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#the hobbit
unyielding-as-the-sea · 34 minutes ago
Blog revamp!
Hey guys! I’ve having a big revamp of my blog and looking for some more people to follow! Please like or reblog if you post content for the following fandoms:
Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
The Silmarillion
The Witcher (Series or video game)
Attack on titan (Anime or manga)
Voltron Legendary Defender
Marvel Cinematic Universe 
Harry Potter
His Dark Materials 
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grunid · 37 minutes ago
They are being set up in a fight against one another, every dwarf for himself, how do they react ? ( Bofur + Dwalin + Dori )
(none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @claraofthepen​ to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-the second he understands that he will have to fight against his own kind, he refuses
-to fight for laughs, to fight to train there he has no problem but for a real fight during which there is a risk of injuries, or even worse, he refuses
-nothing will make him change his mind unless he is told that worse things will happen to his friends if he doesn't fight
-even if he knows that Dori has an incredible strength, that Dwalin is a warrior who survived multiple fights, he doesn't go all the way in his blows, for fear of hurting his opponent
-Mahal ! They are his  friends !
-he still does his best to fight in spite of everything because he fears what will happen if they realize that he is faking it a bit
-he doesn't blame Dwalin or Dori for the black eyes he gets, nor his broken bones, he knows they have no choice either
-even though he never learned to fight as a warrior like Dwalin, nor does he have the strength of Dori, he manages to surprise and hold his own during part of the fight with his speed and ingenuity, as well as with his intuitive use of his pickaxe and his strength gained from working in the mines
-he ends up abandoning the fight, pretending to be too injured to continue, hoping that the fight will end as soon as possible
-he still ended up with a broken elbow, three broken sides, his pickaxe in pieces, a dislocated knee and a fractured wrist
Tumblr media
-FUCK YOU he is not going to fight against his own kind, his friends !!!!
-he completely and totally refuses to fight at the beginning
-Like Bofur, he is afraid of hurting his friends except that for him it is justified. He knows that in combat he often acts by reflex, by automatism, because he learned during many years to fight and to survive on the battlefield. He knows the damage he can do to his opponents and it is out of the question that he does that to his friends.
-he is distressed and angry when he realizes that he has no choice and that one of them must win this fight or much worse will happen
-before giving his first blow he apologizes, he apologizes from the depths of his heart, for what he is going to do to them, he already blames himself
-from the first blow that Bofur throws at him, he understands that Bofur doesn't dare to go all the way and pretends to be in pain, to be out of breath, to be dizzy, so that Bofur doesn't get into trouble
-he is impressed by Bofur's strange way of fighting and notes in a corner of his mind to teach him some techniques 
-on the other hand he who thought he was the strongest is quickly surprised by Dori
-while Bofur refuses to give the blows and prolongs the fight without wanting it, Dwalin understands quickly that Dori has the opposite technique, and makes sure to win as quickly as possible so that finally the fight is finished
-he doesn't realize it but he also has the same technique as Dori
-he is worried when Bofur collapses on the ground, wounded and wants to go to help him but Dori breaks his arm
Tumblr media
-he accepts directly to fight against his own, with the idea in mind to finish the fight as soon as possible
-he feels terrible and like Dwalin, he apologizes from the start, that he doesn't want to do this but there is no other way
-he tries not to hurt Bofur too much, understanding quickly that the younger one doesn't give his all
-he understands that Bofur is faking when he collapses to the ground, but sees that Dwalin has not understood Bofur so he breaks his arm, seeing the opportunity to finish the fight quickly
-even if Dwalin has a strength and a knowledge of the fight, Dori has a strength and a resistance which is beyond the warrior
-Dwalin realizes it quickly when Dori explodes his ribs with a single punch
-If breaking all your bones means the fight will be over, Dori is willing to make that choice and he will break them all. One by one. 
-but afterwards he will take care of you like a worried mother 
-Unlike Dwalin, who apologizes for almost every blow he throws, Dori simply replies :  "Shut up and hit me! One of us has to win!"
