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#pietro maximoff x reader
lauralestrange7 · 5 hours ago
Reckless (Regulus Black x Reader) pt. 1
Hey, just wanted you to know that the reader here is a female student.  Please comment below your thoughts on my attempt. My requests are open 🌸 🌻🌼
Tumblr media
Regulus was all sweaty from quidditch practice but he didn’t have much time to change in the changing rooms, he has to run to the Slytherin dungeons to his dorm and grab his books before heading to class, he had arithmancy first. The arithmancy classroom took a good fifteen minutes of time to get there from the dungeons. Regulus hurried towards the dungeon glancing at his watch with every few steps – ten minutes more. As he was looking at his watch rather than where he was going – BAM!
 He had ran into someone, he had fell down and also dropped his broom. “Ouch” he said rubbing his head when he slowly opened his eyes, he found a pair y/e/c ones looking back at him. For a moment, he felt like the pain in his head and the stress of being late to class again had evaporated. The person he had walked into now cleared her throat, and stood up starting to pick up her books, which were now scattered on the ground all thanks to him. Regulus quickly stood up and grabbed his broom he looked at his watch – six minutes, “Uh I’m sorry really but I need to get to class” he said really fast grabbing two books lying in front of him and handing it to the girl before resuming hurrying down to the dungeons. Y/n shook her head as she finished picking the last book of the ground, and then she too hurried off to class.
Later that evening Regulus was in the library looking for some books to help him with his extra arithmancy homework, that Professor Vector had given him for being late. He also knew how big of a git that girl thought he was for first toppling her over and scattering all her books in the ground and secondly not helping her to pick them up. He sighed sitting down on a table, he started with his homework after a while someone sat down in the chair across him. He glanced up absentmindedly but then he saw the girl from the morning. Now Regulus was not the guy who was always talking to girl, hell he was not even the guy to talk a lot. But he felt like he needed to apologize, so he swallowed his nerves and said “Erm hey,” he said and a pair of familiar y/e/c eyes looked up from the book “Yes?” she asked. Y/n could not recognize Regulus from the morning as he was all sweaty and drenched in his quidditch robes, “I’m sorry for today morning “ he apologized. “Today morning?” Y/n asked confused “Oh wait-“ she said examining his face closely, she remembered those buig grey eyes “You’re the guy who ran over me and splattered my books all over the floor and didn’t even have the descency to help me pick them up.” Regulus knew he had this coming so he nodded “Right” he said “I was running really late for class, and Professor Vector gave me extra homework anyway.” He stated “Well that seems fair” the girl said with a soft chuckle Regulus couldn’t help but smile too. “So you accept my apology?” he asked hopefully “Mhm” the girl said looking back at her book, “I’m Regulus Black by the way,” he introduced himself “Y/n L/n” she responded. Regulus still wasn’t very sure of whether he had been completely forgiven so he gathered his courage and said “You see just to make it up I’d like to take you to Hogsmeade next Saturday, my treat you can get anything from Honeydukes you want.” He said looking back at his homework “Are you asking me out?’ Y/n asked a lace of amusement in her tone “Well if you think of it like that, yes.” He said smirking slightly “Mind you, when you said anything at Honeydukes you sure didn’t seem to give it a lot of thought.” Y/n said in a warning tone “Eh, so are you in?” he asked looking at her expectantly. After about half a minute Y/n curtly said “Yes alright.” Regulus had finished his listings of numerological patterns “Grand see you Saturday morning then,” he said standing up and gathering his stuff Y/n nodded from behind her book. She kept her face behind the book until Regulus was gone she certainly didn’t want him to see her smiling like that. Regulus was feeling very giddy as he made his way to his dorm, he had never asked a girl out before. Evan Rosier seemed to have noticed his roommates sudden change in mood “What’s got you all smiling Black?” he asked eyeing Regulus “Eh? Erm nothing just that I finished my homework.” He lied putting his books away “Hey Black how daft do you think I am ?” Rosier muttered annoyed before going back to his business. And he certainly did not hear Regulus say “Daft as a brush.”  
Want to find out what happens on the date? Comment, reblog and follow for second part. Have a good day!
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spider-starry · 8 hours ago
Guys what if Pietro Maximoff in Wandavision was just a variant? It'd make more sense then this Ralph Bonher bullshit.
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samwlscns · 8 hours ago
y’all please i am begging you to send me mcu drabble requests from the following lists… i’m in a mood:
🌟 casual affections
🌟 touches
see who i write for from this list
(if you request pls make sure to lmk which list you’re requesting from ty!)
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trikruismybitch · 14 hours ago
Wanda: Hi Y/n.
Y/n: (blushes lightly) Hi Wanda.
[Pietro's thoughts] Interesting.
[Tony laying in a chair legs propped up on a desk, popcorn in his lap staring at the security camera's]
Tony: [throws popcorn in his mouth] Interesting.
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i-smell-sass · 15 hours ago
You didn't see that coming?~ [Pietro Maximoff x Stark!Reader] Pt2 : Date night
Requested: Yes/No Warning(s): uhhh gay touchy touch? awkwardness, NSFW? Smut or Fluff: mostly fluff, flirting and a BIT of smut at the end (skip if u don't want) Part 1
Tumblr media
(M/N = middle name) (also this is after AOU (obviously) and kinda after/during civil war but kinda not but yk Bucky and Thor and the whole gang is there)
stark headquarters, Friday night
2nd person pov
You were sitting with Natasha in her room, humming as you looked over your outfits and what yo u bought before going to the party stark was throwing for your welcome into the avengers team, then going out after with Pietro to a restaurant.
as you could hear the music thumping off the speakers and into the room, you sighed and straightened the suit you were wearing, it was casual, but not too careless, though not to boogie either. You were wearing a watch tony gave you as a welcome gift to finally be one of the avengers, he gave everyone a little gift, to be honest. You were wearing a white blazer with a Black turtleneck underneath, some black ripped skinny jeans and some velvet boots. To be honest, you weren't really fond of expensive watches. You liked the ones that looked nice and managed to amaze you by how weird they were more. But once tony tries to forcefully gift you something there is no going back.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As you were standing in the elevator with Natasha, you let out an audible sigh, her giving you a reassuring smile and a pat on the shoulder, she was wearing a nice black lace-y top and black high-waist skinny jeans which had holes in them and some doc martens. You tugged on the collar of your suit jacket and let out a hum, being quite nervous to have a whole party dedicated to you. You could hear people chatting and mumbling, humming as the elevator stopped and FRIDAY announced that you had reached the floor you previously had pressed the button to stop on. The doors opened and everyone looked at you, the room being quiet of talking and only the sound of clattering of plates and glasses and the music in the background to be heard. You cleared your throat and tony smiled, raising his glass as he stepped off the small stage he was on, his typical suit on. (the outfits- Natasha)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tony walked over to you, smirking as he held his arms open and put his left arm around your shoulder, holding a glass with champagne in his other as he forcefully dragged you out the elevator. "guys! hey, see! its my lovely brother! Y/N! he did decide to show up! and because this party is for and about celebrating him joining the avengers, he's gonna say a couple words!" tony smirked and pushed you towards the small stage with a microphone in the middle. you nervously looked around as Thor gave you his signature dorky smile and a double thumbs up, he was wearing a black suit jacket/blazer and a black button-up shirt with an undone tie hanging around his neck (because who in Asgard knows how the fuck to do a tie) Pietro was standing there with two glasses of champagne in hand and smiling at you nervously, Wanda next to him holding onto his arm as she gave you a reassuring smile and waved a little, she was wearing a red satin dress that had a slit up the side, white glittery high heels and a black denim jacket over the dress, she also had some eyeliner and eye shadow on as swell as dark red lipstick. Pietro was matching with his sister by wearing a blue satin blazer, a black button-up shirt, a fly and some black dress pants.  Looking at the other side, you saw Steve and Bucky standing there, giving you empathetic smiles as they saw the look of panic and suffering on your face over needing to do a semi-public speech. Bucky was wearing a black button up shirt that had two buttons undone and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. He wasn't a quite formal guy and found blazers to be really tight and uncomfortable. (because let's be real he's one chonky boy and his man tits can barely fit into a button-up) His hair was quite long and wavy, going down to a bit over his shoulder blades. Steve was wearing a white blazer, red button-up shirt and black skinny jeans (oddly, skinny jeans looked hot on him and DAMN THAT IS AMERICA'S ASS).
Tony stood next to Bruce banner who was wearing a black button-up, gray blazer on top and a white, messy tie and some black dress pants. He smiled at you and gave a small, shy wave. Somewhere scattered across the whole room were Clint Barton, Natasha, Scott Lang and Sam aka falcon standing together as they talked and glanced your direction,  Clint smiling as he waved lightly, champagne in the other hand as he stood there, black button up shirt that had the sleeves rolled up as well and black skinny jeans (respect the bi disaster tryna show off his ass cuz he's single now) And Sam wearing a white blazer and white dress pants with a blue button up and a fly. Natasha gave you a wink and a thumbs up as you climbed the stage, spotting Peter Parker next to tony waving and showing a thumbs up as he had a childish smile on his face, you smiling as you waved at him lightly. He was wearing a black button up-shirt, a fly, black satin blazer and black dress pants. You also spotted the long haired mischievous disaster named Loki in the corner as he had both hands behind his back and smirked at you, shooting you a wink to which you rolled your eyes at. He was wearing a green satin blazer, a fly and black button-up shirt with black ripped skinny jeans (yes he's discovered and gained a Liking to midgard clothing)  Somewhere in the crowd was Rhodey too but you didn't pay much mind as you grabbed the microphone, clearing your throat and taking a deep breath in before speaking: "uhm, hello people,  I'm Y/N, Y/N  (M/N) stark. and... I'm very glad to be a part of the avengers, because.. they're great people, and saving the world is always a plus.." you gulped and glanced around nervously. Loki giving you a double thumbs up (like in ragnarock) at that. You sighed and nodded, raising your champagne glass that tony pushed into your hand while walking you through the crowds of people. "-....yeah, cheers." you said and drank a sip from the glass, tony and everyone else clapping as you stepped down the stairs and sighed, looking up at the only blonde asgardian god that had this dorky smile on his face as he grabbed you close and squeezed you tight "I'm glad you came, tiny avenger! tony had me scared that you wouldn't come because you would be too nervous" he said and nodded, smiling as he ruffled your hair and you puffed your cheeks out at that, letting your lips form into a pout. Peter came over with a smile and shook your hand "hey other Mr. stark sir! I've heard a lot about you and I'm very happy to finally meet you," he leaned in closer and whispered, "to be honest tony never really said that you would be this young and nice but we all know him" he smiled and then jumped as tony grabbed his shoulder and looked down at him with a scolding look, then turning to look at you "well, Y/N, i see you've already met underoos. hope he doesn't cause too much trouble." you nodded and smiled, peaking over and seeing Pietro leaning against the bar, talking to Wanda and vision as Wanda was sitting on a bar stool and vision was standing next to her, leaning on the bar with his arm.
