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saviorsong · 8 hours ago
Prompt Haldir is helping you aim with a bow for the first time.(You accidentally hit his face when releasing the arrow.)
HAha, oh fuck I love this so much. This is 100000% something I would manage to do. @theelvenhaven
Your brows knitted together in consternation. A bow made of the lightest and strung with a spider's web.  That had supposedly been handcrafted for you by the Mirkwood elf Legolas was refusing to be aimed properly. As your shoulders tensed and another arrow lodged itself in a very deserving tree. You lifted the offending item. 
Suddenly the bow pulled and refused to launch into the unforgiving ground. “Ip - mmmhm ---- stupid!” you screamed out of sheer annoyance.
“Perhaps,” The male voice paused, your shoulders suddenly surrounding your ears. You peaked just above your shoulder. The long blond hair and tanned jaw of the march warden peaked out at you, “Husband?” His brow arching, with a satisfied glee swirling in royal blue eyes. 
“Shoulders back, yes.But not like a chicken.” This level of sass and teasing continued until your posture, stance, and grip were perfection.
“Now pull back, wait. ACK!” Your arrow released, flying towards the target. A soft knocking sound announced you had hit your target. Sure enough, between your bouncing and cheering, your arrow sat on the corner of the bale of hay. 
“Haldir! I--oops,” Delicately, you placed the bow on the floor with an empty quiver. Your hands up and walking towards the march warden plucking the feather from his hair and placing gentle kisses upon his cheek. 
“ I love you, husband. You’re the best partner anyone could have. You’re smart and handsome,” Haldir's cheeks tinted from both rage and embarrassment. 
“ Hush,” he finally replied, wrapping his arms around your waist in a rare display of affection. The march warden lifting you up into his arms. 
“You spend the rest of the day apologizing.” He whispered when out of earshot the rest. 
Your face now redder than it had ever been,” Well, at least I’ll finally get to teach you something.” The elven warden staring you down while his cheeks finally matched your own. Perhaps this why you were such a perfect pair. 
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deep-space-elf · 16 hours ago
〚IMAGINE〛 Haldir showing off in front of you
Tumblr media
Masterlist: Desktop || Mobile
Summary: Haldir is showing off in front of you, and Rúmil notices... Word Count: 440 Reader: She/Her, Human POV: 3rd Person Warnings: None AN: I'll never get tired of writing Rúmil and Orophin annoying Haldir
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °
The arrow hit the target perfectly in the middle. Haldir’s expression was neutral, as he pulled another arrow from his quiver. He drew the bow, released the arrow and hit the first arrow, splitting it in half. Still, his face gave no sign of how pleased he was with himself.
“What was that for?” Rúmil asked, confused why his brother would ruin an arrow for no reason.
Haldir shrugged. “Just practising.” But his eyes gave him away. With a quick motion, his eyes scanned the side of the training field. His eyes lingered a little too long on a certain human.
“I see,” Rúmil said.
Haldir looked back at his brother and almost groaned at the smug look on his face. So he knew… that would mean Orophin would soon know. Which would result in his two younger siblings teasing and annoying him.
Perhaps he could still talk his way out of it. “I do now know what you are talking about.”
“Oh, is that so?” Rúmil asked and Haldi wished he would stop grinning this smugly. “So, you won’t mind if I walk over to Y/N and… I don’t know, asked her to have dinner with me, or something?”
“No!” Haldir said and knew immediately he sounded too protective, too jealous. “Do not bother our guest, Rúmil!” It was worth a try.
Before Rúmil could tease him further, Orophin walked over to them. “How is training today?”
“You own me, Orophin!” Rúmil laughed. “I just knew our dear brother had eyes for Y/N and you wouldn’t believe me!”
Orophin’s eyes widen. “So he admitted it?”
“Would you two stop speaking about me like I am not here?” Haldir gritted out.
“Tell me what happened,” Orophin urged their youngest brother like he had not heard Haldir.
Haldir threw his hands in the air. “There is nothing to tell!”
Suddenly he heard giggling and looked at the source. Y/N and some elleth were laughing behind their hands, looking at the three brothers. Rúmil had the audacity to wave at them.
Fed up with his brothers, Haldir left the training field, his cheeks coloured in a pink tint. He whole way back to his flet, he muttered curses under his breath and wondering what he had done to deserve them.
Once he calmed down, he remembered the reason why he was on the training field in the first place. Y/N. A human, yet he couldn't deny how drawn he felt towards her. He hoped one day, hopefully soon, he would make her laugh without having a squabble with his brothers. Yes, that sounded like a perfect new plan.
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °
Taglist: @velvetmotel97 @tossacointoyoursaltqueen @thewhiteladyofrohan
If you want to be tagged, let me know. :)
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saviorsong · a day ago
Send Thor or Haldir requests please ;) I am hoping to get through some on Tuesday or in the ass crack of dawn tomorrow morning
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haleths · 3 days ago
I SWEAR TO EVERYTHING I HOLD DEAR, IF YOU POST ONE MORE THING ABOUT KAZ BREKKER, I AM GOING TO turn on Netflix and watch Shadow and Bone because it looks so hecking fantastic 😂
(Really though, you post a nice variety of fandoms and I enjoy it :)
HGFDSLKJX THIS MADE ME CACKLEEEE!!! can someone mount this on my wall please?? (also wheezing cause i just went down my shadow and bone tag and it really is 90% kaz and i. regret. NOTHING.) but seriously i love s&b a whole bunch and would definitely recommend!! 💕💕💕
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bonjour-rainycity · 3 days ago
Double Heart | Chapter Nineteen ~ Haldir
|previous part|
Pairing: Haldir x OFC
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3722
Warnings: None
A/n I’m back bay-beeeee!!! Thank you for your patience while I took a few weeks off to finish school. I did something kinda stupid and booked a full semester of classes for the summer session *pained smile* and asked for more shifts at work *pained smile*. So! In light of this ~questionable~ choice, I'm changing my update schedule. Updates will now come for sure once a week on Wednesdays, with the occasional bonus chapter. Thanks for understanding, and happy reading! 
I leave Cosima at her door.
I’m surprised by how much of my willpower it takes to walk away.
Now that I know what it’s like to hold her close, to feel her lips on mine, to hear her say that she loves me, I find it incredibly difficult to distance myself. I want more of her. I want to jump head-first into the ocean that is Cosima and allow myself to drown.
Though, I suppose, that is exactly what I am doing. Because loving her will be the death of me.
But denying the need to be with her is an even worse fate. And, by the way she seems to wholeheartedly return my affections, she feels the same.
Regardless, I have yet to even officially ask if I can court her — I have no right to invite myself into her chambers, especially not for the night. So, I return to my room. Thankfully, Rumil is still out. He adores Cosima almost as much as I do, but I guarantee he will not be pleased by the development in our relationship—understandably. Choosing to bind myself to a mortal means something difficult for my family. I will have to tell them soon, but not tonight. I don’t want to tarnish the euphoria my time with Cosima has given me.
I fall into bed.
I should be exhausted. After all, deciding to stop fighting reason and giving in to what I’ve been resisting for so long is quite tiring.
But every time I close my eyes, I remember Cosima looking up at me, dazed and adoring, the way her lips searched after mine, the way she looked when I told her how I felt.
It makes for quite a restless night.
My day seems endless. Every meeting, every drill, every task, my mind is consumed with Cosima. Now that I know I can hold her, kiss her, openly declare my affections, that is all I want to do. With every free moment in my day, I fight the urge to seek her out. We have plans to meet for dinner, and I anchor myself in that — I will see her then.
After a long day of agony, the time for dinner arrives.
When I hear the knock on my open door, I have to force myself not to run across the room. I take a deep breath when I reach the door, trying to push myself into my usual state of self-assurance. Once I’ve got myself under control, I open the door.
And the assurance vanishes.
Cosima steps into my room, beautiful and lovely as ever, wearing for the first time in all that I’ve known her, a shy smile. I understand it. Though we have been alone a thousand times before, and been friends for what feels like ages, after last night, everything feels new, unsure.
I close the door behind her.
“How was your day,” she asks, fiddling with her fingers.
