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#tokyo revengers
shira-senpai · 14 minutes ago
Kurokawa Izana
Tokyo Revengers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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angrysupremacy · 24 minutes ago
S/O gets hurt: Mikey, Mitsuya, & Baji
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Request: omg hii :) how r you? this is my first request so idk if i am doing this right lol but can i request like a part two of the s/o gets hurt one but with mikey, mitsuya and baji? if u don’t feel like writing this then feel free to ignore this haha :) hope u have a great day and thank youu!
A/N: I hope you’ll like this part as much as the first one!!!!!
Warning: Swearing, getting beat up, not proofread
Tumblr media
LOLLL whoever tf is hit you while you’re with Mikey is either dumb af or got a death wish.
Mikey ends up leaving you to Draken, and chases the dude.  and we all know Mikey a fast runner so is doesn’t take him long to catch up
but shiiit once he does, that dude better start praying to whoever.
cause this is how Mikey gonna pull up.  You know damn well he’d somehow manage to break the window.
The dude is not gonna be left until he at least got a broken arm, and a few teeth missing.
Mikey gonna go back to you and ask Draken to put you on his back, so he can carry you to the hospital
He’d find hakkai trying to rub off the blood from your lips.  hakkai would point Mitsuya to the direction the dude went.
He’d grab the dude from the back of his collar, and pull him down making the dude choke.
That boy is gonna back up like this, cause Mitsuya don’t play when someone hit his boo.
Mitsuya wouldn’t go too crazy, but he’d threaten tf outta that dude.
Like “next time you try to fuck with me, imma send you straight done to hell little bitch”
After, he’d come back to you to check on your face, and he’d give it a boo boo kiss.
....also Hakkai is there blushing tf out cause of what he seen.
This mf is scary af
You’d be walking back with Baji(in his nerd fit)and Chifuyu after school.  Baji offers to go buy food, which means Chifuyu gotta watch ya.
Unfortunately while chifuyu looked away, some dude pops you and and punches you.  Baji sees this from far, mans dropped everything and ran after the dude.
Baji gonna punch him in to the wall.  He’d sooo pissed the dude hurt you that this is how he’d be.
Dude is gonna be knocked out unconscious, and Baji will just leave him to and go back to you.  Luckily nothing really bad happened. maybe just a bruise
but to Baji, it’s unforgivable
Tumblr media
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kazu-t0ra · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
tysm for 1k reads aaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,, idk how to feel but really, i appreciate it so much. boosts my confidence up and motivates me to keep writing. chapter five still on progress!!
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paradiseclap · 44 minutes ago
Warning : bad grammar and english D: tbh, this is my first headcanons. Sorry for any mistake.
His hand :
Tumblr media
Baji's bike :
Tumblr media
the gift he give on christmas :
Tumblr media
His pet :
Tumblr media
And this is you guys :
Tumblr media
This u on date, baji with his toman uniform :
Tumblr media
The most accurate person that I believe he is Baji in real life :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
P/s : i dont even know his name. If you know, tell me for the credit ;)
All picture I found in pinterset.
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zeeroweenies · 48 minutes ago
I’m not sure if Baji’s my type of guy🤔 Is he more involved in the manga? && is he nice looking in the time skip?👀 I’m a Mikey girl myself😌
Why not he so hot tho😮‍💨 and I wouldn’t know I haven’t read the manga but maybe I will in the future one day😋 and Mikey with black hair lemme say I’m looking (dis)respectfully omg I’d let him spit on me pls🙈😔!!! also spoilers on baji for the manga
He’s like dead or whatever so he doesn’t have a time skip design💀 but he still hot and could still get it😩
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greentealeavesss · 53 minutes ago
What Gets Them Going? PT I
Tumblr media
Summary: The places you touch that make them moan/arch their back
Warnings: grammatical errors, minors DNI
A/N: Okay, so @strawbub asked this, which had me thinking thoughts last night so I’m basically dedicating this post to her. I’m probably going to do it in two parts because their are so many characters lmao
Tumblr media
Let’s get started shall we?
