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#obey me diavolo
obeymematchups · an hour ago
Request; the brothers + undateables reactions to MC sacrificing her own life to save Luke from a demon pls >-<
Here you go! I hope you enjoy it ^_^
When he saw the demon lunge at you and there was nothing he could do, a cold chill went down his spine. He raced towards you, trying to save you anyway, but when he saw the demon’s claws connect with your jugular, he knew it was over.
He immediately kills the offending demon and grabs you as you choke on your own blood, trying to comfort you as your life slowly ebbs away. He notices Luke is still standing there in shock and has to place you down for a moment, his brotherly instincts kicking in as he puts an arm around him and leads him away from the body, telling him it’s not his fault.
He knows there’s nothing he can do for you now, so he focuses all his attention on Luke, he has to, so that he doesn’t break down in front of him.
The world flashes before his eyes as he yells at you to get back, but you don’t. You continue to throw yourself in front of the angel, horribly unaware of just how badly you were going to come out of this. As the demon rips your heart from your chest, all he can do is scream.
He runs towards you as fast as he can, shaking your body as tears run down his face. He completely forgets about the demon and leaves it to his brothers to take it out as he cradles you in his arms.
He won’t let anyone else touch your body as he weeps, he doesn’t even stop to check if Luke’s alright, all he cares about is you.
When you a blow to the gut, Leviathan thought you’d survive at first, so he quickly dispatched the enemy demon before coming to your aid, his face dropping when it turned out to be worse than he thought.
Pale from internal bleeding, he tried to keep you talking until help could arrive, but it was too late. As the life leaves your body he hunches over in tears, too full of sorrow to say or do anything. As Luke approaches he lets him see your body but is unable to offer any words of reassurance, too far drowned out by his own grief.
Satan can already see it happening pre-emptively in his mind as he rushes over, trying to stop the demon from slashing at you but it’s too late. He goes to catch your body, but when he sees it’s lifeless, he quietly places you down before exploding and going to town on the demon, pummelling it into the dirt. He screams every insult under the sun at it as he processes it into mince meat.
Even when the others yell at him to stop he keeps going, until there’s nothing left but the odd scrap of entrails to speak of. As he passes Luke he says nothing, but places a bloody hand on his shoulder, before leaving silently.
He tried to take the hit for you but the other demon was just too fast. As your skull is crushed beyond recognition he screams, in an ugly mixture of horror and rage as he impales the demon on his tail.
As it crumples to the ground he runs to your side. Tears splash on what’s left of your face as he hugs you close, admiring what you did but also hating it. As Luke comes over, he sniffles that it’s all going to be ok, even though he knows it isn’t.
He knows what you’re trying to pull and he isn’t happy, he’s going to try his best to get to you, dragging the demon off you and disposing of it.
When he gets to you however his heart drops. Your neck was snapped at an uncomfortable angle and as he lifted your body your head lolled down. He tried to support your head but it was just limp.
As Luke comes over, he tells him not to look as he covers your body with his jacket.
Not again, he’s not going to lose another person he loves again.
He rushes over as fast as he can, and rips into the demon, but it was too late, a crimson spring forming from your chest.
He snaps at the others when they get too close, including Luke. He holds resentment within him for the child even though he knows he was innocent, a rage like he felt towards humanity filling him again.
He thought the demon would stop and obey him, he was wrong. He watches in horror as the demon rips into you and he dashes across, ending the demon before holding you in his arms. He cries as your life leaves your body, you were the symbol of the three worlds growing closer together and you’d given your life to protect your friend. Not only that, but you were special to him personally. He saves your soul to have you reincarnated back as a human again, in the hope that one day you may find your way back to him.
He saw this happening. He saw this happening so many times, and he is still unable to prevent it. The inexplicable dread that fills him as he watches the demon’s claws connect makes him feel sick. By the time he catches the demon and dispatches it, it’s too late.
He holds you in his arms, as he has done in his visions so many times, and watches as you fade away. He curses himself for not recognising the situation sooner. For not being able to stop it. He takes the blame for your death personally despite you sacrificing yourself willingly for Luke,
He uses his pact marks to summon Asmodeus and Barbatos, and casts a spell to try and block the attacking demon but it’s just too fast. Whilst his two demons deal with the enemy, he focuses on trying to heal your wounds. But try as he may, your wounds were too grave and you slipped away through his fingers. He’s angry at himself for not being fast enough to block or to heal you and he asks Simeon to keep Luke away from the scene, both so he doesn’t see your bloodied form and so he doesn’t see him grieve.
When two of the most precious people to him are in danger, he knows he needs to acts fast, but when you throw yourself in front of Luke, he can do nothing but scream. As the brothers deal with the demon, he grabs a hold of you, muttering healing spells in celestial tongue.
But it doesn’t work, and you lay lifeless. As Luke comes to investigate, he hugs him and sobs into his shoulder. He wishes you didn’t die, but if you hadn’t jumped in like you had it could be Luke lying there right now and he didn’t want that either.  He curses God, for this must have all been part of his plan and begins to turn his back on the Celestial realm. Could this be the beginning of a fall? … Perhaps.
