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#the hobbit x reader
luna-xial · 52 minutes ago
Hi! If you're doing requests, could you do a scenario where Bilbo is dating a witch that dries herbs and collects crystals and stuff? Oh! And also if you want to, Bilbo's reaction to receiving a protection and love spell jar!
Thank you and have a good day! :V
Hi lovey! Thank you for your request! I chose to do only the protection jar since I don't really agree with the use of love-spells as the ones I've seen used take away the person's consent and I do not want to advocate for that. I hope you understand and enjoy the fic!
Disclaimer: I do not practice witchcraft in terms of rituals and spell making, I mostly deal in crystal use and manifestation rather than spell jar making and usage. Given that, if any information in this fanfic is incorrect or harmful, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will correct it. Thanks!
Stirring your tea clockwise three times, then anticlockwise, you lifted your teaspoon up and tapped the rim of your teacup three times, the gentle smack filling the room as you carefully placed the spoon on your saucer plate, bringing the steaming liquid up to your lips to blow on it.
The rain was pouring, drenching the Shire within minutes of its arrival. Your eyes caught the pitcher you placed outside to catch the rainwater to use for your rituals for the coming week and couldn’t help but grin. It wasn’t difficult to find a place receptive to those who practiced witchcraft in Middle Earth, but Hobbits were particularly welcoming due to the past they had with witches before. And so you found yourself in a Hobbit hole after all your years of traveling.
Your eyes lazily drifted from the window to the bookshelf you had next to it, the mahogany wood etched with runes to promote learning and positivity. On top of it, lay a bundle of drying flowers, a gift from your beloved Bilbo upon his initiation of courtship, and next to it the book on flower meanings he had given you. Another smile tugged at your lips only to be replaced with a worried frown, a knock resounding through the quiet hobbit hole. Your teacup makes a clink as you set it down on the saucer, both being placed on the table.
“I’m coming!” You called out as the knocking became urgent and rapid. Carefully opening the door, you were surprised to see Bilbo drenched, his eyebrows knit in concern.
“Bilbo?” You sputtered out in confusion, stepping back to allow him into your home.
“Stay here, I will fetch you a towel.” You gently ordered before disappearing down the hall to grab one of your towels spritzed with lavender oils for calming.
Coming back down the hall, your heart melted as you watched him worriedly pacing.
“Here you are,” You spoke, breaking him out of his internal rambling as he gratefully took the item from you.
“What has happened?” You questioned as he just stared at your face.
“Dwarves…” He began before going into the full-story on how 13 dwarves and the wizard Gandalf arrived at his home, to try and entice him to become a burglar for their cause.
Soon, Bilbo was instead wrapped in a blanket, a cup of chamomile tea in his hands to try and relieve some of his stress and anxiety.
“I think you should go,” You spoke after he finished, taking a small sip of your now chilled tea.
“What?” Bilbo was bewildered, why would you of all people tell him to leave?
“I won’t leave you, I can’t,” He leaned forward, grabbing one of your hands with his, the love in his eyes making butterflies swarm in your stomach.
“And I’m not asking you to leave me, silly,” You cooed, moving your hand to hold his in an affectionate manner.
“You’ve been sitting here telling me all about the trip and how exciting yet terrifying it would be, almost as if you are trying to convince me to convince you to stay.” You reasoned, running your thumb over his knuckles soothingly.
“You should go, because no matter what I will be here waiting. But Bilbo, the world is waiting for you to go see it, it’s calling you to see more than just books and maps.” You encouraged, knowing if you were in his position, you’d want someone to encourage you to chase your dreams of seeing more than just the Shire.
“You used to talk all the time on how you wanted to explore, and how as a child you wished your Uncle would take you with him on his trips traveling to sell the goods he made. So, what is stopping you?” You questioned as he pursed his lips.
“I…” He began, but the words died in his throat. “I guess there’s nothing really stopping me…” He murmured, causing you to laugh softly at his defeated tone.
“I’m not going to force you to go,” You hummed, as you moved to sit in the armchair with him, his arm around your back as he rubbed it gently, your head on his shoulder. “All I’m saying is, if you want to go, do not let anything stop you.”
Bilbo pressed a kiss to your forehead, sighing. “Why are you always right?”
Laughing you leaned up to give him a kiss, your heart aching as you know it could be one of the last times you get to do so until he returns.
“I wouldn’t be able to tell you,” You teased, “Or else I’d have to kill you for knowing too much.”
Bilbo chuckled as you leaned back down to lay your head on his chest, his expression unreadable as he examined every eyelash, freckle, mole, and blemish on your skin, trying to permanently keep the image of you in his eyes forever.
“I love you,” He murmured finally, watching as the way your smile stretched your lips, a smile forming on his face in response.
“And I love you,” You looked up at him with fond eyes, glinting with the light of your candles decorating the room.
That night you had stayed up, carefully crafting and pouring liquids into a small jar, no bigger than your fist. It was sealed with wax, a protective rune etched with a darker colored wax on top.
As the sun began to rise, you felt anxiety in your stomach. Bilbo would be leaving soon.
Carefully placing the jar in with the satchel of goodies you had prepared for him leaving, you left your hobbit hole, the brisk morning air waking you up instantly as you set down the path towards Bilbo’s home.
There sat the 13 dwarves and the wizard Bilbo had rambled about, all preparing to leave on their ponies, each one holding luggage.
Bilbo looked as worried as ever as he stood next to Gandalf, discussing what? You didn’t know.
“Bilbo!” You called out, your hand cupping around your mouth before reaching up to wave as his eyes darted over to you.
“(Y/n),” He breathed out, relief flooding his senses as you came up to him.
Pulling you into a hug, Bilbo sighed as he smelled your scent for what would be the last time in a long while.
Responding to the hug, you felt tears sting the back of your eyes, causing you to look up to the sky and blink them away, you had to be strong for him.
“Here,” You spoke, handing him the satchel as you two separated. “I prepared some goods for you, honey cakes, those seed cakes you always enjoy when I make, oh and some teas too…” You trailed off, watching the way a smile broke out on his face. “What’s this?” He wondered as he saw the wax sealed jar in the bag as well.
“Oh! A protection jar,” You smiled, “You never know what is out in those woods, and while I’m sure with the company you keep you’ll be alright, I wanted to be sure you had some extra protection.”
Bilbo didn’t know what to say for a moment, looking between you and the bag before he pulled you into another hug. “Thank you,” He whispered before you two shared a soft kiss, him holding one of your hands close to his heart.
“Mr.Baggins,” A dwarf called, signaling it was time to go.
“Return to me,” Was all you said as he nodded, holding your hand tight before letting it go. “I always will,” He said, sounding like he was reassuring himself as he turned to leave on the pony.
“I love you,” You called out, making him turn back. “I love you,” He echoed, a sad smile on his face, tears beginning to fill your eyes.
“Gandalf, you keep him safe.” You spoke firm, knowing his reputation.
Gandalf’s smile changed to a serious look, nodding at you before helping Bilbo get settled in.
Blinking back your tears, you felt one slip out as the ponies began to trot away, Bilbo turning back to wave at you, concern on his face showing as he saw you crying.
Shaking your head at him, you laughed as you waved him off, wiping your tears away with your other hand.
“He’ll return… He has to,” You told yourself as they disappeared into the tree-line.
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lady-latte · 18 hours ago
I just finished my last request in my inbox AND just submitted my very last school assignment for the year. Which means summer break! Which means… drumroll please!
Requests are open!
Send in anything you wish as long as it adheres to my rules!!
Tagging @moonheartsposts cause I know you wanted to request something!
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eashmo · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•Fili x viewer x kili 2021 mood board•
Fili darling your my best friend
But there's a few things that you don't know of
Why I borrow your knifes so often
I'm using your tunic as a pillow case
I wanna ruin our friendship
We should be lovers instead
I don't know how to say this
'Cause you're really my dearest friends
Kili, darling, you're my best friend
I've been doing bad things that you don't know about
Stealing your stuff now and then
Nothing you'd miss, but it means the world to me
I wanna ruin our friendship
We should be lovers instead
I don't know how to say this
'Cause you're really my dearest friends
Fili, kili, take my hands
'Cause we are more than friends
I will follow you until the end
Fili, kili take my hands
I cannot pretend
( you have fallen in middle earth from another world, you knew the story it was your favorite in your world. Fili and kili capture your heart then and now it’s time to capture theirs and save them in BOTFA. so when Gandalf found you 2 years ago before the first story you made a vow to train to be the brothers secret bodyguard. I choose this song that you sang to them while being drunk of your rocker in Rivendell because, to be honest I think the look on their faces and the companies would be hilarious. Also they both return the feeling! Also I suck at “fanfic” details this is why I don’t write them 😅)
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lady-latte · 20 hours ago
could you expand on the aragorn one from the flower crown request you did? <3
Flower Crown P.2
Aragorn x Reader
A/N: Of course I can! I went with headcanons since that’s what the original request was! I hope you like it ❤️ if you wanted it to be a one shot type of thing feel free to send in another ask
Tumblr media
It was spring time in Gondor, which means every shop on each corner had atleast one flower bouquet decorating the outside and bright colors to welcome the warm weather
You were walking through the city, greeting the citizens when you saw a little girl with a flower crown
She was absolutely adorable, parading around with a bright colored dress and the daisies on her head
It gave you an idea, to make a flower crown for your beloved
So with that in mind, you made your way to a flower shop, bought a few bouquets and then sat down at the highest peak of Gondor to begin the crown
Over an hour passed until you finished the crown. It was tough, due your fingers not cooperating and many stems ripping but alas- you won the battle that day
With a satisfied grin, you walked through the halls of the palace- heading straight towards Aragorn’s study.
Upon arrival, you walked along the walls to sneak up behind him before gently placing the crown on his head
Aragorn was so immersed in his work that he didn’t notice you behind him. And when he felt pressure on the top of his head, it startled him.
He turned around so fast, looking up at you before relaxing with a smile on his face.
“Love? What’s this?” He’d say, reaching up towards his and feeling the crown
“A gift!”
Aragorn absolutely adores the flower crown you gave him, he thanked you with a kiss before returning to his work
For a little while, you stayed there with him, helping with the work and making small talk occasionally
Throughout the day, Aragorn not once removed the flower crown
He wore it during important, serious business meetings. Ignoring the looks from other Lords
He wore it in the throne room for the hearing of Gondor’s People (imagine princess diaries 2)
Even during Dinner with the whole family and friends gathered at the long table, he did not take it off.
Many of them teased him for wearing it, asking if he was the “new Thranduil” wearing a flower crown.
He’d take each joke with stride, laughing at them as they were quite entertaining. Before explaining that his wife made it for him
It isn’t until that night as he was getting ready for bed did he take it off. Setting it carefully on a spare crown stand he has, eyeing it with a small smile on his face before cuddling with you in bed.
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shethereadinghobbit · a day ago
can i request a one-shot with thorin/kili/fili and with this prompt?- banter in which one of them’s like… “i love you” and the other person’s like “ok” and the first one’s like “say it back” and the other one’s just like “no 😝” and the first one gets frustrated because “why wouldn’t you say it back we always say i love you before we leave” ??
I Love You
Summary: Playful banter with Kíli leads to a sweet confession
Pairing: Kíli x f!reader
Word Count: 599
A/N: Requested by you, lovely anon! I hope I interpreted this the way you hoped. This seemed like a very Kíli thing to do, so I chose him for this piece. Sorry it took so long! I was busy with school and life, luckily I have a break now. I really enjoyed writing this! I made it really fluffy, so get ready for some cute stuff. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
You sat in front of the mirror in your chambers as you brushed your hair, getting ready to braid it for the day ahead. Kíli, making a mysterious ruckus in the bathroom, was about to head off to the forges to work on a project with his brother and uncle. He peeked out from the attached room to admire your reflection in the mirror, a crooked smile adorning his face.
Joining you at the vanity, he placed a kiss to the top of your head.
“I’ll see you later, Amrâlimê,” he whispered in your ear as he gently stroked the exposed skin of your shoulder. He made his way to the door, quickly turning his head back in your direction as he was about to make his leave. 
“I love you.”
You looked in the mirror, meeting his eyes in its reflection, and gave him a small smile and subtle nod. 
You returned your attention to your appearance, a sly smile threatening to tug at the corners of your lips. You paid your husband no mind as he stood on the doorway, confusion lining his face. 
Kíli thought to himself for a second, stroking his stubble as he did. 
“Aren’t you going to say it back?” he asked, the pitch of his voice raising ever so slightly, matching his expression. You turned around in your chair, facing him this time as you put on a thoughtful face.
“No,” you teased. The smile you were trying so hard to hide grew across your cheeks, a playful glint now present in your eyes. 
Kíli stood still in his place, his eyes fixed on you. Seeing the all too familiar playfulness on your face, he gave in to whatever game you were playing. He furrowed his eyebrows and pursed his lips in a pout he knew you couldn’t resist.
“Why won’t you say it back? We always say ‘I love you’ before we leave,” he said as he made his way over to you. He slouched his shoulders and dragged his feet as he moved. You had to admit he was adorable. He knew exactly what to do to get what he wanted, even if it seemed silly or childish.
Kíli wrapped his arms around you, capturing you in his embrace. You tried to wiggle yourself free, but it only made him hug you tighter. He peppered kisses to your neck and behind your ear, the very spot he knew made you ticklish. You erupted with laughter, his lips soft against your sensitive skin.
“Kíli!” you yelled between breaths, your body shaking from your happy state. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes as you tried to free yourself from his embrace. 
“Kíli, stop!” you said through fits of laughter and ragged breathing.
His lips left your neck for a moment when he spoke, giving you time to take a full, deep breath in.
“Only if you say it back,” he whispered. You bit your lip, trying to hide your smile. When you didn’t say anything, his lips returned to your skin, causing you to laugh even harder. You were nearly wheezing when you gave in.
“Alright, alright, you win,” you managed to say while running out of breath. “I love you.”
You felt him smile against your neck and leaned into his warm embrace, your stomach aching from laughing so hard. He planted a kiss on your temple and looked down at you, his eyes shining with mischief and a fondness you so easily recognized. Oh how you loved him, even if he kindly tortured you to say it aloud.
- - -
Taglist: @fizzyxcustard @laurfilijames @blogoftheassgoblin @imnotevenhere9 @mariannetora @thatfangirl42 @vem-vem-writes @linasofia @ixikett @guardianofrivendell 
If you want to be added to the taglist, let me know!
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ypfanfics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Imagine Thranduil allowing you to brush his hair for him before bed.
Maybe he invites you in ;)
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legolasbadass · a day ago
Heart of Gold, Chapter 18
Tumblr media
Characters: Thorin, Dis, Thrain, Dwalin, Balin, Original Characters
Relationship: Thorin x OFC
Setting: Post Azanulbizar, Pre Quest of Erebor
Notes: Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and safe! I want to thank you all for your comments on the last chapter, I really appreciate it! About this chapter: It is really long. Like, really long. And it's actually (kind of) a part 1. I decided to separate the chapter in two so that it wouldn't be 20k words, but also, separating it creates a nice contrast between this chapter and the next. You'll understand when you get there... :) Anyways, the next chapter should be posted next week, or early in the last week of June. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this chapter, it would mean the world to me. 💙💙
This is the 18th chapter to my Thorin Oakenshield fan fiction, Heart of Gold which can be read in full on ao3. Go check it out there to read from the start! Please consider reblogging if you enjoyed this chapter and if you are enjoying the story so far!
Word Count: 9.5k
Chapter 18 - In Your Halls I Will Find A House...
Music and cheers filled the moonlit camp. The Longbeards had suffered decades without cause for celebration, so it was no wonder that they welcomed the opportunity to celebrate as long as they could. It was not just any celebration, either.
Weddings were rare occasions, but the wedding of a princess, that was a once in a lifetime occurrence.
Dania could hardly believe they had come to it so fast. It seemed like only yesterday she had learned of her friend's betrothal, a moment that simultaneously felt like it belonged to another lifetime.
While the festivities that had monopolized the encampment for several nights were no place for young Dwarrows, Dania and Dis still found a way to amuse themselves. Laughter filled their tent, so merry and carefree that it almost drowned out the sounds of the bustling camp. They talked about everything from childhood memories to the sweets they could not wait to taste at the feast the next day.
The music was still loud when they prepared to go to bed, and soon they were dancing when they should have been sleeping. Dressed in only their nightgowns, though their hair was still braided, they took turns being the lord and the lady as they waltzed in the small space between their beds. They even sang to the music echoing throughout the camp, laughing when they realized they were at least half a chorus behind.
But it did not matter. They felt free.
Not only was it an immense relief to know they would not go to bed on an empty stomach or that they did not have to travel many miles the next day, but it felt good just to be. With their duties pushed aside, they could act like normal young Dwarrows. Dania was not sure precisely what normal meant, but she knew it did not involve being exiled from your homeland by a dragon. Even Dis, who loved Vili and — as she reminded Dania every chance she got — could not wait to be married, needed a moment to act like she was still just a girl.
