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#obey me belphegor
fictiffelix · an hour ago
FINALLY got upstairs in Obey Me! And belphegor really is hilarious. "Oh im a human I've been trapped here" lmao who are you trying to fool. I've seen fanart I know who you are
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ohbae-me · 2 hours ago
does belphie canonically feel bad for killing mc
I don't really know honestly? I wanna say no, because I feel like in his mind MC is still alive and therefore he did nothing wrong. "No harm no foul" kinda mindset. His attitude after does not come off as remorseful at all for me.
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thedevilsdom · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
hand headcanons! notes below the cut
Lucifer: pretty defined, keeps his nails short and neat. sometimes goes to asmo to get them painted byt he doesnt often have the time
Mammon: longer, slender fingers. usually wears a couple rings, keeps his nails painted and neat, has a couple little scars from the shenanigans he gets up to
Levi: shorter, stout fingers, definitely bites his nails. tried to get asmo to paint them once and asmo straight up said no
Satan: longer, thick fingers. like lucifer, keeps his hands and nails neat and clean. will also sometimes paint them
Asmo: always has them painted or has gels or something else going on. hes got smaller, dainty hands overall
Beel: big and blocky. keeps his nails short because he doesn’t want to put in the effort to keep longer nails tidy, and he thinks itd be harder to do sports and eat with longer nails
Belphie: soft, smaller hands with stout fingers. short nails and any nail polish he has on is always chipped to hell
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just-somehuman · 3 hours ago
How the Brothers Would React to MC Dating Diavolo (no hate, Diavolo)
Tw: Eating disorders, drinking problems, thoughts of suicide, self-harm, cussing, mega angst
Diavolo's his best friend and one of the people he's closest to. He'll say stuff like "I'm happy for you two" when really, he's not. He'll cry over you at any chance he gets. He'll start hating Diavolo more and more by the day until he loses it. He'll get ready to break you two up but realize that your happiness is the most important thing even if it's not with him. He'll continue to cry over you but give up on trying to get you back.
Straight up jealousy. He'll start crying when he first finds out (in private, obviously). He'll complain to his brothers about how you two were made for each other and that there's so much that you're leaving behind. He'll try and win you back every single day but he won't succeed. He'll tell himself that you'll come back to him when really, you won't.
Jealousy level 1000, he's the Avatar of Envy after all. He'll say nothing when he finds out, he'll just walk to his room, lay down in his bathtub and cry. He'll think back to all of your memories together and wonder "Was it all for nothing?". He'll cry himself to sleep everynight. He might even harm himself. I've noticed that Levi has been breaking the fourth wall a lot recently which makes me suspect that he's aware that he's just a game character. So if this is true, he might say something like "But I was a main character for longer..."
He'll start throwing a fit when he first finds out. If anyone were to calm him down, he'd go to his room and lock himself in, probably never leaving it. He'll have the same question rolling around in his head all day long, "Why?" He won't even cry, he'll just be angry, punching walls and everything. He might go as far as raging out to one of his brothers and then eventually getting held back by Lucifer before falling into his father's arms and starting to cry. "Why?"
He'll burst into tears and whine and complain about everything. He'll say how you and him were soulmates and that you're making a mistake. He'll cry every moment of the day and need comfort from his brothers 25/8. He'll probably develop a drinking problem to deal with the pain of this heartbreak. He'll stop worrying about his appearance because he'll be too busy crying. He'll miss out nights of sleep because he's crying and maybe, in the worst case, stop eating.
He will, without a doubt, develop an eating disorder. He'll either eat excessively or not eat at all. Whichever one, his brothers will stop him, especially Belphie. Belphie will talk to him everyday about how either overeating or not eating isn't a good coping method. He'll cry for the first few days but learn to live with it. The same as Lucifer, your happiness is the most important thing, even if that happiness isn't from him.
"That damn prince gives me another reason to hate him every single f**king day!" Belphie will get extremely angry, probably even more angry than Satan. He'll be too angry to sleep and miss out on sleeping. He'll try and forget everything about you. He'll start to hate you for leaving him. "I thought I could trust you, MC". Obviously, he'll still love you deep down, in the bottom of his heart. One day, he'll go up to the attic and lay down in the middle of the room and wonder about giving everything up, ending all of the pain right then and there. He wouldn't actually do it but he'd definitely consider it.
Hi! Sorry if I hurt you ;v; I think you call these things headcannons? I'm not sure because this is my first time doing one. If you'd like me to do this for the other 4 characters, just say the word. And if you have any more suggestions, just let me know!
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trashy-goblin-wolf · 3 hours ago
So.... I asked myself, what would an Obey Me! based tarot deck look like? Here are my thoughts before I dive into the study, based off what I know the cards mean.
The Fool, 100% would likely be based on MC and Lilith, as the Fool represents new beginnings.
