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#obey me! mammon
devildom-grimoire · a minute ago
hello! ive been reading your previous works and i wanted to try requesting for myself! may i get a match up? im around 5'6 and an enfp/entp (unsure which one fits me better tbh) im a virgo who's love language is quality time and gift giving ~ i enjoy art, drawing, reading and can be pretty loud / "chaotic" and is the "mom friend" of my friend group. some say im intimidating at first but im pretty much the complete opposite inside. have a good day and i hope my ask didn't take too much of your time~!
Hi, I hope that you have a good day too!
Whelp, the House of Lamentation just got even more chaotic and loud, with your and Mammon’s antics! But the two of you have fun, and typically you’re the voice of reason, still chaotic, but you know your limits (I hope). Lucifer at this point might end up with a full head of grey hair by this point though.
Like quality time? Mammon is with you at almost all hours of the day! Make sure to kick him out when you’re trying to use the washroom because he will follow you in like a puppy. He just wants to spend most of his time with you; I say most, because of the scoldings he gets from Lucifer.
Now, Mammon will try any money plot so he can get you a gift, but he will also watch you do your art so he can make something for you; yes, one of these pieces will be a handmade bracelet he made for you with your favourite colours.
Gets a kick that people first find you intimidating; your the sweetest partner he could ask for, in both love and crime. *Mammon is wanted for money laundering and tax fraud in the Human Realm*
He will read some of your favourite books; a rare quiet evening for the both of you, shocking I know.
I hope you like this!
Support me with moving out, and on Kofi, if you like my content!
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msrosemagic · 4 minutes ago
Belphie: I'm not mean. Name one mean thing I’ve ever done.
Mammon: When we were younger, you convinced me eggs weren't real.
Belphie: They're not.
Mammon: Haha, very funny.
Belphie: I'm serious. Didn't you hear?
Mammon: No....what happened?
Belphie: ....Why would you fall for this again-
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certified-sloth · 14 minutes ago
Text can't tell me Mammon wouldn't excitedly order a happy meal at McDonald's
Lucifer would be reminding him, "you're a GROWN Demon Mammon."
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kitsune-oji · 18 minutes ago
Brothers or datables with an MC who’s given everyone but them a nickname? Or refers to them as endearments like honey,sweetie,dear etc?
Mc giving everyone but them a nickname
Bros or dateables ? Why not both? I mixed up the order for a bit of ✨freshness✨. Also I included Luke because I think that could be cute yknow. Platonic of course
When he notices you have nicknames and endearments for everyone but him, you can just see how disgruntled he gets
Will pester you to give him one too
Call him Mr. Shady and he will laugh. At least something, right?
No but really, that'd work but he'd be way more happy if you called him Sol, Handsome or such
He's not actually too picky though
Really? For everyone but him?
Wonders why. Is he not approachable enough? Do you not feel comfortable?
Simeon will make an effort to get you to like him more and get more comfortable around him
If you still don't give him a petname? Admits defeat and asks you about it
Canonically calls Mc little lamb, right?
May enjoy names like Simmy or Angel (he finds funny how accurate it is), Dearest etc.
Actually got so upset when he found out you have nicknames for everyone but him
Will pout angrily and pretend you don't exist because of it
He won't be able to keep it up for long, but if you want to resolve the issue quick you'll have to ask Simeon about it and apologise to the young Angel, offering to give him a nickname too
"Luke" is already short enough but call him your guardian angel or sunshine and he will give you the brightest smile you've ever seen before hugging you
I had to put the name in quotation marks because otherwise it would've read as me calling Luke short even if he is
Finds it a bit hard to admit that it bothers him
He likes to stay professional and proper most of the time so it makes sense you wouldn't feel as close to him, right?
Except Barbatos actually considers you two to be quite close
Will ponder over it before taking you to the side during a meeting and asking you about it outright
Yes he'd be more than happy to receive a nickname or similar, please give him one
Barbs would enjoy My Dear, Love, Barb or Cupcake 🧁😋
Please don't call him Barbie, he knows a popular doll is called that
Feels excluded once again
Please give him a nickname before he starts to plan some weird adventure or similar for everyone again, just to somehow make you give him one
May be too late when you realise this is a problem though 😔 have fun with that as much as possible ig
Happiest demon alive when you finally give him one though
He's used to My Prince but it feels different when you say it, otherwise just Dia works as well!
See here, any time you exclude him from things like these, Belphie will have to wonder if maybe its because of what happened between you two before
And because he didn't get as much time with you as the others did
We know he can be brat about things and Belphie will pester you until you give him a nickname
"Belphie" doesn't count because everyone calls him that
Starlight, just Bel or My Star would satisfy him though
Why? :( cue the puppy dog eyes
He likes to think you two are quite close and that you aren't intimidated by him anymore
You aren't, are you? Puppy eyes turn concerned
Will try to find some type of reason until he can finally talk to you about it
"Beel" is used by everyone just like "Belphie" is so not that
Bub or Bubba is really cute but otherwise Cupcake, Sugar or Honey Bear are good ones for him
Everyone but him? He's offended and maybe a bit sad? Definitely upset
Will whine and cry to you about it, immediately confronting you about it and demanding a reason for excluding him from this
Please, he's genuinely upset about this and gets worried that maybe he makes you uncomfortable? Do you not actually like him as much as the others? How is that possible??