CHIFUYU - When you scratch his undercut he turns to putty in your hands — especially if your nails are long. His eyes will literally roll into the back of his head.
MIKEY - This would love you biting his neck, but the closer you get to his ear the more sensitive he becomes (especially after he gets his dragon tattoo). I also think that if you let your teeth nip his earlobe and just let out a breathless “Mikey” he’s keeping you in bed (rip to any plans you had for the day)
DRAKEN - I see his as someone who likes a little bit of pain with his pleasure meaning — rake those nails down his back. He’ll let out the deepest sounding groan you’ve ever heard and since you’re literally chest to chest you can feel it throughout your whole body
MITSUYA - He’s sensitive around his upper thigh area. If you want to drive him crazy rake your nail down his thighs, not enough to hurt, but just enough to let him feel them. He’s willing to give you anything to want at that point
HAKKAI - Okay, so this babe loves it when you bite or suck on his lips. When y’all are kissing and you just take his bottom lip between your teeth he lets out the prettiest moan you’ve ever heard (it’s even more sensitive when his scar is)
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chifuyusprincess · an hour ago
Hello hope ur day was fine ur requests r open then can l request izana? Anything is fine there is not much requests about him as far as l know :( l leave the topic to you! Thank you so much ❤️
featuring: kurokawa izana
sjkshdks izana is so pretty >:(
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it was raining heavily that day and you were seeking shelter under a shrine's roof with a boy who's in your year from school. you didn't have your school uniform's coat since you were in a rush that morning. izana turned to face you who was rubbing your palms together to create some heat. in the corner of your eye, you saw him looking into his bag, searching for something.
he pulled out a red coat, handing it to you. your eyes widen at the symbol on the clothing. looking up to him, the boy raised an eyebrow. gulping nervously, you put on the coat. it was warm. izana looked away. his heart was racing at how adorable your figure looked in the big coat.
but things got even more worst for him when you suddenly came up to him, pulling him into a hug. his ears and cheeks flushed red at the contact. "um, i thought you needed some warmth too," you whispered slowly, hiding your blushing face in his chest. he didn't want to push you away, because if he did, he would probably won't experience this anytime soon.
without losing another second, he pulled you closer to him with his hand placed on your head. 'he's warm..' you thought. a tiny smile crept up to your lips as you both silently enjoyed each other's company as droplets of rain continue to hit the ground.
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vquacki · an hour ago
Currently working on pt 2 for izana :))
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koolaid432 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
*Spoilers of Tokyo revengers chapter 211*
Was he a super fan of the Tokyo manji gang because wtf is this shit 😅
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inumaki-flakes · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wc: roughly 3k words
spoiler warning: don't read this if you haven't read past/watched the valhalla arc.
desc: you're being used as a distraction for mikey's party. mikey enjoys your company, you want to strangle him.
Tumblr media
Toman was all over the place, running around left and right, planning, ordering, and practicing. Yeah, they were taking things too far over something so dumb, so you thought.
"(Y/N), what do you think you're doing just standing there?" Draken raised a brow, hands on his hips, following behind Emma who had a clip board in her hands. Her soft, soft hands.
"Just standing here? I'm doing everyone justice by just being in their presence," you tsked, watching Takemitchy stumble over your foot, dropping a large box of party supplies.
"Calm your ego down, go help out with the party, Mikey isn't that slow, he'll figure out something's up soon," Draken sighed, handing you a list. A huge one.
"What the hell is this?! A bubble machine for a fucking party that's meaningless as fuck?" You practically shouted, having people in the same radius stop for a moment.
"He's your leader."
"He can suck my dick," you grinned, Draken giving you a dark look. Emma stood between the two of you, you both had to look down, her pouty expression made you sigh.
"I'm not wasting my day doin' all of this, not for a random ass party just for 'The Invincible Mikey'," you gagged at the nickname, hating every part of it.
