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vem-vem-writes · 19 hours ago
Being Fili and Kili’s aunt on their fathers side (Paternal aunt)
- You left after your brother died - Dis begged you to stay but you leave out of grief - You keep in regular contact with her wherever you settle by writing letters back and forth - You join the journey to look out for Fili and Kili (believing that Thorin will be too preoccupied to lookout for your mutual nephews) - Your nephews do not recognise you, Kili never actually having seen you in person and Fili not since he was a babe - They're curious why now of all times you have chosen to come into their life - You tell them stories about their father when the two of you were young right up until the battle he was lost in - You tell them all about your smuggling - usually you didn't cooperate in anything too illegal (there was that one job that needed a thief though, that's how you'd met Nori) - Thorin is somewhat relieved to see you (the two of you had been close - a mutual attraction though neither of you had acted on it) - Although you let the boys have their fun, you did keep them on a bit of a leash - never letting their pranks go to far - The bond between the three of you had grown and the boys had come to respect/understand the reason you had left the blue mountains - You stay behind with them in Laketown, feeling helpless that you cannot ease Kili's pain - When Tauriel shows up and heals Kili you are incredibly grateful, giving her a carven token that your brother had given you in a bid to pay thanks - Once you had all made your way back to the mountain you had worked on healing Thorin's mind (you justify it as for Dis and the boys but really it's out of your feelings for Thorin) - During the Battle of the Five Armies you do not let the Princes out of your sight (this means that you won't let them go into the tower) - The four of you take on Azog as Legolas fights Bolg and Dwalin holds off the Goblins - Thorin is heavily injured but survives, the three of you carting him down the mountain (despite your injuries) to seek treatment - Ultimately saving his life and your nephews being grateful you were there, the calm voice in the madness - Continuing to look out for them until the mountain is rebuilt and Dis can return - Choosing to settle in the mountain to make up for time lost with your family, no longer running from your grief but facing it head on
Taglist: @thewhiteladyofrohan @shethereadinghobbit @fizzyxcustard @tschrist1 @sadndnboii-reads
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anotherbleedinghart · a day ago
Okay, but why didn’t anyone tell me the dwarfs could swim?
I spent all this time thinking dwarfs couldn’t swim so to me the barrel scene was twice as scary because they could’ve all drowned. But no, these little dirt gremlins can swim.
There goes like, a good two or three fics I was going to do.
Tumblr media
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anotherbleedinghart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fili: You grew up on a farm. How do you not know how to ride?
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anotherbleedinghart · 2 days ago
I know not many people enjoy it but would anyone be interested in a small fun series where some of the hobbit characters and lord of the ring characters show up at your house?
Because I’m in the mood for some fun writing. Possible crack headcannons. Who knows! It just seems like it’d be fun to write for.
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anotherbleedinghart · 2 days ago
Okay, but like, have you considered a Cinderella AU in the hobbit where everyone survived? The possibilities!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Screw the glass slippers! Gimme sheer opal slippers made from the finest smiths in Erebor. Pure gold butterflies running up along the sides that look like they move when I step.
Watch me steal ‘em and flaunt ‘em at the after party of King Thorin’s coronation. Who’s that masked beauty in the amazing shoes? Who knows! I’m wearing the matching gold butterfly mask embedded with the finest opals for decoration.
Catch me stealing Prince Fili’s breath away as I dance with him throughout the night. He asks my name but before I can give it the guards discover the slippers were stolen. I make a quick escape leaving behind a bewildered and love sick prince.
I take the slippers off to leap off a balcony and in my haste I drop one. No time to go back for it as I sprint off into the night. They search for the other matching slipper. Because of course the thief would’ve kept it!
And of course I’m arrested when they discover the slipper hidden in the ashes of the fireplace.
That’s it.
I’m taken to jail for my cunning one night stand.
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anotherbleedinghart · 3 days ago
Hi! I heard you were willing to do matchups and I was wondering if I could get one for lotr/hobbit please? I love you writing btw, it's wonderful!
