greatly appreciated. (Also, english is not my native language so if you spot any grammar mistake, please let me know!)
Tumblr media
Source: unearthlydust
It all began with his friend, Sam.
On a night they were out for drinks, he had made it his mission to find someone for Bucky. Someone or anyone for the matter. He talked to everyone in the bar that night, while Bucky drank his beer, sitting at the counter. When it was clear enough that nobody there that night would keep grumpy Bucky company, Sam turned his attention on the dating app his friend had downloaded on his phone some weeks ago. He probably went through a dozen of profiles, sometimes showing the phone screen to Bucky, to what he would just respond by rolling his eyes and drinking some more beer.
That was until Sam showed him your profile. Bucky stared a second longer to the picture displayed on his phone screen than for the others. He couldn't tell what that was: the smile on your lips, the wrinkles at the side of your eyes or simply your eyes; but he couldn't get his eyes off it. Sam immediately started typing a message for you to what Bucky obviously protested. He did not need company because he was just fine on his own.
Despite his super-soldier abilities, he wasn't quick enough to take the phone from his friend's hands. The smile that appeared on Sam’s face annoyed Bucky even more. "What are you afraid of, though guy?" Sam had asked and Bucky eventually backed off, letting him do whatever he was planning on doing. There was no point in stopping Sam. He knew you wouldn't be interested anyway... To be honest, who would be? Bucky got his phone back along with a smirk from his friend. There was no answer after that, and Sam eventually found another topic to annoy the heck out of Bucky.
When he woke up the next morning, your reply notification was patiently waiting for him. For a second, he thought of deleting it, without having a look first. What did he have to lose? Gathering his courage, he opened it. Your words were as genuine as your smile and it made him grin like an idiot, though he made a mental note to later murder Sam for his poor choice of pick-up line. It took him the whole morning to be able to type an answer and another afternoon to press the ‘send’ button. It was the first text of many. Eventually, a lot of texts turned into calls; that turned into meeting up in your favorite French bakery; that turned into movies and restaurant dates.
    This was nearly one year and a half ago.
Your relationship with Bucky was cautious and steady. He liked how you would give him his space, but still being right there for him. He liked that you let him stare at you in total awe or that you always had small kind thoughts for him like when you made his eggs the way he preferred in the morning and that everything was so simple - obvious even - by your side. Eventually, Bucky gave his deepest secrets away and you let him know yours.
Her name was Marley.
If Bucky was being honest, finding out you had a two and a half years-old daughter was quite the shock. Not that he couldn't have seen that coming; you would always make plans, your handbag was always full of snacks and hand wipes and for some reason, you would never be available between five and eight p.m. That was also what he liked about you. The stability.
The idea of being involved in a relationship with somebody that already had a child did scare him off. If he decided to continue the relationship, it would not only be a matter of breaking your heart in the process – and well, maybe his too - but breaking a child's heart too. And that more than anything, he was refusing to assume the responsibility, but he owed you that much. You knew his deepest secrets and still, you didn't run away from him. Worse, you trusted him to be around your child.
You both had a lot of discussions about him meeting Marley - Bucky even seek advice to Sam. And as for the rest of your relationship, you took it slow. It started with Bucky showing up to your Sunday walk in Central Park, feeding up the ducks and sharing snacks. You also spent some time at the carnival where he would watch you two on the carousel – sometimes joining the ride too - and he would help Marley win at pick a duck or buy her popcorn. Eventually, he would spend more time with the two of you. It started with spending at least one evening per week at your place, making dinner while watching you playing with Marley in the living room. One evening turned into two, three, five evenings per week. He still could step out if he needed. You still could spend time with your daughter where he wasn't there. You still spent time just the two of you, when Marley was asleep at night or he would take you on date nights. The routine you three put in place was nice, but Bucky wasn't planning on taking Marley’s dad place. God, he would never see himself as a dad and Marley already had one - though in Bucky's opinion, he would not be awarded father-of-the-year.
    Today, Bucky was picking Marley up from daycare.