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hinoopipsqueak · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Just messing with some facial expressions and testing new pens. Evil Diavolo?
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dummy-thicc-demons · an hour ago
Do people have last names in Devildom?
I couldn’t think of last names for the brothers, much less the side characters, and I didn’t want to name them any type of “obey me” name.
I lowkey head canon that they do not have last names and usually can tell who others are by their energy/aura. Similarly, people could tell who others are talking to based on where their energy is directed.
As for Solomon, I think he forgot his last name years ago lol
But idk
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a-wild-om-simp · an hour ago
Ok but OM! Furry AU
Furry! Luci would probably be a wolf or a German Shepherd or something-
Furry! Mammon would 100% either be a crow/raven or a greyhound, maybe a rat/mouse?
I’m think reptilian for Furry! Levi, but we’d classify that as a Scaly wouldnt we- whatever either a snek or Komodo dragon >:]
Furry! Satan is a cat there is no way around this, I’d think maybe one with longish fur but eh.
Furry! Asmo is either a panda or a rabbit/bunny. If he’s a bunny he has lop ears, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules :)
For Furry! Beel I’ve always seen him as one of those big dog breeds like a Bernese mountain dog or something. Maybe that breed that drinks hot cocoa to people on the mountains? You know what I’m talking about-
Furry! Belph is probably a cow or a sloth. Idk-
Furry! Dia is a dragon or something cool/intimidating and powerful which makes it even funnier that’s he’s everyone’s favorite fun grandpa dude
Furry! Barb is probably a bat or something. If we keep Dia and Barb both to being mythological creatures then I’d choose a hypogriph for Barb
Furry! Simeon is a cat, yes, but not the same breed as Satan, I’d imagine a Norwegian Forest Cat!
Furry! Solomon is a hecking phoenix idc what you think he cant age it makes sense
Reblog and add to this if you want :)
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c4tb0y0 · 2 hours ago
An unhelpful guide to obey me!
— side characters ¦ demon brothers
Tumblr media
✨ Royalty ✨
Besties with Barbatos and Lucifer
Ceo of I don't really know what is going on but I am going to act like I do-
Why is he always smiling even in pain bby you sometimes scare me-
Tumblr media
Gives off male wife vibes ngl
Luke is his child you can't convince me that is not true
Ceo of bro I need a vacation these demon brothers come into the house uninvited and mess up the house and-
He is so stylish like I would lowkey turn to him if I wanted to dye my hair
Reminds me of Mrs Rabbit from peppa pig-
Tumblr media
Angel (no like he is literally an angel.)
Super sweet like I can't even say bad about this man :')
Ceo of I am a grandpa I don't know how to use a phone ToT-
I want him to be my husband bye 🏃🏽‍♀️💨
Tumblr media
"you're a wizard Solomon"
Like he is the definition of wild
Ceo of I am trying to kill everyone with my cooking sorry not sorry-
But like also he just fucks up on spells like bae pick one struggle not all of them
Tumblr media
He is a very sweet boyo
His cooking is better than Solomons and he is like ten 😭😭
Ceo of woof woof bark bark-
Lowkey I feel like he would be friends with Miya Chinen from sk8
"Micheal would love this" honey,, Micheal can't even remember your name
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traduccionesotomeandme · 2 hours ago
¡Los chicos de Obey me! + Dateables ( Sin Luke) Reaccionando a ti comparando el tamaño de tus manos a las de ellos. Parte I.
Tumblr media
Recuerden que estas son traducciones. He pedido permiso a escritores originales.
Este es particular le pertenece a esta personita / Original Owner: @anenbylittlepotato
¡Advertencias! : Según la escritorx original, es muuuy tierno. Que podrías morir de una sobredosis de ternura, que después revises si te da diabetes y que anden con cuidado.
Estas sentada con esta persona relajados mientras cada uno hace lo suyo cuando miras hacia sus manos. Tienes una larga espera viendo lo que están haciendo hasta que alcanzas su mano, sosteniendola y presionas gentilmente tu palma en la de ellos. Además, esta MC tiene relativamente maños pequeñas-
Estás sentada a su lado mientras él trabaja, mientras usas tu D.D.D.
Después de varias horas de ustedes dos sentados en silencio, cada quien haciendo lo suyo, finalmente levantas tu vista del D.D.D.
Miras a Lucifer, quien está completamente absorto en su trabajo.
Luego tus manos viajan a sus manos, que sostienen el bolígrafo mientras lo desplaza por el papel enfrente de él.
Sigues viendo, cuando suelta el bolígrafo y empieza a estirar sus dedos. No te sorprendas al escuchar sus huesos crujir. Probablemente seas la única a quien le deje ver este tipo de debilidades, lo cual te hace sentir muy especial.