"I just realized something," Dis said as she tried to catch her breath, "this is the last night we will spend just the two of us together."
"You aren't dying, Dis," Dania said, once again trying to ease her friend's nerves by closing the curtain on her dramatics.
"I know," Dis huffed. "I just mean — now I'll be with a boy and we will not have as many moments like these."
"A 'boy'?" Dania chuckled. "You're talking about Vili — you love him! And we will still see each other every day and have plenty more opportunities to act like undignified ladies when no one is watching us, if that is your concern. I'm also certain that when you will not be with him, you will torture me with countless remarks about how much you miss him and how you wish you were in his arms," she added, wrapping her arms around herself and swinging from side to side in a parodic performance.
This brought a smile on Dis' face, though she scrunched her nose and shook her head. "I will not be one of those wives who wilts whenever their husband is not here. I could not stand myself!"
"Then I will make sure that does not happen," Dania said in a teasingly solemn voice. "Though you will be pleased to know that many married couples seem to tire of each other after a few years, so soon you will be complaining about how he steals all the blankets at night or never compliments your dresses — "
Dania was interrupted by a pillow hitting her face. Huffing and pretending to be hurt, she looked to Dis, who was holding her hands against her mouth, surprised by her own actions.
"Or perhaps it will be your husband that will grow tired of you," Dania continued with a smirk as she threw back the pillow, though Dis caught it right on time. "After all, violence is never part of a healthy marriage — "
"Alright, I get your point!" Dis said, rolling her eyes, though a smile tugged at her lips. "I will stop deliberately searching for things to fret about."
Dania smiled back at her. "You really have nothing to worry about, Dis," she said, turning serious. "You will be so happy together."
"I think so, too," Dis said before standing up to sit on Dania's bed. Turning to face her, Dania sat cross-legged over the blankets, frowning when she noticed Dis' expression changing.
"What is it?" Dania asked in concern.
"There is . . . something that worries me. . . ."
"You can tell me anything."
Holding her pillow tightly to her chest, Dis blushed as words slowly tumbled from her lips. "Well, I am quite nervous about . . . you know . . . the wedding night. . . ."
"Oh," Dania sighed in relief, having expected something bad from her tone.
"Amad told me what to expect but . . . it was so awkward — I did not want to ask any specific questions, you know? And then I wondered — well, I realized, actually — that you and Thorin probably . . ."
Trailing off, she looked up to Dania expectantly.
"We have," Dania said, feeling heat rise in her cheeks.
"I mean, I do not want details, he is my brother," Dis said quickly. "But . . . what is it like?"
"Oh, Dis, you have nothing to worry about, trust me," Dania spoke softly as she grabbed Dis' hand.
"But what is it like? I have no idea what I am supposed to do — Will he be expecting me to know?"
"You just . . . know, in the moment," Dania said, recalling how nervous she had been the first time, and yet how natural it had felt.
"What if I don't know — "
"You will. You just need to listen to yourself and tell him what it is that you like and don't like. Everything in a relationship is about trust and honesty, and intimate moments especially so. Even your brother, reserved as he is, finds it in him to be completely open with me in those moments. I have no doubt Vili will do the same with much more ease"
Dis nodded slowly, and Dania felt as though she should have had something more to say, if not detailed retellings of her experiences, then at least something more concrete, perhaps even analytical, but she had never been good at expressing her feelings for Thorin, especially not concerning that night. In fact, she had not been thinking at all. If she had been, things would have unfolded very differently. But that was her mind speaking. Her heart told a different story, one she would never regret.
That was how she knew that none of the planning Dis did in her head would matter. At that moment, her love for Vili would overcome all logic, and her body would guide her, just as she had let herself be guided by her heart.  
"Vili is the sweetest person I know," Dania went on. "He will be patient, and attentive to your needs."
"I am sure he will," Dis finally spoke, almost breathlessly. "But I have heard that it hurts and — "
She stopped talking when Dania shook her head, relief and doubt fighting each other in her eyes. "Take your time, and it will not hurt."
"You — you did not experience any pain?" Dis asked shyly.
"It was somewhat uncomfortable for a few moments, but it went away quickly, and it was never painful, no. At least, not nearly as terrible as I had imagined it would."
Dis nodded, then let out a deep sigh as she shook her head. "I do not know what has gotten into me. I have never been one to feel nervous about the way I look, but my mind cannot help but conjure the worst scenarios," she explained, breath hitching. "What if he thinks my hips are not wide enough or — "
Dania raised a hand to interrupt those harmful thoughts. "I will not have you doubting yourself like that," she said sternly. "Dis, not only are you the most beautiful Dwarrow in Middle-earth, but Vili loves you. Such thoughts would never even cross his mind. I mean, have you seen the way he looks at you? That Dwarf worships you!"
"Really," she chuckled, wondering how Dis could not have noticed the pure awe shining in his eyes when he looked at her. "He will want nothing more than for you to enjoy yourself and he will make you feel how much he adores you."
"But Vili is shy," Dis pointed out. "He will be patient and gentle, yes, but what if he does not have the courage to tell me what he likes and it ends up being terrible?"
"Then you must be attentive to his reactions so that you can find the best way to please him."
"But what if — "
"Dis," Dania interjected, giving her a meaningful look.
"No more needless worrying," Dis sighed. "You are right; I am sorry."
"Don't be sorry," Dania said softly. "But you really do have nothing to worry about."
Then, without a single word uttered, they leaned in to engulf each other in a protective embrace. They had grown up together and would continue to be there for the other to lean on for the rest of their lives, like two branches from the same tree. All Dwarves believed that Mahal had crafted for them someone with whom they were meant to live their lives. Dania knew that Thorin was that person for her, but she wondered if Mahal had also created Dis and her with a similar intention, bonding them for life so that they would never be alone.
"I truly do not know what I would do without you, Dania," Dis confessed, holding onto Dania more tightly and resting her head on her shoulder.
Dania smiled in response, then kissed her forehead. "I, for one, would be utterly lost without you."
"No doubt about that," Dis chuckled. "I love you."
A sudden wave of emotions washed over Dania at the casualness and sincerity with which Dis had uttered those words. Friends, sisters, and mothers; that was what they were to each other, all at once. "I love you, too."
The next morning, they were dragged by one of Lady Vigga's servants all the way into empty chambers to get ready for the wedding, which would take place later that day. After getting dressed and braiding her hair in a more appropriate hairstyle for the occasion, Dania turned to help Dis. They had been having lots of fun until Lady Vigga arrived and began to criticize everything Dania did.
"Hold still, will you?" Dania whispered in a warning snarl as she carefully braided Dis' hair.
"Do not be so grouchy. This is a special day!" Dis retorted, making an effort to sit as straight as possible nonetheless.
"I know," Dania said, "but if Lady Vigga asks me to redo your hair one more time because it's not good enough for her pretentious arse I swear I will — "
"Oh, that is much better Dania!" Lady Vigga herself exclaimed as she entered the room. Dania and Dis shared a quick, imperceptible glance. Eyes wide, Dis did her best to keep a straight face, though her forceful lip-biting told Dania she was ready to burst out laughing any moment. "See what you are capable of when you really apply yourself?" Lady Vigga added with a satisfied nod before leaving the two of them alone as another voice called her away.
Dis burst out laughing, causing Dania to ruin the braid she had been working on. "Go on," Dis said as her breathing recovered. "What were you going to say?"
"I don't know," Dania said honestly. "Something unpleasant, to be sure. Not important."
Dis clicked her tongue. "You are no fun."
Shaking her head, Dania continued to work, letting the repetitive but delicate task ease out the irritation Lady Vigga had speckled over her. Dis was right: this was a special day. Dania wanted to enjoy it and remember it for years to come as one of the happiest days of her life.
"There," she said after a moment, taking a step back to admire her work. "All done."
A large braid encircled Dis' head like a crown, adorned with numerous sapphire beads, while the rest of her hair, reaching almost to her waist, was plaited in dozens of elaborate braids which would drive any Dwarf attempting to decipher their meanings mad. But only one would ever get to untangle their secrets.
That was an unspoken tradition, one that both Dis and Dania were childishly giddy about. Every braid would, of course, have to be unbraided eventually, and on the wedding night, that trivial ritual became much more intimate. The more braids the bride wore, the more time she would have to tease her husband, make him fall even more madly in love with her.
Dis might have been thinking of the same thing if the blush on her cheeks and the glint in her eyes were anything to go by. They shared a knowing, secretive look before Lady Vigga reentered the room, followed by many maids.
They did not waste even a single second before pulling Dis away and removing her dress. Face reddening, she covered herself clumsily while the maids fretted over her. Lady Vigga let out a disapproving sigh.
"Child," she said to Dis, "do not act like this is the first time you have maids dressing you."
Dania rolled her eyes. Did Lady Vigga think they had this many maids to spare in Dunland? Actually, did she really think they had had this many maids at all? She was the one being silly, though silly was too gentle a word, come to think of it. Ignorant was more accurate. Ignorant of how privileged she was.
Despite her irritation, Dania was impressed by how efficient the maids were. In no time, they were tying the final laces of Dis' gown, which was far from the simple dresses they wore every day, or even the dress Dania wore now — the same one she had worn at all the more formal feasts.
Dis turned around to face Dania and Lady Vigga, and while the latter merely nodded in approval, Dania gasped softly. Dis was always beautiful, but now she had an ethereal elegance, almost otherworldly. The gown was worthy of a princess, that much was certain, with long flowing sleeves and a neckline that teased exposed shoulders but also hid them just enough to appear modest at the same time. Embroidered golden flowers covered the bodice and skirts. When Dis twirled around, they appeared to be floating in the wind, and they shone in the soft candlelight as though they were reflecting the sun's rays.
The door opened to reveal Lady Adis with her hands clasped together above her breasts as she rested her eyes on her daughter.
"Oh, Dis," she spoke softly before moving in to engulf her in a warm hug. "Targ mimê." (my little beard)
"Amad!" Dis whined in response to the endearment.
"Oh, hush," her mother replied, still holding onto her tightly. "You are getting married. This is my last chance to treat you like a child. My child — my beautiful daughter."
Dis looked up to her with wide eyes, seemingly seeing a whole other side of marriage that she had yet to consider. "Amad," she mumbled, "please call me that whenever you like."
With a laugh, Lady Adis bent down to kiss her daughter's forehead and whisper something Dania could not hear. Then, she stepped aside and looked to Lady Vigga, and though Dania could not have explained what changed in her countenance, she seemed to transform from mother to queen, as though her title was a character, a performance. It is a performance, Dania reminded herself, thinking about Thorin and how different he was in public compared to their private moments.
"Thank you for everything you have done, Lady Vigga," the queen said. "These rooms are much more convenient to prepare for a wedding than a small tent."
"Indeed," Lady Vigga responded with a curt nod. "I cannot understand why your husband ever chose to remain outside when you could have enjoyed these comforts since your arrival."
"The king wished to remain close to his people," Lady Adis said in the same tone, any attempt to conceal her dislike for the Dwarrow completely gone. "And I hardly think it is your place to judge his actions."
Lady Vigga appeared startled, but only for the faintest instant. With a smile, she pretended like nothing had transpired. "Does not the princess look lovely?"
"She is more beautiful than the queens of old," Lady Adis said with a fond smile before turning to Dania. "And her hair looks wonderful."
Dania smiled in thanks as she gave a quick curtsy. Lady Adis had told her repeatedly not to bother with such gestures, but Dania did not wish to do anything that might make Lady Vigga complain once more, or worse, whisper behind her back.
"Yes, I thought so, too," Lady Vigga said as she pushed Dis' hair behind her shoulders, inspecting her in the way of a miner with a precious stone.
"And I am certain it looked just right the first time you did it," Lady Adis whispered to Dania as she wrapped an arm around her shoulders.
Dania chuckled in response. The more time she spent with Lady Adis, the more she saw where her children got their wit and their mischievousness.
"I am sorry I had to leave you at her mercy for so long," Lady Adis went on. "I told the florists to trust their instincts but they would not listen. And here I was thinking they would be overjoyed to gain some freedom, which they probably do not get a lot of with her as their employer."
Dania chuckled again. Then, seeing as Lady Vigga was surrounded by her maids examining the back of Dis' dress, she replied, "they probably thought you and Lady Vigga had been conspiring together and giving them more freedom was a trick."
"Oh, of course!" Lady Adis gasped, keeping up their game. "My dear, that is quite an astute portrait of her character, and yet you have not known her nearly as long as I have."
They laughed quietly together until they decided it was time to rescue Dis from Lady Vigga's clutches. As Lady Adis turned to Lady Vigga, Dis and Dania were left to themselves once more.
"What was she on about this time?" Dania asked.
"I have no idea," Dis shrugged with a breathy laugh. She was nervous, much more than she had been last night or even an hour ago. Glancing at the clock, Dania realized why: it was almost time.
"I have to go meet my father," Dania said. She would have liked to stay with Dis through it all, but she would not be part of the ceremony, so she had to make it to the great hall in advance to sit in the audience like everyone else.
"I really wish you could be there with me," Dis said, a frown overshadowing her face.
"I know — so do I," Dania replied. "Next time we will speak, you will be married!"
She had meant for that to cheer up Dis, but the two of them looked at each other with wide eyes, as though the fact that the moment was well and truly upon them was only making them realize now what that truly meant.
She was getting married.
It would no longer be the two of them. It would be Dis and Vili. Dania hoped it really would not change their relationship that much, but she could not bother Dis with such worries, especially not at such a time.
The two embraced each other, but when Dis tightened her hold on her, Dania felt tears forming in her eyes. She wished she did not cry so easily, but she supposed that her reaction could be forgiven given the circumstances.
"It is not fair," Dis said with a sniff, and when they pulled apart to look at each other, Dania saw that her eyes were also damp. "You are my closest friend — you are a sister to me. You should be up there with me. With all of us."
"Don't worry," Dania said, even though she agreed wholeheartedly with those sentiments. "I'll be there. Maybe not right next to you, but I will be there, watching over you. And as soon as it is allowed I will come congratulate you, and I'll give you the biggest hug because I am so thrilled for you."
They hugged each other again, and Dania could not help but feel some resentment toward Lord Thrain for making all of this happen so soon. Then again, Dis and Vili loved each other, and it did not feel right to keep them apart. They deserved to be together, now, and for the rest of their lives. And they would have that.
With that in mind, Dania could not stop smiling as she left and made her way to the great hall.
Thorin stood beside his father and Vili, waiting patiently. The Great Hall was quickly filling up with people, all excited to witness the wedding of their princess.
His sister was getting married. This was such a joyous occasion — so why did he feel so forlorn?
As the years went on, he found himself focusing more and more on the unpleasant aspects of every situation, on what was missing. Thorin did not understand where this pessimism came from. His mother, so gentle and nurturing, always cared for everyone around her, and love bloomed in her footsteps where there had once been only a barren wasteland. Though much more reserved like himself, his father always stood up high regardless of how dire the situation was. Everyone around Thorin carried on while he, like a battered soldier, felt his resolve slowly leaking out of him.
Right now, no matter how hard he tried to feel the joy that warmed the room, everywhere he looked, he sensed Frerin's absence, as though there was an immense chasm in the space he should have occupied at his side. And above all this, envy pushed its way into his heart. He was happy for Dis; she deserved this, but he hated that while she could marry the one she loved, he had to bury his feelings and pretend like Dania meant nothing to him.  
Unconsciously, his eyes searched the crowd, looking for her. When he found her at last, she was looking up to him. A bright smile lit her face, and he was reminded of all the beauty that bloomed in the world, untouched by the darkness that sought to oppress him. He needed to be strong for her. He would be, for her smile bore a promise. Even despite everything he made her suffer through, she still wanted him; she loved him unequivocally. What he owed her in exchange was honesty. Even if he could not do so openly, he needed to find a way to show her just how much he loved her. Thorin had already found a possible solution, though he was not sure if it was genius or madness.
He smiled back at her, then the two of them looked away to avoid being caught. There was something enticing, even intoxicating, about all this secretiveness. Granted, he was certain it could never compare to marriage — how he wished he could hold her and kiss her whenever he wished — but he could not deny that he relished in the boiling voraciousness with which she touched him after long days apart. He simply had to focus on that and all her other heavenly ways.
At that moment, the crowd began to quiet, and Thorin knew that it was time. He and his father retraced their steps and exited the room; it was tradition for the bride's family to lead her to the groom — a gesture that symbolized her protection passing from them onto him and of their faith in him to ensure her wellbeing.
Dis and his mother stood in the atrium, waiting more or less patiently. His mother held Dis' arm, smiling through the tears beginning to form in her eyes. On the other hand, Dis was twitching nervously, one hand absently fumbling with the fabric of her skirts while she repeatedly tapped the fingers of the other against each other. He suspected only his mother's hold on her was stopping her from pacing in circles. Turning around, Dis acknowledged their presence before her gaze lingered on the empty space beside him for a moment. Thorin knew that feeling all too well.