I smile, trying to act normal. “It was alright.” I step forward, as close to her as I dare. The brilliant light of the sunset dances across her hair and I can’t help reaching up a hand to trace over the waves. “I admit though, I found myself quite distracted.”
She grins and quirks an eyebrow, already seeming much more like herself. “Would you like to tell me why?”
I dip my head closer to hers. “I’d wager you can guess.”
I press my lips to hers, all at once feeling the elation that comes with doing so and the anxiety that she will push me away and ask what in the Valar I think I’m doing. For all I know, last night could have been a fluke. She could have changed her mind.
But her lips move against mine and her hands find the back of my neck, holding me in place, and my worry vanishes. It is replaced by a new feeling, one that clouds my brain and blocks out everything around me except for her.
Cosima pulls away and rests her forehead against mine, looking up at me with wide, vulnerable eyes. “So you haven’t changed your mind?”
Oh, how alike we are. I take her hand, wrapping my other around her waist. It feels so strange to interact with someone like this. Not strange in a bad way—not at all—but I have spent my entire life keeping my distance from others. Never in over three thousand years have I wanted to take someone in my arms and hold them as close to me as possible. I squeeze the hand in mine. “No, I have not. And I won’t change my mind. I meant what I said last night. I choose you today and I will choose you for the rest of my life.”
She lets out a shuddering breath, her hand tensing on my shoulder. “I shouldn’t let you.”
Despite the concern I feel for her—I can see that my words have caused her a measure of stress—my lips quirk in a smile. “Cosima, I am fully grown and capable of making my own choices, just as you are. Though you can send me away if you wish—that is your right—it would not stop me from loving you.”
She sighs somewhat sadly, but she raises on her toes and kisses me again. “Well, you’ve got me completely besotted, so congratulations.”
I laugh, relieved to hear the words and to see that the sadness has left her eyes. I bury my face in her neck, hugging her tightly. “I guess that’s good to hear.”
She jabs her elbow into my ribs, presumably at my sarcasm, which only makes me laugh harder. She pushes against my chest, raising up for another kiss, when a knock sounds through the room.
We freeze.
Thank Valar I shut the door.
As if agreeing to an unspoken plan, Cosima hurries to sit at the small table where the dinner plates I have for us are set. Her presence shouldn’t be anything to cause alarm—we are well-known friends—though, I suppose, we have been avoiding each other for months.
I hold back a sigh. Yes, her presence probably will raise an eyebrow or two.
Once she’s settled, I roll back my shoulders and assume a neutral expression, opening my door.
It’s Orophin and Lavandil.
I smile, moving out of the way so they can enter, and welcome them in.
“Cosima.” Orophin falters upon noticing her presence.
She smiles and waves, standing from the table and joining us in the center of the room. “Hey, what’s up?”
Orophin glances between my human companion and myself. “I…” He furrows his eyebrows, obviously trying to draw a connection between Cosima, the closed door, and my hopefully neutral expression. I don’t think he gets there. “I am glad to see the two of you have reconciled,” he says finally, nodding at us both.
Lavandil, on the other hand, has her eyes blown wide. She stares pointedly at Cosima, looking like it’s taking all the effort in the world not to run over to her and demand an explanation. Cosima’s stoicism is not as practiced as mine, and she breaks eye contact under Lavandil’s stare, looking at the ceiling instead.
We’ll have to work on that later.
“What brings you here,” I ask, hoping to redirect the focus.
My question has an unintended effect. Orophin and Lavandil exchange glances, a weight seeming to fall on both of their shoulders.
Orophin clasps his hands behind his back, looking me square in the eye. He takes a deep breath. “I am staying in Imladris.”
Cosima makes an audible intake of breath.
I don’t move.
Orophin continues, hurrying to explain himself. “I know this seems sudden, but the thought has weighed on my mind for a while.”
Again, I say nothing.
My mind runs through a million things at once, analyzing previous conversations, expressions, looking for any clue that this was coming. In hindsight, there are many. How could I have missed the signs?
Orophin takes a step forward. “Brother, it…it is getting more dangerous in this world by the day. I understand my duty to my people but I will not leave Lavandil unprotected.”
I can respect that.
My eyes involuntarily turn to Cosima.
I can understand that.
There is nothing in this world that could stop me from doing all that I can to keep her safe.
I nod slowly, turning my gaze back to my brother and his love. “You are released from your duties until you decide to reclaim them. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.”
Orophin’s shoulders sag, his face breaking into an expression of relief. “Thank you, Haldir.”
Lavandil’s eyes shine and she steps forward, giving me a pleading look. “I’m sorry.”
Voices overlap as Orophin, Cosima, and I all hurry to reassure her that she has nothing to be sorry for. Lavandil smiles, still teary-eyed, though thankfully the guilt has faded from her face. She turns to Cosima, eyes softening. “I will miss you, mellon nîn.”
I watch Cosima closely. She blinks rapidly and, when she speaks, her voice is scratchy with emotion. “I’ll miss you, too.”
Orophin and Lavandil stay for dinner. The four of us talk, laugh, and carefully avoid the subjects of our impending departure from each other. When I shut the door behind them, a heavy realization make me want to slump my shoulders.
I will miss my brother.
Of course I am happy for him — he will no longer be separated from his love — but it is still sad to leave him behind, especially as this world becomes more and more perilous. Here in Imladris, he will be out of my control. I won’t be able to keep him safe.
I turn to Cosima, noticing the tracks of tears that run down her cheeks. I sigh, holding a hand out to her which she takes readily.
I pull her into a hug and rest my cheek against the top of her head. “Are you okay?”
She laughs without humor, burying her face in my chest. “Are you?”
I ignore the question. “I know you and Lavandil have become close.”
Cosima sighs, nodding. “I don’t think I actually ever considered that we would be leaving here. All the friendships I’ve made, all the things I’ve come to love about Imladris…I’m going to be leaving it all behind. It’s just,” she sighs again, her arms tightening around my back. “I don’t remember my home, but Imladris has become what I think a home would be.”
I purse my lips, feeling guilty. I didn’t consider how all this would affect her, though, now that I think about it, it is sure to. “Lavandil and Orophin will visit. I am even sure you will see Elrond again before long. And, should you desire it, Lothlórien will be your home. My people will be yours, they will welcome you and care for you as their own. It will become your world as much as it is mine.”
She exhales shakily and smiles up at me, giving me a look of adoration that takes my breath away. I bring a hand to her face, catching the tears before they can run into her smile.
“Thank you,” she breathes. She kisses me quickly on the lips before pulling away, wiping her tears and rolling her eyes. “Come on, I’ll stop crying so we can finish dinner.”
I laugh and follow her back to the table.
The next morning, I meet Cosima at her door. She smiles up at me, eyes still glazed slightly with sleep. She steps back, pulling the door with her to allow room for me to enter. Upon seeing the guest I’ve brought with me, her eyes widen.
“Good morning, Cosima,” I greet swiftly, knowing she won’t be pleased with my ambush.
Predictably, she purses her lips together, crosses her arms over her chest, and raises an eyebrow in my direction. “I told you, I will not be wearing that bulky, hot armor for the trip. There’s no need to bring a seamstress to measure me.”
At my side, Galina the seamstress shifts uncertainly.
I fix my gaze on Cosima, clasping my hands behind my back. “And I told you that you will be traveling as a member of my company, and as a member of my company, you are required to adhere to safety measures that I, the commander, deem fit.”
I’m used to glares.
Enemies, wardens, my brothers when they were children — all have given me scathing looks before, and it never bothered me. But the fire behind Cosima’s eyes puts all that experience to shame.
I remind myself to stand my ground.
Regardless of her personal feelings towards the armor, it will keep her safe. And I’m not even putting her in that much — just chainmail over her neck, arms, and torso. Alexander will be required to wear it as well.
She knows this of course, and still isn’t pleased.
But she throws her arms out to the side, allowing the seamstress to do her work. She stares me down the whole time, eyes narrowed, chin raised, face impassable.
Is this what I look like?
Galina takes the measurements and leaves quickly, off to Alexander’s chambers and then to the armory. I talked to Alexander earlier and he has no qualms with wearing the armor, so why is Cosima putting up such a fight?
