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#fili and kili
pistachiozombie · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Hobbit: Secrets in the Shadows - PG. 9 & 10
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Story by me, my mom and co-creator @bayrad
Get to Know Sven and Leanna visiting my website linked below! >>> Other Places you can read this Comic: <<< WebToons || My Website Every fan art piece recieved will qualify as an automatic entry for a cameo, or one lineart bust. Be sure to label it as such so I can count it!✨ Reblogs are VERY appreciated!! It would be so helpful!!!
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the-poldarkian · a day ago
Rewatching the Hobbit trilogy gives me ideas that makes fans cry😭😭😭
Tumblr media
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beenovel · a day ago
So I was using liquid gold leaf and I was thinking about the dwarves reaction to that
Me: *pulls out a little bottle of gold leaf*
Them: !!!!!!
Me: ???? what????
Fili: That's gold!
Kili: And it's liquid!!!
Me: Uh, yeah
Kili: How did you do that!!
Me: I don't actually know
Thorin: You must be incredibly rich to be able to afford that!
Me: This was like five bucks at michaels
Fili: You... you paid in stags?
Me: Sorry, I meant dollars
Kili: Five dollars must be a huge amount of money!
Me: not really. you see this? *picks up my water bottle*
Them: *nods*
Me: this was 15 dollars
Them: ?????? what??????
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neechees · 3 days ago
I love Tilda and Sigrid, but also tbh if they wanted to add more female characters they also could've had Bard and Thranduil's wives show up or even Dís instead of going for the tragic dead wife thing. And we definitely could've done with less Alfred Lickspittle
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swillowraven · 4 days ago
“Small” excerpt from a Hobbit AU I’m currently working on.
This is the very first time I have ever shared my writing, constructive criticism is always welcome. I’ve read it so many times I think my eyes are immune to mistakes.
The work is currently untitled.
POSSIBLE WARNINGS: near death, afterlife, mentions to battle and blood.
Chris moved methodically through the battle field. It had been horrible. He recalled how it felt to have his blade slice through poor orc armour, smell the rancid blood over the ground and see the lifeless bodies of the few elves he had come to call friend.
Why he was searching the field, Chris had no idea, he just knew he had to keep looking for-something. No, someone. And then he came to it, the large, lifeless bodies of Azog and Bolg. Without giving it another thought, Chris began pushing over the large, dead orcs. As the corpses moved, he thought he saw the bright flash of whiteish purple hair, suddenly he recognized the tiny body beneath. His little sister, Sage.
How? How did she get here? Why hadn’t the valar told Brand and him she was here as they had told the brothers they were together in this world? Lifting her seemingly broken and vey bloody body into his arms, Chris ran with everything he had to the mountain of Erabor and Brad. Brad could heal, he would heal their baby girl.
By the time Chris had made it to the front entrance of Erabor, his lungs were on fire and he couldn’t feel his body. All of him was numb with the thoughts he wasn’t fast enough to save Sage. “Brad!” Chris bellowed as he burst through the dwarves waiting for healing or helping those around them. “Brad!” Chris screamed again, louder, pushing through the company of Thorin Oakenshield and not even realizing it.
“Chris?” Brad came out of the healing wing, covered in blood and frowning. “Why on earth-“
“Sage! Its Sage. God, Brad, please, please tell me you can save her!” It took everything Chris had left to not burst into tears before seeing her off to healing.
“Sage?” Brad asked alarmed, now running over to his brother and the small woman in his arms. “Oh my god! Sage! Give her to me, Chris. Quickly”
As the small woman was passed from one brother to another, the dwarves around them looked on in shock.
“We can’t find the lassie anywhere, Thorin. We’ve searched everywhere, even the elves haven’t seen anything of her since just after the battle started.”
Shaking his head sadly, Thorin turned to Bofur. “Go get Kili. We have to tell him she’s gone.”
“Thorin,” Balin spoke softly. “that will break the lad. He loves her so much.”
“I know Balin. But I want him to hear it from me before he hears it from anyone else. A rumour will hurt him far greater.”
“aye.” The small group of the company stood sadly, waiting for Bofur to return with Fili and Kili. Ready to help hold up the soon to be shattered young prince.
