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#loki laufeyson x reader
allrhodesleadtoeden · 7 minutes ago
Chapters: 5/? Fandom: Loki - Fandom, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies), Marvel Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Loki (Marvel)/Reader, Loki (Marvel) & Reader Characters: Loki (Marvel), Mobius M. Mobius, Original Female Character(s), Hunter B-15 (Marvel), Ravonna Lexus Renslayer Additional Tags: Loki x Reader - Freeform, TVA, Loki series, Expectations, Loki / Reader - Freeform, Loki - Freeform, Self-Insert, Time Variance Authority (Marvel), loki laufeyson - Freeform, Avenger Loki (Marvel), i wrote this for me but you can read it if you want, Loki variant, Ravonna Renslayer, B-15, C-20, loki x you - Freeform Summary:
You thought Loki was dead (for real this time), but suddenly he's right in front of you and a strange man asks you to fix time with them.
*based on my excitement for the now-released Loki show and will be continued as episodes air - aka SPOILERS for the Loki series!!!*
Tumblr media
This will be the last chapter before the new episode, but don’t worry, it’s really long. I hope you enjoy it and as always, ALL FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!!!
Tag list: @powerpuffluuvv​
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shaynawrites23 · 31 minutes ago
62. Fingertips stained with blue ink
note: i changed it from blue ink to black ink
The twigs of the bush you were crawling through left light scratches on your arms and legs, but you paid them no mind. Why were you crawling through a bush? Simple enough; you wanted to see the prince.
Not Prince Thor, though. He was easy enough to find. You wanted to see Prince Loki. Your lover.
When he was younger, Loki found a spot in the gardens that was so forgotten, the shrubbery has been allowed to grow unimpeded, hiding the area from sight. One day, when you had wanted to be alone, you had crawled between the two bushes and stumbled across it, only to run into the youngest prince of Asgard. You learned he went there regularly, so often in fact that when you wanted him, you could almost always be certain of finding him there.
With a soft grunt, you dragged yourself out of the bush and got to your feet, dusting yourself off. Your dress had gotten rather dirty, but ah well, it couldn’t be helped. It wasn’t like you cared all that much anyway.
You turned a corner and a soft smile immediately spread across your face as you caught sight of him. He sat on a bench, poring over a letter so intently that you were sure he wasn’t aware of your presence.
You had hoped to surprise him, but the wind blowing through the rustling leaves caught his attention and he looked up, finally noticing you. In a flash of panic as you approached, he hid the letter behind his back in one swift movement.
“(y/n)! How long have you been standing there?”
“Not long.” You took a seat next to him, barely managing to glimpse a corner of the paper as he struggled to position himself in a way that hid it from your sight. “What’s that letter?”
“I- what letter?”
“The letter behind your back, love.”
For once the silver-tongued god of lies couldn’t come up with a plausible fib fast enough to make it sound believable. The shade of pink on his cheeks, which he desperately hoped wasn’t as visible as it felt, gave you a suspicion that made your heart leap.
“It’s nothing.” He attempted to brush it off, but once you got curious about something, you desperately wished to know all about it.
“Well, from how much attention you were paying it earlier, I’d say it’s something. Is there a reason you can’t show me?”
A million reasons flashed through his mind, none of which he could tell you. Not without having to face his fears... his fears of rejection. Deep down he knew you truly did love him, but still, he wasn’t ready to give you the love letters he wrote just yet.
The letter vanished in a puff of smoke and Loki took your hands in his. “I’ll show you some other time, dearest.”
You sighed. “Alright.”
He smiled softly, and as he moved a hand up to cup your cheek, you glimpsed black ink staining his fingertips. From writing a letter?
Oh, that wasn’t important right now. What was important was how his hands felt on your skin and how he was leaning in and how soft his lips were...
Yeah, finding out eventually was good enough for you.
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fortune-fool02 · 44 minutes ago
....would anyone be interested if I started writing for Loki? Please comment your thoughts on this.
Tumblr media
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blackberrybucky · 46 minutes ago
6 from random with Loki?
i can not overstate it, i will be overjoyed
A/N: 6. “Stop being grumpy, it’s lame.”
summary: loki needs a break at the beach
distraction drabbles
Tumblr media
The problem is, Loki is tired. He’s been outside all day, the sun beating down on him.
He finds his way back to your beach towel, lays down on it, and shuts his eyes, hoping for a bit of rest.
It doesn’t last long.
“Stop being grumpy, it’s lame.”
He opens his eyes, finds you standing over him, wet from the ocean.
He opens his arms. “Come, lay here with me.” He smiles. “Just for a bit.”
You settle next to him, head resting on his chest.
Your skin is warm from the sun and still wet with water, but Loki holds you close to him, grateful for the time he gets with you.
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blackberrybucky · 2 hours ago
Hi! Could you do a Loki drabble with the prompt "How is my wife more badass than me?"
anywhere you go, i'll follow you down
A/N: hi bby!! i hope you like this!!💕
summary: you catch a bug that evades loki
distraction drabbles
Tumblr media
It starts with a cricket. The tiny creature jumps onto Loki’s foot and sends him stumbling backwards.
“Blasted thing,” he grumbles.
He grabs a nearby magazine, tries to land a good hit on the bug, but instead it jumps around the kitchen.
Just as Loki is about to give up, simply live with the awful bug, there you are.
You’re still in pajamas, obviously straight out of bed. You pull a glass from the cabinet and a note card from the drawer as you walk over. Quickly, you put the glass over the bug, slide the card under it and pick it up.
Loki gapes. “How is my wife more badass than me?”
“That’s obviously why you married me.” You chuckle. Nodding towards the window, you ask, “Could you open that for me?”
Loki, still a bit awestruck by you, does as you ask.
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generalfoolish · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
No Prisoners
Prompt #488:
“You kissed me.”
“You kissed me back.”
“And I’m not here to apologize.”
Day Two of the Follower Party!
Pairing: Loki x GN!reader
Word Count: 350
Warnings: 18+ Mentions of gore, violence, death, smooching
A/N: Day two is a little Loki one shot! I kind of pictured this in the Mayhem Times Infinity universe, but it can be a stand alone! All prompts from @creativepromptsforwriting Top Ten!
As always, let me know if you want to be tagged!
You panted heavily, and took a second to prod the slash across your side. The wound was weeping blood, but not at an alarming rate. You’d live. You scanned frantically for Loki, he had just been beside you. You had lost him amongst the sea of warriors. Your adrenaline was crashing, somehow, and your middle was throbbing. You screamed his name, a strangled thing that sounded foreign to your ears.