Will actually enjoy being called Angel still, because it reminds me of how gorgeous and popular he was back then. Calling him Angel is a compliment to him
Else, "Asmo" is used by everyone as well, so Sweetie, Darling, Sweetheart, Love, Sugar, Honey- just whatever you can think of- works for him too
Gets very irritated when he notices you've given everyone but him a nickname
Even Lucifer ffs
Since he tries not to get consumed by his sin, Satan will confront you about it asap, even if he may be a bit aggressive about it
Calm down first, you have a pact and he can't hurt you
After that, calm him down and explain whatever your reasons are
If you give him one, Tantan or Kitten/Kitty would be his top picks
Of course you wouldn't want to give someone so yucky like him an endearment...
Boy has self esteem issues, we all know it
You will need to find out what's wrong and confront him about it because he for sure ain't saying anything on his own
Rather he locks himself up in his room and stops offering to hang out with you until you put your foot down
"Levi" doesn't count
Call him Player 1 and let him call you Player 2, this demon will be so happy you won't believe it
But you can also call him your Lord of Shadows and you be his Henry, he'd be so giddy
Eeeh??? But he's your first man! Why not??
Barges into your room for an explanation and demands you give him a nickname too
He's the Great Mammon and you should be honored he even let's you give him one!
Call him Mammoney and he might protest a bit because that's just his devilgram username but it's alright
Call him Treasure and this greedy boy will blush to the high heavens. C'mon, go on, do it
You know his pride won't allow this
It's humiliating to be the only one without a nickname
Of course, he likes to present a stern and proper front but.... You're an exception and he wants to take pride in you calling him something special
"Luci" will get you a glare that could kill you and added workload, don't even joke about this
Call him Beloved, Dearest, Husband, Love. That's acceptable
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wholesomeangelluke · 23 minutes ago
Every time I see and interact with luke my heart goes 💕✨💕✨💞 I loved Human World Sleepover !!! Can I request a HC with the brothers (with whom you want and feel comfortable) and Simeon with an MC who practically adopted Luke as their son? because same😔 sorry if it doesn't make sense, English is not my native language jsjsjaj
Demon Bros + Simeon react to GN! Reader "adopting" Luke as their son (HC)
A/N: Thank you so much for complimenting my writing! I absolutely adore Luke and I am a sucker for sweet family moments, so I loved this request! I hope you enjoy! I did the Demon Bros I usually write for and added the rest of the side characters. I hope that is okay! (Also, your English is great!)
Context: When you initially meet Luke, you thought he was absolutely adorable! After he gave you a warning to be careful around demons, your heart filled with joy and you decided to take him under your wing. Since then, Luke and you have become inseparable and you take care of him like he is your son. 
When he first found out about how close you are with the little angel, he didn’t really care to much 
All he felt was a little annoyed considering he would have to deal with you AND Luke 
However, when Lucifer and you get closer, he starts to pay more attention to how attached you are to Luke 
I mean, y’all are practically attached at the hip, it’s hard not to notice. He just purposely ignored it until then
Is greatly annoyed because he has to share you with Luke. 
Once, when you were taking a walk with Lucifer, Luke called you and asked you to come over to try some of his baking. 
You didn’t hesitate to leave Lucifer behind as you rushed to Purgatory Hall. 
However, at least you were considerate enough to make an excuse for your sudden departure: “My child NEEDS me”
His pride took a real hit from that experience. Rumor has it that he is still salty about it to this day 
Though, he does feel a little (okay, actually A LOT) of pride when he sees you doting on Luke like a parent would to their child
He, essentially, acts as a father figure to his brothers. So he finds joy in knowing that he has something in common with you 
Since he knows how difficult it can be to be a parental figure to others, you get some added respect from him every time he sees you take care of Luke
Overall, the situation irks him a bit, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. (I mean he lives with 6 other chaotic demons, this is nothing)
He tries to dial down his annoyance, for your sake, and attempts to spend time with Luke 
He doesn’t usually care for others opinions, but he knows how important Luke is to you, so he tries to be kind to him anyway. 
^ By kind, I mean not blatantly rude. After all, this is still Lucifer we are talking about. 
Tsundere king tries to play it off like he doesn’t care at all that Luke is pretty important to you, but we all know that he does
Like Lucifer, he was initially irritated because he would technically have to look after you and Luke 
He already gets enough insults from his brother, he doesn’t need this puny angel insulting him too!
Mammon and Luke already butt heads often, but when you and Mammon get closer?? Get ready for some frequent jealousy-fueled arguments between the two 
One particularly bad argument between the two went like this, Luke: “Why should they be forced to spend time with a demon like you?” Mammon: “Oi you little runt, I’m their first man! They should feel lucky to spend time in the presence of the Great Mammon. Besides, why would they want to hang out with an annoying chihuahua?” 
Luke got angry at the mention of his infamous nickname and started pouting at Mammon. When you saw this, you hugged Luke closely and started scolding Mammon. 
Luke totally stuck his tongue out at Mammon from behind your back. Luke - 1, Mammon - 0 
He tries to hang out with you alone, but you usually insist on inviting Luke anyway, “I want to hang out with my two favorite boys, is that so much to ask?”
He begrudgingly agrees to invite Luke, but only because you said he was one of your favorite boys
He gets jealous when you take care of Luke and give him more attention sometimes 
When you found out, you made sure to reassure him that you love the both of them differently and that Mammon will always be in one of the top spots in your heart
Overall, pretty annoyed at how close you are with Luke. But as long as your happy, he can put up with it.
Oh boy, do we got a wild card here 
You would think that he would be upset/ angry at how close you and Luke are, but he actually finds it quite endearing
Mans is the Avatar of Rage, he knows how to control his anger. 