I'm a 5'4" girl with short black hair and brown eyes. I'm biromantic and asexual.
I'm an introvert, with minor social anxiety. I am calm and a day dreamer. I'm also curious and inquisitive, and I have a lot of interests, like science-fiction, space, cryptids, horror, fantasy, that kinda stuff. I'm also highly empathetic. Around close friends I'm pretty sassy, sarcastic and love making witty remarks. I like video games, hiking, road trips and baking.
I'm not good with words so my main love language is acts of service, physical affection and giving gifts.
I'm a quick learner, but can doubt myself. I'm actually stronger than I look and I'm very ambitious and determined.
Thank you so much!
Awh, thank you! I’m glad you like my writing and thank you for being my first request!-Hart
Tumblr media
I pair you with Fili for The Hobbit!
Your curiosity can rival that of his little brother. Thankfully you aren’t as big of a troublemaker as Kili is. This is what first drew him to you. Well, that and you falling off tthe ladder in the library. You literally fell into his arms.
Fili was drawn to you because of your calm and compassionate nature at first. When he began to get to know you and you became more comfortable he loved your wittty and sarcastic side just as much.
Whenever he has to go off to meeting with other kingdoms he’ll bring back books for you. While Fili’s main love language is words and affection. He understands that you struggle to find the words. So he brings you back things he think you will love. The way your eyes light up each time he hands you a new book tells him just how you truly feel.
Whenever you begin to doubt yourself or start to panic when meetings get too large he’ll take your hand in his and give it a gentle squeeze. He has the words to calm you down no matter what and your sure he has some silver tongue magic in him.
All in all you two would be a very sweet couple!
Tumblr media
For Lord of the Rings I pair you with Aragorn!
Aragorn is a rather quiet and reserved man himself. He only has a select few he allows close to him. And to be honest he isn’t sure how you got here.
Perhaps it was your inquiring nature and honesty. Asking him to teach you how to at least use a dagger so you could defend yourself. You were worried about being a burden and wanted to be able to ease some of their minds knowing you could fight. You’d shown compassion and dedication.
Maybe it was the way you would recount stories you had read around the fire. Scaring Mary and Pippin off their log. Or making Boromir laugh until he cried. Perhaps even the witty comments you and Gimli would shoot back and forth. Either way, he’s smitten.
The two of you are a bit awkward at first. Since neither of you are the best with words. He’ll instead take your hand when you begin to grow anxious. Placing a reassuring kiss to the back of your hand.
The fact that your a quick learner will always catch him off guard. How’d you figure out how to use a bow and arrow so well just by watching Legolas? Did you really learn that from Boromir after one lesson? He’s always impressed and a bit prideful at how well you adapt, even with your anxiety.
Unlike Fili he doesn’t give as many gifts. For Aragorn he prefers to spend time with you. You could be reading or even talking to someone else. He simply likes to be close to you. He also loves cuddles but won’t be overly affectionate in front of others unless he’s truly comfortable.
All in all a very calm but adorable couple!
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anotherbleedinghart · 4 days ago
Okay, but what about an AU where the company is a hard rock band called the Sons of Durin?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thorin’s the lead singer of course. Brooding, dark, and his voice is just *chef’s kiss* One look and all of the fans are screaming.
Kili and Fili are the guitarist and bassist. As well as back up vocalist when needed. Despite Thorin’s popularity the two brothers have the largest fan base of the group.
Dwalin is the drummer. Despite his scary and terrifying appearance he’s actually nice to most of the fans.
Gandalf is the producer, flitting in and out of the picture. Poor Bilbo is the manager who has to keep all of these dwarves from getting out of hand.
The rest of the party are body guards, techs, and drivers. Always there but in the background. Ensuring the safety of their friends.
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anotherbleedinghart · 5 days ago
A Dragon’s Heart-Where It All Begins
(I apologize! It’s a little rewritten after my blog got deleted. Sorry!)