Without warning the green mist appeared beside you.
“What is it, darling? Are you injured?” His face was twisted tight with concern and fury. You shook your head.
“I mean kind of, but I lost you. I thought I had lost you.” You scrambled, fighting off a new wave of creatures. He flipped a dagger into one of the warriors coming at you hard, and cast a new wave of himself to fight at your backs.
“You could not, even if you tried.” He told you, his voice tight with emotion. He closed the small distance between you and his lips crashed to your own. It was heated, but rushed. A frantic melding of lips, and they were gone too soon.
“You kissed me.” You told him, dumbly. Sure, you had flirted. Sure, you had wanted to kiss him. You never thought it would happen, though. He smiled, a blinding thing that danced into his emerald eyes.
“You kissed me back.” He was studying you with wonder, as if you would disappear if he let his eyes wander for even a moment.
“And I’m not here to apologize, Mayhem.” You told him, going on your tiptoes and pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. You rolled back onto your heels, using your momentum to throw you into your next attack as you opened a portal beneath a few creatures, sending them into the collapsing black hole.
You threw Loki a smile over your shoulder as he absorbed his casts, and threw a few daggers in quick succession. You had a new reason to survive this, you realized.
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tokoyamisstuff · 3 hours ago
Meant To Be - Loki x Fem! Reader
Summary: Much to your displeasure, your parents have promised you away to the God of Mischief of all people.
Tags: Arranged Marriage AU, Light Elf! Reader
Warnings: Aside from Loki hating himself, nothing.
Words: 2878
Tumblr media
I Masterlist I
A/N: Some good old-fashioned, ‘redeemed after The Avengers and the other movies didn’t happen’ Loki. Like, really cheesy, self-indulgent 2012 stuff. I just want to ignore all misery that happens in the series okay?
“Ew! Stop it!”
You were eight at the time when you and Loki first met, by means of negotiation between both your parents.
If only you knew that this encounter should be the first impression of what should be your husband in the near future...
Frigga and Odin could only plead for their son to be on his best behavior - but well, it’s the God of Mischief we’re talking about. Must be hard to inherit such a title from your very birth.
Just when you put the little bonquet of flowers he had picked up for you towards your face to admire it, several little spiders emerged from the blossoms.
“You’re no fun.” The raven-haired boy stood a safe distance away from you, arms crossed as his gleeful laughter turned into a broad sulk. "And your ears are weird.”
“I hate you!” you screeched in your childish rage, throwing the flowers to the ground and trampling onto them. “Where’s your brother? Thor is way nicer than you!”
“Well, why don’t you marry him then?!” he mocked to cover up his hurt pride, picking up a handful of dirt and throwing it in your direction. 
“I don’t need any friends anyway...” the little boy whispered to himself, running away from the scene with tears filling the corner of his eyes. 
“I don’t need anyone. I’m way better than all of them!”
Not even Frigga was fast enough to catch up with him, while Odin uttered some fake apologies to your parents, promising them that everything will go as planned.
You on the other hand were running towards your mother, tightly grabbing onto her dress. “He’s mean! I wanna go home!”
As Queen of the Light Elves, your mother was a being full of grace and composure - and you were hoping to one day become such a formidable person as well.
She bowed down to your height, petting your hair as you rubbed the mixture of tears and dirt from your cheeks. Just her bright smile alone would sometimes be enough to make you forget about your worries - but not today.
“My sweet child” she cooed, cradling you in her arms. “One day you’ll understand.”
However, this would be the last time you paid Asgard a visit - at least until now. Because no matter how deeply you wished to never meet him again, the words your mother spoke on that day haunted you all those years:
“For this is your duty as a princess.”
[Present Day - Asgard]
It felt so unreal when you stuck your head outside of the wooden carriage, the wind playing with your hair as your glare wandered over the rainbow bridge you were crossing.
Silence strained the air, your parents unable to do even so much as look into your eyes. Hel, how you wished this was only a dream.
Behind you was a whole company of Light Elves, transporting all of your belongings to what should be your homecountry from now on.
Now there was no way back, that much was sure.
You were supposed to meet your soon-to-be husband on that very same day, one day before your wedding to be precize.
One could only guess why you weren’t allowed to visit Asgard again for all those years, even though you were practically born just for this reason - for this person.
To become Loki’s bride was your involuntary purpose, and you couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be truly free.
Maybe your parents thought the God of Mischief to have a bad influence on their growing daughter, pulling you into his harmless yet dishonorable schemes. Or they simply feared you to refuse marrying said man if you got to know him better, finding out just what kind of person you were promised to.
Not that your parents were pleased either...everyone in the Nine Realms knew the stories.
To Odin, there was no point in hiding the disgrace his adoptive son had brought over Asgard. Not only was he responsible for an attack on Midgard, sacrificing thousands of lives for his own sake, drunken by greed for power.
But all of you were shocked to hear that Loki Odinson - or rather Laufeyson - was never Asgardian to begin with.
A Frost Giant.
Among your kind, they were known to be one of the most terrible abominations in the nine realms, and murderer of countless of your kind - and this should be the father to your future children?
Only thinking about this cruel twist of fate made you want to vomit...
So why did you agree to proceed with the preparations as if nothing had happened? How in Alfheim’s name could you reject their offer to wed you to Thor instead of that lunatic?
Was it that through your upbringing and royal duties, you had lost your own free will? Or simply fear of stepping aside the path that everyone had prepared for you?
It was probably the fact that you didn’t want to get into true love’s and Thor stayed in brief contact through Heimdall, and you just knew how much that human girl meant to him.
You were kinda jealous, though...the concept of being in love was foreign to you, having a vague idea of it from novels only. But real life just wasn’t meant to be that was, was it?
You couldn’t escape your fate, that was what it was - for this treaty would unite both kingdoms, bringing peace and wealth for all of their inhabitants.
No way you could be so selfish as to decline...even if it meant you had to suffer for the rest of your life.
“My Ladyship, we have arrived!” a guard spoke as he knocked on the carriage door, with your parents hinting that you needed to step out first.
The very same guard now yelled from the pit of his lungs, making you feel the whole Kingdom of Asgard could hear. “Now arriving: Lady Y/N Y/L/N, eldest Princess of Alfheim and heir to the throne.”
You heared the people whispering as you took your first, insecure steps, blinded by the bright daylight.
“She’s so pale, like ice” or “Why are her ears like that?” were rather nice comments compared to others plainly calling you ugly, scary or a ‘disgrace’.
