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grunid · 2 hours ago
You make them a stained glass portrait of them, how do they react ? ( Lindir + Elrond + Galadriel + Dis + Faramir + Boromir )
( none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @ inserttrendymeme to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-just knowing that you want to do his portrait makes him nervous
-but then to know that the portrait will be in stained glass there he is even more shy
-”Are you sure you want to spend hours, even days, cutting glass, assembling it, thinking about where to put it so that in the end it makes my portrait?”
-he feels more than honored and flattered that you would want to give him something like this but his shyness makes him panic about where to put the portrait
-he knows in advance that it will be beautiful so he is already torn between putting the portrait in the sight of all so that it can be admired but at the same time there will b his face on it so he would like to hide it a little but it will be beautiful so it will be a waste that nobody can see it
-you can already see on his face that he is distressed when you only start to make a sketch of his face
-he looks so uncomfortable that you ask him twelve times if he is sure he wants to continue 
-he is so impressed with your precision and patience in cutting and polishing the glass that he asks you if he can try it too
-in the end you both make the portrait and he is so proud of it that he hangs it up for all to see
-you introduce him to an art form he has never tried before and every day he writes down in a notebook all the ideas he has for making portrait and landscape in stained glass
Tumblr media
-he is so busy most of the time that you couldn't get his permission to make a sketch of his face
-you are at the moment of polishing the pieces of glass when he appears at your side, the curiosity being read on his face
-in a heavy silence, he inspects the pencil portrait you made of him, all the markings and shapes you made to mark the location of the glass shards
-he admires your work and asks permission to stay with you to learn how you work
-during the whole process he asks you questions about the technique used, brings you the tools you need, and you even let him place some glasses on his portrait
-it is definitely a gift that he appreciates and is proud of 
-the portrait that you made of him is of great help and he is grateful to you from the bottom of his heart
-because the technique used is so long but the proof of a great passion for this art and the result is so magnificent that the dwarfs he welcomes in Rivendell are immediately in a good mood when seeing it
-because an elf who has a friend capable of doing such works must be respected (and they secretly hope to meet you one day so you can show them how you do it)
Tumblr media
-she may have been your friend for a long time, but she is still intimidating
-especially because of her ability to read minds
-but for this portrait you are determined to surprise her, telepathy or not 
-by a miraculous feat of strength you manage to hide your thoughts and disguise your purpose
-you even managed to hide it from Celeborn
-it took you longer than expected, working on the glass when neither of you was there, much more concentration than expected, watching for the slightest step, the slightest noise alerting to someone's presence
-you can be proud to be one of the few people to have surprised Galadriel in her lifetime
-she remains speechless for many minutes, her eyes and hands passing over the glass figures of her and her husband
-she recognizes there the work of a passionate, a goldsmith
-she is more than happy with the gift and often admires it until Celeborn tells her that now it's their turn to give you a gift that is at least as worthy as yours
-you have hidden your thoughts so much during the construction of her gift that now you continue without realizing it
-therefore she realizes with fright that she can't use her power to know which gift would please you
-the second you mention making a portrait of her in stained glass she gets unable to stand still
-You have barely started the sketch when she starts asking you questions: how do you do it? What is the process? What tools do you use? Where did you learn? Can she do it too? Can you teach her? Please please please pelase pelase pelase ?
-her cries of joy and impatience in front of this art of which she had already heard but never been able to make, rallies other dwarfs who in their turn alert other dwarfs
-in just ten minutes half of Erebor wants to see you work on your art
-Are you under pressure ? Maybe
-every day Dis is at your workshop, helping you polish the glass, asking questions, trying to do as you do, imitating and wanting to understand the manufacturing secrets
-she becomes more and more joyful, stamping like a child as the pieces of glass are assembled and her portrait appears
-t's not only her in your workshop, there are also about twenty dwarfs who want to become your apprentice and do everything to prove themselves
-at the same time as you finish fitting all the pieces of glass together before offering it to her, Dis offers you in turn a portrait of you in stained glasses ( it is not as beautiful as yours but it is beautiful anyway)
-The royal family, that is to say Thrain and Thorr as well as their wives are so impressed that they order portraits from you too
-because Dis is your friend, she is the only one you don't charge
Tumblr media
-you told him that you were giving him a gift but he didn't expect this
-he passes by your workshop by chance when he comes across the portrait of him half finished
-you are not there at that moment to answer all his questions so he questions everyone who works with you
-he doesn't want to ruin the surprise so he won't tell you that he came to your workshop
-he has a tight throat when you offer him the portrait
-he is moved, he is grateful, he is impressed, admiring, it is magnificent he is so proud to count you among his friends
-when his father acts like a huge asshole it is enough for Faramir to take a look at this portrait to cheer him up
-what he loves above all is the early morning, when the first rays of the sun metamorphose the portrait little by little
Tumblr media
-he knows that when you work on your art you can spend sleepless nights
-so he often comes to get you in your workshop to drag you to your bed
-that's how he finds out that you are making a portrait of him
-he has seen you work before, he knows how long it takes to cut the pieces of glasse into the desired shape, to glue them together, to make everything fit, how long it takes to make the drawings and sketches
-he feels proud that you want to paint a portrait of him enough to spend days on it
-when you offer it to him, he hides it as long as possible from Denethor because he knows that his father will want to hang it in full view of everyone in the throne room
-he prefers to keep it to himself
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errruvande · 3 hours ago
gonna post Aragron, Legolas, Gimli and Boromir headcanon with their reaction on one mysterious guest from another fiction today.