Mientras sigues viendo, una idea viene a tu mente. Dejas tu D.D.D. y gentilmente tomas su mano.
Se sorprende un poco al principio y te da una mirada dudosa, pero no te detiene. Al menos es una distracción de la montaña de facturas de Mammon.
Sostienes su palma con sus guantes mientras presionas gentilmente sus palmas a la de él, alineando tus dedos con los de él también.
Tiene manos muy grandes. No son gigantes, pero de alguna forma significativamente más grandes que las tuyas.
Deja escapar una risa grave y retumbante.
“¿Qué, exactamente, estás haciendo, MC?”
“Comparando el tamaño de nuestras manos. Tienes manos muy grandes.”
Deja salir otra pequeña risa.
O tal vez tu tengas manos pequeñas.
Y eso, gentilmente toma tus manos pequeñas en las de él, casi como si quisiera probar sobre tus pequeñas manos.
Luego sonríe y lleva su otra mano a tu mejilla mientras presiona un dulce beso en su frente.
Después, suelta tu mano y regresa a trabajar.
Los dos están sentados juntos en el sofá de su habitación.
Los dos están usando sus D.D.D. mientras se mandaban memes al azar que encontraban y después reírse al respecto.
Y durante uno de esos momentos de silencio mientras están sus teléfonos, tú levantas la vista para mirarlo.
El sigue absorto en su D.D.D., una gran sonrisa boba se reflejaba en su rostro mientras seguía viendo memes.
Tu ojos se desplazan a sus manos mientras su pulgar se mueve, pausando a menudo para leer un meme, y luego lo sigue moviendo cuando mira que no es apropiado de enviartelo.
Sigues viendo, cuando se detiene por mucho tiempo en este meme. Tomas esta oportunidad para alcanzar y gentilmente tomas su mano, atrayéndola hacia ti.
El inmediatamente se tensa y te mira, su rostro sonrojado, rojo puro.
“H-hey, ¿Qué crees que estás haciendo, MC?”
En lugar de contestar, tu mueves tu mano abriendo su palma mientras presionas con delicadeza, y de esta forma alienado tus dedos con los de él.
El te mira, su rostro rojo, su corazón palpitando, y sus dedos temblando un poco.
Sus manos probablemente no sean tan grandes, solo siendo un poco más grandes que las tuyas.
“¿M-Mc? ¿Qué estás haciendo?”
Lo ves y sonríes un poco.
“Comparando el tamaño de nuestras manos. Las tuyas son mas grandes que las mías”
“¿H-Hu? ¡Oh! B-bueno, por supuesto, ¡Lo son! ¡Eso demuestra lo grandioso que soy! ¡Después de todo, Soy el ASOMBROSO Mammon!”
Te ríes por lo que dice.
“Si, Si, solo son las manos. No te hace mejor o peor que yo.”
Luego, sin darle una oportunidad para contestar, entrelazas tus dedos entre los suyos, sosteniendo sus manos.
Eso es todo. Murió. Lo has matado.
Todo su rostro está rojo y sonrojado un caos completo.
El no puede formular una simple oración coherente. Está muriendo, ayúdalo.
Le toma un total de 10 minutos para calmarse.
Cuando finalmente lo hace, él gira su rostro antes de sostener tu mano de regreso.
Te ríes un poco al ver lo sonrojado que esta.
Los dos están relajados en su habitación, uno sentado al lado del otro.
Estas viendo anime en tu D.D.D. mientras el juega un video juego en su consola.
Al final del episodio, levantas la mirada y ves a Levi.
Él está extasiado con su juego que no te nota viéndolo. Tiene su ceño fruncido y su lengua sobresale un poco de sus labios en concentración.
Sonríes cuando él deja salir un pequeño grito animado cuando logra pasar el nivel donde se encuentra. Se inclina un poco hacia atrás y pausa el juega mientras disfruta de su victoria.
De la nada, tu estiras y tomas con delicadeza su mano, hacia ti.
Él salta en sorpresa y deja salir un pequeño grito mientras volteas su mano para presionar sus palmas con las tuyas.
Su rostro completamente se sonrojó mientras tu sigues viendo su mano.
Sus manos son sorprendentemente grandes. No como las de Lucifer pero definitivamente más grandes que las tuyas.
“M-Mc! Que estas h-h-haciendo?”
En respuesta, tu lo ves y sonríes.
“Estoy comparando el tamaño de nuestras manos. Tienes manos grandes.”
Se cubre su rostro con su otra mano, sin mover la mano que tú tienes.
“Q-Qué cosa tan normie haces, MC… supongo que se esperaba de una normie como tu…”
Literalmente estabas viendo anime pero okay-
Cuando ve que te ves un poco abatida por su insulto, intenta disculparse frenéticamente.
“¡E-Espera no! ¡Y-Yo no quería decir eso, lo siento!
Cuando lo mires nuevamente, él te sonríe un poco.
