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#king thranduil
silvan-king · 5 hours ago
One moment of your time to talk briefly about book Thranduil and how he inspires such a hope in his people that despite the onslaught of attacks from the Necromancer and his forces, turning their Great Greenwood into ‘Mirkwood’; The Silvan elves believe that just maybe even Gollum can be rehabilitated to do good in the world and it was through such a hope and kindness that he was able to escape in the first place.
Thranduil is a bloody good king.
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nellblazer · 15 hours ago
The Title Game Masterlist June 2021
Tumblr media
Here is a list of all the titles I made fic summaries for the recent Title Game with your guys' submissions.
If someone is interested in using one of these ideas themselves, please contact me about permissions.
Titles will be below the cut! There are 32 of them, good gosh!
No Strangers Here - Baron Zemo x Reader
- Your parents arrange a marriage to an unknown member of aristocracy but when you visit for the first time, your future husband is indisposed. Zemo is more than happy to entertain you though whilst you wait to meet the stranger you’ll end up marrying.
To Lay Poison at her Roots - Poison Ivy x F!Reader
- Reader is tasked by the GCPD to get close to Ivy by pretending to be a botanist to derail a potential attack but the lines of undercover work start blurring and you’re not sure who is seducing who any more.
Star Catcher - Han Solo x F!Reader
- After frequenting a local cantina, Han takes a liking to you but you’re not falling for his bad boy charms and he can’t understand it. After making an outlandish claim that he can catch a star for you, you demand that he proves it. If he does, you’ll spend a night on the Falcon with him.
Where the Wild Things Are - Éomer x F!Reader
- A shieldmaiden, you harrass the Rohirrim after Éomer says women cannot ride with them. Éomer becomes enraged at your attacks, vowing to tame your wild spirit before you embarrass the riders any further.
Love What You Protect - King Caspian X x F!Reader
- A princess of a rival kingdom, you were kidnapped by Telmar defectors then rescued by King Caspian who made a vow to return you to your home. He personally accompanies you on the way back and starts to feel maybe there is more than just a potential allyship forming between you.
And Stops Existing In the Heart - Jason Todd x F!Reader
- When Oracle is indisposed for a time, you take over helping with Dick and Jason, giving them information, up to date locations of criminals etc through the earpiece. Jason begins flirting with you because he likes your voice and starts developing feelings, even though he has never seen you.
Will he still feel the same when he finally meets you?
Fallen Angels Rise Again - Lucifer Morningstar x F!Reader
- A dancer in a residential show ‘The Angel Who Lost Her Wings’, your reputation is smeared by your ex and your innocent persona completely destroyed. Lucifer used to watch you perform and is infuriated, swearing that he will do whatever it takes to reinstate your career.
I’ve Been Looking for an Original Sin - Frank Castle x F!Reader
- Frank stumbles into the church gravely injured late at night and, being the priest’s daughter, you help nurse him back to health.
Frank decides to repay your kindness by freeing the church from being in the middle of a gangland war but the reason becomes more personal the closer he gets to you.
Sunburnt - Mad Sweeney x F!Reader
- After being forcibly locked in a basement for years, away from all natural light, you try anything to get free, even praying to a god. Sweeney answers your call, freeing you and showing you sunlight for the first time in so long and a caring touch.
My Fragile Lily - Dark!Clark Kent x F!Reader
- After Clark helps you expose your boss for corruption, you send him lilies as a thank you. Having never received flowers before and appreciating your impeccable manners, Clark develops an obsession with you because his mother always said, “Marry the girl who minds her p’s and q’s”
To All the Saints Who From Their Sins Now Rest - Older!John Constantine x F!Reader
- John has trained his replacements, set up a dark arts network and is finally relinquishing the responsibilities of his lifestyle. Finding his first couple of grey hairs sets him on a mid life crisis, trying to reclaim the youth he was denied and that means finding you, the girl that got away. Maybe he can have a second chance with you now…
Let It Burn - Dark!Tony Stark x F!Reader
- Tony’s new secretary, you start to feel more and more uncomfortable around your new boss. Little pet names, accidental touches and inappropriate comments all make you uneasy.