Of course your Kingdoms had been in a war for several decades, but this was long in the past - before your very birth, even. So what’s the reason you should bear with such hostility in the place everyone expected you to call ‘home’ from now on?
One thing was clear from the very beginning: You would never belong here.
“May I?” a dark, husky voice interrupted your self-pitying. You blinked heavily, still trying to adjust to all those golden surroundings, until your blurry vision finally cleared up.
“C’mon.” The voice belonged to the man in front of you, looking gravely nervous with sweat dripping from his forehead. He was reaching out a hand for you to take, and you gladly accepted since you didn’t want to embarass yourself further by falling out of the carriage.
And still, you managed to somehow miss a step and fall right into his arms. “Oh my, so clumsy” the man snickered as he catched you, clearing his throat as you grabbed onto his chest to regain balance. "Not very graceful for someone of your status.”
“And you are-” The words got stuck in your throat when you stared back into those eyes, their emerald green awaking memories you’d rather forgotten entirely. “L-Loki!”
“Exactly, my dear. The one and only.” Smooth and calm, he  pecked a kiss on the back of your hand, andyou couldn’t help but admire just how well he had aged: His wild locks were combed back, sharp features complimenting his face as he tried his best to give you his most innocent smile.
Yet you kept your guard up, always expecting him to somehow embarass you just for the fun of it. “When it comes to him, always expect the unexpected” Thor once warned you, and you won’t forget about it that easily.
“It’s a pleasure finally meeting you” was your firm declaration, only to be rewarded with a scoff. “You are speaking to the God of Lies, Lady Y/N - there is no use in trying to deceive me” he whispered into your ear, making you shiver in unpleasant anticipation.
“Carry her belongings to my rooms” he dismissed the servants with a simple gesture of his hand, offering his other arm for you to cling on as he escorted you through the palace.
The giant halls were almost empty, nothing like back on Alfheim where you and your brethren would enjoy each other’s company in midst of nature. A sole tear escaped your eye when you thought back to those carefree days, which are now over.
“Are you alright, m’lady?” Much to your surprise, your fiancé sounded honestly concerned about your well-being. “If you are tired, we can postpone our tour of the palace until you’ve rested.”
 “May I speak from the heart?” You gulped after finishing that sentence, scaring yourself with all the stories you’ve heared about this mad troublemaker.
Somehow you had the feeling that if you were to overstep your boundaries with that brute, it would have consequences beyond your imagination. He might seem generous and polite right this moment, but what would someone like him do if you enrage him? Countless images were circling in your head, one worse than the other.
Loki furrowed his brows, exhalinge deeply. For him, your expression was an open book to what you were thinking right now.
“Y/N, my dear Lady, if you want it or not: Starting tomorrow, we share a bond. I am deeply sorry that a veritable flower as you are had to end up with someone like me, but I promise to treat you as well as possible.”
Turning around so you’d not detect how it hurt him to speak from the heart, he added with a shaky voice “Yet there is no reason for you to hold back your hatred for me. No harm will come your way, I swear upon the little honor I have left.”
Even though his words made you feel a deep sympathy with the god, you weren’t quite sure if you could decipher truth or deceit in them. Maybe he just wanted to lure you into saying what you truly thought of him?
He’s right - you will have to spend the rest of your life with him, so don’t mess this up from the very start!
“I-I don’t hate you!” was the first thing you blurted out, grabbing onto his cloak. Loki turned around, rising his eyebrow as he scanned your face for any hint of a lie.
Althrough it was the truth, at least to a certain extend. You’ve seen each other only once, when you were still little. The rest is all tales and rumours, but you personally don’t have a reason to despise him.
There was no way you could promise to accept his past or heritage, let alone forgive him - yet as long as he’d treat you with respect, you’d return the favour.
“T-There’s just a question on my mind this whole time...aren’t you mad? I-I mean someone like- you...” you gestured around awkardly, almost making him crack a smile. “I mean...I thought you wouldn’t let your parents dictate your life.”
Another deep sigh escaping his mouth, this times with his eyes closed. “This isn’t about Asgard or my adoptive parents. I choose my own path.”
Suddenly, Loki wrapped one arm around you, flicking his fingers with the free one.
“Hold onto me” he ordered indifferent as he casted his spell, teleporting both of you away before you could even comprehend, let alone ask him what he was doing.
It happened in the fraction of a second, yet felt like hovering through an empty space for an eternity.
“Now open your eyes.” You hadn’t even realized that you squeezed them shut during the shift, slowly opening them while Loki lifted your chin with his index finger.
The environment was magnificent. Had you ever seen something this beautiful in your whole life?
Obviously you had no clue where you were, but this was the first time seeing so much untouched nature on Asgard. There were flowers blooming in all colours imagineable, clear rivers crossing the lands in between grassy hills, and animals nearby a small forrest.
“It’s not like I didn’t educate myself about the Light Elves and their way of living” Loki stammered, unconsciously intertwining your fingers with yours as he watched you admiring the view. “So I could make you comfortable here, I mean.”
He plummeted down on the grass, still a little wet from the morning dew, and gestured for you to do the same. It was weird, actually, but also somehow adorable - how the infamous ‘Silver Tongue’ had lost his ability with words. “I’ve done very little right in my life full of wrongs. Hurt a lot of people.”
“Mmmhh” you hummed approvingly, not knowing what else to say - yet for some reason, you didn’t let go off of his hand, squeezing it ever so slightly.
“And even though I can’t possibly redeem myself, I wish to change for the better.” he muttered, rubbing the back of his head. “I just never knew how to start.”
Loki Odinson really was full of surprises. He was nothing like the child you’ve met long ago, and the complete opposite of what you imagined the ‘God of Mischief’ to be.
You had expected a power-hungry, selfish and cruel man to wed you - and yet there he was: Insecure and broken, only a shell of the person he once was.
Just what had you missed all those years? What things happened to break someone’s will like this?
And was he truly beyond repair?
“Those past weeks, I have visited Alfheim more times than you could comprehend” he giggled nervously, avoiding your eyes. “Concealed, of course.”
Well, that sounded kind of weird, but you knew better than to talk someone down who was just opening up to you. So your sole answer was “What for?”
“There was no way a criminal like me would still be seemed fit for this ceremony - and yet I was given this chance anyway. My mother told me that it was you who insisted on carrying on the arrangement, so...I just wanted to know what person would be willingly ruin their life.”
Something different was shining through the god’s orbs, and you couldn’t quite decipher it. Was it hope? Hope, that if you had given him a chance, his life could lead into a different direction? To change himself from the burden that was his birth title?