‘Yer sure the lass won’t turn up anywhere yet thorin?” Dwalin rumbled quietly as they watched Kili walk sadly over with Fili.
“No. I don’t know what else to do though, Dwalin.” Thorin was equally heartbroken, their little mute flower had wound her way into their hearts and would never be able to be replaced. She had become family to them all through the journey. Poor Bilbo would take it just as hard as Kili when he found out, the hobbit doted on her as he would a daughter.
“You wished to speak to me uncle?” Kili’s voice was raw and broken, thorin knew it was from the hours he spent calling for Flower on the battlefield.
“I did. Kili-“ Suddenly Thorin was shoved forward with great force.
“BRAD!” Thorin and Dwalin turned to find one of the human men they had fought beside-one of the ones who refused to allow them up on raven hill. And in his arms, was Flower.
“BRAD!” Chris screamed again, louder, pushing through the company toward the surgery doors.
“Chris?” Brad came out of the healing wing, covered in blood and frowning. “Why on earth-“
“Sage! Its Sage. God, Brad, please, please tell me you can save her!” It took everything Chris had left to not burst into tears before seeing her off to healing.
“Sage?” Brad asked alarmed, now running over to his brother and the small woman in his arms. “Oh my god! Sage! Give her to me, Chris. Quickly!”
They watched as ‘Sage’ was taken into the surgery and orders were given by the other brother they had al fought with. Then they watched a guardian hit his knees and weep.
Dane stood next to him trying to get some answers. The company moving to find out more as well.
“Lad, Chris my lad.” Dane tried. “Who was that lass? Can ya tell us what’s going on?”
“It looked like our Flower.” Dwalin tried to speak gently-but he still came across gruffly. “The same lassie that led us here and helped save us today. The one that told Thorin to send for you Dane.”
Chris gulped, working to calm himself. “That was my sister. Sage.” He shook his head, to ward off more tears or to shake away what could be his last memories of her, they weren’t sure. “Brad and I knew there would be another guardian, one who would travel with you. Keep you safe, on track, pull thorin out of his dragon sickness. And-“ He swallowed again. “and kill Azog for you.” Dead hazel eyes looked up at Thorin. “If we had known, we never would have told you not to go. We never would have let her face them alone. My gods, she’s so tiny! She can’t fight! Why would they have done this to her? Why?”
Kili hit his knees. HIs one was possibly dying because she was so stubborn she had taken on the pale orc and his kin, alone. “How?” He rasped. “How could you let anyone take them on alone?” Suddenly rage bloomed in his heart. “How dare you allow any soul to fight those two alone! Let alone your own kin! You prevented me from fighting beside the love of my life, you sentenced her to possible death, for what?”
“Your lives.” Chris’ voice was dead, his pupils covering the entirety of his eyes. “She traded her life for yours. It was the deal she made on coming here. Do not be mad with her brothers, young prince, the choice was her own given to her by me. She loved all of you so much, she couldn’t bare the thought of middle earth without you. Couldn’t stand thinking you would never get to live in the home you reclaimed. She did not know of the love she would find. Do not blame them.” The voice faded and they looked into the pained eyes of Chris once more. “Visions will always be brutal.” Cursing, he placed his head between his knees and worked to breathe.
“CHRIS!” Brad roared from behind the doors. “I need you now or we will lose her!”
Sage floated in some sort of strange limbo. She wasn’t entirely sure where she was, it wasn’t light or dark, nor hot or cold. She simply just, was. Suddenly she felt a hard jarring on her back, still foggy, she looked around, eyes fluttering open she could have sworn she saw her brother.
“Brad?” She mumbled.
“Sage! Stay with me baby girl, stay with me.” His face swam in and out of her vision. “Oin! I need Chris and thranduil. I can’t heal her wounds alone.” Snapping his fingers before her nose Brad called to her agin. “Sage! Come on! I said stay with me!”
“Fuck you.” She whispered, but Brad couldn’t make out her words. He was losing her.
Once again, she was floating in that strange, comforting place of ‘other’. She could stay here, it was peaceful here. Something at the back of her mind kept tugging at her though, she was forgetting something important. But what was it?
