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duchesschameleon12 hours ago
If their roles were switched, do you think Aragron would have given up eternal life for Arwen?
I think so. something that鈥檚 always clear - throughout the movies, I haven鈥檛 reread the books and absolutely need to I only remember a lot because I read and analyzed them for a class - is that Aragorn loves Arwen. he never feels deserving of her love, but he loves her. he cares for her soooo deeply. I don鈥檛 think that would change if he were an elf.
the role reversal would probably just take away Aragon鈥檚 trepidation about their relationship. he鈥檚 always so sure in his feelings, but never feels that Arwen should give up her eternal life or ability to sail to the west for him. however, I think Aragorn would make that choice quickly. to be with Arwen and never part from her, never have to live without her.
racery brain is like, super real, so tell me if any of that needs expanding. I鈥檝e written essays on lotr before and I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat
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riderofrohirrim14 hours ago
The Fellowship watching Eurovision:
(because it鈥檚 Eurovision week and as a European I am morally obligated to write this)
he thinks it鈥檚 all a bunch of nonsense but still watches it every year without fail
accurately predicts the winner each year after first rehearsals, even if it鈥檚 not his favourite song
he knows the words to every single song somehow, even the ones in languages that he doesn鈥檛 speak
always roots for the countries that rarely qualify for the final
legitimately has never watched Eurovision before
only knows the Eurovision songs that Sam has sang near him or the ones he鈥檚 heard on the radio
complains about how Eurovision has become extremely politicised which goes completely against the reason it was founded
knows obscure statistics about how well different countries have performed at Eurovision
may secretly be part of one of the Scandinavian metal bands that seem to always qualify
rants about Australia being allowed to compete but he ends up supporting them anyway
pretends he doesn鈥檛 know what Eurovision is when anyone asks him (even if he鈥檚 listening to his Eurovision playlist)
watches it each year with Aragorn and Gimli, and is the biggest Eurovision fan out of the three of them
only watches the final (because the qualifying rounds have all the bad songs in)
has somehow managed to turn the section where the points are awarded into a drinking game
only knows the Eurovision songs that are popular on social media
he still votes each year, without listening to any of the songs - he just picks the song with the best title
critiques the singers鈥 outfits and staging constantly
loves the piano ballads (even though they all sound similar) and has a playlist dedicated solely to those ballads
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cortexiphanss15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone."
- Arwen 馃尶
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mania-mono15 hours ago
In other words Aragorn summoned wraiths. He is also called King of the Dead. Just wow. Lord of the Rings is so cool, damn it.
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nvd9415 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sorry for my broken English pspsps聽
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my-marvel-musings16 hours ago
Ok seriously ship lotr/ got and the hobbit 馃憖馃憖 pls
Let鈥檚 do it!
The Hobbit:
Tumblr media
Oh, the Ice King. You two would definitely clash at first, but those sparks would warm his heart. He would admire your independence even if it clashes with his orders at times. Thranduil would be devoted to you and threaten anyone who would dare treat you as anything less than his equal. Your relationship will never be dull.
Tumblr media
C鈥檓on, you knew I would match you with the feral ranger. He sees you as a challenge and he loves it. He鈥檚 lived with Elves all his life and it鈥檚 refreshing being around someone who isn鈥檛 so reserved with their emotions. But like Thranduil, you two will clash. He鈥檚 a protective baby and only wants the best for you, so he may have a hard time letting you run into what he thinks are dangerous scenarios.
Tumblr media
Maybe this will surprise you, maybe not. But I full-heartedly believe you and Sandor would be a good match! He鈥檚 definitely protective, but if he feels you can fight, he won鈥檛 stop you from doing anything. He鈥檒l just be alongside you in the fight. He鈥檚 a nomad and would relish in showing Westeros to you, though he would disguise it as places to take you 馃槒
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Aragorn: Honestly I鈥檓 so full of evil. So full of darkness.
Aragorn: I paint with the bodies of those I kill.
Aragorn: I strike fear into-
Tighe: You sleep with a pink teddy bear, my Lord.
