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mollysolo · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TFATWS appreciation week Day 1: Favourite Character ↳But Steve is gone. And this might come as a surprise, but it doesn’t matter what Steve thought. You gotta stop looking to other people to tell you who you are
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mollysolo · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DESTROYER (2018) Dir. Karyn Kusama
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mollysolo · 18 hours ago
it infuriates me the way white creators can time and time again speak over POC and continue to exist on this app as if nothing happened.
meanwhile, the same POC they spoke over (because apparently taking one race studies class makes you more qualified than the lived experience of minorities) are driven off this app.
and they just get to sit there, spewing their performative bullshit and subtweeting POC in the same fucking breath.
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mollysolo · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
adam driver + snl promo (2018)
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mollysolo · 21 hours ago
Dancing in the rain
Summary: You convince Loki to dance with you in the rain
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson X gn!Reader
this gif does not belong to me
Tumblr media
“Come onn. It’ll only be for a little while. I’ve just always wanted to dance in the rain with someone.” you said, lightly tugging on Loki’s arm.
He sets down the book he had been reading and cups your face in his large hands. Heat rushes to your cheeks the longer you stare into his bright green eyes.
“Oh fine. We can dance in the rain, darling.” he told you.
You whooped as you dragged him by his hand out to the gorgeous garden behind the palace.
Once you stopped moving, Loki’s hands went to your hips and ribs. You happily smiled as he twirled you around.
As Loki watched your smile become bigger and bigger as time passed, he became glad that he agreed to dance with you in the rain.
As time continued to pass, your clothes turned practically see though and your hair was stuck to your face.
You stopped dancing for a little while to admire Loki as you pushed his wavy black hair behind his ears and loosely held his face in your hands.
“How did I get so lucky?” you said as you closely studied every detail of his face.
You looked from his sculpted jaw to his dark and defined eyebrows. Everything about him was absolutely perfect.
Loki dips you down as he starts to reply, “I think about that everyday, darling.” he says.
You blush again as he leans in to kiss you. Your hands found one of his and made you feel as if your hands were made for each other. One of your hands then slid up to his face a moment later.
You felt relaxed and happy like this. And deep down, you wished that moments like these could last forever.
As he pulled away from your lips, his hand found yours once more and he interlocked his fingers with your own.
“We should head back inside now. We’re both completely soaked and I don’t want you to catch a cold.” he made known.
He gazed deep into your eyes as he waited a few moments for you to respond.
“Ugh, fine. I’m getting kinda cold anyways.” you whine.
He cheekily smiled at you as he led you back inside.
As you two entered your shared bedroom, Loki let go of your hand and disappeared inside your closet for a few minutes. He came back out holding a fluffy towel and a dry set of clothes for the both of you.
You smiled at him as you took these items from his hands and set the new clothes down. Your eyes never left him as you began to dry your hair.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked, noticing your staring.
“No reason, you just look like a dog when your hairs wet. That’s all.” you said, teasing him as you let out at laugh.
He softly shook his head and rolled his eyes as he laughed with you.
The second you two finished changing, Loki quickly scooped you up into his arms and took you to your bed. You squealed as your feet left the cold tiled floor.
You buried yourself into him once he stopped moving. He traced circles along your back as you comfortable with your body being intertwined with his.
“You’re so warm.” you muttered as you dramatically shivered.
He grinned down at you and slowly began to hold you even tighter. You then hummed with satisfaction and slid your face into the crook of his neck.
“I know.” he said, confidently.
“I could stay like this forever.” you told him with a relaxed tone to your voice.
Loki planted a few kisses to your temples as he bit back yet another smile.
“Me too darling, me too.” he said, pushing the lower half of his face into your hair.
His deep voice sent shivers down your spine, but you really adored that, if you were being honest.
marvel tag list: @lil-stark @punkyydraws @amelia-song-pond
permanent tag list: @lil-stark @weenersoldierr @dilanajx
note: if your username is crossed out it is because i cannot tag you.
i hope you guys like this! while writing this i listened to Fear by Current Joys. and as always, my inbox is open for requests. :))
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mollysolo · a day ago
please donate to the palestinian children’s relief fund or any of these other organizations doing work in palestine! any little bit, even just $10, can help relieve some of the suffering under the settler-colonial occupation!
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mollysolo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky’s Vibranium Arm/Hand - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
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mollysolo · a day ago
i honestly refuse to believe that this man is literally 31 (as of today)
Tumblr media
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mollysolo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mollysolo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mollysolo · a day ago
Summary: A song fic for Cedric based off of Sorry by dodie.