"It is time, my daughter," Thrain said in an imperious voice, though a trickle of fondness sweetened his words. "How are you feeling?"
Dis gave Thorin a quick, wide-eyed look that said, "is it not obvious?" before she turned back to their father with a soft smile. "I am well, father."
"Good," Thrain said, nodding. "Good."
Then, as though it was an impulse he had tried to control, he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her, tentatively, in a manner that betrayed a lack of confidence in expressing emotions. Dis did not seem to care for his awkwardness; she returned his embrace by holding him tight against her, smiling widely as she rested her head on his broad shoulder. A single tear rolled down their mother's cheek.
When Dis next turned to face Thorin, they stood in silence for a moment as he stared at her in awe and pride and love, scarcely believing that this elegant Dwarrow was his annoying little sister. Her golden dress made her eyes shine brighter than stars, and her elaborate braids made her appear innocent yet mature at the same time. Thorin could not say how he knew, but he recognized Dania's touch in the hairstyle.
"Dis," he said softly.
She gave him a sheepish smile. "Well?"
He chuckled, the myriad emotions stirring inside him too difficult to translate into words. "Come here," he said, opening his arms.
Her smile widened, and she gladly embraced him. Dis was always so strong.  Determined. Tenacious. In his arms, she was still all that, but she was also his little sister. He could scarcely believe she was getting married. It was all happening so fast. His father was to blame for that, but then again, Thorin knew that even if Dis had been a hundred years old, he would have felt the same.
"It really is time now, my dears," Adis said, smiling at her children fondly.
Thorin pulled away and stood to face the doors, now closed, which led to the great hall. When the doors finally opened, and they all proceeded forward, Dis held his hand more firmly. She held onto him the whole way.
The whole room was silent.
Ahead, Vili looked at Dis with wide, disbelieving eyes, like she was a goddess he should not have been allowed to gaze upon. And yet, she returned his gaze with the same ardent yearning. That only made Thorin think of Dania again.
It was no use.
Throughout the ceremony, every word spoken by Thrain reminded Thorin of her, and against his better judgment, he saw himself standing in Vili's place with Dania standing before him, a veil of gold glowing against her chestnut hair like the star of Eärendil. He chuckled at the simile; it seemed he had been spending too much time listening to Dania talk about history and mythology. Yet, it would have been foolish of him to pretend that he did not enjoy it, even if Elves were mentioned a bit too much for his liking.
He had never been particularly attracted to abstract scholarly subjects. He appreciated them, and of course, as the heir to the throne, he had been forced to take plenty of lessons in history and politics, but he had always been more interested in physical tasks. Smithing, fighting, playing music, even settling council debates, those were all pursuits he looked forward to mastering. And yet Dania made him want to scour every book he came across for the chance to find a new story or a different translation of an old tale so that he may see that endearing look of curiosity illuminating her face.
Hold on to that, an unknown voice sounded in his head. Hold on to those moments. Let yourself be guided by hope, kindness, and love instead of grief and loss.
As Dis and Vili began to recite the Seven Dwarven Blessings, Thorin found himself looking at Dania once more, and he repeated the vows in his head, imagining her silvery voice following him.
Blessed are you, Mahal, who has created everything for the glory of Eru.
Blessed are you, Mahal, who fashioned the earth, the mountains, and the hills.
Blessed are you, Mahal, who fashioned the gems and metals in the heart of the mountain.
Blessed are you, Mahal, who fashioned the Dwarves and the seven houses.
Blessed are you, Mahal, who taught the Dwarves the skill to work the gems and metals in the heart of the mountain.
Blessed are you, Mahal, who gladdens our Halls through his children.
Blessed are you Mahal who gladdens groom and bride.*
The hall fell silent once more, and Dania smiled as she exchanged a look with her father. When she looked back ahead, her gaze met Thorin's, and she blushed deeply, though she made no effort to look away so that as Dis and Vili recited the last vow, her eyes were locked on Thorin's, and Thorin saw reflected in them the depth of those final words.
"In my Halls you will find a house, in your heart I will find a home," Vili said.
"In your Halls I will find a house, in my heart you will find a home," Dis followed, her smile audible in each syllable.
With those words, Vili and Dis, now husband and wife, shared a kiss as gentle and pure as the Summer wind caressing waters, and at last, the crowd cheered. At that moment, Thorin knew exactly what he needed to do to show Dania how much he loved her.
The amount of food covering the tables was staggering. After several formal dinners in Lord Yngvi's Hall, Dania should not have been so dumbfounded by the fact, but there was so much food. Dozens of different roasted meats, served alongside fritters and pies, not to mention wine and cheese, were present in mountainous quantities.
Comforted by the fact that everyone, even those remaining outside in the encampment, was being attended to and would feast to their heart's content, Dania indulged. She wiped her plate clean twice before she rested her eyes on the exquisite puddings and tarts, including — her favourite — blueberry tarts, and now she felt fuller than stuffed pork. At least she did not have to worry about dancing in such a state; who would ever ask her to dance? Not that she minded, of course. The music was inviting, but the one person she wished to dance with would not ask her. Nor should he.
She watched Thorin discreetly from across the room, admiring the way his new silver-blue shirt and tunic hugged his toned muscles, and she hoped he would look in her direction so that she could see him try and hide his smile and fail. What she got was even better than that.
Dis and Vili rushed to Thorin's side, then, looking around, Dis' gaze fell upon Dania and gestured for her to come over, a bright smile on her face. Dania quickly informed her father where she was going before making her way through the crowd to reach the trio.
"Dania!" Dis exclaimed.
Dania curtsied quickly before she let herself share Dis' excitement. "Oh, Dis!"
The two girls hugged each other tightly, giggling softly as the sweets and music flowed through them, making them feel light like birds floating above the clouds. Still holding onto her, Dis leaned in to whisper in Dania's ear.
"Earlier, we were dancing, and his hand moved and touched my hips!" she said with a squeal.
"In public? What a beast!" Dania said playfully.
As Dania moved to congratulate Vili, he hugged her, sending another wave of comforting warmth through her. No one seemed to care that such gestures were not proper. Perhaps the fervid liveliness was to blame for that. Still, Dania did not take it so far as to turn toward Thorin with the same disregard for formality.
"Are you having a pleasant time so far, Dania?" Thorin inquired formally, though his eyes shone with poorly concealed tenderness.
"Very pleasant, Prince Thorin," Dania replied. She could not resist biting her lips, knowing full well how his heart would stumble at sight and how a spark would sizzle in his belly, just as she felt by simply looking at him. "The food has been quite delicious — do you not think?"
"The wine, especially, was a welcome treat. It helped get me through Lord Yngvi's arid tale of boar hunting," he said, leaning in slightly and smirking to accentuate his playfulness. "Did you see — there are blueberry tarts."
Dania smiled. "I never miss them. Unfortunately, I think I may have eaten one too many. I feel slightly sick."
Thorin laughed. "And what will you do if someone asks you to dance?"
"Pray that moment does not come," she said, laughing along with him.
"But Dania, you must dance!" Vili interjected. "Do you not enjoy it?"
Dania had almost forgotten they were there. Damn Thorin and his eyes . . . and his smirk.
"Oh, I do!" she replied. "Very much. But, I doubt anyone will ask me."
"I will dance with you," Vili said with a kind smile. "You are most likely the only Dwarrow with whom my lovely bride would not mind me dancing."
They all laughed at this, Dis especially, but Dania shook her head. "The last thing I desire is to separate you two," she said.
Indeed, Dis was holding onto him tightly, and at that moment, another song began, the soft conversation of strings signalling the beginning of a new dance.
"Oh, let us dance again, amrâlimê!" Dis said, not even waiting for Vili's response before dragging him onto the dancefloor. Dania smiled to herself as she watched them go.
"I'm so happy for them," she mused, then turned toward Thorin, only to find him staring at her with that same, overly tender look. She wanted to slap him for being so heedless, but she melted under his gaze.
Then, shaking himself out of his stupor, Thorin looked ahead at the dancefloor, which was rapidly filling with happy couples ready to spin the night away. She and Thorin should not have been standing there together; he knew that as well as she did. Yet, neither made any attempts to correct that lapse in judgment. And Dania could not just leave. Thorin was a prince; he either had to dismiss her or excuse himself.
He did neither.
Under the cover of her skirts, her foot tapped the floor in an uneven rhythm as she waited for Thorin to do something, anything. Then she realized those around them might misinterpret her silence as a sign of disrespect, so she made a careful attempt to rectify that, hoping he would sense her hesitation.
"Do you not wish to dance, Prince Thorin?"
"I find myself at odds with the politics of it all," he replied as he clasped his hands behind his back.
From the corner of her eye, Dania saw several Dwarrows who had been eyeing him look away. She understood what he meant, but she could not resist teasing him to lighten his mood. "You always do take everything too seriously — My Lord," she said with a smile.
"Hmm, so no one would mind if you honoured me with a dance?"
He spoke in the same teasing tone, yet as soon as the words left his mouth, both of them knew they had crossed an unspoken boundary. Awkwardly, they looked away from each other, knowing they would give themselves away if they kept gazing at each other.
"Then I suppose it is lucky I do not feel well enough to dance and you have no taste for it, Prince Thorin," Dania spoke after a moment, tentatively attempting to cover up the crack in the facade.
This was a joyous occasion. She would enjoy herself, and she would make sure that he did the same. He did take things too seriously. Often, that was necessary, but not tonight. Tonight, he would rejoice in the food and music, and spend time with his friends and family, unburdened.
Unfortunately, that is the moment an unwanted guest chose to appear.
"Oh no," Dania muttered when she noticed Ester walking toward them.
Thorin gave her a quizzical look before turning his attention in the direction of her gaze. Though no sound came from his mouth, his whole body slumped momentarily as though he had released a long, weary sigh.
"Dania — at last, I have you!" Ester said after she had performed her curtsy to Thorin. Dania bit her tongue when Ester's gaze lingered a moment too long on him. "I have been trying to escape from my parents forever to come talk to you!"
"Talk to me? About what?" Dania asked curiously.
"Well, when I say 'talk to you' — I meant talk to the both of you — you know," she waved her hand dismissively and laughed, though Dania felt drained. She had actually thought for a stupid, naive moment that Ester had wanted to see her and speak with her.
"You have caught us at the right time, Lady Ester," Thorin said, causing Dania to frown. "Dania and I were analyzing some of the fashion choices and could do with your expertise."
Oblivious to his teasing tone, Ester beamed and began to talk immediately while Dania glared at Thorin, only to see him smirking mischievously. She loved to see him like this, but now she was forced to listen to Ester go on and on about necklines and ribbons.
". . . and, unlike you, My Lord, the blue does not suit him at all," Ester was saying, "though I must say you would look handsome no matter what you wore, My Lord."
Thorin flushed, clearly uncomfortable and Dania shifted on her spot. Luckily, a Dwarf was passing right by them, holding a tray of wine goblets. Thank Mahal. Dania gratefully accepted one and took a long sip, savouring its fruity aroma, before she spoke. "You see, I don't think orange tights would do him any favours."
Ester looked at her in surprise, clearly unsettled by how playful and informal Dania was toward Thorin. That look made Dania realize she was not cautious enough, but she had been unable to resist making a counterattack to Ester's blatant flattery.
Thorin laughed in response, which seemed only to confound Ester even more, though she laughed along with him after a moment.
"There you are!" Nal exclaimed as she appeared between Ester and Dania and curtsied to Thorin. "I am sick of Orvar — "
"Who?" Ester interjected.
"I told you about him. He is part of Lord Yngvi's council," Nal explained. "Anyways, he asked me to dance and he was nice so I said yes. But I have danced to the last three songs with him and he still will not leave me alone. I had to choose between losing the drink he was getting for me or being stuck with him all night, which is unfortunate since I really could do with wine."
"Here," Dania said as she grabbed another goblet from the tray, which the Dwarf was conveniently holding right next to her.
"Bless you," Nal breathed out before drinking the whole contents of the goblet in one sip. Ester looked at her reproachingly, seeming embarrassed, which made the moment even more entertaining to Dania.
As Ester and Nal continued to talk about trivial subjects, Dania found Dis and Vili in the crowd. Smiling, she watched them dance for a while and felt her spirits revive.
"Are you trying to get drunk?" Thorin asked.
She looked at him questioningly. When he pointed at her goblet, she saw that it was already empty.
"That was not my intention, but I suppose that might make this conversation more interesting," Dania said with a laugh as she nodded to Nal and Ester. Thorin smirked but said nothing.
"Well, well," someone said from behind them. Turning around, they saw that it was Dwalin. Dania was no expert on the matter, but he did seem to be the soberest person in the room. "Ye could leave some ladies for the rest of us, Thorin."
Dania chuckled, causing Thorin to smile fondly at her while Dwalin noticed her for the first time.
"Dania," he said with a nod of his head, "how are ye?"
"I am very well, you?"
"Good company, good food, and good ale. That's all I could ever ask for!" he said with a wink.
Dania smiled, but the mood changed completely in a matter of seconds when Dwalin and Ester turned toward each other. The five of them stood in awkward silence, while all around them, people applauded the musicians. That was when Dania noticed Thorin was no longer beside her. Discreetly, she looked around, only to find him speaking with his father a few feet away. When a new song began, he made his way back toward them, his smile was gone, replaced by a deep scowl. Confused, Dania shuffled on her feet and tried to read his expression, but then he spoke.
"Lady Ester," he said stoically. "Will you do me the honour of accompanying me for this next dance?"
"With pleasure, Prince Thorin," Ester replied with a triumphant smile.
Though Thorin did not look directly at her, Dania felt as though he was staring at her pleadingly, begging for forgiveness. In all honesty, Dania was surprised it had taken so long for this to happen. Not only tonight regarding this dance, but concerning King Thrain and his plans for the future. Now she had proof that he did intend to push Thorin into a marriage, and with Ester of all people.
But Thorin's promise rang hard and fast in her heart. Ester could dance with him all she wanted, but that was the only place she would have him. Dania wondered how Thorin could ever convince his father that he should not marry, but she had promised to trust him, and thus she would not agonize over that more than was needed. With that, she grabbed another goblet of wine.
Nal was once more swept away by Orvar, leaving Dania alone with Dwalin, who had just taken a sip from his own goblet of wine before mumbling something about preferring ale.
"You know, I cannot say I didna find it odd that you and Thorin are such good friends," he began after a moment, looking at Dania intently. She froze, feeling that familiar anxiety whenever someone talked of their friendship. "But now, I am glad for it. As a member of the fairer sex, ye'll be able to help him understand all those confusing signals ye girls send us."
"What do you mean?"
"I dinna care about her," Dwalin said with a strained sigh, "but I care about Thorin. He needs someone he can trust; someone he knows is not using him for power — or Mahal knows what."
"I don't understand," she said with a frown. "I thought you and Ester — "
"Well, ye thought wrong," he said before emptying the contents of his cup.
Both the conversation and the sight of Thorin dancing with Ester rendered Dania dizzy. Or perhaps that was the wine.
She excused herself and headed for the doors, desperate for fresh air. Few people remained seated; most were either dancing or standing in groups, drinking and conversing so that Dania had to push her way through the crowd. In her daze, she accidentally bumped into someone.
That someone turned out to be the queen. And she was surrounded by her husband, Lord Ygnvi and Lady Vigga, and others who were the last people Dania had the strength to deal with at the moment.
"Oh, my — I am so sorry, Lady Adis," Dania stuttered as she curtsied.
"Dania," Lady Adis said with a laugh. "It is alright. This room is so crowded; you cannot be blamed for bumping into me."
Relieved, Dania smiled, only to see that her father was standing next to the king. Knowing it was futile to try to leave without arousing suspicion, she moved to stand next to him. Mimir seemed both concerned and embarrassed by her behaviour, causing uneasiness to fester in her stomach. She hated disappointing him.
As the conversation went on around her, Lady Vigga continued to stare at her disapprovingly so that Dania felt even more like a child. She was doing her best to impress these people, make them believe that she could belong in their world, yet she only seemed capable of embarrassing herself. She was glad, then, when she noticed Airi standing next to Lord Yngvi, offering her a friendly smile.
"Where is Thorin, dear?" Lady Adis asked her suddenly. "I thought he was with you?"
"He is dancing with Ester, My Lady," Dania replied. Lady Adis looked to her husband for a moment, and Dania thought she saw a flicker of displeasure in her eyes, but it was gone in an instant.
The people on the dancefloor applauded as the music came to an end. Dania tried to see if Thorin was coming back, but the crowd prevented her from locating him. In any case, someone near cleared their throat to catch her attention, and she turned her gaze to find that Airi was now standing right in front of her, the same smile marking his features.
"How are you, Master Airi?" she asked politely, though her mind was still preoccupied with Thorin's whereabouts.
"I am very well, thank you," he said. "I hope you are enjoying yourself?"