The door closes behind Galina, and Cosima crosses her arms over her chest. “One of these days, I’m going to ambush you, see how you like it,” she mutters, continuing to glare at me.
I give her a stern look. “You know my reasoning and I will not be moved on this. In Imladris or Lothlórien it is different, but on the road, I am in charge of ensuring the safety of every member of my company. Were you anyone else, I would still insist on the armor — no one travels without it. You can imagine I am doubly focused on safeguarding the woman I love.”
Her expression softens. She smiles somewhat begrudgingly. “I guess I can’t fault you for that.”
I return her smile and take a step in her direction, pleased to be on good terms again.
The eyebrow shoots back up and her eyes narrow once more.
I freeze mid-step.
“But I can fault you for showing up so early in the morning with Galina without a minute of warning! I’m still in my pajamas!”
I raise an eyebrow to match hers. “I highly doubt you would have gone to the seamstress willingly.”
She huffs. “Maybe I would had I known the alternative was a sneak attack.” But despite her words, the playfulness returns to her eyes. She extends a hand in my direction. I close the distance between us, taking the offering gladly.
I decide to push my luck. “I must admit, I find the sight of you in your pajamas quite endearing.”
Cosima snorts, laying her head against my chest. “Yeah, well get ready to be endeared for three weeks straight. I’m only wearing old tunics on the road — I’m not risking ruining any of the new things from Lavandil.” A pause, and she sighs. She moves her head back so she can see me. “What are we going to do on the road?”
I furrow my eyebrows. “I don’t follow your meaning.”
“Are we going to tell your brothers,” she clarifies, shrugging her shoulders, “or are we going to pretend that we haven’t…” She huffs, searching for her words, “changed the nature of our relationship?”
“Right.” I take a deep breath.
I dread telling my brothers. While I am elated at finally being with Cosima, I know my brothers are likely to focus less on my happiness and more on my impending demise. I’m the one in love, and I struggled for months with the reality of my choice. Regardless, it is important to tell them soon. Hiding it would only make it worse. “I would prefer to tell them before we leave Imladris. I don’t want to waste any time with you pretending we’re not together, especially since they’re going to find out eventually, anyway.”
She nods, looking up at me in understanding. “Whenever you’re ready. I suppose we’ll have to tell Alex, too.”
I fight the urge to grimace.
She sees right through it. She laughs, pushing against my chest. “He’s gotten so much better and you know it.”
“True,” I allow. Learning Sindarin and researching his condition have done wanders for his personally — I would say the man is nearly tolerable by now.
Of course, that is likely to change on the road when he is away from his books and under my command.
“Oh, and once we tell your brothers, I want to tell Lavandil, too,” Cosima reminds me. “She’s been rooting for us.”
I raise an eyebrow. “Rooting for us? I didn’t even know she was aware of our mutual interest.”
Cosima grins guiltily. “You may have come up in conversation once or twice.”
I roll my eyes, trying to cover up how pleased I am. “Well, there’s no sense in delaying it. I had planned to dine with my brothers after training tonight. Would you like to join us? We can tell them then.”
She nods, taking a deep breath. “Sounds good. Oh, and I guess Baranor will need a heads up as well.” She scrunches up her eyebrows. “Gosh, that’s a lot of telling. Can’t we just send out a newsletter?”
I laugh, pulling her back against my chest. “If only it were that easy.”
My brothers and I dine in Cosima’s chambers. Her seating area is larger, the table as well, and I’d rather tell them in the privacy of her room than in the dining hall where anyone could react.
Rumil suspects.
From the moment I asked him to meet in Cosima’s room, suspicion entered his eyes. He had passed through the doorway warily, looking as if he expected some sort of ambush. When he locked eyes with Cosima, he had given her a meaningful, almost pleading look.
Orophin, on the other hand, walks in hesitantly, shooting nerves glances towards Rumil, and I wonder how Rumil took the news of Orophin deciding to stay in Imladris. By the tension I notice between them, it didn’t go exceedingly well.
I feel a bout of anxiety for my youngest brother.
The four of us gather in the seating area. Cosima babbles nervously, telling my brothers every minute detail of her day. They appear politely interested, but I know by the distant looks in both of their eyes that they are lost in their own worries.
No sense in dragging this out.
I can tell I surprise everyone when I take the spot on the couch next to Cosima rather than the empty armchair. My brothers freeze, exchanging a look. Cosima glances up at me, her eyes wide and nervous.
I take a deep breath. “Orophin, Rumil, I suspect you have been aware of my feelings for Cosima for quite some time. I discovered recently that she returns them, and we have committed ourselves to each other.”
Rumil clenches his jaw. “Have you bonded?”
“—then there is still time!”
“But I intend to,” I finish, hating the way my youngest brother visibly wilts at my words.
With wide eyes, Orophin glances between myself and Cosima. “My friend, you know I mean no offense, but—” he shakes his head, turning his whole focus to me. “Haldir you cannot tie yourself to a human. You will die.”
Cosima sucks in a sharp breath, eyes falling to the ground.
I take her hand in mine, keeping my gaze steady on my brother. “I know.”
“Then you are a fool!” Rumil’s shout shocks us all with its volume. He stands and grips the back of the chair, looking ill.
Orophin groans, resting his elbow on his knee and bringing a hand to rub at his temple. “You have to know how ridiculous this is. There are a thousand other elleth out there. Save your eternity and use it to find one you could love.”
I raise an eyebrow. “Could you leave Lavandil behind and search for another?”
Orophin grits his teeth. “That’s different. Our lives are compatible.”
“Are they? Though you are both eldar, your relationship is not without sacrifice. For years, the two of you sacrificed being with each other to continue your usual lives. Now, you’re sacrificing your home, your career, and your family because your love is worth it. Allow me the dignity to choose my own sacrifice.”
Orophin’s breath catches in his throat. His pained face falls into hopelessness, and he shrugs his shoulders. “So we are to resign ourselves to a handful of years left with you?”
In my hand, Cosima’s begins to shake.
I bring her hand to my lips, pressing a kiss on its back. I address my brothers once more. “I have had over three thousand years in this world. I count myself blessed to spend the remainder of those days, however long they may be, in the company of those I love.”
Orophin’s mouth goes slack. He looks between Cosima and myself, and, vaguely, I wonder what sort of picture we paint. An elf and a human.
“I cannot say that I am not saddened by your choice, nor that I understand it. But if it has to be a human, then I am glad it is you, Cosima.” Orophin, Valar bless him, tries for a smile in Cosima’s direction. It’s strained and sad, but it’s an effort — one I am very thankful for.
Rumil hasn’t moved.
Cosima looks to him, worry in her eyes, and I remember how close she and my brother are. Right from the start, he has been one of her closest friends, and it must hurt her to be at odds with him, to know that something she can’t control is causing him pain.
When she speaks, her voice is fragile, vulnerable. “Rumil?”
He continues to grip the back of the chair and looks to the ground, avoiding our eyes. He grits his teeth. “Stay away from me, both of you.”
And he storms out of the room.
A/n Likes, comments, and reblogs are always cherished <3 Hope you’re doing well! (But its okay if you’re not!)
|next chapter - to be posted|
Tolkien tag list: @anangelwhodidntfall @eru-vande
Haldir tag list: @tolkien-apologist @that-cute-stranger
Double Heart tag list: @lainphotography @themerriweathermage @thophil2941btw @kenobiguacamole @wishingtobeinadifferentuniverse @from-patroclus-with-love @boywivlove @ordinarymom1 @my-darling-haldir @sweet-bea-blossom @moony-artnstuff @sleepyamygdala @thranduilseyebrows
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fizzyxcustard · 4 days ago
🍃🌺🌙If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up. If you get it back even better 🌙🌺🍃👉👈
Thank you, my dear! Backatcha! ❤️❤️
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🍃🌺🌙If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up. If you get it back even better 🌙🌺🍃👉👈
Skpjkaknjs this is the second one I’ve gotten. you guys are too sweet <333
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neverfruit · 6 days ago
Small characters are even worse for me in fandom because I can't say people are wrong in the way they characterize them. They got ten minutes of screentime we know pretty much nothing about them.
