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#obey me satan
whitesilence23 · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lilred8220 · an hour ago
Obey me! Lesson 57 spoilers!
And my real quick community on it cause why not🤷🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
First of all, Satan, the audacity.
Second of all, Belphie, the FUCKING AUDACITY!!!!!
Tumblr media
Solomon trying to simp for Lucifer so hard, what the fuuuuuuu-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Two things, one, Beel, is too cute🥺.
Two, this poor butcher is so confused 😂😂😂😂.
Tumblr media
T-t-the boogeyman?!?!?!? I also find it funny that the boogeyman is a REAL being and is actually a BIG problem.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mammon and Levi decided to share a brain cell on this day 😂😂😂 Still love Mammon tho❤
Tumblr media
Let Diavolo have FUN DAMNIT!
Tumblr media
I meaaaaan, I know I said we should work together as a team to catch the boogeyman buuuuuuut, SOLOMON, WHAT THE FUUUUUU-!
Tumblr media
Welp, me trying to be funny aside, the fact that we're finally taking the final exam is exciting! Hopefully shit doesn't hit the fan and everything goes well.....but, knowing this game, it's not gonna be that easy, I think 😅.
This was a interesting lesson to say the least. And I'm excited for what will happen next!
Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
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beelsbaby · 2 hours ago
Fate or Chance
Chapter Ten: I request angelic assistance
Summary: You flip Mammon’s world upside down when he soon comes to terms that he likes you, but he has a pretty big obstacle in the way— your feelings for another. Can he win your heart or will he lose his chance?
So my job has me doing this training course and it’s on weekends for 6 HOURS and in complete SPANISH
I speak Spanish but my writing and reading sucks 😖 and to pass I have to write 3 essays in Spanish 😀 I’ll do my best to update regularly but please forgive me my loves if my updates are here and there for the next month, i can’t afford to pay back my job if i fail this course 😭 but I’ll be posting chapter 11 on Tuesday/Wednesday bc I don’t want to leave y’all ❤️
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Calm down Solomon 🙄✋🏻
Shakespeare who? I only know Mammon The Great
I want a little brother like Luke 🥺
Taglist (Open):
@aleag @reallydelicate-cycle @iris-archives @t-misaki @belphiesbodypillow @aj-1154 @fernisasinner @hellodeath20
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obeyme-ever · 2 hours ago
Patton fled to the attic, dusk slowly approaching. As the sky turned a dusty blue, four figures could be seen over the horizon.
The first three figures the brothers recognized. Quackity, Fundy, and Tubbo were all in full netherite gear, holding weapons and torches, bloodied clothes underneath.
But the fourth figure was...familiar. standing at eight feet tall was a boy with half snow white, and half black as night skin-his hair matching. He had two mis matching horns, one red eye, and one green eye. He wore the same armor as the others with a cow like tail poking out, and a top his head was a beautiful golden crown with red and purple jewels.
Techno sucked in a breath, watching from the window as they approached. "Why do they have full netherite-i thought they were broke-i thought they were broke!"
The group didn't go right to Techno, but instead bumped into Ghostbur. Who started talking excitedly and pointing to the cabin.
"No no no- don't look at me ghostbur! He's makin' eye contact chat- wait don't wave at me!" Techno spoke in a panic, Gostbur none the wiser.- 🍰
Mammon face palmed, “Why’d he point to him! How stupid can he be!?” “He’s so innocent he doesn’t know better don’t yell at him!” Asmo spoke defending the spirit in the memories. “Asmo he may be oblivious but he just pointed out the target and there’s four of them in better gear and one of Techno.” Satan explained to his younger brother as Belphie looked up, “This is going to be interesting.”
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oheyfox · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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persyzone · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m Done.
What the heck is that!!!!!!
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felix-the-lemon-king · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yeah you would know, wouldn't you
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frmbw · 4 hours ago
The Demon Brothers and The Syrup Incident
warning! minor lesson 21 and 22 spoilers.
i don't know if anybody has done this but what if the aphrodisiac syrup that mammon mixed in with the soup didn't affect demons but humans? what if they find out that mc is already too horny, (just doesn't show it) and that's why the aphrodisiac doesn't seem to affect them??