“I-I guess I don’t want to mess this up like I always do” he whimpered barely audible, before staring at you in shock and embarassment. Until now, he hadn’t realized just how vulnerable he made himself.
Just what the hell would you think about him now? You probably had lost any respect, or thought himself to be crazy. How weak...
So he was quick to put on the confident facade again, wearing his smug grin as if that all was just part of a big joke only he’d understand. But even though you barely knew him, he couldn’t fool you.
“Sometimes it’s enough just to try.” Your head turned from the sight of nature to your fiancé and back several times, before you brought up the courage and put a hand on his shoulder, whispering “So you can’t really mess this up.”
“Gladly you don’t seem to know yet just how much misery I cause.” He kept that thought to himself, to not scare you away.
“I am aware that you could never love someone like me, Y/N. But I can provide for you, dedicate myself to making you content with being my wife. My newfound purpose.”
The purpose of a war criminal - that sure put yourself under a lot of pressure. And still, it made you somewhat proud, and grateful as well. Because it was the first time someone valued you as a person, and not the princess of Alfheim.
Unaware of how much time had passed, both of you would get used to each other’s presence in silence, enjoying the nature while you processed this eventful day.
Exhausted from the long travel and all that rollercoaster of emotion, you soon found yourself dazzling into sleep onto Loki’s shoulder. If only you could see him adore you, staring in awe that someone could actually feel so safe in his presence.
Carefully, the god picked you up, gently lifting you on his arms to make your way back to the palace, where everyone was frantically searching for both of you. Well, Loki was used to trouble -  but right now, it was worth it.
May it be right or wrong, and even though you couldn’t explain this sentiment, you had a good feeling when it came to the things that were just about to come.
“You won’t regret your decision, Y/N Y/L/N. On my side, I assure you a bright future.”
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mellowavengersstuff · 6 hours ago
Loki series
Please do not repost, copy or translate my work without express permission! :)
{will be updated every week after the new episode comes out}
Summary: You and Loki find each other in the TVA. There's a new journey to go on, together.
Loki - the start of a journey
The variant 2.0
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axlegasm · 7 hours ago
         ̄ ̄ warning ¡ nsfw
Tumblr media
"Seeing those lovely bruises and marks made me searing in pleasure, however, it's not making me satisfied, pet. I want to see your pathetic cry, hear your sinful scream until your throat becomes dry, and lastly, feel your body shudder while I pound my cock into you roughly as well as seeing those saliva drooling from corners of your mouth." 
Grinning in satisfaction as he watched you get flustered easily, trying to cover your flushed cheeks with your arm. He then brought his hand up to hold your chin, making sure that his face and yours were close enough to say. "Next time, do not misbehave. Understood?"
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Loki & platonic teen reader
Pov: [Name] is severely dyslexic and Loki helps them with reading
fluffish (sort of) hurt/comfort platonic gender neutral teen reader
A/N: Yup that is me self projecting my dyslexic ass into Marvel because I need comfort.
IMPORTANT: This takes place before the events of Thor 1 so Loki is still nice and sweet like he was at the beginning of the movie.
no proof read we die like phil colson
[Name] felt horrible. Price Loki went out of his way to find them a simple, short text with big letters yet they still failed to read correctly. They felt embarrassed and shameful, such a skilled warrior, enough so to be invited to Odin’s castle and fight alongside Thor himself, couldn’t read a single sentence without tripping over words. 
'Don't rush yourself, it's not a contest. Take your time.' The silky voice said calmly. Loki was incredibly patient with them. He didn't scold them, he didn't get mad, he only sometimes chimed in to equrage them. [Name] couldn't believe the kindness the god of mischief himself gifted them with, considering all the tales Thor shared about the many pranks he’d pull. Yet he reminded them more of Queen Frigga, who was always very considerate and kind. 
Loki’s eyebrows furrowed upwords as he pursed his lips in a thinking manner. 
‘What seems to be the problem?’ He asked, [name] sighed deeply. ‘I can’t keep my attention on one line alone, it all melts together.’ They said reluctantly, afraid to look the god in the eyes. 'We could cover everything other than what you are reading with a parchment, that way you won't get distracted.' He suggested reaching over the table with a piece of parchment ready in his hands. 'Where did you stop?' He asked. They scanned the page trying to find the line they read last. They couldn’t, their head hung low sulking over the book in embarrassment, too scared to look at the man next to them. With a shameful expression [name] shook their head no trying to say they don't know. They felt pitiful and useless.
'That's alright, let's find it then.' Loki stood up from his chair to walk around the table to seat himself next to the student.
'What's the last you remember?' He spoke peeking over their shoulder studying the mass of words. With terror [name] realised they didn’t know. 
'I… I don't know…' [Name] admitted, defeated. 'I don't understand anything. It's like it escapes my head.' They almost choked on their words, pressing their palms against their eyes to hide the glossines they gained. They wanted to hide, umberessed for admitting their weakness in front of the prince of Asgard.
'Hey, that is fine. There is nothing to be ashamed of.' The god's voice was even gentler, he sounded sorry, [Name] wondered if he was doing it out of pity. Suddenly a soft hand touched their shoulder, they twitched at the unexpected contact but had to admit it was comforting. 
'All the great people had trouble with simple tasks at some point.' He assured. It didn't make the younger feel any better though.
'Actually…' He said with a snort. [Name]'s head peeked from between their fingers to look at the god's face. '...He wouldn't be happy I'm telling you this but… Thor used to struggle with reading quite a bit as well.' He said with a sly smile on his face. [Name]’s hands slid from their eyes. 'Really?' They asked in disbelief, they suddenly recalled they’ve never seen their camrad with a book. Loki chuckled lightly.
'Yes, he despised reading. He was always the muscle rather than the brain so, whenever our mother was preoccupied I was the one reading bedtime stories.' He finished and [name] giggled at the image of the strong feared warrior listening to fairy tales under blankets. They supposed it actually sort of feared his somewhat childish dominar.  
‘But see where he is now.’ Loki spoke again. ‘It’s only a matter of time till he becomes king.’ He said with a fond smile, but absent gaze. ‘Same with you, all it takes is practice until you’ll be able to read through this whole library.’ He said, gesturing to the massive supply of books around them. [Name] shook their head. ‘I think I’ll give up.’ They said with a light snort. Loki smirked at them. ‘Perhaps a break first?’ He suggests and [name] nods eagerly.
‘I believe you can do iy, and i’ll be here to help.’ 
A/N: This is my first one-shot so please let me know what I can improve and what is already cool, I would love some feedback!