-he wins after dislocating both of Dwalin's shoulders, breaking his knee, fracturing his nose and breaking his ribs, ankles and wrists
-he is not in good shape either, but his maternal instinct takes over and anesthetizes his own pain
-he takes care of Dwalin and Bofur and forbids them to get out of bed for several months
Finally: Dwalin is in awe of Dori now; the memory of the fight becomes a joke between thoses three and Dwalin and Bofur promise each other inwardly that they will never be hurt again if it is Dori who watches over them because he is the one who fed them during those long months of recovery (#Eowyn's soup)
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vem-vem-writes · an hour ago
Just wanted to make a post to ask if anybody wanted added to my hobbit/lotr taglist (or taglist for a particular character). I am a little infrequent at posting but try to post a new fic/drabble/headcannon at least once a week :)
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vem-vem-writes · an hour ago
Working in Bofur's Toy Shop (Bofur x reader)
A/N: I am not sure if this is 100% original or if somebody has done this before so apologies if anybody has. My fic is a little tropey but I wanted to write more Bofur
Word count: 933 Masterlist
After the restoration of Erebor Bofur had opened his own toy store in a bid to bring joy to the dwarflings returning to Erebor. Having bonded on the journey Bofur had asked you to come and work as the shop keep in his store. You were excited by the proposition, having lost most of your family in the Battle of Azanulbizar and being unmarried you needed something to occupy your time. After being given your share of the treasure by Thorin you hardly needed the money to support yourself. The shop was only open three days a week, Bofur used the other four days to make toys for the shop. Bifur was known to help create the wooden figurines for the shop from time to time.
Working with Bofur was wonderful. He was always kind and considerate towards you and made sure to emphasise that if you did not work in the store then you didn't have to. Always you assured him how much you enjoyed working with him in the shop. To this he would almost always blush and nod. The reality was that working with Bofur really was a treat. His cheery temperament brightened your day exponentially. The darrow often hummed as he worked and was known to bring in Bombur's baking to share with you. Overall, he treated you kindly. This did nothing to lessen the crush that you had on him.
On this particular morning you arrived to the shop already open. Usually, you were the one to open and Bofur would come along later to help. Pushing the door open you called out as not to spook Bofur. He popped his head around the corner, his face painted with his iconic permanent grin. "Morning lass, how are ya this morning" Bofur inquired shuffling out from the back workshop. "Morning Bofur, I'm tired but ready to get to work. How are you?" you gently asked back. "Better now that you're here" Bofur teased.
Cheeks burning you shook it off and asked why he was in so early. "Couldn't sleep and I thought rather than doing nothing I'd get a start in at making some new toys" Bofur answered. Concerned about your friend you inquired, “is everything okay? Anything I can help you with?” "I've been crafting a courting gift but I'm not sure whether it is good enough to give" Bofur admitted, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. "O-oh I didn't know you had your eye on anybody" you squeaked, disappointed that somebody had captured Bofur's attention.
"I'm sure whatever it is that you've made she will love it. How could she not? You are one of the nicest darrow I have met, not to mention you were a member of the king's company. What dwarf could resist such a hero?" you teased trying to cover up the bitterness and upset that had begun to bite at your heart. Bofur snorted but smirked briefly at you before hesitantly asking, "I…maybe you could have a look at it and tell me whether or not you think she would like it." "Of course," you simply answered.
Bofur was quick to retreat into the back of the shop and begin gathering whatever he had created. While he retrieved his treasure, you set your daily supplies down on the counter and began to set everything needed for the day up. “It’s not much” Bofur modestly stated holding out a wooden carving of three figures huddled together. Taking them from the darrow you turned them over in your hands inspecting them. Something about them struck you and your eyes whipped up to meet his in a moment of alarm before becoming fixated on the facial features of each of the figures.
The familiarity of each struck you and all but stalled you in your tracks. "Is…is this for me?” you tentatively questioned. Bofur adverted his eyes but nodded. Gently brushing your thumb over each of the faces you marveled at the beauty and work that had gone into the figurine. The meaning behind it held weight for two vastly different reasons. The figurine was of your adad and amad who, like much of their kin, had died in the Sack of Erebor. Rough warm hands cupped yours around the statue and glancing up you met Bofur's eyes. "I know how much returning to Erebor so that you could carry out the proper funeral rites for your khahay meant. So, I used the drawing of the three of you that you leave behind the counter to immortalize them for you" Bofur spoke with a softness you had never heard from him. Tears pricked at your eyes and you fought hard to hold back a sob.
The thought Bofur had put into your courting gift was immaculate and you could not help but thank Mahal for sending you such a wholesome and caring dwarf. Bofur was truly one of a kind. One of his thumbs brushed away a stray tear tracking down your cheek. "This is gorgeous Bofur, thank you. Nobody has ever gone out of their way to make something so heartfelt for me" you managed to choke out. "So, what do you say?" Bofur anxiously questioned. Beaming up at Bofur through your tears you giggled out of pure joy, "Of course I accept your courtship, you silly dwarf." Throwing your arms around Bofur's neck you pressed your nose and forehead against his in an intimate embrace. You felt the tension melt away from in his body as he pulled you tighter against him. Mornings in the toy shop had just gotten more interesting.
