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ripperpiper · an hour ago
Scarlett Johansson
Tumblr media
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rosesilverangel · 12 hours ago
#Repost @black.widow • • • • • Marvel Studios' #BlackWidow arrives July 9. 🙌 Tickets and pre-orders available now. (Link in Bio) (at Darlington, South Carolina)
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simpfornatasharomanoff · 14 hours ago
hiii i love your writing and I have a request for Nat x Supersoldier!R? I was thinking something pre-relationship or even during dating where Nat is trying to gain the courage to ask reader to be her girlfriend? maybe she asks tony for advice or if its a good idea since tony and r are best friends? thank you so much!
A/N: Thanks for the request! This one worked my brain so much lmao. My requests are open but not for much longer, so if you have one, send it through my ask box soon! I’m also going to be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! THIS WASN’T EDITED/LOOKED OVER SO I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR ANY MISTAKES!!!
Here’s my Masterlist! There’s a link to join my taglist!
Warnings: Use of weapons (Let me know if I need to add anymore!!!)
Word Count: 3,227
Summary: Natasha has liked you for the longest time. She finally decides to act on her feelings, but not before confronting Tony, your best friend. 
The Failed Mission
You used to be tiny. Not just tiny, but short and weak too. People picked on you and made fun of you because it was easy. That all changed for you, and it happened quickly. It was two years ago, but you still remember it like it was yesterday.
You’re walking to work, well, for the second time today. When you arrived at work the first time, your boss told you that you were getting a promotion.
You were so excited to find you were getting a promotion.
Your boss claimed that all the higher ups worked in a different building, so he had informed you where it was.
That’s where you’re heading now. As you reach the building, you falter. The building looks… Well, run down.
Nonetheless, you still need to work, so you approach the building slowly. As you reach the door and go to open it, people start yelling at you.
“Don’t move!”
“Move and we shoot!”
You immediately freeze, but move your eyes to look for the people. You see them on a balcony above you.
“Is this our new test subject?”
“Test subject?” You question. “I got sent over from the Hydra machinery office! My boss told me I got a promotion. He… he told me to come here!”
The door in front of you opens, and a man walks through. He smiles at you. “I’ve been waiting for a new test subject. I’m glad I’ve finally got one.” The man snaps his fingers and two men in padded armour come out from behind the man and grab you.
“Bring her to the injection area immediately!” The man says.
“Yes, sir!” The two men hold your arms - each holding one - and they start to push you forward.
“No! Please!” You plead. “Let me go!”
The men don’t listen, they continue to push you forward. They eventually push you into a room with a singular chair in the middle. They quickly sit you in the chair and close restraints around your wrists and your ankles. They leave the room, leaving you in silence.
You look around the room. There’s nothing else in here, just the chair you’re sitting in.
The man walks into the room, smiling evilly at you. “Hello, Y/N.”
“Let me go!” You cry out. “Please! I didn’t do anything!”
“I know you didn’t,” The man says. “I’m just gonna give you a quick shot,” He holds up a syringe. “And then we’ll run some tests.”
You eye the syringe. “W...what is that going to do?”
The man smirks at you. “Ah, you’ll see.”
The man sticks the syringe into your upper arm.
You immediately feel pain. You scream, the pain being too much to bear.
“Earth to Y/N,” A hand waves in front of your face.
You shake your head, clearing your daydream. “What, sorry.”
Tony, your best friend, looks at you. “What were you thinking about?”
“Nothing,” You say, picking the weights back up.
Tony watches as you go back to doing bicep curls. “Were you thinking about Natasha?” Tony asks, a smirk on his lips.
The dumbbells fall out of your hands and you stumble to catch them. You fail at catching them and they fall to the ground with a loud bang.
The other Avengers in the training room look over.
“Sorry,” You say with a tight smile. “They slipped.”
You bend down and pick the dumbbells back up. You set them down on the rack and turn back to Tony. “No, I was not thinking about Natasha.”
“Oh yeah?” Tony asks. “Then what were you thinking about?”
You sigh. “The day I became this,” You gesture towards yourself.
You’re not tiny anymore. Infact, you’re built. You’re tall and you’re strong too.
“I mean, I love my path,” You say, grabbing your towel from the nearby bench. “I just.. I don’t know. That day still haunts me.” You use the towel to wipe your sweat off your forehead. “I love being an Avenger. I just sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t become a supersoldier.” You place your towel over your shoulder.
Tony nods and tosses you your bottle of water. You catch it and take a sip. “I think we all think like that,” Tony says. “We all wonder what our lives would be like if we weren’t an Avenger. We all used to live normal lives.”
You nod, “Yeah, I know.”
“But, think of it like this,” Tony says. “You wouldn’t have met Nat if you didn’t become a supersoldier!”
You chuckle and lightly shove Tony. “Shut up!” You joke.
“Your job is to take down the Avengers, do you understand, soldier?”
“Yes, sir,” You salute the man.
