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#lotr x reader
little-moonflowers · 2 hours ago
If it isn't to much trouble may i have romantic lotr (male) matchup please. My pronouns are she/her. Im a Capricorn, my Mbti type is infj-a/infj-t. I tend to be shy around new people but I can be somewhat loud with people who im close to. I have medium length brown hair, green eyes i wear round glasses,pale skin and a lot of freckles. My height is 5'0. Im not very athletic and im not a big fan of sports but i love to go roller and ice skating. I also love to read books and to also cook and bake food. I also like to garden. I've been playing the violin for 6 years. I love animals and im planing on becoming a wildlife veterinarian. I like to Watch nature/animal documentaries. I also like sweets. Some things i dislike are people who bend or ruin my books and people who speak over me when im trying to talk. My ideal type would be someone who is calm and quiet or someone who is somewhat energetic, can be calm or can be energetic.I hope this is ok, sorry if i spelt anything wrong. Hope im not bothering you :)
Don't worry my dear, you're not bothering me at all!
Lord of the rings:
I ship you with: Samwise Gamgee!
Tumblr media
Oh this sweet boy just adores you so much! He loves your beautiful brown hair and your gorgeous green eyes! You're just so mesmerizing and wonderful to him! He'd kiss every single one of your freckles on your cute face!
I totally see Sam as a Taurus sun, so he'd naturally get a long well with a fellow earth sign Capricorn. Both being very stable, grounded and practical signs.
Sam can also get quite shy at times, but he's not afraid to stand up for the people he loves and defends them with all his heart. He's a very loyal partner and you can always count on him.
Just like you, Sam also isn't the most athletic, but his huge bravery and courage make up for it. He'd love for you to teach him how to roller and ice skate. It took a few attemps for him to finally get the hang of it. But as soon as he did, he had lots of fun.
Sam loves to hear about your many hobbies and he also enjoys doing them together with you. You both love baking and cooking together and making the most delicious meals/cakes. He enjoys gardening with you, since he's a gardener himself and would plant the most prettiest flowers, just for you! He'd also love to hear you play the violin! You're so talented!
Sam is very interested in that career choice of yours. Naturally, he would 100% support you in anything you do, including your dream job. He'd love to know about the wildlife and animals from you. Sometimes he'd even bring food and plants seeds, to attract some animals for you, so you can watch them. He knows how much animals mean to you.
Sam is someone you can be, depending who's person he is with, energetic, or calm. So I do think you'd naturally get a long pretty well, right from the start. He just adores you so much! And the two of you live happily ever after in your own cozy, little hobbit hole.
I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting!
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simbxlmyne · 5 hours ago
okay so does anyone have a request for either elrond, haldir or faramir because i really fancy writing for them tonight x
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the-second-tonks · 11 hours ago
Hi! Can I get a Lotr and Stranger Things ship please? I don't have a gender preference. I'm 18. I'm an INTP, Leo sun, Aquarius moon, Cancer rising, Ravenclaw. My name is Freya, but my best friends call me Moon.
I'm more of a quiet loner at first, but can also be quite outgoing if I want to. I'm very inquisitive and curious. I value justice and kindness. I learn fast, but I'm a procrastinator and can be very shy, especially around strangers. Around friends I'm pretty sarcastic and often make witty remarks, or jokes. I also enjoy taking care of the people I love and I'm described as the big sister in my group. I'd say my main love languages are giving gifts and spending quality time.
I'm scared of bugs, thunder and other loud noises. I love animals and nature. I appreciate the little things in life and I'd say my aesthetic is a mix of cottagecore and dark academia. I like to talk about fantasy, aliens, space, science-fiction, etc... I enjoy staying up late, playing video games, or watching some horror movies.
Thank you so much! Please take as much time as you need! No rush 💖
Hi hi ! Sorry for the delay your last line made me a bit lazy 😂.
From Stranger things , well there were so many options like Nancy , Johnathan and Eleven but ...
I ship you with -
Johnathan Byers :)
Tumblr media
The headcanons are AU I hope you don't mind !
You're a loner , you'll definitely understand why he's not social !
Maybe you both would be asocial together ? Or maybe you'll bring out the thin extroverted side of him out?
He's really kind as we know .. and you value kindness, so it matches over here too !
He'll really appreciate how fast you learn !
You love nature and he loves photography . So maybe while you sit or walk around, he'll keep snapping pictures ! Also to say , he'll listen to music while roaming around with you in the nature. He might also click photos of you and the animals !
You're curious so sometimes , that could get the best of you and you might jump into dangers without thinking , but he'll be there to have your back !
He and you could be Sarcastic together!
Talkin' about things you like , watching horror movies , staying up late night when it's thundering ! All this is possible with him !
"Ahh !!!! It's a bug!!!"
"Moon , close your eyes . (After you do) , see , it's gone . "
Leo sun makes you quite bold and people would be naturally attracted to your presence , so will he !
I think you're emotionally detached ? And he is a bit of introvert so I guess it blends here too !
Overall , a quite deep and understanding relationship !
Your bestfriend would be -
Nancy Wheeler
Tumblr media
No doubt you both will have a really good friendship !
You'll ship her with Steve while she ships you with Johnathan !
No one's gonna mess with you both , really !
Overall , a very strong friendship !
I ship you with -
Èowyn :)
Tumblr media
She's very independent and friendly (the circumstances made her cold !)
She'll love your shyness when you're strangers and would make the first move !
Taking long walks in nature could be a way you both spend time with each other !
She'll really like you wit !
If anyone messes with her , they're gonna get sarcasm remarks to make their life hell !
Sometimes , while taking care of others ,.you might forget about yourself and she's gonna take care of you
She's adventurous and you're curious , so I think you both would go on a lot of adventures together !
"You see , I'm starting at the moon , with my moon " she'll say
You're really smart too (ravenclaw. Ya know) and so , you both would escape any difficult situation !
Overall , a very good and loyal relationship !
Your bestfriend would be -
Literally so many , but I feel that you'll really fit with -
Pipin 'Perrigin' Took and Merry 'Meriadoc' Brandybuck
Tumblr media
Any one sitting with you all is going home with a happy mood , because you all are going to be so fun !
They'll bring out the extroverted side of you out and you're really gonna enjoy !
Overall , a very cute and amazing friendship !
Gifs not mine
I hope you liked it !
Thank you for the ask 😊
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lady-latte · 17 hours ago
I just finished my last request in my inbox AND just submitted my very last school assignment for the year. Which means summer break! Which means… drumroll please!
Requests are open!
Send in anything you wish as long as it adheres to my rules!!
Tagging @moonheartsposts cause I know you wanted to request something!
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lady-latte · 19 hours ago
could you expand on the aragorn one from the flower crown request you did? <3
Flower Crown P.2
Aragorn x Reader
A/N: Of course I can! I went with headcanons since that’s what the original request was! I hope you like it ❤️ if you wanted it to be a one shot type of thing feel free to send in another ask
Tumblr media
It was spring time in Gondor, which means every shop on each corner had atleast one flower bouquet decorating the outside and bright colors to welcome the warm weather
You were walking through the city, greeting the citizens when you saw a little girl with a flower crown
She was absolutely adorable, parading around with a bright colored dress and the daisies on her head
It gave you an idea, to make a flower crown for your beloved
So with that in mind, you made your way to a flower shop, bought a few bouquets and then sat down at the highest peak of Gondor to begin the crown
Over an hour passed until you finished the crown. It was tough, due your fingers not cooperating and many stems ripping but alas- you won the battle that day
With a satisfied grin, you walked through the halls of the palace- heading straight towards Aragorn’s study.
Upon arrival, you walked along the walls to sneak up behind him before gently placing the crown on his head
Aragorn was so immersed in his work that he didn’t notice you behind him. And when he felt pressure on the top of his head, it startled him.
He turned around so fast, looking up at you before relaxing with a smile on his face.