Death would more than likely be based on The Brothers fall, as Death is change. More than likely the card would feature Lucifer and likely also Satan coming into being, as Death reversed represents stagnentation and a refusal to move foward or accept change.
Less based off of meaning, but more aesthetic, but The Sun would likely feature Beel, The Moon Belphie, and The Star Lucifer. Judgement almost definitely would have Barbatos, I think and Levi might be The Hermit.
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undying-vagabond · 4 hours ago
mammon, belphie, asmo, levi as random convos btw my friends and yours truly
Mammon texting MC instead of doing hw
Tumblr media
Belphie and MC best friends supremacy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Asmo being a confident king
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Levi being weebs with MC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ditzy-star · 4 hours ago
another teen mc bc I dont write anything romantic for obey me, yay
okay so what if the mc was like just obsessed with anime as levi but also add in kpop and true crime. dont ask, but most of my friends are like this
If you can keep this to yourself and talk about it normally then he doesnt care but if you try to info dump he will probably shoo you away
as long as you stay out of trouble he doesnt care about your hobbies
please entertain levi for him though
"Mc, have you ever thought about anything other than those three things?" "not really."
do a kpop choreography while hes lecturing you, I dare you
all he can think about is another levi
and then you went on about serial killers and he freezes
this kid is talking about gruesome murders right after ranting about how male authors don’t write their female characters well because of misogyny 
gets you to talk about anime to levi while he goes through his room
he now knows all of Itzy’s chorography memorized and is proud
“MC look at this!” shows you a mv from 2019
he’s trying, okay
You’re literally his new bestfriend
he keeps up with all of you’re rants and streams albums with you
if you even try to tell me he isn’t a kpop stan, you’re wrong /j
sends you cursed kpop memes at 1 am
is a little concerned about how into true crime you are but listens anyways
overall if you want someone to talk to without having to tell them abything about the subject before, he’s your demon
talk to him about the true crime stuff. He’ll listen to you about kpop and anime but true crime will have him talking for hours
if the guy is dead, I can promise he'll try to see if you can ask him questions
gives you books with more detail in the human realm and even talks about what happened in some of the cases he was a part of
goes to the human world to watch court cases and will bring you with him
sometimes forgets you're a teen and goes off on some pretty gruesome stuff before getting in trouble with Lucifer
find this hot some crime anime and he'll watch it forever
mainly stans gg but does like groups like monsta x and big bang
loves gen 2 kpop the most but cant deny how good the other generations are
has a secret stan account that's super famous with all the best edits
doesnt care about anime and true crime much but WILL take you to see every concert there is
posts choreography with you on deviltube and they blow up
matching outfits based on ur biases from groups (like suga and jimin or felix and chan)
doesnt have intrest in any of those three but does tell you that from a demons POV he understands why dahmer liked how people tasted
may watch cooking animes with you but you have to make the food for him
listens to your rants and nods along pretending to understand
gets confused when you refuse to watch food wars with him
overall good to rant to but wont understand
why does he know so much about the killers you are talking about
it's like he knows them personally
if hes not sleeping then he will talk to you about true crime
belphie also had you make him a playlist of soft kpop songs so he can listen to them in his sleep
dont let anyone know, but he really likes fruits basket
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justrandomgrill · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
B stands for Bitch Belphie!
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moemammon · 5 hours ago
Hi there! I finally snapped and walked out of my shitty job after being there for almost 3 years, so could I please request the brothers reacting to the MC finally quitting their horrible job that they've been encouraging them to for months? Thank you!!! <3
Congrats on Quitting! (Feat. the Demon Bros)
(There's nothing like the sweet sweet release of leaving a shitty job, but it ain't an easy task. Good for you! 😤💪)
He's seen the way your job has been affecting you. The weary look in your eyes, the way your joints constantly ache, the dread on your face when you'd soon have to go into work. Trust him, he knows the feeling all too well.
Naturally he tried giving you that push to leave, but he knew he couldn't make the decision for you (as much as he wanted to). He’d just have to wait until you made the move yourself.
So when you DID? Oh, he was so relieved. He never doubted that you had it in you. Extremely proud of you for taking that leap of faith, and he won't let you regret it.
You're 👏 getting 👏 spoiled 👏
"Where would you like to have dinner? I'll make reservations at once." "...Why are you giving me that look? Obviously this calls for celebration. I won't be taking no for an answer."
Even Mr. Money Bags himself knows that no amount of money is worth suffering over (uh, at least not suffering for three years straight)
He's been bugging you to quit for forever now. "If it's money ya need, I can introduce ya to way better jobs! There's this guy I know that can set ya up with something real nice-"
When you announce you've finally quit, he literally sweeps you off your feet and shouts for joy. Fucking FINALLY! He was getting worried, always seeing that gloomy look on your face.
And now? You're not gonna be spending much money. He's spending for you, buying whatever you need (and everything you don't need). You're unemployed, so let him spoil you!