Tumblr media
Surprised at your resistance, to say the least.
"Is it really doing nothing to you?"
Tries to seduce you, expecting at least a flustered reaction from you but, nope, nothing.
After he finds out why it might not work on you, and you don't deny it, he's even more impressed.
"Walking around all worked up? You should've just come to me." And he would deviously grin while saying this, too.
"There's no way you're a human!"
Cannot process how it doesn't affect you.
Kind of disappointed, but tries not to show it.
After he finds out why it might not work, he blushes so hard that his head might as well be, not even a tomato, a raspberry.
"H-How can you walk so freely feelin' like that when all my brothers are around?!"
Too embarrassed to even talk to you, you would have to go to him.
"E-Eh? It doesn't work on you?!"
When he finds out why it might not work, his head will become the planet Mars. No room for other colors, just shades of red.
"O-Of course a normie w-would feel like that." Tries to act tough, but as a closeted freak, he cannot judge you.
Lowkey envies you for being able to hide it so well.
He would probably still be the first person to find out why it might not work on you, let's be honest.
"How interesting. You sure are a strange human."
When he finds out why it might not work, he blushes just a little, but he would still try to hide it.
Maybe he will try that "against the pile of books" move again. (a/n: mf STILL has me screaming after doing that. smh)
"If that's how you feel, perhaps we should take proper care of it."
"It doesn't work on you? How disappointing. I would have loved playing with you."
But the Avatar of Lust knows best, and he will get to the bottom of this.
When he finds out why it might not work on you, he is pleased. You didn't need an aphrodisiac, it seems.
He will definitely tease you about it.
"You poor thing. You shouldn't suppress your feelings like that. Here, let me help you."
He either will be confused or will not care. Maybe both.
"It doesn't work on you? Well, that's good, right?"
When he finds out why it might not work on you, he will be surprised and he will blush just a little.
A precious baby. He might wonder how you can hide it so well.
"If it was me, I would not be able to hold it in. You're awesome, MC."
"What? You're so weird."
When he finds out why it might not work on you, you will not hear the end of it.
He will tease you to death. Not choke you to death.
Would honestly have the best time lowkey making you suffer but would enjoy knowing you feel that way.
"I can help you. The attic is very comfortable to sleep at, anyway."
a/n: thank you for reading! i'm sorry if there's any typos.
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lancermylove · 4 hours ago
7 Kids & A 3-Headed Dog (Scenarios)
Fandom: Obey Me
Pairing: All x gn!Reader, platonic.
Warning: None
Requested by: Anon
Prompt: Can you please do the Obey Me cast reacting to walking past a highschool while on Human World Business and overhearing a cranky professor exclaim, "When I was your age, I had to do TWO curriculums worth of homework WHILE taking care of seven children and a three-headed dog!"
A/N: Lol seven children. XD Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
He was far from happy hearing your words. According to his memory, he was the one keeping you out of trouble and cleaning up after you and Mammon.
After you gave the student an earful, you sat down on your chair and massaged your aching temples. When you heard the door open, you assumed it was another student and callously said, “Office hours are over. Whatever you need can wait till tomorrow.”
“You took care of 7 kids and a three-headed dog?” He asked, putting emphasis on you. “Is that why I had to clean up the mess you created with Mammon?”
When you stared at him in shock, Lucifer chuckled, “And you used to say I was cranky. Seems like someone needs a break from work. How about we get coffee? You can explain to me how exactly you took care of me.”
Though he teased you about your works and change in personality, the soft look in his eyes was enough to tell you just how much he missed you. Lucifer was relieved to see you were alive and well as a high school teacher can be anyways. 
Tumblr media
Mammon entered your classroom and shook his head, "Since when have ya turned into Lucifer part 2? Someone is cranky.”
You were happy to see your dear friend, but his words irked you. "Am not!" 
"Uh-huh, keep tellin' yourself that. Hey, since you've got a job now, you wanna treat me to lunch?"
"Seriously, Mammon?" You chuckled, half expecting him to say something like that. 
"Then how about I takin' me shopping? I could use some new clothes." He pleaded with puppy eyes. 