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fortune-fool02 · 9 hours ago
....there is a part of me that is whispering to write for Loki.... I don't know if I am ready for this....
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allrhodesleadtoeden · 9 hours ago
will the Loki in your fic ever look at the memories with the reader? like in the TVA or with his powers? Just wondering if you had that planned.
I think someone asked me that in the comments on ao3 as well and the answer is YES! I haven't quite figured out how to go about it for sure, but it's part of the plan!!
Tumblr media
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anonymousfiction211 · 9 hours ago
Loki’s game: 6
Tumblr media
First day on the new job
‘You’re late’ Loki grumbled, while not looking up from his book. You looked at the clock ‘only 5 minutes’ you replied. Loki was sitting at your desk in your office. Giving you no other choice than to sit on the opposite desk. He didn’t say anything to you or even looked at you. ‘So… what do you need of me?’ you asked him. Loki then looked at you with eyes full of mischief. ‘You, my darling, are going to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D. files and find everything you can find about the Tesseract’ he said. It took a moment for you to register what he said. ‘No way, if they found out I will be put in jail’ you told him.
Loki gave you a wide grin. ‘Best not get caught then’ he said. When you didn’t move he sighed. ‘Tony, Bruce and Steve will back you up if Fury finds out. We believe there is something they’re not telling is’ he explained. ‘Fine’ you grumbled. It was going to take you the whole day anyway to get past the security. In the meantime, you could confirm with Tony about all of this. You got your laptop and turned it on.
‘Aren’t you hot?’ he asked, gesturing at your sweater
‘What?’ you asked
‘I asked if you weren’t getting warm? Since you’re wearing such a big sweater’
‘I’m fine’ you grumbled. You had spent too long doubting what to wear today. You had three options, wearing the shirt Loki changed for you, wearing a red shirt and piss him off or wearing a completely different shirt. To play on the safe side you had put on the dark green T-shirt but put a large sweater on as well. Hoping to cover up your outfit.
Loki just grinned widely at you. He got up and adjusted the temperature of the room. He sat back down and went on with his own research. You ignored it for now and got busy with your own work. Luckily for you the rest of the morning the both of you worked in silence. Steve came to get you for lunch, and you gladly accepted it. During lunch he was checking up on you, wondering how your first morning with Loki went on and if you needed some help. You checked with him about hacking S.H.I.E.L.D. and even he reassured you that you would not get into trouble.
You came back from lunch and your office felt like a million degrees. You went back to your laptop, but it was getting harder to focus. Sweat drops were beginning to form on your forehead. You looked at Loki who was studying some papers, really focusing. Hoping he wouldn’t notice you took off your sweater, revealing the green T-shirt. To your surprise Loki didn’t look up or even commented on it, so you went back to your work. A few hours passed and you were finally getting into the groove, you forget how much fun hacking was.
Suddenly you felt two hands grab your shoulders from behind. It snapped you out of your trance and you shrieked a little. ‘You look rather ravishing today, pet’ Loki purred right into your ear. Before you could respond your chair was pulled backwards and his hands were in your hair. He pulled it rather hard, making you hiss in pain. He pulled you up and bent you over the desk. His free hand started to roam and squeeze your butt. You whimpered as he touched and stroke you. He lifted slipped his hands under your shirt, his fingers leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever he touched you.
‘Loki, stop’ you panted. Hating how your voice came out wanton and needy. ‘Why? I bet when I slip my fingers beneath your folds I will find you wet and ready’ he mused. You felt his hands started to undo the button from you pants. You started to squirm, making him laugh darkly at you. He let go of your hair and pulled down your pants and underwear. You felt exposed, but somehow couldn’t get yourself to move. ‘Already so compliant’ Loki praised you. Two fingers slipped between your folds and the moan that lift your lips made you embarrassed. Loki let out a low growl. You heard his zipper pull down and he retracted his fingers. You didn’t have time to whimper from the empty feeling, because his hardened cocked slipped inside of you.
You were so wet by now, he met no resistance. His started a relentless pace. With every trust the air was knocked out of your longs. You felt your orgasm build up rapidly and cursed him for it in your mind. Loki grabbed your hips almost painfully to increase his pace. He was rutting into you like a beast. ‘When I saw you take your sweater off I almost lost it’ he grunted. Loki’s thrusts were becoming sloppier, and you felt your own orgasm getting closer and closer. With a loud grunt Loki came and you felt his seed spill inside of you. He stilted inside of you until his breath evened out. He retracted from you and fixed his clothes straight.
You were still leaning on the desk. Your orgasm was still close, but was slowly ebbing away. You were still wet, horny, and now seed was dripping from you pussy on your thighs. You slowly got up and turned around. Loki’s face showed the most sadistic smile you had seen so far. ‘W- w..’ you started but couldn’t form a coherent thought or sentence. The only thing you wanted right now was for Loki to start fucking you like he did a minute ago. He grabbed your chin and gave you a kiss. ‘If you want to come today, you can visit me tonight. You know where to find me’ he winked at you. And suddenly he was gone.
You blinked a few times before you realized he was really gone. You were absolutely furious. How dared he to use you like that, and then expected you to come begging towards him. You let out a frustrated groan, pulled up your pants and made your way to your own room. You threw the clothes in the hamper and got under the shower to clean yourself up. After a long hot shower, you still were suer pissed at Loki. You got even more pissed at dinner when Loki completely ignored you, he didn’t even look at you. It only added to your anger.
After dinner you got back to your room. You tried to relax but and up pacing around. You actual were considering taking him up on his offer. You needed a release and Loki knew how to get you there, fast. But if you did, you would be accepting the way he treated you today, and you weren’t about to do that. No, he needed a taste of his own medicine. You didn’t know what you would exactly do, but you needed to yell at him. So, you stormed out of your room and into his. If he was startled by you bursting into his room, he didn’t show it. ‘Ah, took you long enough’ he commented. He looked amused by your angry body language.
‘Listen, this stops HERE! We are DONE! Do you hear me? No more games, no more fucking it ENDS NOW!!’ you screamed at him. He quickly got up and in a few paces stood very close to you. You saw anger in his eyes, but there was also a twinkle you couldn’t quite place. ‘Why is that?’ he asked like he truly couldn’t think of any reason why you were so angry. You scoffed ‘You can’t be serious. I don’t have to explain myself. I was just letting you know’. You turned around to walk out, but Loki grabbed your wrists and pulled you flush against him. ‘What has gotten into you, kitten?’ he asked again.