"Nuh uh! Don't even THINK about bringin' your wallet with ya! Didn't I say I'd be payin' today?? Just worry about relaxing a little, and let The Great Mammon take care of everything' else!"
Working irl was never something that interested Levi, unless he was doing volunteer stuff at concerts and conventions. But seeing what you're going through? Yeah, that's exactly why he stays home.
He's tried to ease your nerves by inviting you over for games and tv, but there's only so much that Ruri-chan can do for an overworked human.
So the moment you announced leaving your dead-end job, he was over the moon! This obviously calls for a movie marathon night! He's got plenty of recommendations, but it's probably best if you pick, right?
Trying his best not to overwhelm you with his excitement, but he can't wait to start spending more time with you!
"Seriously? You finally quit?! That's... that's great! That means you'll be home all the time, and-! Er... if you wanna come over, my door's always open for you!"
Literally told you right away that you should quit. He's not so oblivious that he doesn't notice how you're being exploited.
You're a hard worker, and your worth was being taken advantage of. Why would he want to sit around and watch you wither away? It annoyed him to no end.
So he did all he could to convince you to leave, suggesting alternative career paths, mentioning he could help you find something, but only you could make that important decision.
And BOY was he thrilled when you decided to leave. He congratulated you immediately, then proceeded to let out every insult aimed toward your job that he’d been holding in this entire time.
"They weren't good enough for you, so I'm glad you've finally realized that. If you want, I could leave them with a 'parting gift' to show them just how much you loved your job? I can even whip up something special for your boss."
All the days you had to suffer working at a place like that.. You always looked HAGGARD coming home, and he hated it!
But now that you've quit working at that terrible place? Asmo's gonna make up ever single day that you could've spent pampering yourself. Also tried convincing you to start an OnlyFans-
He'll make sure you're so relaxed and cared for, you'll completely forget about all the grief your job put you through. Work? Who's she??
Massages your shoulders while you tell him stories of all the shitty customers and coworkers you've had to deal with. Spill the tea, hun. Speaking of tea, do you want him to top off your glass for you?
"Ive been worried sick about you, you know! Instead of working, you ought to just stay home with me instead! I know plenty of ways to make money without having to leave the house, after all~"
He always tried making sure you ate well before you left for work, but it didn't seem to be enough to keep you from being worn out when you got back.
He even tried suggesting that you workout with him to relieve stress. But after a hard day at work, it's understandable that you didn't want to move much.
Beel wasn't the type to outright urge you to quit, since it's nice to have a way to earn money, but after seeing the metal toll it was taking....
He couldn't have been happier when you announced you'd finally quit. Like Lucifer, he immediately wants to celebrate! This calls for eating until you're about to burst! Do you want Madam Scream's? He'll get you a lifetime supply of blackberry cheesecake, too!
"Since you're finally free from that place, we'll be able to spend more time together. It's been lonely, not seeing you as often. The food tastes better when I enjoy it with you, so let's eat together from now on, okay?"
Sometimes, you were such a hard worker that it exhausted Belphie to even look at you. But he knew you were only human, and your stamina wasn't as limitless as you tried to make it out to be.
You were growing weary, both physically and mentally, and he could tell from a mile away. Was it really worth all this hassle just to make a buck or two?
He certainly didn't think so, and tried to get you to see it from his point of view. Just find something easier to do that wouldn't wear you out, you know? Or be unemployed. You know his brothers won't let you stay broke-
You tell him that you've finally quit, and Belphie can't help but smile. He won't admit that he was getting worried for your health, but you can tell from the way his expression relaxes.
"The hard worker had finally joined the lazy side, huh? That means you'll be able to make up for all the lost sleep, and I think we should get started right away. No objections, no objections. Come here." ".....I missed holding you like this."
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ashxrsbeloveds · 5 hours ago
obey me! boys with an mc who sews
ft. my pea sized brain who thought of this at 12 in the morning
┏━                       •◦இ•◦                    ━┓
He was amazed.
Who knew this human can sew? They're really good at it, no, amazing at it aswell.
Perhaps he'll ask them to make Diavolo a customized outfit. Maybe a coat to go along with it?
Will probably make them sew his worn out coats too.
Maybe if I tell em to sew me a few outfits I can earn mone–
Seriously though. He is both amazed and seein' quick grimm right now.
Made them tailor is uniform, that was pretty small on him at this point.
He's still considering on dragging them to his little scheme of selling the things they sew. For the mean time, he's wearing the clothes MC especially made for him during his photoshoots.
Oh? Sewing?
Immediately thought of asking them to sew him cosplay outfits
Pretended like he didn't care.
But deep down he wants to give them a thick ass album of cosplay outfits they can sew for him
Was fascinated by it.
Asked them to sew clothes for cats, he had no shame.
He uses MC's skills to an advantage; pranking Lucifer.
He's got another weapon for his schemes, and someone to sew clothes for cats. A perfect combo indeed.