“Love? What’s this?” He’d say, reaching up towards his and feeling the crown
“A gift!”
Aragorn absolutely adores the flower crown you gave him, he thanked you with a kiss before returning to his work
For a little while, you stayed there with him, helping with the work and making small talk occasionally
Throughout the day, Aragorn not once removed the flower crown
He wore it during important, serious business meetings. Ignoring the looks from other Lords
He wore it in the throne room for the hearing of Gondor’s People (imagine princess diaries 2)
Even during Dinner with the whole family and friends gathered at the long table, he did not take it off.
Many of them teased him for wearing it, asking if he was the “new Thranduil” wearing a flower crown.
He’d take each joke with stride, laughing at them as they were quite entertaining. Before explaining that his wife made it for him
It isn’t until that night as he was getting ready for bed did he take it off. Setting it carefully on a spare crown stand he has, eyeing it with a small smile on his face before cuddling with you in bed.
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simbxlmyne · 21 hours ago
thunder (aragorn x reader)
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
requested by: @trashy-goblin
summary: aragorn comforts the reader during a thunderstorm
a.n: thanks for requesting this, hope you enjoy :))
"Thirty-seven! Beat that, elf!"
"Thirty-seven?" Legolas chuckled, running his hand across his glistening blade. The elven prince glanced about the fellowship as you sat about a blazing fire, making sure that he had everyone's attention. Then, almost nonchalantly, he announced, "Thirty-nine."
"Ah, I don't believe you," Gimli grumbled, grasping the handle of his axe. "I think you must've counted wrong there laddie."
Despite the accusation, Gimli submitted, though not without a few dwarvish curses mumbled under his breath. Unfortunately for Legolas, his moment in the spotlight would only last a short while, as Aragorn picked up on their competition and turned his head to where you rested. Back laid against the smoothest rock you could find, you absentmindely twisted a blade of grass betwern your fingers, naming the constellations as they passed over you.
"(Y/N) what was your total?" he asked, suddenly bringing you into the conversation. You turned your head to observe the party, for a moment and gave a small shrug.
"(Y/N) is a highly-skilled fighter," Gandalf put in. "She would not participate in such a childish game. Leave the woman to rest." He took a long inhalation from his pipe, and you added a small nod, his comment bringing silence over the fellowship.
They returned momentarily to as they had been, until, breaking the pause, you said, "Forty-two."
All heads whipped around to face you, though it had only been a small comment, and your eyes returned to the skies as quickly as they had departed.
Aragorn couldn't help the large grin that came to his features, and you noted Gimli's loud rumble of a laugh, presumably at the shocked expression now taking a hold of the archer.
"Not so smug are ya now!" Gimli chided.
"I was not the only one who was bettered today, dwarf," Legolas said, and this seemed to ease the mood of his discontent. The rest of the fellowship found this rather amusing, and it pleased you to see them happy for even a moment or two.
That day had been exceedingly difficult for all of you. Whilst making your way across a wide stretch of hill, you had thought yourselves well-hidden, yet still a large pack of orcs managed to sense you, and descended upon you like a great storm. During the fight, you had proven yourself to be a very worthy member of the company, though Gandalf had never doubted you for a moment. Valiantly you had protected the hobbits from harm, making sure that they were kept out of the fight; the burden they carried was heavy enough without the weight of battle in addition.
Now you took a well deserved rest, though - as with all things you had found - it did not last for very long. Being a ranger yourself, you had faced many a trial and tribulation in your time, and not much phased you.
However, the unpredictability of nature had always been the one thing that never failed to set you on edge. And now, you began to feel the first patters of rain fall against your cheek, and far off, a distant rumble began between the mountains. The work of Sauron had upset the natural weather pattern, and you knew this, it explained the oncoming storm - there was nothing unknown in that.
Yet you couldn't help the sudden racing of your heart. Palms becoming clammy, you sat up from your laidback, relaxed position, the blade of grass that had occupied you falling to the floor.
"The rain in coming. We should take cover," Gandalf muttered, followed by a slight cough. You perhaps seemed a little too quick to oblige, though the rest of the fellowship weren't far after.
You thought you would feel a little better, shuffling beneath a large overhang of rock, now shielded from the splattering rain.
"You should get some rest, (Y/N)," Aragorn said, but when he had made his way to your side you could not recall. Something as simple as that wouldn't usually have startled you, yet you gave a slight jump upon feeling his hand pressing against your shoulder.
"Oh, sorry," you mumbled out.
Aragorn's lips pursed slightly as he took in your form, and you cursed his perception. "Legolas volunteered to take the first watch. I think we could all do with a good night's sleep." The moment his speech had ended, you picked up on the soft snoring sounding from your left, and upon looking, you realised that Gimli was already sound asleep, and that the hobbits were soon to follow suit. The ranger at your side chuckled, but you were in no laughing mood.
A loud crack came from the sky and the heavens cast down a great bolt of lightning, illuminating the plain ahead of you. You couldn't help the sharp gasp that left you, and were quick to brush away the first signs of tears in your eyes.
"(Y/N), are you alright?" Aragorn asked, lowly, not wishing to wake any of the fellowship, nor alert the members who stood guard.
You gave a small nod, not wanting to seem weak before him. You had only just begun to prove yourself, and you only wanted them to know you as a great warrior - someone they could trust wholeheartedly. But then it came again, and it seemed louder this time, and when you counted the seconds between the flash and the thunder, you knew it was getting closer, and suddenly your throat felt tighter, like you were robbed of air, heart pounding, hands trembling-
"Hey," Aragorn whispered, bringing his hand to grasp your own. "Hey, look at me: don't look over there. Pay attention to me, (Y/N)." Doing as he had asked, you held his gaze, noting all the memories lingering still upon his cheeks, his brow, in the crow's feet of his eyes. The pale blue light that held you was warm, and comforting, and for a moment you forgot where you were entirely. Right until the noise boomed again, and you could have sworn it came right at your feet.
"Aragorn," you near-cried, tears now coming as a storm of their own. The ranger did not seem phased, and none of the sleeping hobbits nor Gimli even stirred in their sleep. You felt utterly ridiculous, but couldn't help yourself.
"It is just nature making herself heard," he promised, and by his tone you truly believed him. When the growling of the blackened sky grew ever greater, Aragon pulled you close, holding your head against his shoulder as if a place of your own to hide, a place of protection.
"I should not be scared," you muttered, desperately clinging onto the feeling of his thumb rubbing against your knuckles. Making sure that no eyes were upon you, Aragorn brushed his jaw against the top of your head, using his spare hand to soothingly run through your hair.
"We are all frightened of something (Y/N)."
"I cannot imagine you frightened."
"We are all frightened," he repeated, trying his best to talk over the impending storm. "These are frightening times, and none of us are immune to that. Myself included."
"I do not want to be a liability," you whispered, though your tears seemed to have died down.
"Your fear does not make you a liability, (Y/N); with fear comes strength."
Pulling away a little, you wiped your sleeve against your cheeks, holding firm your other hand within his. "How can that be so?"
"Come here, Legolas' attention is elsewhere." Gently, Aragorn ushered you to lay beside him, pulling your head to rest against his chest. "It is a natural instinct within us to fear all things around us: it is simply what keeps us alive. If you did not fear the incoming storm, you would not know to avoid it; if you did not fear a pack of orcs barelling their way toward you, you would be killed before you had chance to evade. It what makes you and I so good at what we do. Though it may not manifest itself in the same way, your fear it what makes you strong: what saves you."
His words of consolation gave you great comfort, and next when the thunder rolled across the sky, your heart did not jump as it had, and you felt exhaustion override your apprehension.
"Get some rest, (Y/N): we shall have a long day ahead of us." You had expected him to want rid of you, as you presumed he would much prefer his own company, yet he made no move to distance himself from you, in fact, drawing you ever closer to his form. Beneath your ear, you heard a new rumble, the low beating of the ranger's heart, and though it near-deafened you, it brought an odd comfort, and calmness overtook you.