Tumblr media
You hadn’t wanted to come to the renaissance festival. But you loved your friend, and it was how they wanted to spend their birthday. Any other day you would’ve loved to come. However today was not your day. You had gotten sick a few days again and you were miserable. Struggling to breath through your stuffed nose. Even in the sweltering heat of summer you felt cold.
And to make matters worse your friend had ditched you to check out a fire eater. Which left you vulnerable to this creep. An owner of a ramshackle stall dressed up as a rogue. Their hood was pulled down ridiculously low. You were pretty sure they couldn’t see anything but your feet.
They were trying to get you interested in their jewelry. Showing off pretty rings and necklaces. You considered for a moment buying a butterfly ring for your friend. Out of an inside joke. They were terrified of the little bugs. However when you brought it up the rogue brushed your inquiry aside.
“How about this one? Oh! Or this one…“ they trailed off as a glint of bronze caught their eyes. They carefully picked up what seemed to be a sculpture. It was a full bodied dragon. Coiled up on itself as if it were sleeping. It was made of shining bronze with blue crystals embedded down it’s back like spines.
“What would you say to trying on this one, hm? It’s practically purring for you!” They beamed. Try it on? How could you try it on? It wasn’t jewelry.
“No thanks, i’m g-“ it leaped out of their hand. As if coming alive from the sound of your voice. It curled around you wrist so tightly you were terrified it’d break.
“Get it off! Get it off!” You cried franticly clawing at it. It continued to squeeze. The pressure becoming borderline unbearable.
“Tut tut! That’s no way to say thank you to a gift,” they pouted. Your skin was growing cold as the dragon continue to squeeze. You were sure it was going to shatter your bones at any second.
“I can see you’ll be a spoil sport. So i’ll simply say good luck!” With that they shoved you backwards. You didn’t even get the chance before you Were engulfed in frigid water. A spray of bubbles blinding you as you tumbled head over heels. What was happening?!
Your feet connected with sand and a flicker of relief made it’s way into your chest. You floundered for a few seconds before properly righting yourself. You burst out of the water gasping for breath. Frost clung to your skin as you shivered. The water around you beginning to freeze. White puffs of must falling past your lips. How had it gotten so cold? You hadn’t been under that long. A noise drew you attention up to the bank of the shore. No. No way. There was no way a fictional character was staring you down! You had to have drowned. That was it. You were in some type of freak coma dream. Asleep in a hospital somewhere with a head injury. You took a wobbly step forward. Ice seeming to form where the water connected with your clothes. The character’s eyes widened as they realized you were moving towards them.
“Bloody hell!”
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swillowraven · 6 days ago
Please don’t kill me 🙈🙊 I turned Fili into a Disney character and I’m totally loving it 🥰
Tumblr media
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bitter-sweet-farmgirl · 6 days ago
Pick Up Lines
Welp, so a special someone has a birthday today, and I took part in a writing contest that she had to celebrate it. The funny part about this is that I wrote this story literally the day after I picked out my prompt. So I've been sitting on this story for about 2(?) months just waiting in suspense to share it, XD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @guardianofrivendell!!!
I used this quote.
And this is a pairing between Fili & Tullaina
Warnings: Well, there maybe be an innuendo in there somewhere... ;) and a swear word or two. Nothing crazy
Pick Up Lines
My eyes flickered across the yellowing parchment of the scroll I had been assigned to read. At first the words were interesting and held my attention. Then as my attention began to wander, they became dull and frankly, dare I think it? Meaningless?
The librarian--and Ori--would strangle me, no questions asked if they knew how dull I found this ancient scrap to be.
The soft rustle of paper brought my attention back to the Dwarrowdame sitting across from me; dark-haired head bowed over the pages of an absurdly large and heavy tome whose title was written in overly large, flourishing golden script: A Brief History of Durin's Line: Volume 205.