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dalleyan18 hours ago
Near Misses (LoTR story, ch 5 posted, 5-15-21)
Everyone who knew them thought Eomer and Lothiriel would be a good marital match, but fate seemed determined that 聽they not meet. 聽Sometimes fate needs a helping hand. 聽[9 chapters total]
聽Chapter 5
(begins early June, 3020 III)
As it turned out, fate was again playing Eomer and Lothiriel false. 聽Lothiriel, after the second discouraging outing with those seeking to woo her, was growing weary of the game, and looked to return home. 聽She had been at Minas Tirith for more than a fortnight already, done the shopping she wanted to do and obtained the fabric for Alcathir, and enjoyed the company of her father and brother. 聽Now it was time to go home. 聽Alcathir was always happy to have her assistance in running the household while she cared for two young children, and Aunt Ivriniel preferred Lothiriel's companionship to anyone else.
She suffered a tearful farewell with her family, promising to return in a few months if they did not join her in the south. 聽Her boat was two days out of port from the Harlond when Eomer and his party rode into the City.
Aragorn was surprised, though certainly not displeased, to see his friend once more, and readily welcomed him. 聽In her ever efficient way, Arwen managed to organize a small supper party of family and friends for that very evening. 聽But when Imrahil entered with Amrothos, he cast a regretful smile at the young king. 聽As they embraced, he chuckled, saying, "It would seem that once again you are thwarted, Eomer!"
Drawing back to look quizzically at the Prince, Eomer questioned, "What do you mean?"
"Lothiriel departed two days ago to return home," Imrahil replied, causing Eomer to shake his head.
"It is worse than you think, my friend 鈥 I just came from Dol Amroth! 聽We rode over the Dimholt and I visited with Elphir for nearly two weeks. 聽He lent us a guide to continue on!" Eomer explained ruefully.
"Now I am a little worried," Aragorn interjected, coming to join them and having overheard the conversation.
"Why so?" Imrahil asked, accepting a glass of wine from a servant.
"The difficulty we have had trying to introduce your daughter to Eomer 鈥 is it a good or bad omen, I wonder, that our efforts continually fail?" he responded, causing the others to laugh and he readily joined in.
"I cannot say which it is," Eomer confessed, "but certainly so far as being a possible bride is concerned, I remain unattached, so we need not worry in that regard."
"Unless the lady has accepted someone," Aragorn argued, but Imrahil shook his head.
"No, Lothiriel is not spoken for as yet. 聽None of those who have approached her have appealed to her, I fear."
"They have done more than not appeal to her," Amrothos added, from his father's side, "they have virtually put her off the whole idea of matrimony. 聽With choices such as those, she likely would prefer spinsterhood and the company of her family."
While all laughed at this assessment, Eomer shrugged. "Well, in that, the lady and I are of like mind. 聽The search for a bride has been daunting, though in my case I must persevere. 聽The Mark depends on me providing an heir, so I cannot walk away from the hunt."
"Then," Imrahil chuckled, "I suppose we are back to hoping you will meet my daughter and the two of you will find each other agreeable!"
聽continue reading on AO3:
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽
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gamgeesgarden23 hours ago
Legolas: The food is too hot, I can鈥檛 eat it.
Gimli: You鈥檙e too hot and I still eat you.
Aragorn: One dinner. *slams hands on the table* I JUST WANT ONE DINNER
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screamingmushrooma day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Plz don鈥檛 print in private.
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slyyywritinga day ago
watching castlevania 4 when the boo walks in and saw trevor belmont on the screen and frustratedly says "WHAT IS WITH YOU AND UNWASHED BRUNETTES??" I feel called out like boi stahp
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nerdasaurus1200a day ago
Frodo: What do you want? Aragorn: A little more caution from you. That is no trinket you carry. Frodo: I carry nothing.
Aragorn: Okay boomer.
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nerdasaurus1200a day ago
Sometimes I forget that Aragorn is actually good friends with Bilbo so when he meets up with Frodo it's basically just "Hey dude, I'm friends with your Uncle. And don't even try to bullshit me, he told me all about how he gave you the One Ring. And the time you had to hide from Farmer Maggot by dressing like a scarecrow."
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elvish-skya day ago
Aragorn: Call the hobbits, they鈥檙e not listening to me.
Boromir: I鈥檓 not their dad!
Aragorn: Just do it.
Boromir: Ok guys! Line up, let鈥檚 move out!
*the hobbits immediately start following him*
Boromir: no listen LISTEN i鈥檓 not their-
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Lord of the Rings characters that definitely had an emo phase:
Characters that didn't have a phase but have always been emo on the inside:
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