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#obey me mc
wholesomeangelluke · 20 minutes ago
Every time I see and interact with luke my heart goes 💕✨💕✨💞 I loved Human World Sleepover !!! Can I request a HC with the brothers (with whom you want and feel comfortable) and Simeon with an MC who practically adopted Luke as their son? because same😔 sorry if it doesn't make sense, English is not my native language jsjsjaj
Demon Bros + Simeon react to GN! Reader "adopting" Luke as their son (HC)
A/N: Thank you so much for complimenting my writing! I absolutely adore Luke and I am a sucker for sweet family moments, so I loved this request! I hope you enjoy! I did the Demon Bros I usually write for and added the rest of the side characters. I hope that is okay! (Also, your English is great!)
Context: When you initially meet Luke, you thought he was absolutely adorable! After he gave you a warning to be careful around demons, your heart filled with joy and you decided to take him under your wing. Since then, Luke and you have become inseparable and you take care of him like he is your son. 
When he first found out about how close you are with the little angel, he didn’t really care to much 
All he felt was a little annoyed considering he would have to deal with you AND Luke 
However, when Lucifer and you get closer, he starts to pay more attention to how attached you are to Luke 
I mean, y’all are practically attached at the hip, it’s hard not to notice. He just purposely ignored it until then
Is greatly annoyed because he has to share you with Luke. 
Once, when you were taking a walk with Lucifer, Luke called you and asked you to come over to try some of his baking. 
You didn’t hesitate to leave Lucifer behind as you rushed to Purgatory Hall. 
However, at least you were considerate enough to make an excuse for your sudden departure: “My child NEEDS me”
His pride took a real hit from that experience. Rumor has it that he is still salty about it to this day 
Though, he does feel a little (okay, actually A LOT) of pride when he sees you doting on Luke like a parent would to their child
He, essentially, acts as a father figure to his brothers. So he finds joy in knowing that he has something in common with you 
Since he knows how difficult it can be to be a parental figure to others, you get some added respect from him every time he sees you take care of Luke
Overall, the situation irks him a bit, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. (I mean he lives with 6 other chaotic demons, this is nothing)
He tries to dial down his annoyance, for your sake, and attempts to spend time with Luke 
He doesn’t usually care for others opinions, but he knows how important Luke is to you, so he tries to be kind to him anyway. 
^ By kind, I mean not blatantly rude. After all, this is still Lucifer we are talking about. 
Tsundere king tries to play it off like he doesn’t care at all that Luke is pretty important to you, but we all know that he does
Like Lucifer, he was initially irritated because he would technically have to look after you and Luke 
He already gets enough insults from his brother, he doesn’t need this puny angel insulting him too!
Mammon and Luke already butt heads often, but when you and Mammon get closer?? Get ready for some frequent jealousy-fueled arguments between the two 
One particularly bad argument between the two went like this, Luke: “Why should they be forced to spend time with a demon like you?” Mammon: “Oi you little runt, I’m their first man! They should feel lucky to spend time in the presence of the Great Mammon. Besides, why would they want to hang out with an annoying chihuahua?” 
Luke got angry at the mention of his infamous nickname and started pouting at Mammon. When you saw this, you hugged Luke closely and started scolding Mammon. 
Luke totally stuck his tongue out at Mammon from behind your back. Luke - 1, Mammon - 0 
He tries to hang out with you alone, but you usually insist on inviting Luke anyway, “I want to hang out with my two favorite boys, is that so much to ask?”
He begrudgingly agrees to invite Luke, but only because you said he was one of your favorite boys
He gets jealous when you take care of Luke and give him more attention sometimes 
When you found out, you made sure to reassure him that you love the both of them differently and that Mammon will always be in one of the top spots in your heart
Overall, pretty annoyed at how close you are with Luke. But as long as your happy, he can put up with it.
Oh boy, do we got a wild card here 
You would think that he would be upset/ angry at how close you and Luke are, but he actually finds it quite endearing
Mans is the Avatar of Rage, he knows how to control his anger. 
Sure sometimes he gets a bit peeved off, but he is usually unbothered by how close you two are
When Satan and you grow closer, he starts to spend more time with Luke. Because, like Mammon, he understands how important Luke’s opinion is to you
Luke and Satan spending time together is generally just pure chaos 
It basically just consists of Satan teasing Luke while Luke tries to fight back against the demons remarks
Once, you found them in the middle of a “roast” battle and you had to stop it before Luke started crying 
You scolded Satan pretty hard after that whole incident and, after giving him the cold shoulder for a couple of days, he decides to cut back on his teasing
When he learns about Luke’s love of baking, he does research on it so he can impress him with his knowledge 
Luke ends up, begrudgingly, allowing Satan to help him when he bakes 
The pure joy you felt when Luke brought you a cake that Satan and him made together? Honestly, you almost passed out from how wholesome it was
When Satan, Luke, and you all spend time together, Satan is, essentially, the third wheel. 