I made a mental note to add my tutor, Lorelei, to the list. If she knew that I was more interested in a certain dark-haired dame than the 'exceedingly valuable and history-filled document whose knowledge is crucial to your future role of King' scroll, then she would be madder than Uncle Thorin when Kili had accidentally, (I wasn't so sure about that part), kicked Thorin's clothes into the river as he attempted to jump into it as we camped by it during the Quest.
It probably wouldn't help that Kili had already pissed her off earlier today during his session with her when he tried--unsuccessfully-- to flirt with her. Apparently the dame couldn't tell that my baby brother was head-over-heels for her.
"Oi, Fili!" A low, feminine voice called out loudly, making me cringe and breathe a sigh of relief all at the same time.
I twisted in my wooden chair to look over at the approaching Dwarrowdame. Dark red hair bounced messily across her shoulders as she trotted towards the table Lorelei and I occupied. The bright, beaming smile on her freckled face lit up the whole room and I found myself grinning automatically as she stopped beside my chair.
"Are you still studying these dusty old scrolls? Doesn't Thorin know that the sun is shining outside and there are things," she winked meaningfully at me, "that need to be done?"
I chuckled, pushing my chair away from the table with a soft scraping sound and stood up to tower a few inches above the dame.
"Good afternoon to you too, Tullaina." I answered, hurrying to roll up the parchment I had been trying to read until thoughts about Tullaina entered by head. Lorelei took one look at how I was treating the ancient parchment and let out an indignant gasp.
"I'll handle that, Prince Fili. Just don't damage this priceless piece of knowledge!" She gasped, snatching the scroll away from me and cradling it gently.
"Sorry, Lory." I apologized sheepishly, but she only shook her head.
"Just go on, I know you are eager to go spend time with Lady Tullaina. Do not let me stand in your way, Prince Fili." She sighed, and I shot a grin at Tullaina.
"Let's go and you can tell me about what things you have in mind."
We strolled through an abandoned corridor of Erebor together, Tullaina chatting animatedly about a prank she had conjured up when she'd accidentally set fire to one of Erebor's kitchens while attempting to assist one of the cooks with the cutting of a slab of pork.
"...and all the smoke and the blood from my finger made me think of setting up a sort of scene in one of the corridors and making a huge smoky fire and spilling berry juice everywhere. It would look like one big murder scene without a body." She finished up excitedly, and I could only smile.
"I like the idea, Tulls, but don't you think that's a bit complicated? I mean, coordinating all that and finding all those berries..." I trailed off as Tullaina's nose wrinkled up as she frowned.
"I guess..." She nodded, pondering my words. "Is there something else we could do for June Fools?"
I glanced over at her, making momentary eye contact with those wondrously captivating brown irises of hers.
"Well... I was considering something that is a bit more.... Criminal."
Tullaina's eyes got big.
"What?!" She hissed, stopping dead to stare at me in disbelief. "Fili, are you nuts? If your Uncle caught us doing something illegal..."
I shrugged, a smirk winding its way across my face as I took in her confusion. "You've already committed a crime, Tulls, and you made it look easy."
She let out an indignant gasp and put her hands on her hips in a gesture that warned me that she was getting angry. "Fili, I may be many things, but I am not a thief." She ground out, but I kept smirking at her. "How dare you accuse me of such a thing! I've never stolen a thing in my life!"
My smirk only grew as she denied any thieving activities. Crossing my arms across my chest, I raised an eyebrow at her in perfect seriousness. "Oh, but you have stolen something, Tulls." I murmured, making Tullaina frown up at me.
"What are you accusing me of stealing? Fili, I swear, if this is about that bloody teddy bear you had when you were thirty--"
I shook my head, holding up a hand to halt her angry spew of words. "No, you stole my heart." I murmured, holding eye contact with her.
Her mouth dropped open in an expression of complete surprise and shock and she stared mutely up at me. "I, wha-what?" She choked out, and I quickly dropped my serious approach.
Today was not the day.
