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#legolas x you
just like the wind (part iii)
summary: trying to save Frodo's life, you separate from the group
word count: 1'655
warnings: fight scene, frodo being sick
Tumblr media
Ira, n.
Wrath, anger, rage, fury
(Translated from Latin)
You travelled non-stop until you were about a day from Rivendell. You were, not literally but very figuratively, dying. You probably looked just as bad as Frodo, if not worse.
The purple bags under your eyes were a reminder of all the nights you had spent walking instead of sleeping. You had been too selfless and had not taken enough food for both you and Frodo and had naturally given it all to him, which lead to the colour draining from your slightly hollowed cheeks. You had acquired even more bruises (and quite a nasty cut) from a very conveniently timed wild-boar attack.
You reach a river a promptly collapse after gently laying Frodo down. You splash some water onto your dirty face before helping Frodo drink out of your hands. You freeze when you hear a small crunch of leaves behind you.
Your sword is drawn in less than a second, pointing at the potential attacker's throat. Your eyes finally meet the face of- Arwen, your friend. You let out a deep breath of relief as your sword falls to the ground.
"My apologies, I thought you were another wild boar," you admit, picking your sword off the ground and placing it in its sheath.
She laughs softly before pulling you into a warm embrace. "Do not fret, my friend, no harm done! How have you been? It's been decades!"
"It has been!" you agree, returning the touch before pulling away, "But before we rejoice, I may need your help," you motion to Frodo with a bruised hand. "Can you do anything?"
Arwen hums and takes a step closer to the frail body of the Hobbit. She gracefully kneels next to him and starts chanting an unfamiliar song. She slowly shakes her head with a frown.
"This is beyond me. He needs my father," she declares, standing up.
"I'll come with you." you decide, getting Frodo off the ground and placing him on her horse.
"I am a faster rider," Arwen tries to reason, but you shake your head.
"Yes, I am more than aware of that," you say, wordlessly referring to the countless races you and her had had. "I am also aware of how difficult, and near impossible, to fight off the Wraiths while holding on to Frodo to assure he does not fall off a galloping horse," you argue.
She reluctantly nods her head. You had a point.
"Before we go, I must just fetch something," you mumble, more to yourself than her, but she seems to understand as she goes to check on Frodo. You take a few steps backwards and finally recognize the sweet scent of Athelas leaves. You had been applying some to Frodo's wounds for the last few days in a desperate attempt at keeping the poison from reaching his heart.
You quickly grab a few handfuls and shove them into your mouth. You walk back to where Frodo was sitting in front of Arwen on her horse. You hurriedly chew the leaves before spitting them out on your fingers. You lather the thick, sticky paste to Frodo's wound before heading back to your own horse.
For the majority of the journey, you do not see the Wraiths. You were actually starting to think that you may reach Rivendell without a surprise visit from the Riders, but were soon proved wrong.
The first screech you heard made your skin crawl and your mind race. Maybe you hadn't thought this through completely. Fighting off the Wraiths? All nine of them? At the same time? While on a horse? Galloping at full speed? This was with no doubt not your brightest moment, Strider definitely would have agreed. It was thoughtless and reckless and absolutely insane, but it had to work. The Ring Bearer's life depended on it.
No pressure.
Your sword violently meets the first Rider's blade when he came out of the woods from behind you. You keep one hand on the rain of the horse between your legs and slash at him again. You are pushed to the side by another one and almost lose your balance. You curse before pulling yourself back up and narrowly dodging a what-could-have-been-fatal jab at your middle. You aimlessly swing your sword around you, trying to keep them all at a distance. You perceive the river marking the entrance of Rivendell and a surge of hope flies through you. Maybe you could hold them off until then.
In that mere second of distraction, you forget to steer the brainless animal beneath you and pull the rains just seconds before he slams into a tree. You groan out in pain when you feel multiple branches tearing through your skin.
As you dodge another blow from a Wraith, you make a promise to yourself to never, ever help another Hobbit. If this was what it meant to help a Hobbit, you didn't want to anymore.
Arwen stops in the river and starts to chant. You don't stop to see the river all but destroy the Wraiths as grab Frodo off your friend's horse.
You pull him in front of you with a grunt and head for the castle.
You ignore the indignant cries of the guards as you gallop into the main Hall. You ungracefully clamber off your horse and throw your hands up in surrender at all the guards aiming their bows at you.
"The Ring Bearer!" you exclaim, "He's been stabbed by a Nazgûl blade!" You turn to Elrond, who had arrived to see what all the commotion was about. "He needs healing, My Lord!" You pull Frodo into your arms and hand him over to a guard. He runs off, followed closely by Elrond.
Another guard takes your horse away but before he can leave you, you ask him where you could find Gandalf. He tells you the wizard arrived a few days ago and is probably on the balcony.
You take in a deep breath and march over to said balcony. You find him sitting on a bench next to an old Hobbit, leisurely smoking his pipe.
You can feel the rage bubble up in you as you remember all of what you had to go through while he was relaxing here.
"Where have you been?" you demand, crossing your arms over your chest, a deep frown making its way to your face.
The two old men take in your appearance silently. Your hair had multiple pieces of unknown substances (noticeably mud and blood). Your usually clear face was now orned of fresh cuts (you had a tree and a horse to thank for those) and dried blood. Your clothes were full of mud and blood and could barely even be considered as such anymore, considering how much they had been ripped and abused. All in all, you looked you had been swallowed and spat back out by Sauron himself.
"I was delayed," the old wizard answered infuriatingly calmly.
"Delayed? You were delayed?" you spat, unbelieving.
"Well, yes, that is what I said," he answered, a small, daring smile on his lips.
"It was a rhetorical question!" you fume, almost pulling your hair out of frustration. "I have been thrown over a hill! Thrown! Over! A! Hill! Have you ever been thrown over a hill like a child's toy? Don't answer that! I don't think you have! It's not very pleasant, as one can assume! I rolled off the same hill! Like a barrel! I have not slept in a week! Seven days, Gandalf! Seven days! Do you know how many hours that is? No? Well, I do! That's 168 hours! And to top it all off, my skin was ripped apart by a tree! A tree! All because a darned horse couldn't walk straight! I had to fight off nine Wraiths! While on that same, stupid horse! While it was galloping! And you're sitting here smoking your bloody pipe without a care in the world telling me you were delayed! I can't believe you! And to top it all off! I risked my life for four total strangers because my friend followed your instructions! Instructions you were supposed to follow yourself, may I remind you!" you roar furiously.
Gandalf blows out a few smoke rings before answering you with the same calmness. "I asked Strider to bring the Hobbits to Rivendell. Not Ira,"
"I didn't have a choice! He would have died as well as the Hobbits if I hadn't gone!" you cry.
"Then it's a good thing you made the decision to follow your friend," he says. You let out a sound very close to a growl before leaving, done with his attitude.
Gandalf leans back into the bench and inhaled a puff of smoke. Bilbo chuckles.
"Well that was certainly something," he notes. Gandalf hums.
"She is something," he agrees.
"You said her name was Ira?" Bilbo questions curiously.
"That is what she is called, yes, but her name is actually Alice,"
"Oh, that's a rather sweet name," Bilbo compliments, "I'm not too sure it resonates well with her personality, though," he adds, exhaling some smoke into the air.
"She can be sweet when she wants to be," Gandalf assures. Bilbo hums.
"She is an elf, yes?"
"Half-elf, half-man," the wizard corrects.
"Oh, yes, that explains her temper, then," Bilbo murmurs.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I see elves as a rather calm and collected kin. Not as- as expressive as she seems to be," Bilbo chooses his words carefully, noting how Gandlad still seemed quite fond of her after what she had done.
"Yes, she's got quite a temper on her, that one. But I do not think that her being a full elf would change much... And she didn't earn the name 'Ira' for nothing, after all," the wizard reminds. Bilbo nods along to his words, peacefully exhaling the smoke into the faint wind.
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just like the wind (part ii)
summary: trying to get the hobbits to safety, you run into some trouble
word count: 1'572
warnings: violence
Tumblr media
"Where are you taking us?" Frodo asks as he trails behind Strider and you.
"Into the wild," Strider answers, not bothering to turn back.
A supposed-to-be-discreet-but-not-so-discreet conversation starts between the four Hobbits not long after.
"How can we know these Rangers are friends of Gandalf?" Merry ask with rightful suspicion.
"We have no choice but to trust them," Frodo states truthfully.
"But where are they leading us?" Sam wonders.
"To Rivendell, Master Gamgee," you answer, "to the House of Elrond."
"You hear that?" Sam breathed. "Rivendell. We're going to see the elves!" he cries excitedly. You once again resist the urge to roll your eyes, he had been travelling with one for about a day. But then it came to you, the Hobbits had never completely seen your face: your hood was always up.
Your small companionship walked for a bit more before you stopped for a second, catching your breath and grimacing at the weight of your weapons pulling you down. Strider stands next to you and looks back: "Gentlemen, we do not stop 'till nightfall," he calls. Confused at his words, you turn around as well and let out a small chuckle. They were adorable. The four Hobbits were sitting on the ground, unpacking their bags, probably wanting to get some food.
"What about breakfast?" Pippin asks, an indignant frown on his face.
"Well you've just had it." you furrow your brows, confused.
"We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast?" Pippin continues, raising an eyebrow. Strider sends him a strange glance and continues his path down the hill. You shake your heads at the four halflings with an amused smile before following your friend.
"I don't think they know about second breakfast, Pip," Merry notes as he picks up his bag.
"What about elvensies? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? They know about those, don't they?" Pippin panicked, hastily grabbing his bag.
"I wouldn't count on it," Merry sighs. You chuckle at their conversation and throw each of the Hobbits an apple from a nearby tree.
When the night starts to fall, you stop at the bottom of a small hill with the remains of a Tower on its peak.
"This was the great watchtower of Amon Sûl," you say, starting to walk up its side.
"We shall rest here tonight," Strider adds. You decide together to split the night in half, both taking turns of keeping watch while the other would scout the woods for any possible threat. You start the first round and begin your stroll around the base of the hill.
It is only when you hear the all-too-familiar shrieks of the Nine Riders that you start running up the hill. You can feel the panic rising in your being. Strider had given the Hobbits some weapons, but what use would they have if they do not know how to wield them? You run faster, hearing your heart beating in your ears. After what feels like forever but was probably only actually only seconds, you finally reach the top of the hill and immediately put yourself between the helpless Hobbits and the Riders.