But also... They are wrong and I'm right. He would never behave like that
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eashmo · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lil woodland elf with her faves from lotr and the hobbit.
(Which one do you actually ship me with? I’m very curious.)
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sadttitude-reblogs · 8 days ago
is anyone writing for lotr ??? for some reason i just had this very specific scenario thing in my head and i've been trying to write it but forgot that i ✨ can't ✨ write 😭 pls hmu if you want to like no pressure if you just want to hear what i'm thinking about but don't feel like writing it or just flat out hate it i dont mind xx😭
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r3troartsy · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Finished my LOTR and Hobbit sketch. Not really a fan of how Haldir turned out but you got to learn someway!
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bonjour-rainycity · 10 days ago
Ok, but the acoustic version of “take on me?” Such a Cosima and Haldir vibe.
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katthekitkatlord · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
(Posting from phone)
Here’s something fun I sketched out. Me and an rp buddy were talking about how Haldir(my oc) is just an over grown house cat, and their oc Kosa(they/them) is a dumpster cat. So I drew them as “cats” XD
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themerriweathermage · 12 days ago
Haldir Masterlist
Haldir One-Shots/Requests
Post Battle
My Sun-Star - Haldir X GN! Reader
I Love You So Completely - Haldir X GN! Reader (NSFW/18+)
Reconciliation - Haldir X Human Fem! Reader
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elliemarchetti · 12 days ago
Kindred Souls
Previous chapter: Clear as Silver Drops
Words: 2065
The morning came pale from East, excerpts of blue sky peeking over the quivering branches. The light filtering through the yellow leaves woke Elva up, making her think for a moment she was still home, her sleep disturbed by a cool summer sunrise; but her house wasn’t a talan and from its windows she couldn’t see the Silverlode valley, spread out in a gold sea swaying gently in the breeze, therefore the illusion didn’t last long and she was ready to resume her march with the rest of the Fellowship, now led by Haldir and his brother Rumil.
“Goodbye, sweet Nimrodel,” she muttered, turning around to catch among the trunks a glimpse of white foam, bearing the beautiful notes that followed them for a while along the path, where Orcs’ footprints were visible on the ground. The elves didn’t seem surprised and as soon as they reached the trees shade, Haldir stopped, informing those who hadn’t noticed there was one of his people on the other side of the river. The newcomer was entirely dressed in gray too, but the hood fell over his shoulders, leaving his loosely braided air, glistening like jewellery in the sun, free to fall on his back. Rumil deftly threw him a silver rope, the end of which he tied to a tree near the bank: it wasn’t wise to build bridges in those wary days, so that must be how they crossed, light and quick as spiders, the exact opposite of the men who accompanied her.
“We have two more,” said Rumil in Sindarin, as if he had read her mind. He had understood that unlike others of their race, she cared for her companions despite their mortality and he had no intentions of letting her get away with it, little mattered that, albeit very slowly, one day she too would grow old and die.
“If the strangers hold on them with caution, they’ll be able to follow without swimming,” added Haldir, in Westron.
In spite of her perplexity, so it was: some slower and more cautious, like Sam, other with greater ease, like Pippin, they all gathered on the eastern shore, leaving behind only the younger elf, who rolled up the first rope and returned to guard at the Nimrodel with a greeting nod.
“I apologize for my brother’s attitude,” Haldir told her, loud enough so it didn’t seem they were exchanging private confidences but at the same time turning his back to the others. He was trying to be polite, probably towards Gimli, whom he believed to be her mate, but those niceties would worth little to the dwarf, who knew nothing of the misunderstanding, since he soon would be blindfolded. That the agreement had been reached without his consent was the primary objection he made, but Elva managed to coax him as only she could.
“Haldir doesn’t question your loyalty, I granted for you,” she explained, “but this is the law and since he’s not its master, he had no right to transgress it. When you’ll return home, you can ask King Dain to enact a complementary rule, which doesn’t allow the elves of Lothlorien to enter Erebor unless blindfolded.”
“Only if you promise to make sure you’ll get a good delegation,” he agreed, the shadow of a mischievous smile lighting up his face. Elva didn’t understand why the dwarf believed she might have any influence on her people’s distant cousins, but she agreed anyway and the complaints decreased to merely empty threats made by a dwarf with his eyes covered. Certainly those must’ve been mad times, if there was a need for such malfidence among allies.
“It may sound crazy, but we find so little faith in the world beyond Lothlorien’s border, except perhaps in Rivendell, we dare not with our confidence endanger this country,” said Haldir, leading Elva to wonder if suddenly her face had become so easy to read. If her thoughts were so clear, she would no longer serve as a diplomat or she would’ve risked leading the Woodland Realm in war.
“Our hands rest more often on the strings of the bows than on those of the harps too, and we have no river to help us defend the borders, but it’s not necessary for peaceful people to turn into warriors,” she replied.
“Fear of the Shadow is rampant, some even hint at leaving, but it seems it’s already too late: the mountains to the west are becoming evil, to the east the lands are desolate and invaded by Sauron’s creatures and it’s rumoured that there’s no longer any security on the way leading south, through Rohan, with the mouths of the Great River guarded by the Enemy. Even if we managed to reach the Sea banks, we wouldn’t find any shelter, as maybe only the Lord and the Lady know where to find the last High Elves’ harbours.”
“West of the Shire,” Elva revealed, with the feeling she shouldn’t have. Maybe Lady Galadriel had kept it hidden from the rest of the population to make sure she didn’t lose her best men, the defenders of the weakest who must’ve been tired by now of tasting only the ugliness of the outside world, but, although she didn’t know why, she wished their guide knew there still was a glimmer of hope away from the constant danger of the Orcs.
“Happy are the hobbits, who live near the Sea shore!” said Haldir. “It has been long since my people last aimed at its waters, yet we still remember them in out songs. Tell me about those harbours while we walk.”
Elva tried to cheer his heart describing the infinite expanses of white gold and sapphire blue, how the horizon merged with the sea on sunny days and the placid waves brought shells of all shaped and size with their impalpable foam.
“I wonder if there are trees of gold beyond the Great Sea,” said the elf when she fell silent. For a long second, nothing was heard but the footsteps of the Fellowship moving slowly through the forest paths. Aman was forbidden to whoever had mortal blood, about this king Thranduil had been very clear, so Elva never paused too long to think about what could wait her people, her friends, in the Undying Lands.
“I’m sure someday you’ll find out,” she concluded, backing up to reach Aragorn, with whom she marched all day, until the cool evening came, whispering among the many leaves. Almost inaudible over that sound, when it was time to go to sleep, Haldir's apologies arrived.
“It wasn’t my intention to offend you,” he murmured, taking her by surprise.
“No offense will ever be as great as what you’re doing to my friend, forcing him to stay blind on the ground when you can guard from the talan’s safety,” she replied, alluding to the fact that despite persistent request, Gimli wasn’t allowed to remove the blindfold, not even now they were camped. Haldir said nothing more, and slowly climbed the ladder, thus closing the matter. Elva knew she overreacted, but whenever someone talked about Aman, she couldn’t help but fall in a bad mood: she didn’t envied the other elves’ possibility to escape from that dying land, nor was she afraid of losing those she loved, it had already happened and would happen again, but she hated they had an option invalidating all the work and toil she had done for her home during her limited years. She'd seen too many lives wasted on a cause that wasn't worth it, and she feared she’d chosen one of those too. Because of these dark thoughts she barely managed to sleep and the next morning she woke up so tired that she decided to continue without haste until they reached a shaded clearing, where they encountered a group of border guards headed for the northern frontiers to defend Lorien from a possible attack from Moria, that might’ve wanted revenge once realized the marauding Orcs, who had been ambushed, were almost annihilated. They also carried a message from the Lord and Lady of Galadhrim, saying from now on the dwarf would be able to walk freely, making him the first able to see the trees of Lorien’s Naith from Durin’s time.
“What can I do to make you look at me again as a friend?” Haldir asked with a deep bow, as soon as he had freed Gimli of the blindfold. For some strange reason, those two seemed to understand each other, and the dwarf replied that while he meditated on it, he could accompany her to visit Cerin Amroth.