“Good. Follow me.” The man starts walking, making his way out of the current room you two are in.
You quickly follow after him, making sure to keep up. He leads you to another room, but this room is filled with weapons.
“I was going to give you a weapon, but I figured I’d let you choose,” The man says.
You look around the room, looking at all the weapons that are sprawled across tables and the walls. There’s shields, swords, guns and daggers. You walk up to one of the tables. You run your hand on the side of the table as you walk by it. You lift your hand off the table and grab one of the daggers. You flip the dagger in your hand, catching it with ease. You place it in one of the holsters on your upper thigh.
You eye the other weapons, trying to decide which one you want. You grab a pistol and slide that into the holster on your other upper thigh. You grab a machine gun next. You pull the strap of it over your shoulder.
You turn back towards the man, the man who turned you into this.
“Are you ready, soldier?”
You smirk at him. “The Avengers will fall.”
You’re standing in the kitchen, standing in front of the stove. You push vegetables around in one pan and you flip three pieces of chicken in another pan. Being a supersoldier means that you eat a lot more than usual. It took a while to get used to eating so much more food than you used to, but now, you eat all the time - foods high in protein of course.
“Cooking some food, cooking some food. I’m gonna, gonna eat it soon. I’m hungry, yeah I am, that’s why I’m cooking some food. The food smells good, of course it does, because I’m the one who’s cooking it up.” You sing, making the words up as you go.
“Nice song.” Natasha’s voice startles you.
“AH!” You turn around, pointing the spatula at the redhead.
Natasha smirks at you. She puts her hands up in mock surrender. “Oh no! A spatula! What ever will I do?”
You roll your eyes but smile at Natasha. “Haha, very funny.” You turn back towards the stove, continuing to push the veggies around.
Natasha moves to stand next to you. She looks at the stove. “Chicken and veggies again?” Natasha scrunches her face in disgust. “I swear that’s all you eat!”
“I gotta stay in shape somehow,” You shrug. “I don’t want to lose my physique,” You flex your biceps.
Natasha’s eyes glance at your biceps for a moment. “I don’t think you have to worry about that.”
You move to the side to open a cabinet. You grab a plate. “Do you want some?” You ask, looking at Natasha.
Natasha smiles, “Sure, I love your cooking.”
You grab another plate and set both of them next to the stove. You plate the veggies and the chicken, giving Natasha half the veggies and one piece of chicken and giving yourself the other half of the veggies and two pieces of chicken.
You turn the stove off and grab silverware before moving to the kitchen table with both plates in your hands. You set them on the table and turn to Natasha. “Lunch is served,” You gesture to the table. You sit down and Natasha sits opposite of you.
“So, what was that song you were singing?” Natasha asks.
You scoop some veggies onto your fork and shovel them into your mouth. “Just something I came up with on the spot,” You shrug.
“Well, I thought it was cute,” Natasha smiles at you.
You smile, “Thanks.”
“So, what’re you doing tonight?” Natasha asks.
“I’m not sure yet,” You reply. “I might get another workout in.”
“Well, if you want a break do you want to watch a mov-”
“You made lunch? And you didn’t save any for me?” Tony comes up behind you. He puts an arm around your neck loosely and uses his other hand to tousle your hair.
“Hey!” You laugh.
Tony stops, his laughter filling the air. He pulls away from you and grabs one of your pieces of chicken from your plate.
“I don’t think so!” You say, snatching the chicken from his hand.
“Oh come on, Y/N!” Tony whines. “Your cooking is amazing!”
“Well, I didn’t cook enough to share with you,” You say.
“But you cooked enough to share with Natasha?” Tony asks, raising his eyebrows.
“No, not really, but I like Natasha more than I like you,” You say with a smirk.
Tony gives you a knowing smirk. “Riiiiight. Well, I’ll leave you to it.” Tony turns and walks away.
You turn back towards Natasha. “Sorry, what were you saying?”
“Huh?” Natasha asks.
“You were asking about my plans for tonight and then you started asking something else,” You say.
“Oh, right. I forget what I was going to ask,” Natasha says.
“Well, if you think of it, let me know!”
You’re sneaking around the Avengers tower, still surprised at how you got in undetected. You’re on the seventeenth floor and you hear all the voices of the Avengers coming from somewhere nearby. You make your way closer and closer to the voices, grabbing your machine gun in preparation to take the Avengers down.
You peek your head around the corner and see the Avengers. They’re sitting in what looks to be a conference room. You raise the machine gun, setting the butt of it into your shoulder. You aim the gun and you hover your finger over the trigger. You look down the top of the gun, Captain America’s head in your sight.
You press your finger down and pull the trigger. The bullet whizzes towards Steve, the glass of the conference room breaking. But just as the bullet is going to hit him, he brings his shield up to protect himself. The bullet hits his shield and falls to the ground.
All the Avengers are on their feet, looking in the direction the bullet came from, looking at you.
“Who is that?” Iron Man says as his suit starts to cover his body.
