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#lotr Legolas
entishramblings · 2 hours ago
Legolas, in another room: Are you threatening me with a spoon?
*smacking sound*
Legolas: OW!
Aragorn: *sighs*
Aragorn: Gimli! Stop abusing the elf!
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lotrthobbit · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Another art post ! Legolas this time !
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Main: @ jenni.jpg
Art @ Jennie.png
I also realize I mixed up both my main and art handle at the top corner. Sorry about that. Since they’re both similar and all. But pls do follow also the next chapter of warmth is being written !
Have a good day !
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solacryptid · 10 hours ago
Unexpected Fate
Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) & Lord of the Rings Crossover
Summary: Vilansia and her dragon, Svellevarina, have spent many years training the young dragon riders alongside Eragon and Saphira. But their time of adventure has come. The people of Middle Earth have called for aid and Alagaesia will answer.
Tumblr media
Chapter 2: Wyrda
The oranges and pinks burst over the treetops as the light blue of the daytime sky spread. On any other day, most would still be asleep, not yet ready to start their day. This morning, however, Elves were bustling around the Great Hall not far from my own home. A gentle breeze hushed through the large opening of my home, the sound of rustling leaves outside carried with it. The tree in which my home was built was taller than most others surrounding it in order to accommodate my dragon. The opening was wider than her wing-span and significantly taller, allowing for growing room over the next few years. The room itself was also large and open. While the wooden interior of the tree had been sanded down prior to the two of us settling in, the rubbing of Svell's hard scales has carved grooves into the floor with scratches from her talons interlaced throughout. The room felt emptier than usual, as the majority of my belongings had been packed away for travel. An unfamiliar tightness resided in my gut. It was a matter of minutes before Svellevarina and I would be leaving our home country for the first time. I could feel waves of Svell's excitement through our bond and I hated to dampen her mood with my uncertainty. There was no doubt that the task before us was daunting. My intuition was telling me that we were to become involved in something much bigger than originally thought and I knew better than to ignore that.
I tightened the last strap on one of the many saddlebags, ensuring that they were all secure for the flight to Middle Earth.
The sound of sliding scales against the wooden floor broke the silence as Svellevarina shifted to face me. "We best be off to meet with Arya Drotting,"
I nodded in response, heaving the saddle into my arms and carrying it up onto the back of my dragon. She licked her talons clean with her barbed tongue as she waited for me to secure the saddle comfortably. I climbed back down, surveying the room one last time.
Svell nudged my back gently with her snout. "Come now,"
With a sigh, I placed myself in the saddle and held on to the neck spike in front of me as Svellevarina stood, making her way to the large window. A slight breeze shifted my long hair as Svell spread her wings out, the very tips just touching the edges of the opening. Svellevarina jumped, the air catching under her wings and carrying us over the tops of the surrounding trees. She angled toward the left as she soared, the wind carrying the fresh scents of the early morning.
A crowd had already gathered outside of the Great Hall. The chatter from the surrounding Elves coming to a halt as Svellevarina landed. I slid out of the saddle just as Arya Dröttning approached, Eragon by her side.
The Queen looked between Svellevarina and I, her lips drawn tight. "Come. Eragon and I have something prepared for you both."
I raised my brows in question before glancing at Svellevarina. Her shoulders shifted in a dragon form of a shrug. The two of us followed the elder riders inside the Hall, leaving the growing crowd of Elves. The Great Hall was built inside the largest tree in Ellesmera which created a grand and open space. The inside wood of the tree was smoothed to perfection from the magic of the Elves that created the Hall. A throne of roots and vines rested on a step on the opposite end of the door. Normally, that would be the only furniture that resided within, however, a round table sat between us and the organic throne. Both Firnen and Saphira were resting next to each other, waiting for us. I could see a few things set upon the table, the natural light from the openings in the tree catching the light off of something.
"Never before has a dragon and rider acted as an ambassador in another country," Arya said, speaking in the ancient language. "As such, I cannot tell you what to expect. I can, however, give you the tools that you will need so that you are as well prepared as possible." She gestured to the table before us.
I walked forward, taking in what was laid out. My eyes widened at what I saw. Turning to Arya, I said: "Dröttning, this is all too much, I cannot possibly-"
She held up a hand. "You must, Vilansia."
I faced the table again, my hands reaching for the sparkling opal blade. It was unmarked, as it was yet to be named, but it was unmistakably a rider blade, the hue a perfect match of Svellevarina's scales. I held up the sword to the light, reflecting tiny rainbows on the surrounding wooden walls. The blade was long, matching my reach perfectly, but was thick enough to allow me to execute parries without fear of the weapon breaking. The end of the hilt bore a rounded opal that would serve as a storage of energy if Svell and I should need.
"It's beautiful," I said breathlessly.
