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fanficfreekmcu · 3 hours ago
The Farce of Free Will (54)
Tumblr media
ᚳᚻᚫᛈᛏᛖᚱ ᛚᛁᛋᛏ, ᛋᚢᛗᛗᚫᚱᚣ, & ᚹᚫᚱᚾᛁᚾᚷᛋ
Finna’s screams shook the entire palace as Thor arrived at the doors to her wing. He closed his eyes as the sounds of her entire house being destroyed echoed from within the walls before composing himself and stepping in.
He ducked just in time to miss receiving a sword to the head and turned to see it sticking out of the wood of the door.
“Leave me be, Thor!” she warned.
“Trust me, Father may not be afraid of you but I definitely am!” he smirked.
She threw a ball of energy at him as he knocked it away with his fist. He winced as he shook his hand. “Can we speak?”
“Apparently there’s nothing to speak about!” she hissed.
He glanced around the room, noting that there was absolutely nothing in the residence that she hadn’t destroyed. If he had to guess, she probably let loose with her magic as soon as she stepped through the doors. He then noticed her house staff, hiding and cowering in the doorway to the kitchen. “Perhaps we should find a new decorator for you then?”
She growled as she again raised her hand.
“Hey!” he lifted his hands defensively. “I am not your enemy.”
“You did nothing,” her lip trembled. “No one championed my cause.”
“He is King,” he sighed. “We may not agree with his decisions, but we must obey them.”
“I never wanted this!”
“He is giving you more responsibility, Finn. We will be working together, learning together. We are equals now.”
“I will never be your equal,” she walked over to the stairs and sat. “Sometimes… I want to grab Alrekk and run, never to look back.”
“Please don’t,” he sat beside her. “I need you now, more than ever.”
She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed. “You have even less of a say than I in this.”
“I was just told that the Allfather wants me to marry the love of my life. Who in their right mind would argue with that?”
She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Got a point.”
They were both silent for a moment. “How did he find out?”
She turned to look up at him. “I visited Loki.”
“Loki knows you’re carrying my second child?” he scoffed. “And you’re still alive?”
“I told you before, I have no reason to fear my hu…” she turned away as if in pain. “Loki would never hurt me.”
“I’m sorry, Finn,” he took her hand. “Truly, I am.”
“Thank you,” she again leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed. “I fear for what he might do when he finds out in the morning.”
“As do I,” he rolled his eyes. “Father’s just looking for a reason to kill him at this point.”
“No… Odin wants him to suffer… He’s taken away his freedom, and now he’s taking away his wife. I truly fear for what he might do next.”
“You? Fear something?!” he laughed. “That will be the day!”
“Yeah, well… keep quiet, will you?”
He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and hugged her. “Do you want to marry me?”
“I wanted to marry you the first time I woke up in your arms in your tent on Nidavellir.”
“The choice has been taken out of our hands.”
“Aye,” she sighed. “I’m not sure I’ve ever had a choice. Edel was selected by my father, Loki manipulated the entire situation…”
“You’ve never had a choice, have you?”
“Have you?”
He thought things over in his head. “Only with Jane.”
“Your human? What about Sif? You two were together for a long time.”
“It was arranged by our parents a long time ago,” he smiled. “I loved her out of duty and expectation.”
She rolled her eyes. “I completely understand that.”
“If you had a choice…”
“You know I hate to play those games.”
“Who do you think you’d have married?”
“I wouldn’t,” she cocked her eyebrow with a smile. “Marriage is completely overrated, in my experience. If I had my choice I’d have a handful of men at my beck and call.”
He threw his head back in laughter. “You are so much fun, Finn.”
“I used to be,” she sighed. “Now I’m a Princess.”
“You will always be the same amazing Shieldmaiden I met on the practice field all those many years ago.”
She leaned up and kissed him before leaning against him. “Thanks Thor.”
“Now, since you have absolutely no control over the Allfather’s plans, I’m going to go and plead my case.”
“Your case?” she raised her eyebrows.
“I will not be thrown into a marriage neither of us was prepared for. I need time to visit Jane. I just… need time.”
“May you have the angels on your side,” she sighed.
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jhiddles · 5 hours ago
The Silver Shadow
Summary: You and Loki escape and grow closer. You reveal secrets about your past.
Word Count: 3,368
Warnings: Fluff, language, violence
Tags: @daisy116 @shadowolf993 @darkened-writer
Other Chapters: masterlist
A/N: Again I’m so sorry. Twilight is getting to me. This chapter is super long (longest yet) and is basically 3k words of fluff so enjoy. Loki and Y/N are becoming friends and falling for each other! Also, you’ll never guess what Y/N is. JK, you probably do. This fic is full of 2013 avengers tower cliches.
Tumblr media
Chapter 7: Just Tell Me What You Know
The moment was here. It was now or never. You and Loki gave each other a quick glance before green magic surged out of his hands, shattering the glass walls of the cells.
Alarms blared. The lights flashed. Chaos ensued.
“Loki, let’s split up! I’ll meet you in the alleyway” you yelled to him and ran out of the prison block. Soldiers came running, one by one, fully armed, to try and stop you. You hid behind a column on the side of the hallway. When the first one passed you, you hit him with a side hook and sent him tumbling to the ground. You grabbed his supply belt and his gun and shot him in the leg. You weren’t going to kill anyone today.
Loki had other plans. You could hear the sounds of blood splattering on the walls behind you. Soldiers with families screamed and begged for mercy. You tried to focus on your attackers and just let Loki fight his fight.
One by one, you got through the incoming soldiers, knocking them in the head and shooting them in arms or legs to disable them. You made your way to the stairwell.
“What’s happening?” Tony yelled at Steve. Some of the off-duty Avengers decided to have a game night. Tony was drunk and Clint had passed out on the sofa. Wanda and Nat were on a mission, leaving Steve as the only one sober enough to go to battle.
“Loki! Y/N! Shit!” Steve cursed, realizing who was causing the disturbance.
“Language!” Tony taunted.
“Now’s not the time, Stark.” he scolded, “Are you drunk?”
“Maybe just a little. JARVIS,” Tony hiccuped, “How bad is it?”
“Sir, Loki, and Y/N have broken out of containment and are almost to the ground floor.” the computer answered, “Although I recommend you sit this one out, sir, you are quite intoxicated.”
Ignoring JARVIS’ answer, Tony summoned his armor and attempted to fly. Instead, he lost control and nearly crashed into the window, dodging it at the last second to hit the wall and crumple down to the floor.
“Go on without me” he laughed at Steve and fell unconscious. Steve jumped into action, grabbing his shield and sprinting to the stairwell. He jumped down the middle and fell down to the bottom where you were attempting to escape.
You had fought your way to the stairwell and now had to climb up five flights of stairs to get to the ground floor. The only problem was that soldiers dressed in full battle gear were streaming down to meet you.
Instead of running up the stairs, you ran to the middle of the stairwell and shot the grappling hook you found up until it hit something and latched on. You began your ascent, shooting anyone that shot at you.
Once you felt that you were at street level, you jumped onto the stairs, latching your legs around the neck of an unfortunate soldier. You twisted around and slammed him to the ground. Not even looking back, you ran to the door. It was marked as the first floor. Though not the ground floor that would exit to street level, it would work.
You ran out into the hallway as fast as you could and sprinted to the nearest window. You ran into scientists in lab coats and professionals dressed in suits and ties but you kept on.
Come on Y/N, Come on… Just get out of here…
Then you saw it. A window. Without hesitation, you jumped through it, shattering the thick glass. You and the glass fell to the sidewalk. You rolled and paused for a moment.
I’m free!...
Steve knew he was too late the moment he got to the scene. He walked over to the prison where you and Loki had been kept to examine what happened. Somehow, he could tell where you and Loki had split up. On one side, there were soldiers shot in their limbs, unconscious, but beginning to stir. On the other, blood-stained bodies lay dead. That was where Loki went, Steve was sure.
He pressed on his comlink to notify the soldiers that it was over. He sighed in disappointment.
How were they ever going to get you back?
Trash littered the dark alleyway. Rats scurried away from their midnight meal when they saw you walking down. You made it halfway down before you felt hot air tickle your neck.
“Hello, there darling” Loki’s soft voice whispered from behind.
You turned to face him. Somehow, he had changed his clothes from the ugly yellow prison jumpsuit. He was now wearing an emerald green silk button-up shirt, a black tie, pressed black trousers, and a large black leather overcoat. He wore expensive-looking heeled boots and gold jewelry hung off of his wrists and neck. You had to admit, he looked very nice. Too nice.
“Couldn't you have worn something less conspicuous?” you asked. This was New York City and you needed to blend in.
Loki flashed his pearl white teeth at you and smiled. “Would you rather me look homeless?”
“Then I don’t see the problem,” he smirked. “Are you jealous? I have to say, that yellow still doesn’t flatter you.”
“Not all of us have magic, Loki. Some of us are still human.”
“I suppose you're right. Here you go then” He sighed and flicked his wrist. Green shimmered up your body and you were suddenly wearing normal clothes. You were dressed in a long-sleeved green dress that matched his shirt and dripping in gold jewelry. Loki stood back aways to admire his work.
“There,” he said contently, “we match now.”
You wished that he had dressed you in something more appropriate for your lifestyle. Jeans, at the very least. Still, you were thankful for his fashion tastes. The two of you matched. The average passersby would hopefully assume that you were two socialites on their way to some fancy restaurant. How wrong they would be.
You eyed him up cautiously. Why was he helping you out? Wasn’t the deal that he healed you and you helped him escape. The two of you were free. He should be on his way to wherever he wanted to go. You should be alone again and hiding in a safe house somewhere outside of the city. Y/N Y/L/N worked alone and you were desperate to keep it that way. You hadn’t had a partner since Bucky and that had gone downhill quickly.
Even if you wanted a partner, you didn’t want it to be Loki. From stories, you knew he had betrayed almost everyone. Even his family. You couldn’t take that chance. You barely knew him. He was the one who got you in trouble in the first place.
But still, there was something about Loki that made you want to stay near him. In your time locked up next to him, you had gotten used to having a God near you. The thought of splitting up felt painful. And you hated it.
“Are you okay? Y/N?” Loki asked, interrupting your thoughts. You hoped he hadn’t heard the battle your mind was having over him.
“Can I ask you something?” you said.
“Sure. What is it?” he said curiously.
“Why are you still here?”
“Would you rather me not? I thought our agreement was you would break me out, and I would continue my services as your personal healer. Haven’t I proven myself useful?”
“You have. I just-” you paused.
“What is it?”
“Nevermind. Let's just find someplace to hide.”
He offered his arm to you. You stared him in the eye before accepting. You could have sworn he was looking at you differently. The way he guided you down the alley and onto the street… he was such a gentleman.
In your close proximity, you could smell his cologne. Even after all the time in a prison cell, he still smelled expensive. Hints of pine and leather were coming through to you under a layer of burnt sugar and sweet smoke. It was intoxicating, yet comforting. You suddenly had the urge to lay your head on his chest just to bathe in it.
As you got lost in your thoughts, you almost missed the glances Loki gave you.
Y/N. That’s all Loki could think about. The girl that had given him his freedom. The girl he had dressed in his colors and was now walking down fifth avenue. There was just something about you that drew him in and was now making it impossible to let go.
Loki had loved before. He was over a thousand years old, of course, he’d loved. But none of them ever lasted. It was like he was born with a curse; everyone he cared about would either hate him or end up dead. His entire life, he had lost love after love after love, to the point where he now found it fruitless. Why bother when it wouldn’t last. It was just going to break him further anyways.
But you. Oh, how Loki needed you. From the first time, he felt your presence he wanted to make you his queen. At first, he was just attracted to your power. Now, after meeting you in the flesh, his feelings had changed, dramatically.
Loki wanted to be with you and he was willing to do anything to stay. The only thing standing between him being with you forever was you. You were just so stubborn, Loki didn’t understand. It was almost as if you didn’t trust him and were just waiting for the moment you could wiggle out from under him. Who wouldn’t? He was used to it by now. He just wished it wasn’t you that felt that way. He wanted you to love him, to trust him. To be the yin to his yang. His queen.
He got so lost in his thoughts that he almost missed your secret glances at him.
The sun was just breaking through the horizon when you found an abandoned warehouse to hide in. Graffiti painted the steel walls and pigeon droppings littered the concrete around it. All of the windows were either broken or boarded up. The only entrance was the set of double doors that were padlocked shut.
Without hesitation, Loki walked over and grabbed half of the chain in each hand. With a brute grunt, he ripped the chain in half and threw the pieces to the side. He pushed open one of the doors and held it open for you to walk in.
Such a gentleman… Absolutely not…
The inside of the warehouse was no nicer than the outside. Broken glass, trash, and bird droppings coated the concrete floors. The graffiti snaked up as high as the average human could reach and the whole building stunk like mildew and urine. Disgusted from the sharp contrast in smell between Loki and the building, you squished up your nose. Loki did the same. The way he wrinkled his nose was adorable. Inside you smiled at him. As much as he tried to project a dark psychopathic killer, there was still something inside him that you loved.
“Let’s get you somewhere to rest. Midgardian.” The first half of the sentence sounded almost caring. It was as if he threw in the insult just to sound tough. Somehow you didn’t mind.
In the end, he found some sacks of what smelled like rotten potatoes and made them up into two beds. One for you, and one for him. As he worked, you searched for something to start a fire with. You found an old oil barrel which you dragged out to be in between the beds and tore some wood off of a broken structure. Loki lit it with his magic and for a while, you watched the green flames dance around.
Loki gazed intently into the fire and looked far off in thought.
“Loki,” you whispered softly to him, waking him from his trance.
“Yes, Y/N, what is it?” he responded, equally as gentle, though slightly annoyed. You wondered what he had been thinking about. What if it was you? Your heart fluttered at the very thought.
“I-I, I don’t think you meant it when you said you enjoyed killing.”
“You don’t.” he sounded confused, yet relieved. As if someone had finally broken through his ice wall and rescued him from himself.
“No.” you shook your head, “I think you just put on a scary face to hide. I don’t think you’re a monster. Not anymore.”
“You seem genuinely kind. To me at least. That means there’s some good in you.”
“What if you’re wrong.”
“I don’t care then. The Loki that is sitting across from me is not the Loki that attacked New York.”
He smiled. A log in the fire fell sending sparks flying into the air. Was that a sign that he felt the way that you did?
“Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there lived two young princes in a faraway kingdom.”
“Is this story about you?” you asked.
“Maybe. Let me continue” Loki hushed, “The oldest brother, blond and brawny, was destined to the throne. Thus, he received all his father’s, the king, attention. He grew into a strong warrior, the best that the kingdom had ever seen since his father before him. The second brother did not share his brother’s strength. On the battlefield, it seemed, he could be easily defeated.
“So the second brother was ignored by his father. Only his mother, the queen, seemed to care for him. She was a magic-user, a witch some would call her. She taught her youngest son all she knew about magic and the universe around her. However, the son was still limited in his abilities, he yearned for knowledge and was desperate for the truth. However, he discovered early on that no one else was willing to teach him. He found that the only way to earn anyone’s attention was to create mischief.”
“Is that where you got your title, God of Mischief?” you asked.
“Yes,” he answered. “Now will you stop interrupting me?”
“What if I have a question?”
“Save it for the end.”
“The young prince played tricks on anyone foolish enough to fall into his traps. Over time, he gained the reputation of being cruel and malevolent. No one in the entire kingdom trusted him anymore. The youth, treated with such bitterness and hostility, decided that there was nothing that he could do to change their minds so he might as well just follow their lead. He would never be king. He’d never be his brother. He’d never be a hero. What else was left?
“The young prince decided that he could be a witch. He could be a villain. He could be a trickster, a schemer, the self-serving God of Chaos, and prove everyone right. Prove them all right in what they had all thought, that he was rotten from the start. He would serve no man but himself, no heart but his own. That would be his choice. He could be the witch.
“Be the witch and know everything. So that is what he chose.”
The final words of Loki’s story sent shivers down your spine. You knew that he only told you that story so you might feel some fear towards him, but none came. Instead, you found empathy towards him.
All he had known his entire life was cruelty. Of course, he was going to turn out bad. But that didn’t mean he was. Right there, you made the decision to treat Loki with nothing but kindness and respect. He deserved it after all.
“I’m so sorry Loki. The world can be cruel.”
“Isn’t it? Anyways, I’ve grown past it. Nothing people say affects me any more.”
That was a lie. You could see it in his face. You remembered the silent pain in his face when you had called him a monster, unbeknownst to his past, and was suddenly filled with regret.
I guess it’s true then… You should never judge a book by its cover…
As cliche as it sounded, you knew in your heart that it was right. Loki wasn’t a psychopath or a cold-blooded sadist. Just a fallen prince with terrible coping mechanisms.
And then suddenly, to the surprise of both Loki and yourself, you began singing to him. It wasn’t anything special, just a lullaby that you remembered someone singing to you as a young child.
Y/N is singing to me Loki thought. His heart hammered in his chest. He fought his eyes from watering and body from trembling. The song you were singing was one his mother used to sing to him and Thor as children. Your voice, like hers, sounded like an angel's.
It wasn’t until the third verse that he joined in. He noticed the shock in your voice when his light sweet voice came in. You sang with him until the end, holding the last note a little longer than necessary.
“How do you know that song?” it seemed you asked each other at the same moment.
“I remember someone singing it to me when I was a kid,” you answered first.
“That’s what my mother used to sing to me and Thor. It’s an old Asgardian folk song, how do you know it?” Loki asked.
Asgardian folk song!? How? You had never been to Asgard in your life or met any Asgardian until Loki. Hell, you didn’t even know Asgard existed until a few years ago. No one did. It was impossible. Unless…
It was true, you didn’t know your parentage. But the very notion that you could be Asgardian was ridiculous. Wouldn’t you know that you were a God?
“Y/N, are you Asgardian?” Loki asked. Of course, he asked.
“No.” you answered quickly, “I mean, I don’t know.”
“How wouldn’t you know”
“I don’t know Loki.” your voice was full of sadness and shame. To not even know who you were…
“I think that a story might be fitting right about now” Loki urged.
“There’s not much to tell,” you admitted.
“Just tell me what you know.” he assured, “I’ll sing to you when you’re done.”
“Once upon a time,” you began. Then stopped, “do I have to do that, it seems silly.”
“Not if you don’t want to,” Loki reassured.