For example, one time you all went to the zoo together. Luke and you rushed around, hand in hand to look at the animals while Satan just kind of watched 
He was more or less there as a tour guide and a photographer. 
He doesn’t really mind though. He loves watching how happy you are with the little angel 
Luke brings out a childlike innocence from you and Satan absolutely adores how carefree you are when around Luke. 
Overall, Satan goes along with it (aside from some occasional teasing)
Beel is 100% a family man, so you already know how this is gonna go down
He had a similar reaction as you when he saw Luke for the first time in a while: ”so tiny, must protect”
Out of all the brothers, Luke likes Beel the best (as seen in his homescreen dialogue) so the two get along swimmingly 
When Beel and you get closer, the three of you become an inseparable trio 
While Luke and you bake, Beel watches and happily assists when something is needed from a high shelf. 
He is the official taste-tester and always compliments Luke and you for the amazing treat, which brings a bright smile to Luke’s face 
Once, Beel was helping Luke with whisking cake batter. Your heart filled with glee seeing them side by side. The sight of the towering demon doting on the little angel was adorable.
You lowkey thought that they looked like a father and son. From then on, you guys became like one, little family :) 
Beel often takes you two out to eat. Whenever Luke is full or dislikes something, Beel will happily eat it for him 
It is common to see Beel hoist Luke up onto his shoulders while you hold his hand
He is very protective of the two of you and acts as your personal bodyguard 
Sometimes, he is unintentionally left out when you three are together, but he really doesn’t mind
Like Satan, he absolutely adores watching you take care of Luke. Every time he watches you two laughing together, he looks like the heart eyes emoji
Seeing how good you are as a parental figure to Luke makes him think about you and him raising a family together
Thinking about how incredibly kind and caring you are to Luke makes him forget his everlasting hunger for a second
His lock screen and is you, Luke, and him eating ice cream. Whenever he sees the picture, he instantly smiles and remembers all the good times you’ve all spent together
Overall, a wholesome family dynamic between you three. Just like a little family :D
Simeon is very similar to Beel, in the fact that he is totally a family man 
Before coming to the Devildom, he was already acting as a parental figure to Luke 
Lo and behold, when you come into his life and accept both him and Luke, he finds himself wondering if your an angel
When he first saw you doting on Luke, his heart swooned and he fell for you right then and there
Luke was, obviously, overjoyed to spend time with his two most favorite people in the world so you three were always together
You frequently had sleepovers together at Purgatory Hall. This is Simeon’s favorite activity for you all.
He LOVES it when you and Luke fall asleep together while watching a movie. Just the sight of Luke unconsciously holding your hand in his sleep gives him so much serotonin
Simeon cherishes your guys’ family dynamic and greatly treasures the both of you 
He has a diary of memories you have all made together and reads through it every day
He never wants to forget how happy he feels with you two, cherishing every little detail about the times you’ve all spent together
Despite how horrible he is with technology, his DDD is filled with high quality pictures of the three of you together 
He worked really hard with Solomon to figure out how to take a picture with his DDD so he could properly capture moments of you all together
His lockscreen and homescreen pictures are just collages of photos you three have taken together 
Overall, he wouldn’t trade you two for the world. The both of you are literally the most important people in his life and he would do anything for the both of you
Luke, and you will forever be his found family, and he wouldn’t have it any other way <3
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devildomsexting · an hour ago
Simeon x GN!Mc
Simeon wants to fluster you and he knows the perfect way to do so.
Get access 1 week early to chat posts like this as well as Patron Exclusive posts by subscribing to my Patreon at the link below🧡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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twiceasfrustrating · an hour ago
Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Category: GN/M
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Relationship: Main Character/Simeon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Simeon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Reader
Characters: Simeon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)
Additional Tags: gender-neutral reader, voluntary amputation, sadism, masochism, blood, violence, cum eating, blood consumption, smut
Summary: Simeon is yours. Every inch of his belongs to you, given readily and willing. He doesn't need anything else, and he's willing to prove that to you in the most extreme of ways.
He steeled himself, his muscles going rigid as he yanked at the chains binding his wrists and braced for a pain he could not imagine. No matter what you did, he swore he would not beg or scream for mercy. He wanted this. Every part of him screamed and ached for this.
