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narrators-journal · 10 minutes ago
Chrollo relationship headcanons
Hell yeah! Last leg of the adultrio, Chrollo! This one I wasn’t so sure on the not sfw side, but I like this list still!
Chrollo is somewhat like a combination of Illumi and Hisoka. He's rather loyal, but he wouldn't be around a whole hell of a lot.
Because of the spiders, Chrollo doesn't hang around often, but whenever he has the chance, he'd happily spend his time with someone he's interested in.
He would also be a bit more emotionally distant, like Illumi, but he'd do his best to still make his partner feel loved.
He's not super open about himself, so he wouldn't tell the truth about his past, work, or anything of the sorts.
If the relationship is one he's really invested in, he would NOT tell his partner about his connection to the spiders.
Normally he's not one to date, his lifestyle is dangerous and he's preoccupied with his group, but he might take a partner from time to time when he gets too lonely or his needs reach a sever point of needing to be met.
Because of that point being reached, he can easily become quite cuddly and physically affectionate when he's around a partner. Touch starvation babes.
While not super picky with physical appearance, he would prefer partners who are confident in their appearances and not clingy.
Chrollo's level of effort changes depending on his stance on the relationship, sometimes he allows himself to become rather invested and will put forth a bit more effort with gifts, keeping dates, and devoting more time to his partner in general, but other times he doesn't really get that close to them, and so is much more flakey.
Out of the trio, Chrollo'd be the most likely to be chill with the reader for having a child before meeting him. He won't be an active father figure, but where Illumi would avoid mothers or go so far as to kill the child, and Hisoka'd at most be a horrible role model to the kids, Chrollo would at least maybe bond with the kid, or at minimum be polite.
Out of the trio, he'd also be the most romantic. He'd bring someone he fancy's flowers and chocolates and other favorite gifts.
He would also set up romantic dates like candle lit dinners.
Chrollo would also take the route of seducing someone if they were useful to the spiders. He'd happily feed into someone's romantic feelings if it was advantageous to his group.
When it comes to relationships he purposely tries in, he's really does do his best.
He will shower his partner with gifts, listen to them, remember all of the special dates like birthdays or anniversaries, and at least feign empathy and compassion.
Chrollo doesn't have a particularly high sex drive.
That's not to say he's vanilla though. He would happily partake in any kinks and fetishes his partner has, or when he's feeling particularly experimental.
Usually his sexual appetite is highest when he first comes around a partner, like after jobs and when he comes around after a long stretch of no contact.
Despite being pretty chill with long periods of no sex, Chrollo is a lot like Illumi in the fact that he's a possessive dom. So, sending him things like risque photos and/or nudes might get his partner in trouble and potentially sexually punished when he comes back.
When he does feel the need to show this side of himself, he is maliciously patient. He wouldn't just mentally break his lover, he'd tease them mercilessly, deny any orgasms, and make them beg before he does anything drastic.
When he does finally get to the main course, he can be quite rough and isn't scared to over-stimulate and ensure they can't walk right for at least a day afterwards
When Chrollo's not feeling particularly aggressive, sex is usually pretty relaxed, as he doesn't need to be sadistic to get off, like Hisoka does.
While he doesn't feel the urge to have sex often, you can bet your ass that when he does have it, you're gonna be thoroughly fucked. He knows very well how to use foreplay to give someone a good time.
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ymiwritesstuff · 11 minutes ago
Just a Little Longer
MORE NSFW, MORE GENSHIN IMPACT! This time I wrote for the wonderful Kaeya, I just thought that this particular concept was perfect for him, and I hope it is to your liking as well!
Genshin Impact
Kaeya Alberich x Fem!Reader
Summary: When you finally find the Cavalry Captain and seek his advice on a peculiar situation, he has other things in mind that quickly turn rather troublesome for him.
Notes: SMUT!, Oral (m! receiving), swearing, 18+ ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!
Tumblr media
With hurried footsteps, carrying papers in your hand you walked towards the Grand Master’s office after failing to find the Cavalry Captain in his own one, though it did not surprise you. Kaeya was never where you first expected him to be, never staying in one place. You were rather used to this, and a part of you didn’t expect to find him in Jean’s office, but once you opened the door and your eyes met his icy blue ones, you were relieved that your search had come to an end.