“I’m more concerned about how they got in here!” Black Widow says, pulling her guns out from her holsters.
You aim your gun again, looking down the top of it. You see Black Widow in your sight. You pull the trigger, watching as the bullet soars towards her. Captain America puts his shield in front of her, blocking the bullet.
“What do you want?” Iron Man asks.
“To take down the Avengers,” You smirk.
“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to talk to me?” Tony asks, looking up at Natasha who is standing in the entrance of his lab.
Natasha uncrosses her arms and looks at Tony. She takes a few steps into the lab. “I was just figuring out if I really want to ask you.”
Tony sits down on top of one of the tables in the lab. “Come talk to uncle Tony,” Tony says, patting the spot next to him.
Natasha is hesitant, but she moves towards Tony and sits down next to him.
“What’s on your mind?” Tony asks.
“I-” Natasha stops as she tries to gather her thoughts. “You and Y/N are best friends.”
Tony nods, “Yeah. And you and Clint are best friends.”
“What?” Natasha asks, furrowing her eyebrows.
“Oh, I thought we were just pointing out the obvious,” Tony says.
“I’m… just bear with me, I’m gathering my thoughts,” Natasha says.
“Okay,” Tony says.
“I need some advice,” Natasha says. “And being as you’re Y/N’s best friend, you’re the best person to ask.” Natasha takes a deep breath. “How would… Do you think it would be… I want to ask Y/N out.”
Tony stares at Natasha for a moment before bursting out laughing.
“Oh god,” Natasha puts both of her hands to her face to cover it. “I shouldn’t have even said anything.”
“You’re joking, right?” Tony asks, containing his laughter.
“Yeah, totally joking,” Natasha lies.
“Look, you want my advice,” Tony says. “Do it.”
Natasha pulls her hands from her face and she looks at Tony. “Actually?”
“Yeah,” Tony nods. “Y/N is head over heels for you and you’re blind if you can’t see it.”
Natasha smiles and Tony. “Thanks, Tony. I really appreciate it.”
“Wait, can I record you saying that again?” Tony asks.
“And you ruined the moment.”
“How did you get in here?”
You stare at the wall in front of you. The Avengers overpowered you and immediately threw you in this room and tied you to the chair. Now, they’ve been taking turns asking questions, but you would never compromise your home, your life. Iron Man tried first, but he got nowhere. Then Captain America tried, and he got the same response - silence. Now standing in front of you is Black Widow.
Black Widow bends down to meet your eyes. Her emerald eyes pierce your E/C eyes. “Who sent you?”
You stare into her eyes.
“If you talk to us, we can help you,” Black Widow says.
You continue to stare into her eyes, still not saying anything.
The door opens and you quickly move your eyes to see who walked in. Iron Man walks into the room and he hands a folder to Black Widow. She takes the folder and Iron Man walks back out of the room.
Black Widow opens the folder and her eyes scan whatever is in it. You watch as she looks through the folder.
Black Widow looks back at you. “Y/N Y/L/N. Went missing one year ago. Your roommate said she saw you leave for work but you never returned.” Black widow tilts her head as she looks at you. “You lived a nice happy life living with your best friend right here in the city. You had a job that you loved.”
You continue to stay silent as you watch Black Widow. You clench your hands into fists and she notices.
“Awe, am I hitting a nerve?” Black Widow asks. “Let’s continue, shall we?” She looks back at the folder. “So, you were five foot three and tiny. Now, you’re what? Five foot nine and built?” Black Widow looks at you. “You know that reminds me of our very own Captain America. Small and scrawny to tall and built.” Black Widow sets the folder down on the floor. “You had your life stolen from you.”
You try to pull your arms from the restraints.
“Just talk to us and we can help you,” Black Widow says, her eyes meeting yours again.
Realizing you aren’t going to talk, Black Widow heads for the door.
Black Widow looks at you over her shoulder.
“It’s Hydra.”
“Where did you go?”
You pull your water bottle down from your mouth and throw it at Tony. “Where does it look where I was?” You ask, wiping sweat off your forehead with the back of your hand.
“I don’t know, maybe you were grocery shopping,” Tony says with a shrug.
“Oh yeah, I went to the grocery store and came back with nothing, oh and I came back a sweaty mess!” You glare at your best friend. “I went out for a run.”
“Well, I just had the best conversation and you’d be pleased to know it!” Tony says with a big smile.
“Okay, so tell me,” You say.
“I wish I could, but I cannot do that,” Tony says.
You roll your eyes, “Then why did you even tell me?”
Tony smiles. “Because it’s exciting.”
You narrow your eyes at Tony. “Oookay?”
“Anyway, gotta blast! I’ve got a busy schedule!” Tony says before running off.
You watch as Tony runs away, so confused at the conversation you just had with him.
“Try again!”
You grow angry, “You know what?” You point your finger angrily at Tony. “No! I’m done with people trying to control me and tell me what to do!” Your finger connects with Tony’s chest and you glare at him. “You don’t control me!”