"Oh, yes, this is a wonderful feast," Dania replied, bored from all the pleasantries the evening was demanding from her.
"Would you care to join me for the next dance?" Airi asked. Dania had not been expecting that.
"Oh . . . well, er . . ."
That was when she noticed everyone around her, including the king, looking at her, clearly expecting her to accept. Dania supposed it would be considered rude of her to decline, but it was only her father's hopeful eyes that propelled her to accept.
"It would be an honour, Master Airi," she said, resigning herself as she took his arm, allowing him to lead her onto the dancefloor.
Face to face, they stood on opposite sides of the rows of dancers, waiting for the music to begin again. They were silent for some time as Dania focused on the whistling of flutes and the veiled quavering of violins to guide her steps. She was not a very skilled dancer, especially compared to those around her, so graceful that they seemed to be floating, but at least her partner did not seem to mind.
"You must be very happy for Lady Dis," Airi broke the silence as they circled one another.
"Oh, yes! There is no one better out there for her than Vili," Dania replied absently, her eyes searching for Thorin amongst the many couples.
After twirling around some of the other dancers, they met again, and he held her hand. "And how wonderful it is that this joyous occasion takes place here. The whole family can enjoy themselves as Lord Yngvi and Lady Vigga did most of the planning."
The whole family.
Dania let go of his hand, momentarily forgetting her place. The music seemed to become low and mournful, and the whole world slowed down around her. The air became heavy, weighed down by his absence. It had been months already, and yet the wound still felt fresh, and Airi's words had scratched away the scab she had managed to grow over it.
"Have I said something wrong?" Airi asked as he grabbed her other hand and spun her, which worked as a hint leading her through the final steps of the dance.
"Er, no, not at all," Dania mumbled as the music slowed down and they return to their initial positions.
When the music finally stopped, everyone around her applauded, but she did so only half-heartedly, focusing instead on getting rid of that sickening feeling that twisted her insides.
"Oh, Durin, I am sorry — I was not thinking — " Airi said suddenly, bringing a hand to his forehead. Then, hesitantly, he took another step toward her and spoke softly. "You were close to Prince Frerin?"
There it was; that name she had crossed out of her mind in the hopes that the pain would lessen. However, with Airi's words, he was brought to life again in her mind, reminding her that all of this was wrong. Frerin should have been there with them.  
"Yes," she replied. Then she sighed. Despite the pain tearing her insides, she had no right to be so rude to Airi, who was being so kind to her, albeit somewhat inconsiderate. Then again, he could not have known that they had been friends; he had only been commenting on the general unfolding of the evening. She was about to apologize for her behaviour when suddenly Airi looked behind her and bowed.
"My Lord Thorin."
Dania turned around and found Thorin standing so close to her she could have touched him. She could smell him, too, as she curtsied; hard leather and the sharp yet sweet pine aroma coming from the soap he used.
"Master Airi," Thorin greeted him with a nod of his head before turning toward her. "Are you alright, Dania?"
"Yes, I'm fine," she nodded, though he still seemed hesitant.
"Would it be alright if I stole her for the next dance?" he suddenly asked Airi.
Dania froze, attempting to keep her face blank while also staring at Thorin, trying to read his mind as confusion once again prickled her skin.
"Oh, of course, My Lord!" Airi said. He then bowed to Dania and thanked her for the pleasant time before leaving her alone with Thorin.
Couples moved in and out of the dancefloor all around them as she hesitantly looked up to him. He was watching her intently, tenderly, and when she took the hand he offered her, her heart fluttered wildly in her chest in the way that the slightest of his touches used to render her speechless when she had first fallen in love with him.
He was holding her hand. In public.
Dania could feel so many eyes on them, beholding with surprise and amazement at her being asked — and allowed — to dance with the prince. As though sensing her hesitation, Thorin squeezed her hand, a gesture that would go unnoticed by the curious stares they were attracting, but one which still made Dania hesitate.
"Is this wise?" she asked with a shaking voice as the music began. A waltz, she recognized. He would have to hold her close.
"It is one dance," Thorin replied as he bowed before her. "Hardly a prelude to a scandal."
He spoke flatly, yet Dania could sense hesitation within him, as though he had acted on a whim and was now rethinking his actions.
"You know what I mean," she insisted as she curtsied.
Her breath hitched in her throat when he placed one of his large hands on the small of her back, bringing her even closer to him. He was now so close she would have been able to kiss him if it had not been for the complicated customs and etiquette ruling the evening — and their whole lives. She wondered if everyone could see how unsettled she was by Thorin's body so close to hers and if he could sense how flustered she was.
"You seemed upset," Thorin said when the music swelled, and they began moving around the other couples. His skin was impossibly warm under her touch, and she could not help but squeeze his shoulder lightly, making his tense muscles relax. "I could not just stand by and watch you. What did he say to you?"
"Oh, er . . . nothing," Dania said, avoiding his gaze.
"Tell me." His voice was soft but insistent. Despite wanting to shield him from whatever pain she knew would seize him if she spoke, she knew better than to avoid answering him. It was better to be honest and deal with him as best she could than to risk having Thorin confront Airi in front of everyone; his overprotectiveness often took over his rationality.
"He asked about . . . your brother . . ."
Thorin said nothing, and Dania searched his eyes, but his expression remained unreadable.
The sound of his name seemed to snap him out of his stupor, as though he had finally realized how careless he had been. How careless they had been, Dania corrected herself, for she had just uttered his name, in the middle of a crowd, without care for propriety as though he was her equal in this room.
He spun her around, and when she placed her hand back on his shoulder, their eyes met once more, though this time she was looking into Prince Thorin's eyes.
"My Lord?" she asked tentatively.
"I am fine," he said, "truly."
He offered her a tentative smile, which she returned, and from that moment on, everything felt easier, pleasant, even. They forced themselves to act more formally — as was proper and expected — but softness still shone in his eyes. Dania doubted he was even conscious of it, or that he could ever stop himself. Then again, she was certain her face was never fully impassive when she was around him. She just had to pray no one was watching them too intently.
Unlike earlier with Airi, her movements were much more graceful and natural. She was like a bird who had finally learned how to fly, taking off with outstretched wings and windswept feathers as Thorin lifted her into the air. He smiled playfully at her as he set her back down, and she bit her lips to stop herself from giggling, a much too improper reaction. Being with him like this, in front of so many people, was so intoxicating, and it felt so right.
It was hard, then, when the music stopped, and she was forced to let go of him, though Thorin's hands lingered a moment longer on her.
"As soon as no one is watching you, meet me outside, he said in a low voice to avoid being overheard, though Dania risked giving them away as heat rose in her cheeks.
She nodded in response, and from one moment to the next, he was gone. As she wove her way out of the dancefloor, she tried to locate him and found him speaking with Dwalin and Balin. She kept a watchful eye on him as she conversed some more with Dis and Vili, who had finally decided to sit down after four full dances. Dis beamed at her, happier than ever, and from her lack of questioning, Dania deduced that she had probably been too absorbed by her new husband to see Thorin dancing with her. They would talk about it another day.
Soon enough, Thorin managed to sneak out of the great hall, and Dania was about to follow him when she saw Illiana staring at her from across the room. Dania stopped and smiled at her, wondering how on earth she would leave without arousing suspicion. Yet, she was also grateful that Illiana's stare had made her stop because now that she realized sneaking off mere moments after Thorin was a sure way to be caught.
Fortunately, she did not have to wait too long, either. Illiana looked away as Ester and Nal crowded her. No one was watching her anymore, and as she was already as close as she could be to a door, Dania took her chance and followed Thorin's footsteps, excitement bubbling in her chest.  
The Seven Dwarven Blessings were written by The Dwarrow Scholar (
Khuzdul translations:
Targ mimê: Little Beard
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guardianofrivendell · a day ago
Guarding Your Heart - Chapter 5
Tumblr media
Modern!Fíli AU written by @laurfilijames​ and @guardianofrivendell​
Summary: Bodyguard AU: Lucy gets dragged into her father’s past against her will and is possibly in danger. Fíli gets assigned to her as her bodyguard. He doesn’t want to be there, she doesn’t want him to be there either. But then things get serious and in turns out Lucy is indeed in danger.
Warnings: this chapter has a NSFW warning! No actual smut, just a very vivid dream. We placed the NSFW part between rows of the 💦 emoji. So if you see this and you don’t want to read the NSFW part you can look for the second row of 💦 and continue reading. Besides that warning, there’s some implied stuff but nothing major, mention of one erection (Fíli is a healthy guy after all), panic attacks, astraphobia (fear of thunderstorms), we have a lot of FEELS people so buckle up and oh yes, how could we forget... Half naked sweaty Fíli makes his comeback :) 
A/N: Chapter 5, a whopping 8.7k of fluffy goodness, our longest chapter so far! We just kept writing and writing, soft Fíli and Lucy are such a delight to write so who can blame us. To be honest, we finished this chapter about an hour ago so it was very close to our deadline this time around!  We’re almost done with this series, can you believe it? 
Laurfilijames masterlist Guardianofrivendell masterlist
Tumblr media
Lucy woke up the next morning feeling surprisingly rested. 
She stretched and stared at the unfamiliar wooden ceiling above her until her eyes could focus again. The sound of birds singing outside and the smell of burnt wood and moth balls helping her remember where she was. 
Hearing steady, slow breathing beside her, she turned her head to see Fíli sleeping next to her. His features were relaxed, there was no sign of worry or stress on his face and Lucy couldn’t help letting her eyes linger for a while. 
Small lines decorated the corners of his eyes even in his sleep, hinting at years of stress and too much sun. His blond eyelashes rested peacefully on his face and danced every so often as he slept and Lucy wondered what a man like him dreamt of. His stubble was quickly growing into more of a beard at this point and she noticed him scratching it often, but it still wasn’t long enough to disguise the two indentations on either side of his face. Lucy found herself wanting to poke her finger in them when he smiled at her, rare as it was, but she didn’t dare to. 
Even Fíli’s lips looked inviting, like they would feel slightly rough but gentle, just how he made her name sound whenever it passed through them. Luce. She was tempted to wake him then just to hear him say it. To think she hated the nickname at first, because it made her feel belittled but somehow that had changed and hearing him say her name like that now brought her reassurance even in the most frightening moments. 
She recalled how terrified she was yesterday, afraid the cartel had followed them somehow and would burst through the cabin door at any moment. The only thing that calmed her down had been Fíli. She never expected him to actually come and lay down next to her. 
Her cheeks flushed when she remembered how she buried her face in his chest, as if it was the most normal thing to do. He wasn’t her boyfriend, he was her bodyguard. 
But he had made her feel safe. Safe enough to fall asleep in minutes. 
And now he was sleeping comfortably next to her. She knew he must have been awake most of the night. But Fíli was also still human and she didn’t blame him at all for falling asleep on the job. 
Lucy needed to get up and use the bathroom, her bladder feeling as it was about to burst, but she knew Fíli would wake up the minute she left the bed. The guy didn’t miss much. Which was a good thing of course, but right now she wanted him to catch up on sleep. 
So she remained in her spot a little longer in the queen-sized bed that somehow felt small with Fíli in it beside her. All the curtains were drawn but they let enough light through for Lucy to take in her surroundings.
The cabin was small enough for her to see everything that occupied it from the bed. There were no separate rooms except for the small bathroom and she guessed from the hatch in the ceiling that there was another floor, probably an attic of some sort. 
Besides the bed they were sleeping in, the cabin contained a modest kitchen, a brown leather couch, a sturdy looking table with four chairs, a cozy fireplace and lots of shelves and decorative pillows everywhere. No television and probably no wifi either, but it felt homey, warm and inviting. Safe. 
She began to imagine what young Fíli might have looked like in various places throughout the room and how many memories he must have made here with his family. Him and his brother chasing each other around the table before one of them ended up in tears and sat pouting in front of the fireplace. His mother baking cookies, swatting away tiny hands while the delicious treats were cooling down on the table. Lucy could almost smell the scent of homemade pastries and smiled to herself. Fíli must be excited to be here. 
Although the place was remote, there was thankfully electricity and running water, unless those sockets and kitchen faucet were just for show. It surprised her to see there was even an indoor toilet and shower, and Lucy thought how that trailer they were supposed to have been in probably wouldn’t have had such luxuries. 
She’d be happy if she never laid eyes on a trailer like that again, knowing the sight of something similar would only bring up horrifying memories of almost being shot. 
Her lip trembled at the thought and she tucked her shaking hands around her waist to stop them from vibrating. Lucy closed her eyes to try and erase the images of a dark figure emerging from the trees, his gun pointed directly at them, but as soon as she did the sharp sound of gunshots filled her head and made her want to scream. Her eyes whipped open and she took a panting breath as she stared up at the wood-paneled ceiling, trying to calm herself. 
Unknowingly, she started to slow her breaths to match the steady pattern of Fíli’s and focused her attention on his reassuring rhythm. He kind of sounded like the ocean, air coming into and leaving his lungs in waves, instantly bringing her a sense of calm. She exhaled through her lips and closed her eyes, unravelling her arms from the restraining grip she held on herself to rest at her sides. Her right hand brushed against Fíli’s when it landed and she immediately felt his heat transfer to her chilled fingers. She was now deliberately following his even tempo as a way to bring her out of her panic, and she thanked him for being her saviour even in his sleep. 
Once she was completely calmed down, her bladder started acting up again, begging her to get up. Since moving around in the bed didn’t seem to wake Fíli, Lucy decided to try her luck and carefully snuck out of it. 
After she paid the bathroom a visit - again, she couldn’t be happier there was an actual toilet here - she walked over to the small kitchen area and began to quietly open the cupboards. 
Cups, plates, all kinds of kitchenware, but no- Yes! She had to bite back an excited squeal when she opened the last cupboard to reveal the stock of dry foods, and had to stop herself from waking up Fíli to tell him the good news. There was food after all! 
Lucy started to unload the small cupboard to see if they had what she was looking for. Spices, a bag of rice, pasta, and … ah! Coffee. He would need it more than she did, but she felt it was a small gesture of appreciation for giving her the comfort she needed yesterday. 
She did everything as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake him up prematurely. He must be exhausted. But then it came time to grind the coffee beans and Lucy stood staring at the grinder that would no doubt be ridiculously loud. 
She glanced over her shoulder to check if he was still sleeping, only to see his chest rising and falling heavily.  She bit down on the nail of her thumb, torn between wanting to surprise him but not wanting to wake him up. Checking every cupboard again to see if there was a mortar or something she could use to crush the beans herself, she came up empty handed. But then she saw him move a little and he threw his arm over his eyes. He was waking up... 
The kettle was about to click off, which would also make a noise and probably wake him up anyway, so she went for it and started the grinder, bracing herself with a cringe on her face. 
Just as she had expected, Fíli shot up in bed with a panicked expression, his eyes immediately searching the room when he found Lucy missing from the bed. He relaxed visibly when he spotted her standing in the kitchen area and he rubbed his hands over his eyes once he discovered the source of the unexpected noise. He swung his legs over the bed but didn’t get up yet, needing a moment to collect himself. 
“Sorry,” Lucy apologized coyly once the beans were pummeled into powder, watching him take deep breaths to bring his heart rate down to normal. 
“It’s fine. Sorry I fell asleep,” he said groggily. 
“You need your sleep too, Fíli,” she reminded him. 
“I’m fine.” 
They really liked lying to each other to avoid talking about how they actually felt, she thought. 
“Well, I figured you’d be awake soon anyway so I made coffee. You look like you need it. And I mean that in the nicest way possible,” she added with a grin. 
“Thanks, Luce,” he said, standing and making his way over to retrieve the steaming mug she held out to him. 
His blue eyes stared at her over the rim of the mug as he took a long sip, his gaze making her feel aware of their proximity and causing her to look to the side and clear her throat. 
“Oh, that’s right,” she said, getting excited all of a sudden. “I found us food!” 
“You did?” Fíli asked, holding the mug close to his lips, ready to take another sip. 
Lucy nodded enthusiastically and waved at the cupboard she left open for him to see.  
He placed his cup on top of the counter and watched her take out all the food to put on display for him. 
“See? We have enough food for the next couple of days. It’s not ideal of course, I mean, who wants to eat rice with a side of canned pears, but it’s definitely better than what we brought from the petrol station!”
He stared at the bags of dry food and the few cans that were stacked neatly on top of each other, and when he saw how happy Lucy was about all this he couldn’t contain his laughter any longer.
“I’m sorry, I’m acting silly right?” she said apologetically. “I was not looking forward to eating rationed portions of chocolate bars and beef jerky for the next few days, maybe I got a little too excited.” She started putting everything back into the cupboard to hide her embarrassment from him. Fíli had taken his mug again and right before he took another drink, he said, “Don’t worry about it, I think it’s adorable.”
They both froze as soon as the words left his mouth. Fíli because he didn’t mean to say it out loud, and Lucy because she couldn’t believe what he just said to her. 
