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#finished two towers part 1 i'm so happy
mania-mono · a month ago
Gandalf: ... What more do you want to know?
Pippin: The names of all the stars, and of all living things, and whole history of Middle-earth and Over-heaven and of the Sundering Seas
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itmaybemars · a month ago
May I come in?
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
The 'At Your Door' Chapter List - Next Chapter
Happy Reading!
   There just had not been a good reason for why these last few chapters were held off until now, but forty-eight hours later and you were finally on the last couple pages. Your eyes hurt, and blue light blocking glasses could only do so much when your eyes wanted to pop out on their own. Regardless of how much strain you put on your body, you kept typing. You carefully scanned each sentence, making sure everything was clean-cut and ready to be reviewed once you finished. Your eyes wanted to close, and eventually, you gave in before catching yourself wanting to fall forward on your keyboard. The setting sun had not helped either.
  In-between your fight against sleep, a loud and panic-inducing knocking rang throughout your home. If it was one of your neighbors, this was probably an emergency. If not, you risked being whisked away in the night by some maniac. You stuck to the first thought and ran toward the door, all sleepiness having left your body as your heart pounded. 
  The door swung open faster than you intended and nearly knocked yourself back onto the floor. When you had finally taken a glance at the stranger on your front door, you almost fell back again. It could have been the lack of sleep, perhaps the glowing light of the setting sun was playing tricks on you, but you knew that those were wings.
  You rubbed your eyes and blinked at least six times before studying their frame in awe.
  Their voice was low, mumbled, rough, but everything about them was unearthly. 
  "Who are you?" They asked.
  You were speechless, still taking in all their features until they began to take steps forward. 
  "Wait, wait," you held a hand sprawled out in front of you while you kept one on the door, "No, actually, who are you?"
  "God." He sighed. "Let me in."
  "No." You whispered. The look on your face made it clear you were still processing the last thirty seconds. "Seriously, who are you?"
  "Shigaraki, now let me in."
  "No," you persisted, "don't think that saying you're god-"
  "If I am," Shigarakis's wings spread on either side, "and if I'm not," he lifted his head, the light now gently caressing his face, betraying the way his voice sounded, "are you willing to take your chances in hell?"
  Involuntarily, your back stiffened. You gulped in the most cartoonish way one could. "Hell?" You whispered to yourself. 
  "Mm," he smiled wickedly, placing his whole hand minus his middle finger on your door, "may I come in?"
  You nodded, moving aside so he could step in. Nothing about right now felt real. 
  Shigaraki could feel your eyes as they bore into his shoulders. How you awed as you studied his wings, an assortment of soft but dark grays that reflected a soft pearlescent white in the light. 
  He had scars all over his face. Patches of dry, cracked skin traveled from his forehead to just beneath his eyes. To you, he looked too tattered and torn to be of any divine lineage. Maybe his wings were fake. He was wearing a black, loose-fit, turtle neck, paired with grey, tartan pleated trousers. What you had not noticed until now was how he was not wearing any shoes or socks.
  If he was really 'God,' then you were being a horrible host.
  Shigaraki heard your footsteps become quiet as you jogged into some room for whatever reason was unknown to him. When you had came back, you held a pair of socks. 
  "Did you want the woven ones or the brown pair?" You sheepishly asked.
  Shigaraki let a loose chuckle out as he noted the thoughtful expression on your face. "Woven." He softly said.
  You handed him a pair before watching his wings drag across your floor. "Um, could you…"
  "What is it?" He mumbled.
  "Your wings, they're making me nervous." You breathed.
  Shigaraki faced you before letting each wing stretch out, inches away from your shelves on either side of your front study and, or, living room. "Only you can see these." He said matter of factly. 
  "Right, um.." you were not sure how you were supposed to know that, but you sat there still. "That's not what I meant," you continued, staring at the floor, "you see um-"
  "Done."  As you looked up, his wings were gone. Whether they were actually gone or not was unknown, but it felt a little roomier.  He continued to eye the shelves, drawing his index finger across the spines of each book and peering at every nicknack you had displayed. 
  You were unsure of whether you were allowed to approach him in case the sudden notion would upset him. As of this moment, he seems unbothered and honestly a little bored. 
  To Shigaraki, your house was full. When you walk in, the floor is open with two rooms on either side, a kitchen to the right and a living room that looked more like a study to the left. Your kitchen had a new stack of mason jars on the table as well as what looks to be frozen, now melting fruit in a much larger container. You had a few redwood shelves with pictures, flowers in vases, and cookbooks. The living room had at least three large, also redwood shelves packed with books, some sprinkled loose papers in between, and a couple different globes in a couple different sizes. 
  Right now, his favorite things about the living room where the dried flowers. More so, the fact that you hung with a string and taped to the wall. It was a bit out of the blue, but he had never seen anything like it. There also was a small peculiar dark green corduroy couch, a tea table, and some floor pillows. The carpet was a pretty cream without a speck of dirt to soil it. 
  Shigaraki was intrigued by the messy yet organized space, thinking of it as somewhere between cluttered and cozy with a dark tone to it. With that in mind, he began to lead himself down the hall to examine whatever part of the house he had not seen yet. 
  It should not have felt invasive to follow a stranger around in your home, but it did. The meer presence of Shigaraki was large enough to swallow you whole. He seemed all aware of it too. Like he was flaunting it.
  The next door he had opened was to your bathroom. It was simple, white walls, a light blue shower curtain, and some white, gaudy shelves with shells to fill the space. 
  "Shigaraki," your voice was soft and hallow behind him.
  "Why are you here," you leaned against the wall, staring at the door he most likely will head into next, "why me?"
  Shigaraki stayed quiet, pretending he could not hear that last bit.
  "Yeah?" He tilted his head back, staring at your doe-like state.
  "Did you hear me?"
  "I don't think I did," he lied, "what did you say?" Shigaraki asked mockingly.
  You got the hint and decided not to try any harder. Barely scratching the surface seemed to get on his nerves, so you waited for Shigaraki to move on to the next door that might've peeked his interest. 
  His hand gently turned the knob of your bedroom door, and upon opening it, his eyes widened. 
  "Why is it so empty in here?" He coughed, thinking that your room would be the most cluttered.
  You made your way behind him and tippy-toed to see over his towering figure. "I don't spend a lot of time here." You sighed.
  "Is this not this your bedroom?" 
  "Y-Yeah," his tone made you self conscious.
  He waved his hand in the air to himself, signaling that he was about to turn around, but you just blankly bore into your empty walls. It never occurred how cold it looked in there, and you had to agree with him if he would have called it "out of character."
  The last door was the room you probably should just start calling your bedroom, your official study. You had bookshelves on nearly every wall but the one that had your computer and desk. Above the desk were pages of something and more flowers taped to the wall above your desk. Instead of asking what they were, Shigaraki let his wings out, gently fluttering them as to not disturb any other loose papers so he could read the ones on the wall.
  To you, he looked a bit like 'Tinkerbell.' How she might have pointed her toes together, a finger to her chin as she carefully glossed over the papers. Now that you got a good look at his wings, you realized there was more than just a gray color assortment but that there was some light pink fluff where they connected to his back that could be mistaken as white. Smack dab in the center. They were also much more immense than they looked at first, heavy-looking even. Nearly drooping on either side. They looked like that of a carrier pigeon.
  While you admired the view, he did not get the correlation from one paper to another. None of them matched up. They all carried different scenes and tender moments between a character or a realization. 
  "Oh," you noticed him doing some reading, "those are from pages of my favorite books." Shigaraki turned around to stare at you with a look that asked you to elaborate. "I was lucky enough to edit for someone of my favorite authors, so I printed out my favorite moments, and I just-" your voice trailed off, feeling self-conscious of your sentimental decorum, "taped them there." You nearly whispered 
  Shigaraki nodded, gently stepping onto the floor before sitting at your desk. You peered over how he handled the mouse with only four fingers still, his pinky being lifted this time.
  "Shigaraki," you knelt beside him. "I can't help but notice, but why aren't you touching the mouse with all five of your fingers?"
  He looked up like he was trying to think, then he flatly said, "Bring me something you might have been meaning to throw out." Before looking back onto the screen.
  You turned around and picked up a stack of old newspapers. Shigaraki seated himself in front of you, crossing his legs one over another before flatly placing his hand over the top of the paper pile. With wide eyes, you watched as his hand fell through a pile of dust, each paper having dried up before withering away in a matter of seconds. 
  "Any more questions?" He asked. Sounding clearly unphased.
  "What are you?" You picked up some dust between your thumb and index, rubbing it together as it sprinkled over itself. "If not God, I mean."
  Shigaraki hummed, lying on his back now as his wings disappeared again. He closed his eyes as he crossed one leg over the other.
  "Shigaraki," you tried again. 
  He, in turn, stretched out his legs before curling onto his side, yawning as he closed his eyes. It was clear he wasn’t going to respond so, you quickly gave up.
  The computer was open on your emails. You felt whatever sleep that momentarily left sit back onto your shoulders, messing with your eyes lids again at the thought of opening the email. The good thing was that it started off as a thank you and a link to a gift card. The bad news was they forgot to give you a chapter, and they still needed it tonight. 
  You let out a loud sigh that Shigaraki heard but continued to ignore. Soon there was a furious amount of typing and mumbling. He lifted himself up off the floor, quietly staring at the same screen you had been staring at for nearly two days and two nights. 
  From wherever the story started, it seemed awfully dull. The main character was beyond lazy, and every scene Shigaraki read out to himself felt like reading trivia answers.
  "Robotic." He murmured.
  "I-I know~" you yawned, scrolling through the last page.
  You wanted to ask how long he had been staring, but you knew you would be ignored again. Another part of you was hoping he was trying to break the ice.     No matter how this was going to play out, well, it simply wasn't. Your head was bobbing back and forth as you fought with all your strength to stay awake, at least until he fell asleep. Then the thought crossed your mind that maybe he didn't need to, and that made it that much more worthless to stay up and find out.
 Shigaraki hummed as you hit send, not even noticing that you had fallen asleep hunched over. 
  "Hey, so where do you want me to stay?" He asked softly, the gravel never leaving his voice. You could hear him, but you had entered a state of not wanting to talk or make noise. "Are you going to ignore me?" He sighed. 
  As he peered over, he heard soft, uneven breathes. Small snores escaped your lips as you stayed hunched over your keyboard. Shiagraki took the liberty to turn off your computer and move the keyboard out from under you.
  He laid back down on the floor, watching the fluorescent lights flicker every hour or so. "So that's why your room is so lifeless. " Shiagraki whispered to the ceiling.
© 2021 all rights reserved to itmaybemars
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clara-licht · a month ago
You Belong With Me
Tumblr media
Part of Best of Me Series
Summary: 5 times (Y/n) Stark felt jealous and 1 time it was Peter’s turn. (set before Just Out of Touch, can be read as a standalone)
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Word Count: 4.1k
Warning: mention of blood and maggots
Note: after a whole year, it’s finally here! Here’s another story set in the world of Just Out of Touch! This story can be read as a standalone, but reading JOOT might give you a bit more context. But if you haven’t read it, spoiler for JOOT, Hecate is (y/n)’s vigilante persona. (Y/n)’s pronouns are she/they, where they is specifically used when they’re out as Hecate. Since this story focuses on (y/n) and not Hecate, I used she/her throughout the story. In future stories both she and they will be used when there are both (y/n) and Hecate. Without further ado, enjoy the story!
Title Inspo: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me
Best of Me Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist | Main Masterlist
1: Compliment
(Y/n) side-glanced at Peter who was pacing back and forth in her room. She let him mumble and curse at himself while she laid on her bed, bored.
"Oh I'm so stupid! How could I have done that?! Ugh, she must hate me now!"
She rolled her eyes. "You're not stupid, Pete. You're in STEM school by scholarship for a reason, you know."
Peter stopped his pacing to look at (y/n) with his big doe eyes and panicked expression. "That's got nothing to do with this!" He exclaimed.
Rolling her eyes again, she asked, "What did you do again?"
He groaned and banged his head on her bed, mumbling something.
"I complimented her skirt."
If she had to roll her eyes again, her eyeballs would probably be stuck that way.
"What's so bad about that?" She asked.
Peter didn't even lift his head from the soft duvet. "I sounded like a pervert, (y/n)!" He groaned. "She totally knew I've been checking her out the entire year!"
(Y/n) shook her head exasperatedly. "You couldn't have known that. You just complimented one piece of clothing, Peter. She wouldn't know you've been staring at her clothes every day."
Peter only let out another groan and turned over, pulling the duvet to cover his face. "No, she definitely knows!"
"What did you say, exactly?"
"I said the color suits her and asked if it's new…"
He removed the duvet and stared incredulously at her. "What do you mean, so?"
(Y/n) shrugged. "I don't see what's so bad about that. I mean, it's flattering?"
"Oh, you don't get it!" Peter threw his head back. "I asked if it's new! Meaning that I already know her clothes and noticed that I've never seen that skirt before!"
"Now that you said it like that, you do sound like a pervert."
Chuckling, (y/n) lifted the duvet and removed it from Peter, eyes glowing soft blue. "Calm down, Spidey. What did she say?"
"I don't know. I ran away afterwards."
Her chuckle turned into a full-on laugh as Peter turned away with a pout, hoping to hide his flaming face.
In between her laugh, she shuffled closer to the boy and ran her fingers gently between his hair. "Well, if it was me, I wouldn't think much about it. I would just be flattered that you think a skirt looks good on me."
Still pouting, Peter mumbled, "But it's not you."
Her laughter ceased, replaced with a slightly sorrowful smile.
"But it's not me." She agreed.
2: Jokes
"What's taking him so long?" Happy grumbled.
"It's only been 10 minutes."
"10 minutes too long!"
(Y/n) only hummed and looked out the window. “It’s high school, Happy. It’s where he socializes with his friends, of course it’s going to take time.”
“Not if I can help it.” He muttered.
Shaking her head fondly, her eyes swept through the entrance of Midtown High, trying to see if the young vigilante was anywhere near them. Today was a scheduled lab day and she volunteered to pick him up with Happy. Since she already finished any lessons she had for the day Tony had let her go.
As she kept watch, she couldn’t help but feel a little bittersweet. Sure, she enjoyed her studies online, but she knew that she was missing that typical high school experience. Going to classes, eating lunch in the cafeteria, walking home with friends… But she was also aware that it was all for her safety.
The woes of having a famous father.
(Y/n) was shaken off her thoughts when she finally noticed Ned among the students in front of the school. If Ned was there, then Peter was surely not far.
Sure enough, she could spot a familiar tuft of brown hair right behind Ned.
And apparently he wasn’t alone.
Peter was talking with a girl facing his way. (Y/n) couldn’t see her face but she had a good idea of who she was.
Peter had a shy smile on his lips and his cheeks were nearly blossoming, if (y/n) could say so. In true Peter fashion, he seemed to be stumbling upon his words and spoke a mile per minute. The girl seems as though she didn’t mind as she was laughing along. And yet, unlike the oblivious Peter she was used to, this Peter looked at the girl as if she was a goddess sent to the earth to absolve every sinner from their fated doom. This Peter smiled at her as if she handpicked each star to light up the darkest night.
His darkest night.
(Y/n) unconsciously took a sharp breath when she saw the girl laughing so hard she had to hold onto Peter to stabilize herself. The way she clutched Peter’s arm and the color on Peter’s cheeks…
“There he is! Call him, tell him to hurry up.”
“Just… Just give him a minute, will you, Happy?” She mumbled, eyes never leaving Peter. She was unaware of Happy glancing at her with a frown on his forehead. Like her, he did notice that Peter had a girl with him. He just hadn’t yet connected it to why (y/n) looked off.
As (y/n) sat there looking at the window, the tight feeling in her chest kept getting more painful as time went. On one hand, she would love to get out of the car and go to him, replacing the girl’s position beside Peter. But on the other hand, she knew that things didn’t work that way.
‘He’s happy, that’s all that matters, right?’
She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice Peter already saying his goodbyes and approaching the car. It was only when Peter sat beside her that she was shaken off her trails.
“Hey, you good?” He asked.
(Y/n) smiled, a hint of sorrow that Peter didn’t notice on her lips.
“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”
3: Flirt
The silence was quite awkward, if (y/n) must say.
Tony was out on a conference of some sort in Japan, and as much as (y/n) would love to visit the country, her father couldn’t literally pay her to sit through that conference with him. While she would inherit the company one day, she’d avoid any stuffy meetings if she could.
That day was another scheduled lab day for Peter, though. Tony had forgotten to tell him to reschedule, so he still went to the tower. Peter was going to leave until (y/n) called Tony and he told Peter to just mess around in the lab.
And there they were. In Tony Stark’s personal lab. Just the two of them (along with Dum-E).
(Y/n) could tell something was off with Peter. The first sign was when he said he would go home when he heard Tony wasn’t there. Usually he’d just stay and watch a movie with her. And now he was all quiet while fiddling with his webshooters.
Of course, one could say that perhaps he was focused on fixing or upgrading it, but (y/n) knew that there was nothing wrong with his webshooters and they already installed the upgrade a couple weeks ago. They hadn’t come up with new ideas since then.
“Hey, Pete?”
“Hm?” He didn’t even look up.
“Is there anything in your mind?”
“Huh? No, nothing.” Peter mumbled, still fiddling with his webshooters.
(Y/n) frowned. Something was not right, indeed.
A few minutes passed with silence between them. (Y/n) kept sneaking glances at Peter and Peter kept toying around with the shooters on his wrist. He wasn’t even doing anything. His eyes were unfocused and he was deep in thoughts.
Heaving a sigh, (y/n) removed the goggles she had on. She was doing a project for SI, but it could wait.
“Okay, let’s talk about this,” she said.
Peter finally looked up and stared at her, confused. “Talk about what?”
“Well, this,” she said again, gesturing at Peter.
“’re gesturing at all of me.”
“Of course I’m gesturing at all of you! You’re acting weird!”
“No I’m not.”
“Yes you are! You’re so quiet and you kept playing with your webshooters! Is there something wrong with them or what? You look like you’re thinking so hard and we both know you’re smart enough to not have to think that hard about your shooters!”
Peter didn’t say anything for a while as he stared at (y/n), eyes slightly furrowed.
“Well?” (Y/n) prompted. “You know you can talk to me about anything, right?”
Peter sighed and bit his lip. He looked up, as if pondering whether or not he should tell (y/n) about what was on his mind.
“It’s, uh, it’s about Liz.”
(Y/n) heart dropped.
“W-What about her?” She asked, feigning ignorance.
The frown made another appearance on Peter’s forehead. His fingers returned to the webshooter strapped on his wrist and started fiddling again. It was then that (y/n) noticed that this was his way of fidgeting. He used to fiddle with his fingers and then it was with his shooters.
“Well, I saw her today…”
“She, um…” Peter swallowed. “She was, uh, flirting, I think? With Flash.”
By some miracle, instead of feeling that tightness in her chest from the mention of her, she felt truly confused. “Flash? The same Flash that picks on you and doesn't believe in your internship?”
“Uh, yeah…?”
“Why would she? Doesn’t she know what kind of person he is?”
Peter laughed dryly. “He’s rich, (y/n).”
“And so am I, what about it?” (Y/n) raised an eyebrow. “I’m not as obnoxious as that guy, am I?”
“Of course not. You may be getting a big head, though.” He teased with a grin.
(Y/n) only swatted at his arm.
(It took every single will in her not to make a dirty joke then and there, telling herself it wasn’t appropriate for the topic.)
“Anyway! Why did you think she was flirting with him?” (Y/n) asked, ignoring the tight feeling that finally arrived despite the miracle earlier.
“Remember last week? When you picked me up with Happy?”
(Y/n) nodded. ‘How could I not?’ She thought bitterly.
“I don’t know if you saw, but uhh we were flirting, I think?”
“You think?”
“Well, Ned said we were…” Peter mumbled. “We were joking around and she kinda laughed so hard she had to hold onto me…” He recounted, a blush starting to make its way on his cheeks.
(Y/n) took a deep breath to try and calm her erratic heart. Her heart felt like it was sinking with each word coming out of Peter’s mouth. Had she not been a strong-willed young woman with experience in keeping her face neutral, she was 100% sure her eyes would be all watery by now. Not that she didn’t feel the burn on her eyes as she pretended not to hear Peter whispering ‘her hand was so soft’.
“And was she doing the same with Flash?” She asked, and again, by miracle, her voice didn’t crack.
Peter’s hand fell from his wrist and he nodded dejectedly.
“I thought she liked me, you know?” He muttered. Unlike her, Peter was an open book. He was never good at hiding his expression that it was a wonder that his secret identity was still intact. (Y/n) could clearly hear the pain in his voice.
It honestly infuriated her how easy it was for him to affect her.
(Y/n) cleared her throat. “Don’t take it to heart, Pete. Maybe she was just being friendly with him.”
“Or maybe she was just being friendly with me.” Peter mumbled, still dejected.
It filled her heart with grief that he could make such a pained expression in front of her. Had it been her, she could say with certainty that she would never let this boy in front of her go without a smile. But then again, who was she to do that? It wasn’t her that he wanted to put that smile on him.
And so, with a heavy heart and a smile hiding sorrow behind it, she told him, “Why don’t you ask her to do something with you? Like a date?”
4: Date
“(Y/n)? Where’s Peter?” Pepper immediately asked when she saw (y/n) lounging alone on the couch.
(Y/n) shrugged half-heartedly, shoving a spoonful of her favorite cookies and cream ice cream to her mouth. An older season of CSI: Miami was playing on the screen in front of her. She kept eating her ice cream unbothered as the screen showed a bloody corpse full of maggots. Oh, apparently it wasn’t a corpse and she was still alive. Who would’ve thought?
“Don’t you guys usually spend Sundays together?” Pepper asked again.
(Y/n) mumbled something that Pepper couldn’t hear.
“Sorry, what?”
“He has a date.”
Pepper blinked once. “A date?”
(Y/n) nodded.
“With… who?”
“...a girl from his school. An upperclassman.”
“Huh… Is that so?” Pepper hummed, taking a seat beside the young Stark.
She glanced at the angsty teen, still enjoying her ice cream accompanied by a pool of blood and maggot and David Caruso on the screen. “How are you feeling?”
“What do you mean? I’m totally fine.” (Y/n) answered through a mouthful of sugary dairy.
“I don’t think so, honey.” Pepper smiled at her, taking the tub away.
(Y/n) didn’t bother to answer, stubbornly keeping her eyes on the screen.
“I always thought both of you would end up together. What happened?” Pepper tried to ask.
“Us ending up together, huh?” (Y/n) chuckled dryly. “Not a chance, Pep.”
“Why do you say that?”
(Y/n) turned to the CEO of the company that one day would be hers. “Have you looked at Peter? Really looked at him?” She asked. “Because if you have, then you’d know that his eyes were never on me. Not once.”
Sighing, she reached to take back the tub of ice cream from Pepper. “A friend is all I am to him.” She muttered.
(Y/n) was perfectly fine with returning to her angsty mood accompanied by ice cream and crime lab, but apparently Pepper was not.
Pepper stood up and asked FRIDAY to turn the screen off.
“Aw, Pep! Why did you do that!” (Y/n) whined, not unlike a child getting her toy taken away.
“No wallowing in self pity, young lady. Now up you go! We’re going out.”
She groaned and plopped her face on the couch.
To say she would regret going out would be an understatement.
Because an hour on her outing with Pepper, she actually saw Peter on his date.
He was wearing a shirt and grey sweater, like how he wore to school, though the collar was neat. He definitely combed and gelled his hair. She didn’t like it, to be honest. (Y/n) always loved his curls that would fall to his eyes when it got a bit too long. She loved the soft unruly strands that felt silky when she ran her fingers through them.
Peter and his date, Liz, were in a cafe together. It was a cute and aesthetically pleasing one too. (Y/n) was in the Italian restaurant right across the street. Pepper sat with her back to the glass window, so she couldn’t see them, but it was as clear as the sky for (y/n).
And (y/n) wanted to look away, she really did. Yet for some reason, she just couldn’t stop staring at the happy couple. She watched as Liz reached a hand out to wipe something off the corner of Peter’s lips. She watched as Peter laughed shyly. She watched as he hesitantly tried to hold Liz’s hand on the table. She watched as Liz grinned and took his hand in hers.
She watched as they smiled at each other like they were the only people in the world and she was nothing but a speck of dust.
She watched, with bitter heart and a sorrowful smile as she told herself, as long as he’s happy, right?
5: Broken Heart
How could this have happened?
They were having such a great time together!
So why...?
“Peter, I’m so sorry…”
“It’s not your fault, why are you sorry?”
“I was the one who pushed you to ask her on a date…”
Peter chuckled. He tried to look unbothered, but he was still so easy to read. (Y/n) could basically hear the pieces of his broken heart rattling around as he moved.