He had done it a million times already, but this time was a little bit different. He was doing it on his own. The babysitter stood you up and you were stuck in an endless one-day meeting. You had called in utter panic, asking him to pick Marley up from daycare and taking care of her until you would be home. He had assured you he would do it and it would be fine. Now that he was standing in front of the building, he was doubting himself. He didn't know if he could do it on his own.
Another shaky sigh and Bucky entered the building. The childcare workers greeted him when he showed up at Marley's room. She was sat at one of these tiny tables making some kind of collage crafts. He planned on waiting for her to finish, just staring like he always did, before announcing himself, but Marley spotted him the second his figure appeared at the door.
"Bucky!" Marley cried out, leaving everything behind and running towards him.
"Hey Mar-Mar," he smiled. She always seemed happy to see him and Bucky wondered if she would eventually grow tired of him being always around.
After they hugged each other, Marley was called to put away her crafts and Bucky encouraged her to go do it. In the meantime, he collected her stuff - her panda backpack, shoes, and coat - so he could get her ready to leave. And he did just that when she got back to him.
"We are taking the train home. I'mna carrying you, is that okay?"
She wrapped her little arms around his neck in response and he lifted her up from the floor. After sharing goodbye to the childcare workers, they were heading home.
    On their way to the station, Marley explained in every detail what she had done at daycare that day; Bucky was listening carefully, sometimes asking questions - Carol, she is the one with the curly hair, right? Was Mark mean to you again? - but mostly he was just nodding along. They made it to the station just in time to take the 5:17 p.m. train. It was rush hour and Bucky mindfully chose to hop on one of the cars at the end of the train - the ones he knew would be the less busy at this time of the day. He had only seven stops, so he didn't sit and stood against one of the train windows. By that time, Marley had finished reporting on her day, and she was just watching around, smiling at anyone she would make eye contact with.
After the second stop, her eyes caught the sight of the dog tag around Bucky's neck. She fiddled it through his T-shirt, probably wondering what that was, before taken it out to have a closer look. In her tiny hands, the metal tag seemed to be huge. She looked up at Bucky, with bright eyes and he swore, he would do anything for these eyes.
"What is that?"
"Uh- " Bucky wasn't sure how to explain it in a way a three-years old would understand. "-Every soldier has one. It uh- has my name on it and some other information."
"Is it if you get lost?" she asked, her little eyebrows raised high on her forehead. She did understand a lot of the world around her for her age. "Mommy put a card with her name and her phone number in my bag."
"Yeah, it's something like that."
Marley smiled at him and returned her attention on the letters’ reliefs on the metal. By the fourth stop, she was resting her head on his shoulder while he was still firmly (but not too much) holding her with his left arm. She kept holding his dog tag in her tiny fist and was patiently waiting.
"She is very sweet," the old lady sat on the seat in front of them said to him before leaving the train.
He nodded shyly and looked back at the little girl in his arms. Marley looked so much like you. Her face had still some baby features, she just turned three after all, but she had the same nose and her eyes had the same color as yours. They were the same piercing eyes that when they’d look at him, he felt like they could read his soul. And she did not just look like you. She had also some of your habits and personality traits. She would always be smiling to people she didn’t know. She was always saying ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’. She was obsessed with any kind of animal; the Sundays walks would last forever if she could pet all the dogs she encountered.
The rest of the ride was quiet, and Bucky got off the train on the seventh stop as planned. At the station, people turned on them as they passed. Maybe this was an odd sight: a man in combat boots, dark jeans, and a black leather jacket, carrying a small child in his arms. Especially knowing the kid in question was wearing white leggings, a red fluffy coat, and a stuffed panda backpack. Bucky didn't mind and continued his way to your place.
    Marley stayed quiet for the five minutes’ walk to your place, but once Bucky had turned on your street, she wriggled to be freed of his hold. Once her feet touched the ground, she directly ran towards a car parked not far away. She squatted down and started clicking her tongue. A ginger cat immediately came out from underneath the car.
"Careful," Bucky called out. He knew it was not recommended interacting with stray cat as they could be sick with all sorts of disease. And to be fair, it got him a little worried the cat was getting this close to Marley. He could already see her getting bitten by the cat, getting rabies, and losing her arm, or worse: dying.
"That's Gus, he lives at number 7," she said pointing at the building they stopped in front. It had the number written on it.
