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#obey me barbatos
lucifer5lucy8 minutes ago
Did you know these secrets of the little d's in Diavolo's castle???
so i had taken some time to revisit the manga upon hearing that the little D's are going to be voiced and i found some shocking references to them that i had completely overlooked the first time i read the manga.
1) did you know that the little D's can shapeshift?
they can change forms to look like their avatars aka the demon brothers.It's just that they will be completely black and only their eye colour will remain the same.
2)actually i have mentioned this before, the game did give clues that the little d's could change their appearance and that they are lowkey demons whose names have been slipped into the storyline very subtly.
an anon that messaged me about the little D's said this:
(I thought they were demons that pretended to be Little Ds and not the actual Little Ds' names? Because isn't Astaroth like an actual student at RAD? I remember them being on the popularity contest results chat from the beginning of the game...)
3)like you said astharoth is a demon based on asmo & they share similar personalities.there have been snippets of such, little D's transformation scenes that take place in the background of some panels in the manga,so it must have been decided on beforehand.interesting right?
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baalism3 hours ago
hey hey hey, sweetie!!!! can i request for some headcanons of beelzebub, barbatos, satan, asmodeus and mammon with a female bodied y/n who is insecure about their stretch marks and tummy??,, also!! i hope you're okay!! have a good day/afternon/night!!!
Hiii, I hope you're well too!
Sorry this took a bit, body image is kind of a sensitive topic and I wanted to try and treat it accordingly instead of half assing such a nice request! Do let me know if something bothers u and I'll change it/delete it w/e馃枻
Tw for body image talk ahead.
Beelzebub, Barbatos, Satan, Asmodeus & Mammon with a significant other that's insecure about her stretch marks and tummy.
A.N: it's been said so much already and literally nobody asked me but it bears repeating. Truly!! stretch marks, tummy and such things don't matter like. at all.
That you're insecure about them does not mean you don't love yourself enough either, it just means unrealistic body standards are pervasive enough to make you think awful stuff. And even though I mention the phrase 'perfect body' in the request, that is a dumb term anyway as there's no such thing as a 'perfect body' either, because they just are not supposed to be :-) and no one should strive to that.
路 He might be a little dense about the subject at first, but since he'd like to use your tummy as a pillow or sneak his hands under your tshirt while he hugs you, he'll eventually notice your reluctance.
路 His heart literally drops to the ground the moment you tell him you're not comfortable with such things due to your insecurities.
路 Looks at you with his puppiest(?) eyes and asks but Why!
路 Your tummy is his favorite part of your body, and he doesn't really see a reason for you to be insecure about it.
路 It's literally just your body, it's supposed to be this way and he thinks you're perfect as is.
路 But Beelzebub is very empathic. He knows it doesn't matter what he thinks if you're insecure. This is not about him.
路 He'd take your hands in his huge ones and just ask you what can he do to help you, to make you feel better. He knows there's probably not much he can do, insecurities take a lot to overcome.
路 But whatever he can, he will.
路 Beelzebub would still want lay with his face on your tummy if you allow him to, peppering kisses all over it until you give up and accept that if anything, this one demon is genuine about how he feels about the whole thing. Maybe have you change your mind even a little?
路 Beel would also show you he has his own stretch marks from working out and growing muscle. They are on his thighs, the sides of his hips and the inside of his arms; to him they are just...there and he's kinda proud of them. He hopes you can at least relate to him a bit in this someday.
路 He knows how you feel about your body only because he knows literally everything.
路 Nothing escapes him, not even the small flinching when his gloved hand that rests on your waist makes a turn around your tummy in an affectionate manner while he's giving you a baking lesson at the castle, or the way you not so subtly scrutinize your thighs sometimes.
路 But Barbatos doesn't wants to be patronizing and put you on an uncomfortable situation out of the blue just because he knows. He's not gonna single you out on the one moment you guys get to spend at leisure during the week and give you a talk on why you should think higher of yourself.