Sure sometimes he gets a bit peeved off, but he is usually unbothered by how close you two are
When Satan and you grow closer, he starts to spend more time with Luke. Because, like Mammon, he understands how important Luke’s opinion is to you
Luke and Satan spending time together is generally just pure chaos 
It basically just consists of Satan teasing Luke while Luke tries to fight back against the demons remarks
Once, you found them in the middle of a “roast” battle and you had to stop it before Luke started crying 
You scolded Satan pretty hard after that whole incident and, after giving him the cold shoulder for a couple of days, he decides to cut back on his teasing
When he learns about Luke’s love of baking, he does research on it so he can impress him with his knowledge 
Luke ends up, begrudgingly, allowing Satan to help him when he bakes 
The pure joy you felt when Luke brought you a cake that Satan and him made together? Honestly, you almost passed out from how wholesome it was
When Satan, Luke, and you all spend time together, Satan is, essentially, the third wheel. 
For example, one time you all went to the zoo together. Luke and you rushed around, hand in hand to look at the animals while Satan just kind of watched 
He was more or less there as a tour guide and a photographer. 
He doesn’t really mind though. He loves watching how happy you are with the little angel 
Luke brings out a childlike innocence from you and Satan absolutely adores how carefree you are when around Luke. 
Overall, Satan goes along with it (aside from some occasional teasing)
Beel is 100% a family man, so you already know how this is gonna go down
He had a similar reaction as you when he saw Luke for the first time in a while: ”so tiny, must protect”
Out of all the brothers, Luke likes Beel the best (as seen in his homescreen dialogue) so the two get along swimmingly 
When Beel and you get closer, the three of you become an inseparable trio 
While Luke and you bake, Beel watches and happily assists when something is needed from a high shelf. 
He is the official taste-tester and always compliments Luke and you for the amazing treat, which brings a bright smile to Luke’s face 
Once, Beel was helping Luke with whisking cake batter. Your heart filled with glee seeing them side by side. The sight of the towering demon doting on the little angel was adorable.
You lowkey thought that they looked like a father and son. From then on, you guys became like one, little family :) 
Beel often takes you two out to eat. Whenever Luke is full or dislikes something, Beel will happily eat it for him 
It is common to see Beel hoist Luke up onto his shoulders while you hold his hand
He is very protective of the two of you and acts as your personal bodyguard 
Sometimes, he is unintentionally left out when you three are together, but he really doesn’t mind
Like Satan, he absolutely adores watching you take care of Luke. Every time he watches you two laughing together, he looks like the heart eyes emoji
Seeing how good you are as a parental figure to Luke makes him think about you and him raising a family together
Thinking about how incredibly kind and caring you are to Luke makes him forget his everlasting hunger for a second
His lock screen and is you, Luke, and him eating ice cream. Whenever he sees the picture, he instantly smiles and remembers all the good times you’ve all spent together
Overall, a wholesome family dynamic between you three. Just like a little family :D
Simeon is very similar to Beel, in the fact that he is totally a family man 
Before coming to the Devildom, he was already acting as a parental figure to Luke 
Lo and behold, when you come into his life and accept both him and Luke, he finds himself wondering if your an angel
When he first saw you doting on Luke, his heart swooned and he fell for you right then and there
Luke was, obviously, overjoyed to spend time with his two most favorite people in the world so you three were always together
You frequently had sleepovers together at Purgatory Hall. This is Simeon’s favorite activity for you all.
He LOVES it when you and Luke fall asleep together while watching a movie. Just the sight of Luke unconsciously holding your hand in his sleep gives him so much serotonin
Simeon cherishes your guys’ family dynamic and greatly treasures the both of you 
He has a diary of memories you have all made together and reads through it every day
He never wants to forget how happy he feels with you two, cherishing every little detail about the times you’ve all spent together
Despite how horrible he is with technology, his DDD is filled with high quality pictures of the three of you together 
He worked really hard with Solomon to figure out how to take a picture with his DDD so he could properly capture moments of you all together
His lockscreen and homescreen pictures are just collages of photos you three have taken together 
Overall, he wouldn’t trade you two for the world. The both of you are literally the most important people in his life and he would do anything for the both of you
Luke, and you will forever be his found family, and he wouldn’t have it any other way <3
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himbo-beel · 25 minutes ago
There was only one bean bag
“Get off!” Levi yelled. He let go of his controller to slap a hand against Mammon’s side, sending his older brother tumbled from his place on the edge of the bean bag to the floor. 
“There’s enough room f’r two,” Mammon complained. He sat up on his knees, rubbing at his side. 
“No there isn’t!” Levi shifted, crossing his legs and taking up most of the bean bag with his knees. He held his arm out to keep Mammon from climbing back up, but it was his controllers turn to bounce against the floor when Mammon attempted to reclaim his spot, knocking the both of them off balance. The television screen went black and Levi’s mouth opened in a silent scream. 
“What’s the problem? The floor is fine.” It was Belphie’s voice that filled the room. He lifted his head, tufts of hair sticking up on side and knees curled up to his chest, the controller just inches away from his feet. 
“The problem is that Levi keeps hoggin’ the chair.” Mammon planted himself as firmly as he could on the uneven seat and knocked his shoulder against Levi’s when his brother stuck his tongue out. 
“It’s mine!.” Levi knocked back into him. 
“Well who paid for it?”
“That’s not how that works and you owed me for breaking the first one!”
Belphie rolled his eyes and picked up the forgotten controller as his older brothers snapped at each other. He slipped the attached headset over his ears, but even the loudest volume setting wasn’t enough to completely block out their arguments. It was difficult to hear the dialogue of the game, but, luckily, Levi hadn’t gotten too far into the plot. Belphie was back at the first boss they had encountered in little time, but even he was unable to defeat it when the character’s current gear. 
Levi’s foot kicking against his head didn’t help either. 
