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#obey me mammon
devildomexpress · 26 minutes ago
I don’t know if this is the right place to send a request but can you do more voice actor mc? Like yagami yato? What would the brothers + diavolo react when like yagami mc is a girl and says “darling~” in there ear with a really deep voice deeper then anyone in obey me like i want- pwease and thank you sorry if I send this at a wrong time i am in love your work❤️✨
Y E S 👀
Voice acting isn't as common as you think in Devildom
Yeah, there are quite a few famous actors there but none of them are well-known or popular
Except for one particular person who had just arrived: Mc
Mc is a very special voice actress, known for having a particular trick under her sleeve...
-Mc, I can't believe you didn't tell me you were an actress!- Asmo whined as he dramatically dropped himself in your bed.
-I'm not the kind of actress you think, I only give my voice to animated characters and so- you explained.
-So you can change your voice?- he asked, curious about his famous friend.
You raised a brow and smiled, your mind quickly planning on surprising him.
You got closer to him, leaning slightly to his ear.
-Sure thing, darling- you replied in a voice so deep it could've easily made the Lord himself blush.
Asmo's eyes widened and his face went beet red.
-Oh my Dia!- he squeaked, almost fainting.
WhY DIdnt YoU TElL Me sOonEr?!
Snek boy appreciates V.A's with his heart and soul
He admires your work when it comes to female characters
But boys? Nah, he believes you are using a voice changer for that
"That's not poggers"
You insist that you've made all those voices with no help
It was until one day, tires of his shit you finally decided it was enough
You walked to his room with no warning, surprising him
"Darling...come play with me"
*otaku gay panicc*
Lowkey wants you to cosplay male characters for his photo collection
"Can you say ___ with your voice? Please, Mc!"
Kinda horny
Like Levi, doesnt believe it
Huh?? But you are a wahman
Not sure how human voices work so he is confused
"You cant have a deeper voice than mine"
You two were chillin when all of a sudden you decided to surprise him
"Darling...I like you a lot"
??? *confused Mammon noises*
"Are you watching a video or sumthin-"
100% will use you for his scams
He actually did research on your works and is aware of your abilities
Quite childish, insists 24/7 that you should let him hear you irl
Will follow you around like gum on your shoe
"Fine! Do you wanna hear me...darling?"
*internal prince screams*
His face wilm burn and his lips will curl into the biggest grin ever
"Do you think you could do that in front of Barbatos?"
Will ask you to prank the House of Lamentation with him
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mammoney69 · 35 minutes ago
💛mammon, ever take care of baby crows?
Of course! But only because I befriend them and they become useful to me not because they're just cute or somethin
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absolutepokemontrash · 36 minutes ago
This is kind of a random HC but I like the idea that Luci’s kid!MC wears glasses. Like- their eyesight is so completely awful that they can’t see without them. It’s just blurred colours.
Satan’s a dick in the beginning, so on the first week he takes and hides the glasses, leaving MC awkwardly standing in the middle of the hallway completely unable to see, and unwilling to compromise their pride and call for help.
So here’s how Mammon became the favourite uncle.
Mammon: Oi! MC! Why the hell are ya just standin’ around in the hallway-
MC: Sh! Keep your voice down!
Mammon: ...why?
MC: Listen... you can’t make fun of me for this.
Mammon: Make fun of ya for what?
MC: I can’t find my glasses... and I can’t see anything. I don’t know my way around the house yet, and I don’t want to break anything and make the ghosts or Lucifer upset with me...
MC: ...
MC: Mammon, please find my glasses...
Mammon: ...
MC: ...
Mammon: Okay don’t move.
(Fifteen minutes later)
MC hasn’t moved from the spot.
MC: Well, he’s abandoned me. He’s probably off laughing about this with a bunch of his stupid friends... what do you think, ghosts?
Hallway ghost: *distant unintelligible whispers*
MC: Thank you for your oh so helpful input. When I find who took my glasses I’m going to-
Mammon: Found em!
MC (looking around): H-huh?! Really????
Mammon: Yep! They were on top of a statue, who were ya talkin’ to?
MC: One of the ghosts.
Mammon (handing MC their glasses): Yeah I wouldn’t talk to this hallway’s ghost, she’s a dick.
MC: You didn’t tell anyone about this... did you?
Mammon: Nope, but I need a favour.
MC: What?
Mammon: Tell Lucifer I was here all day.
MC: ...done.