You pull out your sword and jab at the one closest to the Hobbits. You slash at another. Dodge another one's blade. You manage to keep them off for a few victorious minutes, but that changes when the Riders decide that to get to the Hobbits, they had to get rid of you first. Everything changes and all of a sudden, all of their blows are aimed at you. You dodge, block and try to counter-attack, but nine monsters against one elleth, you knew you stood no chance.
It is no surprise when you block a jab at your neck and are suddenly pushed out of the way. You fall to the ground with a pained grunt. A foot comes down near your face and you roll out of the way just on time. You pull yourself to your knees just in time to be picked up and literally thrown off the hill.
You scream for the few seconds that you spend in the air before getting the breath knocked out of you when you plummet on the ground with a harsh 'thump'. And so you start to roll. You roll down the hill like a bloody rag doll. You can't properly breathe until you reach the horizontal ground.
You lay flat on your back, trying to force the air down your lungs for a second. You can feel everything. Your skimmed knees, your bruised elbows, the cut on your forehead, your bleeding nose...
You remember the Hobbits and sit up with a jolt. You wipe the blood running from your nose on your sleeve and try to stand up- only to fall to the ground again.
The little tumble and roll had messed with your inner ear and therefore, your balance. You try to stand again and stumble on the spot for a second. When you can more or less walk, you clumsily make your way back up the hill. You push yourself to get there as fast as you can, all things considered, but you are too late.
Sam is kneeling on the ground next to Frodo as Strider, who is now holding a torch, is fighting to keep the Riders off. You immediately join him and start slashing at them with your sword. You manage to fight four off the Tower as Strider sets fire to the other five. Their screams make your blood curl.
When they are finally gone, you expect to be met with silence and panting from Strider. Instead, you are met with the pained cries of Frodo.
"Strider! Ira!" Sam calls. "Help him!"
You kneel beside the halfling, ignoring the pain in your knees, and take a look at his wound as Strider picks up the blade he was stabbed with. The blade of the sword turns to ash the second his hands touch it. Strider is left with only the hilt.
"He's been stabbed by a Morgul blade," you explain, "this is beyond my skill to heal. He needs Elvish medicine." Strider nods and picks him up, Frodo still groaning in pain.
You all start hastily walking towards Rivendell and more importantly, far away from the Wraiths that were after you. Strider was making sure Frodo didn't fall off the horse while you held a torch, illuminating the path.
"But we're six days from Rivendell! He'll never make it!" Sam claims, voicing your thoughts. You don't answer, knowing he is right. Strider doesn't reply either. Sam seems to lose hope as he uselessly cries Gandalf's name into the wind. You stop as the night falls.
You turn to Strider: "If we want Frodo to have any chances of surviving, we shouldn't stop and continue until we get to Rivendell."
"That's far too dangerous," Strider argues.
"It's the only way. The poison travels extremely fast," you insist. "We won't stop and the Riders won't be able to reach us. It's the better option,"
"Look at them!" Strider snapped. "They're not made for this! They have about ten meals a day! You can't expect them to walk non-stop for six days, can you? They're stay at home creatures, they're no Rangers! Even less are they Elves!" he cried. The Hobbits sent you strange looks, realizing that you were, in fact, an elf.
"I am not relying on their strength, I am relying on their determination and their will for their friend to survive," you spit, your temper flaring. You turn to the Hobbits. "We will barely stop. We're running out of food. We're being chased by Wraiths. Make your choice."
Merry and Pippin exchange panicked looks, unsure of what to say. "Look, all I know is that we're wasting time, here! We'll ride!" Sam exclaims. You nod and send him a small smile. You admired his heart. You start to pick up what you had installed of a camp.
"This is what always gets you in trouble," Strider hisses, "You never think about the consequences!"
"Oh, I deeply apologize for not wanting the Ring Bearer to die!" you huff sarcastically. "The way I see it, either we ride slowly and stop at night and Frodo dies or we ride fast, no stops, as night too and Frodo lives!"
"So you would prefer the other three Hobbits to die instead?" Strider whisper-yells. You shake your head at him: "Well what other solution do you have?" He doesn't answer.
You stopped three days later to rest for the night, despite your constant protests. You had found a relatively safe-looking spot and soon, the three Hobbits were far away in the land of Sleep. You turn to Strider with a cold stare: "I'll take the first guard, I'll wake you up in a few hours." He nods. He hadn't been talking much to you since your disagreement.
Once you are sure he is asleep, you pack your bag with a small amount of food (making sure the four others still had some) for Frodo and yourself. You write a little note explaining your departure to Strider before you haul Frodo onto your back and just before you are out of sight, you throw a twig at Merry.
He shoots up and shakes Strider awake. Strider looks around before finding your note and pursing his lips.
You turn away and disappear into the night, not aware of the troubles ahead of you.
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just like the wind (part i)
summary: you and your friend wait for some unsuspecting visitors in the Prancing Pony
word count: 1'368
warnings: none I think, but tell me if you see any
Tumblr media
Your hair falls in front of your face as you glare at the life around you. "They were meant to be here hours ago. Are you even sure they're coming?" you ask hotly, glowering at your friend. You do not like waiting. Especially not in here, of all places. Dwarves, Men and other creatures seem to like being copped up in a bar with the smell of beer and smoke filling their nostrils. You, on the other hand, do not. Not at all. "Yes, I'm sure. Gandalf told me to meet them here. He, apparently, was delayed." Strider grumbles, just as annoyed with the Hobbits' late arrival as you are. Your slim fingers curl around the hilt of your favourite dagger as you observe the four smaller-than-average creatures enter the bar/Inn. You nudge your friend and jolt your chin in the direction of the small party. Strider's gaze follows yours and he sends you a nod. They were now sat down and talking quickly in hushed whispers. He nods and takes his pipe out, loosely placing it between his lips. You resist the urge to roll your eyes at his attitude. You lean back further into your seat and fold your arms in front of your chest, watching the hour halflings closely.
The Hobbit sitting next to Frodo whispers something to him. Your grey eyes catch the Ring Bearer's blue orbs as he sends you and Strider an anxious look. You push your head back further into your large hood, letting the shadows fall on your face, slightly concealing it. As the bartender passes by the Hobbits' table, Frodo reaches out and stops him. "Excuse me, those two in the corner, who are they?" he asks, his eyes nervously flitting over to the both of you. You can't hear exactly what he is saying, but with your elf hearing and lip-reading skills, you can take a pretty good guess at his words. The bartender raises his eyebrows until they reach his hairline. "They're two of them Rangers. Dangerous folk they are. Wander in the wilds. What is frightening, is that I've never heard of them around here. Strider and Ira." he whispers as if he was scared of even saying their names out loud. You are distracted by another man who keeps staring at you and Strider to notice a Hobbit leave the table and head to the bar. Soon enough, he starts stupidly hollering around the room, answering the man that had been staring. "BAGGINS? SURE, I KNOW A BAGGINS! HE'S OVER THERE! FRODO BAGGINS! He's my second cousin once removed on his mother's side..." The idiotic Hobbit continued telling the strangers about the Ring Bearer, unknowing of how thoughtless he was being. Frodo seems to understand that yelling out his name was maybe not such a good idea since he gets up and runs to the other Hobbit talking to the strange men. He grabs his shoulder, but slips and falls on the dirty, liquidy floor. The ring falls out of his grasp and into the air. You immediately shoot up and Strider sits up straighter. The ring falls back right onto his finger, turning the young Hobbit invisible. A collective gasp is heard. Strider takes in a sharp breath as he shoots up. You are already on it, grabbing the invisible Hobbit's arm. You and Strider drag him up to a room of the Inn. The other Ranger lets go of him and pushes him rather harshly on the floor. "You're bringing far too much attention to yourself, 'Mr. Underhill'," he warns coldly. Frodo takes the ring off and slips it safely into his pocket. "What do you want?" he demands shakily as he stands up. "A little more caution from you, that is no trinket you carry," you answer simply, staring down at him with a frown. Strider starts putting out all of the candles. "I carry nothing." Frodo denies as if you hadn't dragged him up a row of stairs while he was totally invisible. "Indeed," you snort, "I can avoid being seen if I wish, but to disappear entirely, that is a rare gift." "Who are you?" he asks feebly. You ignore his question. "Are you frightened?" Strider asks from where he stands, looking out of the window. "Yes," the Hobbit replies hesitantly. "Not nearly frightened enough." Strider purses his lips. "We know what hunts you," you elaborate, your lips curling into a
sneer at the thought of the Nazgûl. Seemingly out of nowhere, three Hobbits burst into the room. You drew your sword in a flash and point it at the middle one's throat. He swallows before yelling out: "Let him go or I'll have you long-shanks!" You sheath your sword and snort again. "Oh no! Now we're done for!" you mock. Strider sends you a disapproving look. "You have a stout heart, little Hobbit, but that will not save you. Ring Bearer," Strider turns to the dark-haired halfling, "you can no longer wait for the wizard." You nod along to his words, all traces of previous amusement now gone: "They are coming." Strider walks the Hobbits to another room, where you all would be spending the night, but you stay behind for a moment. You stuff everything you can find (pillows, blankets, books and candles) under the sheets of the four beds, making them look like bodies before you run off to meet the others. When you get back to the room, all of the Hobbits seem to be asleep. Strider is looking out the window. "They'll be here soon," he stated. You place a firm hand on his shoulder. "We have done all that we cold. Sleep, you need to rest. I will stand guard," you say softly. "I can take the-" he tried to argue but you cut him off with a shake of your head. "Sleep, my friend. I can never properly rest anyway." you reason. Strider nods and pulls his hood on. He falls asleep quickly. You sit on a stool, looking up at the stars thoughtfully. Your elf ears perceive the sound of Frodo twisting and turning in his bed. He sits up and rubs his face. You realize that he never fell asleep. "You should try to sleep, Frodo, a long journey awaits us tomorrow. You should rest while you can," you advise, keeping your eyes trained on the dark sky. "Well, I know, but I'm sleeping in the same room as you and Strider, and to be honest it's quite scary," he confesses, wringing his hands together. "Why is it scary?" you ask softly. "Well, you are Ira," he reminds you sheepishly, as if you could ever forget. "Ah, of course. I am a legend. A horror story," you smile sarcastically. "You are the story parents tell their children when they won't behave," he adds. "And who told you that?" you question, not denying the facts. "The bartender." You hum. "And do you not think that if we wanted you dead we would have already killed you?" you ask, raising an eyebrow in his direction. He does not answer. "Well, there you have your answer. But I promise you, Ring Bearer, that we only wish to get you to safety, you and your little friends," you continue. He nods: "You can call me Frodo, Miss." You nod: "Alice." He finally goes to sleep a few minutes later. Your shoulders tense when you hear the Ring-Wraiths' cries. The four Hobbits and Strider shoot up from their previously relaxed positions. You don't even need to spare them a glance to know the Hobbits are terrified. As they rightfully should be. "What are they?" Frodo asks in a frightened whisper. "They were once men," you say, staring holes into the room's door, "Great kings of men. Then Sauron the Deceiver gave to them nine rings of power. Blinded by their greed, they took them without question, one by one falling into darkness. Now, they are slaves to his way up. They are the Nine Wraiths. The Ring Wraiths. Neither living nor dead. At all times they feel the presence of the Ring. Drawn to the power of the one, they will never stop hunting you."
