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ask-tolkienelves · 13 minutes ago
Maglor, can you tell me something about Elrond and Elros? Are they cute children?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tar-thelien · 3 hours ago
Chapter 2
Elrond looked down at the little Vala that slowly had fallen asleep still sitting on the floor.
He carefully picked the child up surprised that by the coldness coming from him and began searching for someone who could tell him were Melkors rooms were, and after some time he had found it with some help from a Maia.
He was pleasantly surprised as he found out that it was close to the rooms he had been given.
“I´m not sleepy,” Melkor mumbled as he sleepily opened his eyes as Elrond laid him down on his bed.
“It´s dark outside you should sleep, I will also go to sleep now,” Elrond informed as he pulled the curtains down so the room became darker.
Melkor only nodded slightly, “do you want me to find you some nightclothes?” Elrond asked as he sat down beside Melkor tugging the blanket around him.
“Do you want me to sing then?”
“You can’t sing…”
“No, you right, I´m not an Ainur it wouldn´t be pretty to your standards.” Elrond said and stroked Melkors hair back from his face.
Elrond sat awkwardly at the table with Manwe, Varda and Melkor all of them eating.
“I didn’t know that Ainur needed to eat,” he said as he tried to start a conversation.
“Well if we spend long time in a body we need both food and sleep, otherwise we only eat for the taste and sleep because of the peace,” Manwe answered and Elrond saw how mush he looked like Melkor.
They had the same eyes Manwes only a bit darker, the same greyish skin color and the same long curly hair with a hint of blue, Manwes only white and Melkors black, not to mention the creepy soft voice both of the brothers had.
“Well what do you want to do today?” Varda asked looking at Melkor and Elrond that now also looked at each other, “I don´t wanna spend my day with an elf!” Melkor said looking at Varda as if she had just stabbed him.
“He has a name!” Varda said with sharp voice, “and his going to take care of you!”
“Because father wanted to give you another chance!”
“He could take care of me himself if he wanted! His an old asshole!”
“Aren’t there a game you want to play or something?” Elrond asked Melkor who looked out over one of the many gardens the palace had, this one was more private thought.
“No,” Melkor said just looking down at the table they were sitting at.
After a big fight between Varda, Manwe and Melkor they had promised him some cake as long that he spend the day with Elrond.
“What about reading?” Elrond asked, “I could read for you?”
“Books are for nerds.”
“Hide and seek?”
“I don´t wanna move.”
At that the small Vala looked up with a big smile on his face, “Yes!” He said excited and jumped off his chair and began tugging on Elronds sleeve, “come on elf! Hurry!”
Elrond chuckled at the unexcepted reaction from the little Vala and was about to get the paper but first, “we can get the paper and paint when you ask nicely.”
Melkor looked up at him as if he had grown a second head, then, “Master elf, lets go get the paper… please?” He asked as he made puppy eyes.
Elrond was surprised that he actually asked and smiled down at the little Vala now looking up at him with puppy eyes, “let´s go get the paper.”
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themerriweathermage · 4 hours ago
Bards & Beans Coffee Co. Pt. 13
Tumblr media
Elvish Translations:
Ada - Dad
Mellon-nin - My friend
Meleth-nin - My love
Le melin - I love you
You leaned back into his arms, watching the festival from a distance. There was something quiet, something intimate about being alone in the gazebo, being close to one another.
“Would you really go with me back to Imladris?” Elrond asked. “I mean, Dale is your home.”
“Dale is home, yes. Would you stay in Imladris... even if your people weren’t there?”
“It’s not likely I would stay at all. I just wish to know what happened.” Elrond murmured.
“I might be able to secure us passage on one of the ships that is headed back soon.” You said. “One of the commanders is someone who used to be an officer on my parent’s merchant ship. Have you ever traveled north on this side? The world only gets more wondrous than the hub that Dale is.” You shivered. “The things I’ve seen... They cannot be described. They can only be looked upon in wonder.”
“What happened?” Elrond asked.
“I was a gunner on the merchant ship as a child. I had a partner of course, until I became strong enough to run the cannons by myself. My parents were struck down by cannon fire and for years I blamed myself for it.” You replied. “That was my job-- to deter enemy fire-- and where had it gotten them but killed in the process. The Nomad got away with most of her crew and we continued our trade routes until our contract was up. We sailed from the North down South, stopping at every port but no port had anything to offer an orphaned child and we were losing crew like dropping flies. I was by myself when The Nomad sailed into Dale. She sank in the harbor before I ever made it in, run aground the shoals because of the angle I came in at. Bard pulled me out of the water, offered food and drink, and warm berth... and I came to love it here.” You murmured. “I still have everything that belonged to me, though I have not done anything other than keep it clean. Something tells me I’m going to need it where I’m going.”