"Your clothes look fine." 
"Then can I borrow your credit card?" He asked in the sweetest voice possible.
You stared at him and displayed your best expressionless face. "How about I tell Lucifer about you asking for my credit card? And while I'm at it, why don't I tell him all your secrets and pranks you pulled back then?" 
He raised his hands in defense and took a step back, "W-Wha? I take it ain't Lucifer part're scarier than Lucifer."    
Tumblr media
Beel grinned widely, happy to see you after so many years. He couldn't have agreed with your words more; you took care of him and his brothers, and he'll be forever thankful for the love you showed to his family. 
Half an hour later, Beel walked into the classroom with bags of food and greeted you. He didn't wait for your reaction and set all the paper/plastic bags on your desk. "I wasn't sure what you liked to eat, so I got everything!" 
Though you were stunned to see the Avatar of Gluttony, you were thankful for the food he brought, considering that you hadn't eaten all day.  
"Are you students bothering you? I hear you yelling at them..." 
You explain to him that some students can be hard to handle, which didn't sit well with him. "Then can I eat them whole?" 
"NO, Beel! You can't eat my students. In fact, you can’t see any human as food!" 
It took a lot of convincing to get him to cast aside the idea of devouring your troublesome students. The thought of having to face their furious parents sent chills down your spine.
Tumblr media
Kids? Asmo chuckled to himself at the thought of all of them looking like children. Well, you weren't half wrong about that - you did resolve their family issues most of the time. 
He skipped into your empty classroom and greeted you excitedly. "Oh dear, you'll get wrinkles if you stress this much." 
Asmo took a closer look at your face and gasped, not waiting for you to stay hi to him. "You have wrinkles! Oh no, sweetie, have you not been taking care of your skin? How could you do that to your beautiful skin?" 
"Asmo, I-" 
"I don't want to hear any excuses, you are going to use your vacation days and come with me to a spa retreat! These students are too much on your skin, and you need a break." 
The Avatar of Lust didn't take no for an answer, and even before you could register anything, you were already on a plane to your vacation destination.
Tumblr media
Kids? Them? Belphie didn't like hearing you call them kids, considering they were 1000s of years old. At the same time, he couldn't deny that they caused you a lot of trouble.
He haphazardly strolled into your classroom and chuckled, "Looks like someone could use a nap."
Initially, he was joking, but after seeing your condition, Belphie realized that you truly needed to rest.
"I hate to compare you to him, but you remind me of Lucifer. Overworked, stressed, and cranky. Now, rest your head on your desk and take a nap."
When you protested and told him you don't have the luxury to rest, Belphie quickly casted a sleep spell on you. Within a few minutes, you were out cold. He sat next to your desk to make sure no one disturbed you, and if anyone tried, his glare was enough to send the person running.
Tumblr media
Satan furrowed his brows and frowned. Kids? Is that what you thought of him?
He quietly walked into the classroom and rested his hands on his hips. "As I recall, I helped you with your TWO sets of homework. Sometimes you would run away with Mammon and leave the work to me. Should I tell your students that?"
"Satan? What are you doing here?" You weren't expecting to see a resident of Devildom in the human realm. "Wait, what? No! Don't tell them that."
A sly smile appeared on his lips, making you sigh heavily. "Alright, what's it going to take to get you to stay quiet about you doing my homework for me?"
"A vacation with me," he chuckled. "Looks like you could seriously use one."
Tumblr media
When you turned to look out the window, you saw Levi standing outside frozen in place. As soon as you went to say hi to him, he backed away in fear and booked it.
"Levi, why are you running away?" You yelled out of the window and sighed when he was out of sight.
After school was over, you tried to search for him everywhere, and eventually found him in a deserted playground.
"Levi, there you are. Why did you run away?" You looked at him for a moment and frowned, "Why do you look like you just saw a ghost?"
"Y-You a-are scar-scarier than L-Lucifer and S-Satan combined..." He said, barely managing to get his words out as he clung onto the railings of the monkey bar.
You tried your best to explain how painful dealing with students can be, but even then, Levi was afraid of you. It’s going to take a lot of convince him that you aren’t scary.