“Hey,” Tony puts his hands up in surrender. “We’re just trying to help you!”
“I don’t need your help!” You shout.
“No! I’m done listening!” You shove Tony, sending him backward and into the wall behind him.
Tony stares at you.
“Hey, wh-”
You spin around and punch whoever showed up behind you. Though your punch doesn’t land. Instead it was caught. Your breath is heavy as your eyes meet emerald ones. Your fist is still being held in Natasha’s hand.
Natasha looks behind you. “Tony, why don’t you-” Natasha nods her head towards the door.
“You don’t need to tell me twice!” Tony bolts out the door.
Natasha finally lets go of your hand and you drop it to your side. She keeps her green eyes locked on your E/C eyes. You find Natasha’s eyes calming and you feel yourself calm down.
“What happened?” Natasha asks.
“Tony is trying to teach me to control my anger when fighting,” You say. “But it didn’t work.”
“I can see that,” Natasha says.
“He.. he kept telling me what to do and it reminded me of when I was at Hydra.”
“We aren’t like Hydra,” Natasha says. “We aren’t trying to control you, we’re trying to help you.”
“I know,” You say. “It’s just hard to get used to trusting people after what they did to me.”
Natasha nods. “I know exactly what you mean. But I promise, we’re only here to help.”
“Thanks.” You sigh. “I guess I should apologize to Tony.”
“Hey, do you have a second?”
You look up from your phone and see Natasha standing in the doorway of your room.
“Yeah,” You set your phone down next to you on your bed. “What’s up?”
Natasha looks at you. “I was wondering if maybe,” Natasha fumbles her hands. “You wanted to go on a date with me?”
“For real?” You ask with a smile.
Natasha nods. “Uhm yeah. Unless you’re going to say no, then I was just kidding.”
“Nat, I would love to!”
“Really?” Natasha asks.
“Yes! I have liked you since like forever,” You say.
Natasha smiles at you. “How about dinner tomorrow night?”
“That sounds like a plan,” You smile at her.
“Awesome,” She points finger guns at you.
“So, you asked Tony for help, didn’t you?”
“I was desperate!” Natasha says with a laugh.
You smile, the one mission you were glad you failed was the one Hydra sent you on. 
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arifskinchen · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
LAST WEEK WAS SPLENDIFORUS: @spiderman is Every Kids 1st Fav and Relatable Hero. So Thankful that @disneyland × @marvelstudios × #thedisneyimagineers made this ride POSSIBLE! #WebSlingers Starts #TheAvengersCampus off and #TheGuardiansOfTheGalaxy Close You Out. But, Mr. Peter Parker Kicks Off The Joyfest And Makes The Fun Happen. It's A Great Interactive Experience That You Have To Do Once In Your Life, Especially If Your A Marvel Fan. The Avengera Campus Is Cool. I hope the bring The #AntmanAndWasp Adventure To CA Soon and Something Else. As it was UNBEARABLY HOTTTT When We Went, We Missed Out On The Performances, But We Did See #BlackWidow and We Spoke With #THOR Odin Son! And SOUNDSTAGE 17 is The World for A Non Comic Con only CINEMATIC UNIVERSE Fan. We Had A Great Haul From There! There Is All Kinds Of Potential For Howard Stark's Old Auto Testing Site! I Hope You Get To Go One Day! #TeamKinchen #OurFirstPostLockdownVacation #ActorGang #VOLife (at Disney California Adventure Park)
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thescarletwarlock · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
“It was real to me. To me you were everything.” Thrilled to share with everyone my OOAK Yelena doll I made myself. She was so fun to make and out together. So excited to see @florencepugh as Yelena Belova in @black.widow next month! Can’t believe we are almost to the release of the movie! 🕷 #BlackWidow #ooakdoll #custom #infinitywar #avengersinfinitywar #florencepugh #yelenabelova #blackwidow #mcu #marvel #marvelcomics #comicbooks #marvelcinematicuniverse #scarlettjohansson #hottoys #avengers #superhero #marvelsuperhero #disney #captainamerica #thor #rachelweisz #hawkeye #natasharomanoff #chrisevans #blackwidowmovie #davidharbour #redguardian #comics #marvelstudios
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lovemarvelcast0105 · 17 hours ago
Y/n gets nervous before an interview and Scarlett makes up a code for you
You were always nervous during interviews. Nobody really knew about the stress you went under, you didn't really like telling people because you didn't want to make a big fuss about it as they had bigger things to worry about. So you simply just dealt with it. To be honest it never got too bad as the only interviews you had done were little ones with some of your cast members, you've never had to do a large panel at a comic con or something like that but you dreaded the day that had to come. And that day was today.