The flowering path appeared before her as if she had walked through a silken wall. Flowers of all the colours she could imagine bloomed along the sides of the tiny, intricately patterned pebble path. A forest with a small cabin seemed to be set far in the distance, not knowing what pulled her to the cabin, Sage began the walk.
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khazad · 6 days ago
been looking at the lotr wiki and doing some very upsetting math
thorin was 24 when the dragon came and in his early 50s when he fought in the valley of azanulbizar
Tumblr media
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aralas-shipper · 6 days ago
Fíli: Hey, Kee, could you hand me that hammer?
Kíli: I’m sorry what was that? I can’t hear you down there.
Fíli: For the last time if I’d known it was your sandwich I wouldn’t have eaten it! Stop insulting my height!
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ohdeargrace · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
I love Fee and Kee so damn much! The sketch is really quick and idk If I'm going to finish it ( I know it isn't the best but I kinda like it tho)
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aralas-shipper · 6 days ago
Do you think Kíli uses his height against Fíli when he’s angry?
My little brother is taller than me and he does it all the time. Like I make him mad and he’ll start deliberately looking over my head and pretending not to see me.
I imagine Kíli does the same kind of thing to Fíli.
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ragsweas · 8 days ago
Uh-hmm. Is this mic working? Okay
Having said that, I promise I am working on all my WIPs and m just stuck in the planning/ writing and exam phase. Meanwhile, all those who do follow me here, which one do you want updated next?
When the Sun Sets
The future sucked
Flow as the River
Digging down
Or sth else entirely? Because as I said we need more Bagginshield stories
Also, I am interested in new prompts/ideas as of now. Anything
ALSO, i am working on the Dis joining the quest story. It's just taking time.
Also very happy to do modern stories but for some reason I make them angsty
Anything you tell me to write with Frerin I will happily write JUST TELL ME PLEASE IDEATING IS HARD
Okay bye. i wish all of you Hobbit fans and shippers a very godo shipping
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ohdeargrace · 9 days ago
I made a sketch of Fili and Kili but I am not really satisfied with the results. It's not that bad though but still I don't know if I should post it🤔
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marigoldvance · 12 days ago
okay but guys! yes!! our little genius of fluff n romance has given DA the perfect twist at exactly the perfect spot and I KNOW many of you have been patiently waiting for something like this so PLEASE go show Patches some love!! she does the 'verse justice in her own voice and I cannot express enough how honored and please I am to have inspired her 🥰🥰🥰
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hannah-deserved-better · 14 days ago
Fathers and Sons Ch. One
This is my new Middle Earth crossover fic all about Drizzt, Legolas, Fili and Kili traveling middle earth with their fathers and discovering life and love for the first time.
Hobbit/Legend of Drizzt crossover
Summary:  Drizzt and his father flee from Malice and find themselves in Middle Earth and in the realm of Mirkwood. But an unseen foe threatens Thranduil’s kingdom and he and Zaknafein travel north with their sons to meet this evil before it can destroy them. Meanwhile, Fili and Kili are happy young dwarves until they suddenly find themselves homeless refugees, traveling with their uncle, trying to find a new place to call home.
Pairings: Eventual romance, Fili/OC, Kili/OC, Drizzt/OC, Legolas/OC
Warnings or tags: fandom typical violence, trauma, homelessness, past abuse, racial themes (fantasy races). 
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satoichi · 15 days ago
Thorin, driving Fili and Kili: So how was your day?
Kili: We almost got surprise adopted!
Thorin: What?
Fili: We almost got kidnapped.
Thorin: Oh, okay.
Thorin: *slams on the breaks* WAIT WHAT!?
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multifandom-incorrect · 15 days ago
after popular demand, I bring you part two of
50 Durin House Rules And Other Declarations:
(Everyone lives AU)
51. Stop stealing Thorin’s beads and claim Dis has hid them.
52. Don’t sell Mithril shirts for own profit.
53. Dwalin is not allowed in the training room for longer than six hours a day. He needs rest too.
54. Don’t help Dwalin sneak into the training room. Even if he claims to cover for your next prank.
55. The limit for bathing is two hours. Staying in the tub for full days in no longer allowed. You can’t outrun your problems all day, Thorin.
