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elvish-sky · 9 hours ago
Aragorn: Call the hobbits, they’re not listening to me.
Boromir: I’m not their dad!
Aragorn: Just do it.
Boromir: Ok guys! Line up, let’s move out!
*the hobbits immediately start following him*
Boromir: no listen LISTEN i’m not their-
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maraschinocheri · 11 hours ago
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Flashing there and back again 20 (yes, 20) years to Cannes 2001, and the party following the preview of some scenes from the trilogy, mostly from Fellowship of the Ring.
The Moria extract ended with Gandalf's "You shall not pass!" followed by some tempting bits from the second and third films. We shamelessly applauded ourselves. The Hobbit actors whooped. And Elijah asked to see it all over again. — Ian McKellen [ x ]
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gladwhen2473 · 19 hours ago
In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole filled with the ends of and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare sandy hole with nothing to sit down on or to eat: It was a hobbit-hole and that means comfort.
~J.R.R. Tolkien♡
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sleepygreywolf · a day ago
One of the best things about the lotr films is that they got the characters right like even if there are bits that are different the essential personality of all the characters is the same
this only came into my head because I saw a post about Merry and pippin just stealing carrots and going oh? We’re being chased by an evil monster? Absolutely brilliant I’m in. Because even though in the book they’re like Frodo listen, we KNOW about your plan and we are coming with you whether you like it or not, they absolutely would also steal carrots and join him with literally no preparation
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getmeanotherdrink · a day ago
Give me a moment I’m getting super emotional over Lord of the Rings and the Shire theme again
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marshmellowfromhell · a day ago
Alright I know that this essentially amounts to admiting that I read an absurd amount of “The Hobbit” fan fiction on main, but......... this NEEDS TO BE SAID.
When your “everybody lives nobody dies” special cathartic Fix it fic has the plot point that “Bifur’s Axe fell out during the battle, and! oh my! What a pleasant surprise he is now fully neurotypical and can use westeron again perfectly and doesn’t have to use sign language anymore! Wow what a relief! Just like you had to fix the tragic character deaths you also had to make sure to fix his disability to give him a happy ending.” THAT’S ABLEIST AS FUCK.
I’m not tryna say that it’s malicious bc I know that it comes from a place of caring for the character and wanting to fix something that ails him, BUT that’s the issue. Feeling like he has to be fixed, and isn’t still whole or capable of a happy ending while he’s disabled. It especially bothers me in terms of it happening to Bifur, because he is actually kick ass representation and the movie (to the best of my memory and keeping in mind that most of the Non-Durin dwarves where somewhat underrepresented in terms of story and characterization) does one of the best handlings of a disabled character (in a movie not expressly about disability) that I’ve seen. Yes it’s treated as foreign, but in the same way that all of the dwarve’s idiosyncrasies are, it’s not made a bigger deal then any of the other new things Bilbo is seeing. He’s a character treated with respect. And he’s not treated like a tragic pitiable wretch either. There are kinda jokes about his spaceyness and ya know being a bit different, but in a way that’s what’s so novel, it’s not ignored, or tiptoed around. It’s acknowledged and they’re able to laugh abt it in a way that shows it’s normal and not seen as something to be pitied for. His capability is never questioned because of his condition, and well the bottom line, is just that he’s treated normally like every other member of the company, while at the same time having a fully acknowledged and not played down disability.
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triviaadnyc · a day ago
#TheLordOfTheRings (Movie Trilogy) #Trivia on Instagram LIVE TONIGHT Thursday, May 13 starting 7:30pm EST, hosted by @EdanStanley. Follow @TriviaADDotCom on Instagram to play! #LOTR #LordOfTheRings #LordOfTheRingsTrilogy #Hobbits #FrodoBaggins #Aragorn #JRRTolkien #PeterJackson #OneRingToRuleThemAll #Mordor #MiddleEarth #TheShire #Legolas #Gimli #Strider #SamwiseGamgee #Pippin #Gandalf #GandalfTheGrey #Sauron #TheEyeOfSauron #Gollum #Smeagol #ElijahWood #SeanAstin #ViggoMortenson #IanMcKellen #OrlandoBloom (at New York, New York)
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Dom and Billy have just created a podcast YouTube channel!