“I hope that we do not come into battle.” Elrond murmured, wrapping his arms over your shoulders and pressing a kiss to your cheek. “But I do know that sometimes it is unavoidable.” You closed your eyes, content in his embrace. He was warm.
“Ada?” Arwen questioned. “You are missed.” She stood at the steps of the gazebo, studying her father’s position and studying you. Her eyes flickered over the braids and she smiled, simply leaving with a never mind to the pair of you.
“She is right. You should enjoy the festival.”
“I am enjoying the festival. I have a bird’s eye view and a beautiful woman in my arms.” Elrond replied. You smacked his arm lightly, standing and pulling him to his feet.
“Come on.” You took his arm and the pair of you walked arm in arm, greeting other elves. More than a few looked curiously in your direction, whispering behind closed hands, and some of them got a cold glare from Elrond for it too. “I take it it’s a good thing that I don’t speak Elvish.”
“They are making comments on your mortality.” You shrugged.
“It is what it is. It’s not like I can change it. I might as well enjoy the time I have.” You replied. You found yourself alone with him again, though perhaps not by choice, as many seemed to have given you a wide berth. “I get the feeling I’m being avoided.”
“I might have said something to make them back off.” Elrond replied. “I... we are a private people and this display is anything but private. And a few of them were making disparaging marks between you and my late wife.”
“Are you alright?” You asked, your hand on his shoulder. 
“I should be asking you that.” He murmured.
“I am not the one who bears the burden of it.” You replied, cupping his cheeks gently, bringing his dark eyes to your own. “Let them throw their insults. I will not deny you my heart because of them.”
“You are too kind.” Elrond whispered softly, letting his fingers graze across your cheek.
“Ae! Keep your meddling tongues to yourself!” Lindir snapped, coming across your pair and immediately diverting his course.
“Running away, mellon-nin?” You asked. Lindir paused, turning on his heel to face you.
“Keeping my people in check for they have things to say about their leader that would be better swallowed behind tongues.” Lindir replied.
“Is it that bad?” You asked, curious. Lindir’s eyes flickered to Elrond.
“You are no elf and you are certainly not the beauty that Lady Celebrian once was.”
“Lindir.” Elrond chided.
“Apologies, my lord. I was just repeating... I would not dare... you are a lovely woman, Y/N.” Lindir stammered. You shrugged. 
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s true I’m certainly no elf, but what does that matter anyways? We’re all citizens of Dale. We all come from strange backgrounds. We are all Bard’s Kin!” You chuckled at the stunned expression on many elves’ faces as Lindir translated.
“I never met Bard.” Elrond murmured.
“It does not matter. That shop was a home to many and we opened our doors to you and your kin too.” You replied. “Bard was a good man. He wouldn’t have let anyone go hungry or cold if he had anything to say about it. We are Bard’s Kin. We follow Bard’s creed.” You murmured, and you let your lips find Elrond’s, public be damned. He made a soft little surprised noise, melting into your kiss with hands placed on your hips, rooting you in place.
“You make me hungry, meleth-nin.” Elrond growled softly. “I am not afraid to let them know that le melin, that I love you.” He whispered, kissing you back tenderly.
“I wouldn’t mind seeing your hungry side.” You commented slyly.
“This is not the right place for me to be showing that side.” He replied. You smirked slightly, placing a kiss to his cheek. 
“That’s a shame. I could think of a few things that might convince your people to stop making remarks of that nature and make a few of another nature instead.” You breathed. You felt flame build beneath your lips as his jaw dropped slightly. “But if you insist... I do have a ship to book before it makes its way out of the harbor. If you want to leave, we should probably leave tonight.” You murmured. He nodded to you as you made your way from the festival. You slid into your apartment, thankful that Mira was gone, hopefully at Kili’s place rather than Bards. You unlaced the dress and set the flower crown aside, changing it leggings and a loose shirt. You sighed for a moment, opening the case and picking up the sniper rifle. It was a piece of futuristic tech from a port far up North. You slung the holster over your shoulder, belting it down, and belted your sword, checking the blade before sheathing it again. You grabbed a pouch of coin and pulled back your hair into a ponytail, braids and all, sheathing a dagger in your boots as you stepped outside your room.