The next time the thunder roared, it bothered you not, for you were already deep in the depths of slumber.
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thorinsoakenshield8 · 23 hours ago
Do y’all think that when Boromir is dying in the Fellowship of the Ring that they just put him in a bag of rice and hope for the best?
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A Peculiar Fellowship (Part Eleven)
Legolas x Reader (Series)
A/N: Haha jk it’s going up at 11 instead of noon! I couldn’t wait any  longer. Tada! Please let me know what you would like to see happen next, and feel free to discuss any theories you have! I would love to hear them!
<- Previous Part | Masterlist |
Tumblr media
        All around them, the forest creaked and groaned. The wind which whispered through the branches of the trees spoke of dark things, in a tongue that could not be understood. Darkness assailed therein, hiding the four hunters from any semblance of daylight’s touch, and the very air around them cloyed thick and heavy in their lungs.
        Gimli swiped at some dark, viscous substance splattered across the low-hanging leaves of some nearby foliage and brought it to his tongue. Dwarves always did investigate with their more tactile senses.
        Just as quickly as he tasted it, it passed his lips once more as he spat in disdain.
        “Orc blood.”
        Legolas and (Y/N) followed Aragorn over a small stream, little more than a crevice in the earth, as the ranger tracked the path of their two Hobbit friends.
        Moments later, Aragorn paused, crouching low to more closely examine the earth.
        “These are strange tracks,” he murmured. When he did not immediately offer some explanation to the others, they began to search for signs of their own, to give him some time to ponder over what he had found.
        (Y/N) surveyed the immediate area, searching for movement amongst the dark trees. She searched deep within herself, hoping to tap into those Elvish senses which Aragorn always called upon Legolas to use in scouting ahead for them.
        What slight movements could her keen ears hear? What out of place shadows might her eyes detect?
        “The air is so close in here,” Gimli remarked.
        (Y/N) did not disagree. The heaviness of the forest crept into her lungs, not so badly as that of Mirkwood, perhaps, but she could tell that Fangorn was similarly ancient, if not more so. The air of Mirkwood brought with it magic and illusion, and a lost sense of self, to those who were not naturally inclined to its power. The air of Fangorn concealed beneath it a sharp bite of… malice.
        “This forest is old,” said Legolas. “Very old… Full of memory… and anger.”
        His words ought to have unsettled (Y/N), and yet she found that they did not. All Dwarvish sensibility would say that any forest that had the capacity to remember bore ill news indeed. But perhaps some Elvishness had begun to shine through in her at last.
        At that very moment, a deep groan echoed through the woods, like the creaking of the ancient oak gates of a fortress. It rose in volume as a breeze picked up in the branches overhead.
        “The trees are speaking to each other,” Legolas said, setting an odd feeling in (Y/N)’s bones.
        “Gimli!” Aragorn whispered sharply, drawing (Y/N)’s attention to her friend at last.
        He held his ax high, as if readying to wield it.
        “Lower your ax,” Aragorn ordered.
        The moment he did, the voices of the trees calmed.
        “They have feelings, my friend,” said Legolas.
        (Y/N) found herself intrigued by the notion. She knew of course that all Elves cared for nature in some way: celebrating the stars, hunting with kindness and respect, and other such appreciations. Wood Elves, of course, cared deeply for the forests where they made their homes, but (Y/N) had never had the time to learn the intricacies of their customs, having been occupied with learning all that she ought to already have known at her age.
        “The Elves began it,” Legolas continued, “Waking up the trees, teaching them to speak…”
        “Talking trees,” Gimli scoffed. “What do trees have to talk about, hm? Except the consistency of squirrel droppings!”
        (Y/N) found her mind drawn away from the conversation by something… some presence which lingered close by. Legolas’ hand touched her arm.
        “I sense it as well,” he murmured, looking up ahead. “Aragorn, something is out there.”
        Aragorn followed Legolas as he stepped forward.
        “What do you see?”
        (Y/N) saw a flash of a white cloak in her mind, a staff of pale wood and long snowy hair.
        “The White Wizard,” she said in a soft breath.
        Aragorn looked to her with worry in his eyes.
        Legolas nodded. “The White Wizard approaches.”
        Silence hung in the heavy air.
        “Do not let him speak,” Aragorn cautioned quietly. “He will put a spell on us.”
        (Y/N)’s hand found the hilt of her sword.
        “We must be quick.”
        Following Aragorn’s lead, the other three whirled round at the same moment, turning into a burst of brilliant white light. They rushed to defend themselves, yet found their attacks rendered useless. Gimli’s axe and Legolas’ arrow shattered upon some invisible shield, and Aragorn and (Y/N)’s swords were wrenched from their grasps.
        Defenseless, they now could do nothing but await the White Wizard’s judgement.
        “You are tracking the footsteps of two young Hobbits,” came a voice from the center of the light, familiar yet strange.
        “Where are they?” Aragorn demanded.
        “They passed this way, the day before yesterday,” the voice in the light replied. “They met someone they did not expect. Does that comfort you?”
        “What have you done with them?” (Y/N) asked sharply.
        The light seemed to focus upon her more carefully than before, if possible.
        “They have come to no harm by my hand.”
        “Who are you?” Aragorn spoke again. “Show yourself!”
        The light flared, and then faded, to reveal…
        “It cannot be…” said Aragorn breathlessly.
        “Forgive me,” Legolas said, kneeling. “I mistook you for Saruman.”
        (Y/N) saw before her the face who had guided her father’s Company, the face who had brought Frodo to them and had then been lost to shadow. And yet… it was unmistakably him.
        “I did not understand what it was that I saw,” she said, also kneeling beside Legolas. “For I also believed that you were he…”
        “I am Saruman,” said the White Wizard. “Or rather, Saruman as he should have been.”
        Gimli had knelt as well, yet Aragorn remained standing, his face painted with disbelief.
        “You fell…”
        “Through fire and water,” the Wizard confirmed. “From the lowest dungeon to the highest peak, I fought with the Balrog of Morgoth. Until at last, I threw down my enemy and smote his ruin upon the mountainside. Darkness took me… and I strayed out of thought and time. Stars wheeled overhead… and every day was as long as a life age of the Earth. But it was not the end… I felt life in me again. I’ve been sent back, until my task is done.”
        “Gandalf?” the old man mused. “Yes, that was what they used to call me… Gandalf the Grey. That was my name.” He drew himself up, with more authority than before. “I am Gandalf the White. And I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide.”
        He looked upon each of them, his face radiating fondness and fatherly love.
        “Come now,” he said, “We must act quickly.”
        With that, he moved past them, hurrying back the way they had come.
        “What about Merry and Pippin?” (Y/N) asked, wasting no time in following the Wizard. “Where are they now?”
        “I sent them off with Treebeard, the Ent,” Gandalf replied, picking his way through the underbrush. “He shall see them home.”
        “You know as well as I that they shall not abide by that,” she replied. “Frodo is family to them. They will be determined to aid him.”
        Gandalf simply nodded. “Yes… As much as I wish to keep them safe, I fear the both of them still have parts to play…” Shaking his head, he continued on. “One stage of your journey is over, another begins. We must travel to Edoras with all speed.”
        “Edoras?” Gimli asked. “That is no short distance!”
        “You forget, we have horses now,” (Y/N) reminded him, “Thanks to Lord Éomer.”
        “Nevertheless,” Gimli countered, “It is a journey indeed.”
        “And we hear of trouble in Rohan,” said Aragorn as they walked. “It goes ill with the king.”
        “Some sickness of the mind,” (Y/N) added, recalling the pain in Éomer’s eyes. “Perhaps similar to what affected my father.”
        Gandalf turned piteous eyes upon her. “Yes, and it will not be easily cured…”
        “Then we have run all this way for nothing?” Gimli declared, irritation seeping into his tone. “When we have not even laid eyes on those poor Hobbits?”