Tumblr media
Upon hearing your words, Barbatos had a "welcome to my world" look on his face. First the brothers, now students? Talk about a stressed life. 
The butler entered your classroom and politely greeted you, but before you could question him about being in the human realm, he asked, "You have your hands quite full. Would you like to return to Devildom with me? Seems like you could use a break." 
Even though he only had to take care of Diavolo, Barbatos could still understand your mental state. The last thing he wanted was for you to reach your breaking point - human minds are too fragile for their own good. 
Besides, Barbatos had a feeling that Diavolo might ask you to stay in RAD after he learns that you’re a teacher. What better than for you to return to Devildom and stay with them once again?
Tumblr media
Simeon chuckled, and though he wouldn't go as far as to call all the brothers kids, he knew some of them were hard to deal with or too demanding. Even Michael had his hands full when they were in the Celestial Realm. 
Thinking about his time in Devildom, Simeon felt a bit sad. Sometimes he wished he could return to those days - the days where he had fun with the brothers, Solomon, Luke, and you. 
The angel quietly entered the classroom and handed you a bag of chocolates, "Hello, (y/n). I know this is sudden but would you like to visit Devildom with me?" 
You were surprised by his presence and offer, but the idea seemed appealing. 
"I'm certain the children- I mean brothers would be happy to see you," he laughed softly. "Also, taking you back to Devildom will give me an excuse to spend more time with you and take care of you." 
Tumblr media
Solomon had a good laugh when he heard you refer to the brothers are children. He knew they were a handful but hadn't realized to what extent until now. 
"Why would you want to teach high school children? Even their parents have a hard time dealing with them, so why put yourself through this torture?" He asked, curiously. 
"Oh, Solomon...hi. I love teaching so..." 
"Even so. You look like you could use a long break. Hm, I'm working on a new potion for stress relief, would you like to try it?" 
You nearly said yes but knew better than to be his test subject. Who knows what kind of effect it would have? What if you grow a tail or an extra pair of arms? 
Solomon easily read your mind and teased, "Don't worry the side effects are trivial...dizziness, sleepiness, and you may or may not grow a tail or cat ear." 
As you laughed at his words, Solomon watched with a content smile. "That expression suits you much better than the cranky one." 
Tumblr media
Diavolo laughed wholeheartedly in the middle of the street, scaring the people around him. If Lucifer had been with him, he wouldn't have been happy to hear you call him a child.
Hearing his laughter, you recognized him right away and went to greet him. "Diav, what are you doing here? Wait, is it okay for the devil to be here in the broad daylight?" 
Your question made him laugh even more, "I enjoy visiting the human world. Say...(y/n), are you a teacher?" 
When you gave him a rundown of your job, Diavolo seemed pleased. "Would you like to teach at RAD? I can assure you that you will be less stressed there, and I'll see to it that you get paid handsomely." 
You were shocked by his offer and asked for some time to think about it. Though he granted you the time, Diavolo hoped you would take him up on his offer. He was sure the brothers would be happy to have you back. 
Tumblr media
Luke was startled by your crankiness to the point where he seemed a bit fearful. It took a lot of courage for him to walk into your school. 
Unfortunately for him, all the high schoolers found him to be beyond adorable and wouldn't let him reach your classroom. That is until you came to his rescue and took him back to your class. 
"Luke, what are you doing here?" 
He didn't answer your question and thoughtfully stared at you. After a moment, he walked up to you and gave you a big hug. "Did that make you feel better?" 
When he saw your confused expression, the young angel smiled cutely, "Simeon said that hugs can make people feel better. Did my hug make you feel better?"  
➣ Obey Me Masterlist
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levis-little-nuggie · 4 hours ago
hi! i just saw the post about requests and could you write some fluffy sex headcanons with the brothers? we don't really see stuff like that so i thought i'd ask
Bless you nonny for the request 💜💜 this uh, turned out a lot longer than I had anticipated, probably because I haven't written anything in a good while 😅
Asmo and Belphie will have their own posts 💜
Nsft, obviously, so everything is under the Read More. I made the reader as gender neutral and inclusive as I could. Please let me know if at any point, I was exclusive.
