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wilhelmina-murray-harker · 59 minutes ago
Wil presents: A non-exhaustive list of various jobs Fairy Tail characters could have in AUs that are based on their powers/personalities that is mostly for myself but that others are also free to use and add to if they wish
Firefighter (duh), arsonist (illegal), fire eater, chef, hibachi chef, explosives/fireworks/pyrotechnics engineer, mad scientist (fire variety), expert on dragons/dragon mythology
Swimmer (duh), marine biologist, diver, mermaid (the people that perform as them), plumber, swim instructor, ship’s captain, seamstress
Author (duh), journalist (also duh), model, editor, astronomer, worker at an observatory, locksmith (bc the keys and my sense of humor), fashion designer
Doctor (duh), pilot, flight attendant, EMT, therapist, performer, ornithologist (person who studies birds), camp counselor, physical therapist
Ice sculptor (duh), hockey player, mountaineer, ice climber, stripper (sorry not sorry), glaciologist, ski instructor/professional skier, figure skater
Fencer, stunt double, stunt trainer, martial arts specialist, knight (maybe it’s an old timey AU idk), historical reenactor, life coach, security guard, federal agent, police officer
Mechanic (duh), metal sculptor, blacksmith, locksmith, handyman, piercer, tattoo artist, biker (is that a job?), police/military officer, security/prison guard, musician
Editor (duh), rapper, lyricist, writer, librarian, English teacher, professor of practically anything, translator, archaeologist, historian, museum curator
Astronomer (duh), astronaut, therapist, private investigator, teacher, astrophysicist, house husband, diplomat, government official
Veterinarian (duh), wildlife rehabilitator, zookeeper, volunteer/owner of a humane society, zoologist, expert on mythical animals (some sort of professor, probably), waitress
Tavern keeper (or however you say that in modern terms), bartender, waitress, model, instagram influencer, makeup artist, actress, chef, restaurant owner, teacher, singer
Bodybuilder (is that a job?), personal trainer, wrestler, weightlifter, gym owner, therapist, wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife biologist, veterinarian, nurse
Electrician, lighting designer, physicist that focuses on light, priest/rabbi/imam/other religious leader, youth pastor (yes this is its own section), model, business owner, CEO
Rogue (god this was hard)
Shadow puppeteer, ghost buster, paranormal investigator, stage manager, spelunker, mechanic, detective, archaeologist
Yukino (ugh this was also hard)
Astronomer (duh), locksmith (see above with Lucy), government/military official, teacher, astrologist, worker at an observatory, family counselor
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klinenovakwinchester · an hour ago
unrequited (Loki x Stark!Fem!Reader) -- one shot
I watched Loki ep 2 and had to literally talk with @chelseyjoyce​ abt it because WHAT WAS THAT so anywho here’s an angsty one shot out of spite :))
(This is one of those WIPs I mentioned hehe)
Summary: You finally see color when you meet your soulmate, Loki, but it doesn’t end in happily ever after like everyone says it does.
Warnings: literally all angst. Loki is an asshole, full stop (sorryyy)
Loki Masterlist || Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Midgard fades into nothingness as Thor and Loki return to Asgard.
“You broke her heart, you know,” Thor said after a while.
“I know,” Loki replied, quietly.
“You’re not going to try to fix it?”
“How can I?”
24 Hours Earlier
“Dad! Look at this! I finally got it to connect, watch!”
Tony watched in awe as you showed him your newest invention. He never thought his daughter would turn out just like him, but you’re a spitting image. Intelligence, wit, colorblindness and all.
The latter you’re less happy about. You hate it, actually, but you never talk about it. Your dad tried for a few years to invent glasses that would help you see color, but they never worked. You’d get glimpses of dull colors that would fade completely within a few seconds.
After the third try, you told him (quite impolitely, you’ll admit) to stop.
That was just a few months ago, and now he’s never seen you happier. You’ve thrown yourself into your work, and this is the quickest you’ve ever completed something.
“That’s awesome, munchkin,” Tony laughed. “Gimme five!”
You smacked his hand with yours, grinning wide. “I’m sure some improvements can be made—”
“Ah, ah, ah, what did we say about respecting our work?”
You rolled your eyes. “What should I improve?”
He sighed. “Alright, fine, but later. We’ve got a couple people stopping by, so I need to see them first.”
“Ooh, are they friends?”
“Kind of?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You laughed, tossing your arms up. “Can I meet them?”
Tony shrugged. “Sure, why not, come on.”
You followed your dad out of the lab and into the elevator, then down a few floors. You usually tried to avoid the elevator at all costs. Everything looked so beautiful through the glass that your chest just ached with want. Why did you have be cursed like this? It wasn’t fair.
You’ve tried to be grateful, knowing that one day you’ll meet your soulmate and the colors will come back and it’ll all be right again.
But you’re getting older. And losing hope.
“What are their names?” You asked idly.
“Thor and Loki.”
“What?!” You yelled, not expecting to hear those two names. “Why didn’t you tell me they were coming?”
“You know them?”
“No! Yes, kind of, I know of them.”
Tony rolled his eyes, the same exact expression you got from him. “They’re just picking something up. Something top secret, so don’t ask.”
“Wasn’t going to.” You so were.