“Did you sleep well?” Fíli asked, trying to change the subject as he searched her eyes for any sign that he made her uncomfortable in some way. 
“I did,” she confirmed. All thanks to you. “Are you hungry?”
Fíli raised his eyebrows in a ‘what do you think’ sort of way and Lucy laughed. Of course he would be. 
“There’s no breakfast food in the pantry aside from tea and coffee, so it looks like we’re stuck with these,” she said, holding up a package of the oatmeal raisin cookies. 
“Great,” he remarked sarcastically, taking the package from her hands and tearing it open with his teeth. He took one out and regarded it hesitantly before placing it in his mouth and taking a bite, sighing heavily as he choked it down. “I doubt even our mouse would eat these.” 
Lucy laughed again and took one for herself while Fíli refilled his coffee with his cookie hanging out of his mouth. 
“At least I make good coffee,” she said pointedly and Fíli nodded in agreement. 
“You certainly do, Luce.”
He took another sip from his mug and wiped the remnants from his lips when he finished. “Hey, I was thinking that today you could join me in my workout.”
Lucy nearly spit out her coffee. “I’m sorry, what?” she asked bewildered. 
“I’d like to teach you some skills. Self-defence. Just in case…” 
He didn’t want to think about not being around to help her if something happened, but at this point anything was possible and he couldn’t go on knowing she couldn’t protect herself at all if it came down to it. 
“You’re not going to make me like, kick you in the groin or anything, are you?” 
“Um, no,” he chuckled. “There’s more to self defence than that!” 
She shrugged her shoulders, “Well, I don’t know! That’s what I was taught, go for the eyes, throat or groin!” 
Fíli laughed again and shook his head. “Go get changed and we’ll start with the basics: how to punch someone.” 
Lucy stalked away to the bathroom to change out of her night clothes, which at this point was only her underwear and a t-shirt because Fíli packed so poorly. “Am I actually going to get to punch you?” she yelled from the bathroom.
“As much as I know you’d love to, no. Sorry.” 
She came out once she’d washed up and brushed her teeth, and was wearing more appropriate attire to workout in, only to see Fíli holding a pillow up in front of him. “This is what you’ll be punching.” 
“Ahh. Damn,” she feigned disappointment and Fíli rolled his eyes as he walked over to the bathroom.  
“Hope you left me some warm water?” he teased.
After he came to the conclusion that no, Lucy didn’t leave him enough warm water, he limited himself to brushing his teeth and changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt. He’d shower after their training.
Time for her first lesson. 
“So the first thing you need to keep in mind is your stance,” he explained, showing her how to use her weight to put power into her hit. 
Their session continued for almost an hour, surprisingly with no misses to her target of the pillow, and Fíli was impressed. She was too, and after completing her latest sequence of punches and knee jabs, she jumped up and down in celebration of doing so well. She was quickly reminded of her unhealed ankle when all her weight came on her left foot and buckled to the floor in pain. 
Fíli swore and crouched down to check her injury, hoping they hadn’t just made it worse with their training. 
“This was exactly the reason why we started with punches,” he grumbled. Her ankle was still on the mend, but the dark bruising had almost completely faded by now. 
“It’s okay, it’s fine,” Lucy assured him as he started probing it with his hands. “I forgot about it, that’s all.”
The way his fingers gently assessed her bruised skin had her thinking back to how careful he had been with her when she first sprained it and how much more concerned he seemed about her now. 
The sensation of his fingertips moving on her sent a shiver down her spine, and it wasn’t because she was in pain. Somehow she’d forgotten all about her ankle at that point.
“Are you sure?” he asked, his brows furrowed with beads of sweat collecting in the lines as he looked up at her, and Lucy fought the urge to wipe them away.  
She nodded and started to push herself to stand up, but Fíli was quicker, grabbing her hands and pulling her up with him. The movement brought them face to face, and dangerously close to each other. He still had a grip on her hands and his eyes flickered back and forth from her lips to her eyes and Lucy swallowed hard. 
He looked like he was considering— no! She pushed the thought away and broke eye contact with him, which prompted him to clear his throat and take a step back from her. 
“Here, let’s get you into bed and I’ll get a cold cloth for it,” he advised, holding her waist and acting as her crutch to help her cross the few steps over to the bed. 
Once her ankle was wrapped up and elevated, Lucy opened the regency novel she had started reading a few days ago, and Fíli announced he was going to take a shower. But the words on the page couldn’t keep her focus when he removed his sweat-soaked shirt. He seriously couldn’t have waited before he was in the privacy of the bathroom?
“Fíli?” she called to him and he turned around, his eyebrows rising up his forehead in question. “Could you get me a glass of water, please?” she asked innocently. 
“Yeah, of course.”
She admired his sweaty form shamelessly as he fulfilled her request. If she was going to be condemned to this bed the rest of the day, she may as well be entertained. 
Fíli stood beneath the showerhead, hoping that the water would help wash away his unprofessionalism. He still couldn’t believe he had slept beside her last night. She was scared and in that moment he allowed his emotions to direct his actions and he wasn’t going to falter like that again. Not to mention he nearly planted his mouth against hers after their training. He was furious with himself. This was work! Business, not pleasure. 
Already their dynamic had changed a lot, and he worried they were heading in a direction he couldn’t easily recover from. He was getting too caught up in the more loving and soft side of Lucy, and he almost wished she would go back to the Lucy who wanted him gone. This Lucy, his Lucy, was becoming a weakness. He needed to take a step back and not find himself feeling so familiar with her. He thought of all the things his Uncle Thorin would say if he found out and decided at that moment that nothing else would happen that could question his integrity. He was starting to carelessly toy with the line between right and wrong and it made him wonder why he kept testing his self-control.
The rest of the day was uneventful compared to their morning. Lucy’s mood was growing stale with being stuck in bed again because of her stupid ankle, and she noticed Fíli was distancing himself from her since the heated moment they shared earlier. Neither of them were at fault, they simply had let themselves get carried away, so maybe it wasn’t such a terrible idea to put some distance between them. Lucy knew she wouldn’t have stopped him if he had touched her lips with his.  
Every time she’d tried to leave the bed, Fíli gave her a pointed look and told her to rest. She tried to explain to him that her ankle was fine to walk on but he was having none of it.
So that’s where Lucy stayed during ‘dinner’ and the remainder of the evening to her own frustrations, stuck with reading books.
Lucy turned the page of the novel she was reading and yawned. After reading a few more lines, she yawned again. 
She was getting tired, likely because their training was the first workout she had in weeks, so she decided to turn in early. She rose from the bed and without even looking at her, Fíli sternly told her not to. 
“I am simply going to the bathroom to change and get ready for bed,” she defended herself.
“Oh. Okay.” 
He was about to offer to help her but she was already limping her way across the room and he decided to cut her some slack. 
After washing her face and cleaning her teeth, Lucy returned to the bed. Fíli noticed how she chose to lay against the wall instead of in the middle of the mattress. Was she leaving room for him?
Her eyes met his and they beckoned him, trying to persuade him silently. 
He shook his head and she almost looked offended. 
“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Luce.”
His voice came out gravelly and thick with restraint and he could tell she noticed. Then she rolled over to face away from him and Fíli sprawled out on the couch for what he imagined would be a sleepless night. 
Lucy lay in bed awake after a restless sleep. It was still early, dawn not yet breaking on the horizon, but she couldn’t sleep anymore. She listened to Fíli’s light snoring coming from the couch and she wished she was hearing it beside her. Although things had been awkward between them yesterday, she had wanted him in the bed with her. For some reason it felt right. She felt safest when she was tucked up beside him, able to feel his warmth radiate onto her. 
Thinking about how much had changed since this all started several weeks ago made her shake her head in disbelief to herself. All the times she wished him away and out of her life and even how rude she had been to him. And now…
She couldn’t imagine what her life would be like after all of this was over. She hoped it would be happy, safe. And that he would be too. She felt a tightness in her chest at the thought of never seeing or speaking to him again and how she would actually miss the idiot. 
There was no way they would keep in contact after this, it wouldn’t be professional on his part, plus why would he bother? She was his assignment and he would be moving on to the next task without a second thought about her. Lucy wiped away a tear before it could trail down her cheek, the reality of what he meant to her setting in.. 
All those months with Chad had never made her feel like this. Now that she looked back on their relationship, Chad never treated her the way Fíli did. Fíli was caring and attentive, and he wasn’t even her boyfriend. The only things Chad really cared about were late nights at exclusive clubs, dinner at the most expensive restaurants and her being at his beck and call whenever he so desired. She didn’t understand why she was okay with that at the time.
But now Chad was out of the picture and Fíli… Well, he wasn’t exactly in the picture, but she enjoyed their time together nonetheless.  
Later that morning they engaged in a second training session much to Fíli’s hesitation. He didn’t want her to push too hard and delay her ankle healing any more, but she was insistent on learning more defense skills. 
He decided to show her how to get out of a hold from an attacker, knowing these demonstrations would prevent her from hopping about accidentally on her ankle. 
He was currently standing behind Lucy, his arms wrapped around her, trapping hers against her body. With a few swift movements of her arms and upper body, Lucy successfully broke the tight hold he had on her and freed herself, just like Fíli had taught her moments ago.
“Good, that was good, Luce,” he praised her, “do it again.”
She positioned herself to face away from him once more and Fíli closed himself around her again. She paused for a moment, feeling his dog tags on her bare upper back that were warm from his body heat. His arms carded around her waist and she absentmindedly grazed her hands over his forearms, enjoying the feel of them against her before gripping them tight and maneuvering to flip him onto his back for what had to be the tenth time that day. 
“You’re enjoying this far too much,” Fíli pointed out from the ground, making Lucy nod enthusiastically. 
“We should probably stop before I actually hurt you,” she winked at him and walked over to the kitchen to get them water. 
After refilling her glass, she went over to stand in front of the larger patio windows next to the fireplace, moving the curtain a little to let the sunlight in to warm her skin. She did a double take when she saw what was right outside the cabin. The window she was standing in front of led to a small wooden dock with lounge chairs and a magnificent view of a deep blue lake. 
“There’s a lake?” she said excitedly. “Why didn’t you tell me?” This was her second day in the cabin, how could she have missed it? To be fair, they did arrive in the dark and she was in no state to notice their surroundings at the time, plus Fíli insisted on keeping the curtains drawn during the day. 
But that didn’t matter now, there was a lake and she could swim- dammit, she didn’t bring a bathing suit and there was no way she was going in naked. Didn’t matter, paddling with her feet would be enough for now.
She went to the bathroom to grab a towel and made a beeline for the patio doors, but Fíli blocked her path. He hated to disappoint her again, but after everything they had dealt with already, he wasn’t taking any risks. 
Lucy rolled her eyes at him and sighed. “Seriously? You can't even give me that?”
“Same rules apply here, Luce, doors open - well, door in this case,” he said, grinning when he nodded his head towards the bathroom door, “and no one leaves the cabin.”
“There isn’t a soul nearby, we are literally in the middle of nowhere,” she protested.
“In the middle of a forest, with lots of places to hide. For us, yes, but also for the people who want to harm you. I know you’re desperate to get out, but I need you to be safe. Inside.”
“Then what can we do?” Lucy sighed dramatically, dropping her arm that held the towel so it dragged on the floor. She knew by now it was no use to argue about this with him and he had a point, really, he did, but she was also bored out of her mind. She needed to do something.
Fíli looked around the cabin before his eyes landed on one of the shelves.
“We could play a game?”
“You want to play a game?”
“Honestly? No. But if that means keeping you entertained and in a good mood then I’m happy to.”
Lucy pursed her lips as if trying to figure out if he was stringing her along or not, and decided to walk over to the shelf adorned with classic board games before he could change his mind. 
“Just remember when you get miserable because I keep winning, that this was all your idea!” she smirked over her shoulder before turning back to the shelf to go over her options. 
After some minor debates, Fíli chose Connect 4 after his first suggestion of Monopoly was shot down by Lucy. They played in silence for a while, both surprisingly good at the game and they had to start over a few times when the holder was full without one of them getting four in a row. 
“You must be excited to be back here,” Lucy said to break the silence. 
She was extremely competitive and she intended to use that to her advantage, thinking she could maybe get him to talk. Plus, if he was distracted enough he might make a mistake and leave her the victory. 
But Fíli only hummed in response, too focused on their game. 
“How long has it been since you were here?”
“A while.”
“You seemed emotional when we arrived, so I guess it has been a few years huh?”
He hummed again, obviously not planning on answering her questions. “Your turn.”
“Well, glad we had that conversation,” she sighed, letting her head rest on her hand.
They finished the game in silence, Fíli eventually won the first round - which Lucy was a bit salty about if she was honest. But while they were playing, she got the impression that he wanted to confide in her. He opened his mouth a few times and inhaled deeply, but then thought better of it, clearly struggling with the decision if he should tell her. She decided to give him the time he needed, she would listen if he was ready. 
“I haven’t been here ever since my father died,” Fíli suddenly confessed when Lucy was sorting the disks, setting everything up for a new game. 
“I’m sorry,” Lucy said, now feeling guilty about prying. “I didn’t mean-”
“‘s okay, he died a long time ago. I was fourteen.”
Fíli’s whole demeanor changed, the sadness evident in his eyes. 
“It can’t be easy for you,” she admitted, “to be here after all those years, I mean.”
“I’m fine.”
Lucy tapped the table a few times with her disk before she let it drop in the holder, effectively blocking Fíli’s row of three. When he was trying to figure out where to put his disk, she took the opportunity to really look at him. In a matter of seconds, he seemed to have aged a few years. The lines on his forehead and around his mouth seemed deeper, a frown on his face that he tried to play off as concentration, but Lucy knew better. This was the expression of a man who was still grieving. And if the mere mention of his father got such a reaction out of him, Fíli was probably struggling with a lot of suppressed emotions.
“Fíli, you know what I study right?”
He remembered reading it in her file, thinking it was an odd choice for a girl with her background. Now he knew her better and she was a lot smarter than he gave her credit for at first. 
“That’s one of my degrees, yes. But I am, well, was, working toward a specialization in PTSD.”
Fíli’s head perked up at that, suddenly realizing what she was hinting at. 
“Let’s play another game,” he said while standing up, shoving everything in the box with one swipe of his arm.
His reaction didn’t surprise her. “Fíli, you’ve done so much for me. Please, let me help you for a change.”
He noticed the sincerity in her eyes, she really did want to help him. But Fíli wasn’t ready, and right now, he had a feeling he would never be. 
“You sure you don’t want to play Monopoly?” he asked, avoiding the subject altogether.
Lucy sighed. He still had a long way to go.
A few days had passed and they started to fall back into a daily routine, just like they did in her condo. To be fair, they couldn’t do much else besides train, play games and talk since Fíli wouldn’t let her leave the cabin, no matter how many times she asked. Or begged.
The lake looked so inviting, what she wouldn’t give to sit on the dock and let her feet dangle in the water with the sun warming her skin. But Fíli was merciless and she needed to stay in the stuffy cabin.  
In order to keep herself busy, Lucy decided to start a little project of her own. She was determined to help Fíli come to terms with losing his father and properly grieve him. He didn’t want to talk about it, he made that clear before, but Lucy had her ways. 
After some time she had learned a lot about the cabin itself, how they used to come here with the whole family, but now his uncle Thorin and his partner Bilbo were the only ones who returned on a regular basis. How they all used to sleep in bunk beds under the roof or outside on the deck if the weather was okay. He told her about the activities they did and Lucy enjoyed seeing Fíli’s face light up when he talked about his youth. Until he seemed to remember that those days were behind him and his face would fall. Whenever that happened, he shifted into ‘bodyguard Fíli’, as Lucy called him, and he would check all the windows again, or sit down at the table to clean his gun even though he already cleaned it two days before. She knew better than to push him when he was in that state. Small steps. 
One particular night however, it was not Fíli who had to deal with suppressed fears. 
Lucy was already asleep in the bed, having turned in a little earlier than usual but Fíli was still lying awake on the couch. He was getting worried about Dwalin, Kíli said he would try to send him with supplies but it had been six days now and still no word or sign from him. If they didn’t replenish their food soon, they really were going to have a problem. 
They could go to a store - even though the closest one was almost an hour away - but only as a last resort and even then he would probably choose to stay at the cabin anyways. If it was up to him, they wouldn’t leave this place until the trial was over or heaven forbid, if they needed to relocate again. 
His head snapped up when a bright light lit up the inside of the cabin for a second, followed by a rumbling thunder. A thunderstorm! 
He got up from the couch and slowly walked towards the window overlooking the lake, sliding the curtains aside a little. Leaning against the window frame, he watched the storm come closer. Fíli loved thunderstorms, finding them almost soothing in a way. When he was younger, he would watch them with his dad and Kíli, counting the seconds between the lightning and thunder. Sometimes lightning struck down on the lake or on a tree nearby, and they would go and look for the tree in the morning, never failing to be in awe of nature’s true force.