        “It was more than mere chance that brought Merry and Pippin to Fangorn,” Gandalf said, turning to face him. “A great power has been sleeping here for many long years. The coming of Merry and Pippin will be like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains.”
        “In one thing you have not changed, dear friend,” Aragorn mused. “You still speak in riddles.”
        Gandalf chuckled. “A thing is about to happen that has not happened since the Elder Days. The Ents are going to wake up… and find that they are strong.”
        “Strong?” Gimli asked, turning a nervous gaze upon the woods. “Oh, that’s good…”
        “So stop your fretting, Master Dwarf!” Gandalf declared, before turning and marching on once more. “Merry and Pippin are quite safe. In fact, they are far safer than you are about to be!”
        (Y/N) chuckled.
        “It’s alright, Gimli, we are headed away from these woods now.”
        “Aye,” he muttered, eyeing the retreating form of the Wizard. “This new Gandalf is more grumpy than the old one…”
        The small group reached the treeline, Gimli breaking into the clear plain with a sigh of relief.
        Gandalf motioned (Y/N) close to speak with her.
        “Come, child,” he said, as he donned the old gray cloak once more.
        “Yes Gandalf? What is it you need of me?”
        He drew her closer whilst the others readied the horses once more.
        “You are growing in strength, my dear,” he said, speaking in a low tone. “The things which you perceive grow more precise, more potent by the hour. Your power is destined to follow in the footsteps of your grandmother.”
        (Y/N) drew back in surprise.
        “What?” Though she had heard him clearly, his words seemed to pass over her understanding, like water in a stream.
        “Yes indeed,” Gandalf said, “You must learn to focus your efforts, for I fear the warnings you provide may be the key victory or defeat on some occasion, soon drawing near.”
        “Even though I am not Galadriel’s kin by blood?” she asked, her voice sounding hollow to her own ears in her disbelief. She’d had senses about things, of course, on that journey so long ago, and recently too, yet she had given no thought to it.
        “Blood is of no significance in this matter,” said Gandalf. “All that matters is the strength of your own character, and the love you find your strength in, blood or not. Your father Elrond is likewise gifted, do not discount these things. But I warn you, do not let yourself become overwhelmed by these things. Take heart in the strength of those you love. Remember Galadriel, remember Elrond.” In his eyes, (Y/N) almost thought she saw a touch of mischief. “Remember those in this very Fellowship. Find your strength in bonds of brotherhood and trust. Now at the darkest hour, we all must play our parts.”
        She nodded once, steeling herself. It had not been a shocking revelation, for she had begun to suspect some time ago that she were possessed of some such Elvish magic. But to know that the fates of others might depend upon her quick mastery of such a gift did add trouble to her heart.
        Gandalf clasped her shoulder once more before turning and whistling a ringing call across the plains. Mere moments later, a horse the color of fresh-fallen show, purer white than even the gelding that Legolas rode, thundered towards them at an unbelievable pace.
        “That is one of the Mearas,” Legolas said in awe, “Unless my eyes are cheated by some spell…”
        “Shadowfax,” Gandalf said with a smile as the horse drew near. “He is the Lord of all Horses… and has been my friend through many dangers.”
        The four hunters all offered a polite bow to the Mearas.
        “Now, let us ride for Rohan… and whatever evil may await us therein.”
Unfortunately, those with a strikethrough could not be tagged - please check your privacy settings on tumblr, or notify me if I misspelled something, or if you have changed urls since requesting to be tagged. I will be forced to remove dead urls after three total failures to tag for the sake of organization.
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thranduils-hairtie · a day ago
Tumblr media
Imagine your a part of the fellowship and just arrived at edoras where you all get your weapons taken.
You pull out your two swords and give it with your bow and arrow to the knight infront of you, that just keeps on staring at you.
He looks you up, down and smirks, while you just shift from left to right, feeling uncomfortable. He steps forward with a grin and says "I think i should chech if you really gave me all of your weapons. Just for safety reasons of course!"
You take a step back unsure if you should fight back, when suddenly an arm pulls away. It was legolas who hides you behind his muscular body. "Take one step further and you will regret it..!" He stares the guy down, who just quickly follows the others who are walking in.
You place a hand on his shoulder, whisper a "thank you" and walk after Gimli.
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Tolkien Preference- Falling in Love
Request: How’s about falling in love preferences for Tolkien with Boromir, Faramir, Legolas, Merry, and whoever else you like (and Thorin and Thranduil if you do Hobbit too 😬)
PT1/Fellowship here
In his long life, Elrond has lost so much- yet he remains caring and kind. While his affections for you develop quickly, they go unexpressed for a long time in Elrond’s efforts to spare you both from heartbreak. His compassion is unhampered by this, which allows your own feelings to blossom. Eventually, though, Elrond can’t deny his love for you- doing so would only be the cause of more sorrow. And once you’re his, Elrond would happily give you the world.
Faramir is proof that there’s merit in vulnerability. He knows his heart and he knows that he loves you, and fairly quickly too. He’s not overbearing, but he’s confident and patient, even before he’s certain that you feel the same way. You fall for him because of this and so many reasons more- Faramir sees so much good in the world around him, and in you. He keeps you grounded and hopeful, and to you, that’s invaluable.
Eomer is reserved at first- it takes a lot for him to trust someone fully and completely. However, as he gets to know and like you, he has no problem flirting shamelessly. He doesn’t have the time or patience for games, so Eomer is very direct, and he expects the same honesty from you, regardless of your feelings. Eomer falls for you quickly and hard, and he is more than happy to dedicate himself to you once you declare you share his affections.
One to trust and rely on her instincts, Eowyn knows right away if the connection between the two of you will blossom into something more. She’s surprisingly shy about making her intentions clear, although her actions and attention often betray her heart. Her smiles and gaze linger on you; she’s caught blushing when in your presence. You decide to give Eowyn time until she’s ready to put her feelings into words- or you cut to the chase and tell her yourself, which may take her by surprise, but make her very, very happy indeed.
Arwen does not need words to tell you she loves you. Instead, there are soft smiles and humor in her eyes whenever she looks at you. Soon after, when you both understand that your feelings are reciprocated, her love evolves into a deep, steady passion. She dedicates herself fully to you, and you to her in return. You mean the world to her, something she tells you and truly means.
It takes time and patience to work yourself into Thorin’s heart. He doesn’t believe in much before he’s seen good reason to do so. First, you have to prove yourself as worthy of his attention, then his affection. But once you do, once Thorin realizes he can trust you, you have earned his loyalty forever. You don’t take this lightly, and it is this seriousness and commitment that is the start of your love story.
You’re not even aware that Thranduil tolerates you until you’ve known him for several weeks, though not for lack of trying on your part. It’s hard to break through Thranduil’s wall and cold persona, but once you manage to make him smile, then laugh, you figure he must like you, even just a bit. It takes time for the Elvenking to decide to pursue something serious, but he makes the first move, taking these matters of the heart seriously, and only doing so once he’s sure you’ll do the same.
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tolkien-fantasy · a day ago
I'm back on my bullshit, trying to figure out who to write for. I really liked doing that dare with my mutuals of writing about our relationships with comfort characters, so I'd be interested in doing something like that again! Problem is, pretty much every Lotr character is my comfort character, so I'm not sure who I should go with. So, like any self-respecting gay, I came to my mutuals for help.
If you could please tell me which Lotr (or Hobbit) character you think I should go with, and what ideas you'd like to see next, I'd appreciate it! Also, if you could include why, that'd be awesome too. Here's some general facts about me to help, below the cut. Love y'all, hope you're doing well.