You ask him to stop, that it’s sexual harassment and you’ll leave but Tony reminds you that your contract locks you into being employed and if you try to get out of it, try to tell anyone what he’s doing or ‘slander’ his name, he is going to ruin your life completely.
Free My Heart - Jamie Fraser x F!Reader
- Set up in a marriage to Jonathan Randall, you soon realise what a cruel sadist he is. When Randall takes you to Fort William, you escape with Murtagh Fraser and are taken in at Lallybroch by Jamie. First he wants to ransom you, then he sees you’re just as much a victim as he is of Randall and you’re in desperate need of kindness.
Be Glad of It - Billy Russo x F!Reader
An ex-squaddie of Billy and Frank’s, you help Billy with Anvil. Forming a relationship with Billy, you never suspected the shady things he was doing until Frank sends you an information package with all of Billy’s history laid bare. Knowing he was involved in the murder of the Castles, you’re about to go to the authorities but Billy comes home and sees what you’re reading.
Locked in the apartment, Billy reminds you that you’re lucky to have the life you do considering vets have bad employment prospects and he was the one to make that happen. You should be grateful, you should accept his help and his love.
Stop fighting him.
What Are You Willing To Do? - Constantine x F!Reader, Lucifer x F!Reader
When John is captured by The First, you try everything to get him back, even offering your soul to a demon but nothing works.
You journey to LA to try to speak to Lucifer as a last ditch effort but you and the Devil have unresolved history and he will only lift a finger if you two finally explore the sexual tension you used to have.
Would you do anything to get John back and what would he think of you if he ever found out?
You Can Just Visit (But I Plan To Stay) - Will Graham x F!Reader
A guest lecturer brought in at the same FBI college as Will, you let him vent to you about working with Crawford because he looks like he needs a friend. When he finds you upset one day, it’s his turn to provide some comfort and you realise just how close you’re both starting to become but the end of your tenure is fast approaching.
The Virtues of Villainy - Killian Jones x F!Reader
After Killian plunders your friend’s ship and leaves them destitute, you turn to piracy yourself to help restore their fortune. One day you hope you’ll run into Killian again but for now, you actually quite like the pirate’s life.
Gravity - Joe Goldberg x F!Reader
Trapped in a relationship with a pregnant Love, the gravity of his situation sets in and he starts acting out. You, as the friendly neighbour, become the topic of his new obsession after helping Love with her pregnancy difficulties and you become best friends with her.
Now he’s faced with the challenge of hiding his intentions from Love because if she ever found out, she would kill you in an instant…
Time of the Season - John Constantine x F!Dryad Reader
John is struggling to stop a rogue Green Man from killing a town and reclaiming the land. As a dryad, you offer to help and together you manage to send the Green Man back to sleep.
John likes your company though and keeps coming back to visit you but the autumn months see your strength waning and soon winter will be here and you won’t see each other for many months until spring begins. John doesn’t want to lose you though, not when he’s finally feeling something more for the first time in years.
Highway to Hell - Tony Stark x F!Yandere reader
Tony hosts an Angels and Demons masquerade party and you sneak in, dressed in an angel costume. You’ve adored Tony for a long time from afar and now’s your chance to make a relationship a reality.
Having gotten Tony’s attention and slipped away before he could get your number, you can have the Cinderella story you’ve always dreamed of.
Sympathy For The Devil - John Wick x F!Switchboard Reader
An ex-fling of John’s before he got married, you work in the switchboard, giving aid to assassins, spreading information and connecting contract calls. After the Excommunicado call comes through for John, you risk everything to feed him vital information to keep him alive but eventually you’re going to be found out.
Can John save himself and you before that happens?
Every Love Story is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favourite - Will Graham x F!Reader
Having been friends for a long time, Will finds what he thinks is a love story you’ve written on your desk one day but slowly starts to realise the male protagonist is him, the female protagonist is you and this is your real life experiences.