Tag list: @tschrist1 @fizzyxcustard (if anyone else wants added then just let me know)
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burglarbagginsbag · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I took some musical covers and redrew them with hobbit characters and new details ^^
Original covers and musical titles:
Be More Chill - Be More Chill
Thorin An Erebor Musical - Hamilton An American Musical
Dear Ori Ri - Dear Evan Hansen
Durins The Musical - Heathers The Musical
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middlexearth · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Submitted by anon - 'Imagine Thranduil Braiding your Hair After a Night Together'
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middlexearth · 4 hours ago
Thranduil having a crush on you would include
Tumblr media
This one is for big papa elf requested by @the-colonialtemplars - "hey !!! I saw that the requests are open, can I ask some headcanons on Lindir and Thranduil having a crush for a fem!human-reader, please?Thank you so much 🌈🌟" - Thranduil is still hurting from his beloved wife dying so he is fighting his feelings a bit...a lot actually.
- Tauriel gives him a nudge...It might take Legolas a while to come around but he gets there.
- Legolas and Tauriel, the dynamic duo they are, keep making scenarios where you two are in the same room as each other.
- Once he gets over his nerves and his nervousness about his dead wife, he doesn't mess around - This is big papa Elf of the Woodland Realm...need I say more
- Being the m*ther f*king king, he can afford sparkly gifts and gives them to you...all the time!
- This man is a drama king...he is extra. He will go all out to make you feel special.
- Despite the brave face, his heart beats so fast...his stomach is FULL of butterflies whenever you're around
- Tauriel and Legolas know this...100%, so they keep bringing you into situations with him.
- He is a tough nut to crack but he becomes a soft boi just for you
- He is extra overprotective. He always has guards nearby so you're always safe - can't have another incident similar to his wife
- Whenever you come into a room...everything about you is amazingly stunning to him
- because y'know, you're stunning...we all know this but he just can't stop looking at you
- Everything about you takes his breath away.
- He indeed dreams about you - he can't way to have you in his bed...he hasn't been a big spoon in so long.
- He wants to ask you out but finds it hard to find the words...even though he is never lost for words.
- He will ask you out eventually.
- He just wants to ask you out when you're both alone...he isn't a fan of the PDA.
- The problem're so loved by the whole of mirkwood so he finds it hard to find a time to ask you out.
- He finally has the courage. Tauriel has set it up. She has your horse ready...Thranduil takes you for a horse ride and professes his undying love for you.
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middlexearth · 4 hours ago
Lindir having a crush on you would include:
Tumblr media
Requesting by @the-colonialtemplars "hey !!! I saw that the requests are open, can I ask some headcanons on Lindir and Thranduil having a crush for a fem!human-reader, please?
Thank you so much 🌈🌟"
- Lindir is really shy...but like cute about it.
- He knows you're amazing...which scares him but he is also in awe whenever he sees you.
- He always opens doors for you (does Rivendell have doors?)
- He always pours you wine first at the dining table...which pisses off Elrond because HE IS RIGHT THEre AND HE IS THE LORD OF RIVENDELL....this amuses Arwen of course.
- Did I mention he is shy? He is a soft boi too
- He will take aaaages to ask you start to suspect something.
- You're actually great friends. And when you find out he has a crush on you, you know exactly how to tease him to make him blush.
- He loves randomly giving you flowers.
- He is the kind of elf that would write beautiful and poetic anonymous love letters to you.
- Like...he won't be able to make a full sentence when talking to your face...but his love letters will make you swoon.
- He has tried asking you out but his nerves won't let him.
- Elrohir and Elladan won't stop sniggering when you enter a room and he is there...they've heard him talking about you in his dreams.
- Arwen, the angel she is, helps him settle his nerves and to finally ask you out.
- Elrond and Glorfindel are in the back hoping he will eventually get it over and done with...Just ask her already!
- When he finally asks you out, it takes him a few times to get the words out but boy oh boy is this mighty fine elf a good kisser.
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outcastsnmagic · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I did a redraw of this Bilbofur sketch I made a while back and I’m just in tears over it ( TAT)
(Do not repost)
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elrondsmarketstall · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Elrond inspired denim jacket, listed on Etsy here. 🌼🍂
After much debating within myself, I listed the as kind as summer denim jacket! This is made to order , so if you wanted to buy this then you would give me your size first, I would buy the right jacket, embroider it, send it to you.
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greendalf · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At your service
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luna-xial · 5 hours ago
Fix It (Thorin x F!Reader) 18+ NSFW Commission
Tumblr media
Thank you @anjhope1 for the Ko-fi! Here is your ko-fi commission! 
Note: The Thorin image as well as the divider is not mine. The Thorin image was originally posted by @thearkenstone-ck​ (I found it on pinterest, luckily the url is at the bottom right) and the dividers used are by @firefly-graphics​​ which can be found Here 
Warnings: Smut, angst, Thorin being an ass for a bit. 