El estaba tan enfocado en tratar de disculparse, ni siquiera noto cuando entrelazaste tus dedos con los de el.
Cuando se da cuenta, inmediatamente se sonroja otra vez, un caos completo.
Lo quebraste.
Leviathan.exe ha dejado de trabajar.
Los dos están sentados en su habitación, en su cama.
Los dos están leyendo libros. Estás leyendo un libro muy interesante de fantasía que él te recomendó. Mientras, él lee un libro sobre gatos.
Al final del capítulo donde estabas, tu suspiras y bajas el libro, procesando lo que acabas de leer. No puedes creer lo que le acaba de pasar al personaje principal.
Mientras haces eso, miras hacia Satan. Aún muy enfocado en su libro.
Mientras lo miras, él aleja una mano del libro, y la trae hacia su mentón, frotando como si estuviera sumido en sus pensamientos.
Luego, cuando está por alcanzar su libro nuevamente para darle vuelta a la pagina, tu dejas tu libro y alcanzas para tomar su mano
Él parpadea, sorprendido, y te voltea a ver con curiosidad cómo gentilmente presionas tu palma contra la de él. Su mejillas se sonrojan un poco.
Sus manos son un poco más grandes que las tuyas. Aún más grandes que las de Mammon.
“¿MC? ¿Qué haces?”
“Comparando el tamaño de nuestras manos”
Él mira abajo hacia tus manos.
“Ya veo. Parece que mis manos son un poco más grandes que las tuyas, ¿verdad?”
Asientes, sonriéndole.
Luego regresa su vista al libro antes de darte una mirada.
“Ahora… no puedo exactamente darle vuelta a las páginas con solo una mano, ¿verdad?”
Ries mientras alcanzas su libro con tu otra mano, dándole vuelta a la página.
Él se ríe un poco y te da las gracias mientras entrelaza sus dedos con los tuyos.
Los dos están sentados en su cama mientras él mira su reflejo en el espejo, maquillándose.
Hará el tuyo despues, asi que estas viendo fotos en su D.D.D. mientras tratas de decidir qué look quieres.
Cuando finalmente decides el look que quieres, guardas la imagen y bajas el D.D.D. esperando por Asmo a que termine su propio maquillaje.
Mientras esperas, subes la mirada y lo ves aplicándose maquillaje, usando su meñique con cuidado para aplicarse lipstick rosa.
Cuando termina, cierra el lipstick y lo pone abajo sobre la cama al lado de él admirando su trabajo.
Luego, Cuando está por llevar su mano de regreso al espejo, tú la tomas, con cuidado para no dañar sus uñas recién pintadas.
Te voltea a ver dudoso al principio, luego te sonríe.
“Aw, ¿Quieres mi atención~? No te preocupes, lo haré en un momento, cariño”
Sin responder, presionas tus palmas con las de él, alineando tus dedos.
Asmo tiene unas pequeñas bonitas manos, del mismo tamaño que las tuyas, tal vez incluso más pequeñas.
Te ve un poco confundido mientras tu estudias sus manos.
“¿Qué sucede, cariño?”
“Comparando el tamaño de nuestras manos. Tienes manos pequeñas.”
Él se ríe al respecto.
“¡Oh, eres tan linda!”
El toma sus manos de ti y gentilmente toca su nariz con su dedo índice.
“Vamos, enséñame que has escogido ahi”
El toma su D.D.D. y mira a la imagen que habías elegido.
“¡Ooh! ¡Buena opción! ¡Ven aquí, amor!”
Y con eso, empieza a trabajar en tu maquillaje.
Estas sentada en sus piernas en la cama. El tiene su mentón reposando encima de tu cabeza mientras mastica una de tantas bolsas de papas fritas que habían comprado antes. Tu estas viendo recetas en línea, tratando de averiguar que hacer el desayuno mañana ya que es tu turno de cocinar.
Pronto, Beel había terminado su bolsa de papas y dejó la bolsa vacía a un lado. Miras a su mano mientras él trata de agarrar la siguiente bolsa de papas fritas.
Sonríes un poco, sueltas el D.D.D. y gentilmente tomas su mano, riendo por dentro al sentir sus dedos grasientos.
El se sorprende un poco por tu acción.
“¿Huh? MC, ¿Qué pasa?”
Tu con cuidado presionas tus palmas con las de él.
“Comparando el tamaños de nuestras manos”
Oh cariño, este chico si que tiene manos grandes.
Manos absolutamente grandes.
Definitivamente más grandes que las tuyas. Por bastante, honestamente.
Tu ríes un poco mientras él baja su cabeza hasta tu cuello para tener una vista mejor a tus manos.
“Tus manos son grandes, Beel”
Se ríe, y tú puedes sentir el sonido en su pecho, vibrando un poco.
Luego, cierra sus manos alrededor de las tuyas.
“Bueno, las tuyas son muy pequeñas. Al menos comparadas a las mías. Me gusta eso. Es fácil de sostenerlas”
Luego, toma tu mejilla y gentilmente besa tus labios antes de llevar su mano lejos de ti para finalmente tomar su próxima bolsa de papas fritas.