There he was, sitting in front of the large table, emerged in a book he had no doubt snatched from one of the many bookshelves in the office. The sound of the door opening caught his attention and he was quick to wear his usual charming smile as soon as his eyes set on you.
“Oh, it’s you (Name),” he spoke with his usual tone, not taking his eyes off you as you walked towards the table. “Is something the matter?” There was an obvious hint of mischievousness in his voice as if he had some ulterior motive. This, however, went unnoticed by you in the midst of looking through the papers. It was not uncommon for him to have that kind of tone after all.
“Have you seen these commissions?” You asked, walking next to him and placing the papers on the table, resting your other hand on the top rail of the wooden chair. You kept your gaze on the text, oblivious to the admiring eyes glued on you.
“There’s an obvious increase of hilichurls around the area, according to these,” You began, going over the papers one by one to summarize their contents. It was abnormal to have this many concerning reports about anything, let alone simple hilichurls. “I’ve ruled out the possibility that it might be just children messing with us again, there are so many of these and they’re all written with different handwriting.”
Your words went unheard by him, as he was far more interested in watching you as you leaned against the table. How close you were, how your lips moved as you talked, how your exposed neck was downright begging to be filled with kisses and marks produced by his lips. His smirk grew while you continued talking.
“I’ve already shown these to Jean, she thinks it’s for the best that the knights take care of them before they get too close to the city.” You sighed, recalling the Grand Master’s words.
“It’s just that there are so many of them. We might need every single- Kaeya, are you listening to me?”
In the middle of your speech, you had managed to lightly glance at the navy-haired knight, only to find him paying little attention to the subject at hand, only staring at you rather intensely. The answer to your question was clear from his gaze and smirk alone and when his hand settled on your waist, you knew where this was going.
“Hm? Oh, these?” For the first time he blessed the papers with a glance that didn’t last long as he quickly returned his eyes to you. “Can’t they wait? I’d much rather do something else right now.” Kaeya lightly squeezed his hand that rested on your waist, a teasing action that made you understand his motives. A sigh left your lips, though your face warmed up.
“Kaeya, these are urgent commissions, and like I said Jean wants every knight to-”
Without letting you finish your protests, Kaeya pulled you to his lap with surprising ease and immediately pressed his lips against yours. His grip on your waist was strong, belonging to a starving man that wanted nothing more than to explore every inch of your body. The way his mouth moved against yours made your stomach tingle and you instinctively placed your hands on his shoulders, quickly forgetting all about the papers that still remained on the wooden table.
Kaeya smirked against your lips, his hands moving along your sides in a way he knew he would make you melt. His small mission was a success as the combination of his hands on your waist and his tongue exploring your mouth caused a faint moan to slip from your lips. You tugged his silky locks with your fingers, pressing yourself against him in an effort to have him as close as possible while leaning into his burning touch.
His lips found their way to the sensitive skin of your neck and they settled on a familiar area that he had traced and sucked on many times before. He nibbled on the area, ran his tongue over it, and groped your covered breasts, earning him a set of soft sighs and whimpers. The heat between your legs only increased when you felt his clothed erection poke the flesh of your thighs.
A whisper carrying his name left your lips, which he was more than delighted about, enjoying the way your voice sang his name in pleasure. He moved to a fresh, untouched spot and continuing his effort to mark your (S/C) skin with his lovebites. You moved one of your hands down towards his crotch your fingers teasingly leaving light touches on his hardening cock. Kaeya let out a groan, your touch sending sparks throughout his being.
With a soft push from you, he pulled away from your neck, his eyes admiring the two marks covered in a thin layer of saliva his mouth left behind. His hands were still on you, which he then used to impatiently remove your shirt, leaving you in your bra. Wanting to see you fully exposed, he went to remove your undergarment as well, but you swatted his hand away, a playful smirk on your lips.
“Not yet. Just sit back and relax.”
Kaeya watched in awe as you lowered yourself to his crotch, his eyes glimmering in anticipation and his twitching cock begging for your attention. You were more than happy to fulfill his silent wishes he didn’t even need to state out loud.