⚠️18+ Content ahead, Please read at your own risk ⚠️
It wasn’t unknown to you that braids have significance, in fact that was the first conversation you ever had with Thorin upon him asking for your approval to court you- how important and vital the braid was. How each placement of the strands of hair was significant, how by tilting the braiding outward you can declare a budding love, but inward you can declare a passing of something, such as a birthright. 
‘Yet how did this happen?’ You mentally scolded yourself as you watched each passing dwarf look at you like you were a conundrum. You knew it had to have been your hair. It was Muhudtuzakhmerag, or Spring Fest, in Erebor and Thorin requested you wear a traditional ‘Queen’s Braid’ to the event to walk alongside him. 
The request itself was simple, and sweet of him, to want you to participate like the queens before you, however, there was not a single portrait of what the said braids looked like. So you simply went by your best educated guess coupled with the old instructions written on ancient parchment that looked like it was going to fall apart any moment now. 
The festival would begin with the giving of the straw. First, Thorin would place a strand of the straw into your hair, and you into his tunic pocket. This was to symbolize the true connection and reliance the dwarves had with nature. The next event was the ‘Carrying of the Straw’ where you and Thorin would lead a line of dwarves through the kingdom, assisting each other in carrying a barrow of straw to the feast room. All to honor Yavana, Mahal’s wife who originally gave the first dwarves their first straw of barley. 
To say this event was huge for the dwarves would be an understatement. And, with this knowledge, you had hoped to look your best for Thorin. 
As soon as you entered the throne room to meet with Thorin, Balin, and Dwalin before the event, you knew you messed up royally. 
“(Y/n)...” Balin began gently, before Thorin’s angry voice startled you. 
“What in Mahal have you done?” Thorin wasn’t shouting, but his fists were clenched like he was desperately trying not to. 
“I tried my best to follow the instructions, is it that awful?” You looked at Balin and Dwalin, your eyebrows furrowed and your expression hurt at Thorin’s tone of voice. “What did I do wrong?” You asked the elderly dwarf, in hopes he would be able to give you advice before Thorin began speaking again. 
“Everything.” He spat, shaking his head with a humorless chuckle as he began to pace the throne room floor. 
“Lass,” Balin began before Thorin held his hand up, “Don’t speak to her.” 
“The one time I request for you to do something specific and you can’t even get that right!” Thorin shouted, making you flinch as you stood back, your eyes beginning to fill with tears. 
“I knew it was a mistake to ever court you, I never loved you to begin with.” 
A gasp left your throat, “T-Thorin…” You felt your heart sink to your stomach. He regretted loving you, courting you, marrying you, all because of one braid? 
“I can fix it,” You offered, your tone showing how close to the verge you were to breaking into tears, wanting to appease him so he wasn’t so angry with you. 
“You can’t fix being human,” He huffed, “I knew a low human would never be able to meet the standards of being the queen of Erebor. If I could turn back time and never let you join this journey, I would---”
“Thorin, enough.” Dwalin all but growled at him. “It is just a braid, you can re-do it for her.” Dwalin tried to reason but Thorin let out a humorless chuckle. “You can re-do a braid, but you cannot redo or undo the damage that has been done. She has shown she does not care about our culture or our practices.”
Looking to Balin, you suppressed a sob as tears went down your cheeks. “I’m so sorry,” You told him, eyes full of regret and pain as you quickly took the pins holding the braid in place out, the metal clanging as it hit the stone floor. 
“Lassie, it’s alright,” He began to soothe you but you shook your head.
“I’m so sorry,” You repeated shaking your head, exiting the room, with your hand up to your mouth to attempt to muffle the gasps leaving your throat as you continued to suppress the sobs threatening to escape. 
“Thorin what have you done?!” Balin shouted at him as soon as you fled the room, glaring at the boy he watched grow up in these stone walls. 
“Something I should have done a long time ago.”
“You will come to regret it. Don’t you realize you just told your wife that you despised her?” 
“I don’t have time to deal with this, we have a festival to lead.” Thorin brushed past both of them to go grab his crown for the festivities. 
As you put on a plain slip and slid into bed, you felt hot tears bubble down your face. He didn’t love you. All because you were human. Your heart ached as you heard the cheering, the Broken Bone Race being completed and the victor being given a medal, Thorin’s laugh trickling into your ears despite the many voices you have heard. That made you begin to sob as you clutched the pillow. 
“He doesn’t love me…” You murmured to yourself, wiping your tears. “He wants a dwarrowdam.” You felt your heart clench as those words passed your lips. 
Sitting up, you sniffled, wiping your eyes almost aggressively as you put on a robe. Maybe something in the library could help you with your love issues. 
Tumblr media
Thorin couldn’t deny the worry in his heart as he searched the halls of Erebor for you a few days later. Upon returning from the festivities, Thorin wasn’t too concerned with your absence, figuring you needed time alone from the blow-up that occurred in the throne room, but when it was the third day that he hadn’t seen you at any meals, your very presence and being missing from his day to day activities such as your walks together, he knew something was wrong. 