You snuck away from tony who was now talking to Bruce and Thor, wrapping your arms around Pietro's waist and smiling as you gave him a kiss after slipping under his arm for a side-hug. "hey Pietro" you smiled, him smiling too and putting his arm around you, kissing your temple "hey pretty boy." You blushed at that and smiled, leaning your head on his shoulder as you looked at Wanda who gave you a comforting smile. "congrats for this party, even though you've already been part of the avengers, and even the whole family way longer than just a couple months now," she said and took your hand in hers, smiling as she gave it a squeeze, leaning in close and whispering "..and I'm really in your debt because you saved my brother." you smiled and shook your head "anytime Wanda. Don't feel guilty." you gave her a kiss on the back of her hand (of course in a platonic way) before she sat down again and chatted away with vision about some television show that seemed incredibly stupid to them. Natasha and Clint came over, both smiling. "hey bud, see you've found your roadrunner and havin' fun?" You rolled your eyes and pushed her shoulder playfully "oh come on, don't act like you're not up to party. But we gotta wait until Pietro and i come back from our date, because i am sure as hell not going to go to a date drunk." she rolled her eyes and took the collar of your blazer in between her fingers, pulling on it before letting it go and letting her hand rest on the side of the bar. "you sure that is gonna be what you're wearing on a date?" she mused with a smirk and a cocked brow. "duh, don't act like you wont wanna meet up with your girlfriend after this in that outfit, which i chose, by the way." you smirked and she rolled her eyes "fine, fine, just don't come whining to me about how uncomfortable your clothes are later" She gave you two a wink before walking off with her drink she ordered before talking to you two "don't have too much fun" she mused, taking the straw of the glass between her lips as she walked off, going to talk to Thor and Clint, which chatted a bit with Wanda and Vision after waving to you and Pietro.
∙ ✧ ∙ ✦ ∙ ━━━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━━━━ ∙ ✦ ∙ ✧ ∙
After spending a bit of time at the party, talking to some of the avengers and watching people start drama or get drunk with each other, you went to go to the date with Pietro, a Limo picking you two up before you were at a fancy restaurant. Pietro didn't like the thought of being very well-behaved and civil much, since he liked to be childish, joke-y and silly around you and people he was close to. As you walked in, you were met with fancy decor, classic music playing in the background as you looked around, holding Pietro's hand, walking to the small register thing on the front where a woman dressed in a blazer, white button-up, black dress pants and an apron stood, tapping away on the screen, her hair in a neat bun on the top of her head. She looked up from the tablet and smiled, "hello, how may i help you? do you have a reservation?" she asked, looking between you and Pietro. You spoke up first, "oh, uh, yeah, we have one under the name stark?" you said, more as a question as the woman turned her attention to the screen once more, tapping away at it a couple times before nodding and grabbing two menus off the stack next to the tablet on the desk. "of course, table for two? follow me please." she said, leading you two to a table for two, smiling as she gave each of you a menu once you were seated "a waiter will be coming soon to take your orders, what do you two want to drink?" she asked, pulling out a small notebook and a pen, you ordering lemon lemonade because why not, and Pietro Strawberry lemonade. The woman nodded and smiled, telling you it will be coming shortly before walking back to the front desk to serve other people. You leaned back, seeing how tense Pietro was. "soooo.." you shrugged, getting his attention "why so fancy?" he gulped, tugging at the collar of his shirt as if it was too tight on his neck "uh.. i honestly don't know, Wanda and a couple other people said it had to be really fancy and ..'high quality', i guess, for it to be good?" he asked, eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you and you laughed a bit, you took Pietro's hand in yours, noting he was nervous and sweating a bit. "Pietro, baby, it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive for me to like it. I just wanna spend time with you, No matter if it's in a place like this or a McDonald's down the street." he smiled a bit and nodded "yeah.. i guess you're right.. I'm sorry.. Y/N." you smiled and kissed the back of his hand "don't worry. But, let's enjoy this now, since we're already here." he nodded and you two started chatting, making jokes and snickering about things.  As you got your food, Pietro smirked and looked at a waiter "wait.. watch this" he laughed and got up, using his speed to quickly throw over a waiter, grabbing the rose that was in the pocket of his suit jacket and sitting back down, holding the rose towards you as he had cake on his face, since the waiter was carrying a tray of milkshakes and various baked goods. You snorted a bit, taking the rose from him "Christ, Pietro, you didn't have to do that." he smiled like a dumbass, not  being able to stop as the woman from earlier came over, asking you two to leave and you did, after paying of course. It started raining and you just looked at each other and laughed, walking to the playground/park where you picked Pietro off the ground a second time, sitting and laying down on the bird's nest swing, looking at each other and smiling as you were giggling like teenagers. "ah.. i loved this, and i can't believe you stole that guy's rose for me" he turned over to look at you, smiling lovingly as he cupped the side of your face, pulling you closer "anything for you, moja láska." (Slovakian for 'my love') You smiled and leaned in closer, pressing a kiss to Pietro's soft lips, his stubble tickling your wet face a bit as he pulled you closer by the back of your neck, you rolling onto him and pulling away as you stared at each other's eyes "mmn... let's go back soon, i don't think it would be fun to be sick for our next date" you said
and you both chuckled, you pressing a kiss to Pietro's cheek before getting up and grabbing your bag, pulling him off the swing before walking back to the tower hand-in hand, smiling as you walked in, seeing a couple of avengers and random people passed out on the floor since they were drunk, the party still going and the passed out people being tossed onto chairs in an office room at the same floor. You took the elevator up to your rooms, you pressing a kiss to Pietro's lips before dragging him into your room and chuckling as you hugged him "you wanna sleep here for tonight?" You asked him and he accepted hesitantly, waiting in your room until you were done with taking a shower, then taking one himself and you two fell asleep, legs tangled up in each other and Pietro holding you close to his chest.
(warning: Alternative NSFW ending for y'all horny fucks, skip if you don't want to read it!)
3rd person pov Y/N dragged Pietro into his room, both of them still soaked as they both kissed until they were out of breath, stripping their wet clothes off at the way to the bathroom. Y/N muttering a quick "JARVIS, lock my door for everyone, please." before pulling Pietro into the bathroom, the door to the bathroom closing as well as Y/N pulled Pietro's button-up open, gasping as he stared at the absolutely ripped man in front of him, biting his lip as he dragged his hands down Pietro's wet chest and 8-pack, tracing every ab  and squeezing his waist, Pietro smirked, pinning Y/N to the wall, kissing down his neck and sucking on it as he pulled his shirt off too, running his hands down his chest and torso, muttering praises like "you're so gorgeous Y/N, so beautiful" "my beautiful boy.." he muttered out as the two were making out, Y/N letting out a small moan as Pietro kissed down his neck again, the hot water of the shower pouring down on them, steam filling the whole bathroom as Pietro had his own cock pressed to Y/N's, stroking them both at the same time with a firm grip. One hand on the side of Y/N's head to steady them on the wall, the other stroking their cock as their lips danced against each other, almost never parting, like magnets...
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i-smell-sass · 17 hours ago
i'm tempted to go and do a Thor x Male reader AND Peter Parker (ofc he's over 18) X Male reader AND i have a BUCKY BARNES x Male reader WIP sooo be tempted lol I'm gonna try to put them up until sunday!! PS: also updating the Pietro x Male reader fic part 2 comin up today!! Part 1 here!!
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Morning Sweetheart
🌧-Both ☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know ⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word Count:1369
Warnings: IDRK
Lowkey based off of the ending of Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Taglist (Line through means unable to tag)
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Y/N gasped, looking around as she awoke. There was a soft light in the room. She recognized it as the med-room in the Tower. She realized something was on her face and moved her arm to take it off. She grabbed the top off it, feeling that it was an oxygen mask, and pulled it off. She sat up and looked around, finding that she was the only one in there. She pulled the IVs out of her arm and was surprised that nothing went off. She got out of the bed and began to walk to the door. She grabbed a syringe, just in case she needed to fight back, and walked out of the room. 
She walked down the stairs and into the library. Pulling the book she walked down the dim hall to the "meeting room”. She stopped in front of the automatic door, hearing voices inside. She faintly recognized them as Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, and Peter’s.
“She’s gonna lose it when she finds out about her father.”
“Do you think she’ll still cooperate?”
She could hear Wanda’s sigh, “With her dad still being out there? There’s no guarantee.”
“We’ll figure--” Natasha started.
“Just tell her when--” The door opened and Peter stopped speaking when his eyes laid on her.
Everyone turned their heads to look at her. She let in a shaky breath when she saw who all was in the cave. Those who she already knew: Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, and Peter. However, a few others were there too: Tony, Vision, Steve, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Rhodey, Scott, Carol, and Hope. No one who had one was even in their suits. Everyone dressed normally. Vision was even looking like a normal person and not a robot.
Bucky smirked while Peter turned away from her and Sam sighed. Everyone else just looked down at their hands. Bucky walked towards her and took the syringe out of her hand. After pushing her into a wall as she went after him. Plus he had to do it just to make it hard for her to be able to move. When he pushed her into the wall was when she noticed Loki and Yelena. She attempted to speak, but it came out as a hoarse whisper. “What are you doing with them?”
He just ignored her question and moved her arms to be over her head and held them both with one and took the syringe with the other. “You and a syringe against a bunch of 'heroes’?” He walked away slightly and let go of her wrists. And he tossed the syringe across the room so she couldn’t get it. “That is why no one allows you to make the plans.”
She stared at the god and the spy and it was as if Bucky knew she was about to pounce on them, he held her against the wall again. So she was left with just speaking in the hoarse whisper. “What the hell are you two doing here?”
Yelena was the one to speak, “Stop Bucky stop.” She looked at Y/N, “Y/N, just listen. Please.”