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nic0lee · 2 days ago
i refuse to accept any ship or otp in any fandom i'm in because 99% of the time i am so incredibly in love with one or both participants that i cannot handle the thought of them being with another person that's not me
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certainlovenacho · 3 days ago
Legolas falling in love with a human!reader
Tumblr media
He wouldn't know what to do with himself at first
let's be honest
You're most likely somebody who he meets during his time with the fellowship
And although he had no intention of falling in love
He met you
For better or for worse
He would be incredibly helpful during fights
Probably stealing your opportunities to kill because he doesn't want to risk you getting hurt
You would get mad at him, of course
But he wouldn't care as long as you're safe
He would train you whenever he could
Letting you use his bow and arrows
Which is a big deal to him
He would compliment you on your marksmanship
Even if you were terrible
And he is in awe at how skillful you become in battle
Especially if you can handle yourself well
His feelings are strong but well hidden
So you probably wouldn't have any clue that he was starting to like you unless he said so
But he's not accustomed to human courting
And the other members of the fellowship try to help him
His failed attempts at flirting are probably how you learn about his feelings
Because his flirting isn't exactly flirting
It's moreso just a confession of his feelings for you
Aka his love
Which is absolutely adorable
He would definitely try to teach you his mother tongue
So you can understand things that he calls you
The two of you are quick to take this opportunity
As your love won't last forever
But, by god, is it beautiful
Every moment you spend together feels like forever
And he makes sure to look at you whenever he can so he never forgets your face
He treats you like you're his soulmate, even if you aren't
His respect for you is completely unmatched
Nothing will ever change the way he feels about you
He'd do anything to see you smile, to see you happy
And he would comfort you as best as he could
Keeping you warm when you're cold
Feeding you if you're hungry
Kissing you at any opportunity he gets
He'd watch you whilst you slept in his arms
Not in a creepy way i promise
He's just protective of you
Keeping you safe for as long as possible is his goal
He's such a kind soul
And he understands that when you're gone, he will never have the same kind of love again
So what you have means a lot to him
As it does to you
Because although you won't be able to spend forever with him
He will spend forever with you
After the fellowship he takes you to the undying lands with Gimli
Of course he does
You'd get to spend the rest of your days with him
He refuses to leave your side even when you're old and grey
No matter what you look like he's with you
And only you
His love for you will never fade
It's a forever kind of thing i guess
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imnotevenhere9 · 4 days ago
Hello! I saw matchups were open and was wondering if I may request one for LoTR? —I’m 17, bisexual, and very feminine. —My pronouns are they/she/he. —I love to paint, garden, read, and explore things>:) —I’m kind of a menace to society, but I’m actually pretty nice. —I’ve studied/trained in hand-to-hand combat for 12 years now, and I’ve gotten very good! I’ve even trained at a military base before. I’m also good with swords, throwing knives, and Sai. —I love animals and do a lot of volunteer work with them. —I know multiple languages—English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Latin. —I’m 5’8 and quite slim, but very toned. —I have purple hair with blue bangs :) Thank you!!:D
S/o from LOTR: Legolas
he will stare at you training because he thinks you look majestic, only for Aragorn to tease him about it
he loves to listen to you speaking different languages, he also thinks it’s incredible that you remember all of them
he often plays with your hair, firstly just because he wanted to know how dyed hair feels, but then it became his habit. He especially likes to play with your hair either when you’re falling asleep or sitting on his lap. He also helps you with dyeing your hair
he makes sure to call you all of your pronouns, not just one set of them, because he wants to make sure you feel valid all the time
watching you play with animals is therapeutic for him. He loves seeing you happy and he thinks it’s just so cute
he will cherish your paintings forever. Even if you tell him to not, he will hang it up somewhere he can see it all the time and just look at the masterpiece you created
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roselightfairy · 7 days ago
Fic quiz: “You know the two of them's in a family way.”
You know how ceaselessly delighted I am that you've joined me in this rabbit hole, right? Especially knowing you've read Reading the Signs by Amuly! I confess I had to look up the title of this fic - I knew immediately what story the quote was from, remembered the author and even the summary, but I couldn't remember what it was called! So if this were an actual quiz game I would not have gotten the point, but I did know it in spirit! This is such a fun fic - and hilariously the reason I recognized the quote was because I remembered how delightfully it was read in the podfic.
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celeste-clearwater-06 · 7 days ago
So here's a face reveal for my loyal and amazing followers because you all deserve it!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sorry my camera quality is AWFUL and I have shaky hands but YAY!!
Thank you all so much, I cannot express my gratitude for all of you!!
And thanks to my 100th follower, @ineffablebean 💜💜
I love you all so much, and as an extra celebration, I'm posting random headcanons for Thorin's company!! <3
Thanks again, see you all soon!!
Also PLEASE let me know if you want to be a part of my tag list!!! 💜💜💜
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amessywritersmind · 11 days ago
At The End - Legolas
@lune-hime submitted:
Hi there! I’ve absolutely fallen in love with your writing and immediately had to request something! I was wondering if I could request a Legolas x elf reader where they are in an established relationship and reunite after the battle of Gondor in ROTK for Aragorn’s coronation. With fluffy interactions of them seeing each other again and partying/celebrating with the rest of the fellowship. Thank you so much love <3
Tumblr media
Summary: You and legolas finally reunite after the ring is destroyed.
Word Count: 822
Authors Note: I am so sorry this took me forever, but I hope you enjoy!!
It had felt like days since I’d last had sight of my friends. I had been too preoccupied with killing the orcs in front of me to pay attention to how far I’d wandered. If I looked to my right, I briefly thought I could catch a glimpse of a hobbit, and on my left, maybe the glistening white of Gandalf’s new attire, but I couldn’t be sure.
The battle had seemed to last for ages, surrounded on all sides by orcs that had just come directly from the mouth of evil itself. The only hope any of us soldiers held was a sliver, but it was there. The hope that Frodo and Sam would make it to the mountain and destroy the ring. The hope that Frodo and Sam would save us all.
I had believed in them from the very beginning. I had felt in my heart that Frodo could do it, with great sacrifice, but it was one he was willing to make. So when the tower fell, and the earth around the men of middle earth fell, taking many orcs with it, I couldn’t help the slight pain in my heart at the worry for Frodo.
Finally though, I could breath, and with this, I began searching for some familiar faces. Eventually I found Eomer and followed him back up to the white city, hoping with everything in me that I would find long, shining blonde hair and blue eyes waiting for me somewhere up there. Once we arrived in the city, we immediately went to get treated for the injuries that are always inevitably obtained when one is in war.
I spent quite a while in the medical area waiting for my injuries to heal, just itching to get up and walk around and more importantly, see my friends. Once I was finally well enough to leave, I immediately set out to find someone I knew. Eowyn just happened to be that person. She caught me up on all that had happened in the past few days regarding Aragorn and his upcoming coronation. She also informed me that Elrond and Arwen were here for said coronation, and that Arwen had brought me one of my special dresses from home.
Eowyn showed me to a room she claimed Aragorn had reserved just for me, showed me where everything to bath and dress was, and left me to my devices to get ready. I quickly washed and dried, stepping into a beautiful elvish gown in the shade of lavender. Arwen knew me well. Once I was satisfied with my hair, I made my way to where Eowyn told me to meet her.
In her place, I found the blonde haired elf that I had been looking for since the battle ended. I nearly cried at the sight of him, his smile and his bright eyes casting themselves in my direction. My legs seemed to freeze up, and then suddenly melt, make a beeline straight for his arms.
“Legolas” I all but whispered, close to tears.
“I knew you’d be alright” He said, his voice full of relief.
“I’ve been looking for you for days, I didn’t know where you were or if you were ok or not. You worried me!” I started venting, letting out all the pent up frustrations. He only laughed and pulled back to look me in the eye.
“I’m sorry Melamin (my love), I tried searching for you too, but it wasn’t until I ran into Eowyn that I found you. And I’m so glad I did. I too was worried, you know.” He admitted, gently placing a hand on my cheek, stroking it lightly with his thumb. I kissed the palm of his hand lightly.
“Everyone is ok?” I asked quietly, afraid to hear the answer. He nodded lightly.
“Everyone made it. We did it A’maelamin, Sauron is done and we’re alive, and I love you.” He exclaimed.
Instead of answering with words, I lean in to kiss him deeply. We pulled away, slightly flushed and breathless. Legolas smiled in a comforting sort of way before gesturing to the doors of the walkway we had been standing in.
“Come, Aragorn is waiting for us. Besides, he doesn’t know Arwen is here and I want to see his face when he does.” He confessed with a chuckle. I couldn’t help but laugh too. Anyways, I was excited to see the rest of the fellowship. I had missed them all dearly.
We stood off to the side, watching with awe and pride at the man Aragorn had become. A true king and righteous ruler. He came down the pathway after being crowned, saying hello to his friends along the way, until he came to us. Legolas and I stood in front of Arwen, shielding her from view as we congratulated him on everything he’s accomplished.
Later that evening, the fellowship gathered in the dining hall where a celebration was taking place. There were drink and food as far as the eye could see, and laughter and music was all that could be heard. Frodo and Sam were sat watching Merry and Pippin make a fool of themselves, as usual, a drink in each of their hands. The good in Middle Earth had won. We deserved this.
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spideyanakin · 14 days ago
Hello ^-^ ! for blurb night could I please request Legolas with these 2 prompts - “It’s killing you." (Legolas to reader) and “You didn’t think you’d be able to get rid of me just yet did you?”. Thank you so much! <3
🐊Request a blurb🐊
Magic Flower 🌻
Like being hit by an arrow wasn't enough - you had to be chased by Nazguls and had to be hit with their blades.
Legolas who was desperately trying to save you was too panicked to think of any remedies.
"But how about when I was hurt by one?" Frodo tried to help but that didn't seem to ease Legolas's mind.