“Okay then,” you said and began your story, “ I don’t know who I am, where I came from, or why I do what I do. All I know is that I was left in the care of a Russian militant group in 1909. I murdered Rasputin for money and have had an endless supply of jobs since.
“I have killed two hundred and thirty-one men, women, and children for money in my one hundred and four years on Earth. I have no idea how the fuck I have stayed alive that long. Or how I’ve barely aged a day since 1920. Every single day, I wake up thinking that it is going to be my last one. That I’m going to be captured and killed today. I’ve never had a normal life. I will never have a normal life. I will die a murderer. Alone. And no one will care.
“There will be no one in the entire world that will mourn me. The United Nations will have my corpse burn and will dance on my ashes. My death will be an international holiday. A day for governments to celebrate the death of their nightmare. That is who I am. A nightmare. And I hate it.”
You didn’t realize you were crying or that Loki was sitting next to you hugging your shoulders until he spoke.
“I am so sorry,” he said to you with the utmost sincerity. “I promise, Y/N, that I will help you find out who you are. And I swear to you, Y/N I will mourn you. With all of my heart.”
Loki laid you down and stroked your Y/H/C locks as he sang to you. You drifted off listening to him sing, knowing in your heart, that he would protect you.
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bleufrost · 7 hours ago
There's Just Time (A Loki x reader Fanfic)
Chapter Two: All I Ask
Summary: You were an explosion waiting to happen who found love in the arms of a hurricane. Loki saw you as an angel that calmed his demons. For you, he was a savior that taught you to trust your abilities, yourself, and others. When he died, you were broken. You clung to any hope possible and watched as it all fell away. With nothing left, stories from your youth flooded back of a mysterious force that controlled time and space, and you knew that you would do anything to see him again...even if that something meant teaming up with the Time Variance Authority to capture the man you love.
Loki is confronted with a life he hasn't lived. You are confronted with a choice you weren't prepared to make.
Words: 7,797
Warnings: grief, mentions of self harm, death
main story: prologue | chapter one
moments in time (avengers era, prelude): part one
He's as angry as the hills He's got a mind and eyes and both set to kill Maybe he may learn to walk, And maybe he may learn to take his time
When Loki first asked to see your powers, you were hesitant. No, hesitant was too simple a word to describe the immense anxiety that ran through you at the thought of showing him. For years, you had learned to suppress them. Hide a huge part of yourself in order to make others more comfortable. To fit in. To be invisible. Even when you had first come onto S.H.I.E.L.D.S radar, you didn’t want to do what they asked of you. You were afraid. It felt like you were always afraid.
That day, resting on the opposite side of an invisible wall from him, you both sat in silence. He had asked, and from there he gave you all of the space you needed in order to make your decision. Loki didn’t try to persuade you. He didn’t guilt trip you or egg you on. He just sat with you until you were ready. Something told you that even if the cell wasn’t keeping him from you, he still would have never forced you.
Minutes passed in quiet contemplation until you finally found the strength to look up into his eyes. There, all you saw was a gentleness that made you wonder whether this god could have ever done the things you saw him do not months earlier. How could someone with eyes so kind cause any harm?
Your hand raised slowly, and a small blue flame flickered to life in your palm. It stayed small, afraid, for a moment. When you dared to look at Loki again, his smile was big and bright. You could feel the pure glee bubbling inside of him like the shriek of a small child on Christmas. It was contagious, and soon the flame grew until the warmth encapsulated your entire body. With a little more courage, you pressed your hand to the barrier. Loki watched you with fascination and raised his own palm to align with yours.
In that moment, even though you were separated, you could feel each other. Your fears, pains, joys, and general life. The warmth spread over Loki, wrapping him in a soothing calm that he hadn’t felt in years. He had no idea how you managed to quiet the screaming in his head, but like a gift from the highest of powers, you did it. His fingers itched to touch you, and a part of him swears that he could feel your fingers laying gently against his own.
“I thought there was no magic here.” Loki's voice rings through the quiet hall as his feet guide him over to the window. His eyes reflect the passing of golden vehicles, floating in midair. His head moves to follow them, a look of awe that you hadn’t seen in years falls over his features.
“There isn’t.” You can see the small hint of a smile break out on Mobius’ face. It was the same one he gave you every time you let a bit of child-like wonder show through about some of the things you’d seen at the TVA.
The way Loki is watching everything makes you itch to talk to him. He seems so genuine and open in this moment; so much like the way he was when you last saw him in your timeline.
“It takes a little getting used to.” Your feet stop beside him and you lean against the railing to watch with him. He doesn’t look at you when you speak, but his brows scrunch up in that familiar way they do when he doesn’t quite trust or understand something. You saw it a lot when introducing him to things that were commonplace on earth, but foreign to Asgardians.
“Is it all real?” You have to think before you answer that question, still unsure of most of this yourself. “I’m honestly not sure. But I think it is.” Loki’s eyes shift over to you, watching you from the corner while the light glitters over your face. There is something unfamiliarly familiar about the feeling that radiates from you, but he can’t quite place it.
“It’s real. Now come on, we have some things to discuss.” Mobius guides you both to the elevator and you head down to the room you dread most. It was time to help Loki remember a thing or two.
“Are you taking me to be killed?” He says it nonchalantly, almost conversationally. You see right through it though. He’s really scared. He knows that they could take his life from him within seconds and that would be it. You had felt the exact same when you first came here, and you did so willingly. You can’t even imagine the anxiety he must have right now.
“No, we’re just going someplace to talk.” The three of you stop at a wide door and Mobius presses a few buttons before it opens. From where you stand behind them, you can’t see into the dark room. You know what’s inside though, you’d been here before.
Mobius quickly ushers Loki into the room and tells him to wait there. “Don’t do anything funny. We’ll only be gone for like two minutes.” He shuts the door behind Loki and turns to you expectantly. You don’t quite know what he wants, but you do know what you want, and that’s to finally be let in on the secret.
You walk to the opposite side of the small corridor, sweaty hands rubbing against your pants. “What exactly is the plan here? What are you going to show him?” You don’t look at Mobius. Part of you is terrified that Loki will find out about what the two of you were…are? More than that though, you’re scared of what’s going to happen next. Mobius hadn’t told you what deal he made with the judge, so what was waiting for Loki was a mystery and that wasn’t going to work for you.
Mobius shuffles behind you. Without looking, you know he’s fidgeting with his hands. He moves them a lot. “Look, you’re not going to like this. I really need you not to interfere without my say-so.” He sounds nervous saying it, and he definitely should be. Does he really think you’re just going to sit there like a statue while he says and does whatever he wants to Loki? You know him better than anyone else, why wouldn’t he want your help?
“No.” Although small, the word comes out strong and defiant. You turn to face him, your expression hard. He wasn’t going to tell you what to do like some well trained pet. If he wanted cooperation, you needed answers.
“I see the way he watches you. Part of him trusts you and I know he isn’t going to listen if he feels cornered. Just sit there and try not to let anything get to you, alright? You need to be with me on this one, kid.”
“Listen to what? I’m not going to be a pawn that you use to make him suffer. Why did they let him come with us? What did you promise them?” Your voice raises with each word until you nearly scream the last question. You don’t care if people hear, you don’t even care if Mobius gets angry at you. If he wasn’t going to trust you enough to clue you in to the fate of the man you love, then you couldn’t trust him enough to let him do anything in that room.
“Alright, let’s take a breath here. I made them a similar deal to what you have. He helps us with these murders, he gets to stay the way he is. He doesn’t, well…” He gives you a sympathetic look as pain flashes through your eyes. If he doesn’t, then you risk losing him again. Loki needed to trust the TVA enough to partner up with them. He needed to trust you enough to be vulnerable and honest about himself. It stung a little that you knew the Loki in that room didn’t, but you also knew what it was like to be a caged animal. You knew what he was like as a caged animal. This would work.
“Okay. Let’s do it.” You nod gently and wait for Mobius to move. When he does, your thoughts from earlier resurface and you know you have to ask. “Mobius?” He stops and turns to you, waiting for you to continue. “Are you going to show him anything about me? About what we become?”
The question hangs in the air for seconds, but it feels like an eternity. Finally, he shakes his head. “No. Nothing that I don’t need to, anyway. I’ll keep out your more…intimate moments if that’s what you want.” Looking down, you wonder if that really is what you want. Would it really be so terrible if he knew of the future that awaited him back in your timeline? If he knew how much you both would one day depend on each other?
Yes. It would.
Nothing that he would see would leave a good impression on him, and your love for him was not something you wanted to risk tarnishing. It could wait. You were willing to wait.
With that, you offer Mobius a small nod in thanks and go back in.
Loki’s head spins to watch you from his place on the steps of the room. He was looking around while you were outside. Nothing in this room made any sense to him and the small table in the center with the odd contraptions terrified him a little, though he would never admit it.
“Alright, why don’t we all take a seat.” The way Mobius said this, like most things, made it sound like a suggestion of sorts. Like you could refuse or offer an alternative option if you wanted to, but you knew that wasn’t true. While not necessarily unkind without reason, there was a silent command to most of the gentle remarks the agent made.
Mobius rounds the table and pulls out his chair. He sits there, waiting for anyone to make a move. Loki watches his every action as though he expects an attack at any moment. It doesn’t come. When his eyes find you again, you can’t help but wonder if he’s looking to you for confirmation of his safety. Why would he trust you with his well-being?
You decide to offer Loki the best you can for what you anticipate happening next; a tiny smile. It’s nothing, just a gesture of kindness that took very little effort to give. To him, it was a promise that you wouldn’t leave him alone here. A promise that he didn’t know why he sought out or even trusted. But he did.
The fizz of a soda cracks through the room as Mobius leans back and sips on the drink. Your feet travel to the side and you take a seat on the steps there. The presence of only two seats at the table tells you that there’s a chance you shouldn’t be here. That this place was made for captor and captured only. For not the first time today, you silently find yourself thanking Mobius.
Loki is clearly still cagey and nervous, but at your move to sit, he walks over to stand by the table.
“For the record, this really does feel like a ‘killing me’ kind of room.” Once again, you can feel the fear radiating behind the cool remark. Or at least you can hear it. Yeah, hear it, not feel it. Your magic doesn’t work here. You can’t feel anything, right?
“Not big on trust, are you?” Mobius’ patience is starting to grow thin as he waits for Loki to sit. Still, he remains just as open and welcoming as ever. He wants Loki to think it’s his decision to sit. He knows that forcing anything will make him shut down. That Loki fears not having a say in what occurs in his life. You hate that he knows that.
“Trust is for children and dogs. There’s only one person you can trust” Loki’s words come out with acid. Even though you’d heard them before, they still hurt. Not because your ego is damaged by his lack of faith in you, but because you recognize this exact emotion from him. The feeling of not wanting to let anyone in because it’s synonymous with a loss of power. The panic of knowing that someone else could see into your life and truly know you. The pain of wondering if you’ll ever stop being lonely, but knowing that you’d do anything in your power to ensure that no one could ever get close without being burned. You knew these exact words from Loki, and you knew that they cut him deeply to the core to say, to believe.
You’re so caught up in your thoughts that you almost miss the glance from you to Loki that Mobius’ eyes make. His sight stays on you for a little longer than what makes you comfortable. “Sure.”
Loki follows his gaze and finds you, sitting like a child. He turns away quickly.
Mobius speaks up again, this time more confidently. “I like it. Slap it on a t-shirt!”
When all eyes are off you, the weight of their gaze does not leave with it. Mobius was implying that Loki had been lying about his feelings of trust. While he was right, you knew that his open disbelief was an act of defiance that Loki would not take lightly. Suddenly, a new thought plagued your mind. Would Loki see you as the enemy if Mobius continued to use you as a meditator? As a justification to prove Loki wrong? That thought makes your stomach churn.
It takes a bit more coaxing, but Loki does sit down eventually. Arms cross over his chest and you can’t help but admire the feigned relaxed look he gives off. He’s always been an expert at staying calm and collected. It took quite a bit to force that façade to drop. Mobius would get there though, you knew it.
“I specialize in the pursuit of dangerous variants.” The faint flash of pride comes over Loki’s features. “You mean like myself?” His posture straightens ever so slightly. Fear. He thought he wanted it most for the longest time. It had taken a while for you to convince him that being feared was not a sign of respect.
Mobius takes a sip of his drink and shakes his head. “Mmm, no. I mean particularly dangerous variants. Like her.” His arm raises in your direction, the soda can being used to point you out and showcase you to the room. You know what you’re capable of, why they felt the need to have you on a permanent lock while you were here. Energy really is a funny thing. Just as easily as it can be given, it can be taken away.
Loki’s eyes find you for the seemingly hundredth time that day. Where you expect to find malice, there is only confusion. The gears work quickly in his head and his words come out very deliberately; well thought out. “They know what you do?”
You remember his refusal earlier to announce your status as an Avenger. You remember the little looks he’s given you the whole walk here and the limited information he offered when you first told him that you had met him before. Loki wasn’t sure if they knew about you and what you truly were capable of. More than that, he had made the conscious decision to not reveal anything that he wasn’t sure you wanted revealed.
Just as you open your mouth to answer him, Mobius gives you a pointed look and you close it. “Yep, we know just as much about her as we do about you. Maybe even more considering she’s been helping me out for a little while now.”
From there, questions are fired off. Something about the way Mobius knows which buttons to press sets off alarms in your head. He eggs Loki on, poking into the holes in his plan to one day rule the nine realms. You can see the quiet storm as it awakens behind his eyes. Mobius treats him as you often saw Thor do so; asking just the right questions to get him talking and spouting out what you knew to be lies he was force-fed. Although Mobius was doing everything right to come off as non-judgmental, it leaves both you and Loki guarded. His arms move animatedly, inviting anyone else to be half as open as he is, but no one takes the bait. That’s the problem, you suddenly understand. It feels like bait.
With the hit of a button, a holograph of New York comes to life on the large screen in front of you all. Loki turns to watch the pixels come to life and rework themselves multiple times until an image of your old team stares back at him.
“What is this?” He looks away, and you know it’s because he can’t stand to look into the eyes of people he knew were in the right. Not when the evil they had fought was himself.
Mobius picks up his soda and leans back as though this is some fun movie to watch. “It’s a sampling of your greatest hits.”
The images and mix of emotions leaves your head a wreck. Your fingernails scratch into the skin of your palm, a nervous habit you picked up after years of trying to find a distracting release for your built up energy. Your shoulders stiffen and, just like Loki, you don’t manage to be able to watch the screen for more than a second. Unlike him though, it’s because for you it serves as a constant reminder of people you may never see again. Too much that you can never get back.
More images flash and your discomfort grows. You can see Loki shuffle in his seat. When Phil Coulson’s death plays out, you decide that trying to watch isn’t worth it anymore. Tears spring to your eyes as you recall the numerous times the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent had tried to help guide you when you first came to the tower. Tony had been your lifeline, but he wasn’t always available to help with the smaller things. Some things you needed to figure out on your own, but Coulson never really let you feel too lonely. He was there to eat breakfast with you or walk with you to the training grounds. Little things, maybe even too small for most people to care about. They had meant something to you though.
“Do you enjoy hurting people? Making them feel afraid?” You wonder if this is an actual question, or if Mobius just wants to make him hurt. Your nails press a little harder into your skin with each pass.
“Your games don’t frighten me. I know what I am!” Loki’s voice cuts through the room like a blade. It makes your heart squeeze to hear the distress, but you stay quiet. Mobius, on the other hand, doesn’t flinch before he bites back, “A murderer?”
That strikes a chord with you and you instantly sit up, taking in a loud, shocked breath. Every single person you knew and trusted had done things that they regretted, things that they could never take back. They could only move forward and do whatever they could to make amends for the damage they caused. Using past mistakes as ammunition in arguments, weaponing major faults that could not be erased...that wasn't something you and Loki did to each other. You knew Mobius was just trying to spur him on, but that one caught you off guard. Certain accusations were said so easily but caused damages that would take years to fix.
Mobius gives you a sharp glare, reminding you that outbursts were not a part of his plan. You sit back again. This wasn’t going to be the worst of it and the resounding threat of being dismissed kept hanging over your head. Instead, you resort back to focusing your anxiety to the palm of your hand. It hurt, but being forced to leave would hurt far more. Loki’s head moves the slightest bit, just enough to catch your distress before his eyes harden with determination. When he speaks, the words seem to address you just as much as the agent in front of him. “A liberator.”
Mobius felt like a threat to Loki. He knew he was losing him. “All I seek is a deeper understanding of the fearsome God of Mischief.”
“Liar.” Loki stands and faces you with a questioning look. He wasn’t getting the truth from Mobius, but something told him that you would offer some answers. He had very little experience with you, but what he did have told him that you were not one to turn away an individual seeking guidance. There was a purity to you that he recalled from his time on Midgard. You wanted to help him even as he threatened everything you loved. There was goodness to you.
Loki walks toward you, stopping just a few feet from you as you rise to meet him. He’s so close, you can almost feel him. The spark. You can’t use your powers here, but the spark has to still be there. You swear it is. You haven’t been this close to Loki face to face since the last time you saw him back in your own timeline. It had been numerous excruciatingly long years of grief and pain, followed by however long you’d spent here without him. Tears welled in your eyes, but you had to force them back. He wouldn’t understand why you were crying. He might even take it as reason to lash out against Mobius even more.
“What is truly going on here? Please, tell me.” His eyes plead with you in a way that you only remember from some of your most intimate and vulnerable moments with him. You can’t tell him everything, but you can at least let him in on what he can do to make this all end with a little less pain.
“I know it doesn’t all make sense right now, but you need to cooperate. He just needs to know he can trust you.” You desperately try to express to Loki how serious this is. How real it all is.
He closes the distance a little more, staring you down with such intensity that you feel you may never recover from it. He’s so afraid, but the fact that he turned to someone he very recently saw as an enemy for help...well, that made you wonder if maybe the way he felt about you wasn’t so far removed from the way he would have had he stayed.
Loki saw the rapid thoughts working in your brain. He wanted nothing more than to have them stop. To allow you to relax for even a moment. There had to be a reason nothing you were thinking was being said out loud. You had told him something though. He could trust that, couldn’t he? His hand seems to move of its own accord. It comes up gently to reach for you, and when he notices, he makes the conscious effort to continue the movement.