路 But he can't just leave you to wallow in such things while he does nothing to make you feel better either...
路 And with his demanding job, he has so little time to spare! Barbatos has to act quick and so he starts sending Luke your way, with little pastries and mini cakes always accompanied of a handwritten card and what he believes to be subtle messages of appreciation.
路 It doesn't work because while charming, they are still vague...
路 And one day you mention offhandedly to him how you think you've getting new stretch marks lately.
路 A frown settles on his face. Yes, he knew, but to hear and see your expression while you adress this was way more heartbreaking than he imagined.
路 It's just that he thinks those things are not even dign of mention?? You are so utterly stunning and there isn't a single aspect of you that Barbatos doesn't adores. Insecurities would be ridiculous.
路 But he can see how wounding these beliefs are. Barbatos is understanding of this, of your feelings, and tells you he is there for you if you ever need to talk about them. He'll clear his schedule on a heartbeat for you.
路 He'd be there to reassure you there is literally nothing to be insecure about, running his hands through your hair as tea brews; Barbatos would tell you there is no reason for you to be cruel to yourself; someone as wonderful as you, both inside and out, does not deserve to feel that way.
路 Ohh well he's a mess at first.
路 Satan is (nearly) always so composed, so correct, but upon realizing you had these insecurities he's for once at a loss for words.
路 He finds out while trying to tease you by lightly tickling your sides this one time you guys were doing some light reading together in the common room.
路 Satan is observant and sharp, so even when you try to hide the discomfort, he notices and asks you sincerely tell him what's wrong, he's worried.
路 So you do, and he kind of freezes in place.
路 Listen. His books never mentioned such foolishness, and he didn't see it on tv either. Tummy or even weight issues are not really a thing in the devildom, much less stretch marks.
路 He puzzled. Why is it a thing for you humans. It's so stupid and outrageous, he's so pissed off.
路 Would aggresively educate himself on the subject until he can come up to you with all these source-supported facts about how these things are completely okay and you should not be self conscious. This is the way he has to show you just how much he cares.
路 But Satan ends up making himself kind of annoying to the point you have to tell them it's okay, he's made his point, but rather than all 'clinical' aspects, your issues lay somewhere else. You know these things, but insecurities run deeper than just facts.
路 Satan absolutely comprehends this, and thanks you for allowing him to understand the situation and you better.
路 And from then on would opt to just let you know he loves you as you are and show you this with displays of affection instead of passionate lectures.
路 When you are reading like the first time the issue appeared, Satan would wrap his arms around your waist tight with such intent you know exactly what he's trying to convey: you are perfect the way you are.
路 Insecurities about your whole gorgeous beautiful perfect self??? Not on his watch baby.
路 You had been upfront with Asmo, since he's all about going through stupid lengths to make himself beautiful and all, somewhat worried he had some thoughts about your stretch marks or tummy.
路 His eyes nearly fill with tears when he hears this. Why would you of all people feel this way about yourself? It's so unfair!
路 But he gets his act together real quick, can't be crying when his love is the one that's feeling low.
路 His thoughts on the aspects of your body you're insecure about? Do you really want to know that?
路 Well of course he has some. He thinks tummy, stretch marks and everything else are not just okay, but absolutely gorgeous. He loves them.
路 And Asmo tells you he would want you any other way you were but hear him, he fell for you the way you are now, and that includes everything of you. Both inside and outside, and what you like and what you don't too.
路 Even though he knows he can't make your insecurities vanish as much as he'd like to, Asmo would still try his very best.
路 x10 more compliments and praise, x20 more intensive spa and self care nights with him 脳30 more texts during the day to remind you of just how stunning you are and 脳100 more cuddles and kisses and affection when you guys are alone, if that's even possible.
路 Another persistent (if not annoying), but well intentioned one.
路 He is the only one of the bunch (aside from Barbatos) that knows these insecurities are a thing in the first place.
路 Mammon hangs out quite a bit in the human world.