The headset went sailing and the controller rolled against the floor once more. Belphie twisted, lips pulled back in a growl directed at Mammon and Levi grappling. The bean bag was forgotten as they rolled on the floor, knees and elbows and hands locked together. 
Fine then. Belphie grabbed the controller again and made himself comfortable on the chair. 
“Hey-” It was the only warning Belphie got before his brothers noticed who had taken over the bean bag, and the only warning before the bag was picked up by them and he was dumped back to the floor. 
“No one said you could use it,” Mammon snapped. 
“You can’t use it either,” Levi snorted. 
Belphie frowned. “Fine. Bee-”
The door to Levi’s room opened before he could finish calling for his twin, and it was Beel who was behind it, blinking slowly at the three of them on the floor. “I heard shouting.”
“You’re right you did!” Levi jumped to his feet. “Mammon’s trying to steal my bean bag!”
Mammon snorted. “I’m not tryin’ to steal it I just wanna sit in it!”
Beel’s head swung between the two of them before landing on Belphie. 
“They kicked me and pushed me down.”
Beel frowned and took a step into the room. 
“No we didn’t!” Mammon raised his hands and even Levi scrambled back. “We were - yeah - we were just messin’ around was all. Right Belphie?” Beel crossed the room and Mammon flinched back as he neared, but Beel passed by him to kneel down next to his twin. 
“Did you get hurt?”
Belphie stuck his bottom lip out. “I think I have rug burn.”
“No you d-” Mammon started, but an elbow into his side quieted him. Mammon slapped at Levi.   
“Let’s look at it back in our room,” Beel said, already wrapping his arms around Belphie to pick him up and carry him down the hall. He turned, slowly, so as not to jostle Belphie, and gave Mammon and Levi a sharp look. “I don’t know what you two are fighting about but I’m going to come back and find out.”
“T-there’s no reason for that, yeah?” Mammon swallowed. “Plus, I, uh, yeah, I got somewhere to be. So, you tell ‘em Levi!”
“What? No-”
But Mammon was already gone, slipped after Beel as he took Belphie back.
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belphiespillowtalk · 32 minutes ago
Wedding Day Scenarios (angst)
(Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan)
From his time in the Celestial realm until the day he has fallen from grace, the eldest of the seven brothers has never mulled over the thought of marriage. Losing in a battle and being evicted from his own home, his perspective and liberty of possibly getting married took a turn. Proposing to you was one of the life changing decisions the fallen angel has made amongst the millions of others he had established.
"Marry me, y/n..." His own voice played in his head like a broken record. An image of you with watery eyes and a look which indicated that your heart has been melted appeared on his mind. Those two words repeated over and over again, like as if he kept replaying the moment he knew his life would change for the better.
The crinkling of fire collided with the scratching of the tip of an ink pen on a cream letter paper. His eyes, filled with despair, focused on the letters he drew. His hand moving swiftly, as if trying to keep up the pace with that of his thoughts.
Silently, he recited...
"Dear y/n...
I have done several ways to express my undying love for you, but none of which I know would make you feel as if I'm there with you to prove it personally. With this letter, I am hoping you give it just a moment to read what I have to say.
Today is the day we truly become one. You and I, my beloved. Dare I say, my soulmate. The day which we have been planning together is right at our front door. And yet, writing you this letter, which I pray would get to you somehow, wherever you are, is a pain.
Would your heart melt like chocolates if I told you that you are still the one I belong to? Would you have similar emotions to that of when I was able to hold you? Would my tears staining this letter remain in place until it reaches you?
Y/N...let us forget about our differences. About how our worlds are far apart from each other. About the world around us. Just like we used to.
Today is our wedding day, my love. I refuse to imagine you would've let it slip out of your mind. Today is the day I am supposed to hold your hand, look you in your eyes, and make a life long promise with you... Yet, you chose to pierce my heart with a dagger. That of which will remain that way for eternity.
The chances of this letter getting to you may be slim. If luck may be on my side for once, answer me this, my love. What have I done wrong? What have I not done that would please you? What made it be like this? What made you run away, y/n?..."
Tiny puddles of tears land on the paper, the letters beneath it spreading out and fading into the border of the puddles. His hand grew feeble before the pen he wrote the letter with carelessly fell onto his desk. His vision blurred as streams of tears started piling up on his waterline, threatening to fall over. His other gloved hand balled up into a fist, hiding the wedding ring he would've worn on that day.
"Dear y/n...
Meeting you was one of the best gifts the universe has offered me. Look how far we've come. Today is the day in which I'll finally understand what it is in love that makes you happy. Right now, I can picture that sincere, most beautiful, smile on yours as you walk down that aisle."
Amongst the other material possessions which could brighten up Mammon's day, your smile was the only one which could make him genuinely happy. The pounding of his heart, along with the melodious tune of the piano as you slowly made your way to the alter was distracting him but he kept his focus on what mattered to him the most.
"There aren't enough words I can think of to describe how amazing you are. My sleepless nights could easily be changed just by being near you or hearing that sweet voice of yours over the phone. My bad days could be easily brightened up just by your presence. Y/N...I don't think you realize how special you are to me."
Seeing you happy made him forget about the negatives in his life for a brief second. Never in his life has he met someone that had this much power over him. So, just what exactly was it that made Mammon loathe this happy day?
"I keep thinking back to the old times...where it was just us against the world. The moments we shared together, the type of laughs which would make our stomachs hurt, the stories we told each other, the simple "I like you"s we would tell each other in hushed voices. I'm not gonna lie to you but it hurts to see how fast it all changes.
Y/N, it's an honor to be your best friend. Really. I get to be the one to share happy and exciting moments with you. I get to be the one to lend you my shoulder for you to cry on, to be the one to listen to your voice ranting about your day, and to be the one who knows who you really are. It breaks my heart that I am not the one who gets to hold your hand in marriage."