Now you're in the car heading to Comic Con about getting ready for the civil war panel and you were practically shaking and worrying about different things. Now because you were a woman in this business you were especially worried about getting a sexist, inappropriate question. As you had experienced it with Scarlett as she unfortunately got loads of them, Lizzie not so much she was lucky. But sometimes you saw the downside to those types of questions, after an interview where Scarlett got sexist question you remember one time you saw her tear up and it broke your heart to see her like that and cry over a dickhead who wasn't doing his job probably. After seeing Scarlett like that you were always on the edge of getting a question like that as Scarlett to you was always a tough cookie she never properly cried in front of you, well she didn't cry in front of you over her own problems. She'd only cry if she saw  you in pain or cry over a problem, but still she was always a tough cookie.
You got out of the car and made your way through the back stage door to meet up with everyone else. You got there just in time as when you arrived the Russo Brothers were putting people in line for the order they were supposed to come out and so they sat next to the people they needed to. So they put Tom next to Robert so he could prevent him from ruining anything and they tried to avoid Scarlett and Chris sitting next to each other as they always seemed to end up distracting each other with their little games of tic tac toe. That ended with you up sitting you next to Scarlett which you had no problem with.
You and Scarlett had become very close, you even started your Marvel journeys together as you both joined in Iron man 2 and ever since then Scarlett had become like a big sister to you but also a mother figure and a close best friend. And you two were inseparable. You always ganged up on Mackie and Sebastian, well mainly you but Scarlett just stood by your side silently judging all three of you for acting like children. Even though you only saw Scarlett as a second mother figure most of the times, like say when you were doing a stunt she would stand of to the side shitting herself that you might get hurt, but Scarlett always saw you as a daughter. Scarlett loved you with all her heart and she would do anything to protect you. She always took care of you; made sure you were hydrated enough or you were eating properly. She attempted to help you with your school work most times but it always ended up with you and Evans teaching her how to solve an equation. She's taken care of you ever since the first day on set of Iron Man 2, you were about 3 or 4 when you did that movie and it was your first big movie so you were prone to all new things and Scarlett would always teach you about them. She always sat you on her lap at lunch. If you disappeared on set she'd always run around trying to find you knowing you were up to something. If you two weren't filming and you were bored she'd always play with you. And if you got tired she was always the shoulder you leaned on to go to sleep. She even became part of the Y/l/n family. After filming a movie it was tradition that she would always come back to England and stay with your family for a few weeks before press tour. And you became part of the Johansson family and you spent many Thanksgivings with her, Rose and the rest of the family.
The memories of you and Scarlett were interrupted with a tap on your shoulder. You turned around to see Scarlett with a concerned look on her face.
"You alright hun? You're really shaking!"
"I'm just nervous" You choked out tears welling you in your eyes.
  "Awww sweetheart, well what's wrong is it because it's your first big panel? Cause you've never been nervous before any other interviews." She coos as she brings you into a warm hug which you obviously return. "You have nothing to worry about, they'll love you and if they don't well they're fucking idiots cause who could not love you?" she laughs a little as she rests her chin on the top of your head as she guides your head to her chest.
"It's just I'm worried that I might get a sexist question like you do, which fucking sucks." you mumble which is just loud enough for her to hear. And she does is leans down and lefts up your chin and whispers "Language" to which she laughs at but you playfully push her away but it still makes you smile.
  "Ok being serious now, what we're going to do is.... we're going to make up codes!"
"Yeah codes so you can tell me how you're doing during the panel"
"And what are these code exactly?"
"Ummm....... let's say if you doing fine I don't know just tap me on the leg. If you let's say don't understand the question just lie take a sip of water. And if you're uncomfortable with the question just grab my hand but there's no need for that cause no doubt that ill intervene and tell the idiot off but if I'm not quick enough then one of the boys mainly Robert and Evans will get there before me. Yeah?"
"What's the code for I love you?" I smile.
  "This" she giggles just as she pulls me into another hug but also peppering my face with little kisses. "You feel better now?"
"Yeah I do thanks Scar" you smile as you bring her into another hug. "I love you" you mumble.
"Love you more, god you don't understand how much I love you and how much you mean to me."
"Same here"
"Come on let's get up here before we both get fired."
