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the-nerdy-goddess · 49 minutes ago
A little Loki blurb I did because I needed a little break from my FATWS book which is already halfway done!
Warnings: mentions of torture but nothing too bad
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Tumblr media
I did my best to stay still in the shattered marble as my magic started to wind it's way through my body. Now that the Other's mind control was gone, my magic was unleashed, although I feared what might happen if I used it for anything other than healing.
Thanos would know of my failure and would eventually come for me. I'd sabotaged his plans, giving way to the Avengers to rise and take control.
Had the mad titan sent someone other than his puppet, Earth might be subjugated at the moment.
I managed to open my eyes, blinking hard as the sun filtered in through the broken windows. In front of me stood the mighty Avengers team.
"You've lost Loki" said the man suited in metal armor. Tony Stark, I believe. He was rather smug as the rest of his fellow comrades held some sort of weapon toward me, all except Thor who was looking at me with a level of disappointment.
"Silly mortals" I closed my eyes in relief. They weren't as incompetent as I originally thought. "You think I've lost, when I won"
"Why do you speak in riddles brother!" Thor demanded. I looked to him now, a laugh bubbling in my chest, although it hurt to let loose.
"Don't you think if I was really trying to win, I would have?" I struggled to push myself into a seated position, my own body protesting the movement. The Avengers looked at me with a mixture of confusion and suspicion. "I lost on purpose! Had I failed, this world would have wished something as sweet as death."
"And you suddenly care so much about earth?" Bruce Banner raised a skeptical brow. "Aren't you supposed to be the god of lies?"
Rolling my eyes, I sunk back carefully into the crater. "I care not for earth but for Asgard, had Midgard fallen, then the nine realms would have followed soon after. Stopping the attack here, remedied the situation"
"Who threatens the nine realms brother" Thor knelt down next to me, silently pleading with me to expose the truth.
"It's much more delicate than simply saying the name Thor" I took a deep breath. "When I fell, I was found by the chitari."
Thor paled at the implications. "No, brother, he is dead"
"Not as dead as we all believed" I supplied.
"Can someone fill us in on who this 'He' is and why he's so bad." Tony asked impatiently.
Thor turned toward his team, his face ashen. "My brother was under the control of someone we thought to be a legend. One told to children to make them behave. He speaks of Thanos"
I flinched at the name, wanting to get away from Thor for even saying it, as if he would suddenly know where I was simply by uttering his name.
"And why is Thanos so bad?" Romanoff quirked a brow in suspicion.
I ignored the redhead, trying to get my oaf of a brother to understand the gravity of the situation. "He probably knows what I've done and is coming for me"
Barton narrowed his eyes. "What is it exactly that you did?"
Feeling some strength fill my muscles, I slowly stood, despite the Avengers raising their weapons in defense. I moved toward the island and leaned against it. "I manipulated everything, including taking control of Agent Barton's mind. Once I heard your director fury refer to him as the best agent, I knew I needed you, although it really was just luck that you happened to be so close to a member of the team"
"You killed Coulson" Stark crossed his arms.
I looked to him, confused. "The agent that was in the room where the hulks cage was, is that correct?" At the nod I continued. "He should be alive. I merely wounded him, although midgardian anatomy might be different than I thought. I stabbed him in the shoulder"
"Why should we believe you?" Steve Rogers, who had up until now been quiet.
"My wounds go far beyond this battle" I began, unhooking the chest plate to my armor with one hand, pulling it away slightly to show the damage done by the Chitari. "They tortured me until I was broken enough for the Other to reach into my mind. Then they gave me the scepter to strengthen their control"
"And then the hulk hit your head hard enough to shatter the control" Romanoff nodded to herself, gesturing toward the crater in the center of the room, Barton rubbed his forehead while the other Avengers looked to her confused. "I had to give Barton a concussion to snap his mind control"
So it's not as fool proof as the Other claimed it to be. I inwardly smirked in victory. "After I was captured, I realized that if I could band the six of you together, you might be able to stop the invasion."
"So you manipulated everything from the moment you got here" Bruce Banner summed. I nodded, pulling my chest plate back into place. My magic was slowly mending the torn flesh and it needed some sort of protection.
"If this Thanos person is so powerful, why didn't he come here himself?" Stark questioned.
Swallowing, I forced the images of the mad titan out of my memory. "I was a pawn in a much larger scheme. He intended to see Earth’s defenses, you all have proven to be formidable foes.”
Over the next several hours, I strategized with the defenders of Midgard, gaining their weary trust when they realized I was nothing more than a victim manipulated by a power hungry tyrant.
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jhiddles · 5 hours ago
The Silver Shadow
Summary: You and Loki escape and grow closer. You reveal secrets about your past.
Word Count: 3,368
Warnings: Fluff, language, violence
Tags: @daisy116 @shadowolf993 @darkened-writer
Other Chapters: masterlist
A/N: Again I’m so sorry. Twilight is getting to me. This chapter is super long (longest yet) and is basically 3k words of fluff so enjoy. Loki and Y/N are becoming friends and falling for each other! Also, you’ll never guess what Y/N is. JK, you probably do. This fic is full of 2013 avengers tower cliches.
Tumblr media
Chapter 7: Just Tell Me What You Know
The moment was here. It was now or never. You and Loki gave each other a quick glance before green magic surged out of his hands, shattering the glass walls of the cells.
Alarms blared. The lights flashed. Chaos ensued.
“Loki, let’s split up! I’ll meet you in the alleyway” you yelled to him and ran out of the prison block. Soldiers came running, one by one, fully armed, to try and stop you. You hid behind a column on the side of the hallway. When the first one passed you, you hit him with a side hook and sent him tumbling to the ground. You grabbed his supply belt and his gun and shot him in the leg. You weren’t going to kill anyone today.
Loki had other plans. You could hear the sounds of blood splattering on the walls behind you. Soldiers with families screamed and begged for mercy. You tried to focus on your attackers and just let Loki fight his fight.
One by one, you got through the incoming soldiers, knocking them in the head and shooting them in arms or legs to disable them. You made your way to the stairwell.
“What’s happening?” Tony yelled at Steve. Some of the off-duty Avengers decided to have a game night. Tony was drunk and Clint had passed out on the sofa. Wanda and Nat were on a mission, leaving Steve as the only one sober enough to go to battle.
“Loki! Y/N! Shit!” Steve cursed, realizing who was causing the disturbance.
“Language!” Tony taunted.
“Now’s not the time, Stark.” he scolded, “Are you drunk?”
“Maybe just a little. JARVIS,” Tony hiccuped, “How bad is it?”
“Sir, Loki, and Y/N have broken out of containment and are almost to the ground floor.” the computer answered, “Although I recommend you sit this one out, sir, you are quite intoxicated.”
Ignoring JARVIS’ answer, Tony summoned his armor and attempted to fly. Instead, he lost control and nearly crashed into the window, dodging it at the last second to hit the wall and crumple down to the floor.
“Go on without me” he laughed at Steve and fell unconscious. Steve jumped into action, grabbing his shield and sprinting to the stairwell. He jumped down the middle and fell down to the bottom where you were attempting to escape.
You had fought your way to the stairwell and now had to climb up five flights of stairs to get to the ground floor. The only problem was that soldiers dressed in full battle gear were streaming down to meet you.
Instead of running up the stairs, you ran to the middle of the stairwell and shot the grappling hook you found up until it hit something and latched on. You began your ascent, shooting anyone that shot at you.
Once you felt that you were at street level, you jumped onto the stairs, latching your legs around the neck of an unfortunate soldier. You twisted around and slammed him to the ground. Not even looking back, you ran to the door. It was marked as the first floor. Though not the ground floor that would exit to street level, it would work.
You ran out into the hallway as fast as you could and sprinted to the nearest window. You ran into scientists in lab coats and professionals dressed in suits and ties but you kept on.
Come on Y/N, Come on… Just get out of here…
Then you saw it. A window. Without hesitation, you jumped through it, shattering the thick glass. You and the glass fell to the sidewalk. You rolled and paused for a moment.
I’m free!...
Steve knew he was too late the moment he got to the scene. He walked over to the prison where you and Loki had been kept to examine what happened. Somehow, he could tell where you and Loki had split up. On one side, there were soldiers shot in their limbs, unconscious, but beginning to stir. On the other, blood-stained bodies lay dead. That was where Loki went, Steve was sure.
He pressed on his comlink to notify the soldiers that it was over. He sighed in disappointment.
How were they ever going to get you back?
Trash littered the dark alleyway. Rats scurried away from their midnight meal when they saw you walking down. You made it halfway down before you felt hot air tickle your neck.
“Hello, there darling” Loki’s soft voice whispered from behind.
You turned to face him. Somehow, he had changed his clothes from the ugly yellow prison jumpsuit. He was now wearing an emerald green silk button-up shirt, a black tie, pressed black trousers, and a large black leather overcoat. He wore expensive-looking heeled boots and gold jewelry hung off of his wrists and neck. You had to admit, he looked very nice. Too nice.
“Couldn't you have worn something less conspicuous?” you asked. This was New York City and you needed to blend in.
Loki flashed his pearl white teeth at you and smiled. “Would you rather me look homeless?”
“Then I don’t see the problem,” he smirked. “Are you jealous? I have to say, that yellow still doesn’t flatter you.”
“Not all of us have magic, Loki. Some of us are still human.”
“I suppose you're right. Here you go then” He sighed and flicked his wrist. Green shimmered up your body and you were suddenly wearing normal clothes. You were dressed in a long-sleeved green dress that matched his shirt and dripping in gold jewelry. Loki stood back aways to admire his work.
“There,” he said contently, “we match now.”
You wished that he had dressed you in something more appropriate for your lifestyle. Jeans, at the very least. Still, you were thankful for his fashion tastes. The two of you matched. The average passersby would hopefully assume that you were two socialites on their way to some fancy restaurant. How wrong they would be.
You eyed him up cautiously. Why was he helping you out? Wasn’t the deal that he healed you and you helped him escape. The two of you were free. He should be on his way to wherever he wanted to go. You should be alone again and hiding in a safe house somewhere outside of the city. Y/N Y/L/N worked alone and you were desperate to keep it that way. You hadn’t had a partner since Bucky and that had gone downhill quickly.
Even if you wanted a partner, you didn’t want it to be Loki. From stories, you knew he had betrayed almost everyone. Even his family. You couldn’t take that chance. You barely knew him. He was the one who got you in trouble in the first place.
But still, there was something about Loki that made you want to stay near him. In your time locked up next to him, you had gotten used to having a God near you. The thought of splitting up felt painful. And you hated it.
“Are you okay? Y/N?” Loki asked, interrupting your thoughts. You hoped he hadn’t heard the battle your mind was having over him.
“Can I ask you something?” you said.
“Sure. What is it?” he said curiously.
“Why are you still here?”
“Would you rather me not? I thought our agreement was you would break me out, and I would continue my services as your personal healer. Haven’t I proven myself useful?”
“You have. I just-” you paused.
“What is it?”
“Nevermind. Let's just find someplace to hide.”
He offered his arm to you. You stared him in the eye before accepting. You could have sworn he was looking at you differently. The way he guided you down the alley and onto the street… he was such a gentleman.
In your close proximity, you could smell his cologne. Even after all the time in a prison cell, he still smelled expensive. Hints of pine and leather were coming through to you under a layer of burnt sugar and sweet smoke. It was intoxicating, yet comforting. You suddenly had the urge to lay your head on his chest just to bathe in it.
As you got lost in your thoughts, you almost missed the glances Loki gave you.
Y/N. That’s all Loki could think about. The girl that had given him his freedom. The girl he had dressed in his colors and was now walking down fifth avenue. There was just something about you that drew him in and was now making it impossible to let go.
Loki had loved before. He was over a thousand years old, of course, he’d loved. But none of them ever lasted. It was like he was born with a curse; everyone he cared about would either hate him or end up dead. His entire life, he had lost love after love after love, to the point where he now found it fruitless. Why bother when it wouldn’t last. It was just going to break him further anyways.
But you. Oh, how Loki needed you. From the first time, he felt your presence he wanted to make you his queen. At first, he was just attracted to your power. Now, after meeting you in the flesh, his feelings had changed, dramatically.
Loki wanted to be with you and he was willing to do anything to stay. The only thing standing between him being with you forever was you. You were just so stubborn, Loki didn’t understand. It was almost as if you didn’t trust him and were just waiting for the moment you could wiggle out from under him. Who wouldn’t? He was used to it by now. He just wished it wasn’t you that felt that way. He wanted you to love him, to trust him. To be the yin to his yang. His queen.
He got so lost in his thoughts that he almost missed your secret glances at him.
The sun was just breaking through the horizon when you found an abandoned warehouse to hide in. Graffiti painted the steel walls and pigeon droppings littered the concrete around it. All of the windows were either broken or boarded up. The only entrance was the set of double doors that were padlocked shut.
Without hesitation, Loki walked over and grabbed half of the chain in each hand. With a brute grunt, he ripped the chain in half and threw the pieces to the side. He pushed open one of the doors and held it open for you to walk in.
Such a gentleman… Absolutely not…
The inside of the warehouse was no nicer than the outside. Broken glass, trash, and bird droppings coated the concrete floors. The graffiti snaked up as high as the average human could reach and the whole building stunk like mildew and urine. Disgusted from the sharp contrast in smell between Loki and the building, you squished up your nose. Loki did the same. The way he wrinkled his nose was adorable. Inside you smiled at him. As much as he tried to project a dark psychopathic killer, there was still something inside him that you loved.
“Let’s get you somewhere to rest. Midgardian.” The first half of the sentence sounded almost caring. It was as if he threw in the insult just to sound tough. Somehow you didn’t mind.
In the end, he found some sacks of what smelled like rotten potatoes and made them up into two beds. One for you, and one for him. As he worked, you searched for something to start a fire with. You found an old oil barrel which you dragged out to be in between the beds and tore some wood off of a broken structure. Loki lit it with his magic and for a while, you watched the green flames dance around.
Loki gazed intently into the fire and looked far off in thought.
“Loki,” you whispered softly to him, waking him from his trance.
“Yes, Y/N, what is it?” he responded, equally as gentle, though slightly annoyed. You wondered what he had been thinking about. What if it was you? Your heart fluttered at the very thought.
“I-I, I don’t think you meant it when you said you enjoyed killing.”
“You don’t.” he sounded confused, yet relieved. As if someone had finally broken through his ice wall and rescued him from himself.
“No.” you shook your head, “I think you just put on a scary face to hide. I don’t think you’re a monster. Not anymore.”
“You seem genuinely kind. To me at least. That means there’s some good in you.”
“What if you’re wrong.”
“I don’t care then. The Loki that is sitting across from me is not the Loki that attacked New York.”
He smiled. A log in the fire fell sending sparks flying into the air. Was that a sign that he felt the way that you did?
“Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there lived two young princes in a faraway kingdom.”
“Is this story about you?” you asked.
“Maybe. Let me continue” Loki hushed, “The oldest brother, blond and brawny, was destined to the throne. Thus, he received all his father’s, the king, attention. He grew into a strong warrior, the best that the kingdom had ever seen since his father before him. The second brother did not share his brother’s strength. On the battlefield, it seemed, he could be easily defeated.
“So the second brother was ignored by his father. Only his mother, the queen, seemed to care for him. She was a magic-user, a witch some would call her. She taught her youngest son all she knew about magic and the universe around her. However, the son was still limited in his abilities, he yearned for knowledge and was desperate for the truth. However, he discovered early on that no one else was willing to teach him. He found that the only way to earn anyone’s attention was to create mischief.”
“Is that where you got your title, God of Mischief?” you asked.
“Yes,” he answered. “Now will you stop interrupting me?”
“What if I have a question?”
“Save it for the end.”
“The young prince played tricks on anyone foolish enough to fall into his traps. Over time, he gained the reputation of being cruel and malevolent. No one in the entire kingdom trusted him anymore. The youth, treated with such bitterness and hostility, decided that there was nothing that he could do to change their minds so he might as well just follow their lead. He would never be king. He’d never be his brother. He’d never be a hero. What else was left?
“The young prince decided that he could be a witch. He could be a villain. He could be a trickster, a schemer, the self-serving God of Chaos, and prove everyone right. Prove them all right in what they had all thought, that he was rotten from the start. He would serve no man but himself, no heart but his own. That would be his choice. He could be the witch.
“Be the witch and know everything. So that is what he chose.”
The final words of Loki’s story sent shivers down your spine. You knew that he only told you that story so you might feel some fear towards him, but none came. Instead, you found empathy towards him.
All he had known his entire life was cruelty. Of course, he was going to turn out bad. But that didn’t mean he was. Right there, you made the decision to treat Loki with nothing but kindness and respect. He deserved it after all.
“I’m so sorry Loki. The world can be cruel.”
“Isn’t it? Anyways, I’ve grown past it. Nothing people say affects me any more.”
That was a lie. You could see it in his face. You remembered the silent pain in his face when you had called him a monster, unbeknownst to his past, and was suddenly filled with regret.
I guess it’s true then… You should never judge a book by its cover…
As cliche as it sounded, you knew in your heart that it was right. Loki wasn’t a psychopath or a cold-blooded sadist. Just a fallen prince with terrible coping mechanisms.
And then suddenly, to the surprise of both Loki and yourself, you began singing to him. It wasn’t anything special, just a lullaby that you remembered someone singing to you as a young child.
Y/N is singing to me Loki thought. His heart hammered in his chest. He fought his eyes from watering and body from trembling. The song you were singing was one his mother used to sing to him and Thor as children. Your voice, like hers, sounded like an angel's.
It wasn’t until the third verse that he joined in. He noticed the shock in your voice when his light sweet voice came in. You sang with him until the end, holding the last note a little longer than necessary.
“How do you know that song?” it seemed you asked each other at the same moment.
“I remember someone singing it to me when I was a kid,” you answered first.
“That’s what my mother used to sing to me and Thor. It’s an old Asgardian folk song, how do you know it?” Loki asked.
Asgardian folk song!? How? You had never been to Asgard in your life or met any Asgardian until Loki. Hell, you didn’t even know Asgard existed until a few years ago. No one did. It was impossible. Unless…
It was true, you didn’t know your parentage. But the very notion that you could be Asgardian was ridiculous. Wouldn’t you know that you were a God?
“Y/N, are you Asgardian?” Loki asked. Of course, he asked.
“No.” you answered quickly, “I mean, I don’t know.”
“How wouldn’t you know”
“I don’t know Loki.” your voice was full of sadness and shame. To not even know who you were…
“I think that a story might be fitting right about now” Loki urged.
“There’s not much to tell,” you admitted.
“Just tell me what you know.” he assured, “I’ll sing to you when you’re done.”
“Once upon a time,” you began. Then stopped, “do I have to do that, it seems silly.”
“Not if you don’t want to,” Loki reassured.
“Okay then,” you said and began your story, “ I don’t know who I am, where I came from, or why I do what I do. All I know is that I was left in the care of a Russian militant group in 1909. I murdered Rasputin for money and have had an endless supply of jobs since.