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spine-rat · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
do y’all like the meme i made
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billyhasbrainworms · an hour ago
I had the thought recently that the demon bros just carry Sheep MC around.
Like whenever they go, "MC come with me." They just pick them up and take them away.
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mammoney69 · an hour ago
I just wanna *mwah* kith
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well, come here then! That can be arranged 😘
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spencerkeg · an hour ago
9h for mammon please
Tumblr media
I could get USED TO THIS ONE 👀💛
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cloudyuwu · 2 hours ago
I’ve been drawing for 10 years and still can’t color in the lines.
Thanks to @boxbusiness for letting me use your very sexc OC//HC of Diavolo’s mother. Credits to them for the design
Do demons where white at weddings? Who knows. White symbolizes purity and virginity, so I decided to take a 360 degree turn and made the dress black. I may redesign the dress in the future since it was like 10 pm when I drew this.
Before y’all cancel me for the skin color, it’s called being a traditional artist where you don’t exactly have unlimited colors so you work with what you got. I apologize for not making her as dark as Box’s design, but because of the lack of colors I have in my off brand copics bag, it had to be lighter. I hope this Diavolo skin color works for all of you <3
I actually didn’t intend to post this on Mother’s Day, that was just a coincidence. I had finished the drawing yesterday but I waited until today for better lighting. Though I was a little upset with the gloomy weather we got down in my state.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here’s the white version of the dress <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oheyfox · 3 hours ago
"hi mama" 🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thedevilsdom · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
hand headcanons! notes below the cut
Lucifer: pretty defined, keeps his nails short and neat. sometimes goes to asmo to get them painted byt he doesnt often have the time
Mammon: longer, slender fingers. usually wears a couple rings, keeps his nails painted and neat, has a couple little scars from the shenanigans he gets up to
Levi: shorter, stout fingers, definitely bites his nails. tried to get asmo to paint them once and asmo straight up said no
Satan: longer, thick fingers. like lucifer, keeps his hands and nails neat and clean. will also sometimes paint them
Asmo: always has them painted or has gels or something else going on. hes got smaller, dainty hands overall
Beel: big and blocky. keeps his nails short because he doesn’t want to put in the effort to keep longer nails tidy, and he thinks itd be harder to do sports and eat with longer nails
Belphie: soft, smaller hands with stout fingers. short nails and any nail polish he has on is always chipped to hell
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ohbae-me · 3 hours ago
pls thats exactly howd we get into the relationship, itd be me and mammon and I'd realize I love all of the brothers;
I would always crawl into mammons bed and tell him he's my favorite though
Mammon will always be the first man, no matter what 🥰🥰
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mammoney69 · 3 hours ago
Thank you mammoney<3 *kisses his cheeks* Mm it's so warm your jacket
Tumblr media
Y-yer welcome, human! Enjoy the warmth of the Great Mammon's jacket😎👉👉
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static-sock · 3 hours ago
Hey! I'm excited to see your new oneshots!!. I have a request~
Angsty fluff with dateables and non dateables. A scenario where MC is sad or maybe the bros yell at MC and hurt their feelings and then comfort them and lots of fluff. Or maybe even MC having an episode of depression or an anxiety attack. I'm a simp for some comfort HCs and oneshots 😅😅
MC is sad?! What will they do? (part 1/3: Older Brothers)
I had to do this in a bunch of parts because I had so many ideas! I'll probably get to the younger brothers and undateables later tonight! I just got off of work and I'm a little tired, but I'll be back!!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the good moms out there!
He wasn't aware how much his words affected you
He thought you'd just brush it off and walk away
In truth, he didn't mean to say what he said, you had just been bugging him for a while. He has work to do, after all, he can't just blow it off for you
"MC would you please stop being a complete pest!" he shouts, "I'm sick and tired of you constantly distracting me! Be a good, stupid little human and sit down quietly!"
"D-Do you really feel that way about me?" you stutter under your breath, after a moment. You briefly stared at his angry face, before your gaze fell to your feet. His heart sinks as he watches your eyes begin to water. He's frozen for a moment, unsure of what to do. He isn't experienced in human emotions, nor is he very experienced at comforting people in general. "No...No, I'm sorry, I've just been overwhelmed with work is all..." He whispers as he brushes your hair out if your face, "Come on...why don't we take a break, hm?" he presses a soft kiss to your forehead. "Why? So I can just bother you more?" you mumble, a little bit of childish anger in your tone. "Look, MC, I'm sorry I blew up like that, I didn't mean to make you upset..." he lifts your chin with his finger so you're looking at him. He looks concerned, and a little distressed himself. "Okay..." you mumble. Lucifer beings leading you over to the bed, laying you down. He climbs in next to you, and gently pulls you close. He rubs little circles into your shoulder with his thumb, as he kisses your forehead again, muttering another apology against your skin.