"They could never replace you Romanoff"
"Ha ha you're funny" she said with a slight sarcastic tone
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uncomicmas · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Reseña exclusiva de Gamma Flight #1 sin spoilers y ala venta elmiercoles por Marvel ¿De qué viene? Gamma Flight tenía un trabajo: encontrar y detener a Hulk. Pero cuando se pusieron del lado del Goliat Verde, y el mundo humano tiene la intención de hacer que se arrepientan. Puck, Absorbing Man, Titania, Doc Sasquatch, la Dra. Charlene McGowan y un Rick Jones horriblemente cambiado son fugitivos de todas las autoridades conocidas, pero un equipo lleno de gamma está destinado a romperse en poco tiempo. ¡Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier y Lan Medina son los autores intelectuales de un mundo completamente nuevo de gamma! Trama Puck, Absorbing Man, Titania, Doc Sasquatch, la Dra. Charlene McGowan y un Rick Jones(con un horrible fusión con el ser Del Frye) son fugitivos y preparan su centro de operaciones con el objetivo de ayudar a otros seres afectados por la radiación Gamma, pero son perseguidos por sus exjefes Gyrich y Alpha Flight. Algo se empieza a revelar cuando Gamma Flight va a ayudar a un ser en problemas. Este equipo es bastante disfuncional pero al mismo tiempo relaciones más íntimas se empiezan a formar entre ellos, pero hay alguien que está detrás de las sombras trabajando con tecnología gamma y parece tener un plan peligroso. Buen inicio de una trama de llena de misterio e impactantes revelaciones. Arte Magnifico arte, muy orgánico y lleno de detalles espeluznantes. Resumen Gamma Flight es un nuevo equipo lleno de sorpresas con muchas diferencias personales pero un objetivo común Calificación 4.5 de 5 Créditos Escrito por AL EWING & CRYSTAL FRASIER Arte de LAN MEDINA Portada de LEINIL FRANCIS YU A la venta el 23 de Junio Fuente @Marvel #hulk #thor #blackwidow #captainamerica #avengers #ironman #hawkeye #scarletwitch #spiderman #tonystark #civilwar #antman #loki #steverogers #marvel #brucebanner #chrisevans #robertdowneyjr #blackpanther #xmen #marvelcomics #deadpool #wintersoldier #natasharomanoff #wolverine #buckybarnes #quicksilver #clintbarton #chrishemsworth
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lollen96 · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Avengers Imagines (Part Two) - Natasha Romanoff X Fem!Stark!Reader - MONTERO (on Wattpad) My second book of probably not fantastic Avengers imagines. Please go and read Part One. Please consider supporting me for just £3 using Ko-Fi. This money gives me the ability to continue writing in my spare time without having to worry about extra funds and will eventually help me to begin publishing my own works outside of my fanfiction. Follow the link: to pledge money. The link is also available on my profile page. If you have any questions about Ko-Fi please feel free to private message me. Thank you. L x
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mcuscene1 · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
#whatif #drstrangemultiverseofmadness #drstrange #tva #loki #Loki #lokimemes #disneyplus #marvel #marvelstudios #mcu #thanos #ironman #BlackWidow #WandaVision
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kornkidd · 22 hours ago
Posted @withregram • @black.widow Marvel Studios' #BlackWidow arrives July 9. 🙌 Tickets and pre-orders available now. (Link in Bio) #blackwidow #marvel #mcu #movies #scarlettjohansson
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🤦‍♂️Aí não Tony STARK do Pará!!!Aí QUEBRA🤣 -------- ----------------------------------------------------. Nessa realidade, Thanos rachou foi o bico kkkkkk . Nem vou falar mais nada..😂 Se gostou da proeza do filantropo, "gênio paraense", playboy ja sabe👇 SIGA 👉 @ingloriousnerd --------- ---------------------------------------------------- . 🔥 SALVE O POST (MEGALIKE) 💥 COMPARTILHE COM 1 AMIGO 🔥 COMENTEMM🗣️🗣️🗣️ 💥 CURTA 👉❤️ --------- ---------------------------------------------------- . #tonystarkmemes #memesdaily #memestagram #marveledit #burro #otariano #rindomuito #thanosmemes #dcmemes #tonystarkcosplay #capitaoamerica #spidermannowayhome #blackwidow #piadas #cosplays #kkkkkkkk #😂 #🔥 #🤣 #dcbrasil #mundonerd #culturapop #amofilmes #tiririca #viuvanegra (em Internacional Shopping)
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Links in the bio Check out the newest episode of shut up and take my money the show where we talk aboit the latest announcements and preorders in the world of collecting. This week we talk about @mezcotoyz #fantasticfour @hasbropulse army builder set of the @powerrangerszeo cogs along with their Retro card Sandman and Gamerverse Miles from the @marvellegendsseries and the new @blackseriescollectables like, han, and Greedo. And then get into the beautiful @hottoyscollectibles from @black.widow movie and @badbatchseries hunter. What will you be preordering? Check it out now on our YouTube and podcast platforms everywhere. #actionfigures #shutupandtakemymoney #hottoys #blackwidow #badbatch #taskmaster #hunter #whoshotfirst #han or #greedo #powerranger #cogs #marvellegends #starwarsblackseries #sandman #spiderman #podcast #actionfigurepodcast #comicboolpodcast #youtube #actionfigurereview
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First time buying movie tickets in over a year. Perfect timing for my bday! Had no idea how much I'd miss it. Cannot wait to view the next #marvel movie in the dark, on the big screen, with surround sound, and eating movie theater popcorn. Ngl I got choked up when the confirmation came. #blackwidow #movie #letsgotothemovies #SeeYouAtTheMovies #stanlee
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I’m dying bruh 😂😂😂. #steverogers #buckybarnes #natasharomanoff #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #whitewolf #blackwidow #marvel #marveltok #chrisevans #sebastianstan #scarlettjohansson #tiktok #funnymemes #funnyvideos #funny
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David Harbour @dkharbour as #RedGuardian #AlexeiShostakov 2nd official poster for #BlackWidow this July 9, 2021 #Taskmaster #NatashaRomanoff #YelenaBelova #MelinaVostokoff #Marvel #Disney #cosplay #cosplayer #costume #superhero #heroes #captainamerica #marvelph #disneyph #shield #selfie #redguardiancosplay #Russia #Russian #DavidHarbour (at Москва • Moscow)
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David Harbour @dkharbour as #AlexeiShostakov #RedGuardian in #BlackWidow coming this July 9, 2021 credits to Joeseph Velasquez / The Plague Doctor #DavidHarbour #Russian #BlackWidow #Taskmaster #NatashaRomanoff #YelenaBelova #MelinaVostokoff #Marvel #Disney #cosplay #cosplayer #costume #superhero #heroes #captainamerica #marvelph #disneyph #shield #selfie #redguardiancosplay #Russia
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FLUFF GENERAL 15 but Natasha is the drunk one!