“I have killed two hundred and thirty-one men, women, and children for money in my one hundred and four years on Earth. I have no idea how the fuck I have stayed alive that long. Or how I’ve barely aged a day since 1920. Every single day, I wake up thinking that it is going to be my last one. That I’m going to be captured and killed today. I’ve never had a normal life. I will never have a normal life. I will die a murderer. Alone. And no one will care.
“There will be no one in the entire world that will mourn me. The United Nations will have my corpse burn and will dance on my ashes. My death will be an international holiday. A day for governments to celebrate the death of their nightmare. That is who I am. A nightmare. And I hate it.”
You didn’t realize you were crying or that Loki was sitting next to you hugging your shoulders until he spoke.
“I am so sorry,” he said to you with the utmost sincerity. “I promise, Y/N, that I will help you find out who you are. And I swear to you, Y/N I will mourn you. With all of my heart.”
Loki laid you down and stroked your Y/H/C locks as he sang to you. You drifted off listening to him sing, knowing in your heart, that he would protect you.
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bleufrost · 7 hours ago
There's Just Time (A Loki x reader Fanfic)
Chapter Two: All I Ask
Summary: You were an explosion waiting to happen who found love in the arms of a hurricane. Loki saw you as an angel that calmed his demons. For you, he was a savior that taught you to trust your abilities, yourself, and others. When he died, you were broken. You clung to any hope possible and watched as it all fell away. With nothing left, stories from your youth flooded back of a mysterious force that controlled time and space, and you knew that you would do anything to see him again...even if that something meant teaming up with the Time Variance Authority to capture the man you love.
Loki is confronted with a life he hasn't lived. You are confronted with a choice you weren't prepared to make.
Words: 7,797
Warnings: grief, mentions of self harm, death
main story: prologue | chapter one
moments in time (avengers era, prelude): part one
He's as angry as the hills He's got a mind and eyes and both set to kill Maybe he may learn to walk, And maybe he may learn to take his time
When Loki first asked to see your powers, you were hesitant. No, hesitant was too simple a word to describe the immense anxiety that ran through you at the thought of showing him. For years, you had learned to suppress them. Hide a huge part of yourself in order to make others more comfortable. To fit in. To be invisible. Even when you had first come onto S.H.I.E.L.D.S radar, you didn’t want to do what they asked of you. You were afraid. It felt like you were always afraid.
That day, resting on the opposite side of an invisible wall from him, you both sat in silence. He had asked, and from there he gave you all of the space you needed in order to make your decision. Loki didn’t try to persuade you. He didn’t guilt trip you or egg you on. He just sat with you until you were ready. Something told you that even if the cell wasn’t keeping him from you, he still would have never forced you.
Minutes passed in quiet contemplation until you finally found the strength to look up into his eyes. There, all you saw was a gentleness that made you wonder whether this god could have ever done the things you saw him do not months earlier. How could someone with eyes so kind cause any harm?
Your hand raised slowly, and a small blue flame flickered to life in your palm. It stayed small, afraid, for a moment. When you dared to look at Loki again, his smile was big and bright. You could feel the pure glee bubbling inside of him like the shriek of a small child on Christmas. It was contagious, and soon the flame grew until the warmth encapsulated your entire body. With a little more courage, you pressed your hand to the barrier. Loki watched you with fascination and raised his own palm to align with yours.
In that moment, even though you were separated, you could feel each other. Your fears, pains, joys, and general life. The warmth spread over Loki, wrapping him in a soothing calm that he hadn’t felt in years. He had no idea how you managed to quiet the screaming in his head, but like a gift from the highest of powers, you did it. His fingers itched to touch you, and a part of him swears that he could feel your fingers laying gently against his own.
“I thought there was no magic here.” Loki's voice rings through the quiet hall as his feet guide him over to the window. His eyes reflect the passing of golden vehicles, floating in midair. His head moves to follow them, a look of awe that you hadn’t seen in years falls over his features.
“There isn’t.” You can see the small hint of a smile break out on Mobius’ face. It was the same one he gave you every time you let a bit of child-like wonder show through about some of the things you’d seen at the TVA.
The way Loki is watching everything makes you itch to talk to him. He seems so genuine and open in this moment; so much like the way he was when you last saw him in your timeline.
“It takes a little getting used to.” Your feet stop beside him and you lean against the railing to watch with him. He doesn’t look at you when you speak, but his brows scrunch up in that familiar way they do when he doesn’t quite trust or understand something. You saw it a lot when introducing him to things that were commonplace on earth, but foreign to Asgardians.
“Is it all real?” You have to think before you answer that question, still unsure of most of this yourself. “I’m honestly not sure. But I think it is.” Loki’s eyes shift over to you, watching you from the corner while the light glitters over your face. There is something unfamiliarly familiar about the feeling that radiates from you, but he can’t quite place it.
“It’s real. Now come on, we have some things to discuss.” Mobius guides you both to the elevator and you head down to the room you dread most. It was time to help Loki remember a thing or two.
“Are you taking me to be killed?” He says it nonchalantly, almost conversationally. You see right through it though. He’s really scared. He knows that they could take his life from him within seconds and that would be it. You had felt the exact same when you first came here, and you did so willingly. You can’t even imagine the anxiety he must have right now.
“No, we’re just going someplace to talk.” The three of you stop at a wide door and Mobius presses a few buttons before it opens. From where you stand behind them, you can’t see into the dark room. You know what’s inside though, you’d been here before.
Mobius quickly ushers Loki into the room and tells him to wait there. “Don’t do anything funny. We’ll only be gone for like two minutes.” He shuts the door behind Loki and turns to you expectantly. You don’t quite know what he wants, but you do know what you want, and that’s to finally be let in on the secret.
You walk to the opposite side of the small corridor, sweaty hands rubbing against your pants. “What exactly is the plan here? What are you going to show him?” You don’t look at Mobius. Part of you is terrified that Loki will find out about what the two of you were…are? More than that though, you’re scared of what’s going to happen next. Mobius hadn’t told you what deal he made with the judge, so what was waiting for Loki was a mystery and that wasn’t going to work for you.
Mobius shuffles behind you. Without looking, you know he’s fidgeting with his hands. He moves them a lot. “Look, you’re not going to like this. I really need you not to interfere without my say-so.” He sounds nervous saying it, and he definitely should be. Does he really think you’re just going to sit there like a statue while he says and does whatever he wants to Loki? You know him better than anyone else, why wouldn’t he want your help?
“No.” Although small, the word comes out strong and defiant. You turn to face him, your expression hard. He wasn’t going to tell you what to do like some well trained pet. If he wanted cooperation, you needed answers.
“I see the way he watches you. Part of him trusts you and I know he isn’t going to listen if he feels cornered. Just sit there and try not to let anything get to you, alright? You need to be with me on this one, kid.”
“Listen to what? I’m not going to be a pawn that you use to make him suffer. Why did they let him come with us? What did you promise them?” Your voice raises with each word until you nearly scream the last question. You don’t care if people hear, you don’t even care if Mobius gets angry at you. If he wasn’t going to trust you enough to clue you in to the fate of the man you love, then you couldn’t trust him enough to let him do anything in that room.
“Alright, let’s take a breath here. I made them a similar deal to what you have. He helps us with these murders, he gets to stay the way he is. He doesn’t, well…” He gives you a sympathetic look as pain flashes through your eyes. If he doesn’t, then you risk losing him again. Loki needed to trust the TVA enough to partner up with them. He needed to trust you enough to be vulnerable and honest about himself. It stung a little that you knew the Loki in that room didn’t, but you also knew what it was like to be a caged animal. You knew what he was like as a caged animal. This would work.
“Okay. Let’s do it.” You nod gently and wait for Mobius to move. When he does, your thoughts from earlier resurface and you know you have to ask. “Mobius?” He stops and turns to you, waiting for you to continue. “Are you going to show him anything about me? About what we become?”
The question hangs in the air for seconds, but it feels like an eternity. Finally, he shakes his head. “No. Nothing that I don’t need to, anyway. I’ll keep out your more…intimate moments if that’s what you want.” Looking down, you wonder if that really is what you want. Would it really be so terrible if he knew of the future that awaited him back in your timeline? If he knew how much you both would one day depend on each other?
Yes. It would.
Nothing that he would see would leave a good impression on him, and your love for him was not something you wanted to risk tarnishing. It could wait. You were willing to wait.
With that, you offer Mobius a small nod in thanks and go back in.
Loki’s head spins to watch you from his place on the steps of the room. He was looking around while you were outside. Nothing in this room made any sense to him and the small table in the center with the odd contraptions terrified him a little, though he would never admit it.
“Alright, why don’t we all take a seat.” The way Mobius said this, like most things, made it sound like a suggestion of sorts. Like you could refuse or offer an alternative option if you wanted to, but you knew that wasn’t true. While not necessarily unkind without reason, there was a silent command to most of the gentle remarks the agent made.
Mobius rounds the table and pulls out his chair. He sits there, waiting for anyone to make a move. Loki watches his every action as though he expects an attack at any moment. It doesn’t come. When his eyes find you again, you can’t help but wonder if he’s looking to you for confirmation of his safety. Why would he trust you with his well-being?
You decide to offer Loki the best you can for what you anticipate happening next; a tiny smile. It’s nothing, just a gesture of kindness that took very little effort to give. To him, it was a promise that you wouldn’t leave him alone here. A promise that he didn’t know why he sought out or even trusted. But he did.
The fizz of a soda cracks through the room as Mobius leans back and sips on the drink. Your feet travel to the side and you take a seat on the steps there. The presence of only two seats at the table tells you that there’s a chance you shouldn’t be here. That this place was made for captor and captured only. For not the first time today, you silently find yourself thanking Mobius.
Loki is clearly still cagey and nervous, but at your move to sit, he walks over to stand by the table.
“For the record, this really does feel like a ‘killing me’ kind of room.” Once again, you can feel the fear radiating behind the cool remark. Or at least you can hear it. Yeah, hear it, not feel it. Your magic doesn’t work here. You can’t feel anything, right?
“Not big on trust, are you?” Mobius’ patience is starting to grow thin as he waits for Loki to sit. Still, he remains just as open and welcoming as ever. He wants Loki to think it’s his decision to sit. He knows that forcing anything will make him shut down. That Loki fears not having a say in what occurs in his life. You hate that he knows that.
“Trust is for children and dogs. There’s only one person you can trust” Loki’s words come out with acid. Even though you’d heard them before, they still hurt. Not because your ego is damaged by his lack of faith in you, but because you recognize this exact emotion from him. The feeling of not wanting to let anyone in because it’s synonymous with a loss of power. The panic of knowing that someone else could see into your life and truly know you. The pain of wondering if you’ll ever stop being lonely, but knowing that you’d do anything in your power to ensure that no one could ever get close without being burned. You knew these exact words from Loki, and you knew that they cut him deeply to the core to say, to believe.
You’re so caught up in your thoughts that you almost miss the glance from you to Loki that Mobius’ eyes make. His sight stays on you for a little longer than what makes you comfortable. “Sure.”
Loki follows his gaze and finds you, sitting like a child. He turns away quickly.
Mobius speaks up again, this time more confidently. “I like it. Slap it on a t-shirt!”
When all eyes are off you, the weight of their gaze does not leave with it. Mobius was implying that Loki had been lying about his feelings of trust. While he was right, you knew that his open disbelief was an act of defiance that Loki would not take lightly. Suddenly, a new thought plagued your mind. Would Loki see you as the enemy if Mobius continued to use you as a meditator? As a justification to prove Loki wrong? That thought makes your stomach churn.
It takes a bit more coaxing, but Loki does sit down eventually. Arms cross over his chest and you can’t help but admire the feigned relaxed look he gives off. He’s always been an expert at staying calm and collected. It took quite a bit to force that façade to drop. Mobius would get there though, you knew it.
“I specialize in the pursuit of dangerous variants.” The faint flash of pride comes over Loki’s features. “You mean like myself?” His posture straightens ever so slightly. Fear. He thought he wanted it most for the longest time. It had taken a while for you to convince him that being feared was not a sign of respect.
Mobius takes a sip of his drink and shakes his head. “Mmm, no. I mean particularly dangerous variants. Like her.” His arm raises in your direction, the soda can being used to point you out and showcase you to the room. You know what you’re capable of, why they felt the need to have you on a permanent lock while you were here. Energy really is a funny thing. Just as easily as it can be given, it can be taken away.
Loki’s eyes find you for the seemingly hundredth time that day. Where you expect to find malice, there is only confusion. The gears work quickly in his head and his words come out very deliberately; well thought out. “They know what you do?”
You remember his refusal earlier to announce your status as an Avenger. You remember the little looks he’s given you the whole walk here and the limited information he offered when you first told him that you had met him before. Loki wasn’t sure if they knew about you and what you truly were capable of. More than that, he had made the conscious decision to not reveal anything that he wasn’t sure you wanted revealed.
Just as you open your mouth to answer him, Mobius gives you a pointed look and you close it. “Yep, we know just as much about her as we do about you. Maybe even more considering she’s been helping me out for a little while now.”
From there, questions are fired off. Something about the way Mobius knows which buttons to press sets off alarms in your head. He eggs Loki on, poking into the holes in his plan to one day rule the nine realms. You can see the quiet storm as it awakens behind his eyes. Mobius treats him as you often saw Thor do so; asking just the right questions to get him talking and spouting out what you knew to be lies he was force-fed. Although Mobius was doing everything right to come off as non-judgmental, it leaves both you and Loki guarded. His arms move animatedly, inviting anyone else to be half as open as he is, but no one takes the bait. That’s the problem, you suddenly understand. It feels like bait.
With the hit of a button, a holograph of New York comes to life on the large screen in front of you all. Loki turns to watch the pixels come to life and rework themselves multiple times until an image of your old team stares back at him.
“What is this?” He looks away, and you know it’s because he can’t stand to look into the eyes of people he knew were in the right. Not when the evil they had fought was himself.
Mobius picks up his soda and leans back as though this is some fun movie to watch. “It’s a sampling of your greatest hits.”
The images and mix of emotions leaves your head a wreck. Your fingernails scratch into the skin of your palm, a nervous habit you picked up after years of trying to find a distracting release for your built up energy. Your shoulders stiffen and, just like Loki, you don’t manage to be able to watch the screen for more than a second. Unlike him though, it’s because for you it serves as a constant reminder of people you may never see again. Too much that you can never get back.
More images flash and your discomfort grows. You can see Loki shuffle in his seat. When Phil Coulson’s death plays out, you decide that trying to watch isn’t worth it anymore. Tears spring to your eyes as you recall the numerous times the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent had tried to help guide you when you first came to the tower. Tony had been your lifeline, but he wasn’t always available to help with the smaller things. Some things you needed to figure out on your own, but Coulson never really let you feel too lonely. He was there to eat breakfast with you or walk with you to the training grounds. Little things, maybe even too small for most people to care about. They had meant something to you though.
“Do you enjoy hurting people? Making them feel afraid?” You wonder if this is an actual question, or if Mobius just wants to make him hurt. Your nails press a little harder into your skin with each pass.
“Your games don’t frighten me. I know what I am!” Loki’s voice cuts through the room like a blade. It makes your heart squeeze to hear the distress, but you stay quiet. Mobius, on the other hand, doesn’t flinch before he bites back, “A murderer?”
That strikes a chord with you and you instantly sit up, taking in a loud, shocked breath. Every single person you knew and trusted had done things that they regretted, things that they could never take back. They could only move forward and do whatever they could to make amends for the damage they caused. Using past mistakes as ammunition in arguments, weaponing major faults that could not be erased...that wasn't something you and Loki did to each other. You knew Mobius was just trying to spur him on, but that one caught you off guard. Certain accusations were said so easily but caused damages that would take years to fix.
Mobius gives you a sharp glare, reminding you that outbursts were not a part of his plan. You sit back again. This wasn’t going to be the worst of it and the resounding threat of being dismissed kept hanging over your head. Instead, you resort back to focusing your anxiety to the palm of your hand. It hurt, but being forced to leave would hurt far more. Loki’s head moves the slightest bit, just enough to catch your distress before his eyes harden with determination. When he speaks, the words seem to address you just as much as the agent in front of him. “A liberator.”
Mobius felt like a threat to Loki. He knew he was losing him. “All I seek is a deeper understanding of the fearsome God of Mischief.”
“Liar.” Loki stands and faces you with a questioning look. He wasn’t getting the truth from Mobius, but something told him that you would offer some answers. He had very little experience with you, but what he did have told him that you were not one to turn away an individual seeking guidance. There was a purity to you that he recalled from his time on Midgard. You wanted to help him even as he threatened everything you loved. There was goodness to you.
Loki walks toward you, stopping just a few feet from you as you rise to meet him. He’s so close, you can almost feel him. The spark. You can’t use your powers here, but the spark has to still be there. You swear it is. You haven’t been this close to Loki face to face since the last time you saw him back in your own timeline. It had been numerous excruciatingly long years of grief and pain, followed by however long you’d spent here without him. Tears welled in your eyes, but you had to force them back. He wouldn’t understand why you were crying. He might even take it as reason to lash out against Mobius even more.
“What is truly going on here? Please, tell me.” His eyes plead with you in a way that you only remember from some of your most intimate and vulnerable moments with him. You can’t tell him everything, but you can at least let him in on what he can do to make this all end with a little less pain.
“I know it doesn’t all make sense right now, but you need to cooperate. He just needs to know he can trust you.” You desperately try to express to Loki how serious this is. How real it all is.
He closes the distance a little more, staring you down with such intensity that you feel you may never recover from it. He’s so afraid, but the fact that he turned to someone he very recently saw as an enemy for help...well, that made you wonder if maybe the way he felt about you wasn’t so far removed from the way he would have had he stayed.
Loki saw the rapid thoughts working in your brain. He wanted nothing more than to have them stop. To allow you to relax for even a moment. There had to be a reason nothing you were thinking was being said out loud. You had told him something though. He could trust that, couldn’t he? His hand seems to move of its own accord. It comes up gently to reach for you, and when he notices, he makes the conscious effort to continue the movement.
You can feel him as he reaches for you. There’s that spark again. Your powers are controlled here. You’re imagining it. You’ll take the fantasy though, because you know that you haven’t felt his energy in so long. His fingers are centimeters away and your breath hitches as your eyes meet his again, waiting to feel his hand on your arm. Just as he is about to make contact, just as the energy that radiates within feels as though it’s about to finally hold you again, he’s gone.
Your eyes search the room in a panic as Loki is once again taken from you. When you find him, he’s back in the chair at the center of the room. You can’t feel him anymore.
“Alright, let’s refocus here. I think this one’s gonna fire you up.” Mobius touches the dial and the screen reworks to show Loki in Germany. Loki doesn’t even look up at the screen, choosing instead to face you once more.
"Why does he need to feel as though I am trustworthy?" He leans forward in his seat to test the limits, trying to get closer to you without triggering another reset by Mobius.
You want to answer, offer him any and all comfort he needs in order to feel as though he isn't someone's prey. You know you can't though, not with Mobius watching. And he most definitely is watching.