路 The lady witches that constantly drag him around by his nose are Always complaining about stretch marks and coming up with new glamours to hide that bit of tummy that literally does not matter.
路 He tells them even magic wouldn't help them because they are also fucking mean. Only to get beat up by said witches moments later.
路 Genuinely wonders who came up with such stupid things though.
路 And they dare to call him dumb?? Smh he really doesn't get it.
路 But when he realizes you too suffer from these insecurities? It destroys him.
路 He found out one time he got you a cute crop top and rather than tease him about how he spent his money on you, you just looked at the piece of cloth with contempt. Mammon knew right away what was going on through your mind, you didn't even have to say anything.
路 But...not you, not his human, of all of them. What made you think this of yourself and why?
路 If you thought he'd give you the 'don't be insecure babe ur so sexy' treatment, you're wrong.
路 He's still not sure about what to even say, but his tsundere act would be completely gone because he's devastated that you think these things...
路 Mammon would angrily blurt out how it's even dumber than him that you are self conscious about tummy and stretch marks. I mean you're perfect already and-
路 He realizes too late he's spilling all his feelings like it's nothing. He goes red in the face and you have to keep him from running away, but he does not deny any of the things he just said.
路 He gets super clingy with you. Mammon doesn't wanna keep making a fool off himself by talking but also can't help it. Brings you to his room to cuddle and even though his face is hidden in your hair, his hands never leave your soft tummy or sides.
路 Also I'm sorry but I have to adress this 馃様: Mammon would 100% try to get you into impulsive purchases to make you feel better. They make him feel better, so it has to work for his human too, right? It most likely does not, but spend his money regardless since he's offering.
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harunayuuka20605 hours ago
Barbatos: Simeon, I'm here to fetch my child who you refused to return.
Simeon: *carrying MC in his arm* I thought I made this clear that MC is NOW my child.
Barbatos: *getting pissed off but still smiling* That's my child. My flesh and my blood.
Simeon: *chuckles* I don't give a sh*t about that.
Solomon: Holy鈥 Did Simeon just snapped?
Luke: *covering his ears*
MC: *looking at them back and forth* *then at their father* Papa! *reaching out for him*
Barbatos: *smiles in satisfaction* See? MC knows who should they go to.
Simeon: M-MC?
Barbatos: *walks towards them and when he's just an inch closer to get MC*
MC: *grabs their father's shirt with their cute, tiny hands* *then pulls him a little*
*Barbatos ended up kissing Simeon while MC is in between them*
Luke and Solomon: *getting struck by lightning*
MC: *giggles* Mama, Papa. Hiiiiiii~
Barbatos: ...
Simeon: ...
Barbatos: *grabbing MC from Simeon* We're going home.
MC: *looking at Simeon like they're about to cry* M-Mama?
Simeon: *still dumbfounded*
Barbatos: MC, he's not your mother. *walks out with them*
Solomon: Simeon... Are you okay?
Luke: Simeon...?
Simeon: *coming back to his senses* Huh? Where's my child?
Luke: They just went out ...
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Tumblr media
Do not worry! I can do others. Right now I am perfectly happy writing headcannons for all the characters if it is requested. I will just break them up into Brothers and Datables to make it easier to tag.
If you want a specific "other" character next time, just ask and I will gladly add them to the main post!
Brothers Masterlist | Datables Masterlist
Datables Reactions to a Ticklish MC
馃憫 Diavolo -
He finds out at one his parties while waltzing with MC.
He has his hand on their back and then they start giggling.
He laughs too thinking it is human customs.
MC then explains what tickling is and why they are laughing.
Diavolo will sneakily tickle them while dancing at balls (like the first time) or while passing them in hallways.
Only to for him to chuckle at their cute laugh.
He is ticklish, but it is hard to get close enough to tickle him most of the time.
馃泿 Barbatos -
He can see MC's ticklishness with his power.
He already knows and uses it to his advantage.