Tony was the next to speak, “With your father watching you, it was too risky for us to tell you our plan.”
Y/N finally pushed Bucky off of her when she felt his weight shift. He sighed and motioned for one of the empty seats at the table. “Sit.”
When she didn’t move, Clint walked over and grabbed her arm and gently pulled her over, sitting her in the empty seat next to him. Her actual seat. He took the bowl that Rhodey was handing him and placed it in front of her. “Eat. You’ll feel better.”
But she didn’t. She just stared at the bowl as Steve started to speak. “If we had told you what we were planning, it wouldn’t have worked. We knew your father was watching you thanks to Loki and Yelena pretending to be on his side, we were able to find you.”
Natasha spoke, adding something that triggered something in Y/N, “Bucky helped to create the plan. Then he told me so I could carry it on to my sister and Loki.”
Other words were said, but she didn’t acknowledge them. All that she could think of was how Bucky promised to protect her and yet her father still got her. And now she was being told that it was all apart of some plan that everyone was in on? That she was supposed to get taken so they could send everyone that was helping her father to jail again. So they could get some silence for a short time before one of them broke out again.
And she had no idea why she did it, but it was as she stared at her fingers, noticing that they still were almost as perfect as they were for the wedding that something in her snapped. She slowly looked up at Bucky. Not caring that everyone in the room could easily take her down. She quickly stood up and jumped over the table towards him. It was as if he was expecting it as he quickly pulled his arms up to protect him. She still got him. 
Somebody pulled her away but she elbowed them in the nose and ran over to Bucky again and began to slam her fists on his chest in anger. But even though she was angry, she was sobbing in pain. She was hurt that he let it happen. “You promised he wouldn’t get me!” It was barely recognizable due to the painful sobs coming from her. “You promised me! You lied! You’re a liar!” It came out even worse than the previous statement. He was probably the only one who heard her. But she didn’t care. She just kept repeating the two statements. You promised me! You’re a liar! You promised me! You’re a liar!
She didn’t know how long later it was, but soon she felt stab in her left and right sides. It didn’t take long for the effects of the drug to take place. Her vision soon began to blur and she began to lose whatever balance she had and fell to the ground. But she fought passing out. Even as she was on the floor, she fought it. 
She felt someone carefully lift her up and she was about to attack them until she saw it was Peter. She shut her mouth and focused on him. Faintly hearing him say something. Probably that he was taking her back to the room as they soon left the cave. It was as they exited the library that he finally spoke to her, “I didn’t know.” She didn’t realize what he meant until he said the following statements. “Neither did Vision, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Rhodey, Scott, and Hope. None of us knew of Barnes’s plans.”
She didn’t know why she said it because it wasn’t true. “I know.”
He looked down at her and smiled, “No you didn’t. You may know a lot of things, but that wasn’t one of them. You had no idea that we didn’t know.”
She felt herself being lowered down and soon felt the soft mattress behind her. “Maybe, but I’m happy knowing that at least I wasn’t the only one in the dark.”
He pulled the blankets over her and he pulled the chair next to her, “I was terrified when he and Wilson pulled me. They actually told everyone that you were just sick and I tried to believe it, but I knew it wasn’t true.” He carefully took her hand in his, “I-I thought that you were dead when we got you. were so still and cold. Your lips had turned blue and your skin looked like it was as pale as it could get..”
“I’m sorry.”
He shook his head, “Whatever do you have to be sorry for? None of this was your fault.” He was right, it wasn’t her fault, but she still felt like she had to say it. He kissed the back of her hand, “Go to sleep. I’ll see you more in the morning, okay?”
She nodded and closed her eyes. Sleep soon coming to her.
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xerotodeath · a day ago
Misc Prompts!
Lets ignore me coming back from my hiatus and focus on the fact that I finally have some motivation to write!!!!
You should know the rules by now but if you don’t!
Here’s who I write for
If the prompt looks like this its already been used!
I do not write smut
and lastly but not least the more prompts you want me to use the better!
most of these are from prompt generators and @write-it-motherfuckers
Person B holding Person A very close, close enough to smell their hair. They whisper into Person A's ear: 'I don't like your new shampoo'
Person A: "Hey, (Person B), why is (Person C) crying?“
Person B: "He tried to beat an egg.”
Person A: “Well that doesn’t sound to ba-”
Person B: "At Mario Kart.“
Person B: "He lost.”
By write it, motherfuckers submitted anonymously 
“Your sister told me you needed my help, and that you have a crush on me”
Person B serenades Person A with a New Year's kazoo/squawker/party horn.
“What would you say if I told you I was in love with you?”
“That you have terrible tastes.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person B: Do you hate me or something?
Person A: Not at all. I’m actually quite in love with you, really.
Person B: Maybe I just have a really bad taste in men
Person A: “This is going to sound crazy-”
Person B: “Most things that come out of your mouth, do.”
Person A follows Person B out for a cigarette break.
“I’m not saying anything, every time I say anything you think I’m attacking you.”
“Did you ever think we would make it this far?”
“Honestly, I’m still surprised I survived high school.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You won’t stab me, I’ve got a witness!”
“Person C, turn around”
“Why do I get the feeling that you’re about to tell me something I really don’t want to hear?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“How good of a mood are you in right now?”
“…..What did you do?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“What the ever-loving fuck, happened to you?!”
By write it, motherfuckers
“My life motto is fuck bitches, get money, blow cash. “
“Is anyone going to explain what the giant inflatable dick is for?”
“We’re going to stick it to the roof of my dad's house.”
“….fair enough.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Motherfucking shit nipples! What the dick?!”
Person B and Person A trying to put together IKEA furniture
Person A: Ah, shit
Person B: Watch your fucking language
Person A and Person B burning something together,
Person A is the barista at a coffee shop and always screws up Person B's name on purpose.
Person A: FIGHT ME
Person B: Unfortunately, I have a rule against battling children
Person A: “I thought you said, there wouldn’t be anyone else here.”
Person B: “...There shouldn’t have been.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“That’s a weird way of apologizing.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“My therapist warned me about people like you.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Uh... Why is the kitchen on fire?”
Person B: “(Person C) was trying to teach (Person D), how to cook.”
*Muffled clattering and cursing, gets louder.*
Person B: “It’s, uh... It’s not going so good.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “You know (Person B), we make one hell of a team.”
Person C: “Hell, being the operative word.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “What are you going to do, kill me?”
Person B: “Yes.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “...We probably should have expected this, shouldn’t we?”
Person B: “Probably, yeah.”
By write it, motherfuckers 
Person A: “Fuck....I’m definitely going to hell.”
Person B: “Save me a seat.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....Aren’t you a little young, to be here?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I don’t know how to tell you this, but yelling at someone to, stop panicking, isn’t going to stop them from panicking.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Fuck.... I knew I should have bought those light-up sneakers.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person B gets confetti in their hair. Person A notices
Person B: Don’t talk to me.
Person A: “I don’t think this is what they meant when they told us to surprise them.”
Person B: “Well then they should have been clearer.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A:  “Are you truly that heartless?”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “How did you even find all of this shit?”
Person B: “eBay.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Oh my god, I’m such a fucking idiot.”
“No arguments here.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“What are you gonna do, stab me?”
“Actually, don't answer that”
“I don’t think I’ve ever run so much in my entire life.”
“Me either. Terror seems to be a fantastic motivator.”
“Yeah, who knew”
By write it, motherfuckers.
“Are you ready for this?”
“Not even slightly”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Must you always wake me up like this?”
 “If you didn’t want me waking you up, you should have locked the door-”
“I did.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Are we even meant to be in here?”
“Honestly? Not really, but at this point, trespassing is the mildest of our many misdeeds.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Oh god, there’s so many of them! What do we do?!”
“How the fuck would I know?! You’re the one who led them here!
“Hey, you don’t have to do anything today, do you?”
“…..No…But I have a feeling I’m about to wish I did.”
“Aw It’s nothing that bad, I promise!”
“History would suggest otherwise.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I just fucked up.... big time.”
“....If you’re waiting for me to be surprised, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....This isn’t going to end well, is it?”
“Most likely not, no.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....I should have listened to you.”
“Maybe... But I should have done more to protect you too.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I’m glad you came to the right decision.”
“You say that as if you actually gave me a choice.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“How the fuck did we even get into this mess?”
 “Oh please, we both know the answer to that.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“We have a problem.”
“Aww Don’t call them that! I’m sure (Person C) has lots of positive qualities hidden somewhere.”
“……I hate you so fucking much.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I didn’t know you could do that.”
“Me either.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....This isn’t going to end well, is it?”
“Most likely not, no.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“So if your brother’s the pretty one and your sister’s the smart one... which one are you?”
“The disappointment?”
By @dailydialogueprompts
Person A: “Sorry I’m late.”
Person B: “Traffic?”
Person A: “No I just didn’t want to come.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I’m gonna do it.”
“Please don’t.”
“I’m doing it.”
“Oh god.”
By write it, motherfucker
“I haven’t made a single good decision in almost twenty-four hours, which isn’t a whole lot of time, but it’s still noticeable.”
“I will find her, or I will die trying.” 
“Always have an escape plan.”
“Oh come on, how long have you known me?”
 “Too fucking long.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You know what? Fuck you. Fuck this. This is the final straw. I’m buying leather pants and a crop top and getting into Satanism, solely to spite you. Also because that’s a mad sexy aesthetic, but mostly to spite you.”
By write it, motherfuckers I think
“Absolutely, but I only advise communication, homosexuality, or murder.”
”There are easier ways of doing this, you know?”
“Yeah, but none of them are quite as fun, are they?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You are, without a doubt, the stupidest genius I have ever met.”
“Why do you have so much perfume?”
“Why not just use alcohol?”
“That’s illegal.”
By write it, motherfuckers I think
Person A: “This is a terrible idea.”
Person B: “I know, that’s why I’m telling you and not (Person C).”
By write it, motherfucker
Person A: “I should never have brought you with me.”
Person B: “Oh come on, I was well behaved!”
Person A: “You flirted with almost every person in attendance, for the entire time we were there.”
Person B: “What, you upset I didn’t flirt with you too?”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “….Why didn’t you tell me?”
Person B: “Because I couldn’t bear the idea of you choosing to stay with me out of pity or guilt.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I hate you.”
Person B: “Yes we’ve established that.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I will end you.”
Person B: “Is that a promise dearie?”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, and don’t even think of going near the coffee machine. I will stab you.”