It hurt her more than seeing him with her.
“Well, you couldn’t have known everything, (y/n),” Peter said. “Besides, at least I tried, you know?”
(Y/n) bit her lip.
Logically, she should be happy, shouldn’t she? Liz had told Peter that she wanted to remain friends, that she couldn’t be with him. That meant Peter was free for the whole world. Whether or not she had a chance was something else entirely. And yet, she felt extremely guilty.
“I’m okay, really!” Peter grinned with a fake cheerfulness. “I had a great time and I appreciate her telling me the truth instead of leading me on. I’m sure we’ll remain great friends even after this.”
‘But you were never great friends with her…’
“I guess she’s just trying to focus on her studies, you know? Since she’s a senior and all.”
‘But she did lead you on…’
“And you know what they say, there are plenty more fish in the sea!”
‘But you were so fixated on her…’
Peter’s eyes softened when he realized how quiet (y/n) was. “I’m really alright, (y/n). It’s not your fault at all.”
“Besides,” he grinned, this time genuine, “Maybe now it’s my turn to help you find someone! Your help was greatly appreciated and now I can return the favor!”
(Y/n) refrained from smiling sardonically at the irony. The only way he could help her find someone was if he magically fell in love with her, but she knew better than to be wishful like that.
“Thank you, Pete, but that won’t be necessary.”
“Whaaaaat why? I can give great love advice!”
“Yeah? Like what?” She raised an eyebrow.
“Anyway! When you find someone, tell me, okay? I’ll try my best to help you, since you were so helpful to me.”
Helpful, huh?
Why can’t you see it?
How badly I want to say those words?
Instead, (Y/n) smiled, sorrow seeping into her being. “It was my pleasure.”
+1: Reverse
arachnophobia: wanna go out tonight? hecate hasnt been out for a while
ironlady: cant today
ironlady: harley’s coming
arachnophobia: harley? the one whose garage mr stark broke into?
ironlady: yep!! cant wait to see him
ironady: its been a while
arachnophobia: can i meet him?
ironlady: ofc just come here
The moment Peter stepped out from the elevator, he could hear the laughter already. He didn’t need his enhanced hearing to know that (y/n) was positively joyful.
He followed the sound to the penthouse’s living room where he could see (y/n) sitting on the couch. Beside her was a young man his age with sandy blonde hair. Both of them were talking animatedly with each other.
“Oh, Peter!” (Y/n) turned around, a big grin on her face. “This is Harley Keener, the potato boy dad and I told you about!”
“Potato boy?” Harley frowned.
“It’s either that or problem child 1, which one do you prefer?”
“Tony’s been calling me that?”
“And what are you?”
“Problem child 2, duh.” (Y/n) rolled her eyes.
Harley scoffed. “Yeah, right, il mio tarassaco.”
“Hey! Only dad can call me that!”
“I know, I know, don’t get your panties in a twist, Princess Stark.” Harley laughed as he ruffled (y/n)’s hair, much to her chagrin.
Peter couldn’t get one word out. He watched as (y/n) tried to get back at Harley and mess with his hair as Harley dodged her. He watched as (y/n)’s face was overtaken by a huge grin and her eyes lighted up in joy.
“Harley stop it!”
“You started it!”
“No I didn’t!”
“Yes you did!”
“No I didn’t!”
“Yes you did!”
“No I- you know what, I’m not doing this. You haven’t even greeted Peter!” (Y/n) huffed, gesturing at Peter who was still standing still behind the sofa.
“Oh, yeah, my bad,” Harley said. He stood up and dusted his pants, then reached out a hand.
“Harley Keener, at your service,” he grinned.
Peter took his hand hesitantly. “Peter Parker. Nice to meet you.”
(Y/n) beamed at the two of them. “I’ve told him so much about you. I think you guys will be great friends!” She told Peter. “Dad is talking about making Harley his intern too, so you two will be Stark Industries first and only high school interns. Tony Stark’s personal interns, to be exact.”
“Wait, intern?” Peter asked, clearly taken aback. “But don’t you live in Tennessee?”
Harley shrugged. “I’m moving here around next month. Not a lot of opportunities back home, so Tony offered to house and send me to school here. I’m here today to look around before the big day.”
“It’s a shame I can’t go to school with you, though.” (Y/n) complained. “I’m getting bored of this whole homeschooling thing.”
“What can I say, Princess Stark,” Harley said with a teasing smile, “a Princess must remain at her castle.”
“Yeah, well, this Princess can take care of herself and goes out at night alone, what about it?” She rolled her eyes.
“Alright, alright, you got a point, Hecate.”
“I told you, I’m not Hecate right now!”
“He knows about Hecate?” Peter asked.
(Y/n) nodded. “He was the first one to know, even before dad. I told you of how Harley’s been coming here for years, right? He basically knows more about me than dad at this point.”
“That, I do.” Harley said, staring at Peter a little too long. Something dawned on him when he saw something on Peter’s face.
He turned to (y/n) and slung an arm around her shoulders. “Anyway, I gotta run and find Tony now, got things to ask him. I’ll see you later?”
“Yeah, you know where to find me.”
“Great! See ya later, Princess Stark.” Harley dropped a big kiss on her head and left the room, but not before giving Peter a meaningful look.
Peter was frozen on his spot.
In all his time knowing (y/n), not once did he ever see (y/n) that happy. She looked so carefree, as if she trusted Harley blindly and trusted him to keep her that way. It took him some time to get (y/n) to open up to him. He knew that he couldn’t compare himself to Harley who knew (y/n) longer than him, but for some reason it ticked him off.
But why?
And when Harley held (y/n) close to him like that? It felt wrong to Peter. Then he went and actually kissed her! Well, on the head, but still. Something felt off within Peter and he didn’t really know what or why.
Somehow, it was almost like…
Like it should’ve been him?
“Peter, are you okay?”
Peter was startled from his thoughts when (y/n)’s face suddenly entered his peripherals.
“I’m fine, why do you ask?” He quickly said.
(Y/n) hummed. “You look a bit off, that’s all.”
“It’s nothing, I promise.”
“If you say so…”
“So, uh,” Peter started, “that Harley… How long is he staying?”
“A week, I think. He’ll move in next month, on the 15th.” (Y/n) answered. “I can’t wait for next month, honestly. I missed him so much. Him living with me and dad here would be a blast.”
“When do you want to go out?” Peter asked, changing the subject immediately. Somehow, for some reason, he didn’t want to hear (y/n) talk about Harley anymore. Especially not about how he would be living with her.
“Ah, well… Not this week? Maybe after Harley’s back to Tennessee?”
“You can still go out without me though! I know Spider-Man must be anxious to get out there!”
“...yeah, you’re right. Uh, you know what, I actually forgot I had to run an errand for May, so I’m going to leave now, okay?”
Peter quickly rushed out. The penthouse was getting stuffy for no reason and he couldn’t stand being there anymore.
What is wrong with me?
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The Cubs at Disneyland
Hi, so I've been trying to do this for awhile (ever since I drew Lo in a Mickey Mouse hoodie) but when the queen herself, miss Hazel, said she needs them to go to Disney... well I wrote this. And drew it. Because I'm me.
So anyway, here's the drawing and below is the fic
Tw for a couple mentions of food but I think that's it
Credit for everything @lumosinlove
Tumblr media
Leo bounced a bit on the balls of his feet, goofy smile at full force while he waited to board the plane. He had grown up going to Disney World with his family. Living in Louisiana, Florida wasn’t too far away, and Eloise and Wyatt Knut didn’t let being adults stop them from enjoying the magic of Disney. When Leo was born, his parents were beyond excited about the prospect of going as a family, getting mickey ears, collecting pins, and making memories.
The first time he went, Leo was five, his favorite Disney movie was the lion king, and an expression of pure joy was permanent in his pale, blue eyes. Over the four days they were in the parks he got to go on rides, eat themed sweets, and meet his favorite characters.
After that first trip, Eloise started a scrap book. The book, titled ‘Disney World 2006’, was soon filled with pictures of Leo at the entrance gate, Leo with pineapple dole whip halfway to his mouth, and countless of all three of them taken by the photographers.
A favorite picture of Eloise’s was near the back, this one of her son with Simba. When Leo had spotted the cast member dressed as his favorite character, he all but threw himself at the lion costume clad employee. Leo’s mama had taken many pictures of the two lion cubs together and they were beyond adorable.
There are more scrap books from 2008, 2011, 2014, and 2017. Throughout the years of pictures Leo never looks less than ecstatic. Even though New Orleans will forever remain his favorite place in the world, Disney is a close second to home, which is why this trip with his boys is such a big deal for him.
The Lions are currently on a short break in the season after their game against the Coyotes and the cubs are going to spend a few days at Disneyland in Anaheim.
Finn reaches forward to grab Leo’s hand who is standing in line in front of him.
“Sunshine, are you excited?” He asks. Leo tilts his head around to look at his boyfriend and nods eagerly.
“We’ll take that as a yes,” logan chuckles sleepily from behind Finn where he is standing with his head resting on the red head’s back. Evidently waking up at 6:00 in the morning to drive to the airport wasn’t ideal for him.
Leo lets out a low, impatient groan, still bouncing, “I need to be there like right now. Can’t we get on the plane already?”.
“We haven’t even been waiting that long. I think they’re about to call our section though, Peanut,” Finn answers him, trying not to let his amusement show too much.
A crinkly noise cuts off Leo’s response, “Now boarding rows 1-10,” a voice says from over the loudspeaker. Leo stands up straighter and turns to his boyfriends, “that’s us!”
“I know Nutter-Butter, go on, let’s get you to Disney!” Finn says as he pats Leo’s butt lightly, moving him forward, onto the jet bridge.
The boys get settled into their seats, Finn by the window, Logan in the middle for maximum cuddles, and Leo on the aisle for the leg room. For the first half of the flight Logan sleeps while Finn and Leo share a movie, but all three boys are wide awake by the time the flight attendants come around with drinks for the second time. The rest of the flight is spent chatting about practices coming up after the break, things they need for the apartment, and what they are going to do first upon arriving.
Once getting off the plane in California, they take the shuttle from John Wayne Airport to the Disneyland hotels. They are staying in the Adventure Land tower, closest to the park. By this point all three boys are buzzing with the infectious happiness of Disney. After unpacking and getting settled into their hotel room, the cubs proceed with their plans of shopping and getting dinner in Downtown Disney. First thing on the agenda is to procure mouse ears. Logan, Finn, and Leo make their way to World of Disney in order to find the widest selection of ears. Leo has a collection of his own ears at home, including his favorite pride Minnie ears, but for this trip he wants to get new ones along with Logan and Finn. Leo and Finn decide on classic Mickey ear hats, while Logan picks out Minnie ears with a lavender bow. They all get sweatshirts too, as is custom.
After a pleasant evening of enjoying the atmosphere and getting dinner at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen (Leo’s offense towards their attempt at Cajun cuisine is only partially a joke), they call it night. They head back to the hotel, brush their teeth, put on pajamas, and cuddle up in bed. After a busy day the three boys quickly fall asleep, full of anticipation for the day ahead.
Something you should know about Leo is that when it comes to Disney, he is hard core. Their first morning there is an early entry in Disneyland park.
“Rise and shine, party people!” Leo calls as he entera the main part of the hotel room from the bathroom. Logan and Finn are just now waking up, but they aren’t remotely tired. The pure excitement radiating off their boyfriend is contagious as well as the promise of a day of fun.
“Butter baby, how long have you been up?” Finn’s question is alarmed yet distinctly amused.
“Since 5:30,” Leo responds off-handedly. Logan and Finn share a look, then turn it on Leo. Undeterred, Leo spins slowly in a circle in order to show off his carefully constructed outfit. He is wearing his favorite light wash Levi’s, paired with the crewneck he bought yesterday (light gray with vintage looking Mickey & friends). Underneath his sweatshirt he is wearing his Pizza Planet t-shirt, ready for when it gets hot later. Leo’s outfit is accessorized with his new Mickey ear hat, white air Jordan 1’s, and his Tinker Bell lanyard filled with pins from over the years.
“These things take time! Now y’all go get dressed, we have to be in line by 6:45,” Leo says. With that both Finn and Logan get out of bed and into their clothes in record time. On their way out of the room, they pick up their ears and backpacks from the desk by the TV.
After a brief stop at the Starbucks in Downtown Disney, the boys make it into the que of people lining up at the entrance gate. Once 7:00 hits, the lines start to move into the park. As Logan, Finn, and Leo enter, they gaze around in awe. At the end of Mainstreet sits Sleeping Beauty’s castle, tall and glorious. They walk hand in hand down the lane of colorful, old fashioned buildings, chatting excitedly about what to do first.
“Alright babes, what’s up on the agenda?” Finn asks.
“I don’t even know the options, what do you say Le?” Logan continues.
They end up heading over to Tomorrow Land first. They go on Star Tours and Space Mountain while the lines are short, then bounce around Fantasy land as they make their way across the park. Around 8:30 all three boys start to get hungry so they grab a bag or two of beignets from New Orleans Square. After breakfast, they hit their favorites in Adventure land (Finn fucking loves Indiana Jones), Frontier Land (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a fan favorite), and New Orleans Square (Logan might not stop singing ‘Yo Ho a Pirate’s Life for Me’ for weeks).
Around noon the cubs exit Disneyland Park and walk across to California Adventure. After lunch at Wine Country Trattoria the boys bop around Cars Land, Hollywood Land, Pacific Warf and Grizzly Peak. The lines are a lot longer now that it’s afternoon, so they take it in stride and spend their waiting time talking, cuddling, and playing games. They end up going on almost every ride as well as hitting the extra good ones twice like Incredicoaster and Guardians of the Galaxy (still a fan-fucking-tastic ride but Leo misses the Twilight Zone theme).
By the time they finish up in California Adventure for the day, it’s almost time for Fantasmic, and Leo has yet to tell his boys that he got them reserved seats. The cubs meander back to Disneyland but when they start to near Frontier Land Finn picks up the pace.
“Sweetheart, what’s the hurry?” Leo asks with a knowing smile.
“I wanna get good seats for Fantasmic, I haven’t seen it since I was little!” Finn replies.
“Orgasmic? I like the sound of that,” Logan slides in with a smirk.
“Baby, no!” His boyfriends exclaim at the same time. Logan giggles which gets Leo and Finn laughing as well.
“And Finn, I got us seat reservations for the show so no need to rush,” Leo tells him. Finn’s response is to jump on Leo with a fierce hug and a drawn out “Yay,”.
The cubs enjoy the water show immensely, all snuggled up and bundled in sweatshirts once again to fend off the cool evening air. They point out little details to each other with intertwined hands and gasp aloud at the pretty fireworks. Once Fantasmic is over they do a few more rides, then head back to the hotel, sleepy after a full day. The boys fall asleep quickly again, ready to do it all again the next day.
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Stars In Their Eyes (3)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There is a constellation
Of stars
That led me
To you
Y/N was born out of starlight, a miracle that found their way to Earth to live among the humans. Peter never imagined he would meet someone like them. Yet Y/N fell into his life and changed it forever
Part 1 Part 2
Peter Parker x Otherworldly! Reader
Warnings: Amnesia
Being on Earth was strange but staying at Stark Towers was even stranger. You'd met all manner of people here, some who were residents of this planet and some who, like you, had come from elsewhere. They were all very welcoming to you but something about being there didn't feel right. Your magic didn't come alive.
Your mind was still slightly hazy and your memory still hadn't come back from the fall. You knew you needed to tell Stark something but you couldn't place what it was. Despite his reassurances that your memory would come back in time, it didn't stop you from feeling agitated.
The only thing that made you feel better came a few days in, when you were sitting in the room you'd been given and Happy stuck his head, giving you an apologetic smile. "Sorry, door was open so I figured it was safe to come in."
"Yes, it's fine." You nodded. "What can I do for you?"
"Spiderman's here to see you." When you frowned, he elaborated. "Peter Parker."
"Peter's here?" You said excitedly. "He came to see me. I knew he would."
"Yeah, he's waiting downstairs. Please go down, I feel like I lose a brain cell whenever I talk to that kid."
"You came." You said as you met Peter in the lobby. When he saw you, he smiled broadly.
"Of course, I told you I would." He replied. "How are you finding it here?"
"Good." You nodded. "Although, Vision keeps asking to pick my brain. I don't like the sound of that."
Peter laughed at your comment. "Yeah, he's like that." He nervously scratched the back of his head. "So, listen. I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?"
"Go out? Where are we going?" You asked.
"We could go and grab some food?" He suggested.
Peter chuckled again. "I guess no one's ever asked you on a date before? You know, I'm sort of glad. I've never been very good at this stuff."
"I think you're better than you think." You told him, feeling a fluttering in your stomach when he grinned at you.
"Let's go." He said, taking your hand and all of a sudden your magic came alive again, dancing in your veins. It was a shock and you stiffened slightly. Peter glanced at you. "Sorry, is this too much?"
"No, it's fine." You assured him. "Let's go."
"So, has your memory come back yet?" Peter asked you as the two of you strolled through the city. This was better than the first time you'd been out, you felt far more relaxed and less skittish.
"Not yet." You shook your head. "I just know there's something important I need to tell Stark but I just can't place it. He's been doing everything to help me but to no avail."
"Hey, don't stress. It'll come back in time. And until then, I can show you the best parts of this place. Have you ever had churros?"
"I don't think so."
"We need to change that."
He took you to a small stand on the street, where there was a cheerful man handing out items that looked and smelled delicious. Peter asked him for two churros. Once he'd received them, he handed one to you.
"Try it. You'll love it."
You did as he asked, taking a bite out of the delicacy. It tasted sweet and sugary, and the soft dough was still warm. Peter was right. You loved it.
"It's delicious." You told him and his eyes sparkled.
You walked around for a while longer before he asked the question that had been hanging in the air for a while. "So, the other day when you threw that guy through the air. How did you do that?"
You smiled. "I was wondering when you were going to ask me that."
"I was waiting for the right moment." He gave you a sideways glance.
"Well, I would say you wouldn't believe me but I feel as though you've heard your fair share of strange things." You grinned. "The truth is, I used my magic."
"You have magic?" Peter looked genuinely thrilled by your response. "Like Doctor Strange?"
"I don't know who that is." You said. "But yes, I have magic."
"How long have you had it?"
"My whole life. I was born with it. My people come from the constellations, starlight runs through my veins. That's where it comes from."
"Wow." Peter mused. "That's actually so cool. All I can do is sling webs."
You chuckled in amusement. "Spiderman. Of course."
"Yeah, that's me." He smiled. "I guess we're both superbeings."
The way he said 'we' made you feel something you'd never felt before. It gave you a sudden surge of confidence. "Can I say something to you?"
"I don't know if you believe it, but the way I see it is that everyone has their own map in the stars, guiding them to where they're meant to be. I think the stars led me here for a reason."
"Yeah," Peter said. "To bring Stark your message, right?"
"Yes, that. And, maybe for something else." You were about to say more when Peter's phone began to ring and he winced, giving you an apologetic smile.
"Sorry, you mind if I get that?" When you nodded, he took it out and answered it. "Hello? Oh, hi, Ned. What's up? Now? Uh, yeah, OK." He hung up and looked to you. "That was Ned, you remember him from the crash site. He needs my help with some homework."
"Oh, OK. Well, I can-"
"You can come with me, if you want. Ned will be cool with it."
"Are you sure?" You asked. "I don't want to be an imposition."
"You'd never be. Come on, let's go." He took your hand again only this time you only felt deflated that you hadn't been able to say all the things you wanted to say to him.
"So, I can't figure out the answers to questions 3 and 4. Please tell me you got them?" Ned asked Peter. The three of you were sat in a little coffee shop and he had his homework sprawled across the table. Peter frowned.
"I gotta admit, I haven't even started the math homework yet."
"Peter!" Ned said in an accusing tone. "The deadline is this Monday, you're not gonna get it done on time."
"I'm sorry, I've had other stuff to worry about." He defended himself.
You leaned forward and gazed over the work. In your mind, everything came together and you pointed to the worksheet. "The answers are 2.5 and 56." When they both glanced at you in surprise, you shrugged. "I learnt math back home. I guess it's the same no matter what planet you're on."
"I like them." Ned said, scribbling the answers down. Peter shook his head, smiling at you.
"Hey, guys." A feminine voice sounded and a young girl sidled over to the table. Both Peter and Ned gave her familiar grins.
"Hey, MJ." Peter said. "What are you doing here?"
"He texted me to come help as well." She pointed at Ned before grabbing a chair and sitting the other side of Peter. "But it looks like you already figured it out."
"Oh, that was Y/N." Peter said. "Apparently they're a math prodigy."
MJ gave you a nod in greeting. "So, you're the one who fell out of the sky? Peter told us all about it. Awesome."
"Thank you." You said. "I think."
"I gotta say, it's nice to have someone here who knows what they're talking about too. These guys are both idiots."
"We love you too." Peter said sarcastically and she smiled. You felt a little twinge of something upon seeing them tease each other but you weren't sure what it was. You decided to let it go.
"Anyway, we should probably get you back." Peter said to you. "Mr Stark will be mad if we stay out too late. I'm just gonna run to the bathroom."
"Ok." You nodded as he jumped up. When he was gone, MJ turned to you as Ned was still engrossed in his work.
"So, Y/N. What's going on with you and Peter?"
"What do you mean?"
"Oh, come on, it's so obvious he has a crush on you. Yesterday he wouldn't shut up about you, right, Ned?"
"Yeah, it's true." Ned added.
"I don't know what a crush is but it doesn't sound good." You said.
"Well, I mean, a lot of the time it's not. But if you feel the same way then it's all good. Do you like him?"
"Of course I do. He's been nothing but good to me since I arrived."
"Yeah, but do you 'like' him." She used air quotations. "Like, romantically."
"Oh," you finally caught on to what she was saying. "I don't know. I've never felt that way before, I'm not sure I know what it feels like."
"Probably, like, butterflies and feeling happy all the time when you're around them." MJ explained. "I've been there before."
You sighed. "It doesn't matter anyway. As soon as I finish what I came here to do, I'll go back to my planet and this will all be over."
MJ gave you a knowing smile. "Maybe you should tell him anyway. Just in case."
"Do you think so?" You asked. "I don't know."
"OK, I'm back." Peter returned, interrupting the conversation. "What are you guys talking about?"
"Nothing." MJ covered for you. "Just how Ned is a bigger idiot than you."
"Hey, don't drag me into this." Ned said, looking up finally.
"Well, they aren't wrong." Peter joined in before reaching for your hand again. MJ noticed this and raised her eyebrows at you, to which you shook your head. "Let's go. See you guys later."
"Nice meeting you, Y/N." MJ called out to you as you left.
"You too."
"Anyway, here we are." Peter said as you arrived back at Stark Towers. "I'm glad you came out today. I had a lot of fun."
"Yeah, me too." You nodded. "Thank you."
"Hey, so what was it that you wanted to say to me before Ned called?" He asked you.
"Oh, uh, it's a long story." You said, brushing it off.
"You can tell me." Peter assured you. You glanced up at him to see he was looking you in the eye, waiting.
"It was just about the constellations and me being brought here for a reason. I don't think it was just about my message. I think the stars wanted me to find you."
Peter blinked in surprise. "You do?"
"It makes sense." You nodded.
Peter reached out and took your hand once more and your magic danced again. "How so?"
"Something that MJ said. Everytime I'm around you, I can feel my magic come alive. It's like..." You searched for the right word. "Like a fire."
As soon as the words came out of your mouth, it was like a fog lifted from your mind and everything suddenly came crashing back. Your mission, the Elders words and the most important thing of all. You reeled back, dropping Peter's hand and putting your hands to your head. The rush of everything coming back was making you dizzy.
"What's wrong?" Peter asked, rushing forward and placed a comforting hand on your back. You grabbed his arm frantically.
"Phoenix fire." You said. "That's it. I need to find Stark."
"What are you talking about?"
"It's coming this way. If we don't find a way to stop it, your planet will be obliterated."
With your mission at the forefront of your mind, you forgot about the conversation you'd been having and hurried away, leaving Peter alone.
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justapotatowriter · a month ago
Ask Nicely
Memories Of A Raven
Tumblr media
If you ask the Raven for help, the Raven won't turn you away. That's mostly the truth. Mostly, because Jini knows there are instances where it's not—not many people get to have their requests denied by Sunwoo right off the bat.
And apparently, these clients he brought back are one of those lucky few.
He knows something is off from the moment the two humans sit down. They ask for help. It’s not a strange request; they would like to get away from their village and live a peaceful life.
“We want a place away from people. You can give us that, right?”
If only they phrased it better.
Sunwoo places aer teacup down a little too violently. The human—the woman—sitting on the opposite side of the table flinches, but keeps the annoying look on her face. Her companion tuts disapprovingly, thinking he's being quiet.