‘You, I hate what you did to me’ you said accusingly.
‘You seemed to enjoy it at the time’ he purred.
‘Just, let me go’ you set while struggling against him. His grip only tightened around you.
‘Is it that you didn’t got to come?’ he said with an innocent look.
You felt yourself heat up and knew that you were blushing hard. Suddenly Loki grabbed you by the waist and threw you over his shoulder. You yelped in surprise and asked what he thought he was doing. He threw you on the bed and was on you immediately and pinned you down with his weight. ‘FINE, if you want to come that badly I’ll make you come until you beg me to stop!’ he growled. ‘And you know what I will do than?’ he asked you. He grinned so widely his teeth were showing. There was nothing remotely civil about him anymore, his look was full of lust. He looked like a feral beast and you were his prey. ‘N- no..’ you stuttered. He put his lips on your earlobe and his tongue licked it, making you moan slightly. ‘I’m going to ignore you’ he told you in a low seductive voice.
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       —   IN CASE WE DON’T LIVE FOREVER (Loki x Reader)
 Chapter One: the Model
                                                                                         |     PLAYLIST     |     
Tumblr media
Paris, France - 1995...
“Y/N? Y/N?!”
You snapped-to, attention quickly focusing on the hairdresser in front of you.
“You’re on in two minutes. Here, let me-”
You pushed her hand away, absent-mindedly, and she scowled at you.
“Y/N, they’re expecting you on the runway straightaway, I can’t make any more excuses-”
“I’m done,” you said, suddenly, and it felt like the most right thing in the world. “I... I quit.”
The entire dressing room gasped, including your group of closest friends.
“I’m sorry,” you stammered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry-”
You slammed past the hairdresser, running through the back door without another word.
“Y/N, wait-!”
You burst into the cold night air, wind rushing past your face.
“I’ve gotta... I’ve gotta get out...”
“Perimeter secure... branch looks stable...”
You whirled around, clinging to the black, satin robe you wore, shivering, your enormous angel wings swaying in the wind.
Behind you, a woman in armor was clutching a glowing, flickering lantern.
“Who are you?” you choked out, trying to stay calm.
You’d been a model since you were twelve years old.
You’d been a supermodel since age eighteen.
But even the runway couldn’t have prepared you for this.
You’ve been afraid before. You’d been brave before, too.
But this? This was a thing of its own, unlike anything you’d experienced before.
Soldiers? Hunters?
After you?
Your mind couldn’t quite comprehend it, even as you were pulled from the dark parking lot and into a cramped hallway, one that seemingly hadn’t been remodeled since the 1970s.
“My name’s Y/N L/N,” you stammered, trying to get free of the woman who held you. “Y/N L/N, I’m-”
The woman snorted.
“We know who you are, princess.”
“Then you know I have somewhere to be in thirty minutes.”
She tilted her head to the side, looking you and up and down.
“Oh, really? I thought you quit? Trust me, if you hadn’t... you wouldn’t be here in the first place. You’d be back in that dressing room, being fitted for whatever your next flouncy dress is.”
“Please, I-”
Something buzzed on the woman’s belt, cutting you off. She glanced at it.
“Unfortunately, I have something a lot more important than you to deal with right now,” she muttered. “Casey, watch her for me, will you?”
A man at a desk, who you hadn’t noticed before, peered at you over a seemingly never-ending stack of paperwork.
“Sure, I will,” he agreed, brightly. “No problem.”
The woman nodded, disappearing again.
“I’m sorry,” Casey said, bringing you back to reality. “You look a little freaked out.”
“I... am. Still in shock, actually.”
He nodded, understandingly, and you suddenly realized how exposed you were.
You’d barely had a robe on when you’d stormed from the dressing room, and it was dangerously close to coming off now. You reached to adjust the satin belt, but soon realized that you were shackled. 
“Casey,” you stammered. “Uh... could you do me a favor?”
“Oh, sure.”
You gestured at the robe.
“Could you re-tie this belt for me?”
He nodded, and you felt safe. As strange and uncertain as your future was, you couldn’t help but trust him. There was something blank and childish about his spirit, so unlike the men you'd known in your life.
Casey scrambled around the desk, eyeing the sash like it posed a confusing challenge.
“Like... this?” He looped an end around, experimentally.
“Yeah, like that. You’ve tied a bow before, right?”
Casey shook his head, and you felt guilty. You’ve had people try to make you feel stupid more than enough times - you didn’t need to make him feel that way, too.
“Okay, you’ve almost got it...”
Just then, the woman who had arrested you reemerged - with a man, this time.
But you weren’t looking at him.
No, you were staring blankly ahead-
Because the woman’s return had startled Casey, and the sash that had once hung around your hips fell to the floor, along with the rest of the satin robe, now puddled at your feet.
You cleared your throat, daring to make eye contact with the man in front fo you.
He was much more like the men you’d known.
You stared at him, desperately, biting your lip and trying very hard not to cry, but certain your mascara had smeared anyway.
You expected any number of responses - a catcall, perhaps, or a rude comment. Or staring, which would have been just as bad.
And you were surprised, therefore, when he looked as petrified as you were, despite the fact that he wore clothes. (Admittedly, they looked more like a costume for a Renaissance Fair than anything.)
He cleared his throat, then pointedly looked away.
“Will you help her, please?”
Grumbling, the woman who’d arrested you slid the robe back onto your shoulders, knotting the belt properly, this time.
“You,” you said, pointing at him. “You, I like you.”
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Prompt :Jealous Y/N x Loki. Congratulations on 500 ❤
*Random TVA girl eyeing up the god of Mischief*
Tva girl: So Y/N... Loki is your Boyfriend boyfriend? Or you two just messing around!?
Y/N : *narrowing eyes* Bitch if I stab you... Will you be dead Dead or just not breathing?
*Loki encountering this from a distance with a proud face*
Tumblr media
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loki + #12 (fluff) for the drabbles
you are the only exception
A/N: i hope you like this!!💞 12. “Am I your lockscreen?” “You weren’t supposed to see that.”
summary: you see loki's lockscreen
distraction drabbles
Tumblr media
“Am I your lockscreen?”
The sound of your voice is almost as jarring to Loki as the words you say. He hadn’t wanted that blasted piece of Migardian technology to begin with, but his brother had insisted, telling Loki all about the joys of electronic letters.
He turns to you, sees his phone in your hand. He chuckles, nervous. “You weren’t supposed to see that.”
“Why not?” You shrug, smile working its way onto your face. “It’s cute.”
Loki quirks a brow. “It is?”