"Leave me alone, ya stupid human!"
It starts with his usual tsundere act, pretending he doesn't enjoy your attention
However, he's called you stupid one too many times
"Is that all I am to you?!" you shout, stopping both of you in your tracks. "What...?" he asks, staring wide-eyed at your form, only a few feet away. "Is that all I am to you," you repeat, "am I just some stupid human who burdens you?" tears begin welling in your eyes, and blur your vision. Mammon stands there, frozen, not really sure what to do. It's never bothered you before, so why now? "MC, I..." he starts, but you cut him off, "Mammon. Don't. You wouldn't say it all the time if you didn't mean it. Why do you even keep hanging around me? Is it just so Lucifer won't punish you?" Your hands are shaking, and you sound absolutely done with his shit. "MC, no, I-I do like bein' around ya, it's just..." he trails off. "Just what Mammon?! What makes you so keen on insulting me 24/7?" you crossed your arms, trying to still the shakiness in your voice. Mammon stared in silence, fidgeting and mumbling under his breath. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he mumbled loud enough for you to hear, "I...I like ya, okay? Like...a lot...and I just have a hard time, y'know, expressing it..." his face turned a deep crimson, the tips of his ears looked even darker. You swear his glasses were fogging up as well. "You mean to tell me, that you express your feelings like some middle schooler? By bullying your crush?" you blurt out, holding back a little bit of a snicker. "So what?" he responds defensively. You sniffle, and chuckle a little, "I like you too, Mammon..." you saw his face light up, before he pretended he didn't just grin like an idiot. "O-Of course ya do! I'm the Great Mammon after all!" he positioned himself at your side, sliding his arm around your waist and pulling you close, "L-Let's go get somethin' to make ya feel better," he mumbled as he started pulling you along.
It wasn't abnormal for him to be so focused on a game that he ignores you
To be fair, he thought you liked watching him play
Which, you do, but not at the expense of his affections
You wanted whatever you could get! This is Leviathan, after all, he's far too embarrassed to be super cuddly all the time
Any time you tried to get his attention, he gave no response. Not even a halfhearted grunt to show he at least heard your voice.
It was at this moment, you started to think that maybe you just weren't entertaining enough for him
By the time he had heard your sniffles and choked sobs, it had already been a couple minutes. In fact, his attention was only pulled from the screen when he felt hot, wet tears begin to soak his pants. "What the—? MC you just broke my concentration!" he whined, before freezing up. It took him a second to fully register that you were crying. He looked down at you, your face buried in his leg, "M-MC? W-What's wrong?" he stutters, stiffly placing a hand on your shoulder, "W-Why are you crying?" his voice cracks a little as anxious thoughts race through his mind. "D-Do I bore you?" you mumbled through muffled sobs, "D-Do you really like playing video g-games more than hanging o-out with me?" he felt his heart shatter. Had he really been tuning you out this whole time? Of course, leave it to the yucky otaku to ruin everything. "N-No, MC, I'm sorry...I-I understand i-if you hate being around me, I-I don't mean to just ignore you, I-I promise it wasn't on purpose!" he talks faster and faster by the second, spewing about how much he loves you and how he's sorry you have to deal with a yucky otaku like him. He can't help it, he's got anxiety. You sniffle, and begin to shush him, "Levi, c-calm down, okay? I-I don't hate you," you mumble, "I-I was just worried you didn't want to be around me..." you sat up, turning to face him. You cup his face, his cheeks hot against your fingertips. "H-How could I-I ever not want to be around you? Y-You're a normie, sure, but..." he trails off before mumbling, "Y-You're my normie..." you swear he almost just went into cardiac arrest. You chuckle a little, sniffling again and wiping your nose and eyes, "I guess we're both pretty anxious, huh?" you mumble, smiling a little before pressing a light kiss to the tip of his nose. He practically melts, his face becoming an even darker shade of red, if that's even possible.
Ahhhh my first request, I'm so excited!!! Like I said, I'll be doing the younger brothers and undateables in different parts, because unfortunately, I am a little tired! I hope you like what I have so far! [:
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