Tags: @fool-of--a-took, @himbo-bagginss, @bubbelpop2, @lothloriien, @simbxlmyne, @beenovel, @kumqu4t, @claraofthepen, @moony-artnstuff, @thewhiteladyofrohan, @iwenttomordor
Pretty muscular, especially in the legs
Devotee of Thor and Rhiannon
Loves horses, works with them a lot
The favorite thing I own is a pair of cowboy boots, tbh
Has autism
Bisexual and Genderfluid, She/Her pronouns
Very short, under 5’, with a rectangular build
Interested in making armor (Sewing, Leatherworking and Smithing)
Also a writer who likes to draw
Very messy mane of long brown hair that’s usually either loose, up in a bun or in a ponytail
Glasses, and tons of moles and freckles
Really focused on self-improvement and getting stronger, both physically and mentally
Huge fan of rock and roll music
Very blunt, but also gets nervous a lot
Very sweet and gentle, though can be rough around the edges a lot too
Swears like a sailor
Interests include Moomins, Fantasy, Mythology, Animation, Dungeons & Dragons, Witchcraft, Nintendo Games and Food
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simbxlmyne · a day ago
desire - ii (eomer x reader)
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
requested by: @laurfilijames and tagging @linasofia
a.n: i really enjoyed writing the first part to this so i'm happy that you asked for another part :)
read part one here
Nigh on three days had passed since your initial meeting with Eomer, and barely had the two of you seen each other. Occasionally, after a training session with Hasufel, you would linger about the stable in an attempt to catch a glimpse of him as he came to collect the steed. Only ever from afar would you observe him, giving the impression that you were nonchalant about the encounter.
He began to pick up on your distant nature, and a flame of frustration caught light within him: he too would learn the meaning of desire. Hearing you far off in the courtyard making merriment with your friends drove him mad, and you looked as if you had not given a single thought to him since your conversation - the notion of which he could not fathom.
So, in his anger, he set about a plan in order to gain your attention, something which he never would have forseen himself doing.
You, all the while, had no idea, though when you were just finishing up dressing for work one morning, the sudden succession of rappings at your chamber door struck you as strange. Despite this, you made to open it. Servant as you were there was no way you could have refused.
Upon doing so you were met with one of the Rohirimm, though his name you were unsure of.
"(Y/N), horse trainer, you have been summoned to the hall of King Theoden," he announced, eyes focused slightly past your head. You smirked slightly and folded your arms across your chest.
"Now?" you questioned, thinking upon all of the jobs you had to do for the day.
"Yes," he responded, still refusing to look at you. The boy was much younger than yourself, barely looking sixteen, and he seemed to be rather embarrassed at his position.
"Alright." You patted him twice on the back before walking straight past him, in the direction of the main hall. "Come on then: it is unwise to keep the king waiting."
The boy had to run to make sure that he made it to the room before you, in order to announce your arrival - as was the custom.
"(Y/N)," he called out, rather breathless, and promptly exited the room so as to recover himself afterward.
Then you realised. It had seemed rather odd to you to have been granted a summons from the king himself, since you were nought but a simple stable-hand; but there he was. Beside the throne upon which Theoden sat stood Eomer, adorned in his best armour, the very kind that you had admired him in many a time. The crimson tones immediately drew your attention: it was freshly polished.
Upon your arrival, both king and kin rose from their seats, and you - feeling rather humbled in the presence of such royalty - swiftly bowed. And though it went undetected, Eomer found your new-found behaviour rather amusing, and brought a smug grin to his face.
"Rise," Theoden said, and you noticed an underlying warmth in his tone. "You have been brought to my attention by my nephew. I have heard you met with Eomer a few days ago?"
You swallowed hard, glancing over to the soldier stood behind his uncle. "Yes, my King."
"He told me you did wonders for him," Theoden said with a genuine smile. The eyebrow raise from Eomer did not aid the rising blush that made its way to you cheeks.
"He did?" You had not considered that your tales of your teasing would reach the king, and in that moment you had not at all considered the consequences for your actions.
"Yes," Theoden continued, beginning to pace slowly about the hall. "He said-" You braced yourself. "-that you were the best stable-hand that he had ever encountered."
You let out a breath that was caught in your throat, and immediately cast your eyes to Eomer to take in his reaction (which of course was one of pure complacency).
"I thank you, my King."
"It is not me you should be thanking, (Y/N), but my nephew here." Biting your tongue, you bowed toward Eomer, who had strode toward you now.
"Thank you, my Lord," you managed, though you knew this was his plan all along - and you had no choice but to sumbit to his will.
"In fact," Theoden took up once again, "he made a suggestion to me."
"He did, my King?"
"Yes, indeed..." He paused, and smiled once again, walking over to his nephew. He placed his hands upon his shoulders, proud. "He suggested that you become his personal hand."
You almost choked, and could not believe that you had allowed yourself to end up in this situation.
"My King?" you asked, almost in disbelief.
"Are you not pleased? It is most certainly a very good promotion for you. It will open many more doors for you, and since Eomer mentioned that a bond had been formed between the both of you, this development seems rather fitting, does it not?"
It took you a moment to compose yourself, to quench the near fury that raged within you.
"Yes, my King."
"I have to say, (Y/N), from my nephew's description of you, I was expecting you to speak more, yet you seem rather quiet."
"I apologise, my King."
"Indeed, dear, (Y/N)," Eomer half-chuckled. "I have never seen you so quiet. Would you care to share your thoughts?"
Oh how your blood boiled! You wanted nothing more than to walk up to his smug face, square him in the eye, yet you could not decide whether you wanted to strike him or kiss him.
"I am indeed very grateful for the opportunity," you said, trying to keep your emotions hidden. "I did not realise that Eomer required required such an aid, but if he is lacking in such department, then I am willing to oblige him."
Both men appeared to be taken aback by your sudden spur of speech; Eomer once again wore that shocked expression you had first painted him with, though Theoden seemed rather impressed by your sudden confidence.
"Ah, I like you, (Y/N), and I trust that you will work very well for my nephew. That will be all."
"My King," you said with a bow toward him, and without curtsying toward Eomer, you exited the room, just catching a laugh from Theoden before the doors shut.
Once in the clear you took a moment to yourself in order to cool your face. You could not quite believe the audacity of Eomer, that he would put you in a position like that.
You had not a moment to collect yourself before you found a hand pressing against your hip. "Revenge," Eomer whispered. He came to stand before you, looking down upon your flustered form.
"How could you do that?" you snapped, delivering a swift swat against his chest.
He merely let out a hearty chuckle. "In our last meeting you spoke about desire. You told me that you only desired the things you did not have. The same is true for myself."
"So what?" you muttered, anger leaving you as you admired his loving yet playful expression; you thanked that the guards had left upon his request, for you could not endure another summons.
"So I decided to get what I desired."
"You know, most men would gift a lady flowers or jewelry when attempting to get their attention," you said, eyes widening as he closed the distance between the both of you.
"I am not most men," Eomer whispered, the sound low and coming as a rumble from his chest. "And you, are certainly not most women."
And with that, he took what he desired so wholeheartedly, and pressed his lips against yours. It had meant only to be a gentle press, tentative despite his status, but you too desired him, and you couldn't help but deepen his embrace, worried that this may be the only kiss you had. After all, he would be king upon the passing of his uncle, and in the eyes of most, it would be preposterous for a servant to be found in such a position with a soon to be king. Yet you clung to him, hands running across the cold metal of his armour. In return, he lifted you with ease, so that your feet no longer felt the floor, though your back was met with the wall.
Worn and calloused hands wound through your hair, and Eomer moved roughly, though gentle somehow against you.
"We should be careful," you gasped when he finally gave you room to breathe. "Your Uncle-"
Reluctantly, knowing your words to be true, he pulled away, though kept his head pressed to your own, still suspending you mid air. "Yes," he admitted, though his lips still longed for yours. "We should find somewhere more private, perhaps."
Now it was your turn for the smug smile, and you removed yourself from his embrace. "Perhaps another time: I have many jobs to attend to."
Eomer's mouth fell sligh ajar as he observed you, tugging a little at a loose string on your dress. "Jobs? What jobs? Surely nothing could be more important-"
"Oh I have many, many jobs to do. You know, now that I am the personal stable-hand to the Lord of the Mark."