Person B: “…..Good morning to you too.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Out of all the ways you could have possibly dealt with that, why the fuck did you think glitter bombs were a good idea?!”
Person B: “In my defense, it did work.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“ Help me I’m being hit on at a bar please be my fake boyfriend for a second”
Person A: “Why are we doing this again?”
Person B: “Because why the fuck not.”
Person A: “….Fair enough.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Can you please stop biting your lip…it’s distracting.”
Person A: “I will feed you your own fucking spleen.”
Person B: “That means thank you!”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Remove the hand before I remove it for you.”
“Did you just whistle at me?”
“I need to make an entrance.”
“I brought you a muffin. You’re favorite…”
“Be quiet! You’ll get us caught!”
“We walk in together.”
“That looks like it hurts…”
“You’re freezing, Jesus!”
“I’m not getting involved, this is between you two.”
“Oh come on, give me one reason we shouldn’t do it.”
“Other than it being super fucking illegal?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Isn’t this… you know… Super illegal?”
“Oh absolutely.”
By write it, motherfuckers I think
“I cannot put into words, just how much I want to stab him, right now.”
“……You could always draw a diagram.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Hey (Person B)?”
 “Please don’t ever speak again.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Why does nothing ever go according to plan?”
“....There was a plan?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“It’s okay you’re safe now”
“What if they come back?”
“Trust me. They won’t”
“I feel a song coming on!”
“If you sing I’ll strangle you”
“Yeah, yeah, I know, I do everything wrong. Can I go now?”
“Why are you in the fridge”
“.......Because of reasons”
By write it, motherfuckers
“None of this seems healthy.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....Should I be concerned?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I know you steal my WiFi to watch porn but it’s kinda hot idk”
“I said pass it to me, not throw it in my general direction!”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Spare me your pity.”
“You confuse pity with love.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“The prettiest flower always comes with a hefty price”
“That’s bullshit and you know it.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You really need to stop flirting with every woman you see.”
“I don’t just flirt with every woman I see…. I flirt with every man too.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Could you, I don’t know, help maybe?!”
Person B: “I mean, I could, but I don’t particularly want to.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I suppose this is where we have to go our separate ways...”
Person B: “...Yeah, fuck that.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Oh no, please, by all means... Continue~”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I swear to god, I’ll beat you to death with my high heels if you don’t shut the fuck up. ”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....I really hope I heard that wrong.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Did you really think I wouldn’t know it was you?”
Person B: “I was counting on it actually.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Where the fuck do you keep pulling all of those snacks from?”
Person B: “None of your business.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Oh fuck...”
Person B: “What happened?”
Person A: “It’s more what’s about to happen.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “How did we even get dragged into this whole mess, anyway?”
Person B: “I believe that may have been my fault.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “What’s wrong? You look ten seconds away from ripping someone’s throat out.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: ”I don’t know whether to be flattered or offended.”
Person B: “I think a mixture of both is probably appropriate here.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I’m not that creepy.... am I?”
Person B: “Oh you’re extremely creepy but in a fun way.
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “What’s it like to finally taste freedom?”
Person B: “Fucking terrifying.”
Person A: “Really? Why?”
Person B: “...Because I can’t help but wonder when it’s all going to be taken away again.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Oh come on, aren’t you going to tell me your secret?”
Person B: “That would defeat the purpose of it being a secret.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “This is a terrible idea.”
Person B: “So, I suppose you’re out?”
Person A: “Hell no, I’m 100% in. This is just what I need to cure my boredom.”
By write it, motherfuckers submitted by @xpegasusuniverse
Person A: “My mom did it, and I’m not a serial killer yet.” 
Person B: “You always add yet at the end of that sentence.” 
Person A: “Just trying to keep my options open.”
By write it, motherfuckers submitted by @luvleakypenz
Person A: “There is a small blemish on my record.”
Person B: “Blemish? This is a shit stain.”
By write it, motherfuckers Submitted by @wherdtonygo 
Person A: “I swear, this isn’t what it looks like!”
Person B: “….That’s a shame.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Look, so long as you stay positive, you’ll be fine.”
Person B: “Oh I’m definitely fucked then.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “You know they might not remember you, when they wake up… They took some pretty heavy damage.”
Person B: “Even if they don’t, I’m still not going to leave them to deal with this, by themself.”
By write it, motherfuckers 
Person A: “From this point onward, there’s no going back. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”
Person B: “I appreciate your concern, but the option to turn back, was never open to me in the first place.”
Person A: “….I’m gonna kill ‘em.”
Person B: “Normally I’d protest such a thing, but in this case…. want me to hold them down?”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “Ah, I’m sorry if this sounds strange, but…. have we met? You seem familiar.”
Person B: “Hm… unlikely, I’m sure I would remember having met someone such as yourself.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “How did someone like you, end up with someone like Them?”
Person B: “I’m not sure, but I fully intend to continue showing my gratitude, till the end of my days.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “I’m just slowing you down, at this rate, we’re not going to make it. Just leave m-”
Person B: “Shut up.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “So…you’re a detective?”
Person B: “I am.”
Person A: “You don’t look like one…”
Person B: “It would be rather counterproductive, if I did.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “I’m going to kill you!”
Person B: “Understandable. Could you at least wait until I finish my coffee though?”
Person A: “…What?”
Person B: “It’s a really good coffee.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “Are you fucking stupid?!”
Person B: “Yes, but I think they prefer (Person C).”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I have a plan.”
Person B: “I’m already terrified.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “….Where did we go wrong?”
Person B: “Probably somewhere around the time that we agreed to this bullshit, in the first place.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I wish I could just leave this place and never come back.”
Person B: “Why don’t you?”
Person A: “Where would I even go?”
Person B: “…..You could come with me.”
By write it, motherfuckers
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lqvenat · a day ago
mcu masterlist.
Tumblr media
requests: open
steve rogers
↠ good 4 you
bucky barnes
↠ already gone
peter parker
↠ a soulmate who wasn’t meant to be
↠ till forever falls apart (coming soon)
wanda maximoff
↠ too late (coming soon)
natasha romanoff
↠ nothing yet
pietro maximoff
↠ mr. perfectly fine (coming soon)
↠ nothing yet
carol danvers
↠ nothing yet
sam wilson
↠ nothing yet
thor odinson
↠ nothing yet
loki laufeyson
↠ nothing yet
↠ nothing yet
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i-smell-sass · a day ago
You didn't see that coming?~ [Pietro Maximoff x Stark!Reader] Pt1 : Saving him
(this is my first time posting an x Male reader on here, so bear with me lol. Also this fic is on my wattpad called Avengers X Male reader. my name there is @CozMo_Writes)
Requested: Yes/No Warning(s):  semi-angst, mentions of death, includes Pietro's death scene, PTSD, trauma Smut or Fluff: mostly fluff, light flirting/touching
Part 2
Tumblr media
Slovakia, (ending scene of AOU)
3RD Person POV.
As Clint was holding the small boy, he saw Ultron in his little spaceship, shooting millions of bullets onto the ground and hopefully onto the avengers to kill Them, As Clint braced for the impact of the bullets and accepted the fact he'd probably die in that moment, looking over at Y/N who was yelling "CLINT WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" at him, squeezing his eyes shut and hugging the small boy tighter, A swift wind rushed by and he was shielded by a car that fell onto its side. Before he could register what's going on, or where the little spaceship had gone, he saw  Y/N running out from behind the car, looking at him. "Clint-! Are you- Oh- OH MY FUCKING GOD-" the ruffled up male yelled as they saw Pietro in front of them, holes sprinkled all over his body since he was shot multiple times while saving Clint and the child, "you didn't see that coming." were his last words with a small pant before collapsing into the arms of a panting Y/N.
His H/C, H/L hair was all in front of his face and sticking to his sweaty forehead as he held the collapsed Pietro in his arms, rubbing his back as a purple hue spread over them, slowly healing Pietro and the bullets getting pushed out of his flesh, kind of like wolverine's. Steve rushed over to them, staring as Pietro's eyes shot open, Gasping audibly as his arms wrapped around Y/N's shoulders, Trembling as he squeezed his eyes shut, Y/N rubbing his back and calming him as they started to walk lightly, going over to the quinjet.
∙ ✧ ∙ ✦ ∙ ━━━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━━━━ ∙ ✦ ∙ ✧ ∙
Fast forward a few,  Y/N was walking around In the park, it was raining Quite a bit, but he was being goofy and giggling around with Natasha, Squeezing together under the see through umbrella and holding a couple bags as they were shopping just before. You see, despite Y/N being a stark, Tony's half brother, to be specific, he never really acted like tony. He didn't tend to be quite egocentric or playboy- ish, thinking higher of himself. He was very strange and weird, but in a cute way, if you looked over the occasional weird things or faces he did. He was quite aggressive at times, when he was frustrated, as example.
At the same time at the tower/Base Pietro was holding Wanda's hand, the other of the Slovakian woman's hand resting on Pietro's cheek as he held her wrist gently. "Pietro, are you sure you want to go outside again without me? I know its difficult for you." she said in a motherly way, him giving a small chuckle and nodding, pulling her hand off his face and taking it in his "i promise,  Wanda. I'll be fine." he said and kissed her forehead before going into the elevator to head outside. He was wearing a black jacket with small, white arrows leading down the sleeve, a hole in the sleeve for his thumbs and some jogging pants and sneakers, jacket zipped up since it was a little cold, though he didn't quite mind that. You see, Pietro was a fit guy, quite a lot of muscles on his legs and torso, especially his pecs. He wouldn't get cold as fast, since he was used to staying in the cold because of Slovakia, and the cold cells of HYDRA. Though when he did his nose was red, eyes a little puffy and cheeks red, lips a little too but he was pale, knuckles red too and him sniffling quietly from his nose being stuffy.
2nd Person POV You were walking with Nat, talking about all the cute guys in the tower, though you talked about Pietro like that and Natasha gave you wiggly eyebrows as you said he's attractive, He didn't quite know how you looked, since he passed out and was carried by you after ultron's attack, and you weren't often at the tower/base, you were more out or Pietro was on a mission or just away when you were there on those rare occasions. Before you could say anything more, Pietro was using his super speed quite a bit, not to the fullest extent, but for his standards like when Steve was taking a jog and Sam just quietly whining at how slow he was. Pietro saw you, and it was as if someone put on slow-motion for him, seeing your cute, (possibly) pale S/C face with (possibly) red nose and cheeks, giggling as you held your coffee in one hand while also holding 2-3 bags in the same one at the same time, the umbrella in the other as your arm was linked with Natasha's, he couldn't take his eyes away from you, the way your H/C hair just fell so perfectly onto your face, Black beanie on your head and face snuggled up in the scarf that was squeezed into the collar of your zipped up jacket, Natasha was carrying the bags with both hands, since you were holding the umbrella for the both of you.