You don’t even dare meet Loki’s gaze, knowing that you’d give in within seconds. Instead, you find Mobius staring straight at you. He shakes his head just the slightest bit and his face tells you everything you need to know. You weren’t going to get another chance. He knew you had too much to lose and you weren’t going to risk it. You couldn’t.
Letting out a shaky sigh, you lean back again and focus on the floor in front of you. Loki stares between you and the agent and shakes his head in disbelief. You weren’t going to help him anymore.
“So you work for them.” When he scoffs, it’s cynical and filled with a judgement that only thinly veils the betrayal he feels. As much as it hurts, you completely understand. He thought there was a common enemy between the two of you. That he could trust you and look to you for some comfort. Now he thinks you’re one of them and you hate it, but in a way it’s the truth.
He turns away from you then and rises, walking to stand before you and Mobius. His eyes land on the ceiling and his hands frantically move with frustration.
“I don’t have to listen to this. I am on the verge of acquiring everything I am owed. And when I do, it will be because I did it, not because you or the Time Variance Authority allowed me to!” His voice rises with each word until he’s nearly yelling. Everything he says is laced with desperation and you know that he’s on the verge of breaking.
When he speaks next, it’s aimed directly at you. “Honestly, you’re pathetic! Weak, irrelevant, a detour on my ascent!” You visually flinch at that. There was so much that he observed in so little time. At this point, what he knew of you was what he witnessed in his fight with the Avengers. It was so limited, but it was enough.
Loki knew exactly how to hurt you. When he had been on Midgard, he saw the way you acted with the other members of your team. The insecurity. The fear that you weren’t worthy of them. That you weren’t strong enough to trust yourself with the powers you held. He noticed it all.
In that moment, he saw the way his words affected you and although he had aimed to hurt you, make you feel as insecure as he did in this unfamiliar place, your pain brought him no joy. It offered no excitement or satisfaction. His words were untrue and he knew it. For reasons he could not explain, part of him hoped you did too.
“You know what? You’re going to start taking things seriously.” The dial switches once again to reveal a chained Loki. Panic rises in your throat. This is the crescendo.
Loki turns to the screen and watches, disbelief washing over him. He fights Mobius on the validity of what he is seeing, not wanting to believe that the TVA has insight into things that have yet to occur for him. It’s all true though.
When Frigga’s image comes to life, you know you have to break your silence. That was too far.
“Mobius, stop!" He glares at you for the outburst, but quickly looks away. What you hoped would end the scene, only pushes it forward as it incites determined curiosity in Loki. He watches the screen intently.
"Show me." His voice is soft, the light of the screen reflecting off of glassy eyes. Loki's mother was one of his weakest points. The relationship he had with her was unlike any he had with the other members of his family. She was kind, understanding. Two things that Loki sought desperately.
Her death played out, accompanied by Mobius' harsh words. The accusations flowed naturally, not even accusations really. Just truth. Painful, cold truth.
"No. Where is she? I don't believe you!" Your heart breaks when Loki speaks. He watches the scene, eyes unwavering. It's the first time you've seen his eyes lock onto the image the entire way through. He can't look away.
"That's the proper flow of time and it happens again and again because it has to! " Mobius pushes him. This is it. This is how he plans to break the god.
Loki's desperate cries fall to you when he realizes Mobius won't answer. He goes to you, pleading once again for any sign of deceit on the screen's part. There is none and you know it. Tears spring to your eyes, and this time you can't stop them from falling to your cheeks
"Please, tell me where they're keeping her." His breath comes out shaky.
"I'm so sorry, Loki." The tears continue to fall. His head shakes back and forth in quiet disbelief.
"You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering and death. That's how it is, that's how it was, that's how it will be. All so that others can achieve their best versions of themselves." Once again, your family comes to life on the screen. You despise that Mobius is using you against him. You hate that he’s implying that Loki can’t be good. He’s wrong.
Before he can continue, a hunter enters the room. She calls Mobius out, saying something about an urgent situation.
Mobius points to Loki. “You don’t go anywhere.” Then, he directs his hand to you. "You. Come with me" Rising you follow them out and let the door shut behind you.
Out in the hall, the hunter yells at Mobius for interfering with Loki’s trial. You tune her out, completely tired of hearing the same monotonous accusations. When she leaves, you turn back to re-enter the room. Before you can open the door, Mobius catches your arm.
“Hey, no more outbursts. I don’t want to make you leave, but you’re kinda pushing me into a corner here.” As much as you hate it, you nod. You’re just itching to get back to Loki. If you could choose to never be apart from him again, you’d sacrifice anything it took to make that so.
“Okay, I’ll be quiet.” Mobius looks at you a second longer. When he finds what he’s searching for, he lets you go.
The heavy door opens slowly, but before you even enter, you know something’s wrong. Loki’s presence is gone.
Mobius reacts faster than you do, coming up behind you and throwing his hands up to stop at his hips. He lets out a frustrated sound, not quite aggressive, but fed up all the same. How he didn’t see this coming, you have no idea.
A small smile creeps onto your lips. You can’t help it. Of course in a place that he has no knowledge of, with technology that is completely foreign to him and a concept of time that makes no sense in his mind, he still finds a way to escape.
"Come on, we gotta find him." Mobius rushes over to the door, opening it and walking out. You don't follow. Instead, you walk over to the center of the room and take a seat in one of the empty chairs. When he notices, his head pokes back in to question you.
"You coming?" You shake your head immediately. "No. I'm going to wait for him here."
Mobius sighs and enters the room again.
"Hey, kid. I know I was a little harsh on you, but are you really gonna leave his fate to that hunter? He'll be erased instantly if she finds him first. You don't want that, I know you don’t." His attempt to reason with you falls on deaf ears because there was nothing to reason. You aren't being difficult. You're being smart.
"He's coming back here. I'm not going to chase him around. He shouldn't feel like he has to run from me." Mobius rubs the bridge of his nose, hands coming up in exasperation.
"So you’re not gonna help?" You just sit up in your chair and fold your hands. "Mobius, I already told you he'd be back. If you don't trust me, that's on you."
"Alright, suit yourself." His footsteps echo as he leaves. The door slams behind him, but you don't flinch. It spoke wonders to you that you were expected to entrust everything to Mobius and he couldn't even give you the benefit of the doubt here. You knew Loki better than anyone, that's why you were here. Him not believing you was annoying, but you ultimately didn't care. He doesn't need to completely trust you. Only Loki does.
So, you sit and wait. He's going to return here. His future, the life he hasn't lived yet, it's here and all too tempting an offer to ignore. They can chase him around the entire TVA, but you know you'll only find him in this room. Alarms blare outside and the small communications device you carry chirps to life with a warning about a "rogue variant." The notice to erase on sight worries you, but you know Loki well enough. He won't get caught. Not by them, anyways.
A soft whoosh sounds from the corner of the room, putting an end to your fears.
"I noticed your absence in their little search party." Loki strolls over to where you sit. He’s slightly out of breath and you wonder if he had a close call.
"I knew you'd be back." Your fingers fiddle with your shirt. You hadn't been alone with him in a while.
"Ahh, and how exactly did you know that? Did your time lords tell you?" His voice is mocking and spiteful. You expect nothing less.
"No. I'm not even allowed my powers here. If they're talking to anyone, it's not me." His steps falter, stopping to think about what you said.
"They've taken your magic from you too?"
"It was one of the first things they did when I got here." Loki begins to pace again.
"So, why do you work for them? What good does it do you?" Your fingers stop fiddling, allowing your shirt to fall flat.
"I was looking for someone. I know you think it's crazy, but losing my powers was a trade I was willing to make." His eyes meet yours, stopping in front of your seat to fully look at you.
"You speak in past tense. Did you find them?" Your gaze drops and he tilts his head in an attempt to keep contact with you.
When your eyes raise to meet his again, you know that he sees it. If you still had your powers, you wouldn't be able to control the emotions and memories that escape you. "I did."
Loki’s brows raise, and although he has no logical way of knowing, he does.
"What reason do you have to search for me?" You can't look at him anymore. It's too much. You don't want to force anything on him and telling him that you loved him more than life itself would be doing exactly that.
"Loki, I can't…" It breaks your heart, but if he’s going to love you, it has to be his choice. It has to be something he wants, even now. Not just something he thinks is part of some plan. It's not. Not anymore. Not in this timeline.
"Do you know how to work this?" He motions to the monitor on the table in front of you.
"I do." Loki nods and takes the seat across from you.
"If I ask you to show me, will you?" Your hesitation is brief, but he catches it.
"You can omit anything you feel necessary. All I ask is that I see the end." His hand reaches for yours, stopping to hover just above it. Sparks. Looking down, you can't see them but you know they're there.
He's not begging, not demanding or forcing. He's just asking. Your hand reaches up to close the distance and the fuzzy feeling of energy engulfs your joined palms. Magic doesn't work here. It becomes something you have to keep reminding yourself because you know this feels too familiar. Too comforting.
Your eyes lock and you know you'd give him the nine realms if he asked.
"Okay." Your other hand moves the dial, speeding through memories until he tells you to stop. His eyes don't blink as he rewatches the events in Germany and New York. He watches Frigga’s death again, squeezing your hand slightly as she falls to the floor. He sees himself betray Thor. Watches as he yells at you with so much ferocity that he can't believe you'd dare touch him now. He doesn't question you when images quickly flash of the two of you together. Too many to be considered nothing. You worry, but he doesn't stop you. Asks for nothing that you don't willingly give.
Odin's funeral, the proud words of a father he barely recognizes. Conversations with his brother that prove his devotion and love, things he never thought he'd share out loud. More images flash of time lost.
It isn't until Ragnarok that he asks you to stop again. His eyes glisten as he watches himself stands beside his brother, victorious against Hela. You skip over the destruction of his home, but stop as your greatest fear approaches. Now, it's your turn to squeeze his hand. Your breath hitches as tears fall. You can't watch this. You just can't
Loki notices this immediately. The screen freezes, purple tinting your features and reflecting off of your watery eyes. He knows what's next by the sheer devastation marring your features. Your heartbreak twists his own, a grip closing around his heart.
"Which button is it?" Your finger grazes over the control and he grasps your trembling hand in his, gently moving it aside as he leans over to push it. Your eyes shut tight.
You can hear everything. Feel when Loki begins to shake. Your own heart beats rapidly in your chest, painful stabs threaten to rip it out as the shuddering snap of his neck echoes throughout the room. Thor's cries shake you to your core, reminding you of the countless months spent holding each other as you grieved.
A sudden bright light engulfs the room, bathing you in the explosion that permanently ended his file. When you finally feel it's safe, your eyes open to find Loki still watching the empty screen.
"Loki?" He takes in a shuddering breath, lip trembling as tears threaten to spill. Loki suddenly stands, releasing your hand and laughing humorlessly.
"Glorious purpose." The once ambitiously driven words are now riddled with spite.
Just as you rise to comfort him, a hunter breaks through the doors. She halts, defensively raising her weapon to point at Loki. You don’t even think, just frantically move to stand between the two of them.
“I’ve got everything under control. You can stand down.” Your hands raise and you’re unsure if it’s to calm the situation or act as a shield in case she attacks. Not that you’d do any good if she touched you with the weapon.
"I don't answer to you." She raises the weapon higher, no longer in defense but instead to attack. Loki doesn’t trust her in the slightest and he is unwilling to see how this plays out if he does nothing. Not just because he knows she can kill him, but because he has a creeping suspicion that you wouldn’t move to allow her to get to him. You’d die first and the rapidly moving scenes he witnessed on the screen made that suspicion feel a little too solidified to risk.
She steps closer to you and it triggers Loki into action. His arm quickly pushes you behind him, knocking the hunter backwards with a forceful kick. He successfully moves the fight further away from you, using the centuries of training he’s had to stave her off. In between punches, he rips the collar off of his neck and slams it on to the hunter’s with a yell. His hand snakes around to grab the remote and he quickly presses a button that makes her vanish.
The remote in his hand fuels his anger. Anger at the situation. At the TVA and the power they hold. Frustration with his inability to make decisions without the looming knowledge of some time lizards. Rage of knowing that there is an entire life he will never get to lead. Love he may never feel.
When his eyes land on you, a new feeling rushes forth. You had been completely destroyed at his death. You, with the ability to feel everything and nothing if you chose to. You had cried for him, mourned him, even as he sat holding your hand. He knew that there was so much that you were keeping from him, but he didn’t care. He didn’t need to see it or be told. Even stripped of your magic, you could make him tremble with the intensity with which you felt. Even without seeing it all play by play on the large screen, he knew there was something there.
Thinking about what that hunter was ready to do to you causes the anger to bubble up once more. He looks down at the remote in his hands, spinning it until the hunter flashes before him. As soon as she appears, she’s gone again. His fingers rapidly spin the dial, not showing any signs of stopping as he finally has an outlet for all of the pent up emotion he had been feeling.
When her voice comes out strangled and pleading, you move toward him and place a hand on his arm.
“Loki, stop.” Your words barely seem to register, fingers still moving, spinning faster with each passing second. “Loki, give me the remote.”
His fingers continue, arm nearly flinging you off as he turns the dial faster. The hunter’s gasps go in and out relentlessly. You can’t take it anymore. You don’t know what will happen if he continues, what repercussions it could have or damage it could do to the hunter.
“Loki, stop it! You’re hurting her!” Finally, your words pierce him. His hand pauses as she disappears again. When he looks into your frightened eyes, he throws the remote down and turns away. You were scared, but not of him. How could he know that though? He couldn't. He didn’t.
“I don't enjoy hurting people.” You walk over to the steps and sit. His eyes follow you the whole way. “I don't enjoy it.” You knew he repeated it just as much for himself as for you. He doesn’t want you to see him as a monster, but more than that, he doesn’t want to believe he is either. It was a fight he had constantly in your timeline. A constant struggle that you often aided with the comforting warmth of your powers. You couldn’t offer powers now though. You could only offer an ear and unwavering understanding.
“I know, Loki.” You motion him over, extending the invitation for him to sit beside you. Loki’s brows knit together, your willingness to actually hear him out causing a warmth to spread through him. Not only did you show no hesitation in wanting him to sit by you, your body language was open, allowing yourself to be vulnerable to any attack he may give. You trust him, even after everything you’d seen him do.
Loki takes the invitation, sitting beside you and finally allowing himself to breathe. Finally letting his guard down after so much time spent carrying its crushing weight.
“I do it because I have to, because I've had to.” The intentional correction isn’t lost on you. He knows what he did was wrong. He doesn’t want to live a life in fear anymore.
“Because it's part of the illusion. It's the cruel elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear.” You reach your hand out to hold his, but pull back quickly when the sound of footsteps fill the room..
Mobius stops in the far corner, watching. "A desperate play for control. You were right, kid. He came back." Loki’s walls rise back up, but not all the way. If you trusted Mobius enough to work beside him, perhaps he could as well.
“I’m a villain.”
You shake your head adamantly and search his eyes, desperately trying to tell him everything you can’t put into words. “You’re not.”
“That's not how we see it. Loki, we need you.” This catches Loki’s attention, guiding his focus to the agent in front of him. He stands, offering a hand out to you. You take it and he helps you rise.
"A fugitive variant has been killing my men. Our little energy bar here has been helping me look, but we need an expert.” Your eyebrows furrow. You had a feeling Mobius had been hiding something from you.
“So you need the God of Mischief to help you solve it. What makes me an expert?” Mobius says nothing, instead opting to look at you.
“Tell him.” Your jaw clenches. Your thoughts finally return to the church. The horned devil and knives. Mobius had known the whole time.
Loki turns to you expectantly. You take in a deep breath, bracing yourself.
“The variant is you.” His eyes widen, unsure of what you’re saying and nervous of what it meant. That same anxiety fills you. This other Loki...they’re not the same. They’re a different Loki. This person standing next to you is the Loki that you know, not the one you’re hunting. You had been sure it was him before, but you didn’t know if it was your Loki. Now you did.
“What do you say? Are we a team?” Mobius looks between the two of you, a small smile beginning to form on his lips.
Loki holds your gaze and you both ask the same silent question: are you?
Yes. The answer would always be yes.
a/n: ahh chapter two is done! im so excited to hear what you guys think. i really do appreciate any comments and interactions that you guys are kind enough to give, so please dont be shy! have a lovely day angels!
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starks-hero · 8 hours ago
Riptide - Chapter Five
Pairing: Merman!Loki x Reader
Summary: Loki's curiosity had always drawn him to the shore, despite his father's warnings. And when he meets a young woman at the waters edge, he takes a risk that will change everything.
Word Count: 3,000
Warnings: none
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Tumblr media
The cave they called home was deathly quiet as Loki nervously made his way inside. He was doing his best to maintain his composure but he was completely fretting beneath the calm facade. He nervously picked at the skin of his palm as he paced, swimming from one side of the cave to the other until he made himself dizzy.
If his mother knew, oh gods if she knew. He did his best to remind himself that it was highly unlikely, he'd been so careful. But his anxious mind continued to list off the consequences of his actions should she know. Not only would he be in a whole other world of trouble, but he was also terrified of what that outcome may mean for you.
“Please let this end well,” Loki mumbled under his breath, voicing his little optimism in hopes of silencing the worries still bouncing around his mind.
“Talking to one's self is a sign of madness,” Frigga stated ever so plainly as she appeared from the depths of the cave.
Loki's heart almost jumped out of his chest and he quickly fumbled to hide the fear in his expression. “Mother,” he greeted, already knowing his nervous tone was going to give him away. “You wanted to speak with me?”
Frigga smiled softly and Loki couldn't help but feel some of his anxiety dissipate. She swam elegantly towards her son, golden tail shining in the little sunlight that managed to filter its way through the water and into the cave.
“We have a lot to talk about.”
Loki simply nodded. He couldn't lie to his mother, not even if he wanted to. She was the only one that could always see through his lies and deceptions.
“You've been going to the surface,” she stated rather plainly, watching as Loki's gaze shamefully fell to his fins. “That's what happened to your tail all those weeks ago.”
Loki didn't say anything as his mother inspected the old wounds. They'd healed over rather quickly, a result of the saltwater and the ridiculously efficient immune system that came with being a mer. But the brilliant blues and greens of his tail remained faded around certain areas where the rope and netting had snagged and bit down on his fin. His mother's hand gingerly brushed over the wounds and Loki did his best not to pull away.
“That must have been terrifying.” His mother's voice was sympathetic, but he knew there was a hook at the end of the line she was casting. “Which is why I can't help but wonder why you keep going back.”
Loki hesitated. He shook his head, wanting nothing more than to swim away from the entire conversation, back to the dock, back to you. Back to the perfect life he'd carved out for himself. But his mother didn't back down. Rather her expression changed ever so slightly, softening as she smiled and gently placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Do you remember the stories I use to tell you when you were a child? Stories of merfolk falling for humans they'd meet at the water's edge?”
Loki raised his head in surprise, his mouth falling slightly agape in a failed attempt to voice his defence. Yet Frigga simply smirked knowingly and gently took her son's face in her hands.
“Loki, my son.” She gently ran her thumb along his cheek and he glanced at her with unease. “It's time for you to tell me the truth.”