“This trip didn’t allow us to encounter much beauty, and I fear that by now the memory of the Kheled-zaram’s waters is no longer enough for a woman used to reaching the most amazing places in Arda. And then, for us poor mortals and for the hobbits, who are not used to such tight marches, I fear a break is necessary, more than welcome."
The half-elf glared at her friend, but when the shadow of a smile lit up Haldir’s crystal blue eyes, she didn’t felt like denying, especially when it was an experience she probably would’ve risked not being able to repeat ever again. With light steps, they climbed the grass-covered slopes, the sensation of crossing a timeless place, unable to change, fade nor fall into oblivion, growing as the number of flowers and leaves stirred by the same cool wind that caressed her face increased. Soon, they entered the circle of white trees, and for a moment she heard coming from south the sound of remote seas lapping beached now erased and the cry of birds whose races had died out on earth many and many years ago. Haldir moved on first, and started climbing the high talan. Preparing to follow, Elva placed her hand on the tree beside the ladder: never as then she had perceived so suddenly and with such intensity the contact and texture of the bark and the life flowing underneath. The wood brought her and intoxicating joy, different from that of the carpenter of the forester but the one experiences by the tree itself. When she finally stepped onto the aerial platform, it didn’t even seem strange that Haldir would take her hand to help her.
“Look south first,” he suggested, pointing to a hill with many towering trees, from which radiated all the power and the light illuminating that land, making her wish she could fly like a bird to perch on the green city. Her gaze then stopped at east, on the land of Lorien, stretched out to the Anduin’s pale glow; raising her eyes beyond the Great River, she saw the world she knew, flat and empty, a vague and imprecise land rising further away like a dark and desolate wall. The sun illuminating Lothlorien had no power to penetrate the shadows of those distant hills.
“There is Mirkwood’s southern fortress,” Haldir explained. “It’s surrounded by a forest of dark fir trees struggling against each other, their branches rotten and withered. In the middle, stands on an imposing rock Dol Guldur, where the Enemy lived hidden for a long time. We fear that today it’s inhabited again, and by a power seven times stronger. Often, a black shadow hangs over there and from this hill we’re on, the contrast between light and darkness is clearly visible. The goodness can penetrate into the very heart of the wickedness, but how long the secret of such strength won’t be revealed?”
With that grim question pending between them, Elva quickly returned down the slopes, where she found Aragorn, sitting still and silent like a tree; he was holding in his hand a small golden elanor, eyes shining with a nostalgic light. He was thinking of Arwen, it was evident to whoever knew of their love, but the dreams of the past can be dangerous and Elva didn’t had the heart to leave him pining longer, so she silently reached him.
“Don’t worry, once we’ll get to Calas Galadhon we’ll both forget our worries,” he told her, his blue-gray eyes looking in the deepest depths of her soul. Kindred soul often understand each other more than they can do with themselves, and she suspected what he could see in her was the same thing that prompted Gimli to send her away alone with their guide.
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Double Heart | Chapter Eighteen ~ Cosima
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Pairing: Haldir x OFC
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 4719
Warnings: None
A/n Happy Monday! Oh, and if you like Bucky Barnes, I just posted a one-shot for him! You can find it here. Now, on to the story you came here for!
Late in August, three months after arriving in this new world, plans are made to travel to Lothlórien.
Lavandil’s tearful sniffles in the back of her shop clued me in before someone had officially told me, and my heart goes out to her.
“It gets harder every time,” she had muttered, staring at the ground. “Every time we are separated, a piece of me goes with him.”
Her words have not left my mind since.
They are not even bonded, yet the way not being with him pains her…it breaks my heart in a way that is almost too personal.
Our company is set to leave in five days. In my time here, I have amassed only a small number of belongings, so packing will be easy. I am prepared to go long before the others, who have somehow become busier in these last few days. Even Rumil, who has basically become my best friend these past few months, declines my offer to go riding, citing that he and his brothers have much to do in their remaining time here.
So, with no one to help me occupy my time, I end up in the gardens. I pass the afternoon away wandering through the endless labyrinth, discovering more blossoms that make me sneeze and some that don’t. I pick a few — Elrond said it was alright — to press in one of the journals I’ve acquired — a gift from Lavandil. The journal and the flowers will be keepsakes, tangible memories of my time here in Imladris.
A time I desperately do not want to forget.
In the back of my mind, lurking on the edge of my thoughts is a constant fear — the fear that, at any moment, the work with Elrond will prove fruitful and my memories will come rushing back — at the cost of my memories from my time here in Arda.
A bright, bluish-purple burst under the hedges distracts me from that anxious thought.
A cornflower, fallen to the ground and blown far from its bush by the wind.
I crouch, reaching under the green shrubbery.
“Lady Cosima?”
Flower in hand, I straighten, turning at the sound of the voice.
“Glorfindel!” I’m mildly shocked. Since his argument with Haldir, I’ve seen little of him. Seeming uncertain, he walks to meet me, bowing when he plants his feet.
I curtsey, though I can’t help but chuckle lightly at his formality. “You can just call me Cosima,  you know. I’m not anyone important.”
Glorfindel shakes his head slowly, the edges of a smile playing at his lips. “I would be inclined to disagree with your statement, my dear Lady. It seems you have not only captured the attention of two worlds, but of my elven friends.” Before I can ask exactly what he means by that, Glorfindel furrows his eyebrows, gesturing to our surroundings. “I am surprised to find you here this evening. I would have thought you would be preparing for your departure.”
I twirl the cornflower between my fingers. “There’s nothing much for me to prepare. And it doesn’t seem I can be of much help to the others, either.”
A twinkle enters his eye, reminiscent of the playfulness he had the last time I interacted with him. “So you are trying to soak up all that Lord Elrond’s gardens have to offer?”
I smile, taking a look around. “It’s not a bad way to pass the time. I don’t know if Lothlórien will have all these flowers, so I’m taking a couple with me.” Unnecessarily, I hold up the growing bouquet in my hands. “But enough about me, why are you here at this time of day? Don’t you have a million things to do?”
Glorfindel grins, now fully the man I met upon first arriving here. “Ah, you’ve caught me. I am shirking my duties, but!” He holds up a hand to stop my nonexistent chiding. “I will pay for it tonight. Your Marchwarden and I have plans after dinner to surprise one of the border stations. We are going to creep through the area unannounced and see how long it takes for them to discover us. Surely we will be gone until morning.”
I gulp. My Marchwarden? I try to cover up how much that phrase affects me. “So, are you two back to being friends? Or are you still at odds?”
Thankfully, Glorfindel doesn’t get upset by the words I spoke without thought. “Yes, yes, we have been reconciled for weeks now. It is not uncommon for such strong personalities to disagree. All is well — I would have thought he told you.”
I shrug, trying to make the motion look natural even though I suddenly feel like every eye in Imladris is scrutinizing the movement. “We haven’t had the chance to talk much.”
Glorfindel smirks. “Ah, yes, I wondered why my friend had been even more stern than usual as of late.”
I freeze, and the question escapes my mouth before I can stop it. “What do you mean?”
No, Cosima, I chide. Do not engage!
But Glorfindel has already broadened his grin, evidently happy to indulge my pointless question. “He’s increased drills and border patrols, added requirements for promotions, re-worked the training schedule at least five times — he’s even taken his frustrations out on the guard — I worry more when they fight him than if they were facing a pack of orcs!” He laughs, but, after a moment, his expression softens into one of understanding. “Did something happen between the two of you?”
My eyes drop to the flowers in my hand. I twirl the cornflower again, scrutinizing its color.
It is the wrong shade of blue.
“No, nothing happened,” I respond, still not able to meet Glorfindel’s gaze. His questions and the lack of judgement in his voice lead me to share more than I should. “I…I think we both realized we were headed for something dangerous and it’s better to stop while we can.”
“I see,” he mutters, taking in a deep breath. “I am sorry.”
“Don’t be.” I force a smile, not wanting to dwell on something that already keeps me up at night. Time to change the subject. “I don’t know about you, but I’m quite hungry. Would you like to join me for dinner? Lavandil and Orophin will be there as well.”
His face breaks into an easy smile, though there’s something off in his eyes. He sweeps his hand forward, indicating his agreement. “Lead the way, my dear Lady.”