Your hands went to unzip his pants, but the sudden sound of the door opening startled you and before you knew it, the Acting Grand Master herself was entering the room. With quick movements you slipped under the table, having been almost under it anyway, hoping and praying that Jean hadn’t noticed you.
“Kaeya! There you are.”
The cavalry captain, nervousness plastered across his face, quickly leaned against the table in hopes of concealing your presence further while trying to somehow ease the crimson shade dusting his cheeks. He cleared his throat, his heart hammering in his chest at the fear of Jean discovering what sinful acts you were about to perform.
“J-Jean! What brings you here?”
His voice was fairly normal, though it had a slight shake to it which you hoped the blonde didn’t hear.
“Actually, I was just going to ask you if (Name) had already told you about the unusual commissions.”
Kaeya swallowed a lump of nervousness as he realized that he didn’t have the slightest clue about what Jean was talking about. He was so focused on feasting your eyes on you that your explanation went over his head like a slime thrown by a hilichurl.
“Oh, (Name)? She left some time ago,” Kaeya replied, trying to appear as normal as possible and perhaps avoid having to explain the hilichurl or whatever situation as he knew he wouldn’t be able to.
As you listened to them in anxiety, your eyes traveled to his unattended crotch, his erection still very much apparent. You stared at it, your mind wandering and dirty thoughts filling it completely. You thought that since it was technically his fault that you were now uncomfortably crouching under a table, it was only fair that you’d use this opportunity to make things as difficult for him as humanely possible.
With a mischievous smirk, you placed a single hand on his thigh. He jumped slightly at that, his eyes immediately glancing at you, only to meet with your impish one.
“I see,” Jean said, pacing around the room, deep in thought. “Such a bizarre situation. Hilichurls have never been this close to Mondstadt. I already sent some knights to deal with a fraction of them, but it seems there are even more of them than we thought.”
Kaeya tried his best to remain calm but the feeling of both your hands running along his thighs didn’t make his efforts any easier. One of your hands found his crotch and his breath hitched as he felt you pressing your palm against his twitching cock and gently rubbing it. 
Your eyes glued themselves on his expression that tried its hardest to remain neutral but was torn between wanting to let you pleasure him and trying to remain professional. A small part of him enjoyed the thrill, though.
Fortunately Jean hadn’t paid too much attention to her colleague’s expression, focusing more on trying to comprehend the current situation. Kaeya mentally thanked the Anemo Archon for that.
“What I’m wondering is why are they so active all of a sudden? Usually, they stay relatively still in small camps, but now they’ve been seen trying to make their way into the city.”
With painfully slow movements, you unzipped his pants, freeing his hardened cock. The red tip was dripping with precum, almost begging you to lick it off. Kaeya took a deep breath and was close to letting a moan out when he felt your hand gripping his shaft, giving it a few, slow pumps. He bit his lower lip and his breathing became heavier. His throbbing erection yearned for your touch, but his mind was chiding him for allowing you to risk getting caught.
“Could the Abyss Order have something to do with this? They always seem to be behind abnormal situations like this one…”
When Jean’s eyes turned back to him, Kaeya immediately attempted to steady his breathing and cover any signs of discomfort. Not that what you were doing was uncomfortable, on the contrary, the confrontation with Jean just made his stomach churn.
“Who knows..? Whatever the case may be, I’ll be sure to-”
His icy eyes widened when your tongue touched his tip, licking the precum away. Your hand stayed around the base, pumping him while you tauntingly wrapped your lips around his tip. Only his tip. This made Kaeya want to grab your head and push it down so the entirety of his length would be engulfed by your hot mouth but he mentally cursed at the situation for allowing you to get away with teasing of this caliber.
Kaeya shuddered and ran his hand through his hair, the feeling of you sucking on the tip of his throbbing cock sending sparks and shocks of pure bliss to every part of his body. His face got hot and he bit back a moan or two, faintly hissing under his breath.
“What was that?” Jean asked, slight concern in her eyes. “Is everything okay?”
Kaeya was almost too quick to answer which only made your smirk grow.