Tu y Belphie están sentados en su cama juntos. Está sentado al lado tuyo con sus manos alrededor de tu cintura y su rostro hundido en el hueco de tu cuello medio dormido. Mientras, tú estás cosiendo el agujero de su almohada que de alguna forma logró arruinar. Sin sorprenderse, viendo cómo la lleva a todos los lugares. Y, por supuesto, por culpa de Mammon, incluso cuando tienes una sutil sospecha que es culpa de todos. Entonces ahora, tu eres su nueva almohada hasta que arregles la de él. No tienes opción. Lidia con eso.
Después de un rato, tienes que bajar la aguja e hilo para estirar tus manos que empezaban a tener calambres. Coser era doloroso-
El notó que te detuviste, levanta su rostro, mirándote.
“Ya has terminado?”
“Aún no, me hace falta un poco más. Pero necesito una pequeña pausa. Mis manos empiezan a tener calambres”
Luego tomó su almohada mientras miraba las partes cosidas.
“Huh, no mentías como decías que podías coser. Eso es estupendo”
Tú sonríes mientras lo ves alejar sus manos. Sin pensarlo, tomas su mano con cuidado.
Él parpadea y te voltea a ver mientras presionas tus palmas con las de él.
Sus manos tienen un tamaño decente. No son grandes, pero decentemente más grandes que las tuyas.
“MC… estás siendo rara de nuevo”
“No, no lo soy. Estoy comparando el tamaños de nuestras manos”
El mira nuevamente las manos que están presionadas juntas.
“Hehehehe, las mias son mas grandes. Tienes manos pequeñas. Manos de bebé”
Manos de bebe es tu apodo ahora.
No tienes opción.
El te llamará manos de bebe de ahora en adelante cada vez que tenga oportunidad, él quiere ver lo frustrada que puedes estar con él.
Es pura maldad. Hombre bastardo apestoso.
Estas sentada en sus piernas mientras trabaja. Estás bebiendo té hecho por Barbatos.
Tú observas como él escribe sus papeles y firma mientras tu sorbes el te.
Después de terminar una pila de papeles. Se inclina hacia atrás suspirando, envolviendo sus brazos a tu alrededor.
“Creo que es tiempo de que me tome un descanso. He hecho un poco de progreso.”
Inclinas tu cabeza hacia atrás para verlo directamente, sonriendo. Gran hombre.
Él te sonríe de vuelta.
Luego bajas la vista a sus manos que están gentilmente en tu estómago. Uno de sus pulgares se está moviendo, frotando tu estómago.
Con cuidado tomas una de sus manos. Él está un poco sorprendido, pero es más curioso y se relaja al ver que harás.
Tú gentilmente presionas tus palmas con las de él. Él inclina su cabeza como un perrito confundido, tratando de entender qué exactamente estás haciendo.
Estas son manos de hombre. Malditamente. Enormes.
Tienes unas manos tan grandes. Las más grandes. Más grandes que las de Beel.
Jodidamente cubren las tuyas.
“¿Esto es alguna clase de tradición del mundo humano?”
El hace tan pregunta tan seriamente.
Tu ries.
“No, no. solo estoy comparando el tamaño de nuestras manos. Tus manos son enormes”
Esta vez él se ríe.
“Si, supongo que lo son”
Luego lleva tus manos hasta sus labios y las besa.
Estas sentada al lado de él mientras dobla la ropa que acaba de salir de la secadora. Tu estas tomando té de leche que acaba de hacerte.
Tú lo observas trabajar. Cada doblez es muy meticuloso y preciso. Es casi fascinante.
Mientras lo ves, él se detiene un poco dejando salir un suspiro inmediatamente antes de agarrar otra tela para doblar.
Antes de que lo haga, tu tomas su mano.
El te ve, no sorprendido, como que ya lo vio venir.
Te observa en silencio como gentilmente presionas tus palmas con las suyas.
Sus manos son más grandes que las tuyas pero particularmente no tan grandes.
Te sonríe delicadamente mientras te observa.
“¿Lo disfrutas?”
Lo miras y le sonries.
“Si, lo supongo”
“Estoy feliz, realmente me gusta ver que la pasas bien”
Miras a su mano otra vez.
“Estaba comparando el tamaño de nuestras manos”
“Puedo ver eso”
Lleva su otra mano encima de la tuya, sonriendo. Frota el revés de tu mano con su pulgar.
“Ahora, necesito regresar a trabajar. Tengo tantas cosas que hacer”
El besa tu mano mientras lentamente regresa a doblar la ropa.
Simeon y Solomon en parte II.
If you want me to translate something in particular, leave me a message or a comment!
¡Si quieren que traduzca algo en particular, dejen un mensaje o un comentario!