You can feel him as he reaches for you. There’s that spark again. Your powers are controlled here. You’re imagining it. You’ll take the fantasy though, because you know that you haven’t felt his energy in so long. His fingers are centimeters away and your breath hitches as your eyes meet his again, waiting to feel his hand on your arm. Just as he is about to make contact, just as the energy that radiates within feels as though it’s about to finally hold you again, he’s gone.
Your eyes search the room in a panic as Loki is once again taken from you. When you find him, he’s back in the chair at the center of the room. You can’t feel him anymore.
“Alright, let’s refocus here. I think this one’s gonna fire you up.” Mobius touches the dial and the screen reworks to show Loki in Germany. Loki doesn’t even look up at the screen, choosing instead to face you once more.
"Why does he need to feel as though I am trustworthy?" He leans forward in his seat to test the limits, trying to get closer to you without triggering another reset by Mobius.
You want to answer, offer him any and all comfort he needs in order to feel as though he isn't someone's prey. You know you can't though, not with Mobius watching. And he most definitely is watching.
You don’t even dare meet Loki’s gaze, knowing that you’d give in within seconds. Instead, you find Mobius staring straight at you. He shakes his head just the slightest bit and his face tells you everything you need to know. You weren’t going to get another chance. He knew you had too much to lose and you weren’t going to risk it. You couldn’t.
Letting out a shaky sigh, you lean back again and focus on the floor in front of you. Loki stares between you and the agent and shakes his head in disbelief. You weren’t going to help him anymore.
“So you work for them.” When he scoffs, it’s cynical and filled with a judgement that only thinly veils the betrayal he feels. As much as it hurts, you completely understand. He thought there was a common enemy between the two of you. That he could trust you and look to you for some comfort. Now he thinks you’re one of them and you hate it, but in a way it’s the truth.
He turns away from you then and rises, walking to stand before you and Mobius. His eyes land on the ceiling and his hands frantically move with frustration.
“I don’t have to listen to this. I am on the verge of acquiring everything I am owed. And when I do, it will be because I did it, not because you or the Time Variance Authority allowed me to!” His voice rises with each word until he’s nearly yelling. Everything he says is laced with desperation and you know that he’s on the verge of breaking.
When he speaks next, it’s aimed directly at you. “Honestly, you’re pathetic! Weak, irrelevant, a detour on my ascent!” You visually flinch at that. There was so much that he observed in so little time. At this point, what he knew of you was what he witnessed in his fight with the Avengers. It was so limited, but it was enough.
Loki knew exactly how to hurt you. When he had been on Midgard, he saw the way you acted with the other members of your team. The insecurity. The fear that you weren’t worthy of them. That you weren’t strong enough to trust yourself with the powers you held. He noticed it all.
In that moment, he saw the way his words affected you and although he had aimed to hurt you, make you feel as insecure as he did in this unfamiliar place, your pain brought him no joy. It offered no excitement or satisfaction. His words were untrue and he knew it. For reasons he could not explain, part of him hoped you did too.
“You know what? You’re going to start taking things seriously.” The dial switches once again to reveal a chained Loki. Panic rises in your throat. This is the crescendo.
Loki turns to the screen and watches, disbelief washing over him. He fights Mobius on the validity of what he is seeing, not wanting to believe that the TVA has insight into things that have yet to occur for him. It’s all true though.
When Frigga’s image comes to life, you know you have to break your silence. That was too far.
“Mobius, stop!" He glares at you for the outburst, but quickly looks away. What you hoped would end the scene, only pushes it forward as it incites determined curiosity in Loki. He watches the screen intently.
"Show me." His voice is soft, the light of the screen reflecting off of glassy eyes. Loki's mother was one of his weakest points. The relationship he had with her was unlike any he had with the other members of his family. She was kind, understanding. Two things that Loki sought desperately.
Her death played out, accompanied by Mobius' harsh words. The accusations flowed naturally, not even accusations really. Just truth. Painful, cold truth.
"No. Where is she? I don't believe you!" Your heart breaks when Loki speaks. He watches the scene, eyes unwavering. It's the first time you've seen his eyes lock onto the image the entire way through. He can't look away.
"That's the proper flow of time and it happens again and again because it has to! " Mobius pushes him. This is it. This is how he plans to break the god.
Loki's desperate cries fall to you when he realizes Mobius won't answer. He goes to you, pleading once again for any sign of deceit on the screen's part. There is none and you know it. Tears spring to your eyes, and this time you can't stop them from falling to your cheeks
"Please, tell me where they're keeping her." His breath comes out shaky.
"I'm so sorry, Loki." The tears continue to fall. His head shakes back and forth in quiet disbelief.
"You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering and death. That's how it is, that's how it was, that's how it will be. All so that others can achieve their best versions of themselves." Once again, your family comes to life on the screen. You despise that Mobius is using you against him. You hate that he’s implying that Loki can’t be good. He’s wrong.
Before he can continue, a hunter enters the room. She calls Mobius out, saying something about an urgent situation.
Mobius points to Loki. “You don’t go anywhere.” Then, he directs his hand to you. "You. Come with me" Rising you follow them out and let the door shut behind you.
Out in the hall, the hunter yells at Mobius for interfering with Loki’s trial. You tune her out, completely tired of hearing the same monotonous accusations. When she leaves, you turn back to re-enter the room. Before you can open the door, Mobius catches your arm.
“Hey, no more outbursts. I don’t want to make you leave, but you’re kinda pushing me into a corner here.” As much as you hate it, you nod. You’re just itching to get back to Loki. If you could choose to never be apart from him again, you’d sacrifice anything it took to make that so.
“Okay, I’ll be quiet.” Mobius looks at you a second longer. When he finds what he’s searching for, he lets you go.
The heavy door opens slowly, but before you even enter, you know something’s wrong. Loki’s presence is gone.
Mobius reacts faster than you do, coming up behind you and throwing his hands up to stop at his hips. He lets out a frustrated sound, not quite aggressive, but fed up all the same. How he didn’t see this coming, you have no idea.
A small smile creeps onto your lips. You can’t help it. Of course in a place that he has no knowledge of, with technology that is completely foreign to him and a concept of time that makes no sense in his mind, he still finds a way to escape.
"Come on, we gotta find him." Mobius rushes over to the door, opening it and walking out. You don't follow. Instead, you walk over to the center of the room and take a seat in one of the empty chairs. When he notices, his head pokes back in to question you.
"You coming?" You shake your head immediately. "No. I'm going to wait for him here."
Mobius sighs and enters the room again.
"Hey, kid. I know I was a little harsh on you, but are you really gonna leave his fate to that hunter? He'll be erased instantly if she finds him first. You don't want that, I know you don’t." His attempt to reason with you falls on deaf ears because there was nothing to reason. You aren't being difficult. You're being smart.
"He's coming back here. I'm not going to chase him around. He shouldn't feel like he has to run from me." Mobius rubs the bridge of his nose, hands coming up in exasperation.
"So you’re not gonna help?" You just sit up in your chair and fold your hands. "Mobius, I already told you he'd be back. If you don't trust me, that's on you."
"Alright, suit yourself." His footsteps echo as he leaves. The door slams behind him, but you don't flinch. It spoke wonders to you that you were expected to entrust everything to Mobius and he couldn't even give you the benefit of the doubt here. You knew Loki better than anyone, that's why you were here. Him not believing you was annoying, but you ultimately didn't care. He doesn't need to completely trust you. Only Loki does.
So, you sit and wait. He's going to return here. His future, the life he hasn't lived yet, it's here and all too tempting an offer to ignore. They can chase him around the entire TVA, but you know you'll only find him in this room. Alarms blare outside and the small communications device you carry chirps to life with a warning about a "rogue variant." The notice to erase on sight worries you, but you know Loki well enough. He won't get caught. Not by them, anyways.
A soft whoosh sounds from the corner of the room, putting an end to your fears.
"I noticed your absence in their little search party." Loki strolls over to where you sit. He’s slightly out of breath and you wonder if he had a close call.
"I knew you'd be back." Your fingers fiddle with your shirt. You hadn't been alone with him in a while.
"Ahh, and how exactly did you know that? Did your time lords tell you?" His voice is mocking and spiteful. You expect nothing less.
"No. I'm not even allowed my powers here. If they're talking to anyone, it's not me." His steps falter, stopping to think about what you said.
"They've taken your magic from you too?"
"It was one of the first things they did when I got here." Loki begins to pace again.
"So, why do you work for them? What good does it do you?" Your fingers stop fiddling, allowing your shirt to fall flat.
"I was looking for someone. I know you think it's crazy, but losing my powers was a trade I was willing to make." His eyes meet yours, stopping in front of your seat to fully look at you.
"You speak in past tense. Did you find them?" Your gaze drops and he tilts his head in an attempt to keep contact with you.
When your eyes raise to meet his again, you know that he sees it. If you still had your powers, you wouldn't be able to control the emotions and memories that escape you. "I did."
Loki’s brows raise, and although he has no logical way of knowing, he does.
"What reason do you have to search for me?" You can't look at him anymore. It's too much. You don't want to force anything on him and telling him that you loved him more than life itself would be doing exactly that.
"Loki, I can't…" It breaks your heart, but if he’s going to love you, it has to be his choice. It has to be something he wants, even now. Not just something he thinks is part of some plan. It's not. Not anymore. Not in this timeline.
"Do you know how to work this?" He motions to the monitor on the table in front of you.
"I do." Loki nods and takes the seat across from you.
"If I ask you to show me, will you?" Your hesitation is brief, but he catches it.
"You can omit anything you feel necessary. All I ask is that I see the end." His hand reaches for yours, stopping to hover just above it. Sparks. Looking down, you can't see them but you know they're there.
He's not begging, not demanding or forcing. He's just asking. Your hand reaches up to close the distance and the fuzzy feeling of energy engulfs your joined palms. Magic doesn't work here. It becomes something you have to keep reminding yourself because you know this feels too familiar. Too comforting.
Your eyes lock and you know you'd give him the nine realms if he asked.
"Okay." Your other hand moves the dial, speeding through memories until he tells you to stop. His eyes don't blink as he rewatches the events in Germany and New York. He watches Frigga’s death again, squeezing your hand slightly as she falls to the floor. He sees himself betray Thor. Watches as he yells at you with so much ferocity that he can't believe you'd dare touch him now. He doesn't question you when images quickly flash of the two of you together. Too many to be considered nothing. You worry, but he doesn't stop you. Asks for nothing that you don't willingly give.
Odin's funeral, the proud words of a father he barely recognizes. Conversations with his brother that prove his devotion and love, things he never thought he'd share out loud. More images flash of time lost.
It isn't until Ragnarok that he asks you to stop again. His eyes glisten as he watches himself stands beside his brother, victorious against Hela. You skip over the destruction of his home, but stop as your greatest fear approaches. Now, it's your turn to squeeze his hand. Your breath hitches as tears fall. You can't watch this. You just can't
Loki notices this immediately. The screen freezes, purple tinting your features and reflecting off of your watery eyes. He knows what's next by the sheer devastation marring your features. Your heartbreak twists his own, a grip closing around his heart.
"Which button is it?" Your finger grazes over the control and he grasps your trembling hand in his, gently moving it aside as he leans over to push it. Your eyes shut tight.
You can hear everything. Feel when Loki begins to shake. Your own heart beats rapidly in your chest, painful stabs threaten to rip it out as the shuddering snap of his neck echoes throughout the room. Thor's cries shake you to your core, reminding you of the countless months spent holding each other as you grieved.
A sudden bright light engulfs the room, bathing you in the explosion that permanently ended his file. When you finally feel it's safe, your eyes open to find Loki still watching the empty screen.
"Loki?" He takes in a shuddering breath, lip trembling as tears threaten to spill. Loki suddenly stands, releasing your hand and laughing humorlessly.
"Glorious purpose." The once ambitiously driven words are now riddled with spite.
Just as you rise to comfort him, a hunter breaks through the doors. She halts, defensively raising her weapon to point at Loki. You don’t even think, just frantically move to stand between the two of them.
“I’ve got everything under control. You can stand down.” Your hands raise and you’re unsure if it’s to calm the situation or act as a shield in case she attacks. Not that you’d do any good if she touched you with the weapon.
"I don't answer to you." She raises the weapon higher, no longer in defense but instead to attack. Loki doesn’t trust her in the slightest and he is unwilling to see how this plays out if he does nothing. Not just because he knows she can kill him, but because he has a creeping suspicion that you wouldn’t move to allow her to get to him. You’d die first and the rapidly moving scenes he witnessed on the screen made that suspicion feel a little too solidified to risk.
She steps closer to you and it triggers Loki into action. His arm quickly pushes you behind him, knocking the hunter backwards with a forceful kick. He successfully moves the fight further away from you, using the centuries of training he’s had to stave her off. In between punches, he rips the collar off of his neck and slams it on to the hunter’s with a yell. His hand snakes around to grab the remote and he quickly presses a button that makes her vanish.
The remote in his hand fuels his anger. Anger at the situation. At the TVA and the power they hold. Frustration with his inability to make decisions without the looming knowledge of some time lizards. Rage of knowing that there is an entire life he will never get to lead. Love he may never feel.
When his eyes land on you, a new feeling rushes forth. You had been completely destroyed at his death. You, with the ability to feel everything and nothing if you chose to. You had cried for him, mourned him, even as he sat holding your hand. He knew that there was so much that you were keeping from him, but he didn’t care. He didn’t need to see it or be told. Even stripped of your magic, you could make him tremble with the intensity with which you felt. Even without seeing it all play by play on the large screen, he knew there was something there.
Thinking about what that hunter was ready to do to you causes the anger to bubble up once more. He looks down at the remote in his hands, spinning it until the hunter flashes before him. As soon as she appears, she’s gone again. His fingers rapidly spin the dial, not showing any signs of stopping as he finally has an outlet for all of the pent up emotion he had been feeling.
When her voice comes out strangled and pleading, you move toward him and place a hand on his arm.
“Loki, stop.” Your words barely seem to register, fingers still moving, spinning faster with each passing second. “Loki, give me the remote.”
His fingers continue, arm nearly flinging you off as he turns the dial faster. The hunter’s gasps go in and out relentlessly. You can’t take it anymore. You don’t know what will happen if he continues, what repercussions it could have or damage it could do to the hunter.
“Loki, stop it! You’re hurting her!” Finally, your words pierce him. His hand pauses as she disappears again. When he looks into your frightened eyes, he throws the remote down and turns away. You were scared, but not of him. How could he know that though? He couldn't. He didn’t.
“I don't enjoy hurting people.” You walk over to the steps and sit. His eyes follow you the whole way. “I don't enjoy it.” You knew he repeated it just as much for himself as for you. He doesn’t want you to see him as a monster, but more than that, he doesn’t want to believe he is either. It was a fight he had constantly in your timeline. A constant struggle that you often aided with the comforting warmth of your powers. You couldn’t offer powers now though. You could only offer an ear and unwavering understanding.
“I know, Loki.” You motion him over, extending the invitation for him to sit beside you. Loki’s brows knit together, your willingness to actually hear him out causing a warmth to spread through him. Not only did you show no hesitation in wanting him to sit by you, your body language was open, allowing yourself to be vulnerable to any attack he may give. You trust him, even after everything you’d seen him do.
Loki takes the invitation, sitting beside you and finally allowing himself to breathe. Finally letting his guard down after so much time spent carrying its crushing weight.
“I do it because I have to, because I've had to.” The intentional correction isn’t lost on you. He knows what he did was wrong. He doesn’t want to live a life in fear anymore.
“Because it's part of the illusion. It's the cruel elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear.” You reach your hand out to hold his, but pull back quickly when the sound of footsteps fill the room..
Mobius stops in the far corner, watching. "A desperate play for control. You were right, kid. He came back." Loki’s walls rise back up, but not all the way. If you trusted Mobius enough to work beside him, perhaps he could as well.
“I’m a villain.”
You shake your head adamantly and search his eyes, desperately trying to tell him everything you can’t put into words. “You’re not.”
“That's not how we see it. Loki, we need you.” This catches Loki’s attention, guiding his focus to the agent in front of him. He stands, offering a hand out to you. You take it and he helps you rise.
"A fugitive variant has been killing my men. Our little energy bar here has been helping me look, but we need an expert.” Your eyebrows furrow. You had a feeling Mobius had been hiding something from you.
“So you need the God of Mischief to help you solve it. What makes me an expert?” Mobius says nothing, instead opting to look at you.
“Tell him.” Your jaw clenches. Your thoughts finally return to the church. The horned devil and knives. Mobius had known the whole time.
Loki turns to you expectantly. You take in a deep breath, bracing yourself.
“The variant is you.” His eyes widen, unsure of what you’re saying and nervous of what it meant. That same anxiety fills you. This other Loki...they’re not the same. They’re a different Loki. This person standing next to you is the Loki that you know, not the one you’re hunting. You had been sure it was him before, but you didn’t know if it was your Loki. Now you did.
“What do you say? Are we a team?” Mobius looks between the two of you, a small smile beginning to form on his lips.
Loki holds your gaze and you both ask the same silent question: are you?
Yes. The answer would always be yes.
a/n: ahh chapter two is done! im so excited to hear what you guys think. i really do appreciate any comments and interactions that you guys are kind enough to give, so please dont be shy! have a lovely day angels!
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anonymousfiction211 · 12 hours ago
Happy birthday
Tumblr media
Summary: Everyone has forgotten your birthday, expect your loving boyfriend Loki who has a special evening planned for you.
Word count: 2.588 words
Happy birthday When you woke up this morning you were so excited. But now, you couldn’t wait for this day to be over. The whole day went by and everyone had forgotten it was your birthday. There were no text messages from friends, no cards in the mail, not even your parents had bothered to call you. At work no colleague had congratulated you, there wasn’t even a cake – apparently the office tradition broke with you. And adding to your misery, Loki was still in Asgard and you had no idea when he would be back. For a moment you though about leaving a message for Heimdall, Loki had taught you how. But you didn’t feel like yelling to the sky, to a men you never met, only for him to tell your boyfriend that you were sad. And then what? You would only wonder the rest of the night if Loki had gotten your message or if he also didn’t care like everyone else.
Deciding against leaving a message you drove the rest of the way home in silence. By the time you arrived at your house you were actively holding back your tears. Somehow you had hoped that maybe it was all a trick and there would be a surprise party at your house. But there were no cars and you didn’t see the lights on in your house. You sat in your cars for a few minutes, taking a few deep breaths. You would just order a pizza, watch a movie, and go to bed. At least it was weekend now, and you could spend the weekend doing all the things you love like reading, baking, playing the piano and maybe buy a few more plants. You rumbled through your purse, looking for your keys. You got out of the car and opened your front door. You entered your hallway and the first thing you noticed was that there were lights on, and you could clearly hear someone walking around in the kitchen.