You sauntered away, giving him nought but a small wave as you went.
"(Y/N), wait!"
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder," you called back.
"I have waited long enough!"
"And I am sure you can wait a little longer."
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Tauriel X femme!Elf!reader
Tumblr media
Imagine having a child with Tauriel
For @lovefindersix-blog
~ours to love~
You loved the beautiful elf Tauriel since you first laid eyes on her and after that you both began courting. She meant everything to you and so much more, which is why when this whole ordeal with Smaug and lake town was done you planned to ask her to marry you. Though you never though it would last so long. After Smaug was defeated, not much of the once beautiful Lake town was left, the houses burning into mere dust while dead body of the great dragon now lay in the water, rotting away beneathe the waves.
You and Tauriel were always together though it seemed that the rages flames and screaming people had taken you apart. There was one noise your elf ears picked up, and it was not the flames nor the people but instead sounded like a child far away in one of the burning houses. With the threat of Smaug gone, you put done your bow and followed the sound as best you could without burning yourself and after some running and smokey ash you could hear clearly a child crying.
In your mind you were still not sure if saving the child would be a wise choice if you got badly hurt Tauriel would freak out, the tortured building looked as if it could give in at any moment but even if it did severely injure you or the child died, at least you tried. The flames engulfed the building but you could still see a way in from what used to be a window and climbed through. Looking inside you could see a young girl, no more than six, trapped in the corner of the house crying and screaming loudly while the it burned and pieces of roof fell right Infront of her. She looked terrified and afraid to move or even look at the horrors around her.
You jumped carefully through the window and your feet landed on what was left of the burning wooden floor. As the little girl finally opened her eyes she spotted you from across the room, "help! Help me please! Please!" She reached out her little arms to you and screamed as more of the house shattered to the ground. You slowly moved over towards the helpless child, making sure that you wouldn't meet a fiery fate while getting there, before gently picking her up and wrapping your arms around her frightened form. Her skin didn't she any burns or abnormalities except a few cuts and scrapes and black ash, however now there was a bigger problem on your mind. getting out.
The house was quickly turning into nothing but debris and soon your way in would no longer be a way out. With all the strength you could gather, you ran faster than your legs had ever taken you and managed to quickly duck under a falling piece of wood before cautiously making your way out of what was now only the corpse of a house.
The girl was still crying but had calmed down a little from her frightening time in the house, you stroked her hair and wiped the falling tears from her bright eyes. "Are you alright now sweety? Are you hurt anywhere?" She quickly shook her head and buried her damp face in your tunic, she didn't want to talk much and you couldn't blame her.
A big problem now had you thinking. What are you going to do now? It wasn't safe for you to go and find Tauriel with the child incase orcs attacked but you but she couldn't stay here on her own. You also thought of what would happen to the child. If she would find a home in another valley or just become another orphan, you had a slight thought of adopting her yourself and raising her with Tauriel but how would your lover even react to that and the child was only human, should would eventually die while both of you would live on.
Almost right on queue with your thoughts, you hear light footsteps behind you and knew who it was without turning around. "Darling it's so good to see-" you turned to meet the gaze of your love and she stops speaking when she sees the sweet girl still in your arms and happier than she was before. Tauriel walks towards the both of you with tears in her eyes while reaching her slender arm outwards towards the child and rubbing her thumb along her soft cheek.
"May I?" The she elf asks as you nod and gently pass the girl from your arms to Tauriel's. She giggles and reaches her hands upwards and touches the red haired elf's pointed ear and her giggling turns to laughter. You stand back and watch the two of them interact like a mother watching her wife and child play for the first time, the sight made you almost cry and at this point in your life you had never felt happier.
"what happened to her parents?" Tauriel looks up from the cheerful child and back at you as you snap back into reality. "I don't know, probably either gone or dead" your eyes fall back onto the poor girl while she picked at the golden embroidery on Tauriel's tunic. Your lovely lover moved her gaze between you and the now orphan and asked you "do you think we should raise her?"
"only if you think so" she smiled and nodded her head "yes, I think we should" the child didn't seem to know what she was saying but laughed and hugged Tauriel's chest. Your eyes pieced into Tauriel's and you both shared a passionate kiss before she said to you "I'm glad your safe too" you smiled and blushed before giving her a big hug. You both made your way home or at least to some kind of safety. You were happy to finally be back with the people you loved most. Tauriel and your new daughter.
Sorry if this is a bit short 😅 I've had a few exams this week. Anyway, hope you enjoy!❤️ xxx
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claraofthepen · 2 days ago
hey if you’re taking requests rn, i saw the proposal thing and i was wondering if you could do something with lotr/the hobbit characters asking you out for the first time or smth like that? also could you include aragorn, legolas, and kíli? you don’t have to, just a suggestion. thanks!!
I decided to just do Aragorn, Legolas, and Kili, hope that's alright! And also, so sorry this took forever.
Tumblr media
Aragorn would be nervous x10, though you know he wouldn't show it. You've been friends for quite some time, and he knows your mind like the back of his hand. He'll wait for a chance when you two are alone, and might arrange a night of stargazing for the occasion. The both of you are picking out the constellations, and he's telling the stories behind them, and watching your eyes the entire time, reflecting the same stories that he's telling. Eventually he asks if you'd be willing to become more than just friends, if you would accept his offer to begin a courtship and love each other on romantic terms, no longer just platonic. When you accept, he asks if he can hold your hand. You let him, and, with your hand grasped in his, he looks back up at the stars with a giddy smile on his face.
Tumblr media
Legolas is not very familiar with what is considered normal for human courting, so he's 100% going straight to Aragorn with all his questions: Do they braid hair like dwarves? Is it right to initiate physical intimacy, such as an embrace or a hand-hold? Would it be wrong to announce my intentions to the world? And Aragorn just starts shaking his head. After a very long conversation of the social norms of human courting, Legolas finally feels ready to ask you, and with aragorn as his wingman, your courtship begins. He was totally jittery the whole time, and stumbling over his words, slipping into elvish a couple times on accident, but once he gets his point across, both you and him couldn't be happier.
(also, this is an accurate representation of Aragorn cheering legolas on)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dwarves are smooth af, and Kili is no exception. I mean, remember his sickness-hazed declaration of love? Damn, even just off his death-bed, Kili's got it going for him. You just know he would spend time learning about human courting traditions first, to ensure that you feel comfortable, but he'd also be very firm in following dwarven traditions too, so expect to be showered in gold and gifts when he asks. But he's very sweet through it all, and stays his happy mischievous self, somehow making it all romantic and light-hearted, with a bit of comedic relief. He loves you, and makes it known that he hopes to stay with you for quite a while (if not forever), and, with his sweet puppy eyes, you can't help but say yes.
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simbxlmyne · 3 days ago
seperation comfort headcanons for aragorn and eomer:
(not my gifs)
requested by: @sterling-roses (it won't tag, apologies) and also going to tag @linasofia for the eomer hc
a.n: i really enjoyed this, thank you for requesting :) <3
Tumblr media
when word of your friend's departure reached you, you were absolutely devastated
you had known them since the both of you were children, and truly couldn't have imagined your life without them
they had left the fellowship to join a company of soldiers setting out for war, their eyes set on the idea glory
the evening of their leaving was the hardest moment for you, and you lingered with your arms around them for as long as possible before they were called away
as they slipped from your embrace, your emotions betrayed you, and you almost fell to the floor with grief
the only thing that prevented you from doing so was a strong pair of arms wrapping around your shaking form
with his reflexes as trained as they were, aragorn brought you gently down to the floor, seating you beside him on the grass
he held you close as the party departed, holding your head to his shoulder, rubbing his hand over your back
though you reached out for them, and though your tears were many, aragorns soft whispers into your ear eased the pain a little
"it's alright, (y/n)," he promised, the ranger's hand coming to run through your hair. "the pain will pass. i know it is hard to imagine that now, but we are all here for you."