The storm was getting closer and Fíli caught himself counting down the seconds between lightning and thunder as if he was still a boy. Ten seconds, seven seconds… One, two, three,...
The thunder cracked loudly and Lucy jolted upright, her hands clasped over her ears and her eyes closed tight. 
“Luce?” Fíli called before he made his way over to her. She was still sitting up, forehead resting on her knees which she had tucked against her chest, fingers in her ears. 
“Luce? It’s okay,” he said, sitting down next to her, his hand hovering over her back. He wanted to comfort her but wasn’t sure if she would let him. Did she have a bad dream? 
Another thunderclap sounded and Lucy flinched, whimpering softly while she tried to make herself even smaller. The thunder probably reminded her of the gunshots, Fíli realised all of a sudden. The sound of her being in pain - even if it wasn’t physical pain - made Fíli’s resolve crumble and he started rubbing her back, forgetting his previous hesitation.
“Shhh, you’re alright, they’re not here,” he said softly, “It’s just the thunder, no gunshots.”  
Lucy stayed where she was, all curled up and Fíli threw his arm around her, tucking her into his side. After a few seconds he heard her mutter something incoherent.
“What did you say?”
She lifted her head a little to glare at him. “It doesn’t sound like gunshots at all.” 
He chuckled at that and rubbed her upper arm in a soothing motion. 
Another flash lit up the cabin, almost immediately followed by a loud rumble, and Lucy cringed, putting her hands back over her ears. The storm was directly above the cabin and shook the whole structure with every boom of thunder. Fíli watched her carefully before he finally caught on. 
“Luce, are you afraid of thunderstorms?”
She nodded, and Fíli smiled at her even though she couldn’t see it. 
“Well, then this just won’t do,” he muttered. 
He laid himself down on his back and pulled Lucy with him, adjusting the pillows so she could rest her head on his chest. He wrapped one arm protectively around her, while his other arm grabbed the blanket and covered them with it.
“I thought it wasn’t a good idea to sleep in the bed with me?” she asked, her eyes still closed and ears covered. 
“Shhh, try and go to sleep,” Fíli shushed her, ignoring her comment. He knew he said that and he meant it, but he couldn’t leave her like this. He was her bodyguard, it was his duty to protect her. Even if it was from a thunderstorm. There was this tiny voice in his head, sounding suspiciously like his Uncle Thorin, that kept telling him he could protect her just as well from the couch, but he chose to ignore it. 
With every following thunderclap, she buried her face a little deeper in his chest and Fíli tightened his hold on her every time, whispering comforting words to try and distract her.
“It’s alright, the storm is almost over… I’ve got you.”
When the storm could only be heard in the distance, Lucy started to relax again and her breathing eventually evened out. 
Fíli thought she was already sleeping but then she squeezed his side and whispered, “Thank you.”
He wrapped his other arm around her and let his chin rest on top of her head.
“You’ll always be safe with me,” he promised.  
💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 💦💦 💦💦 💦💦
Fíli was in the midst of one of the most restful sleeps he’s had in a while, the storm and Lucy bringing him to an ultimate state of comfort. So much so, he was even dreaming. 
His breathing was short and ragged, and each contact felt as if electricity was surging through him. Her hands were soft against his chest, his stomach, splaying out on his flushed and desperate skin in a tantalizing rhythm. 
Her full lips followed the path that her hands had set, and he watched the slight pout of them part each time they seared against his flesh, leaving wet impressions in their wake. 
He groaned in anticipation as she ventured lower on his body, and another rush of blood went straight to his already throbbing cock when she smiled at his response to her attention. 
“Fíli…” her voice was soft in warning as he reached out to reciprocate any form of touch he could, but all he could reach was her hand that was tracing a line across his abdomen.
Blonde hair tickled across his arms and belly as it followed along her movements before she finally ended his misery. Looking up at him, her green eyes aflame with desire, she wrapped her lips around his swollen tip making his head fall back onto the pillow in rapture.
💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 💦💦 💦💦 💦💦
“Fíli?” Lucy asked for a second time, having felt him stirring uncomfortably in his sleep, his breathing laboured and abrupt.
He startled awake, sitting up quickly and swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, running his hands multiple times over his face and through his hair, trying to catch his breath. 
“Are you okay? Did you have a nightmare?” Lucy asked concerned, reaching out to place her hand on his back. 
He flinched at her touch and she recoiled immediately.
“Sorry,” he answered in a rough voice, “don’t worry about it, I’m fine,”
Had he been dreaming about his past, she wondered? Was being in the cabin bringing up too many memories for him? She couldn’t quite place his emotions right now. He seemed frustrated, agitated.
Fíli sat at the edge of the bed, unable to believe the dream he just had. It felt so real. And so good. And here she was thinking he was having a bad dream. Little did she know… It wasn’t bad at all. 
He ran his hands over his facial hair again in an act to compose himself, the hardness between his legs refusing to go away. He cursed himself multiple times in his head, thinking how he was slowly adopting the thoughts and habits of his brother. 
He was struggling to recover from his dream, images of her still flooding his mind and creating a temptation in him he didn’t know if he could resist. 
But then he heard a vehicle moving up the driveway, making him jump off the bed and cross to the window, moving the curtains ever so slightly to see who it was.
Fíli immediately recognized the red pickup truck and sighed in relief. It was Dwalin. 
“Who’s here?” Lucy asked with a worried tone from the bed.
“Supplies,” he said shortly. Lucy got out of bed and moved to look out the window beside him, her hand accidentally touching his when she reached for the curtain. Fíli huffed and walked away from her, not looking at her when he spoke. “It’s Dwalin, a friend of the family, I’m sending him in here to stay with you while I go do a sweep of the area to make sure no one followed him here.”
“Can’t he go and do that?” she asked with wide eyes. Lucy took a good look at the newcomer, the man was huge! All muscles and tattoos and she didn’t exactly feel comfortable being left alone with this stranger.  
“No, Lucy. I’m going, I won’t be long. Dwalin doesn’t bite, you’ll be fine.”
Lucy, not Luce. Fíli had used her full name… He was obviously mad at her, and she couldn’t figure out what she’d done wrong. He still wouldn’t meet her eyes when he quickly put on his boots and a sweater and was acting as cold to her as he did during those first days, a drastic change from how he was during their training sessions or when he held her during the storm yesterday.
“Okay,” she said quietly. She was having a difficult time handling all of this back and forth between them. It was exhausting. 
Fíli opened the door for Dwalin who had his hands full with bags of food for them and greeted his friend with a curt nod before he tucked his gun behind the waistband of his pants. So, his sour mood wasn’t only directed at her after all. 
“Lucy, Dwalin. Dwalin, Lucy,” he introduced them with a wave of his hand. “I’ll be back in 30 minutes.” 
He rushed out the door, leaving the both of them looking awkwardly at each other. 
She smiled at the man who looked even more intimidating up close, his tall form creating a large presence in the small room. 
“Can I help you unpack anything?” she offered, needing to break the silence. 
“Aye, lass, I’d appreciate that, thank you.” 
The Scottish man ended up being one of the sweetest people Lucy had ever met. Their conversation flowed easily as they worked to put away most of the groceries and supplies, making her appreciate his kind demeanor after the way Fíli was treating her this morning. 
When they were done, Lucy made them both a cup of tea while they waited for Fíli to return.
“Don’t mind me asking, but he seemed bothered by something,” Dwalin pointed out, “did something happen between you two? I know he’s not much of a talker but, I’ve known the lad his whole life and he seemed off.”
“I honestly don’t know,” Lucy started. “He was fine last night, there was a thunderstorm and he did his best to comfort me, but then this morning he woke up like that. Maybe being here is too hard for him, it might bring up too many memories of his dad.” 
“He told you about his dad?” Dwalin asked, surprised. 
“Yeah, he did.” 
Dwalin’s eyebrows flew up on his forehead and Lucy looked at him questioningly. 
“Fíli never talks about his father to anyone, not a word since he died. He took it very hard, poor lad, he never gave himself time to grieve if you ask me. He’s so different from his brother in that way.” Dwalin took a sip from his cup of tea and watched her carefully. “The fact that he told you about all this… you must mean a lot to him.”
Fíli couldn’t have gotten out of there fast enough, he thought while making his way through the trees surrounding the cabin. Thank god for Dwalin and his impeccable timing. 
He felt awful for treating Lucy the way he had, it wasn’t her fault his mind was creating fantasies about her. 
It had been a while since he had any sort of release, and the stress of the last few weeks had him feeling more pent up and frustrated than ever. But it still wasn’t an excuse to think about her in that way. He couldn’t. 
It was probably because he’d been around her for so long now. 
Yes, that’s all it was, just a subconscious reaction to their proximity. Nothing else. It was forbidden. He knew she was off-limits.
Those thoughts alone sent another rush of arousal through him and he clenched his teeth hard as he tried his best to think of something else, anything else.
He resisted the urge to yell out in frustration, because even now when he was away from her, she was all he could think about. Knowing he couldn’t have her made his mind wander even more and he seriously considered letting Dwalin deliver a message to Thorin to have someone come and replace him. 
Utilizing the full half hour to try and clear his head and do an actual sweep of the area, Fíli eventually made his way back to the cabin. 
Laughter filled his ears when he stepped through the door and he managed to give Lucy a weak smile when she looked at him, but her giggles ceased, her face giving away just how uncomfortable he had made her feel. He would be sure to apologize to her for how he acted once Dwalin was gone, but right now Fíli just wanted something to eat. 
He began searching through the bags they hadn’t unpacked yet, most of them filled with items that didn’t need to be refrigerated and toiletries they hadn’t brought with them in their rush to leave her condo. 
Fíli reached for a bag of apples and pulled one out, rubbing it clean on the front of his shirt and placing the rest of them on the counter. He didn’t think he’d ever been happier to have the opportunity to eat an apple as a snack and it surprised him. But what lay beneath the bag of apples was what surprised him even more. 
Without reading the handwritten note adorning the front of the value-pack of condoms, Fíli knew this was his brother’s idea. He was going to kill Kíli and he would make sure it was a slow and painful death.
He sighed heavily and carefully reached for the box without taking it out of the bag so Lucy wouldn’t see. 
Wrap it up, bro. Hope you don’t run out. 
Fíli dropped them back in the bag and crinkled it up in a minor fit of rage and annoyance and tossed it into one of the lower cabinets, his irritation radiating through the cabin. 
“What’s wrong?” Lucy asked from the chair beside the fireplace. 
Dwalin had the nerve to chuckle, knowing exactly what Fíli had discovered. He already had a good laugh about it when Kíli added them to the stock of necessities, claiming Fíli wouldn’t know he needed them, but he would thank him later. Dwalin kept his opinions to himself, but now he started to see what Kíli had meant by that.
“Well, I best let you two carry on and get out of here, I’ve got a long drive home,” Dwalin announced and stood from the couch. 
“Oh, do you have to leave already?” Lucy asked, enjoying being able to have a conversation with someone else for a change. And maybe she was also not looking forward to being left alone again with Mr. Mood Swings. 
Dwalin walked over to Lucy, smiling warmly at her and reached down to clasp his large hands around hers. 
“It was lovely to meet you, Lucy. I’m sorry it’s under these circumstances, I can assure you you’re in the best hands. But I have a feeling you already know that,” he added only for her to hear. 
Fíli watched the exchange from where he stood leaning against the kitchen counter, taking a bite out of his apple. He was thankful that Dwalin had made Lucy feel so comfortable and ‘normal’, even if it was for 45 minutes. 
“Thanks, mate, appreciate it,” Fíli said, patting his friend on the shoulder as he walked with him out the door. 
Lucy observed from the window as the two men spoke to each other outside for a couple of minutes, and she thought how it wasn’t fair that they could have fresh air soak into their lungs and she was still stuck inside. They made a few exchanges with each other and Fíli even laughed a couple of times, so he obviously was just upset with her for some reason.
Dwalin got in his truck and left, leaving Fíli looking at the cabin almost as though he was hesitant to come back in. What had she done that made him turn cold towards her again?
He strode through the door and headed straight to the kitchen, taking items out to make them a proper lunch. 
Lucy sighed as she debated what to do, remembering all the times in her apartment where she would have simply walked away and ignored him for the rest of the day. She didn’t feel like doing something so childish now, not wanting to be on bad terms with Fíli again. 
“What’s for lunch?” she asked from the couch, ‘testing the waters’ before making any further attempt at a conversation.  
“Salad and chicken,” he mumbled with his back turned toward her. 
She sighed again, of course he wouldn’t make this easy for her. 
“Can I help?” she asked with a small voice and stood from the couch. 
He glanced over his shoulder at her before returning to chop a pepper. “Yeah, sure.” 
Lucy reached across him to grab another knife and cutting board and started dicing a cucumber into small pieces.
Neither of them spoke, but Lucy’s mind was reeling. She would be the first to admit that she wasn’t good at apologies. Just as she was about to say sorry for something she didn’t know she did, Fíli’s voice interrupted her. 
“Luce, I’m sorry,” he began. “I acted like a jerk this morning.” 
“I can’t argue with that,” she dared to agree. “I’d like to apologize too, but if I’m honest I don’t know what I did to upset you.”
“You didn’t do anything wrong,” he explained, placing his knife down and turning to look at her. “There’s nothing to apologize for. I had a strange dream and it was wrong of me to take that out on you.” 
His eyes were full of warmth and sincerity, giving Lucy a hard time finding words to respond with, so she just nodded and went back to her task. 
They were both fairly quiet as they ate, and even though Lucy was curious about his dream, she decided not to press him further. He had said sorry, and meant it, and that was more than good enough for her.  
After lunch she sat on the couch looking out the window through a small opening between the curtains, staring at the lake with her legs tucked up under her, dreaming once again of sitting out there and enjoying the calm serenity while Fíli put away the clean dishes she had washed. 
She could hear him opening and closing cupboards and sifting through their supplies and she wondered what he was looking for. 
“You can’t possibly be hungry again!”
“I‘m not, just in the mood for something sweet.”
Lucy nodded and looked out the window again, thinking how good some gelato would be right now, when Fíli’s next question caught her attention. 
“We don’t have any more of those oatmeal cookies, do we?” 
Her head whipped around and her mouth dropped open in shock. 
“I knew you liked them!” she accused him excitedly, her laughter filling the room. 
Fíli shrugged and joined her infectious laughter, the sound of her happiness making his heart flip. Only this time he refused to feel guilty about it.
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Tolkien Preference- Falling in Love
Request: How’s about falling in love preferences for Tolkien with Boromir, Faramir, Legolas, Merry, and whoever else you like (and Thorin and Thranduil if you do Hobbit too 😬)
PT1/Fellowship here
In his long life, Elrond has lost so much- yet he remains caring and kind. While his affections for you develop quickly, they go unexpressed for a long time in Elrond’s efforts to spare you both from heartbreak. His compassion is unhampered by this, which allows your own feelings to blossom. Eventually, though, Elrond can’t deny his love for you- doing so would only be the cause of more sorrow. And once you’re his, Elrond would happily give you the world.
Faramir is proof that there’s merit in vulnerability. He knows his heart and he knows that he loves you, and fairly quickly too. He’s not overbearing, but he’s confident and patient, even before he’s certain that you feel the same way. You fall for him because of this and so many reasons more- Faramir sees so much good in the world around him, and in you. He keeps you grounded and hopeful, and to you, that’s invaluable.
Eomer is reserved at first- it takes a lot for him to trust someone fully and completely. However, as he gets to know and like you, he has no problem flirting shamelessly. He doesn’t have the time or patience for games, so Eomer is very direct, and he expects the same honesty from you, regardless of your feelings. Eomer falls for you quickly and hard, and he is more than happy to dedicate himself to you once you declare you share his affections.
One to trust and rely on her instincts, Eowyn knows right away if the connection between the two of you will blossom into something more. She’s surprisingly shy about making her intentions clear, although her actions and attention often betray her heart. Her smiles and gaze linger on you; she’s caught blushing when in your presence. You decide to give Eowyn time until she’s ready to put her feelings into words- or you cut to the chase and tell her yourself, which may take her by surprise, but make her very, very happy indeed.
Arwen does not need words to tell you she loves you. Instead, there are soft smiles and humor in her eyes whenever she looks at you. Soon after, when you both understand that your feelings are reciprocated, her love evolves into a deep, steady passion. She dedicates herself fully to you, and you to her in return. You mean the world to her, something she tells you and truly means.
It takes time and patience to work yourself into Thorin’s heart. He doesn’t believe in much before he’s seen good reason to do so. First, you have to prove yourself as worthy of his attention, then his affection. But once you do, once Thorin realizes he can trust you, you have earned his loyalty forever. You don’t take this lightly, and it is this seriousness and commitment that is the start of your love story.