If you wanna be tagged, you can leave a comment/ like this post 🥰
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nerdycryptid · 11 hours ago
Boromir laughing and sparring with Merry and Pippin and then dying trying to protect them and then calling them “little ones” I am going to cry
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elvish-sky · 13 hours ago
Pippin: *texting Merry* I heard Aragorn say he was going to Dairy Queen so I snuck into his car and he has no idea I’m here.
Pippin: He asked Boromir what he wanted and I popped up from the floor and said, ‘I was thinking about a milkshake.’
Pippin: I have never heard two men scream louder.
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fairytalelover33 · 13 hours ago
LOTR Incorrect Quotes #19
Aragorn to Arwen: “These hobbits are my children now, and if you don’t like it, you can leave. There’s the door.
Boromir appearing behind him: “THERE’S THE DOOR B****”
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weirwoodking · 14 hours ago
“I would have followed you my brother... my captain... my king...”
Tumblr media
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the-knightof-thearchives · 15 hours ago
LOTR characters going to therapy.
Pippin: I have conquered my fear of ghosts.
Therapist: That is the spirit.
Pippin [terrified, looking around]: W-where?
Therapist: Bottling up negative emotions is bad for your health.
Aragorn [finger guns]: That is why I also bottle up the positive ones.
Therapist: And what do we say when something bad happens?
Boromir: Called it.
Therapist: No.
Therapist: And what do we do when we are feeling stressed?
Frodo: Stop making plans, avoid text messages and accidentally alienate myself from all of my friends.
Therapist: No.
Therapist: What do we do when we feel like this?
Faramir: Let's walk deeper into these thoughts and feelings and break them apart until I find the moment in my childhood where this pattern began.
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hetaczechia · 15 hours ago
Merry: Boromir, if me and Pippin were both drowning, who would ya save?
Boromir: I don't know, both of you?
Merry: No. You can only save one of us.
Boromir: Then I would probably save Pippin since he can't swim and I know for a fact you're an excellent swimmer.
Merry: What if I was holdin' an anchor? Who would ya save then?
Boromir: Why don't you just let go of the anchor?
Merry: It's a family heirloom
Boromir: I'm done.
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rohirric-hunter · 18 hours ago
You know I’m here for fanfics that have Aragorn and Faramir becoming very good friends but the thing is that early on, given the circumstances of their first meeting and also the way that Faramir was about everything Aragorn represented, things would be sort of weird between them.
Éowyn, on the other hand, looks Aragorn in the eye during a diplomatic dinner, just after he’s casually remarked that Gimli has agreed to bring architects from Erebor to rebuild the gates and rework some of the stonework around the city, and says, “Have you decided what to do when he turns your refugee boltholes into museums?” to his face.
(She’s definitely listened to Éomer drunkenly rant about the logistics “discussions” he’s had with Gimli about the fact that Helm’s Deep is still a military fortress and yes, the rocks are beautiful but we need somewhere to store emergency medical supplies.)
(Éomer starts crying as he recounts how Gimli, offended, said something in Khudzul and a previously invisible door appeared and opened to reveal medical supplies, food stores, weapons stores, a source of clean fresh water, etc. etc. etc...)
Anyway Faramir is more than a little intimidated by this figure who came striding out of legend and ushered in a new era of prosperity and peace, but he’s made more comfortable by the fact that his fiancé, who he’s somewhat more comfortable with, is apparently on “casual roasting” terms with Aragorn. This is definitely how that friendship got off the ground.
(Later, when Legolas moves some of his people into Ithilien and Éowyn and Faramir have to smooth over a diplomatic incident when the elves didn’t realize that putting up magical defenses around their feasting grounds and then running away when they were triggered was a bit of a social faux pas in Gondor, Aragorn gets perhaps a bit too much enjoyment out of asking how that whole wood-elf thing is going.)
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whatiwouldnotgive · 19 hours ago
looking for an lotr beta reader!
hi friends!! last year i wrote an aramir fic, roughly 40k words, and am currently looking for a second person willing to beta read this behemoth OTL drop me a message if you're interested!!
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toosmallortootall · 19 hours ago
Thinking about HIM* once again
*Boromir, Steward Prince of Gondor, Captain of the White Tower, he who held so much love for his people in his heart, he who fell to the ring because of that love, he who died protecting the smallest among them with no hope in his mind for redemption or forgiveness.... Him
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middlexearth · a day ago
Gandalf: The Lecturer...chimes in when he is needed...including last minute when everything is on fire.
Frodo: There is a lot of things wrong with this guy...probably has anxiety but he is trying his best. He complains a lot but he gets saved by the lecturer at the last minute
Samwise Gamgee: Actually does all the work and is the reason that the project worked out well. Despite everyone getting side tracked the whole time, this amazing man actually does what he is supposed to be doing.
Pippin: Spends the whole time making paper aeroplanes and throwing them at Gandalf.
Merry: Is supplying Pippin with the paper but gets into trouble too.
Aragorn: Is the muscle for the actually helping.
Legolas: Is there to look pretty...doesn't say much.
Gimli: Very Loud. Supports Aragorn in his side projects. Thinks he is the smartest in the group and has amazing ideas...atleast they are better than Boromirs ideas.
Boromir: Keeps suggesting dumb ideas, he tries his best but drops out of the class early.
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nerdasaurus1200 · a day ago
Merry and Eowyn naming their son Theomer, after Theoden and Eomer
Merry finding out about Grima and getting super pissed on Eowyn's behalf
Merry just beaming as Eowyn steps barefoot on Shire grass for the first time
Pippin being the best man at their wedding
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narshadda · a day ago
i smell a lotr rewatch in the air soon
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