Aragorn on the other side of the group was picking wild flowers. He seemed happy with what he had chosen and got something out of his bag when he made his way back to you.
"Legolas-" You reached for his hand and gave it a squeeze.
“Y/n- It’s killing you."
"L- Legolas I- I'm going to be fine." You choked out but you didn't seem fine. Right as you finished your sentence you were hit with a wave of pain and your eyes turned bright blue.
"We're lucky to be in these parts of Middle earth." Aragorn said as he bent down and fed you some magic mixture he had managed to make.
In a matter of seconds you seemed to stop shacking, your breaths becoming steadier.
"Y/n?" Legolas asked, hope settling inside his stomach when he saw your beautiful eyes lightly opening to met his.
“You didn’t think you’d be able to get rid of me just yet did you?”
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leonartdo-davinci · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Yes I am obsessed with a short king and a pointy eared senior citizen's friendship, why do you ask?
Tagging some people who I think will like this- @justmemyselfandthefridge @crzyprsn42 @thewhiteladyofrohan @i-am-darth-feanor @ahs0katan @artreblogcaptain @glittering-galaxy-grapes @cordelias-musings @simpingforwillsolace
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Imagine helping Legolas deal with a sprained ankle
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was all your fault, so Legolas would say.
“If you hadn’t had been so reckless, I wouldn’t have had to jump down from the boulder to assist you with the orc,” he’d complain regularly, from his position forcibly laying down in his sleeping pack with an elevated foot.
Whenever he’d try to rise again to bicker louder with you, a tending Aragorn would push him down again with a hand to his chest.
It was funny the first few days, you couldn’t lie, but now? Well, now it was just sad.
Legolas prided himself on his athletic ability, that much was obvious to you and the rest of the Fellowship early into your journey.
He’d regularly prance ahead like a young foal, or walk across snow with a smug smirk on his face. He was the strongest member there, and never let anyone forget it. This is also why he took injury the worst out of everyone.
It wasn’t, in all actuality, technically your fault. You needed help with an orc, yes, but Legolas timing his jump wrong and spraining his ankle had nothing to do with you.
Alas, he was gaining cabin fever from his immobilised state, therefore anger was bubbling in his chest—directed at you. You didn’t take it personally, but it was starting to wear down on you.
The walks through the days were slower, as Legolas would limp along with a homemade walking stick, fashioned out of a long branch.
Whenever he’d notice you or someone else looking at him over his shoulder, as he bared his teeth in wincing hurt, he’d quickly glare and push on harder.
You’d softly shake your head, but look away regardless.
It was unnatural to see an elf in such a state, like roses freezing over. Even more so, it was unnatural to see Legolas so grumpy. He was quite light-hearted at the beginning of the journey—you remember making a mental note that he’d probably be one of the best to hang around with due to so.
Alas, his sprained ankle and no doubt self-inflicted embarrassment brought the deeply rooted competitiveness out within him.
You were all sat around a fire tonight (save for Boromir and Gimli, who were off scouting the area), like many other evenings—laughing and pulling rabbit meat off of a skewer.
Legolas was a few yards away, pouting in his sleeping bag. You had brought his food to him a few minutes earlier, but he turned you away and claimed he wasn’t hungry.
“You’ll need sustenance to heal, little elf,” you laughed, trying to humour him.
All you received was a gruff grunt, and, “Don’t tell me how elves heal—I’m quite aware of my own race, thank you very much.”
You heard Pippin hissing through a wince, and bared your own teeth in cringe as you turned on your heel and headed back towards the campfire.
“Pay him no mind,” Aragorn said, leaning across to you. “Elves, especially the Mirkwood strain, are very prideful folk. He’ll come to his senses once his foot heals.”
“I can’t imagine it’ll heal anytime soon if he keeps pushing himself every day like he’s doing,” you pointed out.
Aragorn sighed. “That is entirely Thranduil’s blood coming out in him.”
“Remind me to never step foot in Mirkwood then,” you grinned.
Aragorn gave a toothy smile back, and bonked his skewer with yours in a “cheers to that” motion.
You could feel Legolas’ eyes burning into the back of your head, but paid it no mind. You didn’t dare glance over your shoulder, lest Mordor freeze over.
The rest of the camp continued on in low chatter, that is until Boromir and Gimli came rushing back—completely out of breath.
“What is it?” Aragorn asked right away.
“Orc scouts,” Boromir answered, wiping the sweat from his brow. “Thirty, give or take, approaching from the west.”
The camp looked around at each other quickly in fright, before Aragorn jumped into action. Rising to his feet, he grabbed his sword and dictated everyone else to do the same.
“We’ll meet them half way and use the element of surprise,” he said.
Legolas began rising to his own feet, though, a great deal of strained effort was noticeable on his end.
“I’m coming, I just need to get my bow,” Legolas announced, barely able to move the foot resting on a sleeping pack.
“No, not you, mellon nîn,” said Aragorn, upholding a hand and motioning for Legolas to lay down again. “Please, stay behind. Though your valiance is admirable, you will only get in the way of this fight. Rest, and fight when your ankle heals.”
Legolas’ face contorted in hurt, and you imagined this was the first time the athletic prince had ever been sidelined.
You all stood around in misplaced guilt, fiddling with your swords and avoiding eye contact with Legolas.
Finally, the elf’s jaw set, and he forcibly fell back down into sheets—turning over and pulling the covers up over his shoulder.
“We can’t leave him vulnerable,” Sam pointed out, whispering quietly as to not anger Legolas further. However, you could see his pointed ears twitching back, and knew he heard every gut-punching word.
Aragorn nodded, and turned his eyes to you. The hobbits had to stay under the protection of Aragorn, and leaving Frodo and the Ring out of sight and alone behind in the camp simply wasn’t an option.
Aragorn gestured between you and Legolas discreetly. Understanding his words, you dropped your shoulders and sighed.
“I’ll stay back and tend to the camp,” you announced.
The rest of the Fellowship gave you an apologetic look, before running off into the forest towards the orcs.
You were soon left with the silence of the camp, save for the angered breathing of Legolas and the crackling of the dimming fire.
Stood there unsure of what to do in the awkward space, you continued fiddling with the pommel of your sword, and looked at Legolas.
His back was rising and falling quickly—clearly infuriated with the whole situation. You felt bad for him, you really did, but you were still unsure of how to approach him.
Looking down to the fire again, you saw untouched skewers of meat, and arrived at a resolution.
With the food in hand, you walked over to the prince. He could hear you coming, and with every crunch of your boots on the foliage, his eyes twitched.
Sitting down beside his back, you placed a hand on the broad of his shoulder and shook him gently. “The rabbit smells really good, and has that beautiful, slightly charred smoky taste. Seems a waste to not eat it, no?”
“Not hungry,” Legolas grumbled.
“You need to heal your ankle, Legolas,” you said again, this time sterner. “You need to ea—”
“Not. Hungry.”
Thinning your lips, you shook your head down at Legolas in disappointment. “Legolas, I know you’re upset with me regarding your ankle, but holding a grudge isn’t going to—”
He swiftly turned over in his pack, and stared at the dimming fire.
“We need more firewood,” he said, glaring at the dying flames.
You followed his line of sight, and noticed he was indeed right. However, you recalled the orcs and what Aragorn expected of you.
“We’ll just have to wait for the others. I can’t leave the camp to fetch more, and I definitely can’t leave you vulnerable to—”
“Ugh! I’ll do it myself!” Legolas exclaimed. He rose swiftly and tried limping out into the woods with clenched fists and squared shoulders.
“Legolas!” you called, quickly grabbing your sword and cursing under your breath. “Wait! You shouldn’t be on that ankle!”
But he was already marching on.
Heading a few strides out into the forest, Legolas went farther and farther to find the best firewood. You ran behind him, surprised he could go so far for someone who was injured.
“Wait!” you yelled again, finally jumping out in front of him. “Go back to sleep, Legolas. Now.”
He merely glared at you, and stepped around your form—pushing on.
Groaning in frustration, you turned around and pulled on his shoulder. “I’m serious, Legolas! There are orcs out here at the moment, and I need to stay by the camp!”
“Then you can go back,” Legolas growled, forcibly shoving your hand off of his shoulder. “I don’t need to be babysat by you.”
“No,” you agreed, “but you do need my help with your ankle!”
Grabbing the bottom of his cloak, you started pulling him back towards the camp.
“Let go!” he shouted, digging his one good heel into the ground and pulling his cape back—initiating a tug of war between you both.
“No!” you denied, pulling the cloak again. “You’re coming back with me, and that’s final!”
“NO!” Pull. “I’m helping by getting firewood!”
Yank. “You’re not helping at all! You’re putting me in a tough situation instead!”
“It’s not your problem!” Tug.
“Yes, it is!” you exclaimed, pulling the cloak one more time. “It is my problem, because you’ve become a HUGE problem for the entire Fellowship!”
Upon pulling one last time, Legolas lost his footing and tripped, causing you both to fall down.
You each groaned in pain as your backs were sprawled across the foliage. Legolas was the first to sit up, but immediately yelped in pain as he did so.
He held his ankle tight, and bared his teeth as to stop himself from crying out.
“It’s worse,” he whispered, avoiding your eyes. “My ankle—I think I hurt it more.”
You stared at Legolas in horror, as he clutched said sore ankle. You sat up next to him, and ran a finger along it.
He jolted immediately, and fought back another cry by biting down on his bottom lip.
“Dammit, Legolas…” you cursed, furrowing your brows and shaking your head. “Why couldn’t you have just listened to me? You need to rest.”
Upon glaring up at him, you were taken aback, for there were unshed tears in the elf’s eyes. He was clearly holding himself back from letting them fall, as he sniffled and studied his ankle.
“Legolas?” you called softly, reaching a hand up and gently directing his chin to face you. “What’s going on with you?”
Letting the first tear fall, and swallowing the lump in his throat, Legolas spoke up in a quiet voice—finally unbottling his emotions.
“I’m supposed to be the athlete,” he said, studying your eyes before looking down again. “I was always the best in training. I’ve pushed myself through rain, mud and more, because I’ve always been the best. And now? Now I can’t even fetch firewood for my friends...”
Sympathy overtook your eyes, as you suddenly understood the elf.
“You still are the best here, Legolas,” you promised, trying to catch his eyes as he averted them. “A sprained ankle means nothing in the grand scheme of it. You are, without a doubt, the strongest one of us here. None of us think differently of you simply because you’re hurt.”
“But I feel so useless!” he exclaimed, letting a few more tears fall. “My friends are out there right now pulling their own weight against the orcs, and I’m stuck here crying on the ground because I can’t even walk.”