His gut twisted as he walked down another corridor, before halting in his steps. “(Y/n)?” He breathed out, confused at the sight of you. You were dressed in the average dwarrowdam fashion, your hair up in braids like every other dwarrowdam he had come across. 
It wasn’t you. 
“Yes?” You cut straight to the point as you turned from your discussion with an advisor, and seeing Thorin’s dumbfounded expression, you excused the gentleman as you turned fully toward him. “What is it that you need, Thorin?” Your voice was cold, posture stiff as you stared him down with calculating eyes. 
It was like you were a different person altogether. 
“What happened to you?” Was all he could think to say. 
Tilting your head, you raised a brow at him. “What you wanted.” Was all you answered as you turned on your heel, leaving him in the stone hallway all alone as you went to speak with the advisor once more. 
Tumblr media
Bursting through the doorway, Thorin’s voice caught the ears of the Company members fairly quickly. 
“There’s something wrong with (Y/n)!” He yelled out, completely unsettled by your appearance. He knew you preferred your hair loose, not confined by things, and how you liked to wear flowy dresses made by soft fabrics, not thick dresses weighed down with crystals and braided fabric tassels. 
“You finally noticed.” Dwalin scoffed, continuing to sharpen his blades, his disapproval of Thorin very clear. 
“Aye, it wasn’t like she was missing from your chambers for three whole days and four whole nights.” Balin’s tone was clearly passive aggressive as he handed out documents to each member. 
At Thorin’s lost expression, Balin chuckled bitterly. 
“You told her you didn’t love her, that you despised her because she was human and what did you expect her to do!” Balin finally lost it, throwing his papers across the room, tears welling up in his eyes. 
“She didn’t deserve that, Thorin!” Balin yelled, a tear going down his cheek. “All she wanted to do was make you happy and instead of applauding her effort and guiding her to the correct way, you belittled her! You ruined her self-esteem and told her she meant less than the dirt on your boots.”
“She didn’t deserve any of that… And now… Now you have the audacity to come in here like you did nothing wrong?” 
“I didn’t realize…” 
“You don’t seem to realize a lot of things, Thorin.” Balin huffed moving to pick up his papers as Fili, Kili, and Ori helped collect them from off the ground. 
“I have to do something.”
Bofur shook his head, “If she’d let you.” 
Thorin looked at him like he just grew two heads. 
Rolling his eyes, Bofur shook his head again. “You were an utter arse, Thorin. You expect some weepy apology is going to make her forget everything you said? How little your actions have done to prove you do indeed care for her?” 
“She’s lost weight, Thorin. She doesn’t come to meals, she hardly sleeps. And what do you notice? Oh, that she’s wearing a traditional dress.” Bofur’s sarcasm seeped through his tone. 
“Y’know, Thorin, I hope she doesn’t forgive you. I hope she doesn’t let her sorry excuse of a One back into her life.” Bofur’s words cut into Thorin, hitting him where it hurts most. And for a moment, Thorin wasn’t Thorin son of Thrain, son of Thror, king of Erebor. In this moment he was a young dwarrow being scolded. 
“But if you do somehow manage to weasel your way into her good graces, you better work your arse off to prove to her that you care for her.” 
“I will.” 
Bofur huffed through his nostrils as he went back to carving a wooden duck as if Thoin wasn’t even there. 
“You better go find her, then.” Dwalin nodded to Thorin, a small smile on his face was all Thorin needed to feel encouraged as he set off to go find you. 
Seeing Thorin for the first time in the past couple of days affected you more than you’d like to think, his harsh words being pulled from the back of your mind to the forefront, replaying in your head over and over. Instead of meeting with your advisor, you waited until Thorin was gone so you could go back to your room, the room you originally had before you and Thorin were wed. 
Looking into the mirror, you couldn’t help but criticize everything about yourself. Your braids weren’t as taught as how they were this morning. The gown made you look radiant this morning but now it felt like a bulky mess that you shouldn’t have attempted to wear. 
“Is it all for nothing?” You wondered as you stepped away from the vanity mirror and sat on the edge of the bed. 
“He didn’t even notice.” You scoffed, flopping backwards. 
Tumblr media
The next morning, Thorin was adamant on approaching you. 
“Good morning, Dushin-Mizim (dark jewel).”
“Morning, King Thorin.” Your reply was short as you walked past him, your hair half braided today, and in a less formal traditional dwarvish gown. 
Thorin frowned, usually you’d kiss his cheek and say “Good morning, my love,” to him before he’d hold your hand and the two of you would walk together. Not that he blamed you for not doing so.
Instead of eating with him, you sat at the other end of the table, alone as you carefully ate your breakfast. 