"Darling! Care to make me some outfits?~"
Is more than willing to help them design outfits!
They love all the outfits they make together. Featured ha.f of them on Majolish.
Thinks it's really cool!
Asked them if they can create food-based felt keychains so he can decorate his backpack.
Really loved it!
Just, tell him to remember that it isn't edible..
As he saw them sew, he decided to ask them to make him a fluffy blanket and pillow case, so he can snooze better.
Loved it.
Waking him up is 10x harder now.
Also loved it!
Probably told them to sew the dress he had on in the chat stickers
Lucifer was dissapointed, but not surprised by he fact Diavolo WORE it.
Makes them sew things in the castle like tablecloths, designs on curtains, oh boy good thing barbatos is there to help.
Was very happy to see someone else into sewing.
Weekly sewing dates are a thing with them now.
He would also pick up some techniques from them, and share his knowledge aswell.
Adores their little sewing dates very much and wishes they could hang out more often to craft things together.
When he first saw their sewing skills, the first thing he thought was they should sew the TSL outfits for the play.
He absolutely adored all the outfits.
Even helped them with some of the outfit sewing!
He wonders if they can sew something for Michael, too...
They sew?
Was watching them create an absolute masterpiece and he was speechless.
Perhaps their skills can be used on magic, too?
I'm telling you he's asking them to make him a customized coat-
Absolutely STUNNED by their works
Secretly asked Barbatos for sewing lessons so he can surprise them with a little gift
┗━                        •◦இ•◦                   ━┛
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belphegorbillickin · 6 hours ago
(Realistically In-Character) Yandere Headcannons (& What kind of GN!MC triggers it.)
(TW!): Mentions of the gross side of anime (sexualization of minors for example) in Levi's section with a clearly marked start and stop. 
Said character does not approve of it and it is rightfully seen as a bad thing.
(TW!): Mentions of Asmo's cannon behavior
(I highly suggest reading this specific post on AO3 instead.)
This is less about forcing the brothers into specific tropes and more like what the brothers would be like in worst case scenarios if MC hadn't softened them up enough. It still could be them in particularly bad situations even after the fact in some cases. Things they'd do in bad ends if the game had real routes basically.
An emotionally scarred naïve, pushover MC that's always being dragged into dangerous situations sets him off. You've gained his affection, but not necessarily his respect. 
A MC like that ends up becoming an odd combination of a Lilith replacement (regardless of gender, it's about how different the role is from his literally and figuratively demonic brothers) and a romantic interest.
I don't think I need to remind you what happened to her or what happened when he thought he'd lose Belphegor to Diavolo do I? 
For all his boasting what he thinks is best for you isn't necessarily going to be best for you, but so long as you stay in a relationship with him he'll never respect your complaints.
He's far too used to being the uncompromising "father" figure and you remind him too much of a child regardless if you're past your thirties or you're seven feet tall and have more curves/muscles than the most ridiculous anime characters.
He's easily thousands of years old and the literal embodiment of pride, it's hard enough for demons close in power and experience to go against him. Even before then he was an angel meant to "guide the ignorant humans" and other angels alike.
He'll only truly believe your complaints if you leave him and stay gone until he apologizes and promises to change. Which honestly might not happen before you die even with your expanded lifespan.
Not just because of his pride, but because he has a good chance of realizing how much of a danger he is to you once separated. In fact even if you try to stay with another brother he might try to force you into the human world permanently "for your own good."
Whether you're terrified of him, Belphegor, or worse both, he feels responsible for your state even if you get over it eventually.
He didn't talk Diavolo out of this, he "chose" you, he locked Belphie in the attic, he let his pride in his magic cloud his judgement, he couldn't stop him from killing you, and he's almost killed you himself several times. Hell, he's completely sure he's killed you in worse ways in alternate universes. Diavolo's timing was far too convenient for it to not be true.
Beel may be the visible protector, but he's the "true" protector who makes sure Beel is even around to protect anyone else. It's only right that he "protects" you from his brothers when all but two have tried to kill you. (Even Asmo seems seconds from killing you if you choose the wrong answer after they find out you freed Belphie. He definitely would've tried if it didn't after his pact with you imo.)
Regardless if they have the best intentions or not Lucifer always does what he thinks is best and this kind of MC isn't one he'll ever listen to as an equal. He's all too eager to let you hate him so long as he believes you'll be safe.
Tumblr media
He's kind of the odd one out in that he actually become worse the more self sufficient and stoic you are. If you don't need his protection he'll quickly start to feel useless and unneeded no matter how much you reassure him.
This causes him to panic and absolutely spam you with gifts, sending him even further into debt. If you try to refuse them, even for his own sake, you just make it worse.
At the same time he'll be constantly stealing from you even if he hadn't been before. He needs it to feel close to you, but then he feels bad and tries to return the really sentimental gifts back to you playing it off as you losing them.