Will tickle MC on purpose and say it is an accident just to hear them laugh throughout his day.
Reaches over to set down tea cup and drags his hand up their back making them squeal and squirm.
He is very sneaky about the whole thing.
He is ticklish, but MC doesn't usually think about tickling him because they think it is always an accident.
馃槆 Simeon -
He figures out while walking with MC.
He grabbed them so they don't trip and then they squirm away while laughing.
Thinks it is amazing (their laugh and how ticklish they are).
He doesn't go out of his way to tickle them usually, but will do it if they are hanging out alone.
He is ticklish and will do tickle fights if MC starts it.
馃悤 Luke -
MC actually found out Luke was ticklish first.
MC hugged him and he giggled while squirming.
MC thought it was so cute they tried to tickle him again
He pouted for an hour then asked if MC was ticklish.
They tell him, of course they are.
Now they both have full on tickle wars whenever MC is in Purgatory Hall.
Simeon is the moderator on what is legal in their war, Solomon hands out rations.
馃敭 Solomon -
Solomon will find out while teaching MC a potion and gently holding their arms.
MC then pulls away and kinda laughs.
Because of that Solomon now enchants objects and hides them in MC's backpack.
They come out and tickle MC when they are sad or at random times to remind MC of him.
He is not ticklish.
But loves to see MC try to tickle him so he says he is.
Their determined face is so cute.
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I request Barbatos crying. You can decide why and what's going on, I just request that he cry.
Hm, Alright over-worked barbatos and supportive mc time- Mc is gender-neutral
Barbatos worked hard every day, almost ever took a break and even for an immortal demon it was quite a lot at times.
It has been a very hard month for barbatos, Lord Diavolo had constant meetings, mammon had doubled his efforts to try and steal from the castle, and his work had been piling up, not to mention there was a big event that was in a few days that he needed to prepare for.
He barely had time to even text Mc, and they started to get worried about it. They knew that Barbatos tends to overwork himself and just wanting to check up on him.
When they arrived at the castle, barbatos was in the kitchen and trying to prepare the meal plan for the event but it was clear that he hadn't slept in days and was very clearly stressing about mc everything.
Mc walked up to them slowly "Barbatos... Shouldn't you take a break.. this all seems like it is stressing you out..."
He looked up to Mc before sighing softly "I can not do that.. I need to finish this, then I have to complete the decorations.. and-"
He continued for awhile with the other things he needed to finish, but Mc wasn't having any of that. Sending Lord Diavolo a text and barbatos will be taking a break, and it was clear that nothing would stop them from doing this.
Once they told Barbatos it was very difficult to make him stop working once he did, but it was clear he was tired and frustrated and not getting anywhere.
"I can not simply stop working, I have to finish this.. so despite how.. great a break does sound.. I can not.."
Mc had to pick up and carry barbatos out of the kitchen, he was far too tired to fight back as they carried him to his room.
Once their at his room, they sets him down on the bed and helping him get changed into his sleepwear before getting in and cuddling him.
He was laying down on Mc chest, and it was only a few moments till he let out a small sod. Holding onto Mc as the stress and tiredness of everything caught up to him and he couldn't stop himself from crying.
It was very surprising for Mc, it was the first time they saw him cry and wasn't fully sure how to react. So simply hugged him tightly and gave him all the time he needed to cry.
It was a few minutes in till he was able to talk through the tears "I'm sorry... I... I don't know what came over me... just... everything.. I should be able to deal with this... I.. apologize..."
Mc shook their head "Barbatos, you don't need to apologize to me.. you aren't some mindless robot worker, you have emotions.. and you have a limit to what you can do.."
He paused, thinking over what they said. Knowing it was true but never liked hearing it, so he simply nodding and cuddled into Mc more.
"I am.. just.. tired, can I sleep and you stay here please?" Mc nodded, letting the butler fall asleep on their chest and making sure he stay asleep for a long enough to caught up on all the sleep he needs.