Gus started rubbing itself against Marley's shins and she gently petted his back. The cat then went to rub on Bucky's combat boots, also greeting him even though they never encountered before. And it continued his way to the building's porch, where it lazily lay down.
"Mommy said we could have a cat when we get a house."
"I've got a cat," Bucky stated and Marley cried out in excitement. She asked him about a hundred questions. What was its name? What was it looking like? Was it friendly? Was it sleeping in his bed with him at night? Bucky never failed to answer one of her questions and they talked about that until they made it in front of your apartment door.
    Marley was already on her way to her room when Bucky turned around after locking the door. She had removed her shoes and coat on her own and left them behind without putting them away like you would always request it.
"Uh-uh, we go wash your hands first, okay?"
After that was done, she ran to her room for good this time. Bucky went back to the living room and focused on what he could do to help you. He knew you would get home exhausted from your day at work and he did not want to have you do all the chores you usually did. It was the least he could do.
Somehow, your place was always tidier than his, and he lived on his own. In the kitchen, he found breakfast dishes in the sink and the dishwasher full of the dishes that had been cleaned the night before. That was where he would get started. He put away the dishes easily; he had been around your kitchen a lot those last months and he knew exactly where everything was. He even knew where you were hiding away the chocolate and candies; somewhere Marley didn't have access to.
"Hey Bucky, can I have snacks?"
A look at the watch sitting on his right wrist, she had still a good hour and a half before dinner and he replied positively. He wiped his hands on the dish towel resting on his shoulder and took one of these bamboo sectioned plates he just washed. He was reaching out to the first cupboards in front of him when it suddenly appeared to him, he had no idea what he could give her.
"What does your mom usually give you?" He asked Marley, turning back to her.
Marley shrugged. "Carrots and hummus." And Bucky swore this kid was eating healthier that he ever had.
He started by the fridge, looking for anything he could give to Marley. Thankfully, she wasn't a picky eater so it would be easy for him. Tonight's dinner was in it, along with some vegetables and fruits. He chose grapes because it was the only food, he could see himself eating at that time of the day.
"Grapes and uh-" he looked at the cupboards right next to the fridge "- crackers?"
Marley nodded. Bucky prepared it all on her plate, making sure there was just enough for her to be full but not too much so she would still eat dinner, and handed it to her. She carried it carefully to the living room, Bucky following behind. She had laid out all her crayons on the coffee table next to her Paw Patrol coloring book. He knew about this cartoon because it was the only one Marley ever wanted to watch, she was literally obsessed with it, and she did make him watch some episodes with her. He knew that, when she was playing alone in her room, she would usually pretend she was saving the world with them.
Bucky sat on the carpet, next to Marley, stealing one grape from her plate. She threw him a death glance but offered him some more if he would help with the coloring. He happily complied.
    Before dinner was normally bath time. Thankfully, you had said over the phone you would deal with that in the morning. For some reason, Marley did not like baths. A little bit of water in her eyes or ears was too much for her to handle and he wasn't sure he could deal with her being so upset on his own.
He still got her changed in her pajamas - she obviously chose the one with the dalmatian puppy from Paw Patrol you had agreed on buying a few weeks ago; washed her face with a cotton pad and some cleansing lotion, brushed her hair and tried the best he could to tie them in a low ponytail. You would normally braid them for the night, but this was not something Bucky mastered at all - he made a mental note to watch some tutorials on YouTube to learn though.
"Will you and mommy get married?" Marley asked out of nowhere while Bucky was carrying her back to the kitchen to have dinner.
"I don't know," he said, confused. "Why do you ask?"
"I prefer you over my real daddy," Marley admitted. And it broke his heart. Bucky knew how her dad forgot about her third birthday and missed most of his custody days lately. He didn't really understand how somebody could have a child and knowingly decide not take care of them anymore.
The child in his arm was so precious. It amazed him every day how much she could comprehend of the world around her. She was smart, creative, kind. She knew what she wanted, would be very stubborn about it and would do anything to get it – you always said you didn’t understand where she got her fierce mind and Bucky laughed every time because he knew exactly from whom she had gotten it: you. You did such a good job raising her on your own. He also knew you would always choose her over him, and he had to admit, it made him fall in love even more with you.
