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I miss my long hair because it felt so cool to run my fingers through it and sometimes I felt like a badass warrior prince or something like Aragorn, but on the other hand it makes me look a lot more feminine and is an absolute pain to put up in a bun during marching band.
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the1redrose · an hour ago
Tumblr media
LOTR and The Hobbit fans look what just came in. I have seen the movies and now it is time to read the books. Can't wait to start this adventure. The books are so small as small as a hobbit. I love it.
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burning-quesadilla · 4 hours ago
Thanks so much for the ask!!
Yeah I ship them a lot. The way I ship them is unrequited love on Angmar’s part with Mairon not interested, but I definitely wouldn’t mind them being in a romantic relationship!
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tar-thelien · 5 hours ago
Gothmog: I dare you to kiss the next person who walks into this room!
Melkor: Scew that, I'm not kissing any of you fuckers !
Mairon walks in
Melkor: Well, I guess I should do it. Rules are rules after all...
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tar-thelien · 6 hours ago
Hi! 12, 22 and 24 for the ask game?
12.You can save one kingdom from destruction, which do you choose?
I would say Utumno!
We don't know much about Utumno but I really I'm kinda in love with it (probably bc Mel too XD)
22. What is your opinion of Fëanor?
I really like Feanor!
I'm trying to make a design for him but cant get it right.
i like his character in the big picture because it's not good nor evil and I like that kind of things, I mean the burning of the ships! That weren't his fault, they could just have given him the ships!
24. Your job is to write The Silmarillion: The Musical. What is one of the songs?
That one is hard tho...
I don't know, I want melkor to have a lot of epic pieces!
Also the seduction of Mairon!
Or Feanor fighting over the ships!
(I'm not completely sure how to answer this one but I hope I did it well enough)
Hope I did it good enough have a good day/night and take care♡♡♡
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that-feanturi-bitch · 7 hours ago
My dark!Namo au ideas:
In order to get Máno to follow Melkor’s orders to lead the invasion of the Gardens Lorien, Mairon uses Máno’s love for Aratacáno. He tells Máno that he can get Aratacáno back for him if he is a “good and obedient little Maia.” Currently Aratacáno’s ëala (the Ainur version of a fëa) is being held prisoner by Namó as punishment for going against orders. Mairon, however, says that he has a way of getting the Maia back, but only if Máno will obey. Taking on Aratacáno’s outward form, Mairon is able to get Máno to bend to him.
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livielfinarfiniel · 8 hours ago
I have the headcanon of Mairon in a modern au where he's famous on tiktok for his horror videos where he literally tortures people and says it's fake blood and really good actors.
Also he and Glorfindel who is a famous male model and influencer just enjoy their lives in high society, drink expensive wine and run a podcast about hair care.
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phoenixrisesoncemore · 9 hours ago
Tolkien the Horror Writer
I’m trolling The Lord of the Rings for a meta I am writing, and I came across this moment in “The Taming of Smeagol.” It’s not the part I need for my current meta, but it reminded me of how deeply frightening I found the novel, on my first read especially. It’s a type of horror Peter Jackson’s films never capture, with their penchant for the overly literal and their struggles with subtlety.
‘Yess. Yess. No!’ shrieked Gollum. ‘Once, by accident it was, wasn’t it, precious? Yes, by accident. But we won’t go back, no, no!’ Then suddenly his voice and language changed, and he sobbed in his throat, and spoke but not to them. ‘Leave me alone, gollum! You hurt me. O my poor hands, gollum! I, we, I don’t want to come back. I can’t find it. I am tired. I, we can’t find it, gollum, gollum, no, nowhere. They’re always awake. Dwarves, Men, and Elves, terrible Elves with bright eyes. I can’t find it. Ach!’ He got up and clenched his long hand into a bony fleshless knot, shaking it towards the East. ‘We won’t!’ he cried. ‘Not for you.’ Then he collapsed again. ‘Gollum, gollum,’ he whimpered with his face to the ground. ‘Don’t look at us! Go away! Go to sleep!’
‘He will not go away or go to sleep at your command, Sméagol,’ said Frodo. ‘But if you really wish to be free of him again, then you must help me. And that I fear means finding us a path towards him. But you need not go all the way, not beyond the gates of his land.’
Gollum sat up again and looked at him under his eyelids. ‘He’s over there,’ he cackled. ‘Always there. Orcs will take you all the way. Easy to find Orcs east of the River. Don’t ask Sméagol. Poor, poor Sméagol, he went away long ago. They took his Precious, and he’s lost now.’ ‘
Perhaps we’ll find him again, if you come with us,’ said Frodo.
‘No, no, never! He’s lost his Precious,’ said Gollum.
