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#lotr movies
seven-oomen · 6 hours ago
Eddie admitting he's scared and needs help, being emotionally vulnerable, wearing Dan's sweater.
(I mean seriously who's sweater was that anyway, has to be Dan's. )
That's exactly what I want in my protagonists as a dude.
Gimme the Eddie Brocks. Gimme the Aragorns. Gimme the Samwise Gamgees as examples for masculinity.
Gimme men who can be strong, who can be brave, who can write songs and poetry. Gimme men who can be vulnerable and need to rely on others to help them. Gimme unhinged men who learn stability and work on mental health. Gimme men who are stable and kind. Gimme men who aren't too proud to admit their mistakes. Gimme men with eating disorders and neurodivergence. Gimme men who aren't afraid to show their "feminine traits". Gimme men who become genuine friends with their exes and their new partners. Gimme men who become friends with other man and aren't afraid to hug or kiss them. Gimme soft men.
I say this as a man myself.
But we need more representation like that.
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unproduciblesmackdown · 13 hours ago
just finished lotr (films) & throughout i was thinking about all the wealth of posts i’ve seen. remember the one like “going to a place called cirith ungol was just them like ‘spider pass? watch out b/c rumor has it there’s something scary there’” & then i think of a tweet i saw just the other day like “dickpilled i logged in today to defend a lotr plot hole” like yeah you know what. everyone was just assuming it was figurative language
#i also want to know what plot hole. unless it was the The Eagles thing. but in 2021?? yet also ppl are still like. ranking the fellowship so#that's analysis babes...but truly sometimes Posts are as good or better Analysis(tm) than a serious lengthy essay...dobbo. i cant cope??#that one was Commentary but an instant classic. anyways i mean i was reminded of such truly classic & ye olde Posts while watching#but also that i've been seeing Fresh Lotr Posts fairly regularly for like years. a rich vein of w/o looking for any i've seen#a solid handful of related tweets in the past month or 2...production lore...illustrations...humorous references / analysis....#funny Semi Serious Analysis as well like ''cirith ungol would just mean Pass Of The Spider and not even in any obscure language'' like yeah#plus the bonus that frodo is fluent in sindarin...doesn't quite come up in the movies and maybe contradicted by that fotr bit like asking#What's The Elvish Word For Friend...he was just letting gandalf help / pretending he'd only just now figured it out. imagine lol#anyways and other humorous but earnest enough observations like saruman being known for his strong anti weed stance. straightedge#or ''can't stop thinking about the 'meat's back on the menu' line like do they have restaurants in isengard?? what's going on there''#then saw some completely earnest Literary Analysis post a while back like oh i didn't really think about this b/c things simply do not occur#to me but So True how gandalf & pippin spend a good amt of rotk hanging out for a reason in that gandalf's going ''oh right i guess we're#kind of similar'' like Same Name wanderer / pilgrim thing...a fool's hope...being a little chaotic & dealing w/frivolous things...wild card#then also to get back around to cirith ungol 1 of my fave They Definitely Added This movie exclusives is the one like 30 sec scene#where we get galadriel and frodo interacting again tbt lothlorien....could juxtapose the characters as well but really the tl;dr of it is#i enjoy both and it is a delight to me and also ;m; b/c of course...also seeing the extended edition stuff was a journey like Ah...material#going <_< at that mount doom bit about The Star and the Light like. i vaaaguely remember that maybe being a specific moment from The Book#as many of the added scenes were...but then i was like am i just going ham now or are we vaguely invoking that other wild book scene#the He's Like That Sometimes A Light Shines Through But I Love Him Whether Or No....can't say it Wasn't#anyways i can go on and on abt [film] or [book] b/c natch. holding it back in the tags here lmao but what Form can it ever really take excpt#real time endless comments abt Whatever All...everyone is safe as we're clearly not having an irl All 3 Films Marathon Watchalong so.#to just throw out another couple random notes. watching it for the first time in like 6 yrs having a great time towards the end of fotr#where boromir starts monologuing at frodo who is simply warily considering this like King Of Just Not Saying Anything honestly lmfao#role model. this after an instance of my own [i simply do not answer] in the face of what Tf are you talking abt / is the intention here lol#anyways that was fun. an icon....but it wasn't b/c that whole ending re boromir is sad and makes me cry :'/#pros and cons....great moment in ''just don't say anything until the other person clarifies their point'' representation...bummer scene/s...#and one of like a half dozen scenes of having Wariness conveyed by elijah wouldn't going >_> at someone specifically lmfao#or sort of wanguish (wary anguish?) well you know what i mean. all those scenes. and they were right to keep including it#well anyway's it's 7:30a (': better just determinedly lie down...good Streaming Hours don't hit until around 1am or later :/#couldn't fire up a film before that smh. rip to not having physical media onhand...rev up those dvds i'm [impromptu lotr marathons]
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Per the Legolas/Sauron ship situation, I've seen Beauty and the Beast mentioned, might I also suggest a 1000 Nights Sheherezade dynamic thrown in?
Ooh!! Don’t believe I’ve ever heard of that before—I did a quick search and I’m intrigued so far! I’d be keen to learn more though, especially regarding Mairon and Legolas, if you can help :D
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alyx-still · 20 hours ago
Top 7 comfort movies (in no particular order)
-Chronicles of Riddick
-The Old Gaurd
-Jupiter Ascending
-the 5th Element
-the lord of the rings - fellowship of the ring
-*original* Star Wars
-the Hunt For Red October
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glamrockwannabe · 21 hours ago
i owe so much to whoever cast Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier 
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Mairon: Legolas and I have the kind of easy chemistry where we finish each other's—
Legolas: Sentences.
Mairon: Don't interrupt me, elf.
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hey-its-nonny · 22 hours ago
okay question time
what do you guys wanna see me write? like, im working on chapter six but what do you guys wanna see atm?? it would help me out a lot of you guys answered hah
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ultralightdumbass · 23 hours ago
sméagol: the original gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss
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More places that looks like Hobbiton from my country drive today!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some of my favourite lyrics from The Hobbit’s (1977) “The Greatest Adventure” by Glenn Yarbrough and Rankin & Bass
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On another country drive today, and found somewhere that looks like Hobbiton!
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I would like it to be known that I’m loving the Legolas x Mairon stuff that is coming onto my dash. It is a joy to wake to.
Let it also be known that I love it too XD and for the ship, I now headcanon that Mairon “promoted” Legolas to Mordor’s lieutenant against his will.
No, I didn’t consult anyone or ask for their permission, but there.
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Mairon: I'm a reverse necromancer.
Legolas: Isn't that just killing people?
Mairon: Ah, technicality.
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