I stare at the clothes laid out on my bed, relying on the meager candlelight to tell me what each item of fabric is.
Lord Elrond said I was welcome to take home any of the pieces I wanted, but the space in my bag will only allow for a few of them. Turns out, the choice is harder than I thought it would be. I have no desire to wear the same outfit the whole time like I had to on the journey to Imladris. That means I should pack more tunic and legging sets. But there are so many pretty gowns I want to take — it doesn’t help that, as part of the payment for helping in her store, Lavandil took me shopping a couple of times. I look over my dresses, all equally loved.
I purse my lips. I know Rumil has three bags…perhaps he would be willing to donate one of them to a good cause. Lavandil hasn’t taken him shopping, so surely he has room to spare.
I creep out of my room, mindful to keep quiet at this late hour. Rumil’s likely to be awake — that ellon is a night owl if I’ve ever met one. I reach his door and knock softly.
But when the door opens, it’s not Rumil on the other side.
It’s Haldir.
I stop breathing. His eyebrows shoot to his hairline.
He steps back somewhat robotically, making space for me to enter the room. “Cosima.”
I freeze, unable to connect my brain to my feet to tell them to move. I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. “You’re supposed to be gone.”
Haldir opens and closes his mouth, likely figuring out how to respond to something that sounded very much like an accusation. “I—ah, I apologize? Do you want me to—”
“No, I uh—” I look to the ground, trying to gather my hopelessly scattered thoughts. Being near him again takes me right back to the state I’ve tried desperately to avoid. “Sorry, no, I only meant that I ran into Glorfindel a few hours ago and he said the two of you would be gone tonight. I came looking for Rumil.”
“Oh.” Haldir furrows his eyebrows, though it looks like the initial shock has faded. “I am sorry — I sent him out tonight in my place. I planned on using this time to write out instructions for training after I am gone.”
I can’t keep myself from smiling. So dutiful. “That’s nice of you.”
Haldir shrugs, looking thrown by the compliment. “It’s my job.”
I blink, realizing that, both mercifully and sadly, I no longer have an excuse to stay here. I should go.
“Well, I’ll leave you to it.” I take a step back.
“Cosima, wait.”
I halt my exit, but remind myself of my resolve.
Haldir shifts on his feet before rolling back his shoulders, holding the door open with one hand. “I need a break from writing. Would you like to go for a walk?”
Your resolve, Cosima.
I search for any excuse, anything to give me a reason to say no when I so badly want to say yes. “I don’t have my cloak.”
The edges of Haldir’s lips twitch. “Now that, I may have a solution for. Wait here.”
I should go.
Just wait to see what this ‘solution’ is, I rationalize.
Haldir turns and nearly jogs to the wardrobe, burying his upper half inside until he emerges with a sage green bundle. He returns, presenting the neatly folded fabric to me. “This is for you.”
I blink in surprise, taking the bundle from his outstretched hand. Slowly, I unfurl it, and it falls into a sturdy, finely woven cloak. I look up at Haldir and then back to the garment, unsure of why he’s just handed me this, but nonetheless, pleased.
“You cannot wear your red one while we travel,” he explains. “This will blend in much better with our surroundings. Lavandil advised on the measurements, but if it’s too long, there’s still time to get it hemmed before we leave.”
I smile, running my fingers over the soft interior and the slicker outside. “What’s it made of?”
“Wool, but I asked the seamstress to assist in making it as waterproof as possible.” I look up at him sharply, surprised that he would think to include this. “I worry we will encounter rain again and I would hate to have you shivering like last time.”
I run my fingers over the fabric with a new fondness. I’m grateful and more touched than I would like to admit. “Thank you Haldir, really. This is so thoughtful. And practical.” I can’t help but laugh, looking up at him with a sudden onslaught of nerves. “Just like you.”
He smiles almost bashfully, dipping his head in acknowledgement of my words. “I’m glad you like it.”
I swing the cloak around my shoulders, pulling my hair through the back so it lays against the outside of the fabric. Haldir grabs the bag that rests on the hook by the door and retrieves another one of those beautiful leaf-shaped clips. He steps forward and slowly reaches his hands to where my cloak rests along my collarbones. He gathers the fabric and weaves it through the clip, securing the ends. He rests his hands there for just a moment and then steps back, nodding to himself.
“Perfect,” he breathes.
I blink. I have a cloak now. There’s no reason to say no. “Let’s go for that walk.”
Smiling in a soft, hesitant way, he grabs his own cloak and clip from their place near the door and we step outside of his room. In silence, mindful of the late hour, he leads me down a spiral staircase tucked into a corner I’ve never noticed before. As we descend, the sound of water crashing gets louder and the peace of the estate fades.
I halt and, a few stairs below me, Haldir stops too.
“Are we going below the city?”
He looks up at me — I can barely see his face in the dark. “It is perfectly safe — there are no heights to be conscious of.”
It feels wrong to make sound in the darkness, so when I speak, it’s barely more than a whisper. “Okay. I believe you.”
In the dim light, Haldir’s hand reaches up to me. I stare at it, feeling my jaw fall slightly.
“I think you will like where we’re going.” The darkness, the sound of his voice, just being with him after so much time apart — it’s too much.
I exhale a shallow breath.
I place my hand in his.
Tingles shoot up my arm.
We reach the bottom of the staircase, and he doesn’t let go.
It’s dark here, too, and I find myself drawing nearer to him. My arm brushes his and I suck in a breath, both of us laughing nervously. Haldir seems to know the way. His path is confident and sure as he leads us underneath the stone and earth of the city. Then, in a burst of clear blue light, we break from the darkness and arrive on soft grass.
I can see Haldir better now. Everything about him seems to almost glow in the moonlight. He smiles softly, tugging on my hand to encourage me to follow him closer to the water that lies ahead of us. I glance between us to where our hands meet, wrapped around each other.
It feels natural. It feels right.
I should let go.
I grip his hand tighter.
The stone holding up the city gives way to taller grass and trees whose low, swinging branches brush over us as we pass. Ahead lies a rippling lake — across it, waterfalls crash down, their thunderous roar diminished by the distance. Haldir takes us almost to the edge of the shore, then surprises me by pulling me to the left. We duck under a particularly low branch, Haldir almost having to double over completely. I laugh, bending down next to him, and he looks up at me with a carefree grin. We pass under the branch and emerge in a small clearing — an alcove, really. Behind us and to our left are tall, leafy trees, to our right is the stone of the mountain, and ahead, surely for miles and miles, lies the lake. Moonlight dances atop it, glinting in a way that makes it sparkle. And above it, in an endless stretch of sky—stars, a million of them, at least.
Haldir turns to face me.
I suck in a breath.
His eyes — I’ve always admired them, even when they held nothing more than indifference to me — seem to shine in a way I’ve never seen before. They gleam like living starlight, depthless and enchanting. The colors of the night drape him in a glow of soft blue, highlighting the strong edges of his jaw. He looks powerful, beautiful, otherworldly.
This is the first time I’ve truly understood the etherial beauty of an elf.
He smiles down at me expectantly. “Was I right?”
I exhale somewhat shakily, nodding my head. “Yes. Yes, you were right. This place is stunning.”
His smile broadens and he releases my hand to unclasp his cloak.
I miss the warmth of his hand encasing mine.
But I do get my wish from earlier today. Just as he did all those months ago, he lays his cloak on the ground, gesturing for me to sit. I do, folding my legs to the side to allow him room next to me. Before he can say anything, the nerves get the best of me, and I blurt out the first, most basic question that comes to mind. “How was your day?”
He smiles, stretching his legs out on the cloak. “My day went well, thank you. Glorfindel and I spent this morning debating the merits of extending Elrond’s borders by twenty or so miles — it would mean the guards have more land to protect, yes, but it would also provide a larger distance for any intruders to cross, should they break through the barrier. That could give the guard precious extra time to organize and combat the threat.”
I tilt my head. “So what did you decide?”
Haldir raises his shoulders then lets them fall, the action hinting at underlying stress. “It is not our decision, we were merely debating. The choice lies with Lord Elrond, and I cannot say what he will do.”