Gollum is caught in a vice, crushed between the ancient, never-lifting weight of lust for the Ring and the torture of his belief that he can never escape the gaze of the Eye. He is like those deprived of darkness, deprived of sleep, or deprived of privacy (“thy flesh shall be devoured, and thy shriveled mind be left naked to the Lidless Eye”).
Sauron, of course, cannot literally see Gollum here. But for Gollum, who has had the misfortune of experiencing Sauron both via the Ring and in person, Sauron, the nameless “He,” is always there. Like the rest of Tolkien’s representation of Evil, his gaze both is and isn’t: Sauron may not literally be able to see Gollum, but what difference does that make to Gollum so long as Gollum believes he can? Sauron’s greatest weapon is how he can change the perception people have of the world, themselves, each other. For those drawn into the spiral of desire and despair that is having borne the Ring, Sauron indeed becomes the axis of the whole world, fittingly enclosed high in his tower, a north to which your internal compass will now always point.
I found this so deeply horrifying that not long after my first read of The Lord of the Rings I had what is still one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. I don’t remember why, but I was attempting to sneak into the Dark Tower. The logic of the dream (whatever there may have been) is long gone, but I still remember the assault it mounted on my senses and my emotions: the sights, the sounds, the cold of the stone floor, and the pulsing, smothering sense of utter dread from somewhere high above me. And that was just it: like Gollum, I knew. I could feel that suffocating, sickening, deadening presence. I could have, If I wasn’t careful, like the needle of a compass, turned without thinking towards the Eye.
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that-feanturi-bitch · 10 hours ago
Time for some Mairon/Máno 😉
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sauronnaise · 11 hours ago
Ar-Pharazôn: You know what sinked?
Mandos: Númenor?
Ar-Pharazôn: My dignity.
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rohirric-hunter · 12 hours ago
Okay ACTUALLY it’s about Aragorn revealing himself to Sauron on his terms.
Because if he’d waited any longer, Sauron would have heard about him from Saruman, who, although he never addresses Aragorn, almost certainly recognized who he was. (As I recall Gandalf says something to this effect.) And then in the night a Nazgûl passes over, not (also according to Gandalf) in response to the recent events at Isengard, but a swift messenger nonetheless. Saruman had quite a bit of fascinating information that would doubtless be on its way to Mordor within a few hours, and after Pippin’s little jaunt with the Palantír Sauron would be awaiting it eagerly. Aragorn had an extremely small window of time to be more interesting than all of that, so he seized the opportunity with both hands, as it were.
It was also a choice between being revealed to Sauron by having Saruman tell him, “Yeah, Gandalf’s hanging out with an heir of Elendil, also,” or to be revealed to Sauron by flipping him the double bird and telling him he ain’t shit while waving the sword that took the Ring from him about. Easy choice.
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alicebeckstrom · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
...and [the temple] was in the form of a circle at the base, and there the walls were fifty feet in thickness, and the width of the base was five hundred feet across the centre, and the walls rose from the ground five hundred feet, and they were crowned with a mighty dome. ~ The Silmarillion, Akallabêth (Armenelos the golden by Jef Murray) #thedownfallofnumenor
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noodillac · 19 hours ago
Little known fact, Melkor and Mairon turned evil because they sat up all night thinking, “Why do we live in a society where goth twunks don’t rule the world?”
Tumblr media
tolkiens mind,,, damn so huge rip king
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youareunbearable · 20 hours ago
Very fond of the idea that all the races in Middle Earth have different ways of courting.
Like Dwarves, because they focus so heavily on their crafts, use their given talent to make wonderful gifts, each one symbolizing something about the other person and the creators love and care and showcasing that Mahal's gift of craft will always be at their One's disposal
Elves are all about the Music of the World, so they court through song, even if not ever elf is the best musician, I think they sing at each other like birds to see who sounds the sweetest to their ear and feels right and marry based on that.
Men, who are so much like elves but lesser in every way court with words. Their words might be poetic, they might croon, but they are not songs, and all men can do is use words to promise and vow themselves to their chosen one.
Hobbits, in turn, showcase their love through food. Nothing to them is more romantic than using all the good things grown in earth, using their blessings from Yavanna to showcase their devotion and ability to give a nice, comfortable life filled with good food and cheer, as every dinner party should be
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councilofelrond · 21 hours ago
Summary: Mairon did not fall. He sauntered vaguely downwards. Actually, Melkor saunters. Mairon stalks. They love each other nonetheless.
Enjoy some incoherent angbang written at an ungodly hour!!
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littlesauron · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
once more taking a break from TRSB to give you some mildly revamped Mel and Mairon sketches :v
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lucille-gianna · a day ago
Tumblr media
The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, 2019.
Pen/ink on Canson 65 lb sketch paper.
A few years old, but this still one of my favourites! Here's Annatar holding the one ring he had just created. The cape reveals his fate and (inevitably) the ultimate path to his destruction.
I really love how the sky and Mount Doom turned out.
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