You briefly wondered how you didn’t see the lights from the outside of the house, you should have. But panic rises as you realized that someone was in your house. The problem was that your phone had died, so you needed the phone in your living room. But once you would call the person inside your house would hear, and that could lead to a very bad situation. You put your purse and keys down as quietly as you could. You grabbed an umbrella and slowly made your way to the kitchen. If you played this right you could knock the person out, tie them up and then call the police. With the umbrella in your hand, you slowly opened the kitchen door. There was a man in front of the furnace, standing with his back to you, but you recognized him immediately.
‘Loki?’ you asked.
He turned around and smiled brightly at you. ‘Happy birthday, love’ he said.
You immediately ran towards him and he opened his arms to catch you. It took a moment for the two of you to let go of each other. When you did he kissed you.
‘I missed you’ he said.
‘I missed you too. How are you even here? I thought you had to remain there until the end of the month?’ you asked him.
‘Darling, like I ever was going to miss your birthday’ he smirked.
Normally, you would laugh. But the remark hurt and you started to cry. Loki’s happy expression changed into a worried one. He pulled you closer and let you cry against his chest.
‘What’s wrong?’ he asked when you stopped crying.
‘Nothing’ you mumbled, nuzzling closer to his chest. You didn’t want to admit it that everyone forgot your birthday.
Loki grabbed your shoulders, moved a bit away from you so he could look at your face. ‘Tell me’
You stared at the ground until a finger under your chin made you face Loki again. You sighed. ‘You’re the first person to remember today’ you said, your voice barely higher than a whisper.
You saw the hurt in Loki’s eyes before he pulled you into another tight hug. ‘That’s awful’ he whispered.
‘I’m really glad you’re here’ you said back.
‘Me too, and I will do everything in my power to make you happy tonight’ he said.
‘But why are you holding an umbrella? It isn’t raining?’ he asked.
You broke the hug and put the umbrella on the ground next to the door. ‘Ah, well. The lights were off, but when I entered I saw them on and heard you in here. I thought you were an intruder’ you explained a bit sheepishly.
‘And you were going to attack me with an umbrella?’ he cocked one of his eyebrows in amusement.
You shoved him ‘Shut up, that was the best plan I could think off’
He just laughed a little. ‘Sorry to startle you. The lights would be my doing. I really wanted tonight to be a surprise’ he explained.
How he did the trick with the lights you didn’t ask. You knew that once Loki started to talk about magic, he would be talking for hours on end. The kitchen timer went off and you noticed that Loki had something in the over. You were curious and tried to look passed him, but he blocked your view.
‘Go sit at the dining table. I have a few surprises for you tonight and you are far to curious, kitten’ he mused.
You wanted to protest, but the look of excitement on his face was way too adorable to ruin. So, you did as you were told. You walked to the dining room that was just across the hall. When you entered you froze. Not only had Loki already set the table, there also was a large bouquet of roses, candles were burning and your favourite wine was in a wine cooler. This was by far the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for you. You sat down in your chair when Loki walked in with two plates, covered by a lid.  
‘You like it?’ he asked
‘I love it’ you smiled at him.
He sat the plates down and instead of removing the lid, grabbed the bottle of wine. He poured you a glass, which was thoughtful, but you suspected that he liked to drag out his surprise meal a little longer. He poured another glass for himself and sat down. He sat very close next to you, adding to the intimate dinner. Finally, Loki removed the lid from the plate and you saw your meal. It was your favourite, steak with red wine sauce, oven baked potatoes covered in herbs and green beans. It tasted amazing and suddenly you realized that Loki didn’t cook.
‘How did you manage this? I thought you couldn’t cook?’ you asked.
‘I wanted to do something special so, I learned this dish’ he explained a bit flush.
‘Hmm, don’t you remember early in our relationship that you explicitly stated that Gods don’t cook?’ you teased him.
Loki grabbed your hand kissed the back of it. ‘He does for the one he loves’ he said, making you fluster and blush. He smirked at the effect his words had on you. The rest of dinner the two of you talked about what had happened in the three weeks he was away. Loki, of course, had many stories that involved tricking and annoying Thor. Once you finished your meal Loki grabbed the plates and told you he was right back. He came back with a large slice of cheesecake the two of you shared. He told you proudly that he also made the dessert himself. When the two of you were finished you started to clean up, but Loki stopped you. He conjured up a blindfold and you looked questioningly at him.
‘I don’t want you to see just yet’ he mused.
You rolled your eyes but let him put on the blindfold. He steered you through the house. When he told you to stand still you felt him move in front of you. He undid the blindfold and once it was off he moved to the side.
‘Surprise’ he mused.
You gasped when you saw. Loki had set up an enormous blanket fort in your living room. There were blankets, large pillows and he had al kind of snack set up on the table. There was a string of light that gave the whole room a romantic vibe. The fort was placed so you could still see the tv, there were multiple DVDs laying in front of it. Next to de DVDs there were several board games.
‘Remember our first movie marathon and we spontaneously build a blanket fort?’
‘Of course I do. That was the night you asked me on our first official date.’ you whispered a bit overwhelmed by his surprise.
‘A date that went so terrible you actually told me that the blanket fort was a much better date’ he mused.
‘Well yeah, you got us kicked out of the restaurant before our starters even came. It was pouring outside and you lost the car key’ you laughed. ‘But walking in the pouring rain with you turned out to be fun’ you added.
Loki grabbed your hand and guided you to the fort. He sat down and put you between his legs. The rest of the night the both of you cuddled, talked a lot, and played the games. A few hours later you decided to put on a movie.
‘Thanks for the amazing evening. This night was really the best gift you could have given me’ you said hallway through the movie.
‘Did you really think that this was your gift?’ he said.
You squirmed out of his grasp. Loki overdramatically sighed but laughed at your giddy attitude. He reluctantly let you go, so you could bounce up and down, excited to see what he was about the give you. He conjured up a small dark green box. When you reached for it he pulled it away.
‘I think I deserve a kiss first’ he smirked.
You rolled your eyes but started to kiss him. Knowing Loki, he would demand another kissed so, you made out with him for a while. The moment he lowered his hands around your waist you grabbed the box.
‘And they say I don’t play fair’ he teased.
You ignored his comment and opened the box. Inside the box was a beautiful golden necklace with a snake on it. The snake was in a s-form and there was a tiny green stone for the eyes.
‘It’s beautiful’ you said.
Before Loki could reply you grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for another kiss. He just laughed at your action and took the box from you, once you were done. He took out the necklace and you turned your back towards him. You removed your hair and he fastened the necklace around your neck. When it was in place you turned around and Loki pulled you flush against him.
‘Thank you, for everything’ you said.
‘I’m glad that you liked it all’ he said to you.
You kissed him again, more slowly this time. Loki moved his lips with yours and you felt his tongue asking for permission. You opened your mouth and he slid his tongue inside, exploring every inch. You moaned slightly in the kiss. Your hands were under his shirt and his were caressing your upper body. You stopped kissing him and pulled his shirt over his head. For a moment you stared at him, and you noticed Loki slightly blushing under your gaze.
‘Let’s make this more fair’ he whispered.
He removed your shirt and unclasped your bra in one smooth motion. He laid you down on your back and started to kiss your neck. He moved lower and swirled his tongue over every inch of your breasts. You were extremely aroused and your nipples were hard by the time he was done. You were breathing fast underneath him. He brought his head up to yours and kissed you deeply. He laid on his side next to you. His hand slowly trailed from your cheek down to your breasts. He pinched your nipple, earning him a gasp from you. He moved lower and undid the button of your pants. You eagerly kissed him back and stroked his naked chest. His fingers slipped between your folds. Once his fingers were wet with your arousal he circled your clit. He swallowed every moan and whimper that left your lips with his own mouth.
You felt the pleasure wash over you. Loki slowly circled your clit until your orgasm had subsided. He retracted his fingers and licked them clean.
‘You look very pretty when you come undone for me’ he whispered in your ear.
He pulled of your pants and underwear. Once you laid naked before him he removed his own. When his erect cock sprung free you licked your lips. You wanted to get up, to suck his cock, but Loki laid you back down.
‘Tonight, is about you’ he said.
He was on top of you and stroked his erect cock against your wet folds and your clit. In one smooth motion he pushed himself inside of you. Your legs automatically hooked around his waist and Loki started a slow pace. His eyes didn’t leave yours, unless he was kissing your mouth, neck or whispering in your ear. He whispered how beautiful you looked, how much he loved you and how incredible you felt around his cock. Because of the slow movements and your wetness, you could really feel every movement he made. Every movement was deliberate, it really felt like you were the only thing that existed for him right now.
To your surprise he stopped. Before you could ask, he rolled the two of you around. You were on top of him and due to gravity felt his cock slid deeper inside of you. Hitting just the right spot. You started to ride him in the same slow pace as him. It truly was a sight to have Loki lay underneath you, moaning and praising you. Once you felt your orgasm build up, you started to ride him faster. His hands went to your bouncing boobs and he started to play with them. This was definitely the most intense sex the two of you ever had, normally there were a lot of games and Loki was an enormous tease. Loki started to moan shamelessly underneath you, but you were doing the same at this point. When he started to circle your clit with his fingers you came undone immediately. You felt Loki’s cock twitch inside of you and his seed spill. After a few more thrusts you collapsed half on top of him. Once your and his breathing had gone back to normal you pulled him out of you. He immediately grabbed you back and laid you close to his chest.
He was stroking your arms. Goosebumps were forming and you started to shiver a little. Loki grabbed a blanket form nearby and pulled it over the two of you. He nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck and pulled you as close as he could.
‘This really is the best birthday I ever had’ you said.
‘It’s far from over yet, love’ Loki said while starting the kiss your neck and trailed his fingers to your clit.
Tags: @delightfulheartdream @the-best-phineas​​ @theaudacitytowrite
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moonbaby26 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Title: Point of no Return
Pairing: Loki x Goddess!Reader
Summary: Story set nearer the Viking Age. You were a Greek sea goddess who crossed paths with the god of mischief. Continuation of previous chapter. Waking up together, you and Loki make up for lost time with some well earned intimacy. But after returning to Asgard once more, he finds the net of suspicion growing tighter as Thor, Sif, and the warriors three begin to take notice and turn their attention further to him. Later, while you confess a little to Muninn, Loki also faces the self realization of his own deepening emotion.
Warnings: *contains smut* This chapter includes sex, mention of masturbation, ejaculation, and Loki wanting the reader to show a little more confidence/dominance in bed.
Chapters: Previous Chapter Here
Taglist: @rosaline-black , @lawfeys , @insanitybyanothername , @just-wordsandthoughts , @cringingmemeries , @loveableasshole , @plutoneu
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Just as every time before, Loki again woke before you. In the silence, he could even hear the soft sounds of the snow still falling lightly against the cabin’s roof. Only that and your soft breathing beside him.
As he shifted he could also feel just the slightest remnants of sand against the mattress, scraping his skin. Something he’d probably just have to get used to he thought, now looking back over at you.
The dull remnants of last night’s headache still remained, but far weaker and entirely manageable as he felt his normal mental clarity had returned. He’d left the doors to his quarters in Asgard locked before leaving last night. And those at the palace could all assume he was still sleeping off that alcohol fueled haze, buying him a little more time now.
But borrowed time was all it was. Though it was still so strange. Never would have he expected to find anything or anyone in Midgard that he was willing to work for in this way. To scheme and plot incessantly it felt like these days just to try and make this all work out in his favor.
Was he actually still afraid though? Was that really what it was? Fear that something so unexpectedly found, could be all the easier lost? Of course, initially when he’d thought of all the ways this could go wrong, there was always someone else to blame.
Odin primarily if his Father would not accept the relationship. Possibly Thor if his brother would somehow charm you in that inexplicable way of his, just as he had already taken their family’s and their people’s attention without even trying.
But for the very first time, Loki was having new, rogue thoughts.
Because what if it was only himself? What if he was the one that would fail to know how to capture this? What if he didn’t know how to maintain it? That had never been a concern before.
People had entered his bed in the past, and they had left it. He never missed them. He might miss the feeling. But if he ever did, he just found another. It was all the same.
But what happened when he didn’t want another? What in the gods’ names did someone do then? He did not like that new uncertainty. Not at all.
He’d fantasized about you one day standing beside his throne before now, yes. But fantasies were often fleeting. And just claiming a trophy was not the same as this, whatever this was. A foreign sense, almost comparable to dread was now creeping into his mind as he looked at your sleeping face.
Yet he refused to be a coward either. His pride competing with his uncertainty as he grazed his hand down the side of your cheek. He wouldn’t make the same mistake of yesterday morning at least. He wouldn’t wait so long to the point that he’d have to rush back to Asgard wholly unfulfilled again.
No, he felt you’d now slept long enough, his hand then tracing further down your naked form beside him as he leaned in to begin kissing your neck.
Yet even with the touches, you only shifted slightly. Closer to him even instead of away as he smirked despite himself against your skin. How anyone could sleep so deeply, he did not know. Were you really so trusting?
Did you trust him?
You hadn’t initially. He knew this as he remembered that first day he’d ever seen you. As you hid behind those trees with your spear clutched, yet wholly to him looking like you’d never once driven the weapon through anyone at all.
You were nervous he thought, especially when his illusion had caught you off guard. He’d known right away that you weren’t human, but he wasn’t sure what else you really were as he’d only wanted you to leave then. He’d been so annoyed to find that even in the barren wilds of Midgard, that he would still run into any other being so quickly.
It was strange to think now that maybe in some minuscule way he really did owe Odin and Thor for that chance encounter though.
He’d been infuriated at them, after Father’s very public declarations which had all but cemented Thor’s path to the throne. Loki had felt he was going to do something he may actually regret if he hadn’t left Asgard then and there to go cool down. And he’d been so concerned that Thor would only follow, Midgard had just been the first place he’d thought to blurt out to Heimdall. The last place Thor would guess, somewhere in the south as well where he wouldn’t have to run into any of those who still worshipped either his father or brother.
Yet all that seeming idle rage had just put him on a direct course to you. But he knew there were so many who still believed only in the predetermined. That everything was already fated and all would always transpire just as it should.
Loki still vehemently refused these notions however. He wanted to take credit for the things he’d earned. Never did he wish to be only a puppet on a string to higher powers. If he could keep you, it would solely be because he was worthy.
And that was always a secret at his core. How badly he wanted to be worthy.
His touches grew more insistent at that. His palm splaying low on your abdomen as he kissed even harder at your throat. And when he felt you move, he even started to suck at that skin, hoping to leave marks as one of your hands tightened on his arm.
“Loki?” You’d asked sleepily at last.
Yet he pulled back enough to taunt in return. “And what would you do if it were not?” A darkly funny thought really. He’d never yet seen you be truly violent, as he didn’t count any of those instances with the mortals. That was only like swatting flies. You hadn’t even been angry. And it intrigued him to imagine you actually fighting someone, anyone. Did you even know how?
But he didn’t really give you time to answer him either. Now knowing you were finally awake, he moved over you to kiss your mouth instead. Deeply, as he took advantage of you both already being nude beneath the blanket as he started to slide himself back and forth against you.
He didn’t miss that little moan you gave against his mouth either, pleased to know you could be so responsive even just upon waking.
Even though he’d only teased you the other day about self soothing in his absence, he would love to know if you’d ever pleasured yourself while thinking of him. Did you ever fall asleep imagining him between your legs, or wake up envisioning this very thing?
He was already growing hard at just the feel of your body against his, and now these added hypothetical thoughts of you still needing him even when alone. He had no qualms about admitting it himself. Those times he’d laid in his bed in Asgard, legs open and thrusting into his own hand as he’d envisioned you. It would make no sense to just sit there and suffer when the urges could be dealt with with a little imagination.
As it was now though, his hand concerned itself with the very real woman right in front of it as he started to rub his fingers between your legs. He’d never asked if you’d actually been a virgin before that first time he’d claimed you. He remembered some comment you’d made about your own intimacies being closer to never.
Yet it didn’t matter of course. Virginity was more just a concept than any real world value, especially to him. But he thought he was right in his sense that you were inexperienced at least. Which did stroke his ego as well to hope he was giving you pleasure beyond whatever you’d previously known.
And you did get wet easily he’d found. The amount of foreplay he gave you was more to stretch out the time together, even if he could already tell you were ready for him as smoothly as his fingers slid inside you then. It was a balance surely, not letting things be over too quickly, but also being so hard already himself and wanting to be inside you.
But he still delayed his own need, working his fingers methodically, trying to get that tell tale tremble to go through your legs. Those nerves were so sensitive he knew. Of course, it could be said that he had a very unfair advantage over other men in that arena, as obviously he’d practiced in his own female form many times as well.
He knew exactly how it could feel. How it did feel to get that stimulation. And he smiled as you moaned a little again, though maybe in time you’d learn to be louder for him. There was still a bit of shyness and pride there most likely, you holding back somewhat from what felt so good.
Yet he had got you going that night in the cave. Calling him “King”, telling him to fuck you. You’d just been trying to say what you thought he wanted to hear he was sure, but it hadn’t mattered for as good as it had still sounded coming out of your mouth.
He wondered how you would respond though, if it was him begging for you. He liked the idea as he now started to finally rub the tip of his erection against your entrance. He certainly didn’t have to fake anything on his own side though, knowing he must have that needful expression on his face by now for how badly he wanted to hurry and sheath himself inside you.
But he didn’t, instead grabbing hold of you to roll the two of you so he was now on his back with you straddling over the top of him. His swollen member now helpless against your stomach.
“Come on-” He groaned, almost calling you by your real name, though just barely stopping himself as Muninn was still here. He knew last night, even drunk as he’d been, he’d never actually called you a goddess or uttered your name in front the creature. And that was only for your protection.
But otherwise, let that spy dare bring news of this to Odin as Loki bucked a little beneath you, intentionally making a shameless moan as his cock scraped your abdomen roughly. And he did not miss the surprise on your face as he did so. He wanted you to ride him now, to let you control the force and the speed.
He knew you understood too. You weren’t that naive. But the hesitation in you was evident, making him have to speak further.