Fluffy Sex Headcanons of the Demon Brothers
(minus Asmo and Belphie)
This man will top or bottom solely dependent upon what you want. Sex with him is moreso about pleasing his partner than just getting off. His preferences are fine tuned to your desires and your body’s limits. Lucifer’s sin feeds off of the immense pride a lover feels when they know you and your body better than you do
He may act cold and aloof in public and in front of others, coming off as stoic and arrogant, but it’s a completely different story behind closed doors.
However you want him, he’ll comply. You’ve done the impossible and captured his heart.  Don’t let this old man and his brown shoes fool you, he’ll drown you in passion.
He’ll gladly play the Dom role, but he’ll also gladly be your sub as well.
If you’re into BDSM and prefer him to Dom, you can expect an intensive aftercare routine that would rival Asmo’s. It’s not that he doesn’t like hurting you or pushing you to your limits, he just wants to reward you for being so good for him and wants to remind you how much he loves you.
If you’re into BDSM and prefer to Dom yourself, go crazy! While you would be capable of marking and bruising his skin, you can’t physically hurt or break him beyond light scratches. He can break out of whatever restraints you put him, even if they are demon-grade. You would need actual spells to diminish his strength to put him on par with a lower-class demon if you wanted him to actually feel any real pain, but if it’s what you want, he’ll do it. Expect a conversation beforehand about what you want and how he can do that for you. He wants there to be clear communication so he knows how best to serve you in the moments to come.
Sure the sex is fantastic, but he’ll show you how much he loves you in the tender moments after. The afterglow is his favorite part, both of you basking in the remnants of pleasure coursing through you, the physical numbness, and the swell of feel-good chemicals swirling through your bodies. This is when he’ll hold you closest, pepper your skin with kisses unable to stop himself, he’ll play with your hair if you have it, his eyes will be bright, his smile will be unrestrained. He may even start humming a long-forgotten lullaby or your favorite song as he rests his head against your chest, hearing your heartbeat in blissful content until one of you decides it’s time to get cleaned up.
No matter how long the day has been, the amount of hours he’s put into all that damn paperwork, he’ll always make time to pamper you after sex. If you prefer to shower alone, he’ll let you go first and have the bed ready with new, clean sheets and clean towels set out for you when you’re done. Prefer to sleep with pajamas? He has a drawer dedicated to your favorite things along with some new ones he bought for you.
Ah yes, the tsundere. The dumbass in the streets, dumbass in the sheets. The one who has more hair-brained ideas than he does fingers and toes in one week. One of the greatest banes of Lucifer’s existence.
His push and pull personality might have you questioning the validity of his feelings, but I believe that Mammon wouldn’t be partaking in fluffy sex at all unless he was absolutely smitten.
With how his brothers treat him, he’s reluctant to open his heart to you and fully accept that at some point, you won’t start insulting him either. However, equipped with the sin of greed, Mammon’s completely helpless when you compliment and reassure him. 
His standoffish attitude is a front, a feeble attempt to keep up his reputation as “The Great Mammon,” but he’s got himself wrapped around your finger before he even realizes it and that facade would melt away instantly at your smallest of smiles, a kiss on his cheek or back of his hand, a surprise compliment, anything that makes his heart skip a beat. 
Of the brothers, he has one of the weakest composers around you mainly because he’s also one of the horniest. 
Sex with Mammon can be rushed;  a quickie between classes, a broken composure that has him feeling dehydrated for you, a clash of tongues and teech and a burning desire that encompasses both of you until you find release.
However, the sweetest and fluffiest sex with Mammon would be when either of you are feeling emotionally vulnerable. 
He’ll treat you like you’re the greatest treasure to have ever existed in all three realms, with a delicacy as if you’re fragile because he knows he can be careless and reckless. He’ll be in his head a lot making sure he’s taking care of you, that you feel good, doing his damndest to keep you satisfied so there’s no room in your heart to doubt him. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep that sparkle in your eye when you look at him, to never lose you and never have to experience the day you realize his brothers have been right all along. 