Pairings: Cedric Diggory X gn!Reader, platonic!Ron Weasley X gn!platonic!Reader
Warnings: Descriptions of death and grief
this gif is not mine
Tumblr media
It happened fast, like a fired gun. Bleeding out, then it was done.
It all happened so fast.
It became so hard for you to get any kind of grip on reality, you didn’t know what to make of anything.
Nothing felt real.
One minute Cedric was trying to grab the cup the next minute he was laying lifeless on the ground next to your feet.
You begged him not to leave you as he started to die. Telling him that you couldn’t live without him and that you loved him.
But there was nothing you could do except take his body back like he had asked you too.
There was the end, I couldn't find, found too late.
“He’s dead!” you cried out as tears poured down your cheeks like a waterfall.
You collapsed onto Cedrics body as you continued to sob.
Professor Dumbledore rushed to your side and tried to pull you away, but you wouldn’t let him. You latched onto Cedrics body and didn’t dare let go.
But finally a few minutes later, you let go and sat next to his body on the ground.
“I’m so sorry. I tried to save him but there was nothing I could do. He asked me to bring his body here before he died.” you told Cedrics dad as you nervously looked away from his body.
You blankly looked back at Cedrics body as a numb feeling took over.
But you still didn’t stop crying.
Let me go back. Show me the eyes, so I'd really know just what it looks like.
As you laid in bed that night the last time you ever saw him alive flashed through your mind.
Again and again.
You wished that you were the one who died, not him.
He had so much to live for and if you could’ve given him your life, you truly would have.
You would do anything to bring him back.
As you continued to lay in bed you thought about all of the happy memories you and Cedric once shared.
You thought about when you two became good friends then eventually lovers. You thought about the first time you made him laugh to the first time he kissed you.
You quietly laughed through the tears and hoped that where ever Cedric was now, that he was resting peacefully.
But still, you wished that you hadn’t taken these moments for granted. You wished that you could experience them again even though you knew that wasn’t possible.
And oh, didn't want to believe such a monster in me. And I know, I've always known, in the end I'd be sorry. And that's all I am now, and it's all I can be, is sorry.
“I’m sorry and that’s all I’ll ever be.” you said to close out your speech at Cedrics burial.
Ron, your best friend, took you into his arms as you stepped down from the podium and cried onto him yet again.
But he didn’t mind that, he’d let you cry an oceans worth of tears onto his shoulder. All he wanted was to be there for you.
After Cedrics death you just felt so guilty. You wanted to have protected him in the moment, but you had to keep telling yourself that there was truly nothing you could have done to save him.
Ron firmly held you in his arms as you quietly sniffled. You then lifted your head and met Rons eyes with your bloodshot and tired ones.
“I miss him so much. If only I was the one to die, not him. He had such a bright future ahead of him. Y’know?” you said as you placed your hand on his chest.
Ron took you back into his arms as you finished speaking. He pressed a few gentle kisses to your head and rubbed your back as he thought of what he could say to make you feel better.
He didn’t like seeing you this sad and he knew Cedric wouldn’t want to see you like this either.
“Cedric would want you to be happy, I hope you know that. He’d want you to live a good and long for him. Okay?” he said.
You slid your face into the crook of his neck. As you got comfortable, your tears slowly coated Rons neck.
“I know. It’s just so hard to be alive when he’s not here with me.” you replied.
Ron held you even tighter.
“I know it’s hard, I know.” Ron cooed.
As you lifted your head once more, he softly wiped your tears away. You gently smiled at Ron and planted a kiss on his cheek in return.
“Would you mind sleeping in here with me tonight? I don’t want to be alone, especially right now.” you made known.
“Of course I will.” Ron said with a kind tone to his voice.
You buried your face into his chest as his arms found a home wrapped around your waist.
“I love you.” you mumbled.
“I love you too, (y/n). Now rest, you deserve it.” he said.
You nodded into him as you began to slowly drift off to sleep.
harry potter tag list: @lovinghufflepuffgirl
permanent tag list: @lil-stark @weenersoldierr @dilanajx
i hope you guys like this! and as always my inbox is open for requests! :))
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mollysolo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1942 vs 2023
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mollysolo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mollysolo · 2 days ago
i honestly would climb hozier like a tree
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mollysolo · 3 days ago
BB-8: beeps in any way
Poe Dameron:
Tumblr media
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mollysolo · 3 days ago
Come undone for me
Summary: You make Bucky feel good after a long day.