A/N: Thanks for the request! I am very tipsy at the moment so I am so sorry if this is trash!
Here’s a link to my Masterlist!
Warnings: Drinking (Let me know if I need to add anymore!!!)
Word Count: 1,077
Summary: “yeah, well, if you weren’t so drunk maybe i would.”  From this prompt list
A Drunk Promise
Whenever Tony throws a party, Natasha gets drunk. That’s not news to you. As Natasha’s best friend, you’re the one who usually takes care of you. Drunk Natasha is entertaining to you. She’s not her closed in, secret spy, she’s giddy and happy, she reminds you of a child.
So, when you found out Tony was throwing yet another party tonight, you knew it would be another night of taking care of drunk Natasha. You didn’t mind, you would take care of Natasha for the rest of your life if she needed the help. Though, sometimes Natasha is a handful when she’s drunk. But again, you don’t mind, you find it entertaining.
“Come on!” Steve complains, when the ping pong ball he threw didn’t land in a cup.
“Hah!” You point your finger at him, “You suck, Rogers!”
Steve rolls his eyes. “I’d like to see you do better, Y/L/N!”
You smirk at Tony, your teammate for the beer pong match, and he smirks back. You and Tony always team up for beer pong, the two of you are unstoppable.
“Watch and learn!” You exclaim cockily.
You look down at the other end of the ping pong table and line up the ping pong ball up with the last remaining cup. You toss the ball forward and it splashes right into the cup.
“Yes!” You shout.
“That’s my bitch!” Tony exclaims, holding both of his hands up for high fives.
“That’s my bitch!” You repeat, high fiving Tony’s hands.
Everyone referred to you two as bitches when it came to beer pong, so you stuck with it, hence why you call each other bitch.
“Drink up, Rogers!” You smirk at the supersoldier.
“Come on, why can’t Wanda drink one?” Steve complains. “We’re a team, y’know!”
“Well, you can’t get drunk!” Wanda says. “I can! That’s why you do the drinking!”
Steve sighs but he picks the cup up and downs the beer. You, Tony, Steve and Wanda laugh. You let your gaze fall behind Steve and Wanda and your eyes land on Natasha who is standing at the bar, grabbing another drink.
“I’m gonna take a break,” You excuse yourself.
You walk away from the ping pong table and walk towards the bar.
“What do you think you’re doing?” You ask, sliding next to Natasha.
Natasha turns to you and smiles. She surges forward and wraps her arms around the back of your neck and pulls you into her. You stumble into her and she holds you in a tight hug. “Y/N!”
You set your hands on Natasha’s hips to steady yourself. “Woah! Hey, Nat.” You try to pull away from the hug, but she just holds you tighter.
“I was just about to have another drink!” Natasha says, finally pulling away. She grabs her now ready drink that the bartender set on the bartop.
“And I was actually here to stop you from doing that,” You say, grabbing the glass from her hand and setting it back on the bartop.
“Nooooooooooo!” Natasha whines, reaching for the glass.
You lightly shover her shoulders to push her back. “I’ve been watching you, I’ve seen how many drinks you’ve had.”
“Oh, you’ve been watching me?” Natasha smirks, raising her eyebrows up and down suggestively.
You roll your eyes, “Yeah, yeah. Come on, let’s get you to bed.”
“Fine,” Natasha pouts.
You wrap your arm around Natasha’s waist and she drapes her arm over your shoulders. You slowly lead her through the Avengers tower, making your way to Natasha’s room.
When you reach Natasha’s room, you help her sit on her bed. You take your arm from around her waist and she takes her arm from around your shoulders.
You kneel down in front of her and start to untie the laces of Natasha’s combat boots. You glance up and Natasha. “How are you feeling?”
“Tired,” Natasha replies, laying down flat on the bed.