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nvd94 · 4 hours ago
I took too much caffeine today
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Inspired by @incorrect-lotr-trash 💜💜💜
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psychobootyshorts · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here are some kidnap fam doodles that nearly got me kicked out a history class (worth it tho)
1. Maedhros and Elrond sulking in the rain
2. Elrond and Elros sparring
3. Close ups of Elrond and Maedhros (respectively)
4. A younger Elros with Maglor
I think in Valinor Mags had short hair that Nerdanel cut because it was easier for him to play the Harp like that, but then when they left she wasn't there to cut his hair so he let it get longer and he wasnt playing that much unless it was in battle anyway and no one said anything about it
also the reason the twins hair looks Like That is coz I hc that they cut each others hair, at first because they didnt trust Mae and Mags (fair enough) and then it sort of became a ritual between them
and then Elros died and Elronds hair just went into disrepair until Celebrian rocked up and was like babe I get ur sad or whatever but let me fix ur hair. then she left as well and Elrond had no one to help him now I'm sad again oh no
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celebrimbot · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Home Depot dad Elrond showing you where they’re gonna build the terrace
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lord-elrond-halfelven · 14 hours ago
The sky was adorned by faint tendrils of golden light, glittering upon their pale canvas. The windows were wide open and dewy, patterns wrought by mist strewn upon their surface. The candle light flickered before him, and the map too was hued by yellow flame.
“Elrond” an accented voice roused him from his pondering. His gaze flicked upwards to see the face of his tutor peering down at him.
“This thing you have with the Lord of the Rings....”his tutor gestured exasperatedly towards the book which lay upon his lap.
“I know, I know, it’s irrational. But it’s just, one of the characters.....” he twirled the bookmark aimlessly about his forefinger, mulling over his thoughts before he spoke them. “I feel a connection.”
“Towards whom? The Wise Councillor, still? Elrond, he’s not even named!”
“Yet.” Elrond pointed out, his eyes shining with mirth at the prospect. “But even so, it’s memory is so vivid, of some of the things. Like I was there.”
“It’s a fairy tale.”
“Perhaps...” Elrond said, the candle light dancing upon the table, patterning the shadows with vague outlines and hazy shapes. “Perhaps.”
Meanwhile, in another world, where 1954 was in truth 3054, Elrond-the-wise-councillor watched a not dissimilar candle as it crumpled into ashes.
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grunid · 22 hours ago
They are seeing a centaur warrior in Middle-Earth, how do they react ? ( Elrond + Thranduil + Galadriel + Bard + Thorin + Eomer + Aragorn + Lindir )
(none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @themerriweathermage​ to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/ and because your inspiration is the centaur from Narnia, i I used the knowledge and characteristics of the centaurs from these movies :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-the first time he sees the centaur near Imladris, he is a little suspicious
-he thinks it may be a new race that Sauron has corrupted
-to be sure, he took some soldiers with him and rode to meet the centaur 
-the fact that the centaur is alone makes Elrond believe that he has escaped from where Sauron held him prisoner
-when he introduces himself and starts a conversation with the creature and the centaur explains what he really is, Elrond is more than relieved
-to be forgiven for taking him for a servant of Sauron, the Lord of Rivendell invites him to stay in Imladris as long as he likes
-he is pleasantly surprised to learn that centaurs have clairvoyant powers like him which leads to a lot of discussion on this subject, how they use it, the weight it sometimes gives
-he does his best to make the centaur feel good and comfortable
-when he learns that he has two stomachs, a human and a horse one , he does his best to offer him the right food
-when he sees the way the centaur fights he is impressed and often asks him for advice when he has to prepare his cavalry
-the centaur will do him the honor of riding him bareback
Tumblr media
-if you are not from his kingdom you are an intruder and therefore a possible enemy, no discussion for the moment
-the centaur will be brought to his throne and asked to introduce himself and explain his presence in Mirkwood
-he is very intrigued by the appearance of the creature in front of him and wants to know more
-"you are not a prisoner here, you are free to leave but I invite you to stay for a while. You will be treated with all honors. What do you say?”
-they share their medical and strategic knowledge
-since the trees of Mirkwood prevent the sky from being seen easily and since the centaur cannot climb the branches, Thranduil agrees to leave his kingdom so that the centaur can teach him astronomy
-does he like to race between the centaur and him on his wapiti ? YES
Tumblr media
-knew about the existence of centaurs in Middle-earth but had never seen any, or very very briefly
-has a lot of respect for them 
-so the day she meets one of them, she tries to make sure she doesn't ruin it with a word, a careless or disrespectful gesture
-she still doesn't know if they speaks her language but she tries anyway
-she is trying to establish a friendship between her and the centaur, to the  point he is intrigued and comes to see her more and more often
-they become good friends and very quickly a promise is made between the two: if the people of one of them need help, the other will come with the help
-she will never dare to ask him if she can ride on his back and will refuse when he offers her himself
Tumblr media
-he was quietly taking care of his boat when he heard strange noises in the forest and believing in orcs, he took his bow and went in the direction of the noises, silent and on the lookout
-he did not expect to meet such a creature, half man, half horse
-he has no idea what he is dealing with, he has never heard, seen or read anything about it
-Can this thing talk? It looks a little human. Is it dangerous ? where does it come from ? what is it doing there ? 