You were busy with fixing a drink when the elevator opened again, and this time the two brothers stepped out. You turned around when you heard your dad greet them, and that’s when it happened.
You dropped the glass from your hand, your eyes wide as color painted everything around you. Bright blue everywhere — is that really Dad’s favorite color? Thor was wearing red and Loki was in a dark green— Loki.
Oh, this is bad. Or is it good? The death glare Loki was shooting your way told you it was bad, very bad.
“What the hell?” Tony said, waving his hands. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you replied, gaining your composure. “Sorry. Got a little starstruck I guess. Sorry…”
Tony sighed. “Okay, where you step. I’m sure Thor won’t care if you take a selfie with him in a minute,” he teased.
Thor smiled. “I like taking selfies.”
You swallowed thickly, blinking slowly, the color nauseating you. Loki looked everywhere but you. And you wanted to be anywhere but here.
“No thanks,” you murmured. “I’m just gonna go back to the lab, sorry— Sorry about the glass.”
You stumbled around, looking like a newborn deer as you rushed toward the stairs, throwing the door open and practically jumping down the entire flight.
You made it to your room before you nearly collapsed. Heaving, coughing, sobbing. You threw yourself on your bed and screamed into the nearest pillow until your throat was sore, and then you did it again. And again.
After you exhausted yourself to the point of delirium, you turned over on your back, grimacing at the color choices you made. When you didn’t see color, you based things on texture or what shade of grey they were. Now you’re realizing that your favorite shade of grey isn’t your favorite color, after all.
You closed your eyes to get away from it, and when you opened them again, a few hours had passed, but the colors had not.
So it really is Loki.
But he wanted nothing to do with you. He glared at you and then looked anywhere but you. Thor at least smiled at you. Why couldn’t it be Thor?
It’s Loki.
You almost smacked your own head in annoyance. You didn’t need the reminder. You understood loud and clear the first time.
There was absolutely no way that your dad could find out about this. Thor already had his soulmate, so you couldn’t even lie and say it was Thor. It was definitely Loki that made you see color, and definitely Loki that wanted nothing to do with you.
As much as you wanted to vomit right then, you didn’t.
You got up and ventured out of your room, in search of food or something stronger to make you forget, but then you ran right into Loki.
“Shit,” you muttered, stepping back like he burned you — but it was the exact opposite. He felt cold. Even through his clothes, or maybe it was from his hand that reached out to steady you.
“My apologies,” he said, and even his voice made you shiver.
You glanced around him, finding an empty hallway. But still, you whispered. “I thought you weren’t staying.”
“We aren’t. We’re leaving in a few minutes.”
“Then what are you doing up here?”
“Snooping,” Loki replied, and you figured that sounded about right for him.
You nodded, not questioning it. “Can I ask you something?”
Loki already knew, but still he said, “Yes.”
“Did you see it earlier?” You asked. “The color?”
What Loki wanted to say was that yes, he saw color and he saw you and you were beautiful and he wanted to wrap you in his arms and take you home to Asgard immediately, to be his princess, to one day be his queen.
But that isn’t what Loki said. Instead, you watched his face turn into one of mocking, teasing, mischief. “Silly girl,” he laughed coldly. “I’m a god. I already saw color. You’re not my soulmate, I’m afraid it’s blatantly impossible.”
You blinked, wondering what the hell he even meant by that. “What?” You blurted. “But that makes no sense!”
“I don’t know what else to tell you.”
“Why were you glaring at me then?”
Loki raised an eyebrow. “You wasted a perfectly fine glass.”
“Because I saw color!” You yelled.
“Well, good for you.”
You wanted to smack him. You wanted to smack the smile right from his lips, and then you wanted to kiss him senseless, but you didn’t.
“Whatever,” you said. “Just go away. Back to As...whatever.”
“Asgard,” Loki corrected, almost growling.
You rolled your eyes. “That place. Have fucking fun or whatever.”
You shoved past him to go toward the kitchen, but then you started running, toward the stairs, down the flights, right into the lab, where you smashed one of your secret inventions.
It was meant to show you your soulmate. It showed you the exact dark green Loki wore. But you thought it was lying. You wanted it to be a lie.
Tony found the pieces of smashed technology a few hours later, after you had long gone to bed. You hadn’t shown him this invention, so he had no idea what it did, but he knew something was wrong.
You never smashed anything that you created. This was just wildly unlike you.
So, Tony did what he does best as a dad, and he knocked on your bedroom door. He started with being nosy.
“Munchkin? Got a moment?”
You didn’t hear him because you had headphones in and were literally blasting music as loud as you could. But your silence didn’t stop Tony from entering your room, his worried mind taking over.
And when he saw you, his heart broke. Headphones in, tears running down your face as you stared straight ahead. You merely blinked when you noticed him in the doorway.
Honestly, you felt and looked numb.
Tony carefully sat next to you on the bed, and gently lifted the headphones off your head. He smiled softly, grimacing at the volume. “You’ll bust your eardrums like that.”
You barely lifted your shoulders in response.
“Wanna tell me what’s wrong?” Tony asked. “I’m fine with the guessing game, but it would speed things up if you give me a clue. I have got all night, though.”
You knew he had all night. He always did. “I can see color.”