You never took a liking to Mikey, hell, you were sure yourself that you hated his guts. Ever since Baji brought you two together, way, way back, there was something that bothered you so much.
It always seemed as if he was looking down on you, funnily enough, it was the other way around in reality, literally. The day Baji suggested Toman, you were all for it, until Mikey was chosen to be leader. Even as a founding member, a close friend to everyone else, you could just never take a liking to him.
And everyone knows it. You announce it almost everytime you're both mentioned together. There wasn't a way to solve it either.
Emma pulled your sleeve, her eyes looking right up at you. "I know you two aren't the bestest of friends, but could you make this work for one day? We really want to see Mikey happy," her words were careful, the gentleness in her face made you melt internally.
You give a mixed expression, not sure as to what to say. You had nothing against Emma at all, actually, you treated her above almost everyone else.
Emma clapped her hands together, smiling suddenly. "Mikey is gonna wonder where everyone's at, especially Draken, you should be a distraction, make sure he doesn't get anywhere near here until we're all set up!" She suggested.
You groaned internally, flashing her a wide smile. "How long?"
Five hours, you didn't know how they would be done in that short of time, kind of hoping it goes down in flames, but this seemed like the easiest job.
Knocking on the door, you were greeted by Mikey, his hair all over the place, drool leaving his lips, he was still in his pajamas, staring up at you with lazy eyes. He took a double take, why would you be at his door?
"Ah? (Y/N), what brings you here?" He asked, smiling up towards you. You grinned back, sure it was fake as fuck, but who cares?
"We're going out today, get the fuck out of your pajamas," you demanded, patting a little too hard at his head. It made him shudder a bit. Frowning up at you, he scratched his cheek.
"With just you?" He seemed confused, looking around for a third party. You nodded, clapping your hands together.
"Chop chop, I got places to be, hurry up, dwarf," you pushed him back in the house, waiting for him to come back out. The blonde stared at you dumbly for a second, hurrying to get dressed.
Finally out of the house, you told him to follow after you on your bike. "(Y/N), I don't feel like riding right now," Mikey whined softly, already hopping on the back of your bike.
"Yeah, no. If you get on my bike, I'm pushing you off," your lips quirked up, already yanking him off.
He chuckled, hopping right back on. "Isn't that to be expected? You ride like a maniac, I remember when attempted to stand on your bike while riding, Baji told me-"
"Don't say his fucking name near me," as if it was a simple switch, your usual smile was gone, giving him a warning glare. He stopped smiling immediately after, going absolutely quiet.
"I think I should call Draken to ride me, actually, we can meet up to wherever-"
You shook your head, stopping him from leaving your bike's seat. "Nah, it'll be faster if we just go together, c'mon leader," setting yourself on the bike, you waited for your phone to go off, waiting for the time to be over already.
Forcing another smile, you turned your head over to Mikey, "Ready?" You ask, waiting for the green light. Still quiet, you were getting ready to ask again, but stopped yourself, feeling his weight on your back, his arms wrapping around your waist.
"Ready, (Y/N)," he smiled, planting his cheek on your back, holding onto you tightly. "Don't kill us, okay?"
"We'll see, if there's traffic, then no promises," you situated yourself, already zooming the fuck out of the neighborhood.
Two hours had passed, you were surprised you almost ran out of the money Draken lended you to distract him. You were totally planning on spending it yourself, but the plan had changed. Dealing with Mikey was a whole new level, good grief how the fuck could Draken deal with him for so long? Props to him, but you were at your god damn breaking point.
Here you two were, sitting across one another, fighting over a meal in a restaurant. "You didn't give me the flag, what kind of service is this?! (Y/N), tell him to give me the flag-"
"Sir, we ran out of the flags-"
"I don't care!"
Clenching your fists under the table, you were ready to knock the shit out of Mikey's skull. You stared at his dessert, whipped cream on a vanilla cake. "Fuck the god damn flag!" Your fist fell down onto the plate, splattering the whipped cream all over Mikey's face.