If you figure it out (he's truly trying to deceive you, not the blushy tsundere nonsense or fun heists) and yell at him for it that can either be the end of the relationship or the start of his spiral. Deciding to forgive him for it, regardless of how much you yell at him, is just enabling him at this point. Rather, the longer you stay away before coming back the more desperate he'll be to make sure you never leave.
If you don't figure it out what sets him off is the rush he gets when you look at him gratefully for the first time. It's better than any win at the casino and he knows he's gotta play it smart. He doesn't steal big things often anymore, it'd lose effectiveness if he did, just things like pencils and hair ties to feel close.
It starts off relatively innocent and well intentioned. He begins to pry into your deepest fears and traumas, intent on protecting you from them the best he can.
No mere human can win a serious game of luck against the avatar of greed, much less resist the pull of the second most powerful brother using all he's got against them.
Don't worry though, he just wants information from your family and friends. Unless he finds out they were to blame, but sweet, stupid Mammon would never be able to murder MC's loved ones and cover his tracks like that without blurting it out right?
But eventually returning items doesn't work anymore. You're back to your stoic, independent self and you've never needed his protection once. He needs your gratitude more than anything. It starts off small.
"It's basically just like a surprise haunted house," he tells himself. You're dragged on adventure after adventure "gone wrong" with him. If you refuse he's more than happy to bring the danger to you.
Mammon just wants you to depend to on him, to see him as irreplaceable instead of the first step towards his brothers. Not to leave you with lasting trauma.
Although if you're still trying to avoid depending on him, maybe something is better than nothing...
Tumblr media
The worst MC for him is a cheater, but instant death isn't much of a character analysis. 
The second worst is the kind of person that lies to make other people happy or indulges others even if they don’t want to. The kind of person that doesn't like clubs, but lets Asmo drag them there anyway or lets Beel eat their food before they're done.
Even a doormat is less dangerous because at least they'll show signs of resentment. Not only is a genuinely kind but unable to stand up for themselves MC completely unrelatable to him now it's also a harsh reminder of his past. 
That used to be him and the more he tries to understand the more painful memories and resentment from that time come up.
It's especially bad if they're too afraid to say when something is bothering them. Not okay with explicit sex and nudity in what you thought was only a slightly lewd anime? (TW! START) Incestuous undertones? Explicit rape scenes with no warnings? Oddly sexual noises, poses, outfits, and behavior from a "loli" that's explicitly a child? (TW! END)*
He's so deep in weeb hell that despite all his complaining about how everyone hates otakus he doesn't even bother looking things like that up before watching with you. None of his male "friends" online have ever cared. Very few people in his community care, much less stop watching because of it. 
In his mind if you like anime and/or anything more than Nintendo or casual games just like him you'd either just ignore it (like him), know the signs, tell him ahead of time, or tell him now.(**)
He genuinely can't imagine hesitating to complain for any reason and he's not good at empathizing even by demon standards. He has no social skills (besides manipulation) whatsoever and the very little experience from genuine friendships before becoming a hikkimori faded long ago.
He needs someone with firm boundaries. He doesn't have much faith or trust on the best of days with all the assurance you can give him. If he can't trust you to tell him when you don't like him or don't want to do something he'll never trust you period. 
If you can't say no to other people then how can he trust you to say no to dates or stop yourself from falling in love?
He's already at his limit when it comes to fighting his sin. This isn't him not trying hard enough or not getting enough reassurance. The amount of envy you see is actually his carefully controlled release.
Give him any reason to doubt you when your behavior is already so alien and unpredictable to him and he'll pop. If you don't break up it most likely ends in him killing you in a jealous fit if he can't prevent you from never interacting with anyone else ever. Something that's fairly unlikely with Lucifer and his other brothers in general around.
I believe he was worse than Satan was in terms of pure destruction for a long time. I mean, he does just casually summon a mythical beast (easily enough to do it in his sleep too, literally) and wrecks the house often without a single apology. He gets pathetic punishments like being banished to his room when he never wants to come out of it too. 
It's why Lucifer introduced otaku culture to him in the first place and lets him get away with so much despite not being one of his favorites like Mammon or the twins.
(Go here (tumblr) or here (AO3) for my expanded headcannons on Leviathan immediately after the war.)
The third worst partner for him is someone that's just as eager to a be an anti-social shut in as him.
It doesn't matter if you're not that into what he's into or even just using him. If he's pretty much the only one you hang out with regularly and you take every chance to be alone he'll start to see you as the perfect partner in the most unhealthy way. No one can steal you away if no one can get to you.
He won't even be that devastated if you refuse to talk to him. A life size poseable figurine with unlimited outfits he can rant to is fine too. Although it may sound contradictory he wants you even more if he has competition, so long as you avoid them. Not much fulfils his sin's needs like getting some"thing" someone else wanted.