“But you will walk again,” you assured him, turning his chin once more. “And when that day comes—which isn’t too far off, mind you—those orcs will wish they hadn’t ever left Mordor.”
You laughed brightly for a moment in afterthought, earning a smile from Legolas.
“What?” he asked gently.
“Do you remember how you took that cave troll down in Moria?” you chuckled again, thinking of the memory. “You scaled atop the darn thing and shot two arrows into its brain!”
“Three…” Legolas sheepishly corrected, now grinning in a shy way.
“Three,” you annulled, grinning back up at him. “Trust me, Legolas. Your friends think nothing less of you than pure amazing talent. Don’t let it eat away at you.”
Legolas nodded to himself for a moment, before another sheepish grin formed on his lips. “Speaking of eating…are there any of those rabbit meat skewers still left back at camp?”
You smiled warmly, and helped him up.
He tentatively accepted your aid, and slowly wrapped an arm over your shoulder, as you helped him limp back to camp.
“C’mon, athlete. Let’s get you some food.”
Tumblr media
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someoneinthestars · 15 days ago
Thranduil, Legolas and Elrond with an s/o that has nose piercing.
Requested by: @snakesofindia-sursesaji
Hi I have a request for a headcanon for Thranduil , Legolas and Elrond having an s/o with a nose piercing.
Sorry if my English is bad, it is not my first language
A/N: Hey! Thanks for the request. Don't worry, English is not my first language either. Hope you like it😊
Tumblr media
Thranduil likes jewels of every kind
And when he saw you for the first time, the first thing he saw was that small jewel shining in your nose
He was intrigued at first of why that thing was in your nose
But then he got curious about it
Because it was small, pretty and shiny
And it was in your nose, which was something new
When you explained to him what that was, he payed attention at every single word
Always asking if you had more of them, how you put the piercing on your nose
He was actually thinking about getting one for himself
But then you told him whay would be necessary to do to give him a piercing
He thanked you, but gave up
Just admiring this mini jewel on your nose from afar
Tumblr media
Elrond was intrigued since the first time he saw you with that shiny thing on your nose for the first time
However, he didn't ask you right away what was that thing
He tried to discover first himself what was that
Even asking Erestor if he knew something about it
But when he couldn't find it at all, he decided to ask you
"Y/N, what is this thing on your nose called?"
And then you explained to him about your piercing
He payed all the attention of the world on your explanation, not interrupting you at all
And when you finished to explain everything about piercings, he asked how could you put that thing there
When you told him, he just stared at you
He didn't judge you at all, but he couldn't understand why someone would pierce their own nose on purpose
Tumblr media
Legolas was intrigued about many things when he first saw you
He just had so many questions
But all of them could wait, because all he wanted to know was that little shiny thing on your nose
He asked all the possible questions in the world about that to you
And when you told him a nose piercing wasn't the only piercing that existed, he made a shocked expression
But then he came back to the questions, now asking you how could you let that small thing still on your nose
And then you explained him that you had to pierce your nose, so it could stay still there
He liked it so much he wanted one for himself
But Aragorn stopped him
Because the last thing he wanted now was Legolas with a pierced nose
He thanked you anyway, but not giving up the idea
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thespiritoflife · 15 days ago
Could you write a Legolas x reader elf, the reader is Elronds daughter. Legolas and the reader are betrothed to one another, but have only exchanged letters due to their kingdoms being so far apart. She joins the dwarves on their journey during the Hobbit to help out. When they get surrounded by the wood elves she draws her bow at Legolas, he is shocked for a moment that an elf would be traveling with dwarves let alone defending one. Thranduil later reveals that the elf is in fact Legolas fiancé (First impressions lol). Idk what happens next, maybe his reaction?
Aww, interesting idea!! Here is the result, hope you like it!
Pairing: Legolas x reader
Warnings: grammatical errors, spiders?
Arivae - sunlight
A conceited prince
Tumblr media
Dear Y / N,
I've never seen you before, but I feel like I already know you very well.  I'm looking forward to finally getting to know you and finally being able to talk to you. After all, I have to get to know my fiancée personally, not only through letters.
I look forward to your next letter as well.  I like to read them, they get my mood better a lot, especially when I go into battle.  You are my sun.
Have a nice day, Arivae.
The letter never came.
The letter never came from me.  I didn't have time to write to him.  But I hoped that with all this, when we will finally meet, I would explain it to him and he would understand.  He sounded like a wise elf from the letters.
I still carried his letter with me and read it.  It always made me happy.
I read it even now.
I was sitting on that stump, we were in a forest, we got lost. I was in a spider web the moment before and a gigantic spider wanted to eat me.  My friend Kili saved me.  And I was exhausted, so I decided that now was the time to read the letter.
"Y / N! Y / N! What are you doing?"  someone shouted.
I immediately hid the letter in my pocket.  "Nothing, Kili," I smiled.
But Kili didn't smile.  "Spiders are still here. We have to go."
I stood up.  "And where are the others?"  I asked.
"I don't know. They were here a while ago and ..." he didn't say as some spiders began to fall on us.
"Damn!"  I cursed and picked my bow.  I shot a few spiders between eyes, but there were too many.
"Kili! Behind you!"  I shouted as the spider pounced on him.
Kili wanted to stab it when the spider fell to the ground out of nowhere.
"What?"  I didn't understand, but I didn't have time to think.
It happened somehow fast.  I realized we weren't alone.  However, the spiders disappeared or some were dead.
Suddenly someone caught me.  That someone was an elf with dark hair.
"You're coming with us. And so are you," he shouted at us.
I sighed and glanced at Kili.  He was in a similar situation.
The elf led us deeper into the forest until we finally found ourselves among the other elves and dwarves.  At the same time, I was relieved that they were fine, but at the same time, I did not feel comfortable.
One blond-haired elf was talking with Glóin.  He looked at his memory, his wife and child.
"Lass! I'm so glad you're okay!"  Fili shouted and wanted to run to me, but the blond elf stopped him and aimed his bow at him.
I didn't hesitate and aimed my bow at him as well.  On that supercilious elf.
There was silence, and then the elf narrowed his eyes at me.  "An elven woman with dwarves? I don't see that very often."
I was still holding the bow.  "Stop aiming at my friend," I snapped.
"I'll stop if you stop aiming at me," he said.
I growled.
Fili looked at me.  "It's okay,"  he added.
Reluctantly, I gave up and laid my bow on the ground.  The elf stopped aiming at Fili but still had a bow with him.
"You will come with us," he said.
"Where?"  I shouted.
He chased me.  "You'll find out later,"
I had strange feelings about that elf.  I should have been glad that I was finally with the elves, my kind, not only with the dwarves, but something bothered me.  I knew he wouldn't hurt us.  But I wasn't sure why I was thinking this.
We had no choice but to submit.  To give up.
We found ourselves in a kingdom.  I had no idea where we were.
On the throne, however, sat the king, also the elf, and on his head was a crown of twigs.
The blond elf was still holding me, he didn't want to let me go.  The king noticed.
"Let go of that woman elf," he ordered.  He added. "She belongs among us."
The blond elf looked at me in disbelief but released me.
The king spoke.  He ignored the dwarves, only perceived me.  "Who are you, a beautiful rose?"
The blond elf turned away.
I was insecure.  "It doesn't matter. I'll keep my name to myself. I'm just asking you to let us go. We have done nothing wrong, Your Majesty."
He looked at me thoughtfully.  "Hmm .. I don't believe it. Then I'll talk to that ..." he looked at Thorin.
Thorin shrugged.
The king turned his attention back to me.  "It's a shame. It's a shame ..." he said.  I didn't understand what he meant.
He stopped focusing on me and looked at the guards.  "Throw them in the dungeon. Except for Thorin."
It wasn't exactly the most pleasant in the dungeon.  Although there were worse places than this, but ... the dungeon is a dungeon.
"My daughter! My daughter is in a dungeon!"  my father's voice echoed in my head.
I rolled my eyes.  "Yes, Dad, I am,"  I added in my mind and sighed. 
My father wasn't too happy when I wanted to join Thorin's company, but in the end, I was able to convince him.
"I still want to experience the adventure before the wedding,"  I told him and then he softened.
He agreed.
Suddenly, a guard appeared at my dungeon.  "The King wishes your presence," he explained, unlocking the dungeon.
The dwarves started cursing and begging me not to go, but I managed to calm them down.
I wondered as I followed him.
I found myself in the throne room again.  The king sat on the throne and the blond elf was there.
Thorin was there, too.  He looked angry.
The king from the throne and approached me.  "Mhm ... that's a coincidence to me. If you just know ..." he muttered under his nose.
"Why did you call me here?"  I asked.
The king was silent and grinned strangely.  He looked at the elf and me.
"You don't know who I am, do you? I'm Thranduil, the king of the wood elves."
Thranduil?  It seemed familiar to me.
A blond elf spoke.  "Why are you saying that? Why did you call her?"
Thranduil grinned again.  As if he had fun with us.
"You're Elrond's daughter, aren't you? Your name is Y / N. Then you haven't met my son yet."
The elf suddenly turned pale.
"His name is Legolas. Yes, that Legolas. You two are engaged."  Thranduil finished and went back to the throne.
Thorin cleared his throat.  "I'm sorry, Y / N. I accidentally told him your name."
"It's OK."  I lied, but it wasn't okay.
Legolas?  We stared at each other.  God, it was so embarrassing!
"You ... you ... you're Legolas?"  I couldn't believe it
He nodded slowly.  "And you .. Y / N."
"I ... I didn't know ... God, it shouldn't have ended like this. We shouldn't have met in circumstances like this ..."
"Yes. We shouldn't. Can you explain to me why you, my fiancée, joined Thorin's company? It's dangerous!"  he looked angrily.  He even came closer to me.
"Because I wanted to! Listen, just because I'm your fiancée doesn't mean I'll do what you want!"  I shouted.
Legolas blushed.  I felt that Legolas doesn't blush very often.
"And will you mainly explain to me why you didn't respond to me! I was afraid!"
He was afraid?
I stomped my feet.  "Because I didn't have time! I was with the dwarves! I thought you'd understand, but not. You shouldn't be afraid!"  I screamed.
"You're a stupid elf!"
I was silent.  "You called me Arivae in the letters, you conceited prince!"
He blushed even more.  "Because I didn't know who you were!"
"Okay, that should be enough, kids. Don't argue. You're getting married."  Thranduil.
"I'm not marrying him," I said.
"Me too," Legolas repeated.