You stared down at the table, not realizing the mess you made. "Oi, get him the same dessert, and give him a flag on it. I don't care if you don't have any, you can make it out of used toilet paper for all I care. I recommend the toilet paper in the ladies room, wrapped in a pad."
"Huh?! No way, that's nasty!" Mikey pulled at your arm, tugging it back and forth until you met his stare.
His face, god his face was messy as hell. It caused you to break out in laughter, actual laughter. Mikey raised a brow, poking at you more. "Stop laughing, (Y/N)-" he stopped himself. This was serious, he has never heard you laugh so genuinely before, now that he thought about it. It made his chest feel so soft inside.
"It looks like someone jizzed all over your face, clean that shit up before people start laughing at you," you snapped a picture, covering your smirk with your hand.
"WHAT THE HELL?! Don't say it like that!" Mikey shouted, trying to grab your phone out of your hold, desperately wanting the photo erased. Your grip was too tight.
"Calm the hell down, I don't plan on sending it to anyone. Maybe Mitsuya-" Mikey's pout grew, his arms crossing over his chest.
You found him oddly cute, oddly. You wanted to shoot yourself for even thinking that.
"Fine, just between us. Now clean up," you threw napkins at him, Mikey sticking his tongue out in defeat. He suddenly grinned, tossing the napkins back to you.
"Clean it for me?" He poked his face out, enough for you to reach the certain spots. Squinting your eyes, you grabbed his cheek, and tugged it.
"Who do you think you are to me, Mikey? Y'know, I don't see you as my leader, nor do I see you as the boss of me," your face inched closer to his, foreheads almost touching together, you waited for his answer.
"I know, haven't you made that obvious, (Y/N)? We knew each other for years, ever since we met, you've always seemed to hate me. Why is that? I respect you, yet you always seem to have some kind of hate for me," he stared deeply into your eyes, lips parting slightly. "Hey (Y/N), are you a tsundere?"
You just laughed, grabbing ahold of his blonde hair, pulling him as close as possible. Smirking, you wipe a small amount of the whipped cream off his cheek. "Tsundere? Seriously? Mikey, I fucking hate your guts. Everything about you just irks me, do you know that kind of feeling?" You whisper, fingers tightening in his hair more. Mikey wanted to answer, surprised by your reaction. Yet, he was interrupted by the waitor.
"Y-Your meal,," the waitor left immediately after, running far from this table. You let Mikey out of your grasp, leaning back into the booth.
The rest of the time being was quiet.
Done eating his dessert, you and Mikey decided to call it a day, and it seems as if luck was on your side, Emma texted you that they'll be ready in thirty.
Walking back to your bike, you turn around, noticing that Mikey was no longer by your side. He was just there, now where could he be?
Looking around, you see him stand by a railing, watching the stream of water flow below him. He seemed lost at thought, shaking his head out of it once you made your way to him.
"(Y/N), what you said earlier-"
"Forget that, just hop on the bike, let's get outta here-" he stopped you from speaking again, interrupting you.
"We'll probably never experience a moment like this again. Just the two of us, y'know? Let me enjoy it," Mikey didn't know if he wanted to frown, or smile. He thinks he ruined your day.
You sighed, pulling your hands out of your pockets, throwing them over the rail. "What? Are you going to jump off, or something?" You laugh lightly, watching the sun go down.
You noticed the saddened look on his face, it just didn't feel right to you. You do admit, you're definitely the problem. You don't know why he's even here with you, why he even accepted on going alone with you.
"I'm jealous of you," you shoved your hands in your pockets, facing him again. His eyes were widened, you have surprised him yet again, third time today. "It's fucked up in the head, isn't it? The boy whose brother died, the guy who hides behind a smile all day to seem strong in front of the others, it's so messed up to want what you have, huh?" You laugh, holding your hand above your forehead.
Mikey wanted to say something, he didn't know what to say, he wanted you to continue. "Over some competition, a competition you're not even competing in, yet you're winning. I want to punch you, I want to beat the living shit out of you, just to show that I'm better, to prove it," you clenched you fist, staring right into his eyes, his stare bored into yours.