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bunna-does-stuff · 3 hours ago
Hadestown feat. Obey Me! Part 28 - Epic III
Original lyrics here:
[LEVIATHAN] King of shadows King of shades Diavolo was king of the Underworld
[DIAVOLO, spoken - mocking] Oh, it's about me?
[LUICER, spoken - Leviathan] Go on...
[LEVIATHAN] But he fell in love with a beautiful lady Who walked up above In her mother's green field He fell in love with Persephone Who was gathering flowers in the light of the sun And I know how it was because He was like me A man in love with a woman [he looks at Eurydice] Singing la la la la la la la La la la la la la la
[DIAVOLO, spoken - wide eyed] Where'd you get that melody?
[LEVIATHAN] La la la la la la la
[SATAN, spoken - putting a hand on Diavolo's shoulder] Let him finish, father
[LEVIATHAN] La la la la la la And you didn't know how And you didn't know why But you knew that you wanted to take her home You saw her alone there, against the sky It was like she was someone you'd always known It was like you were holding the world when you held her Like yours were the arms that the whole world was in And there were no words for the way that you felt So you opened your mouth and you started to sing: La la la la la la la
[LEVIATHAN and WORKER] La la la la la la la
[LEVIATHAN] La la la la la la la
[LEVIATHAN and COMPANY] La la la la la la...
[LEVIATHAN] And what has become of the heart of that man Now that the man is king? What has become of the heart of that man Now that he has everything? The more he has, the more he holds The greater the weight of the world on his shoulders See how he labors beneath that load Afraid to look up, and afraid to let go So he keeps his head low, he keeps his back bending He's grown so afraid that he'll lose what he owns But what he doesn't know is that what he's defending Is already gone Where is the treasure inside of your chest? Where is your pleasure? Where is your youth? Where is the man with his arms outstretched? To his family he loves With nothing to lose Singing la la la la la la la…
[DIAVOLO - touched by the song] La la la la la la la…
[LEVIATHAN] La la la la la la la…
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Obey me characters and what music I think they'd listen to
I feel like he would listen to Fleetwood Mac, The Beautiful South and mostly 80s stuff he just gives me that vibe ya know
He mainly listens to rap prove me wrong. He would listen to Eminem and Snoop Dogg and so on, but he also really enjoys Bruno Mars.
Okay we know for sure that he listens to Game soundtracks and Anime openings, but consider him listening to Queen. I think his guilty pleasure would be Queen songs.
He listens to Bastille religiously. I don't know why, but he does. He also enjoys The Jam and James Arthur, he absolutely loves Patsy Cline songs too.
Marina and the Diamonds stan, listens to Mitski and Lady Gaga too, but he also definitely listens to white girl music; for instance if you hear a 2000-2010 party song and you're like "ha white girl music" then that's Asmo. Also a Barb and a Beyonce stan probably a Shakira stan too.
He listens to Bruce Springsteen I can't say why, but he does. Probably listens to Ed Sheeran too and no I'm not saying that because he has a resemblance to him. Also Rizzle Kicks because that for some reason says Beel to me?
*sighs and puts on male manipulator music* but honestly same. He listens to Panic at the disco, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The 1975, The Doors, Paramore, Oasis and Gorillaz. He just does.
Honestly no offense to him, but his music taste is a train wreck bless his little heart. One minute he could be playing hard rock like Metallica then all of a sudden he could be listening to Rihanna. He just listens to anything.
Oh he definitely loves classical music, but he has a soft spot for P!nk, ABBA, The Beatles and he absolutely has the dream boats and petticoats albums with 50s music and honestly as he should.
Also loves ABBA I'm not sure why he does but he does. Also loves Maroon 5, The Eurythmics, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Vamps, Blondie, The Who stuff like that.
Kids bop enough said.
Okay he's probably Megan Trainor stan bless him. And Shawn Mendes.
Definitely listens to 70s-80s music. Likes The Doors, The Specials, Madness, The Smiths (only certain songs), The Style Council, The Housemartins, Tears for Fears. As for Modern sort of music he listens to George Ezra, Rare Americans, Hozier and also likes James Arthur.
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otomeanimehoe · 3 hours ago
OMG could you do the rest of the characters with the b&b scents I loved that haha if not i get it im just a hoe for getting better ideas
lol sure anon!! let's see if i did a good job on this or not huehue
sensual amber - a warm, seductive blend of golden amber, wild berries, orange flower, lotus petals & creamy sandalwood
Tumblr media
twilight woods - the warmth and mystery of enchanted woods with an enticing blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals & tuscan cypress
Tumblr media
strawberry soda - a cool, fruity glass of fresh strawberries, bubbly seltzer and crushed ice
Tumblr media
bahamas (passionfruit & banana flower) - a fruity blend of passionfruit, pineapple leaves and banana flower for island hopping where the beaches are stunning and the waters are crystal clear
(note: i actually have this scent in pocketbac and shower gel and it's SO FUCKING AMAZING IT SMELLS SO GOOD 😭 )
Tumblr media
into the night - a timeless, feminine, alluring blend of dark berries, midnight jasmine & rich amber
Tumblr media
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jessicaisautistic1502 · 3 hours ago
Dia in his dragon onsie: Okay everyone. Someone here has been possesed by an owl.