“Please,” He growled, honestly that desperation in his own voice triggering him even more. He did like this, the little role reversal. And oh, how many different games the two of you could play whenever you were finally more comfortable with him. No, he didn’t think any bedroom with you in it could ever become boring for him.
“Loki,” You had breathed in return, and he could hear that arousal permeating your own voice as well. It made his name sound so good, he wanted to hear it again and again even as he watched you lift yourself over him, blanket now thrown back and out of the way.
The view was exquisite. Watching you sink down onto him, feeling how tight it then was inside you as it took all his willpower to not immediately begin thrusting.
He was breathing harder now, trapped between your legs and loving it as you shifted, still trying to get accustomed to his width and length again before you would really start to move.
He still didn’t mind encouraging you though, guiding one of your hands then to splay it on his chest, wanting you to press down on him to steady yourself.
“Go on,” Loki all but begged. He could see that needful look returned in your own eyes however as you finally began to pump your hips.
Soft and rhythmic at first, he looked to the ceiling as his fingers dug into the outside of your thighs and he bit into his own lip at the torturously slow sensation. But this kind of delayed gratification was a torture he’d gladly accept an infinite amount of times over.
A reflexive gasp escaped him though as you suddenly raised up and slammed back down on him. Gods. Yes, that was the way.
“Harder,” He pleaded, your hand on his chest pushing into his sternum now almost as hard as your hips were moving against him.
Over and over, your bodies hitting together. He heard you hiss through your teeth though, his length finally hitting at a harsh enough angle to cause you real pain. But it would only have been your own doing, as he was still staying as still as he could.
Yet at the sound he forced his torso up, even then with your fingernails scraping down his chest as your hand slid down. He raised himself up enough to reach one of your breasts, mouthing it roughly and kissing it to distract you from the pain.
That elicited another real sound of pleasure from you before the hip thrusting started all over again, and you pushed him back against the bed with both your hands.
He grinned as his back hit the bed again. But you followed him down, your chests then colliding as you kissed him, still on top of him, still sliding him in and out so roughly between your legs.
And he couldn’t help it, grabbing you possessively, not letting you back up as the two of you kissed and he bit your tongue lightly then. This is what he wanted as he felt himself already so close to orgasm.
Some tiny, distant voice of reason reminded him he’d already been careless twice in his overwhelming desire for you however. Once at the cave, and then again in the forest that first night the two of you had come to this village. He’d given you his seed both times, wanting to feel you to the very last moment instead of pulling out.
He knew nothing of Olympian biology and if it was even compatible with that of an Asgardian to be true. Never before had he heard of a half breed between the races. But as young as you both were, it was certainly not something he would really wish to keep risking. He had zero interest in siring heirs when he had yet to claim the throne for himself of course. He’d have to be as old as Odin before he’d even consider it, not wanting to deal with more possible usurpers to his own ambitions.
And as he felt that release building in him, reason did finally win out and he all too reluctantly forced you back. Even as he continued to kiss you, he just used his hands to hold back your hips. Keeping him from reentering you as he did the last thrusts on his own, sliding against the skin of your stomach once more before he came on you both.
In the aftershocks of his orgasm he didn’t even care about the warm, sticky mess then between you. He just laid back, panting a little as he looked up in your eyes.
But he could see that little bit of question there as he smiled in what he knew was just an intentional play at arrogance on his part, his hands still rubbing your hips gently. “What, dear? As excellent an example of breeding stock as I am, I don’t think we’re quite ready for that burden do you?”
You gave a weak laugh though, and he knew you hadn’t even considered that full potential really, just as caught in all this as he was. But you must not have minded the mess much either, just laying back down on him afterward as you rest your head against him.
And it was so tempting to just stay that way, his arms then moving back around you. If only the both of you really could. But the realms weren’t quite ready for this power couple that he was already envisioning the two of you to be.
As you finally stood again to pull your dress back on, you didn’t worry about any of the remnants of Loki still on your abdomen. You’d have plenty of time to go bathe in the sea once he was gone again, which would be happening in only a few moments unfortunately. You’d both lingered together in bed as long as you could have, but he now had to return to his palace once more.
He’d already dressed himself again as well, using his magic to pull his clothing back from the floor and onto his body in the proper order quite quickly.
“What are you going to do with him?” You’d finally said though, eyeing the all too quiet chest on the floor with some concern. If the bird had passed on sometime in the night, you weren’t going to forgive yourself for not intervening sooner. But Loki had been so adamant that Odin’s ravens were far more resilient than you knew.
“Just keep him here for now.” Loki answered with all the emotion of someone commenting on the weather as he fussed a little more with straightening out his cloak that’d gotten wrinkled from being in a pile the night before.
“Oh, so I can be blamed by Odin if he dies?” You retorted, before thinking further. “Or by you if he escapes?”
Loki smirked at you, one you thought was meant to be charming, though you did realize he now seemed in a far better mood than he’d been in the night before. “I wouldn’t let that happen to you.” He promised.
Your eyebrow raised in an entirely disbelieving expression.
But Loki just continued. “And he can’t fly until his wing regenerates. It will at some point. But it’ll still take time. So guess who gets yet another new pet?”
“How lovely.” You answered with fake appreciation. “But won’t they come looking for him?”
“Oh those two can wander the realms for weeks before they check in again. They don’t come back until they have something they think Odin would wish to know. I’m sure in the real olden days it was daily, but with mostly peace in the realms again, there really isn’t much new to report now is there?”
“You have an answer for everything don’t you?” You kept on, though realizing it entirely futile.
He moved closer then though, just smiling still, “I have to go.”
And maybe it was only more manipulation, conning you into complying once more, but he actually leaned forward and kissed you. It was different though. Gentle, almost…caring?
But over just as quickly as he then walked for the door. “Do remember he does bite. And watch what you say around him. He never forgets any information until he’s delivered it to the Allfather.”
A bit late for that you thought. But maybe Loki truly didn’t care. Or every rude and awful thing he’d already said around the poor bird was really how he always spoke to him anyway in Asgard. Either way, this was not comforting to you in the least.
“Goodbye.” Was all you could think to say, still unsure how your previously, relatively uneventful life had now become as complicated as this.
But he actually said it back, a little look back at you before he closed the door, teasing that nickname purposefully again. One he must not think Muninn would be able to use against you at least. “Goodbye, Kærr. I’ll return when I can.”
Asgard, later that day
“I’m telling you something is going on.” Sif reiterated, arms crossed as they all remained gathered in the courtyard, now watching as Fandral and Hogun paired up for the next sparring match.
Fandral glanced over at her, right away barely dodging Hogun’s mace Hridgandr as he raised his shield. “So Loki’s sneaking around. What of it? That’s-” He grunted, almost getting knocked off balance as he had to sidestep again before plunging ahead with his sword. “That’s what snakes do.”
“Mind your tongue, that is my brother you speak of.” Thor warned, albeit with his feet now kicked up as he sat on the nearby ledge. His head still throbbed enough from last night, he now winced a little every time one of their weapons bounced loudly off the other’s shield.
“He does take the form of a serpent quite frequently.” Volstagg offered though. “Bugger got in my helmet once. Hah, but joke was on him. We’d just gotten back from Vanaheim and I hadn’t seen a bath in three weeks! Never seen a creature come back out so fast!”
“Ugh,” Fandral and Thor replied simultaneously.
“The maids said his quarters were locked all the way until after midday food in the hall.” Sif just continued, “And he was acting so strange yesterday morning, even for him, he-”
“Well what would Loki care for midday feast? Skin and bones that boy.” Volstagg interrupted.
And Fandral questioned, landing another near strike against Hogun. “Which maid said that? Helga or Ulfid?”
Yet Sif tried to ignore the both of them. “I’m saying I think he’s been going somewhere else, he-”
“Well where were you and Thor last night?” Fandral just interjected again.
Sif’s tone changed to an even deeper annoyance at that, quickly defending. “I was in my quarters.”
“As was I!” Thor answered all too fast, but then realizing his mistake, tried to backpedal just as quickly. “I mean, I was in my quarters of course, not Sif’s.” He chuckled a little nervously, intentionally looking away from everyone then.
Yet Sif just rolled her eyes, “And where were you, Fandral?”
But Fandral smirked provocatively, “With the maids, Helga and Ulfid of course. That’s why I asked which you’d spoken to. I left my belt and I need to fetch it back, I-”
Sif raised her hands. “Gods. Just stop. I don’t want to know.”
“You talk too much,” Hogun cut in at Fandral, sweeping the chain of the mace under the other’s feet then and laying him decidedly on his ass. Yet Hogun only continued after, already offering a hand to help Fandral back up. “Why do you not just ask Loki? See what lie he gives and investigate from there.”
Thor came back in at this though, that little tone of defensiveness returning. “But why does he have to be lying? Maybe he really was at the library yesterday, maybe he had a hangover today? It could be the truth!”
And at that every single one of them looked pointedly at Thor.
He stared back at them, defiant by nature, but at the same time withering slightly under the combined judgement of all his friends. “Okay, yes. He likes to bend the truth at times. But he’s my brother and I’d like it if we could stop gossiping about him. Are we warriors or are we maidens?”
And at Sif’s resulting death stare, Thor cleared his throat, but still continued. “Gossipy maidens…you know, like the maids, not like you of course, Sif!”
But Fandral raised his rapier again at that. “Now wait just a minute, you keep Helga and Ulfid’s honor out of this. Sif is the one so worried for some reason.” He looked to her tauntingly. “Keeping a watch on Loki now, Sif? What, do you fancy him all of the sudden? They say opposites can attract after all.”
Thor looked only further distressed at this, even as Sif spun instantly, drawing her own sword. “Alright, move Hogun, Fandral’s mine!”
Volstagg just spoke up cheerfully though, pointing across the courtyard then. “Oh look, there’s Loki now. Let’s just ask and put an end to this here and now, yeah?”
Fandral smiled, looking over as well. “Speak of the devil and he shall appear, lads.”
“He’s not the devil.” Thor chided lowly, now hopping off the ledge to come to standing. He cupped his hands around the sides of his mouth though, then calling out loudly all the way across the large courtyard. “Brother! Hey!”
The lean figure in the black and green leather paused suddenly at that. He’d only been using one of the open air corridors that bordered the courtyard. Several books in his hands when he’d had no choice but to turn his attention towards that bellowing call.
Thor brightened a little to see Loki then striding towards them a few moments later, the thunder god wanting to have this subject done and over with.
“Yes?” Loki just asked with little emotion though as soon as he’d stopped in front of them all.
This actually caught Thor off guard a little however, expecting something more sarcastic possibly, or maybe even a reprimand for screaming across the entire courtyard to start with.
“How are you feeling?” Thor just asked abruptly though, as usual having no real plan and just blurting out the first thing that came to mind.
Loki’s eyebrows did furrow at this though. “I’m…fine? Am I supposed to be otherwise?” He responded.
“Well, uh, I didn’t know. I heard you almost missed the beginning of the victory celebrations yesterday. Which you gave a mighty fine speech at by the way.” Thor tended to compliment others when nervous, but he just continued awkwardly. “And then this morning, you were all holed up in your quarters through half the day. So I just wanted to make sure, as we know you usually rise with the sun.”
Loki gave a brief glance to all of them before just looking back to Thor. “I lost track of time while in the library yesterday morning, my apologies, brother. And after last night’s lengthy celebrations I still had quite a headache long into this morning. I kept to my quarters with a few books that I’d checked out the other morning. I was only on my way to return them now.”
Thor smiled, also looking to the others before giving Loki a pat on the shoulder. “Well, we won’t keep you then. Thank you, brother.”
“Always,” Loki only returned the smile, giving a little nod before walking back away.
The group waited until he was well out of earshot and completely out of sight.
“Well, he’s plotting something. Sif was right.” Fandral mused.
“You see. If you’d only listen to me the first time.” She agreed.
But Thor seemed surprised at their interpretation, “What? No. He literally just said-”
“Said with a smile,” Fandral countered.
“And with extreme politeness,” Volstagg added.
“He might just be in a good mood today!” Thor tried to argue back.
But Fandral gave him a sympathetic look. “Thor, my good man, he’s your brother, yes. We understand. But he did not come across his own title by happenstance. The god of mischief just walked away from us with a smile on his face. There’s some sort of trickery now afoot, I assure you.”
Thor crossed his arms, giving them all a displeased look, still very reluctant to agree. “And you propose we do what then?”
“Reconnaissance.” Fandral said simply.
“Oh, a scouting mission. We haven’t had a proper one of those in a while!” Volstagg replied with a little excitement.
“We could speak to the librarian. Ask how often he’s really been in there?” Sif offered.
“And next time he doesn’t come out in the morning, we take an excursion across the balconies to see if anybody is really home.” Fandral continued, sounding quite sure that this would be a fun idea.
Thor still looked troubled though as he glanced to Hogun. “Do you have any words in the matter, friend?”
Hogun looked unimpressed as usual, but shrugged a little. “It will be good training. We have fought many physical battles recently. But not all battles are fought so plainly. Subterfuge is another component of war. To which I agree…in that, your brother excels far above yourself.”
“That’s because Thor is honest!” Sif defended.
“I only state the truth as well.” Hogun countered, though not offended.
Fandral raised his sword, pointing it to the sky symbolically. “Then it’s decided by democratic process. We shall commence operation ‘Catch a Snake’ posthaste!”
“Can we not at least name it something else?” Thor complained, yet knowing well when he’d already been overruled.
Midgard, that night
You had a few bruises on your hands from this long process of trial and error today, but it wasn’t terrible as you spoke to him softly yet again.
“Now, Muninn. You have to drink at least.” You had managed to finally pick him up out of the chest around midday, which is where most of the bites had come from. You’d just gone back to the sea ever so briefly before to clean yourself up, and brought back a little raw fish for him that he’d refused to eat and you’d had to throw it back out.
You’d also found some rudimentary wooden cups and bowls in another little holding chest as well though. So you’d gotten freshwater from the stream in one of the bowls as you now tried to offer it to him.
Every time you got too close with the bowl though, he’d just try to flap away from you. Usually falling over back onto the bed pathetically with his one working wing as you now sat there with him.
“Listen, I know I’ve already said this many times. But I’m not going to harm you. I don’t like this any more than you do, really. Yet, it’s not my place to tell one of Odin’s sons what to do. Surely you can sympathize a little? You must know the inner workings of Odin’s palace and the power structure there better than anyone.”
But the bird only fluffed up again, giving you that same irritable look he’d given most the day.
You had nowhere else to be right now though, then just laying down patiently on the bed as you propped yourself up with your elbows and watched him.
“Are you cold?” There was no insulation to speak of in the dwelling, and now with the snow laid thick on the outside, you could feel how much more the temperature had dropped in here even in comparison to this morning.
You guessed Persephone must have returned to her husband Hades fully now. So all the plants and grasses would wither as always, that time of cold and darkness lingering for months until the rebirth of spring.
You wondered if Asgard had the similar passage of the seasons though. Did it even rain there? Did it snow at times or have blistering heat at other periods?
There was still so very much you didn’t know. Loki had warned you about divulging anything to Muninn that you wouldn’t want Odin to hear. But what if it wasn’t any groundbreaking information you had to share? What if it was actually questions you had instead?
“So, is it true you can traverse the realms then without even using the bifrost?” Loki had seemed pleased the other night, saying something about Muninn finding a door for him. “It must be very interesting to be able to see so many places either way though.” You continued, but obviously still aware how much the bird would have rather been as far away from you as possible, instead of stuck here with this forced socialization.
“I’ve never been anywhere else.” You said truthfully though, still talking to him kindly. “I can only imagine what exciting things the other realms must hold. You’re quite lucky really…I mean, normally anyway. I know you must be in pain right now.”
You could see his black eyes upon you, he was listening, but still with his feathers fluffed.
“I wish you’d just admit that you’re cold, and likely hungry and thirsty.” You tilted your head a little, having an idea then of another strategy to try with him. “You know, Loki doesn’t have to know whether we were nice to each other or not. If you’re trying to make a show of things, thinking it’ll make you look weak in front of him otherwise…that’s not necessary if he isn’t even here to see it.”
You scooted the water bowl just a little closer to him, but also then moving the blanket very slowly to bunch it up in a little circle around him.
Seeing the blanket moving, he immediately tensed again, mouth opening threateningly as his good wing flared out.
“Easy…” You said, glad he actually seemed more focused on the blanket than your hands in that moment as you didn’t get bitten again. And you kept edging that blanket closer around him until it looked fairly comfortable you thought. “See? Like a little nest. Far better than a dusty old chest anyway, right?”
With that, you laid down on your side fully on the bed. The water was still in his reach if he wanted it, but you wouldn’t bother him anymore trying to manually offer it.
“I’m sorry.” You said softly still though. “None of this was supposed to happen. But I’ve never…” You paused, giving Muninn a sort of sad smile. “I’ve never met anyone like him.”
Was it wise to confess anything at all to this servant of Odin? No, surely it wasn’t. But who wouldn’t infer this eventually anyway? Why else would you be here at all? Why would you still be participating in this clearly escalating bit of madness?
“I know you’ll return to Odin as soon as you are able. And whatever transpires after that, I just want that one truth known. Anything I did was for the prince, for Loki.”
Even now you still wondered where he was, what he was doing, and when you could see him again.
“I care for him.” Was all you said next so simply though. An understatement as well perhaps, but the look in your eyes conveyed the truth.
And to finally say even that out loud opened something deeper inside you. You couldn’t turn back now even if you’d wanted to.
Asgard, that same night
Loki sat alone in his room, books strewn around him on his bed. Some of the books were the very same ones he’d been carrying when confronted by his brother and his brother’s friends earlier in the day.
He’d had to make a show afterward of actually going to the library as if to return them, to back up his excuse in case he was followed. But in reality the majority of these hadn’t even come from the library. The ones he’d been carrying earlier were actually Frigga’s own spell books.
He was researching tracking spells, knowing Muninn would heal soon enough and that all the risk he had taken in capturing him would be for naught if he couldn’t trace him back to whatever portal between the realms the spy had found. Huginn and Muninn were the only beings he was aware of that were gifted with the ability to sense and find even those smallest rifts between the worlds. And they exploited that fully as they travelled from realm to realm, acting as Odin’s eyes on all that transpired through the kingdoms.
Yes, it was now more crucial than ever that Loki find this workaround. He was still inwardly seething a bit to know that Thor and his friends had already gotten this far on his trail. He would now have to forfeit using the bifrost for some time, knowing they’d likely be watching his every move.