Sunwoo's patience is running out. Jini is glad he's just standing to the side this time. He's not eager to receive a teapot and a table to the face again.
“You're saying you're not going to help?” The man asks, in the exact kind of tone Sunwoo doesn't like. Entitlement.
“Not really, no.” Sunwoo's response has the hint of a bitter smile you'll only see on the face of an asshole like Sunwoo. Ae sips aer tea and continues, “now, if you'll please finish your tea so you could leave.”
The first request.
Min perches on the coat hanger by the main door, watching the two strangers. Her golden eyes look sharper than those of a hawk.
“We came all the way here. You have to help us!” The woman says, in what she probably thinks is pleading.
"No, I don't 'have to'," Sunwoo’s smile looks more like a grimace by the time ae's done talking. Ae probably doesn't realize it, either. "Your tea is getting cold. That would be a waste. Much like this discussion."
Sunwoo pours aerself another cup of tea—aer third one. Aer sips are becoming less elegant and more similar to a patron downing their shots.
"Min, get ready to escort out guests—"
"We're not going anywhere!" The woman stands up, voice shrill. The teacup topples over onto its side, spilling its contents.
Jini wipes the spilt tea away, keeping his eyes on the table. The tension in the air seeps into his bones, and he can't help the smile on his face.
"Have I mentioned that I don't care for your village, or for the fact you need help?" Sunwoo's voice is calm—that's the scary part. These two idiot humans don't seem to have picked up on that.
"You—" the man starts, “Can you actually fulfill our request?”
“Oh yes,” Sunwoo replies, “I’m very much able to do so. If I wish.”
Finally, they seem to pick up on it.
“They said the Raven won’t turn us away!”
“But I will. Now, get out of my house.”
The second request. By now, someone would be on fire.
“Why won’t you help? You have nothing to lose," the man hisses, "God bestows these gifts to you and you refuse to use them to help someone in need?!"
Sunwoo stands up, towering over the humans. Aer eyes are cold, aer smile bitter. Then ae sneers—it looks ugly on aer.
“I think you’ll find that, at the end of the day, I can do what I wish with the 'gifts bestowed to me'. I choose who I help and who I don’t and, unfortunately for you"—Sunwoo's eyes glint with magic, flames forming in aer hand—"I really just don’t like you.”
The woman raises her hand, foolishly trying to call on magic, but her companion holds his arm out in front of her, taking a step back.
"Now, why don't you leave," Sunwoo hisses with a 'smile', "before I lose my temper?"
A third request. What an improvement!
Without an answer, the humans leave the house, stomping in childish anger.
"They didn't even thank me for the fucking tea..."
Jini snorts, and Sunwoo doesn't stab him for it. Instead, ae turns to Min, who's busy preening her feathers. "Make sure they can't come back, Min. I'll give you an apple as a treat."
Min croaks and flies out, following the humans out the gate. She's followed by a murder of crows, who caw at the humans as they leave. The humans don't know it yet, but that's the last thing they're going to hear.
"You give her apples anyway."
"Shut up."
Sunwoo sits back down and sighs. Ae holds aer empty teacup, frowning. "I wasted my tea on two impolite animals—"
Sunwoo keeps grumbling under aer breath as ae picks up the tea set and heads off to the kitchen, probably to make another pot of tea. In the distance, Jini can hear the cries of the crows, loud enough to cover the undoubtedly terrified screams of the two humans.
It's a shame—maybe if they'd asked nicely, they would have been alive and well...
Or maybe Sunwoo should find a different hobby. Helping people find Sunwoo's house is a chore, anyway.
Tumblr media
Based on the prompt in bold by @givethispromptatry gonna stealthily tag @random-oc-questions-fairy here. Let me know if that bothers you.
Another prompt that made me immediately think of Sunwoo. I feel like I didn't do the prompt justice, but I'm still happy with how this turned out! Annoyed, cruel Sunwoo will always be *chef's kiss*.
As always, Sunwoo is very short-tempered with rude people. But ae's a chill person—don't let the 'how dare you demand my help like I owe it to you' attitude tell you other wise. Ae's very chill.
I don't have much to say today (thank God, am I right?). Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!
Birds Of A Feather
Memories Of A Raven
OCs Part 1
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yourtaletotell · 2 months ago
The Scarlet Hassassin - I
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mention of murder; mention of self-mutilation; sensitive content.
Words: 1,499
Preview - I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII
Everything was being conducted according to what had been explained to you, the Assassin's Council was meeting to judge your initiation. You might be the daughter of Y/M/N, but you still had to prove that it was in your blood, that you were really part of it. The Four of the Council had been meeting for more than two hours in their meeting room. You took this time to observe the place where you were and the route that brought you to where you were standing.
You entered the deactivated subway station, Highgate, in the second corridor on the right, there was a symbol of the Creed hidden under the human eye, but you could see it. With the key your mother gave you before she died, you removed a brick and put the key in, which opened a secret door, where it led you into a corridor maybe 100 feet long, if you counted straight. The walls were made of stone by the corridor, there were tombs with candles and statues of people who must have been there before the 13th century, that's what you thought. The appearance of the place changed completely when you reached the main hall, where there was a symbol, this one now very visible, carved in marble. The colors of the council were suspended under the railing above the floor where the council meeting was taking place. It was magenta, your mother's favorite color. The whole place smelled like cheap candles and old things, like some old museum your mother used to take you to.
The doors to the council meeting room opened, and they took up position, looking at you in the center of the hall. You tried to identify their faces, but all were covered by the hoods of their vestments.
"Y/N Y/L/N, daughter of Y/M/N, the council has decided that you should pass through the 3 stages of assassin initiation." The voice of the 1 assassin on your left caught your attention.
"Ahead of you is the fountain of truth, where you will access your memories. You will see your fears, your weaknesses, your strengths, and your abilities." The second voice on your right, was a woman.
"After that, you must give what symbolizes the alliance between you and the creed." The third voice was on your left, it was also a woman.
"The end, of your initiation, will be the leap of faith." The fourth voice said, it was a man on your right.
"Are you ready?" they all asked together.
You took a step forward, as a sign of yes. They moved out of your field of vision, only then you noticed Connor approaching you, handing you a chalice. The chalice appeared to be made of gold and to have precious stones in it. Connor pointed with his hand toward the fountain, which was in the middle of the symbol of the creed. You stepped closer, placing the chalice under the fountain, seeing a pink liquid gathering in the chalice, your throat involuntarily went dry. You lifted the chalice to your mouth, avoiding smelling the liquid that was there, you took a sip.
You dropped the chalice when you realized that your vision began to blur. Everything was seeming to grow distant, until the ground began to break apart, causing you to jump to the pieces that remained whole.
"Mom, why I don't have a father?" Images began to take shape in front of you, images of you as a child, on your mother's lap in some living room,
"Honey, you have dad, he's just too busy, but don't worry, he's taking care of us even far away."
The images changed when you jumped onto another piece of floor that was still standing.
"Hi, my name is Y/N, I am Mr Stark's daughter." your image was when you were 10 years old, you had gone to the stark convention just to meet your father,
"Girl, as much as Stark had adventures I'm sure you're not his daughter." The image of the event security guard looked directly at you.
"Hey, hey Mr. Stark, it's me, your daughter!" you shouted getting the attention of the man who looked like just a blur.
"Little girl, I'm not so sure about that!" Anthony laughed at your childlike figure. "Happy, give her a hat and get her out of here."
You jumped to the last piece of ground that remained still, realizing that the images had now changed. You were in a room full of police officers, the same police officers who shot your mother. In the middle of the room was the perpetrator, walking in, you couldn't see his face, only the white clothes he was wearing that day. You then saw that on his arm was a hidden blade, you would have to kill him without drawing attention. You blended in among the police, without making a sound, without making yourself stand out, arriving behind your target, you stabbed him vertically in his rib, killing him instantly.
Before you could move, a pillar formed in front of you, causing you to grab it with your hands, you climbed to where a straight flat, floor-like had formed. You climbed quickly, getting to your feet. You looked around and saw a light, three pillars higher. You took a deep breath, didn't think twice about it, and ran, making the same climb as before.
As you reached the light, you saw the scene repeat itself, the policeman was pointing the gun at your mother's head, who was on her knees, tied up. You ran to her, but the policeman pulled the trigger, and as you approached the figure, it disappeared in front of you, leaving only a mechanism and an instruction of what to do. You took the mechanism, without hesitation, and put your right ring finger on it, with a click your finger was ripped off completely. The blood squirted away, causing you to quickly rip off a piece of your shirt and tie it over your hand to keep it from bleeding more.
The light in front of you turned into a door, you, again, without hesitation stepped through it.
You were off balance when you realized that you were now standing on top of Tower Bridge, you threw your arms back and forth to keep yourself standing and get back on balance. The evening breeze held you back. You looked out over the surrounding city and straightened up.
Throwing your body forward, arms outstretched, you jumped. The fall was slow, smooth, you stretched your arms in a circle in the air. When you got close to the water you put your arms together so that you wouldn't get hurt by the fall. But the river was deeper than it should have been.
You saw images of a woman, a woman you had never seen before in your life, you memorized the characteristics of her face, her hair was brown and her eyes were green.
You were losing oxygen, but you gave up swimming to the surface when you noticed that you were further away than usual, so you decided to dive deeper to a small door at the bottom of the river. Opening the door made you fall on your face to the floor of the hall of the Assassins' Sanctuary. You coughed up all the water that somehow made its way into your mouth. You supported yourself on your hands, ignoring the discomfort in your right hand, and got onto your knees.
The Council members were all looking at you, surprised that you had completed the whole process so quickly. Connor approached you, with a vestment in hand, he stood beside you.
"Y/N, recite the three fundamentals that an assassin must follow." The first voice to your left commanded you.
"Keep the blade away from innocent lives; hide in plain sight; never compromise the brotherhood."You said loud and clear for them to hear.
Connor stretched out the arm that was free for you to stand on and so you did. Your hand was pulsing, it could be your body having the realization of the lack of a finger.
"Recite the Creed" the second voice to your left commanded.
"When other men blindly follow the truth, remember." Connor said, waiting for you to complete.
"Nothing is true." You replied.
"When other men are bound by morality or law, remember." Connor stood behind you, placing the vestment over your body.
"Everything is permitted." You replied, watching a disguised smile appear at the corner of Connor's lip as he tied a scarlet colored sash around your waist.
"We work in the shadows..." Connor finished your vestment, now standing in front of you.
"To serve the light." You finished.
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted. We are Assassins." All the council members, Connor and you said together.
"As a member of the council of assassins, we appoint you a member of the Assassin's Brotherhood."
Taglist: @tomy5girls @helloalycia @izalesbean @trikruismybitch @aimezvousbrahms
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iron-mum · 2 months ago
Hello hi how are you????!!!! I wish you would write a fic where Tony is jealous of the other avengers because Peter starts to spend some time with them instead of him. But like Tony's being all abandoned dad and trying to come up with solutions while Peter being all oblivious to all and being all sweet and polite boi? And maybe the other avengers are like secretly teasing Tony? Maybe? I dont know I think I'm just a sucker for some cute domestic hurt-comfort kinda thing. But like if you dont like it just ignore meeee ♡♡♡
Okay so firstly, thank you so much for the request. I’m really well thank you, I hope you’re doing okay! 💕 In true Kat form, me trying to drabble isn’t doing great - I did say I need the practice 😂 I didn’t want to leave you waiting too long so here’s a part 1 of Tony being jealous of Scott and Stephen. I already have a bunch of ideas for Bruce, Thor, Nat and Clint (I stopped there because I am also participating in two events and couldn’t allow too much side tracking). Ramblings aside, I can’t wait to write the others and perhaps try and get the word count down a little too. Thanks again ❤️
The music in Tony’s car came to a jarring halt for just a single ring of a phone call before cutting off and resuming. The genius raised a single brow, the action catching him by surprise.
"Fri?" he addressed as he slowed his speed ever so slightly, wondering if someone close to him really had the audacity to prank call him. It wouldn’t be Peter because he had a heart of pure gold. Rhodey had definitely outgrown the kinds of mediocre pranks that involved hanging up on someone. Bet it was fucking Thor as he’s just getting the hang of ‘Midgardian antics.’ No one could blame the God of Thunder for finding humour in the simplicity of hanging up on someone or whoopee cushions under sofa cushions when he’d been contending with a shapeshifting brother who regularly stabbed him whilst disguised as his favourite animal.
Before the AI could reply, an alert popped up on his dashboard that had his heart skip a beat. Doing his best not to slam on the brakes he quickly pulled over—lucky he was in a place to do so—to take a proper look at the vitals in front of him. Peter’s vitals. 
"Fri, what’s happening?" Tony’s voice was dangerously quiet as he watched the elevated heart rate climb, skin prickling with anxiety and thoughts dangerously racing.
“Peter doesn’t appear to be wearing the mask so I am unable to make contact. The last footage I’ve got is of him approaching an address from the back garden that has been labelled, The Nest.”
“Send a suit,” Tony demanded on autopilot. When it came to Peter, the codename ‘Nest’ could mean anything and there was no way he was taking any risks when he wasn’t in the area. A stakeout of some kind, maybe? He had left copious voicemails and texts about watching some gang. It wasn’t an outlandish thought that the teen would get himself knee deep in horseshit before asking anyone for help despite the epic number of pep talks and reasoning Tony had attempted. 
“Suit has been deployed, boss” the trusty AI informed. Tony placed a pair of trademark Stark glasses on and watched from the eyes of the armour as it made it’s impending approach. 
“Try and call his mobile. Are there any known Avengers in the area of his location? Any suspicious activity in that area on police comms?” Tony was gathering data. Preparing a plan. It’s what he did. The genius needed to ignore his pounding heart and the tightness in his chest and focus as the suit started its descent towards what looked like a reasonably pleasant townhouse on the outskirts of New York.
“What in the ever-loving Hogwarts fuc-” he whispered to himself when the terror that had been coursing through his veins wavered.
Jimmy Woo was nursing an injured ankle, his foot elevated as he lay sprawled across a sofa. Perched on the edge of the sofa was Wong, the pair cheering on something not quite within view until the armour shifted position slightly and then...
From an apparent crouched down position, Peter’s best friend, Ned hopped into view. His arms were in the air, hands waving dramatically. The familiar blue and red Stark suit popped up after a couple of seconds, Peter following Ned’s lead with flapping arms as his curls bounced at the movement. Scott Lang was next to jump up in a similar fashion, before a final competitor arose. Dumbledore himself, Stephen Strange, far taller than the others and moving just as ungracefully. They all started to hop on one leg, arms still up in the air, balance all over the place and all doing terribly at stifling their laughter.
“Let’s do the Time Warp againnnn,” Peter and Scott sang horrifically out of tune. 
“It’s just a jump to the left!” Ned called out as they all shimmied to the left and started to wiggle, Scott gleaming at the fact he was joint first with Peter on the starboard so far.
“And then a step to the righhhttttt,” Ned continued, an exaggerated long tone that was up far too many octaves for the kid to handle. Then the small group were all crouched down again and out of view.
Tony should’ve sent the suit back there and then, but something hit him hard at how happy Peter looked. He was buzzing with excitement and thriving in the company. As the song progressed the teen was attempted an uncoordinated ballroom dance with Scott, the pair pulling silly faces which would’ve been hilarious to Tony if he’d been there—and not feeling terribly jealous. 
The scene was so domestic. So homely. And, nothing like the environment he had ever provided for Peter. Ned hadn’t been to visit the Tower yet. Hell, dancing had never even been brought up, or video games for that matter. Not that Tony knew how to play video games but he’d damn well learn quickly if Peter would enjoy that. It was either workshop suit upgrades or the occasional movie and takeout night. 
“Dude, you smashed it kiddo!” Scott called out, grabbing a hold of Peter and barely managing to lift him up in the air. The use of the nickname had absolutely snapped Tony back into reality as he’d clearly zoned out and not even been aware of the song finishing.
“You weren’t too bad yourself, old man,” Peter jested as he stepped away to high five his best friend. They have nicknames for each other too? Stephen was next in line, receiving an awkward side hug for his efforts. Almost like the hug in the car that definitely hadn’t been a hug, but definitely was. 
“Call the suit off, Fri. He’s… All good.” Tony muttered in dejection, pulling the glasses off and tossing them into the glovebox. With a shake of his head in consternation, he checked his mirrors before pulling back out onto the road and continuing the drive home. 
The genius had this gut-feeling that he was the boring parent within the Avengers family. Not that he’d ever admitted to Peter he unconditionally loved him and that he could pretty much do no wrong despite the grey hairs and near heart attacks he induced regularly. And not that the Avengers had ever called themselves a family—particularly the likes of Stephen Strange. But the feeling was there. Deep in the pit of his stomach and he needed to change that. With a deep exhale, he started to formulate a plan of attack.
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Demon Brothers with a Tall and Strong M!MC
Tumblr media
Requested by: @sillysonggladiator
Warning/s: some cursing and bad grammar and spelling
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Authors note: hello everyone sorry I haven't been posting much, busy with school and was taking a break from social media for a bit but I'm done and will start writing
Tumblr media
Way to hurt his pride lmao
But he likes how strong you are
You remind him of Beel
A gentle giant but taller and more buff
He would often see you working out with Beel and he would smile softly at you
He secretly likes it when you help him carry stuff to his office
He likes cuddling you when you two are in private uwu
You're very warm and your presence helps him relax
He has that cocky smirk cause he is walking around dating a handsome, tall and buff MC like you
Likes it that his brothers get jealous cause he gets to spend time with you
If someone ever has the AUDACITY to criticize you
they no longer exist :)
Already has the biggest crush on you lmao
But bby is tsundere and won't admit it
He stares at your muscles thinking his brothers won't notice
(wrong his brothers can clearly see him staring lmao)
He will act like he doesn't like it when you give him little head pats
But inside he absolutely loves it and you also know it lol
The big blush and wavy smile on his face says it all
He will get all blushy when you carry him bridle style
"H-Hey! what d-do you think y-your doing M-MC?!"
yeah the stutter and red face gives it away lmao
He loves loves LOVES cuddling with you uwu
Pls give this adorable man affection he needs it
You give him forehead kisses before going to RAD and his heart went uwu
If you do it in front of his brothers he will complain and try to telll you that he doesn't like it
but you already know that he secretly loves it lel
If his brothers ever pick on Mammon he would go to you for comfort
Give him small and affectionate kisses and he'll feel better
If a low life demon would insult Mammon
damn im preparing a funeral for you buddy
cause you tower over the demon so much with the built body of yours cracking your knuckles at them with a threatening glare
the Demon will be shaking in fear and would immediately apologize to Mammon and run away like a coward
Mammon's heart just went BOOM
But if someone ever insults you?
Mammon: *currently getting restrained by MC* "GRRRR! LEMME AT EM! LEMME AT EM MC! GRRRRR-"
Got scolded by Lucifer later but you give him kisses-
He thought you are some badass anime protagonist the first time he saw you
You just look so badass and strong it makes him wonder why you would date a "yucky" otaku like him
Bby Levi nuuu don't think about that of yourselffff
But you would prove to him that you truly love him by listening to his rants about anime, praise him for beating a difficult game and give him kisses
This man will legit be so cute and blushy uwu
If you ever pick him up bridle style he will get so flustered cause it reminded him on one of those classic romance animes where the guy picks up the girl bridle style
The only difference is that its the same gender
But- Levi don't mind he absolutely loves it
"Y-you normie! what gives you the idea of carrying me like that?!"
If someone ever criticises you he will he just glare at em
How dare they insult his precious Henry like that!
But both of you will completely forget about it cause you have each other and you swore the nothing will separate you both apart
He thought that you were some strong Knight in one of his story books
Like you have that body built like a damn Knight wew
He also likes it when you help him get books from top shelves that he can't reach
He doesn't really care about your height but is impressed on how strong you are
You can lift a ton of stacks of books on each hands
He also loves it when you carry him bridle style while he reads
He likes your warmth and it makes him feel at comfort and at peace
You give him lil forehead kisses when you two are alone 😊
He loves holding your giant ass hand while he reads
Your hand is just so warm that he makes a small smile on his face
If someone even has the sheer balls to insult you-
*prepares another funeral*
Honestly, not surprised the Satan almost got the demon killed-
No one ever insults his love :)
This man...
No shame at all...
The first thing he looks at when you meets your biceps no doubt
Horny demon is a huge flirt-
Will not stop roaming his hands around your body with that grin on his face
His brothers mostly question why you're not even fazed by this-
The one thing he mostly does is trace his fingers on your biceps while hugging your arm
Man will be clinging on to you lmao
He likes to make his brothers jealous by being this close to his precious MC and constantly flirting with you
He absolutely ADORES it when you kiss all over his face
He will be giggly and blushy and of course will return the favor by also giving you smooches on the face
He will practically SWOON when you carry him bridle style
He will legit wrap his arms around your neck like a damn princess while looking at you so lovingly as you walk around carrying him
If one of his fans ever tries to insult you he will scoff and stuck his tongue at them as he hugs your arm while looking at you lovingly before turning to narrow his eyes that them
"You're just jealous that someone as handsome and strong like my precious MC can be with the most beautiful demon here like me"
:O wow your tall...
Is very surprised that someone can be as tall as him other than Diavolo
Work out buddies :D
Both of you like to exercise with each other and lift some weights
Both of you are the definition of gentle giants
He is just a inch shorter than you but you both love to give each other forehead kisses uwu
Cuddling with him is the BEST
Just filled with fluff and cuteness and warmth
Like- him nuzzling his face on your chest AAAHHH-
So cute
Will be very surprised when you carry him bridle style
He knows your strong but he can't help but worry that his weight may trip you over poor bby
But you assured him that it will be okay and bby Beel is happy uwu
I swear some demons r just rlly stupid when they try to insult you
Cause they have to deal with 2 intimidating giants that tower over em lo
Yes, just yes
He absolutely loves you
He loves cuddling with you
You're his new favourite pillow
So warm and comforting it just makes him so sleepy
He likes it when you press soft kisses on his forehead while he sleeps uwu
Will always want you to carry him around bridle style while naps on your body
If you look closely u can see a smile on his face while he's in your arms
Once again, if ppl have the AUDACITY to insult you
They will recieve a death glare from Belphie
Not only because you insult his lover
But you have the balls to wake him up from his nap while in your arms
Yeah that demons dead lol
Tumblr media
Authors note: And DONE! Wew finally, its like 1 am rn and I stayed up finishing this and I'm glad that I can finally publish it lol
Also I may made Mammon's part kinda longer than the rest lol
(*cough* not that I'm biased or anything *cough*)
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notinthesameguey · 2 months ago
Stuck with Nowhere to Go
El Novio Quarantine Edition: Part 1
AN: This is part one of El Novio week and I'm gonna be posting a new part for this mini series everyday until April 17. Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me and following Cal and Claudia's story. I love y'all so mucha nd hope y'all enjoy this.
Warnings: smut, brief quarantine talk, a small arguement. and overall Claudia being h word for Cal
Word Count: 3.1 k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Calum gently pushed Claudia against the mattress, getting in a more comfortable position as they devoured each other. With one hand balancing himself, so he wouldn't squish Claudia, he used the other to unbutton the flannel she wore. He slid his hand inside her shirt and gave her breast soft squeeze before sliding down to her soaked-through panties.
Frustrated with his teasing touches, Claudia tried to roll him onto the mattress. But he wouldn't budge.
"Cal," She whined against his lips, jutting her hips against his to feel some sort of relief.
"Pretty girl, I know, but your parents are across the hall." Calum mumbled before kissing down her neck.
"It's been three weeks. Please," She sighed. "I'll be quiet."
"Fine, but you have to be quiet. For our sake." She eagerly nodded at him before he continued. "I'm only going to eat you out okay?"
"Later okay? When we get to our house, you can have your way with me. I promise." He held out his pinky to her.
"Okay." She pouted, wrapping her pinky around his.
Calum sat on his knees and slipped off his shirt. He tossed it to the side before towering over her once more. A giggle escaped Claudia when he sponged kisses all over her face.
Having enough of his teasing, she pulled his lips back to hers. She wrapped her leg over his waist, helping her stay balanced as she grinded herself against him. Claudia was basking in having the upper hand that she didn't feel Calum's fingers slip in her panties.
He skillfully slipped his ring and middle fingers in her, causing her to loudly gasp and stop all her moments.
"What's wrong, pretty girl?" He whispered in her ear, making her whine. “Want these off?” Calum asked her, toying with the waistband of her panties.
“Please.” She nodded eagerly. He gently patted her ass so she could lift her hips up.
Once Calum slipped her panties off, he situated himself in front of her core. “All this for me pretty girl?” Calum asked. He placed soft kisses on the insides of her thighs. She squirmed at the feeling of his lips. They got closer and closer to where she needed him the most.