Loki swallowed thickly. He couldn't recall a time he'd felt more nervous and his mother's sincerity offered little comfort. But he sternly reminded himself that she wouldn't allow anything bad to happen. She'd surely understand.
“She rescued me, Mother.”
Loki hadn't realised he'd said the sentence aloud until he saw the change in his mother's expression. Frigga seemed slightly taken aback and almost upset by his abrupt statement. But she didn't interrupt and instead nodded for him to continue. The next thing Loki knew the words were involuntarily spilling past his lips.
“She's not like the ones Father speaks of. She's compassionate and kind,” he rushed, grasping his mother's hands as something akin to worry countered her features. “She'd never hurt me.”
Frigga sighed as she did her best to hide her fear and Loki took the opportunity to press on.
“Mother, I understand your worry but I can assure you that she poses no threat. She is the reason I am still alive.”
Frigga didn't answer immediately and Loki felt anxiety tighten his chest. He'd never meant for this to happen, he'd never meant for it to go this far. He had become so wrapped up in you and the time you spent together and the fear of his parents discovering his secret had faded away to nothing but a prevalent thought in the back of his head. In a way, he was grateful that it was his mother that had caught him out and not his father. But it did very little to ease his fears. Just before he could go on to do what would have been nothing short of begging for mercy, he was stopped by a sudden change in his mother's demeanour. What appeared to be a sad smile ghosted her lips and Loki's brows creased.
“What is her name?”
“Y/N,” Loki answered, slightly confused. He watched his mother intently, waiting for a reaction.
“You care for her?” she asked, her question genuine.
Loki nodded with absolutely no hesitation. “More than anything.”
Frigga smiled. A weight was setting in her chest but she did her best to ignore it for Loki's sake. She could tell by the shine in his eyes and the manner in which he spoke of you that you evidently meant a lot more to him than what she'd initially believed. Frigga knew love when she saw it and though it pained her to know that her son had fallen for someone that it was near impossible for him to truly be with, she would not be the one to stand between him and his happiness.  “Then don't keep her waiting.”
Loki stared at his mother in astonishment, tilting his head in the same adorable way he always did when he was unsure or taken aback. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. His mouth fell open a few times in further surprise before he finally regained his ability to speak.
“But what about Father-”
“Leave your father to me,” Frigga said simply. “I shall deal with him for now. I'll keep him occupied, as long as he doesn't know everything will be fine. But Loki he cannot find out about this."
Loki nodded promptly, the graveness of his mother's tone not going unnoticed.
Frigga nodded at Loki's compliance, calming herself with a deep breath. "Good. Now go before she begins to think you've left her.”
Loki couldn't help the smirk that involuntarily spread across his face. Unable to silence the excited laughter that bubbled in his chest, he rushed forward and wrapped his arms around his mother. Frigga knew the risks Loki's behaviour leaned way to but he was happy, visibly happier than he'd been in a long time. And that's all that mattered to her. If that happiness was found above the surface with a human then so be it. His hand slowly slipped from hers as he pulled away. Thanking her endlessly, Loki offered his mother one more grateful smile before turning and swimming from the cave.
“Loki,” Frigga called just before he reached open water and he instinctively turned back to face her. “Be safe.”
“Of course,” he grinned, his expression softening into one of genuine love and gratitude. “Thank you, Mother.”
After one more encouraging nod, Loki turned and began to swim further and further from his home. Frigga watched him go with her hand placed over her heart.
Tumblr media
Loki breathed a sigh of relief when he saw you sitting on the dock. He was still giddy with excitement and slightly short of breath due to the speed he'd raced to the harbour with. He swam the last few yards to the dock and you immediately perked up at the sight of him. Grabbing hold of the wooden plank, he pulled himself up to chest height before extending his hand. You offered him a bemused look.
“Help me up?”
“Hi to you, too” you giggled, taking his webbed hand in your own and pulling him up so that he was seated next to you. His tail hung over the dock's edge, its end still partially submerged in the water.
“I brought you something,” Loki beamed, not wasting a moment. His unusual hyper behaviour surprised you but you weren't complaining. Something had evidently put him in a good mood. He continued to fidget with something in his right hand and smiled at your confused yet intrigued expression. “I never got to properly thank you for the book.”
He slowly unfurled his fingers and held up his gift for you to see. A beautiful necklace sat in the palm of his hand. A small, artfully carved metal seashell hung from the middle of the thin silver chain with beautiful shards of sea glass adorning it on either side.
“Loki,” you gasped as he handed you the piece of jewellery, placing it gingerly in your open palm. “It's beautiful. Where did you find it?”
Loki smirked slightly, an almost unnoticeable shade of pink tinting his cheeks. “I didn't. I made it.”
You looked up at him, your mouth falling open slightly. “You made this?”
Loki nodded. “I found the shell pendant in an old shipwreck off the reef. Divers cleared out most of what was left in it, but you can still find things if you know where to look,” he explained, watching your reaction as you examined the necklace in amazement. “I added the sea glass.”
“And the chain?” You asked. The chain itself was a beautiful piece of jewellery. It was gorgeous sterling silver and there was no sign of any damage or rust despite the time it must have spent in the water. In fact, its condition was immaculate. You glanced back at Loki and were surprised to find him chewing his lip. The look in his eyes was something suspiciously similar to guilt.
“Ah. Well," he began to explain bashfully. "There was a boat docked a few miles from shore and its residents may have left some of their belongings near the edge of the water-”
“You stole it?”
“Stole is a strong word." Loki defended. "I personally prefer 'used common human error to my advantage'.”
“Loki, what if they had seen you?” You couldn't help but scowl. But Loki quickly brushed off your worries with an amused scoff.
“Please, they were drunk as lords. They couldn't see two feet in front of them, let alone anything in the water. And I was as careful as I always am.”
“You mean as careful as the time you got yourself tangled in a fishing net?”
“Besides the point,” he rivalled. "And I think the result was more than worth the risk.”
At Loki's words, your eyes fell back on the necklace in your hand. It was an incredible piece of work. Beautiful, intricate. You could hardly believe that Loki had crafted it himself. You could only imagine the hard work that had gone into making it. The more you considered it, the heavier the necklace became in your hand.
“Loki, I can't accept this.” You tried handing it back but he shook his head and closed your fist around the gift.
“Yes, you can. I want you to have it.”
You stared at him for a moment, his hand remaining clasped around your own. Your cheeks began to grow warm and your smile became near impossible to hide. “Thank you, Loki. Really, I love it.”
He gingerly took the necklace from your hand and placed it around your neck, clasping the lock closed so it hung just past your collarbone. He didn't fail to notice how your breath hitched slightly when his fingers brushed against your neck and shoulder as he pulled away.
“So,” you cleared your throat. “How are you finding the book? It's been a while since I asked.”
“Incredible. I just finished it.”
“You've finished it already?” you asked in surprise. It was a pretty hefty book and a hard read at times. You recalled having to take breaks from the story during your first read just so that you could properly digest its content. You couldn't believe Loki had gotten through it all so fast.
His fond smile fell slightly and he adopted a sullen look as his eyes fell on his tail and the water surrounding it.
“You didn't tell me they both died at the end.”
Your own expression fell at Loki's words.
“I didn't want to ruin it for you. It wouldn't have been the same if you knew the ending.”
“I suppose.” Loki nodded. He hadn't been prepared for such a brutal ending to a story filled with so much love. The couple adored each other in every sense of the word and Loki was sure they'd end up together, happy and content. Upon reaching the end and releasing their faith, he had flipped back through the pages to assure he hadn't missed anything, to check for any torn out pages or lines he may have skipped over. But there wasn't any. They died and that was it.
The more he thought about it, the more troubled he became. “I have a question.”
“He loved her, the man in the book. So why didn't he tell her how he felt before they died?” Loki watched attentively as he waited for an answer. By his tone of voice, it seemed as though it had been bothering him since he finished the book.
You shrugged. “I guess he didn't want to hurt her.”
Loki's expression became an odd mixture of confusion and frustration. “How can you hurt someone by loving them?”
“He knew they were going to die at the end.” You started. “Maybe he didn't want her to think about all the things they never got the chance to have together.”
That was always the conclusion you'd gone with after the countless rereads of the book. In a way, it was the most comforting. But as Loki only seemed to sadden further you got the feeling maybe he didn't find it nearly as comforting as you did.
“Hey, I didn't mean to upset you. Some stories just don't have happy endings, no matter how much we want them to.” You gingerly placed your hand over Loki's as it rested on the dock. “But I'm sure I've got some happier books I can lend you to make up for the last.”
Loki signed softly. “I'd like that.”
Without much of a warning, he pushed off the dock and dropped back into the water. You barely shielded yourself from the splash of cold water it caused.
“Where are you going?” you asked, watching as he swam a few yards away from the dock.
“I'm sorry, I can't stay long.” There was something off about his tone. He sounded upset but he didn't give you the chance to question him any further. “My oaf of a brother caught me leaving this morning. The last thing either of us need is him telling my parents that I've been sneaking off.”
“Alright,” you nodded, giving in. “I'll see you tomorrow then.”
Once Loki had disappeared beneath the waves, you began to make your way off the dock. But his voice suddenly beckoned you back.
“Wait, Y/N. One last question.”
He swam back to the dock as you knelt at the edge.
“Do you think she loved him too?” he asked breathlessly. “In the book?”
You glanced at Loki with slight confusion but answered him regardless. “I like to think so.”
“And do you think if they had lived they would have told each other how they felt?”
“These are a lot of questions, Loki.”
“It was a good book,” he countered.
“Yeah,” you smiled softly. “I think they would have.”
Tumblr media
The first person Loki was met with when he reached home was his mother, and he couldn't have been more relieved.
“How did it go?” Frigga smirked knowingly, turning to her son. Her smile fell when she noticed his saddened expression. “Loki?”
“Mother, I need you to tell me something. And I need you to be honest with me.” There was a sense of urgency in Loki's voice.
“Of course, Loki. Anything,” she comforted, running a hand down his arm.
“Those stories you use to tell Thor and I, about merfolk falling for humans. In some of them, the mer would give up their tail for legs. So that they could be with their human lover,” Loki started, already noticing his mothers ailing expression. He gently took her hands in his.
“Mother, is that possible?”
Frigga sighed, biting her lip. Her honesty and better judgement clashed. But when she glanced back at her son she was overcome with the feeling that he already knew the answer.  “Loki, you need to understand what you're asking of me.”
“So it is,” Loki noted.
“Temporarily is all I need.”
Frigga shook her head. “Loki. I can only do so much.” She emphasized. “With my ability, I can't promise you long. Your Father is the only one with the power to make such a thing permanent and he'd never agree. And there are so many conditions and side effects. It is an unpredictable enchantment. Not to even begin mentioning how dangerous it is on land-”
“Mother, please. Give me this chance, it's all I ask,” Loki begged softly.
Frigga's hold on Loki's hands tightened. "I need you to understand the weight of the decision you're making.”
“I understand." Loki nodded. "And I've made my choice.”
Tumblr media
tag list: @asirxrowena @austynparksandpizza @grippleback-galaxy @the-chaotic-cow @mylovelysnowflake @mysticunicorn7 @jester2407 @caduba18 @fancytravelerbird @queen-of-asgard6 @the-queer-dungeoneer @dreamalittlebiggerdarling @moncheriemoony @zafiro-draco @captainfbffangirl99 @lovelokiqueen @darkened-writer @stardust-walker @michellebarista
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: That Hyundai ad hit different. *chuckles*
Words: 3097 Warnings: kidnapping, hostage
New York smelled pretty bad, come to think of it. You had almost forgotten the hustle and bustle of this huge city that never slept and if there was one thing you had not been missing at all after spending a few months in Morocco for work, it was the constant traffic jams.
It was hot, unbearably so. You’d been a sweating mess ever since your cab driver had picked you up at the airport and the fact that the air conditioning in the cab was broken didn’t exactly help with that. Your thighs stuck to the leather of the backseat, your forehead glistening and your make-up… well, it used to be make-up.
The cab driver seemed nice, at least and since the long snake made entirely of cars had not moved for at least an hour now, he had offered to park on the side of the road and get you both a bottle of water. Ironically, you were only a few yards away from Stark Tower.
Perhaps you shouldn’t complain about the traffic jam. Half of the city was a mess after the atrocious battle you had been fortunate enough only to have witnessed on the news on the plane. You could only hope that your tiny studio flat was still intact and quite frankly, it was short of a miracle that a cab service had actually agreed on picking you up so shortly after an almost-war—not to mention that the plane had actually landed.
You sighed, brushing a strand of hair sticking to your cheek out of your face. You were unbelievably tired—even more so knowing that you had dodged a catastrophe that would go down in history all thanks to work. Your eyes fell shut and you leaned against the car window when suddenly, the driver’s door was all but yanked open and someone who certainly did not resemble your cab driver, started the car and clutched at the steering wheel as if his life depended on it.
Your lips parted. Shackles and a muzzle, along with a blue glowing cube landed on the passenger seat with a loud clatter, followed by an annoyed groan. It was him. The man who had attempted to take over the entire planet only moments ago, he was here in this car and he was currently kidnapping you with it.
A scream escaped your lips, a mixture of shock and fear spreading in your body and fuelling the rising amount of adrenaline. It was only then the God of Mischief glanced at the rear-view mirror and spotted you there panicking—but by then, he had already stirred the car back on the road, straight towards the traffic jam.
“You… you are… Let me out! Let me out at once!” You screeched, the heat around you—along with your miserable appearance—all but forgotten. Loki rolled his eyes. Great. Another mortal.
“I am not stopping this car,” was all he said. Your eyes widened in utter shock.
“Then don’t! Fuck!” Danger was radiating off of this man like heat from an active volcano; so if necessary, you would jump out of the moving car as well. Biting your lower lip and wondering if you should go through with this risky stunt at the speed he was going, the wheels squeaking over the asphalt with every abrupt turn he took, or if that would be a suicide mission. It was probably the latter, and when you reached for the handle of the back door, it took the God of Mischief only a mere second to lock it, trapping you inside.
“Let me out! Let me out!”
“You’ll kill yourself.” Loki spat. You did not miss the patronising tone in his voice—stupid. He believed you stupid.
“And if I stay in here with you I won’t?” You retorted hysterically. And it was justified, really—for when your gaze drifted back to the road ahead of you, you could see him racing straight towards a long line of cars waiting for the traffic to clear up.
“Watch out! The other cars, watch out! Oh my God…” You screamed, squeezing your eyes shut and covering your face with your arms but the imminent crash never came. When you opened your eyes again, Loki had all but moved through the other cars as if by magic. God, what was this, Harry Potter?
With your heart in your mouth, you brought your trembling hands to your thighs and pressed down on them in a desperate attempt to fight off the panic attack rising within you like the forthcoming eruption of a volcano.
But even when you reached the suburbs, ironically moved closer to your home, and the car finally slowed down to a reasonable speed, making you wonder how a god from another realm knew how to drive a car in the first place, your dread kept growing steadily. What would happen once Loki decided he had reached his destination? What would he do with you? Would you end up as another casualty? You’d know where he was, after all, and only God knew how he had managed to escape after the Avengers reported his capture—not to mention that he was in the possession of that mysterious blue cube you were certain bore even more chaos and destruction in the wrong hands.
“I take it this vehicle is supposed to be a means of transport in exchange for payment?” He suddenly said.
“What?” You gaped at him, swallowing. “Yes! I mean, yes, it’s a taxi. That’s… I was…”
“Where do you live?”
“Excuse me? What, are you going to drop me off and expect me to tip you?”
Loki smirked. He couldn’t quite put his finger on why but he did like your feistiness. “I need a place to hide.”
“What… no! No! I am not giving shelter to a criminal!” You snarled, swallowing your fear of him—and then you made the mistake of peeking at the navigation system the taxi driver had set up next to the steering wheel, with your address on bright display to show Loki exactly where he’d have to go.
The God of Mischief tilted his head. “You don’t have much choice in the matter, my dear.”
You took a deep shaky breath, digging your nails into the backseat. If your lower lip was trembling, you didn’t notice. “P-please… please just let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone where you are or where you went. Please.”
“I am not going to kill you if that is what you are worried about.” He replied after a long pause. When you said nothing, too stunned and scared to come up with another snarky comment, silence spread in the car like wildfire.
Hugging your knees to your chest, you closed your eyes, hoping that this was a bad joke, a terrible nightmare and any moment now, you would wake up safely on the plane, yet to land in half-destroyed New York City—but the end of slumber never came. You were wide awake; even more so when, after what felt like hours, Loki finally stopped the car. Of course, you had not noticed him observing you repeatedly through the rear-view mirror, almost as if to check if you were still alive.
Your eyes met and then, finally, he unlocked the doors. Only now, you did not move an inch. You had no idea what to expect if you stepped out of this car.
Naturally, Loki disagreed with your cautious decision. He yanked the car door open when he saw you frozen in place, grabbing your upper arm so fast you didn’t even have a chance to react, and all of a sudden, seeing the entrance door of the apartment building you lived in did not at all look as appealing as it had at the airport anymore.
His grip around your arm was firm but when you whined in pain, the God of Mischief actually softened it—if only a little, barely noticeable.
“Unlock the door, my dear, will you?” He inquired, smiling sweetly at you. Right beneath the surface, you could hear that there would be dire consequences if you failed to comply.
Surely at this point, he could hear your rapid heartbeat. Shaking, you fumbled for the keys in your bag until they were jingling in your palms all the while Loki watched you like a hawk. You had dismissed calling the police on your phone in the car already—for now.
Fuck, you had been kidnapped. You were about to be held hostage in your own flat, or… or… was he just going to enter and kick you out? Had he been lying about not killing you? Would he fling a dagger at you any moment now like you had seen him do on TV?
Loki followed you when you approached the door and unlocked it clumsily. One floor up and to the left. For just a brief moment, you wondered what would happen if you started screaming bloody murder, alerting your neighbours but even when you opened your mouth to attempt it, not a single sound would escape your lips.
Even a little further out and farther away from the centre of New York City, rent prices were horrendous. Your salary was not bad but your apartment was no more than a small studio equipped with a humble kitchen, a separate bathroom with a tiny shower and lastly, your double bed in the centre of the room, posing as your sofa during the day.
Loki looked around unimpressed when he entered. “Well… it will do.”
“N-now what?” You choked out.
Loki raised his eyebrows, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “Pretend I’m not even here.”
Right—because that was going to be so easy. He sighed and rolled his eyes when you only stared at him in horror.
“You don’t trust me, do you?”
“W-would you? You tried to subjugate our planet like ten minutes ago!”
“And for good reason too. This realm is lawless, your people slaughter each other day in and out and you feel threatened by me? I would have given you a new purpose.”
He had a point… but… “And what is that so-called purpose? Slavery?” Loki’s expression darkened, making you flinch back.
“S-sorry… I’ll… I’ll be i-in the bathroom taking a shower. Please just… I mean… whatever.” Would he stop you? Hesitating, you made your way to the bathroom, waiting for him to yank you back, press you against the wall and threaten you? Threaten you with what, exactly? Could you trust that he wouldn’t kill you? Loki felt like a ticking time bomb in your flat.