And I mean he’ll do whatever and however. Any wish is his command, but you’ll have more work cut out for you if you suggest the both of you participating in a threesome or more. He wants you all to himself, it’s his greed, but it’s your reassurance and validation that will have him like putty in your hand. 
He’s more than okay with both of you falling asleep in your mess, but more often than not, he’ll wait until you’ve dozed off to clean up. In these moments, he takes the time to worship every inch of your skin, like polishing a priceless jewel. His intentions are pure, most of the time, he just likes to wait till you’re asleep so there’s no chance for you to tease him about it. It also allows his greed to soak up your peaceful expression, the way your body reaches out to him after he’s finished cleaning and comes back to curl up next to you. 
There’s a secret photo album hidden on his phone filled with pictures of the both of you like this, your lashes against your cheeks, your freckles or sun spots, any blemishes or scars that he’s covered in kisses countless of times, your hand in his and vice versa, memories of how sweet and tender your love is, filled with emotions he struggles to put into words. 
It all depends how you play your cards with this one. Teasing him is easy and it’ll get him all flustered, but pair that with his raging horniness and you’ll be walking a fine line between a Dom or sub Levi.
However, if it’s fluffy and sweet sex you want, treat him gently and he’ll return the favor. It’ll take a bit of time and effort to get here, on both your parts, but if you’re willing to put in the work, he’ll make it worth it. Like Mammon, this means sex will be its fluffiest when either both of you or one of you is emotionally vulnerable.
We’ve recently been blessed by the devs on a cannon description of his tail, confirming that it is snake-like with scales. This also means, however, that his tail is sensitive to touch and he has full control of its movements. During a more sweet intimacy, he likes to wrap his tail around a limb, your arm or your leg. It’s only when he’s in Dom or sub mode that he likes to use his tail in a more active manner.
It’s important for him, whether he realizes it or not, that during these moments, that he’s the one touching you, not his tail. If you ask him to use his tail too much during sex, he’ll start to think that you’re only with him because of his tail.
He’ll want to see you even though his room is dimly lit. He also knows his tub bed might not be the most comfortable so he’ll invest in a mattress to put on the floor by the tank, and a few fluffy blankets, from the Ruri-chan line of course, to keep you warm and comfortable so you’ll never want to leave his room, just like him.
He prefers any position that has the two of you lying together, with your face in clear view because he can’t get enough of the faces you make because of the pleasure he’s responsible for making you feel. He’ll be more focused on your voice, your body language, your reactions to reassure him he’s doing something right.
To see your naked skin kissed with the reflection of the water from the tank is his favorite part. He actually got a nosebleed the first time he saw you like that. 
Sex with the otaku is a learning experience that requires patience and repetitive reassurance. He’s certain that no one could ever love him, and it’s going to cost a lot of mental energy, and it can be disheartening at times where it seems he’s not made any progress in loving himself at all, but you’ll both also have an opportunity to create something truly beautiful between the two of you. Falling in love with your best friend, and having your feelings returned with all their heart is one of the most beautiful things to ever experience.
I like to imagine that Satan is akin to that tiger DILF in Zootopia looking at his tablet while on the train, you know, the one who looks like he’ll take good care of you? Listen, during one of his Devilgram stories, the man pitches a tent (like an actual tent, not a boner you guys) and makes both of you cups of hot chocolate. You can pry this hc out of my cold, dead hands.
Sex with Satan is actually more often fluffy and sweet than anyone would assume because he’s the Avatar of Wrath. Just like all the other brothers, Satan is more than his sin. That being said, Satan is still CEO of Angry Sex™ but he’s also more intune to his own feelings than the rest of his brothers. 
It’s after his more violent fits of rage that he’s seeking your comfort. It’s difficult for him to come down from his wrath; the worse the fit is, the more broken and twisted he feels. He didn’t like coming to you at first because he knows how mentally draining it can be for a human to deal with someone like that, but you’ve insisted in your endearing and stubborn way that he can and needs to rely on you more. You threatened to find all the sources proving your point for the success of any relationship and he eventually gave in, accepting your kindness and your love.
In turn, he provides you with an arsenal of reading material and spells you can arm yourself with for a plethora of reasons; mainly self-defense against demons, a history of successful and failed attempts to prank Lucifer, as well as guides for subjects in class to help you study.