Recounting them to Hannibal in therapy because he’s afraid of intimacy, Hannibal makes him realise he’s hiding his feelings to protect the friendship and himself. Is he brave enough to turn this into an actual love story?
Hearth and Home - Tormund Giantsbane x F!Night’s Watch Reader
A Lord’s daughter disgusted with your marriage match, you disguise yourself as a man to join the Night’s Watch. You end up stranded in the Wildling camp with your Watch brothers thinking you are dead.
Tormund takes you prisoner and discovers your secret. He’s determined to show you the Free Folk are no different to anyone south of the Wall and he’s also determined to squash the arrogant privileged attitude out of you because he thinks you’ll make a great warrior once you drop the snooty comments.
Will you hold on to Westerosi values or will you begin to see the Free Folk as more of a family than you ever had south of the Wall?
Across a Million Lives and a Million Times I’d Choose You - Jamie Fraser x F!Reader
After travelling through the stones and striking up a brief relationship with Jamie, he forces you to go back to your own time before the Battle of Culloden Moor.
Alone and miserable without you after surviving the battle, Jamie travels to your time but finds out you never made it back.
Now Jamie has to research and look for you across the years, trying to find out where you ended up because he’ll never give up on your love, even if he has to travel through thousands of years to see you again.
Here Comes The Sun - Eric Draven x F!Reader
The old manager for Hangman’s Joke, you are taken hostage by Top Dollar once Eric’s identity as The Crow is discovered.
With just one night to save you, Eric has to race against the dawn but avenging his murder and killing Top Dollar is not the only unfinished business he has to deal with before the sun rises.
Can’t See the Forest Through the Trees - Thranduil x F!Human Reader (cheating a bit here with making it the Hobbit but hey same universe)
A human thief sent to steal an Elven relic, you get lost in Mirkwood when the magic befuddles your senses too much.
Coming across King Thranduil, you manage to pickpocket him after he accepts your story of trying to find food after being banished from Laketown.
Discovering the theft, Thranduil hunts you down and decides you’ll serve as his maid as penance because a thief is always useful to keep close.
My Favourite Inconvenience - Joe Goldberg x F!Reader
- What the hell is Joe supposed to do when you have no social media, no online presence whatsoever and you’re very good at shaking off people when you think you’re being followed?
It’s a good job you’re worth this much effort and Joe will find out more about you in the end. He always does.
You’re just a tricky challenge is all.
She Learned Her Hands in a Fairytale (And Her Mouth on a Valentine) - Gambit x F!Mutant Reader
Gambit visits the French Quarter of New Orleans and decides to entertain the fortune teller who aggressively herds him into the shop.
After a spectacular display of lights, moving objects and odd phenomenon including a rendering of a love fairy tale, Gambit gets suspicious and turns the place over, finding you in a basement beneath the parlour room where you are forced to make light theatrics and illusions whilst chained to the wall.
Threatened by the mutant bouncer to never come back, Gambit devises a plan to free you because no person should be treated so barbarically.
Written in Memory - Technical Boy x F!Reader
The Technical Boy is used to knowing about everyone through their gadgets but when you walk by his and Media’s table in a bar, he realises he can’t farm a single bit of worship from you.
You have no phone, no car, no credit card and live a fairly nomadic lifestyle.
The Technical Boy finds that very infuriating and vows to get at least one form of worship from you but first he has to approach you the old fashioned way.
There’s Something In the Water - Killian Jones x F!Mermaid Reader
Saving Killian when he falls overboard in a storm, he vows to repay the kindness someday.
Once he hears about a mermaid who’s been captured and put on display in a circus, he goes hoping it isn’t you but that hope fades when he sees your distinct tail in the tank.
The time has come for Killian to honour his promise and get you back to the sea.
My Love, Don’t Forsake Me (Take What the Water Gave Me) - Jamie Fraser x F! Titled Lady Reader
- You and Jamie have loved each other for years but through the intervention of parents, of the rebellion and English army occupation, you’ve never managed to run away together.
Jamie is forced to marry some English lady called Claire and you are forced to marry a Scottish Lord but the lure of love is stronger than the oath of marriage and if you’re not careful, you’ll both drown in unfaithfulness.