Surprise crossed Tony’s face at your statement. He had pictured it being said with excitement, not the deep melancholy he heard just then. “Who is it?”
You shook your head. “I don’t know.”
You took a deep, shaky breath. “I thought it was Loki,” you muttered. “But when I asked him if he saw it too, he…” You squeezed your eyes shut, steadying yourself. You got Tony’s temper, too. “He said he could already see color so it wasn’t him and I wasn’t his soulmate and he was...a fucking asshole about it.”
Tony sighed. With this information, Loki’s subdued attitude earlier made more sense. Tony figured it was because Thor had threatened him beforehand or something. Tony never banked on the reason being you were Loki’s soulmate and Loki, per usual, was just a jackass to you. was Loki. You couldn’t be with Loki. Tony wouldn’t let you, soulmate or not. But it didn’t seem like you were going to fight him on this, so he didn’t bring it up.
Instead, he held you. He let you cry. And he took you out for milkshakes at midnight.
Because Tony had always been able to figure out how to parent, but he realized that night that he never quite figured out how to heal a broken heart — especially when that heart is yours.
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- tom holland x reader
- When you need a red carpet look? You call y/n. When you need a date? Well maybe Y/N could do that aswell.
a/n: I'm thinking about making a part 2 to this at some point... BUT this was an option in my poll last no the and I loved it so much I just made it anyway!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Slide count: 10
- masterlist
- pride month
Marvel taglist: @clarinette07 @thelindalorian @becausewelie @tenaciousperfectionunknown @supraveng @anna-bailey @writerwrites @randomuser0917 @lou-la-lou @joeysbumpkinbatch @majo240820
Add yourself to the taglist (or send an ask)
- sun, 15 may; 2021 / thu, 17 june; 2021 (continued) / fri, 18 june; 2021 (finished)
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almost-correct-quotes · 5 hours ago
i feel like a the good place au for the loki series would be really interesting because they’re already built on the basis of “tv show about messing with time and has a morally gray immortal character.”
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shxdowsummoner · 6 hours ago
my savior (2)
summary || taking the offer you you begin working for bucky. though, later he has to save you again
pairing || mafia!bucky x female!reader
warnings || creepy guys again (briefly)
note || i wasn’t going to make a second chapter, but i have more inspiration for this
should i make a part 3?
requests are open <3
please don’t steal my work!
part 1
Tumblr media
It was noisy. Bass echoed throughout the club. The white shirt you wore was tight against you, and the black skirt you wore was slightly shorter than you wanted it to be. You kept pulling at the collar of your white shirt as if to stretch it out.
Your job was easy. All you had to do was serve drinks and occasionally work behind the bar. You ran into the man that saved you occasionally, but you still didn’t know who he was. Most people seemed scared of him often bowing their heads out of fear.
He on the other hand already knew who you were. He had Sam research you to check if you were dangerous. Someone as powerful- as Bucky who owned almost the whole city- he needs to make sure a rival didn’t send a spy in.
You were cleaning up the bar that was off in the back. When the door opened in the front. You could see people stepping aside for what you could only assume was him. His entourage followed behind him as they descended up the stairs that were nestled in the corner.
Your eyes followed his broad frame as he disappeared. You couldn’t help, but have a slight attraction to the man. Who wouldn’t though? With his charming personality and handsome looks, he could practically have any girl. You’ve seen firsthand how women just drop to his feet.
“Y/n they’re requesting you,” your co-worker Natasha turned to you. The two of you became friends rather quickly.
“Why me?”
“Dunno, the boss just asked for you though,” Natasha’s red locks framed her face as she shook her head.
Walking up the dingy stairs you could hear the chatter above grow louder. You didn’t know that the whole upper level was a giant casino till you entered. People cheered happily as they took the money they had just won. Guards were stationed all around. In the back of plush sofas, you saw him sitting with several other people. Only one you recognized. A man who wore an expensive suit with messy hair. Tony Stark, the famous billionaire.
Walking up to them was hard enough. You could feel a bundle of nerves rise in your throat as they turned to you.
“Who is this,” Tony tossed an arm over you. You could see him giving Tony a look you couldn’t place.
“That’s Y/n,” Bucky stood up and gently pulled you to his side. Tony just sat down again a smile on his face.
“Is she your girlfriend?”
“No,” Bucky’s voice was sharp as he slowly let go of you.
“Mmm,” Sam hummed a content smirk on his face as Bucky looked at him. Anger raging in his blue eyes.
“Well Bucky this has been fun, but I must go,” Tony had suddenly got up and was heading towards the door, a woman draped on his arm.
So his names Bucky.
“Don’t forget about my offer!” Tony yelled across the room as he disappeared with the woman.
Nervously you placed one foot in front of the other, “Can I get you all something to drink?” They must have forgotten you were there because all eyes turned towards you.
As they rattled off their orders Bucky’s eyes didn’t leave your figure. His gaze was intense and unwavering. The way back towards the bar was darker than it originally was on the way up.
The club was even more crowded than before. As you waited for Nat to hand you all the drinks you felt someone slid next to you.
“Can I buy you a drink?” A gravely voice rumbled deep next to you.
Your body went still. Not turning towards the man you swiftly replied, “No thank you.”