"Well of course," Svellevarina said as she lifted her head high. "They had a perfect example to follow,"
I caught Eragon's smile at her remark. "Now you must come up with a name to match its elegance."
I knew instantly what I would name my rider blade, as did Svell. While we had known that it was unlikely that I would receive such a symbolic weapon, I had discussed this with her for many years after we had graduated our training. Since Svellevarina and I did not travel outside of the Island or Du Weldenvarden due to our duty of training the young riders, such an important blade was not necessary. But as new representatives of Alagaesia it was only proper that I should now wield a rider blade.
I faced my dragon, lowering the hilt to my chest, the sharp tip pointed at the ceiling. Svell lowered her head and gently rested the top of her snout against the flat side of the sword. Together, we named the weapon. "Wyrda."
The blade began to glow just above the hilt and the ancient language symbol for fate was now forever etched into it.
Saphira hummed. "It suits you,"
I traced the mark with my fingertips before I carefully placed the blade within its sheath.
The queen rested a hand on my shoulder, drawing my attention back to the table. "While I felt that a rider blade was of great importance for you to have on this quest, Eragon made an excellent point in that the current saddle that you possess would not be suitable for what lies ahead." She walked forward with me as she gestured to the black rider saddle.
"I based the design off of the one that I had used years ago during the fight against Galbitorix," Eragon informed Svellevarina and I. "With a few modern modifications, this saddle can be used for travel and battle. The satchels are removable, and these leg straps can be undone instantly with this snap here." He paused to face Svellevarina. "I had Saphira's help in making it as comfortable for you as possible. The underside is made to glide along your scales as smoothly as possible without chaffing."
"Thank you, Eragon-elda," Svellevarina replied, bowing her head.
I ran my hands against the saddle. It was incredibly smooth, the edges were sewn tightly and with great precision. I especially liked that Eragon had chosen black for the saddle, as it would contrast with Svell's scales flawlessly.
"We are both incredibly honored by these gifts...thank you, all of you. Svellevarina and I will carry them well," I spoke to everyone, my smile wide with gratitude. Arya's eyes were bright as she returned the smile.
"Alas, there is one more thing before you both take your leave of Alagaesia," Firnen added, his low voice rumbling in our minds. My eyes fell to the large pouch that remained on the table. The material matched the saddle, suggesting that they could be easily attached. I stepped around the table to the pouches and opened the one closest to me. What rested inside glinted as the sunlight hit it. As I pulled to object out I realized that it was a piece of armour, the metal carrying the green hue of Ellesmera. It was a shoulder plate that I held, the designs of my people etched into it. I placed the shoulder plate with the rest of my armour.
"I will wear the armour of Ellesmera with pride. Thank you," I said, my chin lifted.
"Come, we mustn't tarry any longer," Saphira said. "There is a long journey ahead of you,"
With Eragon's help, I replaced Svelllevarina's old saddle for the brand new one, securing our bags and satchels on tightly. It fit her perfectly. The rider blade bounced against my left thigh as I moved, with each movement reminding me of the fact that my dream weapon was now in my possession.
"It is time, Vilansia," Eragon said gently. He handed me a scroll and as I glanced at the parchment I saw the drawings of a map. The Queen must have drawn what she could based upon the information this Gandalf had given her. I bowed in silence before climbing up Svell's legs and settling in the saddle. I did up the leg straps loosely, as they were only really necessary for flying during a fight. The two elder riders mounted their dragons as well. Firnen led the rest of us through the Great Hall doors, and we were all met with cheers from the large crowd of Elves that had accumulated during our meeting. I caught words of "farewell" and "safe travels" from them as the dragons stood on the large wooden steps leading up to the Hall.
I looked amongst the crowd, searching for a familiar face but did not find it. Svellevarina shifted under me as she heard my thoughts. "Murtagh and Thorn will be here. Give them time, you know how they are with large groups of people," I rested a hand on the side of her neck in acknowledgment, but a part of me still worried that I would not get a chance to say goodbye to them.
"Svellevarina Bleikr-skul and Vilansia Shur'tugal, as you depart from Alagaesia I send you with my blessing," Arya Dröttning said, her voice loud enough to carry over the crowd. "Not only do you represent the Elves of Du Weldenvarden, but you represent the dragon riders of Alagaesia as well. Do not forget that." She paused as Firnen took over.
"Your duty as peacekeepers here shall carry over to Middle Earth. Do what you must to ensure the safety of their people. Fight strong."
"We will not forget your words, Arya Dröttning and Firnen-elda. Elrun ono," I said.
"You both know what you are capable of," Eragon spoke now. "You have the strength and the wisdom to see this mission through. However, you must have a balance of both in order to be successful. Without strength, you will be overpowered and without wisdom, you will become ignorant to what needs to be done. The two of you make a perfect pair as you balance the other, but do not let that work against you. If you let it, that balance will lead you to success in whatever you take on as you are a connected pair, dragon and rider, partners of the heart, mind, and soul."