Pairing: switch!Bucky Barnes X switch!fem!Reader
Warnings: Oral sex(male receiving), deep throating, teasing, size kink, smut
this gif does not belong to me
Tumblr media
As Bucky sat on the edge of his bed, you raced over to him and straddled his lap.
There was stress written all over his face and body.
His shaky breaths fanned across your bare shoulder as you tenderly bit and kissed his neck. His hands rested on your hips as you continued to leave hickeys scattered around his neck.
You pulled away for a moment and met his bright blue eyes.
He looked at you nervously as you started to sit on your knees in front of him.
You ran your hands along his thick thighs as you began to speak. “May I? I won’t do this if you don’t want me to.” you asked.
A lustful look took over his eyes as he looked down at you and gave you a weak nod of approval.
“Please, I need your mouth around me now.” he begged.
You smirked as you looked down again and saw that his cock was already hard, just for you.
“I just wanna make you feel good. Just relax for me, alright?” you said, your hands trailing up to the waistband of his shorts.
He nodded again as his eyes stayed glued to what you were doing.
You slowly pulled his shorts down along with his boxers and hungrily watched as his cock sprung out of the fabric.
Your mouth subtly watered at the sight of it.
You softly bit your bottom lip then licked both of your lips before you started to please him. And you didn’t intend on wasting anytime, you were going to take your time with him.
You swirled your tongue around the head of his cock. As you did this, his hand went to the back of your head as he let his own head fall back.
His quiet moans filled your ears.
Your hands shifted to the base of his cock as you began to bob your head up and down on it.
You looked so hot with him stuffed in your mouth and Bucky truly couldn’t get ever over how good you felt around him. He then quickly decided to indulge his desires.
So, he dug his fingers into your hair and grabbed a hand full of it. He yanked and tugged on your hair as you continued to suck his dick.
But you really made him come undone when you began to run your tongue from the base of his cock to the head.
Over and over and over again.
He groaned as he forced more of his dick down your throat. You gagged for a quick few seconds as his cock hit the back of your throat.
Bucky could feel himself getting closer to his release.
It was quickly becoming hard for him to hold his orgasm back and he desperately wanted to shoot his load down your throat. 
You pulled his cock out of your mouth for a few minutes as you caught your breath.
However, your hands still never left his cock.
He gently smirked as looked down and saw you teasingly stoking his cock. He adored how big his cock looked in your hands.
You quickly said one more thing to him before your mouth and lips met his cock yet again, “Come undone for me baby. I know you want to.” you simply said as you looked up at him with dark eyes.
He collapsed back onto his bed as you began to deep throat his cock once more.
Everything you did just made him feel so good and he never wanted your mouth to leave his cock.
His vision went white as he came and shot his load down your throat, just like he wanted to.
You removed your mouth from his dick and wiped your mouth as you sat on your heels. You bounced your tits in front of his knees as you swallowed his seed. 
He tucked himself back into his shorts as you kept swallowing.
He couldn’t wait any longer, it was now his turn to make you feel good.
He snaked his metal arm down your back and slowly removed your grey tank top. That lustful look took over his eyes again as he saw that you were wearing nothing under this tank top.
A warmth pooled in your stomach and your folds grew wetter as he beckoned you up to his lap again and you straddled his lap.
He firmly squeezed your butt in his hands. Him doing this, made you moan in his ear and his cock quickly became hard once again. You shuddered as you felt his cock press up against your entrance.
He began to hungrily kiss your lips as you attempted to fish his cock out of his shorts yet again. He stopped kissing you and made a ‘tsk’ noise as he swatted your hand away.
“Not yet, doll. Be patient.” he whispered into your ear.
These whispers caused goosebumps start to appear all over your body.
You knew that Bucky liked to take his time with you and you didn’t know long you would be able to last until you were begging him to fuck you.
But you promised yourself that you’d try to be patient. After all, you always took your time with him as well.
Plus, you did want to be his good girl.
You’d do anything to make him reward you, even if that meant waiting for a little while until he was ready to fuck you.
smut marvel tag list: @dilanajx @lil-stark
permanent tag list:  @lil-stark @weenersoldierr @dilanajx
i hope you guys like this! while writing this i listened to Heaven by The Neighbourhood. and as always my inbox is open for requests. :))
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mollysolo · 4 days ago
SFW Alphabet with Kylo
a/n: i hope y’all like this :))
Tumblr media
A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)
Kylo has never really been very affectionate, but he makes an exception for you.
When you two are alone, his hands are always on your body and he always has his lips pressed to your cheeks, forehead or lips.