If he starts sneaking out of his room and going outside so you don't you have to you know something big is going on. It might not be the improvement you and his brothers seem to think it is.
It's much worse if you're a "tsundere." You don't actually have to be one, but if you say complain about the worst parts of anime/otaku culture while still liking anime and etc. he'll see you as one. 
Try to keep your feelings to yourself because a demon bf seems dangerous or you're insecure? Tsundere.
Get jealous over anything that steals his attention even once? Tsundere and completely in love with him. Jealousy is pretty much the only love language he accepts without question.
Once you're past the point of no return he becomes completely delusional in regards to your feelings. Run away? MC you don't have to do all that for his attention. 
Although it may seem less dangerous you've been thrown from the frying pan into the fire. No matter how violent or insulting you become he just applies anime/VN logic.
There are far too many abusive tsunderes for him to see it as anything but an expression of love and demons are already naturally violent. Even things that really piss him off like destroying his collection make him see you as a badly trained puppy that needs discipline and love.
Death may be painful, but is being controlled by him for the rest of your life and never seeing anyone else really that much better?
Tumblr media
I honestly can't see canon Satan exhibiting yandere behavior. He's much too self aware to justify it to himself or get delusional and much too controlled to do it anyway. Yandere isn't really yandere without the delusions or at least irrational behavior imo.
I can however see him be part of a typical abusive relationship wherein he lashes out with rage, but I'm really uncomfortable writing that. It's way too close to home in a way that yandere isn't imo.
Besides, I believe canon Satan would immediately break up with you the first time he seriously hurt you if he had any real affection for you at all.
He probably wouldn't even stay friends if you kept pushing to get back together in a way that made you sound desperate and "okay with" the abuse. 
Saying things like you "love him enough to tolerate it" or saying you can change him and deal with it until he's better for example would turn him off.
Tumblr media
Already cannon, just check out his reaction when you say you were thinking of someone else while being with him after the Belphie reveal. 
I'm also too uncomfortable with the implications on this one. I can't really not see a snapped Asmo doing dubious stuff at best if he doesn't just murder them so I can't write this.
(MAJOR TW!)--- He canonically threatens to commit necrophilia on MC's corpse and implies he'd sexually assault them while they're alive too. IDC if it's "just a threat" or not, it's too much for me not think of that every time he pops up. ---(MAJOR TW! END)
It's not impossible for the other yandere brothers to do something similar I suppose, but you can remove it entirely and make them asexual and their motives don't change while Asmo's center around it.
While I reject cannon Asmo's extremely serious flaw and give him other ones in addition to his narcissism, it's still impossible for me to not see it for a yandere scenario.
Although honestly I think Asmo just straight up murdering them in a fit of rage is the most likely scenario anyway.
He doesn't seem like the type to keep himself from killing them purposely or not after losing control and I think he'd be too socially aware to believe he can just kidnap them and have it all work out if he hasn't snapped.
Tumblr media
This might sound odd at face value, but I see Beel as a lot more likely to exhibit full on yandere behavior when you accept Belphie's offer to date both of them. He's an absolutely terrible influence when he suggests ways to "keep MC safe."
Belphie isn't above trying to manipulate him with subtle reminders of Lilith's demise if he's really concerned about MC and Beel only wants to see the best in his twin. He's already canonically mentioned running away from his brothers with Beel and MC.
Beel loves all of his brothers, but I can't see him ever choosing anyone over Belphie. Not after loosing Lilith, who he also choose Belphie over. 
Again, Beel's a pretty straightforward demon who likes to think the best of Belphie and has a huge amount of guilt for not realizing he was locked up. It'd be very easy for Belphie to manipulate him into something.
He might not even need to however. It's cannon that Belphie and Beel feel what each other feel, literally. They're not real life twins, they're two sentient parts of the same being. 
Think more like if someone cast a spell on Cerberus to be able to separate, but they all still shared the same psychic connection than about human twins.
Which means Beel will be able to feel every time Belphegor feels overprotective, worried, jealous, and his suffocating feelings of love just like he canonically feels his stomachaches and sadness.
All it takes is a few accidents or close calls (that may or may not be orchestrated by Belphie) and he might start to agree with him on some things before Belphie starts trying to convince him in earnest.
Rather than being worried about losing you emotionally he's worried about losing you physically. He would be the type to be genuinely trying to protect you from harm rather than using is as an excuse.
Beel would prefer to see you leave him for someone else if that's what really makes you happy than get hurt or even die. 
If he truly believes you're safer with someone else he won't try to keep you from them and might even encourage you to leave him.
He definitely doesn't want to lock you up or anything, but what's the harm in making sure one of them is always with you? What if you got attacked or had an accident and couldn't call them or they couldn't get there in time?
What's so bad about staring down every demon and shady sorcerer potential threat that looks at you? It's not like he's hurting anyone, he's just getting ready to in case they do. He's the family's protector and you need it more than anyone.