“Yes! Yes, everything is… fuck… E-everything is fine.”
He swallowed another moan, faint pants leaving his mouth as you slowly took his entire length into your mouth. Kaeya fought the urge to throw his head back and instead opted to dig his fingers into the palms of his hands, biting his lip with such force he wondered why he hadn’t drawn blood yet. Still, he somehow managed to keep talking.
“I… I’ll make sure to get rid of them as soon as possible.”
Your tongue glided along the veiny surface, your cheeks hollowed as you bobbed your head up and down. Kaeya took the tiniest risk and looked down at you and immediately regretted it as the sight was far beyond what he could have imagined. You stared right back at him, malicious sparkle in your (E/C) eyes that send shivers down his spine as if you having your pretty lips around his cock wasn’t enough already.
“That’s good to hear. Thank you Kaeya.”
Jean gave him a smile, somehow still oblivious of what was transpiring underneath the table she so often sat in front of.
Kaeya was on edge, your movements showed no signs of slowing down, if anything they became faster, hungrier and he was sure that it was only a matter of seconds before he would give in and accidentally let out a lewd moan or brutally buck his hips against your mouth that so skillfully pleasured him.
The feeling was beyond anything he had ever encountered, it made him wonder if it was due to the intense situation mixed with the anxiety of getting caught doing such dirty things. It was unbearable, but he loved it. Your mouth was perfect around him. Hot and wet, sliding along his length wonderfully, taking all of it so well.
“It’s still so strange though…” Jean placed a hand on her chin, eyes falling to the ground as she wondered. “What could be sucking them towards Mondstadt?”
The choice of words Jean let out almost made Kaeya choke on his saliva, and only made you more eager to make him cum. You moved your tongue against the underside of his cock, knowing how that particular action made him see stars. He pressed his eyes shut, unable to prevent the tiniest of moans from escaping his mouth. This only prompted you to keep going, wanting him to come undone from your mouth alone. 
He was close, you could tell by the way his dick twitched in your mouth and how labored his breathing had become. It was adorable how he attempted to look unbothered despite being entirely at your mercy. A sadistic side of you loved this, bending him to your will, and the sight of him biting his lip while trying to mask his lewd sounds made your panties wet.
“Well, whatever the case, I’m sure we’ll be able to handle it.” Jean threw him a smile and began heading towards the door, much to Kaeya’s comfort as he was more than certain that he wouldn’t be able to hold his voice back should he reach his orgasm soon. And judging by your unrelenting pace and the fact that you effortlessly took all of him that was most definitely the case.
“Let’s hope the situation calms down, I’m glad I can count on you Kaeya.”
The only response Kaeya could give was a moan disguised as a hum of agreement. It seemed to be enough as Jean opened the door and gave him a final goodbye before finally leaving, giving you the privacy that was so dangerously challenged by the Acting Grand Master.
Now it was your turn to let out moans as you milked him with your mouth, head bobbing faster and your hands lightly caressing his balls in an effort to make him cum. This seemed to send him to a totally new state as Kaeya finally let his voice out, muttering swears under his breath as he watched you work your magic on his cock.
“F-fuck… (Name)...”
The way his voice came out with a set of sighs and whimpers only made you moan more and you grabbed his base once again, pumping him while your hungry mouth sucked him harder.
Kaeya felt the knot in his stomach come undone and with a heavy groan he came in your mouth and you did your best to swallow it all, not wanting any of the sinful fluids falling on the clean ground. His pants filled the room and he threw his head back, the anxiety from before washing away with his intense orgasm.
You released his cock with a few lingering touches that made him twitch before finally settling in his lap once more. You kissed him and he happily returned it, placing a hand on your cheek. When you pulled away, you noticed a strange glint in his eyes. It was almost disapproving but at the same time, playful.
“That one got real close, angel,” he breathed, to which you merely laughed.
“Maybe next time you should actually listen to me instead of thinking with your dick.” He mirrored your smirk and chuckled.
“You naughty girl. Teasing me like that.” His hands were on your waist again.
“You brought this on yourself.” You whispered and touched his nose with your finger before getting up and grabbing the papers with which you had originally come into the office.