"Who am I even proving it to?! Who even cares at this point, right? I'm a girl, you won't fight me anyways, that alone makes me want to beat your face in the ground even more. I could beat you to death, yet you wouldn't do anything about it, would you? It's like a defeat out of pity," you face yourself to the setting sun, arms out.
"When Baji introduced me to you, I was jealous. I wanted to be his only friend, so childish of me. Though, I didn't mind anyone else, but you. I'm crazy, right? All of this being said, you had to know by now, how much I hate you, how much I want to be you-" your eye twitched, you were practically shouting in public now.
You wanted to say more, but Mikey stopped you, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you into a hug. "I'm sorry, (Y/N)," he whispered, you looked down, eyes widened, not knowing how to react. "I wasn't thinking that clearly, I downplayed your emotions towards me, maybe you should hate me," he pressed his forehead into your chest, sighing.
"Shut up, shut up, shut up-"
"(Y/N), I've watched you from afar many times, waiting for you to laugh with me like you do with the others, to be honest, I was jealous of Baji for being so close to you. I adore you, your strength, your intelligence, the way you carry yourself up, I never considered this. I was being too selfish," he propped his chin on your shoulder, patting your back. You didn't want to move. You stared at the ground, coldly, as if you killed someone.
"When you stood on your bike to ride it like an idiot, I was really worried, worried I couldn't catch up to you, and make sure you didn't crack your head open, you were going so fast, and I was on my Moped. Baji told me you'd be fine, and to put trust into you. You're insane, yeah, but I found that admirable," he smiled widely, squeezing you, laughing softly into your ear, it was almost comforting. You wanted to stay like this forever. Mikey wanted to, too.
You pulled away, adjusting your posture. "Don't think I'm gonna cry over this," you push his shoulder. "I'm,,really sorry, Mikey," you hold your hand out, just for him to shake. He stared at it, tilting his head.
"(Y/N), you owe me a dessert with an actual flag in it," he gently slapped your hand away, marching away. You rolled your eyes, smirking.
"Mhm, I'll get you a flag alright, I'll stick it up your ass too," you place your hands behind your head, walking beside him once again. It felt different, even though you two were walking similarly together a few minutes ago.
A quick stop again, Mikey held onto your hand, pulling you back. "Hey, (Y/N). Even if you were a guy, I wouldn't have fought with you. I wouldn't hurt someone who I caught feelings for," tilting his head to the side, you witnessed his happy expression, eyes closed, cheeks a bit red.
Your grin left your face. Opening your mouth, you stopped, your phone beeped repeatedly. It was Emma. "Hm,  let's get outta here, I can barely ride at night, I get all loopy, and drive into cars for fun," you grabbed his hand, dragging him on your bike.
"(Y/N), I am asking you once again, do not kill us."
"I'll try not to."
Both stepping inside of the warehouse, the lights went on, everyone came out of hiding, cheering, blasting confetti everywhere.
"You're back in one piece?" Draken asks, eyeing up Mikey's figure. Mikey turned to you, frowning for a moment.
"You knew about this, (Y/N)?"
"She was the distraction, surprisingly she didn't kill your ass," Draken laughed, pulling him to the others. You sighed, and made your way into the crowded party where all hell broke loose.
Hours passed, the party still didn't die out. You were sure Smiley broke his leg from doing some weird ass backflip.
Standing outside, drink in hand, you felt the breeze hit your skin. You were sure if Baji were here, he'd be poking fun about how long it took you two to resolve this issue, blowing up a car in celebration for that alone.
The corner of your eye, you saw Mikey inching his way towards you, he looked beat. Crouching below you, he sighed, tugging on your pants to sit down next to him.
"So it was all a distraction? You didn't want to bring me somewhere for fun?" Mikey asked, sourly smiling. Eyes staring in the grass, he doesn't want the ache in his heart to come back.
You shook your head, placing your arm around his shoulders, pulling him into your chest. "It's not what ya think. It was to keep you away, yeah. But I really meant what I said, especially the apology."