She let out an inaudible gasp of pleasure when Calum licked her. She tried closing her legs, but Calum’s grip on them kept her in place. He softly moaned at her taste and savored her, taking his time with his tongue. He pushed one of her legs to her chest, giving him better access to her.
He inserted another while he pressed his thumb on her clit. Claudia felt something build up in her. She felt pleasantly overwhelmed with Calum’s fingers and tongue. Calum felt it too. He sped up his fingers and circled his thumb on her clit roughly.
She moaned out, not caring who heard her, but he grabbed a pillow and covered her face. Calum lapped up her release. He dropped her legs down and laid next to her.
“Happy album release day,” Claudia whispered excitedly after catching her breath.
He grumbled his response, making her giggle. He rolled to his side and traced his thumb under her bottom lip, giving her a quick peck. He got up to the bathroom to finish himself off, but Claudia had other ideas.
“No, let me,” Claudia said. She sat up and pulled him back by the waistband of his boxers. She brightly up at him, with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Se me antoja un chorizo.”
“The kitchen is downstairs, Claudia.” He told her prying her hands off him.
“Cal, please let me suck your dick.” She fake cried.
“No, go get ready. We were supposed to be on the road by now. But someone doesn’t know how to keep her hands to herself.” He said before closing her bathroom door. He popped his head out once more. “You better be ready when I’m done.”
Calum watched Claudia skip down the steps of Ashton's house when it finally hit him. The last he saw her wear the dress she currently wore was when they went to Coachella the year before. It was probably his favorite dress on her, even if he's only seen her in it once.
"That's the last of them." Claudia said sliding onto the passenger seat. She has baked 'CALM' cakes for the guys in their favorite flavors along with sugar cookies shaped in their initials and in their instruments.
She took off her mask and reached for her now watered down iced coffee. She made a face and set it down in the cup holder. "This is nasty. I fucking hate almondmilk." she mumbled before taking another sip.
"Why are you still drinking it?"
"I have to finish it. It was like five bucks."
Calum shook his head, hiding his smile. He reached for his army green Hydro Flask and took a long sip of water. He capped it and started the car. Pulling the car into reverse, he gripped Claudia's head rest a little tighter as he felt her gaze on him. As he got out of the spot, he watched Claudia shift around in her seat.
"You really have a parallel parking kink." Calum laughed as they left Ashton's neighborhood.
"I do not." Claudia scoffed, crossing her arms.
"Keep telling yourself that. Your tits don't lie." He said, pinching one of her nipples. She smacked his hand away as he checked that there weren't any cars before turning into the main road.
"The AC isn't even on so can't say you're cold."
Calum shook his head and drove to the nearest Target. When they got there, Claudia grabbed a homemade disinfectant wipe from her bag and cleaned their cart. They went straight to the electronics section so Calum could get a record player for the live stream later in the evening. The needle broke in the one he had and since Ashton demanded that they play the album in vinyls, he had to get a new record player.
Claudia took the cart after he placed the record player in the shopping cart. She still felt awkward shopping for pads in front of him. They agreed to meet in the alcohol aisle after she hopefully found some pads. Tampons weren't an option. Pandemic or not, the only thing she was having inside of her was Calum.
“They may not have toilet paper but least they have White Claws.” Calum told Claudia as two boxes, one of only black cherry flavor and the other variety pack because Claudia only drank tangerine flavor.
"I managed to get one thing of pads, so it's something." She told him, covering the pads with the other groceries. "I'm just lucky my period ended last week. I have a month to worry about getting more. You have dog food right? Because there's none in the aisles."
"Yeah, bought some when we got back from Medelyn's baby shower, water and toilet paper too." He nodded his head over to the shopping cart. "Is that everything? And what your parents needed too?"
Claudia looked over their shopping cart. It wasn't much but it was enough since the stores set limits on how much to buy because of the lack of ability to restock.
"I think we're good. If we need something we can drive back and steal from Ashton's garden." she joked.
While they waited in line, Claudia thought about how quick her life changed in less than two weeks. Her landlord practically kicked her, Dulce and Sara out and wanted them out by the time spring break started because of mandatory stay at home orders. She was lucky though. Calum took her in and for the meantime she was going to live with him. Though just last week Diego told her to come home. It took her a lot of convincing, but Calum ended up going with her too.
"Your total is $132.76." the cashier told them.
Claudia was barely pulling out her card as Calum scanned his phone in front of the pin pad. He thanked them and nodded Claudia to keep up.
"We agreed that I was going to pay groceries since you don't let me pay for anything else." She told him as he put the groceries in his car.
"I didn't agree to shit." He furrowed an eyebrow.
"Yuh-huh you nodded and waved me off."
He stayed silent, trying to remember if he did. Then it hit him. "Was it when we ordered Mikko's? Because I thought you meant you were paying for that."
"Of course you did, your cheap ass doesn't pay for sushi." she mumbled to herself. "Well I'm paying for groceries from now on."
"I don't like it when you spend money for us when I can pay for them. Especially now that we're both basically jobless. You need that money for school, Claudia." Calum said as they pulled up to the In-N-Out drive thru across the street from Target.
"And I don't like you paying for things that I can afford too." She argued back, but Calum ignored her since he was ordering their lunch.
He had his card ready to pay so there was no way that he was going to let her pay. When he reached the window the computer crashed and they were only accepting cash. Claudia pulled out a twenty, knowing that Calum never carries cash on him unless they're outside of California. He begrudgingly took it and gave it to the cashier.
Claudia considered herself a patient person. An elderly person taking their time in front of the ATM, no problem. Her getting cut in line at Starbucks because she was answering a text from Calum and not paying attention to the line, not an issue. Where she did lose her patience was when she would get stuck in traffic.
“The San Ysidro border is faster than this.” Claudia groaned, dropping in her seat after poking her head out of the sun roof.
“Well we would have avoided traffic if someone didn’t need to go back our place to get a fucking coloring book.” Calum muttered under his breath.
He had enough of her complaining. Ever since he got on the I5, that’s all she’s been doing. They’ve been stuck for over four hours and it was just her mumbling over and over how she would rather be waiting to cross the border than be stuck in the freeway. Even Claudia during her period was less irritable than this. Before she could get a word in, he turned up the volume on the true crime podcast they were listening to.
Ironically it was about a couple where the girlfriend murdered her boyfriend and disposed of his body by a lake in the very same freeway they were on.
Calum glanced over to Claudia. She was curled up, leaning against the window playing tetris on her phone. He rotated his neck and hands in hopes that he loosened up, but nothing worked. He knew he shouldn't have said that to her. It wasn't her fault that there was traffic.
"Cal…" Claudia said quietly, reaching down to lower the volume.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't be getting all irritated when I was the one who suggested that you take me back to your house. Because of me we're stuck in traffic and—"
"Claudia, you have nothing to apologize for. You're not the one who caused the traffic. If someone should be apologizing, it should be me. I'm just stressed out because of the album dropping tonight and I'm taking my nerves out on you. So I'm sorry for being a fucking cunt."
"Apology accepted." she giggled.
Claudia leaned over the center console and kissed his cheek. Slowly, she descended down to his neck And sucked under his jaw, making him jerk the car.
"Ashton needs me alive for at least tonight." Calum said, gently prying her off of him. He adjusted his shorts and looked toward the road.
Not even five minutes later, Claudia was toying with a loose string on Calum's shorts. Her hand occasionally bumped into his crotch. Wordlessly she unbuckled her seatbelt and tried reaching for her purse in the backseat. It gave Calum a great view of the nude lace panties she wore.
Before he tried anything, she sat back down and pulled out some nail clippers. Claudia bent over the center console once more and clipped the string with them. She rubbed his thigh and laid her head in the console. Her fingertips deftly smoothed down his leg hairs.
"What are your thoughts on road head?" Claudia asked. She tiptoed her fingers up his thigh, slowly inching to semi hard on.
"I don't know, never thought about it." He answered her, swallowing hard with his gaze glued on the road.
"Really? Like you never thought of me choking on your dick while you're driving?" She pushed herself up from the console and sat criss-cross applesauce. "I have. The thought of you guiding my mouth over your dick surrounded by other cars, clueless to what we're doing. All I have to say is thank fuck for your tinted windows."
He watched from the corner of his eye. She had pulled down her dress, exposing her breasts and her panties were on the dash. One of her hands disappeared under her dress while the other was tweaking her nipples. She whimpered Calum's name loudly as her fingers sped up.
Calum pulled her hand away and licked her fingers cleaned. He slipped his and continued where she left off. With one hand on the steering wheel he brought her to her orgasm. Her hips chased his fingers as he stopped thrusting them in her and only rubbed her clit. Once her high relaxed, he slipped his fingers out of her and licked them.
He pumped a quarter size amount of hand sanitizer in his hand, cleaning his hands, and kept driving.
He looked over to Claudia and smirked. "Thank fuck for tinted windows, huh Claudia."
Claudia was bundled up in her room so she wouldn’t disrupt Calum during the livestream. She went downstairs to get her water and a snack after hearing 'Not in the Same Way.' She bumped into Calum in the kitchen, who was getting another White Claw.
"Hey," she said kissing his cheek.
"Miss you." Calum said in between kisses.
Before she said anything, Michael's yelling that he was a pickle echoed through the kitchen. Calum gave her a look and went back to the living room. Duke tried getting on the couch but failed.
"I leave for a fucking second and you're a fucking pickle." Calum said, trying his best not to laugh.
He picked up Duke and sat him in his lap. Panchito wandered over and hopped on the couch and used Duke's bed as a pillow.
"Uh… this is Panchito. He's the Santos' family dog." Calum said introducing the blue heeler puppy to the 40 thousand people watching. "He's about four months old and just sleeps all day with Duke."
The livestream went on until Michael's phone died and Calum continued with Luke. But just before Michael signed off, he thanked Claudia for making the CALM cakes and cookies. Calum struggled a bit to get Luke connected, but he managed once Claudia hopped in and showed him how. He gave her a sheepish thank you and watched her curl up on the opposite end of the couch.
At some point during Calum and Luke's segment, they strayed off their music and discussed cake flavors. When Claudia heard Luke say that he's not a big fan of red velvet cake, she bit back her comment about Luke eating a few slices of red velvet cake at Calum's birthday party the year before. If Claudia knew how to do one thing, that's bake a good red velvet cake.
By the time Calum finished the livestream and his phone call with Luke, Claudia had fallen asleep. He signaled the dogs to follow him outside so they can do their nightly business before going to bed. He guided them back to their respective kennels and secured the doors, so they couldn't escape to go ruin Soni's plants.
"Claudia," Calum said softly. He gently nudged her awake. "Let's go upstairs."
"Fuck, did I fall asleep?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.
"Yeah, surprisingly since you took about four naps today." he teased her.
"Oh shush." she grumbled, folding the blanket she covered herself with.
They quietly went to the guest room where Calum was sleeping to watch a movie. Not even fifteen minutes into the movie, Claudia and Calum were devouring each other. Her hand lazily stroked his length through his sweats as Calum's hands ran over her thighs and ass.
"We should get on the floor, the bed squeaks too much." Claudia said when pulled away from Calum to take off her hoodie.
She got off from the bed and grabbed a duvet from the closet and laid it on the floor. She grabbed some of the decorative pillows and arranged them neatly so they could lay on them. Calum followed suit and shedded off his sweater and sweatpants. He laid back on the duvet and took in Claudia. She sat in his lap in nothing but a light grey bralette and matching panties she got at Aerie. It wasn't an overall sexy set, but it still sent him spiralling.
She leaned down and captured Calum's lips with hers. He let out an incoherent grumble as Claudia rocked her hips against his cock. He slowly inched his hands up her thighs, feeling his way around until he found her ass. He roughly gripped her ass and began guiding her along his clothed cock.
“Can you fucking wait?” Claudia giggled, pulling away from his lips. She sat back up on his lap and took off her bralette. “I wanna take care of you.”
“I don’t want you to.” He said.
“You better remember that the next time you get a stomach ache for eating too many chilaquiles.”
Claudia drummed his chest and got up from the floor. She reached for Calum’s hoodie and tied her hair in a bun.
“Where are you going?” Calum asked her confused.
“You don’t want my help, so I don’t see what I’m doing here.” She shrugged.
She grabbed her phone from the nightstand and gave him a small salute before leaving his room. She waited outside, knowing he was going to go after her. A few seconds later he opened the door and pulled her inside.
“I’m kidding, I need you.” Calum said peppering kisses all over her face.
“That’s what I thought.” She said, triumphantly. She got down on her knees and tugged down Calum’s sweats. She licked her lips and looked up at him. “Now let me show you how proud I am of your album.”
“What would you rank it?”
“Definitely one of your top four.”
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shibalen · 2 months ago
💞 here! I'd like a Hq, male matchup pls + ❦︎ & 𑁍! Female, & could the matchup be in 2nd pov? Ty! (1/3) Tho a bit shy at first, I'm an extroverted and fun loving person. I'm also v friendly and approachable. My friends call me the 'mom' of the group, due to the fact that I'm caring, and I'm observant too. I know the people close to me well, and I'm the one solving their problems, not to mention I'm also the brainiest one. I'm also sarcastic, but I know my limits. Tho I'm generally friendly—
💞 (2/3) —I get irritated easily, and if someone annoys me, I won't resist sending a snappy and sarcastic remark their way. (I'm polite tho I promise— unless I'm annoyed). That aside, I enjoy reading, writing and art! And I hate disorganized things— My preferences for a partner: a guy taller than 5'9 lmao, someone WHO DOESN'T MIND ME READING WHILE I EAT OML, oRgAniZeD, someone who's more on the observant/intelligent side, one who isn't pushy about pda. Pda isn't something I like,—
💞 (3/3) —tho in private, I'm SO gonna hug you from behind!!! These are just a few preferences ofc, you don't have to follow them all! That's all I suppose, I hope it isn't much! Btw, for the jewelry box, that 'fav place to kiss you', if I'm right, it means which part of you they prefer to kiss, right? (like forehead, cheek, head etc) If so, just know that I'm not comfy with the usual know, romantic kiss, so I just wanted to let you know :> AGAIN TYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ILY
♡︎ matchup for anon
haikyuu: i match you with . . .
Tumblr media
sachirō hirugami !!
• hoho, i wonder if you saw this coming? anyway, i'm so happy he exists in the series because he'd be perfect for you!
• first of all, he seems to fit your type quite well: Sachiro is someone loving but not pushy, he's very casual with his affections and his love language is most definitely not limited to pda — you'll receive acts of service and words of affirmation from him often. expect genuine compliments and little displays of love every day.
• Sachiro helps you organise anything you need a hand with and makes sure to keep his plans and stuff organised too (´ ∀ ` *) you never have to worry about a messy room or a hectic date with Sachiro.
• mom couple™ you both take care of each other and it's the most wonderful thing. you might remind him to take his keys when going out and later he comes back with fresh ingredients to make a delicious dinner for you♡︎
• on the other hand, he's got patience for the both of you. read all the books you want during mealtimes, ngl he'll probably do the same. he knows you get irritated easily and won't be fazed of you snap either, usually trying to avoid such situations for your sake unless you're just messing around and teasing each other.
• i think you being more extroverted and friendly makes a good contrast in your relationship because let me tell you this guy's a perfectionist, and though his worst days are behind him he can still work himself to the bone easily. your presence and support are something that remind him to be kind to himself ♡︎
• tol boy is 190cm!! (which is converts to around 6'3") so yes, he'll most likely take joy in towering over you in a playful manner. he does this thing where he leans down slightly to pet your hair and say "i'm so proud of you."
• how you met: i got this idea when i remembered our conversation about kids hahah
• it had been a tiring day for you and all you wanted was to hurry home and sleep when you heard a child crying. looking around, you saw a young girl by herself, sobbing by the sidewalk.
• you sighed — the timing was as awful as it could have been but you weren't about to leave that poor kid alone and scared.
• when you got to her side, you kindly reassured her and asked where her caretaker was. however, the girl just gave you an attitude. she said she could find her dad by herself and talking to strangers was dangerous.
• you did your absolute best to cling on to the last string of patience you had. the kid was being so rude but obviously just nervous.
• then a new voice spoke up and at that moment you saw the softest, most calming pair of eyes you had ever seen. this man approached you two, kneeled down and looked like he was about to effortlessly convince the girl to let you help her.
• but he just patted her hair and said "there, there" like she were a puppy.
• you and the girl: ಠ_ಠ (boy only has older siblings what do you expect)
• fortunately, he was handsome with pretty brown curls to match his eyes so even the girl's attitude melted away enough to let you call a service worker who wasn't as "suspicious". in the end, the girl found her had and you two were freed from the burden!
• the guy introduced himself as Sachiro Hirugami and offered to treat you to a warm drink since you apparently looked like you couldn't take another step after that exhausting encounter.
• "it'd be terrible if you collapsed on the pavement. it'll be my treat."
• you didn't know whether to be offended that he actually thought you were looking bad or kind of flattered by his kind offer and gentle smile.
• but you agreed! you didn't talk much then but definitely learnt enough about each other to want to meet again. his relaxed demeanor but organised habits immediately caught your eye (´。• ω •。`)
• the couple people are lowkey scared of cause i certainly wouldn't want to get on the bad side of two of most intelligent but chill people on the block. i mean, can you imagine the passive-aggressiveness and sarcasm? i would cry. really though, you're super cool! when you're talking about a topic you both know lots about people people miss half of what you're saying.
• i hope you like animals because you can't avoid them with Sachiro. whether it's his pet doggo, cats on the street he insists you pet with him or a weird animal that follows him around there's just . . . no escape.
• "y/n, look. i found this little fella in the park just now. let's take care of him together."
• "Sachiro, is that a koala? how did you even?"
• "it's okay. he was very shy at first but it worked out."
• "that's really cool but let's take him back to the zoo."
• ^ a summary of your first date
• his hoodies are the warmest, softest things in existence (they have a bit of a dog smell tho) at this point you don't even have to ask to wear them, just let him know you will and he'll nod with the sweetest smile.
• adding to that idea, he'd be smitten if you wore one of his jerseys. he wouldn't be afraid to tell you that either. if you make his heart race then he won't leave things one-sided. congrats?
• baking shenanigans. i know Sachiro likes to bake so he will make baked goods for you. when you're making something together it won't get messy since both of you would rather keeps the kitchen tidy. sTiLl, if you happen to get something on your face then of course Sachiro makes a deal of it to kiss it away (unless it's on your lips in which case he softly wipes it away with a tissue)
• your dates include: why can i see you two challenging an escape room? it's so clear in my head, like, not the most romantic but fun af! you'd be killing it too. anyhowdies, also museum dates, walks in botany garden, zoos, animal shelters, he definitely persists you to try and make a funny cake he saw online as well (o^▽^o)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❦︎ ink box
Tumblr media
• it had been about half a year since you started going out, and you had noticed this quite at the beginning: you two . . . didn't really share many common interests, did you?
• you liked art, writing and reading—the creative stuff—while your boyfriend was much more into sports and veterinary medicine. that being said, it didn't make your communication difficult or make you feel any less strongly towards each other.
• still, the thought had been bugging you at the back of your head for a while. you wanted to feel more connected to Sachiro but with the current situation your options were quite limited. the things you did talk about—current, events, films, theories, for example—started to feel more mundane as time went on.
• the worst part was that Sachiro didn't seem to have the same thought bothering him. he looked perfectly content the way you two were now. and although you were happy, you wanted there to be more.
• one day he came over to your place after school. he usually did because you lived closer to the school. you were finishing up your latest piece of writing when he walked in and greeted you. leaning over your shoulder, he peeked at your work. you could easily hear the enthusiasm in his voice.
• "wow, you've made made so much progress since yesterday. good job. you have been taking your breaks, right?"
• "don't worry, i've been working exactly according to my schedule," you replied, beaming with pride. "how was practice? did the professor keep you?"
• "not at all. i just met a girl from the same group as i. we ended up chatting about volleyball so i lost track of time. i'm sorry i made you worry." he smiled so easily you couldn't help but feel a needle poking at your heart.
• you dismissed the matter and fell silent afterwards, going back to writing. it became increasingly difficult to focus though. you hated it. it went against everything your relationship was built on yet a small voice whispered: "is this where he starts realising how little we have in common and leave? run off with some girl he just met?"
• sadly, as you'd feared, the following weeks the same thing kept happening. eventually you were certain Sachiro was spending almost every second of his free time studying and being anywhere but with you. you weren't clingy but he was still your boyfriend.
• taking matters into your own hands, you suggested a date night as soon as both of your schedules were open. you couldn't take this uncertainty and doubt any longer.
• "are you happy?" you asked as you two were laying comfortably on the sofa, his arms around you. "you know, being with me?"
• "why wouldn't i be?"
• you begain explaining everything that had been going through your mind lately, making sure not to give him the wrong idea.
• "i've been thinking maybe you'd want to be with someone who understands your troubles more, someone who can you spend time with enjoying the things you love," you finished, facing him.
• there was silence, only a few seconds but to you they were like minutes. Sachiro scrunched his nose slightly in thought before his relaxed expression returned. gently, he brushed his hand through your hair and over your head.
• "i figured you'd say that," he began. "but i already have what i want. you understand me and listen to me. i don't need anything more 'cause being with you is the most relaxing and fun time i could wish for."
• he paused and grinned. "i'm more worried about how much we have in common really. i didn't think there was a person out there who could put up with me."
• you smiled too, sniffing and holding back a tear. "you are kind of weird."
• he laughed and reminded you you had to be the same since you were with him. then he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on your forehead. you understood not a single thing needed to be changed—Sachiro loved you just as you were, and you did too.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𑁍 jewellery box
Tumblr media
— favourite memory with you
when he didn't take an umbrella to one of his evening lectures and you got worried because it was raining cats and dogs. he came outside and found you running through the rain with two umbrellas, one over your head and the other in your hand. you weren't even together then but still you cared enough to come all this way just for him! 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 being hecking smooth though he insisted you'd share an umbrella on your way back. you spalshed in a few puddles and got some warm tea too. needless to say, Sachiro caught a few feelings instead of the cold that evening thanks to you ♡︎
— favourite activity to do together
aside from the domestic and chill stuff, Sachiro love going to different art events with you! he gets to learn new things and see you all excited about everything that's going on. it could be museums or festivals but you always end up having an amazing day. being as tall as he is, you don't have to worry about losing him either.
— favourite place to kiss you
forehead smooches as it came apparent in the ink box ♡︎ honestly, sometimes it's just a peck but every time he does it you can feel the pure love and adoration Sachiro has for you.
— favourite nicknames to call you by
chickadee would be such a cute nickname he'd have for you to get your attention when you're alone! it just feels right don't ask me why :| i have a feeling Sachiro has a thing for longer term of endearment just because they're usually funny and kind of cheesy. sweetheart and snookums he'll use during your light-hearted moments.
— favourite thing about you
Sachiro is intelligent and observant, from your first meeting he could already tell you were a caring and kind soul. it's what drew him to you and what he continues to admire about you. that paired with your organised but fun-loving ways make up some of his favourite aspects about you ( ◡‿◡ *)
♡︎ runner up: Shinsuke Kita
hello hello, dear! i couldn't really put the general headcanons or the jewellery box into 2nd pov because that would have made them hard to understand. i hope it's okay that it's just the first meeting and ink box ♡︎ otherwise hopefully you like this. angst was really hard to come uo with cause you two would literally be perfect! as always, remember to drink lots of water and take breaks to keep your body happy!!
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kingandqueenwang · 3 months ago
Distant Souls || Werewolf Prince AU
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
Jackson x Reader (ft. GOT7)
Royalty/Soulmates AU
Warnings: mentions of blood
Words: 1,497
Moodboard | Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
Part 10: Vows
"Soulmates? Yes, I've heard of this. But I wasn't sure if it was true."
Jackson explained the concept to you, what it meant with him being part werewolf. He explained how he came back because the wolf was drawn to you. How staying away didn't work. "Because I am a half breed, it makes it more difficult. Even more so that you are a human and not a werewolf at all. It means that I can still hurt you, no matter how much our love grows." Jackson's hand shook when he brushed a strand of your hair from your eyes. "Is it love?" You questioned cautiously. "I suppose if soulmates are real, all love is predetermined. But then we don't get to choose if we love each other. Right? We just comply because it's already been decided for us?" Your eyes lowered, deep in thought. Jackson shook his head. "No. That's not true. I've had people trying to decide who I should be with my whole life. There were some lovely maidens that I could've chosen. Beautiful. Wealthy. Powerful. But I didn't. None of them ever looked at me way you do. Even after you learned about my second form, you never stopped giving me kindness." You couldn't believe his words. You turned away. "No man has ever treated me as you do. None have ever seen so much beauty in me. Given me such care. Even though you have nothing to gain from caring for me, you still treat me as if I were precious."
