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domesticgoddesswriter4 hours ago
Monthly Switch
It's that time again! After spending a month on SBF, it's time to move on to something else.
I feel like I didn't get as much done as I should have, but that's probably just me. I got quite a bit done and made a lot of progress. The company finished up in Laketown, leaving quite the revolution in it's wake. They've reached the mountian and found the door. Now they just have a dragon to deal with.馃槈
So, I actually have several fics that are running low on chapters.馃槵 Hopefully, I'll be able to get them done before we run out, Just a heads up, if I do run out, the fic might have to miss a monthly update. But I'm gonna really try to make sure that doesn't happen.
Anyway, so the one I'll be focusing on this month is OAK! So, you can be sure we won't run out of that one. Last I left it, Thorin was in the process of hooking his hobbit up with a shinty new apartment perfect for the hobbit and his little +1. That means it's time to get our favorite little hobbits moved out of the slums. Bilbo also needs to adjust to his new situation. Though a result of an unfortunate event, his new situation is looking very promising. With his work and housing stress significantly eased, perhaps he'll feel al ittle more secure to explore a certain 'friendship' with a certain 'dwarf.'馃槈
Still working on new sneak peaks when I get some spare writing time. I have so many ideas still waiting to be written and now I have a Star Wars!AU to write as well. I'm super looking forward to that one, btw. I might do it next after I finish the one I'm working on.馃榿
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wheeloffortune-design6 hours ago
for the past three days i have been mentally writing a bilbo/thorin fic where bilbo stays to help Erebor for the winter. Bilbo and Thorin become closer, used to each other, they exchange inside jokes over paperwork, they exchange diplomatic duties, they just enjoy spending time together.
and they often look at each other, their heart in their eyes, smile slightly, and change the subject.
the rest of the company had wanted to push, but Thorin had talked seriously to Fili and Kili about this, and asked the company to just... not intervene. not talk about it.
Because even if Bilbo and Thorin were in love, declaring it would force them to make a choice.
Would Bilbo stay in Erebor? Would Thorin abdicate and leave for the Shire? Would they separate, unable to abandon their homes?
So the company let them exchange looks, and jokes, and sometimes tender touches. Never a kiss, or a declaration. Just companionship. Borrowed time.
Sommetimes, they were seen huddled up against the ramparts, looking at the horizon, Bilbo talking softly of the Shire.
It was slow, and tender, and sad. Because it they wanted to be together, at least one of them had to leave their home.
And then one day, they entered the room, hand in hand.
A decision had been made.
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thotinshield7 hours ago
how they handle each other when one's drunk? (and said one is either too emotional, too sincere or too flirty)
I think that Thorin is the kind of drunk that forgets when he鈥檚 too deep in his cups, specifically that Bilbo is his husband. And he tries to flirt with him, and then gets very sad when Bilbo says that he has a husband, and Bilbo is stifling a laugh, or just laughing too much to tell Thorin at first, that they鈥檙e married.聽
On the other hand, Bilbo just loses all propriety when he鈥檚 drunk enough. He鈥檚 also very flirty and very touchy, like trying to grope Thorin and kiss him, he doesn鈥檛 care who sees, and Thorin is trying to keep his husband from embarrassing them both in public.聽
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dwarvishring9 hours ago
someone rec me fics where bilbo is the one to destroy the One ring pls
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thotinshield10 hours ago
Who's more likely to be the 'cool uncle' and the 'strict uncle' counterpart to lil frodo?