Thranduil rolled his eyes.  "Sure. But YOU have to get married. You're engaged since you were a child."
My father's words echoed in my head.  "We need you to go to Mirkwood. It's important for future descendants. For the family line."
When I remembered the mention of the future descendants, I blushed.
"Fine. I'll marry you. Because I have to. My father wants this. "  I said.
Legolas sighed.  "Okay, well then. I have to marry you too."  he turned to his father.
He had fun with us.  "I haven't had fun like this for a long time!"
Tumblr media
As Y / N left angrily with Legolas, Thranduil winked at Thorin.  "Something tells me that the two of them will have a tumultuous married life, but that in the end, they will fall in love."
Thorin rolled his eyes.  "And aren't they in love yet?"
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spideyanakin · 19 days ago
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escapades-to-rivendell · 25 days ago
Growing From the Ashes - Chapter One
Pairing: Modern!Aragorn x F!OC
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 3k
Warnings: Drug Use, Alcohol Mention
Summary: Ash goes on a hiking expedition/camping trip with Strider and the rest of the Fellowship. Things go great. Until they don't.
A/N: This is a horror WIP, tags and warnings will be updated accordingly in following chapters. This is my first time posting a fic so please be patient with me!
Read it on AO3
This will be good for us.
The words echoed through her head as she watched the trees roll by. She didn’t know what they were, and didn’t care to break the semi-comfortable silence enough to ask the man driving the truck they’d been more or less trapped in for the last day and a half. This trip was more for him, that went without saying. She didn’t know much about his past, but from what she could piece together he had been raised in the woods by hippies or some crazy thing. The more she thought about it, actually, she didn’t know much about anything. The man beside her or the thickening trees whipping past them.
She didn’t even know what to call him, as far as their relationship went. Sure, they had been spending all of their spare time together since they met in Intro to Environmental Studies last semester, but it’s not like they had made any verbal agreements about what that meant. They hadn’t even slept together. Shit, they hadn’t kissed yet, either.
The main strain in their relationship, whatever it was, was her constant thoughts of insecurity and self-doubt. She knew nothing about the outdoors, nor cared to; ENV101 was simply a degree requirement on her part. Most conversations the two of them shared were dominated by his animated descriptions of various flora and fauna of frighteningly specific regions of the United States. She didn’t mind this outright, but she wished she could keep up with him once in a while.
Lost once again in a spiral of thoughts and barely clinging to her desperate mantra that this will be good for us, it took three repeats of her name before her attention was caught away from the rushing trees, growing still bigger and thicker with every passing mile.
“Ash!” If it hadn’t been for the edge of annoyance in his voice, he likely would have continued to go unnoticed, but her head finally snapped around, her neck popping in two places with the sudden movement.
“Sorry, lost in thought. What’s up?”
“Are you ready? We’re almost there.”
For the first time in several hours, Ash really looked at his face. His real name was another item on the extensive list of Things Ash Doesn’t Know, but Strider did suit him. His sparkling grey eyes seemed to look beyond the windshield, beyond the road, and into adventures far before him. His excitement, while contained to his eyes, was palpable and honest, the same as it had been when he had first told her about the trip and proposed that she finally come along.
“Is everyone else already there or did we make good enough time that we beat everyone?” She kept her tone even, not wanting to rock the boat. They had had a decent fight in the motel the previous night about her reservations about meeting the rest of his hiking crew and rehashing that did not seem like an avenue worth pursuing.
“No, everyone should be there. Stopping last night set us behind.” One calloused hand reached up to brush a few strings of hair out of his storm-grey eyes but there was no malice in his voice. He was passionate, but the farthest thing from unkind as a person could be.
Ash shifted in the rough bench seat, stretching her arms and attempting to regain her bearings. As she looked through the bug-spattered windshield, she could see the sign of the campsite growing out of the trees.
“I’m ready.” She stuffed her until now forgotten romance novel into the glovebox and straightened in her seat.
Meeting the crew was overwhelming, but not as much so as Ash had been expecting. She was not particularly thrilled about being the only woman on a ten-person hiking trip, but everyone had seemed genuinely interested in her, not the fact that she was, in fact, a her. Maybe this would be tolerable after all; everyone was nice, and it was only three nights, after all. Worse came to worse, Ash knew she had her own small tent Strider lent her, and that would garner at least a small amount of privacy in a pinch.
Her mood continued to improve as the group made their way to the trailhead. Strider was ahead at the front of the group, but it didn’t bother her. He was a natural leader, and he was in his element. She knew it wouldn’t be fair to drag him down to her pace at the back of the group, and she was content to take up the rear anyway. Gave her plenty of time to think.
This will be good for us.
She had stumbled into a frenzied, schoolgirl’s crush and wanted, of course, for things to work out between her and Strider. To be by his side forever, following him on adventures and getting to stare into those stormy eyes whenever she so desired. To listen to his deepest thoughts and feelings as they lay together at night, her fingers tracing patterns over his chest that so far had gone unseen by her, but that she could tell was strong and muscular. All she needed to do was learn to love being surrounded by nature the way Strider loved it, to love it in a way a city girl used to a plethora of modern conveniences maybe never could.
Ash was still resting comfortably in daydream-Strider’s embrace when she heard her name spoken by an unfamiliar voice, startling her back to the present.
“Ash, right?” Her head swiveled around to see, at first, nothing but a bushy red beard. It seemed to take up the stocky man’s entire face, and the thought crossed her mind that Strider must have gotten in with the grad students—despite the fact they were both only sophomores. That beard was impossibly long and full for how young they still were.
“Right,” she replied, finally meeting his dark, sparkling eyes. “I’m terrible with names, I’m sorry, what was yours again?” She winced hearing how whiny and apologetic her voice sounded, but it was too late now. Why can’t I just speak confidently for once? I can’t make a fool of myself in front of Strider’s friends.
The man smiled. “There’s eight of us for you to remember, and only one of you. Don’t worry about it too much. My name is Gimli.”
Ash smiled back, grateful that so far at least one of Strider’s companions was as kind-hearted as he was. “I appreciate it. I have to admit, I’m a little out of my element here. I don’t typically spend my time outside or with groups of people, let alone both at the same time.”
“I hear you,” Gimli chuckled. “If we’re being honest with each other, I don’t leave my workshop much except for these outings with El… Strider.”
The stumble got Ash’s attention in a hurry. He was going to call Strider by a different name. His real name? Does everyone here know it but me? Why is it such a secret? “Workshop? What’s your major? Or are you a grad student?” Her addendum likely didn’t make her look any better, but she was genuinely curious how old the people she was travelling with were.
“I’m a grad student, yeah. I spend a lot of time in the art building, I want to open a jewelry store someday.” He breezed quickly by this fact before Ash could ask another question. “Besides the two doctorate students up at the front, I’m the oldest sonofabitch here.” He chuckled again, and gestured to the two men walking closest to Strider. Their faces were still blurry with unfamiliarity in Ash’s mind, but one had beautifully long blonde hair tied up into a practical ponytail, and one, who had a dope walking stick as far as Ash was concerned, had… grey hair?
Ash’s anxiety was overridden by curiosity. “Gimli, could you help me? I’d really like to have a better idea of who everyone is.”
“Of course, kid! The two lads up front, the doctorate students, that’s Legolas and Gandalf. They’ve been working on their dissertations for, well, practically forever. You can tell it’s taken its toll; no man should go grey at 32. But at least the lads or ladies will know what they’re getting into.” Gimli broke off to laugh again, amused by his own jokes at his friend’s expense. That’s what friends were for, Ash supposed. It was odd that since leaving for this trip, not one person she had interacted with had shown anything other than genuine kindness towards her. Not unwelcome, by any means, but odd for sure.
“What are they writing their dissertations on?”
“Legolas has an incapability to make decisions, so no one really knows. He works with plants though, so he’ll probably settle on medical uses of some really specific plant.” Another laugh. Ash was becoming very fond of this laugh, rough and deep in his barrel chest. “Gandalf’s has something to do with metaphysics and the occult, but he’s such a perfectionist that I doubt he’ll ever finish it at this point. He really chose the wrong field, not enough hard facts.”
This time it was Ash’s turn to laugh. “You might be right about that. I took a couple religion courses last year because I thought it would be interesting, all it did was give me an existential crisis.”
“Gandalf might agree with you, honestly. Poor guy smokes almost as much as Willie Nelson.”
“He smokes weed?” She kept her voice down, although she wasn’t sure if it mattered. His smoking habits, if they were what Gimli said they were, had to be common knowledge for everyone in the hiking crew.
“So much weed, Ash.” Gimli broke out into a full belly laugh this time, and Ash joined him. “He’s always willing to share,” he added, and tipped her a wink. Ash filed that fact away for later, fully intending on buying a joint or two further into the trip. Maybe when they made camp that night. “Anyways, the other scruffy fella is Boromir,” Gimli went on. “He’s a junior, a fancy poli-sci major. Between you and me, I think he’s just going that way to be like his father. He’d make a great history professor; he knows just about everything about ancient civilizations.”
A sexy history professor, Ash thought, but kept it to herself. She remembered when the group had first coalesced at the campsite, and thinking that she might try and get his number in case things with Strider didn’t work out. A terrible thought maybe, but his strong jawline and broad shoulders were stunning.
“Finally, you’ve got the babies of the group.” Gimli’s deep voice startled Ash out of her thoughts again. Spacing out and daydreaming about boys was becoming a problem. “The four freshman, all undecided majors. We’ve got Frodo and Sam—” he gestured to one of the two pairs of guys directly in front of them, one dark-haired, the other a dirty strawberry blonde, “—and Merry and Pippin, who may as well be twins as far as any of us are concerned.” He was right about that. They had been nearly indistinguishable back at the parking lot, and the backs of their heads weren’t any more helpful.
Gimli and Ash continued discussing the other members of the crew as the miles to their campsite dragged on (it still bothered Ash a little that they couldn’t have driven directly there, but Strider had insisted hiking first, camping second; the parking is better here anyways), with Merry and Pippin occasionally breaking in with snide remarks once they realized they were a topic of conversation. By the time they had finished their six-mile trek, Ash finally felt like she belonged somewhere, aching legs and sore back be damned.
Their first camping site on the journey was gorgeous. It was September, and the mountain winds were picking up enough to scare away most casual hikers. No one was around to enjoy the turning colors and crisp autumn air except Ash and her nine companions. It was easily agreed upon that a bonfire would be built as soon as tents were pitched, and the four freshmen (who had, to Ash’s curiosity, tied their boots to their packs about a half mile into the hike and stuffed their socks into their pockets) set quickly to making a wonderful-smelling supper.