Sighing, Thorin brought the water glass up to his lips. ‘I deserve this,’ he thought as he watched the way the sunlight filtered through the sky-lights, making a rim of light circle the top of your hair, making you look angelic. An ache began to settle in his chest, he missed you. 
He’s got to come up with a plan. 
Tumblr media
“How was your day, Ghivashel (Treasure of all treasures)?” Thorin attempted to make conversation as you approached after exiting a meeting.
“Perfectly fine, King Thorin.” You responded icily as you walked past him, your face stoic until you moved where he couldn’t see your face. Your eyebrows were furrowed and you bit your lip. ‘Does he love me still?’ you pondered, but that thought was quickly squashed when you realized he began to act lovingly again once you were in dwarvish attire. ‘He loves the facade.’ you decided as you walked to your room. 
Looking in the mirror, you shook your head. “This isn’t me.” You murmured to yourself, while you had nothing against dwarrowdams, you knew this style of dress, this hairdo, it wasn’t yours. It didn’t suit you. You felt like a wolf in sheep's clothing, an imitator waiting to be revealed. 
Unravelling your hair, you sighed as your scalp was relieved of the taught pressure. Reaching behind you to unravel the laces of your bodice, you let out a relieved groan as you pulled the thick fabric off of you in favor of pulling on a light night gown. 
Returning to the mirror you brushed your hair, refreshed to see it how it usually is. Free and relaxed. 
“I’m done pretending... “ You told yourself, nodding to your reflection. “I am (Y/n), a human.. Not a Dwarrowdam.” You felt tears build in your eyes, “and if Thorin wants one so bad, then so be it, but I will not erase myself for his pleasure.”
The next morning you felt alive again, as if someone had cleaned out the cobwebs of your chimney and lit the fire once more. Putting on a loose gown, you only brushed your hair, carefully placing oils where they were needed before looking in the mirror. You finally looked like yourself again. 
“Good morning, amrâlimê (My love).” Thorin called out to you as you exited your bedding chambers, making you pause in your stride.
“Good morning, King Thorin.” You responded blandly, watching as he analyzed you, your expression cool but your heart hammering inside of your chest. Would he say anything? Would he stop calling you the names you cherish close to your heart?
“You look radiant,” He smiled at you, before letting it drop, his expression turning serious. “I would like to have a talk with you, today, whenever you have time, of course.” He looked nervous as he spoke, something you hadn’t seen since the day he asked to put in your courting braid. 
“I’ll be free this evening,” You told him, curious as to what he needed to tell you. 
You could practically see the cogs turning in his head as he nodded, like he was having an inner conversation before looking into your eyes. 
“Would you… Do me the honor of meeting me in the gardens this evening?” Thorin held his hands behind his back, nervously rubbing his thumb over the other one, just waiting for you to say no.  After all, he had to earn your trust again, to earn your love again. 
You paused, a ‘no’ quick to push itself to the tip of your tongue, but as you watched his eyes dart around your face, his eyebrow scrunched like how it always does when he’s worried, you felt your face soften. 
“I shall.” You chose to say instead, a smile threatening to lift your cheeks as he perked up like a puppy, a spark returning to his eye. 
“You won’t regret it, I promise.” He vowed, hesitating, like he was ready to give you a kiss before physically holding himself back. 
Coughing nervously, he nodded, “I will see you then.” 
You couldn’t deny the disappointment that bubbled in your chest as he walked away, you had hoped he would offer to walk you to breakfast. 
“Well with how you’re acting, don’t be surprised if he thinks you hate him now.” Your inner voice taunted but you shook your head, you had every right to be upset with him. 
The day seemed to drag on and on, and as you dragged your feet to the dining hall after your final meeting,  you remembered Thorin had wanted to see you. 
“The gardens,” You hummed to yourself as you headed that way, seeing petals of (favorite flower) being littered on the ground. Raising a brow, you followed them, a small smile growing on your face as you approached the entrance to the gardens. 
Thorin stood staring at the stars, his back turned and between you and him sat a table. Two plates, two chairs, two water glasses. 
“So your discussion was a date?” Your voice pulled Thorin from his thoughts, his head quickly swinging to face you. 
“Not exactly, no.” Thorin spoke quickly, as if your words scalded him like a hot pan. 
“If you do not wish to stay for the meal then I will not ask you to.” He began, gesturing to the seat. “But I will ask if you’d like to take a seat so you can be comfortable while we talk?”
Biting your lip, you let out a breath before chucking off your heels, your feet sinking into the cool grass as you approached the table. 
Thorin sighed in relief, believing you were going to turn your back and leave the minute he opened his mouth. 
“What is it you wished to talk about?” You questioned, your voice professional as you took a look around the gardens. Lanterns were placed all around the garden, giving the space an ethereal glow and if you listened hard enough you’d hear the gentle noises of the creek. 