Even so, nothing could prepare him for the unspeakable agony he felt as you pressed the scalpel against the base of his wing. With a steady hand, you dragged the sharp edge along his back and scraped it against the hard bone that was shaped so perfectly to allow him to fly. Beads of blood burst forth from his beautiful dark skin wherever you went, leaving crimson trails running down his back.
Simeon pulled at his bindings until they cut into his skin. The metal dug into his flesh, tearing him open and threatening to rip his arms straight from their sockets from force alone. He bit his bottom lip until he tasted hot iron on his tongue to try and keep from crying out. He could handle this. He knew he could.
Through all of the pain, his stomach rolled and tumbled around itself. His abdomen tensed and released with an indescribable feeling of euphoria that rushed straight to his groin.
His eyes rolled back in his head as he babbled incoherently, his pain mixing into pleasure as his cock twitched violently in response. He'd never felt this way before, but it felt right in this moment. It was as if something fell into place with each incision and snapped nerve.
You reached a hand between your legs, rubbing yourself to the sight of him just barely holding himself together, "Simeon… Simeon…." You mutter nonstop. He was gorgeous. An utter mess that refused to be anything less than the radiant being you knew him as, even as you ripped his holiness away from him.
His eyes were unfocused and his voice stuttered as he spoke, "Don't stop." He was so close. A little more… give him just a little more…
It was hard to accommodate his request with how turned on you were. All you wanted to do was watch how his face twisted into depravity with each passing moment and get off on it. But the thought of how he would devolve further was one that tempted you.
So, despite how difficult it was, you returned to your work, slicing away at the muscles that controlled and connected his wings to his skeleton. The screams of blissful agony that finally left his mouth flooded your mind and pulled you in. With reckless abandon, you switched from careful cuts to frenzied stabbing and ripping. You couldn't finish fast enough. He couldn't scream loud enough. Nothing was enough.
Eventually, you hacked away the last of his nerves and tissue, completely separating the wing from him. You wrapped your hands around the base, just barely brushing against the fresh wound as you began to tear it out of his back. His body jerked uncontrollably, fighting to get away from this unbelievable torment but also reveling in the feeling of being ripped apart.
He rutted into the air, instinctually trying to seek pleasure that wasn't there. The only thing he had was the feeling of having a chunk of him violently removed; and he loved it. His hips jerked up as the rolling feeling in his stomach finally spilled over and he came. His warm cum splattered on his thighs and the floor, a clear sign of how thoroughly he enjoyed everything.
You dropped the lump of feathers, bone, and flesh onto the ground. Your hands were covered in blood as you moved to rub your needy sex to the sight of him so blissed out on pain. It took you almost no time to find your own release, covering your fingers in your own sexual fluid.
With a trembling smirk, you brought them to his mouth, "Clean them." You ordered, painting his lips with red as he opened wide to follow your command.
His tongue curled around your fingers, meaning at the taste of you and him mixing together. Sometimes, he went over the same spot three times just to make sure he hadn't missed any of the delectable treat. The only sign your hand had been stained at one point was the trail of saliva he left his wake.
Only once every stray speck of blood and sex was cleaned did you run your hands through his hair to show your approval. He had been so good. He'd screamed so beautifully and you loved the look of ecstasy on his face. It left you wanting to see him lose himself even more.
"Simeon… You have one more…" It was hard to speak or think clearly as you thought about how he would cry as you ripped out his other wing.
His flaccid cock began to harden once again. The chains clanked as he pulled at them once more, arching his back in such a way as to make getting to it easier, "Take it." He didn't need it anymore. He was all yours in every way. He didn't need wings or holiness or chastity. All he needed-- all he wanted-- was to be owned by you; completely, utterly, and entirely.
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strawberryhugs · an hour ago
Obey Me! Brothers When You Surprise Them With A Kiss: Beelzebub Edition
Beel was probably the least suspecting of all the brothers. He was just eating some sweets that he had gotten from Madam Scream's. He looked so happy.
'So vulnerable.'
However. You didn't take into account that Beel is much. Much taller than you are.
As you try to give him a kiss, even on your tip-toes you only manage to reach his collarbone.
Beel swallows his food before leaning down and kissing you on your nose. You accidentally get some frosting stuck to your face, but you don't mind.
Beel thought it was really cute of you to try and surprise him.
Many hugs,
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k1b0s-soft-hands · an hour ago
Obey Me as things people have said in Discord
MC: I know you love me
Lucifer: That's debatable
MC: You don't love me?