The stew, which turned out to be less glamorous than it smelled, was no more than reconstituted camping rations. Ash went into the meal not sure what to expect, being entranced by the aroma but at the same time repulsed by the idea that shorty before entering her mouth, it was nothing more than a dehydrated powder in a bag. She needn’t have worried; Sam, the freshman with beautiful golden curls, had brought some small plastic bags full of not drugs, but spices, and had made the stew come alive. Dessert was smore’s, in typical camping fashion. Not even die-hard hikers could escape that delicious tradition, as it turned out. Laughter constantly echoed off the trees as the group ate and shared stories of camping trips gone by.
At the end of the night, after a couple beers and more than a couple joints—to Ash’s delight, Gandalf was more than happy to share his stash, free of charge—were passed around the circle, the group dispersed into their tents, neatly arranged in a larger circle around the fire. Being the only woman, Ash was without company when she finally collapsed onto her sleeping bag.
At first, it seemed to Ash that she would never be able to sleep outside; it was cold, the ground was hard, and no matter which way she turned her sleeping back, it always felt like there was a root or rock sticking into her back. She hadn’t bothered bringing her phone with her; her portable charger had mysteriously gone missing right before her old roommate moved out last semester, and she knew that there wouldn’t be a chance to charge it anyways. It was sitting safely in the glovebox, right under the novel she had been trying to get through during the drive.
As she lay there miserably tossing and turning, her thoughts turned back to Strider. From the dim shadows thrown onto the walls of her tent by the very last embers of the bonfire, she could tell that he was still outside his tent. Everyone else had turned in around the same time Ash had; she figured he was just making sure the campsite was secure before everyone was left vulnerable for the night. She rolled onto her stomach, resting her chin on her arms, and considered going back out. She couldn’t sleep anyway. But maybe he doesn’t want to be bothered, a voice in her head spoke up. She considered this briefly, then dismissed the thought. If he didn’t want to be bothered, he could have gone back into his tent by now. She unzipped her tent and crawled out.
Strider was sitting on one of the logs they had pulled up around the fire. He turned as he heard Ash’s footsteps in the underbrush approaching. “Can’t sleep?”
Ash shook her head and drew her arms around herself, retreating her hands into the sleeves of her yellow sweatshirt. “No, not yet. I think I chose a bad spot to pitch my tent, there’s rocks all over the place.”
Strider chuckled and patted a spot next to him on the moss-covered log. “Come sit down. I go to sleep late, I’ll keep you company for a while.”
The pair sat together under the light of the stars, passing the time with Strider answering the questions Ash had about the rest of their trip. She learned that tomorrow would be the most difficult day, but if she could get through it, it would be smooth sailing for the next two days. Most of the elevation in their hike would be gained tomorrow; Strider hadn’t planned on her first trip being too strenuous for her, so the group wasn’t going all the way up the mountain. They were, however, taking a path typically used only by locals. There would be a couple of “fun” passages, in Strider’s words, and they would be travelling uphill most of the day, but the plateau they would be camping on was less than a mile from a natural hot spring. It all sounded just fine to Ash. As far as she was concerned, she would get to spend the whole day with attractive men, and knowing her inexperienced legs would keep her at the back of the group again, she would have plenty of time to stare at Strider’s toned ass.
Ash fell asleep, optimistic for once, with one thought in her mind.
This will be good for us.
Ash awoke—too early, in her opinion—to the enticing smell of… bacon? That couldn’t be right. She couldn’t remember any of their easy-to-pack dehydrated camping rations including a bacon breakfast, but the aroma filled the entire campsite. The crisp morning air shocked her as she slid out of her sleeping bag, so she pulled a crewneck and a sweatshirt on over the tank top she had passed out in. She awkwardly climbed into her jeans, trying not to hit the walls of the one-person tent, and grabbed her boots before crawling out to see what smelled so amazing.
It turned out to be bacon after all. Sam had had more than just plastic bags of spices hidden away in his backpack. He also had a small cooler at the bottom of it that he had used to keep the bacon fresh until they could eat it that morning. It would be the only “real” food they would have on the trip, but Ash was more than grateful to the unassuming freshman to have it at all.
Her pleasant mood didn’t waver through the entire morning; the sun came up as they were breaking camp, and it was one of the most breathtaking sights of Ash’s life. Sunbeams shone through the trees in yellow-orange streaks, and in contrast creating dark streaks of shadows across the forest floor. The group set off up the mountain, and Ash’s heart skipped a beat when Strider chose to walk at the rear with her, letting Gimli take up the front with Legolas.
The first few miles were uneventful, but Ash would look back on these as the proverbial calm before the storm.
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crazy-ravenspirit · 28 days ago
Elvish Waybread disaster (Legolas x fem! Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: imagine you and Legolas making Lembas without a recipe, cuz Legolas is confident that he knows how to make it from memory.
Warnings: English isn't my native language, so I'm terribly sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes and such.
Honestly, making Lembas bread wasn't that hard. The only problem is that you were an absolute disaster if you were to cook something. Yet today Legolas had to make some Lembas. He finally got to the kitchen with you right behind him.
"Mellon nin, do we have to do this today?" you asked him. "Well, of course, y/n! Don't complain! Lembas aren't that complicated, we'll be finished in no time." You groaned. You could do far better things at the moment like patrolling or making sure the spiders weren't multiplying. Eventually, you followed him further into the kitchen.
"Aren't we going to need a recipe or something, Legolas?" you asked. "Why would we need that?" "Well, to make sure that we do everything right. I'm sure they have some laying around." Legolas chuckled at that. "Who needs a recipe when you have me? I know how to make Lembas from memory!" Rolling your eyes, you grabbed a bowl.
After a minute or two, you had assembled everything you two needed for the waybread: a cup of butter, brown sugar, fresh honey, and some flour. Legolas had already lit up the elven oven. After about 10 minutes of mixing, kneading, and cutting into shape, the dough was in the oven.
You sighed "I have a bad feeling about this" "You always have a bad feeling about everything, y/n. Just relax! We still have 20 minutes before the Lembas are ready. I'm sure we got it right!" Nothing got Legolas' spirits down today. Or at least not until those 20 minutes were over. The dough was a complete disaster. It had cracks all over it and some of them were even broken into multiple pieces. "Oh, y/n, I'm sure we got it right" you mocked him. "I know it from memory! You, Legolas Thranduilion, royally suck at baking Lembas!"
From that day, Legolas left the baking over at the cooks.
A/N: Uhm, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if there are any mistakes so I can fix them. Anyways, thanks for reading, mellon nin!
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hey-its-nonny · a month ago
chapter two!! these will be very inconsistent concerning the times that they’re released and i’m sorry lol bUT i’ll write as much as i can when i can and try to make a posting schedule :) hope y’all enjoy it!! side note: this picks up right where we left off last chapter :) warning: slight slight angst in the beginning ~~~~ The quiet crackle of the fire was all that could be heard in the night. Silence was often a blessing in times like these. It allowed you to be alone with your thoughts for a while and process what happened.
But, if you were being honest, you just wanted to forget about it.
You wanted to not think about it. To not think about the fact that you’d almost lost your very best friend to an orc, and that you hadn’t stopped it. Legolas did. You locked your gaze on the flickering flames before you, poking the fire to keep it alight.
Your thoughts went dark as your eyes remained fixed in the flame, your sharp and aware expression going dull. What if Legolas hadn’t made it in time? What if Aragorn had died? You wouldn’t have known what to do with yourself.
But a familiar voice saved you from your thoughts. “If you’re going to take the night watch, you should keep your senses about you.” The elf chimed, causing you to jump at the sudden noise. You looked up to find the elf observing your features intently, his own expression..smug?
You peered into his blue eyes, unaware of what you were searching for. Then, you realized you’d been staring for just a little too long.
At that, you redirected your gaze to the fire, suddenly very interested in poking the fire. “I didn’t know you were awake.” You admitted in a still voice, subconsciously pulling the cloak tighter around yourself.
Even as you looked away from him, Legolas still seemed to find a very keen interest in your face. You felt exposed and you did not like it at all.
“You seem troubled. What is bothering you?” He asked in a quiet, nonchalant voice, careful not to wake the sleeping man a few feet away from him. You turned your head up at the question, brows slightly raised in surprise.
As it turned out, you didn’t like being so easily read. It was annoying. “Nothing.” You answered curtly, leaning against the rock behind you as you let your eyes close for a moment.
You breathed in, focusing on whatever you could to calm yourself. Whatever would help you forget that you almost lost Aragorn. Then, you breathed out all of the stress from the day, relaxing before you spoke once more. “Thank you,” You breathed, lifting your head to look at the elf with gratitude.
He looked confused for a moment, before you explained. “for saving Aragorn. I do not know what I would have done if I’d lost him.” You admitted, your tone solemn. Legolas nodded, offering an almost warm smile in return. After seconds of silence, Legolas’ voice could be heard.
“So the two of you are close, I suppose?” He inquired, raising a brow in question. “Yes. He’s my best friend.” You confirmed with a slight smile, but then you remembered: you didn’t even know the elf you were talking to. “And there is not a thing I wouldn’t do to protect him.” You stated, the other taking the warning you gave.
Telling him a little bit couldn’t do any harm, could it? “I did not have family growing up. So, when I met A-“ You stopped for a split second, correcting yourself quickly. “Strider, there was almost an instant bond between us.”
“He has been like my brother ever since.” A smile tugged on the ends of your lips, crinkling the corners of your eyes and filling your body with a temporary sense of warmth. Legolas seemed sad, like you spoke of things that were merely wishes to him.
And the cold came back, more bone-chilling and violent than ever. You quietly groaned, narrowing your eyes at the entrance to the cave, tugging the cloak with an annoyed expression. “How about you? What was it like for you growing up?” You asked through slightly chattering teeth, a brow raised.
Legolas simply stood, walking over to sit next to you. What was he doing? You stared at Legolas with a rather confused expression, relaxing a bit when he mimicked your actions from earlier with his head resting against the rock wall behind the both of you.
“I am an only child.” The elf finally spoke up, opening one of his eyes to peer at you. “I was raised in Mirkwood, brought up by my mother and father, Elerrian and Thranduil.” He elaborated, eyes dim with an emotion close to grief.
Then, it clicked.
You nodded in understanding, deducing that this was, in fact, the prince of Mirkwood. You’d expected him to be handsome, given what you’d heard, but this was a bit unexpected.
Shaking your head in the slightest way, you dismissed the thought and turned to ask, “What are you doing here, then?” You slightly tilted your head, leaning in a little out of curiosity.