You could hear a loud thud beside you, stopping in your tracks and looked to the side, seeing Pietro on the floor, fainted as his cheek was red since he ran into a tree face first. You rolled your eyes, sighing and chuckling quietly. "fucking dumbass." you mumbled as you squeezed the umbrella and 2-3 bags you were holding into Natasha's hands before running over to the Unconscious Pietro, shaking his shoulders before checking his breath and his heartbeat, making sure the dumb bitch was still alive before saving him AGAIN. You picked him up, sighing as you looked at Natasha who was laughing her ass off, not being able to stop as she gripped her stomach, almost falling over from laughing. You raised a brow at her and smirked "I'm not picking you off the floor too, so get your ass back to the base, nat." you said as she chuckled and walked with you as you were carrying Pietro. again.
∙ ✧ ∙ ✦ ∙ ━━━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━━━━ ∙ ✦ ∙ ✧ ∙
As you walked into the tower, nat tapped you on your shoulder and smiled "I'll take these to my room and wait there, we got a little surprise for you." she said and winked before walking off, you just sighing and rolling your eyes, not knowing nor caring what she or the others were planning. You laid him down on the sofa, sighing as you removed his clothes to check out his bruises, running your hand down the side of his face and chest which was red and starting to show bruising from the hard impact with the tree, to heal any bones that were cracked or broken, then down his leg before pulling a blanket over his legs  to his stomach and then got up, grabbing a glass of water, and two cooling packs, laying one against the side of his face and the other onto his knee since that seemed not so pleasant to have hurt, then putting a warm cloth on his head just to be sure he didn't catch a cold.
after some time he woke up, groaning lightly as he held the cooling pack to his cheek, looking around before seeing you, his eyes widening as he saw you cuddled up in a big hoodie, only in the hoodie and shorts as you leaned your chin in your hand, clicking through the TV channels with a bored expression. You looked over to him, Pietro inhaling sharply and trying to sit up, stretching one of his legs up so he could lean his arm on it, noticing someone, most likely you had undressed him just to his shorts as one side of the blanket fell off his knee and revealed his naked knee and thigh, him groaning lightly at how his leg hurt, running a hand down his face as you kept staring at him, and now it was your turn to blush as you looked away, biting your lip lightly as you kept clicking through the TV channels. Pietro slowly spoke up "uhm... thank you.. for... not letting me lay in that park..-" he mumbled, you just rolling your eyes with a small chuckle as you looked at Pietro, leaning closer to talk to him better. "well, i already saved you two times now, When are you gonna repay me?" you asked and raised a brow, a small smirk on your pink lips as Pietro inhaled sharply again and looked off to the side. "well, maybe dinner?" he asked with a small smirk as his eyes slowly shifted onto your E/C ones. You chuckled and got up, ruffling Pietro's hair as you walked by him "not with such a beat up face, cutie" you winked at him before booping his nose and humming as you walked to the kitchen, leaving a smiling Pietro on the sofa. to be continued...(?)
word count: 1555
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ackermanbitch · a day ago
I'm sorry but peter maximoff is the type of dude to say "well have you ever been kicked in the balls" when someone talks about their period cramps 🤩
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julietnterein · a day ago
•| Violacea I. chp. 13 |•
Tumblr media
It was exactly five days after my incident, when I heard a small knock on my door. Dinner was supposed to be in an hour and I wasn't really expecting anyone.
„Friday?” I ask the AI while i sit on the bed and close the book I was just diving into. I have to stretch my muscles as I can feel them being a little sore after today's training with Natasha.
„It's Miss Maximoff, ma'am.” Says Friday.
„Let her in.” I nod towards the door as they automatically open and Wanda gives me a small smile even before she steps into my room.
„Are you busy?” She asks me as she leans into the doorframe.
I look at the book that I was trying to read and then back at Wanda: „Well, not really.”
„Cool, get up then. We have some training to do.” She doesn't give me a chance to protest or anything, so with a confused face I get up, grabbed my hoodie and followed her into the gym.
„Where is everyone?” I ask when no one is joining us for the ride in the elevator.
„It's just you and me.” She pressed the button with a small smile on her face.
„What do you mean?” I ask her, confused even more.
„I'm gonna help you with your powers.” She nods at me to assure me that everything's going to be okay.
I don't ask any other questions as her strict and determined face stops me midway.
No one from the team really knew about the training that I was taking with Wanda. She was trying really hard, we were taking baby steps, which as we realized after a week, really made progress. I was able absorb and hold the energy in my right hand, but that was where it ended. Even after a couple days I wasn't able to move from there, it was all I could do. Wanda was really supportive and was telling me that we already made a really big progress, but I was growing restless and annoyed. I felt unmotivated, we made such a great progress and now I was stuck.
„Let's leave it.” Says Wanda as she interrupts my hard trying. „Dinner is gonna be in five, we have to go.” She tried again, when she realizes that I want to try again and push my powers to the edge, which would probably end up, once again, catastrophically.
I sighed annoyed and angry at myself as I let my hand fall back to my side.
Wanda tries to smile at me as we walk towards the elevator. But I'm still mad at myself so I punch the button a little too much and she backs up a little.
„I haven't seen Clint for a while.” I say suddenly as we are two stories away from the common room. He wasn't in the gym with us for at least four days.
„I feel like he is on some kind of mission or something.” Says Wanda as we both step out from the elevator and then we continue our way silently. We walk through the hall before we realize that someone is really loudly arguing in the dining room.
„… We don't really know, we lost contact a while ago.” I hear Bruce's voice.
„And you are telling us now, why exactly?!” I hear Natasha's voice with a hint of something I haven't heard from her yet. She was panicking.
„We weren't sure if he didn't do it on purpose, maybe because he didn't want to jeopardize the mission.” Explains Bruce.
A long pause in their conversation is when I realize that both, me and Wanda, has stopped in our tracks, quietly listening to their conversation.
„Alright, tonight we will go to the last coordinates we heard from Clint.” Says Steve suddenly. „There is no need for the whole team to be there. It will be me, Pietro and Natasha, of course.”
„Maybe you could take Andreea.” Says Tony out of nowhere.
„Have you lost your mind?” Growl Steve as he is starting to lose his temper. „Do you even understand how much damage she could do and how much of a civilist we would put into danger if she would have lost her control?” I can feel Wanda's hand as she squeezes my shoulder quietly.
„And we also don't know how dangerous it could be for her.” Adds Natasha.
„Alright, alright… I get it, calm down, old man.” Admits Tony. Weird, from him I would expect much more fighting for something he wants.
„Okay, it's going to be quick. In and out, that's it.” End Steve the whole conversation.
Me and Wanda stayed quiet in the hall for a moment before we step into the room, like we just didn't ears dropped to their whole argument.
Even though all of them really tried, the atmosphere was thick and could have been cut with a knife. Bucky and Sam were really reserved and I haven't heard any of them have any snarky comments towards each other and Pietro was weirdly silent the whole time. I didn't know how close he and Clint were until Wanda told me that they both always have each other's back and that they are the initiators of most of the pranks on the rest of the team.
After dinner I make my way to the kitchen to help Wanda with the dishes but Tony grabs my forearm really quickly and steals me away from everyone. He drags me by arm into one of his labs, where Bruce is already waiting.
„What's going on?” I ask right away as I rub the place on my arm where Tony was gripping my arm.
Both of them exchange a nervous look before Tony starts talking: „I sent Clint on the mission, because that hideout is supposed to be filled with information about technology that I won't be boring the little head of yours.” I frown at him. „It's complicated and definitely not important at the moment. We think he is being held hostage, which we will leave to the rescue team upstairs.” He nodded up towards the place where dining was. „But you…” He points his finger at me. „I want you to bring me these folders, because if they fall into bad hands… you have no idea in what mess we will be.” He nods at. „Like total mess, probably like fall of our governments and total chaos on earth kind of mess, get me?”
„Yeah, I think I do.” I nod a little taken aback with all this.
„Don't worry, Andreea, I know this all is new for you, but Tony is right. If it's gonna fall into the wrong hands we would be screwed.” Adds Bruce.
„So these folders… They are really really important then?” I ask once again, as I'm not sure if I want to stand against Captain in that and ruin the fragile bond, that is almost non existing, but is there somewhere between us. „But I have never done anything like this… I'm not even sure I know how-...”
„You won't be alone.” Interrupts the voice of the silver haired man, that just appeared in the doorway.
„Why am I not surprised.” I shake my head. „Why can't we tell the others?” I ask all three of them.
„Well… Natasha would want to get Clint home no matter what it costs and Rogers is… Well, Rogers.” Explains Tony.
„Plus Tony made some accessories for that he would like to see in action.” Adds Bruce.
„Yeah, that's true as well.” Smiles Tony. „I saw how you and Wanda trains, so I made you a uniform. Friday, please…” He call for the AI, that opens a wall where the uniform appears on hangers. Basic black unitard, nothing special, strengthened in places like knees or spine.
„Well this is mostly an armour so no one shoots you dead.” Says Tony, like he just didn't assume someone will be probably shooting at me. „But look at… this.” He grabs a huge box where a large knives are lying. „Look at the grip, it's made exactly for you and your powers, you can absorb your energy and then let it flow into the knives, so it became a deathly weapon whenever you want.”
„They seem deathly to me, even without my powers.” I mumble quietly.
„They look sharp as hell.” Nods Pietro.
„Well you are both right.” Admits Tony. And then he takes one knife out and makes his way towards the uniform. „And by the way, they are made exactly to fit into your uniform.” He shows me how the knives stick into the places thanks to the strong magnets. „But it has a lot of things and technologies I installed, which you will get along with when you start using them. We don't have time for that now.” Says Tony and a long silence stretches across the room.
Pietro looks at me with a huge grin on his face.
„Let's kick some asses then?”
Chp. 14
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thefieryphoenix · 2 days ago
OH MY GOD I- *inhales*
I’m here again for the vampire au with the maximoffs BUT the reader is their young sis and is h u m a n
Oh, so you mean in a platonic way?