Unlike his previous brothers, sex with Satan is more about the pleasure you both feel. Of course he’ll still be mindful of your pleasure, but he can also get lost in his own desire. No matter how far gone he is, you know that the moment you utter the safeword, he’ll stop immediately and assess the situation. The safeword is actually a simple spell that he’d found when you two started getting more intimate.
On days he’s feeling extra playful, he’ll dress up for you; a collar with a bell, cat ears, a butt plug with a tail attached. He loves to be your little kitty cat, and will practically foam at the mouth if you ever dressed up like a slutty cat for him, but this doesn’t lead to fluffy smut times.
While he has no issues with PDA, Satan reserves his more soft and fluffy side for when you two are totally alone. He’s proactive in looking up cute date ideas and is the type to go all out turning his bed or his floor into a nest of pillows and blankets, cups of tea, hot chocolate, coffee, whatever you prefer, a variety of little snacks, and turn his wall into a projection screen to watch old-fashioned black and white romance movies. 
For Satan, it’s the moments leading up to the sweet intimacy filled with love and adoration that are his favorites. Being the reason your face brightens, tears of happiness well in the corner of your eyes, the way your smile makes his heart stutters, Satan loves showing you how much you mean to him mainly because he knows he’s not the best with words. He could recite any poem of strings of song lyrics, but he believes actions speak louder than words.
He actually prefers for you to have control in these moments; there’s less of a chance he could hurt you and it’s another way to prove his love. He’ll only ever bottom for you. He was reluctant at first, but it’s like you opened his eyes to a whole new world he didn’t know about. He still likes to act like he's a cat and you're his mouse, but he also likes it when you take over and make him bow to your whim. You've gained his trust as well as his heart and he believes that the power dynamic in a relationship should be balanced.
During the most intimate moments, either right after sex or waking up together in the morning after sleeping in, you'll both enter this Cat Speak mode. One of you will start, just a cute little "mrow?" and you'll go back and forth entertaining a semblance of a conversation but without saying anything. There's no actual conversation happening, it's just the two of you making cat noises at each other, giggling and riding the high of this special intimacy specially reserved for these moments of bliss.
Let’s be honest, 9 times out of 10 your sex with the sixth-born will be fluffy and sweet. He’s like the personified version of a golden retriever. He loves you and has the instinct to want to take care of you. You’re such a small, delicate human, and his brothers love you too so when you’re in Beel’s care, he makes sure you’re satisfied more than just sexually. 
Anything you’re willing to give him, he’ll accept wholeheartedly expressing his love and gratitude in the form of huge grins, hugs, a hearty chuckle, and peppering kisses across your face. 
Even though he’s not as sexually active as some of his brothers, once you get this big guy started, be prepared to cancel any plans you have for the rest of the day… and also the day after just to be safe. He has the most energy and will keep going until he’s had you against every solid surface in his room, minus Belphie’s furniture of course. Regardless of your size or how you look, he’ll make you feel weightless as he carries you around the room effortlessly
He loves the way you taste, gliding his tongue over your skin like you’re an ice-cream cone that never melts, he’s actually growled a number of times when you tried pulling yourself away from him. His eyes had turned shades darker than normal before you snapped him out of it. He would apologize profusely and kill the mood so as to make sure he’s in the right headspace and you’re okay. 
This has only happened a few times, but he still loves to taste every inch of you whenever he has you all to himself. He leaves you covered in hickeys and love bites and even though he’ll apologize, you know he feels absolutely no shame in his brother’s reactions to seeing you covered the next day. 
His favorite part is helping you ride out your orgasm with his mouth. He knows he’s more skilled with his mouth anyway and just, the man cannot get enough of you or your taste. Depending on where he’s at when you orgasm, if he’s close, he’ll paint your skin in his release, and then clean up the mess and drag you in for snuggles. If he’s not quite there yet, he’ll assess your energy levels and wait until you’re ready to go again or keep going, depending on who topped or bottomed. He’s all about consent and wants to join you when you’re fully blissed out regardless if he’s finished or not (meaning he’ll deny his own release in order to lie with you).