“I would like to apologise.” Thorin stated, and the statement alone nearly made you choke on your saliva. Thorin? Apologizing? 
“I… I have no reason, excuse or otherwise to explain to you why I spoke the way I did.” He furrowed his brows. “I am a horrible excuse for a husband, a failure of a One, and a failure as your friend.” Thorin spoke, his voice close to cracking before he cleared his throat. 
You frowned, not expecting this at all, especially the glassy look in his eyes. 
“I wanted to let you know I did not mean a thing I said.”
“I knew it was a mistake to ever court you, I never loved you to begin with.”  His words replayed in your head, your lip beginning to tremble. 
“Meeting you was the biggest blessing Mahal has ever given me, being able to love you and to cherish you was a gift I threw away,” Thorin’s voice finally cracked, as he let out a shaky sigh. 
“Menu tessu (You mean everything to me) and I was a fool to tell you otherwise.” He shook his head, angry at himself. 
“I love you, (Y/n), I love the way you take the blankets from me when we’re sleeping, I love the way your eyes sparkle when you’re happy, I love the way you care so much for people you love…” Thorin halted himself, looking up to the sky briefly before looking back to you. 
“But despite all of that, I have wronged you, I have wronged you and belittled you,” He frowned at the sight of your tears building in your eyes. 
“And I understand if you would like to leave.”
“Leave?” You couldn’t help but echo, causing him to nod. 
“After all I have done, I cannot expect you to want to stay with me, Men Kurdel (My heart of hearts). I made you feel inadequate, when I should be the one making you feel like a goddess. I failed you.” Tears slipped down Thorin’s cheeks. 
“That is what I wanted to discuss with you, a way to make your life easier, a way to just---” He sighed, “If there is one thing I want, (Y/n), it is to make you happy.” 
“And you think that’s away from you?” You cut him off, furrowing your brows as a tear slipped out, rolling down your face and dripping off your chin.
“I have spent days trying to make myself more like a dwarrowdam because you hate how human I am, because I want---” Your own sob cut you off, your breath hitching as you began to cry harder.
“Because I wanted you to love me again.” Your voice cracked as you barely got out the words, and at the same time, Thorin’s heart felt like it cracked in half as he watched you emotionally collapse in front of him. 
Thorin nearly leapt from his chair, moving to cradle you in his arms, yet unsure as he hovered his form close to yours. 
“Please, love me again,” You whimpered as Thorin pulled you into his arms, tucking your head into his neck as you sobbed. 
“I never stopped loving you, (Y/n),” He murmured into your ear, his arms tightening their hold on you as if this was all a dream. “I am so sorry,” Thorin wept as you clutched onto him just as tight. 
You missed him so much. 
“I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you,” He vowed, pulling away so he could look at you, tears springing to his eyes again at the look of anguish on your face. 
“Just please, come back to me, come back to our chambers, let me hold you, at least for just this night?” Thorin’s tone was on the edge of begging as he cradled your face in his palm, his forehead against yours.
Not being able to find the words, you nodded. And at that moment, he pulled you off the chair entirely, your form clinging to his as he brought you back to your shared chambers. 
Setting you down on the bed, Thorin pulled away to go to your wardrobe. 
“What’re you doing?” You tearfully asked, a whimper wanting to pull itself from your mouth at the lack of contact.
“Your nightgown--” 
“Thorin, please hold me.” His priority was your comfortableness while yours was to be as close as possible to him. Quickly shutting the wardrobe doors, Thorin returned to the bed, barely able to kneel on it before you latched yourself onto him again. 
Hugging him close, you could feel his heartbeat through his tunic. A sigh of relief left you before you looked up to him, seeing him already watching you with admiration and fear. Fear of you changing your mind and walking out of his life for good. 
“Kiss me, please?” You asked tilting your head back to make it easier for him to attach his lips to yours. Thorin’s expression softened as he captured your lips with his own. A needy whimper left your lips as you clutched his tunic in your hands, his own cupping your face as he kissed you deeply. 
Pulling away, Thorin pecked your lips one last time before pressing his forehead against yours. 
“Thorin, I need you.” You murmured, you had been deprived of his touch, of his love, for so long now. 
“I’m yours, I’m here,” He responded to you, not quite understanding your meaning, simply thinking you needed reassurance until you repeated yourself.
“I need you, Thorin.” 
His expression changed from one of concern to something sensual as he dragged his thumb across your cheek.
“Are you sure?” He couldn’t help but question, not wanting you to regret being with him when you were so emotionally fragile. 
“Absolutely.” You reassured, this time capturing his lips with yours, catching him off guard before he quickly fell into the rhythm you were searching for. 