Barb in his owl onsie: Who?
Dia: That's the thing, we don-....
Dia: ಠ~ಠ
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harunayuuka2060 · 4 hours ago
Kai: *holding on MC's shirt while they go to their way to the infirmary*
Kai: Um... MC?
MC: *not looking at them* Yes?
Kai: I-I'm sorry for all the trouble...
MC: ...
Kai: ...
Kai: *doesn't know if they want to continue the conversation*
MC: You're a little bit timid for an alpha.
Kai: A-Ah! Y-Yes! *slightly embarrassed*
MC: *stops*
Kai: *bumps on MC's back*
MC: *faces them* I'll carry you.
Kai: *blushes* *shaking their hands, trying to say no*
MC: *laughs*
Kai: H-Huh?
MC: *smiles* You're adorable.
Kai: *their eyes sparkle in awe*
*The alphas eavesdropping them*
Diavolo: Another alpha has fallen.
Mammon: What the fuck?
Satan: You know you're not helping when one of us is trying not to kill.
Levi: *burning with jealousy*
Asmo: Make it two.
Belphie: Three.
Lucifer: This is why it's a bad idea to follow them.
Diavolo: Well, I'm enjoying the view. It's like when a transferee manages to get the attention of the protagonist.
Diavolo: There are ships that are going to sail and sink.
Satan: Like Levi's?
Levi: *punches the wall*
*making a hole through it*
*the students studying inside looking at them with wide eyes*
Diavolo: *waves at the students* Pardon us. He's in a bad mood.
Lucifer: Let's just go back to the council room.
Simeon: Oh, is this the 11th?
Barbatos: *smiles* They are adorable.
MC: How is Kai? Were they hurt?
Kai: I-I'm completely fine! Filo didn't mean to drop me!
MC: Filo?
Kai: That's my friend bird!
MC: ...
Barbatos: ...
Simeon: *laughs* I wonder how big that bird is!
MC: But why Filo had dropped you though?
Kai: ...
Kai: Eh? *then their cheeks turned pinkish red*
MC: *confused with their reaction*
Barbatos: Was it something like, "I smell something good so I follow it."?
Kai: *steam coming out of their head*
MC: *stern* Barbatos.
Barbatos: What? We are wolves here and that's our own way in searching our possible mates. *smirks*
MC: You just want to tease them.
Simeon: Anyway, Is Kai going to live with you?
MC: ...
MC: I'm not really sure. But I was thinking if I can send Kai to live with my parents.
Barbatos: That's going to be a sound decision.
Kai: *holds onto MC's shirt* Why can't I live with you?
MC: ...
MC: There's going to be a huge problem if I tried to make you live with me and Levi.
Simeon: But you're abandoning Kai?
MC: ...
Kai: I'm going to be good, MC... Just let me stay with you please.
MC: ...
Barbatos: *suddenly sings* Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes.
MC: Shut up, Barb.
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disintegore · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
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leviathans-watching · 5 hours ago
You know the tiktok challenge where either parents run one way and the child chases after one? I can’t get it out of my head where the brothers are doing it, each thinking the MC would follow them + the MC goes with Diavolo/Barbatos instead of them.
Hope that’s clear!x
Choosing The 'Parent' TikTok Trend
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, diavolo, barbatos & small child!MC (gn!reader- no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .5k | rated g | m.list
a/n: tysm for the request! it was super cute! hope i handled it well, haha. to anyone unfamiliar with the trend: i feel like anon explained it pretty well but it's basically a 'pick one' situation where the kid chooses which person to go after. as always, my inbox is open if you want to make a request or just want to chat!! (also this is tagged as brother x reader for visibility but obviously is not anything but familial/platonic)
reblogging? how kind
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer pretends to be unbothered, simply clearing his throat and adjusting his tie, but he’s almost inexplicably disappointed, even if he has no reason to be. children are fickle and there’s really no rhyme or reason for you choosing one of them over the other. he was just irritated by diavolo’s smug face. yeah, that was it. it has nothing to do with him wanting to be the one to scoop you up in victory.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon insists they do it again. and again. when it becomes apparent you're going to choose diavolo or barbatos over him every time he hides his minor hurt, brushing it off like it doesn't even matter (spoiler: it does). he rolls his eyes and loudly claims they must have been cheating or something, as he’s your favorite, dammit.
Tumblr media
➳ levi is upset, obviously, and can feel his envy burning in his gut. he reminds himself you're just a kid, and you have no way to know the implications of your actions nor any hurt feelings they may cause. plus, this is just a game, and he knows you like spending time with him, giggling at the fun graphics on the screen. somehow he's still jealous, especially when he sees you giggling, patting at barbatos’ horns.