-he refuses to leave, too surprised and curious
-so he decides to put down his bow and arrows, raises his hands as a sign of peace, comes out of his hiding place and advances towards the creature slowly
-"Hello, strange creature. My name is Bard and I mean you no harm. Do you understand what I am saying?"
-Do you see how Aragorn talks to the horses? This is what Bard is trying to do here
-he feels a little bit stupid when the centaur answers him like a normal human
-the centaur answers all his questions
-he is reassured to know that the weapons carried by the centaur are for the Orcs and not for his village
-he takes advantage of a meeting with Gandalf to tell him about this meeting and to make sure that it was not a hallucination
-he only talks about this meeting with his daughters and his son
-sometimes he finds dead bodies of Orcs killed by arrows that he recognizes as belonging to the centaur he saw
-he returns from time to time to the depths of the forest in the hope of seeing the centaur again
Tumblr media
-he was convinced that centaurs only existed in children's stories
-after the moment of surprise and shock, he will politely introduce himself
-he won't be able to help asking if everything that is said in the books is true about them
-but he is extremely careful not to overstep the mark, he does not want to provoke a diplomatic incident from the start
-after all, if the centaurs are as good warriors as the stories say, he prefers to have them on his side and maybe make an alliance with them
-he is admiring when he sees the centaur fighting against Orcs : efficient, fast, dangerous, incredibly powerful
Tumblr media
-the first thing he feels when he sees such a creature for the first time is not surprise, or fear, no no no 
-he is fangirling to a point you can’t imagine
-his new goal in life is to become the best friend of this creature
-documents himself on the centaurs with all the scrolls, legends, rumors that he finds
-doesn’t stop talking to his sister about it
-he is so admiring and joyful when he tries to talk to the centaur after seeing him decimate a bunch of orcs that some of his men think he has fallen in love with him
-insists to Theoden that Rohan should try to establish an alliance with the centaurs
-does his best to convince the centaur that an alliance between them and the humans would be a good idea
Tumblr media
-he can't believe his eyes
-he approaches the centaur with precaution, for fear of frightening him
-he makes it clear that he is not an enemy
-he is impressed when he sees the centaur defeating a bunch of orcs on his own
-he is a bit like Eomer and finds it absolutely amazing to see and talk to such a creature
-When he became king of Gondor he did his best to establish an alliance between the city of Gondor and the centaurs
-he will be allowed to ride on his back
Tumblr media
-he saw the centaur from afar but did not dare to approach it
-is more than curious and  fascinated to see such a strange creature
-and when he does he is stressed
-he invites the centaur in the library of Imladris
-both devour the books
-in exchange for being able to read the books, the centaur takes Lindir to beautiful places that he does not know, in search of medicinal plants or having virtues being very little known
-even if the elfe is not a warrior the centaur offers to train him to shoot with a bow on horseback
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wratheld · a day ago
tag drop.
ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   ooc  ╱  ❛  welcome back to me screaming  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   edits  ╱  ❛  let’s all agree to never be creative again.  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   answered  ╱  ❛  and oh my tongue is a weapon  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   promotions  ╱  ❛  my friends !!!!!!!!!!  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   self promotions  ╱  ❛  support me mayhaps  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   prompts  ╱  ❛  roll for initiative  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   dash games  ╱  ❛  it’s all fun and games until someone starts crying  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   shitposting  ╱  ❛  i have no fucking idea what’s happening  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   headcanons  ╱  ❛  welcome to my worldbuilding ramblings  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   elrond peredhel  ╱  ❛  mighty among both elves and man  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   ennadion  ╱  ❛  i must rest; my rampage is over  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   gandalf the grey  ╱  ❛  for even the very wise cannot see all ends  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   námo mandos  ╱  ❛  for we receive the due reward of our deeds  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   turgon  ╱  ❛  bold and fiery of heart until the bitter end  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   vardamir nólimon  ╱  ❛  the horror you have seen is not who you are  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   caius of the volturi coven  ╱  ❛  patron saint of your demise  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   angelika of the romanian coven  ╱  ❛  yet here you are  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   sparrow  ╱  ❛  death is not your destiny   ❜
ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   libertus ostium  ╱  ❛  war does not determine who is right; it determines who is left.  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   ivellios evergold  ╱  ❛  only love and death change all things  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   hans madden  ╱  ❛  but in all chaos there is calculation  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   pasheeva maglus  ╱  ❛  you were born of the stars dear girl  ❜ ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   rina dathe  ╱  ❛  and all my flowers grew back as thorns ❜