You nod. With the press of a button, you bring the screen to life and the picture Loki had snapped of you asleep a few days ago fills the screen.
“Who knew the God of Mischief had such a soft heart?” You tease.
Loki laughs. “Only you for, darling.”
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Can I request legit anything with Loki but reader like gets to slap him IDC ITS HOT thank you x
it IS hot and people want sub!loki so that's what we're gonna do, although he's also a bit of a power bottom lmao because of course he is
bondage, slapping/pain kink, playful degradation, religious imagery, service top loki, oral f receiving and a handjob. no loki spoilers! this has nothing to do with the show! in fact in my mind it's basically thor 1 loki and takes place in asgard :)
Tumblr media
"You look ravishing," he grinned as you stalked closer to the bed, his eyes raking over you lasciviously.
"You look good in chains," you winked in return, climbing onto the silky sheets and straddling him delicately, careful to let as little of your body touch his to keep him that little extra bit desperate.
"Have you been a good boy, Loki?" you asked playfully, trailing a finger down his chest and skipping over the chains that covered it.
"You know I haven't," he answered proudly.
"Mm, and do you think you're in need of a punishment for that?"
"Most direly," he agreed with a smirk, though that smile fell away into a gasp when you slapped him right across the face. "Ah, fuck," he sighed.
"Watch that mouth, naughty boy," you grinned. "Or I'll have to hit you again."
"Maybe you fucking should," he snarled, getting a backhand this time before another with your palm. "Oh gods, yes..."
"When you swear to the gods, are you including yourself?" you asked.
"As far as I'm concerned, you're the goddess here," he breathed. "May I worship you?"
"If you're worthy," you challenged.
"I'll earn it," he promised with a sigh. "Please, I just need you..."
You grinned and laid back, spreading your legs to let him get an eyeful of your panty-covered pussy. "Perhaps you can say a prayer at my altar."
He hissed and did his best to lean down with no arms to hold him up, laying on his stomach and burying his face between your legs, eating you out right through the lace.
"Oh, fuck," you moaned, "that's good..."
You reached down to pull the panties out of the way, moaning when his tongue licked over your folds, and then carded your fingers through his long hair.
"If you make me come, maybe I'll let you out of those chains," you bargained.
"Please come for me," he moaned against your pussy, "I want to taste you when you come, even if you don't let me out of the chains. Just need to feel you on my tongue..."
He was more desperate than usual and you weren't at all mad about it; you wrapped your thighs around his head and let your feet run up and down his chained back, stopping when his hands (bound behind his back, of course) held them gently while your hips began to rock against his face. "Fuck, I'm close," you promised, "just like that, fuck!"
He groaned inside you as you came suddenly, much faster than either of you expected, and he kept going until you had to squirm away to avoid being overstimulated.
"Sit up," you commanded him as you caught your breath, and though it took a bit of gymnastics he managed to sit back up without use of his hands. "You've been very good, which is honestly quite shocking... do you want your reward?"
"I believe there was talk of unchaining me?" he recalled. "I would like greatly to get out of these bindings and fuck you properly."
"Oh, you haven't been that good," you chuckled. "I think I'll let you come though, but just with my hand."
"No, wait--" he began to protest, but another hard slap cut him off.
"No complaining, you should just be thankful," you reminded him harshly, moving your hand down to where his cock was poking up from between the chains and leaking precum already. You wrapped your hand around the head first and focused on that, spreading his arousal and twisting your hand carefully.
"Yes," he sighed, head falling back for a moment before he looked down at the movements of your hand instead, "your hand feels good..."
He started to rock his hips into your palm, and though for a moment you considered slapping him again and demanding he stay still, you realised it would be a much better punishment to make him go through with his own idea.
You stopped moving your hand entirely, making him wrinkle his brows in confusion. "Go ahead and fuck my hand, Loki," you encouraged. "Fuck it like you'd fuck my pussy, if I let you."
"Oh, fuck," he hissed, moving his hips faster and more intentionally now as he looked down at his cock sliding through the ring your fingers formed.
"Is that really how you'd fuck me? I figured you'd do a bit better than that," you frowned, and he responded with a snarl and increasing his pace and strength. "That's better, maybe if you make it look appealing enough you can actually fuck me."
"Please," he sighed. "Let me inside you, I'll make it worth your while... I need more than your hand."
"Oh, you definitely don't. You'll come just from this, we both know that," you smiled. "You're trying not to come right now, right?"
He hesitated before he nodded, and you laughed at him openly. "Oh, that's a little sad, actually..."
He choked on the smallest whimper as he moved faster. "It's just the effect you have on me," he admitted. "I can't fuck your hand the way I would fuck your cunt, truly, because when I'm inside you I lose myself completely. I could never mimic it, I'm simply delirious whenever you let me touch you because you're simply divine-- in a way much more powerful than I am, my goddess."
"Oh, fuck," you groaned as you gave in, letting go of his cock and sitting up to release the chains. "Just fuck me."
"I didn't think you'd relent that easily," he admitted with a smirk as you bent over in front of him, feeling him already pressing his cock inside you and holding your hips tight, "but fuck, I am certainly thankful that you did... you're as perfect as I remembered, if not more."
And so was he, though you didn't say it; his cock stretched you out just right every time, and this was no exception. You moaned loudly as he thrusted, still not very fast but still with a hint of desperation palpable.
"Is this how you want me to fuck you? Tell me what to do, please," he requested weakly.
"Harder," you moaned. "And deeper... I wanna feel all of you Loki."
"As you command," he assured, moaning with you as he slammed his hips against yours, filling to you the brim with each thrust. "Oh, I may not be able to take much more of this."
"You'll take as much as I need, don't stop until I come," you demanded, "oh fuck-- faster, I know you can make me come, Loki."
He seemed to finally relax and really rail you then, holding your hips steady and fucking you brutally. You cried out in pleasure, so so close to the edge already, and you heard his own strained moans as he held himself back from coming.
"You wanna come inside me, don't you?" you noticed, looking back at his face which was covered in a blush and some sweat as well. He nodded quickly, avoiding your gaze. "Look at me, Loki," you instructed, his eyes finally meeting yours. "Make me come."
He reached around and rubbed your clit furiously, and since it was already swollen and sensitive from the last time he made you come, it took everything not to close your eyes and keep contact with his as you came with a whimper. Your channel squeezed his cock tight, so much so that he hissed through his teeth when he felt it.
"You can come," you offered flippantly, and he certainly didn't need to be told twice because he came that very instant with a broken groan, burying himself in you and filling you deep.