The million methods he thought of to prevent himself from crying were all useless, as the tears poured out onto his face. The quick glance you gave him as you walked closer felt like an eternity for Mammon. Everyone else blurred out from his vision as he took the time to savor the moment and stare at you, in your wedding attire, in adoration. That smile on your lips enough to give him butterflies.
"All I can say right now is that I'm happy you made this decision since I know it is what you truly want."
That forever he felt was abruptly interrupted with reality as you walked pass by him and onto the alter, joining the man you would soon share your life with. The second born of the seven brothers had experienced a lot of tragedies, alongside losing things he once loved. What was it that was so different with watching the love of his life choose someone else?
"Even though it kills me to see you getting married, I'll always be here for you, y/n...
I love you.
Your best friend, Mammon."
The thorns of the bouquet he held tightly poked through his fingers and his palm. The cold devildom winter breeze were enough to send shiver down one's spine, along with the hooting of owls and footsteps of the damned souls pacing around. However, Levi was too far in his own world to care about the reality around him.
"Dear y/n...
Today is our wedding day but you already know that. We may be apart for now, but I can still hear your voice. The thought of you still warms my heart."
Proposing to you was a huge change for Levi in terms of his outlook on love and his plans for the future ahead of him. Yet, he still chose to do so because he knew he wouldn't be able to live if he were to miss the opportunity.
"I'm glad I finally got the courage to ask your hand in marriage, and I'm beyond happy that you to were willing to spend your life with me.
That memory of us taking a drastic turn in our lives replays in my mind constantly and I never seem to get tired of it."
He recited the letter with his whole heart, gripping onto the paper like as if it was enough to save him from possibly having a breakdown or collapsing with all the heavy emotions stored within him.
"Today is the day we would've finally become united. We would've had a huge cake waiting for us in the reception. We would've cried tears of joy, knowing that our future would've changed.
But here I am...celebrating this night dancing alone in the moonlight."
His face along with the collar of his dress shirt stained with his tears. The eerie silence around him was defeaning. The world around him seemed empty as he kept his focus on the gravestone front of him.
"I'm here with you, love. I'm desperately asking the universe for another chance to dance with you, and to show me another reason and meaning in my life. I'm doing this all for you.
Why did you have to leave so soon? Is this a punishment for me? I've lost so much I've just lost a part of me. My other half.
If you can hear me...I love you, Y/N."
Leviathan knelt down, slowly placing the bouquet on top of you.
"I've got you your favorite flowers. I've even set up a small picnic with you. Anything just to be with you again.
We're already apart from each other...and having to live with that is truly a nightmare I can't wake up from.
I'm writing this letter as a way for you to hear my voice once again. And to celebrate this night in which would've been one of the best days in our lives.
I miss you, Y/N
I love you.
Your fiancé, Leviathan."
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radarchives · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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tea-and-swords · 2 hours ago
Hi! Luke with a female friend that gets pissed when people make fun of him
Oooo yes yes yes I love my baby Luke!! Hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
You’re MC’s younger sister, brought to the devildom to help with MC’s homesickness.
Luke was immediately SO excited that he finally had someone his own age, he could make a friend now!!
He started getting closer and closer to you and to his surprise, you didn’t… call him a chihuahua?!
Ok ok now he loves you so much more.
Unfortunately, nobody else shares your views on not bullying him.
You had grown quite protective over him, not liking how everyone insisted on teasing him for every little thing. Why did they do that? Luke didn’t do anything.
You did everything you could to protect him, whether this meant yelling at them, mercilessly pranking them, or once even trying to fight them (you got stopped by MC).
Luke was just stunned. He honestly had mixed emotions about this.
On one hand, you were protecting him and that made him all warm and fuzzy inside, it shows how much you care about him!
On the other hand… he was supposed to protect you! You were a little, fragile human!
In the end, he loves it and appreciates you so so much! Just let him protect you too, ok?
He also bakes for you a lot to show his gratitude.
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absolutepokemontrash · 3 hours ago
How I express my love for Mammon:
Me: Look at my boy, my husband. I love him so much, he has done many things wrong but I will always forgib him. My favourite boy. The best boy. I would forfeit all my mortal possessions to him. I would hug him for 1000 years.
How I express my love for Lucifer:
Me: THIS FUCKING BASTARD. HIS SMUG AURA MOCKS ME. He is both queer and homophobic, I will not explain further. I want to punch him in the face several times. He is a nefarious fiend. A pompous fuckwad of the highest degree.
How I express my love for Belphie:
Me: (*gently kisses him on the forehead then tucks him into bed and places a cowboy hat over his face*) you fucking war criminal.
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alice-revolution · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
<artist: zafiiron│zafiiron>
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✿ mammon
admin fluffy ( ◞・౪・)
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oheyfox · 3 hours ago
His boots too big
Tumblr media
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just-somehuman · 4 hours ago
Be hyped to improve like Luke
Respect like Simeon
Try everything like Solomon
Be noble like Barbatos
See the best in things like Diavolo
Sleep like Belphegor
Eat like Beelzebub
Love yourself like Asmodeus
Learn like Satan
Be passionate about the things you love like Leviathan
Stand out like Mammon
Protect the ones you love like Lucifer
Be brave like MC
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moemoemammon · 4 hours ago
Could I request headcanons for the Brothers with an MC who makes master-level pastries and such? I hope you're having a good day! :3
Tumblr media
MC is an Amazing Cook!
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
The way you seared that shadow hog and flambéd it in demonus paired horribly well with the fat in the meat, caramelizing it into smoky, savory perfection.