#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   ooc  ╱  ❛  welcome back to me screaming  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   edits  ╱  ❛  let’s all agree to never be creative again.  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   answered  ╱  ❛  and oh my tongue is a weapon  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   promotions  ╱  ❛  my friends !!!!!!!!!!  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   self promotions  ╱  ❛  support me mayhaps  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   prompts  ╱  ❛  roll for initiative  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   dash games  ╱  ❛  it’s all fun and games until someone starts crying  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   shitposting  ╱  ❛  i have no fucking idea what’s happening  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   elrond peredhel  ╱  ❛  mighty among both elves and man  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   ennadion  ╱  ❛  i must rest; my rampage is over  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   gandalf the grey  ╱  ❛  for even the very wise cannot see all ends  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   námo mandos  ╱  ❛  for we receive the due reward of our deeds  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   turgon  ╱  ❛  bold and fiery of heart until the bitter end  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   vardamir nólimon  ╱  ❛  the horror you have seen is not who you are  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   caius of the volturi coven  ╱  ❛  patron saint of your demise  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   angelika of the romanian coven  ╱  ❛  yet here you are  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   libertus ostium  ╱  ❛  war does not determine who is right; it determines who is left.  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   ivellios evergold  ╱  ❛  only love and death change all things  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   hans madden  ╱  ❛  but in all chaos there is calculation  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   pasheeva maglus  ╱  ❛  you were born of the stars dear girl  ❜#` ・゚   rina dathe  ╱  ❛  and all my flowers grew back as thorns ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   headcanons  ╱  ❛  welcome to my worldbuilding ramblings  ❜#ღ . ◦ ` ・゚   sparrow  ╱  ❛  death is not your destiny   ❜
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niphredilien · a day ago
Ivárë Filegol
I felt that a bit of a longer post on Ivárë and the general chaos of her family was in order, so here we are! I bring you this!
Ivárë Filegol is born to Avari parents Ilonweg and Monais in the seventh age - which is around 1980 - in the south of England. She is named by them Melilot in their language. (This mean Flower of Love in Gnomish, which is the language I use for the Avari a lot of the time).
Her mother, Monais, is afflicted very unwillingly with sea-longing that has got worse and worse over the many years she has tried to fight it. She and her husband thought that maybe having a child - something they were putting off for they didn’t want to bring a child to the undying lands - would help quell the feelings but it in fact magnifies it tenfold due to the stress it has on her and her soul.
Despite her best attempts, Monais eventually caves to it when Melilot is two years old. Ilonweg then has to decide whether to stay in Middle Earth without his one constant companion through the last millennia to raise their daughter or to go with her and to bring their very young daughter.
They have both heard stories of the undying lands and what they did to the Ñoldor who went there and while they - very old Avari - are fairly sure they can fight whatever it is that changed the other elves, they do not know what it would do to their young daughter.
This decision is solved for them by the introduction of a third party.
This third party is Maglor and Daeron. They are, at this point, on fairly good terms due to the decision that it is too difficult to stay angry at each other and that they are each other’s only company from the old world. They have taken to travelling the world together, committing identity fraud and playing music.
When Monais and Ilonweg see them, they are having a rather unhappy beer before they board their boat for Valinor (with Melilot, although they are unhappy about this) in a pub in Wales and it just so happens that Daeron and Maglor are playing music at the same pub.
Now Daeron and Maglor are being very careful at keeping their elvishness secret to humans but to another elf, it is perfectly obvious.
This, Monais argues, is the perfect opportunity. If they leave Melilot in their close vicinity, they’ll find her and see she’s elvish and so won’t give her to the authorities and would raise her, far away from Valinor.
Ilonweg is a rather bit less happy with this plan but his wife is very persuasive when she gets an idea and soon he is agreeing to go along with it.
They take a sleeping Melilot and, when no-one is watching, lie her in Daeron’s guitar case. Monais leaves almost at once due to the guilt of abandoning her child but the absolute surety that this is the right thing for Melilot in the long run.
Ilonweg stays until the pair of them stop playing for a break and Daeron finds the child in the guitar case. They are naturally rather concerned at first but, true to Monais’ thoughts, they do see she is elvish and talks about taking her to the police stop at once.
They do search around the pub a bit but they do not see Ilonweg who, after hearing them decide to look after his daughter if their search proved fruitless, had followed his wife to the shore.
Ilonweg and Monais leave Middle Earth that night and do not see their daughter again for fifty years.
After a few weeks with no sign of her parents, Maglor and Daeron make the decision to be her official parents. For the modern world they live in, they forge some paperwork, making her Ivy Felicity Smith, daughter of Martin and David Smith.