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entitledgods10 hours ago
Despite the serious atmosphere created, they could not keep their eyes off his demonic features. It was something that they instantly fell in love with and to see his tail moving so sporadically was so breathtaking to them. 鈥淥h you鈥檙e so beautiful I just can鈥檛 with those little reactions of yours. It almost makes want to do more because you鈥檙e so cute when you do. I鈥檝e fallen in love again ten times over!鈥 They were overtaken by their obsession for him seeming to completely ignore the stress they caused mere seconds ago. They began toying with his tail no shame in their constant touching. 鈥淥h now I鈥檝e got you all to myself. It鈥檚 so much better this way don鈥檛 you think? I could never stay mad at you! You鈥檙e simply to adorable for that. However I will be taking what鈥檚 mine right now.鈥 They seemed to calm themselves down by messing with his horns. They knew exactly what to do to tease his horns and tail. The feeling was rather pleasant but didn鈥檛 fit at all with this situation. 鈥淥h you poor thing! Being used to satiate that witch. And even then the prince will be dissatisfied with your work and scold you. I should just erase her then you鈥檒l only have to worry about making it up to me.鈥 Their voice ever the condensing, they were infantilizing him as if he needed someone who would make all the decisions for him. (馃挄 anon)
He flushed, emotions conflicting as his sensitive horns were played with and his tail curled in their hands involuntarily. He tried not to show it as he continued, focusing on their words with little success. Ah, w-well I'm glad you've been... Pacified. He would have tried to make an excuse to leave, he wanted to. He was still uncomfortable with their advances, but he couldn't think of any way to get away from them. He couldn't use the witch as an excuse as she was being occupied by Asmodeus, and besides, his private company is all they seemed to want from him in the moment. Trying to leave would only upset that. He could only whimper and close his eyes as they continued to tease him.
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just-somehuman13 hours ago
Why does Barbatos look like Duolingo
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tamarinstudios14 hours ago
Not my ass being envious of people who have Barbatos card
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abberant-butler14 hours ago
Barbatos, Luke. Word count: 693 馃槍馃挄
Although Luke may never have been able to say it out loud, the excitement on the young angel鈥檚 face was always evident when he arrived for a new lesson. Those bright blue eyes sparkled all the way from the foyer to the kitchen as Barbatos explained what they would be doing that day. Even for the usually reserved butler, it was hard not to smile at the fledgling鈥檚 enthusiasm.
鈥淒oes that mean we鈥檙e going to make the crust this time, too?鈥 A few over exaggerated steps that were nearly jumps punctuated the angel鈥檚 question.
鈥淚 intend to show you how, yes. However the resting period is usually overnight, so I have also prepared a couple of crusts for us to use so we may practice the filling as well. Then you鈥檒l have something to take home.鈥
Luke began to explain all about how Simeon had told him to stop keeping the results of his baking practice in Purgatory Hall. Only so much could ever hope to be eaten, and it was a shame to waste good treats. Conveniently the Avatar of Gluttony was also a rather well-behaved guest when he wasn鈥檛 promised more than was delivered, and Luke talked on and on about the schedule he had with Beelzebub to pick up any left-over sweets. What a long way the fledgling had come. Barbatos kept his pace measured as they walked down the halls, but from time to time even the demon found his hips swaying playfully along with Luke鈥檚 when the angel got to a particularly passionate part of the story. It usually included Beelzebub eating something whole, however it no longer carried the undercurrent of horror. The lack of Simeon鈥檚 dutiful presence also cemented a warm realization in Barbatos; Luke trusted him.
As usual for their lessons, the kitchen had been laid out with pre-measured ingredients surrounding their stations. Luke鈥檚 station had a step stool in front of it that matched the metal of the countertops so as not to draw attention to itself. Barbatos had installed it after their first lesson when he observed the angel struggling to see what was going into the bowl. He鈥檇 never directly mentioned it. Neither had Luke, even as the angel excitedly lifted himself up, rocking even further forward onto his toes to look over everything on the counter.