"You are precious. Too precious to lose. Having been away from you, I know that now." Jackson lifted the parchment Jaebeom left with him. "That is why I want to protect you from the part of me that has taken everything I love away from me." You took the notes and read the instructions. There was uncertainty in your expression. "I know it's a risk, and a large commitment. And I'm sorry but you only have until the full moon tonight to decide." You sighed. "I forgot. Your last change wasn't from the moon. Oh my, so little time for such an important decision." "Jaebeom informed me that this ritual holds the same importance as that of wedding vows."
You gasped lightly. Wedding vows. The very notion of it. Such a thing had not been a possibility in your mind.
Women of Aceven didn't marry for love. It was a survival method. It was about how much land you would own, how hardworking was the man you were married to in case of famine, drought, or plague. Why you liked him or how he treated you weren't a matter. For that reason you had often avoided interacting with men who were of age to marry. Since you didn't have parents forcing you to get married, neither you nor Yugyeom had had much time to look for love. "Dare I say she's practically her own husband," the village women would say about you. "She does all the work on the farm, as well as assisting Old Sweet. Not to mention that overprotective brother of hers would never marry if it meant Y/N would end up alone." It wasn't that they found you strange, just unsuitable to be a wife. Wild. That's what they'd called you as a young girl. Before the winter when all your youthful innocence was frozen out of you.
You weren't at all opposed to marriage. But you despised how everyone in your kingdom treated it as a chore, completely nulling it of love. You didn't want it to be carried out because of circumstance. You wanted to be in love with the person you married. You wanted them to choose you, not agree to accept you as some sort of favor.
And here was Prince Jackson of Ruzar, asking you to take him as he was. All parts of him. Because he was falling in love with you. "What will you do? If I say no?" you asked, not meeting his eyes. He inhaled slowly as he pondered your question. "Then I will leave. I will stay away from you as best as I can. I will search the world for a way to be rid of this curse." You nodded, thinking he was finished with his answer.
"And then if I am successful," he continued, beginning to lean closer to you. "I will come back to you and ask for your hand in marriage." His lips met yours, gentle as a rose petal. "Because you, Y/N, are the only thing that has made me happy."
Your heart soared in your chest. He wanted you, no matter what. Your mind was made. "I will do it. I will be your soulmate, Jackson."
A drop of clear water. A full flower of wolfsbane, crushed into a liquid. A strand of fur from the wolf. A pure drop of your blood. All these must be combined in a silver bottle to create a potion that would make Jackson's werewolf recognize you as his soulmate, and therefore not harm you.
You and Jackson spent the rest of the day collecting these ingredients. You knew where to get your blood, obviously. You were sure the alchemist in the town square could get you some wolfsbane. You had an old glass vial pendant that you could get altered. You paid your blacksmith cousin a visit and requested he put some silver around it. In three hours, he returned it to you, beautifully wrapped in silver design around the cylinder. "With those mysterious gold coins you paid me, I reckoned I should do a good job," he said. Thankfully Yugyeom wasn't there to catch you making strange requests.
Now all that was needed was the werewolf fur. And since tonight was the full moon, it was a waiting game until Jackson transformed. The two of you camped out in the woods away from the village. "You must be quick once I transform," Jackson instructed you, sweat starting to form on his brow as the sun got lower. "I'll hurt you if you don't make the potion in time." You nodded and walked 200 paces away like you'd planned. You heard Jackson shout in pain, then growling. With the silver bottle in hand, you charged forward, towards the changing wolf. You quickly plucked a sprouted fiber of fur from his tail and rushed away. Thankfully Jackson was too preoccupied with trembling in pain to strike at you. You dropped his fur into the vial. With the dagger strapped to your ankle, you pricked the tip of your finger, and let the dot of blood drop into the vial as well. The bright purple liquid seemed to glow. Did that mean the potion had worked? Jackson's transformation was completed and you stood several feet away, holding your breath. The wolf turned, spotting you. Its silvery glowing eyes fixated on you, and it growled. Shivers shot up your spine as you gripped the necklace in your hand. "J-Jackson?" The breath from its nostrils blew on your skin as it towered over you. Unwillingly, you began to shake. You squeezed your eyes shut and twisted yourself away. Don't run, don't run. Just wait. The wolf sniffed once, let out a low, almost gentle whimper, as if it wanted your attention. Opening your eyes, you looked at it, gasping as it knelt down to your level. Still shaking, your hand slowly stretched out and touched the top of his nose. The wolf seemed to become completely different. Calm, gentle, comfortable. Perhaps it was a trick of the light, but it almost looked like there were tears gathered in the corners of its eyes.
The wolf had never experienced anything but anger, pain, violence. It had never been touched gently, only with the attacks of sharp weapons, rough ropes and chains, or the retaliation of a knight fighting for his life. Your skin against its black fur was like a healing energy against the constant burning rage. A loving touch. Reassurance that it didn't have to fight against the world to survive. There was no hurt here. Not with you. It was you. The one destined in the universe to care for it. The soulmate.
The wolf nuzzled its face under your arm. You gasped, but then exhaled and let your body relax. It had worked. The werewolf didn't want to harm you. Your legs nearly gave out underneath you as your fear subsided. "Hello," you said. "It's me." The wolf's nose stroked the side of your face, a softness in its eyes similar to Jackson's. You were amazed beyond words, seeing its behavior so different than when it was restlessly darting through the woods or fighting Jaebeom. "It's me, Jackson. I won't hurt you. I promise."
A moment later the werewolf stepped away, giving you one last glance, before stretching up on its hind legs, letting out a howl to the moon, and running into the night.
A/N: Hello! How's your weekend been? It's time for another update to Distant Souls. Please let me know what you think in my inbox! I love hearing from you! I know it's been a year since this crazy pandemic and lots of hard things have happened. Please, darlings, continue to have faith and take care of yourselves. I hope my writing brings a smile to your faces! If you'd like to be tagged when new parts are out, I'll be more than happy to make a list! Ok, enjoy your Saturdays! Bye!
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The Potions Master’s Apprentice
Chapter Two: Shrinking Solution
Tumblr media
A/N: This is the second part to my fanficiton ‘The Potions Master’s Apprentice (Severus Snape x OC)’. Chapters 1-16 can be found already uploaded on Wattpad under the same name. Feel free to leave requests in my inbox for anything Snape related you want me to write!
Pairing: Seveurs Snape x OC (Dumbledore’s Granddaughter)
Summary: A talented young witch is employed as an apprentice professor at Hogwarts, but who will she be working under? Severus Snape is not best pleased with his new responsibility of taking on an apprentice, however she is relentless to create a friendship between them. Will she be successful? Or might the friendship just go a little two far? With the eyes of her grandfather constantly watching over them, an attempt at a relationship might not be in the cards for Aria Dumbledore and Severus Snape.
Word Count: 2664
Warnings: n/a
Credits to Gif Creator
Tumblr media
A week had passed since Severus Snape had stormed out of her grandfather's office in a fit of rage, and Aria concluded that it was time she broke the silence between her and her future mentor. Although Snape and Aria both resided in the Dungeons they had not crossed paths as Severus rarely left his office or his private quarters. She was sure he had the house elves deliver his meals to his office or else he just did not eat. As Dumbledore constantly left the castle grounds this meant Aria often travelled down to eat with Hagrid, the only remaining current resident of Hogwarts. The two of them had become good friends, however this did not stop her searching for friendship among Severus, in the hopes of easing their future working relationship.
Aria left her own private quarters, strolling along the dungeon corridors to Professor Snape's a few doors down from her own. Pacing between his office and his private quarters Aria contemplated whether he would be relaxing in his room or working in his office. Having only met the man once she nevertheless knew exactly where he'd be. Rocking on her heels for a second or two she took a moment to gather her thoughts before knocking confidently on the door.
"Enter." The monotone voice droned after a moment of consideration.
Aria Dumbledore walked into the crowded office covered wall to wall in potion bottles and jarred ingredients. To the back of the room sat behind a desk was a mass of black robes and hair, bent over a stack of books and parchment, scribbling notes furiously onto the parchment. Aria stood there for a minute or two waiting for the professor to look up at her. She wanted him to listen to what she had to say and she wouldn't believe he was truly listening until he faced her.
"Well?" He spoke, face still down towards his notes. "Get on with it."
"I will do so, as soon as I know you are paying attention to me." She spoke clearly, standing firmly on her spot in the middle of the room.
"I'm listening." He droned, scribbling away.
"No." She spoke a little louder, her voice more confident than it had ever been in his presence. this caught his attention. "I want you to look at me, so I know your listening."
Severus nodded in return, motioning for her continue.
"Good." She began, returning his nod, once again trying to remember what she had planned to say. She had been completely thrown off by his reaction to her new position at Hogwarts. From the moment she knew Severus would be arriving at Hogwarts she had made plans in her head to get to know him and his routine. She had hoped they could make a few potions together in order to get more familiar with each other rhythms. She had not yet given up this hope but she knew now it would be a lot harder than she had initially expected. Finally she decided simply being honest with him was the best way to go about it. "I understand this arrangement isn't ideal for you, and I do not agree with the way Professor Dumbledore sprung it on you like that." She started.
"You mean your grandfather." Severus look cut in, his eyes slightly rolling in his head.
Aria cleared her throat, waiting to continue. "As I was saying. I do not want to ruffle any feathers with my being here, however I need this job and there is nothing we can do about it now, so you might as well accept that. Now, in order to familiarise me with your routine I was hoping for the next three weeks or so before term starts that would you tutor me. I just think that it would make the classes flow a lot better if we sort out all of the kinks now rather than later."
"Well, thanks to you and your grandfather I am not sure I will have time to, as you say, 'tutor you'. I have had to complete re-write my entire class curriculum. I am afraid I will be far too busy until the beginning of term. You will simply have to adapt to my way of teaching, whether you like it or not." He droned, turning back to his stack of papers.
Impatiently Aria bit her lip, letting out a small sigh, unsure of where to go from there.
"Like I said, teach me your ways and you will not have to rewrite your entire schedule." She spoke through slightly gritted teeth, becoming annoyed at his lack of cooperation. "We will meet three times a week; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. No exceptions. I'll see you then." She stated, finally taking control of the situation, leaving the room before the Professor could argue.
* As she arose from her sleep on Tuesday morning Aria opted to dress in more formal attire for her meetings with Professor Snape, as after all this would be a professional interaction, or at least she hoped.
Not wanting to intrude on the man too early in the morning she waited until 1 o'clock in the day, assuming they both would have eaten by then. As the clock stuck 1 she clutched her notebook to her chest and confidently strode along to the professors office.
Aria had spent the previous days carefully planning out a mix of activities and topics to cover in the event that Snape tried to turn her away once more. She was happy with her plan and was confident that Snape could not deem it a waste of either of their time. This thought at the forefront of her brain she gave his door a loud knock before taking it upon herself to enter.
The Potions Master instantly rose from his seat upon her entry, thrusting a stack of parchments into her hands, and immediately set off on a long winded speech he had clearly prepared previously.
She stood aghast by the mans abruptness, staring at him blankly. It was the first time she had properly looked at him since their first meeting. He was tall, taller than she had initially assumed and he towered over her, intimidatingly. He was muscular too, she thought as she focused in on the person standing before her, taking details she had never before noticed. Without the protection of his robes she was able to see his biceps threatening to burst through the material of his black undercoat. Her eyes continued to travel up his body, past his chest that practically touched her own, finally meeting the gaze of the Professor. She instantly noted the exhaustion evident on his face, remembering back to her grandfathers comment on his lack of sleep she guessed the reason for this was not solely caused by the hefty workload of the school year. Despite his tired looking features Aria found his looks intriguing. He was handsome in an interesting sort of way, not in the traditional sense for sure but there was definitely something there, something that made her want to get to know the man more than she expected he would let her.
Severus found himself becoming more and more distracted, losing himself in the woman's eyes as he too fell into a dangerous train of thought.
"Are you paying attention, Miss Dumbledore?" Snape snapped himself back to reality, bringing back Aria with him. She gave herself a shake, her eyes widening realising she had not heard a word the man had spoke.
"Yes. Erm.., no. I'm sorry Severus." Aria stuttered, the blush on her face forming from embarrassment and shame.
"Professor Snape." He corrected, taking a step or too back from her, busying his eyes, focusing them anywhere but on his apprentice. "I will not spend the year repeating myself, Miss Dumbledore. If you cannot prove yourself worthy of this position I'm afraid I cannot work with you. Now, do as I say and we shall get along perfectly fine." He finished, regaining his seat behind his desk, shuffling through yet another stack of papers.
"Actually Professor Snape, I had prepared some tasks for us to get through, myself." Aria begun. "For example, I was hoping today you could go over each years curriculum for the year with me and we could note areas in which I need some revision, which we could tackle later in the week."
"Had you been paying attention, Miss Dumbledore, you would notice that the years curriculum is noted on that stack of parchment I handed you upon your entry. Which I might add showed a complete lack of respect and basic manners. You will knock and wait to be called upon before entering my office from here on out, is that clear." Snape commanded.
Aria glanced at the stack of parchment, noticing the detail in which Snape had gone over the class schedules, it obviously took some time and she was embarrassed she had been too distracted to notice previously. "I apologise, Professor." She said, feeling more like a student being reprimanded than his equal.
The Professor gave a slight nod in response. "In regards to the areas you may need to review, you will have to outline them in your own time, we will visit them at a later date. I do not wish to waste my time with such frivolous things that could so easily been done alone. " He stressed the final word.
It was Arias turn to nod.
The young woman was shocked to find the Professor so prepared for today's meeting, although she was glad he seemed so invested in the cause, she secretly knew he had put in so much effort in order to regain control of the situation. Clearly Aria taking command a few days earlier had not sat right with him.
"As for today." Snape continued. "I have set a task for you to complete, to allow me to analyse your potion making skills as well as your method of brewing."
"Perfect." Aria chirped trying so hard to remember the promise she has made to herself. The man intimidated her she could not hide that fact, but that did not mean she was not a very skilled potioneer. She was determined to prove her abilities to the Professor in the hopes that she gain his respect and therefore develop a balanced working relationship. "What will I be making?" She inquired, taking a step forward towards the Professors desk.
"Shrinking solution." He spoke simply. "I assume, or rather hope, you will not be in need of a recipe? Or should I look out the students text books now and save us both from creating a batch of poison."
"There is no need to be insulting Professor, I am more than capable of brewing a standard OWL level potion. Where will I find my ingredients?" She asked.
Severus Snape lightly rolled his eyes at the young Professor as he focused in on the tattered book in front of him, simply letting out a small grunt and pointing in the directions of a store cupboard off to his left.
Aria ignored her so-called mentor and immediately set to work.
At first Severus let her do her own thing, getting the potion up and running before he decided to interfere and evaluate her work.
He watched intensely as she removed five large and hairy caterpillars from their jar. Skeptically, he emerged from behind his desk, turning up the pressure on Miss Dumbledore.
Unable to contain himself he started to speak. "It helps if you -"
"What? Slice the caterpillars to achieve maximum blood flow." Aria interrupted proudly, knowing he was trying to test her skills. "Surely that would be common knowledge Professor. Now tell me do you prefer to slice horizontally or vertically?" Her confidence getting the better of her.
"It hardly matters." Snape scoffed, displeased by his efforts to belittle the witch.
"Oh I disagree entirely. I found that slicing vertically is not nearly as effective as horizontally. If your doing it vertically.. why it's hardly worth cutting the poor buggers up in the first place." She smirked, feeling like she had achieved a small victory.
The two professors remained silent for a few moments more, allowing Aria to continue her potion while Snape inspected her closely, occasionally jotting down notes and crossing off his personal checklist.
"Don't you have leech juice stocked in your cupboards?" Aria wondered aloud, absentmindedly stirring her concoction.
"I'm sorry?" Severus replied, wondering what she was getting at.
"As you know the recipe calls for the juice of four leeches, though I prefer five." She added slyly. "I had just assumed that a seasoned Potions Master such as yourself would keep readily preserved leech juice in his store cupboard, as this is a staple potion in any school curriculum."
"I prefer to juice my leeches fresh, when it comes to preparing a shrinking solution." Severus admitted through gritted teeth, stunned at the woman's audacity to contradict his methods, when he was supposed to be the one testing her.
"Well each to their own I suppose, I just find it wastes an awful lot of time during the brewing process when a batch of leech juice could easily be prepared beforehand for a many number of potions." Aria Dumbledore shrugged, shooting an innocent smile at her colleague before painstakingly juicing each individual leech directly into the cauldron.
After adding one more shrivelfig and an extra caterpillar, horizontally sliced of course, it was time to let the potion simmer until it reached that perfect green colour Snape anticipated.
And with a wave of her wand the potion was completed to absolute perfection. Aria was confident Severus could find no flaw in her work, although she was slightly nervous that their minor disagreements would only make him more irritable, thus making it more difficult for Aria to gain the approval she now craved.
After five minutes of stirring, testing and inspecting Severus could find no fault with the professor's work to criticise. With a slight hum he returned to his desk, intentionally avoiding looking in the woman's direction.
"As it is, you managed not to create an abomination, therefore I have nothing more to say. Your work is average. I will do what I can to cooperate with you as it seems I have been given no other choice. We are done for the day, you may leave."
"What just like that, and were done? There's so much more we could get through the day is young." Aria pleaded. "I made the perfect potion for you surely that is worthy of your time."
"The perfect potion is expected, Miss Dumbledore. Had you done any less than perfect you would not be qualified to work here. Potion making is an exact science, with very minimal room for creativity. You and I may be daring enough to tread on that line but I have had years of experience, you on the other hand cannot afford the risk of creativity. One day your ego will get the better of you and you may make an irreversible mistake. I suggest you stick to the textbook recipes in the future." Severus raged. He did not appreciate her disobedience or her expectation of a reward for simply doing as she was asked. He saw her open her mouth to object however he managed to get the first and final word in for the night. "Good day, Miss Dumbledore, I have work to get on with." He spat.
And with that he began scribbling some more illegible notes onto his parchment, waiting on the woman to vacate his office.
She stood for a second almost in shock at his rudeness but she had hardly expected any less from him. She supposed she had pushed him far enough for one day and chose to listen to his orders. After all there was not long to go until Hagrid expected her at his home from their meal.
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Tumblr media
CHAPTER TWO | u.a. high school
PAIRING: izuku midoriya x gn!reader
WARNINGS: mild language
WORDS: 2.1k
summary & masterlist
Tumblr media
You decided that you and Izuku were going to go to U.A. together.
Izuku was shocked but delighted - you could tell by the way he blinked rather rapidly before he smiled, a pleased flush creeping over his cheeks. He'd always banked on going to U.A. - the two of you would spend countless hours holed up in his bedroom discussing it at length - but you'd kind of - tactfully not brought it up since you found out he was quirkless. However, two months ago, out of the blue, he'd told you that he was very much still planning on getting into the hero course.
"You are?" you'd echoed, with a slight frown. "Well, alright then. I'll apply there too!"
His eyes had widened, like it was more than he'd dared hope for. "You - you don't have to! I know you were looking at Shiketsu-"
"I go where you go," you'd interrupted with a stern air of finality. "Besides, the hero course sounds pretty cool."
Izuku beamed, but you hadn't even thought much of your declaration. It was a simple, universal truth to you; the sky was blue, water was wet, and you went wherever Izuku Midoriya went. You were his friend and protector; you had felt it was your purpose in life. So without that - where would you go? Who would you even be? It felt as though everything you were was down to Izuku somehow prying it out of you with his soulful eyes and dazzling smiles and gentle touches.
Tumblr media
You studied together four days of the week for the written exams, but honestly over those next eight months was the most distant Izuku had ever been with you. He was out most hours of the day - "training," he panted when he ambled through the door, sweaty and breathless, heading straight for the shower. But when prodded, he refused to say where, or with who. You told yourself off for feeling put out by this - you and Izuku did absolutely everything together. You had no secrets from each other. He probably wanted to train at his own pace - you often moved a little fast for him, anyways. So you trained individually in the day and studied together most nights. It was a good system - you learned well together, of course. He was always patient with you when it came to complicated calculus, and you eased him into difficult English verbs.
On the day of the practical exam, you were split up into different squads.
You'd run into Katsuki at the gate and could only pray Izuku wasn't on his team. When you saw the giant mech robots towering over the fake buildings you'd barely been able to stop worrying about your best friend for long enough to pull your head out of your ass and earn some damn points. You racked up a modest few by glitching up to their square metal heads and kicking them apart, effectively disabling them - but the process was kind of slow-going, and you were frustratingly hindered when you had to double back for a wide-eyed blond boy who was about to be crushed by a falling robot and teleport him to safety.
He blinked and swayed as you let go of him, piecing together that you'd somehow transported him out of harm's way. "Hey - thanks!" he called weakly to your already retreating figure.
"No problem!" you yelled back, already scanning for a new target.
In the end you could only hope you had racked up enough points to secure you a place in the hero course - and then that biting pit of anxiety returned. This was a test that relied entirely on offensive, practical quirks - and Izuku had no quirk to speak of at all. He had nothing that would help him take down these robots. With a wrenching pain, you resigned to the fact that he must have failed the practical, and could only hope that he'd done well enough on the written exams to secure a place on the course.
He was round at your house when your acceptance letter came, and you'd screamed and he'd screamed and he'd leapt at you, scrambling with your weight to pull you into a fierce hug. Ecstatic tears poured down your cheeks as the two of you jumped up and down haphazardly on your bedroom floor, his arms firm and sure around your middle, one of your hands carding through his thick green hair, slippery with sweat and tears. When you pulled back he grabbed you by the shoulders, his own eyes sparkling with tears.
"I'm so proud of you!" he exclaimed, beaming. "I knew you could do it."
In your ecstasy, you brushed back his bangs and planted a kiss onto his damp hairline, then hugged him again - absolutely oblivious to the way colour skyrocketed into his cheeks at an almost violent speed, and the way his arms stuttered around you as you buried your face in his shoulder. "Thank you, 'Zuku," you mumbled. "I'd never have done it without you."
"I - ah - don't be silly," he stammered, and then you pushed back and made him leave so he could see whether or not his own acceptance letter had come. He promised to call you as soon as he found out, and you waited anxiously by the landline for hours. When he eventually rang, his voice came thick and teary through the other side and for a second your heart stopped - but no, he was in, because of course he was, he was your incredible, staggeringly strong best friend who could do fucking anything he put his mind to, and you told him as much, screaming down the phone how proud you were.
On the other side of the line, in a darkened bedroom, Izuku Midoriya felt his heart hammer so fast he worried it might break a rib.
Tumblr media
On the first day, everything began to fall apart.
It had begun so normally - you'd walked to the train station together, sharing pork buns and talking excitedly about the prospects that awaited you at your new school. It had still seemed like a dream, even the morning of. If it hadn't been for Izuku, you'd probably never have even applied to U.A., but your best friend had that odd way of prying a strange confidence out of you, much like you did for him against anyone who talked down to him. He elevated parts of you that you didn't even know existed - it was a talent, really. Maybe that was his quirk, you mused with a grin as you finished your bun and binned the paper.
The train ride went by in a flash, with sudden nerves overtaking the both of you seemingly out of nowhere and opting to just share a headphone and sit in silence until your stop. U.A. looked so - big, and intimidating, and suddenly your palms were sweating and nausea was roiling in your stomach. Beside you Izuku was chewing his lip, staring up at the building with wide eyes.
As the both of you stood dithering, someone shouldered roughly past you - and you needed only to glimpse that spiky ash-blond hair to know who, and groaned. You'd known Katsuki had been applying, and that his quirk immediately put him a shelf above a lot of the competition, but it was still a little disheartening to know you still weren't really rid of him. "Don't get in my way, idiots. I'll kill you," he barked as he passed, but otherwise made no moves against you. You glared at his back as he shoved his way through the tapering crowd to the door, hating the anxiety rising in your throat.
You strengthened your resolve; no need for both you and Izuku to be anxious. Firmly, you grabbed his wrist and yanked him forward, ignoring his squeak of protest, propelling the both of you toward the door.
"Come on. This place is huge, and we're not gonna be late on the first day!" you declared, tugging him along. He stumbled once and then caught up, panting slightly. Beneath his uniform blazer and shirt, you could feel him shaking, and softened slightly. "Oi. We'll be fine. We earned our place here, alright? Especially you."
Izuku flushed. "Actually - Y/n - there was something I've been meaning to -"
"Oh!" you gasped, pulling him toward you excitedly. He squeaked, but you weren't even looking at him. Rather, your eyes were turned skyward at the huge door at the end of the corridor, with 'CLASS 1-A' emblazoned boldly along the top. "Look, 'Zuku! That's our class, right? It's such good luck we got the same one!" you beamed, hurrying forward, and Izuku felt the words die in his throat and guilt pinch at his stomach.