He's always there to cheer you up with your favorite food when no one wants to talk to you anymore. He's not sure why they're being so rude and it makes him even more annoyed with them and suspicious when someone acts differently than the new normal.
In extreme scenarios he'd rather have you hate him than let you die, but it probably won't get to that in most cases because he'll only go full yandere without Belphie if you let him be suffocatingly overprotective. 
Unless you're an absolute dumbass with no sense of self preservation and/or are always getting hurt he'll back off the almost second you tell him to in the beginning.
It's hard to hate him anyway when he "protects" you from the outside world so sweetly and sorrowfully, letting you abuse him as much as you want so long as you don't hurt yourself. Especially considering it's basically a game of good cop bad cop with Belphie.
Tumblr media
Last, but definitely not least is the main cannon yandere. I've already gone over him a bit in Beel's space and everyone who's made it far enough already knows what he's capable of. 
I want to focus on what makes him unique. It's not often that you see a yandere that not only actively wants you to date someone else, but almost seems happier when you do so than when it's just him.
I believe part of that is because of the whole "two halves of one soul" that share everything deal they've got going on, but I also think part of it is his him trying to worm his way into MC using the path Beel made.
It could just be coincidence, but I find it important to take note that Belphie asks you after you say you like Beel despite the fact that a lot more Belphie fans like Beel than the other way around. The things that attract people to Beel over his brothers are mainly his honesty, kindness, and "purity." Things Belphie lacks.
Don't get me wrong, Belphie's always tied for my favorite at worst, but he's very manipulative, obsessive, a bit of a tsundere, a vengeful murderer that literally laughs at his brothers' horror, and has pervert vibes despite the way he insults his brothers for it. 
It'd make a lot more sense for it to be the other way around. So again could be coincidence, but it's also perfectly in-character for him to try to get at Beel's partner and hope that Beel can convince them to like him too. If only so he isn't left behind. 
He already does something similar by convincing MC to help him make up with family. After all there's no real requirements for it, you don't actually have to flirt with Belphie or have high intimacy scores to get it.
But if it was him first Beel probably wouldn't ask and Belphie may or may not try to convince MC to date Beel too. On one hand he does genuinely seem happy about sharing (honestly the creep kinda sounds a little too happy sometimes,) but on the other hand he can be pretty selfish.
Personally, if Beel had strong feelings and he knew MC wouldn't freak out I think he definitely would.
I feel like he also sees it as insurance. Even if you get mad at him or tired of him you still have Beel and Beel would never leave him. That gives him a chance to win you back or at least be near you and get Beel's secondhand happiness. 
It also has the potential of being a bit of a threat. Breaking up with only one of them would be super messy and probably ruin it with the other. Breaking up with him, especially harshly, has a good chance of making you lose Beel too.
In other words unless you really hate him it's too risky so you might as well just let him worm his way in. And if you do really hate him it means Beel is really likely to leave you and you'll be completely alone. Which then allows him to turn Beel against you completely or manipulate you into coming back using that as leverage.
It lets him get away with a lot more than he otherwise would, but in this case he'd probably use those chances to isolate you instead of hurting you for any sadistic reasons. He doesn't need anyone but Beel and neither do you in his opinion.
As for the worst MC, I believe it'd also be an antisocial shut-in without a huge sense of self-preservation. It makes him feel less jealous at first, but then it makes every interruption and interaction with his brothers seem even worse in comparison.
Belphie's always been clingy, but between losing Lilith and being kept away from Beel he's become almost panicky from untreated PTSD. He never really feels satisfied, he just gets greedier every time you give into him when you don't want to.
With a "normal" MC he already knows he can't just immediately rip you away from the people you're with regularly. It keeps him distracted and lets him feel like he's making progress. 
Being a shut-in makes it very easy for him to isolate you from his brothers and convince Beel you wouldn't be too lonely with just them.
A suicidal MC or one not particularly concerned about losing their life worries him, regardless of how mad you were at him. He knows all too well how easy it was to manipulate and kill you and yet you don't even seem to look out for yourself.
He's not one to downplay that being the "Lord of Emptiness" and traditional symbol of depression himself. He's driven countless humans to suicide through a lack of sleep and constant nightmares and suffers from depression himself. He knows the signs better than any other brother, better than any angel really.
He's not losing someone else, not even if you hate him for it. He'll gladly play bad cop with good cop Beel if that's what it takes. 
You're not that happy here anyway, maybe you'll be happier without his annoying brothers and outsiders dragging you away from him.
If you're only dating Belphie he's still too lazy (and maybe just the slightest bit too sane) to try to drag you off somewhere, convince Beel, and deal with the fallout. If he thinks a romanced Beel is already halfway convinced to come along however...
If Belphie's lazy ass starts getting you things all the time without you asking so you don't have to leave the house do yourself a favor and beg Diavolo for protection. You're on the Bad End path and there's not much you can do to stop it.
