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imposterogers · 8 minutes ago
why don’t we talk about samwise being a true bisexual icon more. he lived his little shire life with rosie and then he sailed a ship to the undying lands to reunite with frodo. man really said “the beet of both worlds”
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tolkien-fics · 39 minutes ago
Fics are starting up again in the upcoming week! Requests are welcomed!
Also have some news to share! I found out I'm having a baby girl! Only five months left!
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youguysaretoocute · 50 minutes ago
Check out @zoes.k1 on Tiktok 💕
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sweatytootheddeadpoet · 55 minutes ago
Uh oh guys I’m slowly sinking back into the Lord of the Rings fandom
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unproduciblesmackdown · an hour ago
just finished lotr (films) & throughout i was thinking about all the wealth of posts i’ve seen. remember the one like “going to a place called cirith ungol was just them like ‘spider pass? watch out b/c rumor has it there’s something scary there’” & then i think of a tweet i saw just the other day like “dickpilled i logged in today to defend a lotr plot hole” like yeah you know what. everyone was just assuming it was figurative language
#i also want to know what plot hole. unless it was the The Eagles thing. but in 2021?? yet also ppl are still like. ranking the fellowship so#that's analysis babes...but truly sometimes Posts are as good or better Analysis(tm) than a serious lengthy essay...dobbo. i cant cope??#that one was Commentary but an instant classic. anyways i mean i was reminded of such truly classic & ye olde Posts while watching#but also that i've been seeing Fresh Lotr Posts fairly regularly for like years. a rich vein of w/o looking for any i've seen#a solid handful of related tweets in the past month or 2...production lore...illustrations...humorous references / analysis....#funny Semi Serious Analysis as well like ''cirith ungol would just mean Pass Of The Spider and not even in any obscure language'' like yeah#plus the bonus that frodo is fluent in sindarin...doesn't quite come up in the movies and maybe contradicted by that fotr bit like asking#What's The Elvish Word For Friend...he was just letting gandalf help / pretending he'd only just now figured it out. imagine lol#anyways and other humorous but earnest enough observations like saruman being known for his strong anti weed stance. straightedge#or ''can't stop thinking about the 'meat's back on the menu' line like do they have restaurants in isengard?? what's going on there''#then saw some completely earnest Literary Analysis post a while back like oh i didn't really think about this b/c things simply do not occur#to me but So True how gandalf & pippin spend a good amt of rotk hanging out for a reason in that gandalf's going ''oh right i guess we're#kind of similar'' like Same Name wanderer / pilgrim thing...a fool's hope...being a little chaotic & dealing w/frivolous things...wild card#then also to get back around to cirith ungol 1 of my fave They Definitely Added This movie exclusives is the one like 30 sec scene#where we get galadriel and frodo interacting again tbt lothlorien....could juxtapose the characters as well but really the tl;dr of it is#i enjoy both and it is a delight to me and also ;m; b/c of course...also seeing the extended edition stuff was a journey like Ah...material#going <_< at that mount doom bit about The Star and the Light like. i vaaaguely remember that maybe being a specific moment from The Book#as many of the added scenes were...but then i was like am i just going ham now or are we vaguely invoking that other wild book scene#the He's Like That Sometimes A Light Shines Through But I Love Him Whether Or No....can't say it Wasn't#anyways i can go on and on abt [film] or [book] b/c natch. holding it back in the tags here lmao but what Form can it ever really take excpt#real time endless comments abt Whatever All...everyone is safe as we're clearly not having an irl All 3 Films Marathon Watchalong so.#to just throw out another couple random notes. watching it for the first time in like 6 yrs having a great time towards the end of fotr#where boromir starts monologuing at frodo who is simply warily considering this like King Of Just Not Saying Anything honestly lmfao#role model. this after an instance of my own [i simply do not answer] in the face of what Tf are you talking abt / is the intention here lol#anyways that was fun. an icon....but it wasn't b/c that whole ending re boromir is sad and makes me cry :'/#pros and cons....great moment in ''just don't say anything until the other person clarifies their point'' representation...bummer scene/s...#and one of like a half dozen scenes of having Wariness conveyed by elijah wouldn't going >_> at someone specifically lmfao#or sort of wanguish (wary anguish?) well you know what i mean. all those scenes. and they were right to keep including it#well anyway's it's 7:30a (': better just determinedly lie down...good Streaming Hours don't hit until around 1am or later :/#couldn't fire up a film before that smh. rip to not having physical media onhand...rev up those dvds i'm [impromptu lotr marathons]
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Heaps of people crush on that evil elf with the big eyebrows.