Quickly plastering on a teasing grin, I nudged her with my elbow, forcing out a laugh. "Gotcha." Then I started walking again, stamping down all the doubting, questioning thoughts threatening to break through the wall I had built.
But in a moment, Tullaina was beside me again, her laughter echoing off the stone walls. "Mahal, Fili.... You really had me going there for awhile..." She giggled, raising her hand to brush her hair over her shoulder. "That's a really bad pick-up line, though...."
I grinned sheepishly. "Yeah, I thought you'd get a laugh out of it. And unfortunately there's more where that came from."
Tullaina's warm brown eyes lit up and she looked expectantly up at me. "Okay, spill." She asked excitedly, almost bouncing as we walked.
I eyed her anxiously, unsure how to proceed with this. But then she looked over at me and all my doubts were whisked away in the blink of an eye.
I was her friend, she was mine. There was nothing more here. Just treat her like you always do.
"Alright, what about this one? Do you have a sunburn or are you always this hot?"
At first, Tullaina gaped, then she snorted; eyes closing as she giggled. "That one's not bad..." She commented, and I felt a burst of encouragement.
"My friends bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the tavern. Wanna buy some drinks with their money?"
Tullaina shrugged at that one, tilting her hand from side to side. "That one's okay..."
To my horror, the next one that popped into my mind--and subsequently out of my mouth--was one that I never would have dreamed of saying to Tullaina. "Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?"
Instantly, Tullaina's cheeks turned beet red--likely matching mine--and she turned to look at me, the corners of her mouth twitching as if she couldn't decide if it would be appropriate to smile or not. "Ummm...."
"Mahal, I didn't think before I spoke, Tulls." I apologized, rubbing the back of my neck.
Tullaina giggled nervously. "It's alright, Fili. I just never expected that to be something you would say to a lass."
"It's not something I would say unless I'm completely off my face." I admitted, and the smile returned hesitantly to her face. "But, what do you think of this one? Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?"
Tullaina stuck out her tongue. "That one is awful..." She stated with a wrinkled nose. "0/10 would recommend using."
I laughed, feeling a soothing wave of relief wash over me as the previous awkward mood faded. "I thought that one wasn't half bad!" I defended the line, but Tullaina only rolled her eyes.
"You're a Dwarrow. Of course it sounds good to you. But if you were a dame... We have a different perspective on things." She explained offhandedly. "Please, continue."
"Do you have a name or can I call you mine?"
"Where in Mahal's name did you get this one?!" Tullaina exclaimed, pretending to gag. "That one is worse than the last!"
"I'll agree with you on this one. I'd never dream of using this to get a lass' name. It's just rude."
Tullaina nodded vigorously. "If you used it on me, I'd slap you so hard you'd have a permanent imprint of my hand on your face." She stated venomously, and I took a hesitant step sideways. This made her laugh as she watched me. "Not now, if you had just met me and were being weird. Only one of those things applies to you so you're safe."
I let out an affronted gasp. "I'm not weird!"
Tullaina only shrugged, smirking at me. "I'm a girl, and to girls, boys are weird."
"Fair point. And the same is true likewise."
Removing the extra space I had put between us by taking a sideways step, Tullaina looked over at me. "Okay, one last one, then we actually need to move onto serious topics. If you let me, I will procrastinate over June Fools, and that cannot happen on our first try at doing Twelve Months of Fools. I mean, we've already gotten through five months successfully! We can't stop now!"
I nodded, giving Tullaina a sly look. "Alright, unless that would be the prank all along since people are expecting it now?"
"Fine, fine..." I relented, extending my hand towards her. "Your hand looks heavy, can I hold it for you?"
"Sure." Tullaina placed her hand in mine; palm gentle and warm against the calloused, rough surface of mine.
The unexpected motion had my brain shutting down as I frantically tried to figure out what was supposed to happen next.
Tullaina shot me a confused look, glancing down at our hands. "Fili, you're supposed to hold my hand back, not just suddenly let it become a limp noodle."