Well I don't think they'd be drinking your blood since you're their baby sis. Though I wonder how you're a human and you have 2 vampires as siblings....
When they can't control their urges they'll just tell you to leave them for a while till they find food and they'll lock you in a room that they won't be able to enter since they don't want you getting hurt
If you allow them to drink your blood, they'll be hesitant at first, not wanting to hurt you and make you loose your blood but when you insist, they'll do it really slowly and take only little. You are still their little sis after all
But other than that they are very protective of you. Any other vampire who dares to mistake you for a snack, they'll be glaring at them with their most threatening and angriest glares ever. Wanda and Pietro will hardly ever let you out of their sight. You're the youngest sibling and it'll break their heart if anything happened to you
Besides that they really love cuddling with you after a long, hard and tiring day of chasing down people and drinking their blood. Since you're human you'll make them wash up and then cuddle with them. You'll be squished in between both of them, arms wrapped around you protectively and lovingly while they caress your hair, telling you how their day went
Sometimes you'll force to them to eat a bit healthy since they can't always live off on drinking blood. And they're damn glad that they have such a wonderful little sister who cares for them so deeply. You'll be helping Wanda cook at times when she decides to cook and they'll eat whatever you make for them, after all, your cooking tastes like heaven to them and they'll feel like the worst siblings on the planet if they don't complete what you've made for them
Anytime you wanna try going out it'll be exactly like an FBI Interrogation. "Where are you going?" "What? Why to a party?" "No, who knows who'll be there?" So in the end, you won't be leaving till one of them accompanies you since you're the little baby of the family. Talk about overprotective lol, but they still love and care for you and they're only doing this for your best interests
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lauralestrange7 · 2 days ago
Scars (Remus Lupin x Reader) pt.1
Hey, just wanted you to know that the reader here is a female student.  Please comment below your thoughts on my attempt. My requests are open 🌸 🌻🌼 
Tumblr media
Remus yawned slightly before starting to hastily put his parchment scrolls and quills in his bag, library was about to close in half an hour, the time had been extended due to upcoming end of the year exams. It was Sunday and Remus had been sitting here since breakfast, and yes he had indeed forgotten all about lunch and he was starving but he was determined to finish his revision. Yesterday let’s just say hadn’t been very productive, Remus stood up. James had said he would keep some dinner for him at their dorm. He had prefect duty that night, so he started take his things and leave. 
There was no one else in the library not even Madam Pince the librarian, who was probably at dinner. Remus heard a hurried whisper from along the restricted section, he furrowed his brows and started walking towards the source of the sound. The people whispering seemed to be in a hurry, Remus saw that the sources of the sound were two people, possibly trying to sneak off some books, he cleared his throat. One of the two dropped their books, and very slowly they both turned around “Yes?” one of them said, the girl Lupin noticed was looking very determined not to get caught, the second one was hiding a stack of book in their hand hiding it. “Can I see your pass please?” Remus asked politely “No you may not,” said the girl very quickly. Remus raised his browed half smiling “And why is that? Miss?” he asked again “Miss L/n, Y/n L/n, because why should I just hand you our slip.” She said.
 Remus smiled then took his robes out of his bag and put it on, the prefect badge now shining, he smiled smugly “Right okay, so… the thing is” she started before turning around to her friend and whispering “What are you standing their for run!” Her friend obliged and started walking away with the books, but due to having held too many books one slipped from their grip. Remus swiftly picked it up, “No give it back,” the friend said but Remus held It above his head and read the title. “So sneaking off Dark arts books now, are we?” he said holding the book out for Y/n, who tried to snatch it away but Remus held it above his head again. Y/n groaned in frustration “Look you caught us, but is there no way you could just let this ride?” Y/n said smiling hopefully “And why exactly would I do that?” Lupin asked opening the book and flipping through the pages. None of them had noticed Madam Pince returning from dinner, “Mr. Lupin what are you doing their?” She said walking towards them “Professor I was just-“ Lupin was cut off “Now now, you are a prefect aren’t you? What are doing here Ms. L/n please get going.” She said taking the book from Remus’ hand “Now shoo, all of you, out!” she said and Y/n and her friend hurried off muttering “Sorry Professor”.
Remus sighed and also walked out, he noticed that both of them had still managed to sneak out the rest books. He chuckled and called after them “Oi” Y/n turned around but said nothing as both of them continued walking. Remus started walking faster and caught up with them “Still got the books I see” he said Y/n glared at him and told her friend to get along. “Look, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have been caught,” she said as she resumed walking “I was only doing what I was supposed to” he said and shrugged “What are you doing with the books anyway?” he asked curiously “Research” she said curtly “Well you can let me onto it, maybe I can help?” Lupin asked, “I doubt it,” she said with a chuckle. He feigned a heartache clapping his hand dramatically to his chest that made her laugh even more. “What’s with the scars ?” she asked gesturing at his face at this the smile vanished from Remus’ face. “Sorry did I say something wrong?” she asked in a guilty tone “Uh no I-I’ll see you” he said and walked off. Y/n sighed before walking faster, she realized very well that she had indeed said something wrong.
Remus walked inside the common room and sped fast to his dorm, of course people would question about these hideous scars, the were still fresh. Friday had been a full moon, and therefore he hadn’t gotten any revision done yesterday. He had taken a liking towards the Y/n girl, but who could possibly like him? 
Comment, reblog and follow for second part. Have a good day!
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Sunrises, Waffles, and Weddings
One shot Mini series AU (No Powers) 
Wanda Maximoff x Fem Reader
Word Count: 2600 approx (Not My Gif) 
Tumblr media
People are the most duplicitous beings you’d ever encountered, and you were starting to seriously consider the idea of just hiding away from humanity altogether. You were currently at your sister's wedding or as your sister self-proclaimed ‘Sarah’s unmatchable, unique, once in a lifetime experience, dream wedding.’ That's a mouth full, to say the least. See that wasn’t even the problem, it was your family. You don’t know how many more ‘When are you getting married? You and Shawn have been together forever.’ or how much longer you could handle the misogynistic comments that would spew out their mouths ‘Your clock is ticking pretty soon you won't be able to have kids, you know what happens when you can’t please your husband. He’s going to look for what you can't give him elsewhere honey. I’m telling you this for your own good.’ The faux look of concern on their faces. You don't want to ruin your sister's day so you spend the day giving tight lip smiles and biting your tongue.  
The ceremony was fine. You even thought that you might have a nice time, but boy were you wrong. You saw Sarah from afar, your smile grew wider and more genuine, she met your gaze and she looked happy, truly happy. You nod and she turns back to her now-husband. That moment just made this whole week worth it. You see Shawn had already gone looking elsewhere. Granted, he didn’t have to look that far when your best friend was down and ready. After a few hours of mingling and mindfully, dare you say strategically drinking you were finally sufficiently buzzed. (Okay, maybe not too strategically.) You stumbled your way out of the reception hall hoping you weren’t seen or even worse followed. You sit down, no grace involved, you just kind of plopped onto the ground. His words round your head. “Y/n you knew we weren’t going anywhere.” That just made it hurt more. 2 years of your life gone just like that. 
“Fuck me…” You hear someone slur as they stumble out of the reception hall. “You don’t even know my name.” You quipped startling her. You see as she jumps back it's truly comical. “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” You say as you try to stifle your laughter. She glares at you for a moment before speaking. “You must be Y/n… I’ve heard a lot from Pietro.” She says as she extends her hands out to greet you properly. You quirk your head. “You’re Pietro's Girlfriend?” You ask as you take her hand in your hand, briefly shaking it, trying not to get too caught up in how soft her hand is. She quickly shakes her head in denial. “God no, he’s my brother.” She states. You nod. Pietro was Paul’s best man, when you two met you hit it off. “I’m sorry Pietro never told me he had a sister.” Now it’s her turn to quirk her head, which in turn makes you rake your head for any mention of a sister. “Well, now that I think about it he might have mentioned you in one of our very, very drunken tangents.” You emphasize. Making her giggle.
She waves you off and your shoulders relax. “I’m Wanda.” You nod and sit back down in your place. You motion for her to sit next to you and she does. “Why are you out here?” She asked genuinely concerned. “I had a little too much to drink.” You say honestly. “You?” You ask and she sighs. “I didn’t want to come in the first place.”  You gasp exaggeratedly. “You mean you didn't want to come to this once in a lifetime memorable event.” She chuckles and shakes her head no. “Your sister seems…” You chuckle, it seems like what she had to say wasn’t very nice. “I know, I’ve dealt with it my whole life.” You say making her relax. “She gets a pass-through, she deserves to be happy and selfish.” This catches Wanda's attention. “She’s been through… We’ve been through a lot, and if being a bridezilla makes her happy. Then I’m down, sign me up.” 
She nods. “You two don’t seem close.” She mentions and you nod. “Doesn’t mean I don't care. She might not, but I do.” She nods. “Pietro and I, we’re close. Too close if you ask me, he’s afraid to live without me. So he invites me to his friends' weddings.” You listen. “We are all we have, and for a long time we were alone together.” She sighs. “We’re not alone anymore, he treats me like we’re still alone.” You jump in. “Well, are you? Alone” You clarify. She sighs again. “I am, in a way. But he’s not. It was always easier for him to do this.” She motions between you both. You nod in understanding. “Well if it makes you feel any better… Friends are overrated sometimes.” She smiles. “Is that why you’re out here?” You shake your head. “No… That is not why I am out here." You say. 
She nods. She seems to ponder on your response for a while… looking back at you. "You want to tell me about it." You shake your head. “No, but I do want to get out of here. You wanna come with?” You ask, turning to her. She nods as you stand and give her a hand up. “First we need more alcohol… Open bar, so that shouldn’t be too hard.” She tilts her head in amusement. “What's the hard part?” You chuckle. “Stealing Pietro's keys, I didn’t bring my car.” You state, looking at him from the entrance. “Okay, I get the keys you get the booze.” You nod and walk in like you own the place avoiding everyone and walking behind the bar, reaching for the last bottle of vodka. As you grab it you look over to Wanda and she’s killing it. You watched in awe as she expertly pickpockets Pietro. She walks away casually motioning with her head to follow her and you do. 