For Maglor’s Ñoldorin tradition, they do the traditional Ñoldorin naming ceremony (the ceremony which announces a new child in the family, of blood or not) thing of giving her a name each and something they had each made.
Maglor calls her Ivárifinwë (Finwë Who Protects in Quenya) which shortens to Ivárë (She Who Protects) and Daeron calls her Filegol (Small, Nimble Bird Running Free in Sindarin), which was a nickname he used to have for his sister. Maglor manages to wheedle his way into a forge to make her a thin chain to collect charms on when they travel and a silver charm of a tree and Daeron embroiders a head scarf in the traditional Doriathrin way.
For Daeron’s Sindarin tradition, they do the Sindarin thing of gifting something very dear of theirs that they would give up for her and creating her a braid for her hair that’s unique to her. Daeron gives her one of his flutes - the first flute he got from his mother when he told her he wanted to be a minstrel (this becomes one of her favourite instruments when she learns to play) and Maglor gives her a hairpiece that his father made him for his Naming Ceremony, which is a rather simple bird pin that sparkles when the light hits it just right and she wears it almost all the time despite Maglor being worried she’ll lose it.
When Ivárë is young, she grows up with Maglor and Daeron on a rather rundown farm in Wales, far enough away from people to avoid them noticing her strange growth patterns but close enough that should her birth parents reappear, they would be able to find her. There is a brief stint where they send her to school but she hates it so much, she gets herself expelled after a term by burning down a climbing frame.
When she is around 20 (about eight and a half in human years), Daeron and Maglor begin travelling again, this time with child in tow. She is subsequently well versed in many languages and writing systems and musical instruments and notations, among other things.
She is a naturally curious child who has a tendency to wander off after things that catch her eye, much to her fathers’ chagrin. She gets into trouble because of this a lot and is subsequently very good at getting out of trouble. And then getting back into trouble because she doesn’t stop.
She is around fifty when their life of flitting from place to place, getting money from busking and the occasional bit of fraud, gets turned upside down by the introduction of Cantasië Timpinen.
Cantasië is a Teleri woman, the daughter of a fisherman and one of Alqualondë’s greatest sailors due to the power of her voice, enough to tame the sea. She is also married to Maglor, their marriage bond having never broken down after Maglor’s departure due to lingering feelings. It is this and her skills at boating that mean that when the Valar want her husband to return to Valinor to join his recently reborn family, they choose her to go.
Cantasië, after the flight of the Ñoldor, had also adopted a young Vanya who’s parents seemed to have disappeared during the darkening. No-one will acknowledge them as theirs and so Elemmírë is adopted by Cantasië, who is the one who found them.
(It should be noted that this family does, in fact, have a monopoly on The Greatest Minstrels of the Quendi, and this is a running joke with everyone who knows them).
So Elemmírë and Elrond - who is also fairly determined to get his father back - join Cantasië on her journey, equipped with a fairly nondescript boat; absolutely no leads other than ‘he was singing on the coast, last I heard’; and a lot of misplaced faith in the fact they will find them.
There is absolutely no planning involved and it is complete chance that they meet each other in a port in Spain. It is night and Maglor plays his harp on the dock wall and Elrond hears and is reminded of dark nights when Maglor would comfort him and his brother with a soft lullaby and knows that it is him.
They appear at the same time as Daeron and Ivárë return from shopping and there is an argument as Cantasië is furious because Maglor got remarried without their bond breaking and without telling her; Daeron’s furious because Maglor hadn’t told him that he was already married; and Maglor is trying to explain that he actually thought the bond he has with Cantasië was broken because it was so dull and how he couldn’t imagine how she would still want him etc, etc.
Elrond, Elemmírë and Ivárë are standing on the side of this awkwardly because those are their parents and it’s always weird when your parents are arguing.
They sort of sidle away awkwardly when it’s been about ten minutes and it doesn’t look like it’s ending any time soon. Ivárë suggests that they go adventuring round the streets of the port town at night for sibling bonding reasons.
They have a remarkably chilled out first bonding experience despite Ivárë’s tendency to invoke the wrath of literally anyone she comes into contact with (probably Elrond’s influence) and they arrive back at the small house Ivárë, Daeron and Maglor are staying at exhausted but kind of happy to find their parents curled up on one of the beds, having apparently made up.
They stay in that place for another three months before Maglor finally agrees to go back so long as Daeron and Ivárë come too, which they do.
In Valinor, she lives at first with Daeron and Maglor and Cantasië in their house by the sea although she quite often goes off to stay with relatives who she loves to meet. It is actually when she goes hunting with her uncle Celegorm and aunt Aredhel that she meets her mother again, completely by accident.