But a painful yank never came and when you locked the bathroom door behind you, you exhaled. Inhaled, exhaled, inhaled, exhaled, trying to process the fact you had a war criminal in your home.
Once you had gathered enough energy to do what you had come to the bathroom for and, an hour later, returned to the main room, Loki was sitting on your bed cross-legged, the Tesseract right before him, glowing away.
“I roamed your ‘kitchen’”, he said without glancing up to meet your eyes, “Do you have anything edible at all?”
“I was away for a whole month.” You argued. “I haven’t done any shopping yet because I was kidnapped by a space Viking.”
Loki smirked. Amused, he finally looked up. “Well, perhaps I should take you back to Asgard with me then. I could use a diligent little servant.”
Your reaction did not disappoint him. Chuckling to himself, he slid off the bed more elegantly than you could ever muster, the Tesseract disappearing into nothingness.
“What I am trying to say is that even gods need to eat and I am, quite frankly, starving.”
“That sounds like a you-problem.” You grumbled. And then, as if on cue, your stomach growled. Damn it.
“Fine. I’ll order some pizza.”
Loki had all but watched you like a hawk upon calling the local pizza place. Everything inside of you had screamed to let them know about your predicament, to beg them to call the police and send them to you instead of the pizza.
But as soon as the food was delivered, the mood in your apartment changed so rapidly it left you wondering if the only reason for Loki’s world domination attempt had been his hunger. The man devoured a family-sized pizza in but what felt like two minutes and, upon realising you were done with yours, leaving three pieces in the box, he devoured those as well. And never before had you seen someone eat pizza so gracefully.
It didn’t exactly make it feel like you had been kidnapped anymore. Perhaps… perhaps he hadn’t been lying about not wanting to kill you after all. Perhaps he wasn’t as evil as you… no, stop. He had literally just tried to take over the planet!
“What are you pondering on, little mortal?”
You shivered, the nickname affecting you in a way it truly shouldn’t, especially after he had lost his armour and magically exchanged it for more casual clothes—they still looked like they were from a different time period altogether but it wasn’t nearly as intimidating as before.
“W-why did you really do it?” You found yourself asking. It was a risk—but you were feeling braver now that your stomach was full even though part of you was surprised you had managed to eat at all.
“Why did you really try to take over the planet? Did you… do you really want to enslave us all?”
“A lack of freedom does not equal slavery. It offers protection from failure and bad choices.” He said. You frowned.
“You truly believe that?”
“You fight wars over opinions, religions and race among your own species. Your choices are suffocating the whole of Midgard. I would have changed that.”
“You can’t be serious.”
You looked down, reaching for the sweet treat that had come with your pizza to stop your fingers from trembling.
“What is that?”
“Oh, uh… those are marshmallows. This pizza place always packs them with your order, don’t ask me why.”
“What’s that?” He repeated, frowning at the plastic wrapper.
“It’s candy…”
“Well, it doesn’t look very natural.”
Woah. How had this conversation just gone from “humans should not have freedom of choice” to “marshmallows look unhealthy”?
“They’re… I mean they’re not. They’re made of pure sugar and artificial flavouring.”
“Then why do you eat them?”
“Because… because they taste good?”
Loki gave you a taunting look. See? It said. This is what I meant.
But when you opened the package and handed it to him, he took one out nonetheless. It looked tiny between his long fingers—as tiny as you must have looked next to him.
You gulped when it disappeared between his lips. When you reached out to take the package back, he snatched it away from you.
“They are quite delicious, actually.” Your jaw dropped when he popped them all into his mouth at once, winking at you. Not quite sure how to react to this, you averted your gaze, taking a feigned interest in your digital alarm clock on the nightstand instead.
It was only 5 PM but you were positively ready to pass out. Where would you even sleep tonight? Where would he sleep? Would he even sleep?
“You are tired.” He suddenly stated as if on cue. He couldn’t read your mind… right? He did have that weird cube of his, after all.
“Well, yeah… I got kidnapped, experienced a live remake of ‘Fast and Furious’ and I have a criminal in my flat.”
“I only understood half of what you just said but I can ensure you that I will not harm you when you sleep.” There it was again, that frown that almost made it look like he was offended. As if the very circumstance of him hurting an innocent for no reason other than malice insulted him.
“So by all means, retire to bed.” He went on, gesturing to the bed and eventually, standing up to make space for you. The pizza boxes disappeared in but a green shimmer of light and you watched Loki, albeit still suspicious, heading over to the small kitchen table. To be quite frank, it was the last thing you remembered.
Loki was gone, no trace of him left. It was as if he had never even been here. It was already past noon—the exhaustion from your flight as well as the racy car drive and last but not least, your shining time as a hostage had worn you out to the point you didn’t even remember falling asleep anymore.
You only realised now that it was your doorbell that had woken you up. Jumping out of bed and moaning when your vision turned black for a moment, you headed over to your speaker and pressed the button. Perhaps it was Loki. Perhaps he had locked himself out but then again… would he not be able to magic himself back in? Why had he insisted on you unlocking the door yesterday in the first place? You shook your head.
“Hi. This is Henry, I’ve got your delivery.” A boyish voice responded.
“W-what delivery? I didn’t order anything.”
“You did, ma’am, would you come open the door, please?”
You sighed. “Fine, I’ll be down in a second.”
You had fallen asleep in your clothes from last night, so one quick glance in the mirror was all you had before you headed back down and opened the main entrance door.
The delivery boy was holding both your suitcase and a jumbo-size package of marshmallows in his hands. Big marshmallows—the bonfire kind, to be precise.
“Who…” But you knew. You knew the moment you made the connection and knew the moment you looked straight into Henry’s eyes and noticed them glowing unnaturally blue when he handed the items to you.
It had not been a dream then. Loki had really been here. You had been eating pizza with the God of Mischief and now… the gesture was almost sweet. Was that his way of saying thank you? For what? You hadn’t exactly done much except for trembling in fear.
“He instructed me to tell you that you will meet again soon.” Henry announced and then, before you even had a chance to respond, he turned on his heel, hopped back into the delivery van parked in front of the building and left. You only realised now that the Hyundai taxi was gone too.
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Prompt 4 - An accidental brush of lips followed by a pause and going back for another, on purpose. Words: 480
Lokisses Mini-Imagine Series
Lokisses Masterlist
"I have good news!" Clint announced, walking into the common room where the team was. "I just came from the kitchen and Y/N is cooking dinner tonight!" The team cheered, knowing how well you cooked. "And Loki is helping her," Clint added. Groans resounded throughout the team.
"Loki? Really? How is that good news? He cannot cook! At all!" Tony lamented.
"I can confirm," Thor said. "My brother and I both lack basic cooking skills."
"No! No! This is good!" Clint interrupted. "My bet is for this week!"
"I really hope you're wrong," Nat grumbled. "My money is on this weekend." Everyone started excitedly discussing their bets while you and Loki remained in the kitchen cooking in blissful ignorance.
"Would you mind handing me the garlic?" You asked Loki. He was trying his best to help you in the kitchen as you cooked dinner for the team. You had music playing in the background and were mindlessly dancing along with it as you prepared the meal.
"Of course, darling," He replied. You blushed lightly, but reminded yourself that was an endearment he tended to use quite frequently. Or at least you thought he did.
The next song started and you squealed happily. "Oh I love this song!"
"I don't believe I've heard it before," Loki said.
"It's called My Girl and it's by a group called The Temptations. It was released in 1965." Loki nodded, watching you fondly as you sang and danced along. Secretly, he wished he would have the courage to tell you those things himself. And, secretly, you wished he would. With the meal safely simmering on the stove, you let yourself freely dance in the middle of the kitchen.
I don't need no money, fortune, or fame
I've got all the riches baby one man can claim
You spun around but tripped over your own two feet. Thankfully, Loki caught you. When you looked up at him, your lips brushed lightly against each other.
Well I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way
From that brief second you're already craving more and you can't resist reaching up to kiss him. When you consciously realized what you were doing you exclaimed, "I'm so sorry!" Quickly, you tried to pull away.
"No," Loki replies, keeping you in his arms. "You're my girl." He pulled you back, kissing you again. You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled into the kiss.
"What's that burning smell?" Tony asks as the team walks down the hallway to check up on dinner.
"Probably my brother decided to take over cooking," Thor grimaced.
"Or I just won a bet," Clint grinned, looking into the kitchen. The next song had started but neither you nor Loki cared. You were still happily wrapped up in each other's arms.
"Well, Hawk, since you won, you buy dinner," Tony says.
"Aw man!"
Loki Taglist
Marvel (all characters) Taglist
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julesjohansson · 19 hours ago
would you be able to do a loki or tom one shot where reader discovers that’s she’s pregnant after dealing with infertility?? super fluffy and cute?
A/N: I set this in my Witch!Reader series.
Parents - Loki Laufeyson x Witch!Reader
Tumblr media
You’d never pictured yourself as a mother.
Really, you hadn't. And you'd imagined yourself as so many things - a fighter, an Avenger.
Loki's wife.
But then...
Well, after five years of marriage, it was suddenly all you wanted, and all Loki wished he could give you. If you wanted to be a mother, he knew you'd be the best one there was, even counting his own.
The only problem was... you couldn't get pregnant.
It was more frustrating, than anything. You wanted this one thing to work out for the two of you, just once. You were a witch, he was a warlock. Why couldn't you two manage this?
Didn't you deserve that much? Didn't the universe owe you that much?
No, you supposed. No, it didn't.
Until, one day...
It did.
You burst into tears as you checked, then double-checked, then triple-checked the positive sign on the pregnancy test you'd had Wanda pick up for you.
It was still there. One tiny plus sign, the kind that would change your life.
You allowed yourself to weep, for a moment, trying not to become overwhelmed.
How would you tell Loki?
After all this time, would he even want a kid?
No, you told yourself, sternly. No, Loki wanted this as much as you did.
Besides, he'd banished all those fears about passing on some of his, um, less desirable traits... hadn't he?
Pushing those thoughts away again, you began to get to work.
"Darling, I'm... home."
Confused, Loki stepped into the main room, unaware of the trap you'd laid for him.
He picked up his helmet, gingerly, studying it.
It hadn't always been this small... had it?
He cleared his throat.
"Yes, love?" you answered, strolling in.
"You didn't happen to, um, test one of your shrinking spells again... did you?"
You laughed, and he laughed with you, uneasily.
"No, no, of course not! Well... actually..." you cleared your throat, presenting him with his real helmet. "You might want to take a look inside that helmet."
Confused, Loki tilted the helmet downwards, glancing into it.
Inside, you'd taped the pregnancy test.
Almost immediately, Loki tossed the helmet down, sweeping you into his arms.
"We're having a baby!"
"I know!" you laughed, and he squeezed you tighter.
Requests open!
Taglist: (Open)
@rottenstyx @giggles75th @amourtentiaa
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donaweasley · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Loki x Reader
My Asgardian Angel
Midnight Street (incomplete)
Part 01: The Way You Look at Him
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deadpocts · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
APOCALYPSE — CHAPTER TWO! loki laufeyson x reader
summary: as agent mobius’ esteemed assistant, you’ve encountered your fair share of time variants. none, however, are quite like loki.
word count: 2.2k words
author’s note: as there's A LOT to get through with this episode, i've decided to split it into two parts! sorry if this is a bit of a filler chapter because of that but i feel like you learn a lot more about the reader. i hope you like it and if you've enjoyed it, pls let me know – nothing motivates me more than feedback!!
other parts: chapter one     chapter two
“How long am I going to have to watch you trying to hit that thing?” You announce to Loki, your tone dry and unamused as you fold your arms in front of your chest. There's no dispute that your patience is growing critically thin; only the question of how long before it wears out entirely.
When Mobius had assigned you to give Loki a rundown on the TVA , you presumed he'd done so to offer you a break from the usual rigorous labour – yet, if anything, tutoring Loki is your most tedious job at the TVA to date.
On the upside — which you personally struggle to see but Mobius reminds you to make an effort to consider it — the extra time you’ve been spending with Loki has led you to the realisation that he in fact shared very little in common with his counterpart variant. Instead, dealing with this Loki variant was like dealing with a child.
Irritable, tiring and unruly; yet ultimately nothing to worry yourself about.
"Jerk," Miss Minutes scolds as she jumps back inside the computer screen.
"Congratulations, you managed to exasperate a cartoon. I would say that's quite a feet yet it seems to come quite naturally to you."
"All in a day's work," he says with a wink, the bemused smile on his lips only growing bigger. "Have you come to share more pearls of wisdom, oh great teacher?"
You can't help but scoff. The only thing Loki seems to enjoy more than annoying Miss Minutes is annoying you. "No. Though I do bring gifts." You throw the packet containing his jacket so it lands in his lap. "Put that on. There's been another attack and Mobius wants you there."
Loki gets up from his seat and follows after you as you begin to lead him towards the decided meeting point. "How do I look?" He asks, his arms extended and chest puffed out as he shows off his new jacket to you.
Clearly, he hasn't discovered what's written across the jacket's back, you think to yourself, musing a slight smile.
When you and Loki arrive at the meeting point, everyone has already gathered in a circle. Mobius greets you with a small nod. How has he been? His gaze asks. You simply shrug your shoulders – it seems best not to get into it now. 
"C-20 and her team went dark shortly after they jumped into the 1985 branch. All signs point to another ambush. We've grabbed enough temporal aura to know it's our Loki variant but which kind of Loki remains unknown."
"The lesser kind, to be clear."
Hunter B-15 sighs, her expression familiar to those who had been rendered fellow victim of Loki’s antics. "Let me see the back of that jacket."
Loki turns back to you, his brow quirking upwards at the sight of your small smile struggling to be suppressed. "Very subtle. Well done."
"I don't want anybody out there to forget who you are."
"Oh, your only hope of capturing a murderer?"
"No. A cosmic mistake."
"That's enough – "
"Here's the deal, when we get out on the branch we're not just looking for a Time Criminal. We're looking for a Loki. A variation of this guy; a type we should all bey very familiar with because the TVA has pruned a lot of these guys almost more than any other variant. And no two are alike. Slight differences in appearances, or not so slight. Different powers, although, powers generally include shape-shifting, illusion-projection and my favourite – "
"Duplication-casting." Loki interrupts.
"No, they're two completely different powers actually."
"Illusion-projection involves depicting a detailed image from outside oneself, which is perceptible in the external world; whereas duplication-casting entails recreating an exact facsimile of one's own body in its present circumstance, which acts as a true holographic mirror of its molecular structure. But you already knew that."
"Okay, take a breath. Noted. We're gonna break into two teams, including myself and Professor Loki."
"Why?" You hear one of the minutemen ask.
"Because whoever this Variant is, we haven't been able to find him. So let's brung in an expert."
"That's me,” Loki announces, gesturing to himself with two thumbs.
When the group splits up and begins to ready themselves, you follow after Mobius and Loki as they head towards the time portal. Despite not going on the mission yourself, you still plan to see them off.
"Do I get a weapon?" Both you and Mobius shake your heads at the same time. "Well, I'll have my magic back. Is no one concerned about that?"
"Of what?"
"Me betraying you."
"Why not?" Loki asks.
"You know that we can catch you – and, how's betraying us gonna get you any closer to the Time-Keepers?"
“An audience with the Time-Keepers is on the table?” It seems obvious to you that Mobius is using Loki’s own tactics against him – dishonesty, deception. In however long you'd been working for the TVA, you’d never been granted an audience with the Time-Keepers. As far as you are aware, neither had Mobius.
“Keep that focus.” You remain still in your place and watch as the two continue on. Before Loki enters the time portal, however, he looks back to you; brows furrowed and confusion written across his face. "You're not coming with us?" 
You shake your head. After what had happened last time you were out on the field, Mobius thought it would be best your took an indefinite break from field missions for the time being. 
“Well, don’t miss me too much.” You wouldn't.
Tumblr media
"Look who it is." Even before you turn your head, you can tell who it is behind you. You struggle not to roll your ryes as you come face-to-face with him. "My almighty teacher."
"Clearly not particularly almighty if what I've heard about your mission is true."
Loki simply shrugs his shoulders as he moves to stand next to you beside the desk. You frown slightly, recognising that with Loki near it's unlikely you'll complete all your research.
"What are you doing here?"
"Mobius has sent me to read some files. Apparently I'm on my final warning," he says, leaning back onto the counter. You think his explanation is notably nonchalant for someone on their final warning but choose to keep that to yourself.
"Then it seems wise to get on with what you've been assigned."
"As the lady wishes." He sends you a quick wink before diverting his attention to the woman sat behind the desk. "Hi."
No response.
This time when Loki gets no response, he turns to you for confirmation on how to proceed. You gesture to the rusty, run-down bell on the counter.
The bells' minute ding is what finally garners the woman's attention.
"Can I help you?" She asks, peering curiously at both you and Loki through the lens of her glasses.
"Yes, I'm on some important TVA business. Follow-up to a field mission, you know how it goes.We red lined near the apex, and, well, it's never good." You eye Loki inquisitively, struggling not to let a response to his humorous antics birth a reaction on your face. "I'd like all files pertaining to the creation of the TVA, please."
You have a sneaking suspicion that that isn't what Mobius sent Loki for.
"Those are classified."
"Okay. I'd like all files pertaining to the beginning of the time then."
"Loki, enough of – "
"Those are also classified."
"What files can I have?"
When the woman gets up to show Loki to the files that are available to him, you follow after with your own set of files resting in your hold. "Happy reading," she tells him, dumping a small collection into his arms.
"Certainly joyful," he mutters to himself.
A quiet chuckle falls from your lips as you slip past him, making your way towards the desk area. Originally you'd made your way down to the file cabinet to complete some extra research for the Loki case – in your time working with Mobius, he had made it abundantly clear that he didn't like the thought of you overworking yourself, so much of the heavy lifting work you conduct takes place whilst he works – and you didn't see a reason for Loki's presence to stunt it entirely.
"You can sit next to me, you know?" Loki says, gesturing to the empty chair beside his. "I don't bite."
"Has it ever crossed your mind that I perhaps have my own work to do?" His silence is enough of an answer to what had been a rhetorical question. "Besides, some quiet reading should do you good."
Much to your surprise, he does well by your suggestion. A cloud of silence settles over the two of you; allowing you to focus an apt amount of attention on the files in front of you.
"Did you know?"
His voice is so quiet that you almost miss it. You look up to him, your eyes instantly widening as you spot the blossoming wetness in his eyes. Loki passes a file in your direction. You spare one final glance his way before opening the file.
Distruction of Asgard.
You nod, slowly. "I'm sorry." You know from experience that apologies mean very little when it comes to consoling grief, yet, for whatever reason, it's all you can think of to say.
You pass the file back his way, watching closely as he examines the file once again. His face contorts as what appears to be an expression of realisation is painted across it.
"Where's Mobius?"
Tumblr media
After you've found Mobius, and Loki explained to the both of you his theory on the variant hiding in apocalypses, the three of you make your way towards a new time portal — this time, one back to 79AD.