If he went back to you too soon, they would only follow and force him to return Muninn and reveal everything before he was ready. But if he waited too long, the bird would heal and eventually escape, flying to Asgard before he could trace him back to the location of the portal. Then all would also be revealed with Loki still having no way to return to Midgard if Odin had one of his usual stern upsets and forbid it.
But as he poured through the ancient pages, he still found his usual focus somewhat missing. He just kept recalling that odd feeling from this morning. In the quiet of that cabin before he’d woken you. And the alcohol couldn’t be blamed by then.
He took a breath, that fear twisting around in the back of his mind once more. He didn’t want to name it. Objectively though, there were only a few things it could be called.
For the average being, the word was often characterized by some sort of euphoria though. Or at least a sense of warmth, a profound glow, all things that were supposedly so common.
Yet for him, it was like a weight, tightening around him. Dread…to have something, someone to lose.
No, he wouldn’t name it. He wouldn’t call it what so many others might.
(To be continued!)
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horrorxweasley · a day ago
For a Loki x reader could I request 2 on the angst list where they reconnect after years apart and Loki is shocked to find out that he has a child he never knew about?
This is the cutest, i already had a plan for this before you sent it in💓
Warnings:Angst, Fluff, Mentions of pregnancy
Word Count: 2.6K
Prompt(s) used: 2 ”Were you ever going to tell me?”
Summary: Y/N and Loki have a drunken one night stand, where she ends up Pregnant. Loki doesn’t find out about his son until 5 years later when on a walk in a park
Tumblr media
Were you ever going to tell me?
Loki Laufeyson x Fem! Reader
Y/N woke up one morning, looking to her side to see the clock read 6:30 am, she looked down and noticed that she wasn’t wearing any clothes, her eyes widened, the smallest gasp leaving her lips as she grabbed the covers before covering up her chest.
“Oh my God, this did not just happen” she whispered in disbelief.
Y/N reached down blindly to the floor picking up some underwear, before carefully slipping out of the bed, so she doesn’t wake up Loki. She throws on a dressing gown and rushes out of the room, through the halls of Avengers HQ all the way to her own room.
When she got there however, she felt particularly queasy, rushing into the bathroom, before throwing up into the toilet, wiping her mouth, her eyes growing wide with realisation.
“This cannot be happening”
Y/N got up from the cold bathroom floor that she was sitting on, making her way into her bedroom to get dressed. She threw on some joggies and an oversized hoodie before grabbing her purse and walking out of HQ to a pharmacy.
The pharmacy was small, but intimidating to Y/N, especially when she was going in to buy a pregnancy test, to see if she was currently carrying the child of Loki Laufeyson, The God of Mischief, who she merely had a drunken one night stand with. How was she going to explain that to her family?
“Hey mum, dad, so i had a one night stand with the God of Mischief who also tore up most of New York a while back”
They would go batshit, she thought as she approached the checkout with the pregnancy test in hand. The line wasn’t long but it seemed like a lifetime wait for Y/N as her mind wandered into the different scenarios of what may or may not happen depending on the results of the test.
After she had paid, and stuffed the small box away, hiding it in her jacket, she made her way back to HQ. Walking quickly through the halls praying she wouldn’t bump into anyone, she managed to make it safely back to her room without having to make small talk with any of the Avengers and most importantly she never saw Loki.
Once in her room she headed straight to the bathroom, and took the test. Those next few minutes of waiting were the longest minutes of her life, if it turned out positive she thought to herself that she would keep the child, but if it’s negative it would be preferred.
The ringing of her phone timer echoed round the tile walls, indicating that it was time, time to find out if she was carrying Loki’s child. Y/N reached out her shaking hand to the counter which the test was laying on, she slowly grabbed the plastic stick dragging it towards her.
Y/N took three deep breaths before turning the test over, looking at what appeared to be...two lines appearing on the test. That could mean only one thing.
She was pregnant, and Loki was the father.
That positive pregnancy test changed Y/N’s life 5 years ago, and 5 years ago she left everything and everyone she had ever known at Avengers HQ including Loki, the father of her child. There were multiple times that Y/N tried to get a hold of Loki, to tell him about their child, their son, but whenever she tried Loki was always out on a mission or on Asgard. The more years that passed by, Y/N began to give up on reaching out to her baby daddy, as she thought that telling tales about his father to him, would be a lot better emotionally, than having to go through the time and time again disappointment of yet another day he was not able to meet his dad.
Alexander was the happiest and most joyful little boy Y/N could have ever wished for, he had amazing black hair and piercing blue eyes, the double of his father. It had been relatively hard, being a single parent to Alexander, but she managed, she also had her parents to help her out, who were surprisingly understanding when she seeked their help those 5 years ago.
A smile was stuck on Y/N’s face as though it were a tattoo, as she watched her son play around in the park, he was running up and down the ladder to the metal slide which was his favourite. The cute giggles that came from his mouth as he went down the play equipment made her heart whole.
Loki found himself back on Midgard, after a long mission, he was craving some normality again so he had left the Avengers HQ to go on a walk. In typical Loki fashion he was dressed in a fully black suit, his hair pushed behind his ears giving him his traditional Loki look in a more subtle fashion than what the usual Asgardian leather outfit he normally would be wearing.
Loki found the midgardian streets calming in a strange way, it was much different from Asgard, the busy traffic and rushing people, it was a nice change. Loki found himself walking through a park, the light breeze through the air was causing the leaves to rustle, the sound of children laughing and having fun flowed through the air, as he approached what he has now come to recognize as a play park, it was something for Midgardian children to play in and possibly make new friends. This new discovery of a play park made Loki wish that there was something similar on Asgard, as it would have made him feel a bit more normal growing up, he might have actually made friends of his own instead of having to live in Thor’s shadows and make the same friends as his brother through pity.
Loki’s thoughts were interrupted when he spotted someone familiar Y/N L/N he could recognise her from anywhere. He had always taken the biggest interest in her, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and she was smart, funny, as well as very able to take care of herself when on a mission.
He obviously remembered that amazing night they had both shared years ago, but it to Loki’s misfortune resulted in him waking up alone, to find out that Y/N had also left the Avengers completely. Of course they were both drunk, but it didn’t make it hurt any less than it did, but Loki got over it, though some part of him always had the same feelings for her as he did all those years ago.
His voice startled her, whipping her head to look at the man.
“Hello, Y/N, it’s been a while” he smiled
“Hi Loki, yeah it has, how have you been?”
“I have been good, how have you been?”
“I’ve been good, and i’m glad to see that you haven’t died on a mission”
“Yes, though there have been a few close calls” he chuckled
“So what brings you here? To the park i mean”
“Oh, well i enjoy Midgardian parks, i am still so fascinated by them, it’s so different to Asgard, i find it calming. What brings you to the park?”
“Well I -” Y/N began but her words were cut off by Alexander calling out for her.
“Mummy, Mummy, can I have some juice please?”
“Of course you can Alex”
She reached into her bag, and pulled out a juice carton and handed it to the small child, who aimlessly tried to put the plastic straw into his mouth.
Loki stared at the child, his eyebrows furrowed, it was as though he was looking at an illusion of his younger self, the child looked so much like him. Loki knew those piercing blue eyes anywhere, after all, he did look at them every morning in the mirror before leaving. But sooner than he would’ve liked, the boy was away, back playing on the slide with strange Midgardian children.
Y/N put the empty juice carton in her bag, sipping it up before facing Loki again, who’s eyes were still tracking the boy which looked eerily like him.
“That boy-” he started
“Alexander” she corrected
Loki turned to face her, his blue eyes meeting hers.
“Alexander- he, uhm, he looks an awful lot like me…”
Y/N swallowed her now built up nerves. He wasn't supposed to find out like this, or at all by this point.
“Yeah...about that do you remember that one night where we uhm, where we hooked up?”
Loki continued to stare at Y/N looking for answers, as if he were trying to read her mind.
“Yes of course I do, and right after you left without a word”
“Yeah that night, well-” she started to explain again but was cut off
“Is- is that my child?” he asked, pointing to Alexander at the top of the play equipment, having the time of his life.
Y/N who is now feeling more and more guilt by the second, spoke again.
“Y-yes he is”
“Were you ever going to tell me?”
“I was but-”
“But what Y/N? I have a child and you never told me” Loki’s voice was now rising, some people turned their heads to look at you.
“But you were always away and it got to the point that i didn’t know if you were ever going to come back-alive that is- so i didn’t want to put Alexander through that, not knowing his Father then having hope that he’s going to meet him to find out you had died”
Loki was taken aback by Y/N’s answer, it’s true that there had been times out on missions that he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it back alive or not, but for him to not be in his child’s life for 5 years has blinded his judgement. How dare she run away from him for 5 years and only make very few attempts to tell him about his son, because he wasn’t away for 5 years straight, and what about the 9 months leading up to the birth of his son? He was never away in those 9 months so what was her excuse then?
“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant when you found out? Why did you wait until you had to bring him with you to tell me?”
“I didn’t tell you because I was afraid”
“Afraid of what? Me?”
“No Loki don’t be stu-”
“Then what? Have I really given you the impression that I would have been mad if you would've told me all those years ago that you were pregnant with my child? Did you not know or see how much I adore children?”
“Given the attitude you’re giving me right now, yes, I feel like I had every right to think you would be mad if I told you, that you got me pregnant”
“Y/N I can assure you I would’ve supported you no matter what, even if it was just a one night stand, I loved you I would have been over the moon”
Y/N opened her mouth as if to say something, but couldn’t find anything to say. He loved her?
“I’m sorry I got angry with you, but you have to understand...I mean, I have a son that I never knew about”
“You loved me?” Y/N said completely ignoring what Loki had said.
“I still love you Y/N, but right now, this conversation can wait because I would really like to meet my son if that’s permitted”
“Of course yes, let me go get him” Y/N smiled before walking over to the play set, picking up the black haired boy and bringing him over to Loki, setting him on the ground.
Y/N kneeled down so she was eye level with her son...their son.
“Alex, this is your dad, see” she said pointing to Loki who was smiling down at the child.
“Hello Alexander” Loki said, as calm as he could so as not to shed any tears (of joy) in front of loads of midgardians, kneeling down like Y/N to get a good look at his son.
“Daddy?” Alexander looks up at Loki with teary eyes, happy to finally meet his father.
Loki nods his head smiling.
“Yes, it’s great to finally meet you, your mother has been telling me great things about you. I expect you are very well behaved?”
“Oh yes, he is very well behaved, but there is the odd occasion where he takes after his father isn’t that right Alex” Y/N chuckles, tickling the boy causing a laugh to come from his small body. Loki smiles at the sight and sound of his son laughing.
“Do you think your dad could have a hug-oof” Loki is cut off mid-sentence by Alexander, almost tackling him in the tightest hug Loki has ever received. Y/N sneakily pulls out her phone camera and snaps a photo of the scene. Loki’s eyes closed with the biggest smile on his face.
“Now Alexander” Loki started as he regretfully began to pull away from the embrace, “I see that you like the slide, would you like to show me how you work it, you see, I never had a slide when I was your age”
Alexander’s eyes grew with excitement, he quickly took Loki by the hand and began dragging him towards the play set.
“The slide is so good, when you go down it, it’s so fast you feel like you’re in the most fastest car ever” Alexander began to ramble on in his child-like manner, describing just how fun he found the slide, it was adorable to say the least.
Y/N watched on as the two played at the play set, happy that their son finally got to meet his father, and she had no doubt that Loki would be the best father possible to Alexander
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foreigner’s god.
Tumblr media
“Ain’t it a gentle sound, the rolling in the graves? Ain’t it like thunder under earth, the sound it makes? Ain’t it exciting you, the rumble where you lay? Ain’t you my baby, ain’t you my baby?”
- “NFWMB”, Hozier
Introducing foreigner’s god, a series with a beginning but no clear end. A series heavily inspired by the music and lyrics by Hozier, as well as “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman. This is an AU, one relating to Greek mythology.
Pairing: Hades! Loki x Persephone! Reader
The chapters for this series will all go here.
Because I do not write at my best when weekly updates are set, this will not be updated weekly. It will be updated when I can update it to the best of my ability. In addition, I admittedly have no idea where it will go. Rather than being a full, complete story, I would rather this be a collection of little stories that can relate to each other in smaller ways. Maybe I’ll even allow you guys to request plots for chapters, who knows? Time will tell.
I hope you enjoy!
one - someone new   coming soon
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anonymousfiction211 · 2 days ago
You always have a choice: 6
Tumblr media
I need you to trust me You woke because an unfamiliar voice told you that it was time for dinner. You jumped out of bed and eyed the room, but didn’t see anyone. For a moment you thought you had imagined it. But then there was a knock on the door. When you opened the door, Steve stood on the other side.
‘I don’t know if you heard J.A.R.V.I.S., but dinner is ready’ he said.
‘Who is J.A.R.V.I.S.?’ you asked.
‘The AI that Tony designed. If you have a question or need help you can just say ‘J.A.R.V.I.S.’ and say it. I know it’s a bit weird, just try it sometime’ he explained.
You didn’t argue and followed Steve down the hallway towards the dining room. The rest of the team, excluding Loki, was there. To say it was awkward would be an understatement. They clearly didn’t trust you or want anything to do with you. But that was something you could have expected, still it hurts. Everybody eats their dinner in silent. Halfway through you didn’t care anymore. You only cared where Loki was, but asking them didn’t seem like a good idea. When everyone was done with dinner Steve and Clint started to collect the dishes.
‘Do you want my help?’ you asked, trying to be nice
‘No, we will do fine without you’ Clint replied dryly.
You shot him a glare but didn’t argue any further. You didn’t feel like hanging out with the ‘team’, so you went to your room for the night. When you entered the room, you saw a very smug God lying on your bed.
‘Missed me?’ he asked.
‘As if someone could ever miss someone as irritating as you’ you replied.
He chuckled at your reaction. Got off of the bed and walked towards you. You didn’t anticipate it, but he gave you a hug.
‘Are you all right?’ he asked.
‘Yes, I am. What got into you?’  you asked.
Loki immediately let go of you and you regretted the words.
‘Nothing’ he replied.
‘Right… let’s pretend you are being honest for once’ you said.
And you regretted those words more when you saw his hurt expression. He recovered himself quickly, and you pretended you didn’t saw it. You didn’t want to make any situation worse. He got closer and pulled you against him.
‘So, are you finally telling me your plan’ you asked.
‘Darling, it is the same plan as the first plan’ he said. As if it was all that obvious.
‘What do you mean?’ you asked.
‘Well, we are going to think of a ‘plan’ with the Avengers. But whatever we come up with, we will execute our own plan’ he said.
‘Right, so Thor and Thanos would think you are dead for real. And we would be free?’ you asked.
‘That is the plan, my dear’ he replied.
‘I don’t know, maybe we should follow Thor’s lead right now?’ you argued.
That was apparently the wrong thing to say to Loki,
‘You SERIOUSLY trust that OAF more thanME’ he yelled at you.
‘No, I didn’t mean…’ but you were cut off.
‘Do I really need to show to who you belong?’ he whispered huskily.
‘NO! I do NOT belong to ANYONE’ you yelled at him.
He pushed you on the bed and straddles you the next second. He grabbed your wrists and put them down besides your head. You tried to fight him and squirm from underneath his grip, but it was futile.
‘WHAT ARE YOU..’ you couldn’t finish your sentence because Loki started to kiss you passionately. At first you tried to resist him, but after a few moments you gave in.
‘I’ll do with you what I want’ he smirked.
You tried to push him off you, but he didn’t budge.
‘That’s NOT how this is going to get down’ you argued.
You hated his grin on his face, he clearly was enjoying your resistance. You recalled a trick you learned when the two of you were fighting on Jotunheim. And hooked your foot against his knee. You flipped him around and he grunted when he fell down on his back. You quickly grabbed his wrist and put them on either side of you head.
‘Don’t test me’ you threatened him.
He just laughed. His and your clothes disappeared and you felt two hand grab your breasts from behind. They pulled you closer to their chest and you froze. You looked behind you.
‘What- What?’ you asked.
‘Oh, I thought I would use a little help from me’ Loki smirked.
You should fight the hands that currently were massaging your breasts, but it felt too good. You leaned into the chest of the double behind you while it was teasing your nipples by squeezing and pulling them. You ignored the smug God beneath you.
‘If I knew you were this responsive to my touch, I would have down this much sooner.’ Loki said to you.
You wanted to tell him off, you were just about to. When the hands of the double trailed down lower towards your clit. The double’s fingers explored every inch off your clit and he had you panting within minutes. The real Loki underneath you grabbed his own cock and pushed it inside of you.
‘Oh.. my god, Loki’ you moaned when he entered you slowly.
‘You’re feel so good, (Y/N)’ he moaned.
You slowly started to ride him and enjoyed watching his expression of pure pleasure. You liked Loki underneath you, it made you feel in control. That feeling of control didn’t last long as you felt his double started to massage your breasts again.
‘Loki, you’re not playing fair’ you whined.
He just put his hands behind his back and enjoyed the way you rode him.
‘I know, love. Now ride me like you’re supposed to do’ he commanded you.
You felt then hands of the double slide towards your clit and circle the bundle of nerves. You couldn’t help but moan. The Loki beneath you was thrusting in and out of you at a moderate pace.
‘I love the sounds you make’ he said when you started to chant his name.
You grabbed his wrist again and pinned him down.
‘Now, shut up.’ you said to him.
You felt the double still behind you. It was now massaging your ass.
‘Wrong move, darling’ the real Loki whispered from underneath you.
Before you knew what was happening the real Loki laid still underneath you, but his double put the head of his cock at your back entrance. He slid the tip of his cock inside of you, before you could protest. The two of them held you firmly in place, while the double pushed himself inside your ass as deep as he could. At this point you were actually panting from the strange feeling. When the double was deep enough the two of them started to thrust slowly. They made sure to alternate their thrusts, to keep you on your toes. The only thing you did was accept the sensations and let them overwhelm you.
At first you hated their different paces, but soon loved it. You still hated the smug smile on the real Loki’s face, because he knew exactly what he was doing to you. You were trapped between the two Gods and your orgasm was building quickly.  
‘Loki’ you moaned.
‘Just give in to it, love’ he replied.