Like any man, food is the key to Lucifer's heart, even if his tastes are more on the refined side. Luckily, you don't seem to have a problem with that since your food is already gourmet level.
Don't even get him STARTED on your pastries. He's not a fan of sweets, but there's just something about that trice spiced coffee cake you made that just pairs so well with his Hell coffee....
Highkey tempted to have you cook for Lord Diavolo, as a not-so-humble humble brag. Like, 'look at what my human can do. Fufufu'
"I must say, having your cooking as a part of our menu has changed everyone's attitudes for the better. Even Beelzebub has been calmer lately, so I thank you for that. ....Do you mind bringing some of that cake to my office? I'd like to have some with you."
Woah... WOAH!! This food's amazing! It's almost like you've got a demon's palate memorized, because the food you make is crazy good!
You know, you could make a killing off of this cooking! Actually he's already starting to plan a restaurant idea. With your cooking and his advertising expertise, the two of you can take over the food world of the Devildom! You'll be rich!
...Is what he's thinking, but his head is too fuzzy from all the delicious flavors bursting in his mouth. It's like a warm hug... it can make a grown man cry..
On the days when Mammon needs a little pick me up, he'll specially ask for you to make
"That one dish I like! Ya know, the spicy one with the meat! And the sauce! Yeah yeah, that one! But make sure ya cook enough for the both of us, yeah? I wanna eat it with you, too. And don't ya go makin' any for my brothers!"
Is there anything more moe than someone who's a god at cooking? You're like the protagonist from that one anime, 'Cooking Wars'!
You're a god with a spatula, and Levi is too distracted with the taste of your cooking to even think about his inferiority complex. Even if his tastes lean more toward the processed side of things, he can't help but drool when the smell of your cooking wafts through the air.
Actually, that seems to be one of the only things that's gets him out of his room. He's used to skipping meals or hoarding junk food in his room, but he feels like he gets a major performance boost when he eats what you make! Like the food in the games that gives you a status effect!
But now that he thinks of it, there's only one way to truly test your skill.... So please look at this list of TSL foods that he wants to try! Especially the cursed goat tartare sandwich with cheese!!!
"You can make it, can't you? I'm not gonna let you do it alone, so don't worry! Uwaaah... if I can actually eat food that the Seven Lords ate, I'll have bragging rights for centuries! No... for a lifetime...!"
Satan lent you one (1) cookbook, and the kitchen hasn't been the same since. His book collections hasn't either, since you always seem to come back for more.
You became a culinary master in no time, even learning how to use some of the most difficult ingredients the Devildom has to offer!
Even things that would otherwise be poisonous if handled incorrectly become key ingredients to your godly cooking.
He's also a big fan of the sweets you make. Not because he eats them often himself, but because you're open to taking requests. So when you decorated a cake to look like a cat, Satan was considering proposing. Instead, he settles for asking for some pointers.
"Thank you for indulging me. I thought you'd tease me for wanting to master these cat themed cupcakes, so I'm relieved. I can never seem to capture the right amount of cuteness no matter how I try, but I feel like I can do it well if you teach me. I'm in your care, MC."
Asmo has never been very good at self control in any form, and he's got the biggest sweet tooth out there. So when you come along with your Top Chef quality sweets, he feels his resolve crumbling away...
Flan, cookies, fruit pies, spice cakes, cream puffs.... So many decadent sweets come pouring out of the kitchen on a daily, and he can't have any!
Well.... a tiny taste couldn't hurt, right? And maybe with your skills, you could make him some low-fat sweets to help curb the cravings..? Please? 🥺👉👈
"MC, you're such a tease! There's no way I can resist forever, you know? You're making me so hungry I can't stand it! Hm? Oh, I'm talking about your desserts. Unless... you'd prefer if I meant something else..~?"
It was almost like Beel sensed your culinary abilities the moment you dropped into the Devildom, ecause there was just something about you that had him like 👁👁
And when you prove your worth on your night to make dinner? Man already has his entire future with you planned out in his head.
The food hits his plate and he literally sheds tears over your amazing cooking. Now he's standing up and taking your hands, asking you to stay with him.
"You don't need to go back to the human world, right? Stay here. I want to eat your cooking everyday, forever. I'll move your bed into my room, too. Actually, I'll take over Mammon's job and I'll watch over you instead."
Belphie knew your cooking was something else when he actually stayed awake the entire time he ate it. And he NEVER stays awake at the table.
Did you cast some kind of spell over it? What kind of magic are you using? Because it's hella sus that the smell of your food has the ability to wake him up out of even the deepest sleep. (Lucifer is tempted to use you as a Belphie alarm clock in the morning-)
He's a little annoyed that your cooking is so effective against him. It's like a weakness that he can't ignore. There's no way he’d turn down a chance to eat your milk pudding, though. Don't laugh.
Kinda treats you like the Devildom's Uber Eats, though. MC, please leave his meal at the door and he'll grab it in a sec. Make sure you knock so he knows you're there 👍
"I'm so tired.... Hey, MC. Why don't you try feeding my dinner to me? I want to enjoy your food while it's still warm, so you've got to help me quick." "...Hm? Spoiled? Eheheh, maybe I am. I can't help it when I'm with you."
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thalfox · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Look at this mans, I love him
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ashxrsbeloveds · 5 hours ago
Fluff, the brothers and undateables with a MC that touches with their tail/wings
Tumblr media
here you go anon/s! i could only do the brothers, hope you dont mind. 💖 i had lotsa fun writing this! enjoyy! 💖💖💖
tw/cw!!! satan's part has mentions of getting punctured by his tail, drunk mammon (yes), my dumbass wondering wtf does beel's wings feel like (so it's an inaccurate description, if someone tells me what does a fly wing feel like i'll change it)
MC touches the brothers tails/wings!