“You’re not coming with us, are you?” Loki asks, choosing to linger behind Mobius and walk closer to you. You shake your head. If Loki is right about his theory, and you believe he is, then you want to save your energy for when you discover the Loki variant. “It’s a shame. I would’ve liked to see your attempt at making chaos.”
“I’m sure you’ll manage just fine on your own.”
What you’ve come to know as his signature smirk-smile reappears on his face. “Of course I will.”
Whilst the two are gone, you wait as promised at the desks by the file cabinets; thus, allowing you to continue with your interrupted work from earlier. Privy to the queer nature of time in the TVA, it's lot long before Mobius and Loki return – both, sharing a similar giddy, childlike smile.
"I'll take it that your theory was right then?"
Mobius excuses himself to the file cabinets, disappearing to search for files on naturall-occuring, sudden disasters that the Loki variant could potentially be hiding in.
"Earlier, when I found out about Rangorok and asked you if you knew, you had this look in your eyes." Loki's voice is surprisingly low, perhaps even verging on soft-spoken. Your curious gaze meets his, anticipating what he's to say next. "Like you knew what it was like to – you know."
"I haven't been involved in the entire destruction of a planet, if that's what you're asking. But I do know what it's like to lose everyone you love."
"I don't love them – "
"Yes, you do. They're your people, your home."
He scoffs, yet the sound doesn't come off as scathing as you believe he wishes to achieve. "Asgard isn't my home. It never was. I was simply saddened that I wasn't there to experience it myself."
You open your mouth to inform him that he a version of him is present for the destruction of Asgard, and, in fact, fights alongside his brother in an effort to protect the planet, but Mobius returns before you can.
"A bit of light reading," he jokes, slamming the files down on the table. "We'll split it three ways."
Your endeavour into devouring all the files Mobius had gather is initially rather successful. Whilst work ethic has never been an issue for either Mobius or you, Loki, clearly still offended from your comment about Asgard, works through his readings with a new found determination.
That is, until the Asgard comment's effect washes off him and he begins to fall asleep on the table.
"He was asking a lot about you, you know?" Mobius begins, placing another finished file down on the table. "Wanted to know why you didn't come on missions with the rest of us."
"What did you tell him?" You ask, trying to busy yourself by continuing to flick through the file in your hands.
"That if he could be trusted then he could know. But until then – " Mobius drifts off.
"Mobius, when you find the Variant, I want to come with you."
Not looking up from his file, he lets out a weary sigh. "I knew you would." You can tell that there's something else on the tip of his tongue when, all of a sudden, Loki stirs in his sleep, prompting Mobius to cut your discussion on the matter short. "Let's take a walk," he says, prodding Loki with a file.
You get up from your seat to follow after them, but Mobius places a hand on your shoulder, consequently barring you from any further movement. Your brows furrow with confusion. "You should rest. Take a nap, or something. If you're going to come with us then you're gonna need all the energy you can get."
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hiraethmaximoff · a day ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff, really short
A/N: English isn't my first language sorry If I made any mistake
" What the hell was that?" Hunter B-12 asked confused when a green aura wrapped Loki's body and yours.
" That was me using my magic to dry my and her clothes. I'm not going to let her catch a cold" you blushed at his words
"You better not try anything" she threatened him before leaving you two
"So you already worry about me huh?" you bothered him without stopping smiling, Loki sighed hiding the desire to smile pleased to be the cause of your smile
"don't let it go to your head, I read that Midgardians are very weak, the least I need is you getting sick" you closed your eyes excitedly, your heart was beating hard.
"Thanks for taking care of me Loki" you kissed his cheek before running off, Loki smirked as he touched his cheek.
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buryustogether · a day ago
Tumblr media
summary : you reflect on just how you and loki, your lover, got stuck here in the tva. when mobius proposes a way to secure your lives, you discover it comes with a cost you couldn’t even dream of.
warnings : loki spoliers, loki x f!reader, swearing, mentions of sex, death, angst, children/baby/childbirth
word count : 4.4k
author’s note : i’m sorry (part 2 maybe? series? we’ll see)
Your fingernails traced the edge of the table before you, wrists linked together by a pair of cuffs like a tether keeping you from surfacing to the real world. There was still a part of you that refused to believe this was true, that this was actually happening and wasn’t the result of some fever dream you were having trouble remembering the beginning of. You took a glance around at the small theater-like room around you, and actually smiled and chuckled a bit before shaking your head and returning to the rim of the table. You had thought just the same things when Loki introduced you to what lay behind the door of reality, as well.
It was hard to say when it really all began. Perhaps at the cafe where you met him, or, then again, it could have started with the first kiss. That first kiss had been a glimpse into the future of you, a chance to listen to the symphony waiting to play its marvelous tune for your ears and yours only. Maybe it had been when he first took you to his home planet of Asgard, allowed you to meet his family, sleep in his bed. Or perhaps the first utter of ‘I love you,’ or even one of the window-rattling, glass-shattering fights. It could have been any one of those. You couldn’t have chosen, not even if you tried. They were all too wonderful, too perfect, too overwhelming with him and you and nothing else.
It made you wonder, really, just what life could have had in mind when whatever power, be it godly or natural, created you. Confined to a life behind the bricks and wrought iron bars of an orphanage until the age of eighteen, you never had much conception of what ‘normal’ could have been. To you, normal was eating dinner with the other dozen children who weren’t wanted by the same world trying to nip at you from outside. Normal was having nothing, and having everything from that nothingness. Normal was falling for a god from another realm, and normal was treading foreign waters with him hand in hand. And now that you had landed yourselves in what you now knew as the TVA, you pondered if perhaps the word ‘normal’ was created by those who wished to disguise their oddities from others by distracting them with their own insecurities. If it had been, it had certainly worked.
Loki was, perhaps, the definition of the term unpredictable. He was swift on his feet and fierce and glory-bound in one golden moment, and in the next he was gentle and passionate, his walls lowered for you and only you. Being the first person to forge past those briars, those obstacles, those no man’s lands, you were able to see a side of him no one else had before. He allowed you to touch him freely, wherever you liked, and he would not push you away. You could judge his sins, and he would repent. You spoke what you meant, what you felt, and he soaked in every word like that was what truly kept him alive. Even in the moments he revealed to you the tinted cerulean of his true skin, granted you the gift of gazing into his real vermillion eyes, you had done nothing but love him amazingly and terribly.
Then there came New York.
He had locked you away in your room on Asgard under the false report he had godly business to deal with, matters you never pried too much at as a human, thank you. But then you had heard the rumors, discovered what he was doing on Earth. In a rage of panic and fury, you had managed to escape your now-prison-like bedroom and begged Heimdall to send you down to Midguard and reason with your Loki. When you had arrived back on your own planet, your home, you had discovered the true extent of his unpredictability, despite the countless rotations of the moon you’d spent together.
You had found him on the balcony of Stark Towers, and the words that had spilled from both your mouths tasted like venom and acid, and they burned like them, too.
“Loki, stop this!” you begged him and reached out for the same face you had held and wished luck to that very morning. “You’re hurting people! What are you doing?!”
He had looked as though you had struck him across the face, eyes giving way to the confused, angry cylinders firing away behind his mind. “I’m doing this for you,” he said, voice rising over the sound of cars exploding and people screaming. Framed against the burning, smoldering husk of the city, he took the form of the god you suddenly realized could hurt you in every way if he wished so.
“For me?!” You’d smacked your hands to your chest, as if somehow you could knock your soul from your body and place this dizzying world on hold. “I don’t want this. Why would I ever want this?!”
Loki had then spread his arms and given you a twisted, nearly heartbroken smile, as if he actually couldn’t comprehend the words falling from your lips. “Y/N… you and I have never had anything that was truly ours. No real family. No identity. No respect.” He gestured to the broken, bleeding husk of the city. “I’m making this ours. No more cold nights inside orphanage walls or Asgardian temples. No more looking up at people who believe themselves to be better than us.” Your hands were enveloped by his, tightly, forcefully. “Because there is no one better than us. You and I, my love, we can finally become somebodies.”
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, and it took every ounce of willpower to confirm that you were, in fact, awake and not having a vividly intense nightmare. You could smell the smoke, you could hear the wails. You could sense the welling in Loki’s heart as you realized that he actually believed what he was doing was for the best - for you.
“Somebodies?” you had said. “The somebodies that destroyed a city? The somebodies that killed hundreds of people? Ruled over them like tyrants? Like how you speak of your father?”
His hands had slipped from yours and his expression had morphed from one of hope and love to a grimace quickly fading into a snarl. “You know that man is not my father,” he had said. “We would not be tyrants.” His eyes had flashed. “We would be gods.”
What happened from there had been a large, mixed-up blur you were still trying to sort out in your jumbled mess of a mind. The Avengers had brought Loki back down to the ground, secured him and prepared him for transport back home. As a precaution, you yourself had been restrained and ready to take away in one of the several CIA vans parked outside the towers. Both of you chained and beaten, you had seen the opportunity at the same moment, and the fact that you both reacted was precisely why you had fallen for one another, in this world and another.
Through Mongolian deserts and a series of empty waiting lines with a paper ticket in your hand and a ghastly orange jumpsuit replacing your clothing, you had found yourself here; trapped in a small, dim room where a projection danced on a screen and your wrists were chained to the table. Where your very existence in the Sacred Timeline was being questioned and you were awaiting a verdict. Where you had been separated from him, blind and deaf to one another’s silent pleas for the other’s hold.
It seemed to be getting pointless to count the minutes you were alone; but nevertheless, the gigantic clock on the wall did it for you. Luckily, you weren’t alone for much longer.
The door opened to your right, revealing just the man that had gotten you and your lover out of an immediate Resetting; Agent Mobius. In his grasp was a thick manilla folder and in his step was a brisk bounce, almost as if he was forcing it to be there and fool others that he was actually enjoying his day, job, and life. The purple half-moons stamped beneath his eyes told you none of the above were, in fact, true.
“Wow, I got’ta say,” he said and dropped the file on the table with a thump, “he likes to talk.”
Despite your rather existential crisis-causing predicament, you found the corners of your lips curling upwards. “You’re preaching to the choir, believe me.”
He scoffed and began to sort his papers. “Can’t imagine.” When he at last found the particular file he was searching so lazily for, he held it up to the light and you were able to catch a glance of your very own TVA mugshot staring back at you. In red ink that seemed akin to blood, the word ‘apprehended’ had been stamped across the lower half.
You sat back in your chair and shut your eyes for a moment. Whoever thought getting mixed up with a god could lead to things like being caught by a punch of clock-obsessed sci-fi aliens?
“Y/N L/N,” Mobius stated, as if you didn’t already know your own name. He puckered his lips thoughtfully as he scanned your file. “Human from Earth, local waitress-turned-Asgardian princess. Wow, that’s an upgrade. Oh. But I see you kept your job despite living there?”
“We moved around a lot,” you said, opening your eyes. “A little Earthrealm here, a little Asgard there. You get it.” You shrugged a shoulder. “I like to work, so sue me. I enjoy my job. You know… before it probably got burned to the ground.”
Mobius clicked the top of a pen he produced from seemingly nowhere a few times before humming and turning to the small projector sitting on the table in front of you. Interested, you scooted forward and watched him enter a few digits and codes into the 80’s-style computer. “Tell me, Y/N,” he said, his fingers failing to ever halt or waver their furious clicking and typing. “I get you and Loki are a thing. Romantic. That’s cool. But tell me this - and the truth would be greatly appreciated - how does a human dame like you fall for a guy like him?”
You would have crossed your arms, if you could. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“No, no, don’t get defensive. That makes me feel like the bad guy.” He clacked a button on the keyboard and the projection on the screen began to materialize, and it was then you realized it wasn’t a screen at all. It was a series of projected specks, suspended in the air, taking shape of a scene you could hardly bring up from the back of your mind. He gestured with his pen towards the image of you as a kid, maybe around fifteen or sixteen, and tilted his head. “That’s you, isn’t it?”
As if there was any other answer. “I…” You studied the projection of your face, young and innocent. Well, not too innocent. You were a teenager, after all. “Yeah. Can I ask what this is? What you’re trying to do here?”
Mobius clasped his hands together on the desk and rested his chin atop them, making it look as though he were almost praying. “I want to know your exact role in this branch, Y/N. How you got here, why you think you’re here, and most importantly, what you think.”
“What I think?” you scoffed, and an edge of exasperation creeped to sit on the end of your tongue. “I think this is probably some dumb waiting game. Seeing which of us will crack first. I’ve watched Inception, you can’t screw with me.”
He said nothing more. Instead, he nodded towards the projection, and hit play.
The frozen frame of your teenage face launched into action like a movie in which you were the star - only, in which you had no idea you were being filmed. The scene took place on the playground you used to hang out around after school, monkey bars fading from their old coats of paint and swings creaking even when no one was sitting on them. A scrap was happening by the benches; your younger self was beating another girl senseless, calling her names, asking why she didn’t pick on someone her own size. Watching the spectacle was a small boy, clutching a Barbie doll that smiled emotionlessly.
Yes, you remembered this fight. You remembered nearly fracturing a finger, all to defend some kid who was playing with a doll that was pink instead of blue. Your lips parted in wonder as Mobius turned a dial, and the particles flew into action to fast forward through time itself. It stopped on another scene, and again, you found yourself mesmerized.
An older version of you, not too long ago, even, stood with a bandana over your face squinting against the tear gas being hurled over the barricade of riot controls. On your back rested a half-empty medical bag, and signs of protest littered the streets. A gas canister landed at your feet, and without an once of hesitation, it seemed, you picked it up and hurled it back over the barricade. The frame paused on your pitcher’s stance, frozen.
“You’ve always stood up for the little guy, haven’t you, Y/N?” said Mobius, and you were unsure if you were supposed to actually answer or not. “Always called out when people were wrong and you knew it.” He took a breath. “You’ve always stood up to the bullies. So why not… this one?”
The projection halted on a frame of Loki standing atop the shattered balcony of Stark Towers, golden horns glinting in the bleeding sunlight and a grin etched across his face. A boiling heat arose in your stomach and you shot him a venomous glare.
“He’s not a bully,” you said lowly.
“He killed people,” he retorted just as quick. With each point he made, he tapped his pen harshly against the table. “He slaughtered, he deceived, he plundered. That’s what a bully does. That’s what a villain does.”
You glared hard at him, feeling your rage begin to spread from your fingertips to your toes. Nostrils flared and cheeks flushed, you yanked at the handcuffs keeping you in place. “Loki isn’t a villain. He’s-“
“He’s what, exactly?”
“He’s not like that!” you exclaimed. Your voice bounced and echoed off the walls like ricocheting bullets, ones that came right back and shot you through the stomach. You looked down and realized that you had gotten to your feet. Slowly, your chest heaving, you took your seat again. “He… he’s not like that.” You inhaled, held it, and slowly let it out. “Loki thinks what he does is the right thing. Even if it only benefits him.”
“And you,” Mobius added.
You ignored him and found yourself continuing. “He only does what he does because he feels like he has to. For control. He… had nothing. Has nothing. I mean, Christ’s sake, his real father abandoned him because he was too weak, and he lived in the shadow of his adoptive dad for so long he became part of it.” He was studying you intensely, listening to every word you uttered with the gentlest urgency. “When we met, we realized that… we didn’t have to have nothing anymore. We didn’t have to live in anyone’s shadow or submit because we weren’t strong enough to fight back.
“I thought we could be okay.” You slowly shook your head as your eyelids slipped shut. “We were supposed to be okay.”
Your ears were filled with the sounds of the particles rushing to create a new scene, though you didn’t look. You did, though, when you heard the shrill cry of a baby accompany the agent’s voice. “Yes. You were.”
An image of yourself, perhaps just a bit older, occupied the screen, staring in both wonder and exhaustion at the small bundle of blankets and pink flesh in your arms. The baby girl wailed loudly, shrieking, yet there was nothing but pure fascination and adoration dancing in your gaze. A figure appeared beside you, cradling your head, and Loki stared wide-eyed at the newborn you held. His lips were parted in awe, and when a nurse offered his baby to him, he took her as if she would shatter from just his touch. He held her close, unable to form any kind of words. All he was able to do, was brush a fragile thumb over her cheek.
A number of scenes flashed before your eyes, the reflections dancing in the light of your irises as they slowly filled with tears. The breeze whistling gently through trees in your backyard. Nights of endless passion. The city of Asgard imploding, the interior of a ship, the image of a gigantic purple-toned man. Your own lifeless gaze staring back at you, clutching a still child to your chest, and the snapping of a neck before a body hit the floor.
“Stop it!” you screamed. You rocketed from your chair, momentarily forgetting about the handcuffs keeping you grounded to the moment, and you buckled when they tugged on your wrists and forced you back down. You fell on your knees, the impact sending a shockwave through your body, as you ducked your head and tried your absolute damndest to keep the lump in your throat down. “Stop it, please. I don’t… I don’t want to see.”
Rather than stopping, the scenes had reached their end. A message was displayed across the empty space. ‘End of Timeline.’
You heard Mobius’ footsteps approach you as you hiccuped, a small sob escaping your throat, as he pulled your chair back and tapped your shoulder. You allowed him to help you back up into the seat, and you could only hug yourself when he finally unchained your hands. Your fingers gripped the fabric of your jumpsuit, craving nothing else but the feeling of Loki’s interlacing with yours.
“This was your pre-destined timeline,” said Mobius quietly. “This is what should have happened.” There was a beat, a moment of stillness. “But you’ve strayed off the course.”
It was a long minute before you finally found the strength to lift your head and look at him. His expression was enough to tell you he didn’t enjoy this; he was taking no joy in seeing your pain, like you thought he would. No - this hurt him deeper than you would have predicted.
“Wait just a second,” he said, holding up a hand. You watched as he disappeared through the door he entered from, leaving you alone.
Barely a moment had passed before you were sitting in his seat, fiddling with the dial to turn back the timeline. You closed your eyes over the end. Finding some idea as to just what you were looking for, you paused and pressed play on the machine. The particles jumped into motion, lapsing the images of a baby girl sitting on Loki’s stomach while he laid against a couch. He spoke intellectual structures to the child that she couldn’t even begin to understand, attempting to teach her of Asgard fables, before your legs entered the frame. Your own voice, pulled from your throat and tossed into the projection, told him she couldn’t understand a thing he was saying. Of course she could, he argued. If this was truly his child, she would be conquering the other children any day now.
A tight, strained smile worked its way to your lips, one that quickly disappeared when the reel stopped and the lights turning on nearly blinded you. Turning in your seat, you found Mobius shutting the door after himself and the only man you felt could even make you feel just a bit safer. In the blink of an eye, you shot up and collapsed in Loki’s arms, grip digging into his jumpsuit and securing themselves like your life depended on it. As if it were natural, like an instinct, he cradled you in return. One hand moved to press your body against his and the other held the back of your head, keeping your face tucked securely into his neck. Something told you he had seen everything as well. Perhaps it was the wetness invading his eyes. Or just the way he held you so tight, so gingerly, so protectively.