“What about-”
“She said no, you idiot.” Bucky stood behind you. Anger clear as day on his face. The man went running off in fear. Your eyes met his ocean blue ones as you silently thanked him he was there.
“You always need saving don’t you?”
“Apparently,” your body relaxed as Bucky chuckled deeply.
“Well I’m glad I’m your savior then.”
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heroparadigm · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
 v: is there a doctor in the house
Heavily AU. Melinda Halliwell was hired as one of three physicians after the events of Avengers by Tony Stark. Her job is to patch up the Avengers, but there is more to Dr. Halliwell than meets the eye.
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gimmeacherrypie · 8 hours ago
((this is an Au I’m working on with the Avengers and what not, I post my art to my Instagram for this))
When Red skull took in the Tesseract, Hydra made a form that could contain it but could still use this power for weapons and mass destruction.
Wandas and Visions power worked off of each other, they grew together which they grew closer to each other. Overtime they grew enough to overhand their handlers and break free of their prison. Hydra is still after them and the rest of the avengers that have broken free ( I will make more art later ).
Vision does have a human form but the human form isn’t exactly a pretty sight for the eyes. They don’t use it unless needed to. Their covered head to tail in scars, cuts, bruises, everytime Hydra made a new function or even something small to Vision their human form got hurt. Wandas tried to heal them, Shes tried everything out of her power, nothing works.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 10 hours ago
Yo, I need some Boxer AU fics. Like stat. I read one Creed fic and now I want any of the avengers to make me kiss their gloves before a match or punch me in the face. I don't care which way around it is. It could be both. I just need a boxer au.
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buckys-short-idiot · 10 hours ago
Nightmare (Bucky x Self insert oc)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Allen Stark (Self insert OC)
Word count:  1759
Summary: Set during TFATWS Ep 1: “New World Order”, Bucky wakes up from the nightmare alone or so he thinks at first when a special someone comes to comfort him, his boyfriend otherwise known as Allen Stark, son of late Tony Stark. Emotions so powerful, Bucky might not be the only one who needs comfort either.
Warnings: 18+, Fluff (lots of it), Slight angst, Strong language, Graphic mentions of violence, Bucky’s past, PTSD, His nightmare(s), Homophobia/Transphobia.
A/N: Hey lovelies long time no see (Allen stfu you haven’t “posted” in God knows how long and you basically stopped posting fics all together due to lack of motivation). This is my first time posting a fic in a very long while so excuse any grammar/punctuation errors. This is a personal self insert oc drabble/one shot I’ve been writing about for a few weeks now as well as developing an AU with this character (this drabble takes place in it). I’m so incredibly proud of it that I figured I’d share this one with you all! This one’s very special to me so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! 
I also wanna make a big shout out to @fuckandfluff​ for pushing me to post this  and boosting my confidence (as I was nervous about posting), she’s such a sweetheart and is so fun to chat with, go show her some love! <3
The room was swarmed with gun fire and screams, bodies flying left and right, collapsing to the cold ground. There he stood clear in the night, the yellow lights in the building bouncing off the silver titanium, everyone began to know him, The Winter Soldier. For years he caused chaos, murder and it was all upon Hydra’s demand whenever they felt they were threatened and didn’t wanna get their own hands dirty, it was sickening. The soldier carefully marched through the doors as he strangled what should have been the final victim as he quietly chanted the words as they took their final breath
“Hail Hydra” and threw the body to the floor with no remorse and as Hydra told him ‘no witnesses’ but there was one, an unfortunate one at the wrong place at the wrong time. 
“P-Please I didn’t see anything!” The poor individual yelled as he begged for mercy at the hands of the Soldier in front of him. That’s the thing Hydra built him for, he showed no mercy. The Winter Soldier glared at him with cold steel blue eyes with little to no emotion as he slowly whipped his firearm out and pulled the trigger. 
Gunshots that echoed loudly had startled the man awake, body sweating from head to toe and his blurry eyes soon became clear to see the dark blue lit room, Television still on playing some rerun of a football game now. Slowly and cautiously he sat up on the cold hardwood floor he somehow ended up on, his vibranium arm softly dangled off his leg as he continued to breath heavy, remembering he wasn’t stuck in the nightmare anymore but immediately he fell back down with his arms going to cup his head as he lay in a fetal position and loud sobs escaped. He lay there for what seemed hours before he heard footsteps and he immediately snapped back to reality, he remembered he had someone in the motel, his boyfriend Allen.
“Bucky?” A raspy high pitched voice called out full of worry and Bucky cursed silently, his sobs had woken him up. Allen finally caught sight of what seemed like Bucky on the floor curled up and his heart sank, he had another nightmare.
“Bucky! Oh god baby are you okay?!” He yelped in alarm, falling down to embrace his shaking boyfriend. “Allen I’m fi-”
“Do not say you’re fine James, do not” Allen cut him off sharply as he pulled Bucky closer to him, rubbing small circles on his back earning soft sighs along with his eyes closing from the tensing muscles becoming loose and calm again. Allen always had a way with making all the tension fade, he somehow always knew what Bucky needed and to Odin did he ever thank for bringing him and Allen together. After a few brief moments Bucky came around to his normal self again but more touch starved, basically becoming a big teddy bear as he held Allen close to him, earning a soft sigh from his small boyfriend who began gazing up at his steel blue eyes with his dark brown ones. 