"Even if I'd marry your mom, I still wouldn't be your daddy officially."
"To me, you would," Marley concluded as if it was as simple as that.
Living with you two permanently. Marrying you. Bucky never thought of it. He liked how this relationship was working: the kindness, the trust, the love. He loved the movie dates with you, the Sundays walks, and the evening just the three of you. He loved how simple it all was and how it made him just happy. Happiest he had been in a long time. And he wondered if he wanted more. The way his heart was fluttering in his chest made him realized, he did. He didn't know if he was ready though.
    Back to the kitchen, he put her down on her seat before getting the casserole of potato gratin out of the oven. He put a small portion in her plate, next to some chopped carrots and apple sauce he already prepared. He put it down in front of her and sat next to her.
"Will you eat with mommy?"
"Yeah, is that alright?"
She nodded, rubbing her eyes. They had stayed coloring her books a little too long and it was nearly her bedtime. Smiling softly, he encouraged her to eat. She did while asking some more questions on his cat in between each mouthful. How old is it? Why did you name it Alpine? Has mummy already met it? Do you think she'll like me? Turned out this little one never run out of question.
After dinner, Bucky gave her a small portion of chocolate from the special cupboard and they agreed it would be their little secret. Then, he carried her to the bathroom to brush her tiny teeth. It was started to be late for her and she was clearly fighting against sleep, the lack of it upsetting her.
"I want to see mommy," she cried, lips trembling and eyes full of tears.
"I know Mar-Mar, she'll get there soon," Bucky tried to comfort her. You hadn't text yet, meaning you weren't on your way still. He knew Marley would be asleep before you got home. "We can read a book in your bed while we wait for her, yeah?"
Marley nodded and let Bucky carry her to her bed. She had her head rested on his right shoulder the whole time. She crawled under the covers the moment her body was dropped off on the bed. She let Bucky choose the bedtime story and he chose the one he knew she liked so much.
He laid beside her gently and she immediately reached out closer to him. He wrapped his right arm around her, and her hands somehow found his dog tag again. A small kiss on her forehead and Bucky started reading the book in his left hand. Marley was listening carefully, helping him by turning the page.
At the end of the story, she was fast asleep against him, his dog tag still in her tiny fist. Bucky did not dare moving, afraid he would wake her up if he did. He observed the small child against him and listened to her soft breathes. She looked so peaceful and it made him thought of the way she had welcomed him into her life. Just like you, she had taken him as a whole; with his trauma, his insecurities, his quietness, and his staring habits. And now, she had him wrapped around his little finger. He knew deep in his guts he wouldn't let anything happen to you or your daughter. He realized that now. That made him think some more: maybe he was ready after all. And this time, he would not let happiness slip away from him.
  Bucky stayed like that until twenty minutes later, when you showed up on your daughter’s room doorstep. You looked exhausted yet still radiant. A smile had formed on your lips at the sight in front of you. It made you melt right on the spot.
"Hey," Bucky greeted you softly.
You came closer, walking on your tiptoes, careful of not waking up your daughter. You laid besides them, kissing your daughter little fist, and tucked yet another strand of hair behind her ear. You looked back at Bucky, who was intensely staring at you. His left arm was already wrapped around your shoulders, bringing you close. You kissed his jaw, making him smile gently. "Thank you for taking care of her. Did it go okay?"
"More than okay." He kissed your forehead while you snuggled closer to him. His heart could burst of the feeling of having you two near him forever.
He wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
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rebellconquerer · a day ago
Bucky is rescued after Azzano in 1943 and falls from a train over the Alps in 1945. That's a long time to not realise something's changing.
"So why tell me?" Dugan finds himself asking.
The kid makes another little aborted reach for the pack of cigarettes. "Cause… I couldn't keep it in any longer. Cause I was starting to feel like I was gonna go insane," Bucky pauses, clasping his hands together in front of him as he hangs his head, the tension in him almost painful to see."But mostly because I got shot up with some weird Nazi shit and someone should probably be keeping an eye on me. Just in case, you know."
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