your cries would continue will into the night, but aragorn remained with you in that very spot, long after the rest of the fellowship had took rest for the night
when eventually your face began to ache from the strain, you felt simply defeated, and collapsed further into his enveloping embrace
"they're not coming back, are they," you said, though all tone of questioning was absent
argorn pursed his lips, and simply placed his forehead against your own
despite not knowing much about him, in that moment you felt as though you were one and the same, he taking some of your grief so that the burden was lighter
"hope is the most powerful weapon we own," he whispered, closing his eyes
you believed him wholeheartedly, and for the gift of hope, you would be forever greatful to aragorn
he worried still for arwen, and when you felt his tears mingle with your own, you knew then that you were both grieving that night
"the sun will still rise tomorrow," he said, steadying his voice
"the sun will still rise," you repeated
"and," he continued, moving to intertwine his hand with yours, "when you look upon it, you will know that so are they, and then you will be connected to them always."
by means of thanking him, you leaned your head against his chest, and the two of you remained, watching the stars mingle across the black plain for the rest of the night
and truly, the sun did rise
Tumblr media
eomer knew about loss more than anyone in rohan
the devastation he felt after losing theoden to the dark forces of saruman clung to his every waking thought
when your friend departed the city, riding out as a member of a small party, you felt as though a part of you had left with them
you stood by them until the very end, holding them in your embrace until their captain called them away
with one final pained look, they mounted their steed and left for the journey
you had no idea when they would return, or even if they would for that matter, and spent a lot of your time toying with the gifted necklace around your neck
tears were held as you knew you had jobs to attend to, and decided to steel your face until you were alone in your chambers that night
war was coming to rohan, and you wanted to do all you could to aid the fight
for a few hours you busied yourself with tending to the sick, stitching up damaged fabrics, and polishing armour
it seemed to be working, all of your distractions, until eomer came upon you, sewing a hole in one of the soldier's tunics
there were a few other people in the room, and he could have spoken to any one of them, but fate brought him to you
he observed you for a moment and then picked up on the jewel around your neck
"that is an impressive necklace you wear," he said. "where did you get it?"
to him he was just trying to make conversation, but after the day you'd had it was all just too much
all of your emotions left you, and you dropped the needlework
eomer glanced about the room, as if questioning, though all of the other workers made a swift exit from the room
"my lady, i did not mean to upset you."
you didn't want to make him feel bad, but you couldn't help your sudden outpouring
words failed you, but eomer did not need them, and bent down anyway to embrace you
the silence spoke volumes, and from your tight grip upon his shoulders, he knew that your pain ran deep, as did his own
eomer would keep an eye on you for the foreseeable future, and when duties would not allow this, he would make sure that one of his best men was on the look out
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little-moonflowers · 3 days ago
Arwen falling in love with a mortal!reader:
This is the first time I'm doing headcanons. I wrote this just for fun (And also because I have a huge crush on her❤)
Tumblr media
Arwen fell for you at first sight. There was just something so mesmerizing about you, that drew her to you
Because you're mortal, Arwen is secretly always worried about you. She cares a lot about you and wouldn't trade you for anything in the world.
If you get hurt, she'd treat your wounds, kiss you and would do anything for you to make you feel better again.
Arwen is very soft with you and spoils you rotten. Your whole relationship is just full of pure love and wholesomeness.
Should you ever feel insecure, or hopeless Arwen will always be there for you and remind you what a wonderful and gorgeous person you are! You're the shining sun in her life!
If you have longer hair, she'd love to braid it, style it for you and you would to the same for her. No matter if it's curly, wavy, or straight, Arwen does really admire your hair!
She loves watching the stars, or sunset with you. She even enjoys going on small walks with you.
She'd love to share her wardrobe with you. Because dresses are for everyone! And she would totally go shopping for new clothes with you.
You both enjoy giving each other gifts, like necklaces, or other jewelry. And everything you gift to her, she treasures with all her heart.
Arwen really likes to read to you and introduces you to her favourite books and she enjoys singing for you. She also would love to hear all about your own passions and interests. You are so fascinating to her! 
She would try to teach you some elvish and in return you would teach her some language from our world.
She adores every little moment she gets to spend with you. Even if you aren't really doing anything, being with you is always a blessing to her.
Her father is not the most accepting of you, because you are a mortal. But then again your love for eachother is stronger than anything else, so Arwen didn't care at all what her father thought.
Arwen adores you with all her heart, she had never loved anyone as much as you. She'd even give up her immortality, just for you, her beloved.
Nothing could keep you apart. And in the end the two of you end up spending the rest of your lives together.
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Headcanon losing your virginity to Boromir? And first kissing him ?
Of course bestie
As far as first kisses, Boromir is a creature of passion
But he is also very detailed and caring about how things happen
So he'd want to make it perfect for you especially, but also for him because he's very sentimental
So he has a whole plan, he'll want to take you to the most beautiful location in Gondor, plan a whole romantic picnic before he finally kissed you
But with the way things are in the world, his plans get ruined
And your first kiss actually ends up being in the heat of the moment when he has to leave Gondor for some far away mission or another
"When will you be back?"
"Of course"
But he still wants to leave you with something before he takes off, so just as he's about to mount his horse and leave, he wraps an arm around your waist and plants one on you
"I'll see you soon, my lady"
As for losing your virginity to him . . .
There are some nerves because Boromir is well known throughout the land for many things
But he wants to put you at ease
So he again plans a special day for the two of you
He takes you on a romantic date, always making sure that you were happy and comfortable with what was happening
And when he finally gets you to his room, he's very careful with how you're feeling
But clearly the two of you want each other
So he starts with just slowly kissing you, hoping to tease you until you're pretty much insatiable
At the first moan he gets out of you
He will lead you over to the bed and drop you down carefully
It's true that Boromir has had some experience before you, so he wants to spend a lot of time taking care of you
So he's very soft and deliberate as his hands and lips trail over every inch of your body, slowly pulling off your clothes
He leaves bites of your chest, where only you could see, so that you'll always have a reminder of what happened, and a promise for later
And you'd know for sure just how much practice he's had when he goes down on you
He's obsessed with making you moan, so he makes sure to do anything to coax those glorious sounds out of you
And he'll wait until he's got you on the edge, and then he'll come back up to your lips, so that he can kiss you and watch your face when you finally do climax, with his hands between your legs
After that, he gives you time to adjust to what happened, looking at you with wide, curious eyes
And he doesn't do anything else until you're asking for it
Which you obviously will be
So he'll find himself on top of you, his hands entwined with yours, looking into your eyes as he enters you
He's careful and slow and makes sure you are happy and comfortable before picking up his pacing
And he's muttering words of encouragement about how gorgeous you are, how good this feels
Until you are both spilling over together
The two of you eventually separate and lay together, catching your breaths
Then the two of you cuddle together with promises of much more to come
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meganlpie · 3 days ago
Based on this request:  This request may sound strange and I understand if you’re have no fun writing for it, so I totally understand if you decline it. :) How about a human reader x Elrond? The reader is a Ranger and both her and Elrond have developed feelings for each other. But everyone in Rivendell wonders why the reader often flees from Elrond cutting off any possible growth from their friendship to something more. In a battle against the Witch King it’s revealed that the reader is actually a Descendant of the Nazgul and was feeling guilty due to that. “She doesn’t want to taint Elrond’s and Rivendells light due to her corrupted heritage.”
Here you go! I do not own ANY familiar characters. They are Tolkien’s property.
Warnings: Angst, guilt, fluff.
Pairings: Lord Elrond x fem!human reader
Tumblr media
You had a secret. A dark secret. One that threatened to come to light every second you spent in Rivendell. And yet, you kept finding yourself drawn back there. You weren't an idiot. You knew why. Lord Elrond. Over the time you spent with him, you found yourself falling in love with him. You knew he felt something too, but that couldn't keep you there for long.