“I couldn’t go back, so I came to find him.” The elf nodded towards Aragorn, then stopped to look at you. “And I suppose you as well.” He added, the slightest hint of a smile on his face.
You rolled your eyes playfully, nudging him with your elbow. “Do my eyes betray me, or is that a smile I see on your face?” You lightly taunted, drawing a chuckle from the elf. “I was beginning to wonder if you were even capable of such an expression.” You added, chuckling quietly as your eyelids grew heavier and heavier.
As the night went on, you found it harder to stay awake. So, you kept on telling stories of your adventures with Aragorn, keeping your eyes open as best you could.
“I remember traveling to the woodland realm with Strider once. It was beautiful.” You reminisced, leaning into Legolas’ side more than you meant to. “We got lost for a while, but eventually we found our way.” “A lot has changed since then.” The elf added, a twinge of sadness behind his deep blue eyes.
“Why did you come to find us? You didn’t explain that much.” You asked, forcing your eyes to stay open while you nodded off. “The battle for Erebor took its toll on everyone. Including me.” He stared at the ground, fiddling with his fingers.
“One I held dear did not return my affections, but instead held close to another.” He admitted, the information only drawing further sadness from the eyes you’d begun to grow fond of.
Though he didn’t show it, at least not intentionally, you could tell that it still hurt for Legolas to talk about this. And that’s when you felt guilty for asking. “I’m sorry, I did not know.” You quietly apologized, placing a hesitant, yet comforting hand on the elf’s shoulder.
Beneath your cold s/c palm, you felt a slight flinch, but soon the other relaxed into the touch after a few moments. This woman he fancied had really broken his heart, hadn’t she? The elf conveyed no further emotion in the eyes that told you so much, yet so little, nodding in acknowledgement.
“You’re right, mellon, you didn’t know. You do not need to apologize.” He reassured, taking note of your struggle to stay awake. And just as he did, you drifted off to sleep, resting your head, surprisingly, on his shoulder. He was okay with that. ~~~~~ chapter two is out!!! i’m really happy with this one. also, a HUGE shoutout to @sokkasdarling who helped me out with this last part i was struggling with. love ya hon <3 tagging: @elvish-sky @themerriweathermage please private message me if you want to be added to the tag list, otherwise i’ll forget. thank you all so much for reading and for all of your support! i love and appreciate y’all so much 💞💞
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hey-its-nonny · a month ago
So, thanks to the lovely @themerriweathermage, i can repost all of my chapters of in between!! Again, a huge, huge, thank you, love. i can’t tell you how happy i am about this.
Chapter one of In Between!
i’m super excited for this!! hope y’all like it!!
note: this first chapter will start out (and maybe end) in Legolas’ POV just for somewhat of his backstory. the rest will be told from your POV!!
The battle was over.
Burials for the dwarves had come and gone, and while Tauriel was grieving over Kili, Legolas was left with a broken heart over the she-elf in question. He just didn’t understand. Tauriel was supposed to be the one. At least he thought so.
Was there something wrong with him? His father would have told him so. He didn’t understand why it stung so harshly, but he supposed that was the risk you took when you fancied someone.
But, a broken heart didn’t really matter now, did it?
The truth was that Tauriel had all too quickly slipped out of Legolas’ grasp; and there was no getting her back. Like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode in his face, it had only been a matter of time before Tauriel slipped away from him. So, he traveled for months to meet a man by the name of Strider.
At first, Legolas had lost his sense of just about everything. He knew where he was going, but he didn’t want to find his way there. Everything he’d loved had slipped out of his grasp in a matter of weeks, and he had no power to stop it.
That’s what he hated: being unable to change things in his life. He was a prince, for Valar’s sake. Changing things to get what he wanted was quite literally what he was used to. He understood that he was privileged, although his father said he’d deserved every bit of what he got, unsurprisingly. Somehow, though, he felt he didn’t.
Just like he didn’t deserve Tauriel.
But, as his walked on with his thoughts tormenting him every waking second, he bumped into something- or someone, to be precise. While lost in his thoughts, Legolas’ feet had taken him to a small village -somewhere near Rivendell- he guessed, judging by the forests and whatnot.
It was a man. He’d bumped into another man. Upon realizing this, the elf froze, his senses coming back to him quicker than he’d lost them. He murmured an apology to the man, and the hooded figure nodded, quickly turning to go on his way.
Legolas realized he didn’t know where to go next, so he went to ask the man. “Do you know a ranger by the name of Strider?” He called, stopping the man in his stride. “Who’s asking?” He replied, low voice ringing in the almost eerie silence.
Legolas somewhat scoffed. “I am.” He stated, knowing full well what the man meant. He was angry and hurt, so a little sass or sarcasm could be expected from the elf. Who would blame him?
Apparently, you would.
Laying the pile of wood down, you readjusted the strap of your pack as your combat knives found their way into your hands. “Answer the question properly.” You spoke out, causing the elf to flinch. Cute. A fight prior to this meeting had put you in a bit of a sour mood, so any further irritation would only make things worse.
Legolas turned and faced you, eyes slightly narrowed, making it evident he wasn’t in a good mood either. “Legolas of th-“ He started, cutting himself off to correct himself. “Legolas Greenleaf.” He stated, turning to face Aragorn once more. “Now, answer my question.” He returned, raising a brow.
You shared a quick look with Aragorn, a questioning gaze evident on your features. “Strider.” He answered, and your expression phased into a calm one. You never really trusted people easily, and this elf would be no different, no matter how pleasant his face looked. Whenever Legolas heard this, however, he looked a bit embarrassed.
You smirked, leaning against the tree with a quiet hum. Aragorn grabbed both yours and the elf’s attention as he spoke up, removing his hood. “Why are you searching for me?” He asked, hand readily reaching for his blade. The bitter cold made this exchange far more intense than it should have been, but the elf showed no intentions of harming either of you.
The elf cleared his throat, searching for the answer to that question. “I merely wish to follow along whatever path you choose to take.” He said after seconds of silence, bringing down his ego as best he could. “Companionship, if you will.” He clarified, earning a distrustful, yet knowing exchange between you and Aragorn.
You walked over and pulled Aragorn aside, hoping to get out of ear’s reach from the elf. It took a while, but once you both were far enough from him, you whispered, “Are you going to let him follow us?” You asked, nodding in the elf’s direction.
The man huffed. “Perhaps. I cannot fully trust him yet, but I feel that it may be good to have him around.” He admitted, gazing at the leafless trees that surrounded you. You sighed, brows furrowed. “I don’t know if it is a good idea,” You replied, uncertainty and caution churning your insides. “but I trust your judgment.”
“We’ll have to take night watch, though.” You added, earning a chuckle from the man. “Let’s get a move on, then.” You sighed, trudging through the woods with Aragorn trailing behind you. A hopeful Legolas met your gaze, searching for any signs of confirmation. He didn’t get anything, though.
You simply grabbed your pack and firewood, tightened your tunic, and went on your way. Aragorn spoke up one final time, doing the same as you. “We do not stop until nightfall.” He stated, earning a swift nod from the elf.
Hours later, you all finally found a resting point in a cave and started a fire, gathered around it in attempts at gaining some warmth. Aragorn had gone to scout the surrounding area, leaving you shivering and alone with Legolas. As you huddled close to the fire, shaking due to the cold, Legolas stood, walking over to the pack he’d brought.
He pulled out a thick cloak, walking over to offer it to you. “Take it. You need it.” He quietly stated, draping the fabric over your shoulders. The warmth was almost instant, and you allowed a sigh of relief to escape your lips. “Thank you.” You smiled, to which the elf nodded.
Suddenly, your curiosity got the better of you. You peered at the elf from across the fire, staring into the sky blue eyes he possessed. “Where are you from?” You asked, trying to pass the time. “Mirkwood, as they call it now.” He answered reluctantly, though he seemed a bit more at ease now. “And you?” He returned, raising a brow as he met you e/c eyes.
You stared at the flickering flames in thought, pondering if you should give the elf an answer. It was only fair. “I don’t remember.” You quietly admitted, a solemn expression on your face. “My parents passed when I was young. I’ve been with Strider ever since. He’s like a brother to me.” You explained, earning an almost sympathetic look from the elf. What were you doing?
You stood before he could offer pitiful condolences and drew both of your knives. “Speaking of Strider, I am going to search for him. Excuse me.” You quickly blurted, gently folding the cloak and setting it down.
You rushed out, internally scolding yourself for such foolish behavior. You searched for Aragorn, wondering what possibly could’ve taken him so long. After a while, you came upon a slight clearing, the silence heavy over the bitter air.
Then, you heard it. Orc voices could be heard nearby, and you assumed Aragorn was with them. You cautiously padded through woods, making no noise as you passed. You counted twenty five orcs surrounding Aragorn, preparing yourself for battle.
Then, quicker than the wind, you dashed towards the orcs from behind and began slashing at them, taking out four within a minute. But, as fate would have it, you got caught in a fight between two particularly determined orcs. “Run!” You ordered, earning a scoff from Aragorn as he faced the majority of what was left of the group.
You took the two down, your worry for Aragorn outweighing your will to survive. Aragorn fought well, taking down the mindless creatures with a certain grace only Aragorn possessed. Just as you thought you were finished, you caught a glimpse of a blade held at Aragorn’s neck.
“Aragorn!” You shouted, cutting down whatever orcs stood in the way as you bolted for you best friend. Amidst the chaos, you were caught again as another group stole your attention. You fought hard, taking the orcs down with urgency. Luckily, however, an arrow was caught in the center of the orcs head before too much harm could be done.
You looked in the direction from where the arrow came and found Legolas standing there. You finished off the rest of the group with both of the boys’ help, panting slightly once it was over. Without hesitation you went to embrace Aragorn, quietly letting out a sigh of relief. “Please don’t do that again.”
The man returned the embrace, and you pulled him along back to the cave, grateful he was still alive.
You sat at the campfire once more, both of your companions sound asleep a little bit away from you. You watched the flame climb the air, relishing in the warmth it provided you. Then, you remembered the cloak Legolas had given you, and you picked up the soft fabric.
You wrapped it around your shoulders and sighed, making sure to keep an eye on the entrance to the cave. You made it a point to thank Legolas for saving Aragorn, unsure of what you would’ve done if things had turned for the worse.
At the end of the day, Aragorn was alive and well, and you had another companion to get to know. Legolas saved Aragorn’s life, and that was all that really mattered to you.
Maybe the elf wasn’t so bad after all.
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