I chuckle, fighting the urge to roll my eyes. “You’re always steps ahead of everyone else. Come on, what do you think he’ll do?”
He sighs. “I think he will not expand the borders. Elrond cares about the security of his people, yes, but he still believes there is potential to stop this evil before his people will have to confront it.”
Tension gathers in the small of my back. Are we really that close to a fight? “And you disagree?”
“I did not mean to scare you.” He avoids answering my question directly.
I shake my head slowly, thinking over his words. Wary, yes, but scared? “I have gotten tougher, you know.”
Haldir smiles and lets out a soft laugh. "Now, that, I would have to agree with." He rolls his sleeve up to his bicep and holds out his arm. I squint in the moonlight, trying to make out whatever he's attempting to show me. "See this?" I shake my head, and Haldir laughs more freely now. "It is almost a bruise from where you hit me two days ago."
Now, I join him in his laughter, remembering my attempt to break free from his grasp during training. “You better watch out," I joke. "Soon I'll be able to put you on the ground."
Haldir schools his laughter but the edges of his lips stay quirked. "I'm sure."
I snort. “No, I actually believe that someday soon I’ll be able to beat you. Or, at the very least, catch you off your guard.”
I don’t actually believe that, of course, but it’s worth the exaggeration to see Haldir’s terrible attempt at pretending to agree with me.
“Ah, perhaps, yes. I would not entirely rule the possibility out.”  
“Liar.” I roll my eyes and grin good-naturedly.
He merely holds my gaze with a smile of his own and raises an eyebrow.
I shudder out a breath. I wish he wouldn’t look at me that way. It makes me want things I absolutely can’t act on.
I force my eyes to return to the water, searching for a way to expel the tension that has somehow gathered in the air. “What made you want to come here?”
He shrugs, leaning back on one hand in a way that is almost arrestingly casual, because I do not feel casual. “It’s peaceful, it’s away from the bustle of the city…and it reminds me of home.” He smiles, craning his head back to view the moon and the stars. My eyes follow the length of his neck before correcting themselves to also look at the stars. “In Caras Galadon we live in talans built high in the branches. Common spaces and guest lodgings take up entire trees, wrapping around trunks and connecting with bridges. But my home is smaller, and all the way at the top of one of the oldest and tallest trees in the city…I can look up and I see the stars. It’s like I walk among them, I am so close. And here, though we are quite low on the ground…” His eyes drop to mine. I listen intently, captivated by the love he feels for his home so clearly expressed in his voice. “This feels somehow similar, like it is just you, me, the forest, and the sky.”
The words, ill-thought and reckless, rush from my mouth. “I like it being just us.”
His head dips closer to mine. “Me too.”
Our noses brush against each other. We are so close, so close to losing ourselves in something we cannot control.
I will bring nothing but pain to him.
I pull back just enough to see his eyes, hating the spark of hurt that runs through them. But I ground myself in that, use it as a warning of what is to come if I don’t stop this now.
But stopping hurts me, too. Because I want him. I want to be with him, to be his forever, more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my entire life. Memories or not, this, I’m sure of.
And I can’t have it.
Tears prick at my eyes.
Haldir’s hurt turns to concern and he trails a finger tenderly over my cheek, soothing and catching a tear that has managed to fall. “What’s wrong?”
I swallow, trying to force away the painful lump that has grown there. I can manage little more than a whisper. “You don’t want to do this with me.”
He shakes his head and brings a hand to my lower back. He presses gently, keeping me in place as if he knows I’m trying to find a way out, to talk us both out of doing this. He lowers his head to look directly into my eyes. “Yes, I do.”
I turn my gaze to the waterfall, not able to bear looking him in the eye. “Haldir, I’m temporary. To your lifespan, I…I’m nothing. Don’t waste your love on me.” And something I can’t say, something I’m too weak to admit out loud — don’t waste your life on me.
He brings a hand to my chin, pulling me to meet his eyes. What I see there takes me aback — a fierceness akin to how he looked during the attack. “It’s not a waste, it’s a choice. And I’ve chosen, Cosima. I want this, I want you.”
I shake my head, the tears falling freely now. I bring a hand to grip his wrist, trying to break his hold of my face. He follows my request but immediately takes both of my hands in his, refusing to let me go completely.
He speaks in a low, urgent voice. “Cosima, believe me, I tried. I’ve stayed away from you, I’ve tried to convince myself that there are others, that there could ever be someone else for me. I’ve distracted myself with training and planning and patrols but nothing works. Every day, I wake up and I ache for you.”
I close my eyes, all at once elated to hear those words and grieving his choice. Because loving him is the most selfish thing I’ll ever do.
“I wish I didn’t want this,” he continues. “I know what it means for me. Every instinct for self-preservation is screaming at me to stop, to run away, to fight this—”
“Then do,” I beg, trying to convince both him and myself. “Save yourself while you still can.”
Slowly, deliberately, he pulls his hands from mine and rests them on either side of my neck, thumbs brushing over my cheekbones. Despite my efforts, I suck in a breath, my heart beginning to race.
He’s so close, so honest, so…loving. He looks at me with the same reverence he reserves for the stars. He lets out a breath, eyes trailing down my face before meeting mine once more. “It is too late,” he murmurs, lips parting slightly. “I’ve fallen in love with you.”
And my resolve breaks.
I push myself forward to close the minuscule space between us, pressing my lips against his. He responds immediately, kissing me with a passion that sends tingles down my spine. His hold on me feels like fire, starting where his hands caress my neck, where his lips meet mine, and running through my entire body. My hands gather in the fabric of his tunic, pulling him impossibly closer. My mind fights between short-circuiting due to the feel of his lips on mine and shouting for joy. Never in my life have I felt so right, so secure, so…electric. Gone are the days of holding myself back, of distancing myself, torturing myself, staying away from the one I truly want to be with.
The one I love.
My back makes contact with the cloak covering the ground. Did I fall and pull him along, or did he push me? All efforts of solving that mystery disappear the moment he takes my lower lip between his teeth, biting down gently. I gasp, my grip on his tunic tightening. The hand that rests on the ground near my side, supporting his weight, curls into a fist.
His kisses slow.
He presses his lips to mine again, this time, as gentle as a breeze. I sigh into the kiss, my hand trailing slowly down his chest. For the first time in all my memory, I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
And I am with who I am meant to be with.
Haldir’s lips leave mine. He balances his weight on one arm and his knees, bringing his free hand to my face to softly brush his fingers over my cheek. Slowly, I open my eyes.
Above me is perhaps the best and most beautiful sight I will ever see. A blanket of stars, brilliant and expansive, floats across the night sky. And in front of them, mere inches from my face, is Haldir, looking at me with a wide, adoring smile. I raise my head to bump my nose against his, earning myself a rumbling chuckle.
He shakes his head slowly. “The relief I feel, finally being able to tell you that I love you, to kiss you…”
I breathe out a weak laugh, knowing exactly what he’s describing. “I wouldn’t call what I feel relief.”
He grins and dips his head to mine, stopping just before our lips touch. “Yes, it is certainly not a peaceful relief. But I much prefer whatever this is to peace.”
“I agree,” I sigh into his mouth as his lips move against mine once more. But then I remember something, and push against his shoulders. He’s said his piece, now I get to say mine. “Hey, for the record, I love you too.”
He laughs indulgently, shaking his head, but I can see real joy lighting his eyes. “And yet you kept me in such suspense.”
I roll my eyes and grip his tunic, pulling him down again.
When we break apart, he falls onto his back next to me. I’m struck once again with the memory of us stargazing in Elrond’s gardens so many months ago. Then, I spent the whole night fighting the urge to cuddle against his side.
Now, it seems, that door is not closed to me.
Experimentally, I scoot closer to him. When he smiles rather than questions it, I pick up the arm nearest to me, moving it so I can lay against his side. He tenses, then sputters out a laugh, but doesn’t push me away. Instead, he cranes his head so he can see me and I grin up at him, happy to see that he wears a matching expression.
He raises an eyebrow. “Is this what the humans do?”
“Yes,” I smile up at him, pleased that being this close to him feels even better than I could have imagined. “It’s called cuddling.” I rest my head on his chest. In the silence of the night, I can hear the steady, reassuring beat of his heart.