She is hunting too and they end up sleeping near each other and talking about themselves and their lives and they both sort of put the pieces together.
Ivárë is not actually that angry (although she is a bit because she does have a few abandonment issues) because if she hadn’t been left, she wouldn’t have got her fathers or the family she has now. And she does understand where Monais is coming from.
It is with an open mind that she remeets her father and meets her younger brother and joins that side of her family too.
She also meets, in Tirion, a young elf by the name of Tecoluin who is a history nerd and hangs out with other young history nerds and they all collectively Do Not Trust the official sources like Pengolodh because they are constantly finding factual inaccuracies in them all the time but that’s something else entirely.
Ivárë and Tecoluin initially hang out because Tecoluin wants to ask questions about her family and Ivárë loves talking particularly about her family so it’s a win-win situation. Except after the first one or two meet-ups they have, they end up talking about things unrelated to Tecoluin’s work and are just hanging out.
Ivárë invites her to one of her concerts and then Tecoluin invites her to dinner and then they’re courting and then betrothed and then married in autumn.
It is like the wedding from Up where Carl’s family are few and politely clap and then Ellie’s family is just full on crazy except instead of Carl, it’s Tecoluin, and instead of Ellie, it’s Ivárë.
They get themselves a house in the country between Tirion and Alqualondë and they stay there, Ivárë quite happy in her composing and Tecoluin in her constant search for what actually happened (which is rather difficult when you are looking at the house of Finwë because all of them have wildly diverging tales that barely ever match up in any way).
A bit of a long post but I wanted to go a bit more into detail about Ivárë and her general chaos family and I love going off about my OCs.
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tar-thelien · a day ago
Chapter 1
“What is the letter about Ada?”
Elrond looked surprised up at Elladan from the letter king Manwe had sent.
He had forgotten he wasn’t alone in the dinner room.
“Erm… I… it´s… I need to talk with your mother for a moment.”
“What is it about!?” Celebrian asked a little alarmed as Elrond gave her the letter.
Celebrian looked horrified up at him, “are you going?”
“The Valar are asking me to go…”
“But it isn´t an order.”
“No… let me think over it.”
“My lord and lady are happy you would come, it means a lot to them,” Eonwe started as he showed him a little around, “you must understand they want the best for him as he is they brother after all.”
“I understand fully, I would do the same if it was my brother.”
After some time Eonwe showed the rooms Elrond would stay in, “you would probly like to know that at the moment Melkor is in the form of a child, as it was the only way we could stop him from destroying everything.”
“So HE is a child? And you want me to take care of him?”
“Yes… he still have a little power left but not enough to course harm on anyone if that´s worrying you,”
“No it´s fine I guess, when will I meet him!”
“If you wouldn’t mind this afternoon?”
Melkor tried to look as big as he could as he stood on his toes and had crossed his arms while trying to meet Tulkas eyes with a glare.
Yet it didn’t help mush as the size different was even bigger then usual.
“Melkor get down from the table,” Varda said as she walked into the room and saw Melkor standing on a table glaring at Tulkas who glared back.
The room that for just five minutes ago had looked majestic was now was a big mess of broken glass and other furniture that has been destroyed.
“Tulkas I told you to look after him, not to destroy the room!”
Tulkas looked at her a bit hurt, “his the one who threw a vase at me!”
“And then you destroyed the room!” Melkor hissed.
“He hide under a table and laughet at me!”
“He tried to throw me against a wall!”
“Both of you are acting like children,” she mumbled and with a move from her hand the room begun to clean itself up.
Elrond looked down at the little boy who had crossed his arms and pushed his chest out to look big and scary.
He had black long curls with a hint of blue.
His eyes were an icy blue almost white color and what was supposed to be white was black.
“You ugly.”
“I-I´m sorry what?” Elrond looked down at the little boy lost for words, “I´m ugly? Has anyone ever told you it´s rude to say that kind of things?”
“Like I care, most people would be happy I was honest!” He snapped as he sat off to run around a corner.
Right before he disappeared a tall muscular man with tan skin and shoulder length blond hair grabbed the boy and began walking back to Elrond uncaring that the child kicked and hit him as hard as he could.
“You shouldn’t let him speak like that to you!” He said and let go of the boy who landed with a huff.
“It´s fine really,” Elrond said smiling at the boy, “my name is Elrond, nice to meet you.”
“Not nice to meet you and I don’t care!” The boy said still siting on the ground now looking down on the floor.
“Melkor!” The other man said in a harsh toon.
“His an elf I don’t care about a stupid elf and I never will!” Melkor mumbled.
The other man looked as if he were ready to say something to the little Vala but Elrond lifted his hand, “if you would not mind, I think I can handle this?”