Bucky and Allen began dating not too long after the world returned to normal after the blip, it started when Bucky had courted him the good old fashion way by showing up at the cabin with a simple white rose (he may or may not have bugged Peter about what kind of flower Allen liked). Allen of course was oblivious as a mouse on a trap however so it took many tries for Bucky to get it through to him that he was hopelessly falling for him, after a few dates and a month into dating, Bucky asked Allen to accompany him in Brooklyn and to his surprise Allen said yes. Of course their relationship wasn’t a picnic, there were ups and downs but not in the way many couples had fights and disagreements, it was the struggle of each other’s trauma and past. Allen knew about Bucky’s past and he did know Bucky was brainwashed by Hydra to become the Winter Soldier who had been sent on a mission to kill his grandparents on December 16th 1991. Of course Allen didn’t hold it against him as he only repeated what Steve had told him, that it wasn’t him and he didn’t have a choice. Allen also had his own struggles of trauma that involved losing his own father but also a past of being abused for who he was by peers growing up, specifically in school. That was it’s perks however being Transgender and Gay, it was still a very touchy thing many still didn’t accept and Bucky felt that better than anyone as he came from a time where that was ten times the abuse if you were caught with another man or questioned your gender identify.
Allen didn’t understand how (and when) Bucky got out of bed and ended up in the living room floor of their motel with nothing but a blanket and a pillow but this wasn’t the first time either that Allen found Bucky in the floor of a room in the middle of the night after a nightmare. Allen hated this sight of his boyfriend, he hated how he struggled with such demons and all he wanted was to make it all go away. Allen didn’t realize it but he was crying, his mind lost in imagining whatever horrors Bucky had going in his head.
“’s okay” Bucky hushed him softly but Allen shook his head before he met those steel blue eyes again.
“You didn’t deserve didn’t deserve all that pain and torture, I hate what they did to you” Allen sighed as he found himself being pulled up into Bucky’s lap, fidgeting with the dog tags dangling across his bare chest to try and distract his mind as cold metal stroked a strand of his messy hair back, Allen’s hair never did get long like Bucky’s had but it was growing out more than he normally let it since Bucky mentioned he liked it.
“Doll it’s in the past, we’re here now and I’m here with such a handsome boyfriend who I don’t understand how he’s even here in my arms, such an angel” Bucky grinned as he continued to playfully run his fingers through Allen’s wavy locks, trying to sooth his nerves now. 
“Shush it James! I’m trying to comfort you, ya idiot!” Allen choked out in a laugh with tears still falling, Bucky’s human hand catching them as he gently caressed his cheek. 
“We can comfort each other” His voice was soft and his eyes were warm, making Allen melt in his arms within seconds, soft sobs escaping. “Shh, it’s okay” Bucky murmured as he pressed his lips gently to Allen’s forehead, his embrace tightening as he pulled them up and carried them back to their shared bed.
The room was dark as night but Bucky could see the dim light from the curtains that outlined the bed, he gently set Allen down and crawled into his arms as he trailed soft kisses all over Allen’s body, giggles replacing sobs.
“Buck that tickles!” Allen wailed as Bucky began rubbing his stubble over the crook of his neck, intoxicating laughter filled the room as Allen returned the favor by nibbling at Bucky’s ears.
“You little devil! Ah- Stop!” Bucky howled as Allen towered over him, his small body was easily captured in Bucky’s large arms. “Gotcha” he grinned playfully as he continued to rub his stubbly face against Allen’s skin causing a hitch in his breath.
“James Barnes!” Allen squealed as he tried to wiggle free from the strong grasp but gave up as he met beautiful blue eyes growing soft with love. 
“Allen Stark” Bucky mocked with a chuckle as he rubbed his nose against Allen’s, causing the small man to blush redder than a tomato. If there was anything Bucky could manage it was that he could make Allen turn into putty with a simple glance or tone of voice and it only made Bucky fall more in love with him. Bucky loved especially how small Allen was which go figure played into being a trans man for some, something Bucky immediately accepted when they met. As far as Bucky was concerned, Allen was Allen and whether he was a cis man or not, he didn’t care, he loved his boyfriend more than life itself. 
“I love you so much” Bucky croaked softly as he nuzzled Allen’s shoulders, hot tears spilling from his eyes again but they were not sad ones this time around.
“I love you more James, more than you’ll ever know” Allen purred as his hands found them tangled in Bucky’s now short hair and Allen let out a grunt.
“I wish you’d kept this long, I liked it” He pouted as he fiddled with the short locks
“I know that doll but I felt I needed a fresh start” Bucky chuckled as he sat up, Allen still in his embrace as their eyes met again and Bucky ran his human hand up to cup Allen’s face, placing a chastise kiss to his lips. “Maybe I’ll grow it out for you, only for you though” He smirked and it sent jolts of shivers down Allen’s back.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want and hey besides, I saw those photos and I gotta say Sarge, you look pretty adorable with short hair” Allen winked as blush crept upon his face as his words caused Bucky’s eyes to widen.