After a moment, his hand comes to the back of my head, running his fingers gently over my hair and down my back. “Surprisingly, I like the human way.”
I smile, tucking my head further into his chest.
I stare at the sky.
And try not to think about what I’ve just done.
|next chapter - to be posted|
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happygirl327 · 15 days ago
I've seen the Lord of the Rings - Two Towers so many times. And every time I am bitter about Haldir's death.
He deserved better! You hear me Peter Jackson?
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midearthwritings · 16 days ago
Hey, I heard you were doing matchups! So just for reference, in the past I was matched with both Aragorn and Legolas if that helps at all. I am bookworm. I love going out with friends, but I also love my alone time. I tempt myself way too much with cookie dough. I am fairly athletic, it doesn’t really show though. My pronouns are she/her, and I am straight, but if you think I fit better with a female that’s fine too. I am caring, loyal, and subtly honest. I will protect my friends everytime. 💜
Heyyy buddy! Thanks for the ask and sorry for taking so long! Also I changed my way of writing a little bit, I'm still tip-toeing around all this and trying to figure out what suits me best. Hope you still like it.
Tumblr media
For LOTR, I picked Haldir.
Between you and Haldir, it's more of an intellectual love. You don't feel the need to be close to each other all the time, but when you are, you are both really passionate. You care about each other's friends greatly.
You both enjoy sitting and having deep conversation together, and even if from the outside you both look too serious for your own good, you actually laugh a lot. Training is also something that you enjoy doing together and you like to give each other tips and tricks to improve your skills.
Although he was the obvious pick for you, he hesitated before admitting that your feelings were returned. But once he did, you knew he was honest and speaking with his heart.
Tumblr media
For the Hobbit, I'm matching you up with Fíli.
Between you and Thorin's heir, it's quite intense. You've always been close friends, along with his brother. But everybody could sense that their was more between you and the prince. When you confessed to each other, it was like the final piece of the puzzle.
You both are really serious and invested in your duties, because of course, being with him means you have duties as well. But when it becomes too much, you know you can open up to each other and that you will always find some time to joke around and lift that weight off your shoulders.
Training together You like to turn everything into a competition and really, you're even, which makes you want to beat him even more.
And Lastly, being with Fíli means having Kíli full time in your life as well. Which you don't mind. You consider him your family and could kill to protect him. This is something that Fíli loves about you.
Here! I really hope you liked it darling!
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mstr-boggins · 16 days ago
A Thousand Lifetimes
Author’s Note : This was super choppy! I wrote it in like two hours and looked over it like twice, so, sorry in advance for any potential mistakes!!
Pairing : Haldir x Human!Reader
Warning : Angst, Reader’s and Haldir’s eventual death, reunion after rebirth.
— “I will choose you. I will choose you a thousand times in a thousand lifetimes. Always.”
Tumblr media
“It’s because I’m a mortal, isn’t it?” you cried, as you chased after him, choking on your own tears. “Haldir, please, don’t leave me.”
You felt selfish for being with him. You knew that he loved you more than anything and you accepted his confession and proposal for courtship blindly despite knowing that one day, you were going to meet your untimely death while he would go one living forever, pained by your death. You should’ve just denied your feelings and should’ve never returned them, maybe then you both wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.
“(Y/N), I love you more than anything I’ve ever known. I promise you. But, I cannot be with you. You know this.” he replied, keeping an emotionless expression.
“Haldir... there must be another way. There has to be.”
“I’m sorry. This is for our own good. I don’t want to hurt you, nor do you want to hurt me. Goodbye.”
You heard his footsteps faintly disappear as he slammed the door behind him.
“Come back, don’t leave me...” you whispered.
Years had passed since he had left you. Haldir couldn’t help but feel guilty, weak and humiliated all at the same time. What were you doing? Were you still alive?
Haldir pushed his feelings and thoughts aside as he noticed a female guard approaching him.
“Haldir, how about we go get drinks after post?” she smiled, with hope for something more than friendship in her eyes.
Haldir looked at the ground before nodding. “Sure.”
Hopefully this would distract him for a bit from thoughts of you.
“Hey, weren’t you with that human girl for a while?” the female Elf asked.
Haldir flinched. So much for distraction.
“Yeah. What of it?” Haldir asked monotonously.
“Her name was (Y/N), right?”
“I don’t want to be a bearer of bad news, but apparently she died a few days ago.”
Haldir’s eyes widened.
She was dead.
His dear (Y/N) was dead.
“Haldir, what’s wrong?”
“I’m sorry, I need to go.” Haldir said quietly before walking off from the Elf, tears blurring his vision.
Haldir couldn’t help but look on, internally horrified, at the sight in front of him. Thousands of orcs, lining up to conquer.
Suddenly, in the midst of an Orcish battle chorus, an arrow strayed into an Orc’s chest. Silence overtook the terrain and Orcs suddenly began to bang and claw at the walls. The battle had begun.
Haldir could swear that the Orcs were being held off for a mere second, but that didn’t matter anymore. Orcs were now running up and down the walls as if rabid and untamed creatures of the wild. Haldir cleaved his weapons and swung at Orcs left, right and center.
All of a sudden, Haldir felt a sharp pain in his side. He had been striked. Really deep. He fell to the ground, his vision blurring with screams and battle yells ringing in his ears.
That was when an Orc came, and brought it’s axe down onto his head.
Aragorn yelled as Haldir collapsed completely. As Haldir knowingly spent his last seconds on Earth, memories of you flashed before his eyes.
How he and you met. It was at the edge of the forest, near your small and isolated village.
He remembered the nickname you gave him. It was “Forest Boy”.
How could he ever forget your silly and unforgettable nickname? How could he ever forget how much he loathed it and told you off for calling him that?
He remembered how he stole a bow from the guards so he could teach you how to shoot.
And then, he remembered the loving memories of you. He could still feel your touch.
He could still remember how his fingers intertwined with yours that day. How his lips were moments away from yours.
“Do you love me?” he had asked you.
You had looked at him and smiled. “Always.”
His lips collided with yours and in a moment of despair, the warmth of your embrace was all he had ever wanted.
Tears clouded his vision even more once he realised that you were dead. You were gone. Realisation of it felt bitter and cold. He could never be with you ever again. He could never hug you, or kiss you, or touch you, or listen to your voice, or even look at you once more.
He wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready to say goodbye. He wasn’t ready to leave this world.
Your name was the last thing that Aragorn had heard fall past the lips of Haldir who passed in a violent and bitter end seconds later.
“Hello, forest boy!” the human girl gleamed as she spotted the Elf boy she had been meeting with for the past few weeks.
“Eathelyn! Stop calling me that! My name isn’t forest boy! My name is Elias.” the young Elf groaned in annoyance.
“Okay, okay! Sorry.” Eathelyn laughed. “You said you were going to teach me how to use a bow yesterday, did you keep your word?”
Elias pulled out a bow he had stolen. “Of course. Here you go.” he said with guilt and slight fear of the consequences he’d face later as he gave it to the human girl. He admired her as she examined it.
Suddenly, before either could comprehend it, a scene that felt like it was from a past life flashed before Elias and Eathelyn.
The surroundings were the same, except Eathelyn’s village looked smaller and the forest was more vibrant.
Before them was an Elf and a human woman, hand in hand. They both watched the couple in curiosity before they heard them exhange sentences of confession and proposal.
Finally, the Elf finished the exchange with a final declaration of love.
“I will choose you. I will choose you a thousand times in a thousand lifetimes. Always.”
Suddenly they were gone. Eathelyn and Elias were at a loss for words. It was Elias who pushed away the supposed daydream first.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Elias said in an impatient tone, trying to mask his surprise as he quickened his pace, venturing deeper into the woods.
“Wait for me!” Eathelyn yelled as she snapped out of her thoughts.
Eathelyn ran after Elias, but then watched him stop in his tracks. She strode towards him, questioning why he was just standing there. But when she finally stood next to him, she realised what he was looking at.
Two gravestones adorned with white flowers.
One belonging to an Elf named Haldir.
One belonging to a human named (Y/N).
Side by side. Bonded together in eternity.
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