You sighed as you fell onto the bed exhaustedly, feeling his form slide up behind yours as he wrapped his arms around you and kissed the back of your neck.
"So, you do know how to behave," you noticed with a smile.
"When I feel like it," he laughed breathlessly in return, grabbing your face and turning it to pull you into a slow yet passionate kiss.
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You Have Me
part of “in love, out of time: TVA drabbles
summary: you’re feeling homesick and turn to loki for comfort
word count: 1330+
a/n: i’m well aware this is way too long to be considered a drabble, but it fits the theme so it’s a drabble as far as i’m concerned lol. also, if you have any ideas for more loki/reader tva drabbles, send them my way!
Tumblr media
You had showed up at the TVA not much longer before Loki had. You had thought it was a joke at first, because you hadn’t meddled in time travel and had never heard of this supposed time agency. You had literally just decided to walk a different route to work and that, apparently, had been the cause of you strolling right into the arms of some TVA agents. They spoke about you altering the timeline by changing routes and how you were never supposed to be on that road before marching you through a portal and into a very intimidating courtroom. Not what you had expected on a Monday morning, that’s for sure.
You had stood trial before an ominous judge, pleading for your life – all because you chose to walk on a different street. You, like many, many others, had been sentenced to be “reset.” But right as they held the stick to your chest, Mobius had stood up, objected and offered, instead, a place on his team. That’s how you had been introduced to the Loki variant case and eventually, Loki himself.
You were thankful that Mobius had saved you. You hadn’t understood what it meant to be reset during your trial, but knowing what you did now, you were incredibly thankful you hadn’t been subjected to that pain. You did enjoy your new job. It was fun to learn about and visit different periods of time. It was exciting to track down rogue variants and feel the adrenaline when you found them. Honestly, you felt powerful, you know, despite the unimportance of superpowers within the TVA. It was fun and exciting, but wow were you tired.
You were tired of waking up to the same bland walls, working off the same desk, eating the same average food. You missed your family and your friends. You desperately wanted to bask in the fresh air again and go for a walk outside, preferably in your own timeline and maybe right where you left off. You could really go for some of your mom’s homemade lasagna, too. But none of that was available to you now, and it never would be again. The closest you could get to that was watching the TVA’s official tapes documenting your life – but even that didn’t feel real to you.
On this particular night, you were really feeling homesick. It had happened by complete accident, too. You, Loki and Mobius had been sitting together at dinner, eating the average cafeteria food, when Mobius brought up the topic of New York, wanting to know more about it. The conversation was exciting and allowed you to reminisce about your favorite places in the city, but had left you drained and desperate for home. After the conversation slowed down, you had quickly excused yourself to your TVA assigned room, where you had been since.
You sighed as you stood from your spot on your bed, sick of being sad and alone, and desperately wanting some company. It was well past dinnertime by now and you assumed everyone would be checking in for the night. Your assumption was proven true when you opened your door and found the hallway empty and almost completely silent. The silence, while sometimes welcoming, was slightly unnerving tonight.
It didn’t take you long to walk the small distance to Loki’s room and place a timid knock on his door. You had never visited his room before. In fact, you’re not sure you’ve ever done anything together outside of work hours. You considered him a good friend of yours, maybe even felt something more, so you just hoped that he wouldn’t scoff at your presence for showing up randomly and this late. Suddenly you’re nervous. God, you shouldn’t have come here – he isn’t known for being the best at emotional situations-
The door swings open.
“Well, isn’t this is a surprise,” he says, smoothly, but upon noticing the solemn look on your face, he frowns.
“I- I needed someone,” you reply softly.
He studies you for a minute, as if trying to determine the validity of your words, before gesturing for you to follow him into his space. You walk in and immediately fall onto the small couch in the center of the room, while Loki moves to sit opposite you. You sit in silence for a few moments and you can feel his gaze on you. You hope he can’t sense the flurry of thoughts in your mind.
“You look upset,” Loki says, eyes still glued to the side of your head.
You can’t help but laugh at his statement. You never were good at hiding your emotions.
“Uh, yeah. I’m just,” you sigh, not wanting to overwhelm him. “I just miss home.”
So much for not overwhelming him, because tears are suddenly running down your face and you can’t make them stop. In the past few weeks, you had been taken from your home, thrown into this new life, and told you would never go back ever again. It was all very…intense.
Loki doesn’t exactly know what to do once he notices the tears on your face. He was all for talking and he loved conversation, but he wasn’t exactly good with emotion. But he cared for you more than he would like to admit and he found himself upset that something was intruding on your joy. He preferred to see a smile on your face, not this pained expression.
He sighs and shuffles closer to you, a timid arm wrapping around your shoulders. You find immediate comfort in his touch and lay your head on his shoulder.
“That’s nothing to be ashamed about,” Loki starts softly, subconsciously rubbing his thumb over your shoulder, “I feel it too, sometimes.”
“It’s just so different here,” you sniffle. “I feel like an outsider, alone..”
Loki’s heart breaks at your words – partially because he’s been feeling that way too and partially because he hates to see you this way.
“Well, darling, you’re not alone. Like it or not, you have me,” he says.
Something about the way the sentence leaves his lips makes you look up at him and you’re shocked to find concern laced deep into his gaze. His eyes meet yours and he smiles softly. He moves his hand from your shoulder and uses it wipe the tears from your cheeks, but continues to hold your face even after the tears are gone.
“I’m not the best at this, so bear with me,” he mumbles, taking a second to form his words, “I know I can’t take you back to New York, but by the Norns, I will do my best to make sure you feel at home here. It’s the least I can do.”
You blush softly at his words and bring your hand up to cover his, “The least you can do? Why?”
He opens his mouth to continue speaking, but stops, almost as if he’s second guessing his words. He sighs and smiles, deciding to say them anyway, “I care for you more than I’ve cared for anyone before. Knowing you’re happy, will make me so, as well.”
“Well, I suppose the feeling’s mutual,” you say before moving your head to lie on his shoulder again, “You’re different than I expected, Loki Laufeyson.”
“Is that a good thing?” he retorts, the concern in his voice now replaced with his usual joking tone.
“The best thing.”
He laughs and turns to place a soft kiss on your head, his arm returning to its place around your shoulders. You fit together comfortably, like it was meant to be and suddenly you find yourself forgetting the misery and loneliness you had felt only minutes earlier. You might not be in New York and you might never get to experience real life again, but that didn’t mean life at the TVA couldn’t be just as good. Even with its bland walls, boring desks and average food, you would be okay – thanks to the man who would be at your side.
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