Lucifer: Wait MC no-
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obsidiansally · an hour ago
Added glasses to my last post.
Happy Daddy's Day, Daddy. 😂
Tumblr media
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{Mc&Satan in Satan's room.}
Mc: So Satan what do you think?!*poses*
Satan:...I-I uhhh...
Mc: Asmo got me this cat costume,does it look bad?
Mc:...*gets down on their hands and knees* Meow.
Satan:*whispers*Ah shit!!
{1hr later}
Asmo:*knocks on door* Hey Satan can you return Mc back and also can I come in?~
Satan: If you dare open that door right now,I will rip your dick off your body and feed it to my cats.
Asmo:*nervous laughter*... Uhh nevermind just..uhh..yeah I'll just come back later!
{After Asmodeus left}
Mammon:*Bursts into Satan's room* Heyy bro I nee-
Mammon:*eyes widens*
Okay I don't know how to continue this in speeches so here is the rest:
For those who guessed it out so yepp our precious Mammoney walked in on Mc and Satan fucking and got chassed through the entire HOL and now he cant put a foot into the house because of the curse that the Angry Catboi put on him.
Let's just say that our poor baby found refuge at the Purgatory Hall and got to eat both Luke's and Solomon's cooking for at least 2 whole freaking weeks.
While on your side you tried your best to convince Satan to let him come back. He finally gave into your begging and lifted the curse on the 15th day.
But then also Mammon didn't came back because he didn't wanted to leave. Like my dude got everything he needs there; he gets good food (when Solomon isn't cooking obviously) and gets away with anything that he steals cause there ain't no Lucifer there.And also the angels treat him so much better than his own brothers did.
But then after some time Lucifer got fed up and decided to get back his brother. It kinda went like this:
Lucifer,yelling: Mammon stop hiding in Luke's room and come here. We're going home.
Mammon,yelling from Luke's room: No never I'm so much better here and there ain't no Angry Kitty Cat here to throw me out of my own freaking house!.
Lucifer,losing patience:*breaks the door and grabs Mammon jacket* I'll make sure to get the door repaired Simeon don't worry.
Lucifer:*dragged him out and went to the HOL*
Simeon,Luke&Solomon:. . .
Ok i know that it was out of subject but i really wanted to try something new sooo. Yeah ,you got two stories completely for the price of one. I want to make more stories like this in the future so let me know if you would like to read my version of things. So if you enjoyed it or if you don't enjoy it let me know .Love you ,peace ,I'm out.
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tea-and-swords · 2 hours ago
Hi! Luke with a female friend that gets pissed when people make fun of him
Oooo yes yes yes I love my baby Luke!! Hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
You’re MC’s younger sister, brought to the devildom to help with MC’s homesickness.
Luke was immediately SO excited that he finally had someone his own age, he could make a friend now!!
He started getting closer and closer to you and to his surprise, you didn’t… call him a chihuahua?!
Ok ok now he loves you so much more.
Unfortunately, nobody else shares your views on not bullying him.
You had grown quite protective over him, not liking how everyone insisted on teasing him for every little thing. Why did they do that? Luke didn’t do anything.
You did everything you could to protect him, whether this meant yelling at them, mercilessly pranking them, or once even trying to fight them (you got stopped by MC).
Luke was just stunned. He honestly had mixed emotions about this.
On one hand, you were protecting him and that made him all warm and fuzzy inside, it shows how much you care about him!
On the other hand… he was supposed to protect you! You were a little, fragile human!
In the end, he loves it and appreciates you so so much! Just let him protect you too, ok?
He also bakes for you a lot to show his gratitude.
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moemoemammon · 2 hours ago
Definitely think a part of liking daikon is seeing him so often. Even if they’re shit posts or v short responses, seeing the boi just makes it feel very much like he’s just chillin and I’m getting to know him slowly. I also don’t do very well digesting lots of info at once. Daikon is in small but frequent doses. But that’s my experience as someone who follows you and checks tumblr/your blog often. Hope that might help anon, everyone is different tho!
That's a great way to put it!
I try to microdose him in without being spammy, ya know? I'd draw the brothers more often but I haven't decided how I want them to look in my style 🤔
But ye, familiarity is the key to being popular! Just draw your MC in relatable circumstances and do it often, and people will be like "hey that's pretty neat :)"
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harunayuuka2060 · 3 hours ago
More bnha x my hero academia please 🙏🙏🙏
This is going to be random.
MC: If you're really my best friend, what's my quirk?
Dabi: Attraction.
MC: Cool! What can it do?
Dabi: Attracting hot guys like me?