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unyielding-as-the-sea · an hour ago
Blog revamp!
Hey guys! I’ve having a big revamp of my blog and looking for some more people to follow! Please like or reblog if you post content for the following fandoms:
Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
The Silmarillion
The Witcher (Series or video game)
Attack on titan (Anime or manga)
Voltron Legendary Defender
Marvel Cinematic Universe 
Harry Potter
His Dark Materials 
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vem-vem-writes · 2 hours ago
Just wanted to make a post to ask if anybody wanted added to my hobbit/lotr taglist (or taglist for a particular character). I am a little infrequent at posting but try to post a new fic/drabble/headcannon at least once a week :)
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vem-vem-writes · 2 hours ago
Working in Bofur's Toy Shop (Bofur x reader)
A/N: I am not sure if this is 100% original or if somebody has done this before so apologies if anybody has. My fic is a little tropey but I wanted to write more Bofur
Word count: 933 Masterlist
After the restoration of Erebor Bofur had opened his own toy store in a bid to bring joy to the dwarflings returning to Erebor. Having bonded on the journey Bofur had asked you to come and work as the shop keep in his store. You were excited by the proposition, having lost most of your family in the Battle of Azanulbizar and being unmarried you needed something to occupy your time. After being given your share of the treasure by Thorin you hardly needed the money to support yourself. The shop was only open three days a week, Bofur used the other four days to make toys for the shop. Bifur was known to help create the wooden figurines for the shop from time to time.
Working with Bofur was wonderful. He was always kind and considerate towards you and made sure to emphasise that if you did not work in the store then you didn't have to. Always you assured him how much you enjoyed working with him in the shop. To this he would almost always blush and nod. The reality was that working with Bofur really was a treat. His cheery temperament brightened your day exponentially. The darrow often hummed as he worked and was known to bring in Bombur's baking to share with you. Overall, he treated you kindly. This did nothing to lessen the crush that you had on him.
On this particular morning you arrived to the shop already open. Usually, you were the one to open and Bofur would come along later to help. Pushing the door open you called out as not to spook Bofur. He popped his head around the corner, his face painted with his iconic permanent grin. "Morning lass, how are ya this morning" Bofur inquired shuffling out from the back workshop. "Morning Bofur, I'm tired but ready to get to work. How are you?" you gently asked back. "Better now that you're here" Bofur teased.
Cheeks burning you shook it off and asked why he was in so early. "Couldn't sleep and I thought rather than doing nothing I'd get a start in at making some new toys" Bofur answered. Concerned about your friend you inquired, “is everything okay? Anything I can help you with?” "I've been crafting a courting gift but I'm not sure whether it is good enough to give" Bofur admitted, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. "O-oh I didn't know you had your eye on anybody" you squeaked, disappointed that somebody had captured Bofur's attention.
"I'm sure whatever it is that you've made she will love it. How could she not? You are one of the nicest darrow I have met, not to mention you were a member of the king's company. What dwarf could resist such a hero?" you teased trying to cover up the bitterness and upset that had begun to bite at your heart. Bofur snorted but smirked briefly at you before hesitantly asking, "I…maybe you could have a look at it and tell me whether or not you think she would like it." "Of course," you simply answered.
Bofur was quick to retreat into the back of the shop and begin gathering whatever he had created. While he retrieved his treasure, you set your daily supplies down on the counter and began to set everything needed for the day up. “It’s not much” Bofur modestly stated holding out a wooden carving of three figures huddled together. Taking them from the darrow you turned them over in your hands inspecting them. Something about them struck you and your eyes whipped up to meet his in a moment of alarm before becoming fixated on the facial features of each of the figures.
The familiarity of each struck you and all but stalled you in your tracks. "Is…is this for me?” you tentatively questioned. Bofur adverted his eyes but nodded. Gently brushing your thumb over each of the faces you marveled at the beauty and work that had gone into the figurine. The meaning behind it held weight for two vastly different reasons. The figurine was of your adad and amad who, like much of their kin, had died in the Sack of Erebor. Rough warm hands cupped yours around the statue and glancing up you met Bofur's eyes. "I know how much returning to Erebor so that you could carry out the proper funeral rites for your khahay meant. So, I used the drawing of the three of you that you leave behind the counter to immortalize them for you" Bofur spoke with a softness you had never heard from him. Tears pricked at your eyes and you fought hard to hold back a sob.