“You should keep you eyes open elf his going to stab you in the back if you don’t!” He said and begun walking away.
After some time Melkor whispered, “I have never stabbed someone in the back!”
Elrond sighed and sat down on the floor before Melkor.
As he looked out a window in the hallway, Melkor looked up at him, “why would you even come here!?” He said trying to look angry, but Elrond still saw the glint of curiosity in his eyes.
“Because I don’t believe in evil,” Elrond said with a smile and was answered with a small oh.
“I also believe in second chances.”
Melkor looked him in the eyes at that and Elrond shuddered a little as he saw his eyes again, “you´re completely lost,” the small Vala mumbled.
Hope you all like the first chapter of my Elrond and Melkor AU have a good day/night and take care♡♡♡
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Tumblr media
//A cozy scene you might find in Middle Arf: pup’s first recital, featuring apprentice Rossiel of the Greenwoof, accompanied by her master, Talagan Silverhowl.
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hildorien · a day ago
Calling Tuor an Edain is always so funny to me, because he has no connection to that part of himself. He was raised by green elves for most of his life, and lived more of his life among elves than his own people.
He has no connection to the edain.
He’s more of an Green Elf who happens to be mortal.
That being said, it’s still pretty powerful Earendil wanted to be mortal. Even though by all realms of Logic he should have no connection to that history. It’s sad all he wanted was a ending and became a living prop for the rest of his life. Let this guy join his ancestors in the afterlife. Free him.
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everyone knows that elros’ father is eärendil. of course he is; a not-insignificant amount of elros’ political legitimacy in númenor comes from the descent from the three houses of the edain he can claim through eärendil. it’s eärendil’s name on the king list, eärendil who gets honoured during the festivals. ask elros who his father is, and he’ll answer ‘eärendil’
elros doesn’t talk that much his father, which is weird, because he’s an incredibly talkative guy. he’s got precisely three canned eärendil anecdotes he rolls out whenever someone asks about him, and that’s the most he’ll say in public. in private, though, among people he knows well, he’ll occasionally drop a reference or an off-the-cuff recollection into conversation, always in relation to some other topic. ‘my old man said this’ ‘you sound like my old man’ kind of thing
but if you, like, listen to what he’s saying, maybe collate some of his stories, the person he describes as his old man doesn’t sound much like eärendil. his old man was actually around for most of his childhood. his old man taught him everything he knows about horses. his old man was someone he can consciously imitate when he’s trying to be intimidating. his old man had specific and extremely arcane opinions about chord progression
when people try to follow up on this, elros without fail dodges the question. the closest he’s come to actually addressing the discrepancy is a somewhat wistful comment that sometimes you make do with what you have
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tar-thelien · 2 days ago
Elrond sat down beside Melkor who was hugging his dragon plush from Celebrian like his life depended on it.
Elrond still had trouble seeing the little child as a feared war lord with no mercy.
“Are you okay?” He didn’t make the mistake of calling him a child, Melkor hold no power in this form but still had bit of a temper.
As Melkor nodded a tear ran down his cheek.
“Do you want a hug?”
Melkor did not move for a while before sobbing throwing himself into Elrond's arms.
He may still remember all that had happened, but his mind was the mind of a child and Elrond couldn’t stop wondering if he had always been this childish or if it was something that came with the fact he had been forced into a child form.
So this is NOT the start to my AU but I think it would take place some time after the start...?
Anyway I made a small drawing to it
Tumblr media
Hope you liked the story and art UwU
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i-am-a-lonely-visitor · 2 days ago
every time i see snapewife content i do have a good lol but then i’m like bro, you literally just wrote 80k about getting married to elrond on an astral plane, do you have a leg to stand on here
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lord-elrond-halfelven · 2 days ago
Forever yours, Elrond.
Tumblr media
Down by our small river,
I await you, mine fair.
Its banks are long broken
and lonely; guests are rare.
Upon the green hillock,
I am a ghost, my dear.
I have nurtured your plants,
For many a long year.
Within our house we built,
I preserve our mem’ries,
Of all that we shared;
All I cannot bury.
You are long gone, my sweet,
Just like all of the rest.
A hundred years, I have
Slept in our bed sleepless.
I fall slowly apart,
I cry far too often.
Forgive me my weakness;
My heart you did soften.
Perhaps all this is fair;
I made you wait so long.
Yet what I would now give,
Merely to hear your song.
Stay with me, my sunlight;
You are all I have left!
Devoid of your presence,
My heart feels so bereft.
One day the tide will turn;
The winds shall blow calmer.
Will you await me then,
When I journey thither?
Or am I a mem’ry,
Of all that we once had.
Will you then have left me,
For one who is less sad?
I am, regardless, forever your
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