Your walls clenched around his cock, and because another cock was in your ass, they clenched down harder than before. Loki grunted and you felt his seed spill inside of you. The double disappeared quickly and you got of the real Loki. You couldn’t get far before he grabbed you and pulled you close against him.
‘Love, you know you can trust me right?’ he began.
‘I.. I do, most of the time’ you replied unsurely.
Loki grabbed both of your cheeks firmly, but not unlovingly. ‘If we are going to fake our death we should speak once they come up with their plan. But one way or another, I need your complete trust for this to work. So, I ask you again, are you capable of trusting me completely?’ he said.
You hesitated for a bit. ‘Do you promise me that you would not betray me?’ you asked
Loki didn’t answer but kissed you softly. ‘I think that is all the answer you need.’
And he was right. That was the answer you needed. ‘Fine, from this point Loki Laufeyson, I will trust you with everything I am.’ you said. Little did you knew what would come.
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Loki Fic
A Change of Purpose - Loki x fem! Reader; Being an agent for the TVA, you’ve met a lot of different people. However, you’ve never met anyone quite like Loki. What happens when you’re forced to pair up with him and he leads you down a path that could have dire consequences for you?  
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A Change of Purpose Series Masterlist
Pairing: Loki x fem! Reader
Summary: Being an agent for the TVA, you’ve met a lot of different people. However, you’ve never met anyone quite like Loki. What happens when you’re forced to pair up with him and he leads you down a path that could have dire consequences for you?
Series Warnings: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR LOKI, angst/fluff, violence, weapons, cursing, slow-burn, will contain smut
A/N: I’ll be updating this series as each new episode of Loki comes out. It’ll revolve mostly around the show, but of course, I’ll include my own touches. If you’d like to be tagged in this series, please let me know! :)
Tumblr media
Part 1
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br4inr0t-g3rard · 3 days ago
Just some goose game
Word count: 272!
Pairings: Loki x Gender Neutral! Reader
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: cussing
Summary: You have to Go to work and Let Loki play the untitled goose game on your switch!
Tumblr media
Loki and You were sitting on the couch cuddled up, you were just playing on your switch while he was reading a book. Your phone rang from across the room.
“Who is it?”
“Ugh, just work”
You answered the call dreading every second of it, I mean you thought you had an off day today but guess not?
“Pardon me but I have to go”
“how unfortunate.” He frowned
“Well um, can you do me a favor and continue playing my game please?”
You thought to yourself that you could always save but hey, you don’t have time.
“Absolutely” Loki said with a smile.
“Alright thanks! See you later love you” you said rushing out the door.
Loki waved before grabbing your switch.
It didn’t take him long to figure out the gist of the game. And once he realized what it was all about, and holy shit he loved it.
He hooked up the switch to the tv and got all into it.
You came home to hear yelling of excitement.
You quietly sat down next to him to watch him play. I mean you absolutely loved the game too, and seeing how much joy he got over harassing people as a goose gave you endless amounts of serotonin.
I mean you didn’t realized you did it but you started yelling with him.
You watch him play through the whole game until super late, eventually you passed out leaned against him. He kissed your forehead and then passed out too.
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
i’m absolutely in love with ur Loki and princess au 🥺💕 imagine the princess and her daughter getting ready for a gala, Loki is watching from the door in awe and his heart is so full of love
loki’s ladies — loki
au : princess and the prince
Okay, last one for this Wednesday! I’ll continue with MW requests next week! Much love!
Tumblr media
Loki Odinson was by far the most distracting person to get ready with. For one, he was already dressed, but it was his beautiful wife and daughter that he tended to distract.
Asta was by far the most distracted, wanting to be held by Loki the entire time. You had Loki leave the room while you did her hair and got her completely ready. It was only when you were starting to dress that Loki reappeared in the door way.
You were glowing with love, watching Asta twirl around in her golden dress with green accents. The dress the adorned your body was dark emerald green, matching the golden tiara you were set to wear this evening. It was reminiscent of the horns Loki often wore, which he’d be wearing for the night’s occasion.
Loki can’t help how his heart swells at the sight of you and his darling daughter giggling together while you put on different jewels and accessories.
You carefully picked up the golden tiara, and that’s when Loki stepped forward.
“Allow me, my love,”He insisted, taking the delicate treasure and placing it gently on the soft locks of your hair. You look into the mirror, smiling sheepishly with your husband standing tall behind you.”Absolutely breathtaking, just as you were all those years ago, my love.”
You turned to him with a blush creeping on your cheeks,”And you are just as charming as ever.”
He shared a brief kiss with you, breaking from your lips when Asta pulled at his sleeve. She looked up at you both, making grabby hands at you.
Loki chuckled, picking her up in one arm and wrapping the other around you.”Is that better, littlest love?”
“Yeah,”She sighed, hugging both of her parents tightly. It made you giggle, kissing her cheek while she paid with the jewels on your neck.
“Are my ladies ready?” Loki asked with a tiny smirk,”I believe all of Asgard is waiting.”
“For us?”Asta asked with a big smile.
“Well, you are the most beautiful girls in all the nine realms, can you blame them for wanting to be graced with your presence?”Loki kissed her nose gently.
“As much as I love Asgard, I think they can wait, these beautiful girls want to cherish their time with the most handsome man in the nine realms,”You winked, leaning forward to rest your head on his shoulder. You both liked this little family you had created, and if it were up to you, you’d stay like this forever.
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
i don’t know if you’ve spoken about this yet but how would loki react to you pranking/messing w him??
punish — loki
pairing || loki odinson x chaoticdumbass!reader
note || oh man this makes me think of chaoticdumbass reader and let me tell you, she’s getting spanked for it...
Tumblr media
You knew better than to mess with Loki, but you just can’t help yourself. He gets so riled up and he just looks so cute when he gets angry.
Really, he should be impressed by how well you’ve taken to magic. You had become quite mischievous with it too.
Maybe you had taken things to far when you had summoned all that snow, but he was your snowflake and you loved him. You just wanted to mess around.
“Seriously?”Loki snapped, frowning at you with a flurry of snowflakes around him.
“I wanted to show you on good I’m doing with my magic!”You explained with a laugh.
“You know better than this,”Loki pinned you against the wall, hands encompassing your against the solid wall.
“Thought you liked mischief?”You teased, playfully kissing at his lips very gently.
“I do, but you are playing a dangerous game, little girl, you sure you want the consequences of messing with a god?”
With a smirk on your lips, you glanced up to find it snowing above you once again. Loki shook his head, grabbing you by the waist and leading you over the couch.
Loki made you stand in front of him, inching your little shorts down on your hips until you were just dress in a too tight shirt and a green thong.
He took you by the wrists and forced you over his knee, using his magic to make the snow go away.
Loki’s large hands palmed at the flesh of your ass. You can’t help the excitement that runs through you, making you squeeze your thighs together.
His hands collided with your backside, forcing a moan from your throat at the pain sent jolts through you to your core.
“Count, kitten,”Loki commanded, his fingers digging into the meaty flesh of your cheek.
Your fingers clutch on the fabric of his trousers, pushing your ass up just barely. Loki can’t help but smirk at the way you react.
“One,”You squeaked out, gasping when the next the blow landed on the other cheek,”Two.”
Loki shook his head,”Such a little whore, eager to be spanked, my little chaotic girl,”He taunted,”So wild and naughty, but this is what you need, isn’t it? You need the pain, it’s clear that dumb baby brain of yours, doesn’t it?”
His hand slammed back down on your ass with heat, making you yelp out the next number. The next two blows land even more harshly, making tears well up in your eyes from the pain.
He was right though. You loved this, you liked when Loki took you over his knee and you loved when he took control over you.
You were both riddled with chaos, it was only right that the only true control you had was with each other.
“Ten!”You cried out, ass burning under the last and harshest of the blows. Your cheeks are bruised and throbbing, but Loki is so gentle when he leaned you up to kiss you so softly.
“Good girl, why don’t you let me take care of you now, hm?”Loki whispered, kissing at your lips over and over again. He brushed his fingers over your face, lightly caressing you.”Let’s get that lotion you like so much, and about you ride my cock until you can’t take it anymore.”
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
I don't think you've written this before, I'm not sure, either way, can we share this sudden need I have?
just like Loki sleeping on top of me ): I want him to suffocate me ):
Idc, I will die a happy woman
weighted blanket — loki
note || man i would like to be suffocated by man you know me so fucking well, here’s a little blurb
Tumblr media
Honestly, you didn’t know what had gotten into Loki recently. He had been clingy and needy for days. You just weren’t sure why, and you definitely weren’t complaining. He had always been possessive in nature. You were used to his hands always being on you.
This was new, though. Loki had crawled into your bed last night whilst you were sleeping and just flattened his body against yours. His head rested on your breasts, nuzzled into your chest with his arms wrapped around your abdomen. He laid directly between your legs, his weight keeping you from moving and his warmth radiating around his body.
You hadn’t expected it when you woke up, but oh man, he made your heart skip at beat. You didn’t even care that he made it impossible to move at all. He was far denser than you, his frost giant biology working against you in the aspect. Loki practically trapped you under him. You think he might have done it on purpose to keep you to himself.
Loki looked incredibly peaceful like this, his face pressed against the swells your chest, eyes resting and soft breaths leaving his chest. You can’t help but thread your fingers through his soft charcoal locks with a smile. He practically purred in your touch, making you think of how much Loki was like a cat and he had the nerve to call you kitten.
You leaned down to press a soft kiss against his forehead, making him stir just a little bit. He preened under your affection, moving slightly in order to completely cover your body with his while he nuzzled his face into your neck. He took in your aroma, relaxing against you with complete bliss.
“Good morning, snowflake,”You teased, making Loki grin against the base of your neck. You let out a small breath,”You trying to trap me in bed?”
“You want to leave?”Loki asked curiously, kissing lightly at your skin.
“No...”You murmured,”I would like to breathe if you don’t mind.”
Loki chuckled,”I thought you liked when I took your breath away?”He whispered, smile gracing his face.”Thought you were into that.”
“Don’t use my choking kink against me,”You whined, pushing at his chest to get him off of you. He held his ground, pinning you to the bed.
“I can’t help how much I like to be against you, kitten,you don’t get how good it feels to be pressed up against be held by you.”
“Oh snowflake,”You whispered, taking a little breath when he eased his weight off of you. You can’t help but pull him back down against you. He smiled in response,”I guess you stay like this, you huge weighted blanket.”
“I have no idea what that is.”
“You wouldn’t,”You giggled, kissing his lips gently.”Stay in bed kind of day? Ignore Thor when he tries to get us to hang out? I think I want it to be just us.”
“I always want it to be just us.”
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
MW: Loki x TVA reader or reader being Mobius daughter
forbidden — loki
loki laufeyson x mobius’daughter!reader
minor spoilers, but like not really.
Tumblr media
There were a lot of things no one had expected from Loki. The TVA and Mobius had planned for his betrayal, they had been expecting him to be difficult. What they hadn’t expected was for him to take an interest in you.
It was your desk that was across from his. Mobius figured you could tell him if Loki acted up, but he didn’t Loki to know who you were. So you kept things short and for some reason, that only pulled the god in more.
“You know, work would be far more entertaining if you kept me company,”Loki smirked at you, admiring the blush that flooded into your cheeks. He knew he had an effect on you and loved it.
“We..we have to work, Mr. Laufeyson,”You told him politely, which only made him want you to break the rules with him.
“Tell me, do you ever break the rules? Don’t you ever tire of doing the same things? Wouldn’t you rather be free?”
You shouldn’t have let him in, you really shouldn’t have, but he was just so charming and clever.
You have lunch with him every day. He tells you about his adventures and you can’t get enough of it.
As soon as Mobius finds out that you are infatuated with Loki, he has your desk moved and wants you as far away from him as possible.
When Loki finds out, he’s actually upset. He doesn’t want to show it, especially to Mobius but he misses you.
One night, you sneak into the room where Loki is staying. He’s sprawled out on a little bed with a frown on his face.
“Miss me?”You asked, breaking him from his thoughts. He immediately surged forward, pressing you against the door of his room.
“Breaking the rules for me?”He teased, his face only centimeters away from yours.
“I wanted a taste of freedom,”You uttered, placing your hands on his shoulders.”No one can know I’m here, my father—“
“Doesn’t matter, you and me, we’re all that matters,”Loki told you, cupping your face to bring you in for a long kiss.
It’s your first kiss. You’ve been sheltered by the TVA for so long, you had never given much thought to romance until Loki. No one enticed you the way he did.
He groaned into your lips, biting and licking at you with fever like heat.”Oh, I’m going to make you forget all about the rules, darling. ‘m gonna show you all the wonders of chaos...”
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
first taste
summary | they aren’t allow to make love, but that doesn’t stop loki from showing his princess how good he can make her feel — or how good she can make him feel.
pairing | loki odinson x innocent!princess!reader
warnings | smut, minors DNI, oral (female receiving), master kink, dry humping kinda, corruption kink, innocence kink, dom!loki, sneaking around, courtship
author’s note | i did a thing, hope you enjoy it, it’s not edited! please let me know what you think!
Tumblr media
Loki Odinson had insatiable when it came to you. From your first kiss, he needed more. He was desperate for you and though he knew the rules better than anyone, he had to taste you.
It was hard to find time alone with your overbearing guard and the public watching your every move. It had taken time for Loki to figure out how to find himself in your chambers, but with some illusions, he was able to trick the guard, Sven, into leaving his post for a brief moment.
It was in this time that Loki managed to slip past the doors and into your chambers.
You were sprawled out on your bed, a flowing night gown graced your body and Loki wanted to find out what was hiding under the silky fabric. He couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of you, breasts more exposed than ever before.
“Hello, princess.”
You gasped out, hand coming over your heart but eased when you saw it was Loki. You’d let exposed, but happy to see your betrothed. You quickly got out of the bed, coming to collide against him softly.
Loki felt his heart skip at your eagerness to see him even though it had only been a couper hours. He felt happy knowing you were just as in love with him as he was you.
“I missed you,”You murmured, hands resting at the base of his neck.”I can’t believe Sir Sven let you in here.”
“He didn’t, I had to sneak in, but I couldn’t sleep, missed that pretty smile too much,”Loki cooed, pushing you towards your bed.”I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep unless I had you in my arms.”
“You are far too sweet to me,”You beamed up at him, falling onto the bed. He crawled over you with ease, his body overwhelmingly crowding you in the bed.”I wish you could stay here every night.”
“I would, but you are far to tempting for me,”He admitted, lightly starting to kiss on your skin before capturing your lips. It was sweet and needy. You always pressed your body against his innocently, making his cock twitch in his pants.
“Loki,”You gasped when you feel his lips trailing down your jaw and neck. It made you feel all fluttery and odd. He always had a way of making you tingle.
“It’s okay,”He whispered, lips against your lobe now.”Do you want to try something new? Let me make you feel good? If you feel uncomfortable, we’ll stop.”
You were hesitant at first,”What about the rules?”
“We break them all the time, don’t worry, you’ll remain intact, but there are other ways to feel good, to be close,”Loki explained, brushing your hair out of your face.”Do you want to find out?”
You nodded your head very slowly, biting down on your lip,”Yes, Loki. I wanna try...”
“Can you do something for me, my beautiful princess?”Loki asked gently, his lips trailing over your jaw.”You’re mine, you belong to me, my innocent girl. Behind those doors, you follow my commands, submit to here, in this bed, I am your master.”
You nodded slowly, chest heaving under his touch. You bit down on your bottom lip,”Yes, Loki—“
“Master,”He corrected,”Call me Master.”
The word sent a chill down your spine, the idea of being at his complete mercy made an unfamiliar ooze between your silky thighs and Loki could tell how much you liked submitting to him. The feeling in the pit of your stomach is unfamiliar and it makes your body respond to Loki’s words in a way you’ve never experienced.
“Oh, I can tell you like that,”Loki purred into your ear, his hips resting between your thighs while you subconsciously buck your hips against him. The pressure between your thighs was overwhelming and you needed relief.”Do you, pet?”
“Yes...master.” The way the title rolled off your tongue made Loki twitch in his pants, his large cock straining at the idea of ruining you. That day we’ll come, for now, he can wreck you in other ways.
He rutted his hips down against yours, his hard cock rubbing against the growing wetness under your panties. He’s got your dress hiked up, the only thing separating you are his trousers and a thin pair of green panties.
“Oh, princess,”Loki groaned when he heard you gasp out, hips pushing against his helplessly. He can’t help but smirk darkly,”My innocent princess, do you want your master to help, to alleviate that creeping feeling in your tummy? I’ll make you feel better, darling. Just ask.”
“Master, please, help me,”You whined and Loki swore his eyes rolled back in bliss, his hands quickly slipping between you pressed together bodies to slip his hand under the fabric on your panties.
You feel hot and ashamed, but you crave his touch more than anything. This is against the rules, you think. If anyone found out about this, you’d both be punished severely. But when Loki’s fingers dipped into the soaking wetness of your heat, you no longer care. Your mind is on him and only him.
“Fuck, you are absolutely dripping for you, should have know you’d been desperate for me, tell me, love, have you ever touched yourself?”
You shook your head, hands coming to cover your face when his two fingers pushed further inside you and explored the silky walls of your cunt.”N-No, never...”
This delighted Loki beyond belief, the tips of his fingers rubbed against that sweet spot for the first time and you clawed at his bicep. It sent jolts through your body that forced the smallest and most angelic moan from your lips.
“My innocent princess, so eager for me, I’m the only one who gets you like this, you don’t cum unless I let you, you are mine to please, do you understand?”
You nodded immediately, trying to catch your breath to utter out,”Yes, Loki—master, sorry.”
“You’re doing so good, little one. Just let me take care of you.”
His lips bruised your neck, a possessive need to mark that pretty flesh and show everyone that it was him that got this perfect, sweet body. He was the one to blame for your corruption.
Loki liked how you rutted against his hand, chasing that good feeling only he could give you.
“You feel good, little one?”Loki’s word vibrate off your skin, his hands coming to just barely bring your silk dress down to expose those pretty tits. He’s wet tongue was lapping over your nipples, drawing heavenly sounds from that innocent mouth.”You are exquisite and I wonder if you taste as sweet as you act....”
He moved the cloth of your dress to fully expose those thighs. His shoulders between your legs, teeth and tongue tracing over your silky thighs. This is where he left his mark, his claim on you, he bruised your thighs with his fingers pulling out of the slick heat. He lapped your your juices, humming in approval.