Hate Me All You Want, I’ll Get You One Day - F!Reader/Sirius Black/James Potter triangle
(Alt universe: James did not die and did not marry Lily. Both work in the Ministry. No Voldemort)
- A newbie in the Auror’s office, James and Sirius both bully you harshly. Subject to their jokes, their pranks and exclusion, you grow to hate them but it’s their way of expressing their interest in you.
Once you get them back with a monumental prank, their attitude shifts and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of two warring best friends who desperately want to be with you and are ruining their own careers over it.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some edits of Thranduil!
My sister has especially been obsessed with Thranduil and Legolas recently, but I had these photos stuck in my gallery for awhile.
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freckledblackfeathers · 3 days ago
Chapters: 18/? Fandom: The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types, The Lord of the Rings (Movies) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Characters: Legolas Greenleaf, Gimli (Son of Glóin), King Thranduil - Character, Thranduil's Wife, Aragorn | Estel, Arwen Undómiel, Original Elf Character(s), Original Dwarf Character(s), Arod (Tolkien), Gandalf | Mithrandir, Glóin, Thranduil (Tolkien) Additional Tags: Friendship, Best Friends, Adventure, Travelling together, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Minor Injuries, Injury Recovery, Attempt at Humor, Mirkwood, erynlasgalen, Young Legolas Greenleaf, Flashbacks, Legolas family background, not quite canon, elves love trees, dwarves love caves, warrior elves, Archery, almond cakes, Minor Character Death, Hypothermia, near drowwning, Near Death Experiences, Holding a grudge, Elven Wine, Elven Sentinels, elven culture, attempt at using elvish, Whump, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Legolas Whump, Hurt Legolas, Thranduil is a loving father, Caves, Glittering Caves Summary:
Sometime after Aragorn's coronation, Legolas and Gimli leave Gondor together with Arod and make their way back across Middle Earth. Their plan is to eventually visit Mirkwood and soon after to travel on to Erebor. While travelling together, between the playful verbal insults, they gain a deeper understanding of one another and their friendship strengthens further. But will their respective families be so quick to let bygones be bygones?
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thranduilismytherapy · 4 days ago
Happy Adar's Day
FanArt not mine, found on Pinterest
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lxst-in-outer-space · 7 days ago
He’s Gone | Thranduil
chapter six : passion
Tumblr media
❛ pairing | thranduil x oc
❛ story type | multi
❛ description | love comes naturally for the pair, but it takes time to become intimate.
❛ warnings | some kissing, fluff
It took a year for Thranduil, King of the Woodland, and Princess Alvena, second daughter of the Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn, to consummate their relationship. Perhaps it was because the pair had only ever laid with their Ones before then or perhaps it was just apprehension, but either way, it stalled them from joining as one for the first time.
Their union did occur, however, on the sixteenth of June when the air was warm and the sun shone down on the Woodland Realm. Alvena had taken to sleeping in Thranduil’s room with him, the presence of an ellon calming her and allowing a more easy sleep. Sometimes, Earendil would climb into the large bed and sleep between them, enjoying the feeling of having two parents instead of one.
She had been reclining in the rather large body of water in the king’s room. It was always heated and she enjoyed the feeling of the water upon her skin. It felt relaxing and serene, like she was back home in Lothlórien in the chambers that had once been her own, a place a familiarity to her - a place of comfort when her duties as princess got too much.
The king of Mirkwood was at a council meeting, one that had been tedious and tiring. He had insisted that Alvena not trouble herself with the hassle and after the argument she had with one of his advisors about a decrease in metal product, she thought it best to stay away for a little while.
The sun was setting in the sky and a golden hue was cast over the princess’s face when the chamber doors opened. She heard footsteps and peaked an eye open to see Thranduil descending the small flight of stairs that led to his room.
He gave a small smile when he saw the princess, blonde hair tied up and soft, blue eyes looking at him. A smile of her own grazed her pink lips as she noticed his tired eyes, “How was it?”