The thought Bofur had put into your courting gift was immaculate and you could not help but thank Mahal for sending you such a wholesome and caring dwarf. Bofur was truly one of a kind. One of his thumbs brushed away a stray tear tracking down your cheek. "This is gorgeous Bofur, thank you. Nobody has ever gone out of their way to make something so heartfelt for me" you managed to choke out. "So, what do you say?" Bofur anxiously questioned. Beaming up at Bofur through your tears you giggled out of pure joy, "Of course I accept your courtship, you silly dwarf." Throwing your arms around Bofur's neck you pressed your nose and forehead against his in an intimate embrace. You felt the tension melt away from in his body as he pulled you tighter against him. Mornings in the toy shop had just gotten more interesting.
Tag list: @tschrist1 @fizzyxcustard (if anyone else wants added then just let me know)
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300mirrors · 3 hours ago
also angel, dainty, and kalon for the dreamy asks pls ❤️
Angel: A song that makes me feel safe... this one was tough. I’m showing more of my nerdy side here and going with “Concerning Hobbits” by Howard Shore for the LOTR soundtracks. It’s just so happy and relaxing and it makes you feel like everything is okay, but you also have that little bit of sense of adventure coming through. It always makes me feel torn to stay in my safe cozy house or pack up and travel and leave comfort. 
Dainty: The movie I’ll never get tired of watching is probably Return of the Jedi. Contraversial because it’s mostly everyones least favorite from the OTs, but it’s the earliest SW memory I have. I remember being a little kid and loving the teddy bears (Ewoks), the big furry dog (Chewbacca), and I was torn between wanting to be Leia and Vader lol. 
Kalon: Language I’d like to become fluent in is a tie between French and Arabic. I took French as an elective and I understand it more than I can speak it so that’s a win. I need to continue with Arabic because at one point I could read basics and speak basics, but it’s difficult that I forgot most of it. 😣 So if any of you speak French or Arabic, teach me! 
This was so long, sorry! LOL Thank you Jo!!!  
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friedlawyertaco · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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thescrublander · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
One does not simply walk into Canada. It's white falls are guarded by more than just Mounties. There is evil there that does not sleep- and the prime minister is ever watchful.
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Let's see... How about LOTR for the Ask. :)
Had to think about that one for a bit lol.
Push off a cliff: Grima Wormtongue, he definitely deserves it and Eowyn deserves to be the one to do it. But with a pole. She shouldn’t have to touch him.
Set on fire: this was interesting cause for most of the top tier villain characters being set on fire is just an inconvenience lol, so I’m gonna go with Lurtz, the big Uruk Hai who pincushioned Boromir
Be in a relationship with: I mean, Legolas is the prettiest so... but it would be short lived once he pulled his head out his backside about Gimli
Marry: Thranduil babey, make Legolas feel super awkward by becoming his stepdad AND Thrandy is a king, he can keep me in the style to which I would like to become accustomed lol
Wrap in Blankets: Frodo and Sam. Just, if anyone deserves the comfort it’s those two.
Be Roommates With: I feel like if I’m gonna marry Thrandy and move into his palace it needs to be a dwarf, just to shake things up so when Legolas gets round to bringing Gimli home to meet his dad Thrandy’s gotten used to a dwarf about the place.. Maybe Dwalin if he’s still alive by that point? After him Gimli would seem positively tame in comparison 😂
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ibrithir-was-here · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
@gossip-girl-of-middle-earth here, I’ll give you one more before I gotta get to bed x) Have some complicated sad boys
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incorrect-lotr-trash · 5 hours ago
Kili: You call it 'really bad at darts', I call it ‘freestyle acupuncture’
Bilbo: stop
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elrondsmarketstall · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Elrond inspired denim jacket, listed on Etsy here. 🌼🍂
After much debating within myself, I listed the as kind as summer denim jacket! This is made to order , so if you wanted to buy this then you would give me your size first, I would buy the right jacket, embroider it, send it to you.
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