鈥淚 thought you said we were making a human-world apple pie?鈥
鈥淲e are, yes.鈥
鈥淭hen why are there lemons?鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e chosen tart apples, which will be balanced by the citrus of the lemons and the sweetness of the sugar. It鈥檚 not very traditional, but it is something unique which I don鈥檛 think many humans or angels have often had.鈥 Even with Barbatos鈥 explanation, Luke looked rather unsure. 鈥淭hink of it as an exercise of trust. Sometimes the bitter things in life can become sweet with kind effort and direction.鈥
This was what seemed to settle the angel enough that they could begin their task. Removing his gloves, Barbatos was surrounded by the lingering history of warm sun and swift harvest, of brief brushes with human life and effort. He always tried to use imports for baking with Luke. It was a nice way to solidify his own skills with the foreign food, and to assure the young angel that nothing cursed or wicked had worked its way into the treats he liked to give out as gifts. The expense of it was easily written off as a necessity for the exchange program.
As always, Luke was observant and thorough in his questions and replication. Barbatos tried to go slow enough for the fledgling to predict his movements and even 鈥榣ead鈥 from time to time, just so he could hear that bubbly laugh and watch those bright eyes. How strange to find the angel so changed from when he鈥檇 first arrived. Stranger still for Barbatos to realize how fond he鈥檇 grown as well. Watching Luke lean in close to meticulously crimp the edges of his pie, and painstakingly cut out some stars to put on top of the crust before brushing it all down, Barbatos saw the first real glimpse of Prince Diavolo鈥檚 plans; peace.
Tart Apple and Lemon Pie
(Mun note: pie crust is best formed half in math and half in magic. I leave that up to you. Store-bought is also fine.)
5-6 tart apples (about 6ish cups sliced) 2 tbsp all-purpose flour 1/3 cup packed brown sugar (dark or light) 1/2 fresh lemon, sliced into thin rounds, seeds removed 1 tablespoon butter cut into small cubes
Preheat oven to 425F. Roll out one circle of pie crust and place into pie dish. (Do not stretch the dough). Make sure to gently guide it into the corners of the plate. Set aside until ready to fill.
Peel, core, and slice apples. Place in a large mixing bowl. Thinly slice half a lemon into rounds. Cut each round in half, remove the seeds. Add the lemon to the apples. Add the flour and brown sugar to the mixing bowl and gently toss to coat. If you have very tart apples, taste to check sweetness levels. If needed, add sugar as necessary.
Pour the apple filling into the pie dish, forming a mound in the center of the pie. Dot the filling with the butter cubes.
Roll out the top crust and place over the pie filling. Trim excess and crimp the edges.
Bake the pie on the middle rack for 15 minutes at 425 F, and then聽 (without opening the oven)聽 reduce the temperature to 375 F and bake an additional 45 minutes until the crust is golden. Check the pie approximately 15 minutes before the cooking time is up and tent the edges with foil or a pie protector to prevent excess browning.
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mc-heros14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Baking a pie with Barbatos
baking something with the demons who is unable to cook and bake something not delicious
so barbatos loves to learn new recipes, that's why be came to you, asking if you would teach him some human world cakes and pies
of course you say yes
since you need human world ingreedients, barbatos asks you to write everything you need down, so he can buy them when he has a little break
you two are meeting up at the castle and, after a cup of tea, get to work
"and then we have to put it in the oven, but on a low temperatur"
you two made a cherry pie and after half an hour, were ready to put it in the oven.
while waiting you talked with barbatos about some other cakes and pies you enjoy. normally you would be cleaning the kitchen after putting the pie in the oven, but barbatos already cleaned everything before you could even start.
after the pie was down, you cut it into pieces and offered diavolo a piece as well.
he just went on and on about how delicious human world food is and asked barbatos to make it for future tea times.
" [y/n], thank you for helping me today, might i bother you for another recipe in the future?"