“Mindless,” the elvenking muttered as he pulled his crown from his head. He set it down before removing the expensive and rich fabrics that adorned his body, “May I join you?”
“Of course,” Alvena replied with a small chuckle, “It is your bath after all.”
“I suppose it is,” Thranduil mused as he finished removing his garments. A slight groan left his lips as he entered the water, Alvena peeking at him softly, wondering what was on his mind.
“What happened?” Alvena asked softly as she moved away from the edge. She came up to him and slid her arms around his shoulders, resting her face against his neck.
“King Thorin Oakenshield would like to make an alliance with the Woodland Realm,” Thranduil sighed as he brought his hands to her back, rubbing the soft flesh lightly, “He says he would return what is rightfully mine if I agreed, but he would expect wine from the Woodland Realm each month.”
“The Gems of Lasgalen,” Alvena hummed softly in acknowledgement, “I remember you telling me about them. Why does he want an alliance? I thought he hated us.”
“Protection,” Thranduil hummed in response as he brushed a hand over the back of her neck, “I am in alliance with Lothlórien and Rivendell. If he has my protection, he also has their’s.”
“Wise move,” Alvena sighed as she pressed a kiss to his neck, “What will you do? I know how precious those gems are to you.”
“I have something far more precious in my arms,” the elvenking responded before pressing a kiss to her cheek, nose trailing along her jaw, “I have already ruined one relationship trying to get those gems. I will not ruin another.”
As his hand slid down her back, she gasped, pulling her face away so their eyes met, “You will have those gems, my love. I will make sure of it.”
Thranduil almost seemed surprised, “Why? Why would you retrieve something like that for me?”
“Because I care for you,” Alvena breathed as her legs wrapped around his waist. He let out a heavy breath, “I want you to be happy. If those gems make you happy, then so be it.”
“How did I find you?” Thranduil wondered to himself before pulling her lips into a deep kiss. He pulled the clip from her hair, letting it fall into the water like golden waves. He used the same hand to delve into her curls and push her lips closer to his own.
Eventually, he started to trail kisses down the side of her neck, making her head fall back at the pleasure of such a touch, “Thranduil!”
“I love you, Vena,” he whispered against her neck, “I do not know how it is possible, but I do. I love you.”
A gasp left her lips as she turned her head to look at him once more, “I love you too.”
Even as two powerful elves, they did not foresee that their union would bring about the conception of a son with silver hair and bluish grey eyes that would be known as Haldir.
°➶☽∘ ✾ ∘☾➴°
❛ author’s note | if you’re having trouble finding it, here is the full story: he’s gone
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tabukomi · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT
Three things will last forever — faith, hope, and love — and the greatest of these is love. ❤️
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As you may know, I'm currently writing on the first book of my LOTR trilogy. And I've already created some gifs for that story so I thought I'd share them with you
King Thranduil + Daughter Princess Ivoriel (young)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Princess Ivoriel (young) + Brother Legolas
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Princess Ivoriel (young)
Tumblr media
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lxst-in-outer-space · 9 days ago
He’s Gone | Thranduil
chapter five : feelings
Tumblr media
❛ pairing | thranduil x oc
❛ story type | multi
❛ description | thranduil and alvena grow closer only to pull away once more, but after year away from her son and her king, the elven princess can’t deny her feelings any longer and neither can he.
❛ warnings | none
The feelings that came from growing so close were odd. For Thranduil, it felt like a breath of fresh air when Alvena entered the room, her bright, blue eyes always twinkling when they landed on him - her beauty amazed him. Her silver-blonde hair was always kept loose and brushing her upper thighs, a simple tiara made of silver rested on her head as a reminder of her station, and her pale features always seemed lively even when she was heartbroken.
More than her beauty was her caring attitude and wise council. Whenever a wanderer came in search of shelter, Alvena fought to have the traveler given hospitality if only for a short time. One occasion she even openly fought with the king’s advisors, leaving Thranduil in awe of her courage. She also liked to send supplies to cities in need outside of Mirkwood, taking delight in making preparations. Some started to call her the Queen of Mirkwood, even if it was never to her face, but Thranduil heard and had no qualms about it.