He knew his secret couldn't last - and that the longer he went without telling you about everything - about All Might, and his quirk, and the training, and the entrance exam - the worse it would be when you found you. You and him just didn't have secrets from each other. Mostly because he was a terrible liar and you were awkwardly prone to oversharing, but he knew every ugly thing about you, and you thought you knew every ugly thing about him. You'd always been slightly ahead of him, even as kids, but it wasn't like Kacchan, him striding ahead and Izuku struggling in the dirt to keep up. You pulled him along by the wrist, wanted him to live as quickly and confidently as you did, and he had always been so content with following just slightly behind, letting you experience the world for him. It was where you both were suited. But now this secret put him ahead of you for the first time in his life - and he didn't like it. It felt disorientating, like missing a stair in the dark. But every time he tried to tell you, the words stuck in his throat. He just couldn't shake the awful, ugly feeling that you'd be...
What if you liked being in charge? What if you wanted things to stay exactly the way they were? What if you were only friends with him in the first place because he was content in running slightly behind you, because you liked having someone to defend? I really should stop thinking like that, he told himself with loathing. He knew it wasn't true, that all you had ever wanted was what was best for him, for him to be happy.
He was a terrible, terrible friend.
"Y/n!" he tried again as you opened the door. "There really is something I have to - "
"Good morning!"
The both of you jumped; you raised your eyebrows in bewilderment at the tall, stern-looking boy in glasses striding purposefully over to you. With a quick glance behind you, you caught a glimpse of Izuku's flustered face, eyes wide with recognition, and realised they must have met at the entrance exam.
"I am from Somei Private Academy. My name is - "
"We heard!" Izuku squeaked. "I - um - I'm Midoriya, and this is [Surname]. It's nice to meet you, Iida."
You tried for a smile, rather more timid than you would've liked. Izuku seemed extremely agitated beside you.
Iida nodded stiffly. "Midoriya, you realised there was something more to that practical exam, didn't you?" He bowed his head, looking thoroughly, genuinely ashamed. "I had no idea. I misjudged you! I hate to admit it, but you are better than me."
This was a surprise. Your eyebrows disappeared into your hairline, and you turned to your best friend; a deep blush had flooded his face, and he was nervously glancing between Iida and you.
"Oh. Sorry - I actually didn't realise anything," Izuku replied awkwardly, looking like he'd rather be literally anywhere else. You were about to tactfully pull his sleeve toward two empty desks and away from Iida's slightly overbearing presence when another exclamation halted you in your tracks - this time, from behind him.
From a girl.
A short, pretty girl with wide doe eyes, neat brown hair, and prettily flushed cheeks - and a smile so wide it looked as though it were pinned there. Izuku blinked, seeming to go from agitated to almost alarmed, leaving you slightly perplexed. Your best friend had always been pretty socially awkward, it was true - and this was one of the first times he'd ever been approached enthusiastically by a girl - but this seemed a little extreme. He looked as though he were on the verge of a panic attack. And he was still doing that thing - flicking tiny, panicked glances at you, lips pressed tight together, hands fidgeting with his backpack, refusing to look you in the eye...
You frowned.
If you didn't know any better... you'd almost think he was hiding something.
Tumblr media
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boop-le-snoot · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
it's a mental breakdown *off-key kazoo*. One (1) incident of physical abuse from a parent. And Stephen Strange arc begins opening. Kind of angsty, but more of a filler chapter to resolve the parents-suck thing.
Tumblr media
A couple of days was all it took for me to get back on my feet... Figuratively speaking. Neither Bruce nor Tony was particularly excited about me being up and about, I was carried to my desired destination point by one or the other on most occasions. Physically, my body grew tired very easily - I took a lot of sporadic naps throughout the day, more often than not falling asleep in someone's arms. Nobody minded, really - even Loki, who wasn't a touchy-feely person by any means, relented and acted as a body pillow for me when we crashed on the common room couch to catch up with the TV show episodes I'd missed.
Tony was very obviously on the verge of a nervous breakdown. During the few hours I had spent being chased by the Cursed Box Demon in my nightmares, all the leads towards the contractor proved to be cold. Natasha was the most irritated of them all - a late-night talk with Clint through the vent above my room revealed that she took it as a personal insult, unprepared for a simple merc to be so good at evading the world's most notorious spy.
Hulk kept taking over Bruce's body - eyes shining fluorescent green - at the times we were together, periodically clutching me to his chest with clumsy but careful movements. I pitied the mercenary should he encounter my gentle scientist - I didn't think Bruce would even attempt to hold back Mean Green. They seemed to have achieved some sort of symbiosis those days, switching between the two personalities in one body almost effortlessly. Circumstances aside, I was very happy that the tension and the persistent internal conflict inside Bruce had almost disappeared.
What made me upset was Strange. The sorcerer was behaving, well, strangely. He began avoiding all of us - his excuses of helping the search for the merc were flimsy, and Wong's long, deep sigh, when asked about the sorcerer's state of mind, spoke volumes. I suspected Stephen was either seething with anger or drowning himself in the sea of guilt; I had a hunch he was similar to Tony in a way that he hid his vulnerability behind an impenetrable wall of malice and sarcasm and dry wit.
Perhaps I was wrong. But the pent up frustration resulting from the conflict between my overactive brain and my uncooperative body had to blow - and my mother was the fire to my already short fuse. Somehow, she got ahold of the information that I was hurt indirectly because of the actions of the Avengers - and she had called the first available phone she found, which meant Pepper Potts got an earful of vitriol regarding Stark Industries, SHIELD, Tony, and everyone else, including my father. Stoic as she was, Pepper took it all with grace, replying politely to my mother until she hung up on the redhead.
Pepper placed an urgent call to Coulson immediately after that, making the already uncomfortable situation spiral into something truly disgraceful. It ended with strict orders for me to return home - not that anyone besides me and Coulson knew about it. I was a legal adult, I could choose to stay in the tower and my mother was told so on numerous occasions... Knowing her, I was well aware she wouldn't be above storming Tony's home with a small army of her lawyer friends.
Inwardly seething, melting with the anger sitting in the pit of my stomach like a sharp piece of ice, I managed to convince Tony to have Happy escort me home at the guise of gathering more necessities. Tony, being Tony, offered me to buy anything and everything I needed, but relented under my puppy-eyed pleading. It was getting harder and harder to lie to any of my men, the weight of it settling unpleasantly bitter on top of my already foul mood.
Happy grumbled in displeasure at being tailed by a nondescript black SUV - I knew SHIELD would have eyes on me 24/7 now, at least until they catch the rogue mercenary - but seemed to be happy at my general state of relative wellness in his own... Happy... way. Five-second side-grin and "Glad you're up and about, Princess," was probably the most I was going to get from the man who's nickname contradicted his personality. In my humble opinion, he should've been called Brick instead. He was built like a shit house, too.
The moment I stepped into the living room, wearing Wanda's spare sweats and Tony's hoodie, I took a slow look around the room and immediately knew this was it. Most of my anger had receded, courtesy of finally being able to get out of the tower and do something, but the ice in my stomach persisted. The smell of whiskey and cigarettes hit me like a wall, news playing on the TV doing very little to dissolve the viscid, tense silence.
"Sit down," My mother instructed me in the tone of voice she used on people in the courtroom - convicts, people who knowingly broke NDAs.
"I don't think so," I replied, refusing to give in to her bullying. I was being absolutely reckless, I knew it, and still it didn't stop me from standing up for my men. Logically speaking, it could have happened to me anyway, Avengers or not. The cursed box came along long before I'd even met Peter Parker or any of his rag-tag superhero friends.
"Fine," She turned around, steely eyes leveled on me. I was but a speck of dirt under her nails - for the first time in my life, I felt terrified of my mother. I knew what she was capable of. "Listen well, daughter of mine. I'm going to only repeat myself once," She started in that deceptively calm tone of hers. "You are to stop mingling with Stark and his... Company. Immediately. I do not want to hear any more of that Parker boy, either. You will not destroy your future and our family's legacy over some fling with a man twice your age. This little game has gone long enough and it's time for you to get back to reality."
The more she spoke, the higher my eyebrows rose. I was supposed to take orders from my own mother now? Something thin, something thin and crackling with electricity within me just snapped - like a live wire. The hairs on my nape stood up, goosebumps appearing all over my skin. "And what if I do not?" I asked, just as quietly.
I was not prepared for her reaction. One second, she was sitting on the couch and the other - my cheek was burning and my mother was standing over me, breathing the stench of alcohol and tobacco right in my face. I saw the whites of her eyes. "Then you are no daughter of mine. I did not raise you to be someone's cumrag and all this play-pretend scientist shit had to have ended in middle school. I hoped you'd grow up but apparently, you insist on being a baby," She was full-on screaming in my face, so rabid she was shaking.
All I could think of was... How wrong she was. How wrong she would be, her sad little world broken when she finds out just exactly how much I'm capable of. Long gone were the days where I timidly questioned my scientific contributions; thanks to my men - the same men she'd hated so much - I knew my value. I knew I could achieve the things that I wanted.
"If that is your choice, you have thirty minutes to get your shit and get lost. I will not have a whore of a daughter living under my roof," I had missed a good part of her rant; most likely, it consisted of nothing but meaningless insults anyway. After she'd finished, she gave me a shove towards the stairs.
It didn't bother me as much as it should, I think. My cheek smarted and somewhere deep inside, I knew that the eerie calm that had settled over me wasn't normal - on the surface, I felt only relief. The things I suspected all along, finally came to light - she didn't even perceive me as a human being, I was no more than a means to her end. A tool. A thing.
The waterworks started when I frantically shoved most of the shit I could fit in my three suitcases. Upset as I was, my scatterbrain did me a favor that time and I gathered most of the important things. Notebooks full of my research - projects that my mother had called a child's game, projects that could be patented in a week, add a tweak or two. With sudden clarity, I realized I needed none of her money. None of her... At all. In short, I was emotionally all over the place and at the end of it... None of it made sense.
I threw the credit cards with her name on them on the coffee table as I hauled out my suitcases, not sparing the bitch a glance. She was equally quiet, boring into my back with those steely eyes of hers. I felt my skin peel under her stare. In my distraught state, hauling and dumping the suitcases in my car was quick work. Detaching the house key and tossing the last things that connected me to her house on the floor at her feet was a spur of the moment decision; my mother was right, to some extent, and I still had childish tendencies. "You had no right to call yourself my mother in the first place. All you were was an egg donor with more money than you could make sense of. Enjoy your hoard, you damned dragon," I seethed, seeing her frozen in place with her arms crossed and chin held high.
Some part of me hoped she would apologize. That naïve, childish part - I knew my mother and I knew myself, and the trait that we shared was stubbornness. I sped out of the estate without ever looking back, driving aimlessly for a while until the honking coming from drivers around me began reaching alarming levels of volume; tears began flowing down my face at some point, all but obscuring my vision. I parked in the nearest place I could find, in front of a Waffle House out of all places.
Crying in a Waffle House parking lot, how pathetic was that. Logically, I knew at least five people had my back: Tony and Bruce, who surprisingly loved me back; Loki, who had become strangely clingy after my declaration - clingy in the best way. Together with Wanda and Peter, they made my heart warm and my eternally racing brain feel calm and safe.
I called my dad, he didn't pick up. I don't know what I expected of the man, but any and all remnants of my respect for him shattered, breaking into tiny little pieces as I helplessly banged my fists against the steering wheel in a fit of desperate rage. One look in the mirror and my already ashen complexion was made worse by red, puffy eyes and the blooming bruise on my cheek where my mother had slapped me. It was the first time she'd laid a hand on me; I wanted to throw up.
I sat in the car until my breathing slowed; completely and utterly clueless as to what to do. I had no home of my own, three suitcases worth of clothes and research that was useless without a lab to run experiments in, my car, and a small trust fund in my name. The recent incident with the curse box had left me mentally drained as it was, now, I could surely say that my head was empty: no thoughts.
And throughout it all, Stephen's avoidance crossed my mind. As if the self-loathing wasn't enough, as if my own blood, the people who were supposed to care for me, rejecting and ignoring me wasn't strong enough of a blow... The sorcerer's avoidance raised more anger within me. I didn't know why but the thought of him made me want to cry and seethe once again.
Logic gone out of the window, I typed in the Sanctum's address into my GPS with shaking fingers, figuring that if he wasn't willing to do the legwork, I will come to him myself and clarify things for all at once. The mixed signals were just a cherry on top of my sky-high problem sundae.
I banged on the door and it flew open immediately, a surprised sorcerer quickly turning concerned and panicky, noticing my general state of appearance. I was still wearing the same clothes and my hair was in disarray, my face looking somewhere between a coke bender and a manic episode.
"You," I stated darkly, taking a deep breath. "You need to tell me what the fuck is wrong with me and reject me, so I can move on already. And you," I poked the man in the chest, right above the fancy eye-shaped necklace, "Need to stop it with the mixed signals. Stop wallowing in self-pity. Whatever you are doing, STOP IT," My voice involuntarily raised in pitch from all those emotional rollercoasters I've been on that day. "Get back to being normal. Let me fucking live," I finished my tirade as the man stared at me, frozen and open-mouthed.
"I..." He stammered, eyeing me with concern. "What in the multiverse happened to you? What..?" He was so confused, pulling out his phone the moment I bailed my fists.
"My mother threw me out, my father doesn't give a fuck about me, apparently I'm a cheap whore with delusions of grandeur. You're avoiding me and everybody is waiting for me to blow up," I screeched, all but vibrating in my spot. "This is me blowing up. I want answers!" I demanded.
Strange recoiled from me, frowning and pocketing his phone. A deep sigh left him, the kind that made his whole body sag. He ran a careful hand through his hair before looking away and slowly pulling me against his chest, the door shutting behind me and keeping the cold out. I hadn't even noticed I was freezing; my feet were wet from the NYC winter slush and mud.
Stephen's embrace was warm and tender; I wanted to lean into it and push him away at the same time. I was so messed up, it was embarrassing. There was nothing acceptable about this situation - I felt guilty as soon as his face fell.
"Jesus Christ, baby," He mumbled quietly. "Sounds like you had one hell of a day. Let's go, I'll put on some tea," He rubbed soothing circles on my back, something that confused me - I just had stormed in and dumped a bucket of bile right on top of his head.
"I should go," I mumbled, yet had no real strength to move away from him.
"You're not going anywhere. I suppose I need to explain myself, too," He sighed, and despite his obvious discomfort, picked me up, letting my limbs to wrap around his torso like a monkey. I was careful to keep my weight off his hands, even if the trip to the fireplace room was short. As soon as I was placed onto the couch and my shoes were removed, Cloaky drifted over from a dark corner, urging me to take off my soggy hoodie, and wrapped itself tightly around me.
Turns out, semi-sentient cloaks were quite warm.
Tumblr media
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christmas lights - pt. 3
fem!reader x drew mcintyre
reader and drew come face to face ...
Tumblr media
word count: 2.3k+
warnings: mentions of cheating, mentions of divorce, mentions of being intoxicated, angst, rebuilding of a broken relationship
— part 4 tomorrow, then two more christmas themed imagines after that —
masterlist || request an imagine here
part 1 || part 2 || part 4
Weeks pass and you finally reached out to Drew after you've finally calmed down. Candice told you to hear him out so you told him to come by the house today.
Drew is home for a few days so he is stopping by so the two of you can at least air everything out. You don't know if you'll be able to fix the relationship.
You took off your wedding band and engagement ring because looking at them on your finger made you upset. You don't plan on putting them back on today.
You do dress like you haven't been crying your eyes out for the past six weeks. You wear a silky light blue button up and white jeans. You don't bother with putting shoes on so you're barefoot. You tie your hair into a ponytail on top of your head.
Now you wait for Drew to show up. You sit on the couch as you wait. You try to think about something else, anything else, but it's almost impossible. Especially after you hear a car pull into the driveway.
Sighing, you prepare yourself to come face to face with your husband, if that's what he still is. You don't know anymore.
Drew knocks on the door and you get up, walking into the foyer and opening the door.
The Scotsman stands in front of you, and it takes everything in you to not fall into his arms and just cry. He's dressed casually. A t-shirt and jeans with sneakers. His hair is in a low ponytail on the back of his head.
"Hi," you squeak.
Drew says, "Hey. May I come in?"
Nodding, you step aside and he walks in. You close the door and join Drew, who's now in the living room. He looks around at all the pictures you haven't taken down yet.
You ask, "Do you want something to drink?"
He shakes his head and says, "No, thank ya though."
You sit in the comfy chair adjacent from the couch that Drew is now sitting on. He looks over at you and you look down, not wanting to meet his eyes.
"Look, Y/N," Drew sighs. "I'm ripping off the bandaid so we can go back to what we were before. I lied t'ya."
Avoiding eye contact, you say, "No shit, Drew. That's why we're here."
Drew says, "No, we're here because ya took a text out of context. Ya never let me fully explain myself."
Anger starts to rise in you and you say, "The text seemed pretty straight forward, Drew. I gave you the opportunity to explain yourself and you said that you cheated. Plain and simple."
The Scotsman says, "I told ya that I cheated because ya wanted t'hear me say it. I never cheated. I would never do that t'ya, Y/N. Ya know me-"
"I thought I knew you," you interrupt.
Drew says, "Will ya close yer stubborn mouth for two seconds so I can explain what happened?"
You blink at Drew. He's never used that tone with you. That tone of "be quiet or I swear to God". Never has Drew used that tone with you, which makes you be quiet.
As you wait, you cross your arms over your chest. You stay quiet.
Drew begins with, "I wanted t'buy you a present for Christmas and I needed another woman's opinion so I asked my friend Diane t'help me pick it out. That was my first mistake. The lingerie in the picture, that was supposed t'be for ya. Diane, who I've blocked by the way, always used t'tease me because I only have sex every few weeks. She asked if I wanted t'come over and pick it up to give t'ya but ya were home and I didn't want t'leave t'go get it since it had been a while since we've seen each other.
"That's when the picture comes in. She decided to mess with me and send that picture with the text. I never kissed her, I never slept with her, I never flirted with her. Nothing happened. I mean that. I never cheated, and I only told ya that because it's what ya wanted to hear. I've always stayed loyal t'ya, Y/N. I've never even thought about messing with someone else behind yer back," Drew finished.
His explanation lines up with everything, but your stubborn ass never let him fully explain yourself. You have your doubts, yes, but you should have let him explain himself that night.
That night was your worst nightmare come true when it never should have been.
Tears begin to well in your eyes and you mumble, "That makes perfect sense and I didn't believe you."
You cover your face with your hands. You hate that you never let Drew explain himself. You hate that you've been avoiding talking to him for weeks.
He stays quiet and the tears that formed begin to roll down your cheeks. You've hated Drew for the past six weeks when you had no reason. You almost wanted him to tell you he had been unloyal to you because you couldn't believe him at all. He sounded so panicky when he was trying to explain himself all those weeks ago that you thought that he was lying to you.
"I'm so sorry, Drew," you cry, face still covered. "I'm so sorry that I never let you explain yourself."
Drew gets up and walks over to you. He wraps his arms around you as he sits on the arm of the chair. You cry into his chest as he says, "No, I'm sorry, Y/N. I'm sorry that I made ya think ya weren't good enough. I'm sorry I made ya ever think that I cheated. Yer perfect for me and I almost ruined it."
You hug him tight and say, "I've hated you for the past few weeks and pushed you away for no reason."
"Hey, ya had every reason," Drew says. "Ya were emotional and I had told ya that I was unloyal. Ya had every right t'hate me and t'push me away, Y/N. I don't blame ya at all, and ya shouldn't blame yourself, love."
You finally look up at Drew, meeting his eyes and you say, "I love you. I never stopped even though I hated you for something you didn't do. I'm so sorry that we couldn't spend the last six weeks together when it's what you wanted."
Drew presses a kiss to your forehead and he says, "We can start over. Clean slates, yeah?"
You nod and say, "Yeah, I'd like that. I need to do one thing first."
He nods and you get up, running up the stairs. You grab your wedding band and engagement ring out of the jewelry box you put them in and put both rings on your finger. Then you grab the present you never gave Drew for Christmas before walking downstairs.
Your husband looks confused as you carry a wrapped gift down the stairs.
"I, um, was never able to give you this," you say. "So Merry belated Christmas, Drew."
The small box is unwrapped once you hand it to Drew. Inside the wrapping paper is a small box. Not the size that would contain a ring, but the size that would contain a bracelet.
Drew opens up the box and smiles when he sees the contents. It's a thin silver bracelet with Drew's initials engraved on one side of the date that's engraved in the metal with your initials engraved on the other side of date. The date is the day you married Drew.
He says, "Y/N. Ya got this fer me?"
You nod and say, "And I'm giving it to you a month and a half later so technically happy early Valentine's Day."
Your husband laughs and puts the bracelet on his left wrist. You notice he's wearing his wedding band. Your heart sinks as you realize he probably never took his off while you did.
Drew looks over at you and he says, "Thank ya, Y/N."
You nod and meet his eyes again. "No more secrets," you say. "Please?"
He shakes his head and says, "No more secrets, I promise. And no more lying."
"Yeah, I agree," you say, giving Drew a small smile.
Drew reaches up and touches your cheek lightly, and you lean into his touch. "Can I kiss ya?" he asks.
You nod and Drew stands up from the arm of the chair. He towers over you and you have to look up at him.
He leans down and lightly presses a kiss to your cheek. You move closer to Drew as the kiss intensifies just a little bit. Your eyes flutter closed and butterflies rise in your stomach as if this was your first kiss again with Drew. It almost feels like it.
The kiss continues for a few moments before Drew pulls away. He says, "I probably have t'build yer trust up again, don't I?"
You look up at him and say, "I mean, I have some doubts but I do believe you for the most part." You take his hand. "But we can't just jump right back into how we were. We've been separated for six weeks."
Drew asks, "What do ya want to do? Do ya want me to stay with Sheamus a little bit longer or I can rent an apartment for a few months that way we can take things slow."
"You don't have to move out," you say, staring up at Drew. "We can asleep in separate bedrooms for a few weeks while we mend the relationship. We're gonna need some boundaries temporarily while we fix things."
He nods and says, "Whatever ya want t'do, Y/N. If ya want me t'stay then I'll stay."
Smiling up at him, you say, "I want you to stay, but separate bedrooms for right now."
Drew says, "Then I'll stay. I'll have Sheamus or Cesaro drop my clothes off later. Right now, I just want t'spend some time with my wife while I'm home."
Your face gets a little flustered as he talks.
You believe that this relationship can be fixed. Drew's explanation makes sense and lines up with a lot. You're just upset with yourself that you never let him explain.
A question pops into your head and you ask, "Drew, how long did you know Diane?"
He says, "I've known her a few months. She works in makeup for Raw and that's how we met. She's become a close friend while I'm on the road."
"Is that why you asked her to help you shop for me?" you ask.
Drew nods and says, "I talked t'her about ya all the time and she knew what ya liked and didn't like. That's how much I talked t'her about ya." A chuckle leaves his lips. "I didn't ask Candice or Indi because I wanted it t'be a surprise and I knew they would probably end up telling ya or ya'd find out because ya always talk to them. So I asked Diane and we shopped when we were in New York. Looking back, I probably shoulda asked Candice."
You listen to the tone of his and he sounds genuine. His accent gets a little thicker when he lies but it stays the same.
"Did she ever try to come onto you?" you ask.
Drew shakes his head and says, "Not that I'm aware of. Maybe I was just oblivious because I was always thinking about ya and when I'd get back t'ya. I always used to say how I'd miss ya and how much I missed us, ya know, having sex or being intimate with each other so she used t'tease me about it. The picture she sent overstepped a boundary that I didn't think I'd needed t'put down so the next day, after I sobered up and everything, I told her that she overstepped, that our friendship was over, and blocked her."
Sobered up? "You got drunk that night?" you ask.
He nods and says, "Severely. Sheamus and Cesaro picked me up and I threw up."
You frown. That's why Sheamus said that Drew wasn't there when you called that night to make sure he made it over okay.
"I called, that night," you admit. "I called Sheamus to see if you made it there okay. My heart sank because I thought you were with her after he told me you weren't there."
Drew crouches in front of you and he says, "I drove to a bar. I drank heavily for a while before Sheamus and Cesaro found me extremely intoxicated. That's all. I wasn't with Diane."
You look into his pretty blue eyes and you feel butterflies as you make eye contact with him. "I know," you say. "I'm sorry for being a terrible wife recently."
Your husband rests his hands on your knees and he says, "Ya have no reason to apologize, love. The past few weeks have all been on me. I gave ya the space ya wanted. I knew ya'd reach out when ya were ready to talk."