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jessamine-rose15 hours ago
Tumblr media
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obeythebutler16 hours ago
You know how have you have sex bloopers. Like when you鈥檙e doing it and you kinda fuck up mid way? Yeah, sex bloopers with Diavolo and Barbatos.
Sex Bloopers With Diavolo And Barbatos
You both agreed to have sex with his demon form, and it was going wonderfully well, the atmosphere was perfect and there was no one to bother him, no royal duties to attend, so both of you had some much-needed uninterrupted time.
The thing was, his wings flap when he is excited, and they created such an impact that it made the curtains blow open and the documents on his table fly everywhere.
Needless to say the remainder of the evening was spent picking up and collecting the papers.
Wanted to experiment with some foods, and a Devildom fruit seemed perfect! Except that you turned out to be allergic to it....
In the middle of pounding into you, Diavolo realized that he needed to go to the bathroom immediately because oh god those beans he had for lunch-
Sex in his demon form was going smoothly and sexily until you accidentally stepped on his tail, and Barbatos let out the unholiest squeal you've ever heard. The rest of the time was spent taking care of his tail....
This demon barely gets any time. One time you were both in the middle of doing it but Solomon decided that he had to summon Barbatos there and then.
Barbatos knew it would happen, no matter how much he tried to prevent it. So here he was in his naked glory with Solomon awkwardly gaping at him.
Speaking of time, Diavolo always has to summon Barbatos whenever you both are trying to have sex! The poor Prince is utterly clueless...
Barbatos once forgot that he had put a cake in the oven to bake and in the heat of the moment he realized something was burning and he ran naked in the castle halls to salvage that cake-
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radarchives16 hours ago
Tumblr media
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wrathandgreed16 hours ago
Tumblr media
I must get Barbatos cards. Like, I have no choice. None.
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moonmeowls18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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moemoemammon19 hours ago
Can you do the 鈥榣ook it鈥檚 us!鈥 with the undateables
"Look! It's Us!"
(Feat. GN!MC and the Dateables)
(Pt. 1 with the brothers here)
鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁 鉁
Diavolo always enjoys taking little strolls through the shopping district. It really makes him feel like he's one with the common folk! And with you at his side, he's even more eager to explore every little shop.
The Prince has an affinity for things that are small and cute, so he's quick to pull you off to a little store that sells stuffed animals and cute trinkets. Maybe he could get something for Lucifer?
But that thought is pushed aside when you call for his attention, and proceed to press the faces of two stuffed bears together as if they're kissing. "Look, it's us!"
Diavolo never thought it鈥檇 be a human that would murder him. You basically blasted a cute beam straight through his heart and he can't even stop himself from literally PICKING YOU UP into a hug-
"MC, your charms know no end! If you keep this up, I won't be able to hold myself back! That is to say, I'd like to buy this store's entire stock for you, if that's alright? Hm? That's too much?"
He's seen the way the Demon Prince eyes these shops when they pass, so why not buy him a little present? He also wanted to enjoy your company, so this was the perfect excuse for an outing.
It's funny to see someone as mysterious as Barbatos shopping in the Devildom's equivalent of a Hello Kitty store, but the butler got a little tip that there may or may not be Lord Diavolo plushies sold here, and it's a butler's duty to procure all of their Master's merchandise.
He figured he鈥檇 buy one of those on top of a gift for the Prince, but he was ultimately distracted when you stole his focus with an act so cute it should be outlawed.
Barb covers his mouth with a gloved hand, and it almost looks like he's deep in thought. But the blush slowly creeping up on his face is enough to tell you that's not the case at all.
"Ehem... You must like those toys, yes? Why don't we buy them? I'd like to keep one for myself if you don't mind. Even I have an interest in things like this, especially when they have a connection to you. Is that odd?"
Of course Simeon wouldn't turn down an opportunity to spend time with you! He considers bringing Luke along as well, but... the little guy's been slacking on his school work.