Either you don't change much and Belphie's already started trying to convince Beel, or you suddenly develop an active social life and he panics thinking you're trying to leave him. 
Good luck MC, you're going to need it.
Tumblr media
*Levi stans might hate me for this (I mean I am one, but), tbh my real life experiences kind of taint my perception of him. I mean he canonically has a Ruri-chan body pillow and an adult Ruri-chan 3D breast mousepad. Regardless of if it's adult Ruri-chan or not it's still sleazy and suspicious even if I know Solomare is probably doing it to avoid making Ruri-chan feel like even more of a love rival and not to make him a creep.
**I absolutely do not condone this type of victim blaming at all. I absolutely hate it actually and I was really pissed off when I wrote it tbh, but I've had to deal with irl constantly when interacting with male anime fans and thought it was fitting. It's fully intended to be a serious flaw that MC should be rightfully upset about. I'm sorry if it wasn't immediately clear, but I didn't want to break character.
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devildomqueen · 8 hours ago
Obey Me As The Golden Girls Quotes #2
Tumblr media
Asmodeus: “I do love the rain so. It reminds me of my first kiss.”
Simeon: “Aw, your first kiss was in the rain?”
Asmodeus: “No, it was in the shower.”
Diavolo: “Is there anything else we can get you, MC?”
Barbatos: “A little tea perhaps?”
MC: “I’m not in England, I’m having a heart attack!”
Mammon: “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress.”
MC: “You’d have to be dead six months to fit in it.”
Leviathan: “Oh, Lucifer! Thank goodness you’re here!”
Mammon: “Arrested for prostitution! I can’t believe it!”
Beelzebub: “Lucifer, we’re innocent!”
Lucifer: “I know that. I can’t believe these dumb cops would think anyone would pay money to sleep with you.”
Simeon: “ rude person!”
Lucifer: “Go easy on him, Simeon.”
Diavolo: “Let me tell you about a lesson I learned when I was a little demon.”
Diavolo: “If you hold the bird gently, the bird will stay.”
Diavolo: “If you squeeze the bird, it’s eyes will bug out.”
Luke: “...”
Mammon: “How do I look?”
Lucifer: “Mammon, you look incredible!”
Mammon: “You really think so?”
Lucifer: “I really think so. I’ve never seen you look so stunning.”
Lucifer: “Who’s the designer? He deserve a Nobel prize for this miracle.”
Mammon: *Glaring*
Satan: “Is that all you care about? Money and applause?”
Mammon: “And sex. For which I generally get applause.”
Demon: “Leviathan?”
Mammon: “No. And if I start acting like him, pull the plug.”
Asmodeus: “Mammon, at 2 AM this morning, I was entertaining a gentleman caller when Lucifer opened the door at the most inopportune time! I coulda lost my balance and chipped a tooth!
Mammon: “You think that’s annoying? He came into my room last night when I was re-enacting the plank scene from Peter Pan!”
Satan: “What the hell goes on at night in this house?!”
Solomon: “These your roommates?”
MC: “Yeah.”
Solomon: “Which one’s the slut?”
Asmodeus, Belphegor & Mammon: “I am.”
Lucifer: “...”
Asmodeus: *zzz*
Lucifer: “Asmo, wake up, my partner will be home any minute!”
Asmodeus: “Oh! Where’s my shoes!?”
Lucifer: *sigh*
Mammon: “Do we have any orange juice left?”
Satan: *stares at Mammon while pouring the rest of the orange juice into his glass*
Satan: “No, we’re all out.”
Asmodeus: “It’s so hard to dress for the psychiatrist. You wear black, they think you’re depressed. You wear red, they think you’re angry. You wear a negligee, they think you want to sleep with them!”
Solomon: “Why aren’t you arrested more?”
Mammon: “So, big shot, did you get the tickets?”
Satan: “Can’t you say ‘hello’ first?”
Mammon: “Hello, big shot. Did you get the tickets?”
Simeon: “Is that all you Italians know how to do? Scream and hit?”
Diavolo: “No! We also know how to make love and sing opera!”
Lucifer: “Now what’s wrong?”
Mammon: “I lost it, Lucifer!”
Lucifer: “You never had it, Mammon.”
Diavolo to MC: “You’re still as pretty as a ladybug sunning itself on a lily pad on a misty spring day, south of savannah.”
Mammon, mumbling: “Could you be more specific, big daddy?”
Asmodeus: “How do I look?”
Leviathan: “Like a widow in mourning.”
Asmodeus: “Good, he’ll know I’m available.”
Solomon: “Asmo, did you know at a truck stop in Tuscaloosa they have an egg dish named after you?”
Asmodeus: “Really?! How’s it prepared?
Lucifer: “Over easy.”
Mammon, filling out a crossword: “‘I am nothing but a cheap, tawdry slut’.”
Satan: “Don’t tell me...Is it...Asmodeus?”
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