“Sarge? That’s a new one from ya Doll” Bucky cried out with a snort and Allen hit his chest playfully before pulling the both of them back down to the bed along with the covers, holding Allen close to him as possible.
“I’m not going anywhere Bucky, I’m right here, I’m never leaving you” Allen cooed as sleep began to take over but he still managed to hear Bucky’s chest rumble with soft laughter before the world went quiet.
“Neither am I” He quietly muttered as he placed a soft kiss to Allen’s forehead with sleep catching up to him as well. 
Bucky didn’t understand how the world worked but he was glad regardless as despite all the pain and trauma he went through, he ended up with the best boyfriend in the entire universe.
And nothing was ever gonna change that, even if Bucky had to fight another war for their love. 
Allen was Bucky’s and Bucky was Allen’s.
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shatteredxdreams · 11 hours ago
❛     i  could  swear  that  i  have  seen  your  face  before.     ❜ (Loki)
“Oh I’m sure you have,” Loki replied, the corners of his lips turned up into a smirk. “You’re one of the new Avengers right? I assume my brother and his gang of clowns have mentioned me on more than one occasion. Probably showed you some footage of our battle in New York. You aren’t the first person to enjoy messing with the minds of those ‘so called’ heroes ,” he added. Loki crossed his arms over his chest as he observed the woman before him. After yelling at him for abandoning their father on Midgard, Thor had given Loki a run down of what was going on on Earth. He had mentioned Wanda and told him she would give him a run for his money. Loki found that highly doubtful, even more so now that he was meeting her in person.
Tumblr media
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writingsoftheloser · 13 hours ago
A Change of Heart | Part 3
Battles of Wits
Summary: He’s rich, arrogant and vain and you have no intention of letting your pride go. You’ll soon find your lives entwined and discover that perhaps, perspective has more weight than you could ever think.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Warnings: swearing maybe? There’s some angst
A/N: as promised and especially in honor of 2.3k of you following me - holy cow friends, I don’t even know how - you’re getting this! Hopefully you’ll like it, but please let me know!
Part 2: It Started with a Sprained Ankle
Tumblr media
It was early morning when your bright voice woke Peggy up. “Peg I’m going out,” you exclaimed, picking up your dark cloak and putting it over your shoulders. You moved the heavy curtains aside and peeked out of the windows, watching the first rays of sun grazing the earth.
“What? Isn't it too early?” she mumbled, sleep still keeping her under its spell. “And why do you leave me alone?”
“Oh c’mon Peg, it's never too early for a nice walk! Besides, I'm pretty sure Mr. Rogers won't leave you alone for long” you teased while already opening the door and quickly leaving the room.
“Ugh, I hate you” muttered Peggy, snuggling down into the bed again, even if you’d left the curtains a bit opened, to let some sun into the room.
“No, you don't” you exclaimed, putting your head back through the door and grinning mischievously.
“Get out” Peggy laughed, throwing her pillow over her head. The last thing she heard was your own laugh ricocheting through the lonely hallways of the house.
It didn't take long for you to reach the front door and you felt almost surprised about it, since the whole house was bigger than anything you’d ever stayed at.
The air was crisp over the fields that morning; there seemed to be no clouds yet but maybe there was a storm coming. Your eyes went to the sky and simultaneously you took the lapels of your cloak and tightened them around yourself as you kept on wandering. After a while you came across some trees and a little river you knew flowed down to the main city. You stopped there and admired the nature surrounding your figure: everything was beautiful, just shy of waking up and the water of the river was clear, probably really cold. A shiver ran down your back just thinking about dipping your hand in it.
“Good morning, Miss Y/l/n”
You turned abruptly at the sound of the raspy voice coming from behind you: there he was, Mr. Barnes. His hair, this time free, were flowing a little in the wind and his deep blue clothes complimented his physique. But his most fascinating feature were definitely his blue eyes, that once again grabbed your attention: they weren't as emotionless as the first night you saw him, nor nervous as the day before. They looked full of life albeit a little tired, like he hadn't slept well in a while.
It was a pity he had such a bad temper.
“Good morning, Mr. Barnes” you said out of politeness. If you could, you would have never spoken to him.
You turned back to your observation of nature, ignoring the man behind you and hoping he would leave you alone. But, of course, you had never been so lucky.
He cleared his throat. “Couldn't you sleep?“
Why was he speaking with you?
You hesitated but, in the end, you knew you couldn't afford to be rude and had to answer him. “Not at all, sir.”
A veil of tense silence fell on the both of you again. Only the birds were making any kind of noise.
Mr. Barnes looked at his hands and interlocked his fingers, wringing them. He knew he had been awful to you but firstly, he didn't know you at all and secondly, you irritated him. Why, he didn't know. He just felt like it and for some reason, he also felt like he had to speak with you. “So, do you like walking?”
“Yes, sir” you said curtly and once again without turning around.
“There is no need to keep calling me sir, miss, I-”
Suddenly, you huffed and faced him. “Excuse me, sir, but I'd like to go back to my sister now” and with that you brushed past him and quickly walked back to the house.
Yes, you so irritated him.
Tumblr media
Peggy was perched on a chair, reading, when you entered the room and slammed the door behind you. “Back already?” she asked, frown etched on her face and curiosity dripping from her words.