“You’ve done that before haven’t you?” You ask, chuckling. “Well, as I've mentioned he does this a lot.” She tosses you the keys and you take off. “So… where are we going?” Wanda asks with a little uncertainty. “Well I know a place, It’ll be a surprise.” She hums. It wasn’t that long a drive you grew up here you knew it like the back of your hand while exploring you had found this spot. It wasn’t conventional, but you still liked to keep it to yourself. An old drive-in Theatre on the edge of town off the beaten path. “Right, where are you actually taking me. I just suddenly became uncomfortably aware that I just got in the car with a complete stranger.” You look at her and laugh. "We're almost there." You say reassuring her. Not long after your comment, you pull up in the drive-in. “Wow, this place is cool.” She states in awe taking in her surroundings. The clearing made for the drive made it so you could see the sky with no obstructions. It was far away enough from the city that you could actually see the stars shining brightly. “Come on, follow me.” You say pulling her out of her daze and leading her to the roof of the abandoned building. 
“Welcome to my humble abode.” You say chuckling, opening the roof access door and showing her how you decorated the place. “It’s amazing… Do you come here often?” She guesses. You shake your head. “Not really, but as of recently, I have… So I decided to make the place a little more comfortable.” You state taking a big gulp from the bottle. She sits next to you and nods. “Where I’m from we could see the sky so clearly some nights it felt like you were up there with the stars.” You turn to look at her, she’s looking at the sky. “Pietro doesn’t talk much about Sokovia…” You mention quietly. She hums knowingly, takes the bottle from you, and takes a sip. “There’s a lot of memories there… good and bad.” She takes a breath and you let her continue. “I struggled a lot, trying to decide whether there was more good or bad.” She states. You hum. “Well, was there… More good?” You ask and she nods. “Yes, I found solace in remembering and appreciating the good while living with the bad.” She then sighs. “Pietro on the other hand decided to just not deal and move on.” You nod. “Hence he gets uncomfortable at the mention of Sokovia.” 
“I hated this place for so long… wanted nothing more than to run from this town.” You say thinking out loud. “Why didn’t you?” She asks. You shake your head and chuckle. “It’s stupid really.” She looks at you. “Well, now I have to know. Why didn’t Y/n run from this dumpster fire of a town?” You sigh, making eye contact with her before nodding. “A boy… we were high school sweethearts. Practically begged me not to leave, and I let him drag me down with him.” You say chuckling dryly. Wanda hands you the bottle and you take it back, not bothering to take another sip. You felt a lot soberer after that revelation. “So that's why you were outside.” She states knowingly. “Well, I would be lying if I told you it wasn’t.” She shifts to face you. “Do you regret it, being with him?” She asks. “If you’d asked me that question last week I’d have said no. As of this week, I’d say yes.” Quietly she sighs. “Why?” You laugh. “Friends are overrated… or at least mine. He cheated on me with my best friend.” She gasps quietly. “I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have asked.” Shaking your head you deny her. “It’s fine he was right… We weren't going anywhere. Anyways, that's that chapter of my life over and it’s time to start a new one.” You say the smile back on your face. 
She laughs lightly. “Well, I hope I can be a part of this new chapter.” She says hopefully. “Of course Wanda.” You laugh lightly. “Pietro is going to be mad.” You state as you notice the sun beginning to rise. “Oh… But this is so worth it. It’s beautiful.” She gushes at the view marveling at the fact that she’s never seen a sunset this clearly. “Indeed.” You nod, brushing off your clothes. “I’d say that's our cue to leave.” The sun is now out in its beautiful glory. “Alright, how about we go for breakfast.” You nod eagerly, running down to the car. In all your years you’d never think that you’d be the goofy or downright weird characters at waffle house. But here you were with her, sitting in your now ruined nightgowns, and ruined makeup. Sitting in a comfortable silence you break into laughter making her look at you curiously. “What are you laughing at?” She asked curiously. You shake your head. “Nothing… Well, don't get mad, but look at us!” You state halfheartedly. She gasps loudly calling the attention of the bystanders. “Oh god.” She laughs and shakes her head. “We’re ‘those’ people aren’t we?” You nod cringing slightly. 
When you got home you were greeted by a not so jolly welcome parade. “Where the hell were you Y/n? We… I was so worried!” Your sister yells out running down the stairs, now standing mere inches from you. You saw the signs; her puffy and red eyes. You nod and pull her into a hug, not long after you feel the sobs shaking through her. “I-i thought you were dead…” You sigh. Apologizing profusely you pull her away slightly. “I’m here, and I cannot express how sorry I am... That-that I made you feel like that” She lets out a deep breath nodding seemingly being pleased with your reassurance and apologies. “Where’d you go?” She asks quietly. Leading her to the kitchen you sit on the couch, her hand still clenching yours. “I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to ruin your day.” Saying this she perked up, tilting her head. “I found Shawn cheating on me… With Ashley.” Her eyes immediately change from anger and sadness back to anger, then finally pity. “I’m sorry.” She says genuinely moved. “It’s okay… I met Pietro's Sister Wanda yesterday.” Her cheeky smile tells you she's already met her. “Quite the character Isn’t she?” You nod. “Remember when we used to go and watch the stars… we would sneak out and walk to that old drive-in.” 
She nods a sad smile appearing on her face. “Well, after Shawn I started going again.” You sigh rubbing your temples. “That’s where I went I’m so sorry that I made you worry like that.” You say again looking into her eyes. She shakes her head any hardness in her eyes long forgotten. “I’m sorry for being a complete bitch this whole week… and before you say anything I know that I was. I also wanted to thank you for putting up with it.” You chuckle slightly nodding in appreciation. Thinking back to last night the comment that Wanda made, she was wrong… you both were. You and Sarah were close It hadn’t taken you long to put things together after Shawn cheated. The more you thought about it the more you realized he was right. It was because you didn’t stay for him, you might have said that, but that wasn’t the case you stayed for her. But Sarah was okay now she had someone who truly deeply cared about her so it was your turn to find someone who did that for you and that wasn’t here. “I think that after you get back from your honeymoon… that it’s time for me to go.” You announce quietly causing your sister to look at you expectantly. 
“You don't need to leave you can still live here with us..” She states pleading with you. “It’s not like that and you know it, you have someone that will take care of you now. So I don't have to worry that you’ll be alone, but it’s time for me to start my own life.” Again she shakes her head. “I know but that doesn’t mean you have to leave.” You nod. “It does, I want to have what you have… a partner, but that isn’t going to happen here I just know it.” You say decidedly standing your ground. Your sister gives you one last look before nodding. “I love you… but we will talk more about this, logistics and whatnot.” You nod. "I love you too.” She gave you one last hug before leaving with Paul. The last couple of weeks you’d been busy making all arrangements. You were currently sitting on the couch after a long day of packing, when you hear a slight knock on the door then several consecutive rings of the doorbell. Your smile grew knowing exactly who it was. “Pietro! How are you?” You say as you greet him. He chuckles as he shows what he’s carrying in his hands. “I thought you could use a couple of these.” You nod in agreement. “Come on in sorry for the mess, but I have some news.” 
As you sit he looks at you expectantly. “Well spit it out.” He urges you and you chuckle “I’m leaving, next month.” At that his face drops, the smile slowly disappearing. “You’re leaving, why?” He asks. “Well, now that Sarah’s married I thought It was time, I’d always wanted to do it, but the time was never right and now it is so I’m taking the leap.”   
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thisisarcanereverie · 2 days ago
Should’ve Known Chapter 18
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey I know I said Saturday is when I would post this but once again, life happened. I got called into work last minute and I couldn’t finish writing the chapter. 
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Wanda or Steve they are owned by Marvel, I don’t own the gif either.
WARNINGS:Angst, Swearing, the stages of grief, loss, dark themes, talk of death, existential stuffs, violence, and kidnapping. 
WORDS : 1,732
SUMMARY: Four Years later and nothing is as it was. 
In case you missed last chapter
series masterlist
-- Four Years Later --
You are often worried about what the future holds, you catch the odd gray hair or notice a wrinkle every now and again and you can’t help but spiral. Not because you were aging, no, you consider yourself lucky that you were aging relatively gracefully, slowly. However, it’s when you look next to you and see your beautiful wife, a woman that time hasn’t touched that you begin to worry. 
You always knew, deep down, that Wanda was going to outlive you by years, decades, hell maybe even centuries. 
You and Wanda talked often about everything and yet nothing. 
You’ve never talked about your death with her though. 
You knew that Wanda didn’t handle death well, she had seen so much death and destruction in her life but she was still so human to it all. 
It’s one of the things you loved about her though, how deeply she cares for someone or something despite it all. It is easy to become insensitive and cruel and blame it on the world around you, however, when someone still finds the strength to love and to care despite it all, that’s something so precious and rare. Wanda is one of those people, you knew it since she sat in that car with you and listened patiently to the radio all those years ago.  
You worried about how Wanda would one day handle your passing, you worried that in her grief she’ll once again create the Hex, or worse, become the Scarlet Witch from myth. 
You also worried that as the years after your death go on, that she will forget you. You worried that you’ll become a faint memory to her when she’s a hundred years old, the glow to her skin never dimming and her hair just as vibrant as it was when she was twenty nine. 
You didn’t want to be her destruction, nor did you want her to forget you. 
You didn’t know what you wanted. 
You wiped the corners of your eyes and walked through the portal that Strange had made back to your home in Scotland. 
You admired the exterior of your home for a second. Your garden and raspberry bushes are ever thriving. When the twins turned eight you and Wanda had no choice but to completely renovate the once quaint one story cottage into a decently (if not large) farm home. Painted white with red shutters, a porch that wrapped around the entire home as well as a balcony. The twins now had their own rooms and an extra room for guests, which was mostly occupied by Steve. 
Steve and the twins grew closer after that first family dinner. They still called him Uncle Steve even though they knew the truth. Steve never asked them for more, always wanting them to be comfortable with him. That bit of distance worried you a bit, you knew the twins didn't mean any harm by it and you couldn’t say you blamed them. However, that didn’t mean that you didn’t worry about it. 
You learned quickly that constant worrying was part of being their mother.
You admired the home you had built for a second, with it’s raspberry bushes and red shutters, with it’s memories and dreams it held, and your family inside. 
You looked up to the orange and red gradient sky and silently smiled. You didn’t know if you believed in an afterlife, however you hoped so. You hoped your brothers and sisters, Natasha, Tony, everyone you ever loved and lost could see you now. See what you’ve accomplished since they’ve been gone and were happy for you. 