MC: *frowns*
Dabi: *chuckles* Don't be like that, tiger. That's just how it is.
MC: But how about your fire quirk? Where do you usually use it?
Dabi: Oh, you know, when you run out of gas and you request me to be your temporary stove?
Dabi: I can roast a chicken for half a minute.
Beel: *listening to them* You can do that?
Dabi: Yes.
Beel: *holding a turkey by it's neck* Roast this.
MC: Beel.
Dabi: No problem, tiger. He's asking nicely so why not.
Dabi: *burning the turkey into ashes* There. I'm sure it's crispy.
Beel: ...
Beel: *enraged*
Dabi: *runs with an evil laughter*
Beel: *running after him*
MC: *facepalm*
Shigaraki: *smiles creepily* Hello...
Asmo: Eww... Who's that?
Belphie: He said that he's searching for Dabi so I invited him over.
Asmo: What the fuck, Belphie?! He's uglier than any demons here in Devildom!
Asmo: Make him leave!
Belphie: *ignoring Asmo* Do you want some drink?
Shigaraki: Juice is fine. Thank you.
MC: *was chasing Dabi and Beel a few minutes ago*
Shigaraki: *sees MC* *his mouth dropped open*
MC: We have a visitor?
Belphie: Good timing, MC. He's Dabi's friend.
MC: *smiles* Hi!
Shigaraki: *runs towards MC and towers over them*
MC: !!!
Shigaraki: *grins* MC...
MC: Um... Yes?
Shigaraki: MC...
MC: ...
Dabi: Handface, why are you here?
MC: Um, Dabi? Who's this?
Dabi: Oh? Him? He's your other friend.
Shigaraki: You still smell nice.
MC: *awkward laugh* Thanks?
Asmo: *frowns* MC, can you please inform us next time if one of your freak friends from your unknown past is coming over?
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abkspam · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
This oughta be good…
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the-waterfowls-egg · 3 hours ago
All the time we have together
Tumblr media
Tw: Aging, implied death in the future, angst
Was your hair always striped with gray? Those wrinkles on your face, were they always there? When did time start to take its toll on you, why is it that I only notice it now, as you sleep peacefully in our shared bed? My love, my darling, my beloved friend, my spouse, is there no way to reverse the curse of time each and every one of us is burdened with?
I do not regret a second of it, not the first words, not the ice that broke, not the cheers of my brothers as we vowed to be one for all eternity.
How would have thought eternity was such a short time?
Our time together has been short, I know it’s your time soon, but each day I hope you’ll stay with me for just a moment more. This I swear to you, my love, I don’t regret a second of it.
So much has changed, my darling Mc, yet you’re as radiant as the day I first met you, the shine in your eyes still burns bright as you laugh, your lips still curl into that beautiful smile I always loved.
I knew the day will come, the day when I won’t be able to hold you, the day when I can’t see your smile, can’t hear your voice, your loving words.
One day, I’ll lose all of those.
One day you’ll leave this life, and you’ll take my heart with you.
One day you’ll take a part of me I’ll never get back, and that same day, I’ll keep a part of you here with me, for my memories of you will never fade.
The days after will be spent in grief, surrounded by my brothers. Perhaps once I would have hidden away, locked myself into my room, and cried alone. But you, my love, showed me how to rely on them, showed me that sometimes I could cry, too, told me there was no shame in trusting my brothers to be there for me, just as I was for them.
You’ve done so much for me, I know I did the same. You gave so much and took so little, and just the same I gave you everything I had, and only asked to see your loving gaze in return.
And you, my love, gave me so much more.
Wrinkles cover you, your hair grays, you aren’t as youthful as you once were.
But I’ll love you till the end, I’ll be the one whose hand you’ll be holding as you leave this world. I’ll hold you till the end.
I will love you, even if it kills me.
Tumblr media
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xhieru · 3 hours ago
These 2 idiots live in my head RENT FREE 😔✋
Tumblr media
Original under the cut!
Tumblr media
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just-somehuman · 4 hours ago
Be hyped to improve like Luke
Respect like Simeon
Try everything like Solomon
Be noble like Barbatos
See the best in things like Diavolo
Sleep like Belphegor
Eat like Beelzebub
Love yourself like Asmodeus
Learn like Satan
Be passionate about the things you love like Leviathan
Stand out like Mammon
Protect the ones you love like Lucifer
Be brave like MC
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harunayuuka2060 · 4 hours ago
Raulus - A beta
Tumblr media
Berrin - An Alpha
Tumblr media
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Mammon: Sometimes, we screw things up for the better.
MC: That’s a good motto. We should use that.
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