Thorin is the cool uncle, and Bilbo is the strict uncle.聽
I think that Thorin has spent his life being the strict uncle to Fili and Kili, and he doesn鈥檛 feel as bad spoiling Frodo, given that *he* isn鈥檛 the one raising the lad like he was with his boys. So he鈥檚 the cool dwarven uncle, who plays pretend with his little hobbit nephew, and who makes (safe) play swords for him in the forge.聽
Bilbo isn鈥檛 overwhelmingly strict, but I think that, and know that from his canon description, he doesn鈥檛 particularly enjoy children. So it just strikes me that he might be more likely to put his foot down if Frodo misbehaves, especially given that they are both hobbits and have the same cultural upbringing. He lets Thorin deal with the softer sides of being an uncle, because he鈥檇 much rather teach him his letters than play pretend all afternoon.聽
They鈥檙e both very good to him, though. Don鈥檛 doubt that!聽
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satoichi11 hours ago
Fili: Why are Thorin and Bilbo sitting with their backs to each other?
Frodo: They had a fight.
Kili: Then why are they holding hands?
Frodo: They get sad when they fight.
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tinyfaust13 hours ago
I just wanna fill my walls with hobbit fanart but nobody does trad art commissions LMAO and if they do it鈥檚 expensive FUCKKK
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tinyfaust13 hours ago
Tumblr media
I finally finished this piece!!! It took me two weeks and I鈥檓 semi proud of it but ahhhhh idk I鈥檓 nervous to post it LMAO. So much of my art just looks the same because of how I like to draw (my friend calls it my 鈥00s romcom binder doodle鈥 style).
Anyways here ya go ya bagginshield starved loves. Have some more! I have plenty in the works as well馃挄
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lolisbeansyuh15 hours ago
after 7 years of discovering the hobbit/lotr fandom, bagginshield is STILL my ride or die. good lord
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cassiabaggins16 hours ago
Me: I like bagginshield but there are so many good writers out there and I can never match up
My Brain: hey you know that Soul Mate AU you wrote for Fili and Cassia?
Me: .... yes?
My brain: do a Bagginshield one
Me: .....
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bagginshieldzine18 hours ago
Our first guest artist is Ooowyn! She is a very enthusiastic and talented artist whose drawings have equally vibrant colors and emotions!
Visit her Tumblr account, @ooowyn !
Tumblr media
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niphredilien18 hours ago
Oh hey!
I actually really love Bagginshield? It鈥檚 got a lot of potential as either queerplatonic or romantic and I have a bit of a soft spot for Hobbit 鈥榝ix-it鈥 fics. The Hobbit movies were certainly a thing but I think they actually did Bilbo and Thorin鈥檚 relationship quite well and it certainly made me really think about them as something more than what came across in the book?
Anyway, I love them.
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bagginshieldzine23 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Contributor Applications are still OPEN until May 24th, you have 2 WEEKS to show us your skills with words or lines! The adventure is continuing! 馃悏
Fill the form here!
馃枌 Artists
馃帹 Merch Artists
馃摑 Writers
@zinecenter @zineforall @fandomzines @faneventshub @zine-scene @zinefeed @atozines @all-zine-apps @zineapps
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domesticgoddesswritera day ago
Just posted the next chapters of Creatures of the Night, One of a King, Legends, and The Song of My Heart for you! Enjoy!馃グ
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thotinshielda day ago
馃ズ which one is most likely to bring home abandoned baby pet animals? Which one just lets them because they're just as soft and eventually convinces them to open an adoption center after the 10th rescue?
omg okay so i actually wrote a fic kinda with this premise. its called Raven's Roost on AO3
but to actually answer your question - I think that I could really see Thorin doing this l. and maaaaybe Bilbo is a little put off by it at first but dammit Thorin's smile always gets him. and he does like the sense of pride of being able to see the animal off when it's better.
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thotinshielda day ago
send me bagginshield asks/headcanons i may or may not write a short thing
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nerdymeatball13a day ago
Hear me out.
How about Modern AU Bilbo wearing hair clips, but like colorful ones or ones with adorable flower patterns. Thorin, who believes in braided hair supremacy, hates to admit it but this is the cutest thing he's ever seen.
When they get together Bilbo buys hair clips for Thorin(maybe even some matching flower ones), while Thorin braids his hair and pretends he's not absolutely in love with what he got from his bf.
Ok, I am done.
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