She always had helpful things to say as well. When dealing with Bard of Laketown - the newfound leader of his people - or the Dwarves under the mountain, her words always brought him comfort and reassurance in his decisions or gave useful criticism that never seemed chastising.
But Thranduil was afraid.
He had not felt this way since his wife was alive and in some way, he felt as though he was betraying her for loving another - for even feeling for another something that was far from innocent and platonic. Even worse than that it was his son’s wife, the mother of his son’s child, his grandchild. He couldn’t help it.
Every brush of the hand, every gentle smile, every sweet word - it brought him even closer to the inevitable.
He was in love and he didn’t know how it was possible. That was why he had gone to Alvena’s mother, Galadriel, for advice. She only told him that the Valar worked in mysterious ways, but if he loved Alvena - truly - and she loved him, then they could not ignore it, no matter what the circumstances.
For Alvena, it was different. She had always been fond of the king, but while married to Legolas, it had always been a platonic love, more of an admiration. Her romantic feelings had always been for Legolas, to whom she was faithful to until the moment he decided he could leave her. She had never even glanced at another elf in her time married to him or even before.
When she was left by her husband, however, with his child growing in her womb, there was only Thranduil to provide her with the comfort she needed and so longed for. He was the one who held her hair back when she wretched up her food, he was the one who had dresses tailored to fit her changing body, and he was the one who held her hand when the birthing pains overtook her.
At first she had believed her feelings were because of that love he had shown her, because he was there when no one else was, but as time went on and her heart healed, she realized that it was not. It went far deeper than simple feelings for the man who had saved her from herself.
For a time, the pair separated themselves from each other, avoiding spending extra time together like they used to. They were only in each other’s presence when advisors, other elves, or Earendil was around.
Alvena even departed the Woodland Realm for a year to visit her parents, dear friends in Lothlórien, and her niece and nephews in Rivendell. When she returned, things were different.
Having spent a year away from her son, he was excited to see her, waiting at the entrance of the kingdom, holding Thranduil’s hand. She had arrived when she expected to, the sound of “Amil!” filling the air as the heavy wooden doors open.
“My son!” Alvena had called, kneeling down and opening her arms. In the five years since his birth, Earendil had grown into a wonderful elfling, “Come here!”
As soon as the child was in her arms, she was standing up and twirling him around, pressing kisses to his silver hair. When she finally stopped spinning, she continued to hold him in her arms, “I have missed you, my sweet.”
“I have missed you, Amil!” Earendil cried, wrapping his small arms around her neck, “Can I come with you next time?”
“Of course you can, my son,” Alvena smiled, pressing a kiss to his plump cheek, “Did you behave for your grandfather?”
“I did,” Earendil said proudly.
Alvena kept her smile but raised an eyebrow. Her eyes went to Thranduil for the first time and the twinkle he adored so much appeared in her eyes. She watched as he walked over to her, bowing his head as a greeting. She curtsied slightly before taking his hand in her own, “It is good to see you again, Thranduil.”
“And you,” he replied softly, “Now you must be tired. I will have someone bring your things back to your room. I will visit later.”
Her heart fluttered slightly as she nodded her head, allowing herself to be led back to her room. For a long while she talked and played with her son before allowing one of his caretakers to lead him back to his room for bed.
A sigh left her lips as she slipped into the warm bath her maids had prepared for her. It was exactly what she needed after traveling. As her companions left her to her own devices, she did not notice the door creaking open until a bang startled her. Her eyes flew open to find the elvenking standing at her doorway, face neutral but lips slightly parted from the surprise, “Forgive me, Vena. I will come back later.”
“No,” Alvena protested before she could register what she had said.
A moment passed.
She breathed.
She stood up.
°➶☽∘ ✾ ∘☾➴°
❛ author’s note | if you’re having trouble finding it, here is the full story: he’s gone
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221bshrlocked · 10 days ago
how trippy would it be if i just started posting my LOTR fanfiction on this blog 😂
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espleon · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
gonna tell my kids this was Thranduil in the hobbit
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