Aftercare comes almost second nature to him. He’s already carrying you to the bathroom and soaking you off in the shower before you realize it. The warm water and his large hands invade your senses and he urges you to let go, to let him take care of you and it’s like a dream. His calloused hands offer a sort of comforting roughness that keeps you grounded. If you want shower sex, you’ll have to initiate it.
Actually, that’s pretty accurate for Beel. You want sex? You’re either going to have to initiate it or tell him straight out. Poor guy does not take hints well as he is very oblivious.
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ashxrsbeloveds · 4 hours ago
Okay so MC being a picky eater and refused to eat the food in Devildom because it looked sO WEIRD???
Like, I can imagine the brothers placing bets (Mammon's idea) on who can get them to eat the food they cook during their cooking duty and ALL OF THEM FAILAHSHBDJEJ
One time when Satan was ranting in the groupchat that Beel ate all the food in he fridge again and he was on cooking duty they straightass said "Atleast I won't deal with that weird ass food of you demons" and Satan almost blew Lamentation up
MC would order from Luke instead because the only food they can tolerate is Luke's dishes
Then Lucifer had enough of it so he just sent MC to Purgatory Hall because they refuse to eat the food in HoL 😭
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devildomexpress · 5 hours ago
How would the brothers react to seeing Mc in the kitchen holding a knife and has “blood” all over them?.
I kinda wrote a small scenario for this one.
It was a chilly night at the House of Lamentation, almost everyone was sleeping soundly:
Mammon cuddling a shirt he stole from Mc, Levi getting blinded by anime girls, Satan snoozing on his sofa while holding a book, Asmo trying a new facemask, Lucifer overworking again and Beel attempting to raid the fridge.
But where was Mc? Not in their room for sure.
Beel wandered silently to their room, in search of some company to eat- instead he found an open window and a mess.
This alerted the ginger for a moment, and being the kind giant he was he thought you werent feeling ok.
He rushed and looked everywhere he could, waking his brothers while doing so.
It was until they reached the kitchen that they felt his hearts race.
A shadow holding a knife with blood on it in a menacing way...
Mammon screamed thinking you were harmed but Belphegor was the first one to turn the lights on.
-Hi guys, sorry I was hungry- you muttered, holding the strawberry flavored "blood".
After that night, they didn't let you go to the kitchen at night alone.
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devildomqueen · 5 hours ago
Potential new member for the anti-Lucifer league
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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devildomexpress · 5 hours ago
I really like your work, and I'm sorry for any mistake (english is not my first language). you could do a headcanon of an MC who has a curse that prevents her from dying (even if she / he wants to) and mc treats it naturally
Fo sho!
Tumblr media
It came as a surprise when Belphegor first tried to kill you
After some very long and agonizing minutes of his vice grip, he started to wonder if he was doing something wrong
Eventually, after the whole deal passed, he was the first one to ask
"Are you really human?"
The answer to the question was a simple yes
But then, how comes that even after trying with all his hate to kill were still there
Belphegor didn't want to seem interested, but he utterly was
He reunited his brother and explained the situation, causing awe and curiosity on them
"Maybe they are just strong enough" Beel commented
"Maybe they are half-demon?" Added Satan
"Maybe you should know that I'm cursed" you said, popping in the conversation
That's when you went into details about your curse, leaving everyone in the room with a mute mouth
"Well, at least we'll have you forever and ever" Asmo said happily.
"Yeah! No more worrying about demons harming you beyond repair" Mammon said.
However, you explained you were treating it naturally. Looking for plants, herbs and flower that could help in any way
They were lowkey sad bc that curse would mean you could stay forever with them
But they were very supportive
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devildomqueen · 5 hours ago
“Cover Their Nose and Mouth” Trick
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You would know, wouldn’t you, Belphie?
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hoe4huffman · 5 hours ago
it boils my blood when om DARES to give me the notification that *everyone* has finished their jobs. Barbatos is busting his ass cleaning up unidentifiable stains at The Fall and Satan is redoing the goddamn Dewey Decimal system in the Royal Library. Do not tell me everyone is done when it's just Mammon leaving Akuzon after an hour, drinking a smoothie.
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