So that means the adults get to go out today! And what better place than the cutesy little store that's recently become popular? Simeon was surprised that such cute things could be found in the Devildom.
But they don't compare to your cuteness at all, especially after the stunt you just pulled. You press two stuffed animals together for a fluffy kiss, and the angel feels as if he's been visited by God himself.
His heart is full and warm, and he's torn between avoiding eye contact and holding your hand. So why not both? Don't mind as he casually kisses your knuckles-
"MC, that's adorable. Why don't we bring those home? Though I wonder if those brothers will be jealous... Let's just keep this as a secret between the two of us, hm?"
Luke (platonic)
You're not inviting him to this store because you think he's a child, right? No, you wouldn't do that! Unless those demons were rubbing off on you..?
Once Luke gets past his pouty 'I'm not a child!' phase, he's actually HYPED to be here. He's always wanted it come, but he knew the others would tease him for it! But you see, there's a pastel cookware set he wanted, and..!
Luke is distracted when you call out his name, patting the paw of a stuffed bear against his head as if it were praising him.
The result is an angry/flustered/giddy Luke that DEMANDS to know the reasoning behind your actions. If you wanted to pat his head, all you had to do was ask! >:T
"I-I don't mind if you pat my head yourself, you know! But that bear is really cute, so.... I'll allow it just for now! Er... could we buy that? ...Hey! Are you taking pictures?!"
Simeon was talking about a store that supposedly sold plushies of Lucifer, so there was no way the wizard could miss out on that. And why not bring you along too? You'd want one, right?
He's pretty focused on finding that toy, but that doesn't distract him from the feeling of your hand in his as he pulls you all around the store, comparing you to various toys he comes across.
Solomon momentarily forgets about his Lucifer hunting when you call for his attention and show off two plushies kissing one another, comparing it to you and him.
You see the red on his cheeks, but he doesn't stay embarrassed for long. The mischievous wizard takes one of the toys from your hands and presses it against your lips.
"I think I like it better like this, ahaha. Oops, was that too embarrassing? Your face is really red right now. Mind if I take a picture?"
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MY DEADLY NIGHTSADE// Yan Diavolo x Bao Yu Sarah. Part 3
This story is done @bao-yu-sarah-wang-9 on the basis of a private request and main character in this story is her Oc. I hope you will enjoy this. Part of this writing is written by @bao-yu-sarah-wang-9 so I hope you like this.
(Lucifer`s pov)
Lucifer: *glares at the letters, like they are mocking him. A glance at his dear granddaughter/daughter, confirms his thinking* "My dear daughter Bao Yu Sarah Morningstar, what is the meaning of this"?! "Why are you writing to my boss for"?
Bao: I just made a new friend. Is it that wrong? Maybe if I could spend time with my peers I wouldn鈥檛 break your rules!
Lucifer:I fear I was too soft on you after the fact that your parents entrusted you to my care, it could cause a uproar in Devildom.... *Uses his magic to rip those letters to shreds* No more contradicting my rules, you will behave as the next in line. Is this clear?
Bao: But
Lucifer: I know how to discipline you now. *grabs her shoulders slightly and gives her a long lecture*
(Bao yu sarah`s pov)
When I had heard Lucifer's very long sermon on why I shouldn't be in touch with Diavolo he left me alone to think about my actions. Or he was leaving until I got enough. I decided to say my opinion at least once and tell him I was no longer a child
Bao Yu: Enough, I am no longer a child nor as ignorant of how the world outside works, I want my freedom from being under your sgado.
Lucifer: Bao what we just talked?
Bao: I am an adult. You have no right to lock me in here and forbid me from spending time in the outside world. I am going to go where I belong. *Transforms into true Lovecraftian form and rushes out the now broken wall*
Lucifer: Bao wait!!!
(Diavolo`s pov)
I was sitting on my bed and reading my beloved Bao's last letter when Barbatos knocked on my door
Barbatos: My Lord Bao is coming here...
Diavolo: Brilliant
Coming soon...
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