I didn't respond, trying frantically to think of something--anything!--to say. Which, of course, led to the absolute last thing I wanted to say being the exact thing I said.
"Your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine?"
Tullaina's lips parted; the bottom jutting out just the tiniest bit because it was slightly bigger than the top. Not that I knew this because I'd spent literal days just gazing at her perfect, sensual lips.
No, not at all.
"Fili, I, uh, yeah..." Tullaina whispered, and I stared at her in shock.
She stared back expectantly.
The silence continued on for another very long, very awkward moment until Tullaina spoke up. "You're not going to say anything? Are you serious or is this just a prank?" She asked, and I detected just the barest hint of vulnerability in her soft-spoken words.
I sucked in a deep breath, realizing that I hadn't really been breathing between my last sentence and Tullaina's. "I don't know," I breathed, staring at Tullaina in terror. "I didn't think I would get this far!"
The corner of Tullaina's mouth turned up in a smile. "Maybe we just experiment a bit, yeah?" She asked, taking one step closer to me. "Because I'm bloody scared out of my mind, Fili, but if I don't do this I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life."
I nodded silently, staring down at her as she took another slow step closer, rising up on her toes. Automatically, my hands settled on her waist, steadying her as I leaned down to meet her plush, distracting lips.
Tullaina and I jumped apart, looking around wildly for the terrifyingly familiar voice. I found it in the form of Kili as he peeked out from a pillar, hands clamped around his mouth and a look of absolute panic on his face.
"Oh, uh, I wasn't supposed to interrupt you... Just go back to kissing or whatever. Pretend I was never here." He faltered, looking at Tullaina and I sheepishly. "Sorry."
I took a step forward, bristling as I prepared to teach Kili a lesson he wouldn't forget. "Kili, I'm going to--"
Tullaina grabbed my sleeve, stopping me in my tracks as she finished my sentence. "Spend time with Tullaina. Come on, Fili. We have things to do and abandoned corridors to explore."
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beenovel · 6 days ago
Here is my contribution to @guardianofrivendell's birthday event. I'm not sure what this is called. A drabble? a collection of headcanons? Idk.
Tullaina comes over to eat dinner with Kíli, Fíli, and Dís for the first time. It’s... interesting.
After Tullaina and Kíli first meet (obviously). Tullaina and Fíli have met, and have now known each other long enough that he has no problem mother-hening her. And Tullaina’s known them all (separately) long enough to be comfortable with them. Idk why it took them so long to sit down together for dinner. I’m picturing shenanigans though.
Tullaina was being a little shy at first, but Kíli had no reservations about pulling her right out of her shell.
This is where we get these gems:
*Talking about a rude dwarf Fíli and Kíli encountered recently*
Kíli: How do I politely tell someone I want to hit them in the face with a brick several times?
Fíli *whispering*: brother shut up
Tullaina: One wishes to acquaint your facial structure with a rigidly edged object fundamentally used in the construction of walls repeatedly
Kíli, tearing up: That was poetry
Fíli: That was both of you needing therapy
*Dís coughing to hide her laughter at her three little dorks*
Fíli *whispering to Kíli*: Behave
Kíli *whispering far too loudly to really be considered whispering*: Ok, ok!
*Less than a minute later*
Kíli: Do you want to see a butterfly?
Tullaina: Yes
Fíli: NO-
Kíli: *throws the butter across the table*
Tullaina: Absolutely majestic
Fíli: *now has his head in his hands and just wants this to be over with because can they take nothing seriously???*
I’m also convinced that Tullaina smiled at Fíli really widely for something like passing the salt or a snarky comment he made under his breath and he couldn’t form a coherent sentence for a full minute.
Tullaina didn’t notice, but Kíli teased him about that for years.
Happy birthday @guardianofrivendell!! I love you and hope you have a wonderful day! I hope you enjoyed this!