You’re not even aware that Thranduil tolerates you until you’ve known him for several weeks, though not for lack of trying on your part. It’s hard to break through Thranduil’s wall and cold persona, but once you manage to make him smile, then laugh, you figure he must like you, even just a bit. It takes time for the Elvenking to decide to pursue something serious, but he makes the first move, taking these matters of the heart seriously, and only doing so once he’s sure you’ll do the same.
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luna-xial · a day ago
Hello. I really love your reading as it has helped me get through a lot of my depression. Today, I lost my pet turtle Bilbo Baggins and it’s been very hard. I still have his tank that still has water in it and it just hurts to look at it. I could really use a pick-me-up. Just a short little story but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I find the most comfort in your Thorin stories. Maybe the reader finds out that a pet died or something and they are very crushed about it so Thorin comforts them? Again don’t feel pressured into writing this.
Oh nooo.. I'm so sorry, honey!
Here is your request:
"(Name)?" Thorin's voice was gentle as he stood in the entryway of your bedding chamber.
You didn't respond, just a sniffle leaving you as you stared blankly at the items that belonged to your beloved companion. It had been two days since (pet name) died and you forced yourself to get out of bed to clear out their items, thinking that could squash this pain that gripped your heart in a vice. But how wrong you were.
"I miss them..." You murmured, voice thick with emotion as tears begin to slip past your water line once more.
Thorin was silent as he slipped into the room, his footsteps making light shuffling noises against the stone floor as he carefully crouched down in front of you, effectively blocking your view of the items.
Reaching up, he brushed away a stray tear, still saying nothing as you locked eyes with him. Seeing the concern in them, the care, made your lower lip begin to tremble once more as you launched forward, his arms catching you and encasing you in his warm embrace.
"It will be alright," He finally said, stroking your back.
"While today may hurt, and tomorrow may hurt, over time the hurt will fade, and you will be okay."
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I'm back on my bullshit, trying to figure out who to write for. I really liked doing that dare with my mutuals of writing about our relationships with comfort characters, so I'd be interested in doing something like that again! Problem is, pretty much every Lotr character is my comfort character, so I'm not sure who I should go with. So, like any self-respecting gay, I came to my mutuals for help.
If you could please tell me which Lotr (or Hobbit) character you think I should go with, and what ideas you'd like to see next, I'd appreciate it! Also, if you could include why, that'd be awesome too. Here's some general facts about me to help, below the cut. Love y'all, hope you're doing well.
Tags: @fool-of--a-took, @himbo-bagginss, @bubbelpop2, @lothloriien, @simbxlmyne, @beenovel, @kumqu4t, @claraofthepen, @moony-artnstuff, @thewhiteladyofrohan, @iwenttomordor
Pretty muscular, especially in the legs
Devotee of Thor and Rhiannon
Loves horses, works with them a lot
The favorite thing I own is a pair of cowboy boots, tbh
Has autism
Bisexual and Genderfluid, She/Her pronouns
Very short, under 5’, with a rectangular build
Interested in making armor (Sewing, Leatherworking and Smithing)
Also a writer who likes to draw
Very messy mane of long brown hair that’s usually either loose, up in a bun or in a ponytail
Glasses, and tons of moles and freckles
Really focused on self-improvement and getting stronger, both physically and mentally
Huge fan of rock and roll music
Very blunt, but also gets nervous a lot
Very sweet and gentle, though can be rough around the edges a lot too
Swears like a sailor
Interests include Moomins, Fantasy, Mythology, Animation, Dungeons & Dragons, Witchcraft, Nintendo Games and Food
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midearthwritings · 2 days ago
Thranduil and you find some beauty in each other after he has saved your life.
Words Count : 1,152
Pairing : Thranduil x Reader
Warning : Injury
Author's Note : This was kindly requested by @the--queen-of-hell . I'm so sorry that it took so long to write it, darling. I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
There was something enchanting about humans. Something that Thranduil could not explain, even with his thousands of years’ worth of knowledge. Maybe it was the way they thought so highly of themselves when they were so easy to break. Or maybe it was their complexity mixed up with so much simplicity. 
Humans. Intoxicating yet replaceable beings. How many of them passed away each day? And how many were born? It was an endless cycle of life and death. A cycle that elves watched from afar, for their lives lasted until another stole it. 
And so, what reasons were there for the King of an elven realm to get infatuated with a human? Close to none. 
But there was beauty in mortality. There was something breathtaking about the way you were lying unconscious in that bed, fighting for a few more years of pain and suffering when you could have been leaving for a better place. The silky white sheets beneath you reminded him of the cold winters. It looked pure, such as snow safely cradling your burning body. The beads of sweat on your forehead were shining like tiny stars under the moonlight and your choked moans of pain were a macabre song, tickling Thranduil’s ears. 
Standing at the side of your bed, the King could hear the weak beating of your heart. It was drumming irregularly inside your chest, trying to answer death’s call. He sat down on the mattress, hoping to hear it a bit more loudly. And when he reached out to brush some sticky strands of hair away from your face, your skin like fire under his fingertips, Thranduil could not help but let his touch linger. 
The King brushed over the torn skin on your left cheek, causing your breath to hitch. The perfect crimson line went from the corner of your eyes to your lips. And as he watched it, he knew it would never fade away entirely. After fighting many battles, he had come to accept that some wounds never fully healed, leaving marks for all to see. Whether to live with it or to shamefully hide it out of pure vanity was the choice you would have to face. 
The thought made Thranduil reach for his own cheek. What remained when beauty was simply an illusion? 
The King’s eyes traveled to your chest. Hidden beneath soft linen was the gaping hole dug by a blade. Brownish colors stained the piece of clothing where your wound was. Someone would soon have to change your bandage to avoid infections. 
Too engrossed in a torrent of memories, old and fresh, Thranduil did not notice your eyes fluttering open. Everything around you looked foreign yet so familiar as if you had come here only in your dreams. 
But you did not have much time to think about where you were or how you had gotten there, for sparks of intense pain shot through your body. It was as if you were being bitten by a warg over and over. Not that you had ever suffered those sharp teeth sinking into your flesh, but you were sure it was how it felt. 
There might have been a snake taking your lungs as its prey because you gasped for air. It is only then, as you desperately tried to force some oxygen into your body, that you noticed there was someone else. 
Through the black cloud of your pain, you watched his hair falling down his shoulders like a starry cascade. And his eyes, similar to sapphires that seemed to hold the secrets of the universe but still filled with so much sorrow. 
The King, whose head was not adorned with a crown at the moment, leaned forward to lay a cold hand on your forehead. Words that you could not understand began pouring from his mouth. And with each new syllable that he pronounced, the pain faded a bit more.
It did not go away completely, and you knew that there would always be an ache in your heart that nothing would be able to soothe. But it was enough for the pressure in your lungs to disappear. It was enough for you to let out a deep, relieved sigh. 
Thranduil pulled back, his fingertips brushing against your cheek once more. The loose sleeve of his silky robes met your neck in a featherlight caress, causing you to shiver. 
When you pulled yourself up, trying to sit in the bed, he did not help you. His eyes were fixated elsewhere, lost. As you leaned against the headboard, carved wood digging into your back, you allowed yourself to stare. 
In your mind, you traced every curve and angle of his face, hoping that you would never forget them. You printed the image of his lips twitching slightly, and of his jaw clenching and unclenching repeatedly. You took in the sight of his fingertips traveling on his rings absentmindedly and of the rising and falling of his chest as he breathed without any trouble. 
“I should have died,” you finally stated, your voice hoarse from being unused.
“Obviously,” Thranduil simply replied, still not looking at you. For a moment, you felt anger towards him for not even glancing at you. But the feeling rapidly vanished.
You should have died, along with hundreds of other souls, on the battlefield. But you had not. Instead, you had been brought to this bed and had been taken care of. Life had been breathed back into your body again. A wave of gratitude washed over you.
“But you saved me,” you said again. 
When Thranduil looked back at you, he saw the vulnerability burning inside your eyes. He saw it in the way you fidgeted with the bedsheets and in the way your teeth sank into your bottom lip. 
Tilting his head, he studied you. Now that you were awake and not struggling for a simple intake of oxygen, you looked different. It was as if you were a whole new person. 
“Indeed,” he murmured, answering your question.
It was charming, really, how timidly humans were acting when facing him. Thranduil understood them, for you were not equal on many levels. 
In his thousands of years of existence, the Elvenking had rarely been surprised by those of your kind. But when you surged forward, ignoring the unpleasant tingling of your wound, to wrap your arms around his neck, Thranduil’s eyes widened. 
“Thank you,” you whispered softly into his ear before threading your fingers in his hair. 
There was something enchanting about humans, Thranduil thought. And perhaps this time it was the way his heart began following the rhythm of yours as it panged against his chest. Or maybe it was the way you desperately clutched at his body like you would die if you ever thought about letting go. 
The King could not pinpoint what it was exactly, and so, he simply returned your embrace. 
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Tumblr media
Imagine Thranduil trying to work but all his thoughts are of you.
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Tauriel X femme!Elf!reader
Tumblr media
Imagine having a child with Tauriel
For @lovefindersix-blog
~ours to love~
You loved the beautiful elf Tauriel since you first laid eyes on her and after that you both began courting. She meant everything to you and so much more, which is why when this whole ordeal with Smaug and lake town was done you planned to ask her to marry you. Though you never though it would last so long. After Smaug was defeated, not much of the once beautiful Lake town was left, the houses burning into mere dust while dead body of the great dragon now lay in the water, rotting away beneathe the waves.
You and Tauriel were always together though it seemed that the rages flames and screaming people had taken you apart. There was one noise your elf ears picked up, and it was not the flames nor the people but instead sounded like a child far away in one of the burning houses. With the threat of Smaug gone, you put done your bow and followed the sound as best you could without burning yourself and after some running and smokey ash you could hear clearly a child crying.
In your mind you were still not sure if saving the child would be a wise choice if you got badly hurt Tauriel would freak out, the tortured building looked as if it could give in at any moment but even if it did severely injure you or the child died, at least you tried. The flames engulfed the building but you could still see a way in from what used to be a window and climbed through. Looking inside you could see a young girl, no more than six, trapped in the corner of the house crying and screaming loudly while the it burned and pieces of roof fell right Infront of her. She looked terrified and afraid to move or even look at the horrors around her.
You jumped carefully through the window and your feet landed on what was left of the burning wooden floor. As the little girl finally opened her eyes she spotted you from across the room, "help! Help me please! Please!" She reached out her little arms to you and screamed as more of the house shattered to the ground. You slowly moved over towards the helpless child, making sure that you wouldn't meet a fiery fate while getting there, before gently picking her up and wrapping your arms around her frightened form. Her skin didn't she any burns or abnormalities except a few cuts and scrapes and black ash, however now there was a bigger problem on your mind. getting out.
The house was quickly turning into nothing but debris and soon your way in would no longer be a way out. With all the strength you could gather, you ran faster than your legs had ever taken you and managed to quickly duck under a falling piece of wood before cautiously making your way out of what was now only the corpse of a house.
The girl was still crying but had calmed down a little from her frightening time in the house, you stroked her hair and wiped the falling tears from her bright eyes. "Are you alright now sweety? Are you hurt anywhere?" She quickly shook her head and buried her damp face in your tunic, she didn't want to talk much and you couldn't blame her.
A big problem now had you thinking. What are you going to do now? It wasn't safe for you to go and find Tauriel with the child incase orcs attacked but you but she couldn't stay here on her own. You also thought of what would happen to the child. If she would find a home in another valley or just become another orphan, you had a slight thought of adopting her yourself and raising her with Tauriel but how would your lover even react to that and the child was only human, should would eventually die while both of you would live on.
Almost right on queue with your thoughts, you hear light footsteps behind you and knew who it was without turning around. "Darling it's so good to see-" you turned to meet the gaze of your love and she stops speaking when she sees the sweet girl still in your arms and happier than she was before. Tauriel walks towards the both of you with tears in her eyes while reaching her slender arm outwards towards the child and rubbing her thumb along her soft cheek.
"May I?" The she elf asks as you nod and gently pass the girl from your arms to Tauriel's. She giggles and reaches her hands upwards and touches the red haired elf's pointed ear and her giggling turns to laughter. You stand back and watch the two of them interact like a mother watching her wife and child play for the first time, the sight made you almost cry and at this point in your life you had never felt happier.
"what happened to her parents?" Tauriel looks up from the cheerful child and back at you as you snap back into reality. "I don't know, probably either gone or dead" your eyes fall back onto the poor girl while she picked at the golden embroidery on Tauriel's tunic. Your lovely lover moved her gaze between you and the now orphan and asked you "do you think we should raise her?"
"only if you think so" she smiled and nodded her head "yes, I think we should" the child didn't seem to know what she was saying but laughed and hugged Tauriel's chest. Your eyes pieced into Tauriel's and you both shared a passionate kiss before she said to you "I'm glad your safe too" you smiled and blushed before giving her a big hug. You both made your way home or at least to some kind of safety. You were happy to finally be back with the people you loved most. Tauriel and your new daughter.
Sorry if this is a bit short 😅 I've had a few exams this week. Anyway, hope you enjoy!❤️ xxx
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The Heir of Erebor (Part 5)
Summary: An exciting evening with the Princes leads to a new discovery.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Pairing: Fíli x f!reader
Word Count: 1,087
A/N: Sorry this chapter took so long! I just finished my finals and I finally have a break from school. I’ll definitely have more time to write, and I look forward to sharing with you. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
It had been a few weeks since the battle outside of Erebor, and everyone was finally healed, the mountain as busy as ever. You and Fíli resumed your deep conversations, your feelings for each other only growing in the time you shared together.
You were getting ready for the day when a steady knock on your door grabbed your attention. Walking over, you opened it as you were greeted by a dwarf carrying a bag filled with sealed envelopes. 
“Lady Y/N,” he greeted you kindly and bowed. You returned his smile and watched as he dug through his sack, eventually handing you a letter. It was folded and sealed, a royal wax emblem decorating the parchment in the unmistakable Durin blue.
Closing the door behind you, you hurried over to your desk. Digging through some drawers, you found a letter opener and carefully unsealed the paper. Your eyes skimmed over the writing as you let out an audible gasp.
In a beautiful penmanship, the letter wrote, The King of Erebor formally invites you to the Feast held in the Great Hall to celebrate Erebor’s victory in battle. With a hand covering your mouth, you let out a breathy laugh, excitement singing in your body for the event. You finished reading and immediately began to think of what you would wear to such a party hosted by the King Under the Mountain himself. 
Rummaging through your closet, you had a few contenders you hoped were fancy enough. You weren’t usually one to be invited to such formal events, so you were sure Fíli had something to do with it. 
The mountain was quiet and empty as you made your way over to the celebration. You donned a dark green dress with decorative gold thread embroidered along the seams and cuts. It hugged your body, accentuating your curves and leaving less to the imagination than you had intended. Your hair was partially braided, leaving some down that laid against your back, just as you liked it. 
The closer you got to the Great Hall, the louder and more lively the noise became. Turning the corner, you came to a crowded room, heavy doors perched open to allow guests to come and go as they pleased. You took a deep breath in to steady your nerves and joined the celebration. 
Music, singing and laughter filled your ears as you entered the Great Hall. Your eyes scanned the crowd, taking in every detail you could. Never before had you seen anything so grand. Men, dwarves, and even some elves attended the festivities. The room was crowded, the party spilling into other rooms nearby. As nervous as you were while getting ready, you were excited to finally be here.
“Are royal parties always so festive?” you asked aloud in wonder, mostly to yourself. 
“They are,” a familiar voice spoke from behind you. You turned around and were greeted by the sight of a Prince. Fíli stood before you in all his grandeur. His clothing was formal, more regal than anything you’d seen him wear before. You knew he was a Prince, but this was the first time he truly looked like royalty. 
You smiled at him and gave a small curtsey, your cheeks warm from admiring his handsome form. When your eyes met again, he was smiling. Fíli’s bright blue eyes began to scan your body, taking in your fancied features. He looked back up at you with a brightness in his eyes you didn’t notice before.
“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, just loud enough for you to hear. Unable to meet his eyes, you smiled and looked to the ground, a giddy feeling growing in the pit of your stomach. You felt his fingers brush against your cheek, gently lifting your chin so you were looking right at him. You nearly stopped breathing.
“Truly,” he added, his eyes no longer meeting yours, but rather, gazing at your lips. You felt yourself being pulled towards him, your faces inching closer together. In that moment, the noise surrounding you faded and it was just you and Fíli. 
A sudden arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you out of your dreamy daze. 
“Come on, Y/N, let’s dance!” another voice called out from behind you. Pulling you along, you came face to face with another familiar dwarf. Kíli had one hand on your arm and the other gripping a mug of ale. You glanced back at Fíli, confused as you watched an annoyed expression spread across his face. You couldn’t help but laugh at the brothers’ playful antics. 
Following Kíli through the crowd, he finally stopped, turning to face you after finishing his drink. He gave you a smug smile and held an arm out to you.