Sighing, you run your fingers through Drew's dark hair and you say, "I'm glad you're back. Let's never do that again. Separate, I mean."
He lets out a breathy laugh and says, "I agree. It was terrible."
You laugh a bit and hug him, wrapping your arms around his neck and holding him close.
You finally feel at home again in Drew's arms. Yes, he has a bit to prove but you're willing to work with him. You believe him and because you love him, you want to make sure this relationship gets fixed because you could never forgive yourself if this relationship ended for any reason.
tags: @drewmcintyrekoccsrocbwdgfan
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awesomelyanxiouspanda · 6 months ago
I'm a Murderer, Not a Monster (Billy Loomis/OFC/Stu Macher) Part 1
This is a repost since I deleted my old Tumblr!
In this AU, Stu and Billy were never caught or killed. Their plan went off without a hitch, and once it was done, they hung up their knives. On the anniversary of Sidney’s death, they were forced to murder again to protect their cover; Tie up loose ends and save themselves from death row for good. Only problem is that the murders were spur of the moment and they have no alibi. On the fly, they choose a house at random and hope for the best. Which leads us up to now!
Author’s notes:
-I had a dream and it inspired this little thing. In this AU, Stu and Billy were never caught or killed. Their plan went off without a hitch, and once it was done, they hung up their knives. On the anniversary of Sidney’s death, they were forced to murder again to protect their cover; Tie up loose ends and save themselves from death row for good. Only problem is that the murders were spur of the moment and they have no alibi. On the fly, they choose a house at random and hope for the best. Which leads us up to now!
-AU takes place in a weird time convergence. Basically the timeline is made up and the worlds don’t matter.
-I’m a fool for bad boys who are soft just for a few specific people, so Billy and Stu will be a bit OOC here. If that’s not your cup of tea, this is your warning.
-Relevant facts: Billy and Stu are both 19-20ish now. Ginger the OFC is 24 and Poppy is 6.
-Ginger’s appearance is rather general but she is short and chubby because there is not enough plus-size character love in fics.
-I had to split this into two parts. This one is SFW, just cursing and mentions of murder. Part two will be NSFW smut!
~“I’m a murderer, not a monster. I don’t kill kids, and what life would a kid have without their mom, hmm?”~
Billy’s words played over and over in my head while I stood, trembling, at the kitchen counter with my hot coffee mug in hand as I sipped at the sweet caffeine for support. I had to put on a strong front. I know he said he wouldn’t kill us but that wasn’t very comforting when there were two serial killers sitting at the table with my daughter; All three eating pancakes like there wasn’t a care in the world.
“Thanks mama. I’m gonna go brush my teeth for school,” Poppy said, pushing out her chair as she collected her plate.
“Alright sweetie. Don’t forget to wash your face after,” I called to her.
She nodded in agreement as she trotted off, ponytail swinging joyfully behind her.
With her bountiful energy out of the room, I let my shoulders sag and swallowed hard. Fear and uncertainty were tearing up my stomach and making it hard to breathe.
“You can relax, doll. We’re not going to hurt you, and especially not her,” Stu commented, shoving the last bite of his pancakes in his mouth, “We’re not that kind of people.”
I cringed slightly at the way he spoke with his mouth full and gaping, but didn’t dare comment on it. Who would correct a murderer on his table manners?
“I know you said that but it’s just…. I’m terrified honestly. I don’t trust anyone in my home, around my kid, other than family and now there are two strange men staying here,” I explained quietly, keeping my tone as docile as possible.
Billy rose silently from his chair and immediately I tensed up as his dark eyes landed on me. He wasn’t insanely tall like his partner but he was beyond intimidating as he marched over and stood only a few inches from me. Even though he was shorter, he still towered over me and my five foot frame. It suddenly felt like there was a lump in my throat that I just couldn’t swallow past.
“We won’t be in your hair longer than we have to be. As long as you keep your end of the deal, everything will go smoothly. You have my word that we wouldn’t touch a hair on that kids’ head no matter what, but if you were to try to start some shit-”
“I would never!” I cut him off immediately, heart racing and pounding hard at the threat, “Self preservation is my strongest suit next to doing anything to protect her.”
“Good, then he’s right. You can relax. You have nothing to worry about,” Billy finished with a nod.
A little grin came to his face and he raised his hand. Instinctively I flinched but somehow managed not to jerk away entirely. He patted my cheek gently with a little click of his tongue before going back to the table.
“Say, Ginger, you got any scary movies here?” Stu chimed in.
A week had come and gone, and then a second until more than a month had gone by. After almost two months of Stu and Billy hanging out off and on in my home, it was as if they weren’t even that infamous killer I’d heard so much about on the news. If I hadn’t woken up to the two of them over my bed in the Ghostface masks with blood soaked cloaks and knives, I might have never believed that they were. They were both so… normal. Although Billy obviously had some brooding and anger issues, he seemed to just be a regular, albeit gorgeous, guy with a chip on his shoulder; And Stu was absolutely adorable, funny, kind, and endearing. Together they made a hilarious duo; Billy’s dry humor and sarcasm pairing perfectly with Stu’s overzealous comedy. I was starting to LIKE having them there; it was a scary though.
They were both also surprisingly respectful of our home, of Poppy and my general distrust of men around her; Ensuring they were never in another room alone with her, even if it was just the kitchen or living room. I appreciated their tact. It was becoming easier to make myself almost believe the cover story they had come up with about us meeting in a bar and them passing out in my house on the night of the murders.
I was still in wonder of just how they had ended up here though. We were about an hour away from Woodsboro and in a decent but not extravagant area. Why us? Why this house?
“What’s wrong, doll? You look down?”
My cheeks heated under the pet name and I quickly tried to push away the butterflies it gave me when mixed with the curious look on Stu’s face. There was no way I could begin to acknowledge my stupid little crush on him without it making me feel weird. Although I’d started to feel friendship or possibly more toward them, there’s was nothing to say that they were doing more than keeping up the pretenses of our deal and ensuring I wouldn’t rat them out. Not to mention, my self-esteem told me that two men who were so beautiful would never be interested in a woman of my size and appearance, much less since I was almost four years older than them.
“No, not down, just thinking,” I explained, passing the popcorn bowl over to him.
He cocked his head to the side in obvious curiosity while he swiped some popcorn from the bowl.
“About?” Billy asked from the recliner across the room.
I shrugged but chose to be honest. I’d learned honesty was certainly the best policy with them.
“Why you came to this town when your hometown is an hour away. Why you chose this place of all places.”
Apparently that threw them both for a loop, Stu’s eyes darting to Billy while the other let mild-surprise run across his face.
“Well, I guess it was just fate. I’m pretty sure anyone else would have fought us by now and we’d have had to kill them. Which would have screwed up the whole plan, of course,” Billy vaguely explained.
I felt my curiosity pique at the mention of a plan and I hesitantly asked, “What is your long term plan?”
“A fresh start. Get away from all that shit that started this whole thing and try to do more with our lives,” Billy replied, eyes drifting back to the movie on the TV.
“It wasn’t like we planned on killing forever. Hell, we made it out for a whole fucking year before someone jeopardized our freedom,” Stu added in, “Had to do what needed to be done to keep people looking away from us though.”
He was obviously waiting for some kind of reply but I wasn’t sure what to say. Instead I gave him a shrug as I mulled over my thoughts.
“I can’t say I agree with, or understand, killing anyone to begin with, obviously, but I wasn’t in your situation either. That said, I CAN understand wanting a fresh start. That’s why Poppy and I moved here too; Away from a past life I no longer wanted a part of,” I responded after a while.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Billy asked.
I hesitantly met his powerful gaze before admitting, “I had to leave our old home for our safety. Let’s just say, there are worse things a person can do than end a life.”
The intensity in the room went up a level and I could almost feel both of them staring at my burning face, but I had already let out more than I wanted to. In this place, in my new world, no one knew of our past. They knew I was a single mom to a happy little girl, and that’s how I wanted to keep it. People’s opinions tended to change when they knew your dirty little secrets.
“Mama, are we still watching Rugrats tonight?” Poppy asked.
Her sudden appearance from the bedroom made me jolt and yelp in surprise. She grinned and stuck her tongue out at me, before clutching her tummy and letting out rolls of deep belly laughter.
“I scared you! I scared you! You scare so easy mommy!”
With a slight eyeroll of embarrassment, I waved away her hysterics before gesturing her over.
“Don’t make fun of me, butthead,” I teased, then added, “But yeah, as soon as Stu and Billy head out we’ll put on Rugrats.”
“Sounds like it’s time to skeedaddle, scoob,” Stu commented in a silly voice, “Gotta let the little princess get her movies in.”
Poppy grinned and nodded.
“Don’t forget, you promised to come back soon and play candyland with us,” Poppy reminded the two before climbing up onto the couch next to me.
“Yeah, yeah, pipsqueak,” Billy commented, unable to hide a little grin before he rose to his feet, “We’ll stop by again soon.”
I got up from the couch and walked them to the door out of habit, waiting until they were down the sidewalk before I shut and locked it.
“Okay, let the Rugrats extravaganza begin!” I cheered, scurrying back to the couch.
Poppy giggled and burrowed against my side eagerly as I flipped the TV over to the correct setting and pushed play. The familiar theme song blared from the TV speakers as the movie started and I settled back on the cushions more. Some parents wouldn’t admit it but I still enjoyed cartoons as much as I had when I was a kid. It was a nice bonding experience too, watching some of the shows I grew up on!
As the credits rolled, I shifted slightly and slowly lowered Poppy to the couch. She had fallen asleep about halfway through, as I had expected, but I wanted to finish up the movie anyway; It was one of my favorites!
Patting her shoulder gently, I set about picking up the remnants from the evening visit. Popcorn bowl, kernels, soda cans, and the like all barely fit into my arms so I rushed into the kitchen quickly as not to drop anything and let it down on the counter, sorting rubbish from dishes.
I had just got the sink water started to wash the dinner dishes when there was a loud crash from the garage.
“What the fuck?” I muttered.
I cut the water and dried my hands before shuffling closer to the garage door. Once I was almost a foot away, I heard hushed hisses and curses.
“Oh my god!”
As fast as I could, I flipped the deadbolt and door lock, only to be greeted to the sound of something slamming against the door.
“Oooohhhh ladies! I know you’re in theeerrreee,” a male voice sung teasingly, “Just wait ‘til I get you, you fucking bitch!”
Another slam against the door had me finally moving, eyes watering and chest burning as I held in a panicked scream. Without words I snagged Poppy and my phone up from the couch and sped into my room.
“Mommy?” Poppy groaned sleepily.
“Shh baby. I need you to stay as quiet as possible. Someone’s here. Hide in the nightstand.”
Her eyes instantly cleared up as fear marred her features. There was a sense of wisdom in her movements as she calmly and quietly crawled into the lower part of the bedside table, the cubby hole just barely large enough for her small frame. I turned it so the open side faced the wall and breathed out a sigh of relief. You couldn’t tell it wasn’t meant to be that way, nor that there was an opening on the other side. As long as she was still and silent, he’d most likely never find her.
“Whatever you do, don’t come out or speak unless I tell you to. No matter what. I love you.”
With Poppy tended to, I brought up my cell phone and dialed 911.
“This is 911. What is your emergency?”
“My name is Ginger Wallace. I live on 304 Cedar Knoll. Someone just broke into my house and threatened to kill me and my daughter,” I rushed out, hoping my words were clear enough for the operator.
“You said 304 Cedar Knoll, ma’am?” the woman asked.
“Yes, please, hurry and send someone,” I hissed.
Something slammed into the bedroom door and I jumped back with a scream as the pressed wood flexed under the impact. Hands shaking and heart pounding, I ran over to my desk and looked for anything I could use as a weapon. Another wall-shuddering thud hit the door right before the man spoke again.
“They’ll be too late, bitch. They always are. You wanna know all the things I’m gonna do you to before they get here? And to that little bitch too?!”
At those words, my blood ran cold.
“What’s taking so long?” I spit into the phone when I didn’t hear anything other than keys clacking.
“Okay ma’am, I was able to send out your location. An officer is on the way. Are you in a safe place away from the intruder?” she asked.
“Yes? No? I don’t fucking know. There’s a door between us.”
“Okay, I need you to stay on the line with me. An officer should be there about in twenty minutes.”
The door bowed under the pressure of what sounded like the intruder’s entire body being thrown against it and I felt my strength begin to drain, my knees going weak as I back up and leaned against the wall.
“Twenty minutes?!”
That was too long. Way too fucking long. Without much thought, I hung up the phone and dialed the first number I could think of. The intruders cursing was barely registering in my mind as I prayed for my only hope to answer. They had been renting out a place not too far away and with luck they’d still be awake, and thus the closest help.
“Ginger? It’s late, doll. What’s up?” Stu asked through the phone.
Another slam and cracking wood filled the air, along with a cackle that made me shudder.
“There’s someone in our house,” I whimpered, sliding down to sit on the floor as I felt panic set in hard, “He’s threatening to- to kill us. Are you guys able to-?”
“What?! Fuck, yeah. We’re on the way!”
I whispered a quiet thank you and tried to listen as he rambled something about being at the liquor store, but my attention remained on the crack slowly spreading down the door. I had to do something, but what?
“Hey! Ginger! Listen to me, sweetheart. Are you in a seperate room from him?”
Billy’s calming voice came through the haze like a beacon, and I quickly answered him that we were in my bedroom.
“Okay, good. I want you to barricade the door with whatever you have. Dressers, bed, whatever. Just keep him out until we get there. We’re less thab ten minutes away.”
I nodded, then realized with a frustrated sigh that he couldn’t hear that.
“Okay,” I finally murmured.
Climbing to my feet, I managed to pin the phone between my shoulder and ear and push the dresser at the same time. It wasn’t super heavy, but it was something. Next I maneuvered my vanity over. I barely had released it when the man slammed into the door again with a frustrated growl, tearing a startled scream from me as I stumbled back onto the floor.
“Do you have a weapon?” Billy asked suddenly.
“No,” I whispered.
“Is Poppy safe?” came the next question.
“Yes. He won’t be able to find her now,” I replied lowly.
“Okay, okay good. That’s good. We’re almost there.”
I heard a car horn honk from his side of the line and Stu swearing frantically, but then I stopped listening as recognition washed over me. The intruder was quiet, had been for a good minute or two.
As if my thoughts provoked his actions, suddenly the door was rammed again. The crack splintered farther down and I could swear there was light peeking through now.
“If you open up now, I promise to make the brat only watch! Hmm? How does that sound? Would you open up to save her?”
The guy sounded winded or hurt or something, but his threat was still bone-chilling nonetheless. I knew I stood no real chance against him weaponless. A terrified whine escaped before I could stop it and I felt my stomach lurch in disgust.
“We’re here! Right outside, Ginger. Don’t come out, okay?” Billy snapped sharply.
“O-Okay,” I whispered.
A door slammed in the other room and I heard the intruder let out a cry of shock before all three men were yelling. I couldn’t help but hide my head in my arms, unable to stand the sensory overload of the screaming onto top of all the other shit going through my mind. When a cry of pain sounded, my heart nearly stopped. I jumped to my feet when Stu yelled out for Billy, and nearly tore the furniture from the door to investigate the cause, but then came a loud thud; like a body hitting the floor.
I couldn’t make out what was being said at first, but then I heard my name.
“We got him! It’s okay now.”
With a strength I didn’t know I possessed, I shoved away the dresser and vanity as fast as possible and tore the door open, just to be greeted with the sight of Billy and Stu holding down a large man. A glint in the dark drew my attention to the blade at his throat, but my attention was quickly moved to the blood dripping from Billy’s nose.
Fuck. He’d gotten hurt trying to help me. A wave of guilt crashed over me, calmed only slightly when he spoke up.
“I should gut you here and now, you fuckwad,” Billy growled, “Slice you open and let you watch your intestines bleed out like a butchered pig.”
“Yeah! Teach you a lesson about messing with what isn’t yours!” Stu hissed, a terrifying look of glee on his bright eyes.
“No! Don’t kill him! No killing please.”
My shouts echoed across the room, over the man’s pained cries and the heavy grunts of Stu and Billy, and thankfully they both seemed to listen. On shaking legs, I slowly made my way over to them. The assailant was still stupidly struggling under the guys, but they gave him no quarter.
“Let’s do this the right way, okay? Remember, new start,” I whispered, carefully reaching out.
Billy tilted his head back, obviously weighing the options, before be nodded once. I couldn’t help but cringe as the blood dribbled down from his nose.
Damn that asshole for causing all of this mayhem!
“New start,” Billy agreed finally.
Hesitantly I rested a hand on their backs in a grateful manner, to which Stu surprisingly seemed to relish in.
I let out a yelp of fear as Billy reached out and suddenly slammed the man’s face into the floor, effectively knocking him out and silencing him immediately. Stu let out a snort then leaned lightly against my leg, his weight and warmth a welcome support in return, as Billy tied the man’s hands behind his back.
I let out a sigh of relief as we finally heard sirens approaching.
“Where’s Poppy?” Stu demanded suddenly, rising to his feet with an expression kin to fear on his face.
Billy swore harshly and growled out, “Did he hurt her before?!”
“No, no, she’s okay,” I reassured him quickly, “We hid before he got to us.”
Both men went limp in obvious relief as I called for her to come out. I heard nightstand scrape on the ground before she rushed out, barreling straight into my legs. I wasted no time hugging her back. After a few moments, she threw herself at the Stu. He brought her up in a bear hug, tossing a questioning look in my direction, to which I could only shrug. Why would I deny her comfort after what we’d just experienced? She clung to him like her life depended on it.
“We’re safe now, baby,” I murmured to her, reaching out and rubbing her back.
Her curls bobbed as she nodded in understanding. As she began to pull back, she instantly reached out for Billy, who was much more hesitant about holding her.
“Thank you. Thank you for saving us,” Poppy muttered into his shoulder.
“Of course,” was all he said eyes wide and glued to mine.
It was painfully obvious that he felt awkward and unsure of the familial affection, and I wanted to help somehow but wasn’t sure how. Stu shifted closer and wordlessly wrapped an arm around my shoulder, copying the motion on Billy, drawing us in. Poppy let out a little hiccup and a weak whimper as she fit snugly between the three of us. Feeling less awkward and even more grateful to them, I let my guard down and gave into my baser emotions; the dam breaking with the first tears that slipped out.
“Oh doll,” Stu muttered, squeezing me tighter when a little sniffle escaped my hold.
Eyes burning and chest aching with so many hectic emotions, I wrapped an arm around both their waists and held them tight; soaking up the feeling of complete and utter safety. As I rested my face against Stu’s chest, the tears flowed freely.
“You’re okay now,” Billy added after a few moments, “We’re not gonna let anyone hurt you.”
The sincerity in his tone took some of the ache away. I carefully drew from Stu and turned to face Billy, letting a frown curve at my lips.
“But you got hurt,” I murmured.
He looked surprised for a second before simply shrugging.
“This is nothing. I’d take worse if it’s what I had to do to make sure you guys weren’t hurt,” he replied.
Blushing, I swallowed hard and tentatively reached out, taking the hand that wasn’t holding up Poppy.
“Thank you. Let me go get a napkin and some ice for your nose.”
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anotherbechloeshipper · 8 months ago
Also on FFN
The Bellas had endured a pretty sleepless night. A tree had fallen on one of their tents just after they’d finally gotten it pitched, and all Aubrey said was that they’d be sharing the one tent. None of the Bellas, save for Fat Amy, maybe, had gotten more than a few hours of sleep in total. Someone was always snoring or getting up to use the bathroom, talking in their sleep, etc.
Aubrey woke them up by loudly blowing her whistle, and even Chloe was yawning as they all left the tent. After a quick breakfast, Aubrey made them do a series of team-building exercises while also singing different songs. She’d started with “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and slowly moved through different songs, decade by decade.
The Bellas went through the different exercises, some with a bit more success and/or interest than others. Chloe was her usual enthusiastic self, agreeing to anything and everything Aubrey suggested. Beca, however, was the complete opposite. She disliked heights and having everyone’s hands on her. She didn’t have great balance, and she complained about the sheer number of exercises that involved balancing.
Aubrey had the group put on life jackets and climb up high. The exercise involved jumping off of a very high tower and landing on a blob bounce. Fat Amy went for it, as did Emily and Flo. When Beca’s turn came up, she refused.
“Dude, no.”
“Beca, come on,” said Chloe. “You said you’d go on the retreat.”
“I didn’t agree to jump to my death!”
“Everyone has to do it,” said Aubrey. “It’s part of the experience.”
Beca stood at the edge of the tower and looked over, her eyes suddenly widening. “Nope, no way. I’m not doing that or anything in that water. Do you know what I just saw?”
Chloe looked over, squinting before shaking her head. “I don’t see anything, Beca.”
“It was...I don’t even know what it was. Aubrey, what the fuck is in that water?”
“Fish, tadpoles, the usual,” said Aubrey.
“This wasn’t that. I saw big teeth, and...oh, shit, there it is again!” Beca pointed at the water.
The others on the tower all looked over. Nobody appeared to have seen anything.
“Hey, Emily, Flo, Amy!” called Beca. “Do you guys see anything?”
The three of them looked back up. “What?” they all asked.
“Come on, guys, I can’t be the only one seeing this. It’s like...the Loch Ness monster, but it has teeth!”
“Nice try, Beca,” said Aubrey. “In the water.”
“No way,” said Beca. “I don’t care if I’m the only one who can see it. I’m not going in that water.”
Beca pushed past the others and headed back to lower ground, away from the water.
“Let her go,” said Chloe, as Aubrey moved to stop her.
The rest of the group continued with the water exercises before moving to an obstacle course over a mud pit. It wasn’t long before the entire group fell into the mud, and it quickly turned into a mud fight.
Aubrey sprayed everyone off with a hose, and the waterlogged group began singing En Vogue’s “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It).” The group was exhausted, most of them panting.
Once they finished that song, Aubrey said, “Okay, that was two steps away from
being almost fine.”
Beca’s frustration had clearly reached its limit. “Sorry, what are we doing?” asked Beca.
“We’re rediscovering our sound,” said Chloe.
“Are we? ’Cause it seems like we’re just singing songs that would never go in our set.”
“Beca, come on.”
“No, none of us know how to beat Das Sound Machine, but I know it’s not going to be by doing this,” said Beca.
"This is just an exercise in finding harmony, Beca. Sometimes you have to break stuff down before you can build them back up again," said Aubrey.
“I’ve got more important things to do!” exclaimed Beca.
“Okay,” muttered Flo as she and the group stepped away from the arguing co-captains.
“What could be more important than this?” asked Chloe.
“Nothing. Forget it,” said Beca.
“You think we haven’t noticed that you’ve been a little checked out?” asked Chloe.
“Come on, Beca. Just tell her,” said Fat Amy.
“I heard that. Tell me what?” asked Chloe.
Beca shot daggers at Fat Amy. “You misunderstood me. I clearly said, ‘Rum pond, Teca. Rust smell her,’” said Amy. “Listen, I don’t want you guys to fight. You’re Beca and Chloe, together you’re Bhloe. And everyone loves a good Bhloe. So…”
“Okay. I’ve been interning at a recording studio and a legit music producer wants to hear my work. God forbid I have something going on outside this group,” said Beca.
“Okay. So why would you keep something like that from us?” asked Chloe.
“Because you’re obsessed! You all are! We’re graduating and the only person thinking about life after the Bellas is me.”
“What is so wrong with being focused on the Bellas? This has been my family for seven years!” exclaimed Chloe.
“Yeah, because you’re too scared to leave! Sack up, dude!” replied Beca.
“Girl fight!” called Cynthia Rose.
“So you’ve been lying to us all year and now is when you choose to flake out?! The Worlds are right after graduation!” called Chloe.
“Oh my god. Enough about the Worlds! I can’t. I’m out of here,” said Beca, turning to walk away.
“So you’re just going to leave?!” Chloe called after her.
“We all have to eventually, Chloe! Might as well be now.” Beca walked away. She’d started to say something else when she walked over a bear trap, sending her high into the air.
Beca screamed in shock and fright, begging the group to help her. She apologized for yelling at everyone. Just as several members of the group began to formulate a plan to get her down, they quickly found Beca on the ground and Lilly hanging upside down from the rope, knife in hand.
Aubrey told the group they could take a break for a while and get some dinner. They found themselves chatting by the campfire shortly after the sunset, roasting marshmallows and talking.
Beca explained that she’d been having a hard time with all of the upcoming changes. She and Emily agreed to collaborate on something, and the rest of the group agreed that it might just be what both of them needed.
“I still swear I saw something in the water, though,” said Beca.
“I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about,” said Aubrey.