The thought of Natasha’s smile, not the aloof crooked smile she gave everyone but the toothy genuine smile she reserved for you and Tony’s smart remarks brought back the grief that you still carried in your heart. The grief and pain had faded over time, but it never truly left. Same thing for your brothers and sisters that were killed during the lab fire, you still feel the weight of that loss in your heart, but you’ve learned to live every day to the fullest, for them. 
You’d say you had a good life, one not always full of happiness and love, but definitely not one without. 
“Солнечный свет,” You look away from the sky and your eyes settle on the beautiful vision that was your wife. Her hair pulled back in her typical half up half down hair-do, the sweet smile on her lips reaching her emerald eyes. Her figure is relaxed, she wore her red cable knit sweater along with what she refers to as her comfy pants. 
You thank every star and god in the sky that she existed and that she was here with you. 
“What are you up to?” Wanda asks, taking a sip of the steaming tea from the mug in her hand. 
“I’m just watching the sky turn babe.” You assure her, not alluding her to your thoughts. Normally you were more open than that, letting her in willingly. 
This wasn’t a normal day. 
You proceeded to walk to her, savoring every moment you had. 
The night proceeded normally, it was Sunday so Steve came over and helped make dinner and then ate with you. You and Wanda did dishes while Steve caught up with the kids before getting them ready for bed. 
They didn’t need your help on that front much anymore, other than to tell them they needed to go to bed and tuck them in. 
They had grown so much and it only felt like yesterday you were sobbing and cursing in your room as they came into the world. 
Lettie’s hair had grown significantly and the tooth she lost while playing came back. 
Stevie no longer liked being called Stevie and often got embarrassed by it, preferring to be called Steve. 
One thing that hadn’t changed was that their eyes still retained their innocent glimmer. 
Other than the twin telepathy they had, nothing else seemed to show. However, you still held your breath, you had a feeling the shared telepathy was only the tip of the iceberg of what they were capable of.  
You had just finished brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed when you feel plump lips gently kiss the exposed skin of your neck. 
“Somethings bothering you,” Wanda whispered against your skin, her arms wrapped around your middle, her hands gently playing with the belt to your robe. 
“After all these years and you still are able to read me like a book.” You mused as you leaned into her touch. Her soft lips still gently caressing the exposed skin on your neck. 
“Wonderful years might I add,” She says lovingly before gently turning you around to face her, “what’s wrong Солнечный свет?” 
You sigh deeply as you hold her hand. 
“I’ll tell you in the morning babe,” You bring her soft hand to your lips before closing the gap between you and kiss her passionately. You savored the taste of mint and the familiar scent of roses and pomegranates.
All thoughts of the pamphlets and the piece of paper stuffed in your purse became nonexistent. 
You and Wanda weren’t heavy sleepers, however that night you and Wanda fell into a deep sleep. When you woke up and glanced at the alarm clock on your nightstand you nearly had a heart attack. You had never slept past nine o clock. The digital numbers, however, claimed it to be past one o'clock in the afternoon. 
You nudged Wanda awake, the red head stirring slightly and her eyelashes fluttering revealing the dazed look in her green eyes. 
“Wanda, it's past one we need to get up.” 
“Why do we need to wake up at one in the morning?” Wanda asked groggily, her eyes fighting to stay open. 
“I mean one in the afternoon.” 
Wanda immediately shot up after that, her eyes now wide and aware of the sun bleeding into the room. 
“We’ve never slept past nine before.” Wanda said, confusion evident in her tone. A moment passed before fear and lead made home in the bottom of your gut, it wasn’t until another solid moment passed when you flew from the bed in a panic and towards the twins rooms. 
You had never woken up past nine because the twins would always wake you up before then. It was like clockwork with them, a routine that you’ve found yourself depending on to wake up at a decent hour. 
Scarlet’s room was the one closest to yours and when you flung her door open to discover unmade sheets and no sign of your daughter, you sprint to your son's room to discover a similar scene. 
Only there was a crimson stain on the floor. 
“STEVE!” You call out, “SCARLET!” 
“(Y/n),” You hear Wanda start before she looks into Scarlet's room. Her eyes widen with panic as she rushes towards Steve’s room to discover the crimson stain on the floor. 
She hesitates there for a moment, staring at the crimson stain and prays it isn’t blood. 
You rush outside and barely a few steps out the front porch you see Lettie’s pink slipper, discarded, scarlet staining the pink fluffy material slightly. 
You picked up the slipper for a closer look, hoping that you were wrong, that it wasn’t crimson. 
You hated being right. 
You let out a sob that you hadn’t known you had kept in until you were already on your knees clutching the slipper in your hand for dear life. 
Wanda broke from her spell and rushed to you, the first thing she saw was you on your knees. Shaking horribly and clutching the pink slipper to you as you sobbed. The next thing she saw was the crimson on the slipper. 
Wanda dropped to her knees beside you. 
You handed Wanda the slipper and the images that popped into Wanda’s mind became overwhelming. 
She sensed fear and pain. She could hear Lettie’s voice plead for help pleading for her brother. Wanda could hear the grown men in black suits yell at her to shut up and slap her. 
Wanda let go of the slipper and your sobbing had subsided. You both looked at each other. You both felt fear and grief. 
But mostly you both felt unbridled, breathtaking, terrifying rage. 
You were going to get your children back. 
You and Wanda.
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poisonbeauty · 2 days ago
BFB!PIETRO!!!! BFB!PIETRO!!!!!!!!!!!!! the OG bfb. sexy motherfucker - noelle
here we go, best friend's brother pietro would be:
a little shit, for starters: always picking on you, teasing you whenever he could -- but getting a lil posessive whenever someone else does it.
would watch over you and wanda at parties/gatherings cause he's one worried boy
would despise each and every one of your partners (secretly cause he thought none of them were good for you)
pietro would tell dirty jokes occasionally -- mainly cause he liked the flirty undertones of it, and how they would make you all flustered.
he would also care a little too much, however he wouldn't show much
would leave his hoodies and jackets at your place cause he knows you'd wear them
the chemistry between you was clear, it was just a matter of who would crumble first -- you did, you crumbled first: showing up at the maximoff's, seeking comfort and wanda's kinda words only to have a shirtless pietro tell you that she was out with a guy named vision.
"who hurt you, draga?"
letting you sob on his chest while he calms you down -- wanda doesn't mention how she comes home to find the two of you curled up on the couch, tangled in each other.
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The Cathedral (Sirius Black x Reader)
Hey, just wanted you to know that the reader here is a female beuxbatons student.  Please comment below your thoughts on my attempt. My requests are open 🌸 🌻🌼 @mais-e
Tumblr media
Sirius scoffed walking inside the large cathedral where today his cousin’s wedding was taking place. His parents walked ahead to greet the Malfoys, his uncle and aunt were attending to their guests. Regulus walked towards the row where they were asked to sit and sat down, Sirius looked around they still had a good thirty minutes for the wedding to start. 
As he then made sure his parents weren’t looking and started walking out, Sirius walked out to the garden and sat down on a bench. The cathedral was beautiful, he never really was very close with Narcissa, but she seemed pretty happy about the wedding, he was not surprised that Andromeda was not there, as she had married a muggle-born not less than a year ago. He usually used to hang out with Andromeda at all these family events. “Eet is a beautiful cathédrale, no?” a voice spoke interrupting his chain of thoughts. “Wh-what?” he said only now noticing a girl sitting beside him “Oh I vas saying that la cathédrale is very beautiful.” She repeated looking at him her voice was wrapped with a beautiful French accent, the girl looked no more than fifteen, about his age. “Oh yes, it is.” He replied, Sirius, wondered why he hadn’t seen her before in school almost like on clue she inquired, “You go to ‘Ogwarts?”. “Yes I do, and you?” he asked, the girl was not any less beautiful than the cathedral. “Moi? I go to Beauxbatons,” she said, now that he thought about it, he had heard that name before somewhere. “Oh, where are my manners,” he said shaking his head “I’m Sirius Black pleased to make your acquaintance.” He said taking his hand out, the girl smiled “Je suis Y/n L/n nise to meet you too.” She said shaking his hand. “And you are very beautiful,” the words just slipped out of Sirius’s mouth before he could stop, Y/n’s cheeks flushed with colour as he slowly pulled her hand away and smiled. “Er I need to go, my mère is vaiting for me.” She said standing up “Oh okay, guess I’ll see you.” He said and Y/n softly nodded and walked inside. ‘Great’ Sirius thought another person, who thinks he’s weird, he too walked inside after a while and sat down beside Regulus, he spotted Y/n sitting a few seats to their right.
After the wedding, Sirius was standing in a corner of the reception hall, sulking “Gâteau?” a familiar voice asked he looked up, Y/n was standing there holding a piece of cake on a plate “Oh yes please,” he said smiling and taking the plate. Y/n leaned against the wall “Vere is your family?” she asked looking at him “There” he said pointing at his parents and brother sitting on a table “It’s my cousin’s wedding” he stated. Y/n nodded “You are not with them?” she asked, “Oh I just felt like standing here, the party is way too fancy for me.” He joked chuckling slightly. She nodded and Sirius finished his cake, “The drezzes for the Bride and bridesmaids are from my family shop, also for the wedding of that woman.” She gestured her head towards Bellatrix. “The dresses are all very lovely.” Sirius said “Yes they are,” she said smiling at him, he smiled back. The girl surely was something alright, a song was playing, Narcissa and Lucius were dancing in the centre. “May I have a dance?” Sirius asked slowly taking his hand out Y/n looked at him smiling “Yes you may.” She said taking his hand and smiling back. Sirius guided her to the dance floor and they slowly started dancing.
About after an hour, both of them were swaying slightly to the music Y/n had her head on Sirius’ shoulder and Sirius was smiling, all his Slytherin classmates were staring at them both. Y/n pulled away slowly “Well I have to go soon,” she said looking at him with a sad smile, “Right” Sirius nodded as he walked away with her. “You are a wonderful guy, Sirius Black.” She said “Well I try to be,” he said with a bow, at this,  Y/n laughed. And it sure was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. “Now I should go,” she said softly, Sirius remained quiet he didn’t know what to say. And then something unexpected happened he kissed her, Y/n was taken aback but she kissed back and that was one hell of a kiss! Y/n pulled back and smiled at him before slowly turning away and then leaving. Sirius stood there stuck smiling like a five-year-old on Christmas, after that kiss he was sure that he was not going to forget about her anytime soon.
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