When you had finally separated to press your foreheads against one another’s, Mobius cleared his throat and folded his hands. “Listen. You two have branched from your original timeline; you’re variants. Usually, you would both be Reset and the files would be shredded.” He raised a finger. “But I have a preposition for you.”
Pulling away, you and Loki exchanged a silent glance. Oh, how you could read one another like books. “In exchange for our lives, naturally,” said Loki.
Mobius shrugged before producing a small metal case from his pocket. He set it on the table and began to tinker with whatever was inside. “Unless you’d rather be Reset when you’re done. There’s another set of variants that have been eliminating our teams on the Timeline. I need you two to help me catch them.”
“And why us?” you asked.
“Because -“ he turned, holding a small device in his hand -“the variants are you two.” He took your stunned, shocked silences as an opportunity to go on. “Yeah, I know. Apparently in another timeline, you guys went all Bonnie and Clyde on my TVA agents, except without the payload. They’ve been stealing our Reset charges, leaving no trace behind.” He pressed a button on the watch around his wrist, and the door slid open once more to reveal Hunter B-15 waiting expectantly. She cast Loki a glare before stepping inside silently. “You guys are going to catch them. And, uh… this is the part I hate most. But as a precaution, to make sure you pair don’t head down the same road… we’re going to have to wipe Y/N’s memories.”
Your stomach dropped to the lowest level of your belly, and you suddenly felt sick. Loki visibly paled before his panic turned to rage, and he stalked towards the agent and bared his teeth to yell. Before he could, however, B-15 pressed a clicker and your lover appeared right back where he had been just a moment ago. At your side.
“Not all of them!” Mobius clarified, as if that would make anything better. He raised a hand as if in defense. “Only the ones containing Loki. It’s to ensure that you won’t get any ideas; no memories, no urge to run off into the sunset.”
“You’re a cowardly, spineless little being and you’ll be lucky to-“ Loki stopped when your hand snapped out to grab his and stop him from being rewound again. The collars around both of your necks blinked menacingly.
Gripping his wrist in one hand and grabbing his collar in the other, you pulled him close again and shushed him. “Loki, calm down. Breathe.” The grip on his shirt ever so gently relaxed before trailing upwards to his chin, capturing it between your thumb and forefinger when he refused to look at you. Lifting his head, you found the corners of his eyes were welling with a wave of tears you couldn’t help but copy. “It’ll be alright.”
“You can’t tell me you’re actually alright with this,” he hissed, but in a soft, trembling way. “You want to forget me? You want to forget everything?”
“No, no, love, shh. Never.” You cupped his face like a tattered, priceless piece of art made for you to hold and you only. A tear dribbled down your cheek and you swallowed thick. “I wouldn’t trade us for the world, I swear to you.”
You were no stranger to intimacy. You had experienced it time and time again with the man before you; in the heated moments that were filled with hoarse moans and promises and grunts, to the even gentler quiet moments in which even an innocent touch on the knee felt like the universe was placed in your hands. But this was something new, something other wordy neither of you wanted to know. It was soft, but it was sad. It was ginger, but it was tearing your soul out.
All the smiles, all the dances and fights and the symphony of you; it would all be gone.
“But, Loki,” you whispered, holding his head so that he kept your weary gaze, “people are dying. Good people trying to protect others. You said what you did was for us, but it was wrong. Please - let me do this for us. Because this is right.”
His mouth contorted with agony, because he knew there was nothing he could say that would stop you from leaving him. When you decided something was going to happen, it always did. Whether it was today or tomorrow or next year, it always did.
It did, and it would, and it will.
He didn’t know what else to do besides kiss you. It was hard at first, a desperate plea for you not to go. But then it melted into pure sadness, a begging, pathetic whimper that went heard but ignored. You were the best, most wonderful thing that had happened to him. And now he was going to lose you, too.
When you finally, at last, broke apart for air, you brushed a thumb over Loki’s cheek and said, “I’ll always love you. More than music and starlight and forever.”
You found yourself standing before Mobius, watching as he tinkered with the small object in his hands. He looked up, and he gave you a nod. You told yourself you wouldn’t look back, and you didn’t. Instead, you only closed your eyes and waited for him to press the device to the back of your neck.
A static, raging and overwhelming, consumed your mind a moment later. You could feel it sorting through memories, pulling files from drawers and ripping them to shreds. You could only stare into the darkness of your eyelids, and grasp onto your last kiss with him before it, too, was gone.
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agentofbarnes · a day ago
imagine the tension between loki and bucky (maybe even steve) trying to assert their dominance on reader, jeez i bet everyone can feel the dominance in the air when they are all in the same room together
his girl — loki
note || yeah i had to write this immediately bc i can just imagine the dialogue...I had a hard time deciding who she was actually dating, but I went with loki cause I love him so this is fire!mortal!reader
Tumblr media
Midgard was slowly becoming more and more bearable for Loki Odinson. You were a very big part of that, the mortal that warmed his cold heart. You had only been dating for a few months and Loki had gotten into a routine with you. You spent all your time together, you were glued to his side. He had gotten used to you being his little sidekick, hand always entangled together.
Except now, you were distracted by the newest roommate in the compound, Bucky Barnes. He had returned form Wakanda with a fresh haircut and vibranium arm. Loki had not taken a liking to the new dominant presence in your life and apparently you had used to visit Barnes in Wakanda before started retraining his mind.
“Did you really name a goat after Steve?”You laughed when Loki walked into the training room that afternoon, looking for you. He missed your embrace, how you always sat in his lap and cuddled against him.
“I did, and Steve did not appreciate it as much as you did, doll,”Bucky grinned, holding the punching mitts for you to hit.
“Well, I’m a lot cooler than that old man,”You chuckled, punching his fist as hard as you could.
“I’m a lot older than him, sugar,”Bucky winked, and Loki had enough. He seethed with possessive energy, glaring at the super solider with heat.
“I’m afraid she’s already with an older man, soldier,”Loki scrunched his nose, stepping onto the mat,”A thousand years gives a man a lot of experience.”
“So does a war,”Bucky turned to him with a smirk, glancing at you.”You don’t look like you’ve ever seen a war, you got that soft look about you.”
You rolled your eyes, knowing Bucky liked getting on people’s nerves and you hadn’t exactly told him that this was your boyfriend. He knew you were seeing someone.
“Careful with your words, a mortal like you might invoke the wrath of a god—“Loki stoped when he felt your hands squeeze his, warm overtaking his body from your natural heat.
“Bucky, this is my boyfriend,”You introduced with a smile, feeling Loki’s arm snake around you.”Loki Odinson
“Prince Loki Odinson,”Loki corrected smugly, smirking down at you.”I am your prince, am I not?”
You felt a blush creep up over your face, wanting to hide into his shoulder. He was possessive, it was almost embarrassing how much he needed to establish dominance over another man close to you.
“You are,”You whispered, not minding how Loki seemed to dip toward to capture your lips. He moved against you gently, his presence overwhelming you. You just felt surrounded by him, gasping for air as you pulled away. You noticed Bucky had quietly disappeared.”A jealous prince, but still mine.”
“That soldier of yours is stealing you away, had to claim what’s mine,”Loki smirked at you, his cold touch against your burning skin made you feel at ease.”Why do you come warm me up, firecracker?”
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earlgreydream · a day ago
time for us.
| loki x reader | angst | fluff |
anon requested. loki has been working a lot lately and hasn’t really had anytime for the reader and he completely forgets about their anniversary and she doesn’t tell him for a couple of days but then he snaps at her and they have a huge argument
a/n: this doesn’t have any spoilers for the show— just mention that Loki works for the TVA (which isn’t canon at the time of me writing this)
Tumblr media
You loathed Loki’s new job, working for the Time Variance Authority.
Ever since Loki began at the TVA, they’d managed to occupy nearly all of his time and energy, leaving little to none left for you. Your relationship was strong, but only a few weeks of work had put a strain on the two of you.
He’d become more short tempered, and easily agitated. You tried to be patient, but little things seemed to antagonize you, and soon every small thing was becoming huge.
Above all, you hated to fight with Loki. You bottled up your frustration, shoving them down inside of you and keeping them hidden and locked away. Your limited time with Loki was precious, and you didn’t want to poison it with your annoyance. However, it was doing damage that you hadn’t yet comprehended, building a pressurized weapon that was bound to explode.
It took weeks, but the explosion came.
Loki had been so caught up in work that he missed your anniversary. It had escaped his mind entirely, passing like any other day. He was distracted by variants running wild, and the need to please his new boss. He felt responsible for things that were going wrong, and he had put your relationship on the backburner.
You’d been certain he’d take you out during the night, or at least do something to acknowledge the anniversary of your love, but you’d been dead wrong. You waited at home as hours passed, and when his normal arrival time had long passed, the pain in your chest grew until your entire body was throbbing with hurt.
You took your makeup off, along with the pretty dress you wore-- the green one that your husband adored.
Loki had stayed late at work, taking overtime and showing up just before ten. You were so hurt you could hardly speak, but Loki’s mind was too muddled with work to even notice. You were already in bed when he returned home, and he’d kissed your forehead and gone to sleep with less than five words leaving his lips.
You laid awake in bed that night, staring at the wall. You should have told Loki you were angry, said something then and at least gotten it in the open. But you shoved it down with everything else— every other hurt and grievance and annoyance that poisoned you.
“Can you set that down, please?” You asked, four days later. You tried to keep your tone even, but you were impatient. The bite in your words was all you could do to keep from tearing the file from his delicate hands.
Loki was in the kitchen, his face buried in a variant case file. He was supposed to be helping you make dinner, but you were dismissed and cast aside once again as his work outshined you.
“I’m working, Y/N! It’s important. Don’t you want me to get paid so you can have your pretty things?” Loki snapped, shocking you.
“No!” You screamed, slamming the cabinet door shut.
He stared at you, turquoise eyes wide in shock at your outburst. He dropped the file on the counter, a harsh glare adorning his stunning face.
“No, Loki! I don’t fucking care about the pretty things. I don’t even know that I care about YOU!” The words were coming out before you could stop them.
“You don’t care about me?! All I ever do is for you!” Loki met your anger, matching your energy and only fueling the fire of rage that was building in your stomach.
“You’re such a selfish liar! You don’t give a fuck about me, Loki! You’re in a relationship with your bullshit job, you don’t give a damn about me! All of your time and your energy... and fuck, even your kindness goes to the stupid fucking TVA!! There’s nothing left for me, and I don’t want your scraps!” You shoved him back when he took a step toward you.
“I’m selfish? You’re needy and dramatic! You’re a spoiled brat, acting out when not every ounce of my attention is being given to you. What, you’re mad that I didn’t help you make this salad? Grow up, Y/N!” Loki’s hateful words poured out, tasting like acid in his mouth.
“No! I’m mad that you forgot our anniversary and that you haven’t seen how much you’ve hurt me!” Tears burned as they streamed down your face, blurring your vision that was bleeding at the edges.
Loki’s lips parted, and realization suddenly crossed his features. He took a step back, recognizing his anger had spiraled out of control, and that your anger was justified.
“I didn’t mean it… I do care about you, I just want you to care about me.” Your voice broke, and shaky hands went to your mouth, stifling a sob. Guilt swelled in Loki’s chest as he saw you fall apart, unable to bear the weight of your anger.
“I’m sorry. You’re right. I don’t know how I’ve forgotten. Please, my love, forgive me,” Loki’s tone softened, and he knelt down to his knees before you.
He didn’t care about the messy floors ruining his perfect suit, nothing mattered to him then except for you.
“I shouldn’t have gotten so angry, I just miss you,” you were weeping, unable to hold the sobs at bay.
“It’s okay, scream and cry if you need to, but know I love you more than anything and I am terribly, terribly sorry.”
Loki gently pulled you forward, closing his arms around you. His forehead rested against your stomach, and you laid your hands on top of his head.
“I know. I know,” you stammered in shaky breaths. Your fingers trembled as you dragged them through his hair, overwhelmed with every emotion that washed over you all at once.
You got home from work, a couple of days after your fight. You had both apologized, easing the tension over. Loki hadn’t stopped apologizing, even when you promised him it was okay. It had been better since-- you weren’t keeping secrets or harboring anger, and you felt exceedingly better in the aftermath of your fight.
You walked into your master suite, considering a hot bath or a shower after your day. You were lost in your thoughts as you kicked your shoes off, before turning to the bed. A dress was laid out on the end of the bed, glittery heels and jewelry in a box beside it. Loki wasn’t home, but a note was attached, telling you to get dressed and he’d meet you.
You smiled, lifting the black cocktail dress. You changed, fixing your hair and makeup in the mirror. Your day at work had been long, and you didn’t know what Loki had in store for you, but you were excited.
The lock clicked open on the door, signaling the arrival of your husband. You stepped into the foyer to greet him, met with Loki in an all-black suit. A grin spread across his expression as he noticed you, making warmth bloom in your chest.
“You look-” you both started at the same time.
You smiled and tilted your head, letting him speak.
“You look beautiful,” Loki spoke softly before giving you a kiss.
“Thank you. You look sharp. What’s the occasion, what are we doing?”
“I’m so sorry I missed our anniversary. I thought we could celebrate us tonight.”
You broke into a grin, nodding excitedly.
“Yes. Yes, let’s do it.”
“Of course. Let me set my things down,” he kissed your cheek and stepped into your master, cleaning up and dropping his bag.
You were driven to a fancy restaurant, one hand in Loki’s as the other smoothed over the wheel of his black sports car. He dropped the keys with a valet, and you were escorted to a table in the back of the place.
“Wine, Mrs. Laufeyson?”
“Please,” you nodded, and the waiter poured you a glass of sparkling pink moscato.
“I’ve gotten us a suite at the resort in the city. I have a bag packed for you in the car, I thought we could enjoy a weekend away. You deserve it,” Loki brought your hand to his lips, kissing your knuckles.
“You’re spoiling me,” you giggled, sipping your wine.
“As I should be.”
Elaborate French dishes were brought out on gorgeous plates, looking like something from a food blog. It tasted divine, and Loki told you some history about the dish from some time he was living or traveling in Paris. You listened to his animated stories, thinking about how you were so in love with him. 
“Why’re you staring at me like that?” Loki laughed softly, spooning sorbet into your mouth.
“Because I love you. And you’re charming and cute when you get excited,” you confessed with a grin. 
“I love you too. I’m sorry about everything,” he apologized. 
“It’s okay. We’re past it. Time moves forward for us.”
Loki nodded, leaning forward and smearing a kiss over your temple before retrieving your car from the valet.
“To the hotel?” he asked, sliding his hands over your hips and kissing your neck as you waited.
“Okay,” you giggled, squirming in his arms. 
He squeezed your bum, making you gasp before opening the door for you, helping you into the passenger seat. 
When you arrived at the hotel, there was a bouquet of roses on the table, and candles burning around. He kissed the back of your head, setting your bag down for you.
“Let me make this up to you,” his voice was deep as he unzipped your dress.
“Please,” you smiled, turning in his arms and pulling him into a heated kiss. 
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neoncrowpen · a day ago
War Creatures (Chapter Three)
Pairing/Characters: Loki/Reader
Work Summary: You find yourself in the dawn of a rebellion. Your King’s hunger for power grows when he demands for something that puts the nine realms in danger. Your family enters an alliance with Lord Odin of Pyke in hopes to bring an uprising that will end a dynasty.
There are many costs and sacrifices to war. The first is marrying the dark, young prince Loki.
In a crossover of the Nine Realms and Westeros, your role in Odin’s Rebellion ignites a point of no return.
Chapter Summary: Loki arrives to Highgarden, piquing your interest.
Season One: Chapter Zero, Chapter One, Chapter Two
Words: 1628 (Ao3 Link) (Ask Box Here)
Tumblr media
“I will not hurt her. You have my word.” Ramsay Snow
Cecelia practiced smiling in the mirror. She sighed, dissatisfied with her face. She looked down to Elise and Dyana who made adjustments to her green dress. Dyana fastened a metal belt around her waist, clicking two halves of a rose together. A polite knock sounded off at the door. Her septa let herself in, clasping a hand over her heart.
“Lady Cecelia! You’re up already?” Septa Maybe toddled over to the windows, opening the curtains to reveal the morning sun. “What in seven hells are you doing?”
“Our lady was anxious all night. We finally got her to settle on this dress,” Elise spoke. “It took us eight dresses to get here.”
“Green?” Maybe looked at her up and down. “Our house colors?”
“No! His colors!” Cecelia argued. “He told me so, in a letter. He likes green!” Dyana and Elise exchanged looks, but Cecelia didn’t notice. She kept her mental notebook open, all the details of her betrothed organized in her mind. The Storm’s Son was a nickname his people and many of Westeros gave him, but he wasn’t a fan of the nickname. He preferred the color green because it was the color of grass, the woods, seaweed, and all things alive. He kept his mind sharp with books, and he was looking forward to seeing Highgarden’s expansive library.
Cecelia kept the most precious detail to herself. Loki never had lemon cakes before.
Septa Maybe hummed. “It seems unbecoming for you to want to appease him this much, dear. Besides, his house colors are gray, not green. That’s our house colors.”
Before Cecelia opened her mouth, Elise did it for her. “You’re wearing green! End of discussion.” Elise shot a nasty look towards the septa. Maybe turned, closing the door behind her.
“Remember what I said the other day?” Dyana spoke up. “People say things they don’t mean when they’re upset.”
Cecelia’s mind turned from Loki to Xerxes. It switched between them all night long. She thought of Xerxes’ warnings and allegations. After Dyana left, Xerxes spoke his mind, leaving no room for subtlety. He told her several stories about his cruelty to his own men. How he would discipline them with his magic. Once, he hung a man by his neck, and then tossed him overboard so he could be dragged by the ship. Xerxes shamed her for her ignorance. How dare she get excited to wed a man she barely knew?
“Xerxes has no right to tell me those horrid rumors believing them to be true. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being a little excited.” Cecelia smoothed out the front of her dress.
“Absolutely nothing wrong with it at all, my lady,” Elise chirped. She fastened the last of the sleeve’s buttons, stepping away. “Shall we fetch breakfast now? I think we deserve it.”
In the past few days, she avoided Xerxes at all costs. Why should she say she was sorry? Xerxes inferred that she was a romantic idiot. Xerxes was the one to tell her one story after another about Loki’s anger. How his magic made him powerful, manipulative, and selfish. It was enough for Cecelia to want magic for herself. If she could, she would silence him for a week.
Cecelia droned on about the soured conversation between her and Xerxes in the days that passed. She criticized herself for fueling the same rumors she hated. It wasn’t the first time they fought like a married couple. Ser Xerxes had no hold on her heart. She told others that he felt the same. Ser Xerxes was a sworn sword to Highgarden, nothing more. No one seemed to believe her.
Cecelia’s eyes narrowed on Ser Xerxes as he crossed her vision in the feast hall. She bet half of Highgarden that he felt her eyes on him. Her glare burned as much as his words did. He refused to look her way. Cecelia sent mental curses his way, secretly hoping he could read minds and hear her.