56. Don’t let Fili sew anything.
57. Bow practice is no longer allowed inside the mountain.
59. No more sentimental gifts for Dis. She doesn’t know how to behave for the next weeks.
60. Playing Y.M.C.A at a royal ball is not allowed.
61. Neither is playing Barbie Girl.
62. Stop arguing with Dis. You’re gonna ruin everybody’s day, because she’s gonna take her anger out on everybody else in the mountain, not just you!
63. For the love of Mahal, stop making those fuckboy faces to every important person that comes for royal meetings. This is not the impression we want to give off to visitors.
64. Eat bananas like a normal person would do.
65. No more snacks past 8 am.
66. Don’t let Fili and Kili watch horror movies alone.
67. Don’t leave Kili alone after horror movies. Ever.
68. Thorin, medical issues must be tended to. Whether you deem it necessary or not. Stop using the “it’s my stab wound” card. It’s not cool, it’s worrisome.
69. Taping a giant picture of Freddie Mercury on the throne is not appreciated.
70. Neither is ordering someone to make a portrait of him and hanging it in the hall of kings.
71. Stop dressing up in those inflatable dinosaur suits.
72. Don’t hand Dis a weapon. No matter the circumstances.
73. Fili is not allowed in the forges without supervision.
74. Kili is not qualified as supervision.
76. Replacing Thorin’s wardrobe with bright green dresses is no longer a fun joke.
77. Wearing only a bathrobe is inappropriate and not a ‘fashion statement’.
78. Stop re-acting the Mustafar scene from Revenge of the Sith in the treasure room.
79. Claiming you need to because the lightsabers were 300 gold pieces each is not our problem. It’s yours.
80. Stop trying the hang the earlier mentioned Freddie Mercury portrait in the meeting hall. It is not a better alternative than the hall of kings.
82. Both of them are not agreeable spots to hang the portrait.
83. Balin is not your servant. Don’t usher him to get you cookies when you’re too lazy to get out of bed.
84. Don’t use slang on Dis.
85. “What do you think you’re doing” is a theoretical question. We don’t actually want to know what you think you’re doing.
86. Using morse code to communicate with each other during dinner is no longer appreciated.
87. Don’t ‘vibe-check’ Thorin.
88. Minecraft is not something you can major in and is not considered a good future plan.
89. During scrabble night, we use normal words. Not words like ‘himbo’ or ‘fergalicious’.
90. ‘Bring back the Mercury portrait’ is not a valid petition.
91. When saying ‘healthy coping mechanisms’, we meant something like writing. Not screaming.
92. Do not touch Kili’s Jim Carrey dvd collection.
93. Don’t ever let Thorin watch American Horror Story alone.
94. Stop playing Christmas songs mid-summer.
95. Redecorating the throne room without approval of Thorin is not a considerable hobby.
96. “I don’t like sand” is not a normal way to start a conversation.
97. Dis needs at least 20 hours for herself a day (sleep included)
98. If you need more time with Dis, payment is two gold pieces per minute.
99. We already created a room dedicated to the Mercury portrait. Stop trying to hang up it elsewhere or it will be destroyed.
100. The portrait will not be destroyed as the thought of it makes Kili cry.
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satoichi · 15 days ago
Fili: Hey uncle...
Thorin: Yes?
Fili: Can a person breathe inside a washing machine while it’s on?
Thorin: Where’s Kili?
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kumqu4t · 16 days ago
modern au where y/n was kinda randomly adopted
y/n: Kili... Kili!... Kili, dad says get out of the tub, quit trying to drown yourself, dinner’s ready.
“kinda randomly adopted” AGAJDHDJFHD 😭😭
this is perfection
ok but what did thorin make for dinner? can he even cook lmao or did he just order pizza
maybe kili is trying to drown himself because he doesn’t want to taste thorin’s horrid cooking 😂
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rezindian · 16 days ago
while it fucked up it up in a lot of places i rlly enjoy how much the movies were dedicated to fleshing out the characters + story
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