Tumblr media
➳ satan is almost as good at appearing cool and collected on the outside as lucifer, easily playing the part of someone who doesn’t really care about the choice. the green burning in his eyes pretty much gives him away, though. his mind whirls, jumping from conspiracy to conspiracy. you must have been bribed or something- after all, there’s no way you’d pick them over the guy who’d read you three bedtime stories the night before.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo is lowkey offended but at least has good enough manners to just play along and laugh at the choice, at how fast you took off after them and not him. seriously, why would you pick diavolo and barbatos over him? him! it just didn’t make sense. he knew you liked him well enough, so why wasn’t he the one winning? it must have been a setup, as no one in their right mind would put him second.
Tumblr media
➳ beel actually doesn't mind. sure, he’s a little put-out, but seeing you giggle and have a good time more than makes up for it. he wasn't super invested in the results, not like some of his brothers were, and he had enough confidence in your bond and common sense not to be hurt or doubtful. he wasn’t one to care about the title of ‘favorite’, anyway.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie has to make an effort not to glare at you as you innocently squealed with joy as diavolo’s wings brushed your arms. you were a small kid with a small brain, so it was whatever. plus, he was the one you came to when you needed to be comforted from a nightmare or couldn’t fall asleep, so that had to count for something, right?
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo hides his grin as you come running to him and barbatos for the nth time, eagerly waiting to be picked up. it was flattering see you pick him time and time again, but he already knew that would happen as he had barbatos look into the results when he learned about the game. sure, there were other timelines when you chose the brothers, but it wasn't this one, now, was it?
Tumblr media
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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otomeman · 7 hours ago
I read somewhere that citizens of Devildom should be referred to as "Devildomians".
Are they just not called Demons?
Also, you don’t refer to citizens of a kingdom as Kingdomians.
They’re called peasants.
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obeymematchups · 11 hours ago
Could you do a prompt with the Obey Me demon bois??
An MC who likes to tease them with nipping, soft growls, and is just a big tease in general?
(If this is a bit feel free to ignore it :) )
Here you go! I didn't know if you wanted nsfw, so I've left it clean but a little suggestive, I hope that's alright!
When you’re such a tease, it makes it hard for him to focus on his work. Eventually he just gives up on work and grabs you, nuzzling into your neck and nipping you back with his teeth. He’s proud and wants people to know you’re his so he’ll leave plenty of love bites as revenge in places you’ll struggle to cover up. Your growls edge him on and if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself in a very compromising position on his desk.
He is exasperated. He can’t stand being teased! It just makes him want to tackle you into his bed! He’ll whine and complain about it but secretly gets off a little on it. You’ll catch him with clothes on that reveal where you’ve been nipping him and occasionally if he’s in a playful mood he’ll pin you down and growl back.
Leviathan.exe had stopped working. It turns him into a blushy mess when you tease him, he just can’t handle it. He whines when you do it when he’s gaming because he just can’t concentrate. If you tease him by making him jealous though, be ready for the beast you’ve unleashed! He might be shy usually, but when his possessiveness is activated, he becomes a whole different person, and you won’t be leaving his room for a good few hours.
Satan loves it, especially if you’re wearing cat ears at the time and add in the occasional meow. He can’t keep his hands off you, be it stroking your body or tugging at your hair as he kisses you. Like Lucifer, he wants everyone to know just who you belong to, so expect scratches and love bites in places you can’t hide.
He just teases you right back with soft touches here and there, whispering sweet nothings into your ear before leaving you to your own devices, making you feel like he’s flashing hot and cold. You didn’t seriously think you could beat the avatar of lust at teasing do you? He’ll have you wrapped around his finger no matter how hard you try, after all, you started it!
He whines. He whines so much. Because you’re making him want you yet you’re being unattainable and that makes him so frustrated. He is hungry for you! When you do finally let him have you, he’s all over you, making out to the point you almost forget to breathe, amongst other things. Put it this way, he isn’t giving a damn about food when you’re around teasing him like that!
This bastard will just swamp you with covers, wrapping you up like a burrito so you can’t escape. He’ll then proceed to tease you within an inch of your life while you’re defenceless. He’ll make you apologise and beg for him to stop as he torments you by tickling you under the covers as he watches your face contort with laughter. Eventually he’ll release you, but he likes to have his fun first.
For a demon prince, Diavolo can be surprisingly shy and old fashioned when you flirt with him. He’ll blush at first, but when he gets more comfortable with it you can bet he’s going to growl and nip just as much back, treating it like a game. He can get a little carried away, so be careful or you might not end up getting any rest that night!
Quiet Barbatos finds it quite cute that you’re trying to fluster him. He’s quite good at keeping up a poker face, looking unbothered, but really his heart is racing. When you’re in private he’ll give in a little to your charms, whimpering a little as his skin is between your teeth and he’ll remove his gloves to cup your face as he kisses you feverishly. Be prepared for the payback that’s going to come after he finishes working if you’ve teased him all day!
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