Everything I never knew I needed in life 🍄🍂🪵
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triviaadnyc · 2 days ago
#TheLordOfTheRings (Movie Trilogy) #Trivia on Instagram LIVE TOMORROW Thursday, May 13 starting 7:30pm EST, hosted by @EdanStanley. Follow @TriviaADDotCom on Instagram to play! #LOTR #LordOfTheRings #LordOfTheRingsTrilogy #Hobbits #FrodoBaggins #Aragorn #JRRTolkien #PeterJackson #OneRingToRuleThemAll #Mordor #MiddleEarth #TheShire #Legolas #Gimli #Strider #SamwiseGamgee #Pippin #Gandalf #GandalfTheGrey #Sauron #TheEyeOfSauron #Gollum #Smeagol #ElijahWood #SeanAstin #ViggoMortenson #IanMcKellen #OrlandoBloom (at New York, New York)
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tessatechaitea · 2 days ago
Prologue to The Lord of the Rings: You want to know more about Hobbits? They're fat fuckers who love to get high. Their most proud accomplishment is smoking weed. One of them once rode a horse. They think working sucks. Also they're the only reason the world still exists.
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multifandom-incorrect · 2 days ago
Legolas: This is a list of possible places Merry and Pippin could be brought to.
Gimli: .....that’s a map of Middle-Earth
Aragorn: Yeah, we have no idea where they are
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honourablejester · 2 days ago
I do love spring/early summer around here. The colours are lovely, all the little yellow and white flowers. Dandelion, daisy, primrose, stitchwort, hawthorn and gorse. Wild garlic. Maybe some splashes of purple to surprise you. Bluebells, vetch.
If I was a hobbit and/or a fairy, I’d totally name my kids after them. Garlic, Stitchwort and Vetch might not like me for it, though. Heh.
It’s lovely to walk around and see all the little flowers peeking at you, though. I think primroses are my favourite, just for the lovely colour and the cheerful little faces, but hawthorns, stitchwort and garlic look so pretty as well. Sprays of white.
And the gorse on the hill is just this sea of spines and mustard yellow: come and have a go. You’ve got to love a good sea of gorse.
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melancholicpareidolia · 2 days ago
RQG 196 Things - The ominous smileyface has entered the chat
- I love everyone dunking on Zolf. Also, the image of Zolf with a face mask on feels like it already exists somewhere.
- "A big pile of science." "Science is like Lego." I’m not sure Ben and Tim are the ones who need to be quizzed about science.
- So Babbage's brain is going to deteriorate once it's done. I’m very curious about that idea. Some bad theories:
(Someone is definitely going to at least try to steal Babbage, possibly so they can replace the brain with one that’ll help the Cult with their plans. I’m hoping that’s not going to involve a lot of people volunteering to sacrifice themselves. Although I do think Wilde’s whole garden deal would give him an advantage of some kind. Because the whole touching so many minds thing feels like it’d be kind of intoxicating at best, and potentially difficult to let go of. And there’s the potential of Hades trying to do something with the brain afterwards, so maybe not mentioning the burnout was the right call.)
- "You know me, I don't like to talk about things that bore or confuse people in front of them at length." I love Cel so much, especially that they've thought so much about putting their brain into machines. Transhumanist and trans humanist Cel.
- Yay, Einstein's back. Actual teleportation's in play again! Also he's ridiculous and I love him. I too have a useless brain. I also like that Einstein and Cel actually get on because Cel's not threatened by his intelligence. Cel has a dark side there.
- More exposition, cripes. I wouldn't mind more feelings talk, but good lord do I need a break from lore for maybe a few episodes. The briefing stuff just did not stick in my head at all.
- I love Sumutnyerl being so awkward and angry and sulky. Really ruins their whole stoic wise elder thing she has going on.
- I like that Ada Lovelace is a bit unsure of herself. It's nice hearing a female Alex NPC who isn't dripping with superiority. Makes me wonder what her relationship with Augusta is like in-universe.
- (I don’t really get people who conflate the characters with the historical figures they only sort of represent. Because then you have to acknowledge the problematic bits, and those are always just incredibly depressing and a lot.)
- Also, Augusta looking after an armory's worth of equipment that "fell off the back of a container truck" is my favourite detail about this lot and their hideout.
- "Like a big mushroom network with eyes." Love this image.
- Aw, that's twice now Zolf's paired up with Azu because of the legs thing. I get that it’s just a practical concern and symptomatic of Zolf in crisis mode, but it’s still kind of sweet.
- I was like “this armory stuff’s way too nice, what’s happening”, and then someone mentioned the ominous smileyface saying “be afraid”, Suddenly the world made sense again.
- Oh no, the NPCs are all staying behind, aside from Skraak. At least in theory they’re safer there, right up until the Cult of Hades want another set of hostages or whatever.
- Aw, Zolf and Wilde being cute for a second. Zolf’s still acting like he’s going to go off and get himself killed, but at least that’s something.
- I am slightly less enthused at the prospect of fighting or Svalbard than most, but I am curious about what that killswitch did to the plant, so this is interesting.
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