“Would you care to dance, fair maiden?” he asked, wriggling his eyebrows with an exaggerated bow. He looked past you at Fíli and smiled again, holding his hand out to you. You took it and began dancing, your feet moving rhythmically as you turned and twisted with the Prince. 
You had to admit, you were having fun. Working alone in the library was a good experience, but you missed interactions like these. Glancing at Kíli, you smiled and let out a hearty laugh at his questionable dance moves.
“Do you always mess with your brother like that?” you asked inquisitively over the music, trying to piece together what exactly had just happened. 
“Only when he deserves it,” he said before dipping you towards the floor. You gripped his shoulders and returned to an upright position.
“And what did he do to deserve it?”
Kíli gave you an incredulous expression before responding.
“For not telling you how he feels about you!” he nearly yelled over the loud party as he spun you away from him. Returning to his arms, you looked at him in disbelief. 
“What?” was all you could manage before he started to sway with you again. Your eyes frantically searched the crowded room for Fíli, finally spotting him in a corner watching the two of you dance. You couldn’t read his expression, but you knew you had to talk to him before the evening was over. Kíli dragged you along, shaking his head. 
“You two are so dense,” he said matter-of-factly as a different song began to play, shifting the mood. You looked back towards Fíli only to see an empty space. Furrowing your eyebrows, you were about to speak again when you felt a hand rest on your lower back.
“May I cut in?” 
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hey if you’re taking requests rn, i saw the proposal thing and i was wondering if you could do something with lotr/the hobbit characters asking you out for the first time or smth like that? also could you include aragorn, legolas, and kíli? you don’t have to, just a suggestion. thanks!!
I decided to just do Aragorn, Legolas, and Kili, hope that's alright! And also, so sorry this took forever.
Tumblr media
Aragorn would be nervous x10, though you know he wouldn't show it. You've been friends for quite some time, and he knows your mind like the back of his hand. He'll wait for a chance when you two are alone, and might arrange a night of stargazing for the occasion. The both of you are picking out the constellations, and he's telling the stories behind them, and watching your eyes the entire time, reflecting the same stories that he's telling. Eventually he asks if you'd be willing to become more than just friends, if you would accept his offer to begin a courtship and love each other on romantic terms, no longer just platonic. When you accept, he asks if he can hold your hand. You let him, and, with your hand grasped in his, he looks back up at the stars with a giddy smile on his face.
Tumblr media
Legolas is not very familiar with what is considered normal for human courting, so he's 100% going straight to Aragorn with all his questions: Do they braid hair like dwarves? Is it right to initiate physical intimacy, such as an embrace or a hand-hold? Would it be wrong to announce my intentions to the world? And Aragorn just starts shaking his head. After a very long conversation of the social norms of human courting, Legolas finally feels ready to ask you, and with aragorn as his wingman, your courtship begins. He was totally jittery the whole time, and stumbling over his words, slipping into elvish a couple times on accident, but once he gets his point across, both you and him couldn't be happier.
(also, this is an accurate representation of Aragorn cheering legolas on)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dwarves are smooth af, and Kili is no exception. I mean, remember his sickness-hazed declaration of love? Damn, even just off his death-bed, Kili's got it going for him. You just know he would spend time learning about human courting traditions first, to ensure that you feel comfortable, but he'd also be very firm in following dwarven traditions too, so expect to be showered in gold and gifts when he asks. But he's very sweet through it all, and stays his happy mischievous self, somehow making it all romantic and light-hearted, with a bit of comedic relief. He loves you, and makes it known that he hopes to stay with you for quite a while (if not forever), and, with his sweet puppy eyes, you can't help but say yes.
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You Shouldn’t Fall For Me : Kili x Reader (Part 3/3)
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Pairing: Kili x Reader
Part: 3/3 (part one here)
Request: Requested by @midearthwritings Thank you for requesting!
Warnings: angst, blood and pure fluff!
Prompt: Number 2 & 13 from here: 2. smiling in-between kisses && 13. “i’m not worthy of anybody’s love.” “that’s not true, you’re worthy of mine.” followed by the lover breaking eye-contact… + a love confession.
A/N: Omg yess! Finally, I have the prompts in! I’m so so sorry for making you wait this long! I hope you like the chapter and the ending. Let me know your thoughts please, and thank you!  Btw moodboad by me please do not reclaim the graphic as yours. If you want one lmk I’ll be more than happy to make you one.
Tumblr media
Kili stood frozen. His eyes only following you until you became a distant blur, never blinking. The soft tinkling warmness that had been once enveloped his heart, were now penetrated like the frozen waters he had stood on. 
Your words echoed through his mind. His own conscience mocking him for ever thinking he could be something so pure for you; help you escape. A dulling ache casted over his body, as reality hit him like the coldness of the air, as he accepted the truth.
He wasn't the one. He wasn't supposed to be the one that were to save you from the pain you were trapped in. 
While he desperately wanted to, he knew, he couldn't break fate. It wasn't something that was so easily broken. He wasn't the one fated to make you smile.
You had made that clear. Perhaps, he was mistaken; he thought you were his one, but apparently life has a sickeningly funny way of teasing you painfully. 
He had even foolishly hoped you would wear the necklace, one he had so carefully crafted. Day and night through this journey to Erebor, he had hoped the necklace will give you a solace of light. He had hoped you would wear it like a sign of acceptance...acceptance of him.
You had been the one thing that kept him strong through this quest. The promise he made, it had been the only thing on his mind to drive through this alive. Alive to make you smile.
And now, seeing you, he had only once again, foolishly hoped you came for him. Came to accept of his gifts, while he hadn't seen you wearing the necklace, just seeing you here, in Erebor was more than enough.
But he was yet again mistaken, you weren't here for him, and you certainly weren't here for that man, who had tried to kill you twice now.
From rumors and small talk of the village, he had heard of your father and his doings.
Since then, he had been hopelessly protective of you, trying to spread some light into the darkness that kept you haunted. 
But now, he had realised the truth, it wasn't meant to be him. He had mistaken you for his one. You weren't his soulmate, you had made that clear.
He sighed, shaking his head as the once dull ache throbbed his heart, stinging his eyes with unshed tears.
He heard his uncle step forward, "Throw his man into the dungeons!" He ordered. His command could be hardly mistaken, leaving no room for Dwalin to hesitate in taking your father away. 
"Why?" Kili almost grumbled.
"I think you already know as to why, Kili," Thorin grunted.
"She wants nothing-"
"Don't you start!" Fili interpreted his brother, "She's your one, future princess of Erebor. Of course, we are going to be defensive of Y/N and against any forceful acts towards her!"
"She's not my one! You heard her!" Kili glared, his voice roaring over Fili's. He showed down the pain, and let the anger rise, something he had never done before. 
"You can never mistake your one, Kili," Thorin stepped in, preventing the two brothers from starting a shouting match.
"You heard what she said, uncle," Kili sighed, trying to step away from the eyes of the crowd. The members of the company tried their best to jester them off.
"I do not believe they were words of the heart," Balin tried to reason.
"She had the necklace..." Fili said, hoping that would be the key.
Kili's eyes snapped up to his brother's, "What?" He breathed, unbelievingly.
"I saw her holding the necklace in her hands. I'm assure you it was the one you made her, brother," Fili explained, hoping Kili would run after you before it was too late.
Something flowed through Kili's veins, breaking away every sense of dread and pain, a glimmering sensation that filled his heart... hope.
It spread over his body, like a canopy, a new beginning to that set foot, protecting him from any negative thoughts that tried to invade.
"Go," His uncle whispered from the side.
That's all he needed...
Rain cascaded from the heavens, hiding the tears that drew from your eyes one after another. You heart bled, remembering your father reappearance and the words you spoke to Kili. 
It only ached your fragile little heart further as it played before you eyes, like a dulling fabric of time. 
Each time you remembered the sweet golden colour sweeping away from his eyes another sob let your trembling lips, as you heart beat in pain. Each beat was like your heart clenching itself in the deepest of agonies, wanting to break out; stop beating.
Drops after drops fell on the grounds. Wetting the grounds and your already shivering body. The cold waters soaked your clothes, making you tremble with every step. 
From where the necklace had pierced through the soft flesh of your palm, the blood still dripped through. But it didn't hurt. No, that was just a dull numbing pain compared to the agony of your heart and the burning of your soul. 
With every shiver that rattled through your weak body, uncontrollable sobs just released from your lips one after another. 
This was your battlefield...
The tears, the blood and the heartache, this was your battlefield. All signs of you loosing against this cursed darkness. 
Your eyes watched the raindrops, how it poured down and hit against the grounds, yet so delicate. Soft and silent, only the sound of the rain thrumming and pooling against the puddles were all that could be heard. The sight before you became blurry from the heavy raindrops, forcing you to slow down, almost collapse. But you held onto the last bit of strength and kept walking, letting your feet drag you across these wet grounds like a soulless being.
Rain, it always had a magical effect. Some hate it and some love it, others tend to just like the light showers. You didn't know whether to hate it or love, it was like the symbol of your life. Saddened soul that drifted through the earth with no purpose. But the raindrops did hold a deep meaning... You had realised this when seeing Kili once race through the fields to see you one day, during this time in the village. The rain isn't just one drop, it is millions, cascading from a confident sky. It is the sort of weather that washes everything anew, bringing deep puddles you can splash. And it was exactly what described the attraction of the darkness to Kili. Something anew, but it was something anew that pulled him both into dangerous depths of the puddles, for the rain was heavy and it blinded Kili from seeing what the darkness could do.
You so wished for the life outside the darkness. A life where you would accept Kili without a second thought. A life where both of you would be save from the cursed darkness that grew inside you, tearing you apart.
All you wanted to do was drown yourself in the sweet embrace of Kili. You wanted to accept him for anything, to be a part of his life; unit your lives. 
But every hope or wish you had was always destroyed from the distasteful thing that ruined your life. 
You wanted to break free...but how.? 
You needed help, you knew that. But were you at a stage, where is was beyond help? 
Guess, you will never smile... and the sickening venom sweeping through you will always sinisterly cackle at your lost hopes and dreams. 
Dream after dream drifted through your mind, a place where you found a little light; a fabric of your pure imagination, one where smiled and laughed with Kili... A place where you could share your love with him.
You thought you vaguely heard someone calling you name. But you could be wrong, you didn't know, and just kept imagining another life, while listening to the pounding, yet soft drops of rain.
The cold waters cascading from the dark skies kept attacking your body, allowing goosebumps to erupt across the soft (s/c) skin of yours. 
 "Y/N!" You heard your name again, this time crystal clear. You definitely heard it, over these sounds of rain.  With a friend creasing your forehead you turned towards the direction of the call.  A voice so clear, glimmering with hope with each panted breath. "Y/N!"  His feet hitting hard against the puddles as he sprinted over to you. Waters splashing under his weight, desperation clear in his voice.  From the small pricking sensation in the back of your mind, you already knew who the voice belonged to. And, as he approved you the once blurred figure in your vision, stood clear before you. Dark locks of hair, so rich and smooth. Eyes that stood out like molten chocolate, shimmering with a light gold behind them, as if it was afraid to peak out from the depths of his browns. 
His name left your lips like a plea. How much you wanted your wishes to become true. How much you wanted break off the darkness that plagued you. 
He never spoke a word, simply casted his eyes down onto the hand that dripped blood... the one you hid the necklace.
Kili released a long sigh as softly grabbed your hand and opened it gently. The corners of his lips tugged into the softest of smiles, but the concerned lingered over his features as he glanced at the blood dripping through the cut. 
"I didn't give you this to hurt yourself with it," He murmured, gently removing the necklace, thankfully it didn't pierce too far in.
You wanted to pull away, but your really just couldn't find the energy. You were simply just tired; you simply didn't have it in you to yell or fight. Kili took advantage of your silence and wrapped your wounded hand with a piece of his tunic he had just ripped off. He carefully wrapped the wound, just like Oin had did for him. 
"Kili..." You tried again. The rain had long washed the tear stain on your cheeks, and while the trembling of your lips and the wreaking sobs somewhat stopped, the tears refused to cease. One after another they kept flowing, only soon to found drops of rain and merge into them, creating small rivers.
"Kili, I need you to-" You were able to find the words again, but Kili managed to break through it, cutting you off in mid-sentence.
"You wouldn't be holding onto this necklace and you wouldn't be here, if it didn't mean something," Kili said, pulling you slightly closer after wrapping your wound, "Accept me..." His eyes shone with the goldness you had once let slip away, glimmering with a strange light as they held together with all their light. The hope held onto the sweet goldness of his eyes, preventing them from drowning. 
You couldn't do it. You simply couldn't watch the soft golds dying from his eyes again, you couldn't let Kili die away from himself, not again. So instead pushing away, the truth left your lips for the first time.
"I'm not worthy of anybody's love,"
You sobbed, tears rushing forward once again in full force.
Kili sighed, cupping your face in his hands as he wiped away the tears and raindrops that caressed your soft cheeks, even though it was in vain as the tears and drops kept coming, but he never ceased the gentle movements of his thumbs as he wiped them away,
"That's not true, you're worthy of mine..."
You shook your head, sobs wreaking your body once again. Kili let out a deep breath and he broke away from your gaze, "I truly love you, Y/N, bunnanunê," He confessed. 
You knew, you always knew in the back of your head Kili had obviously fallen for you, but now hearing him confess as he cupped your face so tenderly, nothing, no power could deny it. His eyes found yours again; the sweet gold embedded in the molten chocolate finding your (e/c) eyes, the deepness locking in the gaze, one so longing and endearing at the same time.
"Kili, I'll ruin you. It's too dan-" You words were once again, but this time it wasn't by mere words, but the softness of Kili's lips against your own. 
You waited to feel the shock at his sudden movements, but you didn’t feel any bit of that emotion or anything alike from his actions, perhaps the little surprise.. But in truth, all you felt was relief.. Pure relief of being able to breathe again after drowning for so long. There was no war of emotions in your chest as your lips started to move against his. It made your senses go numb, making you unable to think how wrong this was. But in that moment, it wasn't wrong, it felt right, especially as sparks kissed and caressed across your (s/c) skin, empowering your once numb and cold veins.
A light sigh left your lips as you almost unknowingly wrapped your arms around his neck, melting into the comfortable embrace he was giving you.
You should pushed away, but here you were, kissing him like he was the air your lungs deeply craved for. 
The sparks that caressed your body was slowly powering to their full glory, whipping away the darkness that once dragged you down and letting you seek comfort in the warmth and relief he embraced you with.
It was then you realised, it wasn't the darkness soaking away his warmth... It was his warmth that was enveloping you, and casting away the darkness as it stood powerless against these sparks of love.
His lips stretched, and your own mirrored the same, something playing at them. 
Each kiss slow, steady as the darkness was starting to be swept away as a whole, with the sparks that Kili brought.
A strange left your lips, a strangled sob perhaps, if you weren't floating, embracing the sparks, you would have been embarrassed, but right now you didn't care. All you knew was, if anyone would save you, it was Kili and there was no end to him, only the end to the darkness that had plagued you for years.
You cheeks hurt as he pulled away, it was the rising of you cheekbones and the stretching of you lips that you weren't used to.
"So, all this time, I had to just kiss you," He murmured, running a finger along your stretched lips, "To see this smile..." 
You lips had stretched into the brightest smiles he had ever seen, making his heart flutter and the sweet gold in his eyes to shine with such pride.
You didn't know what to say, or do for that matter, you simply held onto him, letting him sweep away the darkness...letting him save you...
He frowned slightly, a smirk tugging his lips and his eyes playfully gleaming, "What?" You blushed, patting your cheeks with the back of your hand as the heat rushed towards them.
"You really haven't smiled for a every long time have you?" He grinned, only making you frown, "It's just, you look maybe just a little like an orc..." He chuckled, his eyes mischievously gleaming.
Your eyes widened as an offensive gasp left your mouth. You wacked his arm as he collapsed into laughter, "Kili, you do know how offensive that is?! You're the one who was so obsessed on making me smile, you have to like it!"
His laughs died down and soft chuckles were left to hear, "I do. I do," He said, pulling you towards him again, "I really do, bunnanunê," You frowned at the sweet endearment again, "My tiny treasure," He answered your unspoken question, "Your smile, Y/N, is my tiny treasure..." He said, pressing a kiss against your lips again.
"I love you too, by the way," You smiled against his kiss again.
"A little late!" He playfully rolled his eyes, before picking you up and spinning your around under the soft raindrop, that no longer felt cold, but a gentle caressing. 
A tiny yelp left your lips at first, but then your laughter echoed through the lands. The laughs of the future princess of Erebor; Kili's princess.
You realised now, the the law of total number of misfortunes was right. Kili had written it once to you, on a note attached onto a string, that was wrapped around on a flower. We have a set amount of happiness and misfortunes assigned for us. If our lives have been filled with misfortune up till now, it means only happiness awaits us.
So, when your heart is crying, you're never wrong. That is why people who smile most now, have said, to have been through the most pain before.
Right now, only happiness awaits you and Kili.
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