You pull her combat boots off and set them aside. You stand up and sit on the edge of Natasha’s bed.
“Do you want to change into comfier clothes?” You ask, setting your hand on her leg and giving a small squeeze.
“No,” Natasha mumbles, shaking her head.
“Okay, well I’ll be right over here if you need anything,” You point to the small arm chair in the corner of Natasha’s room. You always slept there when Natasha was drunk, just in case she needed anything.
You stand up and cover Natasha with the covers.
“Can I get you anything?”
“A kiss,” Natasha says.
You freeze. You aren’t sure if you heard her correctly. “Huh?” You ask.
“I want you to kiss meeeeee,” Natasha whines.
“Yeah, well, if you weren’t so drunk, maybe I would.”
“I’m holding that to you,” Natasha says.
You move to sit in the arm chair. “Goodnight, Nat.”
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
You wake up to the sound of retching. You quickly stand up and move into the bathroom connected to Natasha’s room.
As you enter the bathroom, you see Natasha slumped over the toilet, vomiting into it.
You move over to her and sit on the side of the bathtub. You grab Natasha’s hair and pull it back, holding it out of her face. You rub your other hand up and down Natasha’s back.
Once Natasha has emptied her stomach, she grabs a piece of toilet paper and wipes her mouth before throwing it into the toilet and flushing. She sits back and looks at you.
“I still want that kiss,” Natasha smirks.
You blush. “I, uh,” You rub at the back of your neck nervously. “I didn’t think you would remember that.”
“How could I not?” Natasha stands up and moves to the sink. She grabs her toothbrush and starts brushing her teeth.
“I mean you were drunk,” You point out.
“Yeah, but a kiss from you, Y/N, I would never pass that up,” Natasha says, holding her toothbrush out of her mouth.
“I mean… I wouldn’t turn down a kiss from you either,” You say nervously.
Natasha looks at you through the mirror, smirking. She leans down and spits into the sink before wiping at her mouth with a towel. “How about you kiss me now?”
“Like, right now?” You ask.
“No, like now tomorrow,” Natasha says sarcastically.
“Are you sure, be-”
Natasha presses her lips to yours. The kiss is short and sweet. She pulls away and sets her forehead against yours. “Yes, I’m sure.”
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uncomicmas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Reseña de #Loki Episodio 2 ya disponible en @disneyplusla . INCLUYE SPOILERS Sinopsis El Dios de las mentiras sale de la sombra de su hermano en una nueva serie que transcurre después de los acontecimientos de AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Tom Hiddleston vuelve a interpretar al personaje principal, y Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku y Richard E. Grant se unen a él. La dirección de Loki está a cargo de Kate Herron, y Michael Waldron es el guionista principal. ¿Qué sucede? Loki empieza a analizar los movimientos de su "Variante", descubre cómo se esconde de la TVA, porque conoce su manera de pensar. La variante vive en eventos cataclísmicos dónde cualquier modificación de la línea de tiempo no se nota porque todo va a desaparecer y no hay testigos, aquí hacen referencia a Thor Ragnarok. Cada ramificación del tiempo es como un "puente" que le llaman "Nexus", recuerden que el poder Wanda Maximoff se relaciona con esto y que estaba aprendiendo a controlar con el libro Darkhold en el capítulo final. Este episodio también menciona mucho a los Time Keepers (en los cómics se llaman AST, VORT Y ZANTH), que son estos tres seres cósmicos con poderes de dioses que controlan el tiempo, ellos están obsesionados con desaparecer los universos alternos. Loki se encuentra cara a cara con esta nueva versión de sí mismo de otro género (Lady Loki) lo cuál le otorga una nueva e interesante dimensión al personaje y se van juntos a otra época. Este nuevo episodio tiene mucho misterio, suspenso y lleno de las trampas, chistes y travesuras de Loki. Loki revela que su plan es destronar a los Time Keppers del poder y apoderarse de la sabemos cómo lo hará. ¿Será que Miss Minutes esconde algo? Resumen Loki logra dar con el paradero de su versión Variante y se van juntos a otra época, dos Lokis juntos es muy peligroso. Excelente capítulo lleno de misterio y referencias importantes al comic y al MCU Calificación 5 de 5 Fuente @disneyplusla #loki #tomhiddleston #thor #blackwidow #chrishemsworth #hawkeye #chrisevans #buckybarnes #scarletwitch #brucebanner #natasharomanoff #tonystark #robertdowneyjr #sebastianstan #hulk #disneyplus #mcu
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Iron Man Mark XLVII 47 by #hottoyscollection #tonystark #ironman #marvel #avengers #robertdowneyjr #captainamerica #mcu #avengersendgame #spiderman #thor #endgame #blackwidow #rdj #marvelcomics #tomholland #steverogers #infinitywar #peterparker #hulk #chrisevans #marvelstudios #avengersinfinitywar #loki #thanos #captainmarvel #iloveyou #natasharomanoff #tonystarkedit #chrishemsworth
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