         You knew that Elrond's people wondered why you kept running. They knew how you felt about each other. Anyone with eyes could see. So why did you keep pushing it away? Why did you keep running from it? The answer would become clear many, many years after you first meeting with Elrond. When Lady Eowyn let it slip after the battle with the Witch King of Angmar.
         That battle would live on in your mind for the rest of your life. You had been standing with Eowyn on the battlefield when he appeared before you. Tall, dark, and menacing, you felt a shiver of fear run down your spine when you laid eyes upon him. His attention first focused on Eowyn for it seemed he deemed her the biggest threat. But after a moment, it shifted to you and he…paused.
         "Blood of my blood," he hissed and you fought the urge to cover your ears against the poisonous words. "You betray your people?" You glared, gripping your sword a bit tighter. " You poison the land and the hearts of good men and women. You lead them astray all in the name of a master I will never serve. You are not my people. They are." The Witch King let out a hissing laugh, making you flinch. It was a sound that would replay in your ears over and over again.
         "When they discover what you are, they will turn on you and you shall come to my side. Where you were always meant to be." You denied it vehemently. That was when Eowyn decided to step in again. You were grateful and you went back to fighting the Witch King's men. You knew you couldn't kill him. It was part of the curse of your blood. You couldn't kill him, but she could. And when that shriek echoed across the battlefield, you rejoiced with everyone else.
         Now, you were seated between Eowyn and Elrond celebrating Aragorn's coronation. Conversation was light and happy, but every time you saw Eowyn looking at you, she looked troubled and confused. "What troubles you, Lady Eowyn?" you asked, taking a sip from your goblet.
         "What did he mean?" she asked as she turned to face you more fully. You could feel Elrond's gaze boring in to the side of your head. "Who?" Eowyn took a drink from her own goblet and met your eyes again. "The Witch King. 'Blood of my blood' he called you." You stiffened and froze in your seat. Elrond next to you was frozen too, as if he were on edge waiting for your answer.
         You couldn't breathe. The walls were closing in on you. Even though it was only Eowyn and Elrond looking at you, it felt like the eyes of everyone in the room were focused on you. You needed to get out of there as soon as possible. But you knew you couldn't leave Eowyn without an answer.
         "I think you know what it means," you whispered to her, "It's the reason I never remain in one place for too long. The reason I have been shunned in so many villages and towns. Once people learn the truth, they tend to fear me. Curse me. Now, if you'll please excuse me." With that, you rose as gracefully as you could without drawing attention to yourself and slipped out of the great room to be alone for a while.
         Guilt was a funny thing. Sometimes, it sat in the back of your head and you were able to ignore it. And sometimes, it came suddenly, running in and screeching to a halt at the forefront of every single thought. You felt it quite often. Especially in Rivendell. You felt guilty for your bloodline. And you felt guilty for allowing yourself to feel something for Elrond. You felt guilty for not telling him when you first met him. You hated the guilt, but you knew that, if you had told him, he would have treated you like everyone else had.
         "Y/N?" The sound of your name broke you from your thought spiral. You whirled around to find Elrond behind you. "Lord Elrond," you greeted formally, causing his brows to furrow.  You hadn't been formal with him for some time. "Something is bothering you, Y/N." You scoffed lightly.
         "Clearly. I know you were listening. You know what I am now. You know why I can't-can't stay with you no matter how much I want to. I would only taint the light you bring to the world. To Imladris." Elrond smiled at you. You grew confused. "What?"
         "I have known for quite some time, Melamin. Have you forgotten that I have the gift of Sight?" You simply stared at him for several moments while he waited for your reply. He knew? He knew your heritage and never said anything? Not only that but had he just called you his love?! Your mind was racing again so fast you couldn't keep up. It was only when Elrond spoke again that your mind went blank.
         "Y/N, your heritage does not matter to me. I admit that I was…wary at first. But as we grew close, I began to understand that we are not our ancestors. King Aragorn has proven that even further. I have not seen where the future will take us, Melamin, but I know that I cannot see it without you in there."
         You felt your face heat up. You never imagined such a passionate speech coming from him. While he was always eloquent, he kept his true feelings well hidden, never mentioning the attraction between you. But whenever he did speak, it was the truth. At least with you. So you knew without a doubt in your mind that he meant it.
         "I-If that is truly what you see, then I shall be by your side until you bid me to go." Elrond gave you that small smile of his before stepping closer and resting his forehead against yours. "I love you, Elrond." He closed his eyes and whispered his love in return.
(a/n: I hope you like it. Elrond is still a bit difficult for me to write in romantic situations.)
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Fellowship Preferences- Falling in Love
Request: How’s about falling in love preferences for Tolkien with Boromir, Faramir, Legolas, Merry, and whoever else you like (and Thorin and Thranduil if you do Hobbit too 😬)
Hi! Thank you for waiting so long!
Part 2 with miscellaneous Tolkien characters (LOTR + TH) is here
Aragon needs time before he lets you in- falling in love is a slow and careful journey, though the ranger is kind to you the whole time. It starts with a genuine friendship, then deeper trust: shared laughter and hidden smiles, his hand brushing against yours, until, without words, you know that you are utterly enamored and he is too.
It’s obvious to you the second Boromir falls in love- he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he’s confident enough to confess his feelings to you quickly. He’s honest and hopeful, but patient. Boromir would want you to be truthful, too, even if his affections aren’t reciprocated. But he’s overjoyed when they are- he’d kiss you, if you’re willing, or at least leave a peck on the back of your hand. Boromir is passionate, nearly overwhelmingly so, and he’ll sing your praises to everyone he knows- but it just goes to show how much and how deeply he loves you.
Legolas smiles when he sees you the first time- it’s barely there, and his gaze is fleeting, but the corners of his mouth tug upwards. He doesn’t say anything to you then, but it’s still a memorable first impression. And, from that moment on, you start to fall for each other, in quiet, stolen evenings looking up at the sky, reading poetry to each other, or sitting silently and just enjoying each other’s company. The depth of your bond is something that goes unspoken until Legolas kisses you for the first time- but that simple action is instantly proof of your commitment to one another.
You fall for Gimli’s heart- underneath the beard and the occasional gruffness is a kind, compassionate man who impresses you with his virtue. Gimli makes you laugh harder than anyone else can, and he causes you to see the world from a more nuanced point of view. He’d be very open about his affections for you, albeit surprisingly shy when initially confessing them. But, he’d make clear that he’s yours- together, you’re a team, so long as you have each other’s hearts.
Before you even meet Merry, you know of his ability to make others laugh. He proves his reputation true within minutes of your first encounter, but you soon find that Merry’s heart is underappreciated. He’s fiercely loyal and intelligent in an unassuming way. But it is laughter that makes you understand you want to be with him forever. He makes some witty comment and the humor that follows jolts you in realization that you cannot live without Merry- not without his heart nor the joy he brings you.
You know you’ve fallen for Pippin when you understand how much more there is to him than an immature boy with a penchant for mischief. Like Merry, he’s well known for making other’s laugh, but it its your patience and willingness to truly get to know Pippin that brings you close together. He appreciates your understanding, and this is what makes his own affections clear to him. There is more to Pippin than most others see- his loyalty, his heart, his empathy- and these traits are what you love him for.
Initially, you’re aware of Frodo as someone reserved and shy- and this remains true until he is fully comfortable around you. Still, even before that point, you are surprised by how much you value his company and input. Frodo is aware of things most other’s don’t consider, which means he perceives you like nobody else does- he sees the best in you and isn’t afraid to reassure you of your best qualities. And, once you truly know Frodo, you’re enamored by his compassion and kindness, and you realize you never want to be without him, this steady light in your life.
There are many things to love about Sam- it’s easy to fall in love with him. You feel safe and happy with him, totally content to share the world and see it through his eyes. Sam’s true heart and genuine compassion draw you to him, and you realize he feels the same way when you catch him grinning at you, eyes looking lost. The expression causes your own face to flush and you know- you’re both totally smitten.
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