Many finished their breakfast and began to prepare for the arrival of Loki and half of the Iron Islands. A pair of wenches collected dirty dishes, whispering to each other, taking turns looking at Lord Garth’s daughters. Cecelia pretended not to mind; she needed to set a good example to her sisters. Amaryllis sat in her lap, eating the last of her porridge.
Elise gulped down another cup of coffee.
“Why are you looking at him like that?” Dahlia said a little louder, jarring Cecelia’s attention.
“He’s an idiot, and keep your voice down.” Cecelia said.
“Why is he an idiot?”
“All men are idiots, Dahlia,” Elise told her.
“Even Papa?” she raised her brow towards Cecelia. Cecelia bit her tongue. Anger rose and fell like waves inside of her. She glanced over to her father, remembering the promise he easily broke. His people surrounded him as he left the feast hall, Ser Xerxes and Ser Petra tailing behind. Ser Petra carried Briar Rose, wrapped in the House Grover’s green colors.
It was a little under two years ago on her name day. Lord Garth kissed the crown of her head nineteen times. One for every year. The day’s celebration winded down when he brought her into the throne room. Lord Garth carefully unwrapped something precious and sacred in front of her. Cecelia gasped, touching her chest. Happy tears rimmed her eyes. Her fingers ran along the metal, feeling a sense of pride for her house. Cecelia picked up her family’s ancestral sword, Briar Rose. The weight of it made her feel stronger, more capable than her male peers.
“Highgarden will be yours one day. It is only fair and right that you decide who your heart belongs to as well.” Her father’s promise echoed in her head. How easily his words meant nothing when war was on the horizon. How stupid Cecelia felt when she believed him.
“Especially Papa,” Cecelia responded to Dahlia.
Everyone stopped their daily duties to gather in the courtyard, even those who weren’t meant to be there. A caravan of people dressed in grays and murky blues stood out against the lush greens that surrounded the castle. The weather seemed perfect despite the anger she felt. She kept a good hold on Dahlia. If anyone quelled her frustration, it was her sister.
A horse carrying a golden-horned knight entered first. His size intimidated a few. Some took a step back while Lord Garth stepped forward. He took off his helmet to reveal the dark skin underneath. His black beard trimmed, framing his face well. His golden eyes enticed the women.
“Well fuck me,” Elise said out loud behind Cecelia. “That’s what a King should look like. Shit.”
“Elise! Dahlia is right there,” Dyana whispered back. Cecelia covered her mouth to prevent her sudden laughter.
“Ser Heimdall! An honor to meet the man behind several legends,” Lord Garth clasped his arm in true Iron Island fashion.
“An honor to be welcomed in such a manner, my lord,” Ser Heimdall spoke.
“Oh gods,” Elise reacted. “His voice.”
Two other horses followed suit. The first carried an older woman. Her hair flowed like sails on a ship. Cecelia felt both drawn to and intimidated by her. What kind of woman opted to ride like that instead of enjoying the comforts of a carriage? She dismounted on her own as well, none of her own men offering their hand to help. The second horse slowed. Its rider had shorter, blonde hair. His blue eyes sparkled with the same sort of trouble Cecelia saw in Orthorion, the Light Elf from Riverrun.
“What kind of water do they drink in the Iron Islands?” Elise commented again.
Dyana sighed. “Elise—
“I will not be scrutinized for using my eyes.” Elise leaned forward towards Cecelia’s ear. “Is that him? Loki?”
“Lady Frigga,” Lord Garth greeted the older woman kindly. Lady Magnolia curtsied giving her own greeting. Cecelia studied the blonde, noting he did not leave his horse.
“I don’t think so,” Cecelia whispered back. “He seems too much like sunshine to be the Storm’s Son.” More of the caravan filled the courtyard. Men and women lined up. Their axes, swords, and daggers displayed at their sides. Each wore an armor with a Warhammer etched onto their chest plates. Cecelia’s eyes scanned among them until her ears tickled with a horse’s speedy footing.
A fourth horse galloped inside the courtyard, breaking just before her family’s feet. Its rider jumped off easily. Like Ser Heimdall, he wore a horned helmet as well. Gray and green leather armor covered his features. He kept his horns on, greeting Lord Garth as if he was a fellow warrior.
“My lord,” he said.
“Loki, the Storm’s Son,” Lord Garth greeted. Cecelia’s eyes focused on him. His dark curls brushed his shoulders. His shoulders heightened his stature, making him look bigger than Ser Xerxes. Lord Garth held out his hand to Cecelia next to him. “Allow me to present my daughter, Lady Cecelia Grover.”
Cecelia stepped forward. All fell silent in the courtyard, waiting for their first words to be exchanged. Loki reached for her hand, brushing over her knuckles with his lips. His eyes fixated on her, instilling a new feeling inside. Color rushed to her face, almost freezing her.
“My lord,” she curtsied. A lump formed in her throat.
“My lady,” Loki responded, a small chuckle left him. “I am no lord.” He lowered his voice, speaking in her ear only. “But you are certainly a lady of Highgarden.” Loki offered his arm, linking them together as they entered the castle. As they passed by Xerxes, Cecelia didn’t need to make a new bet. She definitely felt his eyes glaring at them.
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whirlybirbs · a day ago
Tumblr media
FROM THE VOID, WITH LOVE  |  control variable
summary: both of these men have a soft spot for you.
pairing: loki / f!reader
a/n: i like to think mobius genuinely respects doc but has now formed a mild attachment to her in the form of a older sibling sort of way. or maybe an endearing co-worker. anyways, time to diverge from canon slightly! this lovely gif is by @vought from this set right here!
"Where have you been? I just finished telling him about the apocalypses—"
Mobius was just trying to eat his damn lunch.
As you saunter up to the table, files in hand, Mobius takes the now soaked salad that had been used as an impromptu visual aid to Loki's thesis and drops it beside his empty can of cola. He looks up at you, despairingly exhausted, as you place a hand on his shoulder and offer an apologetic smile at the current state of his drowned lettuce.
"What happened here?"
Loki is particularly giddy — whether or not that's thanks to the ruined salad, you're not sure.
Mobius waves the question and off and gestures to the seat between them.
"I take it you heard about his little theory?" Mobius asks, gesturing to Loki as he leans back in his lime colored chair, "I still think it's a horrible idea—"
"I think I might have a worse one."
Both of their eyes snap to you.
Your gaze flits between the two of them. You wet your lips, then you lean forward.
"I have a theory."
Mobius, almost protectively, snatches up his jet-ski magazine. Then, slowly, he urges you on. "Okay...?"
You scooch forward in your chair and place your elbows on the table.
For a moment, Mobius catches Loki's eyes softening at the sudden excitement in your expression — but it's gone in a flash and replaced by a more neutral look of shared confusion.
"Every time Loki's Variant makes an appearance, mine follows, right?" you begin, gesturing between you and Loki, "Which got me thinking — there's a record of a Variant of mine using 'Time Technology'. You said yourself I help develop that—"
"—So," you wave your hands along as you speak, "What if that's the point of variation. What if this Variant of mine is using Time Travel again?"
"It's completely possible."
"Right — but! You called Loki and I Reoccurring Variants Anomalies, which could also mean that regardless of circumstance, we're both bound to have some sort of synchronicity when it comes to variation."
Loki's watching you with an open expression.
"What are you trying to say, doc?" asks Mobius, rubbing his temple.
"We don't know if these anomalies are contingent upon one another, or happen because of one another."
Loki can see Mobius' confusion. "What she's saying is that her Variant could be trying to find mine, or vice versa."
"Or! No matter what, we're both tied to one another because of our bond on the Sacred Timeline."
Mobius inhales slowly. Your smile is bright — and Loki can't help but feel a little bit of pride seep into him at the sight. Which is laughable, of course. He'd helped you reach this hypothesis anyways.
"Every theory has an experiment that follows," Mobius says almost like he knows exactly where you're going with this, "What are you proposing?"
Loki's brows knot up as his attention snaps from Mobius, back to you. "What?"
"Absolutely not."
You raise a hand to shut them both up. You then tap a finger to the cover of the dossier the librarian had grabbed.
"In the training we were given, it was covered that standard practice until the Gorsbach Incident was to blend into one's surroundings to insure a slower branch stability deterioration—"
"We would be corrupting the Timeline, creating our own branch—"
"That could be reset! It could work!"
Mobius' mouth snaps shut.
You sit there, hands out like you've just said, "Tada! Here, Mobius! A gift!"
But it's not a gift. No, he's just greying faster.
He's beginning to understand how you and Loki make sense. Turns out you've got a little bit of chaos in you, too.
The Agent sighs and slumps back in his chair. Loki blinks between you both, waiting for someone to budge. Mobius speaks first. His face is down, but he's watching your carefully.
"What's your control?"
"And your dependent variable?"
"The Prince of Asgard."
"—Well, hold on a minute—"
You, without looking, crawl your hand over to shush Loki. You place your hand over his mouth for a moment, other hand on his arm. He rolls his eyes. His smothered protest falls on deaf ears. You pull your hand from his mouth but keep hold of his sleeve.
It's... endearing.
"If this Loki finds a way to interact with me? I mean, that's proof."
Mobius rolls his jaw. He looks at Loki.
You pull away after a moment too long and stare at the God as well.
The God of Mischief wets his lips.
"What're you thinking over there, Loki?"
"That I think it's ridiculous," he says, "And that Heimdall will know there's an intruder in the palace almost immediately."
"The palace?" you ask quietly.
"Of course," Loki continues on without a single pause, "If you were going to imbed yourself into a scenario with which we all stand a chance not being rounded up and executed, it would need to be during a function within the palace. Those, typically, garner enough of a crowd that we'd be able to stay under the guards' noses."
Mobius looks at you. You look at him.
Then, plainly, you just blurt out:
"I've never been in a palace."
Mobius, suddenly, can sense a little bit of longing in your voice.
"How plausible is this, really?" he asks Loki.
"If our dear Doctor here thinks it's worth it," he says, "We'll make it work — only if we try my experiment first."
Mobius just lets out a long sigh.
He just wanted to eat lunch.
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btsinwonderland · a day ago
A Drop of Poison
A Loki fan fiction
Genre: Angst/romance/smut in a Hogwarts AU
Length: well shit girl idk?
Status: coming soon 🥲
Soundtrack: being put together
Tumblr media
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Bad Timing
Summary: !! SPOILERS FOR EP 1 LOKI !! Loki finds out he wasn’t destined for glorious purpose, but he was for reader. Can be read as a sequel to ‘Complicated’
Warnings: Angst, some fluff, death, mobius being the king he is, not a 100% canon from the ep sorry
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Fem!Reader/Goddess!Reader
Characters: Loki Laufeyson, Mobius M. Mobius
Word count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
Loki watched as Mobius changed the pixelated screen, presenting what was explained to him as a future Loki amid Asgard with shackles on his wrists.
"Oh, hello, Y/N," Future him greeted, his hair longer than what it looked like, more mature.
There you were. Dressed in the familiar Asgardian gear, in front of Odin as he was presented to his father on a silver platter ready to be imprisoned. "Stop it, I'm just trying to save you," You said.
"I didn't ask to be saved. Let alone by you," He responded bitterly.
You glared at him, expertly hiding the hurt expression on your face as he gave you a small smirk.
"Why are you showing me this?" Loki asked Mobius, arms folded over his chest as he sat. "Y/N didn't even care about me," He motioned to the display.
The grey-haired agent scoffed at that. "Y/N did care about you, but all you did was hurt her," He claimed. "Time and time again,"
Loki shook his head and looked to the floor. "That's not true,"
Mobius nodded, quiet for a few moments. "Tell me, what's the last thing you remember about your little girlfriend?"
"Lady Y/N is not my girlfriend," Loki argued. "The last thing I recall is during the battle of New York, with Thor. She fought against me alongside those puny Avengers,"
"Right. She and all of those 'puny Avengers' surrounding you," He rewinded the file to the memory Loki had from mere hours ago. "She's pretty. Let's fast forward a few years after you got sent back to daddy for being a genocidal maniac,"
Tumblr media
Loki rolled his eyes and watched as you appeared once more. You seemed older compared to when he saw you, more robust.
"What the hell are you doing on Sakaar?" You whispered harshly at him in a secluded hallway.
Future Loki's expression meddled between shock and amusement. "More like what is the Goddess of Mercy doing on a planet, not of her own?"
"Loki, this is not a joking matter," You warned, serious. "You cannot stay here,"
"Did you not miss me, darling?" He wondered, his tone teasing.
"Of course I did," You stepped to him, your hand on his Asgardian forged armour.
Loki furrowed his brows at the sight, glancing to Mobius who simply shrugged. He continued to watch, interest peaked.
Future him smiled greatly, a smile he was accustomed to when he was around you. "Then why should I leave my home?" He asked.
Your eyes flickered around his face, briefly resting on his lips. "What are you talking about? Asgard is thousands of miles away from here,"
He chuckled lightly at that, amused by your confusion. "I'm talking about you," He held onto your hand, bringing you closer to him.
You rolled your eyes, unable to hide your grin as you looked to him with every ounce of love in your body to find him looking back with even more. 
"Fine. You can stay, only because of how charming you are. However, this means you're gonna have to meet the Grand-" You began.
Future Loki cut you off, pressing his lips against yours. You immediately reciprocated, moving your hands from his chest to his neck as his fell to your waist.
"You two are just the cutest," Mobius remarked.
"This is obviously fabricated," Loki stated, eyes unable to look away from the two of you.
"Nope. All real. Let's keep on going, shall we? After you reunite with your brother, Thor, you all team up and defeat the bad guy," Mobius went on, speeding up the footage.
"Adopted brother," Loki corrected.
He caught glimpses of Thor with shortened hair (and a missing eye...?) and Hulk throughout the film. It abruptly stopped to you and Loki on what appeared to be a spaceship.
"Loki, if you really cared, you'd be here!" You yelled, your appearance tousled compared to the last video, a few scrapes, and bruises from battle too.
Future him simply nodded in response.
"I'm sick of constantly being worried about whether or not you're being honest with me, whether or not you're real!" You shouted from across the room. "And the stunt you pulled, with the whole saviour act, really? How big is your ego?"
He stayed quiet, listening as you breathed heavily. You ran a hand through your hair and picked up a piece of metal from a nearby table, throwing it at Loki. He immediately caught it, his fingers gripping it as you exhale deeply.
"I'm here. And I'm not leaving, not for another second," He told you softly, making his way over to you.
You let out a shaky breath and wiped your moist eyes, clearing your throat.
"No more lies, no more illusions," Future Loki reassured.
You hesitated, thinking about it for a few moments. "How do I know you're not lying or not just-just using your stupid charms on me?" You exclaimed.
"You don't. You just have to trust me," He said.
"That's quite a ridiculous idea, wouldn't you agree?" You scoffed.
"Absolutely ridiculous. The most mind-boggling decision you could ever make. It's ludicrous. You'd have to be crazy," Loki replied.
You gulped. "Yeah, I think I went crazy the minute I fell in love with you," You admitted.
His face softened at that. After a moment or two passed you quickly ran to him and threw your arms around him, hugging him. Future Loki enveloped you in his, tightly as he buried his face in your hair. 
You held onto him as if he would disappear from your arms at any moment, terrified it would be an illusion.
Mobius looked over to his Loki. "I admit, I was really rooting for you two,"
"What happens next?" Loki muttered, captivated by the footage.
"I..." Mobius paused, doubtful of whether he should tell him or not. "Just watch," He sped it up once more to a much darker clip.
This time Thor was wrapped in metal, a piece covering his mouth as he tried to yell but was muffled. Bodies of Asgardians in the surroundings. 
Future Loki appeared, walking towards Thanos who had his hand closed around your throat, choking you.
"...I do hereby pledge to you," He said. "My undying fidelity," He bowed his head to the titan, glancing over to his brother and then to you as you began to lack color in your skin, losing breath.
He took his dagger and shot it to Thanos' throat, interrupted by a blue wave of energy. You fell to the ground, panting as you struggled to get onto your knees.
"Undying?" Thanos repeated. "You should choose your words more carefully," He grabbed the blade and dropped it to the ground, picking Loki up effortlessly with his gauntlet-equipped hand, rising him to the floor by his neck, squirming relentlessly as he choked.
"Loki," You tried, your voice raspy.
Thanos continued to squeeze just as Loki barely spoke up. "You... will never be... a god," He managed to get out.
Thanos tilted his head at him. Future Loki shot you a final glance, your eyes immediately watering up as you heard the loud snap.
"Stop it,"
Mobius looked to Loki, confused by what he said. "Not interested in watching the love of your life completely unravel or your brother mourn you-"
"-Stop it," Loki demanded.
"Alright," Mobius sighed and pressed pause on his file, the frame stopping on Loki being tossed in front of Thor, lifeless. "I know it's none of my business, but why the hell did it take you guys so long to get together? Such bad timing too,"
Loki stood up suddenly, shoving his chair back. He looked to anywhere but the screen or Mobius, taken aback by the information he had gotten. "I- It's complicated," He mumbled.
A/N: I’ve had this kind of idea ever since the episode came out and also thought this could’ve been an interesting part two for complicated so can read it as is or as a sequel :) Episode 2 aired a few days ago and I love love love this show, not only because of Loki (duh) but because it’s so well constructed and I am just so obsessed and I can’t wait for Ep 3! Right after an episode, I always head to youtube and watch New Rockstars or HeavySpoilers for a breakdown of the ep because my ass always has 400 million theories- Anyway, I hope you like this, I know this might be kind of confusing so I’d recommend you read complicated for some backstory but again, totally don’t have too ! x leave requestststs
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clandestineloki · a day ago
Hi! Could you please do Loki headcanons with a reader who’s shy and inexperienced in relationships?
loving should be hard, he tells himself
but how can it be, when there's so much to adore about you?
the way you've got everybody's back without question
your genuine laugh at something he thinks was only a sliver of humorous
your smile that lights up everything.
to him you’ve replaced sunshine and starlight
and, of course, he’ll show it to u with no hesitation
“shawarma. that’s how it’s pronounced, isn’t it?”
“no! that’s the taco thing tony eats all the time. repeat after me.” it’s adorable how you puff your chest out and slowly say the word-
“marmalade,” loki grins.
“oh god, no!” you giggle, hiding your face in your hands. “sha- la- may.” you emphasize each syllable.
“timonthy charmander.”
“that’s the pokemon!” you laugh, shaking your head. he smirks, tilting your chin up with a single finger.
“your laugh is the heavenliest sound in the nine realms.”
your cheeks burn up as you try to turn away, but he doesn’t let you. he leans in slowly, smirking as your breath quickens as his lips near yours...
“timothee chalamet.”
he watches in amusement as you’re whipped out of his trance.
“you... said it right,” you shyly smile.
“yes, i did, darling.” the grin on his face widens as he pulls you onto his lap, making you squeak out a jumble of words in embarrassment.
“can i have my reward, now?”
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rorybutnotgilmore · a day ago
i have created a questionnaire so that i can write content that everyone enjoys!! hopefully
it’s very short, so i’d appreciate if you took it so that i can have inspiration to write something as soon as i’m out of school!!
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