B = Best Friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)
Kylo would be incredibly loyal. If he found out that someone made you cry, he’d immediately go hurt them even if you asked him not to. He does this because he just wants to keep you safe and happy.
The friendship would most likely start when you became Commander because he became Supreme Leader.
C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)
Kylo adores cuddling as he loves having you close to him in that way as often as possible.
Kylo would insist on always being the big spoon because he feels that you are most protected when he is the big spoon.
D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)
Kylo has always wanted to settle down, but ever since he joined The First Order that has always seemed like a distant dream to him, that was until he met you.
He doesn’t mind cooking for you and he’s pretty good at it as well. But, he’d prefer a droid to clean his quarters for him.
E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
He’d use complete and utter honesty. Kylo would also suggest helping you transfer to another First Order ship if you desired that.
F = Fiancé(e) (How do they feel about commitment? His quick would they want to get married?)
Kylo quickly became very committed to you and your relationship. All he wanted was your love and happiness.
Kylo would wait a while to pop the question because he wants to make sure that you are the right person for him. Even though deep down, he already knows that you are.
G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and mentally?)
Right from the beginning, Kylo has always been super gentle with you. He’d touch you as if you were the most fragile thing in existence.
He would also make sure that you were never around when he got super angry because he never wanted to scare you. No matter how many times you told him that he doesn’t scare you.
H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)
Kylo only lets you hug him, no one else can even come that close to him.
Kylo hugs you whenever he comes back from a mission. These hugs are usually tight, comforting and last a long time. Which you’ve never minded.
I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?)
Like marriage, it takes Kylo a little while to say this for the first time. But once he does start telling you that he loves you, he never stops.
J = Jealously (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)
Kylo is an extremely jealous man. He doesn’t like hearing about your past relationships because it makes him think back to when you weren’t his.
When he’s jealous, he’ll storm out of the room he was in with you and he will release this jealousy out on a nearby wall with his lightsaber.
L = Little ones (How are they around children?)
Kylo dislikes all children, unless they are his own.
M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)
Kylo being the busy man that he is, you mostly spend your mornings alone. Which you’ve grown to like.
He’ll even leave a note on your bedside table for you to read when you do wake up telling you how much loves you and that he misses you a lot.
N = Night (How are nights spent with them?)
The second Kylo comes back to his quarters for the evening, his hands never leave your hips or shoulders.
Every night as you fall asleep, he’ll hold you tightly against his chest and whisper praises into your ear as he also falls asleep.
O = Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
As you would expect, it is very hard to get Kylo to open up about anything, especially his past.
But, if you started to reveal things about yourself to him, he’d probably feel bad and would end up telling you more about himself.
P = Patience (How easily angered are they?)
Kylo is only patient with you. He lashes out and is always angry with everyone else, besides you of course.
Q = Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail about you in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)
Kylo remembers everything. He wouldn’t dare forget anything you’ve told him.
R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)
Your favorite moment is when he took you flying for the first time. He loved seeing you look so happy.
S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)
Kylo is very protective. He would protect you by always being by your side and teaching you how to protect yourself incase of an emergency.
Personally, Kylo really likes it when you defend him during a meeting whenever Hux underestimates him.
T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)
He puts his full effort into every aspect of your relationship. And as for gifts, every anniversary he would get you the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the galaxy. Even though you always tell him that he doesn’t have to, but he insists anyways.
You two never really have time for dates and he feels like these gifts are a way of making it up to you.
U = Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)
A bad habit of his is how he expresses his emotions. But you’ve been helping him work on that, when he lets you.
V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?)
Though it’s hidden under a mask most of the time, Kylo is obsessed with how his hair looks. It has to look perfect at all times.
But besides that, he doesn’t care about his looks that much. He does like to look handsome for you though.
W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?)
Yes, 100%. Without you, Kylo would feel lonely and as if a piece of his heart was missing.
X = Xtra (A random headcanon for them.)
Kylos favorite thing to do with you is take a bath as he feels most relaxed when you two do. Plus, he likes pampering you.
Y = Yuck (What are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)
In general, he doesn’t like it when people bite their nails, he thinks it’s gross.
Z = Zzz (What is a sleep habit of theirs?)
Burying his face into your neck and holding you even tighter than he already was.
adcu tag list: @lovinghufflepuffgirl
permanent tag list: @lil-stark @weenersoldierr @dilanajx
i hope you guys like this! and as always my inbox is open for requests. :))
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mollysolo · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when the ಠ_ಠ one has to team up with the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ one
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mollysolo · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CHRIS HEMSWORTH as THOR ODINSON in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) dir. Taika Waititi
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