Saphira nudged Svellevarina gently as the elder dragon hummed. "A fire grows in you, Bleikr-skul. Tend to it and it will become a force that guides you. Protect your rider. Protect the innocent. I speak for us all when I say that I have the utmost faith in you. May the wind guide your wings as you travel, and may your fangs stay sharp." She turned her head to face me. "Wear the armour of your people as Svellevarina wears her scales with pride. Keep your blade sharp and your mind even sharper. Remember your training here, Eragon and I have given you all the skills that you may need to do what must be done."
"Erun ono, Eragon-vodhr and Saphira Bjartskular. We are honored to have been under your tutelage and will carry your teachings with us forever," Svellevarina replied.
Saphira let out a gentle growl. "Now go! Middle Earth awaits you!"
I reached down and pulled my rider blade from its' sheath and held it above my head, the sunlight dancing along the blade, reflecting on the surfaces around us. Svellevarina spread her wings as I did and roared, causing the trees to shake as it resounded through the forest around us. The crowd of Elves cheered in admiration.
I returned my blade to its' place and grabbed hold of the neck spike in front of me. Svellevarina crouched before jumping forward into the air, her wings pumping to catch the air under her. She gained altitude quickly, and below us, the cheers turned into song, the music of my people carried on the breeze. I turned back to gain one last look at the capital city of the Elvish country, my home. The bright blue and green of Saphira and Firnen grew smaller until the tops of the surrounding trees covered my line of sight.
A snarl drew my attention away from Ellesmera as my gaze snapped forward. Svell flared her wings, coming to a stop before she angled her wings to hold us in place. A flash of red shot overhead of us, then came back around to face us.
"Thorn! Murtagh!" I exclaimed. "And I was beginning to think that you wouldn't see us off,"
Murtagh chuckled. "I would never forgive myself if I didn't come to say goodbye,"
"Neither would we," Svellevarina added. Thorn flicked his tail playfully.
"In any case, it brings me joy to be able to see the two of you before we leave," I said.
"Tell me, why did Eragon choose you to go?" Murtagh asked after a moment.
"It was my suggestion," Svellevarina replied. "After all, we were the best choice. Everyone else agreed,"
"You needn't worry, my friend," I added, trying to reassure him.
"I am aware that you both have been asked to do all you can to see this mission through, but remember to keep yourselves safe as well. We want to see you two return when all is said and done," Thorn said. Their minds were left open to Svell and me, something that we became comfortable with over time. It made communication easier between the four of us, especially since humans had a different way of expressing emotions than Elves did. It was at this moment that I felt their concern and dread at our departure.
"While I cannot, and will not, make false promises to either of you, I can assure you that Eragon and Saphira would not have sent us if they did not believe we were capable," I said to them before Svellevarina added: "Much time will pass before you see us again. Listen for my wingbeats and you will know that we have returned safely,"
Thorn hummed and I felt a small portion of their worry fade. Murtagh shifted in the saddle. "I know it is not my place to ask this of you, but if I may, would you do us a favour while you are in Middle Earth?"
Puzzled, I hesitated. It was not lightly that either of them asked for a favour of any kind, as their independence remained an unwavering trait of theirs. Even with his mind open to me, I could not discern what exactly he was thinking. I only felt disquiet.
"What is it you are asking?"
"When you have the chance, I ask that you scry Thorn and I so that we may remain in contact while you are away. And, though I hate to speak on my half-brother's behalf, I know that both he and Queen Arya would be grateful to hear from you as well,"
I offered a smile and Svell gently bumped her snout against Thorn's neck. I spoke in the Ancient Language now, signaling to them that I was making a sincere promise. "Of course. Svell and I will scry you when we are able. You needn't consider that a favour, I would be happy to,"
"Thank you, Vi,"
"We must continue on our way. It is a long way to travel within a short amount of time," Svellevarina said softly.
Thorn snorted, a puff of smoke released from his nostrils. "Fly fast, Svell. I will wait for your return,"
"Stay out of trouble until I do!" Svellevarina replied with a small growl. With a push of her wings, she launched forward. I turned in the saddle, holding my hand high as a way of farewell. A wave of desolation washed over me and my hand fell to my lap. For the first time since we became close friends, I had to close my mind to Murtagh. The emotions were powerful, the level of which was something I was not used to. I would not allow myself to be inflicted this way, not now.
"I did not realize our departure would cause so much sadness," I said to Svell.
"They care for us," Svell replied simply. "It pains them to not be at our side ensuring our safety,"
"We have never needed their help like that before. I had thought they had more faith in us than that!" My hands clenched slightly. Did they not believe in us? Did they think we were doomed to failure?