The group continued to chat. Cynthia Rose revealed she was getting married, and Fat Amy finally admitted to being in love with Bumper. Chloe decided she’d finally pass Russian Lit and graduate.
After a sweet rendition of “Cups,” the group decided they’d finally found their sound.
“My work here is done,” Aubrey declared.
The group continued to chat deep into the night. Aubrey talked a bit more about life after graduation. Stacie told everyone she’d gotten into grad school, and Jessica and Ashley were going to open up their own bakery in Wisconsin. Cynthia Rose asked if they’d be willing to send a wedding cake to Maine, and they told her they’d be happy to bake her wedding cake.
The next morning, the group headed back to Barden after breakfast. Aubrey hugged everyone and promised she’d keep in touch.
As the Bellas’ bus left the Lodge of Fallen Leaves, Aubrey walked over to the water. “Altie! Come here!”
A creature similar to the Loch Ness monster swam over and stuck his head out of the water.
“I told you to stay away from the Bellas!”
The creature hung its head in shame.
“No treats for you! Bad boy, Altie!”
The creature ducked his head underwater and swam away.
Tumblr media
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starkeristheendgame · 8 months ago
Hi! Are you still taking prompts? If yes, can you do a Starker one, where Tony is oblivious, and Peter doesn't know what to do, and ask for help to a close friend of Tony and they try to make him jealous by pretending to date and Tony is like of course he is with him he's everything i'm not and having a total breakdown and peter realize that they hurt tony instead and ask for forgivenes and end up together, pleasee? Thank you! If you aren't please just ignore this!
Against my better judgement, my prompts are never closed! Thank you so much for this super sweet/angsty prompt, Nonnie! I realised after finishing this that I never directly included Peter asking for forgiveness, but I hope this feeds you just the same! ❤
TW: Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Self-worth issues | Jealousy | Alcohol mention
Harley Keener is two years Peter’s senior and nicer than Peter could have ever imagined. When Tony had first started to talk about the ‘the first one he pseudo-adopted’ and how Harley had grown into more of a ‘mini me’ than he could’ve imagined, Peter had felt an uncomfortable twist in his gut. 
What if Harley was better than him?
What if Tony liked Harley more?
What if, with Harley around, Tony didn’t want Peter around anymore?
He needn’t have worried, though. Harley wasn’t as ‘outwardly’ nerdy as he was, but he was more than happy to gush over the latest Star Wars LEGO offerings, and Tony snarked them both in equal measure. It was surprisingly like having another Ned around, and it took less than a week for Peter to feel stupid for having worried about his place besides the two of them. 
Tony even joked that Harley was the ‘prototype’ and Peter was the ‘updated model’, to which Harley had just rolled his eyes, knocked Tony’s spanner off the table like a cat and gone straight back to talking to Peter about ComicCon.
They became fast friends, and Peter supposed that was somewhat why he tended to forget there was a second person in the lab with them here and there, starkly (heh) reminded of it when Harley flopped down next to him on the penthouse couch one evening and said; “so how long have you been in love with Tony?” 
He could have cried. The Avengers he was around almost every other day for the past two years brushed off his doting as a hero complex and ‘mentor crush’ and it had taken Harley Keener less than three weeks to call him out on its true nature. 
Naturally and mortifyingly it ended up with Peter sniffling against Harley’s shoulder, wailing about how Tony was out of his league, how every single possible thing that could was against them, and how worst of all; Tony wasn’t interested. 
“He’s interested,” Harley had shrugged, gingerly plucking a tissue from the box and holding it out to him. He’d been somewhat cryptic about the basis of his statement, but had enthusiastically proposed a manner of ways in which it could be proven. And Peter…
Peter agreed to one. 
He didn’t know why. He wasn’t exactly a glutton for punishment and he certainly didn’t get his kicks out of being humiliatingly, crushingly rejected, but...But Harley had said so make jealous. Tony always wants everything, and when he thinks he can’t have something he just tries harder to get it and Peter had inexplicably said yes. 
Unfortunately (or fortunately, Peter didn’t quite know which) the only real, viable option was...Harley himself. None of the other Avengers would work; since they were all taken, straight and/or highly unlikely to be receptive to fake-dating a teen half (or more) their age. 
Neither Ned or MJ had access to the Tower or could really be around any SHIELD, Stark or Avengers activity, and that left quite literally no-one else but Harley. 
“I mean, in a way, its perfect. I’m the grandmaster of the plan anyway, and you don’t have to wordy about hurting my feelings or me falling for you. We can collaborate flawlessly to get you some Grand-Daddy dick,” Harley hummed around the stick candy in his mouth, and Peter wasn’t quite sure what part of that sentence offended him the most. 
“Does literally nobody want me?” he pouted, bottom lip pushed out dramatically as he kicked Harley’s leg out of the way and picked up the PS5 controller. 
“Hey, chin up, munchkin. You’re prettier than half the girls I know. I’m just not wired that way.”
“You’re straight?”
“I’m not anything. It’s like asexuality and aromantic, but both,” Harley pulled a face, clearly trying to remember the term, then shrugged. “Ah, I can never remember it. Anyway, point is, I’m not interested in anyone. You’re a little cherub, for sure, but you’re cute like a cat, not suck-my-dick cute.”
And, well. Cute like a cat? He considered that a high compliment. 
Thus, Operation Get That Grand-Daddy Dick (Peter did not name it) was underway. They both agreed to keep it natural and subtle, since Tony walking in on them half-naked or all over each other was just likely to spook him off. They’d edge into it; hint that they were spending more time together, act a little cosier, maybe get caught holding hands after a week or two. 
In truth, it wasn’t all that different to how they had been before, except that Harley made his smiles even softer, a little more secretive and let his gaze linger when he was sure Tony would notice. They sat and stood closer together than before, and here and there Harley would press a lingering hand to his back or arm. 
They made sure when one or both left they secreted away just out of sight and took a little too long, standing close together by the elevator and making sure to hug ‘longingly’ (whatever that meant in context) should Tony happen to peek. 
And yet for all his smarts, Tony didn’t seem to particularly notice anything amiss until the first time that he spotted them ‘romantically hugging’. Harley was actually a very good hugger, and they stood in front of the elevator together, with Peter facing it and Harley facing the lab. Harley had his chin over Peter’s shoulder and his hands low and tight on his waist, holding him close. 
“Spotted,” Harley whispered quietly, and moments later Tony spoke up. 
“Well that looks cosy.”
Tony’s voice was carefully level, no betrayal of emotion as Peter shyly disentangled himself from Harley, taking a step away as though caught doing something he shouldn’t. He didn’t have to fake the heat in his cheeks when he glanced up at where Tony stood, arms folded, and he fumbled with the strap of his backpack, glancing across at Harley before he gave Tony a meek smile. 
“Um, I’ll-- I’ll see you Friday, Mr. Stark!” he chirped, shuffling around Harley and into the elevator. Tony was still staring at him as the doors began to close, and Harley turned, casting him a wink and a finger-waggling wave. Peter waved back sheepishly and the moment the doors were shut, he whipped out his phone. 
[To: Thing 1] Did he look mad? It looked like he looked mad. Omg. U gotta tell me anything he says :// [19:31]
Harley did in fact text him back two hours later, though there wasn’t much to report. Tony had made a few flippant remarks that could either be parental interest or slight jealousy, and had dropped the subject after a short while in order to focus on his latest project.
Peter slumped. There was snails who had a faster moving love life than he did. With a groan, he stuffed the last of his anxiety snacks in his mouth and flopped back against his pillow to discuss the next step with Harley. 
Social media was their next plan of attack. Tony followed Peter on Instagram and Twitter, and had his Snapchat even if the older man rarely used the platform, so they were going to up the pressure by hanging out outside of the lab (which they did anyway) and posting it to social media. 
It was too soon to cancel plans with Tony to hang out with Harley (and frankly, Peter didn’t want to anyway) so they simply both made themselves unavailable on certain other days, or hung out together without mentioning it to Tony beforehand. 
They got ice cream at the park, went to the art museum downtown, visited several different cultural/ethnic based stores and went to the arcade to kick ass at air hockey over the course of a few weeks, all while keeping up the poorly secretive touching and closeness at the lab. 
And he’d still have more luck getting blood from a stone.
Tony seemed...Either completely oblivious, or just completely unphased. Whilst Peter caught him watching them here and there with an unreadable expression, Tony never directly asked them or overtly commented on what was happening. There was the odd, “enjoy the park yesterday, kid?” or “saw your post the other day, you should try this place next,” but never anything along the lines of what Peter hoped for. 
Even Harley was starting to doubt his original statement that Tony was definitely interested. 
Especially when Tony was the one who started cancelling plans, telling them both to ‘go enjoy themselves’ and ‘live the lives of young people’. He didn’t do it all the time, but here and there they’d both receive a text telling them not to come today. The lingering looks got longer and more weighted, but even so, Tony made no move in either aspect. 
“I think I’m just gonna have to give it up,” Peter admitted to Harley one night over the phone, hanging upside down in his bedroom with the phone dangling on a web besides him. 
“Maybe he’s just not ready for anything right now?” Harley suggested on the other end, between the frantic sounds of tapping buttons. 
“Maybe-- Oh, hang on. I’ve got an inbound from JARVIS. It might be Avengers stuff,” Peter hummed, quickly twisting to tap on the screen to accept the incoming call from JARVIS. 
“Hey, J. What’s up?” He greeted the AI, blinking at the call screen. 
“Apologies for the disturbance, Mr. Parker, but protocol deems that when Mr. Stark is in distress I establish contact with someone on his emergency list in order to inform them.” The AI’s voice was as smooth and unhurried as ever, but Peter frowned at the screen. 
“Yes, Mr. Parker. Sir’s heart-rate is elevated and he is displaying significant symptoms of sadness, including light drinking, darkened lighting and angered viewing of your social media.”
“Angered viewing of my social media?” Peter echoed, fear ratcheting up as he dropped from the ceiling and moved to tug on a pair of shoes. Fuck, had he let something sip? Was there something in the background of his photos? Had someone figured out who he was? He was hopping towards the door on one foot when JARVIS spoke again, and he had to hop back to pull his phone down from the web. 
“Why is he sad over that? Did I do something wrong?”
JARVIS was silent for a short while, as though the AI was debating on how best to respond. 
“I... Believe Sir may be feeling lonely. Or unworthy of company. There have been a multitude of such instances over the past several years,” JARVIS replied after a pause, as Peter locked the web shooters around his wrist and tugged the Spiderman mask over his head to avoid any cameras, crawling out of his window and leaping out into the brisk air. 
It didn’t take long to swing to the Tower, especially not when panic and concern had him pushing it, testing his muscles and leaving him slightly out of breath by the time he slipped onto the top landing console. 
JARVIS directed him through to the penthouse and up the set of 12 steps that lead to the ‘upper level’ of it, to an open doorway that revealed Tony Stark sprawled out on his bed, staring blankly at his phone with a neglected, half-open bottle of whiskey loose in one arm, like a newborn babe. 
“Mr. Stark?” he asked softly, and Tony’s gaze flit up to him, clearing immediately. His mentor cursed and jerked upright, almost sloshing the whole bottle over his bedding. 
“Shit! Kid! Wh’r you doin’ here?” Tony’s voice was just hinting on slurred, the same easiness and lack of concentration that came when you’d had a shot too many. Or five. Peter’s heart cinched as he stared at Tony gingerly putting the bottle on the bedside table, at the redness of his eyes and the messiness of his hair where he’d been running a hand through it, over and over. 
“JARVIS called me. He said you were sad,” Peter managed after a moment, hands wringing the mask between his fingers nervously. He’d never seen Tony like this, this...uncomposed. He looked haggard, tired and sad, and it made Peter feel empty and adrift, unsure of how to approach this new version of the man he loved. 
“Fucking snitch,” the older man grumbled half-heartedly, and rubbed his hands over his eyes. “Shit. Don’t-- Ignore me, kid. Adults my age are entitled to a night like this once in a while. Go back home, I’m fine. Fuck, you didn’t leave Harley for this, did you?”
“Harley?” Peter parroted, brows furrowing as Tony waved a hand. 
“Go on, kid. Get. Make the most of being young and pretty with someone young and pretty.” Tony reached for the bottle again and Peter found himself striding across the room, placing himself in the way of Tony’s outstretched hand and the whiskey. Tony’s fingertips brushed his stomach and recoiled like he’d been burnt by the contact.
“Mr. Stark, do you think I don’t want to hang out with you anymore?” he asked after a moment, voice fragile. God, he’d hoped to maybe make Tony a little jealous, but nothing like this. He hadn’t wanted to hurt him. And he clearly had. There was nothing but rawness in Tony’s eyes when the older man looked up at him. 
“I’m not taking it personally,” his mentor attempted to joke, but it came out bitter and too flat to land lightly. Peter’s heart cinched in his chest and he shuffled to sit on the edge of the large bed, teeth on his lower lip as Tony turned away from his gaze. 
“Mr. Stark, I’ve never...I’ve never not wanted to hang out with you. Even if I have other friends, too,” he pointed out tentatively, and Tony scoffed lightly. 
“You’re too good for a world like this, shortstack. For someone like me. You should be trailing after someone like Captain Uptight,” Tony muttered lowly, and Peter scowled.
“You’re not less better than he is. Both of you are good people. Both of you make mistakes. Both of you save the world.”
Tony’s brows pinched, and he breathed out something that just barely sounded like then why aren’t I good enough?
Making an executive decision, Peter toed off his sneakers and crawled further up onto the bed, picking up Tony’s arm and settling down against his side, curling up under his arm and wrapping his own around Tony’s waist. 
He could feel Tony’s heart thumping wildly in his chest, could feel his breath hitch and the hesitant way that Tony let his arm settle over Peter, fingers curling in his hoodie. 
“You are,” he offered simply, squeezing gently. “This is my fault. I was acting like a dumb kid, and I thought... I should’ve known that it was just gonna end badly.”
“Is being my mini-me really that bad?” Tony choked out, and Peter pushed himself upright, alarmed. 
“What? No! Mr. Stark, being around you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t ever ever regret being around you! I just... I have to…” He trailed off for a moment, frustrated, then prayed to Harley for forgiveness and sucked in a deep breath. 
“I’m not actually dating Harley. At all. He doesn’t like people that way. Any people. We’re not boyfriends and I don’t want to stop spending time with you to spend time with him. I like spending time with you and you’re still my hero. Tony Stark or Iron Man,” he stated firmly. 
Tony looked at him for a moment, then looked away. 
“You should be with Harley, kid. Or someone like him. Not someone like me. Not someone with my history. I’m a shit person, kid. All this Iron Man stuff hasn’t even wiped half my scoreboard clean. Someone like Harley... He’s the better parts of me. Like you. He’s worth your love”.
Tony seemed almost startled at saying that word, twitching a little before he attempted to turn away from Peter again, gaze finding the far end of the room like he wished he was anywhere but here. 
Peter fidgeted, then sucked in a deep breath. “Please don’t hate me after this,” he fumbled out quickly, then rolled half on top of the older man, hands fisting in the front of his shirt as he leaned forwards. 
The kiss was awkward and clumsy and couldn’t have lasted for than two seconds before Tony pulled away, eyes wide and voice rough. 
“Kid, what-- You can’t--”
“If you say you’re not interested, I’ll respect that,” Peter interrupted. “Or if you say I’m too young or whatever. But if you say anything along the lines you of not being enough, or not being worthy, or-- or-- Or whatever it is you feel you aren’t... You’re wrong. The reason me and Harley were acting like that is because I was trying to make you jealous.”
“And I know its dumb! I don’t it was childish and I never thought it would hurt you like this. But I’ve lo-- I’ve really liked you. For years. And I know you’re a lot older and we might never be able to be...To be...Normal. I guess. But I want whatever I can get with you, because you’re worth it,” Peter barrelled on, desperate to at least be heard before Tony kicked him out. Except when he trailed off Tony was just... Staring at him.
“It’s just... Hero worship. You still think I’m some magical superhero and you--”
“No offence, Mr. Stark, but you don’t know what I think. Not when it comes to you, clearly,” Peter cut in, cheeks heating at being so brash. Prior to this he wouldn’t have ever dreamed about being so direct and forceful against Tony. 
Well. Not in any PG-rated sense, anyway. 
“Just... We don’t have to talk about it now, okay?” eh offered, sliding off Tony just a little so he was back up against his side, wriggling around until he could grab the faux fur throw on the bottom of the bed, pulling it up over both of them. Tony remained quiet at his side, just watching as he got them both settled. 
“Just... I’m gonna stay, alright? Right here. With you. Because this is where I want to be, and its where I’m gonna stay until... Until you tell me to leave.” His lower lip threatened to wobble with mounting emotion as he lay his head on Tony’s chest, feeling the thick ridges of his scars beneath his shirt. 
A moment later, Tony’s hand settled lightly over his head, fingers sliding tentatively into his hair. 
“And if I never tell you to leave? If I’m selfish and never want to let you go?” the other man whispered. 
“Then I guess that makes us both selfish, because that would make me happy,” Peter mumbled into his chest, wrapping his arm tighter around Tony’s waist. The room went silent for a while, save for their breathing and Tony’s heart thumping beneath his ear. 
“Okay,” Tony rasped after a moment, and Peter smiled. 
“Okay, Hazel Grace.”
“Nevermind. You’re too old for that reference.”
“You’re a little shit.”
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corvixa · 9 months ago
I have this thing, that when an idea gets in my head, I either get it out on paper or it will create a traffic jam in my head and bugger up everything. So, not including my ongoing Fics, which includes the Gold Universe as part 4 is still nearly finished, I just need that last push on it. These are Ideas that can have anything from a few scenes, an idea, plots, or several chapters.
So I call this -
Winteriron WIP
(because what else 😅, I have a problem.)
In Fire & Flames - In this universe, Phoenixes and Humans live together, if one species dies then the other will too. When a Phoenix does for good, lots of natural disasters happen, starts with Tony'parents dying and then Rhodey, who is also a Phoenix, finds Tony. Who is now familyless and dying as lone phoenixes tend to die. There are several different kinds, and they come in pairs general. Golden and Ice, for example, Golden are high in magic, Ice tends to protect, especially the rare Golden, it's more tribes than individuals, there is no requirement for who likes who. It's surprising how much making a few other Avengers phoenixes tweaks things here and there, this actually goes up to the fight in Siberia and is one of the bigger WIP's. (26k)
Tumblr media
Flash of Gold - Avengers are shifters or humans with magic, and they think they know what Tony is. They believe he is a human with magic, but they notice that he has some shifter traits, which is odd as shifters can't have magic in this AU. Only in very old stories and myth. Tony, however, is a dragon, which are myth. Instead of being like most shifters a, a human that shifts to something, he is the reverse. It only has a few scenes. Full shebang, team as Family. Steve is even a good guy. James is brought to the tower after being found and slowly integrated into the group and is wondering wtf Tony is. (13k)
Tumblr media
The Operative Program - Howard was never meant to be a father; he was a weaponsmith. So he took the red room and the wolf spider programs and decided to create himself an Operative that he hoped would be the darker side to help Steve when he found him. Two sides of the same coin, one for the light and one to work in the shadows, Tony would be under Steve's control, he would be a weapon for the man who only picked up a shield. (Also assassin Tony is just fun.) Tony in this is a mash-up really, Tony traits, like Gold but different as he has been trained his entire life, the only reason he has developed a sense of self is Rhodey and the fact his parents died at 17. Rhodey got there first after the car crash, getting to Tony before anyone else who knew what he was could potentially claim him. Tony definitely collects people. Yinsen and Vanko for example. Chapters from Ironman up to Avengers (not complete). But enjoyed myself rewriting some out of sequence chapters, so there is a nice big scene in Siberia. (15k)
Tumblr media
Another Persons Wish - Now this was based on a post I saw going around. Person A is married to Person B. Person A is looking back at their life and wondering if they should have married B, etc. So, A is offered a wish. Poof. Goodbye Marriage. Person A is Steve, and the story is from Tony, person B's POV. It goes from Tony planning his anniversary(because I was apparently extremely angsty when I started this!) to waking up in the past, alone and wondering what the fuck has happened. 6 chapters entirely written. Chapter 7 is in a different file and in progress when I dabble on it. (30k)
Tumblr media
Tarnished Gold - This is an AU from my AU AU XD. Basically similar set up to the Gold Universe, Tony escapes Hydra Captivity but is brought in by Rhodey instead of spending 2 years on his own cleaning up Hydra. He only spends about 7 months before Rhodey convinces him to come in. Few other tweaks here and there but that is just side. Rhodey and James are pals too. The plot here is Howard and Maria are brought back from the Dead and Rhodey is trying to work out how to tell them what has happened and that he can't just bring them to Tony, because he doesn't know if Tony will remember them yet. Tony is a little less 'give me orders, and I'll gut you, and more 'orders made things easier'. I basically flipped his and James reactions from the original Gold universe. Tony is more in need of a hug. It's very loosely put together. I wanted something where Howard was a good dad to offset the fact I kind of made him Hydra in the next piece, and I wanted a good family man Howard with the bringing the parents back because I love reading fics that bring Howard and Maria back. (9k)
Tumblr media
Sins of The Father - Arno has just buried his father. His mother is in a coma, he is 20 and mourning his life now he's expected to take on the business when a visitor flips his work upside down worse than the phone call about the crash. His Father? Part of a program that summoned a creature known as a Void Walker. (A creature from the Void Loki fell into, the only native species to that area, most others can't survive the void, so Loki will read as Void Touched and is 'To Be Protected' because I think that could shake up the Avengers section nicely.) Oh and he has Howards DNA. So Arno is freaked that he has a brother, that someone released and sent to him and Arno is 100% sure he is not meant to deal with severe traumatised half-human assassins that could be his kid brother. That is how Arno meets Tony and becomes very invested and turns up big brother protective instinct to 13. When summoned they're tired to a person and has to obey orders, that person was chosen as The Asset under the idea he can't disobey, which obviously fails as Winter does everything to protect Tony, including freeing him and sending him to Arno. His last order is that Tony is not allowed to go looking for or rescue Winter, which I think will be some nice drama when Bucky gets brought in (I really like this one) It has mostly set up but 2 scenes for in the future, Tony finding Coulson threatening Arno in IM2 and the data dump. (21k) (in this S/S Helped is Yelped, I'd fix it, but I've been working on this post forreeever)
Tumblr media
Blood and an Arc - This came about from reading the Tony is a vampire fic and noticing that when he gets turned, generally Tony hates being a vampire. There aren't many where he comes back from Afghanistan a vampire and goes, huh... Well. This could be interesting. Loosely based on Vamp the Masquerade but I've tweaked it because my brain takes ideas and then runs off madly into the sunset. It is however utterly all over the place, some from Ironman and then random out of sequence chapters that I'm unsure about as I hadn't slept in a very long time on writing them and Tony went kind of Spike-ish calling James 'Pet'. I do like the idea of Tony fully embracing his changes. Yinsen never intended Tony to live, so he did something extra whilst turning him, so he is not an ordinary baby vampire and is convinced (justifiably so) that if he meets any other vamps, they'll try to kill him. In notes have Sam considering being a werewolf who works out Tony is a vamp and freaks out, because Vampires vs Werewolves and Tony is utterly confused and tells Sam he smells of mint (seriously, insomnia) Sam is baffled to find out the centuries of hatred that is claimed to be instinctual is actually taught. Sam gets kind happy he has a Vamp friend. (20k)
Tumblr media
The Original Plan - This sets up around the end of the Mandarin (because honestly, I prefer working with Tony that has powered, especially because James has the serum and I personally think it would expand life span more than shown in Endgame. So I like evening things out and powered Tony is my jam) Tony has a bunch of plans, and they go awry. He doesn't see why and has zero clue what's going on. It's because no matter how well he plans this out, he's caught up in other people's plans. Steve is a little more "End goal justify the anything and everything." In other words, getting Bucky back is his plan and everyone are just pawns in said plan. I've taken that tactical genius title and also pushed him a little darker. After Ultron, he brings Wanda on for 3 reasons. 1 Precedence. 2 Fixing Bucky. 3 Making sure Tony doesn't find out about his parents and making sure he is on the team and available to fix Bucky's arm. That last bit changes things as instead of pulling away from the Avengers, Tony fully moves into the compound(just after AOU, it's not good). There will be no accords and Steve will find Bucky and just move him in and general plans on telling no one about the Winter Soldier. I summed up a chunk of AOU in this format, and I liked it (in an angst and pain fashion.) But it's quite long for a screenshot, so here's a chunk. Bucky is being brought in soon, but as it is, Tony is not having a good time, there might be Wanda conditions in his mind that Steve can use to convince Tony to do things... Also, because he is living there, I couldn't justify Sam not noticing there is something very wrong, so he is asking questions he didn't in canon as Tony's PTSD is more in his face living together you know? (16k)
Tumblr media
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