Everything tag: @kumqu4t @anjhope1
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thespiritoflife · 6 days ago
Hi guys! ☺️ I joined in the birthday writing challenge from this wondrous writer @guardianofrivendell. (I hope that you don't mind that I made the collage about this story)
I used this quote I will behave.
I wish you all the best from the beginning! Lots of health, happiness, love, money and let everything you desire come true. 🥳💞
I hope you guys like this story (although there are probably grammatical errors, I'm really sorry) and now let's get to the story! (And please let me know if you liked it! Thank you. 😘)
Pairing: Fili x Tullaina
Warnings: grammatical errors and that's all I think?
I will behave
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tullaina stood in front of Erebor.  A cold wind blew, her dark red hair flew in all directions, but she didn't care.  She sighed.
She held Fili's hand.  Fili went to the fight with Kili again, specifically to fight against some orcs who ravaged the villages and made some inconveniences. 
Tullaina, otherwise a very strong warrior, has not gone with them this time.  And she didn't like this.
"Why can't I go with you? Come on, Fili ..." she said, pouting her upper lip.  She knew that pouted lips helped when she wanted something from Fili or Kili. Or both.
Fili looked at her lips but quickly shifted his gaze to her eyes.
"Don't do that. It won't help this time. You're sick, Tulls. You're not going with us."  He said.
Tullaina stopped pouting her lips.  She looked offended.  She knew Fili was right. She was rarely sick (was she ever sick at all?) but now, on purpose, she became sick. She had a strong cold and a sore throat.  So what?  A strong fighter would also fight with the sickness.  Gladly.
Fili took her hands.  "Tulls, don't look at me so sad. I want you to be well. And we won't be there long, I swear"
Tullaina sighed and leaned her head against his chest.  "You're right, Fili. I know. I'll just be worried about you. Who will take care of you when you will do bullshits with Kili again?"
Fili grinned.  "Don't worry about us. And don't forget, Thorin is coming with us. He'll take care of us when we will do your bullshits."
And now Tullaina was here.  She felt terrible, she was coughing, and Fili looked at her worriedly.
"You shouldn't have gone out to escort us. You should have stayed in bed."
"Shut up, please."  but when she noticed Fili's facial expression, she sighed.
"I'm sorry, Fili, I promise I'll go to bed then, happy?"
"Happy,"  he said and smiled.
He walked over to her and hugged her.  It was time to say goodbye. 
She had said goodbye to the others and Kili.
Kili was now standing next to Thorin, and as Tullaina noticed, he looked as majestic as Thorin.  She smirked.  That was Kili, he liked to imitate his uncle.
She looked into Fili's beautiful eyes.  Last farewell, the hardest.
"Fili," she told him as they stopped hugging, and as they gave themselves one last goodbye kiss.
"I just need hear to those three little words before you go."
Fili smiled beautifully.  "I love you."
Tullaina smiled as well.  Her heart warmed with pleasant warmth and love. His sweet words made her happy. But she didn't just want to hear this.
"That's sweet, but that's not what I meant."
Fili was silent for a moment, then sighed in defeat.  "Fine, I will behave."
Tullaina grinned triumphantly.  "I love you too, Fili. Now go."
"I feel like you have a hot forehead,"" he said, not going away yet, holding his hand to her forehead.
"You probably have a fever. Don't forget to go to warm bed then, Tulls."
How caring he was!
Tullaina nodded silently. "Yes, I will go, don't worry. But now really go, because your companions will scold me for delaying you." she noticed Kili grinning at them. She rolled her eyes at him.
Fili looked at her one last time and then walked to the rest of the company.
Kili was sending Tullaina various funny face grimaces. She laughed at him. He probably wanted to make her happy, he wished her not to be sad that they are leaving. Tullaina stuck her tongue out at Kili. Fili giggled at that and grinned at Tullaina.
Tullaina finally watched them leave, then sighed and went inside Erebor, making way to her soft bed.
They are idiots.  She thought.  But my idiots.
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