“Forced back by Mr. Barnes” you spat with anger.
Peggy’s eyes widened and she closed her book, before trying to fix her position on the chair without moving too much. “Did he send you back?”
You took a deep breath, closing your eyes, before answering. “No, but evidently he thinks he can first insult me and then be nice.” You threw your cloak on the bed with a flourish. “God, I hate him”
“I’m afraid I don't really follow you, Y/n/n…”
You shook your head. “Doesn't matter. I hope you'll be better soon, so we can go home”
“The doctor will see me tomorrow, actually” Peggy mumbled, still keeping an eye on you. She was a bit worried.
You didn't know why Mr. Barnes riled you up so much but every time you saw him, the comments he had made at the party resurfaced and maybe it was petty but you weren't going to forget so easily.
Soon, though, Peggy distracted you with needing help to get ready for breakfast and successfully calmed you down. You weren't particularly happy to join the Rogers so soon but put aside your feelings for common courtesy and accompanied your sister to the dining room where everyone was waiting.
To no one’s surprise, breakfast was tense. You and Peggy sat next to each other, Steve was next to Peggy, at the head of the table and his sister was at his left. That left Mr. Barnes right in front of you. It wasn't necessarily bad since you could avoid his gaze completely and focus on your plate, but his serious face was a bit disconcerting. Thankfully the food could hold all your attention without arising too many concerns. There was probably enough for at least ten people instead of only five, but that was all better for you: you could avoid Mr. Barnes’ face till you entered a food coma.
Everything was going in your favour.
“So, Miss Y/l/n, how are you enjoying your stay?” it was Miss Rogers who started the conversation and you just assumed that she was speaking with Peggy, until said girl almost elbowed you. Turning abruptly with a betrayed expression, you soon focused your attention on Steve’s sister. “Forgive me, miss, I thought you were speaking with my sister”
“There is no problem, Y/n. Can I call you that, right?” Her voice was polite but it held a certain distaste, a certain air of superiority. She sounded like she had eaten something sour and was still sporting the aftertaste.
“Sure, miss” you smiled and felt Mr. Barnes’ gaze burning on you. He seemed to be waiting for something. It felt unnerving.
“Oh, just call me Sarah” she told you and you nodded politely.
She went on eating her breakfast, while repeating her question. “As I was saying, are you enjoying your time here?”
You drank some juice and gave another nod. “Yes, Sarah. This is really a beautiful place”
“I saw you going out this morning,” she took a sip of her own drink and looked at you expectantly.
You weren't sure where she was going with this but gave her another affirmative answer. “I really love walking”
“That, I don't doubt,” Sarah paused, “You must be very used to it, since you probably don't have carriages” she added, muttering. It was evident she was raised in a totally different context: she was probably used to carriages and horses and wherever she was used to live, there probably wasn't much space for walking around undisturbed. She probably hadn't known unrestrained nature till now.
Mr. Barnes shifted his gaze on Sarah and furrowed his brows. No matter how much irritating you were, her assumption wasn't really polite; she was basically classifying your family as peasants.
“I believe,” your voice gained the attention of the table, “that going out for a long walk is very good for both the body and soul and I'm really sorry you don't feel like you could enjoy such a pleasure, Miss Rogers.”
You definitely knew how to bite back with polite words and Bucky's heart beat slightly faster at that realization.
Silence fell on the table but you went on eating as if nothing happened: it was clear nobody knew or wanted to retort to that, opting to maintain a quiet atmosphere. As soon as you were finished, you excused yourself and stood up. You walked aimlessly listening to the soft noises of the house, letting them guide you till you reached a back patio surrounded by columns and stopped there, breathing in the clear air of the late morning. A light rain was starting to fall and grey clouds were gathering above the fields. You were right: there was, indeed, going to be a storm.
“Are you used to bite back like that, Miss Y/l/n?”
For the umptheenth time, for some reason yet unknown to you, Mr. Barnes appeared and this time he had a smile on his face. You turned slightly, not fast enough to catch his expression before he shifted it back to a neutral one.
“Why is that of your interest, Mr. Barnes?”
He tilted his head. “I was just asking”
“Well, don't. You already made pretty clear you don't like me” you huffed, hands closing into fists. Silence fell between the two of you, until it was Mr. Barnes again to break it. “Do you think is it appropriate for a lady to give such an answer?”
His tone didn't hold malice, it was just neutral. And yet, it made something boil in you.
You took a deep breath, trying to reign in your anger before answering. “I believe it is appropriate for a lady to defend herself”
“Even if she's being addressed by someone of higher social status than her?” he insisted. He seemed weirdly curious.
“Especially then, Mr. Barnes. We all deserve respect.”
Those were your last words before brushing past him and retreating to Peggy’s room. You didn't feel like arguing with him and you needed time to calm down before you said or did something truly inappropriate or offending.
Mr. Barnes remained outside on the patio, eyes going out to the fields and hands linked behind his back. If you'd suddenly gained a bit more of his respect, he certainly wasn't going to reveal that to anyone.
Tumblr media
The doctor arrived in the early morning of the very next day and looked at Peggy’s ankle. Everything was healing perfectly and the man gave her permission to go home whenever she wanted. With that in mind, you and Peggy decided it was really time to go home since you had already taken too much advantage of the Rogers’ hospitality.