“Let’s go take care of these, or would you rather actually get caught by Jean or someone else?” You glanced at him, noticing how he had zipped his pants back on and stood up. He chuckled.
“No, you’re right. We’ll have plenty of time to play later.”
You smiled in approval and turned towards the door, but stopped when you felt his hand on your shoulder, lips practically glued to your ear as he whispered:
“You better prepare yourself, angel.”
He placed a single strand of your (H/C) hair behind your ear before planting a kiss on the shell of it. The action sent shivers down your spine.
“Once we are done with this, it’s payback time.”
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smolmermaidgt · 15 minutes ago
Does anyone know any g/t books that feature female giants/ wholesome female giants?
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weenhoe · 20 minutes ago
will you be reuploading all of your twitter art on there? theres a lot of it i missed out on and i would like to see it
:o oop, sorry no
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atticofthings · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A darling gacha adoptable from @chaospenelope, a fusion of Plushtrap and Twisted Freddy!
My thought for the little chaos monster is he was a marketed product that comes as a wee endo that you put into a plushsuit then bury. You're supposed to read it nice things and tell it fun stories while it 'grows'. However if it overhears cruelty or becomes this. Like Plushtrap it will chase and pursue you endlessly, but only at night as he buries himself during the day much like Twisted Freddy.
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babydollchai · 30 minutes ago
What I do when I'm feeling little
1. First things first I get on voice chat with my CG
2. I normally play games when big, but I have a set of games I play when I'm small.. like Calico
3. I eat some snacks! mac and cheese to be exact
4. I listen to my small space playlist
and i get ready for bed with a movie <3
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wormunculus · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i have so much art i havent posted i need to fix that so...
featuring ocs of @acornwellian, @buckfizzy, and @gotenerd
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ahabsrevenge · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pearls Or Polka Dots Sunday - They Come In All Sizes
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skyrim-said-that · 38 minutes ago
Twitter suggestion anon from before, I am glad it begins, and can't wait to see your work!
I’m excited too! I’m just trying to figure out how to do this.. I think the plan is to post a Twitter link and a censored preview to the main.
But then I don’t know how Twitter works, do I have to tag it? Is it jsut post and hope for the best?? This is scary
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ahabsrevenge · 48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pearls Or Polka Dots Sunday - Cheeky
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wolfy8tyu · 50 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
who’d win in a fight? agent six or agent six?
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j0succ · 53 minutes ago
GOD overhaul makes my glove kink go !!!! like i want him to put me in a mating press and have him take his time inspecting my holes while he degrades me for getting wet like this
yet again my tumblr anons Get It whilst my friends are like “wow, nat, what is wrong with you”. idk what it is about gloves but they are just SO sexy. i didnt think i had a medical kink but idk maybe in the right circumstances i do, actually?there is SOMETHING about detached degradation where you’re not even sure if the person doing it is getting off on it beyond a sigh and a raised eyebrow that makes me go !!!!
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thosevesuvianthots · 54 minutes ago
In honor of my first T shot, how would the main six react to MC getting their first T shot! MC is crying with joy, and won’t shut up about how happy they are it finally happened.
I’m so happy for you!!! I usually do requests in chronological order, but this deserved to be done first to celebrate. Hope you enjoy!
Masterlist | Prompt list
Main 6 with an Mc getting their first T shot
They would have probably gone with you from the start of your transition journey
Would probably be the first person you came out to
And would immediately buy you binders, tape or whatever you needed to feel more like yourself
They would be the one to find the place where you could consistently get your T shot supply
They would definitely tear up watching you get the shot and seeing you be emotional
Seeing you so excited and happy would really warm their heart
They’d be with you for every step of your transition, and would love to see you wearing their clothes for comfort
They would be overall so happy and emotional – maybe even more than you
Faust is so proud of you! “Happy friend!!”
“I’m- I’m just so happy, Mc. I love you.”