Head leaning into your chest, he closed his eyes, giggling. "I meant what I said too."
Making a straight face, you ran your fingers through his golden locks. "You're crazy for wanting to be with me, after I confessed my jealousy for you," you stroked his cheek with your other hand.
"I know, we can be crazy together, okay? I want us to be together more often, just us, please?" Mikey's hand held onto yours, pulling it away from his face.
"We can try it out, fine," you gave into him, he was doing a number on you at the moment, he did look fairly cute. You couldn't pass this up, not now.
"Kiss me."
As if you were compelled, you complied. Lips planting on his, leaning more into him. Mikey was on another planet, head in the clouds, feeling sparks light up in his head. You both pulled away as soon as you heard the door open slowly. Realizing it was just Takemitchy, trying to refill the punch, you both continued.
"Back to your party, oh great, Toman leader, The Invincible Mikey," you held your arm out, smirking. Mikey rolled his eyes, laughing, playing along with you. He clinged onto your arm, pouting.
"I'm tired, wanna ride me back home, we can sleep together?" He made a kissy face, rubbing his cheek on your arm.
"I'll try not to smother you, it's a date."
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riosjude · 3 hours ago
i wanna kiss kazutora <3
he’s so cute.
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oo0yoru0oo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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strawbub · 4 hours ago
y’all (and by y’all i mean @izanis ) really fucked me up with the whole hakkai feeling bad for having a size kink.
Tumblr media
like obviously we’ve established hes likely HUGE but knowing him, he probably isn’t even aware of it, he definitely doesn’t think he’s anything special, but one day you’re get intimate with one ‘nother he’s scared… he doesn’t wanna be too rough, or hurt you, or at least he didn’t think he did, till he was in the middle of getting pussy drunk off of you, and he feels it start getting sloppy, in the process accidentally grazing your cervix with the head of his cock and makes you squirt without even trying.
he came hard that day
the yelp and moans you let out of his name was forever ingrained in his head, he’d be ashamed to admit the memory made him hard . like please he knew it hurt but… fuck if it wasn’t his first thought, when he had to fist himself in order to find some sort of release. he made it his goal to always put your pleasure first. he hates hurting you bu- but kai probably gets off on hearing you moan in itself. if he can get you to replicate the mix of mewls and moans you let out that night? GOD he knew it’d be worth seconds of pain he was going to put you through. he knew that you’d understand once he could get that heat in your core to spread throughout your body.
he knew you’d forgive him.
he didn’t know if he could forgive himself- but when he was inside of you he’d lose all common thought. (pussy whipped is the word probably)
like the thought of him putting you into a mating press and as he’s sliding into you, you wince a bit, and his eyes go cross, he’s just groaning, bc he can see a little bit of himself start to peak in your tummy. and kai? he’s just keeping his head in the crook of your neck as he begins the process of mixing your guts around, but once he gets far in enough to feel the gumminess start mixing with your mixed arousal, he’s tapped out, he’s a mess. he’s lapping at your neck, telling you how pretty you are and how good you make him feel, and just needing you to be close to him. “i love your pretty little pussy, i don’t even know how you’re taking me so well” he says so overwhelmed by your being he’s on the verge of tears.
when he feels himself gets close he picks up the pace, and you hit him with a “a-ahh, kai, please, i’m too full”.
he’s trying so hard to get the fog to pass from his mind, he’s trying to put together just one coherent sentence, but once you let out a yelp, and he feels you squirt all on his abdomen and chest, something in his brain clicks, deja vu? perhaps, but he just goes into overdrive, he felt borderline primitive, pounding into your pussy like his life depended on it , just pushing out strings of sorry’s and moans. he knew it would hurt your clit from the abuse it was taking from the slaps of his heavy (fucking breeding) balls but if he could get you to cum just one more time he would allow himself to revel in your pain.
“please baby, i j- nngh fuck, just let me give you one more, please”
jesus christ my horny for this man never dissipates
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