“Master, wh-hat are you doing?”You asked, chest heaving when he pulling those pretty panties off of you.
“You want to feel good?”Loki smiled when you nodded, hands going to run over your thighs. He kissed the bottom of your tummy, lips getting achingly close to your sex.”Let your master guide you, let’s play with this sweet cunt of yours. What do you say, princess? Use your words.”
It came out as a breath before Loki’s nose in buried on the top of your mound, wet tongue drinking up your juices and tracing over the most sensitive spot. You pulled on his hair, legs going to close around him. It only encouraged him, flattening his tongue against you before delving his tongue into your weeping hole.
“M-master, I-I feel....”You can barely get any words out, but Loki rubbed your thigh comfortingly.
“It feel good, does it not? Tell me, princess.”
“I-yes, I feel tingly, is that normal?”You gasped, feeling Loki’s tongue against your clit teasingly.
“Oh yes, darling, and when I’m done with you, you’ll never be the same, my good little girl, you want me make you feel good?”
“Please, please, master.”
You are as sweet as you taste, and Loki swore this was his meal favorite meal while he threw your legs over his shoulder. He lifted your lower body, hands digging into your flesh. Your arms fall back on the bed, eyes fluttered shut while you tried to contain yourself. It was impossible, not with how good this dirty feeling felt.
Loki basked in the fact he was the only one who ever got to see this, it was him that would make you feel this way. He was going turn you into a good little whore for him.
You are reduced to a mess of moans and whines, his tongue working against you in ways you’d never even thought about. You feel hot under him, flustered beyond belief at the image of him buried between your thighs with his experienced tongue fucking into you. He doesn’t stop until you’re shaking.
Oh, you are absolutely trembling as the feeling in your tummy began to flourish and bloom with pleasure. It was so good, like a warm wave flooding through you. You swear you see stars in your foggy vision. You hadn’t realized he had crawled back up your body until you feel his lips on you.
Loki nipped at your jawline, just barely rolling his hips against you for some sort of friction. You can feel the effect you have on him, and you feel a blush creeping you again.
“Feel good?”He whispered, hands moving your hair from your sweaty skin.”That something you’d like to do, have me between your thighs whenever you want?”
You gasped at his words,”We aren’t supposed to,”You whined, looking at him with innocent eyes.
“That’s what makes it fun,”Loki uttered back, shifting again when you adjusted how you laid under him. He’s hard, you can feel him.”Your innocence is still in place, darling. There a plenty ways for us to have fun like this without me having ruin you, but I will, when the day comes.”
“Can...I want to help you...”You admitted, biting down on your bottom lips hesitantly.
As much as Loki would love to see those pretty lips wrapped around his cock, he knows you aren’t ready for that. Yet, he can deny how much you want to help.
“Let’s try something,”Loki whispered, removing the rest of your dress until you were completely bare. He laid out on the bed, taking his own shirt off. He pulled you onto his lap, dripping heat pressed against his clothed cock.
“What...what do I do?”You asked curiously, his hands running your body to play with your pretty breasts. He leaned up, marking the pure flesh of your chest.
“You feel me against you? You feel how hard you get me, princess?”Loki whispered into your ear,”Every single day, you look at me with those innocent eyes and press this beautiful little body against me, and this is what happens.” He rutted his hips against you, making you whine at the friction between his clothed cock and your bare cunt.”Rock your hips, love, you want to help, this is how I want you. Do not stop until you cum, understand?”
“Yes, master,”You murmured, resting your hands on Loki’s shoulder to steady yourself. Slowly, you rubbed yourself against his cock, lips molding against the outline and soaking his pants with your juices. The groan that left the dark haired prince was otherworldly and you couldn’t help how it only made you wetter for him.
His cock felt thick your touch, making your mind wander about how it would feel for him to bury it inside your innocent pussy. You claw at his shoulders, rocking your hips at a slightly faster pace. His moans only encourage you, chasing the tingly feeling in your gut.
But most of all, you wanted to be good for him. You wanted to please him and make him happy. You wanted to the reason he came.
Loki captured your lips, feverishly kissing the breath from your lungs while you rutted against him as if you were in heat. It made him throb under you.
“That’s it, doing so good for me,”He praised with a grunt, his hips rutting back up against you. Finally, you hit just the right spot. Clit dragging against the fabric and you are so turned on, so needy for him, that you cum almost immediately.
Just the sight had him ready to burst. He contained himself, pushing you off of him until he was hovering over you. He freed his cock, squeezing himself to keep him from spilling too early. He run his cock over the wetness of your dripping cunt, admiring how you made him glisten without even having to thrust in. It took maybe two drags of his cock between your silky lips before he pulled his hot seed against your stomach and cunt.
“Good girl,”He told you with a smirk, taking two fingers to run through the white mess. He brought the two digits to your lips.”Suck.”
You listened like the good girl you are, taking the two fingers with the bitter, salty substance into your mouth. You hummed against him, lapping it up eagerly. When you pulled off, you looked at him in need.”Did..did I do good?”
“Oh, little love, you did perfectly,”Loki admitted, using his magic to clean you up before he hovered over you. He kissed up your body, smirking at every mark he had left.”My prefect princess. Did you enjoy tonight, be honest with me?”
That flustered look had come back, making Loki feel a sense of pride in himself. You want to cover your face, but Loki intertwined his hands in yours.
“I did...”You said bashfully, hiding your face in the pillow.
“No need to be embarrassed, little one,”He kissed your jaw and cheek until you looked back at him. His nose bumped against yours,”You can have me any time you want.”
“What if I always want you, master?”You asked with a surge of confidence in yourself, making Loki groan at your words.
“Then you’ll have me,”He replied,”And call me Loki unless you want to get ruin, darling.”
“Yes,..Loki,”You beamed at him,”Will you stay with me?” You didn’t want him to leave ever. You wished you could spend all your nights in his arms.
Loki smiled at that, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his loving embrace.
“Always, my love.”
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anonymousfiction211 · 3 days ago
Handcuffed together chapter 7: The quiz
Tumblr media
A/N: Thanks so much for your patience. Next chapter will be up next wednesday, I promise! When I started to write I wanted to advance the story a bit more, but the sex-scene kind of got away from me in this one.... Hope you like it!
The quiz After the week you spend together you actually started to grow fond of Loki. He was a patient teacher and you actually had learned a lot by now. The training was intense and you were tired from studying, But Loki had decided to quiz you. At first you wanted to postpone, but he wouldn’t let you.
‘How many bones in the human body?’ Loki asked
‘206 bones’ you answered.
He reluctantly agreed with you. The two of you had made a game out of it. For every correct answer he would take of one piece of clothing, and for every incorrect answer you would take off one piece of clothing. He was at an unfair advantage with all his difficult clothing with many layers. Still, he was sitting in his socks, pants, and t-shirt, same as you. You couldn’t help but feel smug at that. To not be disturbed Loki quizzed you in his bedroom, on the bed.
‘How many bones in the human body of an infant?’ Loki asked with a smirk on his face.
‘Ehm.. still 206?’ you asked, a bit unsure why he would basically ask the same question twice.
The widened grin told you all you needed to know ‘I’ll take you shirt now’ he said.
‘There is a difference?’ you asked before removing your shirt, not trusting the God of Lies to be honest.
‘There is, I’m going to ask you to same question next time. So, you better know the answer by then’ he said.
‘Fine’ you grumbled and removed your shirt.
‘Which artery is the main source of blood for the arm?’
‘Easy, the Brachial artery. And I’ll take your pants’ you smiled sweetly at him. Loki rolled his eyes but removed his pants.
‘Going straight to your target, I presume?’ he teased.
‘I really don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just trying to learn’ you said innocently.
‘How many erogenous zones are there?’ he asked.
‘That wasn’t in the books, you can’t ask me that. Besides, why would I need to know that to heal people?’ you answered.
‘I’m quizzing you on human anatomy, it’s not my fault you didn’t study more besides the book I gave you.’ he replied.
‘You’re not playing fair!’ you accused.
‘What did you expect from the God of Mischief and Lies?’ he teased. With one handwave the both of you were naked. You tried to cover yourself up, but Loki grabbed your arms and pulled you closer against him. He was sitting so close, you could feel his breath against your ear.
‘Let me show you then’ he said huskily.
He slowly stroked your lower back. ‘The lower back is one’. You moved closer towards him.
‘The hands and wrists are two and three’ he said. He started to slowly trace the lines in your palm and moved to your wrist. Your whole body felt like it was on fire, already.
He laid you down and put your wrists above your head. He started to kiss your neck and trailed upwards towards your ear. ‘The neck is four and the ear is five he whispered while nibbling on your earlobe, making you moan aloud. He slowly trailed his hands from your wrists, down your arms to your armpits. He stroked your inner arms lightly, making you giggle and squirm. ‘That’s six he smirked.
He kissed you and slipped his tongue inside your mouth. Slowly circling your own tong. When he stopped he bit your lips. ‘The mouth is seven’ he whispered. He slowly kissed down your neck to your breasts. He took one in his mouth and sucked on it. He licked the skin around it and bit down in the flesh. All the sensations making you whiter underneath. ‘That’s eight’ he said.
‘Loki, please’ you begged him to take you.
The wide grin told you that it was no use. You were putty in his hands and in this moment he owned you. He was in a playful mood and not nearly done playing with you.
‘Kitten, we are just over the half of them. And I really want you to learn the others as well’ he purred. When your eyes widened he laughed and then continued giving your other breast the same treatment.
He kissed downwards to your lower stomach and caressed it with his hands. You tried to move away from the tickling feeling, but there was nowhere to go. At this point you were going crazy from his touch and were panting heavily. Loki looked very pleased with your state. ‘That’s nine’ he told you. You were anticipating him going for your clit next and whined when he got up and you didn’t feel him anymore.
‘Patience’ he said. He grabbed your foot with his hands and stroked up and down. He held your foot in place when you tried to escape it. He started to massage it gently, the pressure felt so good that you arched your back. He did the same thing with your other foot. He moved his hands upwards and stroked behind your knees ‘That was ten and this is eleven’. You instinctively opened your legs for him. Normally, you would be nervous when he was staring this intently at your pussy. But now you found it extremely erotic.
‘This is twelve’ he said while trailing his hands towards your inner thighs. He kissed your right thigh and worked his way upwards to your pussy.
‘Not the last one, but definitely the most fun one to play with’ he winked. He hooked his arms under your thighs and pushed your legs up. His tongue was circling your clit. You were trashing, moaning, panting, and begging. And he ignored you completely. The only things he focused on was your clit. He held you firmly in place. The way his tongue felt licking up and down your clit soon made you see stars and you came hard, moaning his name over and over again. You looked at him when you finally came down from your high and his predatory grin told you, he wasn’t done.
‘I think we should explore this one more thoroughly, don’t you?’ he mused
‘What- what do you mean?’ you panted.
‘Well..’ he started and slowly pushed two fingers inside of you. He started to suck on your clit for a moment, making you arch your back again. You though he finally gave you a break, but you couldn’t be more wrong. He took his mouth from your clit, the moment his fingers found your g-spot. You cried out in pleasure. ‘You have the clitoris, obviously’ he said while stroking your g-spot over and over again. You were close. ‘Then there is your g-spot’ he said and put more pressure on it. You came immediately, almost screaming at this point. ‘Good girl’ he praised you.
Instead of removing his fingers he pushed them deeper inside of you. Then he stroked a spot within you, that you didn’t even know of. ‘The A-spot is often overlooked’ he grinned at you. ‘The more I stroke it, the more sensation you feel and the wetter you will be’ he said.
‘Oh my god, Loki’ you yelled when he kept going. He was right, at this point your arousal was flowing freely. ‘That’s right. What am I?’ he asked.
‘My god’ you panted.
‘Who do you belong to?’ he asked.
‘You only you’ you tried to say. But it came out ragged and needy.
‘That’s it, now come before your god’ he commanded you. And without hesitation your body did.
Loki retracted his fingers from you. ‘If only you could see yourself now, a perfectly tame kitten. All ready for me to play with’ he said.
‘Loki, I- I really can’t anymore’ you panted.
He slowly turned your around so you were on your stomach. He put your ass up ‘the only thing you will have to do is keep this perky ass up. And I will show you the last one. Don’t worry, it’s not as intense’ he said.
Before you could protest you felt his cock slide in you easily. He slowly started to thrust in and almost out of you. After a moment, his pace became a lot faster. Apparently playing with you had work him up as well. You walls already clenched down and your orgasm hit you out of nowhere. At that point Loki grabbed your hair and pulled at it. Your walls clenched down harder and the noises you made weren’t even human anymore. ‘And that.. is.. fourteen’ he grunted. He pulled your hair harder and started to slam harder into you.
‘Fuck, (Y/N)’ he yelled when he came. He slowly thrusted until his own orgasm had faded. He laid down on his back on the bed and you collapsed, still on your stomach. You were utterly exhausted and extremely satisfied. Loki slowly caressed your back with the back of his hands. He smiled when he felt the goosebumps form on your skin and your soft moaning.
‘Sensitive there, kitten?’ he teased.
‘Hmm’ you hummed sleepily.
Despite your protests he stood up and pulled you in his arms. He carried you towards the bathroom and put you down. He turned on the tap of the tub.
‘I don’t want to bathe, I want to sleep’ you pouted.
Loki just laughed. ‘I can imagine that, but a bath will do you good. After you can sleep with me in my bed, while wearing the fluffiest pyjama you can imagine. Deal?’
‘I don’t trust you in the bath’ you replied.
‘Hmm, normally I would agree with you. But trust me, I will behave myself’ he answered with a smile on his face.
‘Fine’ you reluctantly agreed.
Loki put some oils in the bath and it smelled amazing. He turned of the tab and helped you in the tub. He sat down behind you with his legs on either side, pulling you close against his chest. He washed your hair and massaged your shoulders. He did behave himself for the most time but couldn’t help kissing and biting your neck and shoulders. When the bath was done and Loki had shimmered the two of you in pyjamas, indeed the fluffiest ones you ever had, he cuddled with you in the bath.  
Right before you fell asleep he asked ‘Do you remember how many zones there were?’
‘Ehm.. no, I kind of was lost and couldn’t keep up’ you answered honestly.
Loki just pulled you closer against him. ‘Well, if you can’t name them next week we are doing this again’
‘You are insatiable’ you grumbled.  
‘No, you are irresistible. Now sleep, my love.’ At this point you were too out of it to even think or react to his words.  
Tags: @delightfulheartdream @the-best-phineas @l0nelyasian​ @ragweed98​
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
Am I the only one that imagines Loki and princess will have twin boys next 😅? I could just see Loki & their daughter getting jealous of their boys taking up momma’s attention 🥺
twins — loki
warnings || fluff overload, jealousy, dad!loki, implied smut
little sum || loki wants his princess but the boys are just like their dad, mischievous and territorial
Tumblr media
Loki loved his children. His three perfect children that could do no wrong. Astride was almost seven years old. His sons were nearing the age of three and were clingy little things.
Rune and Vali Lokison were precious among the kingdom, just like their sister. Except they had a way of finding trouble. For this reason, you often stay with them so they’ll behave, but Loki knows that’s exactly what they wanted. You had decided to let them stay with the other children for lessons and the boys had been upset to leave your side.
Loki had assumed it was because of separation anxiety, which it was, but as the boys got older, he realized they were a little too much like him. If you were with Asta, they tended to make mischief until you came to their aid. Rune was especially bad about breaking things when he got upset, something that Loki was trying to work on himself. Together, they were trying to overcome that. Vali was more quiet, sneakier like Loki, he would find a way to be around you even when he was supposed to be doing something else.
Tonight, the boys had taken over the bed. This was unacceptable because you had both decided to draw the line and make the kids stay in their bedrooms at night or else you guys don’t get sleep because you have three children taking up all the space.
Rune and Vali were not taking it well, and often they knew you wouldn’t kick them out because that’s just not who you are even though you wanted to sleep on their own.
Loki walked into his chambers, ready to have you in his arms, finally. The day had been hectic and he needed you like he needed to breathe.
“What do we have here?”He chuckled, seeing the boys on either side of you.
“Mommy needed company,”Rune quickly went to explain while Vali clung to you tighter.
“Did she now?”Loki asked, looking at the boys knowingly.”You can’t lie to me, you know that? I think you boys are taking advantage of your sweet mother. You know the rules.”
You smiled at Loki sweetly, rubbing your hands over the boys’ hair before tapping their shoulders.”Let’s get you babies to bed.”
“No!”They whined, wanting to stay with you. They held their ground, clinging to you.
“You can’t have her,”Vali muttered with a smile, looking at Loki with playful defiance.
“Yeah, daddy, she’s ours.”
You can’t help but giggle at that. Oh, how these boys compared to their father. It felt all too familiar. If it had been anyone else, Loki would have felt a surge of possessiveness, a need to show everyone otherwise. But in this situation, it was just endearing, annoying, but endearing.
“You can have her tomorrow, you wish for her to rest, don’t you? Your mother can’t rest until you let her sleep, she won’t sleep with you two in here, you want the best for her, right?”
They both nodded slowly, and Loki told them to kiss you goodnight. He put them to bed, tucking them in and helping lull them to sleep. When he gets back, you’re tucked under the blankets and waiting for him.
As soon as he’s in the room, you’re making grabby hands for him. He quickly obliged, slotting his entire body over yours gently.
“Missed you,”You muttered, smiling sheepishly with your husband’s arms around you. This was all you needed.
“Never thought I’d have to fight this hard to get you alone,”Loki grumbled, leaning down to kiss your nose.”They’ve turned into little monsters, who knew boys were so territorial.”
“Oh, I wonder where they get it from,”You pushed his chest playfully,”They’ve seen you threaten a man for looking at me, what did you expect?”
“I am not someone they need to protect you from,”Loki replied, kissing at your neck gently before subconsciously nipping at the soft skin until a nice little mark.
You rolled your eyes slightly, deciding not to tease him about how he always marked you to have some sort of claim on you.
“Did you just roll your eyes at me?”Loki leaned up, the corner of his mouth turning into a smirk. He hovered over you, looking at you a raised brow.
“You’re a bad liar,”Loki told you, tilting your chin up and kissed your lips softly.”You know better than to roll your eyes at me. You looking to make trouble, little love?”
“Only with you,”You whispered, pushing his chest until you flipped him onto his back before straddling him. He chuckled at you, allowing you to move him.”What do you say, master? Feeling mischievous?”
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