From the moment you came out to him, he’d start researching transition options
He would obviously only bring them up if you expressed being interested in transitioning
And if you told him you wanted to start T, trust me when I tell you the next day he’d have his office stocked
He would actually be pretty fucking nervous to be giving you your first T shot
He would ask you ten thousand times if you’re actually sure you want him to give it to you
Giving you the shot would be an extremely emotional moment for the both of you
He’d kiss the injection spot and watch you tear up, and he’d just start bawling
He would genuinely, sincerely be on cloud nine for you
Malak would start getting confused after you got a few T shots and started lowering your voice and maybe growing a beard
“*sniff* Darling, your smile *sniff* means the world to me.”
Truth be told, she wouldn’t be that much informed about transition processes
But she’d be the most accepting person ever and would do her research
From your coming out, she’d be having clothes tailored that ease your dysphoria
If you told her you wanted to transition, she’d sit down with you and discuss the best process for you
She would be with you to every doctor’s appointment
She’d make sure to be absolutely free the day of your first T shot. She’d want to be with you and support you
She would get a little bit emotional, but she wouldn’t cry
She’d hold you so tight and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. She would be smiling nonstop.
Imagine Chandra’s soft wings caressing your cheeks when she’s on your shoulder!!
“Oh, love, seeing you so happy fills me with joy.”
He wouldn’t really grasp why you wanted to change yourself
But he would never judge. He’d just need to get used to it, and he would accept you nonetheless
He’d want to learn more about the transition process and about how T works
He would be so scared to watch you get it. What if you get hurt??
Seeing you euphoric about it would ease all his discomfort, though. He’d have the sweetest smile on his face
He’d softly notice the subtle changes in your body during your transition
I’m so convinced he would teach you to shave and take care of your new beard/stubble
I cannot explain how happy he would feel in seeing you finally start being yourself and loving yourself more
Inanna would start sniffing you more – your odour changed all of a sudden!
“Look, Mc. You… you have some beard there. It… It suits you.”
As soon as you came out to her, she’d be looking for ways to make you comfortable
Cue to her yelling at everybody who gets your pronouns wrong
I feel like she’d be surprisingly very informed on transition in general?
If you told her you wanted to transition, she’d definitely call Julian and the three of you would discuss the best way to go about it
She would be hyping you up the whole time, showering you with love
She’d definitely tear up as you actually got your first T shot
She would also be worried sick for you and would want to take care of you nonstop in case something with the transition went awry
Watching you grow comfortable and happier would really mean the world to her. She’d be ecstatic
Pepi would be a bit sceptical; if that Mc, why beard? Why man smell?
“I can’t wait til you get the next shot! Look at you, you’re so happy!”
His first reaction to you telling him you wanted to transition would be to ask why
Like,,, you’re so pretty? There’s nothing to change about that
He would definitely understand if you sat him down and explained gender dysphoria to him
Seeing that you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin would crush him. He wishes for you to love yourself the way he does
He’d get the best doctor (Julian) to take care of you and your transition
He would also be worried something might go wrong – he’s really not that informed about transition, and he’s scared of change overall
A weight would lift from his shoulders seeing your happiness for your first T shot
He’d throw a party to celebrate. He’d hug you so tight you couldn’t breathe. He’d probably tear up but wouldn’t admit it
Mercedes and Melchior wouldn’t really know what’s going on, but they’d be celebrating along
“Dove, you’re going to be the handsomest man in Vesuvia. Just you wait!”
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daddiesbunny06 · 56 minutes ago
gamer baby.
baby: *quietly playing minecraft on switch*
daddy: hey babydoll, come here for a second.
baby: *doesnt move* for what daddy?
daddy: because daddy said so, come here please love.
baby: hmph! *gets up and carries switch, stands in front of daddy and keeps playing minecraft*
daddy: babygirl. look at me.
baby: *looks up then back down at game*
daddy: *grabs the switch and turns it off* sit in my lap now. daddy was going to ask if you wanted to go to the park but seems like someone doesn’t know how to obey.
baby: *sits in his lap* i’m sorry daddy, i was just having lots of fun.
daddy: i know love, but when daddy ask you to do something i expect you to do it, understood?
baby: yes, daddy.
daddy: good girl. *pats her head* you will be punished tonight, right now daddy wants cuddles.
baby: *snuggles deeply into daddy and smiles*
daddy: good girl. *holds her close*
Tumblr media
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rexombie · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i like this actually
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