You felt like Peggy did it more for you than for herself, but didn't say anything.
That same late morning, with the sun warming the earth, Mr. Rogers had an open carriage ready for you and you left his house between his happy requests to get back soon and an even more stoic than usual Mr. Barnes. Mr. Rogers’ sister was walking silently next to you as you walked outside, her features fixed into a very fake smile.
“Please, miss, you can return to visit whenever you want, I’d be happy to have you” Steve insisted, while offering both hands to Peggy in order to help her up the carriage’s steps. You were so focused on their smiles that you failed to notice whose hand had been offered to you.
The strong, secure grip and the skin - rougher than you expected - made you turn your head to inquire: you came face to face with Mr. Barnes and swallowed a surprised gasp. His eyes were fixed on you for only a second, a storm hiding behind them, before he let go and turned to leave.
You sat down, confused and almost breathless from such a small interaction, as the carriage slowly started to move, bringing you far away.
What you didn't know was that Mr. Barnes might have been the first to turn back into the house but he was certainly the last to take his eyes away from the leaving carriage. He stood there, at a window where no one could see him, looking at the horizon until you disappeared from sight, simultaneously flexing his hand and contemplating how soft and firm yours was and how good it felt holding his.
Tumblr media
Part 4:
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Tidying up
Tumblr media
A/N: Written for Lauren’s birthday challenge. @a-little-counter-esperanto I’m so glad I took part in your challenge lovely, this was fun! 💙
Prompt - Write your story about two characters tidying up after a party.
Pairing: Young! Tony Stark x Reader
Warnings: None.
Word count: 500?
Tony Stark Taglist - @raspberrymama @ladyeliot @boop-le-snoot @make-a-memory-drink-it-up @loveisallyouneed1125 @ownsmyheart @anthonyjanthony666 @downeyreads @the-secret-thief @getlostsquidward @ickleronniekinsemotionalrange @elemephstudies @mycosmicparadise @feetoffthetablee @vibraniumwing
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A contrasting stench of cheap beer and expensive whisky lingered in your apartment as you went around collecting the discarded remnants of the party you’d just thrown for your best friend.
“Oh you can throw these away with the rest of it.”
“You have your own trash bag, birthday boy.”
Tony made a dismissive sound before turning away, making you curious enough to keep the bags in your hand on the floor.
“What was it?”
“Just some cards.”
You frowned and peered over his shoulder, eyes going wide for a second as you realized who they were from before you snatched them away from Tony’s grasp.
“These are from your parents Tony! You can’t throw them in the trash.”
“I can and I will.”
You crossing your arms over your chest and giving him your signature look was enough for him to back down with a defeated sigh.
“You can’t have your way here, it’s my birthday.”
He pouted, the whine in his voice making you smile.
“You’re gonna call them and say thank you.”
“I’ll text Mom.”
“I hate you, (Y/L/N).”
Tony mumbled, grumpily throwing a few empty beer cans in the black bag he was carrying.
“No you don’t. You love me, Stark.”
Not everybody could order Tony Stark around like you did. Then again not everybody was best friends and roommates with the genius.
He brought over his phone to make sure you saw the message of thanks he sent to his mother, Maria - someone you loved and adored and vice-versa. She had helped you two find your gorgeous apartment which was definitely too fancy for college kids.
A kiss you blew his way was met with an exaggerated shake of his head, feigning annoyance.
You continued your clean-up until something shiny caught your eye in the corner of the sofa.
“What the hell?” Mumbling under your breath, you bent down to pick it up.
“Okay that’s the third bra I’ve found in here tonight.”
Holding the sequined fabric up for Tony to see, you expressed your disgust with a puking gesture.
“I am concerned at the number of discarded bras that are emerging from this mess.”
“What can I say, honey, women feel the need to shed their clothing along with their inhibitions when I’m around.”
Tony was shrugging as he bragged, and you didn’t need to turn around to see it. Living with the guy for a year made you familiar with his ways and it wasn’t a surprise that the man was popular with the ladies. For you though, he was too much of a best friend to be anything more.
“I didn’t do any of that.” You added.
“You want me to do it for you?”
Tony reached over to bring down the strap of your dress before you slapped his hand away.
“Oh get away from me!”
“Come on now, that could be my birthday present!”
Tumblr media
Some Young Tony lovin!
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Valkyrie as a Slytherin student
• Blood Status: Pure-blood
• Patronus: Pegasus
• Boggart: Hela Odinsdottir
• Best friends - Thor Odinson and Bruce Banner
• Beater in the Slytherin Quidditch team
• Favorite subjects - DADA and Flying
• Often rescues Thor from various troubles
Tumblr media
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evatsyrulnik · 13 hours ago
Pietro Maximoff as a Gryffindor student
• Blood Status: Pure-blood
• Patronus: Hawk
• Boggart: Death of parents
• Best friends - sister Wanda and Clint Barton, whom Pietro constantly teases, and at first even disliked
• Tried to get a job on the faculty Quidditch team, but due to excessive hyperactivity he was not accepted
• Didn't like Tony Stark, but later found a common ground with him
• Difficult relationships with many students and teachers
Tumblr media
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