Lowering you gently on your back, you felt the familiar pillows beneath you as you arched into him, your hips rolling into his causing a pleased groan to release from his lips, his hands finding your butt as he controlled your movement against his clothed crotch. 
“More, Thorin, please,” Your tone was leaning on the side of begging as he severed the kiss to pepper kisses along your jaw and neck. 
“I’ll give you all you want, amrâlimê,” He reassured, lifting off of you to help you with your dress, the offending fabric being tossed to the floor before he yanked off his tunic, leaving him bare chested with you in your undergarments. 
“Beautiful,” Thorin murmured, admiring the way your body was laid beneath him.
Smiling at him, you couldn’t help but admire him as well, the small scars from battles that have come and gone, the chest hair mostly covering him, the muscles beneath it. 
You were brought out of your admiring state as he began to remove your undergarments, leaving you bare with him still in his pants. 
“You’re very overdressed,” You hummed as he chuckled, the sound going straight to your core as he leaned back over you to kiss at your shoulders and the valley of your breasts. 
“Don’t worry about me, amrâlimê, focus on you.” He spoke softly as he kissed his way down your stomach, his hands coming up to tease your nipples for a moment, drawing a gasp from you. It served as a distraction as he skipped over your pussy to mouth at your thighs. 
“Thorin,” You couldn’t help but groan out as he purposefully neglected where you wanted him most. 
“Please,” You whined until you felt his breath over your pussy. 
“I said to focus on you, (Y/n),” He hummed, now massaging your inner thighs with his calloused hands. Before you could think of a response, his tongue stole the words out of your mouth as it came in contact with you. Licking, flicking, sucking, you couldn’t focus on what he was doing as the pleasure made you reach out and grab at his hair. 
Thorin swore he would make it up to you, and he planned to start right now through worshipping your body, making you feel every ounce of pleasure he could provide you. 
Looping his arms under your thighs, he held his hands above your hips, locking you in place as he feasted on you. 
“Thorin!” You couldn’t help but moan out, your tone high pitched as you felt yourself climbing higher and higher to your peak. Whether you called his name out of lust or trying to give warning, Thorin wasn’t sure, but he knew one thing for certain: you were close. 
He flicked his tongue over your clit rapidly, circling it before suckling the bundle of nerves into his mouth, his cheeks hollowing as he aggressively accelerated you to your climax. 
Your back arched as your grip on his hair tightened, your mouth opening in a silent moan as your hips wiggled up and down, his own grip loosening as he let you ride out your orgasm. Releasing your clit from his mouth, he kissed your inner thigh as you slowly calmed down. 
“Men lananubukhs (I love you),” Thorin whispered as he rested his head on your opposite thigh, rubbing circles on your hips. 
“What about you?” You questioned once you got your bearings again. 
Thorin shook his head, pressing another kiss to your inner thigh before crawling up to pull you into his embrace. “All I care about is that you are satisfied, my beloved.” He nuzzled the top of your head, feeling a sense of pride as your thighs continued to tremble from the intensity of your orgasm. 
“I told you before, all I want is to make you happy.” 
It felt like flowers were blooming in your ribcage, something soft and delicate taking place in your heart as you curled into Thorin’s embrace, his arm around the small of your waist bringing a sense of comfort. 
While nothing could erase the past, nor the heart that came with it, you’ve decided that for now, you would enjoy the peace that resonated in your heart. 
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Per the Legolas/Sauron ship situation, I've seen Beauty and the Beast mentioned, might I also suggest a 1000 Nights Sheherezade dynamic thrown in?
Ooh!! Don’t believe I’ve ever heard of that before—I did a quick search and I’m intrigued so far! I’d be keen to learn more though, especially regarding Mairon and Legolas, if you can help :D
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TW sexual assault:
Broke up with my boyfriend and tried to reverse the card on me 😐 anyway now I’m watching the hobbit because do you know who would never sexually assault me and then call me crazy and just be mean... Thorin 😃
🙁 some comfort would be great.
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Andor Lairë - The Gift of Summer
Ossennyn - The Seven Gates
Egalmoth, Penlod, Duilin
The Seven Gates of Gondolin guard the entrance to the city, but Ennyn Laer celebrates the arrival of summer. 
Egalmoth, lord of the House of the Heavenly Arch, was trusted enough by the king to serve as a protective escort to his sister. Penlod, lord of the House of the Pillar and House of the Tower of Snow, of whom not much is known. Duilin, lord of the House of the Swallow, was among the first to defend Gondolin as it faced ruin at the hands of Morgoth.
These lords - fierce defenders - were the first to meet Morgoth head-on.
What sort of greeting might the enemies of the city of stone received at the hands of these elves?
You may use any or all of the above-mentioned information to create a work of your choosing. Posts can be submitted to tumblr HERE, tagged on tumblr using #gondolinweek2021, or added to the AO3 collection HERE.
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