His wings seemed so fluffy and soft, who wouldn't want to touch it? They look so pretty too.
Lucifer was punishing Mammon again, and he was in his demon form as he lashed out at his brother. A perfect time to touch his wings, you thought.
He was about to hit Mammon again until you began stroking his left wing. Your touch stopped him right in his tracks, little did you know wings were sensitive to gentle touches. It brought shivers down Lucifer's spine.
"What are you doing, MC? You're pushing your luck too far now. Who gave you the right to touch my wings?"
Most of the feathers were soft and silky, you noticed how the part of his bottom left wing had a patch where there weren't much feathers. But you didn't dare speak of it. He didn't face you, instead he just stood still, allowing you to do as you please with his wings. You playfully tug a feather, which accidentally got plucked. Oops.
"Time's up, MC. Stop stroking my wing. Who knows what will I do if you continue. You might have the same fate as Mammon over here."
But you didn't stop. Even if others would stop at this point, heck maybe not even try at all, you kept going. Gently feeling Lucifer's wings, petting it as if it were a cat... or dog. Eventually, he turns around, a hint of blush painted on his cheeks.
Lucifer grabs your wrist, making you stop petting his wings. You glance at Mammon, despite him tied up you he was supporting you startling the eldest so he could escape.
"You're quite the strong-willed one, aren't you MC? Touching my wings as if it were nothing. Do remember your place, human." Translation: Please keep petting his wings he loves it
He rarely goes in his demon form, so it's hard to touch his wings, bcause the dude doesn't show it. If he DID, I'll assure you he'd run away before you could lay a finger on his wings.
But during one of Diavolo's parties for the exchange students, he was in his demon form, all drunk and unaware of his surroundings. Perfect.
You come over to Mammon, who was already losing himself because of the Demonus he's been drinking. He looks at you, questioning why were you so close to him. You gently stroked his right wing, making him jump awake.
"M-MC, what are ya doing here? What are ya doing with my *hic* w-wing? Stop!"
He didn't move from his place so you continued touching his wing, it was jerking up from time to time whenever your fingertips came in contact with the base of his wing. It wasn't feathery like Lucifers, it's thin and bat-shaped. Not to mention soft.
"M-MC don't touch my wings! Don't ya know they're sens-sensitive?! B-but, I guess I'll *hic* let ya touch th... w-wait don't touch my wings! "
Mammon's face flushed red even more, he didn't know what to do. Should he run or should he stay? Both options seemed so mixed up and unclear for him because he was too drunk to think or move.
Sadly, all good things have to come to an end. Mammon passed out after a few minutes, letting his weight drop onto your arms (which was heavy, by the way. but you can manage I guess) unconscious, already snoring.
"I'm... so dizzy... MC..."
It would be difficult to touch his tail. If you ask straightforwardly, Leviathan would pass out from being flustered and embarassed. You can't just force him to transform for that sake too.
But there was a time in particular, when he got too engrossed in his game, he transformed right in front of you as he cursed his teammates over the microphone.
There were risks you had to take, one of them was him possibly flicking you away using his tail and sending you to the wall. You gulp as you slowly approach the otaku from behind, calling out to him just so he won't get as startled. You place your palm on the tip of his tail.
"Damn you stupid humans who have no idea how this game works!- Wh-what? MC! What are you d-doing?! Don't- don't touch m-my tail normie!"
He had to mute and leave his game, you were still sliding your hand on his tail. It was scaly, smooth and cold. The scales weren't as rough as you thought it would be. Your touch felt like waves of electricity just passed through Leviathan's body.
"H-hey! Who told you to- to touch my tail? S-stop please! Ahh, this is so embarrassing! Stop!"
Leviathan covers his awfully red face, muttering "stop" over and over again. His tail was already slithering back and forth, it won't take long for it to whack you to the other side of the room. But risks can and should be taken, right?
You gently stroke his tail, he let out a squeak which made you snort. Leviathan didn't notice but his tail seemed to take a liking to your touch. It gently coiled itself around you, it was cold like always. You giggle at how his tail wrapped itself on you, restraining your movements.
"What wh-why are you- AH! No! D-don't look at me like t-that! I didn't m-mean to- agh! No, no, no! I d-didn't wrap my t-tail around you... fo-forget about thisss! I-I didn't, I didn't do that!"
The brothers described his tail as sharp and prickly, it was a warning you should have took to account but ignored anyway. His tail just seemed so fascinating, a little touch of it won't hurt anyone.
The only problem here is, how were you even going to touch it. Should you ask straightforwardly? Or should you just wait till he gets in his demon form himself? Though, you'd probably get snarled at if you touch it while he's angry.
So you decided to do the first option. Asking him directly. Satan raises an eyebrow in disbelief, how did you end up being curious about his tail? Seeing your puppy eyes made him lose it. You win, MC. You win.
"Is that so... well, how can I say no when you've come this far already? Just be warned, you might injure yourself if you recklessly touch it."
You trail your fingers on its hard scales, you could see Satan's lips curling to a smile in the corner of your eye. His tail seemed to be happy with your touch and so was he, though it's still dangerous to run your hand on it.
It wasn't as spiky as what the brothers had told you. The ridges had sharp edges, yes. But they're not much of a harm. His tail gently swayed unconsciously, accidentally poking you. Satan looks at you, concerned when he realized his tail got you injured.
"Ah, I'm sorry MC. We should get that cleaned up. What do you mean it's just a little puncture? No, we're getting that cleaned up this instant. Hold on."