"You know as well as I that that is not true. They believe in us, they always have. I think they are just...protective,"
"I know, Svell. I just wish they knew that they did not have to be,"
"You know they act of their own accord. Besides, is their protection such a bad thing?"
"Perhaps not. Though, was it from anyone else I might be so tolerant,"
Svellevarina's sides shook as she chuckled. "In a sense, you have to be. They are breoal, after all,"
-next chapter-
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tardismememe · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thewhiteladyofrohan · 11 hours ago
Lord of the Rings Characters As Things Taehyung "V" From BTS Has Said That Sound Like Incorrect Quotes But Aren't
Gollum: Is there a man inside the ATM machine who gives you the money?
Frodo: I typed my symptoms into this (computer) and it says I could have network connectivity problems.
Pippin: I have no idea what I was doing, but I know I was doing it really, really well.
Boromir: I definitely have more lions than any other country in the whole world right now.
Merry: I'm allergic to sushi. Every time I eat more than 80 pieces, I throw up.
Gandalf: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I read that on a can of lemonade. I like to think it applies to life.
Eomer: Hello I'm Eomer. Responsible for security, sweets, body man, and javelin- if need be.
Legolas: "How do you feel when seeing your members continuing activities while you're busy with your drama series hair?" I think, 'oh that's my group.' I didn't recognize them without me because I'm the only one that matters.
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Man it’s lucky that Aragorn is a genuinely nice guy and I’m not eligible to step foot into a medieval tavern, because if he were in a dark corner staring at me all night I wouldn’t withhold from pulling one of these
Tumblr media
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incorrect-lotr-trash · 11 hours ago
Legolas: When people get too chummy with me, I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know I don't really care about them.
Frodo: That's genius!
Legolas: Thank you, Ferris.
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thebluemastermaid · 12 hours ago
Whatever else you think about Tolkien's male characters' relationships, whether you think of them as 'just good friends' or 'brothers in arms' (eyebrow raised: not sure it always means what you think it means, my modern heterosexual oblivions - pretty sure some very queer ancient Greeks, not to mention some fabulous Georgian and Victorian men could wax pretty poetical about the love between 'brothers-in-arms') love and tenderness between men was something that Tolkien was consistently interested in exploring. The depths of it, the desires behind it, how far love could take a relationship, what actions love and jealousy would lead to, and how far the boundaries of normative male love could be crossed or dismantled. And what ensues when heteronormative boundaries in relationships are crossed (i.e. when characters keep getting closer and closer). Nowhere in the text, in any of Tolkien's texts is this exploration of male same-sex love given parameters that exclude erotic desire and love and sometimes outright homosexual relationships (looking directly at you, Beleg and Turin).
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nvd94 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
"You need not say anything. It is better to love me now, while you can," "Let us fill these years with more joy than I could experience in all the millennia I might live, thus the warm afterglow might remain with me for eternity."
this quote is from this lovely fanfic (my drawing is not the scene from the fic but I absolutely love the quote)
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incorrect-lotr-trash · 19 hours ago
Legolas: I wanted to apologize. Gimli: Good. Legolas: Let me finish. I said I wanted to. And then I realised, I'm not sorry.
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tolkien-fantasy · a day ago
Okay, so I just got another idea for a potential fanfic, and I wanted to get some ideas and thoughts for it.
I've talked before about the Hobbits with a Strong S/O, but what about all the Lotr and The Hobbit Character with a s/o who's supernaturally strong. Like, can lift 1000 pounds and fling someone across the room like a frisbee kinda strong. Maybe she was granted that power by a God or something, so she's just got really impressive muscles and is super inhumanly strong.
Can you imagine how they'd all react to that?
Like maybe, in the Mines of Moria or the Stone Giants scene, a boulder or some debris falls on someone, but she just catches it, lifts the 5 ton rock above her head, looks down at the person about to be crushed like "You might want to move" and then just flings it a hundred feet away. Can you just imagine the look on their faces?? Merry and Pippin would have a lot of fun with that, I'm sure, as would Fili and Kili. The hobbits would probably have her lift them like weights. 🤣
@lady-latte, @moony-artnstuff, @simbxlmyne, @lothloriien, @beenovel, @thewhiteladyofrohan, @iwenttomordor, @claraofthepen, what do you all think? I think this would be hilarious, and have a lot of potential for character dynamics
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communistbulbasaur · a day ago
I think it's homophobic the movies do not portray legolas as a weird country bumpkin
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booklovinghobbit · a day ago
Legolas: If there are trees, you are not alone.
Gimli: I do not know whether this is a comfort or a threat.
Legolas: That is entirely up to the trees
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enby-pippin · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
L in lgbt stands for legolas actually
(Like/reblog if u want to use <3)
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freyaisbeinggreen · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ú-moe edamed, Legolas.
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vem-vem-writes · a day ago
Prompts list
#1 - dfw Legolas’ hair
#2 -
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