He came back with a bandaid and some medicine. He tended your puncture and patched you up as if the wound was severe. He gives you a soft smile of pity since his tail punctured you. After the treatment, his tail was already wrapped around his leg like usual, he's not allowing you to touch it ever again as when he let it relax, it lead to the situation you're in right now.
"That's enough for your curiosity, MC. I suppose you've gotten enough information about what my tail feels like, yeah? Be more careful next time. No, I'm not letting you touch my tail again. Curiosity kills the cat as they say."
A little bird Satan said that Asmodeus' wings were ticklish, you just had to find the exact spot to make the avatar of lust feel a laugh kick in.
Asmodeus' wings were like Mammons, they looked like bat wings, but he had four of them. Two big ones and two smaller ones just at the bottom of it. Some may describe it as heart-shaped too.
You decided to summon him instead of waiting for a time to strike. Summoning makes things way easier. Cause they'll appear in their demon form, which gives you access to touching their tails or wings. As you summoned him, he gives you a huge grin.
"Missed me much, dear? What did you summon the beautiful Asmo for? Do you want company or perhaps someone to talk to?~"
You innocently approach him, wrapping your arms around his waist while you dig your face on his neck. But your hands trailed on his spine and you began fiddling with his bottom wings. They were exactly like Mammon's, thin and soft. Asmodeus giggles, his wings flutter a bit. That's probably the spot.
"My, my, lovely! Do my wings look pretty to you? Ah, don't touch that part though. I'm not sure if you'd want to face the consequences of touching that wing, dear~"
You grinned, gently stroking the wing he told you not to touch. Asmodeus flinches, breaking from the hug as he attempts to wiggle away from your grasp to avoid getting tickled. You didn't let him go though. You used your pact to an advantage, making him freeze right in his tracks.
You began to examine his wings, they were beautiful, you noticed that he even had piercings on his right wing, making it shimmer. You gently stroke his left wing, a giggle escaped his mouth. You knew where his ticklish spot was now, and you had no plan on stopping.
"MC! I told you, don't touch that spot! Pfft- Ahahaha!- Dear, no! Don't make me tickle you non-stop later too! Hahaha! Wait- let me breathe!"
Beelzebub's wings caught your eye more than any of the brother's. His wings were similar to a fly, and it would somewhat shimmer whenever you're in a lighted area. It made you curious about what it felt like.
He rarely shows it though, which makes it difficult to even lay a finger on his wings. He'd only transform if he was either 1. Mad and hungry or 2. If it's needed.
None of the options seemed to be possible, so you ought of asking him instead, you were sure Beelzebub wouldn't mind letting you touch his wings. You came up to him and asked if you could touch his wings. He looked at confused, but later on, just shrugged it off to let you touch his wings.
"Go ahead and touch my wings, MC. I don't mind. Hm? I guess the transparency makes it look cool too."
You gently run your fingers on his wings, it was smooth and rigid. It also had this beautiful holographic touch to it. Beelzebub shudders, his wings flutter a bit from your touch. He wasn't used to his wings getting touched, it was way sensitive than he thought.
"You like my wings? Thank you... I'm not used to getting my wings touched. This is a new experience for me, but I'm glad you like your discovery."
You run your fingers on it, slowly tracing the pattern it had. Beelzebub's wings suddenly twitch, you chuckled at how it reacted, gently stroking it once more. You also noticed how it looked like scales, despite it not being scales.
As for the demon, his cheeks were heating up, and he was about to laugh from the touch. Who knew a demon's wings were ticklish? A loud growl from his stomach interrupted your little discovery of what Beelzebub's wings feel like. He was hungry again.
"Oh, sorry about that, MC. My wings just did that unconsciously. Do you want to go eat something? I'm sort of hungry again... you can still touch my wings though, I don't mind it at all. I kinda like it, actually."
You've always wondered what his tail felt like. Was it soft or rough? Maybe it feels like a cow tail, cause y'know, his tail looks like a cow? Though you haven't felt a cow's tail yet...
You got a pretty decent description on his tail thanks to Beelzebub as well, he said that it's soft and had a few thorns here and there, but it's not that prickly.
But you still wanted to feel it yourself, so what's better than to approach Belphegor in his natural habitat? Asleep and in his demon form. Exactly what you needed. Sadly, his tail was wrapped around his arm, so it was quite difficult to pet his tail.
His tail was swaying in his sleep, hitting his face a couple of times. You snort, gently grabbing ahold of the tip, it's tip was soft and silky, you could tell Belphegor takes good care of his tail, there were also a few thorns just like what Beelzebub had said.
"Mm..? Who's there... ah, MC. What are you doing here?"
He sits straight, rubbing his eyes before looking at you. He had bed head hair and half-lidded eyes, a sleepy Belphegor in his full glory. You gently stroke his tail, stirring him awake from your touch.
"...what? Don't touch my tail. Well, if you want to touch it go ahead I guess... oh, it's soft? Haha, yeah. I make sure it's well groomed. It's expected."
His tail gently wraps itself around you, you could feel the pressure of the thorns on your skin, but luckily they weren't much of a harm. Belphegor chuckles, you continued petting his tail, a light hint of blush tinted his cheeks, he was enjoying your little affection. Belphegor yawns, he was about to fall asleep again.
"I never knew getting my tail pet by someone felt nice... no, I'm not letting you go. Well, my tail won't let you go. Can you sleep with me, MC? You can continue stroking my tail when I fall asleep. And make sure you don't leave my side. Promise?"
it's glad to be back. 💖
masterlist ♡
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Mammon: Sometimes, we screw things up for the better.
MC: That’s a good motto. We should use that.
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